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Sexually Related Bible Topics

This page contains the links to pages dealing with sex issues, sexual language and vulgarity in the Bible. It contains my most controversial articles and also my most popular ones as well. I would recommend reading all of them to get a thorough treatment of any one of them. Also note my very important brief Introductory Commentary at the far bottom, related to all these articles.

Topics are:

Our Sinfulness In order to discuss any of the other topics on this page, you first have to have a basic understanding covered in this article. Few people have realistic expectations of our nature and what it entails. One of the most important subjects on this site or in the Bible.

What is Lust Not what some people think.   Updated Mar 8, 014
Masturbation My most popular article by far. Find out why.
The Spirit vs Porn & Masturbation    I put the final nail in the coffin of stupid lies regarding masturbation, and porn, too. The spirit does not make us perfect. Pure lie! Click article for proof.
Vulgar and Sexual language in the Bible A lot of people think swearing is a terrible sin. Why? And sexual language is thoroughly discussed, too. Definitely eye opening.
Nudity & Modesty Carefully Considered  Is nudity ever allowed in the Bible? Other distinctions are carefully noted. Lots to consider.
Is Pornography Wrong?
You might be surprised.
Sex Taboos What are they and are they really taboo or why are they taboo?
Illuminati Use Sex to Degrade Us     Not what you think! There are both good and bad things to consider in this Article by Henry Makow. Whether sincerely mistaken or playing us for fools, Makow makes errors and good points. Always important that we are careful to make important distinctions.

Why Fornication (Pre-Marital Sex) Is Wrong Sex seems so wonderful and pleasant and loving. Why is it so wrong? There are some very good reasons why sex is a lot more than just pleasure and deserves the respect God commands. No easy pat answers here. Good deep exploration you won't find elsewhere.
Homosexuality Most so-called Christians are quite condemning of homosexuals. Please consider how and why this is so wrong!
Sexualizing Young Kids  
New Jun 7, 014 It has begun. The devil has launched his attempt to sexualize, as it is being called, young children thru the schools, starting at age 5 now. Most places do not even allow parents to keep their kid out. I have a unique perspective on this.
Birth Control
Marrying Young IS Important! Now this just might be the most controversial article on this site.
The Lindmeyer Study Presented to the US Congress, Entitled "Adolescence, Marriage, and Parenthood in the Twentieth Century U.S." It discusses how & why minimum ages for marriage were raised in the 20th century. It turns out to be very important to know.
Abortion Well, OK, maybe this one is the most controversial. You decide.
Adoption Those who recommend abortion think nothing of adoption. Maybe they should reconsider.

The Coming Sexual Slavery of Women     The World readies to make all women sex slaves, whether they want to or not. You need to read this.
The Children of God Cult   -  The Sex Abuse of Women & Children     Started as a "Christian religion," in theory, but not in fact. Outrageous sexual promotion of prostitution, wife swapping, and sex with children, too.

Bullying, Harassment = PTSD   How big a problem is bullying? More than you think and consequences for our world are not good!

The Conscience and Individual Thinking This is as much about the conscience in general as it is proving that we should think and interpret for ourselves rather than inherit or adopt a set of beliefs from an organized religion.

Introductory Commentary            Updated May 3 016

Perhaps, if you're like me, you have found that modern day Christianity has not done a very good job of coming to a realistic grip on human sexuality. They readily admit that we are all sinful but yet they expect total perfection. But we are not perfect and can't ever be perfect in this age and world. Trying to live up to the law can not be done. But they have never wanted to address our failure to be able to live up to the law. You only have to read the Bible to see that the standards are very high. Higher than any of us are capable of, in a fallen state of sin from Adam.

Worse, Christians often give little time or thought to answers to children or on teaching children. They employ simple, easy, pat easyanswers to questions that do not begin to address the many problems being faced and needing serious help. Simplistic answers insult good questions and tough dilemmas. Stupid simple easy answers will not satisfy an intelligent child and as a result, they may seek wisdom elsewhere. Not everything in life is cut and dried, black and white. Life and God's laws are many shades of gray.

But as well, we have gotten some ideas in the Bible wrong and none more so that the concept of lust, vs what brain science has really shown us. The idea that we control what we are attracted to or how our minds work if false. We are not supposed to lust but then why do we want to have sex? Can you have one without the other? Why doe the King James version say "lust after" rather than just "lust"?

We also demand 100% absolute perfect behavior of our kids and Christians. These ridiculously high expectations are what causes guaranteed failure. We are born of Adam. We are sinful by nature. We can not live 100% perfection or otherwise, if we were capable of such, we would not need the ransom sacrifice of Jesus. We could tell him not to bother. Further, we would not die for perfect people do not die because they can live by the law. Christians who preach perfection are apostates and heretics, who have disowned the Cross and spit in Jesus' face!

So we have to be willing to live with a certain amount of sin and failure. If we truly believe in grace, this should not be a problem. But while they preach grace, they do not live by grace. They live by the law though they would deny that to your face. But their actions speak louder than their words. But just what do we accept and why? I think if you take a careful look at my articles, you'll see that many things are not sins against the law, anyway. And of those that might be, they are not worth bothering much about for now. There are far greater concerns for spiritual persons who walk by faith and not by law.

Another problem with our world today, is that the devil has made sure that every possible good direction has been blocked off, so that sin is almost guaranteed. Hey, he is not stupid, relatively speaking. He knows how to get to people. He has made the world anti-marriage and anti-moral. He has made sex, provocation, and enticement freely available everywhere. He has made many temptations to lure us away. It is ridiculous to think we can avoid it all. We are going to have to develop some effective strategies in order to escape his designs and constructs.

So I ask and I beg, for the sake of your kids, if for no one else, to reconsider everything you ever thought bad or wrong. Why? Because while some things may be questionable, they are not outright wrong in the same sense the adultery, rape, murder or like is. You have denied your children their natural curiosity and intrigue about sex. Our world has denied them the chance and ability to get a reasonably decent paying job and start a family at an age God intended. And your kids are surrounded by Sexual images and temptation, making proper outlets all the more important and yet denied by a world gone wrong. IF you don't find some relief for them in some way somewhere, somehow, they will be overwhelmed, defeated, and maybe even destroyed.

Sex is so overwhelming and over-powering, all consuming! God sort of intended much of that power. He knew that marriage would never happen if He did not create some kind of strange overcoming desire to engage in breeding activity, even if not done for the purpose of breeding. Sexual attraction, made by God, will not be denied when it arrives as God intended that it should. God made laws, knowing those laws would be breached many times by this seemingly irrational desire we all have. In His wisdom and foresight, God made back up plans and actions for just such things. He made ways we can atone for our rash actions and temporary failure by creating ways one can make right what they have done. Some call them shotgun weddings. They are perfectly legitimate weddings and solutions to a sexual nature sometimes gone astray or premature.

God is merciful in what He designed and how to satisfy it. He is not the hard rigid uncompromising God some claim Him to be. If you make a mistake, you can own up to it and make it right. Its called responsibility and accountability. God was careful to make those back-up plans. He knew what He made. We need to be more like God, recognizing the potent concoction that sex truly is. It is not rational or reasonable. It is nearly a form of insanity and will not be reasoned with for very long. You can supply an outlet or accept disaster. Those are the only 2 choices you will have. This is not what Christians want to hear but I will scream it as the top of my lungs and rub it in your faces. Its my job and assignment from God.

It is very important to avoid fornication (pre-marital sex). If we can keep that much, we are doing amazingly well, according to Act 15 and the Apostles. But if we go so far as to suggest avoiding any thought or inclination, whatsoever, then we have gone far beyond what was and is expected of us. Many things some have come to believe are wrong, can not be shown to be so, from the Bible. Where the Bible is silent, we must be, also. Where it speaks, this we need to do, within reason. We have to live within reasonable expectations for ourselves and for others. Love demands that. God would have it no other way. So lets take a realistic look at our sexuality without the blinders and outrageous, unrealistic views that have caused us so much harm for so long. Find out why this series of articles of  mine gets more attention than any other articles I offer.

So please, open your hearts and your minds and carefully consider what I have to say with lots of scriptures and reasoning supporting me. If you really think something I have suggested is wrong, then I offer this challenge. If I am so wrong, it should be so very easy to show that and reprove me and put me in my place. If you can not so do, then maybe you are not as right as you think. Lies are easily vanquished by Truth. If you are struggling and failing, then maybe what you are up against really is or might be, the Truth, however painful and unlikely that would have initially seemed. Put another way (the way of Sherlock Holmes-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle); "If you eliminate the impossible, what ever is left, however improbable, is the truth." I dare you to take the challenge. Remember that Revelation says! Cowards will not inherit God's Kingdom.

Further consider that we all have a job, an obligation to warn our brothers or those who come to us in the name of God and Christ, if they are taking a wrong step or preaching the wrong thing. To allow them to continue to preach or act without showing them why they are wrong is to suffer bloodguilt and condemnation yourself for not warning them. Your own blood will also be required, According to Ezekiel 33.

And to merely tell someone they are wrong, without showing them exactly why in the scriptures, is not doing your job. If you have no reason, you have no reproof. God will not recognize your effort unless you supply the appropriate scriptures and reasons. I have fired a shot across you bow. Why not try to return "fire" or perhaps admit I am right? At least show me where and how I am wrong. It is you duty. Otherwise, I might die without warning, bringing you with me in my judgment. For all you know, God may be testing your through me by seeing if you are willing to correct me or not. Will you past the test or not?

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