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Read this next statement carefully. This is the most important book written in the Industrial age. That covers pretty much the last 200 to 300 years. While extremely revealing about American Education, it reveals as much about the education in any industrial first world nation. As well, it is most revealing of political and business networks and how close they are to each other. Gatto was a teacher for over 20 years in NYC. But he is far more than just a teacher. He was a researcher for more than 20 years as well. And a great one at that. This reveals many conspiracies on a level of proof and detail offered by few others on any subject. The most amazing thing is that he shows us how everything they are up to has been openly published in their own publications, which they figured no one else would bother to read. So the proof is solid and undeniable.

Gatto believes homeschooling is very important. In addition, this is a tremendous source of USA history as well, and even world history of the last 400 years at times. If there is one book on this web page to read, this would be it! Its a big book as far as height and width, But far bigger in its implications and value. But you should know it can also be read online at: - so there is no reason not to read this. You need to know what is going on in the schools. Further, you really should be the one to be teaching your own children and doing as much as you can for yourself and not let others do everything for you. I could go on and on about this book. Get it today!

This book was, in my opinion, poorly written. Its almost sort of cryptic and maybe that was the intent for fear of what he was revealing. But the facts and information delivered are priceless and worth the extra effort to understand what he is relating. Barrow covers the history of the transformation of the University system, which was taking place at the same time as the school system was instated. He gives us a perspective from a different level than Gatto does. He shows the moves of big business and banks and how universities were brought under control. A fascinating read.
He largely indicates a war against labor as well as gaining control of learning. This book is essential, despite the difficulty of reading in the early part of the book. Being a University of Wisconsin publication, you might have to look for it used or in a library or inter-library loan from another library. It will be worth it. What this book, along with Gatto's, does, is give you a whole complete picture of the real purpose of education. Namely, to shape the views and attitudes of our kids, limit the amount of knowledge they get, rather than allowing unlimited learning and education; yes, to program our kids and benefit big business and government. Don't be without it!

There have been great efforts to limit what we learn and know, not only in education, but in science, politics and many other things. Don't stay in the dark any longer. Come experience the light!

Oh, so you don't believe in Conspiracy Theories, huh? You'll not likely continue to say that after reading this book. One of the most amazing conspiracies ever fully exposed. The government has been alleged to create unique biological pathogens and weaponized versions of pathogens already in existence, such as normal natural anthrax, of which the weaponized version is deadly and easily spread and infects much more quickly and severely. They have also been alleged to have created antidotes as well.

The writers discovered this stuff by accident. They lived in Ontario Canada and a woman sought their help in her case of Chronic Fatigue syndrome which was very painful for her. She was told it was in her head. With help from a doctor or two, they were able to show there were medical anomalies in her that supported a physical cause of measurable disturbance. They found the Human Rights Commission of Ontario to be corrupt, which I have found in the USA as well. I would say such commissions are a total fraud.

But in seeking more info on this matter, they were led to do a Freedom of Information Request from the USA government,

by virtue of a link to the Canadian Government and their questionable activities there. It was in their search for what the USA government has been doing in biological weapons research that will stagger your mind. Detailed evidence, irrefutable proof as far as I am concerned, that the USA has been secretly developing the nastiest of weapons for the nastiest of purposes. Population reduction, war, you name it! Because this comes from a humble source, as you note the staples for a binding on this book, which may only be available used, (which is how I got my copy) few, even in conspiratorial circles, know about. Mycoplasma is the big agent they have been sowing among us all, which may be the ultimate cause or contributor of many ailments such as Lyme' Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, AIDS, and Gulf War Syndrome/Illness. If you are a conspiracy theorist, you have got to have this book! If you believe that the world will  have most of its population killed off, fulfilling Bible prophecy, this is why. If you want to treat your ills such as those I mention, you might find help in this book. If you want to know how corrupt the world is, you gotta know what is in this book. If you ever had a problem with workers comp, Human Rights Commissions, or the diseases and syndromes mentioned, this is the book.

The authors are Donald W. Scott and his son, most helpful in those Freedom of Information requests and searches, William C. Scott. The title is obviously not what would seem to be an indication of what this book is about. But Skull Valley was where some nasty experiments took place, among other places. This poorly packaged book is deceptive. At $25 it was a steal. Get it at any price. If you write the author, due to not being able to find it, and ask him to give me permission, and I will scan and convert it, and only give it out when he authorizes it. So if you offer him the fair price and he contacts me to both digitize it and give it to him or have me pass it along, I will. I think there are plans to publish again. Lets hope he does. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Donald, not William.
Want to know the real laws of Physics? They are right here in this book. Astounding evidence that has long been with us but always ignored. Explains everything observed in physics, astronomy, and space. Donald E. Scott, not to be confused with the earlier Donald W. Scott, is the author. Learn the amazing truth about plasma being the ether that powers our universe. Plasma science is the key. Though not dealt with in this book, it threatens to reveal abundant inexhaustible supplies of energy that could be harvested, better known in some circles as "free" energy. That is why we don't get the real physics taught to us or admitted. In addition, if we moved in the direction of this new understanding of physics, then jet place and fuel would eventually be replaced with UFO technology as a means of extremely fast and cheap transportation. Can't have that now, can we? So be the first on your block to learn about plasma physics and impress all your friends.



Charles Hapgood studied lots of ancient maps coming principally from the 1400s but a few from other times. He had his students do all sorts of measurements to determine accuracy and how they might relate to other maps and who made them. It was a land mark work often referred to by others. What Hapgood could not fully deduce, Gavin Menzies would later reveal and explain in the next book below. But Hapgood goes into such detail about these maps that should be known before tackling the theories of others. Its a great book and an interesting read and fundamental to understanding just how much was understood about navigation for perhaps several millennia. Navigation requires great math skill and an understanding that the world is round, not flat. Its knowledge that has been around a long time. The earth is flat theory never really was. It was a myth to hide trade routes and knowledge of navigation. This can be had new or used on the market.
Gavin Menzies was the Captain of a Canadian Submarine and wrote a great book on the amazing Chinese Naval Fleet of 1421. China was the true world empire, except that she kept herself to the Indian and Pacific Oceans, for the most part. But in 1421 or near to that, China launched a very ambitious fleet of ships to circumnavigate the entire globe and leave various food plants all along their routes, with the future in mind. This was not the 1st Chinese (Mongolian, really) mass fleet, either. This venture would give China a knowledge far beyond that of any other empire in the world.

I can't stress enough how important shipping and navigation were to history and empires. China played a big part in that, that she was not yet been well recognized for. Not only was her fleet advanced compared to others, but all aspects of China were well ahead of the West. 1421 is not far from 1434, and 1434 is not that far from 1492. Maybe you recognize that year? So 1421 could be said to be the year that began modern development that ended up favoring the "New World."

This book covers the year China ended up in Italy to share their goods and knowledge, which sparked the Renaissance. History now has to be rewritten and since it is the truth, I welcome it. If your a history buff, this is essential stuff. This touched off major advancements throughout Europe and propelled Western navigation and geography into the new age. It was not likely that Columbus would have had the knowledge come to him, that he had, without this visit by China. We may always wonder why China decided upon the visit. Was it paid for or just a typical policy of China to share. Either is possible or even both. But this touched off a mad dash to the New World, within 58 years, to 1492. The World would never be the same after that.

I want to point out that This book enrages some for its interpretation of evidence for the visit to Florence in 1434. Great anger and disrespect to Menzies. Its uncalled for. Some resent that we got our advancement, not from our own brilliance, but from a more advance before us empire.


So since we are on the topic of empires and fleets of ships, this one was fascinating to me. David Childress publishes his own books and others, too. He is a good narrator. He has appeared on the History channel programming once in a while. He has a delightful cartoon character names Prof. Wexler, a blind and oblivious academic who explores history and paleontology. Childress had a real sense of humor. I need to use a quote from this book: from the Greek geographer Strabo: "We are in a certain sense amphibious, not exclusively connected with the land, but with the sea as well."

Childress gives a marvelous history of Piracy that you should not be without. We are introduced to the gateway between the Eastern Oceans and Western Oceans by means of the Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, and the Arabian Sea, which enters the Indian Ocean. Childress also points out that Menzies was not even the first to propose substantial Chinese advances in navigation and voyages. Childress sees the ancient world  as being much smaller (more connected) than modern Western academics would ever admit.

Most fascinating to me is his origins of the Knights Templar fleet and the connection of their "Jolly Roger" symbol to later pirates in Western waters. It leaves much to think about. And that symbols enable this connection, has been part of my theory on establishing connections through the centuries and millennia. The Templar fleet was the largest the

Western World has ever seen. Templars also had substantial land holdings, and represented the first banking empire of the European theater since the fall of Rome nearly 700 years before their founding near to 1100 AD. They may even have had plans to rebuild Jerusalem and introduce a false messiah, but their plans got thwarted by France around 1307 or so. So Childress gives us a winner to consider.
Norman Finkelstein suggests that Columbus may have been Jewish and some of his key men certainly were. This book sort of ties in with the one just below by Kritzler, who also discusses Columbus in his offering. Both recognize how unjust religious persecution and obvious intolerance caused Jews to flee to the New World, once it was discovered. My opinion of that both of these books are valuable and should be read. Each has their won sphere that is unique to each author.

The irony of this persecution that took place among Muslims and Christians against Jews, ended up costing Muslims and Christians, and Spain and Portugal, too. The Spanish Empire basically collapsed because of a joint venture largely between Great Britain and Holland, along with the Jewish fleets turned Pirates, plundering vast Spanish fortunes being hauled off from the New World. Business enterprise was also launched in the New World. So religious intolerance ended up costing Spain everything. If only it worked that way every time. Of the two books, I tend to favor Edward Kritzler's book a little more.

Edward Kritzler is an excellent researcher and writer, too. He shows the total history of the New World and the forces that shaped its development. I can't help but be left the impression that New World development might not have gone so fast had not Jews been persecuted by the infamous Spanish Inquisitors and their Inquisitions. Jews came in drives to the New World to escape, not only persecution, but even execution and all in God's name, supposedly, but God does not sanction such abuse of His law.

But if any of you remember history lessons in school, all I can tell you is that they left out the most important parts and aspects, which Kritzler puts back in, to give a real history lesson. Maybe he should be running the Schools of America, rather than Washington DC. There are lessons in piracy, business, sugar and the slave trade, and much more. But Jews had a major part in developing Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. Jews later became major settlers of the American colonies as well.

The sad thing is that both Christians and Jews were always trying to court the kings and nations, each trying to control the nations to their own liking. This was always forbidden by God. God required fidelity and faithfulness from His followers, by staying away from national influences, and trust and depend on God, not clever political manipulations. but both have left God long ago.

But apart from that, much credit goes to Jews for settling the colonies, if one sees that as good. Myself, I have misgiving about it, given that the USA is used as the world policeman to bend all knees to the New World Order.

But Jews have been industrious, intelligent, resourceful, and a big part of how we came to be where we are, and that deserves some respect and credit. Kritzler has done an outstanding job showing us the many factors that led to where we are now. I wish more taught real and total history like he has done. In fact, I never knew that much about the Inquisition until reading this book. I was not aware it was primarily directed at Jews. Why was this not in school?

Kritzler also introduced me to Uriel da Costa, a well-to-do merchant formerly from Portugal who settled in Amsterdam, Holland for religious freedom and instead, found the Rabbis there nearly as bad as the Inquisitors. Rabbis wanted religious freedom, but evidently, only for them, and not any competing ideas. Most religions are like that; good for me but not for the gander. Uriel challenged what the Rabbis taught and published against them. He was rejected by his own family and shunned. When he tried to reconcile, they punished him severely to pay for his insubordination and make an example of him. He eventually took his own life. Kritzler found the Rabbis to be worse than the Inquisitors, but I still think the Inquisitors were far worse. But you should read this book if you like history or American history. You don't know history until you know at least as much as this author shows us in his book.

What also stands out to me is how enterprising and resourceful the Jewish race has been. Consider all the persecution, too often unjust and unbiblical, that they often endured and it becomes even more impressive. I am not saying they are without blemishes or faults, but all the same, a remarkable legacy as you will find in this book.

Apologist books supporting the Flood and the Exodus, at the least.

So you think Science and Academia are honest, and promote understanding of science, do you? I would suggest that they actually exist to hold back and resist real science, in order to hold back scientific progress so that classified and very highly advanced government and military technology remains exclusively the providence of those bodies and keeps us from understanding principles that would lead to our uncovering those advanced scientific developments and technologies. In addition, if you fully knew the truth of sciences such as geology, paleontology, archaeology, and the like, you might realize that evolution is unscientific crap and that the scientific evidence at hand actually supports the Biblical Flood as being real. So they create fake science to lead us in all the wrong directions. Can you say String Theory?

Now, this book deals with Tectonics, glaciers, Geology, Volcanology, asteroids, comets, meteors, archaeology, paleontology, and many other related sciences. They show astounding evidence collected over their lifetimes from numerous published findings that show that much of what has been put out, is either ignoring the real evidence, or disputing it, or supporting something that is total crap. Why? They fear you knowing the truth. These 2 men do not advocate or admit any Bible connection, though I do not know what their attitudes toward the Bible are, but it is purely science and how that science has been ignored.

These guys are involved with and related to the SIS gang (Society for Interdisciplinary Studies). This organization is a big fan of Immanuel Velikovsky, who postulated that electricity was the main force active in the universe, for which I believe he is correct. But this is also the reason he is ridiculed by many, for within this lies a new physics, which would quickly lead to us discovery UFO technology, "free" energy, and many other advances. So they bitterly ridicule anyone who goes anywhere near that direction.

This book is more of a threat to their long time scale for man and turning earth sciences on their heads. Both men, very old and very experienced in their research, have died in the last 5 years. A tragic loss since they had lived so long to accumulate so much. But this book come out in 1995 and left us with a great legacy to carry one. Do you believe in the Bible and the Flood? Then you should get this book! Are you a big science fan who loves true science? This is the book. 

Another book about much like that just above. David Allen Deal is the author. David delivers many pieces of evidence and facts not readily found or discussed elsewhere. Sadly, there is a lack of references but the information can likely be traced as I am doing. So thought provoking that I thought it should be here. He does also cover evidence for the flood. He is not an academic nor a scientist, but he does offer evidence, which academics and scientists, so called, often ignore. While no where near the scope and grandeur of the above previous book, it is still something no one who is serious about science should ignore. Sadly David passed away in the last couple or 3 years. But his work will live on. He also published another book worth mentioning on the Ark of Noah, called "Noah's Ark: The Evidence." It might have been re-titled since. Used copies of his books are available and maybe a few new left somewhere.

This one would be found used, I think. Amazon for sure. It was self published. It might be in circulation again new.


These authors have been on History or Net Geo channels on TV presenting their findings. They believe we had comet, meteor, or asteroid impacts that were the cause of flooding and the extinction of all large animals known as mega fauna. These appear to coincide with the ice age event dated as about 11,000 BP or 9,000 BC. the evidence is remarkable.

Consider that this 11,000 BP ice age event was really the 2350 BC flood, and you have an exact match with the Bible. But how can we say 9,000 BC = 2350 BC. If you understand radiocarbon dating as I intend to show when I get a chance, you will recognize how "dead" carbon released in this cataclysm made the event look much older than it really was. But the evidence is very impressive and is real science, not that crap you are used to ingesting. If you are honest and sincere, you will give this an honest trial and I believe, will find this very convincing. Not easy to dismiss and written by respected academics who have not be ostracized.

I also have notes to publish on their TV presentation as well, if time ever allows. Meanwhile, you need to get this book or borrow it. Do it today!

  Volume 1 reads: Archaeology and Geophysics - The Meteoroid Stream
The other 2 are laid out the same except for color and title. Science as a whole does not like eyewitnesses. But in court, these are very solid forms of testimony as they should be. Scientists often do not like eyewitnesses because they blow holes in lies. And authoritarian arguments dismiss the common people as unqualified and even untrustworthy. All lies and BS. Many hundreds of citations to the work of other academics, revealing a solid united picture of the same event and time all over the world and at nearly the exact same time as the alleged flood of the Bible, according to Bible Chronology.

The evidence will knock you right out of your chair. You might even faint. You will ask, why has this all been hidden from me, all this time? Good question. maybe they got something to hide, huh? The great claim of big mouths is that there is no evidence for a flood. The 6 books I have shown here to this point under Apologetics, will absolutely destroy that claim. But I know you will not read them anyway, because you do not want to know, either. But do not say from here on in, that there is no evidence. It is just that you choose not to see by covering your eyes and running.

The odd thing about Vol. II & III is that it examines that mystery of how nearly every little group on earth has a flood legend in their legacy. Why, it is as if it really happened or something. Imagine that! This alone would be enough to establish that the flood really happened in an objective fair court of law. Neither courts nor academics believe in objective fair analysis. They prefer lies. 

Moe Mandelkehr is among those in the SIS group, who support the work and findings of Immanuel Velikovsky. Moe's work is exceptional and thorough. If you dare read these 6 books, you will likely see what I mean. Try it! I dare ya!
The copyright on this is 1955. The paperback to the left was the 2nd printing of the paperback Laurel edition. It sold for 95 cents at the time. I bought it used on Amazon a few months back. I would say that if you love searching for explanations for the flood and want to see phony science exposed, this is the book. Perhaps better than the Cataclysm! book previous to this one, above. It short yet to the point and Velikovsky is well read and no dummy, either. Solid science and math destroy the myths of gradualism and ice ages and replace them with floods and sudden disasters. Catastrophism at its very best. Many do not realize that when the Bible speaks of a flood, it does not speak much at all. We are given 2 basic prominent features, rain for 40 days and the vast springs of the watery deep being opened. What the Bible does not say is what may have caused the flood, beyond the fact it was God who started it.

God is often very brief, frustratingly so for some. But if you understand the negotiations that often go on between God and the devil in the trial of mankind down here on earth, then it is quite likely that the devil insisted on a brief account that leaves out much and tests God's people to see if they have faith. But Christians forget that the world and universe we live in is from God and does not lie, just as God does not lie. 

The world we live in, is a witness to God. It leaves evidence behind. But that evidence is often confusing or veiled, even as prophecy is. It is up to us to search out what the meaning-interpretation of the evidence is. You will find much of that meaning in this book. It is little appreciated just how dishonest and silly scientists and academics can be. They, if they address the real evidence at all, will often twist and distort it. The evidence does not lie but men do. It is not the evidence at fault, but the interpretation of  that evidence, that must be carefully examined.

Velikovsky does a great job at exposing the faulty reasonings of men bent on concealing anything that could be interpreted as being related to a flood and catastrophe. This book is cheap used and short and quick to read. Then you can read Cataclysm! afterward. You might even find Velikovsky's book enough to satisfy. Only hard core researchers will get both. Cataclysm! is quite a bit bigger in volume and length but great reading just the same. But Velikovsky still stands in his work 55 years later. Velikovsky also has quite a few fans and supporter of diverse views. He is not to be ignored.

So for those who have the gall and ignorance to say that there is no evidence to support what the Bible says or that the flood is just a fairy tale, address the evidence in these 7 books or shut the hell up. These are all real science books. I also posted some books on the flood and Noah's ark on the Bible books recommendations. They are not exclusively science but are not lacking science, either. But if you will not believe the books on this page, the other will not matter, either.


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