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God's Plan and Purpose
from beginning to end

This page contains the links to pages dealing with the entire scope of God's purpose and its unfolding.
This group is intended to be read in a series. One builds upon the previous one until the final conclusion is reached in The Resurrections.
Prophecies: Then I deal with the vast topic of the "End of the World" and "Judgment Day" near the bottom.

God's Eternal Purpose  - Its in Genesis but people have forgotten it. Check it out! It gets into why God may have done what He did as well.
God's Institution - The Nation of Israel - This is really a story of how we got the Bible. The nation of Israel played a big part in that, of course.
Why We Can Trust the Bible Only - In considering God's instituting a nation and priesthood to preserve His word, the Bible, we should know why our beliefs can only be based on the Bible and nothing else. You'll be amazed to know why!
The Old Testament on the New Covenant - The New Covenant prophesied in the Old Testament helps demonstrate the symbolism of Israel-Judah-Jerusalem as the Christian Congregation
The New Testament on the New Covenant - These scriptures also support the idea of the new covenant as supporting a new/spiritual/heavenly Israel-Judah-Jerusalem, a symbolic one that fulfills the Old Testament prophesies promising this Spiritual Israel.
Spiritual Israel - Israel is mentioned a lot in the Bible. But it is often not literal Israel in prophecy but Spiritual Israel, the Israel of God, the Christian congregation.

The New Covenant Begins

 The Authority & Foundation of the Church - Church Beginnings - This shows how the Apostles were critical to the start up and maintenance of the Church and how it would suffer without them. Baptism and gifts of the spirit are covered, too.

The New Testament on the New Covenant - A comprehensive collection of scriptures from the New testament dealing with the new covenant of God replacing the old one begun with Moses and the changes it brings for the new Christian congregation.

Early Church Conduct and Organization - This is a combination of what early Christians writers of the 2nd to 3rd centuries record about early church observances, and what the Bible has to say on such matters.

The Septuagint in God's Purpose - The Septuagint was vital to refuting those who would later deny Christ and even much later dispute the time that prophecies were issued. It was an important tool in nurturing the early Christians movement. It is often unfairly criticized today!

Bible Tampering 1    Deuteronomy 18:19 was tampered with, says I! Because it prophesied Jesus coming to establish a new covenent, just as Moses did in his time at Sinai. So corrupt Jews changed it to mean almost nothing.

The History of the Apostles and the 70, according to Hippolytus of the 2nd century.

A Paradise Earth Forever - That was the hope of the law and prophets. It might be for some of us, too.

The Heavenly Destination - Yes, many are going to heaven, but why? Again, people seem to have missed this.

The Resurrections - There's more than one, you know. And in more than one place, too. Where are you going to be resurrected and when?

Being Born Again - Many speak of being born again. But have they missed something? What if I suggested there were 2 types of being born again? Well, sort of. And while it is easy to claim to be born again, it might be tougher to actually prove it. This is related to going to heaven and the resurrection.
The Soul and Hell - These have to do with the resurrection and what is not part of God's purpose.
Christian Discipline - This sort of rounds off the Great Apostasy article and shows how true heretics and apostates are defined and how they are to be dealt with.

Church History After the Apostles

Isaac Newton Covers 100-400 AD Events  - There is no better or more thorough work for the years in mention. I do not know where Sir Isaac Newton got his info, but it does clear up many puzzles of accusations of some through these years. This is the other side of Christian History as compared to Eusebius. Clearly, Christianity had gone seriously apostate long before Constantine took control of it. This is vital History that better explains the Bible narrative. Christianity today needs this material bad. I am so pleased to present Newton here. A long overlooked Christian scholar of superb excellence.

Symbols of the End and Judgment Day:

The Great Apostasy - The Apostles warned that before Christ's coming, there would be many false teachers and heresies creep into the faith and corrupt it. There are some major implications in that idea.
The 2 Last Days - This one points out how many references to the Last Days have a double meaning missed by Preterists. Preterists are those who say that it all happened with the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple and that there is no more to be fulfilled, no end of the world. Lies! I'll show you why. Many prophecies have a double fulfillment.
The War With Christ - Many imagine a battle between nations at Armageddon. But it is really a battle with Christ and we will be under attack, too.
Spiritual Warfare  - Our "war" is not a physical or fleshly one. We avoid those kinds of war. Our "battle" is a battle of ideas, philosophy, propaganda, rhetoric, TRUTH.
Lying Signs and Wonders - As mentioned in the Great Apostasy article, The devil and his followers would perform Lying signs and wonders. Find out what they are.
Being Vigilant and Awake - Jesus indicated that many, even most, people would be asleep and unprepared when he returned again on the last day. It also answers if many will be saved or not.
Every Christian's Mission! - We all have the same overall duty to God. What is it, you ask? Check it out!
The 1st shall be last and the last 1st - Our current world, including Christianity, is completely messed up and upside down backwards. Evil thrives and goodness is suppressed. Those who have prominence today are not likely to have it in God's Kingdom. That means that the most important people of God, alive today, many hardly even be known . . . yet!

(RSV)  2Peter 1:
20  First of all you must understand this, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation,
21  because no prophecy ever came by the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.

The Last Days - End of the World Series:

Part 1: The Old Testament Visions of the End all dealing with the last days theme as written in the Old Testament.

Part 2: The New Testament Visions of the End

Part 3: The Symbols of Revelation The many symbols of Revelation actually first appeared in the Old Testament so we do not need to wonder what they might mean. They should be considered before trying to interpret Revelation.

Part 4: Revelation Revealed! Revelation interpreted verse by verse.

Part 5: The Coming Future Shock! In this one, I summarize everything without most scriptures since you can consider those in the other articles. Here I get to the main points quickly. And what I suggest, as horrifying as it is, and far different from what you will hear anywhere else in the world, is the truth!

Part 6: The Sons of Light vs. the Sons of Darkness   Perhaps not fully discerned by Christians is this very prominent theme that helps us make sense of the main prophetic symbols and this is possibly one of the 2 most important of those symbols, with Babylon the Great being the other.

Part 7: The Antichrist - read all about him in the Bible and what 2nd century writers had to say about it all as well.
this is possibly one of the 2 most important of those symbols, with Babylon the Great being the other.

Part 8: Babylon the Great Revealed! She is such a big part of Revelation. She deserves special attention since she is said to be God's greatest enemy throughout most of the ages. this is possibly one of the 2 most important of those symbols, with Babylon the Great being the other.

Part 9: The Last Days Reviewed Are these the last days? Are things really any different than they have ever been? You better believe they are!!! But many skeptics would argue otherwise so I address the subject here. Basically, this article shows how the world got to where it is, over time. It got an awful lot of attention from the government when I first published it in 2001! It also refutes the idea that things have always been the same and have not changed. Lies!

Part 10:  Knowledge & Secrecy  The son of darkness battle with the sons of light over knowledge and secrecy. There is a lot going on you might not know about and much you should know.

Part 11:  Satan vs God   There has been an amazing trial going on for now 6000 plus years. Much has been going on that has not been admitted till now.

Part 12:  The Tribe of Dan   Its here! No gimmicks like some others. Just real good facts that you just can't find anywhere else. I dare you to try! ;- )

Part 13:  Bullying, Harassment = PTSD    This forebodes an extreme evil that I believe strongly, is going to happen. But how? You need to know. As of the uploading date of this, you will find nobody else anywhere proclaiming what I am in this article. I make this prediction so when it happens, I can say I told you so. This is how far evil goes when we cast God and decency aside. This is why only the finest "fruits" can be allowed to grow in our hearts if we want to be in God's Kingdom (Country/Nation) and be His people.

Part 14:  Israel's Choice: Reward or Punishment?   The final capstone on this series. A completion of the mystery.

Part 15:  The Futility of Resistance    Many today think they can resist and oppose the New World Order of Satan. Pure nonsense! Satan will show that most of humanity is useless. The world must be judge adversely by God. The only thing remaining to be settled is who will be spared by God and who will not. I want to show you that you can not stop what it coming. But you can be spared by God! Read it!

Part 16:    A Prophet in the Last Days  Nov 2 017 Never heard before collection and interpretation of a possible circumstance to come out near to the arrival of the antichrist. Don't miss this one! Updated Nov. 14 017

It has happened before:

California Exodus - Bronze Age End  The Late Bronze Age Collapse covered the Mediterranean and Near East and all the luxuries and advanced skills and craft and even trade, disappeared and did not come back for 400 years. The California Collapse and Exodus could well turn into another Regional Collapse that might spread thru all the USA. This concern you. And it seems to be heading in the direction the Bible foretold.

The Collapse of 1127 AD Bianjing    The collapse of the Song Dynasty and its capital of Bianjing bears an ominous warning of what is likely to come. This one give consideration to psychology and sociology that are hard to escape. You can not afford to ignore this.

Tearing the Veil in 2018 May      Things are really taking off. Psyops, false flags, shills, War, and more. There is something behind it all.

Alisa & Gabriel a Coincidence?    Is the scandal/controversy surrounding these two kids the kick off for the near to final countdown to Armageddon? What of their fates and others? Let's talk about it! I got some interesting facts straight out of the Bible. We might call this one, Satan's Invisible Kingdom Exposed.

Chronology and Prophecy

An Overview of Biblical Chronology - Tells how the Timeline is figured for Bible Chronology in a concise overview - From Adam to Jerusalem's fall in 70 AD.
The Chronology of the Judges Period - This period is confusing but it is very understandable once you know the secrets. I got'em!
Biblical Chronology of the Kings - of both the Judean and Israelite kings together, resolving all problems and gaps!
Timelines of Jesus   -  The 483 years - 69/70 weeks of Daniel 9 to the birth, baptism, crucifixion, and resurrection with scriptures supplied.
Timelines of Jesus According to Newton - Newton addresses the Timelines of Jesus as I have. Though I have disagreements, I believe his work should be considered so that one can see the precise exact point where (and why) we disagree. It is not bold or arrogant to question a great mind like Newton, as long as you can provide the specific data. No problem.
A Detailed Chronology of the Bible - This covers every little detail along the way, so one can get a perspective of time as well as flow of events. Its a great way to become acquainted with the scriptures very quickly and gain a great oversight of the purpose of God, which is why its linked on this page.
Major Climate Impacts     Based on Secular dates and other considerations. These allow an intersection of certain Bible dates with certain and fairly reliable secular dates thru dendrochronology (tree-ring dating). Only here at Truth 1 !!!

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