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This page has just begun and has a long way to go. But it'll get there with time. Enjoy what is there.

The 7 days of Creation - Are they literal or symbolic? - The best arguments yet, are here!
An Overview of Biblical Chronology - Tells how the Timeline is figured for Bible Chronology in a concise overview - From Adam to Jerusalem's fall in 70 AD.
The Chronology of the Judges Period - This period is confusing but it is very understandable once you know the secrets. I got'em!
Biblical Chronology of the Kings - of both the Judean and Israelite kings together, resolving all problems and gaps!
Timelines of Jesus   -  The 483 years - 69/70 weeks of Daniel 9 to the birth, baptism, crucifixion, and resurrection with scriptures supplied.
A Detailed Chronology of the Bible This covers every little detail along the way, so one can get a perspective of time as well as flow of events. Its a great way to become acquainted with the scriptures very quickly and gain a great oversight of the purpose of God, which is why its linked on this page.
Bible Archaeological Links and Videos    Great Videos about Noah's Ark, The Flood, The Exodus, Mt. Sinai and artifacts, Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, just for starters. Updated Oct. 9, 2015

Major Climate Impacts     Based on Secular dates and other considerations. These allow an intersection of certain Bible dates with certain and fairly reliable secular dates thru dendrochronology (tree-ring dating). Only here at Truth-1 !!!

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The Exodus Proved     It has started! My study and project of 29 years in the making. Most if it was done before 2000 AD with a few scraps added up to maybe 2005. There can never be any doubt ever again about whether the Exodus happened or not. It really did happen and the evidence is everywhere. It is incomplete but now in the finishing stages.

Egyptian Chronologies      Egyptian Chronology appear to be inflated by about 140 years in comparison to Bible Chronology. O discuss these possibilities on this article. Adapting the Bible's accounting seems to solve a lot of academic problems in their chronologies and cross-cultural links. Never let it be said that Truth1 is not an historian and scientist, 1st class! I'll take on anyone.

The Code/Law of Hammurabi     Dates to 1700 BC-1600 BC roughly. Law was far more just 3600 to 3700 years ago. The world was more sane and rational. Now its filled with deceit and greed. There is a lot to learn from this set of laws, as well as Moses, who dates to 1500 BC, 3500 years ago.  It has a lot in common with Moses/Bible/OT. There is at best only about 250 years between the two law codes.

The Law Code of Eshnunna With commentary no less! Learn from the past or die repeating it! earliest law Code, circa 1930 BC. 20th century BC.

Coming someday, I hope
AD Chronology from John the Baptist and the Advent of the Christ, to The Acts of the Apostles and the age of Apostasy to 1900.

California Exodus - Bronze Age End    California is the perfect teacher to reveal in live action, how the Bronze Age collapsed. History predicts the future and the present reveals the past.

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