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To Atheists and Agnostics

The Premise
The Situation
The Precursor to the Industrial Revolution
The Middle Ages Organize
New Light for a New Empire
The Modern Industrial Age
The Propaganda Wars
Progressive Subversion Strategy
Bible Prophecy Is Proof
An Issue to be Settled

God's Future Plans
God's Brags
Some Cautions
Some Briefs on Evolution          New Sep 4, 2011
Some Real Science               New Sep 4, 2011
What Is Atheism Really?     New May 16, 2016

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The Premise
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My site was intended primarily to get Christians to reconsider everything they ever believed, due to much of it being wrong. Christianity had been around no more than 200 years before it was fighting for its life and nearly dead on arrival. By 325 AD, it was pretty much dead, taken over by the Roman Empire's Emperor, Constantine, to remain in the grips of governments right up to the present. Christianity needed to go back to the Bible, a book they had long ago departed from, though they would not think so.

But in my intense focus in this area, I had failed to give any attention to other beliefs and persuasions, for the most part. Most particularly, I would encounter Agnostics and Atheists and had nothing I could offer them as to why I felt the Bible deserved to be reconsidered, apart from those who claim to follow it, but do not. Its not that I had not thought about it and I did have answers but had never taken the time to put it down. So now I correct a wrong by explaining what I think about the subject for all to consider.

It should be noted here that the angle I approach from is not suited for those who blind themselves to the world and reality around us. Those who think everything is fine, will never buy this article. This is for those who believe something is seriously amiss in the world and that things are not adding up right. It might appeal to conspiracy theorists though I can not say for sure. There are many types of conspiracy theorists. There are even fake conspiracy theorists for that matter.

If you are an independent thinker and have no regard for the prevailing orthodoxies, establishments, and the status quo, you might find something here.

The Situation
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It has been a very long time since anyone has seen anything that could be said to be from God or caused by God. He has never paid us a personal visit or spoken with us or even sent a message by radio or something - so it would seem.

As well, humans naturally take all things for granted. We are born into a world which we accept as is, usually without question. We accept the political and religious ideas of our parents and our family, race, and nationality. What ever we do, we imagine to be right and the best way. So it is easy to just accept that we exist and are here and enjoy it while you can.

Mankind has always had religious leanings in all things prior to the Greeks. Greeks were the first and foremost ones who embraced philosophy and started to question everything that had been handed down to them. They began to embrace science. In fact, the more they begin to understand the physical world and laws of physics-science, the more some began to doubt any god. Aristotle embraced the concept of one God behind the laws of the universe, believing as I do, that all actions need a cause or motivator. So Greeks became less reverential to their gods and lees inclined toward superstition and more rational in their approach to why things happen or what causes them to happen.

>>> Greeks could be said to be the first to show doubt in gods or religion. We might call them Atheists. Rather than seeing the gods behind all things, they thought there were more practical and scientific reasons for why things happened. We might call these the principles of psychology and laws of science. But what the Greeks did not do was invent anything near to evolution. The universe was assumed to have always been. The idea that something could come from nothing and evolve to a higher order would likely be seen by them as being more like a religion. There was no evolution. It either had to be that it always was or keep the gods or at least one god to get things rolling.

Its is only in the last 200 years, well into the plan for a new world order and one world government, that it was suggested that life could come about spontaneously and randomly, without a cause or creator. They sought "evidence" but it still required one to believe that something could come from nothing. They twist the "evidence" they find way out of proportion. As I see it, that is a blind faith, if not an irrational one, even as many who believe in God, do so blindly or irrationally. <<<

The Industrial Revolution, which could be set to any number of dates, but which I will set as more prominent and dominant by 1840, when steam engine trains had come into being and many more advances would follow; this Revolution would set in motion another set of events. Among these would be the same questions that Greeks went through. As science began to explain so much, was there really a god behind it, or had it always been as it is?

This brings up the big question. Who are we? How did we get here and why? Do we have some purpose to serve? Does our existence mean anything? Evolution came into being to explain how some saw the origins of our existence. But evolution does not fulfill any meaning, since whatever you do is gone when you die. And life is whatever you want it to be or if you prefer, it can be totally meaningless.

But before I go any further in that direction, I want to point out why the Industrial Revolution ( IR from here on in ) even happened and who was behind it. Many other things happened at the same time, and caused by the same source that caused the IR and all that led up to it. When one knows who was behind the IR and other related events, then once can better understand the motivations and purposes of this critical time period of the IR and all that went with it.

Those in power during the IR and making it happen, are those still in power today. They grew their technical and industrial kingdom and accumulated so much wealth that they could steer this monstrous kingdom in any direction they chose. So where we are heading has been deliberately guided in a direction with a purpose. It is to take over the world by controlling all business and governments and also using war and armies when needed, but preferring business wars to military wars.

Science is very important to me. What is science if not an attempt to understand the physical world, and the rules it runs by. Indeed, if God made the universe and all in it, then He obviously made the rules it runs by. He is the source and motivation of "science."  So whatever is revealed by the laws of science, must be from God, if He made all things. but I do not ask anyone to believe in God (of the Bible) yet. But for Christians, they should not fear science or reject it for God is the force behind all science. But when I say science, I mean the evidence of the world and universe around us, not the questionable interpretation of that evidence by the powers that be in our time.

But we need to take a much more careful look of the world of the 19th century. For there was much happening and it has a pattern and it has a consistent direction it has been moving toward, as well. We need to know a lot more about that direction and its motivations. I would suggest that anything coming from this time period and movement should be held very suspect for many reasons. We need to explore those now.

The Precursor to the Industrial Revolution
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I want to show how the Middle Ages really were the foundation of everything that has followed since. In doing that, I needed to show how the Renaissance did not get started in the way imagined. Progress was slow in the west until mysteriously in 1434 and on, there was this sudden burst of creativity and advance of technology that revolutionized Europe after which, the rest of the development rapidly followed. The Renaissance was started by China and I know many will object to that. The West was supposed to be the genesis of great culture and western civilization was supposed to be superior. While we westerners might please our egos in thinking this, it is not the truth. But it deserves more proof that I give here. I show you why it had to be but now how it progressed.

For this proof you need to read Gavin Menzies' book, "1434." He provides a lot of evidence to support this contention. It will be quite the blow to Western Egos but I go wherever the truth leads me, without concern for egos or pride. The devil can have those if he likes.

SE Asia Reigns Supreme

I guess I would start off by saying, with much controversy, that the biggest cause of the IR was the astounding advancements of Chinese technology that had been made up to 1434 AD. China had long been the super power of her section of the world. This would include all the many south east Asian Islands, SE Asia and all around the Indian Ocean. China is on the equator and it enjoys monsoon rains with lots of mountains, valleys and rivers so that it is ideally located to produce a lot of plant growth to serve as food. It has warmth, sunshine, and rain and rivers to grow things. Because it is so gifted with the ability to produce plants, most particularly food plants, it was inevitable that it would also produce lots of people. People need lots of food in order to support lots of breeding. This all leads to enormous populations. China is today, and has always been, the leading population center of the world.

Honorable mention would have to go to India as well as the entire SE Asia, which include Tibetans, Vietnamese, Thai's, Koreans, Japanese, and many other indigenous peoples of that area. India is also very large and on equator. It has lots of rain and sun and grows lots of food. It too, has an enormous population, 2nd largest (after China) in the world. The rest of SE Asia is also densely populated. This is the greatest concentration of population in the world, without any close competition. African is burdened by the Sahara Desert. Northern Asia is cold. North American has its dry regions. We can only guess at what South American might have had at one time. But not now.

SE Asia is the center of the world, or it was and may yet again be so. To aid this region, great mountainous regions sealed off India and China from most of the world by easy land transit. This left only the Indian Ocean as the transport. We will see why this led to the great advances of China.

The "Other" Empire     -     The Western Mediterranean Empire

Yes, there was one other very big population center that contained a large population and plenty of population and a means of transit by water as well. This would be the Western Empire of the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Sea allowed shipping all around its shores. A number of great sea powers would come to dominate this area in their turn. The southern Mediterranean would be near to the equator. There are a number of areas that have some desert so it does not have the same great food production as SE Asia but still not bad. From this area would come the empires of Egypt, the Sea Peoples, most notably the Phoenicians/later Carthaginians, Mesopotamia and later Assyria and Babylon, the Medes and Persians, Greece, and then the big monster, Rome. In time, northern Europe would begin to grow and become more influential and dominant as well. This parade of powers and peoples would constitute the Western Empire.

While she had the Mediterranean to enable trade and wealth, the lands did not support the same generous population numbers that SE Asia did. The mountains kept the West removed  and isolated from the East, for the most part. Arabs and previous inhabitants of the Persian gulf would retain exclusive trading with SE Asia and China in particular. So the West remained a poor competitor when it comes to population. Now you must understand why that matters so much.

Demographics Are Constants

Demographics essentially are a statistical accounting of populations and resources. As nations and their bureaucracies grew, accounting became ever more important, as nations sought to become empires. The Roman Empire had worthy competition in the Carthaginian Empire. Rome knew it, too. So she calculated everything with numbers and figured out how she might overcome Carthage and gain the whole of the Mediterranean. Rome crunched the numbers and built her empire to a point where they believed they could win a war of attrition with the Carthaginians. They fought and they overcame Carthage and were the dominant force from that time on and continued to subdue the remaining Mediterranean neighbors.

Rome, being much an empire of conquest, and profit from that conquest, a sort of pyramid scheme, really, eventually, could not sustain further conquest and at the same time, other populations grew and came to better understand Roman military strategy, technology and fighting tactics, to the point where surrounding nations could match and even defeat Rome and they did. Attila the Hun and many German tribes finished off Rome. But though Rome did fall, Italy still remained much the power. France, also bordering the Mediterranean, also ascended to great power. But Italy boasted a number of great shipping ports most notably, Florence, Genoa, Venetia/Venice and other smaller ports as well, controlled by the bigger 3.

>>> As a side note, the Grecian Spartans also fell in time because neighboring Thebes studied Spartan warfare and practiced and developed it themselves so that they could overcome the Spartans. Spartans had always tried to avoid fighting whenever possible so that their enemies would seldom get a good look at their tactics. There was a saying in Greece, when something was really difficult, they would say, "Its harder than trying to get the Spartans to fight." Spartans came up with many reasons for not getting involved in fights. They had all sorts of festivals dedicated to the gods, which could not possibly be ignored or postponed. This excused them from many battles.

It should be noted at the Battle of Thermopylae when 300 Spartans gave their lives to save the Greek army and nation, there was far more wisdom exercised in this than has been recognized. Sparta tried hard to avoid battles because battles whittled down the number of soldiers on both sides or all sides. Sparta wants to avoid such attrition. So knowing the danger Greece and its cities were in, Sparta saw a great chance to earn fantastic gratitude with very minimal losses. Knowing this battle would eventually end in their own slaughter, Sparta offered 300 of their great fighters to hold Persia off so that the rest of Greece should escape. This was to be Sparta's only contribution and she would be relieved of any further fighting for Greece.

Only losing 300 men was one hell of a bargain as far as Sparta was concerned. Their beliefs glorified self-sacrifice. They just needed 300 volunteers which came down to Leonidas and company. It has later been determined that they also had some other Greek forces with them as well. They knew they could not hold the Persians more than a few days before the Persians finally found an alternate pass to attack from behind as well as in front. They held off a vast Persian army for several days when the pass was finally discovered and it was a slaughter as they knew it would be. But it was great PR for Sparta and helped them avoid far greater losses.

My point here is that Rome falling was just a matter of time. Rome had been brilliant in her rational scientific approach to war and fighting. But with time, other nations were going to get on to Rome's ways. And as populations grew, Rome's days were numbered. Her own comfort in wealth and laziness would help sink her. But her population would later migrate to Venice, to reform a bit of their empire once more.

Now what we need to remember is that the size of the West Empire compared to the "East" Empire of SE Asia, was quite small. The East had far greater populations then, as now, to supply "human resources" of every type. The East was bound to have more intellectuals, engineers, experience, labor, and resources that could be gathered or mined, and wealth accumulated, so that technology was guaranteed to advance further and faster in greater China than in the West. Her business empire would also be far greater than the West. It was and is a statistical demographic inevitability.

>> To get a better idea of China's great shipping fleet and business empire, you should consider reading Gavin Menzies' 1st book, "1421." This book focuses on the Chinese fleet and its expeditions, which 1434 does not give much attention to. 1421 is much more fascinating to read than 1434 but 1434, which material is dry by nature, and not due to any fault of Menzies,  has far more impact on history. I believe historians interested in the truth absolutely must read both of these to better understand the real history of the (whole) world. Basically, history gets rewritten as it should be. Also remember that the power of the West is the one in control today and as they say, the winners write history. But we need not fall for orthodox history when we have such good books and evidence available to us to update and correct us.

It was the year 1434 AD when Chinese ships came into the port of Florence, Italy, a most advanced city state of the time, which in miniature, was attempting much of what has been going on since the IR began, only earlier. The Medici Family dominated Florence and had its influence all around. The Medici were unquestionably brilliant but also quite subversive, looking to destroy the current reigning orthodoxy in favor of their own ruling dynasty. China likely chose Florence for her success or maybe there was an invitation we do not even know about.

>> The Medici family is a fascinating story all by itself.  In miniature, their family took on the same course that the prevailing power of now also took to get to power. PBS  did a 4 part series on this family which can be rented on Netflix or bought form PBS or maybe even eBay. I heartily recommend it.
"The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance" on DVD

But the technology that China gave to Florence was so advanced and useful, that it propelled Florence and all of Europe into a new age of technology and resulting ambition. Those in Europe were far more ambitious than China was. China was, indeed, the saint of the time, in comparison. China showed us how to harness water power and other types of power to create mass production and processing. Every sort of advancement you can think of. This is what enabled the ambition of Europe to flourish and expand. Gun powder from China enabled a new kind of war weapon and means of "diplomacy." But more importantly, Chinese navigation and maps revealed rumors of continents on the other side of the Atlantic and tales of somewhat primitive simple living peoples. It took a while for much of this to really take hold in Europe but not that long.

Technology and knowledge having arrived in 1434 AD, by 1492, Columbus had reached the new continents in general. Vikings had actually reached N. America near to 1000 AD. I have no doubt myself that Knights Templar had arrived in Nova Scotia in the early 1300s - 14th century. But 1492 kicked off a great rush which never stopped and enable European powers to greatly expand their ambitions, wealth, and powers.

>>> China had a series of unfortunate events that caused her to withdraw from her great ambitions. The key Emperor who funded their last and greatest fleet, had his palace and city wiped out by fire, I believe, without double checking, by lightning or a meteor. The Chinese Mandarins and others saw it as a bad omen. Bad weather also wrecked many of the ships of the fleet of 1421. It should also be known that much labor was used and misused to build this enormous fleet. Not all approved of this.

As well, later when Kublai Khan sent an Armada to conquer Japan, a bad storm wrecked most of their fleet. They would never attempt another invasion. Japan considered it a divine wind. It may well have been. The sum of events in China led the mandarins to adopt more of an isolationist policy and far less ambitious. This turned out to be most advantageous for those with ambition in the West Empire. Had China been more tenacious and determined, the West might never have ascended to where they did.

As well, there are manipulations of events on earth by both God and His adversary, Satan. Had Satan had ambitions for the West, which I do believe is the case, then he may have orchestrated the events that spooked the Chinese and caused a withdrawal.  One never knows.

The Middle Ages Organize
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1434 is relatively late in the game of empires, really. What most do not realize is what took place simultaneously during the time just before and into the middle ages, about 1000 AD to 1400 AD. Schools and Universities began to form perhaps as early as the 900s but not documented or official till late 1000s and 1100s AD. Guilds also spring up and united in this early time. So each trade or industry had its own controls and power to protect their knowledge and their "interests." Patents did not exist so hiding knowledge and keeping it secret were the only means to protect the advantages of knowledge. Feudal Kingdoms sprung up in the previous dark ages, which was largely based on an agrarian culture and primitive trades. Trades and industry would later, pretty much replace feudalism as the powers that be.

The Knights Templar made deals with the Roman Catholic Church (RCC from here on in ) to begin a new kind of empire, largely based on a separate sovereign empire operating within other nations or empires. They had their own tax-free property and Castles and were not only self-sufficient, but likely made a profit as well. They became the bank to pilgrims going to Jerusalem and famous cathedrals with their relics to be "worshipped." They charged a fee for protecting your money and giving it out to you as you choose, at one of their branches, just like a bank does today. The fee was for protection but served much like interest, otherwise forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church for Catholic nations and kings. Even kings borrowed from the amassed Templar fortune.

The Knights Templar had land and buildings throughout Europe, kingdoms within kingdoms, much like banks today. They came to have the largest shipping fleet in the world before being wiped out (so it would seem). They had their own considerable army made up of the worst of criminals and other such characters. Interesting, considering they were "holy" and "Christian" and on a crusade for "God," of course. I might point out that the city of Rome started the exact same way by offering criminals refuge is they would settle in the newly founded city of Rome and be soldiers for Rome. Lots of irony there.

Rome used overt open war to conquer. Templars often used loans, debt, and interest to conquer. Though many would disagree with me, I believe the formation of this Templar group at this time was no accident and had great ambitions that got derailed, but only for a while, till they were reinvented as Freemasons.

But the Knights Templar and the Crusades began near to 1100 AD and began their rise. They conquered Jerusalem, ever the ambition since it had been wiped out permanently by Rome in 132 AD. So Templars protected pilgrims, they say, and dug many many tunnels throughout Jerusalem's "basement" so to speak. But those pesky Muslims also had their eyes and ambitions set on Jerusalem and eventually took it away from the Templars.

But guilds, universities, and other sorts of organization were solidly in place by 1400. The Knights Templar were wiped out by King Philip of France. It is said that Phillip was in great debt to them and used a pretext to frame them and wipe them out and his debt along with them. But I believe it goes deeper than that. No doubt that Phillip had lots of motivation to want to act against the Templars, but I do not believe Phil's debt was all that motivated  him. The rumors about Satan worship, and the many rituals, sex, and other charges were genuine confessions, though indeed obtained often by torture. But another 600 or 700 years shows that all those things are almost certainly verified and continued long after the Templars were disbanded and reformed later. Rumors still abound about secret societies doing horrible things in darkness and secrecy.

As well, ambitions for restoring Jerusalem have never been given up on by certain groups who plan to pull off a major fraud of which I will describe soon in this article.

As well, Phillip noted how very rich and powerful the Templars had become. There is no question about this. Phillip was in debt to them and so were many. The Templars were involved in making Magna Carta enforced upon the king of England. Who were these guys who even bossed kings around? When you look at their power and wealth, it becomes pretty obvious what was going on and what was eventually intended if they let the Templars continue. The Templars were forming their own clever take over of European nations. I believe they had planned on ever more property acquisitions, both donated and bought, more ships built, and their army to grow till they were kings of the hill. But France cut that dream short. France was the dominant nation of the time and for quite some time.

But the Knights Templar did resurface and reinvent themselves in the form of the Freemasons, who have allegedly been responsible for the overthrow of many governments in a little over 200 years. I believe they were responsible for those overthrows of Britain for the USA, and France, Russia and so on. They have vast networks of informants and many members are in business, politics, and the like so that they can be very influential and loyal to Freemasonry over their respective nations which they belong to.

The Pope went along with Phillip, though I believe the Pope was in with the Templars but was forced by Phillip to either renounce and join Phillip OR ELSE! So the Pope very reluctantly, found the Templars partially guilty.

But what we have by the very early 1300s is the complete organization of medieval society and guilds that became an ever stronger growing business merchant class. As well, universities and schools became large controllers as well as teachers of new knowledge to those privileged few. As time would go on, schools would be changed to programming and conditioning facilities to limit knowledge, more than to advance it or spread it, and to condition students to be good obedient subjects who do not question anything. Education originally in the Middle Ages was for the privileged and elite. In our day, it is the masses who are "educated" to prevent learning and development. Schools exist as armed guards to prevent anyone from feeding the "inmates" (students). the young are isolated from adults, except for the adults approved by government school departments.

New Light for a New Empire
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The Knights Templar was the 1st of many attempts to establish a world wide banking empire that could finally charge interest. Ships had plied the seas of the Mediterranean and Europe to trade. Society had become organized and controlled in most ways. This had become the replacement empire for the fallen Roman Empire. It did not look all that united, but I propose it was fairly well controlled by the Middle Ages by the networks connected by banking, industry and commerce, government and church/religion primarily through the RCC. Now they just needed a new opportunity. China brought the new hope. Her revelations of technology and implications of new lands drove the movers and shakers of Europe, motivated with desire and greed, to begin exploitation of the New World. The ability to harness power to produce and process more was the true beginnings of the IR. But coal, iron and steam would later replace water dams and other such power generation. Oil would later largely replace coal and steam. Wooden ships would be replaced by steel ships and steam. Trains would go where river, boats, and canals could not. Steel and machine tooling would change and advance technology by leaps and bounds.

So after 1434, the race was on to find the New World and exploit it. Once the New World was found, all would fight for sole supremacy. Ironic that no European nation should end up with North America. It would end up going to Freemasons and big business of the time and that, too, is very interesting.

>>> Of course, it is said it was a people's revolution but that is a distortion. The army was poorly paid and not paid at all, at times. Right after the revolution was won, many farms were confiscated to pay for the war, at the expense of those who owned the farms. This led to Shay's rebellion, a true rebellion of the people. But the people had been fooled and used by the more influential leaders of the 13 colonies. It was a double cross all the way.

If you want to see a good movie about what revolutions are really about, you need to buy or rent "A Fistful of Dynamite" also called "Duck You Sucker." James Coburn as the star but the director was the finest story teller ever, Sergio Leone. His cynical views of revolution are pure magic. Yet he maintains much humor in much of the movie. It may be his best movie. I say that but he has 4, of which any single one might be the best. I made my choice. <<<

When doing legal research in Nova Scotia Canada on Real Property (land and ownership law), I found where for quite some time, if one wanted to establish land ownership, which might be in doubt or dispute, one had to show that line of ownership all the way back to William the Conqueror of 1066 AD. It shows that William's lineage and legacy, and the orthodoxy and support that surrounded it was still in power to the present and many of the names of those who joined William in his attack of England were names that also remained prominent, even to the present. Nothing has changed in nearly 1,000 years. It was in place then and continues to now. And it has goals, dreams, and ambitions. Watch out!

What took place in those Middle Ages remains in place and power today. It has ever grown in strength and reach. Once the New World was discovered and then conquered (1776), things rapidly began to change. The colonies becoming the USA started off many things. Steam came about not much longer and much more followed. Now we jump ahead to about 1860.

1776 was the year of the Declaration of Independence, whose primary leaders were all Freemasons. Britain surrendered in 1789. The French, Dutch, Indians, and Spanish had all lost their USA holdings with time. 1789 is just 11 years removed from 1800. There were 20 steamboats in operation by 1814. By 1820, we had coal, steel, and powered boats to ply the rivers and coasts with. By this time, every decade was bringing important milestones of one sort or another. 1860 would bring major changes of epic proportions in the USA, which would find their way to Europe.

The Modern Industrial Age - 1860 onward
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What took place near to 1860 is of major importance to understanding our modern post 2000 AD age. Forced Mass Schooling was enacted in the USA and had begun slightly earlier in what was to become Germany later, Prussia by name then. This was the first step in the government and its boss, big business and banking, to begin to take teaching kids away from parents and let the government begin to do it. But this time it was not to make kids smarter but to limit what they were to learn. In addition, to condition and program kids to accept whatever told, not to question, to sit for long periods of boredom and tediousness and fear your peers. Americans did not like it and protested but once the foot was in the door, there was no going back.

A great war, the Civil War, so called, enabled them to kill off most of a generation of well educated home schooled men with good upbringing. What was left were largely draft dodging bums and leftovers who left much to be desired as a whole. So much so that when 1914 and WWI came along about 50 years later, the men were almost too stupid to be useful. War had transformed the country and advanced technology on all fronts.

The Civil War brought far more accurate guns that could load much faster, too. Iron clad steamers were introduced. Trains now helped supply armies. Medical surgery was greatly advanced, though at great cost in blood. Telegraph lines helped and hindered communications. A primitive rapid fire gun the Gatlin gun, was introduced. The first iron battle ship and submarine were introduced. From here on in, much more life would be lost in wars, due to weapons of ever great effectiveness. War would only get more terrifying with each new big war.

School boards were taken over by wealthy industrialists instead of clergymen. Universities were bought up and taken over in time. Anyone who wanted a good job had to have a degree to be considered. It was not for its knowledge but served as proof that you knew how to take orders and would not question superiors just as you had not questioned the professor. If you wanted to teach, you had to teach what you were told. Those teachers given prominence were those who carried and taught the party line, so to speak.

Eventually, child labor was forbidden, supposedly because we cared so much about kids. But in reality, it was to keep kids in school long past the time to marry, work, and have kids; so that the government could have more time to condition and program kids and begin the isolation of kids from parents and adults, accept those approved of by the government. As well, by delaying kids from entering marriage to ease their sexual desires, it forced them to seek relief without marriage or morality.

Slavery was wiped out, allegedly to treat blacks as equals. But blacks remained in poverty and without opportunity. The real reason is because slaves cost more than cheaply paid employees in commitment and other costs. Often in the south, when there was a really nasty job, maybe in a swamp, Slave owners would not risk a slave who they had invested money in. They would get an Irishman to do it.

To read this fascinating history of the USA education system and really, all the world's, you need to read John Taylor Gatto's "Underground History of American Education." You will not believe your eyes. It is essential reading! Try his website: where you can read this for free by his wish.

Attempts at National Private Banks had been on going in the 1800s. 1913 enabled the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve, a private banking concern, was granted the rights to print currency and regulate it, and loan money to governments, powers and rights formerly belonging to the federal government. So now we are run by bankers rather than voters and representatives of those voters. Basically, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were eliminated in deed, and in the written code, since one code nullifies another previous one. 1913 also introduced a federal income tax on all. It used to be smaller than state taxes but now it is very much bigger than state taxes. With huge amounts of income tax harvested each year, the government used the money to further erase our rights and protections and we pay to have that done. There is no escape now!

Introduced near to this time, was the creation of laws granting non-profit corporations legal standing whereby money could be placed in a non-profit foundation or trust, existing tax free for charitable or non-profit uses. But it was really a way for Corporations to stick their profits into a foundation or trust so that they did not have to pay taxes like we did. And the tax payers do not get any say on how the foundations spend this money, denied to the tax payers for their government. Most of the foundation money is never spent and what is, is spent on the behalf of the interests and benefits of the rich who created that wealth in the 1st place in regular corporations. You can thank your politicians for this.

Courts and law were corrupted as well. The process of change is slow and gradual, starting with a foot in the door and then opening it more ever so slightly till finally they take the door right off the hinges and knock out the walls, too.. Technology was advanced to a point where massive power could be dispensed in just 1 atomic bomb. Surveillance could be accomplished like never before. Computers would come along and make every sort of tracking automatic, thorough, and continuous. Satellites would enable surveillance of the whole world around the clock. So now there is no where to run or hide. They know everything about everyone at all times.

Most  nations of the earth have been brought under control, not by armies and weapons, but by business and finance. A country can be put out of business any time it is desired. This goal of world control and world conquest has been a goal for a very long time. At least since 1434 AD and quite possibly, going back to the fall of Rome in about 450 AD. This is very important to understand. It is my contention to be proved in other articles, that Rome did not fall by corruption, accident, or obsolescence alone. Her destruction left a power vacuum that immediately started to reform in the "Dark" Ages and crystallize and harden in the Middle Ages.

The brilliance of this new form of empire was that it was not so much a nation as the boss and leader, as it was a group or class living in many separate nations who would boss and lead. But they would do so discreetly, even invisibly and secretly. The government or enemy that is invisible rules best. For how can you be aware of something or fight something you do not know exists? A collective of networked businesses and financial concerns amassed into one big collective. The equivalent of Hollywood's Star Wars "Death Star" and Star Trek Next Generation's "Borg," where "resistance is futile" and everything is absorbed by the Borg and "assimilated."

The Propaganda Wars
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Our age is unique in that technology has enabled print in newspapers, books, and magazines. It brought us movies, radio, and TV. Now we got computers and the internet as well. Overlooked by many are the school systems where teachers and text books serve as the continually fed propaganda to students. At work we are pressured to watch our speech.

We live in constant never ending propaganda. It never stops. History is constantly changed and rewritten, often erased. News puts spin on everything. Much is never told to us. Lies of all sorts are spread so that we can not tell who is telling the truth and who is not. But too often we do not recognize all its forms and their purposes. Once the powers had what they wanted for technology to serve them, the next step was to keep us from getting that knowledge as well. We are taught very little. Much is kept secret from us about classified technology and tactics. As well, we are lied to about many subjects in science and technology. This is the important part most do not understand.

Over the centuries since Rome fell, there have been attempts to replace the power the Roman Catholic Church had over nations with another power to run kings and governments. In general, this power, a power of money and greed, and control, has wanted to do away with God and religion in general, especially that of the Bible. They saw these as supporting morals and ethics that interfered with their wanting to take over and bully everyone. So there has been a large on-going and long-going war against God and the Bible and its stories of floods and Jesus returning.

Any thing that might disturb or hinder the progress of this new power elite, is attacked and destroyed with propaganda and law. The USA Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, etc, is attacked with the hope of getting rid of the USA and incorporating it into a new entity along with Canada and Mexico and eventually into a One World Government (OWG) and New World Order (NWO). So one must be aware of the constant misinformation and disinformation designed to fool us and change our views. By having kept most knowledge and reasoning from us in school, most are dumb enough to fall for the lies now. Baby Boomers may be nearly the last to be able to see enough through this or maybe Gen-X-ers, perhaps. But even most of those 2 are fooled now.

Progressive Subversion Strategy
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By slowly replacing our systems or creating new ones, those who lead and control us seek to change us into what they want, not what we want. We have no say. Maybe its takes them a generation or 2, but eventually the new generation sees it much different, since the older worlds of the past are now gone and forgotten. Again, make a change, get your foot in the door, and then open it bit by bit. Change it very slowly, progressively, until you have a new creation without anyone even noticing it was changing. It is like that proverbial frog placed in lukewarm water and then turning the burner on. The frog does not sense the gradual warming and boils to death before realizing what is happening to him.

Change is much faster now than it sued to be. But there is one change in particular that has gone on for the last 200 or 300 years.

Geology started to change in the 1800s, with the new idea of gradualism 1st proposed in 1795 but laid quiet at first. The earth was said to have formed over millions and billions of years slowly, gradually, mildly. But scientific evidence has always supported catastrophism and disaster as the main causes of change. But they tried to twist it to seem gradual. But you don't have to be Einstein or Tesla to see how one has to ignore so much to believe in gradualism. In 1830, Lyell published, promoting gradualism and uniformatarianism. 1859 brought Darwin and evolution (The Origin of Species) which also does not stand up to good evidence at hand. But with authority and power solidly backing and promoting it everywhere, people who want good jobs or grades dare not consider otherwise. Marxism was also introduced near to this time. His first translation was published in 1848 and in the USA in 1872. The winds of change were blowing cold.

Evolution an Important Strategy

Evolution is a key corner stone to eroding any belief or trust in the idea of God and the Bible. If we came from nothing and evolved from one cell to many different cooperative cells, then the account in the Bible book of Genesis is void, right? And we can do what we want without any accounting to God. Evolution also depends upon Gradualism because evolution was also said to be a progressive development over many millions of years since the first life. That would be 600 million years according to current understanding and I do not dispute that figure.

But evolution requires ignoring quite a bit of evidence which suggests that dating is twisted (due to Geology being twisted) by ignoring the natural contamination of our environment with "dead" carbon in times of epic disaster, to make carbon 14 measurements seem very old. Evolution seems to get rid of the idea that actions have a motivating force behind them. Aristotle's baby! But I would rather not go into too much length or detail here about evolution. That will wait for another article. My main point here is that the time evolution came forth and what was coming with it is more than interesting. And who was promoting it and why is even more important. Where there is smoke there is fire. Remember that the whole world was religious at one time and only changed in the last 300 years or less. Why were we so religious to begin with? From an evolutionary stand point, it does not make a lot of sense.

As well, those who often claim evolution and mock religious people, more specifically Christians, these ridiculers often are ones who in secret, swear allegiance to a "God" whose worship involves lots of pagan symbols and ideas, all of which are very religious and full of superstition, which they also claim to hate. They worship the zodiac and pagan gods as well. So they do not mind religion as a whole, but only seem to hate the religion of the Bible, which few know of, since most Christians do not represent it accurately anymore. In fact, they desecrate it!

Subversive Strategies to Sabotage

A favorite trick of those who want to sabotage and destroy nations and peoples are to try to get people to do, or to behave in ways that are harmful to them and destroy their culture that has kept them up to now. These subversives appeal to people's base desires, such as unrestricted unregulated unbridled sexual behavior. Greed, unbridled ambition, selfishness, conceit, belief in entitlement and privilege, laziness, megalomania, deceit, dishonesty, and lying, gluttony, self-aggrandizement, and the like. These kinds of behaviors will quickly tear any society apart. Once it has substantially weakened, it is ripe for defeat or take-over. If it collapses, then there is no need to defeat, just take over. Destroy from within without firing a shot.

In the USA, we destroy work ethic. Our courts and law are a joke. Politicians routinely vote against the interest of the common majority and in favor of big business interests. Morals, once a concern, are now abandoned. We no longer produce anything. We let others in other nations do it for us. We have few jobs now. I could write a book on how we have destroyed all good things in our nation and have become useless. We are about to go bankrupt as a nation. Big business is screwing us and politicians look the other way while thieves lie to us and take advantage of us and sell us down the drain.

We have been betrayed and subverted from within. We have already been defeated. We are just waiting for the surrender to take place. It will happen. Another subversion is that of truth, particularly as to what the Bible says, for it speaks against the evils of a lax morality. Subversives do not like the competition of the Bible. They would like to destroy its influence for good so they can do as they please, which is not good, for we who are being fooled and enslaved.

Academics promote deceitful science as propaganda to get us to accept the absurd, to accept what would have been unthinkable 200 years ago. Often just 100 years ago such as women in the military fighting our wars for us. And now a grand deception long in the works, is planned for us soon.

Another Interesting Propaganda Item

UFOs are now being promoted and accepted by a number of interesting people and types, not a few of which are intellectuals. That was a no-no once upon a time. Now aliens are readily discussed as possible. The UN is even appointing an ambassador to aliens, should any visit. Are they expecting something or someone? It looks like it! How did this happen in just 10 years or less?

So what if I could show you a plot that has been going on for at least 1,000 years and has as its ultimate goal, a fake Jesus Christ pretending to be the real Jesus Christ, now coming in a UFO as an alien and one called a god once upon a time by primitives and ancients?
And who is to reside in Jerusalem, restored with the temple and all! 
What if I were to suggest that this "Jesus" will lead us into the new world order and one world government? 
What if I were to tell you  its all going to go wrong? Hideously obscenely wrong! 
And what if these who orchestrate this farce and try to put it over on us were also behind evolution and every other lie as well?
And what if I told you that this One World, New World Order had as its real intention, to enslave mankind and get rid of perhaps 90% of the world in order to preserve the earth or allow for more elite to take the place of some killed?

So let me ask, if it is these would-be world rulers who are the ones behind evolution, among other things, and are up to no good, then what are we really so say about evolution or anything else they promote? Why are they really promoting it? And why? It ought to be of very big concern to you! Beware of strangers with candy.

The odd thing is that many secular political types who do not like Christianity themselves, are saying many of the same things that I do and warning of the same things I warned of above. So its not just a religious wacko saying this stuff. They say those in power mean us all harm and seek to control the world. Only this time its not war, weapons, and soldiers. Its business, banking, regulating exchange rates and values of currencies. They say the goals of the NWO are sinister. But they have only been saying this in the 20th century and on, while it was in full motion and already arrived.

What if I said that the Bible warned us in very carefully coded figurative symbolic language that this was all going to happen but said it all by 100 AD and said much of it by 500 BC? This is at least 1700 years before it became clear that something was wrong.  Lets look at this more closely.

Bible Prophecy Is Proof
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We can argue about the creation of man or his evolution. We could argue about the flood and whether its real or not. You'd be surprised what geology reveals or what academics conceal in geology. I'll will deal with it eventually in writing. We could wonder about the Exodus from Egypt ad if it really happened. I got good evidence that it did! But it gets ignored for fear of giving some credibility to the Bible, at least as a history book.

But all these things are meaningless compared to just one thing. If someone can predict the future by at least 1700 years and see enough to know that these prophecies are going to be in such danger from those in power that it would be necessary to hide the prophecies in hidden coded language that would appear as nonsense except to those who know the code so as to translate accurately. Even more amazing that this book of instructions and warning was written over a period of 1,500 years and at least 1700 years before anything prominent happened. And these messages of revelation from God took place slowly, progressively, through 1500 years. So it had to be the work of men living in different times and yet continuing the same line of thought and direction. How can this be done?

But given that the Bible claims to be authored by God from another type of existence, one invisible to us in the purely physical realm, then this could be accomplished. God could and would predict far in advance. He could sustain and progressively reveal things to His chosen prophets-messengers. They did not understand the things they were told to write. But they passed them on, knowing the important relevant time for their being understood and revealed would someday come.

So really, the Bible is a book that should not be immediately dismissed for it describes the very same sort of thing that George Orwell describes in the 1940s, except that the Bible foresaw it 1800 years before Orwell did. Forecasting something 1800 years beforehand and predicting the march of nations and political situations? No psychic has ever done that! Nor a fortune teller! No other religion has been able to do it! The Bible stands alone in this amazing "coincidence" of forecasting. It is the primary reason why it is reasonable to conclude that God might indeed, be the source of this and that this Bible is a communication from Him to men He chose to communicate with. He took care to communicate, but expects us to put forth some effort to understand the problems as to why He can not speak as freely as He would like.

But there is one more good reason for God's chosen way to communicate so discreetly. It involves a struggle of arguments and judicial precedents to be settled among forces in this realm of spirits which the Bible calls loosely, Heaven. These involve us humans and what we are capable of, morally or at least of how much we can control ourselves or not. Next section will explore this.

An Issue to be Settled    -    for all time!
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The first book of the Bible, Genesis, records the transformation of the primitive earth after the heavens and earth have been made. Then on "day" 6, humans are made. Adam spends some time getting to know God and he names the animals as God brings them to him. Then Adam gets a wife (Eve) after an unidentified period of time with God. God selects a particular tree in the garden to symbolize His right to make rules and enforce them and to have them obeyed. He forbids Adam and Eve to eat from it and warns, in the day you eat from this, you shall surely die. As well, the tree of fruit is called the tree of knowledge of good and bad, for one becomes acquainted with both after eating from it, since the disobedience leads to old age and death. As well, Adam and Eve felt shame after eating it and hid when God visits the garden with His voice.

As soon as Adam gets his wife, the devil, a spirit from the realm of God, lies to Eve, by making it appear as if a serpent was speaking. He says she should eat and that God does not want her to eat for she will know as He does and what is more, she will not die. So he calls God a liar. Eve falls for his lie, perhaps in presumptuousness, without asking Adam about it all. She brings some of the fruit to Adam and offers. Adam excepts it even though he recognizes it as from the forbidden tree. He does this even though he had that long standing relationship with God before Eve came along. They feel shame and hide. They know they have done wrong. And they probably feel the big difference inside themselves, that uncomfortable disturbance that does not go away. God pronounces bad things for the "Serpent," uttering His 1st mysterious prophecy, which prophecy would not be fully explained till 4100 years later in the book of Revelation, although Moses does not record it till 1600 years before it is revealed in Revelation.

But what many may not appreciate, although I am speculating a little, is that while the devil does what he does, it must have been brought up and discussed between him and God before it is actually carried out. The devil was warned but insisted on proving his way. We are given a sort of glimpse of these type of things in the book of Job, where God and the devil, Satan, argue over Job and how good or not he really is. Satan wants to test Job and see how good he is or not. God allows the test with reasonable limits, namely, that Job can not be killed. One of these types of meetings also took place back at the time of creation. Though not said, it clearly had to have happened. Further revelations of the devil are made in the new testament as to his adversarial position with God and God's people.

But the basic issue for all humans is whether they will seek out their long term advantage or get caught up in seeking short term short sighted pleasure and desire, what we might call unfulfilled needs that drive us to seek things not very beneficial to us. The Bible refers to these as desires of the flesh, things fulfilled in the flesh such as air, water, food, sex, etc. Real basic stuff as opposed to thinking and reasoning and even morality which over-ride carnal desires that might slight those principles. God promotes long term behavior and strategy in His laws and ways. The Devil tries to seduce us into giving in to short term destructive behaviors. Who will we choose? What will we choose? Why will we choose it?

To make it tougher for us, the devil has filled the world with lies and deceit. He has put every sort of obstacle in our way to make it very unlikely we will seek out God and good sense. He uses his often unknowing followers to put pressure on us. He tempts our desires for things not necessarily bad but if pursued at all cost, will destroy us or cause us great harm. He makes them hard to obtain so that we will have to give up nearly everything for them, including our souls or integrity, so to speak.

Another aspect of this challenge between good and evil is that while the devil unleashes all his misery upon the world and makes it very difficult for us, he insisted that God remain relatively silent, having only His Book for people to follow. Will that be enough? It better be for it is all we are getting. God obviously has the power to do many things but willingly restrains Himself to see who really will make the effort to seek Him out and who will not. Who will let the day to day cares of life put them off the path to God and enlightenment? Who is easy to stop and who is nearly impossible to stop? Inquiring minds in heaven want to know.

One More Issue to Settle

Is God a jerk? Is He unfair or hiding something? Was He right about what He said? Does He know what He is talking about? Has He proven His point yet? Will He? He has one big point to make. Once man sins, and disobeys God and His laws, it sets in motion a horrible destruction, for the pain caused, tears us up inside and makes us irrational, and impossible for us to control ourselves. Things go from bad to worse until mankind brings his own destruction.

Mankind does this by some of mankind deciding they want more privileges than the rest of humans. So they seek to bully and control the rest, to their discomfort but to the the selfish, great gain of the bullies. And how far do these selfish ones go? They go all the way. They will go to the point of killing off 90% of the population of the world. They are truly mad men and insane with greed and selfishness. But this must be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt before God's point is made and He then has the right to stop things.

We are soon to see the ultimate progression of this madness soon. Once it is seen, God will put an end to it and use the ones He selects as useable, teachable, and obedient to rehabilitate humanity and the earth. declares that the world is already a paradise. We simply refuse to accept it. I agree.

But as part of the agreement with the devil, God stays out of sight, leaving only His book behind, to see who will accept that book and start to try to obey Him, even though He gives no overt demonstration of His existence and power, no communication otherwise. He believes the ability to prophesy and predict the future should be adequate to convince us and get us to trust Him and obey Him while there is nothing seemingly to gain. The devil also believes that if any are worthy of this good fortune, they ought to be able to get it only if they give it their all. But there is much to gain if we think about it. Promises have been made as well.

But many people find it hard to trust a God who seems remote or won't appear to shake hands with us or make a TV appearance. But that trust is essential in order for this mess not to happen ever again, after God straightens it all out. And He definitely does not want this to ever happen again so He is going to make damn sure it does not, by being picky about who He accepts to start over with.

This is why God sort of tests us by staying out of plain sight. He gave us enough to persuade us. We simply need to make the effort to get to know and understand His purpose and what He has been up to. God wants to know our innermost motivations and purity of our "hearts." So by seeing what we do under pressure and duress, without out blatant proof, God finds out who is likely to take His ways seriously and actually try to live by them while there is not much incentive (in the view of some) to do so. There is lots of incentive to those who can see the implications. God is looking for good "vision" as well.

God's Future Plans
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God promises that elusive eternal life that man has been seeking on his own. Actually, it would be my opinion that we are perhaps not far off from that now, from just the efforts of scientists. But only the privileged will be allowed such great gifts of life. Will they be able to fix all our genetics? I do not know but if they can revitalize DNA, then why not correct it as well? What happens if we die by accident? God will give it to all who qualify to live under His manifest rule when it takes over. And He can bring back life as well. We just have to do things His way, trusting in Him as being capable and benevolent. That is why He lives by His own rules and limits Himself when He does not have to, with all his power. It is His restraint that is most impressive.

God plans to restore the paradise He once created and lost to a "temporary" rebellion. He plans to bring back to life, those who stood for Him, at the cost of their lives. All who have died living for God will be brought back to life. We will be "fixed" as well. The world will be returned to a pollution free paradise. It will be prosperous and fertile. People will be nice and easy to get along with. We will all be beautiful to look at. But first we need to prove ourselves and who we really are. We need to stand for integrity and decency, even if it means our deaths temporarily. We need to prove that people can live lives of relative integrity against difficulties and opposition. It can be done. We must do it. God will destroy those destroying the earth.

So we need to learn what God requires and why. By learning His rules and obeying them as much as possible in our state, we demonstrate that we want to do things His way and be part of His purpose.

Important to note that although God is all powerful according to the Bible, He is willing to let the charge be made and the case be heard, perhaps as a model for all powers that ask for support or obedience from their people. In this way, people can judge the benevolence or absence of it, according to how accountable they make themselves or not. Magna Carta was basically a demand for the king to honor his own laws. The God of the Bible willingly does this. He lives by His own code. So should all leaders but we know they do not.

God's Brags
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I have picked a few scriptures that sort of highlight the essence of the Bible and God, traditionally translated as Jehovah, but more accurately translated from Hebrew as Yahuwah. When you see LORD in all capital letters, it was originally Jehovah/Yahuwah in Hebrew. Jews got superstitious and came to the conclusion that the name of God was too holy to pronounce. I do not subscribe to such a tradition. If God had felt the way, He would have left His name out.

My particular choice was from the book of Isaiah, chapters 42-48, taking out specific verses that sum up some key points.

Isaiah 42: 9 Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

>> my words are set apart and in brown. This part of the book of Isaiah puts emphasis on why this God of Isaiah is different and far better than all the other so called gods. God tells us the future in advance so that we can appreciate His power and foresight. He is in firm control of all things always. This allows confidence, trust, and faith in Him to be able to help us and guide us. these sorts of things are repeated through Isaiah, chapters 42-48. <<

Isaiah 43:
10 "you are my witnesses," says the LORD, "and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know
     and believe me and understand that I am he. Before me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me.
11 I, I am the LORD, and besides me there is no savior.
12 I declared and saved and proclaimed, when there was no strange god among you; and you are my witnesses," says the LORD.
13 "I am god, and also henceforth I am he; there is none who can deliver from my hand; I work and who can hinder it?"

>> God lets us know He is the only one and all powerful and the only means of salvation from our miserable lot here on earth. He will not be stopped. <<

Geneva Bible) Isaiah 45:
11 Thus saith the Lord, the holy one of Israel, and his maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons,
     and concerning the works of mine hands: command you me.
12 I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, whose hands have spread out the heavens,
     I have even commanded all their army.

>> God makes it clear He is responsible for us being here and the earth. They did not come about by accident, but by deliberate will and power. We know this from Genesis but He is giving us a reminder here. <<

Geneva Bible) Isaiah 45:
18 For thus saith the Lord (that created heaven, God himself, that formed the earth, and made it: he that prepared it,
     he created it not in vain: he formed it to be inhabited) I am the Lord, and there is none other.
19 I have not spoken in secret, neither in a place of darkness in the earth: I said not in vain unto the seed of Jacob,
     Seek you me: I the Lord do speak righteousness, and declare righteous things.

>> God had a real and deliberate reason in making the earth. It was not for nothing nor just for a lark. It is our task to search out carefully the full extent of that purpose for there were issues to be raised and settled in that purpose that would affect how God was going to communicate with us and the restraints in that communication made in order for his adversary at law to to fully try God's position and ours, too.

Note the word "trial." Now try this: "Try-all." Then "tri-all" and "tri-al" = trial. We are fully tried or try-alled to see what we are really made of and what God is made of, too. God had selected a particular group to work through for a certain time period. To them, God had not hidden anything from them. He fully informed them, and through them, eventually, us. God selected His best choice of a follower of Him, that being Abraham. And it was through the line of Jacob/Israel, descended from Abraham, that God selected to become a nation and bureaucracy that would serve as a priesthood to keep and maintain the words of God in parchment to be preserved through out time. I will link to an article dealing more with that at the end of this article. <<

Isaiah 48:
1 hear this, O house of Jacob, who are called by the name of Israel, and who came forth from the loins of Judah;
   who swear by the name of the LORD ( Yahuwah/Jehovah, right? ), and confess the god of Israel, but not in truth or right.
2 for they call themselves after the holy city, and stay themselves on the god of Israel; the LORD of hosts is his name.
3 "the former things I declared of old, they went forth from my mouth and I made them known;
   then suddenly I did them and they came to pass.

4 because I know that you are obstinate, and your neck is an iron sinew and your forehead brass,
5 I declared them to you from of old, before they came to pass I announced them to you, lest you should say,
   ‘my idol did them, my graven image and my molten image commanded them.’
6 "you have heard; now see all this; and will you not declare it? From this time forth I make you hear new things,
   hidden things which you have not known.

7 they are created now, not long ago; before today you have never heard of them, lest you should say, ‘behold, I knew them.’
8 you have never heard, you have never known, from of old your ear has not been opened.
   For I knew that you would deal very treacherously, and that from birth you were called a rebel.
9 "for my name’s sake I defer my anger, for the sake of my praise I restrain it for you, that I may not cut you off.
10 behold, I have refined you, but not like silver; I have tried you in the furnace of affliction.
11 for my own sake, for my own sake, I do it, for how should my name be profaned? my glory I will not give to another.
12 "hearken to me, O Jacob, and Israel, whom I called! I am he, I am the first, and I am the last.
13 my hand laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand spread out the heavens; when I call to them, they stand forth together.
14 "assemble, all of you, and hear! who among them has declared these things? the LORD loves him;
     he shall perform his purpose on Babylon, and his arm shall be against the Chaldeans.
15 I, even I, have spoken and called him, I have brought him, and he will prosper in his way.
16 draw near to me, hear this: from the beginning I have not spoken in secret, from the time it came to be I have been there."
     and now the lord GOD has sent me and his spirit.
17 thus says the LORD, your redeemer, the holy one of Israel: "I am the LORD your god, who teaches you to profit,
     who leads you in the way you should go.

18 O that you had hearkened to my commandments! then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea;
19 your offspring would have been like the sand, and your descendants like its grains; their name would never be cut off or destroyed from before me."
20 go forth from Babylon, flee from Chaldea, declare this with a shout of joy, proclaim it, send it forth to the end of the earth; say, "the LORD has redeemed his servant Jacob!"
21 they thirsted not when he led them through the deserts; he made water flow for them from the rock; he cleft the rock and the water gushed out.
22 "there is no peace," says the LORD, "for the wicked."

>> God repeats much in chapter 48. But he does point out that He has foretold new things, but that Israel has not heard (as in understand) nor obeyed. Verse 17 is most appropriate for God declares that He has tried to teach them how to profit or benefit themselves. God gives laws, instructions, and even prophecies, that would benefit us. They are not arbitrary or petty laws but have a real importance for our long term living and survival if we are to be a part of God plan and purpose and be rescued from the current "hell" here on earth after man's original rebellion in Eden.

Israel was basically being rejected for not honoring the deal made with them in the days of Moses to serve and obey God as He required. Had they done so, they would have been blessed in a big way. Their rejection would be complete upon the arrival of God's son. But in these passages of 48, it needs to be recognized that God would be unfair not to have left us with some sort of guidance as this earthly trial progresses here on earth. He has left us with instructions. But He is looking for those who will trust Him and His source and method, in effect, doing things His way, rather than insisting on our own way, which has not worked very well up to now.

In order to trust that method, a written manual recorded and kept alive from 1500 BC till the present, some 3500 years to date. Although miracles were done in some instances once in a while to show God's power, we have not seen these. We are left to trust those enigmatic and very elusive and hard to translate predictions and prophecies. The ability to forecast human events over 3500 years should be pretty good reason to trust the predictions and their source as being God.

We need to trust for we may be required as part of the trial of humans and human nature, to obey God, even to the point of being executed by the "state" for refusing to compromise our convictions and integrity as they relate to God. We may be asked or threatened to stop obeying God. We could die or be very unpopular at the very least. So, there is no doubt that in order to ask us to give up our lives, we must have the assurance that we will get those lives back after the trial has been finished.

So knowing what is going to happen, before it happens and to see it happen just as it had been predicted, is pretty damn good reason to trust and obey, even to the point of suffering or death. No man or god has ever been able to predict the future as far ahead as even 1,000 years, never mind 1,800, or closer to 3,500 years in some instances. This is how we know this Bible is from God and not just a cruel joke upon us.

So it is my invitation to look more into these prophecies and predictions, to see if there might not be something very substantial to what has been forecasted for planet earth and its people.

The next account is from Paul in the book of Acts. It is the summation of God's overall plan and purpose, delivered to Greeks at that time and to us all, now. <<

(RSV) Acts 17:
22 so Paul, standing in the middle of the Areopagus, said: "men of Athens, I perceive that in every way you are very religious.
23 for as I passed along, and observed the objects of your worship, I found also an altar with this inscription, ‘to an unknown god.’ what therefore you worship as unknown, this I proclaim to you.
24 the god who made the world and everything in it, being lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by man,
25 nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything.
26 and he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth, having determined
     allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation,

27 that they should seek god, in the hope that they might feel after him and find him. yet he is not far from each one of us,
28 for ‘in him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your poets have said, ‘for we are indeed his offspring.’
29 being then god’s offspring, we ought not to think that the deity is like gold, or silver, or stone, a representation by the art and imagination of man.
30 the times of ignorance god overlooked, but now he commands all men everywhere to repent,
31 because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed,
     and of this he has given assurance to all men by raising him from the dead."

32 now when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked; but others said, "we will hear you again about this."
33 so Paul went out from among them.

>> God has now called all men to wake up, rise up, and repent and prepare to return to their creator and obey Him finally as is in their interest to do. God has fixed a day, and final point, to finally stop the insanity and bring the wicked to nothing and preserve or being back to life those who have submitted themselves to God without force or obvious enforcement. But they do believe God is real and that so are His laws and His intention to make the world obedient at His selected time. I am going back to black regular text. <<

Some Cautions
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One should be very careful not to confuse the Bible with so called Christianity. Christianity has been compromised since probably 200 AD, if not sooner. Much of it was fully compromised by 325 AD. And as new "back to basics" Christians tried to reinstall the original Bible intentions, more governments and rulers would get control of these so as to corrupt and control. So we who are near to the end when God' judgment will take place, We need to start and end with the Bible only, and not rely at all on most of what we see around us for mainstream Christianity. They are lost at present and while a few may come out of that movement, most will not.

As well, I have not covered science as a factor and science is definitely a factor. But I have done a lot of science research so this is not a weakness or vulnerability on my part. Christianity does not trust "science." But there is the evidence gathered by "science" and then there is the interpretation of science. We must be weary of interpretations, but eager to investigate the evidence. For it should be no secret that the politics of  our day very much regulates and controls science in the very same way it controls religion.

If God is the creator of the heavens and the earth, the universe, then that universe is from God and "speaks" for God. the laws of physics are God's laws for matter and the material universe around us. The Bible must harmonize with scientific evidence, if it is authentic and real and not fabricated or faked. so when the Bible speaks of things related to science or history, it should agree with those sources, if they are authentic and not faked. I submit that they do harmonize and I can give supporting evidence. But not in this concise article. I have much to be written and published but only so much time. But I can write by email for those inclined or send much of my collection of quotes and articles.

I have compiled a thorough Bible Chronology which does compare favorably with history and science, once the full measure of dating science has been absorbed. Science has withheld key evidence, which is outright fraud. I correct that. One must always be careful when a discrepancy is discovered between the Bible and History or Science. It could be that science is wrong, since fraud is so common. But as well, Christians have often made incorrect interpretations which fail to measure up to good science. So caution must always be used and never assume that you understand everything correctly on both or either sides. We have to be willing to consider anything. God demands honesty, diligence, objectiveness, and impartiality. We have heard enough religions, scientists and academics, and politicians all claim those but they have not lived up to them. We can fool others, and we can even fool ourselves but we will never fool God. Let the reader take note.

I have put together the most comprehensive collection on prophetic interpretation that you can find on the internet. Internet religious theories and interpretation have changed profoundly since I began publishing my site in very late 1999 and more particularly since 2002 doctrinally, and 2004, in regards to prophecy. I believe I started the fad of reading and consulting the early so called ante-nicene "fathers" who I have chosen to call early Christian writers and some have copied that term as well, though it is not that odd a name to choose and could happen independently, though I think it was to take search engines and hits from my site.

But it was prophecy that I turned upside down in 2004 and have continued to do since. My insights into the anti-christ have been unique and far reaching. As well, I alone have discovered the serious topic of the prophetic Biblical symbol of "Babylon the Great." My linking Daniel, Revelation, and Ezekiel and parts of Isaiah as I have, proved to be good judgment, considering Sir Isaac Newton had linked Daniel and Revelation near to 400 years ago. I was unaware when I wrote that Newton had done this but have since become aware and embraced his help and foresight.

The study of prophecy takes serious time and effort. The big overall picture can be quickly obtained in reading what I will call the broad prophecies. But the Bible also gives many other prophetic symbols with enormous amounts of detail to give us a very detailed and descriptive account of what to look for in the last days. So much detail that leaves no doubt as to who is who and what is what. so we are not walking blind but when you get into these very detailed prophetic pictures, this is when careful study will be required. But when one looks at the world today, the similarities between the Bible and reality become very apparent. But the symbols are very tricky.

I wrote articles on how to interpret prophecy. Take a good look at all I got and read some. You can always feel free to write me anytime with questions, doubts, or whatever. That is what I am here for. I have tried to link some of my most useful articles below.

I offer this word of caution as well. Those who are lap dogs to the political winds of the New World Order and One World Government, will never admit their lies and deceit. They are well entrenched in education, academia, and science & engineering. The purpose of "education" is to limit and hinder knowledge and learning and hide the real science and knowledge with lies and deception. It is from these that attempts are made to put us off the scent and trail of truth. In fact, what characterizes this age of advanced technology is the overwhelming amount of lies and deception that have saturated and overwhelmed our world.

These are what the great liar and deceiver, the devil, and his earthly minions, have brought about to make it difficult to get past or see through. Difficult, but not impossible. With God, all things are possible. We have been allowed a narrow bit of room to squeeze through and past the lies if we are bold, courageous, sincere, and diligent. It will not be easy. It will be a struggle. The adversary at law with God, named Satan and Devil in the Bible, as well as a few other names and symbols, wants to know what we are really made of. No one gets in for free, you might say. We will have to prove our worthiness to the devil and God. God will not leave us without help.

The main help of God is that He has hidden in code, everything that is going to happen, it unbelievable detail. This is so that we will know ahead of time what is coming and be ready for it and not caught off guard. The proverbial BS is about to hit the fan and we need to know about it, fast! God gives us lots of chance to know if we apply ourselves. Most so called Christians have failed to do so. Don't be like them. go against the grain and dare to think and question. Religious leaders follow the world rulers, and ultimately, the devil himself. That is not a good position to be in. Its up to you which position you want.

I also recommend getting acquainted with the great hope and promises God had made to us in the Bible. This gives us the incentive to brave the challenge and seek the reward. I have often said that God pays poor wages but the benefits package is to die for. but in reality, God's compensation is far better than anything offered today from man or government. Tell me what you think! I'm all ears ;-)

If you are looking for something specific in subject or to be answered and can not find it, let me know. I will find it or write it if need be. Science will be following a few more Bible articles and some legal work as well.

Some Briefs on Evolution            Added Sep 4, 2011
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Defeated by Reason and Logic

Evolution is said to be a process of selection. How can this be without a selective mind? Some say it is random chance and chaos. Can random events produce complex organization? can something come from nothing. Even ancient Greeks, the 1st agnostics and atheists, sort of, did not believe this. Nor do I.

Random probability follows the laws of distribution. What this means is that for every possible combination, the combinations most plentiful will show up the most. If each possibility has an equal chance, as in a 6 sided dice, each one will show up nearly the same number of times, especially as you repeat the roll over and over. Los Vegas gabling counts on the odds to make their money. They forbid card counting and can detect it by a violation of the odds of distribution.

But if one creates many combinations from the 6 possible numbers, such as rolling each number 4 times in a row, one number after the other, 1-6, I say you will never get such a complex pattern. Impossible! The laws of distribution will intervene and make other numbers come up instead. The laws are consistent, repeatable, testable, infallible.

Now if I create a programming language for a computer and a process in a processor, and programs to run on it, can this come about by accident? No! It came from an intelligent mind with purpose, intention, and direction. DNA is indeed, a programming language. Each life form is a DNA program, just as any program written in C or Pascal or Fortran is a program to run within that environment and code. Hard enough to get a few simple programs or life forms. Can we have a variety of them? Do you know the odds on that? To be precise, unimaginably impossible! The language alone would be impossible. It represents incredible organization and function that produce the same over and over again.

Now one further. If life was created spontaneously and by random chance, then surely the complexity can not be that great. And if not that great, then a good mind should be able to figure it out and recreated it in the lab for if it came about by chance, how much easier to do it deliberately, by purpose. But if you can not recreate it at all, from nothing living, by atoms and molecules of non-life origin, then it could not have happened by chance. It would be impossible. And if you can not duplicate life from non-life material elements; then it is of an order of organization and complexity that even deliberate minds like ours can not copy. It absolutely suggests and even demands a greater mind and power than ours and clearly rules out chance and accident. So this riddle is solved.

Fossil Evidence

Now on fossil evidence, first, they often date according to layer, but no layer can be guaranteed to be undisturbed. Circular reasoning at best. One needs a reasonable amount of fossils to know a subject well. At LL Bean, a mail order company of fame, industry mathematicians tell them that you must check 5% of the packages going out (for checking errors) to get a representative figure for the whole amount of packages shipped. So for any species, we have to have a reasonable number of skeletons, fairly intact as regards the parts. Not too many pieces should be missing.

Take "Lucy," said to be an Australo-Pithecine. She is missing parts and pieces, though a fair amount is present. Her skull is fragmented with big pieces missing. The jaw may not even be hers, at all. It could be another primate mixed in. How many of these Australos do we have? Not many! Hardly any! And most are nowhere near as complete as Lucy. We know almost nothing of this species, as to how much it varies in looks and shape, or even if we have the basic form right. Inconclusive at best. Sorry Mr. Dawkins!

We have many more on the Homo family. But whether Erectus is separate or distinct from Habilis or Sapiens, or just different varieties of the same large species, we can not say, though some try. But how do we show that Australo produced Homo and then did not survive along side it? How do we know they are even related at all? Pure guess work and speculation. I will show some possibilities. 1st, if we were there at that time and saw the first change from Australos, then we would know. But that is not possible. Then what? There would have to be gradients in the transformation from Australo to Homo. We have no such steps of gradual change. Surely you will not suggest multiple changes all at once. The odds make that impossible. It would have to be gradual. there have never been any transitional evidence and I say, never will be.

Now absence of evidence does not mean it did not happen or exist, but until you have that evidence, you have no case. Evolution is just speculation without evidence in reasonable amounts. I had one person of some ability in psychology (Dr. Arthur Janov, author of many books) say that Dawkins has written all kinds of books proving evolution. So I attempted to post to his reply, that since this was the case, then maybe he could give me just one citation from 1 book of Mr. Dawkins, showing how Australo evolved into Homo. Just 1 little citation. He did not post my challenge or produce a citation nor even mention it without the reference. He could not back and support his own assertions. Some science, that is! That is classic pseudo science, which is no science at all. There is not one scientist on all earth who can answer my challenges. They would not dare.

We do have a fair amount of various archaic Homo Species. At one time we did not and yet made many assertions about them that were not supported by the evidence. Are we still doing that? We discover new fossils and new species continually. Why? Because fossils can be found all over the continents and it is hard to find all species that may have survived in fossil form. Many likely did not survive in fossil form. We keep finding those that did. but what we know from them is quite limited since live ones have not survived for observation. Many assumptions are passed off as fact or supported by evidence. People fall for it. I don't!

Evolution Summary

The halls of evolution are filled with smoke and mirrors. They are illusions and deceit propagated, in order that God may be discredited since His moral codes carried on by His "fans" and followers are so annoying to those who want to eliminate all morals and carry out the worst diabolical atrocities ever seen up to now. Wake up and smell the coffee. Recognize that the emperor has no clothes on. He is naked and has nothing. Evolution is so full of bullshit, lies, deceit, and malicious intent. You have no idea just how far they are going to carry this evil agenda. But I promise you, you will find out.

By now, you should be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Good guys like morals and decency. They have limits and boundaries. Not so with the Evolution promoters. They have no limits on what they will consider or do. All this talk of rights and respect if a lie. That should be apparent even now and has been for some time. Most of what they promote as science has absolutely no resemblance to real science. It is deceit, propaganda, an violates ever step of every method known to science, law or any other good code for procedure and practice. It is political bullshit designed to baffle and bewilder and lead you right off the edge of the cliff into oblivion. For God's sake and your own, wake to hell up and pick who you are going to side with! The evolution promoting monsters who want to take all your rights away, though most are gone already, or those who want freedom of religion?

Because the day is coming when all will be required to belong to just one New World, Whole Wide World Religion led by a phony Christ/Messiah type character who will likely come in a UFO. And you will all be so impressed with all this bullshit that you will accept him at once. You'll all be signing your death warrants when you do. You have been warned. Evolution is part of a diabolical plot to destroy the real message of God that He has taken great care to preserve to the present. Ignore it and you will die. But die for God, and you will be back and better than ever and never again will we have to put up with the bullshit going on at present and due to get worse, much worse. Remember I told you so!

Some Real Science                                 Added Sep 4, 2011
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I got a few facts to point out. 1st, all courts recognize the importance and validity of eye witness testimony. Many witnesses confirming the same thing certainly gives secure credibility to what ever is confirmed by that testimony. Most conspiracy theories would not be hypotheses or theories if they simply accepted numerous eye witnesses.

An example would be the Dallas assassination of JFK. Numerous eye witnesses saw the limo stop in front of the grassy knoll. But the Zapruder film shows no such stop. But then again, the Zapruder film was kept away from the public for 11 years before it was released. But if you view the Zapruder film carefully, you will see 2 women in the background near the time of the Knoll, who are much bigger than the limo and those in it in the foreground. How can that be? You can see everyone in the car lunge forward but why? Eye witness testimony not only shows a conspiracy in the limo stopping where it was reported to stop, but also in revealing corruption of the Zapruder film as well.

Most of those who seek to cover things over do not like eye witness testimony since it is so hard to dismiss. But now we have another "trial" where eye witnesses are vital. It is in the fact that almost every tribe, race, and language have a flood legend. As well, archaeological evidence reveals common tablet testimony to the flood. While its details often vary, the basics remain fairly common. All ancients of the Middle Bronze Age recognized the flood and a version of Noah in various name forms. So the whole world was of this belief at that time. That would be accepted in any court of law in any other matter with that much agreement.

But as well, most are unaware of the other archaeological evidence such as all the many mounds were civilization was interrupted and replaced with a new civilization all over the Mid East Mesopotamian Plains. Geological evidence abounds in showing a flood event but they choose to call it an ice age, but they are lying and covering it up. Ice can not account for what they find in evidence. Many extinct mega-fauna can still be found frozen and many more as bone remains.

Dating controversies are not such at all. for instance, may readings point to about 11,000 BP (expressed in radio carbon years, which are not quite like ours) for the last ice age event. This is the flood marker. But why 11,000 BP and not say the Bible's 4,350 BP? Radiocarbon 14 dating is very susceptible to contamination of many sorts and means. For instance, old limestone might have water run over it or through it.  The limestone has carbon dioxide (CO2) in it, often quite older than the present. Water dissolves some lime and takes it with the current. Measuring the lime in the water gives an old reading but because of contamination from the old lime deposits. Modern rain fall can make radiocarbon look much younger, sine the new CO2 is not depleted yet.

As well, when volcanoes erupt, they spew out enormous amounts of CO2. This is what is called dead carbon. It has no radioactive carbon in it. It is too old, having bee in the earth for far longer than C14 can survive. Generally, 65,000 years is about as old as C14 can get. Most background radiation gives out at least a 65,000 year reading so one can often not get a reading any older than that. Background radiation is measured and subtracted, often leaving nothing remaining.

Were volcanoes to dump lots of old dead carbon into the environment, then the age of things contaminated by this new released dead carbon would show a greater age than it actually was. 11,000 BP might calibrate to about 10,500 BP cal in our solar years, or 8,500 BC cal in our years. But the flood is calculated at 4,350 BP cal. 10,500 BP compared to 4,350 BP cal? Its just a bit more than double the time. so if comets hit earth and fractured the plates and the rifts released CO2 gas and the volcanoes went off and released CO2 gas, then we might easily get as much dead carbon to add to the environment as there was in the radioactive carbon present before that huge release. This would make the C14 readings look twice as old as they really were. So this discrepancy is easily explained and understood.

In fact, the C14 distribution might not be even so that one place might show more or less age than another. I propose this exact problem. But not so much a problem. You see, the ages of neolithic and paleolithic man vary by location. Ages get younger to a limit in say, North and South America, where 11-12 thousand years is common. A few dates seem to now reach maybe 14, 500. They are rare and anomalous. Most dates are in the earlier range. In Spain and Europe, we get more like 25-35 thousand. years BP. In parts of Asia such as former Soviet Union countries, 35-45 thousand is not uncommon in some places. But is we drop down to the south east Asian Pacific region of the islands and Australia, we get 65-70 thousand years for a reading. Some dates in that area have gone as low as 40 thousand or even 20-25 thousand. But those are considered anomalous or in doubt. But C14 distribution could easily explain the anomalies. The 70,000 readings trace back to the Mt. Toba Explosion, which deposited ash all over SE Asia, over to India and maybe into China or Japan though I can not recall for sure there.

So the major catastrophe that set off the flood can be traced back to ground zero. Australian mega-fauna, the big extinct animals, disappeared between 65-45 thousand years ago. More recent dates have varied more. Mega-fauna in other places get younger, in the reverse of what I traced to the SE Pacific. So mega-fauna in North American look to be about 11,000 years extinct. Why did all the big animals die out while the smaller versions lived on? Makes no sense unless you accept that flood business.

We can even trace a bottle neck in the genetic variety of our DNA, where many traits were lost and variety narrows considerably. Again, the flood does answer that, though many prefer to reject it. I have many volumes of research showing overwhelming evidence. I list some key books on geological evidence that supports the flood in my book recommendations on the home page.

The evidence is strong and consistent but "science" has chosen to ignore it, cover it over, and deny it. Of course! If they did not, you might follow God, too. And then it will be impossible to accept that phony messiah in a UFO, telling you he is Jesus and every other great hero of ages past. and he is going to make us an offer we can't refuse. And most will accept it and then die in the greatest mass world wide killing that has ever been witnessed. Depopulation control for the elite and beautiful people so they don't have to share it much with anyone else. This is what you get with Evolution.

But if you want decency, kindness, mercy, and benevolence, you better consider God as the creator of man and the world, not evolution. It is not a fantasy or escape. It is real scientific evidence which has been distorted and lied about. Don't be fooled any longer. Start reading some real science today in my book recommendations and give your self some real honest legitimate help and not that phony BS the guy in the UFO is going to feed you. He only wants to kill you all off to less than 1 billion. Its your choice! Continue to believe the liars or start listening to real honest truth and science. Ignorance is not bliss and never was. Don't blow this chance for you do not have much longer now. Laugh at your own peril.

What Is Atheism Really?
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Why I Was Wrong About Atheism

Why I Was Right About Atheism

The Decline of Faith and Western Civilization

Stefan Molyneux

Welcome to America, White Man!

Stefan notes the statistics that show an overwhelming number of Atheists are also leftists in politics and favor big socialist government and liberal government and brutal forceful violent government, oppressive regimes. What the hell?

Christians on the other hand, and other religious folk tend to be conservative and right wing and prefer less and weaker, less intrusive government and less social welfare type stuff.

These are like nearly polar opposites in attraction. How do I make sense of the trends? Its quite simple, really. Some favor compassion tempered with responsibility and morals. The other prefers oppression, ruthlessness, and a big daddy government that controls everything and takes from the middle class to give to the poor class so that there is less difference between the two classes while the elite in government are spared their high ground.

I had been considering another form of deception. Atheism purports to be a choice of reason over superstition and religion. But at the core of Atheism is not reason, but a hatred of the good that is more typically found in religion than in other places. And I am not saying that there is not bad religion, either. But when its demonstrated that nearly all Atheists are political leftists and inversionists, they go wild. Their cover has been blown. All spy agents depend upon a cover, an excuse, as to why they are in your country or you in theirs.  A better strategy is to find natives who are willing, for money or whatever, to join your spy cause, because they look like the natives and have every appearance of being a native.

"Reason" is a cover for Atheism, but a false one, a lie if you will. By eliminating religion, they eliminate the last possible holdout against pure hatred and evil of every type. Here is the paradox. Most Atheists are not Atheists at all. Another cover. They actually believe in and serve Satan, who clearly is a spirit and does have power of some degree. They know this, but being an Atheist is a great cover to hide and deny Satan and the worship of him, and obedience to him, a known source of evil. It should be naturally assumed that all Atheists are leftists and Satan worshipers. What they clearly are not, is those who love reason. When you use solid reason with them as Stephan Molyneux has done on Youtube, they go bezerk. No more reasoning. Just ad-hominem attacks and lots of anger. They hate it when people expose their lack of reason and show them for their true lying colors.

So lets go one further. It is quite evident in the entertainment world how important Satanism is to that field and industry. But though not said as much, it is the same for people in politics and the political "industry." They, too, worship Satan though they will quickly and emphatically deny such. In fact, they are every likely to claim to be  .  .  . yep! you guessed it! Atheists!

When they lose their cover, they get oh so angry and hateful. This is when you see their true colors. They really just want to harm, destroy, and kill, in no particular order. They hate everyone and everything. It really is that simple. I strongly urge all to go to Youtube and type in Stephan Molyneux along with Atheism and watch the most recent stuff. Very impressive. But I am going to add my dimension to it, which I have done here and will do elsewhere. I wonder how they like me now ;-)

So really, the two sides in opposition to each other, are really more of a good vs bad battle. The good and the bad are relative terms but there is a clear difference between the 2 and which way they lean. Satan hides among the bad/leftists who support strong government and high taxes. God is more often found among the conservative and moral with smaller government that has more freedom and slightly less taxes.

To make this more realistic, there is less difference than I would prefer. The elite own and control both sides and too often, its really hard to tell the difference. But in the views of the people, you find more difference one way or the other.

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