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Daniel Haley wrote this book, Sub-titled The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine. The story of 11 individuals, sometimes doctors, sometimes not, who discovered amazingly effective cures for cancer, in some cases absolutely miraculous. In most cases, very inexpensive and done by the patient if they wanted. And all were bitterly persecuted and suppressed, with some technologies totally lost with the deaths of the inventors.

When you read of the tactics of the AMA and its allied buddy organizations, non-profit (so called) and the pharmaceutical industry, you will not believe that this could or does happen in America. But the truth is, it happens routinely and consistently in America. It is standard policy and procedure. I have read some amazing books on health care and other types of conspiracies and scandals but nothing quite like this. Well documented in most cases. Have a crying towel nearby as you read. And mourn that anyone ever died of cancer because there have been so many different ways to allegedly cure cancer, and I believe the allegations are true, that no one should ever die from cancer or anything else but old age.

Knowledge is power and salvation. Ignorance is not bliss and is deadly. Become enlightened and live!

Dr. Hulda Clark is one of the most recent and greatest discoverers. Only recently passing away in late 2009, a tragic loss for the world, she discovered some new principles. She, having experience in radio transmission and receiving, having received some formal education in that field and a degree, I believe, she found that our bodies transmit very small radio waves of a certain range. Each organ and cell, and any pathogen as well, transmit these very small signals. She is not the first to discover some aspects of this but she is the one that found a way to detect frequencies transmitted and found that by sending a frequency signal of the same type detected, you could stop the signal from any further transmission or detection, assuming what ever caused it was now dead. Based on Rife principles and ultimately on Tesla discoveries of frequency and resonance, one can kill any pathogen by finding its resonant frequency and transmitting that frequency.

I am giving this book more attention, due to its vital value. Clark has also gathered some traditional herbal techniques for cleansing the gall bladder and live and other organs as well. Her ability to "read" the body and get into from it allows the treatment of any disease on earth. Prior to her discovery, we had to rely on super powerful visual microscopes from Naessens and earlier, Royal Rife. But now pathogens can be detected and killed by Clark's "Syncrometer," and she also tells how you can make one. I kid you not. She also has found that a low positive direct current, of say 10 volts, can kill any and all pathogens in the blood, in 10 minutes or less. Interesting as well, she found that the body cells and tissues all transmit at frequencies above all pathogen frequencies so that no body tissue is ever hurt.

          The unit she uses for direct positive voltage is called by her, a zapper. Its fairly cheap to buy and she also tells how to make one of those as well. No rocket science required. There is a site of some affiliation to the principles she promotes that sells all this stuff as well as instructions on how to make them. Her cleansing routines are also amazing. I do not believe that there is anything beyond curing with her varied techniques. You absolutely need to get this book. In fact, she has two others that anyone should also get. The Cure for all Cancer and The Cure for HIV and AIDS. Her books are so full of findings that I can not do justice to it here. But as well, the Medical Mafia, I mean Establishment, hates this technology and great care has to be taken as to claims not being made, etc.

This is the finest technology that is actually available today. Few people know that much about it. But don't wait till you got big problems to find out about that and improve your health. Why treat cancer when you can avoid ever getting it? Start now and insulate yourself from disease. Of course, I am no doctor and make no claims that anyone at all will be helped by this stuff. Let he who has ears, listen to what the spirit says. But many have been helped. No one should misconstrue my endorsement as being a guarantee of anything. I simply use it and like it. I believe it has great potential. Get this book before you do anything else. Become informed. Both Dr. Mercola and Greg Ciola's Crusader Magazine or his website (see my links page) have reported on her. You can bet her theories will never be accepted as approved or allowed to make any claims. But if you know anything at all, you know how corrupt Medical Cabal-Cartel of the FDA, AMA, NCI, WHO, the Pharmaceutical industry and Insurance industry is, in my opinion. I would say their only mission is to prevent good health care and cures and keep them suppressed and illegal and if possible, impossible to obtain or get treatment for. You should not leave your healthcare up to others, especially in the medical profession. Become informed on how to help yourself.

Smart God fearing people try to be independent, rely on God, and do as much as they can for themselves and depend on others as little as possible. Too often, "others" are not looking out for your good interests and only seek your harm, being sons of darkness, who ultimately, whether they now it or not, serve the devil and his interests. Al their ways are "dark." You have been warned. Dr. Clark, like all great selfless servants of humanity, avoided the big money and does most things will little profit, it any. Take advantage of her noble and work and there is a good change you will live.

Here is another persecuted theory and its Author, Ed McCabe, has been in prison for 3 years for promoting it and refusing to renounce it. Ed has willingly suffered, like so many before him, for truth his genuine concern for humanity. Even the Life Extension Foundation does not understand Oxygen theory entirely and sees this "therapy" as a threat to free radical generation and likely to cause harm. I have not even seen Dr. Mercola give it any attention yet. But Greg Ciola has been on the case and very supportive of this very important knowledge. I totally believe in and use Oxygen products and Ozone producing devices. Dr. Clark also subscribes to Oxygen techniques. Dr. Koch's Glyoxylide also works on the same principles.

Oxygen is a fundamental unit of life. We can not live without it. It is true that we can overdue it in some ways, but most people have problems cause our bodies become less efficient at converting and using it, thereby requiring help in delivering it. You absolutely need this book for it can show you possible cures and possible preventions and many useful purposes. You do not understand Oxygen until you read this book.

This is also a good health book, believe it or not. Find out what is really behind many health problems such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, Lyme Disease, and may other ailments

The writers discovered this stuff by accident. They lived in Ontario Canada and a woman sought their help in her case of Chronic Fatigue syndrome which was very painful for her. She was told it was in her head. With help from a doctor or two, they were able to show there were medical anomalies in her that supported a physical cause of measurable disturbance. They found the Human Rights Commission of Ontario to be corrupt, which I have found in the USA as well. I would say such commissions are a total fraud.

But in seeking more info on this matter, they were led to do a Freedom of Information Request from the USA government, by virtue of a link to the Canadian Government and their question activities. It was in their search for what the USA government has been doing in biological weapons research that will stagger your mind.

Detailed evidence, irrefutable proof as far as I am concerned, that the USA has been secretly developing the nastiest of weapons for the nastiest of purposes. Population reduction, war, you name it! Because this comes from a humble source, as you note the staples for a binding on this book, which may only be available used, which is how I got my copy, few, even in conspiratorial circles, know about. Mycoplasma is the big agent they have been sowing among us all, which may be the ultimate cause or contributor of many ailments such as Lyme' Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, AIDS, and Gulf War Syndrome/Illness. If you are a conspiracy theorist, you have got to have this book! If you believe that the world will  have most of its population killed off, fulfilling Bible prophecy, this is why. If you want to treat your ills such as those I mention, you need this book. If you want to know how corrupt the world is, you gotta know what is in this book. If you ever had a problem with workers comp, Human Rights Commissions, or the diseases and syndromes mentioned, this is the book.

The authors are Donald W. Scott and his son, most helpful in those Freedom of Information requests and searches, William C. Scott. The title is obviously not what would seem to be an indication of what this book is about. But Skull Valley was where some nasty experiments took place, among other places. This poorly packed book is deceptive. At $25 it was a steal. Get it at any price. If you write the author, due to not being able to find it, and ask him to give me permission, and I will scan and convert it, and only give it out when he authorizes it. So if you offer him the fair price and he contacts me to both digitize it and give it to him or have me pass it along, I will. I think there are plans to publish again. Lets hope he does. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Donald, not William.


Brain Science, Psychology, & Some Philosophy maybe ;-)

If you have read a lot of my site, you might have noticed my writing about Dr. Janov. Though not perfect, what he reveals in this book is essential scientific knowledge revealing how humans really work and function, psychologically, emotionally, neuronically. Perhaps one might also read his debut book of 1970, "The Primal Scream," but this book leaves the lingo of the 1st behind and is strictly scientific and clinical. One comes to realize that emotions are not separated from physiological function. If you want to understand yourself or anyone else, this is THE book! No one should be without this information, ever. Yes, it is that vital. You can buy it used cheap on Amazon or B&N or maybe even eBay. Don't delay!

There are flaws in Janov's overall theories of treatment, but they are not a part of this book and you can read about my disagreements on this site if you like. But Dr. Janov is still a vital part of Psychology that the rest of professional psychology tends to ignore. Its inexcusable.


The Gifted Child - published by the American Association for Gifted Children,
Edited by Paul Witty, Greenwood Press, copyright 1951

No cover for this one. Bases on Stanford University's studies on gifted children began in 1921-23 and followed up again in 1940 and 1945, and published in 1951. I tell you here this is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. The traits of giftedness will bowl you over. Incredible revelations on how to treat kids and bring out the best in them. All books ever written on this subject, followed this book. It still is the best, by far, 63 years later. Its also quite expensive, now, too. I got mine cheap near to maybe 1989 or so. Its gone up a lot since then. You might try to find a used version. Do you care about kids? Read this book. Do you love psychology? Read this book. Listen, Stanford is no small research university. She is a big player and receives lots of government funding. So the credibility is high when even the suspect establishment does work with these guys. There is nothing I know of that can compare to this book for quality and usefulness.

Tony Robbins Unlimited Power    coming soon


Tony Robbins Awakening The Giant Within   coming soon


This book was quite an eye opener for me. Adler goes into extremely detailed lines of reasoning to show how a simple statement that seems correct, might prove to be otherwise when taken to its full limit of development, to test its reliability. Adler is a master of examining logic and rules of logic, to verify or deny any particular idea. One that struck me the most was his discussion of what he termed special knowledge, one obtained by instruments that are beyond our normal senses of sight, sound, or sensation. He discusses the difference between normal observance and this "special" observance, so important to science. Adler is a huge Aristotle fan and for good reason. Adler can seem dull to read at times. This is the nature of philosophy, where endless lines of reason could bore some. But if you give it a try, you might be amazed. Ultimate knowledge never comes easy, or without effort. But give it what it demands, and you will be richly rewarded. This is the genius of Mortimer Adler and of Aristotle, so misunderstood and unappreciated. I have no doubt this is cheap, used, so that anyone can grab it easy. You lucky devils! Just kidding.


More Adler excellence to serve your mind and turn it into a powerhouse of sharp logic and discernment, reason and deduction. Aristotle is the foundation of much of Adler's own philosophy. Aristotle was a master of careful logic and reason, assembled into a line of reasonings that would fully verify or completely disprove ideas. Adler will show you how Aristotle did his thing. Most fascinating to me was how trivial, seemingly unimportant distinctions were actually critical to get right in order to secure a proper conclusion. You have to see it to believe it, but after you do, you will believe. I will explain why this is so important.

I mention psychology but I write a lot about that. But in Tony Robbins' and Mortimer Adler's books and ideas, we are given brain food, or more accurately, how to think and reason and get things right. Adler in particular, will focus in on logic and reasoning, so that we can break down anything into understanding and assemble anything into useful ideas and strategies. This is what is tragically missing in Psychology, Psychiatry, and in Dr. Janov's books as well. We can call this Philosophy, since it is a love of wisdom, which we could also call reason. But its thinking about thinking. How well tested are our ideas? How sound is our reasoning. These men give you tools to examine those things and get it right. Often, we fool and mislead ourselves. We need an objective means to test our own sincerity, motives, and possible prejudices, to see if what we believe is really sound or not. Our nature often causes us to deceive ourselves. so we have to police ourselves and our minds and thoughts. Do here ya go. They are all available used and cheap. What a deal, huh?

Marvin Minski is an MIT professor and co-founder of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. He was recommended by Fritz Springmeier in one of his books on Mind Control. Marvin shows you how the brain really works and it will blow your mind. A thought process in the mind has all kinds of "assistants" and filters that help us to analyze, weigh, process, and decide on matters. It enabled a huge leap in understanding the mind, for me. It surprised me, too. but it fit perfectly with so much that I had learned from Janov, Mind Control books and authors, hypnosis, and psychology in general. to explain this book would be tough. Marvin uses lots of pictures and diagrams.

Minsky is much like Adler in that the type of subject this is can be kind of dry and boring to someone not eager to understand how minds work. But if you want to know, then you will find this exciting to learn. Minsky is worth pursuing. He is the real deal. And you can be damn certain that whatever is published is far behind what secret government labs have done, and Fritz Springmeier could tell you all about that. Or it could have been Brice Taylor. My memory could be better. Minski goes where psychology has failed or wants to avoid, so as not to expose government technology.

But Marvin does a great job of making this stuff understandable. And that is not an easy task. If you are wanting to understand how the human brain truly works in all circumstances, this is THE book. This is super advanced science at its best. Pretty soon, I'll be writing my own findings on it all, maybe. Time is so scarce and so much I want to do.

This is Minsky's follow up book to the above "Society of Mind." Minski explores some more mysteries, particularly in regards to emotions and their role and how they work. A little more of a macro view as opposed to a little more focus on the micro view is the above book. But there are still details to be revealed. to make this a little more short and sweet, this book is a continuation of the subjects first addressed in the above 1st book. too much to fit into just one book, so he put out a 2nd one. Everything I said of the above applies to this, too. These are hard core books on the mind. They go where Janov never could. You'll see Tony Robbins and Mortimer Adler in a new light after reading this. This is super advanced psychology, and makes psychology and psychiatry look like child's play by comparison. You want to be super smart. Marvin Minsky can get you there. I swear it!

Some might say to me, why go to all this? Isn't the Bible enough? Well, let me say this. The Bible gives us the tools to discern and deduce all knowledge and wisdom. Can we be too smart? Not possible. Would being smarter be better? Of course it would. Would God mind seeing us smarter? I think not! God will bless and support us as far as we want to take something, within reason. And if it is His will,

He will bless it and make it happen. But we can never be smart enough or skilled enough and God will bless any efforts we make to become more wise and useful in God's Kingdom. As the USA Army commercials say, "Be, all that you can BE." Couldn't say it any better and Tony Robbins would support this idea, too. If you have not started already, then start right now.


Thanks For The Memories - Brice Taylor

Brice Taylor who later revealed her real name, Susan Ford, was born in 1951, with parents who were also mind-controlled themselves to some degree and she was among the earliest Presidential models designed to be sex slaves for Presidents, beginning with JFK thru Reagan, as well as other important people. She was also used as a sophisticated computer and recorder for Henry Kissinger. So she had lots of exposure to sensitive operations and files. She can tell you more about the "beast" than anyone else I have ever come across, perhaps only reserving Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler, co-authors.

Interesting as well is how her programming and hidden memories began to come out, and her process of healing is valuable to anyone wanting to heal from the worst. We have much to learn from the likes of her. No doubt to me that she is a gift from God to us. She has lost all for God. She follows the lamb wherever he goes. All kinds of dirt on how Hollywood really operates. There is such a wide coverage of material.

I do not see how anyone would not find this all utterly fascinating. My heart goes out to her and all like her, for the very difficult circumstances they had to overcome, including fear of being killed. She paid such a huge price for what she has brought to you, that you sort of owe it to yourself to buy and read this. But amazingly, it is available to read for free and then she asks that you buy the book from her for a mere $27. Its a big book. To me, if you are a Christian and you do not want to know what goes on in very dark places, there is something very wrong with you. You need to know this stuff. And if you are a psychology buff like myself, this is the most important data on the whole broad subject. Ignore it at your own peril.

Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control - Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen was born in 1957, I believe. She was "designed" to be an assassin, and sex slave when required, of course. Her torturous training employed on her is remarkable, horrifying. She has an interesting healing process as well, which intrigues me. This account, like the one above, are the 2 best out there as far as I am concerned. Kathleen's story has to blow your mind. Kathleen also reveals other clandestine operations going on in secret in our nations, like Satanic Ritual abuse, secret bases and operating centers, and much more. Kathleen estimates there were thousands of personalities created in her. In her healing, she gave up getting rid of all (by integrating memories, feelings) of them and just getting on with life. So Janov's idea that all pain must be eliminated is turned on it head when many hundreds or thousands of traumas have been induced and made into personalities. Kathleen's book is another book I just could not put down. So compelling. Kathleen also helps us to understand how a person can remain so clueless when memories are hidden away from consciousness by programmers. She becomes very wise in her approach to religion/Christ. She exposes false religion, which is nearly all of it. Her book goes for $24 new and about that for used. Don't be without it!


Candy Jones was a celebrity who was recruited by the CIA to help them. They asked her to "trust" them and submit to their hypnotism, without telling her what they were going to do. She eventually agreed. No torture was performed on these CIA operations. It was strictly hypnosis and drugs. They created a 2nd identity, Arlene, who took on the personality who had to cope with all the bad experiences and bitterness, that the conscious Candy was not allowed to know. The 2 merged after treatment, which displeased her husband, who did not like the "extra" (realistic) features of a hurt bitter woman. Candy Jones witnesses Sirhan Sirhan reporting to be programmed by the same guy programming her. Huge proof of Sirhan not being the sole conspirator in the RFK killing.

The CIA offices for this were in Oakland California. This book is only available in used form as it was taken off the market, by consent for a certain amount of money. It averages $11-$24. This book shows what can be accomplished by hypnosis and barbiturates alone. This is not nearly as effective as these with torture added, in various forms. Torture is the ultimate in horrific abuse and control. While not revealing as much as the 2 above, I still found this fascinating. Just for the revelation of Sirhan alone, was worth it for me. The duality of personality that formed between the unknowing Candy and the all knowing Arlene and the mixture that developed after healing was also remarkable. I love exploring the depths of psychology, anyway.

Secret, Don't Tell - The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism - Carla Emery

It really does try to cover all aspects of hypnotism. As well, it tries to help people understand how hypnotism feels and works, so that we may all grasp what this is like. It serves as a good history of hypnotism as well and Janov gets mentioned. How bout dat, huh? Carla had lots of trouble researching and writing on this. She underwent hypnotic training and ended up getting hypnotized herself and trying to avoid re-induction. She was threatened and told she would die if she published this. She did and eventually died of cancer far too early. She likely died for this and that ought to make you want to go out and get this. It is sold by her heir, but he did not fill my order for a copy, so I got it used. Save a little money, too.

She address legal issues, induction methods, possible history of it use as far back as 4000 BC. To me, this is an indispensable book to have. Carla was thorough. I am so grateful to people like her who expand my own horizons and open my eyes to see further. It is

my contention now that the bible's prohibition against a charmer & charming spells is a prohibition against hypnosis. Carla perhaps might have erred in submitting to this practice, not being aware of this possible association/prohibition, but it only makes sense that one does not turn over their mind to anyone else, ever. When you know what can happen if you do, then surely we can see why it would be forbidden by God. Perhaps that was why Carla was allowed to die, and have to wait for resurrection, since she entered, unknowingly, I suspect, into Satanic territory so that he had certain prerogatives, perhaps. But if innocent, she will see life again. I pray for her.

Since hypnotism is so dangerous, you need to know about it and avoid it. As well, it further enlightens psychology so that few should avoid this book.

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