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Past and Present Heresies

This page contains the links to pages dealing with various heresies that have come down to us over the ages. Many of them are not seen as heresies by most of Christianity but they are. I will prove it.

A Gospel 4 Everyone!  Basically a good introductory article to my approach to the Bible and Christian denominations.

The One True Church - No such thing! It was to be corrupted and lost till Jesus should return to gather the wheat from the weeds and the sheep from the goats. Just read some of the articles found in this link. This kills religions like the Catholics, Jehovah's so called Witnesses, and Mormons (Latter Day Saints, so called). This may be the most important doctrine on this page!!!
The Trinity Page Honest, it really is a heresy. Check out this page and you will see why.
Why We Do Not Keep the Law! An 8 part series exposing why we do not keep the law rituals and observances. These are not to be confused with commandments against sin and harm. We still keep those laws and try to avoid sin.

Satan's Lies 101    There are lots of lies promoted by the Devil in our time that fuel false religion and Satanic cults as well. Do not get fooled by any of these. They have been around forever.

New Below:
Moses vs The Talmud    The Law of Moses and the Talmud are very different books from each other. They are antagonistic to each other. Uriel da Costa, a Jew of Amsterdam around 1600, published an argument in favor of Moses and against the Talmud that I believe should be given close consideration. Here it is for you to consider. It is relevant to Christians and Jews. See why!

The Doctrines of the Soul and Hell - The Immortal Soul . . . Not!  It was a Greek heresy given us by Plato and the like. The soul never was immortal or distinct from the body and people confuse it with the Spirit.
The Passover Controversy - Eusebius writes of the Great Passover Controversy that threatened to divide the Eastern and Western churches of the day (400's AD). There is a lot to learn from it.
On The Proper Names of God and His Son Some claim that the form of God's name and that of His son are vitally important and that only one version is acceptable. They are wrong! Some say the Greek Septuagint Translation is unreliable. They are wrong! This one relates to many who observe the law as mandatory. Some only accept Hebrew scriptures. They are wrong! Anyway, here is the truth, as always!
False Gifts of the Spirit - Eusebius tells about an odd development that occurred in about the 3rd century and was denounced by the entire body of churches. IT was a frenzied sort of ecstasy as they describe it. Sounds like something that is still going on today and shouldn't be.
Being Born Again Many speak of being born again. But have they missed something? What if I suggested there were 2 types of being born again? We are born of the spirit but what does that mean? And we are born again in the ultimate sense when we become spirits/angels in heaven. See for yourself!
Satan vs God   There has been an amazing trial going on for now 6000 plus years. Much has been going on that has not been admitted till now. Some major upcoming heresies revealed before they even happen.
Danger Signs of a Cult? You will hear this term thrown around a lot at some groups. But is it entirely fair? What about mind control? But most of all, you must be on the lookout for invisible cults, which are everywhere! Read all about this menace!!!

To Atheists and Agnostics  I do not consider these to be heretics at all. They are not religious. I just wanted them to consider a point of view they have not likely considered in regard to this subject. I think it is worthy of consideration.
On Islam and Mohammed   This is more of a hand stretched out to Muslims, if they will take it. There is a YouTube Channel in here with some excellent videos on prophecy. But some things for Muslims to consider as well, on doctrinal correctness and whether Islam and Christianity are fully compatible or not, given that Mohammed endorsed Christianity to some degree.

Denominations of Christianity Reviewed, Good and Bad Points

Be Wise as Serpents    by Fritz Springmeier. He says it this way: "The History of the Systematic Destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion." & "You will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power/religion comes into focus."    This dishes the facts that PROVE conspiracy and show that organized religion is a scam owned by the Devil himself. "Get out of her my people," says God! This is an 8 part series. I recommend Units 3A-3B of his book, in particular. 2013.
Intro      1A      1B      1C      2A      2B      3A      3B

Charles Taze Russell and the Bible Students - My first entry into a critique of denominations. Russell is what I have termed a Religious Zionist. Its not good. There are lots of people on the net, mostly X-JWs (X-Jehovah's Witnesses) who do not like him because they see him as the founder of the JWs. I don't agree with them. But in any case, there is a lot that concerns me about him and his involvement with what I see as the eventual antichrist debacle. But like nearly all, he had some good points, too.
The Watchtower and the Masons    by Fritz Springmeier. Fritz exposes Charles Russell and his Bible Students, as well as Rutherford and Jehovah's Witnesses, and sometimes addresses modern JW teaching as well.  Must read for x-JWs and those still with the Bible Students and JWs. A brilliantly made case. Fritz's strength is in his conspiracy research, what we might call extra-Biblical (outside the Bible) research. I'll handle the inside stuff, if you don't mind ;-)
Part 1        Part 2

Charles Russell, Apostate and Zionist     Russell declared 2 paths to God. Russell preached that all would be saved in time. He preached many errors that beg answering. He was the ultimate Zionist and was financed by very powerful banking interests. You need to know about this man and his movement, commonly called "Bible Students" and "International Bible Students Association."
Part 1        Part 2

CT Russell Criticism by WC Stevens, 1915     Written by WC Stevens, 1915, he criticizes Russell and the "Dawnites," as he called them. He nails some stuff and completely screws up other things. He is a perfect example of why Russell and later JWs have done so well. You'll see!  NEW May 11, 2014

The Most Serious Mistakes of the JWs  NEW Mar. 26, 2014   This article is designed to advise doubting  JWs or x-JWs. I review what I have seen over the years and address the most serious problems of the JW Org and their doctrines. I also address typical paths x-JWs have often taken. Intended as help.

The Sin of Stupidity   A sin to be stupid? You better believe it!  I wrote this with JWs prominently in my mind. It applies very much to them, who blindly follow others. New Oct. 24, 2014

A 1989 Plea to Jehovah's Witnesses        5 Jehovah's Witnesses' Heresies        These refute modern day Jehovah's Witnesses, reflected by the 1980s time period. Still not much different today. Most denominations of Christendom do a lousy job of dealing with JWs. But that said, JWs are pretty hard headed, like most of Christianity, so called. But these are sound refutations that JWs should know quite well. If you really want to help JWs and not just bash them (it is tempting, isn't it?), these should do the trick.

Mormons - A Christian Deception  -  My 2nd denomination to be explored and exposed. You think you know Mormons? No, you don't! But you should! They are not who they pretend to be when they show up at your door. I believe they are liars and ultimately, in reality, pagans to no small degree. I show you how they behaved with me and what they really believe. This group is a nice way to illustrate how some groups and denominations, in and out of religion, tell you one thing publicly, but another to their solid membership. It is far more common than you ever might believe. So get used to it and get to know it so you don't get caught by surprise.

The Children of God Cult  -  The Sex Abuse of Women & Children     Started as a "Christian religion," in theory, but not in fact. Outrageous sexual promotion of prostitution, wife swapping, and sex with children, too.

Current Trends to be On Guard Against

The Manhattan Declaration Critique  Watch out for this deceptive declaration of hypocrisy. Don't get fooled by it for a minute!

New Bible Textual Criticism    New Mar. 8, 014        This could be good, but I am in doubt. Many good Bible aids to enable careful text analysis and criticism have been around for years, and much more so since Bible programs became available for computers. Why more? You should think about this.

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