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Today's False Prophets Exposed

The Premise
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Since the election of Trump as President in the USA, many truthers and conspiracy theorists, as well as Christian promoters, have shown new sides to themselves as if to come out of hiding. It had to happen sooner or later. Now anyone selected for review in this collection, is not an indication that they are, in fact, a false prophet.  And when I say false prophet, I am using that term very loosely. It does not indicate being religious or Christian. But I will often write about Christians for sure. But anyone who promotes like, philosophy, political theory and rhetoric or social issues/causes, will possibly be lightly dubbed by me as a prophet or false prophet.  But from my standpoint, they have raised my suspicions and I'd like to see some accountability and explanation for things I am uncomfortable with. I invite them to write me or post something on their own blogs and sites. I'd appreciate a chance to know and evaluate such responses, if they would be agreeable. I might also point out a few people who stand out to me as good examples from time to time.

But really, I am pointing out details that bother me about some. This could merely be that their understandings are a little off or mistaken, perhaps innocently, or perhaps not. But since we live in the ultimate age of deception and lies, I thought it important to help those genuinely seeking truth in these very last days leading up to a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and the arrival of a false pretender claiming to be Jesus and God, too, and a god to all.

Above all, my concern is at this point, about the Alt Media, the supposed successor to the lying phony Mainstream Media. For some Alt Media voices have proclaimed victory and virtue, as well as trustworthiness. Those are real big claims and I am a skeptic. I suspect the Global Elite might have started Alt Media figures and continue to grow new ones, so that they have a source for the people, that the people will trust and yet that source will be owned by the Global Elite to lie for them at key times. So I being my mission-investigation.

The Traits/Signs of False Prophets    This is the link to the first of 5 sub-headings in another article of mine. There are some common tendencies among most phonies and liars. This will also apply to shills and trolls, which many false prophets are, as well. I think you will find this all very interesting.

Jon Rappoport     Nov. 21, 016 update   
Jon was brilliant at one time, but is showing some serious cracks now. He is the first of many to get examination. Early Christian writers warned of questionable trends and apostates/heretics, too. I thought it would be good documentation for future generations. I give it the chance, anyway and God will take or leave as He chooses.

Lisa Haven    New Nov. 30, 016    I might have came across Lisa in late 2015 or early 2016. She was right on top of political things that were of concern to Christians and conspiracy types. Truthers, right? But she never address Bible doctrine yet promotes Christianity. What? She does believe in life after death but that is a Satanic lie. She has undergone changes and got a new friend or two as well. And I got another surprise. Anyway, Her work could use a little reviewing for merit or not. In her case, teachers of God receive a closer examination than non-Christian Truthers. Alt Media if you prefer.

Black Pigeon Speaks     New Dec. 30, 016    BPS really concerns me. I think you ought to pay close attention to this one. See for yourself!

Bombard's Body Language Youtube channel    New Mar. 8, 017   What a farce is all I can say.




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