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This series may be sporadic at times, but my goal is to show the overwhelming evidence that the Exodus really did happen, in all its amazing recounting and that Moses and Joseph were real people who did what Bible says they did and how lots of evidence exists in the archaeological record and Historical records as well. I am likely to skip around some, focusing on the best evidence first and deal with the smaller details sometime after. The Evidence will be extensive. I start with the Main event, Moses and the Exodus. Its the biggest clue of them all.

The Exodus is the biggest event in the Bible. It was the founding of the nation of Israel and the emancipation of its people from slavery in Egypt. And the ruling of Joseph over all Pharoah's Affairs stands out in the Bible and in the archaeological record and excavations as well.

exo 5.htm     The Bible's Exodus Account Chap 14

exo 4.htm     The Bible's Exodus Account Chaps 11 to 13

exo 3.htm     The Bible's Exodus Account Chaps 9 & 10

exo 2.htm     The Bible's Exodus Account Chaps 7 & 8

exo 1.htm     Exodus 1: What to Look For







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