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About the Soul
& Death & Hell, too!

The doctrine of the soul as is commonly understood by much of Christianity is a confused and corrupted doctrine of Plato and the Greeks, but not of the Bible. So what is the Bibles' view? That is what this page full of articles is all about.

And when you talk about souls, you can't leave out death and hell, two other prevalent teachings that have been screwed up and corrupted along with so many others. So they all get covered from the Bible and from the writings of the early Christians who came after the Apostles in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. I have never come across anyone or any place who has ever gathered the writings of early ecclesiastical writers by topic to be considered. So I thought I would take on the task. Only here at Bitter Truth and no where else.

The Soul and Hell What many believe to day has no basis in the Bible. This article goes much deeper than most have gone before. But other articles will also supplement an understanding of this as well.
Tertullian on the Soul Tertullian gets it wrong but he does show us what was being taught or disputed by Greek philosophers and heretics at the time. For this reason, it is the most valuable reading material outside the Bible that there is.
Tertullian on the Resurrection Same for this one as the last. He also covers death, the soul, and hell, which all come up in this topic.
Early Writers on the Soul, etc. If you want to know what all the other early writers had to say about the soul, resurrection, death, hell, and sometimes even spirit, this is the ticket. But if you have read Tertullian, you have heard it all before. They all seem to agree pretty much.
The Resurrections Much of the misunderstanding about the soul and hell comes from a misunderstanding on this topic. Most people are not aware of two different resurrections with two different hopes. You will be after this!
Being Born Again Many speak of being born again. But have they missed something? What if I suggested there were 2 types of being born again? Well, sort of. And while it is easy to claim to be born again, it might be tougher to actually prove it.
How to Interpret the Bible Here is where the real misunderstanding comes from. People do not understand the figurative symbolic meaning of the parables and illustrations of the Bible. Much to think about.
What is Spirit? Soul is often confused with spirit. So we need to clear up what "spirit" is, in us, and in general.

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