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The War on Men

There really is a big war going on against men. It is the worst atrocity ever brought upon the earth, and agasint God (Jehovah/Father). Many refer to this topic as MGTOW which is "Men Going Their Own Way." God made man the head of his family and placed in men the sum of all things that are the image and likeness of God. But Satan knows that women are the weak/soft spot in a man's charcter.

Satan also knows that women tend more toward gullibility and selfishness. So Satan has turned his appointed men here on earth to run men out of everything important and replace them with women. Women will gladly do what many men could never quite bring themselves to do. The treacherous acts of women agasint men has no equal in the history of mankind. Men have never turned on women to this degree. This was an unprovoked war like no other before. 

Many articles are on women and women's issues since many women are engaged in the war against men, as if women were somehow better and superior, though they claim they just want equality. It's a lie! As well, Feminism and SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, closely affiliated with Feminists) also promote the left leaning Immigration issues as well, so those appear here, too.

The following articles bear this all out quite well.

Feminism-MGTOW - Problem-Solution 4 both    My first aticle on MGTOW vs Feminism in April 2016. I cover a lot in it.

Stripping Feminism Naked!    NEW Feb 17 2018    Feminism is just a disguise for Marxist Leftists whose real goal is the overthrow of all society and tradition. Rock solid evidence of the long standing Marxist creation of Feminism, first launched in earnest in Wyoming around 1869 and phase 1 completed in 1920. Today we see the full effects near to their completion now. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Bullying, Harassment = PTSD   This is the real shocker. If I said that possibly all women were going to be forced into, basically, prostitution, open sex and that kids would also be force into this, on a mass legal scale; would you call that shocking? But this is not all. Our society is becoming very violent and predatory, dishonest and treacherous in every way. Many people are collapsing mentally, breaking down, and having trouble functioning anymore. You need to read this.

Funding & Tactics of SJWs   Nov. 14, 2015   The latest techniques of the enemy against truth, justice, and God!

Stephan: About Immigration & Welfare    NEW Jan 8, 2017   The statistics for welfare should shock you. Its very enlightening. How long can we continue to carry the world and why should we do it? We shouldn't! You need to view this and watch the video linked, too. Welfare people are burdens rather than benficial and contribuing and they seldom ever get off of welfare. Diversity being a strenth is a lie. It will dvide us and destroy us, as was the intention all along.

The Woman's Role    NEW Feb 17 2018   Taken from the Patriarchy loving Bible. What a contrast with the 21st century!

Female Sex Statistics    NEW Feb 19, 2018   Data from a Stephan Molyneux video covering female sex stats on charts. I link to his video as well and recommend it and if you do not know him, he has a number of interesting videos worth looking at. Feminism avoids much of what is revealed here. You'll love it!

The Code/Law of Hammurabi     Dates to 1700 BC-1600 BC roughly. Law was far more just 3600 to 3700 years ago. The world was more sane and rational. Now its filled with deceit and greed. There is a lot to learn from this set of laws, as well as Moses, who dates to 1500 BC, 3500 years ago. Those who forget the past are deoomd to repeat it. Maybe that is not such a bad thing in this case. We can learn from it, for sure. It holds a lot for MGTOW men.

The Law Code of Eshnunna With commentary, no less! Learn from the past or die repeating it!

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