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 Interesting Links to other sites

The two links below refute "Sacred Namers." A generic reference to a number of small individual groups usually insisting that God's name be re-translated all over again after at least 500 years because they got it wrong adn the same for Jesus. Well, they did not have as much knowledge and understanding at times but God's name, except for the vowel choices, is fairly rendered by the traditional Jehovah. JHVH came about in the Germanic languages while a direct rendering from Hebrew today would be YHWH. J and V are commonly used by some Hebrew speakers/writers today, instead of Y and W. But many of those movements are Hebrew language fanatics and idolaters who hate Greek, the language of choice for the 1st 3 centuries or more of Christianity. This site and a link to one of its articles will tell you all about this movement. I have dealt with some from this movement as well. Good site. THE ORIGINAL NEW TESTAMENT WAS WRITTEN IN GREEK 

This guy liked my article on teen sexuality and marriage so much that he, with the permission I grant to all in my welcome page, publishes my article untouched, and then another version with some light editing done and the Title changed to one he felt more appropriate to his outlook. He did a great job. I freely allow my articles to be used as pleased, only cautioning that God will judge all things done with my work, even as God does with all works of all men. So this man wanted to make a few minor alterations and was welcomed and his work was very complimentary to mine and I thank him and wish him the best. He obviously has good tastes and judgment. Not that I have to say that or anything, right? ;-)

Here is another link and article that supports earlier marriages, from a mainstream Christians site. Imagine that, if you will? Who'd a thunk it?

This next site is mindboggling for the volumes of secular/political/historical research. I am not sure about some of it, but some of it has the distinct mark of truth. They actually address the possibilities of the antiChrist coming from the Tribe of Dan and maybe how. They deal with conspiracies and mystic secret societies. I would say exercise caution in what you will believe or not. Try to verify sources. Still, I have found absolutely nothing quite like this site. I will give this one my NO. 1 ranking at the moment, but 2nd to mine, of course ;-) You could literally spend many months at this site. Lots on the symbols of the Bible addressed in detail. They address possible interpretations of real situations whereas I focus on the Bible nearly exclusively, allowing each to interpret for themselves without undue influence. People can be very trusting and if they trust you, they can begin to take everything you say or write for granted and I would not want anyone to do that with me. I do not fear being checked or inspected. I welcome and encourage it. Anyway, this is a fascinating site. I note that they find fault with nearly everything and while nothing is perfect, I think a little better of some than they do, and less with others. We all think different, right? Be sure to look into this site carefully and give it some time.. Watch Unto Prayer

For those unfamiliar with Conspiracy Theorists, David Icke is a well known such figure. He is not a Christian Apologist or advocate as far as I can tell and he has some strange ideas of the spirit world that in some ways may not be as far off as they initially might seem. He deals with the Merovingian Kingly line of France, which is often indicted in various mystic conspiracy myths similar to the so called holy grail, the Ark of the Covenant recovered hidden/kept by secret societies. Whether you agree with all of his ideas, these ideas of alleged family lines, guardians of relics and secrets and all that jazz, keep coming up in many places and David Icke is not alone but I find much of this stuff quite possible and believable. Its worth some consideration. I recommend many of his works for consideration. What I can say for sure, is that all this stuff the Bible predicted has to come true and involves someone somewhere.  So sooner or later, someone is bound to get a few things right about real life situations that relate to what the Bible foretold. Who knows, maybe David got a few things. Someday we will no longer have to doubt. The wizard will come out from behind the curtain and we will then know for sure.
The Merovingians, THE WINDSOR-BUSH BLOODLINE by David Icke

Here is another person, Fritz Springmeier, dealing with bloodlines. He has some very interesting allegations in his work. Some religions end up getting hurt, too. Good stuff.

I'll be adding more as time goes along.

Psychology & Education Interests

This link is to an author, who researched for many years, and then published, one of the most outstanding works of the 20th and 21st centuries. His name is John Taylor Gatto and his book was and is, the Underground History of American Education. And you can actually read it for free at his site, though if you can pick it up used for cheap, do so cause you might want to underline and mark it up. If you got the money, don't hesitate to buy the book. You will not regret a penny. Gatto writes in a story fashion of lots of literary style. Sometimes I would prefer a little more directness but this is a very trivial point. The info contained in this book is mind boggling and critically essential for all Christians, even though the subject is secular schooling. Gatto not only enlightens the reader on the deliberate engineering of modern schooling beginning in the 19th century, but he gives you an incredible insight into the founding this country and will deliver things related to many different subjects. He sacrificed a lot as did his family to bring this vital information to you. Don't pass this opportunity up.

I came across info and a site on Attachment Parenting. You might want to Google it. AS well, I found "Holistic Moms Network" which was also interesting. I have always recommended Home Schooling and what is now called Attachment Parenting.
Holistic Moms Network

On Gifted Children:   I discovered this link looking for links to Gifted Children and this stood out, not only for being near the top but also for its quality and amount of info. I am very impressed with her dedication to the subject and her vast amount of good info. I can't say enough good about it. She puts many of her articles on this site for you to consider and links and recommended readings and the like. Stephanie Tolan is a senior fellow at the Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA). She teaches English, writes and publishes books for Children, and advocates for advanced gifted children, seeing them as an important resource for all humanity to protect and nurture, for everyones' benefit.

        AS well, there is a great resource page on gifted education, with recommendations, links, resources, social networks, articles, definitions and no funding from "questionable" contributors who like to maintain some "influence" on such matters. Homeschooling is also advocated, of course.
        New Addition 2012 Mar 15: Some students and their teacher recommended this link to me at number 9. It is much like Hoagies in that it has many links to articles about gifted children. To me, any child gifted is one not damaged seriously and given lots of thought "food." All children are born sensitive and need nurturing in the right way. I can't say enough about the topic. Same goes for this class and their teacher, Karen Donato.
7. Stephanie S. Tolan
8. Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
9. "Identifying and Recognizing Gifted and Talented Children"

Being a parent is a very serious responsibility in God's eyes. It has lots of rewards but only with lots of effort. It is something that needs a lot more attention and has received far too much neglect. The world has gone to hell precisely because we have failed to properly nurture and raise kids with love and wisdom, passing on all we can to them and keeping ourselves growing as well.

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