Created  Dec. 31, 2015                              

Modern Psy-ops

Today, more than at any other time period, governments are creating crisis situations designed to get people to go along with policy changes that the people did not want. for instance, in the USA, they want us to give up our guns. Who would do such a stupid thing? So the government creates events that make guns look like a big problem so that people might reconsider a ban on guns or giving them up. Many wars have been started in the past by staging an event that provokes war. The USA allowed Pearl Harbor to happen so that citizens would be willing to go to war.

October 2015 was unprecedented in the number of false flag psyops. But also in 2015, a number of old conspiracy theories have been resurrected as a means of fooling and tricking people. Fool or track them enough and they won't trust anything. And if you can fool some, then you can point at them and say they are crazy. So lets learn the deceivers' tricks so we don't get fooled.

I note 2 current psyops from the past. One, that Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in latter 1966 and a look-a-like replacement was found and taught to do what Paul did. I never personally took it seriously but as of late, a number of people are there are a few sites promoting it as well.

The Flat Earth theory is only briefly mentioned on the article below. It can direct you to the books that will show you the spherical Earth as reality and truth.

Paul McCartney Dead?    So here we explore the possibilities like never before. This one will surely die now!

The Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping    This happened way back in 2002-3. But even now it has yet to be put all together revealing so much more but I am going to suggest far more. Hey, it only took 13 years, right? I dare say, that many older events deserve a 2nd look since we have learns much more about tricks, deceit and patters.

Reality & Illusions    Psyops of the past and recent major psyops brewing.