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Interpreting and Understanding
The Bible

This page contains the links to pages dealing with understanding and interpreting the Bible. Contrary to common belief, it is not quite as simple as you would think. Therefore, I have written these many articles to prove my points. I would recommend reading all of them to get a thorough treatment of any one of them.

How to Interpret the Bible This one might surprise you. The best article ever written on the subject. Aren't I modest? : )
Post-Apostolic Writers on Interpreting Scripture Its not just me or the Bible saying it. Writers of the early centuries of the church say the same thing. See for yourself!!!
Why We Can Trust the Bible Only You need to know why!
Is the Bible Easy to Understand? Many think the Bible should be easy to understand. But I don't think so! Think again!
The Conscience and Individual Thinking
This is as much about the conscience in general as it is proving that we should think and interpret for ourselves rather than inherit or adopt a set of beliefs from an organized religion.
The Sin of Stupidity  A sin to be stupid? You better believe it!  New Oct. 24, 2014
The Psychology Factor This explores how our psychological makeup is often what corrupts or disrupts our ability to interpret the Bible or deal with others and why there are so many different Christian beliefs and opinions.
What is Being Spiritual? This article discusses the meaning of the words spirit and spiritual in their many uses. Important if we are to get the right understanding of God's word.
The Passover Controversy - Eusebius writes of the Great Passover Controversy that threatened to divide the Eastern and Western churches of the day (200's AD). There is a lot to learn from it. This relates very much to Christian Discipline and Requirements.

Christian Requirements These are the real basic doctrines that Christians should enforce and require of others and nothing more. This will continue to be a work in progress.
Christian Discipline Can we realistically expect Christians who disagree to be very polite to each other? How do we deal with Christians who violate God's rules? What are the procedures?
Christian Test A test for Christians that tries to discern if they hold the Bible to be the only source of authority for doctrine and living. Many actually believe that there are other sources as well such as their church or leaders or the spirit, itself. But those sources are all unreliable and dangerous.
Christian Community Christians have lost their sense of community. They are all selfishly pursuing their own independent courses, swept up in the everyday cares of life and making a good living. But community is vital and necessary. See why.
Every Christian's Mission! We all have the same overall duty to God. What is it, you ask? Check it out!
Teaching and Learning Two very important subjects for all Christians. We all need to be the best students we can be and be the best teachers we can be as well.


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