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While my main focus as been on Satanic Ritual Abuse and its accompanying networks of International Intelligence agencies, I feel there is a need to report on things in the world that do not directly involve SRA, but certainly involve the signs and symbols of prophecy and the Operation of both God and Satan, in the world. I believe the short focused, but timely reports serve my work better than the long thorough format that I have long used since 2000 AD. Some things demand the long format but most don't and people are more apt to at least take a quick look at these short articles.

world_w_#4_122.htm           Something Fishy Going On

world_ w_#3_119.htm        1971 KC Chiefs Repeat in 2018

world_w_#2_118.htm         The Politics of Lies 

World_w_#1_117.htm         Satan's NFL Follies - KC Chiefs 1971


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