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Female Sex Statistics

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The Premise
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23 statistical Charts on female  sexual behavior from the following:

The Truth About Sex: Facts You Won't Believe Are True!

709,828 views  on Dec 6 017    Stefan Molyneux     Published on Mar 7, 2015

Truth1 >> Some shocking trends regarding sexual activity and life outcomes - including the alarming reason why you haven’t already heard this information. There is a mind-blowing correlation in this presentation that you’ve never seen before - and it's important that you know about it!

In the first part of “The Truth About Sex” series, Stefan Molyneux looks at first age of sexual activity, the number of sexual partners, single mothers, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, stable marriage, child maltreatment, divorce, crime and happiness statistics.

What is the truth about sex – and what information do you need to know before playing the big person’s game which makes real people? Upcoming “The Truth About Sex” presentations will include a look at reproductive strategies, polyamory/monogamy, porn, the impact of fatherlessness and much much more!

Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewers like you. Please support the show by signing up for a monthly subscription or making a one time donation at:        Truth1 >> I make fair use of Stephan's good work. But I also supply his info on donations to him for is work, should you feel inclined. I do not reveive any money or compensation from Stephan for this. Nor do I make even one penny of profit from my own work. This amounts to my donation of labor to God.

Sources for Statistics below:

Sexual Patterns & Consequences
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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fruits does not fall far from the tree. What we plant, we harvest. By our fruits we will be known. These Statisics Stephan discussed were fascinating when I first saw them in 2015. But it is only recently that I decided they could use some more discussion and attention. The patterns that emerged from these statistics are fairly consistent and hard miss for their implcations. Shall we?

1.  Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners  at 9:17 vs age for 1st sex encounter

Those who start at 12 and younger end up with nearly 21 partners. Promiscuous, or unstable or both? Those who start at age 26 or older have near to 2 partners. Start late and you don't have the oportunity that you would have had if younger. But the consistent trend is that there is less sex with the longer you wait. Is it just years of activity or is there something that makes some more reluctant or cautious about having sex? Is the many partners the result of instability? Did bad habits result from younger immature impulses or did they just lack training? Lack Values? More info would be needed. We will see if it comes up.

2. 11:28 The number of sexual partners per year vs age of first sex

Women who became sexually active at 13/14 have a sex partner turnover rate that is  4 times higher than those who become sexually active in their early 20s. So they are more sexuly active, but is it becaue they love sex and risky behavior which certainly is a bit part of it. But are there poor self control as well? Are they emotionally deprived so that they more desperately seek sex out to compensate the neglect of youth?

If we are going to solve the problem, if we even see it as a problem, then we need to know the "why" as well as what they do. Why do they do it? I say its bad. It ends up in wanted children and that is a super sin in my book. We may have to speculate since governments do not like to get into why people do things. that might lead to solutions when they want to avoid solving things.

Do some young 13/14 agers simply have more boldness and daring and reflect that forever after? Or does the sex becam addictive? Is age the issue or it is the attitued, the training or that there was not training or guidance? No love and reinforcement? These are the questions and answers we need to get at. To me, there is no question that irresponsible breeding and spreading disease are horrific results of loose sex behavior.

Put another way, are we truly trying to identify the real cause and really want to find a solution and pursue it. Sadly, the gooverment and those that rule the entire world, prefer us being stupid and reckless with our lives in a mess so that we can not thnink straight?

Are thosw who are getting high on sex, also getting  high on booze or drugs or seeking love or acceptance? Are we a nation of addicts of one typr or another?

So what I propose right here near the beginning of this research and discussion, is that we need a far greater understanding or how our actions deeply hurt us all. There are severe consequences for what we do. And if we can also solve why we do them, beyond the obvious attractions to sex, and how we might dampen or control our impulses and resulting behavior. This is a battle, ultimately, between our instinct/impulses that we share with animals and nature, and our unique intellect.

The intellect if the beautiful and so vital gift we have to contemplate and examine our own bahvior and how it turns out. And we can decide if how it turns out is good or bad, helpful or hurtful, right or wrong. But the instinct and drive do not think or reason and care not for what happens after. It knows what it wants and goes for it. Our intellect gives us power over the raw out-of-contorl monster inside us. Our intellect is our potential savior. but we have to make effort to put it into action. So here we are exmaining our behavior and its results and why.  How much does our society and environment affect our behavior? It would be nice if we could solve that here.

3. 12:40 STDS Ever infected percentage vs age of 1st sex

Starting sex at a young age significantly increases the likelihood of sex diseases. 18% if girls who started at 13/14 got diseases.

 4. 13:01 STDs ever infected percentage numbers for Non-marital Sexual partners.

What I will note here is that the number of partners climbs at a mild rate from 1-5 partners and rises from 3.6% having disease to 12.9%. At 1 non-marital partner, 4.95 had or have a disease. For 2 it increases 2.6%. At 3 it goes up 1.3%. At 4 its up 3%. At 5 its up 1.1%. These are fairly consistent increases per partner.

But then they track by measuring 6-10, 11-15, 16-20. So we do not see a consistent 1 partner increase as we did for 0-5 so 6-10 increase 6.1% but that is with 5 single increase do the rate is th same as the earlier numbers. 11-15 goes up 10.8%. That's 2% which is still like it was in the 1st 6 numbers increase %. Anc onec you are at 15, it doesnot increase much. And at 12+ which adds a lot, it probably increases at the dame steady rate as it did in the earlier numbers. All we can say is that getting a disease is in direct proportion to the number of partners.

Once you join the adventurous playground of loose sex, your risk increases. But you will note that after 21 partners, the risk is nearly 50%.

So what is going on? Sex being so powerful and overwhelming in its urgent desire, and perhaps not liking some birth control methods, they either take a chance or are just so overcome that they do not bother. It catches up with them, doesn't it? The problem, too, is that if you get away with it a few times, you start to get cocky. and if the person playing around with regularl or on and off, is bound to get something sooner or later and then the other ends up with it, too.

Sex diseases are real and can ever be a serious problem. Casual sex comes at a price because the instinct gets reckless and daring and takes chances and it builds up more desire for ever greater highs looks for more boundaries to break to get that high, which becomes ever more difficult to achieve. The brain keeps resetting the threshold for pleasure, raising the threshold so that the sex will take a break, but th drive will not accept it and looks for the next new bold adventure a boundary to conquer. Its a run-away freight train.

5. 13:53    Women 30+ in Stable Marriage (5+ years) at age of 1st sex contrasted with women who began sex in their early 20s vs girls who initiated at ages 13-14 were less than half as likely to be in stable marriages once reaching their 30s

Why are marrigges more stable in females who start sex at later ages? Watch me turn this one on its head! Teens are less experienced and less impulse control, too. In fact, that they start sex earlier, shows the implusive nature and may be even reckless. But here is another set of considerations. Teens have to sneak when they have sex as most parents will not approve. Further, that teens should be allowed to marry as they had done for nearly 6000 years prior. Relationships could easily become, easy come, easy go. That attitude could become a lasting part of their personality. What would happen if teens were allowed to marry, and therefore known and admitted so that parents could help guide them in their relationship or choice of partner.

Lets face it, children are less mature and stable than adults. And without guidance by having to hide all the time, teens will never get the instruction and direction.correction that badly need. If you have a better solution, let me know. You'll note that those who start at 19 and on, do far better and all of them about the same. So if we could instruct teens and work with them thru their relationships, they might end up more  stable and reliable this would benenit any kids they might have and society, too.

I say teens need to be able to work and marry. They have the sexual desire and to deny them that, will stop them. But allow that, and you can help steer them to maturity, which most get at 19/20 anyway. But it is also possible that those who start earliest are the most unstable to begin with, given the taboo of early sex, and will always be somewhat unstable. It could be their nature. Studies could be be done, but likely will not be.

6. 15:00 Women 30+ in Satable marriage (5+ years) vs Number of non-marital sex partners.

This one is pretty obvious. Stable marriages are the result of stable women. 80.5 % of faithful monogamous women have long term stable marriages. This affects the teen marriages I discussed earlier. Its not youth that is the problem as much, as it is that they are unstable, which is why they start sex earlier and make a mess of their lives more often. In this chart,  the more partners women have, the less stable their marriages. I say it is because they aere unstable and that is reflected in their behavior.

Why are they unstable? That would be what we need to solve. As well, can unstable poeple be changed? How? My experience is that not many can be changed, no matter whether stable or not. Even less so for the unstable. Its starts with conception and becomes manifest in the early teen years, even 11 or 12.

But I will also say this. If our society had a fully developed and established understanding of human developement, from conception to death, we could help our society immensely. What do I hve for evidence to back that? Look at the changes that schools, TV, and movies make in dumbing people down. I you can dumb them down, then you can smartten them up, too. Schools do not teach. Schools prevent both teaching and learning. And we can see that in unstable sexual behavior.

7. 16:39  Out of Wedlock Pregnancy Percentage vs age of 1st sex  --  Over half of all girls who start activity at ages 15-16 will become pregnant out of wedlock.

This one is easy. 1st, since teen sex is technically illegal and teens are not allwed to work or marry, then they will do it behind people's backs and they will take more risks to do it and get pregnant wit their risky behavior. That they do this and get into trouble in the present and future, of course, is a result of them being risk takers and more unstable to begin with. So we have the initial instability and we work against the teend and their understanable desire for sex and emotional comfort.

If we had more respect for what teens really and truly represent. They are fully developed and capable of breeding and wanting to breed and begin their new life as young adults. And if schools helped train them instead of keeping them ignorant and stupid and unprepared for life. We have parents working full time and even overtime or 2 jobs so they can't teach anymore.

We are being screwed over by our schools which is exactly what the government wants and who those in great wealth and power want, who get people elected to government to dictate the schools' agenda. See the problem. If everyone is an enemy of teens, then we should expect them to fail since we are all opposing them in every way possible. We reap what we sow! Get it? The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

8. 18:09  Out of wedlock pregnancy percentage  --  vs Number of non-marital sex partners

See the common pattern? People who are "adventurous" or like variety, also tend to have babies out of wedlock, and likely got pregnant by accident. Tehy implulsive and act without thinking and are not concerned about what might happen and how they will deal with it for the next 20 years of the baby's life. No thinking out and just doing whatever you feel like. It is the deliberate suspension of thinking ahead or thinking at all. Let your down and dirty instinct make your moves for you. Yeah, that will work, right? Great strategy! Not!

9.18:58  Out of wedlock Child bearing percentage vs age of 1st sex.  --  11.7% of mothers who began sex in their early 20s were living in poverty when surveyed --  compared to 27% who began at ages 13-14

No surprise that mothers are at a disadvantage without a husband. And those who started sex at 13/14 were more than twice as likely to be in poverty with babies out of wedlock, compared to women who start sex at about 20 or later. People with more self-control and being more careful about partners and sex/breeding are bound to be more careful in everything they do andend up better off for it. A no-brainer!

10. Shacking up vs number of abortions %

This graph was very consistent. From 0 to 3 relationships are fairly even in the abortions sought. 3 in particular seems to level off and then the abortions go up subtantially with 4 or more partners. I really think this is a result of being careless and not caring about consequences. To many, getting an abortion is nothing. And prevention is not a concern, either. It is the attitude, as I see it, of easy come, easy go. "Whatever! I just need another sexual fix/high." Its a reckless, irresponsible, indifference.

11. Abortion percentage vs age of 1st sex.

Well, of course, the young are going to take the quick easy way out. Most young adults today do not see any big deal in aborting. I am divided on this. I can not say its illegal since the Bible rules that life is life when it draws its own breath. God's rules prevail. But I am sure it was not God's intention to have people breed irresponsibly and without marriage. And life/pregnancy should be expected if a couple are married and it owuld not make sense to abort, treating potential life so callously and indifferent. But life is among the young, dispensible and not being married certainly is of no concern anymore. This can not be good for society.

And the younger they start having sex, the more likely they are to abort andthink nothing of what they have done. One might look at their parents for some of this problem in the youth. Aborting at 12 and under is likely with parental consent/approval and is more understanable for me. But women of 26 ormore were far less likely to abort and thye might have better reason for doing do if they are in their mid 30s. Otherwise, there is a clear correlation between abotion as a solution and the age at which they start having sex. That is, the younger they start, the more they abort. Reckless youth, says I!

 12. Children born/raised by single mom parents per 100,000 population

From 1968 to 2011, we see a consistent steady increase of children born and raised to single moms. From near to 3,000 per 100,000 in 68, to near 8,000 in 2011. that is almost 3 times more in 2011 than 68. I'll put it this way. Its not a good sign or situation and its clear we have gone to to hell because I have seen many times, very small, say age 2 to 4 or more, belonging to a single mom, and they will stare at me and look intently and hold their gaze. They want, instinctively, a man, a father, in their lives and this is absolute instict dictating this and we ignore it.

And in kids older, say 8 or 9, I had neighbor kids up at the tennis courts playing roller hockey and about 3 boys near 7-9 wanted in and with their mother and we gladly took them in, although the boys with me were 11 to 13 or so. the younger boys were due to go to a birthday party in a short while. When mom said it was timee to go, they did not want to go adn it was the end of the world. In all liklihood, they had never had a man deal with them and play hockey with bigger boys. It was the ultimte high for them and a birthday party was worthless as far as they were concerned. What my neighbors and I were doing was everything these 3 young boys had ever wanted. they were miserable having to leave. I had the same result playing ice hocke in the winter. Boys to teens were all starved for male attention as well as the order that an adult mal provides.

Our nation has chase men out of the picture and no chlidren want it, but moms don't care and governments would prefer to keep males away from kids so that the kids do not get the male side and instruction of anything. We pay a dear price for that. The stats above show there is something very wrong. I also observe that males in general are more playful and adventurous as regards sports or exploring wood, fields, etc. A male influence is essential so says our DNA and manifest instinct.

13. Number of Children per 1000 reflected in 4 categories: Yellow Green for married biological parents; light Blue for unmarried parents, Orange for single parent, and Red for single parent with partner. And how they measure up in the Serious abuse category and Moderate abuse category.

Obviously, married biological parents produce the best results, by far, in both serious and moderate categories. It is very distinct from the other 3 categories of parenting. And who is the worst? By far, it was the single parent with a partner. I am assuming that the partner is often an abuser and more apt to abuse because the kids are not his so he might be more inclined to ignore them, or take his nager out on them, or sexually abuse them and single moms are eager for help and will take almost anything for a partner. The kids suffer most in this category. Single moms are not good at protecting kids from abusive partners. The kids would be better off with just the mother.

Unmarried parents do 2nd best, but still a far cry from married parents. it is beyond dispute as far as I am concerned that kids need to have stable invested parents who have a somewhat solid relationship to insure the kids will ge cared for since both parents had a part in bring forth those kids and continuing wth them. The stats don't lie.

Marriage is an essential part of a stable society. Society is doomed without it. Kids are in peril without it. Moral breakdown takes place. Marriage is a good way to have a sexual relationship with an "insurance policy" should the couple end up with pregnancy. And temptation is less apt to enter, as well. Its not just a relgious thing. It is a structural kind of thing that any community or civilization needs to survive and prosper and these various statistics bear this out quite well.

14. Various Child Problems/Behaviors (7 of them) of either Divorce or Intact Marriage categories


In all categories, intact marriage are consistenely better. Anywhere from marginally better to as much as (in getting drunk) 5 times better. And never do the 2 switch/reverse in correlation. Irrefutable. In tact marriages are far more effective and successful. I would declare at this point that governments deserve a very suspicious exmaination for why thye are so anti-marriage in their laws and policies and why marraige is not praised and taught in school. Clearly, governments do not like healthy productive children coming about. Now the blame becomes far more clear. Is it the young marrying young or getting pregnant out of wedlock? Or might it be more the blame of government keeping us, through the schools, in the dark and dumbed down so that we are easily herded and lied to, and manipulate. how bout that boys and girls? Who'd a thunk it?

15. Violent Crime (in yellow) and single mothers (red line) from 1960 to 2011  per 100,000    Ouch!

What is disturbing here is that crime steadilty rises over 51 years and so does single motherhood. But what is disturbing is that violent crime falls significantly near to near to 1992, but violent crime from single mothers' families does not go down from about 1998 onward and keeps mildly rising. If I am understanding this right, mothers are having problems and producing more violent crime than general society is. One possible explanation might be that married parental homes are producing less and single mother more. Single mother homes are toxic environments. to be explored is whether women alone have a more negative effect in their chldren than what married couples have.

Is it just the absense of a dad or have women become particularly toxic to their own kids with their Feministic outlook and welfare mentality? Or it is that the absense of a dad has beomc all the more crucial for whatever is going on, in society? This is one I will  have to think more on. I'll see some of the MGTOW brethren might say about this. They have had many good insights in the past, say 2015 on, when I first became aware of MGTOW.

Regardless of exactly what the problem is, clearly it has something to do with single mothers and what they are handing down to their kids, boys in particular, who represent more of the crime, typically, than females do.

16. Stephan focuses on correlations between Property Crime and Divorce rate.

There is not much to say other than both seem to mirror other. Does Divorce contribute to delinqunicy and crime? Is it the fact that dad is not typically around after divorce as women get primary custody of both boys and girls?I think it is all those and that women tend to try to make dad look real bad. They do not care who they might affect their boys. And government likes it that way. But this is the 2nd correlation that suggests women are a problem in raising kids. they are far too biased and full of hate and bitternes; the kind of bitternes that like drove dad out to begin with.

17. Canadian Divorce and Crime

This one is a little more erratic but still not that much a departure from the USA graph in the previous 2 charts. Houston, We got some problems. You will note the big peak at about 1988, which is a bit earlier than the American model and there does not seem to be much of a drop from 1992 to 2006. The USA has a more consistent pattern. Violent Crime drops from 600 to 400 in chart 15 for the USA violent crime. But Canada is up at 1000 and staying there. To be quite honest. The USA is doing far better than Canada, who is ultra liberal and feminist supporting. Could that be why Why Canada had got more than double the problem with violent crime? I am thninking it is.

Screwing men over, seem to screw male chldren over, too. And who pays for that? We all do! Feminism cause discriminattion to all males, including male minors who are disenfranchised and casted off with little hope. Feminism casue crime because of the ultra discrimination against all males. Nice going, ladies. You aaure know how to run a country . . .  right into the ground.

18. Property Crime vs Divorce (instead violent crime).

This look more like the USA charts. What is certain is that there is a tight correlation between Divorce and Property Crime. It makes one wonder if men might not do quite a bit better with boys, than women do. Maybe women should get girls and men get boys. One thing for sure. What we are doing right now is not working at all.

19. Mothers living in poverty vs age of 1st sex.

Once again, if tye wait till 19, they seem to all do the same from 19 on with no variance. I would guess that typically, girls who wait till 19 were, from the beginning, more stable and so they did not violate sex taboos and waited till they had a stable situaton to marry. What if we gave more effort and help by guiding parents, rather than government just looking for opportunities to steal children theu social services and instead, regularly visited and guided low caliber parents or tecah them all in school. The solutions might bein within our reach if governments were not trying to sabotage us all. There will still be failures but not as many, perhaps.

20. Happiness vs first sex-age

This one is a bit more interesting. While 19 onward still have the best results, the maring of variance is far more lower. The 12-14 is bad at just under half as happy but from 15 on there is not that great a variance. How about that! Maybe everyone is miserable. Or they are all in the same low grade "life sucks" category. Could it be that not all women mind "welfare poverty" and so are indiffernt to their plot. Who knows! Maybe they are right. What I know is that welfare eventual kill a nation. They will be happy until the day it all ends, right? Hey, I'm an optimist, OK?

21. Happiness vs number of non-marital partners

The zero extra partners are clearly happier than the rest at 10% more than 1 extra. And then its a slight gentle slope. So again here, despite great poverty and causing more crime, thy are still fairly near to each other from the previous number. the 1 partner extra at 46% goes down 8 steps to 32%. That's a 14% drop over 8 steps which is a 1.75 drop for each additional partner they have. Clearly, they do not feel so bad, even though the harm it does to society and chlidren is quite a bit worse. The women do not seem to care all that much. life goes on, they figure and it beats working. I wonder what the tax payers would say?

22. Now we look at Depression % vs age at 1st sex

This one is more anomalous. 17-18 are less depressed that the typically more stable 19-20. 21-25 are the least depressed and 2 and older still not very depressed but just a bit more than 21 to 25. I am going to go out on a limb here. Alot of women will hit the wall in their late 20s. Clould this be why they ar just a bit more depressed then 21-25? I'd like to see the 30-35 category and reduce the present category to 26-29. Government did not go far enough.

23. Now Depression compared to number of non-marital partners.

Its funny how Depression gets different results than other categories. There is a lot of up and down with not much separating with 1-5 partners. Zero partners stands out. and 6-20 stand out as being far more depressed. I am going to take another stab at this. More failed relationships seem to sour outlookd in the 6-20 categories. Maybe they were hoping that a new partner might end up better and she could go off with him but found it was not the casee, too often. They were not happy with life and were hoping that a new partner would make the difference. But it does not. They need to learn that its more their desire to escape that fails and eveyone is in the same boat and they need to work on their relationship rather than seek a better partner. They never found the better partner. Just heart break. That's my guess.

What Do We Conclude?      (OK, what do I conlude? Happy now?)
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Despite the cultural revolution of the 60s, Its pretty clear that marriage is very much a stable solid institution for raisging kids that turn out well and happy, by comparison to single parent homes and single mothers. Sexual restraint also turns out to be a good idea with good benenfits and less regrets and with marriage, a much more satisfying life. Patriarchy was the norm before the 60s and is still the best thing going, now for 6000 years. All our rebellion has come back to haunt us. We got more crime and misery as a result.

This might also suggest that modern liberal, leftist, feminist, SJW politices are likely suspect, too, since they were part of the rebellion of the 60s as well. The 60s were when we threw the baby out with the bath water. We were not slow or careful in what we kept or rejected.

Objecting to war was a very good thing. Going back to nature was a good idea, too. Questioning authority, if sincere, is good, too. But finding excessive fault and not being fair handed in criticism is what leftist Marxists do.

As for sex, it is a very powerful instinctive drive that typically over-rides good judgment and makes us do crazy things. It makes perfectly good sense to keep our most powerful drive/desire under as much contorl as possible. The Stats we covered made it clear that bad decisions lead to more and continual bad decisions and regrets. We also see that people who do make bad decisions often do not know enough regret them as along as they have a soft welfare life.

That bring me to this. Our biggest enemy appears to be our govenment. They keep us so busy that we dont have time for the important things like spending more time with our kids and teaching them what we have learned and continue to learn. If we were to focuw more on children and their parents, we might improve many of the ills of our society.

Another concern for me is that as a world and society, we do not give enough time and attention on how to improve and make better decisions. Instead, governments keep us busy adn distracted, running on the treadmill of life, so that we have little time to think. We need to steal some extra time for our own sakes.

 Liberal leftism is a one way trip to hell as is the very destructive socialism. It has not lived up to any of its promises. It is a dead end. Hats off to Stephan for bring this stuf to our attention.

My last wish is that we would use our intellects to examine the details of life to determine what really works and what is a failure. We have to be on guard agsint our own instinct, which is a wild out of control animal/beast. The intellect is the key to placing some restraint upon desires that get way too much attention. We are not animals. Weh ave intellects. We need to use them far more so that we do not fall for corrupt leaders and their lies.

And we need to bring feminism to an end thru prosecution of laws already on the books for sedition and overthrow.

And most of all, I hope all Christians will give more thought to their own beliefs and ideas, as I think some of these are tragicaly lacking and that they suffer from group think. Some call it collectivism. Everyone blindly followes a leader rather than Christ, directly from the Bible without the help of controlling church leaders.

Truth1 out!

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