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Christian Behavior & Practice

A contrast between the fruits of the spirit and fruits of the flesh, you might say. Its all here.

Christian Discipline Can we realistically expect Christians who disagree to be very polite to each other? How do we deal with Christians who violate God's rules? What are the procedures? Major mind-spinning update with a new section in 2013. Do not miss it!
Love, The Most Important Christian Pursuit (or at least it should be!) You can always recognize the fakes, phonies, and impostors. They will never be emphasizing the right things. They will carry on like crazy in regards to some stupid doctrine, gifts of the spirit, or moral crusade while ignoring what Jesus requires the most.
Sharing  Part of Love is sharing. It was a big thing when Christianity first started. Read all about it!
Christian Community Christians have lost their sense of community. They are all selfishly pursuing their own independent courses, swept up in the everyday cares of life and making a good living. But community is vital and necessary. See why.
Our Sinfulness
In order to discuss any of the other topics on this page, you first have to have a basic understanding covered in this article. Few people have realistic expectations of our nature and what it involves. One of the most important subjects on this site or in the Bible.
Neutrality and War Most people of the Christian faith readily engage in war and politics. But could there be a reason why such involvement could seriously jeopardize your relationship with Jesus and the Father?
Every Christian's Mission! We all have the same overall duty to God. What is it, you ask? Check it out!
Sexuality  Topics Page This is a whole collection all by itself!
Suicide OK? Everyone thinks suicide is never acceptable. Rather odd, considering that Samson committed suicide. My 2nd most controversial article on this site. The 1st is on sex taboos and vulgarity further below.
Blood, Fat, Atonement God's declared symbolism of Blood brings up some interesting issues. Affects organ transplants, and general medical practices, even sex.
Organ Transplants and Donations There are many things to consider. But maybe we should rethink this one.
Slavery is Not Condemned in the Bible Politically correct Christians may think slavery abhorrent. But God and the Bible did not. Then why is it objected to? Ya got me!
Alcohol, Prohibition, Drugs, and more! Why is alcohol forbidden by many when there was plenty of it in the Bible? Drugs have been vilified and demonized by Christians, too. But I can find no Biblical basis for it. Observe!
The Sin of Stupidity  A sin to be stupid? You better believe it!  New Oct. 24, 2014

My Trilogy of Warnings:
An idea had been slowly growing in me as I learned about teen girl kidnapping in the USA over the years and later, rape in the military. As well, the hypocrisy that goes on in secret among elites of our society and the subject of classified secret Mind Control. Along with some other things in the last few months, it all came into focus. the 1st 2 of this Trilogy of warning were done together. The 3rd had come earlier. The 20th century will go down in history as the century of failure on the part of humans. The 21st century will not last much longer. 
OF all my predictions, this will be the most outrageous. But I want you to carve this in stone and hold it against me, for the time will come, when you will marvel that I nailed it right on the head! Dead center bulls-eye! Find someone to hold your hand while you read. You'll need it. Really, these are prophecies as well as an examination of the past, to see how we got to where we are and where we are yet going. You just will not find this anywhere else on the net at this time, 1st uploaded FEB 17, 2013.

Bullying, Harassment = PTSD   This is the real shocker. If I said that possibly all women were going to be forced into, basically, prostitution, open sex and that kids would also be force into this, on a mass legal scale; would you call that shocking? But this is not all. Our society is becoming very violent and predatory, dishonest and treacherous in every way. Many people are collapsing mentally, breaking down, and having trouble functioning anymore. You need to read this.

The Credibility Gap    This one discusses the aftermath of WWII, the comic book fiasco, the 60s music revolution, the big culture clash world-wide, the generation gap, and through it all, the lack of credibility of the older generations of political and religious people who let us all down. This is important to understand. Where we went wrong!

Irrational Fears and Superstition   Christians, so called, always get bent way out of shape over entertainment, and supposed demonic influence in everything, and much more. We need to rethink our irrational superstitious knee-jerk reactions to the many things that conservative "Christians" have condemned or over-reacted to. Its about credibility. We need it now!

Motivation speakers
Ya know, like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigglar, Norman Vincent Peale and all the others? What can we learn from them? Find out!
Educate Your Children  We are commanded to teach our kids. Also a defense for Home Schooling.
Teaching and Learning Two very important subjects for all Christians. We all need to be the best students we can be and be the best teachers we can be as well.
The Psychology Factor This explores how our psychological makeup is often what corrupts or disrupts our ability to interpret the Bible or deal with others and why there are so many different Christian beliefs and opinions.
Holistic Psychology   A broad definition of Psychology as defined by me. Based substantially on Primal Therapy and yet quite divergent from it, too. A critique of Primal Therapy and Dr. Janov, its founder, as well.
On Hypnosis   You have never read an article quite like this one. Insight into Psychology, Dr. Janov, and worldly programming and conditioning in general. Have you been hypnotized and not know it?

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