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So how does a Bible genius work his magic? Well, since I don't have one of those nearby, you'll have to settle for my opinion, instead. But for my money, this is, by far, the cheapest solution but also a very good one. If you study the Bible, or want to, and if you write stuff on the Bible, You absolutely must have this program and ability. This program was essential to me in searching scriptures to solve the mysteries of prophecy interpretation and then publishing them on the net. Its $80 and worth every penny. I have used both Mac and PC versions over the last 12 years. Has Greek and Hebrew (Strong's) dictionaries and Lexicons. A number of different translations in English and some in other languages as well. There are popular versions you can buy for this as well. I like the old and free, myself. There is a free version as well. Only comes with the KJV but with good tools. Be sure to check out the site. Lots of free material available, too and growing.
There are other Bible programs available, and maybe they are good, too, but they are also very expensive. Save your money and get the most popular program there is.

This is the best book ever published on Bible Chronology. Why? Because Jones covers all the many previous opinions and works on chronology such as Bishop James Ussher. Ussher's work is in published form, but at $40 or more, it is hardly affordable and it only covers Ussher's work. Jones covers a diverse field of ideas and for only $16 to $20 new. Jones is thorough, detailed and comes to within no more than 2 years variance with either Ussher or myself. The very best accounting is, of course, mine ;-) But I don't give you the broad overview that Jones will. There is something to be learned in knowing how our understanding had been refined and improved over the years. And ideas are nothing if they can not be challenged and be able to withstand the challenge. It is just a great resource to have for those who read and study the Bible.

Ron Wyatt passed away in 1999 or 2000. He had discovered some very interesting archaeological sites and I do believe he has found the site of Noah's ark and its remains in Turkey. His wife has since published a book on it as well. In this book is information on the Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah and Mt. Sinai. I subscribe to all these sites being the real deal. There are videos (which I have) on these and they now come in DVD as well. This book is still available as well.
There have also been other writers who have written of the site of the Ark Ron proposes. As well, the Exodus and Mt. Sinai have had other books, too. I got them all and show them below. Don't underestimate how good these all are. This is Real archaeological evidence that I find very compelling as do many others. Everything else? Get it if you can!

Try this link as well: Welcome to Wyatt Archaeological Research Inc

This DVD video is a more professional production of the Ron Wyatt discoveries and long recordings of Wyatt talking about his experiences. 4 hours long. Left a few things out that Wyatt had on his videos but retains some Wyatt footage as well, and adds much new and better video along with solid writing and narration. Even Ron's widow calls this the best work. Wyatt's discoveries are just amazing. You have to see it to believe it. You can buy these cheaper by buying more than 1. 1 will cost you about $22 I think. I just can't say enough about it. If you believe the Bible, I'd be shocked out of my mind if you did not go bananas over this. You'll be showing it to all your friends. The website for this also has many excellent links to other sites that promote information about Wyatt discoveries over the years.

Found at      and some other places offer it, too.

Let me tell you about this recent book (2008)! If there was just one book to buy about the Ark of Noah, this would be THE one! A Scandinavian advocational researcher who has done a work broad in scope yet filled with detail. He attempts to explain everything and does it very well. The best I have ever come across on subjects like this. Some Bible advocates do a terrible job and injustice to the Bible but not this book and author. He also does a good job of bring up the other various ark researchers like Ron Wyatt, Dave Fasold, David Deal, Immanuel Velikovsky and others.

I got this book within this last year (2010) and when I began to read it, I could not put it down. I went through it in no time. It was just so well done and sound. Some new material to add. Great picutres as Nissen has visited these sites a number of times himself. He has tried to solve many puzzles in personalities and accusations and shines there, too. Objective, fair, reasonable, scientific. Everything you could ever ask for and more. You can get this used on Amazon or buy it new. But this is the book to have on the ark site in/on Mt. Judi, not Ararat.

While I can not say to read this book alone, I can say that if you insist on only reading one book, this would be the one. But I do think you will benefit in a big way by reading all the books on the ark that are on this page since each reveals things and possibilities that the others will not. But this book covers many if not most, but not all, things related to the ark which I attribute primarily to Ron Wyatt as Nissen does, too. And Nissen's book is far broader and better in scope than Wyatt's ever was. Nissen is the king of the ark books.

Now there have been reports of new discoveries on Mt. Ararat and Nissen thinks there may be something to it. But I say no way. There is so much evidence behind this site on Mt. Judi, that to me, it would be impossible to just throw it all out. As excited as Nissen is, for me to discount this Judi site and embrace Ararat, it would have to have Noahs' personal signature and authentication, pictures of him and his family, and signed by God's finger as well. And you know how impossible that would all be, right? Maybe if there was just a choir of angels and great signs and wonders from God, I might believe. Short of that? No!

David Fasold, the author of this book, was a marine salvager. He often worked with Ron Wyatt. His work on the Ark is also great, with much material not presented by Ron Wyatt and very valuable, too. I strongly recommend this book, too. Such books and sites are not necessary, I agree, but since the things covered are factual and full of evidence, its nice to share with those who may not believe Bible events were factual. And it should be faith strengthening as well. David brings other evidence to the table. He makes a few errors but the bulk of info is valuable. He later rejected the site as being Noah's ark and then died not many years later. Coincidence? Who knows. But the book stands!

This book can only be obtained used on places like
But its worth it if you can find it for $30 or less. Tween $20 and $30 is common.

David Allen Deal also passed away not long ago (as of 2010). He knew David Fasold and wrote this book on the ark. Again with material neither of the other two covered and worth the price. Fascinating reading!

This one, too, is found used on Amazon or the like. It was self published. Artisan publishers also sells this new, along with other David Deal books.

Yet another DVD on the ark discovery of Ron Wyatt. Not as thorough or detailed as any of the other works but still not a bad video. As a fanatic, I can't resist any of them. G. Edward Griffin writes and narrates this and sells it on his site:

Griffin is an excellent conspiracy theorist, perhaps maybe the best there is on such stuff. Credible, gutsy, and a great instinct, too. He has covered medical conspiracies as well. I highly recommend his website and I receive weekly if not bi-weekly email newsletters from him. Tell him "Truth1" sent you!

Nothing new here but, that a good mind like Griffin would also embrace this just adds to the credibility of this site on Mt. Judi in Turkey. Thought you should know about it. I had to get it. Its nothing you would regret. This Mt. Judi site has a number of witnesses. 5 of them are here on this page. And all of them having plenty of evidence to support them. Ararat has absolutely nothing tangible or even likely authentic.

Dr. Lennart Moller, a Seventh Day Adventist as Ron Wyatt was, covers the same site and circumstances that Ron did. This book is more thorough and well presented. You should get it, for sure. The Exodus was real and left evidence behind. Can be bought new and used! New pictures to add. More info considered. You can't lose. If you love this subject then its a no-brainer! To make myself clear, this book is better on the Exodus that Ron Wyatt's offering. I recommend both, but if you must chose just one, this is THE one!

This is a DVD 2 hour video that was shown on the History Channel a number of times and maybe History International Channel as well. If you don't want to buy or rent it, you can watch the 2 cable channels to wait for another broadcast of it, which will happen ever year or two, I suspect.

But lets get to Simcha Jacobovici (pronounced Yacobovich). James Cameron produced this but Jacobovici was the one who had the ideas. He also stars as the Naked Archaeologist on History International. Its a very good show. It has gotten a little more humorous with time, since I 1st started watching it. I like humor ;-)

But "The Exodus Decoded" is a great serious work. Many good findings and facts. Not quite as good as my research but I have not published mine, yet ;-) Simcha has some remarkable discoveries and insights. To me, if you study the Exodus evidence and love the subject, you just can't be without this or a DVR or VCR recording of it. I had to get the DVD since it was cheap on eBay.

He discovers Greek images in the Athens Museum that surely have lots to do with the Exodus. This show will fascinate and amaze. It is not without error and not covering as many things as I will one day cover, God willing. But it has much to benefit all. But let all know that I have nailed the pharaoh of the Exodus and with so much detail that will rip the lid off history and science and will fully support Biblical Chronology. Most err in choosing Rameses as the Pharaoh since the city where many of Israel lived in Egypt is called Rameses, but Rameses is in the wrong time period by Bible accounting. Rameses was the name of that city later on which later priests likely changed/updated to reflect the name that would be most known then or much later in time. But until I publish, this would be a very good thing to watch, along with the other books I list here on this page.

Larry Williams got his info from Ron and ran over to try and steal some thunder from Ron, maybe. But the presentation of the real Mt. Sinai is still good and recommended by me to supplement Ron's own finding on this mountain. Both claim the mountain is actually in Saudi Arabia, not the traditional place in Egypt. St. Catherine's is it? I agree with the Saudi Arabia location.

Not sure if this can be bought new but I am sure it can be found used. It has no new revelations but a few good pictures. Not essential by any means, but if you are like me and can't get enough of this subject, you'll probably want it as I did.

I include the next 2 below, even though they are really science books because they really affect the Flood theory, adding good evidence to it.

The copyright on this is 1955. The paperback to the left was the 2nd printing of the paperback Laurel edition. It sold for 95 cents at the time. I bought it used on Amazon a few months back. I would say that if you love searching for explanations for the flood and want to see phony science exposed, this is the book. Perhaps better than the Cataclysm! book below this one. It short yet to the point and Velikovsky is well read and no dummy, either. Solid science and math destroy the myths of gradualism and ice ages and replace them with floods and sudden disasters. Catastrophism at its very best. Many do not realize that when the Bible speaks of a flood, it does not speak much at all. We are given 2 basic prominent features, rain for 40 days and the vast springs of the watery deep being opened. What the Bible does not say is what may have caused the flood, beyond the fact it was God who started it.

God is often very brief, frustratingly so for some. But if you understand the negotiations that often go on between God and the devil in the trial of mankind down here on earth, then it is quite likely that the devil insisted on a brief account that leaves out much and tests God's people to see if they have faith. But Christians forget that the world and universe we live in is from God and does not lie, just as God does not lie. 

The world we live in is a witness to God. It leaves evidence behind. But that evidence is often confusing or veiled, even as prophecy is. It is up to us to search out what the meaning-interpretation of the evidence is. You will find much of that meaning in this book. It is little appreciated just how dishonest and silly scientists and academics can be. They, if they address the real evidence at all, will often twist and distort it. The evidence does not lie but men do. It is not the evidence at fault, but the interpretation of  that evidence, that must be carefully examined.

Velikovsky does a great job at exposing the faulty reasonings of men bent on concealing anything that could be interpreted as being related to a flood and catastrophe. This book is cheap used and short and quick to read. Then you can read Cataclysm! afterward. You might even find Velikovsky's book enough to satisfy. Only hard core researchers will get both. Cataclysm! is quite a bit bigger in volume and length but great reading just the same. But Velikovsky still stands in his work 55 years later. Velikovsky also has quite a few fans and supporter of diverse views. He is not to be ignored.

So you think Science and Academia are honest, and promote understanding of science, do you? I would suggest that they actually exist to hold back and resist real science, in order to hold back scientific progress so that classified and very highly advanced government and military technology remains exclusively the province of those bodies and keeps us from understanding principles that would lead to our uncovering those advanced scientific developments and technologies. In addition, if you fully knew the truth of sciences such as geology, paleontology, archaeology, and the like, you might realize that evolution is unscientific crap and that the scientific evidence at hand actually supports the Biblical Flood as being real. So they create fake science to lead us in all the wrong directions. Can you say String Theory?

Now, this book deals with Tectonics, glaciers, geology, volcanology, asteroids, comets, meteors, archaeology, paleontology, and many other related sciences. They show astounding evidence collected over their lifetimes, from numerous published findings, that show that much of what has been put out by conventional authorities, is either ignoring the real evidence, or disputing it, or supporting something that is total crap. Why? They fear you knowing the truth. 

These 2 men do not advocate or admit any Bible connection, though I do not know what their attitudes toward the Bible are, but it is purely science and how it has been ignored. These guys are involved with and related to the SIS gang (Society for Interdisciplinary Studies). This organization is a big fan of Immanuel Velikovsky, who postulated that electricity was the main force active in the universe, for which I believe he is correct. But this is also the reason he is ridiculed by many, for within this lies a new physics, which would quickly lead to us discovery UFO technology, "free" energy, and many other advances. So they bitterly ridicule anyone who goes anywhere near that direction.

This book is more of a threat to their long time scale for man and turning earth sciences on their heads. Both men, very old and very experienced in their research, have died in the last 5 years. A tragic loss since they had lived so long to accumulate so much. But this book came out in 1995 and left us with a great legacy to carry on. Do you believe in the Bible and the Flood? Then you should get this book! Are you a big science fan who loves true science? This is the book. 

Another book about much like that just above. David Allen Deal is the author. David delivers many pieces of evidence and facts not readily found or discussed elsewhere. Sadly, there is a lack of references but the information can likely be traced as I am doing. So thought provoking that I thought it should be here. He does also cover evidence for the flood. He is not an academic nor a scientist, but he does offer evidence, which academics and scientists, so called, often ignore. While no where near the scope and grandeur of the above previous book, it is still something no one who is serious about science should ignore. Sadly David passed away in the last couple or 3 years. But his work will live on. He also published another book worth mentioning on the Ark of Noah, called "Noah's Ark: The Evidence." It might have been re-titled since. Used copies of his books are available and Artisans publications sells them new. It was originally self published. Perhaps his heirs had a hand in making it available again with Artisans. Lucky for us, whatever the cause.

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