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Current Satanic Activities


Here in 2015, it has become evident that a crisis has been reached here on planet earth as Satanic activity in the form of Secret Satanic Cults have come to light as not only pervasive and world wide, but of a character that has penetrated and taken over most government and social institutions so that any attempts to expose or prosecute such cults are completely covered over and thwarted, and innocent victims further victimized and often betrayed by false police investigations, and phony court proceedings.

What really kicked this off was an amazing real life account of 2 children, a girl, 9, in 2014, and her brother, 8, who were programmed/conditioned with rape, torture, and fear, to keep them from telling their mother the abuse they were undergoing at a primary (grammar) school in Hampstead, London, UK. Their estranged dad was abusing them at their school, along with all the staff, as part of a Satanic cult. Rape was the main course, but torture and sacrificing babies and eating them and their blood was also on the menu, as well as making porn with kids in the schools.

The 2 children's names are well known to those who follow and care about them, as should be the case with any public concern or public trial. Their names are Alisa and Gabriel. They need your help. I ask in their behalf for you to learn as much about these Satanic activities and make them known to others.

There are no secrets justified in pursuing justice. Privacy is a false concept promoted by courts and law to diminish proper accusation and to amplify shame and guilt in victims, already high in them, in the 1st place, so that they will not want to testify and this gives judges the excuse to reduce sentences far below what is justified.

So this page is dedicated to Satanic Activities which have been discovered by me and many others to be very prevalent. There will be many more Satanic manifestations to come and all will be on this page on this site. What follows below are what I have at this moment.

Brad Pitt Reveals Big Truth    Brad Pitt delivers some really hard hitting facts on the nature of Hollywood and Pedophilia and child trafficking around the world. Its deserves some considerations as noramlly, famous people are not allowed to normally disclose like this. Dig in!

Non-Verbal Communication    2 Leading Doctors have both published excellent books on psychology that merit careful consideration. Peter Levine in particular, though both are great. Their books included in this article on the vital importance of nonverbal expression and what that is based on. This has a huge bearing on the Hampstead Cover-up case of Alisa and Gabriel, being held captive by the UK. 2 great doctors and a great psychological principle to be understood. You will not be disappointed!

Body Language & Its Use    Body language is getting some attention now and I made use of it, too, beginning 2 years ago. This subject was begging for attention. I believe there is stuff in that does not get considered at all. Not any more!

Fiona Barnett: On MK Therapy   NEW Jan 8, 2017   Herself a former victim of Mind Control programming, Fiona introduces the most impressive theory on treatment to date, in my experience. It backs everything that I have come to learn since the 80s to present. But what I like best about this is that it is applicable to everyday life and understanding as well. In particular, what programmers look for in a child to be programmed. Very interesting.

Stephan: About Immigration & Welfare    NEW Jan 8, 2017   The statistics for welfare should shock you. Its very enlightening. How long can we continue to carry the world and why should we do it? We shouldn't! You need to view this and watch the video linked, too.

The Hampstead UK coverup of Satanic cults

Brand New!    Truth1's Hoaxtead Watch    I am and will continue to be, dishing the dirt on the liars of Hoaxtead, even as they do with other people. A dose of their own medicine. Only mine will specialize in TRUTH and facts.

The Hampstead Kids 911 Anniversary    

Alisa Breaks Out at the Superbowl !!     She appears as the star in an Audi car commercial broadcast during the Superbowl of Feb 2017. A sign of things to come. Mega proof supplied. This will do down in history! The cults' days are numbered.

Investigating Hampstead Research Ops    Most could never imagine the sophisticated operations of UK and USA intelligence agencies in their efforts to cover up the revealing scandal of a Satanic Cult operation going on in Hampstead, London, UK. It involved at least 8 schools, staff and prostitution of children in the schools and out of the schools. This scandal would trivialize PizzaGate and make it look insignificant. Are you Experience? Well, I am!

Alisa's Police Interviews transcribed   1st published on Mar. 21, 015, a total remake went up Mar. 12, 016. Brand new revelations. Police fraud and possible rape of Alisa revealed.

Alisa-Steve Mirroring    There was a video that alleged a sign language back in March 2015. But I believe the truth is much different and adding more evidence to a possible rape of then 9 year old Alisa. I wish it were not so.

Gabriel's Police Interviews transcribed   Published Feb 26, 2016   late 2015 was a busy time so I was late getting to this, but I did much better job at this later date. It caused me to review Alisa's interviews again, after. Shocking police conduct. Total cover-up.

Mr. Dearman's BBC Interview   New April 27, 2017   Dearman (the kids' dad) and the BBC get seriously exposed as fakes and frauds. See for yourself! Deceptive makeup, bad acting, twisted facts! Who could ask for more!

Alisa & Gabriel Betrayed   An introduction to the stealing of Alisa and Gabriel from their mother, due to reporting extreme sex abuse by a Satanic cult operating in Hampstead, London, UK. It needs a lot of updating and some subjects put in another article. I got so much at the present to work on.

Alisa & Gabriel A Coincidence?   I am going to suggest that what has taken place in Hampstead with 2 innocent kids being stolen by the unjust UK courts was not a mere accident. It may very well be an event anticipated and drawn up between two opposing forces to make this more widely known in the world for people to consider before all the world will have to make a choice between the good side or bad side of forces in the spirit realm,  The kids revealed a massive Satanic Cult operation that was importing babies from all over the world to be used as sacrifices for the cult network,  and that 10 (8 named) schools in Hampstead had all the kids in those schools being used sexually by all the parents, school staff, various government servants; and the kids had to abuse each other and they were prostituted on Wednesdays as well, to the public.

This event is extraordinary, by any measure, in the time we are living in. This has the mark of yielding up far more than has happened to date. I think this case will prove to be prophetic and miraculous. I believe the sudden proliferation of politically explosive events in October 2015 is a prelude to what is to happen to the 2 Hampstead kids, Alisa and Gabriel. We are about to see a revealing of all the hidden things Jesus promised would be revealed.
Not enough? WWIII/3 is predicted by some to being March 1 due to troop build up there in Saudi Arabia on the Syrian border. The timing is interesting.

Divine Intervention I     My 1st Plea to God in behalf of Alisa and Gabriel, since revised below, twice.
Divine Intervention II    This is a follow up to the above article, Alisa & Gabriel A Coincidence? Entered is a revised amended plea/petition to Jehovah, my God and His appointed Son, Jesus, the annointed, to make more clear God's will to any affected parties in the injustice done to Alisa and Gabriel and refine my own requests first made to God on May 14, 2015. The story of Ahab and Ben-Hadad alone make this worth reading.
Divine Intervention III     This is my 3rd (revised from the previous 2) petition to God the Father, in the name of the Son, for the salvation of Alisa and Gabriel, their at present unknown where abouts and condition, since Sep. 11, 2014, and this plea near the same time, Sep. 14, 2016, awaiting being Notarized. 2 years is more than enough.

The Exodus Account    A promise of things to come for yet another Haughty arrogant nation, the UK. And just a great account, too.

News Flash! The End Has Begun!    October 2015, the Month it all happened! The final countdown has arrived. We do not have long now. Major political upheavals could strike at any time and it won't likely be very long in waiting now. Weeks or months at best, I would say. Or the end of 2016 at the latest. Hold on tight!

The Final Countdown     Nov 20, 2016   We have entered the final countdown. My prediction is that the 2016 president Elect will be in office when the Antichrist shows up. find out why cause it soon begins!

The Islam-Muslim Psyop   Most authorities and people are blaming Islam for the European Invasion and many acts of phony terrorism. Fake events have been stage for as long as long as the world has existed. This psyop is intended to start WWIII. Don't do it! It is not Islam. It is ISIS who is sponsored by the USA. Read it and see!

The Imminent Mass Killing    Coming Soon!    We are already seeing the preparation for the prophesied Mass killing foretold by Jesus, the likes of what has never been seen before or that would ever be seen again. Possibly one third of all the earth which is more than 2 billion. 2 Billion? Are you kidding me. No sir! At least that and possibly more. Maybe 3.5 billion. Satan hates human being.

Reality & Illusions     Reviewing Psyops of the past, not yet recognized and the Big Con Revealed. Don't miss it! Nov. 1, 016

Satan's Lies 101    There are lots of lies promoted by the Devil in our time that fuel false religion and Satanic cults as well. Do not get fooled by any of these.

The Sin of Hypnosis    It is a very serious sin and a very serious danger. Read all about it! Avoid hypnosis at any and all costs!

Beware of Meditation & Yoga!    So you think these are harmless and even helpful? Think again! You have no idea!

Fritz on the Paranormal    Brand New, Jul 22, 2016   Fritz recently wrote a small article on his facebook page and Pentracks site. It has some things of concern, in what appears to be a partial embracing of some paranormal activities. I urge caution in this regard. Potentially dangerous.

Marion Knox Dis-Info    Marion Knox promotes Satanic ideas as facts while claiming to be a Christian and once a deprogrammer of 500 people, he says. Mixing Satanic doctrines with Christian ones is not new. Was done from the earliest days of post Apostolic Christianity. But it is still very wrong and can keep you out of God's Kingdom if you are not careful.

Get Your Priorities Straight!!     Brand New, May 16, 2016   This is sort of dedicated to the Hampstead Kids' supporters. But it applies to any Christian just as much, if not more so.

Funding & Tactics of SJWs   Nov. 14, 2015   The latest techniques of the enemy against truth, justice, and God!

Youtube Lies!   Dec. 5, 2015   An accidental discovery led me and a friend to test and investigate youtube channels and videos with posts. One investigation is covered in this article, with others to follow fairly soon. The results should astound you. Youtube has some secret tricks up their sleeves.

Most Expensive Book Ever    A book on SRA that goes for as much as $17,000. You doubt me? I dare you to check it out!

Crusaders Against Satan    This page is going to be filled with links to those who oppose Satanic Ritual Abuse, and/or Government sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control Programming.

Xendrius Channel    Xendrius makes great videos of conspiracies, Satanic Magicians, and other such related videos.
He is my number 1 favorite.
Truth1 approved!!!


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