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Psychology Topics

I believe psychology is useful and valuable. God's enemies use it. We need to, too! I cover it from a Christian perspective, but also fully useful to non-religious types, too. I have always loved this subject and have read much on it, and have much to say about it all. I have a separate page for sexual topics and issues.

Educate Your Children  We are commanded to teach our kids. Also a defense for Home Schooling.
Teaching and Learning Two very important subjects for all Christians. We all need to be the best students we can be and be the best teachers we can be as well.
Christian Community Christians have lost their sense of community. Humans were meant to live in communities. Communities are an essential part of human living and reinforce God's laws and ways. A lot of psychological help was available in communities, when we once had them. Now we are lost without them. So this article is a vital aspect of psychology. We do not live alone in a vacuum.

Motivation Speakers Ya know, like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigglar, Norman Vincent Peale and all the others? What can we learn from them? Find out!
The Psychology Factor This explores how our psychological makeup is often what corrupts or disrupts our ability to interpret the Bible or deal with others and why there are so many different Christian beliefs and opinions.
Self Pity, Success & Failure     I have found these to be vitally important subjects for a wide variety of considerations, as regards salvation, psychology, and well-being. And beware the extreme danger and selfishness of self-pity. Do not ignore this! New May 11, 2014
The Sin of Stupidity   A sin to be stupid? You better believe it!  New Oct. 24, 2014

Non-Verbal Communication    New Sep 2, 2015   This is a vitally important subject and east to understand. But even today, most are unaware of it in any detail. This is a fairly short article by my long standards but essential for a good understanding of how humans work.

Body Language & Its Use    Body language is getting some attention now and I made use of it, too, beginning 2 years ago. this subject was begging for attention. I believe there is stuff in that does not get considered at all. Not any more!

Fiona Barnett: On MK Therapy   NEW Jan 8, 2017   Herself a former victim of Mind Control programming, Fiona introduces the most impressive theory on treatment to date, in my experience. It backs everything that I have come to learn since the 80s to present. But what I like best about this is that it is applicable to everyday life and understanding as well. In particular, what programmers look for in a child to be programmed. Very interesting.

I believe the work and practice of Dr. Arthur Janov Ph.D. are vital to psychology. But yet, I also think he ignores the other very vital aspect of psychology, which the Bible calls wisdom and I otherwise refer to as the intellect. The intellect is that spiritual sense the Bible refers too. Many think Spiritual is feelings and emotions. They could not be more wrong. So many of my discussions revolve around Arthur's good, but incomplete work.

Mental Competence   How many are truly competent enough to act in their own best long term interests. Maybe not the many. The article is incomplete but still worth publishing and reading till I finish it.

The Sin of Hypnosis    It is a very serious sin and a very serious danger. Read all about it! Avoid hypnosis at any and all costs!

Giants in Psychology    There were some psychologists who truly have contributed an understanding of the human mind that really makes a difference, a vast improvement, in that understanding. These I cover to help illustrate what I claim about human nature and how we function in our heads.  New May 11, 2014

Holistic Psychology   A broad definition of Psychology as defined by me. Based substantially on Primal Therapy and yet quite divergent from it, too. A critique of Primal Therapy and Dr. Janov, its founder, as well.
Dr. Janov Reconsidered    Janov claims only he can practice and supervise Primal Therapy competently and safely and that no one should go to anyone else except him. I challenge this on many levels.
Janov in Action   (in his own words)  I take posts from his blog and comments on them from his fans and critics so that I can not be accused of misquoting him or getting his wrong. I also inject my own opinions as well, in commentary set apart from regular text.
Curtis Knecht & Zonbalance: Criticism of Janov     Curtis Knecht was a high ranking senior primal therapist with Dr. Janov back in the 70s. He reveals what Janov never has, about Janovian failures back in the days of the Primal Institute. A must read! Zonbalance addresses why Primal Therapy does not measure up as a real science. I agree and disagree but worth the read, just the same.  New May 11, 2014

Danger Signs of a Cult? You will hear this term thrown around a lot at some groups. But is it entirely fair? What about mind control? But most of all, you must be on the lookout for invisible cults, which are everywhere! Read all about this menace!!!

I have been doing much reading on Psychology as of late. I have much to write in time. Still reading and gaining understanding as well. So busy with so many things.

Coming, I hope, in the near future, are books and recommendations on Mind Control, the MK-ULTRA sort of mind control, which does happen to illuminate how the mind really works. Oct. 4, 2015