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The best thing about the Bible account of the Exodus is that the event described the complete ruin of Egypt before leaving and the wiping out of the Egyptian army of 600 chariots. An event of such a magnitude should stand out like a sore thumb. It should be quite evident in the material remains and history of Egypt disguised in its accounting, for Egyptians were never very honest, accurate, or candid in their records. It should still stand out and it does. And the same can be said for the 7 years of famine during the reign of Joseph for Pharaoh. You can't miss it. The fun part is that Lying Academics, all under oath never to tell the truth or break rank and formation, have a hard time explaining it away. Its good for entertainment.

The 10 plagues were said to have decimated Egypt and left it in a complete disaster.

So now I ask, I who is very well read on Egypt and proper academic methods for a scientific method in regards to what is valid evidence for accounting of time and chronology, as well as for material evidence, which includes accounts and legends and lore passed on down thru history and standards for evaluating legends and lore and records, too; is there any evidence for a major collapse of the Egyptian Empire that would have left in a devastated powerless state, completely crippled? Is there ever! Undisputable evidence of more than one sort.

One problem Academia is well known for by those who know how to really and truly evaluate evidence. Hint: take off your blindfolds and pull out the ear plugs and start obeying rules of evidence.

Now I hear you say, "Well come on, Truth1. Stop keeping us in suspense and tell us what it is. OK! That's fair enough.

May I direct you to the Zenith of power in Egypt under the long reign of Amenhotep 3 of the 18th Dynasty (Spelled in common academic Greek as Amenophis 3) and then the ascension of Amenhotep 4, (Amenophis 4 in Greek) who then becomes Akhenaten, who is weak and powerless and loses the Egyptian empire without any attempt to maintain it or keep it. It was a complete collapse. This is my suspect that I will demonstrate to be the wiped out Empire of Egypt, due to Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses and Jacob/Israel. See how easy that was? What took place in Egypt after Israel left and Egypt was without most of its army, was a coverup of what happened. Egyptian Vassals in Canaan were begging for protection from an army approaching them of substantial threat and conquering cities. This would likely be 40 years into the reign of "Akhenaten."

But that Akhenaten was NOT the former Amenhotep4, now dead in the Red Sea, with the rest of his army. It was someone in his place, a relative maybe. As well, his wife, Nefertiti, who also stood in for Akhenaten with all the shared power and authority of Akhenaten, a co-rulership.

In time, I will address the accounting of time as well and many more things, too.

The messages were made n clay tablets and sent to Egypt, begging for military protection. These are known as the Amarna letters. But Egypt made no reply, for she had no army. Egypt made a city far away from the inhabitants for visiting dignitaries so that they would not see how bad off Egypt truly was. Should a visiting Dignitary be familiar with the former Amenhotep 4, then he would claim he was preoccupied and that his co-ruler wife had full authority in his absence.

The result of all this was that Egypt was no longer a power or threat to anyone. Canaan was now free, although major cities fell to Israel such as Jericho, Hazor/Hatzor and others.

This is a quick preview of what will be much more substantiated in the coming articles in this series. You get the basics that anyone familiar with Egyptology and the "Armana" period would be familiar with. And no discussion would complete without showing the utter lack of substantiated evidence for any reasonably reliable accounting of time for Egypt and the Levant (Canaan for the most part). The 20th dynasty alone could be completely denied after Rameses 3.

Egyptologists despise rules of evidence, similar to those of measurable science.

Even the name, Moses, is Egyptian, named by the Egyptian princess that found him and recued him as a baby.

Notice how Rameses - Rame-ses ends in ses. Sis is also a legitimate spelling, too, as Tuthmosis or Thutmosis And Mosis.

These were Greek translations of Hebrew and Egyptian ses-sis-sos-sas-sus. Sus as in Je-sus.

The end result of all this is that Egypt lost all its empire and would have to wait for Rameses 2 to bring back some power, although not much in regained territory. The reign and power of Rameses 2 would be enough to be recognized and respected by the other great empires of that region from Turkey to Egypt.

I got more! The chariot scraps as well as horse and human bones can all be found in the bottom of the Red Sea. Not the the deepest part, but a sort of ridge that spans the Red Sea but is only 1000 feet deep at its deepest part. Its a gradual descent and rises slowly as it gets near the other side. The chariot parts are encrusted in coral and on some of the bones, too. Mt. Sinai is also to be found in the Biblical Arabia, now Saudi Arabia. Israel left a trail along the way, sort of. I'll have plenty of photos. And the evidence for the damage done by Joshua upon entering Canaan, hardly needs any help from me, But I'll cover it anyway.

Up for the next issue will be what to look for with Joseph in Egypt, joined by his family during the famine. There is a major excavated area in the Nile Delta known as Tell el Daba where Joseph lived and administered over Egypt and the Pharaoh who appointed Joseph also dwelled near there, along the canal/river created by Joseph and named after him, to this very day. Don't miss a single issue. I might focus in Joseph 1st, as I have much of his stuff partially put together, already.

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