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Alisa's Police Interviews


On Alisa's 1st Police Interview
POW Military Captives
How It Began in 2014
Sep 5, 2014 - 1st interview
1st Interview, part 2 at 27:57
Sep 11 (2nd) interview Part 1
2nd Interview, Part 2
The Big Set-up!
Sep 11 interview Part 3
Sep 17 Interview to 12:33

Scapegoat Sophie & the Taxicab
The Anal Scars  Jun 21 017
The Rape Kick  Jun 21 017
More Body Language Cues
Sep 12 Medical Exams
Sep 12 Details 
9-12 Exam 4 Gabriel
9-12 Exam 4 Alisa
9-16 Med Exams
Closing Thoughts
Scraps from 1st article
Age Regression
Mind Control & Torture

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The Premise
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I believe there are remarkable things revealed in this interview that may not have been recognized so far. See what you think. What I found was that the body language was very different in the last session, the 3rd one, the so called retraction of Alisa. I added some pictures at key times to reinforce what I am talking about. The non-verbal is often more revealing than the words voiced.

The 3 interviews were originally split up into several parts each when I first did this article and were available on the Zeekly website at the time. Later, a full length compilation included all the interviews without being split up. The parts are also now available in better quality than what was on the Zeekly website. As I am re-doing this article as of Feb 16. 2016, I use the compilation video and reference its times. The pictures with blue arrow tabs were from the Zeekly videos but the new screen snaps I have taken use the compilation times. I have since gone back and used the split up parts as well

POW Military Captives
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I want to make an important point here. When American Korean prisoners of war came home to the USA in a prisoner or war exchange, they had renounced many thing regarding the USA. When they got back, they were kept for a while, willingly in theory, and studied very thoroughly as to what happened to them. The Military shrinks wanted to know all about the enemy's techniques as they were impressed by how the Americans so convincingly turned on their own country. I have only recently read about this in Margaret Thaler Singer's book, "Cults in Our Midst." I might have read about it some in "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century." Can't be sure right now.

And getting the soldiers to cooperate was likely not hard since what they had done as POWs in China and Korea would normally have earned them a court-martial. We are not going to talk about the programming techniques. The upper brass of the US military was sympathetic. Other studies I have heard of in reading about Mind Control indicate that nearly any man can be broken in less than 3 days. They assume all can and will be broken. Most military personnel are not told anymore than is needed.

Hence, creating Mind Controlled (MK) (MK is German for Mind Control and those those letters were used for many CIA references to it) slaves was the ultimate way to keep US agents and personnel from talking. MK hides info in the mind and puts a password on it so that a mind does not know its there and no one can get at it without the access codes. Brice Taylor, an amazing MK victim who was used, among so many other things, as a human mind file and computer. She was tortured more than once by the Mafia trying to get info on what the government knew or not. They were brutal with torture but Brice never gave out anything because she did not have access to it herself. The Mob, including Sinatra, not knowing any thing about MK, became impressed with degree of torture she was able to endure.

But our lesson is that without such severe programming, no one will be able to resist enemy captors when being held prisoner by them. So countries are not very impressed (persuaded) with enemy obtained confessions of their soldiers in captivity.

Now with Alisa and Gabriel, we have these two kids taken captive by the UK authorities, supposedly for their protection. But it was not for their protection, but to imprison the kids and keep them silent and normally, procedure is that they must be severely punished, usually by being sacrificed by the cult, which means their blood drained and drank and their flesh eaten. Many a cult has made the papers in the latter 80s and 90s in the USA, murdering cult members who had left. Many other murders were carried out but without suspects or convictions.

But what should be most clearly realized is that once the two kids were in captivity, their testimony would be meaningless and worthless as regards authenticity and sincerity. On the other hand, what has happened throughout these interviews, even after the kidnapping of the two kids, is very useful, for the UK authorities have made so many stupid blunders in this affair, with the most laughable pathetic techniques in framing innocents while not investigating the original accused, of which there were well over 400 people involved in the school the kids went to and in 9 other schools that such tings were said to be done in, too.

Worse for the UK and all MK practicing nations and cults is that these two kids in numerous videos, including police interviews and they are small in appearance, with child voices, faces, and figures, so that they really tug on people's hearts and they are attractive children as well, only making it all worse for the UK. The evidence in documents and video and transcribed video as well, is substantial to say the least and it can all be spread around the net to any who have moderate intelligence to grasp it.

In previous times like the 80s and thru at least the mid 90s, if not more, we did not have the huge numbers of regular internet users, along with so much in the way of social networking sites and video sites like Youtube and Vimeo. So getting word out was tough back then. Not quite was much now, although now most militaries of most nations have created divisions/departments whose sole purpose is to surf the net created the appearance of being the average public who seem to favor the governments' views on things. But of course, its all lies and illusions.

But all the same, the ability is out there to expose this huge injustice that has been going on all over the world for over 30 years as regards publicity and court cases and therapy, but has been going on in operations by secret spy agencies of governments at least since the close of WWII. The shear volume of evidence is going to haunt the UK and possibly rip this thing open for the whole world to see.

But to restate the obvious, the fact the kids supposedly retracted their previous 2 police interviews in the 3rd interview is the biggest lie of all. And a non-investigation by UK police will be the crowning glory of convicting the UK in a real publicly-conducted by-the- masses-trial against secret government operations and Satanic worship around the world. The two children were kidnapped by the UK authorities, I propose, and that the mother and their step-dad were innocent of any wrong doing at all and were victims of being framed by UK law enforcement authorities. Lets dig in !!!

How It Began in 2014
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After the summer trip/vacation to Morocco in 2014, during which trip most of the testimony of the kids was recorded on the way back home, Mom and Abe take the kids to report the crimes to the police and child "protective" services (CPS). This was Sep. 5, 2014.

The kids had been continually raped and prostituted while going to their school, by the school staff, all the other kids in the school, and the parents of all the kids and the customers who had sex with the kids for 50 pounds a session. The kids were hit, hurt, and otherwise tortured continually. And they were forced to participate in killing babies, whose blood was drained and drank and their flesh cooked and eaten.

If you have read George Orwell's 1984 then you might remember the word double-speak. Double speak is really just a clever form of lying, where you describe something as its exact opposite. The police might be called the "ministry of love." Protective services are really child kidnapping services. This is the outstanding trait of the late 20th and the 21st century nations. They twist, distort, and grossly lie to the extreme opposite. The Environmental Protection Agency only protects industry from having to clean up or install pollution removers and make the people pay for it all. Other than that, it is really the Environmental Destruction Agency.

Schools are meant to hinder and prevent education so that the masses remain dumb and helpless. Police are often enforcers similar to mob strongmen, who carry out the wicked orders of leaders and courts, as if they were mob bosses. They also give out lots of tickets for very small infractions as a means to increase tax revenues. The odd thing about this all, is that these changes in words seem to actually work and fool the masses. That is especially scary. As well, we have paid shills and trolls on the internet who are professional liars whose only job is to lie about things and alter the perception of what is believed in common among the people on the net. The various media and entertainment industries have always lied about and misrepresented life in their movies, TV, music, etc.

This was apparently something not understood by Ella and Abe. They thought, despite the kids telling them that CPS supplied babies to kill and eat and that "cops did sex to them." I think it is a matter of being overwhelmed and fearing no where to turn even more than the other warnings like the kids offered. This is the state of most of our society and so its hard to blame anyone too much. As well, the will of God may be in the process of being worked out and all of us in one way or another maybe have a part to play in this earthly drama, either good or bad. But I will say that since we live in such dangerous and deceitful,. perilous times, we should waste no time in learning all we can about what goes on around us. People not interested in their environment and surroundings take an awful risk and we see the results here in this case.

In the end, maybe God will enable this message of what goes on all over the world like this case, a good warning to all and a way to wake up the world to the extreme dangers of evil, with the temporary loss and hurt experienced by Ella, Abe, and the kids. I hope it will be temporary. I have some reasons for believing it will be temporary. Life is full of suffering and loss. But it is not in vain if we learn from it. Its regrettable that we have to endure it, but it is an essential part of life after the first human pair rejected God in favor of Satan. Now Satan would appear to run the world. And he also seeks, as do his followers, to keep his name out of all this.

He does not want you to know he exists because he is trying to convince humans that they will live on after death as spirits and that they do not need God or need to obey God. So he and his fellow rebel angels, commonly called demons, make it appears as if people have amazing miraculous abilities such as psychic powers, etc. So Satan does want you to believe in him and think that he is behind all these paranormal supernatural things going on. He wants you to believe its you that have those powers, not him. In this way, you might reject God, since you are much like Him anyway, supposedly.

The danger is not just in my head. It should be manifest to all. I'll use Mel Ve's beautiful term here: "Cognitive Dissonance" Junkies. Its another way of saying clueless. Actually, super philosopher (says I) & reporter Jon Rappoport  says it used to just be called a contradiction rather than Cognitive Dissonance, and he is right. Cognitive is another word for conscious deliberate or partially deliberate form of Dissonance. We don't want to be asleep to what is taking place. Jesus had warned his followers that in those last perilous days, that people would take no note of what was going on around them. I'd say he managed to hit that one on the head. And that was 1900 years ago. But you don't have to agree.

But I will state that what some call cognitive dissonance is really fear of what they are confronting and so they go into denial or they run away from it. Its called cowardice. That we could be betrayed by police and our system and have no justice. Just too scary for too many. So they just reject and deny that possibility. The coward's way out.

Opening Thoughts on Alisa's 1st Police Interview
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This was at  about 11:35 PM at the end of the 1st interview. They, the observers and interviewer are conferring. She is alone and looking around at the cameras. There are 3 cameras, one up high, one in front, sort of and you see her eyes looking right at the one on the right in 1 and 2. Who knows what she was thinking at this time, having finished her interview. Stealing a line or 2 from "Night Gallery" of the early 70s TV: I call this one, "A Lamb Led to the Slaughter."

At the start, Alisa appears calm and focused and there is a straight delivery without stumbling or pauses. She does not fidget at all. No weird body contortions and positions. She is quite low key in her voice, perhaps even despondent or not so sure about it all. Who can blame her. But she gets more lively in her discussions as she goes on. She does a wonderful job, trusting in the sincerity of the interviewer, when in reality, they have no honorable intentions whatsoever. In fact, I would say that as soon as they heard about this, they had preplanned strategies for various possibilities of this nature. Mom and the kids were walking right into the lion's mouth. Just damn cruel and monstrous.

Now if you are new to this subject/scandal and can keep an open mind, I am sure you will see the absurdities and total fraud committed by the investigators, more correctly called liars and conspirators against law, order and decency. If you have read some of the horrendous stuff said about Alisa's Mom and Abe, you are about to find out just how monstrous and deceitful the entire legal process was and is and even worse, what a complete bunch of liars the media are. This is solid evidence that the world truly is controlled from top to bottom and that it is all lies and deceit. And it is God's will that you know about this. So He really does care. I only do this stuff here because I care and I care about God as well. What He wants is what I want. I make no money and gain nothing, whether you believe me or not.

But I do not want anyone else have to experience what Alisa's Mom and Abe went thru in trying to do some good and save, not only their own 2 kids, but the other 18 of the special 20 kids that Satan had grand plans for.

But before we move on, I want to make a point about why the interviewer left. The whole 3 person team had only one goal in mind. To find someone else to blame, one of the complaining members. Problem was, Alisa gave them nothing in this interview. So they discussed this, and set up another interview, quite long, about 1 hour, to see if they could turn up something in the next interview. And they did. They would ask questions about Mom and Abe, but mysteriously, they never asked anything much about the many that Alisa accused, most especially her dad, so called. Hideous Monster is far more appropriate.

I'd like to make this point, just for the hell of it. Girls in say, Cambodia, are often forced by parents to prostitute. That's a pretty horrid thing to have to face. They adjust because they have no choice. And a part of them dies. On the other hand, all they have to do is have sex with strangers. That is not as bad as what Gabriel and Alisa have to face. They face torture quite frequently, every day in school, to be exact. The torture is deliberately designed to take every last bit of decency out of them, every last bit of self-will and all hope will die in time and they will reluctantly accept whatever and will think nothing of cruelty and do the same to their kids. You'll see shortly.

This is the typical result that enables the Satanic cult to continue from one generation to the next and as well, to enable new colonies/nests of Satan worshipers to spring up and slowly overtake the earth. As well, they are always on the lookout for new recruits who like to rape and torture kids to produce more damaged Satanic slaves.

I might also point out at this point, Feb. 18, 2016, that in the many books on secret government Mind Control, Cults, and Satanic Ritual Abuse (torture, really!), this has been going on strong since the 50s and is practiced by many nations now in the world and at some level, they all cooperate together in trafficking of kids, weapons, drugs and much more. Governments are just very big crime syndicates. And they all pay their due homage to Satan. That is a fact!

This interview as well as the 2nd one, are very much alike and in the 3rd interview date, the so called retraction, Alisa is a much different person in every way. A changed person indicates a very changed and manipulated circumstance. This is why these interviews are so important. You need to see who is really lying and who is not.

Sep 5, 2014 - 1st interview  with Alisa
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These are the the subjects covered in this part of the interview:

Dad comes to school

does sex to the kids

Dad kills babies

Sex in the staff room.

20 special children.

200 children in school.

Millie "does sex."

Cult drinks blood of babies & eats their flesh.

Teachers, parents have sex with all the kids at school.

Social services obtain babies from public.

Drugging, killing, and draining babies in church kitchen.

Baby bones used to make statues.     Baby skulls worn.


This starts out with intros and ground rules.       S: = Police Interviewer Steve Martin, a public servant and witness in my own personal court of law, in my mind, that I share with you all.    A: = Alisa, the girl interviewed, who sought relief from rape and prostitution to no avail.

I find it amusing that in the USA back in the late 70s, we had a comedian named Steve Martin. How appropriate now that this interviewer be named the same ;-)

The Interview

S: OK, this is what weíll do. First of all, IĎll tell you everyoneís names. So youíre clear who it is. My nameís Steve and Iím a policeman. And I work here at Barnet Police Station. This lady here, her name is Cleo.

A: Cleo and Steve.
S: Cleo and Steve
A: Um, Jean-Clement
S: No. I havenít met Jean-Clement, but we do similar jobs, but he works in a different part of London. I think he works ..
A: South
S: Yeah, somewhere else. Iíve never met him. Iíve never met HIM. He does work, he is a policeman.
A: Heís a sergeant.
S: Oh, is he? Heís a police sergeant?
A: Yeah.

S: Oh, OK. And Cleo is a police lady and her job is the controller today. And that means she controls everything thatís going on there. Making sure its all working. OK? And as you see she has a pen and paper and she may make some notes cause she might want to ask something at the end. Do you want a pen? [to Cleo] And then from then weíll just Ö And that leaves one other person and thatís you. Can I just ask you to tell your full name please? Whatís your first name?


A: Alisa
S: Alisa
A: My real name is Grace
S: Grace
A: But my nameís Alisa Gareeva Dearman but my second name is Grace
S: So, Alisa Grace Gareeva Dearman
S: OK, So its four names youíve got.
A: Yes.
S: OK. And have you got a middle name? Is Grace your middle name?
A: Yes.
S: No other names?
A: No, just those.
S: OK. Perfect.
A: Yes.
S: OK. And how old are you?
A: Iím nine years old right now
S: Yeah, and do you prefer being called Alisa or Grace
A: Alisa. Iím used to being called Alisa.
S: Yeah, Alisa, OK.
A: I donít like being called Grace.


S: No? OK. So, what I would like to do is go through some of the rules and just explain todayís date. It is, half past ten in the evening and itís the 5th of September. And, like I say, we are here at Barnet and what we are going to talk about, I wasnít there, so cause I wasnít there I need you to explain in as much detail, everything you can remember. OK. So, really think about everything you can remember and tell me about it. OK. If I ask you something and you donít understand what Iím saying, tell me, and Iíll look at it in a different way, yeah? And that goes the other way. If you say something and Iím not really sure what you mean, I might ask you to say it again or I might ask the question in a different way.

A: To explain Ö
S: Yeah, I might say what does that mean or can you tell me in a different way. So, thatís that one really. If I ask you a question and you donít know the answer thatís fine. Just tell me you donít know. OK? And, thatís because I want you to tell everything the truth. OK. I donít want you to guess. If you donít know, just tell me.
A: Alright.
S: And if you donít know thatís OK. And that brings me to the next thing. You must tell the truth. And thatís you and me. So, if I ask you something youíve got to tell me the truth. And if you ask me something Iíll tell you the truth. Shall we agree that?
A: Yeah.

3:40     what is truth and what is a lie begins:

S: Yeah. What I want to do is just make sure you understand the difference between the truth and a lie. OK. See this paper Ö
A: The truth is opposite.
S: The truth is what?
A: The truth is opposite
S: To what?
A: Well, lie is opposite to the truth.
S: A lie is opposite to the truth. So. Right. Let me tell you this. If Iíve drawn this picture on here. This is on Cleoís paper. She sees this picture and she says who drawn that? And I say, yes, it was me that drew it. Iím sorry. Would that be the truth or a lie?

A: That would be true.
S: That would be the truth. So what would have been a lie?
A: No, I did not draw it. Somebody else did it. I do not know who.
S: That would be a lie. Yes. So, why do sometimes people tell the truth? Um, sorry, tell a lie. Why do sometimes people tell a lie?
A: Maybe, sometimes, maybe its personal. I donít know.
S: What do you mean?
A: So, maybe, like, if Ö I donít know. Why would they say a lie?
S: Yeah, why would they say a lie
A: Cause they donít want you to know about that.
S: Yeah. Sometimes they donít want to tell you about it.
A: Maybe they donít want to be in trouble. They donít want anyone to be in trouble.

4:58    use actual swear words  (be specific and exact, right?)

S: Thatís also a good reason. That sometimes people lie, thatís true, that people donít want to get in trouble. And, in here, you wonít get in trouble. As long as you tell the truth, you will not get in trouble for anything youíve said or done. OK. As long as you tell us now. OK. Yeah. I promise. And Iíve got to tell the truth as well. And from that, um, I need to say, that includes if you use rude words and things like that. In here, you are allowed to use those rude words, OK? Your mummy knows what we are going to be talking about and knows that you are here, and she wonít tell you off if you need to use those sort of words. Iíd rather you used those sort of words to tell me exactly what happened than you try and make it polite and you miss out on things that have happened.


A: I'm Sorry, I donít understand.
S: Well, say for example, me and Cleo are having a conversation . You heard Cleo swear.
A: Yeah
S: Right, do you understand that bit?
A: Yes.
S: So me and her are talking . Cleo swore while she was talking to me. She said a rude word.
A: Yes.
S: And then I say to you, did you hear what Cleo said. And I say, tell me what Cleo said. Iíd rather you tell me everything, including the swear word.
A: So I should say the swear.
S: Like, if I said, Cleo said, oh this camera is shit. Say she said that. And I said to you what did Cleo say? I donít want you to say, oh, Cleo said the camera is rubbish. I want you to say, Cleo said the camera is shit.

>>I say: This interview is bullshit and a fraud being perpetrated against Alisa. And you can "exact-quote" me on that!<<


A: Oh
S: Do you see?
A: Yes
S: So donít make it polite, make it exactly. Is that clear?
P;: Yes. So I say exactly
S: Perfect, well done. Thank you. So, youíve come here with your mum. And, do y you live with your mum, do you?
A: Yes, I live with her.
S: And who else do you live with?
A: Its just my mum I live with. Only my mum.
S: No one else?
A: Nope.
S: No other family members?
A: Not my dad, no.
S: What about brothers?
A: No. I live with my brother, Gabriel.
S: So thereís you. Gabriel. Your mum?
A: Yes. Mmm. Three.  S: Three.

7:20            We are introduced to James, older half brother of Alisa, fathered by Mr. Draper

S: So thereís three of you?
A: Yes.
S: OK.
A: And my big brother, James, he sometimes comes.
S: Oh OK. Whoís James?
A: James is just my big brother, but heís not really, like, he knows about this, but, no he doesnít really like doing it.
S: What do you mean?
A: My big brother, James.
S: And how old is James?
A: Heís about 17. But he doesnít, heís not really included cause he doesnít really live with us.
S: Oh, OK. So where does he live?
A: He lives with this other dad.
S: Oh, OK.
A: He doesnít live with us. But he comes to visit us on Saturdays.


S: Oh, OK, I see. So is he your half brother, is he?
A: He is my brother. He is my brother, its just that his dad is married Ö so my mum married two men. So first was when my big brother was born and after she broke up - his name is Will - she broke up with him and after - she didnít marry - she loved Ricky - which is my dad. So then we were born and then she broke up.
S: So your dad is Ricky. Jamesís dad is Will.
A: Will. Will Draper and my mumís name is Ella Draper.
S: But you and James both have the same mum, whoís Ella.
A: Yes, yes.
S: I understand. And what about James.
A: James, yes, heís my brother yes.
S: And is he the son of Will or is he the son of Ricky?
A: Son of Ricky. Me and Gabriel are the daughter and son of Ricky, and James is the son of Will.

9:00      Alisa's dad come to their school every day, does sex to them. Babies killed, eaten, drink their blood.

S: Perfect. So you live with your mum.
A: Yes.
S: And do you ever get to see your dad, do you?
A: My dad, Ricky?
S: Your dad, Ricky.
P Yes, yes. Every two Saturdays, but actually, in fact, he lies to my mum. And he says that he just sees us every two Saturdays.
S: Do you see him every two Saturdays?
A: Court orders
S: OK. So do you see him every two Saturdays?
A: Nope. We see him every single day.
S: Every single day. How do you do that?
A: He comes to our school.
S: Oh does he? And what does he do at school?
A: He does sex to us. He kills babies there.
S: Right.
A: We eat babies. We drink their blood.
S: OK.


A: Because this is how we do it. So, like, on Wednesdayís. Wednesdayís is the most special, busiest day. Special.
S: Right. OK. We will take it bit by little bit. So, you say your dad comes to your school every day?
A: Yes.
S: What does that mean? He comes to your school every day?
A: He comes, like, whenever we are school. On Saturdays he comes and sees us there.
S: Where abouts does he come and see you?
A: My school, Christchurch Primary School.
S: Yeah, OK.
A: Thatís where, thatís where we Ö the area we live. We live next to Christchurch Primary School.
S: Yeah.
A: Cause we live in 5 Pattison Road, and after, he comes to our school.


S: Right, OK. So who drops you off at school in the morning?    A: My mum.
S: So, you get dropped off at school. When you get dropped off school, what do you do then?
A: Yes. So then they check if the coast is clear. My mumís not there or anything around the area. So Ö Mr Morris, the caretaker.
S: Yeah.
A: He goes around the school and checks thereís no mums there or anything like, if the coast is clear.    S: Right.
A: And after they call my dad and say that everything's alright. My mumís not there. Its all clear.
S: How do you know that?
A: Because they got the number of my dad.    S: And how do you know that?
A: Because I heard them talking to my dad. I was it was exactly my own dads voice. Exactly.
S: So, where were you when you heard this caretaker speaking to your dad?
A: Staffroom. Staffroom.
S: Why were you in the staff room?
A: Cause thatís where they do sex to me. There.


S: So youíve got to school. Youíve got Ö how do you get to school?
A: So, its, its, we just gone by a car there.        S: So youíve gone by car. With your mum.
A: Yes.      S: Get to the school.     A: Yes    S: So, you get out of the car.     A: Yes.
S: And where do you go first of all?

A: So then Ö this is where we park [demonstrating an invisible map] and thereís the path. You go upstairs, and then hereís a little path, and then hereís our school. Then you just walk in. But the first is where infants are. We are to go further along and thatís where the junior. Because Iím a junior. So then, when you go in the junior, thereís down the stairs and then thereís a big playground. And then thereís office and the whole school there.

S: So you go into the school. In the infants part.     A: Yes.     S: Then you walk round to the primary part.
A: Yeah. At the front, youíve just come in the room, thereís an office, the office is at the front. Thereís a door going in the hallway where we do assembly.
S: Yeah.     A: And on the right, no, on the left, you go and then this room, the Head Mistress office there.
S: OK.     A: And the staff toilet and thereís just like this, where the teachers go and do their typing work.
S: Yeah.     A: And thereís upstairs. Thereís Year 4 and Year 5.
S: Yeah.     A: And after thereís like. Iím in Year 4, so Year 4. Thatís just there, and there, on that side.
S: OK.     A: And the staff room is just at the front of us.     S: OK.


A: So you just walk in the staff room and then thereís, thereís just, kitchen and a sofa and thatís where we do sex.
S: So why do you go in there first of all? Why donít you just go to class?
A: No, we go to class sometimes, too, yes.
S: Right.
A: We go to class sometimes.
S: OK. So you go to class.
A: Yes.
S: OK. And then what happens when you get to class?

13:02        The sexual payoff in sweets - 

A: And then they got this Ö In my classroom, theyíve got this little door at the back. Right at the back of the classroom. They got a little door and itís a tiny little room. Thereís all stuff. Thereís sweets. Prizes, especially to pay children with sweets to do sex to them.
S: Right
A: Yeah, so they give sweets as much as they like.
S: Yeah.
A: So they, so they give sweets, till, like, they are full. Till theyíre done. So they, because while they eat the sweets, they do sex to them. So, they pay them sweets and after they do what they want them to do.

>>I might point out that the kids are not that easily bribed. They accept the sweets as they have no better option. They have to have the sex whether they want to or not. They make the best of the situation as any of us would in that situation. Got it?<<

S: OK.
A: Cause they will, cause all the children Ö
S: What children?
A: So thereís loads, thereís children from our school, 200 children in our school. Thereís not like all. Thereís 20 special children.
S: Who are these 20 special children?
A: Thereís Millie, sheís a brown girl.
S: Millie who?
A: Millie Cowell.
S: Millie Cowell.
A: Yes

>>By the way, Steve is a freemason and he can get any info he wants from the cult about the cult. And you can be damn sure he consulted with them and worked out a search routine that would not expose or uncover anything. He knew who the 20 children and families were.<<


S: OK. So how do you know sheís one of the 20 special children?
A: Because sheís, because I know, because she comes. They do sex to her. Mostly.

>>The way Alisa says the above, it sounds like Millie is the one they do the most sex with. Either that or it would be that its mainly sex the do to her and very little of anything else. But since the only reason to be there that is mentioned, is to have sex. What is also not clear is that since Millie's parents are both cult members of high rank, they may do more types of sex to her. Alisa and Gabriel were only subjected to anal sex. I wonder if Millie was forced to also submit to vaginal sex.

I want you to get a good understanding of the conduct of this cult and what these kids go thru. Since both Millie's parents were cult members, I assume, then they did not have to worry about vaginal penetration since the parents would not squeal and cult doctors would ignore such things. I am sure the kids could tell us more if they were free, of course, and not held in captivity and isolation.

Millie was a friend of Alisa's and Millie wanted Alisa to tell her mother what was happening to them in school, because Alisa's mother was not in the cult and Millie did not like what was done to her in the school. And she was not the only one, either. Alisa names a number of children who might be willing to talk. None were ever investigated by the police.<<

S: Whoís they? Whoís they?
A: The teachers, the parents, the staff.
S: Every single teacher? Or specific teachers?
A: No. Every single. The whole school does it. The whole. The whole school. And weíve got our own church.
S: Yeah.

>>Note how very emphatic Alisa was in making it clear it was the whole school that did it. 3 times she says whole.<<


A: Too. So we, because they do dance. Because after, as I say, we kill babies. We drink their blood. We eat them. Then after we, so the social services who are in it, they, they say they go to families. So the families canít afford, so they got a baby but they canít look after it. They canít buy food. Or they canít buy clothes. They canít look after it. So they sell, the families who sell their children Ö
S: Yeah.
A: So the social services get them. They said they get them to foster homes. But they donít. They get the babies and the children and then they put, they get Miss Marden our Nurse in our school. She injects the child or baby. In the neck. Just here, there.
S: Right. OK. And how do you know that?
A: Because I saw her doing it. I saw her doing it.
S: How did you see her doing it?
A: Because I saw her in the staff room. She was getting the, this, this. So you got this injection and she done Ö so the baby was there. Just sitting on the table.
S: Right.
A: And was just laughing there. And after she just injected it and it was, like, just like it was like. It was slowly going to sleep. You know, just like, thud. Not like it fell straight away. They put, cause it was like, it was like. It looked like it was slowly moving down. Like that.
S: Right.
A: Yes

>>Note that Miss Marden is a nurse and uses drugs a plenty for putting babies out. Does anyone notice the volumes of drugs being ordered? Whether they do or not, since cults have plenty of medical people in their ranks, they can get whatever they want or need and not worry about anyone questioning anything. This is one of many cases that shows this intimate connection to police, social services, medical pros, lawyers, judges, etc. Hampstead had it all!

As well, social services is the means by which many babies are obtained to sacrifice and eat/drink. So the government is in on this, and if the schools enjoy baby consumption,  you can bet that people way up in government are also supplied with babies for consumption. Why would government protect a school if it was against this? It wouldn't! That is does is solid undeniable evidence, in law, called prima facie evidence, that all the government is involved in this sort of thing. We will call it government complicity. Now you know where babies go when social services gets them. And if they treat babies this way, you can be sure they treat children this way, too, using them for sex, sacrifice, porn, snuff, slave labor, trafficking, and anything else they desire.

This is the real world you are all afraid of. And where are those who protest abortion? I don't see them anywhere? How come? Let me answer. Their leaders and instigators are tied in with the political machinery. They protect their political allies so they must know about babies, child sex, etc. Because they are looking the other way while all this is going on beneath their noses. See how that all works? Its everywhere and you can not escape it.<<


A: So then after Ö.
S: So the babyís gone to sleep Ö
A: Yes.
S: And then what happened?
A: And then after they give, they put on this, um, get the baby. They hang it upside down.
S: And how do they hang it upside down?
A: With string.
S: From where?
A: On the wall. Cause thereís this little, this little, like, um, Screw. Thereís a screw and they put the string. Its like a circle thing. Hanging upside down and they get a special. The knife they use for cutting the babies head off. So, you know this big, big, big ones. Like, this big Chinese ones.
S: Yeah.
A: Which you chop up coconut and stuff.
S: Right.
A: Yes. They get Ö cleavers arenít they? No?
S: OK.
A: I donít know what they are called.
S: Youíve described it well enough.
A: Yes.
S: OK.


A: So then they, because our dad. He forces me and Gabriel to do it. Because we canít. We are not strong enough to cut the babyís head off. He tells us to hold the knife. And he puts his hand on top of our hand. And he helps us to cut the babyís head off. Cause he is learning, heís teaching me and Gabriel so when we are older to do it to our own children and do this kind of stuff to our own children.

>>This making the children participate in killing babies is commonly reported over the last 30 years. Its also done with animals, kids, and adults. The children being helped to kill these, feel guilt and carry it with them. Its one of the many ways that cults and programmers screw with kids' heads and leave them full of guilt and shame.

As well, this has been going on since WWII ended and some have been practicing SRA for much longer than that, as it was passed down thru family lines. And it continues to pass thru family lines and it grows and spreads as more are born into these family lines. In this way, they produce kids who become adults and carry this on and expand the SRA worship to all parts of the earth. That is why we are outnumbered and surrounded no matter where we turn in our society. Can you see the problem?<<

S: Where is it this happens?
A: Mmmm Ö the church, in the kitchen in our church.
S: The kitchen in the church.
A: Yes, theyíve got Ö
S: So. Right. This string. Tell me about this string.
A: So, its just like. Do you know, just like, just like, a thin normal string.. itís a bit thick. Maybe, that, thick.
S: OK.
A: And they tie around.
S: OK.
A: In a circle.
S: Right.
A: Hang it up on the, on the Ö
S: Where do they tie it to on the baby?
A: So, like, on the legs. They put the legs together, tie it on
, and like one string around and then one string attached.
S: Yeah.
A: And its hanging upside down. They get, the, the, um, the knife. They donít just cut it off absolutely. They, its still on. So its just like the head off but its still hanging on.
S: So the Ö OK.


A: Yes. And then thereís a big white bowl on the floor and the bloods drips in and then they pour it in big silver goblet.
S: OK. So where is this white bowl. Where did they get the white bowl from?
A: They bought, they bought the white bowl.
S: From where?
A: From, thereís, any shop.
S: And where do they Ö where do they get the bowl Ö where did they get the bowl from this time?
A: Any shop. Any shop. Like, this, so you know, um.
S: You obviously didnít see them get the bowl
A:. No, I donít know. Donít know what shop but I think, I think they went to this, um, what is it called again? Next to Brent Cross? Its near Brent Cross.
S: OK. Um, whereís it kept?
A: In the cupboard. In the cupboard.
S: What cupboard?
A: Thereís this, like, a normal cupboard. Like a cupboard.
S: Where abouts?
A: Like a kitchen cupboard.
S: Right, OK. And where is this kitchen cupboard?
A: Thereís a kitchen in the church and in the school>>2 kitchens<<
S: Right. Thereís kitchen. Weíve got this kitchen. So in the kitchen. Babies hanging up.
A: Yes.
S: And you said that thereís a white bowl
A: Yes
S: And its kept in a cupboard
A: Yes
S: So what cupboard is it kept in?
A: Its just a wooden cupboard. So its like
S: OK. So, if I was to go into the kitchen, how would I find it. Tell me how I could find it.
A: So, its like, not as big as this room. Its much bigger. Much bigger. So like thereís maybe, just around Ö on this wall its around here, thereís this little cupboard.
S: Right.
A: Its not little, its quite, medium sized.

>>So now I have to ask, since Alisa has a very detailed account of how babies are done in, did Abraham invent all this? How? A cult member might say, the girl made up the rest. At 9 years old? Really? And Alisa clearly knew how the baby reacted to the drug injection. If she had not experienced it, she would not have known it and had Abraham been the source, then she would describe what he said in detail. Abraham's supposed words were never in any detail. Just brief non-detailed statements. "No, your father did it!" "You father kills babies." That Alisa could be given nothing much and make so much out of it makes her far smarter than Abraham. That is not possible, either.

She really saw it and participated in it. And Abraham could not have known anything about it. He had never been inside the school. Alisa would have had to make most of it up. Not a chance! So if there is no chance of this being false, that means the police were/are lying and covering up. There is no other conclusion.<<


S: Right. itís a medium cupboard. So whereís the door in Ö so youíve described the kitchen.
A: Yes, the door is a bit like that.
S: So the door is over there.
A: Yes
S: Then you say the cupboard would be in the other corner.
A: Yes.
S: Have I got that right?
A: Yes.
S: OK. And is the cupboard up on the top or down on the bottom?
A: Yes. No, its at the top. Like in the middle like that. Yes.
S: And you said wood. What colour wooden?
A: Just normal brown wood.
S: OK. And are there any other cupboards around it?
A: Yes. There is some other cupboards that go around the walls. You know, like, lots and lots and lots.
S: So
A: Thereís a few.


S: If I come in, how can I go to that cupboard without making any mistake with one of the other cupboards?
A: So, like, if you come in the room, hereís the sink, and hereís the big table, and thereís the cupboard. So you see this frame, its like, big like that and that size and like thereís just that a bit that coloured wood. A bit brown and then thereís this cupboard and theyíve got normal handles and just like, just wooden handled.
S: OK.
A: And you have to open and thereís this white bowl and then thereís the silver goblet. The things that we use. The plates that we use to eat the baby on. Yes. So, and they tell me and Gabriel, but, who actually kills the babies was my father. He kills the babies.


S: OK. So the babyís hanging up.
A: Yes.
S: So how do they hang it up. What do they use? Youíve got the string
A: Yes
S: Whatís it attached to?
A: No, no, no. itís a screw driver on the wall.
S: Thereís a screw driver on the wall. Where abouts on the wall?
A: Its just like the wall. Its not like the same like this room. The door is actually there. Thatís in the kitchen where we actually do the, like, the. Thatís the usual kitchen where we usually, like.

S: So, you go in. Go through the door. So is this screw on the wall?
A: Its just like, the door. Pretend the doorís just there.
S: Yeah
A: You know the kitchen there. This is the kitchen we usually use.
S: Yeah, so how do I know thatís a different kitchen. Whatís different about this kitchen?
A: Because this is just, this is a different shape and like it looks different.
S: Whereabouts is this kitchen
A: In our school. In our school.
S: Whereabouts in the school?
A: Say, this school, this, um. Its a normal kitchen school. The kitchen. Thatís where they make the school dinners.
S: Oh right, in the school canteen kitchen.
A: Yes.


S: OK. So you are in there. You go in the door, whereís the screw on the wall?
A: S its just like there. Its just like there. So hereís the door where you come in and thereís this little screw driver.
S: Screw driver? Where did screw driver come from?
A: Its not a screw driver, itís a screw.
S: Right. A screw.
A: Yes. Its in the wall.
S: Right.
A: And youíve got a space on. So you have the string on.
S: Yeah.
A: But you make sure its still, its secure.
S: Yeah
A: Because theyíve got. Mr Morris. He works hard. He works with hammers. He works with that kind of stuff. So he gets the screw in the wall. And after he hangs the baby up.
S: Right. OK.
A: And papa and me, we Ö either me, or Gabriel, hold onto the knife. But he actually kills the baby because he puts his hand on our hand.
S: OK.
A: So then you just swings and chops off the babies head off. But like, stops straight away, maybe for maybe, you go like this Ö one and then leave a bit of space so its still on the head but its just, the blood is dripping in the bowl though. Thatís how we drain out the blood.


S: OK. So you do that. Does blood go, like, everywhere?
A: No. No. No. We donít, I meant that we go like, we donít just go like so much like that. We go like this. Like, not so speedy. Just like medium speed.
S: Yeah.
A: So we just go like that fast.
S: OK.
A: Like that. We make sure its not like blood spilt everywhere because they, we, make sure that everything is cleaned. As much as clean as they can do it.
S: Yeah.
A: Cause they clean up after that too.
S: OK. So you clean up
A: No. If blood is on the floor, or something, like that, they wipe it off.
S: OK.
P; Yes.
S: So the blood is in the bowl and then what Ö
A: And then, after, we pour it in the silver goblet.
S: And where do they get this silver goblet from?
A: I donít know where, which shop.
S: No. Where Ö
A: Yes, with the white bowl. In the same cupboard.
S: In the same cupboard.
A: Yes.
S: Thatís not in this kitchen thatís hanging on the screws. itís a different kitchen. Is that right?
A: Yes.
S: OK.


A: You have to get the bowl from the other kitchen to that kitchen.
S: I understand. So where are all the people that work in the canteen then whilst this is happening?
A: I donít understand.
S: Well, thereís obviously. If itís a kitchen, where I assume, is it to make all the childrenís lunches?
A: Yes, but
S: Where are all the people
A: Instead of making the childrenís lunches, they give baby to the children.
S: They give baby to the children.
A: Yes. They give. They make. Say, if they make spaghetti bolognaise they put a bit of baby meat in, all the time.
S: And how do they make baby meat into spaghetti bolognaise? I donít understand.
A: Because they cut the Ö The head mistress, Mrs. Forsdyke, she cuts the baby.
S: And what about all the bones and that?
A: Yes. Yes. They keep the bones Ö
S: Where Ö
A: And after
S: do they go.
A: No. No. No. After the bones. They keep them. They make stuff out of them. They make like statues of the church.
S: Whereís all these statues?
A: Yes. Because theyíve got carving, thereís people, carving people, that work near Swiss Cottage. Somewhere there. Thatís where they work. In a carving shop. And its and then theyíve got. Thereís a man called Felix there and then he makes this like statues of churches. He makes that kind of stuff. And he makes Ö
S: Sorry Ö [male voice heard in the background]


S: Can you be quiet please Iím just doing an interview. Cheers.

>>Now I believe the police made a big mistake in allowing all this detail. They allow this because it only discloses one simple fact, that babies are killed and how. But with all that detail coming out rapidly, showing it was lived experience, is what exposes the police as covering up. Such detail supports Alisa. Anyone should be able to see it.

Below, notice the clear ways the cult gets rid of bones. Could Alisa have made that up? No way! Could Abraham have concocted all that? No way. Where were his details instructions? There were none coming out of either Alisa or Gabriel. So the police are left with nowhere to write off all this detail. They never explained how it came about. There should have been as much detail about Abraham's "programming" as there was here with the baby butchering. Its no where to be found, leaving the police with all sorts of guilt. Details don't lie!

Indeed, Steve should have been asking Alisa and Gabriel a lot about Abraham's teaching and how Abraham thought up so much detail about things he has never seen or had any familiarity with, if Steve and the police were sincere. More on this in the 3rd interview. But the elimination of the bones and so many other aspects of the baby killing and use by Alisa deserves far more than just: "none of it is true. It was all lies. Abraham made us say it all."<<

A: So, they make, they make like statues and stuff out of the bones. Because, like I said, theyíve got carving people. Theyíve got Felix. Theyíve got Max. Those are the two people that are the best ones at carving.
>>How does Abraham know about Felix and Max? I know! Alisa did not mention Abe, but this info describes the intricate details surrounding the handling of baby left-overs and it must be known how Abraham could know about all these people and instruct the kids. Really, the kids would need to instruct him. In essence, such detail as this makes it impossible to have come from Abraham. This is why the police look so corrupt and stupid.<< 

S: Yeah.
A: At our church. weíve got our own church. Yes, they make carving of that church and then they. They donít just sell it. They sell it sometimes. But they keep it. The school keeps it sometimes. Usually they sell it for money cause they want money.
S: How do you know all this?
A: Because I saw they have statutes of them.

>>Alisa says "they want money." She is correct. Around the world, these types of cults deal in prostitution and trafficking, and some of them deal drugs as well. And all those activities are about making money. Where it goes and how it is used is not entirely clear but it certainly does lead to secret government agencies like in the UK, MI5 and MI6. It may and likely does go further, perhaps Parliament or even the Royal family. Being that it has to go at least as high as MI5/6, and those are controlled by the others I mentioned, to some degree. The British Military would have to be involved, too.

What is not quite so clear is exactly what is done with this money. I am sure it is gathered from the cults, but after that, its tough to say. But money is what makes the world go round. That is why kids are prostituted. What I can say is that the cult would not keep a portion and then pass the rest along. They would turn it all over to those above them and then if they needed any, the overseers would give back what they thought was enough.<<

S: OK. So Felix makes statutes.
A: Yes, and the skulls of the babies. You know the skulls?
S: Yeah.
A: Yes. We, they, Ö the skulls, they make a hole with a driller. So they make a hole in and then they tie a string around and then they put it all around their body when theyíre naked. And theyíve got this tattoo on their private with, err, like little piercing.
S: OK.
A: Not like ear-rings, but little gold piercing around their private. And they all dance around with skulls on. In the church.
S: Oh OK.
A: So they have skulls, like. The teachers and the staff have got 20 skulls each.
S: And how do you know theyíve got 20 skulls each?
A: Yes because I counted once. Thereís like one here. And then thereís one here. And one here. And one like here. It looks like theyíve got skulls everywhere. On their knees, on their elbows. It looks like armour.
S: OK. So if I was to try and find these skulls, where would I find them?
A: Yes. Yes. In the church.
S: Where in the church?
A: So thereís this secret room. Theyíve got secret rooms.
S: Go on. Tell me how do I find the secret rooms?

>>So I suppose that Abraham made all this up, too? 20 skulls per adult! He is a stickler for detail, isn't he? Damn! He is good! Thorough, too! What an imagination! Yeah, I don't think so! How would you even think all this up and what could possibly motivate anyone to go to this much trouble for such an elaborate hoax. Abraham would have had to spend many months concocting all this and beating it into the kids. Someone must think we were all born yesterday. Guess who that is? Yep! The UK Satanic Network! A subsidiary of the world-wide Satanic Network, and its capital, too. All roads lead to London!<<

27:57  In the smaller segmented videos, part 1 ended here and part 2 begins next, but my times will show the combined lengths.

1st Interview, part 2 at 27:57
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Subjects covered:

Secret hiding rooms and Mr. Hollings and his house

Truth1 >> When I first looked up 10 Highgate Road last year, I got this:

I did not look at the street level view. I did, today, Sep. 2, 017. Its a business district. There are no residential places. I typed in Google maps again and noticed there was a Highgate Ave. as well, with a number 10. There are 4 homes numbers 6, 8, 10, and 12. But Alisa clearly said Highgate Road. Was she aware it was avenue or just called it a road. Remember, she was 9. I guided my uncle from Nova Scotia around South Portland when I was 9. I knew most things but took a wrong road once and had them turn back around and then I was back on track again. It could happen. Highgate Ave. is a very residential neighborhood. Alisa spoke of Hollings always parking his car out front. Folks, if you'll indulge me. Below gathered today, is dated by Google as taken Oct. 2015. All the cars are parked out front like our 9 year old witness said. If and when anyone investigated 10 Highgate Road and not Avenue, they would not have gotten this. They would be in the wrong place because a girl innocently got the name slightly wrong. But wait! It gets even better.

Are you ready? Below is dated Oct. 2015 as well, about 8 months after the videos appeared on the net. There are 2 houses in view. The one on the right is more impressive. Its big. How does a school teacher afford that? That is number 10 Highgate Ave, not Road. But I want you to look at number 8 to the left. If you would, what color is the door? Its white, isn't it! Now go back to 10 on the right. What color is that door, roughly? Black, is it not!? Funny! Alisa said Holling's door was black, too. Just a coincidence, right? But your missing the best part. There are trash bins in front of his place. But just to the left of his walk way is . . . possibly wall panels and maybe furniture covered in a blanket. Why, it looks like he is renovating. But wait! Alisa was taken prisoner with her brother on Sep. 11, 2014, about a year earlier. Why I doubt the police even bothered to find Holling's place and search it, so Hollings had all the time in the world to get rid of the evidence, just in case. .

Now what I want to do is cut our the extra places and see if Alisa's description matches as we go into the house. Care to join me?


A: So when you go in the secret room, its because they hide it in loads of places.
S: Would you help me fine it would you?        A: yes, yes
S: OK.     A: They just hide them anywhere. In one place and then to another place and then they move it to another place.
S: OK, so I go into the church now.      A: And they usually hide it in the houses. And they have parties in their houses.

S: OK.      A: and Mr. Hollings, my teacher, he lives in Highgate.  S: right.      A: yes, you can see his house cause his Porsche is at the front of the house.
S: OK. So how did you know he keeps them in his house?       A: Because I know because I went to his house once.
S: Tell me about his house.       A: Its big, Its big big.      S: OK, we go in the front door. What color is the front door?
A: Its just normal black color, normal black.      S: Normal black.      A: Yes yes.
S: I go in, I've gone in, in Mr. Peters house was it? (Alisa corrects him) Mr. Holling's house, {inaudible speech}   thru the back door, so where do I go in?

>>Somehow, Steve hears Mr. Hollings and yet says Mr. Peters house. Alisa corrects him that its Hollings' house. This would not be that unusual if it were not for the fact that Steve does this again with Gabriel, in the 3rd interview, after 11:00, saying Mr. Mollings and getting corrected with Hollings again. Why is Steve trying to confuse that name and sneak it by the kids? That Steve tries it with both kids and a different name both times, suggests to me that it was not an accident but why he was doing it is not clear. Was he trying to protect Hollings?<<

A: there's a back corridor.      S: Tell me about the corridor first.      A: There's a corridor Its just a little corridor and there this little table there, there's shoes there, all kinds of shoes
S: Stop there. Sorry. Apologizes. We go into this corridor there, and then a table. Tell me about the table.      A: This table, it does not have stuff on. It has maybe just car keys, maybe got his jacket on, maybe got his bag on, I don't know. Different kinds of stuff.       S: so what's this table like?
A:  Its just like normal, a square table.


S: So its square.       A: Yeah.    Steve: points to tables in the room asking her for more detail. "They're all very different, aren't they? Tell me about, first of all, stand up. How high is the table?    Alisa draws across the bottom of her rib cage for the height of the table.  A: its a normal black color, normal black.
S: Wooden Black.      A: Yes.     S: And its a little bit higher than this table, wooden black (A-yes) square  (A-yes) and she shows with her arms/hands the dimensions of the table top.
S: Alright then. That's the top of it described and its square.  (A-yes)  And when you go down a bit?      A: Yes, and under the table there's shoes there, all his different kind of shoes.      S: And what about the floor?


A: On the floor its just got shoes on and carpet on the floor, too.      S: What sort of carpet?      A said the carpet was not every where (wall to wall) and there was flooring and a carpet in front of the door. Color was brown like the door just like that (the door of the interview room.
S: That's the color brown on the floor (as the camera tries but fails to show). Then what rooms are off the corridor?       

A shows with her hands/arms a living room on the right, the kitchen dead ahead and a toilet on the left and then the up stairs.
Truth1 >>
Indeed, the door and corridor split the house in 2 as described above.  Everything fits so far.

31:47    S: So you go in, there's a living room, a kitchen, a downstairs toilet (A answers yes after each one) so stairs that go upstairs. Have you been in all those rooms that are down stairs.      A: Yes yes.      S: Tell me about the living room downstairs.   A: they got secret rooms in there.  S: What does that mean?
A: They got secret rooms in there.   S: Tell me about the normal bit of the living room first. (A had called the secret rooms top-secret).

A: Bigger than this (the interview room they were in).     S: A room bigger than this?  A: Yes, a big large room and you got a table, a television, you got a sofa, its like a normal living room. And its like a half part is a living room and a half part like a dining room. So its like mixed rooms. That's why its big.

32:52   S: So its got like a living room and dining room does it? A: Yes.      S:, any tables or chairs or anything like that?
A: A big Samsung television up there (using her arms to gesture) Its got the silver Samsung writing on it. (Steve had asked how she knew it was a Samsung).
S: Where is that Tele? She uses her arms to show and describe the size as well. He asks about the sofa.
A says the sofa is a really dark brown, nearly black. She gets up to show the sofa is longer than the one she has been sitting on.

34:04   Steve asks about the height and she show with her arms.    S: Where does he keep the baby skulls?
A: At the front of the dining room, there this big wardrobe and he just keeps like spare clothes there or anything. (the clothes all hang on a rail and if you part the clothes, "there's a little door there, and it looks camouflaged, you can't really see it."

S: How would I be able to find it, the door?      Alisa explains that if you part the clothes (she had already explained this) "it looks like a normal wall, but its got a handle there."

>>I have to ask here, if you will pardon me, since Abraham is, in the 3rd interview, made an escape goat for the children blaming teachers and cults, as we listen to Alisa describe Holling's house in extreme detail, how on earth would Abraham have known this? Without resorting to psychic explanations, please! He could not and did not, unless he knew Mr. Hollings, too. Alisa had really been there. Further note the detail like the hidden door & hook, make of wood and shaped in a particular way.. Would Abraham think of that? No one would think of all that. Alisa really saw it all.

I bring this up now, because this is where its most relevant, rather than wait for the 3rd interview. The kids end up saying that they did not even know Mr. Hollings or the other teachers. With 100% certainly, this idea that Abraham beat the kids and made them say all this stuff is 100% lies and were it possible, this could easily be taken to court, if one had an honest legitimate court, (which such courts do not exist on earth), this would allow Abe to sue and win against the police, social services in cooperation with police, a tort of conspiracy and collusion, treason and much more.

The incredible intricate detail would not be possible at all, if Alisa had not lived this. You need to be able to appreciate what a horrific high crime is being carried out by the police and their associates and you can bet there are lots of "associates" all the way to the very top.

This is the same for the baby skulls, killing babies and draining their blood, in detail, between 2 kitchens, with string, bowls, cupboards, needle injections and the baby losing consciousness. Either Abraham is the most brilliant creator of falsehood and programming the world has ever witnessed, or we are witnessing one of the worst cover-ups ever attempted. More than JFK, even! In fact, as regards SRA, Daniel Ryder wrote a book entitled, "Cover-up of the Century" and that is exactly and precisely true. The cover-up of SRA and this Hampstead case are the worst manifestations of human nature I have ever seen.

So as you listen to Alisa's remarkable accounts in all their wonderful detail, this detail alone is enough to, not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but even beyond a shadow of a doubt, to exonerate Abraham and verify completely, the testimony of Alisa and Gabriel. And we have by this time in 2106, at least several thousand victims of secret government mind control programming of multiple personalities and plenty of SRA atrocities. And many kids were victimized by SRA and prostituted as well. All these accounts reveal similar experiences, and have been doing so for over 30 years to this point.

Imagine several thousand witnesses testifying to the same things in a court of law or over time? This alone would establish this in eyes of God and any reasonable law professor or judge. SRA and Mind Control are both facts now and its about time the world woke up.<

 We left off with the door handle and pick up there now. 35:30

S: is there?      A: yes.      S: What does this handle look like and how could I find it?      A: Its wooden, but its bendy like (I assume she means curved).
So inside you have to go down stairs underground.    Truth1 >> the dining room that had wardrobe and secret door in on the right side of the house, sort of to the back <<end Truth1.    S: Its underground and what's in there?
A: We go underground and there this little hallway and on the right there's this door and this big enormous secret room.
S: What's in the secret room?       A: There are cupboards everywhere. And they do sex there, too.
Steve asks who does sex with who. Alisa says her dad and Mr. Hollings did sex to her down there. That is what they brought her there for. Steve asks (finally) what she means by sex. She explains that they use strap-on plastic willies to do sex to her instead of their real willies because they want it to really hurt. Steve asks why they don't use their own willies. She explains (again) that real willies don't hurt and they wanted to make sure it really hurt.

Truth1 >>> Its 36:54 and we are going to stop here while I have some things to say. We will pick back up here after!

>>> Truth1 addressing you now for some important things to consider. Do you Get the picture above? There is a method to their madness and cruelty. Now one might think that a real willie would be bad but not nearly as much as the plastic monsters, I gather. How's that for a twist. Rape with extra pain added. This is not for sexual pleasure since the guys are not using their real willies. This is going to hurt and traumatize over time, if possible, and certainly to condition the kids to abuse and destroy any sense of self-worth or self-will.

Now lets say you are Abraham and you want to frame the cult members and dad. Wouldn't real willies be enough to get a conviction? Of course it would. So why make up this elaborate explanation to frame with? Where would Abraham even get this idea? He had no idea about any of this. My proof? He went to the very police the kids said were corrupt. So if Abe was the genius who tortured and programmed these kids, then how was he dumb enough to go to those he was going to accuse? The answer is that no intelligent person would even attempt it. And why did Abe supposedly have a grudge against Alisa's dad? He had Ella and the kids. Why go to all this length? It would be insane. In fact, Abraham had never actually met Demon dad and dad was not involved with Ella at all, and most of all, they did not know dad was going to the kids' school everyday.

Its like saying, "my wife told me about an ex-hubby or boy friend just casually and now I want to devote my life to getting him, just for the hell of it." Its no going to happen unless you qualify as one of the most insane people on earth. Even if Abraham was a little strange, he would be no where near that out of his mind. He has better things to do with his time, I am sure. For one, he has a wife who could have been a model, and if he is even half a man, I would think that might arrest a fair amount of his attention. And If it doesn't, then maybe you have a case.

So why did Abraham have so much hate and try to hard to cause such trouble for someone he did not even know? It really is insanity that the police offer such stupid idea and this will be the ultimate undoing of the police and the UK, and maybe even the USA as a result. The time has come. "Time has come today."

Forgive my slight indulgence but the Ramones offer a respectable version as well, set in a church setting with Joey as the preacher. Its delightful!

Yes, it would certainly be beyond any doubt that he would not do such a thing. Its a ridiculous suggestion that he did. This is what we could easily classify as beyond a reasonable doubt. This account of Alisa's is genuine and sincere.

Now as well, since the mid 80s, children from all over the world, but particularly in the USA, have been reporting tunnels, secret rooms, often beneath the buildings underground. Its been a consistent feature of kids' testimony from the mid 80s right to 2014 when this interview took place. Its not new, its common and consistent, even pervasive. Criminals like to hide in secrecy and who is going to believe underground rooms and tunnels. But after 30 years of hearing it, It is not anomalous or unusual at all. Some will say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Not true. The same rules of evidence apply. The problem is that after 30 years of this, its not extraordinary or uncommon. In fact, it is rarely absent as a feature, spanning the globe and 30 years of it, at that.

What is worse is that such testimony always results in cover-up and lies. FACT!  Prosecuting attorneys do not mention tunnels or their excavation by professional archeologists as was the case in the McMartin School trial in California concerning the late 80s and early 90s. They found the underground room and tunnel (filled in with different soil and gravel) and found a number of rabbit bones in the soil and the kids had reported rabbit killings and sacrifices. How much more can you do? What does it take to get an honest conviction? Please tell me!

What does the Barnett police, which is where this interview is taking place, do? They allow the cult to have 4 or 5 days of time to get rid of secret rooms and passage ways and baby skulls. How convenient, and this is also standard for such cases. Cops, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, the media, FBI, and so many that cover this shit up time and again. How long does this have to keep happening before someone finally does something? What? Hell freeze over? That don't sound very good! Anyway, Its not rare and it happens all the time all over the world.

As well, you read of babies being sacrificed, eaten and their blood drank. Adults and animals are also sacrificed. Again as always, these are reported everywhere all the time, for 30 years around the globe. The evidence is so compelling and overwhelming that politicians and police and many others everywhere should be hanging!

The sad fact is that Cover-up is routine and never fails. So full of evil and corruption that it is quite apparent that Satanic cults and practitioners run the world now. There can be no other conclusion. These kids are telling the truth. And the average citizen? They could care less. Most of them are too terrified to want or dare to admit that it has gotten this bad. How much more will it take? I pray to God that He lets you all see just how bad it all is. Then you will have no excuse for turning a blind eye anymore. You sins will be held against you. <<< End of my Rant!  _____________________________________

We return to 36:54 in the interview.

S: So Papa and who else?     A: Mr. Hollings, head mistress, all the teachers, Miss Marden, Mr. Vanony? (I am uncertain of that name), Mr. Gourge.
Steve asks who was there when she went down in the basement. She does not reply directly but says all the teachers and all the parents do it. This is important.

>>Since they all use the plastic willies and strap-ons, it is clear that pain is the goal and not sexual pleasure. In other situations the adults might have the children perform oral sex as the kids have mentioned in their short video interviews taken by Abraham. When Alisa speaks of all the parents, she may be referring only to the parents of the special 20 children or she may have meant all 200 children and their parents in their school. Not all  at once, of course. But Steve does not ask for clarification. But Alisa had made it clear elsewhere that the entire school of parents all participate in this either at school or in the church. And again, probably not all at once. The kids tend to skip small precise details and clarification because they are young and do not think like investigators.

I don't know what Steve's excuse is for not requiring details since he was the one that insisted on detail and truth in the ground rules at the start of each interview.

That is or appears to be, the entire area of Hampstead and the kids report that there are 10 schools in Hampstead doing this and they can name 8 of them. That is staggering! Its pretty much everyone in Hampstead. Satan really does have control of a large part of the UK, but it is not the UK alone. I have no doubt the USA has plenty. Our history of day care and pre-school scandals exceed those of the UK. The entertainment industry is totally infested. This is not a small problem. We are surrounded and out-numbered many to 1. There can be no doubt any longer.<<

38:03 pic
S: OK, and who uses the willies.      
A: All of them, the teachers, the parents. They get the plastic willies out of the cupboards.

A: As I said, they got cupboards all around. And they got exits and they know that they can not trust me and Gabriel.
Because they say not to tell anyone about this. (I gather this is why she says they do not trust her and Gabriel or they would not say as they do. But in truth, cults say this to everyone all the time. Its not just Alisa and her brother but she may not know that).
But they do not trust us! (she says this emphatically) at 38:03 pic. Ever wonder what sincerity looks like? There you have it on the left.

S: Why not?      A: cause when they tell us not to tell, they look at us so curious like. It looks like they do not trust us.
(she lacks the word "doubt" but its what she means).      S: So your at Mr. Holling's house  (A- yes)  He has a Porsche outside. You go into the front door and there is a corridor, its got a little carpet by the door, wooden floor, dark floor, a little table, a living room with a large sofa, in an L-shape, a big tele, on a large black shelf thing. You said in the dining room area, you have a wardrobe, and if you part the clothes, you got a little door.
A: Yes but you can't really see it, its kind of camouflaged.      S: its a little wooden handle. You can open that.
A: The thing is they got exits there, too.

>>It does seem clear to me that the kids did not like what was done to them and the progress of abusive conditioning was probably not advancing as much as the cult expected. So these two were getting extra abuse while they were at school. But at home they got a break and that is what helped them to keep some of their sanity.<<


>>First, notice that as Steve repeats things and maybe gets something wrong or not clear, such as finding a little door. Alisa lets him know that you can't really see or notice it. Its kind of camouflaged. Would Abraham have thought of that? Not hardly. Alisa was recalling real genuine memories. Notice they (the cult) prepare for all possibilities to avoid getting caught. Do  you suppose this is not the case with having their people mixed in with police, social services, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, bankers, business connections, politicians, judges, the media, and more? They prepare for all things. 30 years of results speaks loudly and clearly. They also have carpenters and mechanics to do special work like make secret rooms and the like.

As well, the elite have been operating in secret for a very long time and they have learned many ways to be sneaky and avoid detection and capture. They teach this to all their cults' members. You should expect this at all times when dealing with SRA.<<


at 39:46    Alisa lets them have it !!!

39:21    S: You go down into this and it goes down into the basement. And in there, there are lots of cupboards. And in there, your dad, your papa, Mr. Hollings, some other members of staff, then had sex with you, using plastic willies.

A: and they touch each other and they sell me and my brother for 50 pounds each, every single day, to any people, any people who like, the kind who would actually do sex to people, and can't come to the school, who are busy or anything like that, then they keep me and Gabriel to do sex to us and they got their equipment, and they do it and maybe 2 hours or 1 during school hours.

"the kind that would actually do sex to people." I gather this might mean like anal or oral sex, rather than plastic willies. Look at the intensity of her expression. This is coming out with atomic force. Her mouth is wide open. Maximum delivery!

>>Alisa was ticked as she was telling this. She did not like being used as a prostitute and further, that they were getting 50 pounds per person with her and at best, she got a candy bar out of it. Can you blame her for being mad? But that is why you do need to view this video so that you can hear her indignation at being used. And I have recorded the times, so that you can go right to the exact place to hear this all, without having to sit though all these videos. That is why I have done this. I wanted to make as real easy to do whatever you want to become alert.

It is not really clear and Steve does not want to clarify anything, either. He knows this is a powder keg. Prostitution every day! Right around the outskirts of London, Hampstead. How bout that! Alisa does not use enough words to distinguish various thoughts. I assume that she means as follows that some who don't mind raping kids for sexual pleasure can buy them for 50 pounds. Some can't come to school. Some are busy or anything like that. So for 1 or 2 hours a day, they "service" the public and maybe even do house calls or people come to the teachers' places on Wednesdays for kid sex.

The prostitution of kids  is reported by plenty of kids in the USA. And they are often just 3 to 5 years old. How's that?! Pre-schools, Day-care places. Nothing is sacred. So again, This has been happening for over 30 years and hundred if not several thousand, have testified to this. There is no reasonable excuse for ignoring this anymore. And with Alisa and Gabriel, we have videos clearly showing their entire bodies to reveal body language, facial expressions and their voices for the sound, tones, and changes in voice to show whatever is really there.

This is recorded evidence of the very best kind. Not written only, so that there is no body language or vocal tendencies. Her emotions are in full force and expression. This is total honest forceful expression. The non-verbal expression guarantees that this is authentic. And it does not involve Abraham. Its real and is the cult that it involves. Alisa is not acting. It's pretty damned obvious.

And we have these police videos as well, so that the maximum amount of evidence is available so that everyone may see for themselves whether this is all legitimate or not. I will point out that it is the UK and cult who desperately seek to get the videos banned/deleted on youtube and the like. They know full well how valuable and important those faces, bodies, voices, gestures, and words are. They want to keep the world from hearing and seeing it all. They have a lot to fear and a lot to lose.

Can you understand this? It is for your own protection that you get to know this. Child protection services are out to steal your children. If you don't find out about it all and protest, you may very well lose your kids. Many have and are devastated and shocked. I read of one woman who killed herself after losing her kids. Don't you be next!<<


Steve was speechless after Alisa's rant. I say rant because she really came to life when talking about being prostituted. To me, it was the peak of her emotion during the whole interview. She did not like what they did to her. Its clear.
S: What is sex? We haven't said what sex is. What is it?

A: like sex, they touch each other in the privates, I didn't tell you this but they got this big plastic stick yes, not plastic, but wooden, yes and then they put it between our legs and hit us in the legs. (she shows with hand motions, them whacking it upward into their genitallia.)
S: is that sex?

A: no! (40:57 pic) No no no, but that is how they hurt us. And real sex they get us plastic willies and they stick it in our bum. That's what they do.      S: What is your bum?      A: And they stick it in our bum where the poo comes out.

Alisa is letting it rip! Look at the fierce determination in that face! It says it all. She's on a mission. And the UK does not give a damn about her or anyone. That's governments for ya. They all belong to Satan just as the Bible has said. Imagine that!

S: So they stick a plastic willie in the bum where the poo comes out. (Alisa has been continually answering yes, confirming whenever Steve repeats back what she says in the last 5 or 10 minutes. I have not been noting it.)  S: And anywhere else? Yes, in our front private. If we cry or make a sound then they give us spoon licks.

41:37      S: Spoon licks! What does that mean?      A: they take a spoon and hit us, hit us.  That is why when we see our mum, we always have bumps on our heads. She doesn't say, why do you have bumps on your head? She doesn't say that. Truth1 >> I have to wonder about that a little, too. How did Ella not notice?

S: Do you know how to get to Mr. Hollings house do you?
>>Notice that Steve is eager to change the subject. Too hot to handle, huh?<<

>>Alisa has just revealed some pretty incredible stuff and Steve does not seem bothered or concerned with what Alisa has had to go thru, as well as her brother. That bothers me. He has no empathy or compassion. Further, he should have had a lot of questions about all that alleged prostitution. Was there real willie anal sex? Oral sex? Vaginal sex? How many clients per day on average and on Wednesdays in particular. He should not have moved on without getting all this information. It is quite evident that he is covering up and did not want any info to get out so he had Alisa move on, but the ground rules said she should tell as much as she can in as much detail as she can. He violated his own instructions and procedures as a means to cover up. There is no good excuse for it and the world must know.<<

A: You mean from our school? I know some of the way. I don't remember the number of his house. S: if we took you part of the way, would you be able to pick the house out? Alisa says yes because he always leaves his Porsche out front. Always. Steve wants to know if she could find his house as there are thousand of houses in Highgate, he says. Alisa says they have to drive by there to visit Gary and she sees it then so she believes she can do it. But without the Porsche I wonder? Anyway, she seems sure she can.

>>This is brought up on the 3rd interview. Again, we need to deal with it here cause we are not apt to remember as much by the time we get to it in the 3rd interview much further down. And if you read this over a period of several days or more, you are apt to forget. I say this because I am shocked and amazed at how much I missed when I did these Alisa interviews the first time. So I am trying to help you the same way I would have liked to have been helped. Together, we will all get thru this together.

The kids were taken out by the police to see it they could find the house. I want to show you how insincere the police were. Steve mentions there are thousands of these houses in row houses and they all look alike. Alisa made it clear she did not know the number and that she always depended upon the car out front to know Hollings' place. Without the car, she would not likely be able to find it. Sure enough, they were not able to find the house. But you can bet they know exactly where it was and they knew the kids would not be able to find it cause of what Alisa said here.

And based on not finding it, the police conclude the kids are lying. How ridiculous in that? Let my share this picture I got just today (Feb 23 016) on a Drifloud (Drif-loud is how you pronounce that) The humorous caption in the pic is his, too. Good job, Drif !<<


S: Has anything ever happened at your dad's house?     Her father lives on Angel road. She says he has a secret passage and room, too, in his place. His door is light brown.  You go in.     S: Where is his wardrobe?      A: In the living room, a bit like Mr. Hollings.  The wardrobe is long.      S: How do I get in the secret door?
A: yeah, they got keys, they got keys to door because Mr. Morris . . .     S: how do I get the key in to unlock the door?      A: no no, you don't need a key to get down there. The key opens the locked door in the basement. (There is a lot of detail about the door and the entry door in the wardrobe and Alisa reveals that once they are thru the door, there is another door with brick linings that they shut behind so that it looks like a brick wall.)

I need to stress that Alisa is still really pumped up and the words are coming out of her forcefully. She is not laid back or low key as she had been for a substantial part of this interview. This powerful show of emotions indicates that she is 100% sincere and legitimate. There is no deception. You should understand that when emotions take over, you think a lot less and react without thinking. This is part of the non-verbal expression system functioning. It is not very good for deception. Deception requires the slow moving intellect that controls carefully, with calculation. Alisa is downright impulsive at this time and going back to near 36:54. Its been ten minutes to 46:40 at this time.

>>I also need to point out, folks, that emotions are very hard things to control. The upper/outer cortex contains the intellect and what we might call gates that can hold emotions down and back. We can bury or block emotions, but one they come up and get out, we can't do a thing about them. They will let you know how they feel. Emotions do not know restraint. They are the opposite of restraint. The intellect/cortex produces restraint. The intellect is what is used in deception.

That Alisa is bursting with emotion is a dead giveaway that what she is revealing is very real and that she does not like it. Now lets pretend that it was a lie that she has never really experienced. There would be no emotion. She might be flat, or maybe try to act a bit bothered, but its a hard act to put on. It is usually not very convincing. This is why the non-verbal body language and emotional expression is so important. That is our gateway to truth. Deception in her expression might come out as flat-straight with very little emotion.

An example of this can can found in a number of false flag operations that  have gone on in the USA with lots of video available. Relatives who have lost other family to supposed gunmen or whatever will often not be very convincing at all, lacking any sort of sadness and going from very happy to sullen, say when about to speak on camera. This is called acting. I call it lying.

The bottom line is that Alisa is extremely convincing. You will see a much different Alisa in the 3rd last interview. That is important, too.<<


A: down stairs you got a little hallway, on the right just here, there's a small corridor and a door with locks that hides the secret room. You need the keys to get in.
Alisa said how to catch the whole bunch starting with Mr. Morris, who has all the keys and then she names those who would talk. Millie Cowell, Sophie Hurlocker, Alan Darby, Mia Gavish? Loads of other children.
S: Are any of these kids your friends out of school. A: No.

A: But Millie Cowell, She left school.  S: why? A: Because she doesn't like it. She does not like the sex. She went to Salisbury.
Hampstead parochial does it. St. Lukes does it. All the Hampstead schools do it. (this info is just bursting out of her. Be sure and watch this previous 10 minutes.)


Some discussion of a pedophile school and then at 50:23, Steve needs to have a chat with his cohorts and fears Alisa might be getting tired, but she says she is not tired at all and I believe that beyond any shadow of a doubt. She is wired. The stuff is just pouring out of her and I think Steve can sense that, too. Steve leaves at 50:55.

>>My guess is that Steve got signaled to come have a talk. Alisa just delivered a bombshell. They are all stunned. They need to talk and plan.<<


They come back at 51:50, Steve says "it sounds like you got loads and loads to tell us." He says its 23:24, but the screen says 23:28 and running length is:

52:41            End of 1st Interview, Sep. 5, 2014.

>>They decided to end right there so that Alisa could not tell or reveal more, and they knew quite well that there was a lot more to tell. They are in on it as the kids had said. They would start to ask questions about mom and Abraham in the next interview. This was a serious wrong because for one, they had not let Alisa tell all that she wanted to tell and it was her right to do so. It was she who was complaining and could complain about whatever she wanted and they were and are obligated to listen.

But Steve takes control and says "we will come back to that, but only after Steve has gotten what he wants against Ella and Abe. And often, he does not go back to things and further, he is supposed to ask the kids if there is anything else they want to tell or talk about. That was not allowed. Steve would say to the effect that we have enough for now.

But remember at the beginning, that Steve said to Alisa that "cause I wasnít there, I need you to explain in as much detail, everything you can remember. OK?

So the dishonesty is quite obvious.<<

Sep. 11, part 1 of 3            52:48   on the Compilation Video
Back to Top

I need to get this off my chest. This interview was done on 911. 911 !  Get it? What event was it that forever changed the USA and maybe the world as 2001 kicked of the new millennium? Was it not the destruction of the Twin Towers? The USA became a police state on that day, Sep. 11 (9-11) 2001. What event may very well have the biggest impact on the world since that date? Could it be the Hampstead Affair where 2 children were stolen by the Satanic nation, the UK, to cover up the operation of a Satanic cult, one of many in Hampstead. And on what day/date were they stolen? If you said 911, you nailed it!

I do believe that this case, more than any before it, exposes the world-wide cult operations of Satan worshipers and their many activities. The sum of the things revealed by 2 children, only 8 & 9 years old, was a major revelation and one that was delivered by children and not grown adults recalling what happened as children. Their tiny voices and expressions were able to touch and move people like no adult could ever hope to. As well, their ample testimony was recorded on video so that there would be a vast set of data (testimonies) that would hang around for the rest of eternity, whether Satan liked it or not. I believe this will prove to be the most important event leading up to the introduction of the antichrist and his subsequent transforming of the entire earth on behalf of Satan.

So we have the 2 biggest events of the 21st century both happen on the same date. A coincidence? Impossible! Now some will say, "I beg to differ. I think WW3 would be far more important. A world wide economic crash would be much bigger." Some might even suggest that bringing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to Europe, who then go on a rape spree might be the biggest thing to happen to date. OK, I'll take those on.

Those 3 events would be and are big and WW3 might cause a large loss of life and maybe a change in society and maybe even the arrival of a fleet of UFOs, possibly. A world wide economic crash would be devastating. Riots and starvation might ensue. But these are both child's play. The rape of Europe might actually be the biggest of the 3. Huge numbers of women have been traumatized by this insanity and it will destroy the economies of Europe and it destroys the fabric of the well established and intelligent white folk who are predominantly Christian. They want to destroy Christianity and that is no small thing in my book.

But what do the kids offer? The concrete proof that Satan worship exists all over the earth and in every level of society so that they can steal our kids and force them all into sex with all ages. Satan does not want you to know he exists. This is his worst fear and strikes at the most important part of his secret operations. It ruins the effects of deception and world war and the rape of Europe and the deliberate collapse of the economy. To know Satan is behind it all, would cause many to go to God's side and this is what Satan dreads the most. So really, I think this is the big cover up that Satan wants to badly to hide. Its his most important objective.

Because they do not admit and expose in detail, how Satan and Satan worshipers have taken over the whole world and made a substantial number of children, past and present, horrific victims of the worst human abuse since time began. Not only expose it, but in great detail so that we no longer can deny who is really in power what he is up to. Wars are terrible and we have plenty of them. But that kids are the most popular "thing" to abuse and exploit in hideous ways, really does bring us to a new low we have not hit before. The collective sum of child victims over maybe 4 Millennia is far worse and speaks so poorly of all of us as a species. Nearly any animal species on earth has done a better job of protecting and nurturing their own than we humans have. We are less than animals, without any dispute.

Our brains have not been an ounce of good to us. Perhaps it is just a way to mock God. But God is not to blame. We are. Our brains have great potential. We simply allow that potential to go to waste and it has. Now come the time when we must stand up and be counted for something, or other we are nothing and God will not preserve mere nothings. We have to prove ourselves and our merit, if we have any.

So I say this, at this point an obscure event, it would seem, that took place in Hampstead, outer great London, UK, is really the test of what mankind really is or not. WW3 will not do it. An economic crash will not do it. The rape of Europe will not do it. But whether we listen to and comprehend what took place in Hampstead, and in many other places and times like it, will determine what each of us really is. God will judge us by our resistance to the Satanic world, or our joining it out of fear. God wants to know where we stand. Hampstead just might be that test. And it happened on 911. God's "2 little hints" about what is in store for us soon.

There! I said my peace so now we will get on with the show.

In the start of this video, we must remember that the previous interview was stopped when Alisa was on a role about child prostitution. Steve stops, confers with his co-workers, and ends the interview so as to get away from prostitution as a subject and plot their next strategy.

This interview was designed ahead of time says I, to control and direct where the discussion is going to go. And the focus will not be on the previous abuse discussed, but focus almost exclusively on Ella and Abraham, with particular emphasis on Abraham.

Alisa seems subdued in expression at first but gets into gear, same as the 1st interview on Sep 5. Steve says he talks to children most of the time. Heís the cover man and professional dickhead that helps enable child protection services to steal children, says I. There is no substantial movement. She seems calm, composed, relaxed. Over all, I would say she was more relaxed and at ease than the 1st interview. She got some stuff off her chest in the 1st interview. she showed more warmth and trust toward Steve, I would say. How sad and ironic that she would never see her mother again after arriving for this. 

I want to set up something here, which is my opinion only, but based on lots of previous cases. The 2 kids delivered great testimony the 1st time. They had plenty to say about the activities of the school, last time, and yet, no search warrant sought and carried out. Quite strange, don't you think?  The kids delivered plenty of evidence. But it was said in the 1st interview ground rules: 

"cause I wasnít there, I need you to explain in as much detail, everything you can remember. OK?
From the 1st interview ground rules

As well and not stated, was that Steve was supposed to be there to allow Alisa and Gabriel to tell him anything they wanted. They were not allowed that opportunity. Steve steered them carefully away from anything that might look incriminating of the cult in the school and surrounding schools, not to mention, the prostitution of the entire school.

As well, detail was often avoided, especially so in the 3rd and last interview. "Everything you can remember" disappeared. It was replaced with "only what we ask you and nothing more." You know! Like it is in a court of law where they try to avoid justice and decency.

But it was ignored. Instead, they set up a 2nd interview which we begin. Many details here are kind of boring at first. There seems to be no real purpose to any of it. The rooms, of themselves, had nothing to yield. I had another ally going over this and the amount of info was not impressing him like the 1st set. But he is no where near as informed, having only the 1st interviews. He needs time. Its part of why I have been working on a full presentation. I got lots of promoting to do and I hear almost nothing here in the USA. That has got to change.

The Start of the 2nd Interview

Steve explains that Alisa is allowed to tell him things that she might be afraid or embarrassed to tell her mom.

1:12 Karl is introduced as controller on the computer in the booth. Alisa grins a little trying to pronounce it. My opinion is that her voice is a little sweeter and feminine in this interview. More relaxed.

1:54 Its 6:15 PM, 18:16 to be precise on the screen. Her name and date of birth (2005)
Ground rules truth and lies. Repeats the need to tell him everything you can in as much detail as you can. "What ever it is you need to tell me." (He'll never live up to that . . . S: "Can't say that enough. Its got to be the truth!"   All same rules as last time, 1st interview.

Gabriel did his interview before Alisa and was watching TV. They don't have one at home. And they also watch one at the tennis club sometimes, a Samsung.

After 6:00

Steve wants to talk about the church and what its like inside. This will help him and the cult get rid of that stuff so that Alisa will look bad, says I. Very clever. The proper thing would have been to pick up where they left off with the prostitution stuff. Not a chance in hell there!

A: We dance in the church with the baby skulls.      S: Do you? So where is this church?  (That really is a stupid question).
>>Did you notice how quickly he changed the subject? Fast, isn't he?<<
A: she describes the school, using her hands and arms and a path and then parking spaces and a big church.
S: "when you get into the church, tell me what it looks like?" (He's going to have the church change everything around. You doubt me?)

6:47    A: "you go into the church and then there is this path"  and she describes a series of paths - turns - in the stairs. There is a big hall with a bunch of church pews (seats). And after this a big carpet. 2 little stairs and a big space, by the front and that is where they dance with the skulls. There is a carpet there that they dance on.
7:33    S: So is there nothing there on this carpet floor (he knows what is there I say, and he is going to test her out.
A: She describes a little table with 2 candles on it.
S: Any other rooms in the church?
A: Yes, there's a nursery in it.
Anything else?        A: yes, there's a little room in the church, though.        S: OK, what's in that room?
A: Yes, they keep the skulls there. Its not so secret but they got the keys to the church and Mrs. Foresdyke, the head mistress, she's in charge of the whole church. And Father Paul, he's the priest.
S: OK, so you go into the church, and then he repeats back to her what she had described, with her saying yes to everything as being correct.
S: so what's in the nursery?        A: We do Ace. Ace is a kind of club, where we act, sing, and dance, like that kind of club, in the nursery, but sometimes the nursery does not work. There's a little spare room there, too. Its a small room. She kneels to draw it at the suggestion of Steve.
The nursery room is said to be big and a big door to it. There's a toy room in the nursery, where the toys are kept.
There are cupboards in the nursery and the bowl and clever for killing babies and draining their blood is in there. There is another little nursery but they hardly ever use it and a door in it going to a kitchen. A big silver fridge and they keep baby meat in there.
18:27  pic taken         Alisa is very focused and relaxed.

18:27  pic taken 
Alisa is very focused and relaxed. She is making direct eye contact. Total honesty. Police? Total liars.

She says if dad eats baby in there, he would be in that room and they each eat a piece of baby and she shows the size with her hands. Another room in the church elsewhere as she gets another piece of paper. A little gate outside and another passage way, she describes several rooms and one here Father Paul keeps some of his equipment and they do sex there as well. Parking spaces in between the various doors.

Her and Steve work out which is the road side, school side, parking lot, etc. Mr. Morris the caretaker, my father, Mr. Hollings, and the priest, and Mrs. Foresdyke, they all share, they got these big metal rings with loads of keys in their pockets.

Mr. Morris has enormous pockets on his jeans. He wears jeans. A big guy. He looks strong. Pockets to the knee. He closes the school and he's got the keys to the rooms and all the property they got. Everything they own.      S: these secret things, he keeps these in the Priest's room, right? Yes. The skulls are sometimes kept there and a wardrobe of the priest and other important or special things. The parents of the children keep their own skulls in their own houses.
They dance in their own house. Like Vanessa, she's a parent and she keeps her own skulls. The teachers and her father keep their skulls in the Priest's room in the cupboard or wardrobe there. And there's the 20 special children, Millie and the others. (I assume she is referring to their skulls).

Steve then repeats back much of the info. Alisa clarifies that with regard to the nursery feeding, that no one is allowed to use the silver fridge where the baby meat is kept. That is sacred. The nursery and staff got their own fridge apart from the one with the baby meat. An office off the nursery and the toy room.

>>Satan's Temple is a lot like God's in that sacred stuff has a high premium. Cultists know better than to disrespect Satan. Satan puts a premium on the sacredness of a baby sacrifice and of those that partake of it. They take extraordinary care to do things exactly as Satan says. They are serious about Satan and he looks out for them as a result. And they spread all over the earth.<<

The head mistress, Katy, runs and is the boss of all operations, including the nursery and its staff. And she has her own locks on the cupboards, anyway. She does not really trust the staff (and I say, that at times, important stuff is stored there temporarily and locked up tight).
This was part 1 of the 2nd (911) interview,
ending at 24:34.

Sep. 11, part 2
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The times given in this section were primarily from the short 3 part video interviews, rather then the 3 put together in a compilation of all the Alisa/police interviews.

Begins at 24:33 where it picks up from the 1st part.

S: Who is it you live with at Home?        A: My mom & Abraham and my nanny Galia.        S: asks about what they call Abraham.        A: responds: "we call him Papa Hemp." "Galia does not live with us."

S: Tell me about mama. First of all, what's she like?        A: sheís kind, we ask her for food, mostly, but we sometimes nag her for food. She explains nag as in mom might cook a soup or something like that, but we like the sweet stuff, with a grin on her face. We like the fruit like bananas.
S: What's your favorite soup?        A:  We don't have like normal soups. She had talked about juicing hemp. She asked if he knew what hemp was and that it was not weed. He said he thought it was like a root or something.

>>Now how credible is it that a law enforcement officer dealing with things like Marijuana frequently, does not know what hemp is. First, police have to know that hemp looks just like Marijuana, and is similar but can not get you high like pot. Is Steve really that dumb (I'm not ruling it out, mind you) or is he playing dumb and why? I am sure he knows better. So if he is playing games and lying, this is clearly conduct unbecoming of an officer of the law. He should be fired and prosecuted.

And why is he so concerned about home, mom, Abe, Abe's other name? And what has her favorite soup got to do with the prostitution and rape she has reported, not to mention the murder of babies. What Steve is doing is going on a hunting expedition. He wants to protect the criminal cult and so he wants to frame anything he has to, so that social services can steal the kids. Of course, at this time, he does not have anything. But he is hoping that Alisa will give him something somewhere, eventually, that he can twist and distort beyond recognition and use to excuse stealing the kids. I got more but I am going wait for few more things coming right up.<<

A: At school, they used to give us wild red rice, and buckwheat, and that kind of stuff.
S: I got a question. How do you know about weed? Did you know that you smoke weed?
>>OK! Wait! I want to answer this one. The same way, Steve, that they know about sex and killing babies and how to prostitute, too. And what is more, they  know about cocaine and alcohol, too. Guess how? Any other stupid questions? Now its Alisa's turn.<<


A: Abraham told me about that.        S: what did he tell you about it?        A: Abe said you don't smoke weed. You have to eat it fresh. Not dry or anything. He's a nutritionist.        S: so here do you buy that from, then?        A: Its delivered to us, but most of it is bad. And we got loads of buckets of hemp seeds. Not the ones like in the shops in plastic bags ( like the ones Truth1 is fond of on ice cream ) that are soft ones.
S: why do you need the seeds?        A: To juice them so we can get the milk from them. And make green juices.        S: Oh, I see.


A: Well, my mom used to make us like soup like with cabbage with beet root pieces. Its like boiled. Its not fresh. We used to buy veggie sausages, made out of soya.        S: So mama's nice. So what's your favorite thing about mama?
A: She's really kind and she looks after us. She takes us to holidays. Sometimes she gives us junk food.  Sometimes a real sugary smoothie. Cause when you use to go on holidays, she used to buy us these fruit smoothes.


Steve: and is there anything about mom you donít like? >>Now honestly, can it get anymore obvious than this. Why does Steve want to know if there is anything she does not like about mom. I could have sworn that I heard Alisa talk about nothing except the cult at school and her dad, and the horrible things they did to her and Gabe, among many other atrocities.

I don't here him ask anything about any of that stuff. Instead, he wants the dirt on mom, that no one has complained about, from the cult, the kids or anyone else for that matter. See the problem? Steve is looking for trouble. He is not finding any but that won't stop him. He'll just invent something, a common tactic for corrupt cops, which is about all we have anymore.<<

Alisa answers Steve: I don't know. I meditate. But really, my mom would get upset about one thing of meditation. My mom did not know I was eating babies (meat) all this time since I was a baby She never knew. I started to meditate when I was 6 years old to 9, for 3 years now, so when she found out about I eat baby (then she jumps to another aspect of it) so that's why I keep on telling her I don't want to meditate. She would say it was really boring but "I knew that while I'm meditating, even because one of the rules is not to eat meat or any diary. Or lie or steal or anything like that."

>>I wanted to insert this here and it is important. You need to understand Alisa's character and she has tremendous character. at the age of 6-9, she did not want to violate a decent standard, knowing her life was not in harmony. This is remarkable, given that she is exposed to evil every day in school, but she knows its wrong and does not want to be a phony. There is some real good in this girl. And the police violated her in so many ways.<<

Alisa continues:  At that time, my dad used to learn me to steal money and stuff like that and I used to steal mom's money and buy sweets with it or sometimes give it to my dad.


S: And what about Papa Hemp? What's he like?        A: He's kind, but when we were telling him all about this, on the holidays in Morocco, because we were scared to tell, of course, so we lied a bit, we lied a lot, Though. but then we were so scared and terrified when he found out. Alright Alisa and Gabriel, somebody is touching you and I know who it is.        S: he said that to you?        A: Then we just gave up and said it was dad.
S: What do you mean you gave up?

>>Steve is going on another expedition. It was pretty obvious what Alisa meant by gave up. Another way to say it would have been "come clean" or "fess up" or "admit"  But Steve will likely try to claim duress in giving up, like they had been relentlessly pursued, hounded, beaten, tortured. He likely used these in some report to testimony to the secret court, which is not court at all, except the UK, where up is down and right is wrong and inside is out. Love that UK logic. A more twisted screwed up nation does not exist.

Now certainly Abraham had to be persistent as the kids were also refusing to tell. But persistence in the cause of discovering who is teaching the kids sexual things, is certainly permissible and in fact, had he not done so, then he would be reprehensible. But Steve wants to frame Abe. So how dare Abe want to protect the kids from sex! Why, don't all kids want to have sex as soon as their born? (UK's logic, not mine) Or if you prefer: "persistence" becomes something malicious and sinister, in action as well as in intent, implies Steve, say I. Why, Abraham was harassing them and psychologically tormenting them and infringing on their rights, demoralizing them, and causing great emotional harm.

So you see how easy it is to twist something. Take some of those lines above, and leave out the context, and the truth, and any poor and innocent sap can look guilt which he has done nothing wrong at all. This is the evil that now permeates our world, thanks to the throngs of Satan worshipers seeded throughout our societies and locales.  In fact, it you want to see such twisting of word meaning, logic, and reasoning (or lack of), check out the new feminism of the 21st century. They change word meaning, and then apply twisted logic so that, well, where up is down and right is wrong and inside is out. And add copious amounts of lies.

In fact, I would suggest that feminism is funded and promoted by the NWO elite Illuminati types. They have people make "sock puppet" donations to fund me sites on the net to key feminist spokespeople, and they tell the feminists what to say and they order the media to all go adn interview these spokeswomen, all of whom seem to be on the young side, i.e. not much brains but very desiring of money at any price, like selling their souls. I am the only one in the net saying this. But the elite have always done this with politicians so why should it be any different with another political view?<<


A: We gave up the deal with our dad, to not to tell anyone about this. Or mom or anyone. And then we just gave up the deal and we just told him that our dad and then we carried on telling. At that time we were terrified to tell all about this, the babies teeth and the baby killing and all this, so then after we lied a lot as I said because we were terrified.

>>Alisa admits she lied a lot. She is terrified of her dad. She has good reason to be. Steve ignores all of that. She is hiding baby killing. That is quite a bit to hide. She probably saw herself as a baby killer. She was carrying guilt till mom and Abe explained to them that they had no control and no responsibility. Steve turns a blind eye to it all.<<


He didn't hurt us, but he got spoons and gave us not hard hard licks, he just gave us the soft licks.         Steve:  who did?
>>Had she not been talking about Abe? Why does Steve have to ask, "who did?" I am going to make a suggestion since this happens a lot. Steve is only half listening at times, thinking about how he can twist and deceive and what he needs to ask to get Alisa to fall into a verbal trap. So he has to ask the obivous and he is not paying attention. But he knew it was Abraham and he may have asked for emphasis so he and his buddies could say that name kept coming up again and again. One name that did  not come up much was dad or R.A. Demon. Imagine that!<<

A:  Er, Abraham! Especially so that we could tell, because we were used to hurting.
S: What do you mean, he hit you and gave you licks?        A: No no no. We call them licks.        S: So what does that mean? 
A: Its like a spoon hit. ( Alisa is getting frantic cause she knows Steve is trying to twist it into something she does not mean. You need to go listen to it. I provided the times and links to the videos. What more do you need?)
S: why did he hit you?        A: Because we keep on lying and because we told him that "the only way we could tell you" is by him hurting us. (again, Alisa was speaking emphatically and trying hard to make it clear Abe was not to blame or find fault with. Steve does not give a damn. He worships Satan so he has to sell Alisa out.)
>>Twice Steve questions why Abe hit her. She told him twice why. But his emphasis is always on Abe hitting and giving licks. Oh boy. Steve was all excited. Satan will sure love him now.<<


A:  No no, we didn't tell him. But he knew that. Because we told him that if we like misbehave or make a noise with my dad, he will give us licks. But then after, Abraham thought it would be a good idea if he could give up licks, soft ones just like that (as she knocks on the table to demonstrate, at 33:57, photo included.

S: What did he use to do that.?        A: A spoon.       S: What sort of spoon?
A: Its just a normal cutlery one which people eat with in restaurants or anything. He didn't hit us so hard. It was just soft soft.

Notice Steve ignores that daddy dearest was beating his kids senseless with big restaurant spoons. That was perfectly OK. Can you see now? Total Bullshit! Why, oh why, was dad ignored and Abraham framed? All of you out there know that answer. This was no investigation. It was the worst of police fraud, farming, and cover-up. Law? Order? Justice? Ain't no such thing, my friends. That was all lies. Just pure Satanic evil throughout the world. Its over. We, the good, lost. Now only God can recover it for us.

S: What did your mom say about that?
A:  nothing nothing, no, no, nothing! She thought it was a good idea." Alisa was somewhat emphatic, as if defending the decision. "And when after, when we had the licks, then we had water torture." We call it water torture. He gets loads of jugs of warm water, then throws it on us so than after,  (she makes a back and forth motion like pouring out some water and then tipping it back and then pouring forth again.) He says that he is blessing us, so that we could tell.      

34:49 pic

<<< Left
- notice her suspicious look over at Steve).

S: who said?        A: Abraham.







A: Because after, we are used to hurting . . .    S: What does your mom say when this is going on?          A: nothing! nothing! She doesn't mind! She thinks its a good idea to do that so we could tell!   34:49 pic
Cause we were used to hitting. Whenever he gave us licks, the first time, he wanted to try out, he gave us a lick,  you know  this," as she points to the small scar on the chin that showed on some of the Morroco videos.

Its like he didn't do it on purpose, but then after, he accidentally hit me just here," as she still points to the scar, at 35:07
S: with what?      
A: with the spoon, it was really sharp. He accidentally did this to me with the spoon. I forgave him. I really didn't mind. But her realized that me and Gabriel did not care if we get hit because my dad used to hit us all the time, every single day.

she still points to the scar, at 35:07
Poor innocent Alisa. She thinks this is all a good thing and has no idea Steve has just found what he wanted and hoped for. "water torture and little spoon licks." He now has the ammo to create a monstrous lie and steal the kids.

Steve wants to use this as extreme abuse. But if this is so, Every Christian denomination in the world are severe torturers, in their baptism rites. So how Steve and company lie twist distort and deceive? Its very plain to see.

See where Steve is going"? My Satire of Steve follows:   Abe poured some water on you kids! OMG, I am going to pass out. What a horrific monster. I'd better have Abraham arrested and shot right now. I'll be right back!  << end of satire.

Steve says OK, what we'll do, we'll have a little break. We've been speaking for a long time (35 minutes is long?) I'm just going to see how your mum's getting along. Alisa previously above: "Me and Gabriel did not care if we get hit because my dad used to hit us all the time, every single day."

Break at 35:42

Truth1 >>> Steve has what he thinks is gold to lie and steal the kids. Alisa made it more than clear that Abraham meant no harm and that all this was no big deal. She also dad how dad beat them all the time, "every single day!" Steve ignores that entirely. So is this interview honest, sincere, or legitimate? Not in the least. This portion of the interview completely exposes that the police did lie and commit fraud and steal the kids while ignoring the only charges made, those against dad, and fabricating charges against Abraham for supposed torture and mom for saying nothing and approving of what was purely harmless stuff.

So from 31:48, when Steve asks, not about Abraham, but about Papa Hemp to 35:42, a span of 4 minutes, we have all the evidence we could ever ask for and all evidence needed to prosecute, convict, sentence and imprison or execute the entire police force, Social services and probably many more, including Judge Pauffley. This was an outright case of fraud and frame, made to order.

Just take that paragraph and the 4 minutes and you have solved this case and won. But will you see it? Not a chance.

It was exactly at this point  35:42    (11:09 in the part 2 video length ) that Steve stopped. He had what he needed. He was going to check on mom, but I suspect he was really checking with his buddies. Little does poor Alisa know, she is going to be taken custody at the end of this interview. The kids had been nervous about this kind of thing when they were first interviewed but since nothing happened, they seems more relaxed this time, but it was a false sense of security. They would loose their freedom this very night.

Little does Alisa know, here near to 7 PM, that she is not far away from being taken from her mom and the bombshell I will give you now but only elaborate on in the next interview further below. Either later this night or maybe 2 days later, she is going to be viciously raped in my opinion, complete with filming it all and putting it up on the internet. I'll get to this in interview 3.

Steve had no doubt been signaled from the 2 people upstairs to discuss this. He paid no attention to what daddy demon was guilty of, which Alisa did make quite clear.  This was at 6:49 PM (18:49 on the video grab) their time. They come back at 6:59 PM, 10 minutes later. Steve had 10 minutes to confer with "mom" and the other 2 observers and make their strategy for more questions that might allow them to accuse Abe. Like putting more nails in the coffin, except that the corpse is not dead or guilty. He and Ella are innocent people who, along with their kids, have been viciously betrayed, along with all citizens of the UK who think their government, police and courts are legitimate.

And let me be clear about this. I find no fault in Abraham at all. Alisa was his biggest defender and she came off totally sincere. The problem here was extreme corruption from a total piece of human scum interviewing, when he really belongs feeding the birds and carrion with his carcass. It'll be here soon enough.

Now notice how Steve has a specific purpose in having gone out and when he gets back, he wants to know more about how Abe found out about the "touching" and tried to get the kids to talk. The police wanted to find a way to twist this to their advantage.

1:38:26 - 18:59:33
S: Now what we're going to do here is, so you was in Morroco, so first of all, what happened first of all with Abraham? What did he find out?

A: So once he had a lot of clues, Steve: Why did he have a lot of clues? Alisa: once he saw me and Gabriel touch each other . . .
S: What do you mean by touching each other?
A: We were touching each other in the privates.
This was at 1:38:50 - 18:59:57
S: What was you doing?
A: We got a secret contact, me and Gabriel.
S: What did Abraham see you doing?
A: Yes, we touched each other in the privates.
S: HOW?!  >>he uttered this very strongly. This was going to be very important for him.
A: So we were closed together and we pinched each other's bottom and touched each other's front private.
S: Oh! OK. So how did you touch each other's privates?
1:39:13 - 19:00:25

1:39:19 - 19:00:26  Alisa demonstrates a hand motion but it is totally obscured from any view as you can see.

Alisa says that their dad showed them how to do that. Alisa explained that Abraham had heard her father's voice once (on skype, I believe). Abe felt there was something wrong the Demon's voice tone and manner that did not seem well adjusted, I would say. So Abraham had concerns about R. A. Demon's character. As best as I know, this was the only time and exposure Abe ever had to Rick.  So Abraham really did not know him at all.

In the 3rd-last interview, it is suggested that Abraham was out to get R.A. Demon (dad). But for Abe to give a damn about Demon would first require he had some knowledge or interaction with Demon, which he never had, making the suggestion of being out for Demon, quite absurd. Something to keep in mind.

The Big Set-up!
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So Steve says that "you say that Abraham helped you to tell the truth." Alisa responds, Yes!

>>Are you catching this? note the above bold text. "Abraham ""helped"" you to tell the truth." The police will try and twist this. "Helped" will turn into forced or tortured into it. That is what happened! You can' t make these things up. That is for police and cults to do! Alisa was not discerning his clever way of wording that. The implication was that she was instructed or threatened/tortured into saying it. That was the "help."<<

S: And there was two ways he helped you tell the truth.    A: Yes!
S: The first way is with a spoon, and the 2nd one with water.

>>There it is! The spoon help which will become torture even though Alisa made it quite clear that it was not effective and did not hurt. And then the water torture as the kids amusingly called it, which was not a real torture and Alisa made that very clear as well. We have now, for the first time that I have ever seen or heard, the exact point and place where they concocted the scheme to claim torture of the kids. This enable them to steal the kids this very night. See that! It could not be more obvious and you have seen it with your own two eyes and watch the video and you will hear it with your own two ears.

What a dirty rotten deceitful lie. They frame an innocent and well-intentioned man and betray two children who reluctantly trusted them at the urging of the parents. No need to doubt or wonder about this lie anymore. Its carved in stone. I believe this short statement about "help" was discussed between Steve and the other two cops. It was not Alisa's mom he was consulting. I doubt he even spoke to her.<<


A: Yes, the water torture and the other one that he explained us that killing babies was wrong, and all this kind of stuff.
S: So 3 things. Telling you it was wrong, water torture . . .
A: but Explaining us that everything he (dad) does is bad.
What is water torture? I don't understand that.

>>Steve is lying his ass off here. She already explained this before and it was obvious it was not torture but the police were going to insist it was torture and that as a result, the kids were in danger and taken into immediate "protective" custody. We have solved the whole mystery!<<

A: So you get big jugs of warm water and then he tells us to stand on our knees, and then he just drops the water on us, and he pours the whole gallon of water just like that (showing the motion of tipping a jug).

S: and how does that warm water feel? (can you believe he is even asking this? I'll bet it felt wet! Any takers on that?)
A: Well, when you pour it on, its cold, but its warm.
S: and you say he hits you with a spoon?
A: yes, but not hard, not hard.

>>Notice how Steve implies that Abe hits her with a spoon, but not indicating that it was a one time thing. Its left open ended! Get it? Alisa, not picking up what he might be getting at, says yes, but not hard, not hard. That should have ended it but the police used this to suggest repeated torture throughout the whole Morocco holiday and that the kids barely escaped with their lives. I exaggerate, of course. And so did the police!<<

Steve asks about the chin scar even though he got told straight, earlier. He did not get the answer he wanted then. So he tires again.
Alisa explains that he had pushed it into her chin, telling her to tell the truth.

>>The spoon, in conjunction with Abe telling her or the cops implying that he threatened her and that is why she would later be said to have made it all up. But unanswered are dad teaching them sexual fondling, and getting willies up the bum and killing babies, eating them and drinking blood and describing the babies getting injected and falling out of consciousness, which Alisa could not have known without seeing. I'd have never known it, either. And dad teaching them to beat the living hell out of each other did not bother the cops, either.

And then there are all the school and teaching staff and priest, Father Paul accused and identified tattoos on pubic regions of some.

This is all the proof anyone anywhere needs to show the fraud committed by police and social services who call themselves CAFCASS. They got the last 3 letters right! So now you have a text book classic on how to screw a case over and cover it up with total lies and manipulation.<<

S: And where was your mum when this happened?
A: In the bedroom in the hotel.
S: Did she know it was happening?
A: Yes! (with a nod as well).  S: Why wasn't she in the same room then?
A: She was in the room! (where this was all going on. Steve forgot to ask where it was happening in the 1st place. What dumb ass!) And He was standing up next to the bed. And I was in the corner where the bed was, and my mom was.
S: OK. And what about your brother Gabriel? How was he helped?
A: (referring to Gabriel) Well, it seems like he hates licks. But he actually likes them. Steve wants to know more about that. Alisa explains: He screams and all kinds of stuff, like says it hurts and actually, it doesn't actually hurt. (she would know since she got some of those licks, too and said they were not hard, nor hard.).

S: Has he ever hit you in England? (Steve was referring to Abe but Alisa thought it was about Gabriel and she said they fought like cats and dogs. Steve did not specify who.     S: No, Abraham! Has he ever given you any licks while in England or just in Morocco?
A: No! In Morocco was the only time when he ever done it to me.

>>They police were hoping and praying that Abraham had also hit the kids in England. Had he done so, they could have charged him and put him in prison on trumped up charges. But he had not done so. See who they were fishing for something to use? Those 7 lines enabled the police to deceitfully suggest that Ella approved of Abe's supposed (but not really) torture. And though Gabriel was a faker, what was described was easy to suggest that maybe it was not as harmless or painless as Alisa was saying. I believe Alisa. Kids know when other kids are lying. They don't get fooled as easy as parents or adults might. But this gave the cops the big juicy tid bit they were looking and praying for. Touch down! Score! And justice gets brutally raped and murdered.<<

My opinion is Alisaís account is totally believable. She related far too much info and repeated it often and her body language confirms it. Further, that the licks were not enough to get the kids to budge, given their previous abuse by dad, is also solid.

Alisa explains the spoon cut as Abe was pushing the handle of the spoon into her chin and pushing it upward and telling her to tell.

But again, nothing dad did ever mattered. Big willies up the bum were nothing at all I gather. This is truly madness and ultra criminal. Steve Dickhead also ignores prostitution of a 9 year old and other children, too. Steve could care less about that. He prefers boys, anyway. He was licking his chops in anticipation of Gabriel. What a perv!

>>I might add here that in the Bible's Mosaic Law, punishment could only be prescribed for permanent injuries, whereby an eye for eye, tooth for tooth, limb for limb and life for life. If any injury such as a cut were not permanent, then there was no punishment. Now I am sure that if horrific pain was inflicted, that this would constitute substantial punishment but I do not recall such being discussed in the Bible. Torture may have been far from the minds of most back then. And often, torture would result in permanent scars and injuries. Then its eye for eye!<<

Alisa: ďGabriel seems like he hates licks but he likes them.Ē He screams and says it hurts, but actually, is doesnít really hurt him. End of Part 2.

Truth1 >>> I want to add here that there is/was nothing the kids nor Abe or Ella could have done to make this different. If Alisa had always corrected and avoided any language that could be twisted, well, there is no language the police could not or would not twist. The parent could have done nothing different, other than go to another country and not report. Had they reported from another country, MI6 would have killed them all off in a traffic accident or a house/apartment burning or a supposed murder suicide plot supposed to be Abraham as the culprit. He's such a popular guy with the UK and the cult.

There is no getting away or revealing when two kids know too much about too many things. The spy agencies can take out anyone anywhere and do so often. Cases like this need the help of God. He is our last and only hope, due to us being surrounded and overpowered by Satanists. They control our societies now. So lets not blame innocent people. Lets blame the real culprit(s). Satanic cults and the entire UK government administration, most especially the police, social services, and the courts and judges. These are the only ones deserving blame.

Sep. 11, part 3
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Starts at 49:08    (1:41:57compilation)  had begun the start of part 3 of the 2nd interview on Sep. 11. But in the continuous long video all all interviews, whose times I give at the beginning of this paragraph, begins the account of the big fight that Alisa and Gabriel once had with each other. But to clarify, the continuous video does not have any parts. Its one big whole, divided only by the different dates of the 3 interviews and their different settings.


Dad was a bastard, kids fight.         A: We had the worst of fights, my father learned me and Gabriel, well, taught me and Gabriel, both to fight with each other but worse than a kind of dogfight. Wed grip/rip each other in the hand, like scratch them, pull each other's hair, all kinds of stuff. And pull my head and bang  it on the floor. And then do that kind of bad stuff. And once my father taught me but he told me, to make my brother's head bleed. I said, how should I do that? But I did not want to do that, anyway.        S: Your real dad taught you that?        A: yes. Ricky Dearman. I wanted to know, how did he want me to do that.

Alisa: But I wasn't going to do that. But when after he said are you sure you can do that? I would have said Yes, of course I can do that. He wasn't sure with me like I will do it. So then after, he gave me licks. Like hard hard ones. It can make your head bleed.         S: who did?        A: My father, Ricky Dearman. So he gave me licks licks till I will say like, I will do it, oh papa, for sure I promise you. And then after say, I promise him that I will do it, then I'll have to do it. So then after I done it, see he told me like take the picture frame and glass in it and I said well, I think what I'll do is like told him I think I do have one.

Alisa continues:   Its a picture of the person we pray for, and meditate for, yeah so it was a picture of her and after I said I think I got a glass frame and I saw mom putting it in and taking it out and then changing the frame but then after when I saw her put it in new frame, the photo, like the picture of her, they put this glass at the top, I thought it was plastic first, and after when I asked mum when she was putting in, I just felt it with my nails and softly tapped it with my nails and (she could tell it was glass). I made sure it was glass so I asked my mum if it was glass and she said yes, its glass. be careful, then after, he told us to have a big fight as big as they can, then after that time where I was so angry then . . .     S: And how did he tell you that?

52:51        Alisa:  See he told me like, he taught us to fight really badly. And then after, once me and Gabriel fought so badly that once, because our father lived with us then, he told me, he did tell me, and after he told me to think of a really bad thing to do. And I thought and I just gave an example for my dad and then I wanted him to be pleased with me, not to give me any licks or anything. Then after I said, ah, (she describes a small bed that like a 4 or 5 year old could sleep in that fit underneath the bigger bed above.  There were gates at the top so that you could not take it out from under the bed, and I gave Gabriel a trick. I told my dad what I think to do so I said I will trick Gabriel by getting him under the baby bed and lock him in there and stay on the bed so he can't come out. 

54:17        Alisa: (She sat on the bed on top with the rail so that he could not get out and) he started screaming and screaming and after when I maybe left him there for 3 minutes, my mum does yoga so I run into the yoga room where she does it and hid in the cupboards, so I went there and hid there and then Gabriel knew that place and he opened it and then tore my hair and banged me every where, on the walls, and on the floor and I got so angry, but I started it. So then after, I got this frame and made sure he didn't look and I banged that on his head so that a piece of glass went into his head, and once he done something bad to me anyway.

S: What we'll do, I think we'll stop cause your mum's finishing, its getting quite late for a day (7:09 PM is not so bad.) We'll stop and take a break and finish up for the day. Is that alright? She understood that they would meet tomorrow and again and Steve says its a special doctor that deals with children to "see if you're OK." She was going to be checked for injuries and he asked if she knew of any injuries she had and she said she did not and had not seen her father in a long time. Alisa was unaware of internal injuries. Remember this well. Steve is not telling her that she is about to be taken into "protective custody," which is a lie because she was not in any trouble from mom or Abe. Steve was barely able to put up with listening to the big fight account. Very bored. 

Alisa attempts to tell one more account of dad attacking mom when Alisa was about 5 or 4, and mom and dad were in the bathroom, beginning at 56:15. He hit Alisa with a spoon in the head and cracked her head open. "My father nearly killed my mum (in the bathroom) by pushing his knee deep into her head. He nearly killed her. Mom called out to Alisa's older brother James to call the police. Police were there in 15 minutes. My father still did not leave the house. When the police came, my father left the house. As he was leaving, they arrived and arrested him. Rick had wanted to take the kids to a "party" and Ella said no. When Rick came out of the bathroom after James called,  Rick deliberately opened the door hard and fast knowing Alisa was there and the door know hit her good in the head and he pretended he did not now and pretended to be nice to Alisa. Or at least, as far as Alisa was concerned, it was fake concern. Alisa says this was at age 3, but she did say 4-5 initially. When done, Steve questions her being able to remember that early. She was very insistent that she did remember. She was emphatic.

I can tell you that I can remember before I could talk or understand language. It would be perhaps from 2 to just before 2 years and nine months as my brother was born that long after me and I was just starting to learn to talk and comprehend language at that time.

Steve stops it at 59:00 He did not want to let Alisa talk more but she forced her way into it, God bless her. Steve wanted to avoid stuff like that. too bad. We got it and we know he was and is a total phony liar. so he is going to put her in the room with the TV and wait for mom to finish her interview. They would tell mom, Ella, that the kids were being taken into protective custody. They leave the room and the video ends at 59:15

The police had planned this "abduction" before this day had even arrived. Regardless of what they found or not, they were going to keep the kids, punish them and never let them free, ever again, so they could not tell more because it is certain they could have told far more. Steve kept them from having a chance to talk about what they wanted to talk about, even though he has said  they would get that chance. He lied.

It is my strong contention that Alisa could have possibly been raped right there at the police station, or sometime after, but before the 3rd interview as Ella had some suspicions that something like that was going on. She had been locked into the room she was in, which some have said is standard procedure. Ella had been interviewed on that day as well. I'd love to have her tell us all what they had asked. It would be nice to hear more from her to determine when it was most likely that Alisa was rapped. I have solid reason to believe she might have been raped multiple times or even by multiple assailants. I'll address it in the next interview, the 3rd and final one, the so called retraction, which also is a lie.

The medical exam to take place the nest day, Sep. 12, would diagnose the kids with PTSD. That's a pretty strong serious diagnosis, considering she was just find in this 2nd interview. Same for Gabriel. So was being abducted enough to account for PTSD the next day. Maybe. But what we will see in Alisa in the 3rd interview, is beyond words of horror. There is no way that she would exhibit that much trauma from abduction alone. Especially when Gabriel seemed far less affected in his 3rd interview. What happened to Alisa. Hampstead Research had discovered some websites and files owned by R. A. Demon, Alisa's dad by my naming. Among those files was a file names Alisa 9yr. We don't know when it was made. Could they have raped her and filmed or video-tapped it? Its entirely possible.

but what is certain to me is that Alisa was heavily drugged coming into the interview and the drugs still had some effect even at the end of the interview. She was very depressed and sullen, even beaten down and yet experienced extreme and rapid mood swings. That along with Gabriel's much better state, and the possible porn, make this a chilling possibility. I am hoping the parents can remember some info that might better explain all this. But that could take time cause this is apt to be a very disturbing and heart-breaking realization, but one that needs to be exposed if it is true. Alisa's interviews alone, are enough to convict the police force of guilt of every conceivable kind. It needs to get out and around. It would be great material for radio to cover, interviewing Ella and Abe.

It is my opinion that Alisa was  a little more relaxed and comfortable than in the 1qst interview, but she does not understand what evil this bastard is up to. Now above and below, and in all 8 frames, Alisa is leaning forward toward Steve. Strong body language that she is comfortable and not trying to back away or hide anything. This is an honest girl. It is the way she would prefer to be. But Steve likes treacherous evil, just like his hero, the devil. She is very expressive throughout. Often even emphatic. There is no deception anywhere in this testimony. She speaks more slowly and relaxed most of the time and there is more warmth in her expressions. This aspect of body language is will known. I got a book from the late 70s or early 80s mentioning this leaning forward. Notice her direct look with her eyes, intent and straight ahead. She's not glancing away or varying at all. Rock solid steady, flawless. She is the real deal.

I have since added recent writing from 2 prominent USA psychologists discussing Body language and non-verbal communication.

She will not look or sound like this in the 3rd interview. In fact, she will be a complete wreck in the 3rd interview.

You will see a much different Alisa. Its very sad. I would not rule out anything as regards pressure or intimidation. There ain't a hell hot enough for these Satanic ass-holes. And I don't even believe in hell, unless you're talking about the UK. I do believe in that hell. I'd rather face fire, to be honest. So does Alisa now.

What I did not get in this, when I first created this article, was Alisa speaking warmly of her mom and Alisa's expressions were smiling and warm. Understand that compared to the cult, mom was a saint who could walk on water. To blame mom and Abe was so evil. That is the UK!

For me, knowing what these kids went thru for abuse all their little lives, that they have such a decency about them is just remarkable and admirable. Yes, I am sure they had their moments, but you have to judge the whole. I think they are amazing. I think many others feel the very same way.

Sep 17 Interview to 12:33   
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The whole interview was only 35 minutes in length, half the time of the 1st 2 interviews. This interview was only for show, to offer a lame escape goat for the mess and to justify taking the kids away 6 days previously. But in many ways, it ends up indicting the police.

1:52:05 - 0:01

Just watch the 1st 30 seconds! It does not seem like Alisa at all. She moves slowly in the other interviews. Here, its jerky, fast, and she looks a mess and very quiet spoken. A demeanor so different from before. If I were a video editor, I'd do video comparisons to show it all better. I have no video skills. Her hair is a mess. Mom had it done so nice the 1st two times. Hair nicely tied up. The far right number on the screen says 10:28. So this is in the morning. Poor little Alisa is a wreck. Was she sleep deprived before this? Has she been raped and how often?

It is my contention that the photos that I present will unequivocally show that Alisa had been heavily drugged some time before coming in and that while it seemed to wear off some, it still manifested itself even late into the interview. I am sure any honest and objective psychiatrist who knows the effects of various medications would tell you exactly what drug or drugs were used.

They are in a different location for this interview, away from Barnett-Hampstead in Browen House in Suffolk. The sound quality was terrible and maybe that was what they wanted. I had more trouble and time transcribing this interview, than all the other interviews combined. Alisa was hard to make out at times for poor pronunciation, not finishing ideas and breaking off into other thought and both her and Steve would cut each other off. So at times, I typed in a rounded accounting rather than word for word, but most of the time it is word for word.

I have found that word for word was actually very important in waking me up to what was happening. Look below! Does that even look anything like the Alisa you saw in the 1st 2 interviews? I think not! If you compare her in this interview, with Gabriel in this interview, there is, in my opinion, far less distress in Gabriel than in Alisa. I can only describe Alisa as destroyed inside and beside herself. Now what would cause the two kids to be so vastly different in their response and attitude?

Its about 10:30 in the morning. She was looking everywhere, like she was 
amazed at it all when they 1st came in. Gabriel would do the same thing in
his interview after. Alisa's hair is in a mess. What's up?

I would suggest that Alisa has been thru a living hell and looks it. She appears like she is heavily drugged, with strong fast brief changes in personality, often looking out of it and having trouble even remembering a number of things. If she was heavily drugged, which Gabriel did not appear to be, then why was she drugged for the interview? Had she so utterly collapsed that she could not even get out of her won way or be functional? That is what I firmly believe. Well, what cold have upset her so much more than Gabriel? I believe the answer to that is in this interview and the medical examinations that took place on the 12th and 16th, the 16th being the day before this interview.

I know what some will say. The medical exams did not find evidence of vaginal rape. Only scars in the anal cavity. OK, it could have been strictly anal but this interview will suggest vaginal and while anal might hurt more, I think vaginal has a much larger impact for a female if for no other reason than that she is forced to face her attacker and if the attack was really nasty, then it would make it far worse and if you were filming or videotaping the rape, that would be even more devastating.

We begin at  01:071:53:12

I am going to show you a bunch of screen shots of Alisa here at the start to show without any doubt that she was drugged. Her emotions and expressions were like nothing ever seen in any video or interview before and were totally out of character and unexpected for the situation at hand. But as time goes on, the drugs wear off some but not entirely. Ready? Here we go.

S: Can you tell us your full name, can you?      A: Alisa Grace Gareeva Dearman. (her voice is quiet, low-key).
They are discussing how many were done. He asked her how many and she guessed 3. He corrected her that it was 2 and this was the 3rd.
Her memory is not good. How bout that? She barely seems conscious.
At 1:45 he asks if she remembers the other chap and she could not and so he says Karl. And she smiles as if higher than a kite and repeats "Karl."
My first photo snap is at 1:46. I'll label them all for time. Now when Carl is mentioned at the end, again, she smiles and gets giddy. It could be because Carol was mentioned by Steve and Alisa pronounced it Car-ol not Care-ol (or Cair-ol) like many in the USA do. But it brought out a similar reaction to this one.

Note in the 3 frames directly below that at this time, she is very relaxed and kind of giddy. Her left hand hangs relaxed. Her right hand rests at ease on her leg. She is feeling no pain, it would seem. But stick around. Things change.

It takes 7 seconds for this to happen and the last second has the most dramatic change, from head tilted to her right at 1:51 to head tilted to the left at 1:52 and on her hand.
Alisa has never behaved like this any video that Abe made or previous police interviews. Its totally out of character and there is nothing that has been said or happened that would explain this strange behavior. Either she is drunk, which I rule out, or drugged, which I think very likely, or the more far out possibility that she was previously hypnotized to respond in some way to make her more at ease.

But to be honest, her behavior has the appearance of flirting and being charmed. I've seen stuff like that enough. But I will say this much. The behavior is totally out of context and is unexplainable without considering drugs at the least. I believe the police owe us an explanation for why Alisa had the appearance of intoxication of one sort or another. An altered state like this makes her unfit for an interview. I'd like to see what psychiatrists who know drugs' effects well could tell us and maybe an expert in hypnosis as well. But as far as I am concerned, this behavior alone casts serious doubt and calls into question this interview. Why is this girl behaving so strange in comparison to her previous interviews?

I do have to say this. Non-verbal body language is fascinating. Alisa appears to look more grown up to me in some of these pictures. More sophisticated than she has shown before. She never struck me as silly or giddy but there it is. She is on the photogenic side as well. So where did this all come from? But these pictures do help illustrate that part of why we all look like we do is not just because of our basic physical features, but the emotions we wear on our face, perhaps only briefly at times and some moods we carry and display often, giving us a familiar look to people. Alisa shows us a number of different faces in this interview. She was very consistent in the other 2 interviews. And that bothers me.

S: and what we're here today, carry on being what we were talking . . .    A: How it all started.
S: We spoke a few bits, hadn't we! While we were on our way here, you . . .    A: some of them are not true, that Abraham told us to say.

S: Yeah, that's what you said in the car. That's where we'll start. 

But before we do, I'd like to go through the rules again. I know you're probably sick of hearing them. Can you remember them, can you? The Picture to the left was at 2:40. Note how she has gone from giddy to glum and gloomy. Extreme mood swings. Not a good sign. She was so consistent in the 1st 2 interviews, steady, solid. She is all undone now.

A: Don't lie, Tell the truth? (she answers as if she is not sure).      S: that is one of the rules. 

2:52        1:54:57

S: On the first rule I want you to tell me everything and If you don't know the answer, what do you say? Can you remember that?

A: I don't know that one, so. Take a look at her photo saying this at 3:15 left. She was higher than a kite. I'd sure like to have some of what she was having. I'll bet you would, too ;-) But she keeps going back and forth on expressions and she can't remember a simple answer. If you don't know the answer, say you don't know! I know Alisa is smarter than that. She's drugged and this interview is not fit evidence for a court of law.

S: Yeah, that's right. And if you don't know the question I asked?      A: I'll tell you I did not understand.


 << Left at 3:22 (She is absolutely giddy thru this.)

at 3:25 she starts tucking her hand down between the chair and cushion on her left and I snap a pic at 3:28 showing it on the right                     >>>

at 3:33 her right hand goes to her right down into the chair/cushion. pic below. And her expression is sour now or flat, not amused.



She's not giddy anymore, is she!

S: And then there is the one you said  "and we must tell the truth." 3:33 pic   she has changed some. No words, just a nod. 3:35  pic
S: You've already shown me a couple of times that you know the difference. So we don't need to go there.
>>Steve skips the difference, I think, because he is afraid she will not be able to answer. He has likely noticed her sudden sullen expression and her not being able to answer other easy questions. He has to proceed carefully now and wait for the drugs to wear off, says I, or avoid any tough questions.<<

S: What about rude words? Is it OK to use them in this room?      A: yes.      S: yes, that's right!
S: and this pen and paper, do you remember who can use this paper?       A: You.      S: anyone else?  (Alisa could not remember). She is totally gone at the moment below. I'd like to have what she is having. I could sell that in Biddeford Maine fast! But really, how unusual is this state? Its not normal for her or for the situation. It defies explanation unless we consider drugs and previous severe trauma that would require drugs to make her functional.

   <<< 4:11 pic
S: Say if you wanted to draw or write something (then A interrupts and springs to life, a mood swing says I.)
A: Yeah I knew but there is something that I did want to tell you but then I can write it down for the next time I tell you. (She relaxes again).
Steve lets her know she can use it for anything she wants. No limits on it.
A: So what are we going to start off by saying?  >>It was all worked out ahead of time<<

4:47        1:56:52

Alisa says that in the car she suggested that some things Abraham told us were not true.
S: You mentioned Zorro and about some heads being cut off in that film.      A: yeah.
S: I wondered whether that >>A interupts: referring to Abe: Yeah, it was his film and he lended it to us.
>>She knew what to say before he even finished. How about that!<<
S: And I was wondering, is that how you knew about the babies.
A: Yes, because I had an idea and said that I told Abraham and Abraham said, good, then do that and tell that to the police.

>>Steve was wondering if Zorro was how she knew about the babies. Because of course, who ever heard of babies being killed by Satanic cults? Well, now that you bring that up, there are thousands who have witnessed babies being killed, eaten and their blood drank, not once but many times. In the book, "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century," it records 1471 participants, many of whom were mind control victims suffering from multiple personality disorder, a key feature of government programming, from 30 countries and spanning from the 1950s to the present, now 65 years and more particularly so from the mid 80s to present, 35 years. Many hundreds kids were victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and saw babies killed in day care facilities, Pre-school nurseries, even baby sitters and relatives or parents doing it.

Its been going on a long time now and happens all the time and has thousands testifying to that. How many witnesses does the world and media require to finally admit that babies really do get killed, eaten, blood drank, people dressed in robes, animals killed, kids put in cages, people standing in circles, raping of kids at these circles, kids prostituted and trafficked all around the world and in every civilized country? !!!

It can not be denied any longer. Alisa could have gotten it from anywhere, but she personally experienced it and that is not news anymore. Its old hat and routine. Cover-ups and denials are also routine. Law enforcement, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, politician, celebrities, all help coverup and  and hide a mountain of sin. Get over it. Its real! Its not only real, it is practiced and done in every state in the USA and the UK and many other nations. There is no where, where it is not going on. In addition to the secret distribution of child prostitution and child porn, governments participate in every kind of racket. Drugs, arms, weapons, information, blackmail, corruption, racketeering, lobbying, and every other kind of corruption is all aided by mind control victim/agents, who do not even know they are doing what they are doing, in serving their government.

What they do is locked away in parts of the brain they are not allowed to have access to by their programmers. Secret Mind Control activities run the underworld now. All levels of society have been corrupted, taken over, and used to steal children from parents on a regular routine basis  and then used for sex, porn, and even sacrifices (murder). It is time for the world to wake up.

Specialized therapists have been helping mind control SRA victims for years now, since the mid 80s in significant numbers. These therapists are also witnesses to the many people they have treated and helped to heal from the horrific abuse that is so much a part of government sponsored mind control programming and operations. Cults belonging largely to the government as well as Satan, operate all over the world and have their greatest numbers in the USA and UK.

So when Steve wonders where Alisa got her crazy ideas, look no further than her primary school. Its not secret. Everyone in Hampstead is a part of it. Give it up Steve. This whole interview thing was and is a lie and fraud of the worst kind. I'll prove it!<<

Now Abraham was supposed to be the mastermind behind this supposed frame up job. But Alisa is suggesting it was her and he just OK'd it. She made up the babies and Abraham was supposed to have said, use that. So Alisa is the master mind if you buy any of this. I don't.
5:31 pic below
   5:44 pic left

S: Right! OK! So, I want to start from the beginning. How did it all come out?

5:43        1:57:48

A: We had fun but not so much, when we were in Morocco, 5:44 pic. We were not having so much fun but then after, 5:58 pic, me and Gabriel were watching Zorro, and after it was finished, Abraham came out of the balcony, and he came and said to us, like, he said like, (this was a substantial pause in her accounting. She does not get this from experience or she would rattle it right off like she always did. She is struggling to remember what the made up account was. Its pretty obvious) 6:12 pic, he said like, whose touching you? And everything like that. (What happened to the details, Steve?) And then we guessed and guessed and guessed and then he said, 6:21 pic, nope, it is your father. Then afterward he had an idea to tell, pic 6:26, he just kills babies and stuff, because we watched Zorro.


at 5:58 above                                    at 6:12 above                                at 6:21 above                            at 6:26 above

Is it just me or is this bullshit! She can not come up with any specific words, just meaningless phrases like "guessed and guessed, and guessed. And I have no idea how Zorro brought about all this. Maybe Steve would like to explain it in a court of law for us, eh?

at 6:31 below        1:58:36

Now as you look at the 4 pictures above and the one to the left, Alisa does not seem to be enjoying herself. Now that she is deep into the lies, its not fun anymore. In the two above on the right, she looks sort of lost or bewildered and same on the left. Too often, it keeps occurring to her that her life is pretty much over as she would see it. This is a very sad tale.

But in her position, there is not a damn thing she can do about. She is a victim of a world wide Satanic network, who has operating branches everywhere, just like McDonalds, Walmart, and many other vermin corporations. The world is not a nice place any longer.

So take a good close look at the face to the left. That is what a heart broken girl looks like. Its not such a nice thing, is it! From 6:21 to 6:31, Alisa has been staring at the wall rather than Steve in front of her.

S: Oh, OK. We spoke a couple of times, do you remember? One rule you remembered is to always tell the truth? and don't lie.      A: Yeah. (she finally looks at him instead of the wall).        A: Yeah. (She's looking at the wall again)
at 6:43 pic

Do  you feel her pain and hopelessness? I do hope so!

S: So why is it that you tell me that its not true?
A: Because Abraham told me to say that, and said after that there is more trouble, because I didn't know that there will be more trouble, but he told me to say that. But I was too scared of him (she is still looking at the wall).

>>As you look at the 6 pictures above, does she not look forlorn and depressed? She is slumped. She is depressed about what she has to do here. She has  no choice. She sees no way out. she seems to feel like her life is over, I would say. Where is all that happiness we saw? Mood swings!<<

S: Oh, OK. And why are you scared of him?      A: Because he will just hit me if I said OK and he'll just hit me because he does not believe me.
S: OK, you told me lots and lots of things there.

7:09        1:59:14

S: So what I want to start with is in Morocco, you watched the mask of Zorro, and what is that film, Mask of Zorro?
Just after the above at 7:17  is the pic to the left. She put her head down only for a second or two, but look at that face, not to mention the posture! I could write a book and not say as much as that face and head does. Note that her left eye lid is shut but the right one is open. This poor little girl is going thru horrible heart break. Gabriel is younger and he totally dissociated and its been hidden deep in his mind so that he is not aware of it. Alisa is more aware and less dissociated. So she has much more of the suffering look.

Now don't tell me this girl is not seriously broken in spirit and severely depressed. Were it not for the drugs, she would not even be able to do this. Alisa describes the movie some. A bunch of people are trapped in a building with gunpowder all around the building. There were 2 boys and a bad king. He had 3 good people in his prison. Other stuff related. 

S: and you said there was a bit where someone gets cut, is that right?
A: The two boys grow up to be adults.  >>She goes on at some length on the movie plot. "There was this bad man in California and he looks a bit like my dad, actually." 9:47 pic.

It was cute the way she commented on how the man looked like her dad. Her eyes look shut here but it was funny. She was kind of smiling.

More about the movie plot. I gather as best as I could tell, that the two boys were grown up and wanted and one was shot and then had his head cut off the by the bad guy and then they cut his hands off as well.<<

S: So that is the man in the film that looks like your dad, (she nods yes) OK. So your watching that film and you said Abraham has come in and said whose been touching you. Why do you think he said that?
A: I don't know.
>>So Steve does not know why Abraham said that. Alisa does not know, either. And you know what? I am baffled, too. It makes no sense. If you are going to lie, at least make it believable. As well, do you really think Ella would have put up with a nut like this, if he had been like that? She booted Ricky easy enough. I'm just saying.<<

He just came over to my mom and I think he was just trying to get me and Gabriel in trouble, and he said, whose touching you or who had learned you to touch each other. (Abraham would have said taught, not learned).
S: were you touching each other?        A: Yeah, we were. And after . . . We just watched my friend Sophie from school and she tries and touches me.

>>Now I guts ta point out that they have elected to blame Sophie for "learning" them how to "touch." Why Sophie? Ah, I was hoping you would ask. Supposedly, the videos taken by Abraham were lost by the police. But I say this move is proof they were not only not lost, but they were heavily and carefully watched by police staff looking for angles. In the patio/garden video, taken by Irish voiced man, Alisa related how Sophie was the only one that liked the sex and she got lots of sweets.

So as the police saw it, Sophie was the perfect candidate for the blame. Now of course, that should get Sophie's parents in trouble for after all, how did Sophie get all this knowledge, not to mention pictures and many a sex toy or two and certainly, Sophie was said to have the knowledge and skill to perform "touching." But no investigation was done in that direction or that might have proved interesting.

But the truth was that daddy Demon taught the kids. He may have fathered them genetically, but he had no claim since he never married Ella, their mom. And his rights to visit were allowed to be dissolved since he knew he would have them in school every day, anyway.

As well, the entire cult helped themselves to the two kids and made porn movies with them as well. So anyway, the police were lying about losing the evidence and they elected to try to blame the accounts of the kids on Abraham, an innocent man who had nothing to do with the past abuse of the kids, which I intend to get too, soon.<<    12:33        2:04:38

Scapegoat Sophie & the Taxicab
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12:33        2:04:38

S: Whose Sophie?        A: She's my friend, but not really. She just bullies me and all kinds of stuff and she touches my privates.
S: OK.         A: She learned me to do that. I don't know where she got that from, but she just touches me.
>>Well, if Sophie does not know, then Steve ought to go find out. That is his job, ya know!<<

S: Sophie shows you how to do it?       A: Yeah.      S: and what does she show you to do?
A: She touched me and she said touch me and I said no, that's wrong. And then after she just told me to. . . She took my hand and touched it to her privates.
S: Oh, OK.        A: And then after, I said don't do that Sophie or you won't be my friend. And she says she does not care. And she said to me, to do it to my brother and she would give me a whole bag of sweets. I'll give you a whole big pack of sweets if you touch your brother forever. And I touched Gabriel and after the next day, I asked where's my pack of sweets and she says she was just joking and that she said "I would never give you a pack of sweets."
S: oh, OK.

>>Did you see that? Sophie taught them but who taught Sophie? They don't seem to realize that they just invalidated their whole fraudulent scheme by not caring at all that a girl knew all about touching and sex toys. Its obvious that a cult did exist and the police were duty bound to protect that cult, including Sophie and her parents, cult members in Hampstead, so it is alleged and believed by me, too. Why else would they ignore a child knowing so much? They are not ignoring Abraham and he didn't even do anything. Oh, oh wait. He did find out about the cult and try to expose it. Naughty man!

I am surprised they did not send out a hit squad to take him out. But they decided framing him would be much more fun. For them, maybe. But I don't think Alisa or Gabriel were too crazy about it. But you can ask them, if you can even find them. They are kept away from the outside world, almost as if they were in prison. Prison indeed, for any who squeal on the cult. Their actions toward the kids further reinforce the certainty that a cult really does exist and thrive.<<

13:51        2:05:56

S: So Abraham's seen you touching your brother and then what happened?
A: And after when he said who learned you to touch and all that, and I said Sophie learned me to touch Gabriel and he didn't believe me and he said no, someone else. And I just said, ah, it was just Sophie and my friends. They taught me to do that. (She remembered "taught" rather than "learned.") He said no, its your dad. And I just, I just, I just really got blank. I just thought, why would he say that! Why would he say my dad when its not true?
S: So did your dad teach you?        A: No, just Sophie taught me, me and Ella (it sounded like Ella).

>>Did you see the big screw up? She said it was Sophie AND her other friends. So they all know this in school. How does a school full of kids know about getting each other off with their hands? No investigation! Case closed. The cops should all be arrested for not investigating a reported crime recorded on video in a police station, no less! Can you get any more evidence than that, that police are covering for the accused cult and its members and they do control the whole school. Alisa said so in the so called retraction. BUSTED!!!!! Further, Alisa did say that Sophie TAUGHT Alisa. So Sophie was experienced and knowledgeable. And she was uninvestigated. If Abe had done that, they would have beheaded him right then and there.<<

14:39        2:06:44   pic taken

S: All that stuff at the church, the swimming pool, the school, did any of that really happen?        A: No, it was all made up.       S: It was all made up?

>>How dumb can you get? Steve does not wait for Alisa to confess. He jumps out and asks about whether pool, the school, or anything else, really happened? Isn't that called leading the witness and getting this over quickly? Pretty obvious that they had planned this.<<

A: He told me to say that. I said, Why Abraham, that's not true. But he said yes, that is true, so don't lie. Say that to the police!

>>Why would Abe say "don't lie when he knows its a lie? Answer? He wouldn't. And then, "say that to the police! Abe's words in this interview are always so short and sweet. Yet look at the extensive detail Alisa and Gabriel gave in the 1st 2 interviews? They do not match, do they?! Sadly, it is Alisa that has been forced to lie about all this in this interview. She is a prisoner of the state and nothing she says should be taken seriously after all the very credible testimony she gave previously on Sep. 5 and Sep. 11.

Abraham's lack of any real words show this whole thing to be totally phony. Recall what Steve said: As much detail as possible!!! Why wasn't he digging for detail? Because he knew there was no detail. He knew this was all lies.<<

S: How did you think about the idea of dancing around with the baby skulls?       A: He said they dance around the church with baby skulls don't they! That's what Abraham told me. I said, No they don't. And he said yes, they do. Stop lying. Your a little brat, he told me. I kept on arguing with him that I didn't and He told me, I'm not arguing you, you did do that you stupid little cunt. That's what he told me.

>>Abraham just thought up baby skulls off the top of his head. I'll tell you why this is funny. Most everything the kids relate is commonly found in SRA around the world. the baby skulls are a bit unique. Dancing with baby skulls? Did Abraham invent the places where they were kept, in the cupboards in the church, and at people's houses as well? She did not mention Abe saying that. Whoops! And once again, Steve did not ask for any details. He did not ask her to elaborate at all, like he sometimes did in the 1st two interviews. Why? Cause he knew this was all bullshit and he avoided detail at all cost. This says lies and cover-up. No doubt about it!<<

S: Well, that's not very nice is it?       A: Well, I just thought, yes, my father did do that.
>>Alisa's answer makes no sense. This is what is missing throughout thins interview. No sense and no credibility. We saw how wonderful the 2 kids were in at least 2 hours each of testimony and this interview is a piece of junk by comparison. It is so obvious that the kids have had a gun held to their heads, so to speak, and talk nonsense. The greater public never looks into this. But if they made the effort, it is more than obvious, cut & dried, and clear as a bell that this was a total fraud and frame game.

What bothers me most about this is that whether people are aware of it or not, all humans, whether small children or grown adults, all suffer shame on the instinctive non-verbal level when treated like dirt, or like they did something wrong or were guilty. We can not control our instincts like we can our intellect. The instinct, also called the sub-conscious, is the vigilant protector who operates at much faster speeds than the intellect does so that  it can protect our conscious intellectual minds from overload or harm, by diverting trauma to special parts of the brain.

If Abraham and Ella are human, and I am sure that they are, then they were affected in a major way, by a shocking impact. It could not have been otherwise. And they will be feeling hurt and shame or those will be stored away like as trauma. So they now carry pain, burden, and believe it or not, shame, even though they did not do anything wrong. When our peers heap blame on us, we can not stop it from affecting our instinct. Understand that there were 4 victims of the UK evil. 2 children and 2 adults.

We might understand it on an intellectual level, but the instinct does not operate by analysis and reason. It is instinct and emotion. It is a separate system from the conscious intellectual cortex. So blame games and frame games are not games at all. They are serious assaults and injuries. The Public has no clue because they do not investigate things like this, but they should. Their lives and their kids may depend on it.<<

S: So what about the stuff at the swimming pool.        A: not true. He takes us to the swimming pool but he just plays with the balls with us at swimming pool and the other people there. (She denies that any of the teachers did it and that they don't' even know his dad. She said Hollings does not know her dad and that she was never at his house. She claims she could not find Hollings house and that both Abe and Ella got mad at her, they hurt her a lot (Steve asks how) they called her bad words and hurt her feelings a lot. "They hurt me with a spoon. He said that he would take the spoon, just in case."

>>Now here is a big big problem the police have created for themselves. Abraham is said to make up the stuff about the pool and the teachers. You better sit down for this one. Ella met Abraham in March 2014. Got it? The kids were going to the pool in 2010 and 2011. Got it? That was 3 to 4 years before Abraham even came along. How would Abraham even know about any of this stuff at the pool? This is not the sort of thing that would be known or brought up other than maybe mentioning that Demon Daddy used to have visiting right with the kids.

The answer? Abraham could not have known. Further, how did he get to know all the teachers names when this interview said dad did not even know Mr. Hollings and the other teachers. Bullshit! The kids told much about the teachers, activities, dad . . .  there was way too much to try and explain away without creating more problems than solutions. This alone invalidates this whole interview. The kind of knowledge the kids revealed was very accurate and detailed. How in God's name did Abraham even learn all this and then teach and rehearse it all with the kids?

Only the kids could have had this knowledge of the teachers and circumstances. So either the kids make this all up or they were forced to retract it all, it having been factual, otherwise. Abraham does not even need to be considered.

According to Alisa, right in this interview, she made up the story and Abraham told her to use it. And they did not have to practice or work it out? Really? If this were all so and Abraham could teach all he did with just telling them, "you father did it!" Well, what I got to say to that is that MI6 and CIA would pay Abraham huge amounts of money for teaching them his incredible techniques for accomplishing so much with so little effort. Abraham must be a genius. But honestly, while he may be fairly smart, I did not have him pegged to be a genius. Sorry Abraham ;-) but MI6 is out! But the UK still has opening for Ambassadors, it you want to try that.

Further, if you have been listening to this interview, you will note that Alisa is missing all the detail and fluid and even forceful speech that even Steve recognized in the 1st interview. Maybe they should have consulted Abraham, the master programmer, first. So the cover up interview here is really poorly executed and not credible in the least. Way too much got screwed up. Abraham could not have known that much about the past and Alisa never mentioned Abraham talking or instructing very much. Same for Gabriel. Abraham said too little for what was being alleged of him. He is easily proved innocent.

And as a result, the police are clearly part of a bad cover up and trying to frame an innocent man, which is a pretty rotten thing to so. So if one were to suggest they were Satanists, this whole affair lends that quite a bit of credibility. No cover up can answer the overwhelming detail of this case.

Now if it seems to some that I am going out of my way to exonerate Abraham, my only real purpose is to serve all those harmed by this veil treachery. And if I am going to help the kids, then it needs to be understood why this whole thing is a fraud. And in doing so, of course, it ends up exonerating Abraham as well, as it should. The evidence is very clear. There are no loose ends.

This is what makes this case so outstanding from anything that has ever come before or likely to ever come again. Videos galore. Kids born and raised into this hell and their dad was the cult boss and ruler so that they had insight into everything. How could you even ask for more? Further, that every school in this area (Hampstead) is so infested with Satanic cults that you can't walk down the street without meeting members of these cults.

Never has there been such a thing. That is why Satan has gone all out to stop this. Every freak and weirdo was thrown into this arena and affair. I do not for one second believe that this is going on without the participation of both the devil and God. It could be no other way. Its not even possible. There is too much at stake for both sides. This one is not going down without a whole lot of casualties.

But the stupidity of attempting such a simplistic cover-up and framing with so much evidence to make such a cover up look completely stupid? Now that is really dumb. Yes, they got the power and the network, but they also get all those facts and evidence against them. And its overwhelming. This one is not going to just disappear and get swept under the rug. No chance of that! But it still will require God's help because the good are totally surrounded by the bad, the evil, the Satanists. Wait till you see the next scene below!<<

17:09        2:09:14

S: And whose car did you go in?         A: Its not our car, its a taxi!        S: What taxi did you get?        A: Just a normal cab!

This was taken at 17:24 with the above discussion. I don't know exactly what set her off, but Alisa's shooting daggers at Steve. She got fed up with stupid questions. Look at her face! Can you see the anger? Go listen to it. She was pissed. Another mood swing!

"What taxi did you get?" You gotta admit, that was a stupid question. What did it matter? Her reply was "Just a normal cab!"

This is wonderful evidence. She was not happy about what she was doing  and with his stupid questions, she was reaching a boiling point. What a girl! I love it. He was close to ruining this interview. She was nearly to the point of telling it like it was. But she is smart enough to not do that. She'd end up on someone's supper plate in all likelihood.

This was a case of her real self coming out, and reacting. She was not able to hold it all in. Maybe you can understand now why they filled her with drugs. But also note the right arm of hers driven down between her legs. She is uneasy and trying to keep a lid on things. But that anger just won't stay down. Her body language, controlled by emotion and instinct, wants to brake out and move the body around, which is its way of communicating and expressing. She has it locked up in her legs. She holds this kind of pose quite a bit in this interview.

S: what color was it?        A: Just a black normal cab!        S: And where did you get this cab from?        A: Its his friend, Rob.
S: Oh, OK.       A: My mom told me to show Mr. Hollings house. I said Its just over there down that road. And there were just rows of houses lined up. And after Gabriel went with her to show the house, than after, then I stayed with Abraham in the taxi and when they come back, my mum took me and said that's the wrong road.

Steve did mention in the 1st interview that there were thousands of houses along that road in Highgate. And Alisa depended upon Holling's Porsche being out front of his house, in order to recognize it. So that they could not find it is not that much of a surprise.

18:16        2:10:21

S: You told when we spoke, you told me a lot about Mr. Hollings house didn't you? The Samsung TV was chosen because the Tennis club had one. Alisa says the wardrobe and cellar ideas were from Zorro. S: Oh, I see, that makes sense now.

A wardrobe in Zorro? Really? Here's the best part. Cults of Satan are famous all over the world for hidden rooms and cabinets, tunnels, underground rooms. Alisa reveals the very same things many others have revealed prior to her so no one should find such tings odd, anymore. They are well established facts due to the constant continual testimony of thousands of witnesses, most of whom were kids the lived it.

But as well, there is no way that movie could have provided all the amazing detail of Mr. Hollings's house. But since they wanted to put Hollings, the teachers, and the cult out of the picture, they had to find an excuse for how Alisa could describe so much. I ask all Hampsteaders who read this, if one of you had the time, look at the picture of the rows of houses Drif-loud used and I copied below. (You can catch Drifloud on twitter as well, covering this case). If you could take a few pictures of the outside, directly in front of one place and shoe this yourself or pass the photo on to me, so that we can try to imagine inside this house and see if Alisa's description could fit inside what we are looking at. Even better if you could get on of the residents to actually let you get inside to take a few pictures, that would be amazing. Or a resident could describe the inside of their house and that might do it.

If the description matches Alisa's, then that places her on Holllings' house and immediately exposes the police as having coerced Alisa into lying. And proved cover-up also proves that the cult are all guilty as charged by the kids.

The Anal Scars
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S: you been to the doctors twice, didn't they.      A: yep.

19:06        2:11:11

A: All's we heard was that they would find some scars or something and they did find some scars and I have no idea why!
S: You don't know why?        19:10  A: I have no idea why. I was hoping (19:20) they would find something. And they did find something.
S: Why was you hoping they would find something?  >>That question at left from Steve triggered something in Alisa. This is an amazing sequence we are going to look at. I had to learn some new software and am milking it hard.<<


What you are about to witness, is only made possible by remarkable technology made available to the masses, if they accept the opportunity. I could not resist. What took place from 19:18 on the police screen clock to 19:26, covering less than 9 full seconds. The police clock shows 2 times. The one on the left shows the UK time, and the one on the right shows the amount of time the interview is consuming. The left clock keeps time to 100th of a second. Fantastic and amazing.

Part of the problem in this 9 seconds is that everything happens so fast and there are so many things that need observing and we could not possibly take it all in unless we could freeze time or slow it down to 100ths of a second. Turns out, we can do that. We might very well miss things like eye movements and direction. As well, while time flies, we are able to put a small period of time, 9 seconds into a quantified relationship of time in regards to different change. 3 seconds is a lot when you got about 28 key events/points to compare. We can see where the sub-conscious of Alisa is directing most of its attention, by measuring all periods of time for their length and in relation to each other. You'll see what I mean.

This examination is much like what we see in USA Football, the NFL. They use lots of instant replay so that the referees can check their accuracy against a variety of views and angles to see what the referee(s) might have missed. Law enforcement is lagging far behind. I will drag them forward into the present, whether they like it or not. It helps in sports and science, and why not observation of humans, itself a science whose outcome has lives hang in the balance.

No.1 is where we start when Steve asks why she was hoping they found scars. So she begins to explain in 1. Her eyes are looking at him and she is talking normal, although a little clumsy, given that she has been forced to lie like hell. When the coming "fit" is over, she will be right back to this very pose as she first started. But her right arm is going to start moving on her, and she is not even aware of it. You'll see in time, less than 9 seconds worth. Frame 2, her right arm begins to travel downward. It looks like a normal pose in 2, but her arm will keep moving.


I want you to carefully look at her face in 1 & 2. Get real close to the monitor! Don't her eyes look squinted, almost like she is about to cry? The odd thing is, if you listen to this time, she sounds normal. But  the look is not normal.

In 3, her right arm is still heading down. In 4, her hand parks between her knees. She is talking and focusing on Steve and is not aware what that right arm is up to. Her left hand keeps her braced, resting on the arm of the chair. this is important. Her face still looks strange but her conscious mind is focused on telling Steve why she has scars on her front bum or why she was afraid they would not find anything. There might be more truth to that than any of us might imagine and it might be affecting her subconscious side, who is feeling something else entirely and its in control of her face and body but not her verbal communication.

Her hand, in 4, is now tween her legs. The motion has not stopped and it is continuous but you would not detect that in still frames. But it is fluid in movement.


In 5, the palm is facing down at rest. In 6,notice the blur of the right hand. It is already in motion, heading for her crotch. 6 has a time of 18:06 seconds.


18:06 in 6 to 18:26 at 8 is 0.2 seconds or 1/5th of a second. It was a very fast jerk motion. Her pants get pulled up into her crotch. 

In 7, its almost there. Even though this is a dramatic, if not an embarrassing moment, her focus is solidly on Steve and the story she is telling and her voice is not changing. She is not, at this point, aware of what she is doing. This will key to the situation.


She pushes hard into her crotch in 7 & 8. Her voice continues smoothly so that you would have any idea she might be agitated, just from the sound of her voice.

At 9 and 10 she had been leaning a little and then pops up at 9 and 10. Still totally focused on Steve and talking. If you notice the pictures of Steve, it was all so fast, he did not have time to react or realize what had happened. 18:06 at 5 to 18:68 in 10 gives us 0.62 seconds or 6 tenths of a second. In 10 she is now starting to squeezing her thighs together real tight. if you were to watch this in slow motion as I did in my video editor, Movie Studio 13, the squeeze is very sudden and a strong squeeze, too. You can see the muscles tense right up. And she shoves her self up and back. You can see her moved way back in 11 & 12.


Now normally, if you wanted to move back some, you might put your arms on the arm rests or on the seat cushion and move back. But her hand remains hard against her crotch. Try this! Sit in a chair like the above or at least one arm rests and seat yourself forward and then squeeze your legs together and back while sort of raising your hips a little so you can push back, all the while shoving your hand up against your crotch.

I ask you to do this because the main purpose of non-verbal communication and body and face posture is for the non-verbal to display what is being felt. The person seeing a display will, if not seriously wounded from the past, will automatically, subconsciously, mirror the person or feel according to the posture, the very same emotions and feelings that the other person is telegraphing with their face and body. Non-verbal communication is controlled by the sub-conscious, exclusively.

In 11 below, she is squeezing tighter so that her crotch is blocked and protected, even from view and her thighs reinforce the blockade. What is bringing this on? Her face even looks slightly lost. I think at this point, she is a little perplexed at what she finds herself doing. In 12, her arm/hand is sliding down quickly as she realizes what she has been doing. She is not slightly smiling like she is in 10. Her face is straight, but she is still talking. From 10-12, only half a second has gone by. Now again, mimic that hand pulled up tight into the crotch. Is that a normal pose or posture? I don't think so. But seeing something like this is fascinating if not disturbing. Again, her voice never wavers, quivers or any thing out of the ordinary.  But the posture and sudden jerk reaction is so out of place with the verbal story and its tone that she is dishing out.
How do you feel when you pose this way? A little odd, isn't it? Her face in 11 seems a little lost and empty. And in 12 she looks a little down. But the talk is still normal.


In 13, her arm has relaxed back to the knees. She really looks puzzled or bewildered. But the talking continues. Her hand has let go of her crotch and parked at the knees again.


She might have been a bit embarrassed as we note in 15 and 16, her eyes are now looking down, starting at 19.80 seconds in 15. In 16 she starts to bring her right arm back to where it was at the start, before something possessed her right arm to do what it did. I say it was her subconscious screaming out about something that happened to her not long before this interview. All that attention to her crotch, coupled with the suggestion that Abraham had kicked her hard in the "front bum," suggests to me that someone raped her. And it was not Abraham. I'll speak more of this after the pictures.


Now notice the very peculiar manner she displays, still taking but being preoccupied with her hands. Why the interest in the hands? The right hand specifically, as her eyes are looking that way. 19.80 seconds in 15 to 20.60 in 18 gives us 0.8 seconds when the longest sum we had previous was 0.62 seconds. In 16 she starts to draw her hand up, looking at it kind of perplexed or mystified. The talk remains consistent and unbothered.


Her eyes are still down in 19 & 20. 19.80 to 20.88 is 1 second. Nearly double the 0.62. Now both her hands are under her conscious control in 20.


Eyes still down in 21 & 22. 19.80 to 21:54 in 20. 1.74 seconds. She is embarrassed maybe, or maybe just perplexed, though only for about 2 seconds, but in the short space of time, her hands really had her attention. She was mystified about what happened to her, says I.


In 23 & 24, eyes still down and both hands used to communicate now. 19.80 to 22:18 in 24 = 2.38 seconds. She does not want to look at Steve. Could he have been her attacker or one of several at some point between 9-11 and 9-17, this interview. Not necessarily. She might just be embarrassed. But I say someone made her very conscious of her crotch and her need to protect it as she has on and off throughout this interview. She is still slightly curious about her hand and poking a finger into it, sort of. Is her subconscious trying to suggest something? Is it or does it have something to do with poking?


In 26, she raises her eyes just a little toward Steve.


Now in 27 and 28, she is looking at Steve again and her hands are right back to where they started at the beginning of this, before her right arm left her for other business. The right hand anomaly as I call it, to me, was a knee-jerk reaction to some feeling that suddenly came out in her, which seemed to be triggered by Steve asking why she as hoping they would find scars. I am willing to bet, that her back bum is not the only place you would find scars.

I will now piece this together to make my point. First I quote from Dr. Besel Van Der Kolk:

pg. 298  of his book:

I was fascinated. People process spatial relations with the right hemisphere of the brain, and our neuroimaging research had shown that the imprint of trauma is principally on the right hemisphere as well (see chapter 3). Caring, disapproval, and indifference all are primarily conveyed by facial expression, tone of voice, and physical movements. According to recent research, up to 90 percent of human communication occurs in the nonverbal, right-hemisphere realm,' and this was where Pesso's work seemed primarily to be directed. As the workshop went on, I was also struck by how the contact person's presence seemed to help Nancy tolerate the painful experiences she was dredging up.

>> Can you grasp the significance of this? If you were to give a presentation to an audience, near to 90% of your presentation comes from your non-verbal expressions. Your words are only worth 10%. Words are far more effective when they harmonize with the non-verbal, rather than contradict it. Let me show you!<<

on pg. 236 he states:

Since then neuroscience research has shown that we possess two distinct forms of self-awareness:
one that keeps track of the self across time and,
one that registers the self in the present moment.

The first, our autobiographical self, creates connections among experiences and assembles them into a coherent story. This system is rooted in language. Our narratives change with the telling, as our perspective changes and as we incorporate new input.

The other system, moment-to-moment self-awareness, is based primarily in physical sensations, but if we feel safe and are not rushed, we can find words to communicate that experience as well. These two ways of knowing are localized in different parts of the brain that are largely disconnected from each other. Only the system devoted to self-awareness, which is based in the medial prefrontal cortex, can change the emotional brain.

End of quotes from book. The link to this full article on my site is:  non-verbal.htm#Kolk

Her non-verbal is so disconnected from her conscious mind that she has no idea what is going on. As Van Der kolk notes above, this is par for the course to some degree. But Alisa's behavior was so bizarre and seems more like a trauma buried and locked away in her mind beyond conscious reach, waiting for a day in the future when her subconscious may decide it is safe and the the conscious mind is willing and prepared to experience this and then the subconscious will let the buried suppressed memory/experience out. Dr. Arthur Janov also writes about this and practices bring these types of memories/experiences up to be integrated with the conscious mind.

What this means, if I am right, is that Alisa does not know what happened to her. It was so traumatizing and horrific that the subconscious intervened and dissociated the experience from her conscious experience  and hid it deep in the mind. Alisa had no memory of this that she can recall, unlike the many things she experienced in school. And the confusion, the anxiety, the hurt and depression and all else that goes with such an experience that remains bottled up and continually making itself felt, but not letting the true and overwhelming force of this memory to into consciousness. That awaits for a time when she might be ready to finally ask her subconscious to let it up and out. Most people never get to that point. They run from it their whole lives. We don't know what Alisa will do in the future.

But it is more than obvious that Alisa is a wreck in this interview. She has extreme mood swings and sinks to depths of despair at times. There is clearly something in side her memory, put our of her reach. If she she ever gets to the point of searching internally for answers, What she will experience, for the first time, is what her subconscious hid away from her as she was going thru it. It was way too overwhelming for her or probably anyone.


A: Cause then they would say, you did not have any scars (19:25) and I would get in trouble for not having any scars and I would get in trouble because I did not have scars.
>>notice how she repeats herself. This was tough for her to go over. Something inside her head was very agitated at this subject coming up but she did not know it was coming and I believe her sub-conscious was defying her captors and crying out, the only way it could, given her being in captivity and threats and danger. And the very fact that she had to talk about this was bothering something inside her in a big way. The minute this subject began, things started rising.

The absurdity of her explanation that she was glad they found scars so that they would not think she was lying when Steve had made it clear in all 3 interviews that she would not get in trouble for telling the truth or squealing, either.<<

This is the most pathetic excuse I could imagine. Alisa has scars in her bum and she does not know how, and neither does Gabriel. Imagine that! And she was hoping they would find something so that she would not be found lying. No way! AS it is, she is found to have told the truth the 1st time, and the examining doctor said the same thing. She had been penetrated in the rear bum. Can you believe that the police could offer such a stupid explanation? There it is in black and white.

Now here is the main thing I want everyone to understand. It is not at all uncommon for the verbal thinking system to be saying or thinking something totally different from what the sub-conscious feeling system is feeling. These are two separate distinct systems, according to psychology, of which I have an article on, linked at the end of this article as well as above a little back.


The Rape Kick   A new thought/realization on this most important part of the interview June 20, 2017
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You are about to read the most shocking revelation in all this case. You have to understand the significance of it.

S: Has anyone ever put anything into your bum?        Alisa nods no.       S: what about has anyone ever put anything in your front bum.
A: No, Its only Abraham that kicks my privates.        S: He kicks your privates. What do you mean?
A: Cause in Morocco, he had these big boots, because its muddy there, in the mountains, he just kicked me right in my front private. And too, to my bottom. (20:00) That's why I'm so used to it and that's why I keep on running from him like that (pic at 20:06, she puts her hands on her bottom as if she was protecting them from being kicked
When he's got his boots on  (20:09) and so he's faster than me and he comes running after me and kicks me. (20:15) (No mention of mom and Steve does not ask about her, either). Hey, no reason was given for why he was so mad and want to kick her. 

20:06 pic                            20:16 pic
Her front bum is brought up and she demonstrated above left.  But my opinion is, it has triggered her subconscious and she has changed her mood in that 10 seconds and has drawn up her leg and maybe holding it with one of her hands. The date display blocks the view.

Alright! We need to have a little talk here. To the best of my memory, Steve has never asked about the front bum, prior to this and he brings it up, not Alisa. Look at pic 20:16, near to being asked about the font bum being penetrated or not. She pulls her whole leg up in front of her genital area. I got some serious questions on this. First, why is this the first time Steve asks this question? Why was it avoided earlier?

Right after the 2nd interview on 911 2014, the kids were taken into custody. They were examined by Dr. Hodes the next day, the 12th. And then again 4 days later on the 16th. No mention of injury to the hymen or vaginal area, either.

But for that matter, a hair analysis for toxicology drug detection given the accusations of tobacco, alcohol and cocaine ingested by the kids was done, and no results on the test for sexual diseases was revealed, either, since the kids were prostituted and often had "white stuff come out, indicating that no condoms were used. Cover-up or avoidance is a sure sign of guilt and something to hide.

Now the police could have said to mention nothing till they asked the kids about it. And then just keep quiet about any of those 3 tests. So that no vaginal injuries were reported, does not by any means indicate that there were no injuries. That Steve brings this question up, to me, indicates, given Alisa's reply that " A: No, Its only Abraham that kicks my privates." This in reply to "S: Has anyone ever put anything into your bum?"

Now look at the serious look, almost of concern and she is now drawing up her leg and almost curling up and toward the arm rest. This represents what she is feeling, not thinking. It is her subconscious reacting.

So she is saying, in essence, for Steve, that no, no one stuck anything in my front bum, but Abe did kick me in it. This gives Steve an answer to give the doctors, if they are concerned, which probably they are not.

So she is equating Steve asking about her front bum as indicating Abe's boot was IN her front bum. So there had to be a discussion between her and Steve about how to cover an obvious injury that took place sometime between her being taken into custody and meeting in the morning for this 3rd interview.

It was actually 20:09 when she first pulls up her leg to  cover her. I snapped a pic at 20:10. Its a defensive move and posture.

Does that pose look very comfortable to you? How about the look on her face? What is she recoiling from?


20:16        2:12:21

pic 20:20
Look at her arms & legs! Legs crossed, and arms crossed and buried under a leg and against the chair. She is uptight and in a knot. Her face even more serious. What is bothering her at this moment? Was she raped and this was her reaction to the front bum question?
Does that pose look comfortable to you?

Do me a favor! Sit in a chair with arm-rests and try duplicating that. Its not a pose that is easy or natural. she has both arms tied up, legs crossed and using the armrest for further protection. Ever see anyone posed like this in public? I haven't!

S: You told me a lot about plastic willies and        A: That was all not true. pic 20:20.     S: How did you know about these?  (She was starting to tell him before he even asked the question. He had jumped in to try to get the question out before she started but she jumped the gun by accident).

A: Because Sophie (inaudible) and she likes sexy stuff and all this and she showed me a picture of plastic willies sticking a bum. So I got the idea of that. I was thinking near 3 and I was only 5 right now, and I just remembered it  from memory straight away right now and I just said ah you know they stick plastic willies in my bottom you know, Abraham.

>>Now there are some real problems here. Gabriel said that he made the willies all up and there never was none. No mention of Sophie. Alisa said Sophie talked her into giving Gabriel a hand job. I would have thought he would remember that. Sophie has pictures of plastic willies in a bum. Really? Where did she get those? And what about the interest by Sophie in "sexy stuff?? Where did that come from?

But by far, the most concern is her age she mentions. 5 right now? while with Abraham? Not possible. She was almost 9 when they met Abraham for the first time. Is 3 or 5 when Sophie first showed her willies? Really? Does that sound right? This is all a lie. She is also suggesting that she volunteered ideas to Abraham as he could not think of any. Does that sound like instruction or programming to you? Sounds like Alisa was bossing Abraham and writing his scripts for him. You're not believing any of this, are you? What a total farce! But if you do believe this, I'd like to have you give me a call. I got some great bargains here in the USA that I only save for my best customers. Call me! 1-800-bullshit. Don't delay!

Look below! Look how forlorn, lost, and hopeless this girl looks right now. She feels like her life is over. This is the buried memory making itself felt. Just another deep mood swing so typical of this interview.<<

21:12 pic.
S: How did Gabriel know about all that?       A: Because I told him. Because that time, I told Gabriel that day when Sophie showed me this kind of stuff and he said yew, that's yucky what she done.        S: So your dad's never done anything you didn't like?        A: He's fine and he's ah, good.
S: You made this up because?        A: Because of all the stuff I just remembered why (inaudible) its all because of Abraham cause he keeps on hitting me and telling me - Steve interrupts at 21:12, pic.

>>Now some could say, they could have traumatized her just with anal rape. Yes, that's true, except that Alisa was used to that and could recall it. But then it would not explain the sudden protective positions continually blocking and protecting her vaginal area. She was, in my mind, vaginally raped.

S: What do you mean he keeps hitting you?        A: Well he keeps saying like (I'm not label them) he's going to dig a whole in the field and dig me into it and just leave me there and till I die, and till I drown, cause they're gonna put (water to top of me.) And after, I got too scared.         (please understand that the speech of Alisa is not that good here and this whole interview has taken more time to transcribe than all the others of both kids put together. Its been a nightmare, although I have been taking huge number of pictures as well because they reveal so much. The two pieces of bold face text just above are the best I could make out. Her scrambled inaudible speech is evidence of her mental duress and drugs. They make no sense but there is little more I can do. If you can find a better solution, I would appreciate you letting me know).

21:47        2:13:52

S: When did all this happen? Did it happen in England?       A: No, it was all in Morocco.  >>Steve keeps wanting to find crimes in England because the police have jurisdiction in England. They have no jurisdiction in crimes committed in Morocco. Gut it?<<     A: All in the middle of our holidays.

S: OK. Has he ever done anything in England?  >>See what I mean?    Now I know of plenty of people in England that did abuse the kids but Steve is not interested in investigating or prosecuting Satanic cult members. What a shame. Guess who Steve worships ;-) <<        Alisa shakes her head no, and says, No, he never knew anything that way. And you know when he said that he heard my father's voice? Because he said that he heard his voice on skype. Yeah, that was not true. And then he says that I am lying because I can see thru you Alisa that your lying and I don't believe that.

>>I am going to suggest here on Alisa's just above account, that Abraham had uttered that Alisa was lying about the skype call, which is very possible. Alisa would have lied for dad because she was afraid. And regarding her and Gabriel denying that they learned anything from anyone or that there was any problem had been a part of Morocco. I think the Jean Clement recordings reveal the problems that Abe and Ella were having with Alisa in particular. Alisa is the most capable and intelligent of the two and she has some of the traits of leadership that are common to the first born, and James was not around much when they were old enough for school. So Alisa was their biggest obstacle because she was the most capable. As well, when younger and more vulnerable as Gabriel was, they tend to dissociate easier and are more oblivious to problems continuing after a traumatic dissociation.

Once strongly dissociated, memories are buried and unavailable to the conscious-aware mind. Or they remember the events but without any of the huge painful feelings that go with those memories. As well, female minds are more resilient so that they can better handle the abuse of mind control tortures. Without precise quotes, I believe that women outnumber men as mind control slaves, by about 75% or at least 3 out of 4 . Its a lot because of the type of mind and brain wiring that females have. So Alisa is the star because her mind is more able to handle the abuse, which is not the sophisticated mind control programming of secret government agencies but more of just torture based conditioning without the hypnotic programming of multiple personalities, or electroshock and drugs, sensory deprivation tanks, and so much more.

I will point out too, that right now as she is talking, her voice has gotten stronger and the drugs have worn off some (it would appear) so she is starting to sound more like the Alisa of previous interviews. But it will change back, too. She may very well be carrying some resentment against Abraham at this time, since she may have concluded that it was all his fault that they were in captivity now. There could be some malice there. The doctors made it clear that the kids had PTSD so if they were not thinking clearly, that would not be a surprise. So all Alisa would have to do is take words Abe said to her while she really was lying, and use them against him. It is within the realm of possibility.<<

A: I think this is what he does. He believes in lies, not in truth. He doesn't believe in truth. Just lies.   >>Actually, that sounds a lot like the Barnett police force, as well as the UK courts and government, actually.<<
S: OK        A: Because I lied to him all this time. Cause that's why he keeps on saying that I was changing things. And he was saying my father done that and that. I kept on changing things because I didn't know what to say. That's why. I keep from getting hurt. and that's why he was lying.

>>I am going to suggest here that Alisa was in an indirect way, revealing (confessing) her problems of the past and her words seem more like a little girl. The bold faced line just above sums up Alisa's and Gabriel's struggle. They were always trying to keep from getting hurt, their whole lives. But testimony of the parents had the two kids lying at Morocco and keeping much from the parents before that, too. Like dad being at school every day. And do note that dad could attend school every day because the cult was in charge of that school and all schools in Hampstead had cults running them.<<

22:54        2:14:59

S: So you hurt your ear as well. The doctor said something was wrong with your ear. Is that right?
A: No, I had an infection a long time ago. I don't know what it was, but it was an infection, a big black mark on my ear inside. And I had a special spray and had to spray it in my ear.        S: did anyone else have that in your family?        A: no, it was only me.
S: You don't know, what there's scars on your bum?        A: No. I don't remember (then she guess maybe something happened when she was little).

23:41        2:15:46

S: So the other 2 things we spoke a lot, none of that's true.

A: the thing is, when he just started, I was just fed up. I was just thinking that I don't care if I go to jail or anything. I just deserve to go to jail for lying so much.    >>I  think what she is suggesting when she says fed up, is that she was tired of arguing with him and just gave in to whatever he told her. I don't believe her but that was her line created for her, no doubt. Notice what Steve says next.

But there maybe be some real feelings in the line: "I just deserve to go to jail for lying so much." Kids who have suffered lots of abuse come to believe that they are the cause of their suffering and that they are bad. This seems to be the natural human tendency. Alisa is feeling it right now. I can guarantee that. Look at the face at 23:42! Need I say more?<<

23:42        2:15:47 pic

at 23:42
Notice that brief despondence she exhibits. She really looks lost and hopeless. She knows nothing good can come from any of this. She will quickly get back but those quick thoughts and fears never fail to appear in non-verbal language. Video grabs can often reveal some interesting things. When we talk, there are 2 system of communication working at the same time.

"I was just fed up. I was just thinking that I don't care if I go to jail or anything. I just deserve to go to jail for lying so much."

Left shows she was serious when saying this. She had given up all hope. She can't even sit up most of the time. She slouches, and look at that sad face! That should crush any heart still beating.

S: No, you shouldn't, just remember what I've always told you, that as long as you tell me everything, you won't get in trouble. Its still true now.
>>What he does not say, is what will happen if she does not tell him everything .  .  . everything that he wants to hear, that is. If she had refused, they might choose to rape her (possibly again), if they have not already have and they could even kill her and she has seen that done plenty of times. Its no idle threat. So truth is not likely. But what the police want to hear is what she is forced to say. But she can barely care anymore.<<

25:01 pic    super depresssed
A: Yeah, but all about the church. All about the pools, all not true. That's why I was so worried that you won't find any skulls in the rooms. The rooms are true but I was scared you would not find the skulls and I was so worried.

S: Its fine. Are you telling me the truth now?        A: Yeah, that's true.
S: You say that Abraham has hit you and kicked you, and that was all in Morocco.        A: Abraham was the whole problem. He just, I didn't know what he had done.

(she was rather incoherent here. It was almost as if she just wanted to drop the whole subject. I snapped the pic at 25:01 showing this moment)

Read this article to know more: non-verbal.htm on my site. Dr. Van Der Kolk will tell you. Your intellectual verbal brain hemisphere, usually on the left except for some left-handers, will supply words and thoughts, ideas, separated from feelings and emotion. Those are supplied by the other hemisphere that is responsible for the non-verbal, more at emotional, mood, and even instinctual sort of reactions.

These can verify each other or they can completely contradict each other and that is why I have taken so many pictures with this interview. More than all other interviews combined. Alisa's body language and expressions show a total different story from that of her mouth, controlled by the assholes in power. Hey, look at that! My words and feelings came out at the same time and the same way. Ain't it cool? But be aware as well, that body language is usually more honest and revealing than word language. We can be deliberately deceitful only with our intellect. And it will have to back off and hold back any signals from the emotional and instinctive parts of the brain. This is done only with great difficulty. The UK gov does not understand that or, maybe they do! That is why they don 't like pictures and videos of the kids, and why they like secret courts rather than public ones.

25:01        2:17:06

S: Why does your mum let this happen?        A: My mum believes him. Cause she believes in lies, too, like Abraham.
S: Where was she when he kicked you?        A: She was just there in front of Abraham.
S: Did she try and stop it?         A: No, she never done that. Never. Never ever. She'll never do that!        S: Why not?
A: One, because she loves him so much. That she never shouts at Abraham. But Abraham, when he's angry with me and Gabriel, when he says we lie, then he says swear words to my mom.
S: Before Abraham was in the house, I know when he met you, you was vegan, wasn't you?         Alisa says they were vegan before Abraham but did not put grass or things like that in juices. She put fruits in and she'd allow cereal maybe 3 times a week. But not always. She would buy cereal like at 5 or 6 but then after 8 or 9, then she stopped buying cereals and all stuff.

26:32        2:18:37

S: You call Abraham Papa Hemp, don't you?        A: Yes, he told us to.    S: Why is that?        A: I saved yellies (you kids), so you better call me Papa Hemp. Abraham: "I saved you from your father!"

S: How did he save you?
(I took snaps at 26:39 & 27:04
S: Do you like calling him Papa Hemp.
A: she shakes her head no.

"He says he's my real father. He lied about that and he lied about him being my mom's brother. That is so not true or my mom would have been black like him. And my grandmother would be black like him, too.  (and she points out Abraham's parents would have been black and that her grandparents would have to be both black."

In the 2nd picture above, 27:04, she looks like she is near to tears. Now that is child abuse as done by the "state." and you can see why they pumped her full of drugs and still, they can barely keep her together, without breaking down in huge sobs, if not hysteria.

27:57        2:20:02

S: And what do you think about Abraham now?        A: I don't mean to be rude, but I think he is just an idiot.
S: and what um, why is it your able to tell me now and tell me then about Abraham?
>>Can I answer? I will anyway. Its because the police kidnapped and threatened her with horrible things if she did not do as they told her. See how easy and obvious that is?<<

A: Cause before I was too scared to tell, but after when you mentioned whether its true or not about the babies, then I wanted to tell, I thought you'll  never believe me again. When you mentioned it, then I thought you might have believed me and I would get in big trouble for saying all kind of stuff like that, and that, and that.  >>Noticed the simplistic and lacking any detail. Steve said as much detail as possible but he did not mean it and he did not ask for it. Example: all kind of stuff like that, and that, and that. That was the best she could do under drugs and depression.

Now watch the sudden mood swing in the extreme other way.<<

S: As I said, you're not in trouble. Where would you like to stay?         A:  Carols! pic 28:56   They smiled over messing up Carol's name with Carl's who is working with Steve there. Its actually spelled Karl. This was the first smile from Alisa for sometime into the interview since the beginning.

starting at 28:56

Steve is now going to take a quick break to check with Karl, to see if there is anything else they need. "Just give me 2 minutes with Karl."
Yes, they were trying to entrap Abe and trick Alisa into harming her own cause. You'll see proof of this coming right up.

Steve is back at 31:30    (2:23:34)    S: Just one or two questions. We talked about Abraham. What about your mother? Does she know whether this is the truth or a lie?        A: no, no. My mom believes Abraham. My mom believes its all true.        S: Why do you think she believes it?
A: But A suggests that mom just agrees to everything Abe says.

S: Is there anything you would like to ask me?
A: What are you going to do to Abraham and my mum?

at 33:08     The sadness is right back again!
S: They also need to be asked. I've spoken to them a couple of times. I've told her off about asking you questions about it already. I don't think its fair that she should been asking you some things because I felt she was putting you under pressure on some things. So that is what is happening so far and I have told your mother off already about speaking to you about it. Although she wasn't happy about that, I didn't think it was fair that she kept asking you and your brother. 33:08 pic.  I thought it was better that I ask.

So I have spoken to her there.      A: How about Abraham? (in a low quiet voice).

S: The same as well, I told him that its not fair about the spoon and that's why you had to go stay with Carol, because of what I wasn't happy (Alisa interrupts)  A: But he's in another house living now.
S: We need to be sure that that is now and forever. Do you see what I mean?
A: I just want to, I can let my mom and Abraham live together. There's not really any need for him to move out.
She said something else but I can't make it out.
As best as I could tell, Steve says maybe your mom will want you back ( I assume that is agreeing to keeping Abe out and away). And Alisa says, I think, that mom won't want her back, I assume because if mom has to choose tween Alisa and Abe, Alisa thinks she'll take Abe.         S: I'm sure it will come out what's going to happen.

Truth1 >>> after all that has been said and done, Alisa wants nothing more than to go home to mom. She does not believe she is in any danger. She is trying to renegotiate. She knows Steve knows this is all bullshit. But It won't work. The UK has no heart and nor does Satan.


And also, we need to get your dad's opinion as well as to where he thinks you should stay.
A: My mom and my father will just say they want me and Gabriel.  (And she does not think that Abraham will stay away from mom. "I know that. From the first day they met, he came to my house every day till they moved in together. Yes, I know that will happen."
S: Well, we'll bear that  in mind when we . . . everything is decided and has to happen.

Steve ends the interview and they exit at 35:11. This is the end of the police interviews. To follow are a review of some aspects of these interviews and the two medical exams performed on the 12th of September 2014 and 16th of September 2014.

More Body Language Cues
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Some of the screen snaps presented here are found elsewhere earlier. But I have added more snap progressions so you can see Alisa's state of mind in slow detail. Video is so fast that we only get the briefest of glimpses at times. I put the times right on the photos to help both you and me keep proper track of what we are looking at in time frames and relations of one picture to the next.


At :33 her hands grip the cushion as best she can while her legs squeeze together. Protective and defensive. At :36, she tilts so she can adjust her right hand. At :39 she squeezes the right hand tight. Why the tension? She has her hands squeezed between her knees. Next photo, :43, she squeezes her hands down and under her legs and pries them apart and then tucks her hands underneath her legs. A lot of movement at that time.

She pulls the hands out at 0:51. At 0:54 she just slumps. Hopelessness. She does a lot of slumping. She can rarely sit up straight. Go back to the first interview, She is always sitting up straight, and her voice is clear and very audible. She is very consistent. Here in the 3rd interview, she is all over the place and slumped, odd contorted poses. She always looks tired, a possible sign of depression and possibly a lack of sleep. For all we know, the night or day before might have been a harrowing nightmare. All we know is that her hair is a mess and she does no seem to care.

I am going to go out on a limb here. She really seems uptight in the 4 frames above. Protecting her crotch in some ways. She looks ungroomed. Was she in foster care? I doubt it. I think they let Ricky at her and then let her know that if she did not cooperate, she would get far worse. I type this after having reviewed most of this carefully but as you read this for the first time, you'll have to wait to be convinced since more evidence is needed, that I have at this point, but you would not have yet. Just hang in there.

  I think you'll find that Alisa will often be very protective of her crotch, often without  even being aware of it. She'll cover in many ways. She will slump a lot. Fast mood swings. She has been thru a lot and appears to be heavily drugged as I see it.

The difference between the 1st interview and the 3rd is like day and night. There is no comparison. It really is that obvious. That is very important to recognize and its easy to recognize. Its not so easy to explain! Or is it? Now in the 2nd interview, she is very consistent, relaxed, and she is commonly leaning forward toward Steve, indicating trust, warmth, soundness. Much like the 1st, but even better. The firsts two give us a standard to judge by and compare. These would be her normal self. The 3rd is a total stranger who is a wreck and that could not be more obvious. We deserve an explanation from the police. What is wrong with Alisa because something clearly is very wrong and out of place. There is no disputing this. Something is seriously wrong!

At 10 seconds after 0:54, at 1:04, she just lays back slouched with her eyes off to the wall. She looks like the sinking Titanic, like she might just slide right off the chair and onto the floor. There are lots of drastic mood swings throughout this interview. At 3:46, she looks happy, briefly, but her leg is crossed over and her right hand had been rubbing/brushing the chair. Her left pushed down into the cushion and chair so that you can't see it. So she is uptight, despite the smile. The subconscious is not on board with her smile. I am curious about what they use for drugs that would numb the lower instinctive brain signals and allow her intellect to be unaware of her deeper emotional commotion and turmoil that she has likely been put thru.



She leans against the arm of the chair quite a bit. Her body is pushed forward while her hips remain behind and to the right of her torso as part of her lean. Her hands are apart in 9:05 and then move closer together in the next frame. At 9:06 they touch. She seems aloof, looking somewhat at the floor. She is not looking up directly at Steve. The "other" Alisa would not have done that. She was always making direct eye contact. Her posture is very distorted, overall.

At 9:40, her hand is down between her legs again. This happens often and tends to last. 12 seconds later at 9:52, both hands are between her legs again to keep them still/silent maybe. Her posture changes some. At 11:49, she's back to slouching and her hands connected by her fingers to keep them still, maybe.


At 16:42 far right in the row above, Alisa is slouching her whole chest and arms over the chair arm, as it to lean on it for support. Its the only way she is going to get any. Holding on for dear life. Now below, as I was placing these photos, a thought came to me in 17:15 and the 2 after. You recall that I suggested that it was likely she had been raped. Look at the 3 photos below. she is pushed up hard against the chair arm, sheltering her hips against the arm. Legs are crossed and in 17:15, she even has her arm in the way. Same in 9:40 above and at other previous times. Look at the first and third rows of pictures of this whole set. Either her legs are crossed or has the arms or hands blocking off her crotch. What is she telegraphing? I think I know.


The sub-conscious instinct is in control of posture and if it has suffered an attack of rape, and perhaps even a gang rape, then it would be very paranoid and that would show and we are seeing a show/display. Her arm down thru her legs is common in this interview. Is the sub-conscious perhaps ever trying to send us a message? I really think it is at least possible. We never see any poses like this in the 1st 2 interviews. FACT!  Why so different now? I would warn this! Non-verbal pose and expression is not always clear and there can be more than one reason for why it might do something. But whatever it is doing, it is doing for a reason and not just for the hell of it. At the very least, the sub-conscious instinct may be feeling the lingering trauma of a rape with the dramatic poses.

Her speech in this video interview is often slow, labored, low volume, despondent. Its not hard to see just on photos. The audio makes it even more clear.

When one adds up the un-kept appearance, which Ella would never have allowed, and the poor body postures that wreak of depression, and strong frequent mood swings and facial expressions,  and the utter sense of hopelessness, as well as the often low volume depressed voice, the poor memory and recall, the lack of any detail in what Abraham supposedly said or other descriptions, such as Sophie or whatever; none of this bears any resemblance whatsoever to the 1st 2 interviews. Absolutely none of it. Her looking like she was on serious drugs isn't really even contestable.

So what could explain all this ? ? ? Gabriel does not look anywhere near as upset. He does show some moments of gloom but nothing like his sister.

I wanted to show another interesting aspect. Here is a typical frame from the video "Coming to kill us" that has Alisa interviews in the patio/garden and then the living room on the sofa. Note Alisa's relaxed, and lacking any self-consciousness about her legs and hips, and when Gabriel mentions that someone told on them to the Barnett police, then Alisa's legs/knees, suddenly close tight. The video lasts another 1.5 minutes but she only opens her legs for a second one more time and remain closed, otherwise.


She feels quite safe here in her home situation and has a natural pose that some might even consider a bit innocently provocative. But hearing the danger changes her attitude fast. She closes up. Now look at those 7 pictures a few paragraphs above. She is in super defensive mode and has felt uncomfortable and in danger the whole damned interview. These 3 pictures should illustrate the difference from mom's care to police care, which is actually at least police incompetence, if not criminal actions. This is not speculation. Those photos are hard indisputable evidence that in an honest system, would recognize that police are not qualified, nor foster care qualified, to handle these two kids who clearly were far better cared for, by two people who have been unjustly vilified by police, courts, the media and most especially, cult members, R. A. Demon, in particular.

Police Cause Extreme Child Abuse

I would make this point if I have not made it already or have made further ahead and forgotten that I did. When the kids did the 1st 2 interviews, they were fine, well-behaved, very capable and seemingly very happy and undisturbed.

The police kidnap the kid without just cause and now look them!!! Alisa is a depressed wreck that can not remember or talk straight, or give details or put coherent sentences together and the medical exams of the day before and 5 days before report symptoms of PTSD. This can not be blamed on Ella or Abraham because the police videos show the good state of the kids. This 3rd interview shows Alisa in a horrific state of mind. I think the entire police force should have been investigated for extreme child abuse and torture, given the PTSD. And remember that emotional harm is held against parents and ought to be all the more so for police.

Now if the police can not explain the horrific change in the kids, then clearly the solid evidence indicates the parents had done a far better job of caring for their kids than the police ever could. And further, the police department should have been thoroughly investigated for savage crimes toward children in their care. Dispute whatever you like in this article, there is no disputing the complete breakdown of sound minds in the kids. And I dare say this would be the case in numerous child kidnappings authorized by judges, social services, and police. We are dealing with pure evil here.

Police need to be made accountable for Alisa's severe depression and PTSD as well as the apparent drugged state. Someone had to be in charge of these kids for the last 6 days. Either the one having custody or those who had brief custody away from the regular custodian foster care of those 6 days. There has been a serious crime committed against 2 children, all of which is 100% verified by the strong video testimony. This is not up for dispute. Its right there in front of us all.

Remember that this is all 100% solid incontrovertible proof of police corruption and extreme harm. As well, this is solid uncontestable evidence of media slander and defamation of character of Ella and Abe.

But I can assure you that this has all been evidence reviewed in heaven and judgment granted in favor of the accused Ella and Abraham and against a whole large network of pure evil, including, but not limited to, police, social services, lawyers, judges, courts, the media, local, regional, and national government. And don't forget the alleged cult members, either, none of whom were interviewed and should have been. Perhaps even medical examiners.

Medical Exam of Sep-12
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I decided I needed to turn the reports into text so that I could address specific lines of text and comment on them. As well, I am placing the more relevant information first, so that a better understanding will follow as other details are added. so all things will be covered, but not in chronological order, but rather, in terms of relevant order. I spent some time going over this stuff and it might have been deliberately done to disrupt relevance and importance and clear understanding, not just for the public, which they had assumed, would not see this stuff, but so that the staff could also claim confusion and ignorance.

I will start with the IDs of those involved in this affair and the times of examination, writing, and reporting. As noted just below, this first one as the exam done the day after the kids were stolen on Sep. 11, (9-11, the same date as the infamous twin towers attack in NYC, USA, in 2001. Co-incidence? I think not!). The day-after-exam was done on Sep 12.

The above was the same heading for both Gabriel and Alisa as individuals. Ms. Stevens being the head of "Social Services" as we might generically refer to them. The one making this report was from the address above right, having performed medical examinations of the two children. This is regarding the Sep. 12 examination, the day after the kids were taken prisoners by Social Services and the Police. This will be very important. I will suggest here to be proven as we go along that this document was tampered with more than once, AFTER Dr. Hodes made it, by someone without Dr. Hodes knowledge, I suspect.

Below was from the Sep. 22 report, by Dr. Hodes, concerning the Sep. 16 exam of the 2 children. The Sep. 16 exam was followed by the final ABE police interview of the 2 kids, the so called retraction interview. So I have jumped ahead to show 2 separate exams on 2 dates and reported on 2 other dates.

I put these together to show a better understanding of both. Next is from the Sep. 22 report of Dr. Hodes, starting with page 1.

I, Deborah Hodes am currently employed by both the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust and University College London Hospital Foundation Trust where I am employed as Consultant Community Paediatrician. I am the Designated Doctor in Child Protection for the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in Camden end the Child Protection Adviser at University College London Hospital (London). I am also employed by Family Futures Consortium, London N1 as their paediatrician and Medical advisor for adoption. At the Haven Sexual Assault Referral Centre at St Mary's Hospital Paddington I am on the paediatric rota and employed by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

I obtained a BSc and qualified in medicine MB BS in 1977. I obtained the DACOG in 1992 and was made a fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (FRCPCH). I was first appointed Consultant Community Paediatrician in City and Hackney in 1990 where I worked for 13 years. My current appointment commenced in 2003. I am up to date with my professional development and am in good standing with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, RCPCH.

>>Dr. Hodes has "good" credentials. Let me elaborate on that. She has had lots of worthy experience and education. But more importantly, and few people put enough stock in this, You have to "get along" in order to progress and be given good positions and credentials. You have to know whose hand butters your bread. You speak when spoken to, and you remain silent when silence is expected. Dr. Hodes will do her job, within reason, but she is not going to rock any boats. You'll see, soon enough.

But I will note in the next paragraph, 1st sentence, in bold face text:<<

During my 24 years' experience in Community Paediatrics, I have developed a particular interest in child protection, which includes clinical work, management, research and teaching. I have been the chair of the Paediatric subcommittee' of the Pan London Haven Board and I am education lead,. Chair and lecture on the management of acute sexual assault in children run by the Haven, St Mats Hospital Paddington NHS Trust. Nationally I have been an external assessor for fitness-to-practice enquiries, Newcastle 2003, Haringey 2008 and Leeds 2010. My work for the RCPCH Includes being a member of working groups writing and now updating, the "Physical signs in child sexual abuse" published by RCPCH in 2008 I am a member of the Child Protection Standing Committee at The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

My clinical work includes the responsibilities of the named Doctor for child protection in Camden, London, I supervise junior doctors and lead community clinics I have developed a
                (page 2 begins)
very successful and busy tertiary safeguarding clinic at UCLH, where children with suspicion of abuse and neglect are referred. In this clinic I also teach undergraduates as well as many visiting postgraduate doctors.

>>Now we all know that social services loves to steal children and that courts love to give abused kids to the abusers rather than the complaining spouse or partner. Its been going on for some time. Dr. Hodes has been doing her thing for 24 years. She is almost certainly part of the problem rather than part of the solution. I don't mean to say she would falsify anything. But she might look the other way or remain silent if a problem were noticed and she understood that what she was seeing was a great importance to those around her and above her.

You're not going to find a hero here in this bunch. They have been way too careful about their selections. It was a be a freak accident for anyone to stay under the radar for 24 years, says I.<<

I am called upon frequently to lecture locally, nationally and internationally on safeguarding children, I have carried out research in the area of child abuse and neglect, presenting at national and international meetings. I have published widely as well as being co-author of the book 'The Child in Mind', 3rd edition, Routledge in 2007.

>>With the brags and airs given off, we have to wonder how the overall "Child protection services" screw up as bad as they do. Me thinks she brags too much. I'm not impressed. Surely, at least a few times in her long illustrious career, she has heard of abusers being granted custody over complainers trying to protect.

If I may, I have read in the last 6 or 8 months, some very impressive books on psychology, written in range, from 2010 to 2014 for copyrights. These 2 doctors were incredible for the level of detail they observe and use as regards non-verbal communication and body language. In Dr. Peter Levine's case, he can not perform the therapy he does without taking note of very small details in non-verbal signals like breathing manner, skin coloration and perspiration, body posture, etc.

These two doctors are truly on the cutting edge of practice. They don't need lots of credentials, other than the amazing results they get, which results place them as being sought out and consulted as well. They have been leaders in their field for a long time and have changed the profession by their persistence. I seriously doubt that Hodes has changed much around her in her time, and in her field. To steal and twist a line, those who can't do, brag about credentials.

I do not say Hodes is bad or corrupt. But she has to be careful to survive and she has survived for 24 years. I rest my case.
Now please pay very close attention to the next paragraph.<<

"This report is written in my capacity as the consultant community pediatrician at University College Hospital London attending the strategy meetings for both children on 8.9.14 and 15.9.14 and supervising the consultations for both children on 12.9.14 and 16.9.14. (Appendices 1-4) I had some further discussion with the Camden social workers who informed me of the ABE Interview on the 17.9.14 and I reviewed the photo documentation prior to writing this report."

>>Hodes brags that she was in attendance at the strategy meetings!!!!!!!! Hello! Anyone home? She was in deep. I also need to point out that they had a strategy meeting on Sep. 8. That's not a typo! The kids had their first interview on Sep. 5. As a result of that concern, they quickly met on the 8th to discuss "the problem," if you get my drift. And this was 3 days before the infamous 9-11 2nd interview, where the kids were stolen by the state.

I state firmness and conviction that this is where they decided how to approach questioning in the upcoming 2nd interview, with plans to take the kids prisoners. Hodes was in on that! Need I say more? So if you had a halo imagined over her head, you will need to correct that pronto! Now as well, she "supervised" but did not conduct the consultations with the children on their 2 examination dates. So Hodes was the one to account to those above her, a trusted member of the team, it would appear.

But now notice the last line (underlined) of the paragraph from the report above of Sep. 22. The social workers "informed" her of the last interview on Sep. 17, day after the last exam. So she only knows about the retraction by what the social workers told her and we all know that interview was a fraud and that Alisa was drugged and in really bad shape emotionally. Memory problems, extreme mood swings, unusual body postures and motions, quite unlike the previous 2 interviews.

So it is quite clear that Hodes is in on the cover and is going to accept report of the retraction at face value of the informants, the SS. So that means, to me, that nothing in these exams and their conclusions, impresses me much, in view of the evidence of tremendous suffering and anguish that Alisa suffers from. But at least we know how rigged this whole thing was, given the strategy meetings. Busted!!!

I am going to switch back to black text as I will be writing for a while before quoting more of the Exams Reports.<<

Truth1 >>> So if the police and CAFCASS were "in on it," then likely the rest of the gang were also "in on it!" Have I made my self clear? So do I trust the team and the results given me? I sure as hell do not! That means that I do not rely on anything in writing by anyone involved in this sordid treacherous affair. I just wanted to be clear where I stand and I wanted you, the reader to know where I stand in my analysis of this.

Now as well, there was a strategy meeting on Sep. 15, the day before the 2nd examination on the 16th. This strategy meeting was the day before the infamous Sep. 17 retraction interview. Guess what they discussed on that day before? They likely had the whole thing planned out already and just made sure everyone was on board and could put in their 2 cents worth to make sure this all went right. I am saying the Hodes was in on this nefarious affair. She had to know.

Now this does not mean she liked what was going on, or supported it, but she also did not dare expose it or fight it. So what exactly her stance was, I can't say. I don't know. But I know she had to know all about it and that can't be a good thing to be a part of, even if done so reluctantly. But to her credit, and maybe not such a small thing, she did suggest, as we will come to, that there had to be some credibility to what the kids related in abuse. But she left it at that.

Now about those strategy meetings. Strategy = cover-up. You know that, don't you? I don't have to spell it out, do I? Oh, I guess I just did. Sorry bout that! What chance did the kids, Ella, and Abraham have, when everyone was dishonestly conspiring against them, to twist, distort, and outright lie about everything the kids and parents told? Their pursuit of justice was totally useless. No one ever had any intention of doing anything except stealing and silencing two of the biggest enemies to ever cross the path of the UK Satanic network, two small innocent trusting children.

What we have here was a gathering of every sort of liar and conspirator and legal liars, too; to put their heads together and screw 4 innocent people over, all for the glory of Satan. Oh, come on! You can not ignore Satan any longer in this. The rituals, tattoos, and so much more, all scream Satan. I don't even have to spell it out since Satan's rituals, symbols and whatever else goes with it, has too much publicity and appearance for anyone to be ignorant of this. If you want to stick you head in the sand or worse if you can bend that far, that is your business, but you'll be of no help to the kids, not just Alisa and Gabriel, but kids all around the world who suffer horrific abuse, that is Satanic and also accompanies all secret Mind Control Programming activities by numerous participating nations who carry on in espionage and political/military psyops.

Some do not like that Satan is invoked. In fact, many prosecutors will not prosecute if you insist on mentioning and invoking Satan's role in these cult activities or they will simply avoid the Satanic references and just prosecute the cases as sex crimes. But truth be told, Satan, or at least the worship of Satan, is an integral part of Mind Control Programming, which in one way or another, supports all other international espionage enterprises like prostitution and trafficking of women and children, sadistic and/or child porn, drug smuggling, weapons and arms smuggling, sabotage, psyops of all sorts, including propaganda activities, including but not limited to, any means, surfing the net to disseminate government propaganda and harass grass roots movements that oppose government agenda in various nations.

So when we take on the UK and their stealing of 2 children, we are taking on the whole of government operations, which in one way or another, are all connected and cooperate with each other. So those who appear to be enemies like say, the USA vs. Russia or China, is all bull$hit. They closely cooperate at the urging of a world elite that run the planet, under the authority of none other than Satan, himself.

So our four victims never had a chance. All those people and their connections, at those strategy meetings, were up to nothing but evil. But we do have an advantage we did not have before. Now that we are reviewing all this in more detail for re-consideration, we can better understand what really happened and what we can better do to help, not only the four Hampstead victims, but all victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse = SRA all over the world, from the past, in the present and for new victims coming along in steady numbers.

So we need to figure out all that went wrong for the Hampstead 4. We need to learn the tactics of our enemies so we can better attack. Now I just used that word. What word, you ask? "Attack!" If you are persuaded that Satan might be real, be assured, he will attack any who come after his "system," his "network." And I won't ask you to consider God, but if you are going to go up against a very powerful and capable intelligence and power, and we are talking God-like powers and abilities, then you will need help and protection. You best believe that! It might help to consider God as a possibility and a good source of protection.

But what I will say very forcefully, is that if you do not believe in God and won't, you might be better off not getting involved in any fights or campaigns against SRA and its victims. I say that because I do believe in Satan's existence and evil disposition and I do believe he runs the world and all nations cooperate with him. If you go up against all that, then you could get in a lot of trouble without God's protection. And if Satan does exist, then God must also exist.

Now by the way, if you wonder why prosecutors avoid mentioning or pursuing SRA evidence, it is because Satan does not want you to be believe he exists. Why? because then you might believe God does, too. That really terrifies Satan. As well, Satan has been promoting since the creation of man, the idea that we are all just spirits in bodies and that when we die, our spirits live on and carry on and that we can become gods, if you will. This will keep you from being enamored of the real God, who Satan suggests is just another spirit among so many.

So Satan forbids his own to admit he exists. So the Legal and Criminal Justice branches of various nations try very hard to avoid any mention of SRA. That looks like 3 letters, but as far as governments are concerned, its a 4 letter word, even worse than that other terrible 4 letter word that sends people scurrying everywhere and plugging their ears. I just felt I needed to make this very clear. I want everyone to know what the possibilities are, so that they do not get caught off guard or surprised. There is potential danger in going too far, as far as nations and governments are concerned.

Sep. 12 Details
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>>I am going back to red and brackets as we get back to the reports. I am going back to the 1st exams, dated Sep. 12, dictated Sep. 12, and reported to Stevens, Sep. 15, the day before the 2nd exam was to take place.<<

Re:           Gabriel Gareeva-Dearman D.O.B: xx/06/2006

I saw Gabriel, aged 8, in clinic today with his sister, Alisa, their foster carer Carol and the duty social worker, Michelle. Gabriel has been referred for a child protection medical by Social Care.

Key Persons

Gabriel Gareeva-Dearman (GD) DOB xx/06/2006

Alisa Gareeva-Dearman (AD) DOB xx/04/2005

Ella Draper (ED) ó Biological Mother

Ricky Dearman (RD)ó Biological Father

Abraham Christie (AC)ó Mrs. Draper's new partner

Background and chronology of events 

17.5.07                Reports of domestic violence by father (RD) toward mother (ED)

3.11.08           RD arrested for assault towards ED following report by ED's son James (from previous marriage).
                        Strategy meeting held and Alisa and Gabriel felt to not be at risk, however
James subsequently
                        spent most time with his father.

23.08.09         Police involved due to argument between RD and ED

2009                      RD and ED separated

>>I think that dear old dad was violent and dangerous as a matter of public record, should have influenced this case far more than it did. That he could try to damn near kill his wife, then him whacking the kids over the head with huge spaghetti spoons is very believable, as is the plastic willies and the drugs and alcohol given to the kids. But the UK is not one for following the evidence. They prefer to make up their own stories from out of the blue. James should have been interviewed as well. He left mom cause of R. A. Demon, the dad.<<

Sep. 12 Exam Continued  .  .  .

18.10.13         Referral was made to NSPCC by a neighbour as the children were heard crying
long periods of time and left on the balcony and were reported to be cold and
S/W involvement.

Jan 2014 The case was transferred to a Child in Need

Late Jan 2014 The mother moved from the Camden area to Barnet.

March 2014 Child in Need review and the concerns were as follows:

1.   Mother left her children outside

2.   Children were hungry and were eating only vegan and raw food. concern re nutrition.

Following this CIN review, the mother said that she would accept parenting support. There were no ongoing concerns about the family situation and the case was closed.

>>Social Services signed off on this one. Given their love to dictate and bully, it does seem to suggest that there was no real problem here. Case closed!<<

May 2014     AC moved in with ED and Alisa and Gabriel.

17.6.14        There was a court hearing which said that the father could have fortnightly
                     contact for
four hours in the community (of note, the father last saw the
                  children two months ago).

July 2014     School called social care as AC had been aggressive towards the children and other children at school. S/W made contact.

>>This was just them (Katy and other school staff) getting mad that someone was telling them what to do with the kids. They feel like they, the school, own the kids. I believe Abe had objected to the candy bar Alisa had been given, and as I recall, this was a Wednesday, sex and prostitution day and Alisa was being paid for her "service" to the customers, though it was hardly voluntary. But here we see a good example of the school staff, all cult members, abusing, lying, and twisting all things and being that the police and social services are also cult members, we can expect nothing less. Parents have no rights, even in the USA. The government owns the kids, so says the government.<<

5. 9. 14  A referral was made to the Barnet CAIT by AC's brother-in-law who is a police special constable following a disclosure by Alisa and Gabriel that they were sexually abused by their father and 'teachers' and were part of a 'cult'. This disclosure had been made whilst they were on holiday in Morocco over the summer and the parents stated they were unsure who to inform as many people seemed to be involved (including allegedly police and social workers).

8. 9.14



A strategy meeting was held (please see other documentation for details of meeting).

Visit to family home ahead of ABE interview.

Emergency Police Protection order issued following an ABE interview yesterday evening with Gabriel, Alisa and their mother who were all interviewed separately. Allegations of physical abuse from AC towards both children and sexual abuse towards both children by their father and 'teachers'. They are now in an emergency Foster Placement

>>On sep 5, the kids testify in their 1st interview.  Alisa blasted the school for forcing her and Gabe to be sold to the public for sex. The result was an (emergency) strategy meeting on Sep. 8, 3 days later, on how to cover over this horrible leak about what really goes on in Hampstead schools. This was a cult and national threat of the worst order.

I had heard about the Sep. 10 visit by social services and police. They wanted the kids to come to the station that very day, I believe. The bad guys (authorities) were afraid the family all might run away to another country or hide out somewhere. But the family seemed blissfully unaware of the lurking danger and so the authorities waited until the next day, 9-11. God, Himself might have arranged that one to make it obvious that Satan was in on this, too, by the kids being taken on 9-11 of all dates. Or Satan himself might have done this to let all know he is in charge. But not for long!

The next day, Sep. 11, the kids gave their interviews and were taken away from their parents. This had to be devastating as we will see.<<

Current situation and concerns 

1.   Physical abuse: alleged from mothers partner, Abraham Christie, towards Gabriel and Alisa.

2.   Sexual abuse: alleged anal penetration and touching by 'teachers' and father and other perpetrators to both Gabriel and Alisa.

3.    Emotional abuse: witnessing domestic violence and being threatened with 'going to jail' by Abraham Christie if they tell people about these events.

4.   History of neglect: being left out in the cold and complaining of being hungry

>>The above was written, supposedly based on the Sep. 12 examination, the day after the 2nd interview and after the kids were "arrested" for squealing on the cult. But Abraham was never accused of anything serious by the kids in the 2nd interview. It was the complete twisting and total distortion of what the kids said that the authorities involved, though justified "protecting" the kids. They did not need any protection that the UK could provide. They already had adequate protection from Ella and Abraham was trying hard to save the kids from a life of rape and prostitution, not to mention extreme physical violence from dad, which the police evidently could not comprehend, if you believe that. So number 1 in the list of concerns is a total lie. I am going back to black text for my comments as it is easier to read. I just like to make sure that my words don't get mixed with Exam reports so I like to make lots of distinctions in type.<<

Truth1 >>> Concern 2, if you believe it is sincere, is legitimate and perhaps Dr. Hodes is alone in that concern. I do not detect that concern from the police or social services, so I can only assume Dr. Hodes expresses that as exclusively her own concern. For this, I praise her and elevate her among her treacherous peers. Mentioned are the teachers, one and all accused, as well as dad.

But now I am going to ask, why were these allegations not followed up in any way? There is no legal or moral grounds for not doing so. And dad's well established police record of violence is more than enough to establish the likelihood that he was violent with his kids and sexual violence would be no less likely. His house should have been searched and he should have been arrested while being searched in his home and possessions. Again, no explanation or justification for not doing so.

No. 3 witnessing domestic violence. I assume this refers to dad trying to crush Ella's skull. And I might add here, Ella went soft on this guy because his action had every evidence of intent to go as far as killing and had James not phoned, a murder might very well have occurred. Ella could have pressed charges and social services should have given this a considerable amount of attention as regards the safety of the kids in the hands of "dear" daddy, the raping, beating, Satan worshiping prick of all time. Instead, they gave him more visitation rights than they did to Ella. How's that for upside down, inverted and perverted! And I am supposed to take this investigation, which is not a real investigation in any sense of that word, seriously? I don't think so! Its a total lie.

Still addressing no. 3! The kids were told, supposedly and allegedly, that Abe threatened the kids with jail. First, I don't believe it at all. 2nd, this sounds like something based on the 3rd interview, which has not happened either at the time the 1st exam was made, nor by the date it was dictated and submitted. So we have right here, a prima facie, fully authenticated piece of evidence this report is a fraud.

Now if they are going to say, well, Abraham said this in Morocco. Lets just pretend for a minute here that this was so. Are you or they, going to tell me that telling kids they might go to jail if they did not do whatever, is justification for taking the kids from mom and Abe? Really? Wow, everyday speech is now a serious crime. And you want ME to take YOU seriously. Fat chance in hell!

Let me give you an example. As a child of 5-11, I lived in a place call Redbank Village, at that time called South Portland Gardens. It had formerly been known as Redbank and will always be known as that by us who lived there. It is called Redbank Village today as well. This is in South Portland Maine, USA if you want to look it up. Right next to it, practically, was the Boys Reform School, known when I lived there as The Boys Training Center (BTC). It did not train. The superintendent loved to beat boys. My father stood against this and ended up with a nervous breakdown, I might add. The "tower" as it was called, was very visible up on the hill from Redbank.

Many a father warned their boys they were having problems (small ones) with, that they might end up there at the BTC if they did not behave. Well, that was all just talk and every boy knew that and never took it seriously. Some were also threatened with jail or prison as well. No one ever dreamed of this as "child abuse" in the mid to late 60s, a wonderful time compared to now.

But in an exceptionally evil society such as the one we all live in, today, any sort of sarcastic remark or off color statement can and will be used against you to steal your kids, or those of your girlfriend.

Weapons of deadly force! Formidable, aren't they? You're scared, and I know it!

Here is one of the torture devices of that sadistic axe-wielding mad man, himself, Abraham Christie. Note the razor sharp edges he filed down so as to cut chins with greater ease. I offer 2 sizes, table spoon and tea spoon, for showing your kids whose boss! That is my hand, by the way. Now, you do realize I am being facetious, right? I'm mocking police, if you must know. These spoons are the reason the police site for kidnapping the kids and putting them in relative solitary confinement, with no allowance for prison visits from mom. But these are nothing compared to the huge restaurant spoons that dear dad used on them all the time. Those are just fine.

You know, it seems to me that the kids are the ones being punished and denied rights here. Since they are the innocent victims, I would think they would have the right to visitors of their choice. But I would be wrong.

Abraham was the excuse to steal two children. Abe never did anything serious or malevolent to those kids. He was trying to get them to reveal who taught them sexual behaviors. But those who did teach the kids that, resented Abe exposing them so they punished Abe, then, right? No! wrong again! They punished the kids for it. You can't make this stuff up, ya know.

The kids were not supposed to squeal, so the police, social services, medical examiners and politicians in numbers to large to count, conspired, had strategy meetings and imprisoned the kids for life without parole and with no visiting rights. I know plenty of violent rapists and murderers that have received far lighter sentences for far worse. These kids are really taking a beating. But I'll have you know, that God is not missing a thing here. He is going to have the last laugh. I don't expect it is going to be too much later before God pulls a few rabbits out of His hat. And when He does, I know a few cult members, police, politicians and others who are not going to be too happy about it all. Just you wait and see. Carve this in stone and use it against me if it never happens! OK?

And by the way, if you  want one of these amazing torture devices to put your kids in line fast, These are available from me for a mere $25 per spoon. Please specify whether you want the teaspoon size or tablespoon size when ordering. I also have an ample supply of snake oil to cure all your ailments and needs, too. I even manage to make it taste like olive oil so that it is easier to take. You can thank me later.

Now we still have 4 to deal with:

"4.   History of neglect: being left out in the cold and complaining of being hungry."

Now wait a minute. I thought they had closed the case on this one. I swear its true. But there it is again. I guess they changed their mind. You know, this reminds me of imagining a guy bring tried for rape, found innocent and the real guy found and convicted and then the court 2 years later, decided, wait, I think that first guy is guilty after all. Lets bring him back and try him again. Who cares if we already got someone else for the crime. We could use another, right?

So Ella is also a child torturing fiend. The social services can not make up their minds and their closing means its never closed. Just wanted to get that straight. You still with me? Can you see the dishonesty throughout? Do you  think that Dr. Hodes can not see this? Of course she can see it. I only bring this up, not to condemn her, since her behavior is far more worthy of respect than the rest of the assholes that she has to endure and which I have no doubt, she would prefer far better, were that possible. But I do want to point out that if Alisa was raped as I am insistent upon declaring and being quite convinced of; that somewhere in this time line of Sep. 11, post kidnapping,  to 10 AM Sep. 17, the 3rd and last interview of Alisa and Gabriel, there was a time not accounted for, either by foster care, medical examiners, police, social services, or anyone else, which Alisa was taken somewhere and savagely attacked and raped, and likely filmed or taped for porn distribution. I will deal with this more in this article. Give me time. I have to cover all bases.

So in showing Dr. Hodes as trying to encourage some real investigation into the matter, she was reluctantly going along with whatever, as everyone else was, while a delicate 9 year old girl is savagely raped. That I'm not too happy about this, is putting it mildly. I have put no small amount of time into all this for a year. And I mean business! either they will have to kill me or I will keep at this and expand it to the 4 corners of the globe. Its a fight to the death. I got god in my corner, so I think the bad guys are the ones in trouble, not me. But some say I am not all there in the head, either. And there could be something said for that. We'll see how crazy I am in not too much more time, I hope. If I am to be certified looney, then lets get it over with as soon as possible, I say!

>>I'm going back to red and brackets while I bring in more from the exam report. I had a thought here at this point so I am going to type it here, because if I wait, I will forget. As we see Ella and Abe take some brutal verbal and accusatory assaults from the "UK network" or the UK crime syndicate, if you prefer, I ask all of you, how many of you could take this? How many of those dishing this out would like this done to them? We hear cultists cry and scream, but they are not being falsely accused. They are just being justly accused and they know it. Ella and Abe, for sure, are not perfect people because none of us were or are. But they are innocent of any wrong doing with their kids. INNOCENT! Carve it in stone. So below, the medical conditions and every other possible thing is going to be explored thoroughly, with a fine tooth comb, for the sole purpose of  condemning Ella in particular, as she is the mother who has custody, not Abraham; and justifying the stealing of two precious children in the eyes of many.<<

Birth and medical history 

We do not have full details of Gabriel and his sister's birth or medical history as they came today with the duty Social Worker who did not know the full details of the case and a foster carer who has been caring for them for the last 24 hours. Gabriel says that both he and his sister were born at The Royal Free Hospital. They do not report any ongoing medical conditions or taking any medications regularly and they have no known drug allergies. There is no history of urinary tract infections. Gabriel does not report any pain on passing urine. He does not report any constipation or diarrhea or thread worms. However, he does report that it does often hurt and he has bled when he has opened his bowels although this has decreased significantly in the last two months which his sister says is because it is two months since they have seen their father. He opens his bowels every day and he reports his stool is soft.

>>I offer this at this time as a possibility. While I have reviewed much of this, I go over it much more careful as I write it. It is here that Alisa sounds like she is strong and still like she was in the 1st interview where she cut loose on being sold for sex. Here, she points out that the reason Gabriel's condition has improved is because they have not seen their father in 2 months. Alisa has been kidnapped and yet still fighting strong, so it appears to me. So this is a legitimate part of the Sep. 12 exam, says I. Its a start! She is still indicting her father and to make this more remarkable, she does this while in captivity. In the 3rd interview, she says dad never did a thing. Gabe says the same. So something happened between this exam and the 3rd interview. Keep that in mind.<<

Educational history 

Gabriel says that he attended Peter Piper Nursery and currently attends Christchurch school.

Family history 

24 hours ago, following the Police Protection Order, Gabriel and his sister Alisa were taken into Emergency Foster Placement. Prior to this, they lived with their mother Ella Draper and mother's partner Abraham Christie. His mother and father, Ricky Dearman, separated five years ago secondary to domestic violence. We have no information about history of family illness.

>>I suggest that the police protection order had been placed long in advance of this 2nd interview. We can safely assume this, given the "strategy" meeting of Sep. 8,  3 days prior. They think we are all stupid. I know you know better than that. I am counting on you! And dad's violence was referenced again. But it was ignored, too, by police. Imagine that! The kids did say the police were in on it. Turns out the kids were right, weren't they ?!  Now pay close attention to the next unusual entry.<<

Information from Strategy meetinq/referral/history from Foster carer (disclosures made by Alisa and Gabriel over last 24 hours to     and during medical examination) 

Physical abuse

Both Gabriel and Alisa report that they have been hit with a metal spoon multiple times by Abraham Christie over the head and their legs. They also report that they have been pushed into walls. They also allege that Abraham holds his hand over their mouths until they 'can't breathe'. On a recent visit to Morocco over the summer, Gabriel explains that he was punched by Abraham in the left ear which caused his ear to bleed and his left eye to be swollen and bruised. Gabriel and Alisa said that Gabriel was then not allowed to leave the holiday home until the bruises had disappeared.

>>You will notice the mention of the "Strategy meeting, along with Foster Carer Carol, who I trust maybe the most and who they are saying had them the previous 24 hours before the Sep. 12 exam. The strategy meeting was Sep. 8. Too early!. I'm getting picky because they are lying again and I am doubting that this document in whole, was not the work, entirely (if at all), by Dr. Hodes. Hodes is getting her information from a 3rd party not specifically mentioned or someone tampered with this document, which would hardly be surprising from what we already saw in the interviews. Fraud abounds!

But someone lied substantially, about facts, so as to make Abraham look like a monster. Alisa made it clear the spoons were light licks as she put it, "not hard, not hard!" I do not recall hearing them say in the 1st 2 interviews that Abraham hold's his hand over their mouths "until" they can't breath. Then the kids are said to allege that Gabriel was kept inside till it healed in Morocco. Whether it was true or not, and I can not say that it was not possible. What I can say is that the intentions were good, as after all, the kids were being sexually coached and would not tell. If a little fear or a spanking got it out. I am all in favor of that.

Let me share another history lesson here. Going back tot he 1960s again, which I love doing, anyway; spanking was quite acceptable in those days. In fact, not spanking might have been rare. But neither was spanking some brutal affair, either. It was the humiliation or shame, if you will, of having your pants taken down and your bare bottom exposed so that it would "smart" more, as we called it.

Now part of the Governments seeking to tie the hands of parents and make discipline look bad and ever make parents afraid to discipline, the governments carried on a campaign of no spanking and eventually has either made it illegal or damn near so, so that anyone spanking and their telling their child, no!, can be accused of child abuse. Insane!

This is what we have with Abe as the offender and Ella as "failing" to protect the kids from a supposed horrific monster. But what an unbelievable contradiction and irony that Abe is a monster for spoons or "water torture" where he pours room temperature water on their heads. Why they say he is worse that Hitler and Stalin rolled into one. This while they totally ignore the fact that kids were continually raped, prostituted, and used to make porn movies, by the school staff, no less. Wow, have schools ever changed since I was a kid !!!!!!!

So I gather that if you have an IQ higher than say, 50, you can see thru this very dishonest bullshit. And to the credit of Dr. Hodes, she expressed her concern about the allegations the kids made about sex abuse and torture. In essence, saying, there must be something to it all. If anyone just takes a little time to read this article, you should be able to see who is lying. In all cases, it is the UK authorities in this affair, that are doing all the lying, twisting, deceiving, manipulating, torturing and maybe even raping a 9 year old girl and filming it.

The tone of the exam goes back to the initial exam with the lies of the police and social workers, all of whom worship Satan, I might add. The kids said that both parties were "in on it!" I believe the kids 100%. Guess who I do not believe for one second?<<

Sexual abuse allegations

Alisa has explained that at school, a teacher 'by the name of Mr Hollings' calls children over and makes them take off their underwear. Alisa explained that she and other children, including Gabriel, are asked to bend over and a 'plastic willy' is inserted into the anus whilst 'Mr Hollings' holds onto their hips. Alisa also said that "Mr. Hollings' makes noises' whilst this is done. Of note, she says that he gives them a refresher bar to eat as a reward and to bite on whilst this is happening so they 'can't scream or make a noise' and they are asked to face forwards and not look backwards. Gabriel has said that the same has happened to him. Gabriel says that after this has happened he has bleeding from the anus and subsequently it is very painful when he opens his bowels.

>>And they call Abraham a monster. I am thinking that Hollings is not so very nice, either, and he does this to a number of kids. Maybe this is a new teaching method I have not heard about, but from my old fashioned obsolete life, this was rape and torture in front of many kids to add far more emprrassment. If you don't mind, I am going to stick with my outdated concepts, if its all the same to you. Was this investigated? Well, look at that. I'm a comedian now! Of course they did not investigate. They might have found multiple kids admit this and then the whole school is in trouble and then they start to investigate the other 9 schools and this would spread thru many well-to-do communities where it is all going on, all over the UK, from upper middle class to above it and beyond it. Follow the money! It works every time when tracking Satan worshipers because he likes to make sure they are successful and somewhat better off than the rest, or otherwise, there would be no incentive to serve Satan, as opposed to God. Obvious enough, right?<<


Both children have said that since Abraham moved into the family home four months ago, they are now unable to have many foods that they previously had, including sweets, chocolate and cereal. They said that their mum is now vegan and they are only allowed to eat raw foods and a 'green juice' which Abraham makes from plants which they say gives them stomach ache. Both children have said they are now frequently hungry but if they complain of being hungry they are hit over the head with a spoon.

>> I have no doubt that the kids did not like the diet. Let me explain something about this. Unknown to Ella and Abe before Morocco, the kids were treated horrifically at school, with daily beatings from dad, and all the staff and kids being mean to the two, continuously as they testified to in the 1st 2 interviews and probably in the videos taken in Morocco. The kids never had their own way while in school. Without any doubt, the kids felt as if they were not worthy of anything good and that they must be bad. Alisa even expressed that very feeling in the 3rd interview, no less. She felt she deserved prison and didn't care anymore.

But when they came home, they had some relief and some solace. But when Abe helped get their sweets and cereal taken away, you might find it hard to understand why this seemingly small thing crushed these kids. But now their very last choices and freedoms were being taken away from them. It was the end of the world from their point of view. Mind you, Abe had no way of knowing what was going on and what the delicate situation was. He was concerned for their health. But mental health is more important than dietary choices in cases like this. But only hindsight could have revealed that.

If the kids said they were hungry, it is likely for stuff that they wanted or craved. Perfectly understandable. Perhaps Abe and Ella might have been a little extreme. As adults, we do things we would not do as kids. When our bodies are going to hell, then we care about diet and other health issues. Kids got forever ahead of them so that they are not concerned. But Abe and Ella were certainly no monsters in doing what they did. And do you think the kids liked being taken away from mom? Ask them what they think! I'll be willing to bet that they would eat pure grass and dirt if they could be back home again.

Again, the authorities just wanted to find any excuse at all to steal the kids and silence them forever, and maybe prostitute them some more. And being hit with a spoon for being hungry? I don't believe a single word of it. That sounds like something that came from the 3rd interview that would not be done till Sep. 17, this report was filed in the 15th. But it may have been "edited" after the 15th and given that they cover up mass rape and prostitution in 10 schools, anything is possible. My opinion is that this report is not exclusively Hodes and may have tampered with her input and certainly promoted lies that had yet to take place. So let's give Dr. Hodes the benefit of the doubt and give the "credit" to where "credit" belongs. This is a product of Satan worshiping cultists that saturate the entire upper classes of British society. Make no mistake about that!<<

9-12 Exam 4 Gabriel
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Re:           Gabriel Gareeva-Dearman D.O.B: xx/06/2006


Height           126.2cm                (25th centile)
Weight           25.6kg                  (25th-50th centile)

>>The report said the children were often hungry. Compared to his height, Gabe is on the heavy side. He is not starving. so I guess we can dismiss starvation and hunger and Mom/Abe were certainly trying to fee the kids healthy and well. The kids probably would have preferred less like and more sweet stuff. But no laws broken here and yet we still have two prisoners under the age of 12. How does that work, anyway?<<

Gabriel was shy but very engaged in today's examination. He was extremely polite and got on with his foster carer, Carol very well. His cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal examinations were unremarkable. He had good oral hygiene. He was pre-pubertal.

>>I certainly need to point out that Gabe was "extremely" polite. Now I'm not to bright a guy so I have to ask, where did Gabe get his manner and politeness? You know, normally, that reflects on the parents, which prior to this year of 2014, was Ella. Not only that, his health is good and he had good oral hygiene. That would not have been the case for me at that age. Mom really looked after him. I'll put some good money on it.<<

His genitalia were examined with the colposcope for magnification and photo-documentation. He was lying on the couch supine and he had normal male genitalia. He was uncircumcised with bilaterally descended testes. His anus was examined with him in the left lateral position using gentle buttock separation for 30 seconds. He had one anal fissure scar at 9 o'clock on examination of the anus. There was no reflex anal dilatation.

>>Photo-documentation was performed. So there should be a photo of Alisa's hymen in tact, I believe. I also believe we will never see it because I believe Alisa was raped. I wish it were not so, but all the facts seem to point in that direction.<<

Scars and injuries noted on examination and recorded on the body map:

1.    A 2cm well healed linear scar in the middle of the forehead which Gabriel said his Grandmother had told him was secondary to falling off a 2 wheeled bike aged 2-3 years. Gabriel says he does not remember it as he was too young and he was told that he fainted at the time.

2.    2 x 2mm round scar just beneath the linear scar on his forehead possibly secondary to chicken pox (Gabriel said that he had chicken pox at age 5).

3.    There are two healing abrasions which were 3 x 2mm in size post-auricular (left ear). One was on the posterior aspect of the pinna and the other was overlying the mastoid. Gabriel says that these were sustained after he was hit around the ear by Abraham in Morocco and were bleeding following this injury. He also states he is 'deaf' in the left ear following this.


4.    On examination of the left tympanic membrane. a 0.5 x 0.5mm perforation was noted of the ear drum and two associated 0.5 x 0.5mm specks of dried blood. There was no active bleeding or discharge from the ear and the right tympanic membrane was normal.


5.    There was a 10mm x 2mm well healed scar on the right scalp which Gabriel said was secondary to where Abraham had hit him on his head with a metal spoon. He also said that it still hurts when pressed over this area.

>>I am comfortable with  no. 1. Riding a 2-wheel bike at 2 or 3? Hard to believe. I do not know which grandma this is. And it does make a difference! Gabe was told he fainted at the time. Sounds very suspicious. Do kids faint when they fall? No, they cry. My mother tells me that I had my face ground into the cellar floor by a jealous boy in his teens, who had been in foster care most of his life. My mother says Iet out a hell of a scream and that I was different after that. Not the outgoing sort I had been. More reserved. I do not remember the attack, but I do remember a memory of looking out the cellar door to the outside, wondering where someone went, and wondering if they were coming back. I could not talk at that time. I began talking some just at the time my brother was born. 2 years and 9 months. Why did Gabe faint? Did he faint? Was he deliberately hit and injured, maybe even traumatized? Did dear old dad do it for kicks or licks? Its a question I'd like a whole lot more info on. It sounds like the Dearman side of the family, if you ask me.<<

>>no. 2 is fine. I say 3 is a lie cause his dad would hit them in the ears. In 4, the inner ear injury is not said to be new or old. But the kids had never implicated Abraham in the 1st two interviews and they had implicated their dad on such stuff and many other things, too, either in the interviews or their videos taken by Abe. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

I think 5 is a lie. The kids had gone to the police as soon as they had gotten back. The scar in 5 is said to be a well healed scar. They got back on the 5th and this was the 12th. Well healed does not explain the time frame. The kids has not given up their info till near the very end so I say this is the work of daddy dearest again. Since he loves raping with big plastic willies, I see no reason why he should not be the suspect in all things, really.

So that is where I leave this exam part. Mostly lies and distortion and the doctor has not offered her opinion as regards truth and accuracy. And it is the job of any enforcement, whether law or medical, to be critical and skeptical if things so not add up right. I'll reserve judgment for the conclusion.<<


In both the general physical examination and genital examination of Gabriel today, there are physical signs that are consistent with the allegations given by both Gabriel and Alisa. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that he has alleged. In summary, Gabriel has physical signs that support his allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse.

>>Not sure how much Hodes had been informed, but my guess is that if others could keep her in the dark about anything, they would. I thought she should have speculated/estimated minimum age of the scar. Its her job to fully do her job and not take for granted what other do or relate to her. but biggest problem in the UK is this polite cooperative atmosphere of respecting and trusting when none of that is merited and everyone does as they are supposed to do. I will fault her that much but not much more.

Gabriel has 2 grandmothers and it should have been noted which was referred to. Someone may have edited that out.<<


1.    Urine for gonococcal and chlamydia NAAT.

>>We have never seen or heard what the results of these tests were. We have every right to assume the worst if the results are being withheld and they are! So both kids likely had sexual diseases! Can't imagine how that could have happened when the kids are so well cared for in the schools, right? Right? Alisa and Gabe would have to respond, I don't know how we got those! You know, like they had to with the anal scars in the 3rd interview? But I got the sneaking feeling that the prostituting of the two kids might help to explain some things. Just a hunch, you understand.<<

2.    Bloods for blood borne viruses (taken today and sent with Chain of Evidence form). He will need a repeat blood test in three months' time which we will arrange here. >>Herpes, anyone? Love to know this one, too.<<

3.    Urgent ENT referral for examination of both tympanic membranes and assessment of hearing.

4.    Eye testing (Gabriel complains of some blurred vision).

5.    Collateral medical history from mother

6.    Collateral medical history from GP

7.    Police photography of injuries

8.    Assessment and emotional/psychological support for Gabriel and Alisa

>>Would love to see follow ups on all this but I am waiting for hell to freeze over first. Should be any time now. I'll let ya know when I hear anything. I'd especially be interested in the assessing of emotional/psychological stuff. Not that we would be told the truth or anything, but I believe my assessment of the kids' psychology before and after the 1st 2 interviews pretty much nails down the truth. The kids were fine till the police got a hold of them, custody wise. The UK is one diabolical piece of work. I can guess who will be the first nation for God to catch up with and I only need two letters to do it. Hint: It starts with a U.<<

Yours sincerely,

Dr Harriet Gunn SHO to
Dr Deborah Hodes Consultant Paediatrician

9-12 Exam 4 Alisa
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Re:    Alisa Gareeva-Dearman D.O.B: xx/04/2005

We saw Alisa, aged 9, in clinic today with her brother Gabriel, their foster carer Carol and the duty social worker, Michelle. Alisa has been referred for a child protection medical by Social Care.

>>The situation and concerns for Alisa as the very same as for Gabriel so I have not added them here as well, as the examiners did in their report.<<

Birth and medical history 

We do not have full details of Alisa's birth or medical history as she came today with the duty Social Worker who did not know her full details nor did the foster carer who had been caring for them for the last 24 hours.
>>That is to say, these kids were not brought in my mom because she has found abuse by a boyfriend or hubby so that she could supply the info wanted. These kids were "arrested" for squealing on the cult and dad. Don't you doubt that!<<

Educational history 

Alisa attends Christchurch school.
>>Actually, its not a school, really, but a brothel and porn filming production company and publisher. That is what I hear and what kids say. I trust the kids far more than I do the UK. Would I lie to you? Never! God does not like it when I lie. And I hate ticking Him off.<<

The "Physical abuse" and "Sexual abuse allegations" and "Diet" are exactly the same as Gabe's. So those sins and my criticisms stand. Most of them concern Abraham more than the kids. Although I was not aware that Abraham had been abused and/or filing a report. But after "they" got done with him, I'd say he ought to file a report now. But that did not turn out well for the kids, so I would not recommend it for Abe, either, or he might get arrested, & raped, too, and the kids got Solitary with their sentence, I might add. Remember, this is the UK.

General Examination

Weight          25.2kg           (9th centile)
Height is            125.8cm       (2nd-9th centile).

On examination of the Alisa's mouth today, she had evidence of tooth decay of one upper molar on the right side.

>>No! Not a cavity! Quick, grab your guns and we'll form a posse and hang that woman. It has to be her fault say the UK authorities. But on the more serious side, a mere visual inspection of Alisa shows a well formed physical body, But yes, she is a light weight. But she hardly looks starving. Her and Gabriel would like to have different food, I have no doubt. That could have been easily worked out without kidnapping, I am willing to bet.<<

Examination of her cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal system was unremarkable. She had no associated lymphadenopathy and her nose and throat examination was also normal.

On examination of her body, she had the following lesions as numbered on the body map:

1.    A birth mark which was 8mm hyper-pigmented on the medial aspect of her left thigh.

>>The medial aspect is the inner thigh up fairly high. Just a birth mark.<<

2.    She had two 3mm healing marks on the upper right outer and anterior right outer thigh which Alisa says may mosquito bites.

3.    She had three well healed annular scars which were each 1.3 x 1cm in diameter on the thoracic aspect of her spine. She could not recall how these had been incurred.

>>3 is interesting. The thoracic aspect of her spine is the part of spine where the ribs attach in the back. I gather these are on the outside, and caused by pressure on the spine in this area. Annular are like diamond shaped. All 3 are the same size, perhaps over 3 bumps in the spine, though not said. I don't like to have to speculate but her lack of memory is not credible in my book. She sounds like her 3rd interview here. She is not talking so there is something to hide. Any wonder that I am suspicious?

I think someone was on top of her back side with her on her belly as would be typical of the rapes she often endured in the anal region. Someone possibly pressed their body hard down on hers in that region if not others, too, and left scars. It does not seem like the examiner wants to speculate. I wonder why? They wanted me to do it. Fine! If I am right about my speculation, someone was pretty rough with this little girl of no more than a young 9 if not even earlier. But some examiner was not doing their job as far as I am concerned.<<

4.    She had a 1mm round mark on her right upper thigh from a mosquito bite

5.    She had a 2 x 2mm abrasion which was healing on her right calf (posterior aspect) which Alisa reports was secondary to her being pushed against a wall by Abraham.

6.    3 x 4 mm abrasion on the pinna of her left ear and 3mm abrasion posterior to her left ear, which Alisa reports were secondary to being pinched and picked up by her ear by Abraham

>>5 & 6 are possible. But they are also pretty trivial, especially considering that Abe was trying to intimidate, without hurting, Alisa, so that she would tell who was teaching her and Gabe their sexual stuff. I find that perfectly reasonable. What I do not find reasonable is how the UK forbids any reasonable discipline that is, in some manner physical. Psychological Facilities can do it but not parents. I say bullshit to that. But with the UK and nations like it setting up all these potential land mines for parents, guarantees that if they want some particular parent, they will likely be able to find something to hold against them, given that almost all things have been forbidden by the UK, that were perfectly normal at one time. Its a sick twisted game of lies and deceit and evil motives.<<

7.    2mm excoriated annular lesions on her left arm which Alisa reports were mosquito bites.

8.    7mm longitudinal abrasion (excoriated) on the right lateral aspect of her ankle which she attributes to when Abraham pushed her against an outside wall whilst in Morocco.

>>So, pushing a child is a major felony offense! Did you know that? I didn't. I do now. Do you see how insane this has gotten. If he spit on her, he'd probably get life in prison, I imagine. I won't even comment on this anymore. Pure shear bullshit. Hey, we got one in Maine, USA, though. They call it visual sexual aggression. Few even know what it means. Safe to say that if you look at a person the wrong way, your a sex offender, maybe. It just gets so absolutely ridiculous. I'll say it again. Pure concentrated evil is upon in the 21st century. Can there be any doubt?<<

9.    2cm x 0.5cm healing abrasion on left side of chin which Alisa reports was secondary to being hit by Abraham with a spoon.

>>They are twisting the facts. Abraham pressed the spoon handle into her chin by accident and it was quite sharp and left a good mark that is visible in the videos on Morocco. How many times have we injured ourselves by accident? And others by accident? But there are no accidents in English law, damn it! No mercy, no reason, no sensibleness, no compassion, no good will or sincere intention on the part of law. Its all about framing, lying, setting up, deceit, treachery, pure f***ing evil if there ever was such a thing. They can have you any time they want you. They set enough traps to snare just about anyone, anywhere, at any time.<<

Ano-genital examination

Alisa was examined in the supine and frog legged on the examination couch. The colposcope was used for magnification and photodocumentation. When asked, Alisa said that she had been touched at the opening of her vagina but not into the vestibule and this was confirmed by Dr Hodes who indicated these places with her finger and asked Alisa if she had been touched there. Using gentle labial traction, examination of her genitalia were found to be normal and there were no signs of trauma injury); her hymen was an annular configuration and was intact.

>>Assuming this is a true account and it seems reasonable that it is, but in view of date and account manipulation, there is at least room for being cautious in that acceptance. But granting it is true and that this was 9-12, then we can assume that Alisa was not raped at this time, if she was raped as I believe she was. As well, she seemed to still be telling the truth about dad so there is enough consistency to believe in this account and Alisa's relative safety at this time. However, that they were stolen by the police from mom, it is reasonable that they would be pretty upset or scared, not knowing if this was permanent or what it was.

But lets also be very clear here that is Alisa was attacked after this, there had to be a time when the kids were not with Carol, the foster carer, and in the care of someone else. I believe the UK police should be accountable to the public at all times. And while Alisa is in government care, I believe, in view of the overwhelming evidence throughout this article of lying and other foul play, that the British Public has a right to know the state and condition of the 2 children. The public deserves a chance to question and interview the kids such as in a press conference.

Given the children's previous testimony, I do not believe a supposed decline from the kids to a conference should be deemed credible and that they should be required to appear, even as anyone summoned to a court should be. The welfare and choice of the kids must, of necessity, be superseded by the greater concerns of the public regarding proper conduct of their public officials charged with enforcing law and carrying it out properly and diligently. Therefore, participation by the kids will be mandatory.

And given that the kids were threatened with death for telling, which is typical for kids who claim SRA abuse, their public appearance is mandatory for that reason as well, to prove they are still alive and in good care, with a medical examination done outside of the UK, a nation that can not longer be trusted in anything after examining the interviews contained in this article.

The public has a right to examine and test the Judicial process. This right is claimed as part of the UK being a member of the UN and EU and claiming to be  a properly behaving member nation of those two organizations. AS well, the UK is obligated as a natural duty to their citizens, to prove the good will and proper conduct claimed by police and the courts. Both have an obligation to give evidence of their claimed proper conduct by public follow-up.

And by Public, I do not mean representatives of government also representing the public. The public should be distinct and separate from any government official or representative. In fact, the investigation should be conducted by the public with the most pressing questions of concern regarding the kids, with a 3rd party nation having temporary custody of the children while such processes are taking place.

I personally want a full accounting of every minute from the start of Sep. 11 to the start of the Sep. 17 interview with Alisa. If this is not provided by the UK, I make request to God Almighty, represented in European tradition since 1209 AD as Jehovah, and to His son and appointed ruler in God's place, namely Jesus, to make the UK accountable, fully and completely, to the satisfaction of myself and those with me who share concerns for the kids in UK gov-care/foster care.

Due to the UK treachery and betrayal, they need not be given any notice as soon as this is published. They know what they have done.<<

Her perineum was examined with her in the left lateral position. There were no lesions of the skin. The anus was viewed with the colposcope and there were 3 three linear scars along the ruggae which extended almost to the anal verge (skin edge at the junction between mucosa of the ruggae and the skin); they were in the 7, 9 and 11 o'clock positions . There was anal laxity after 10 seconds of gentle buttock traction. There was venous congestion. There was no reflex anal dilatation.

>>3 linear scars, that is, something going in and sliding along, leaving scars. Plastic willies with imperfections or deliberately crafted points or bumps would do the trick quite nicely. The kids said they would bleed afterwards. That looks like the case.

Far more concerning to me is how this 9-12 report differs from the one to follow on 9-16. 9-16 says that there was reflex anal dilitation whereas above says there was not! Why the variance? Should not medical professionals with expertise be able to get it right the 1st time and every time? You tell me!

Next, I am clarifying venous congestion to understand how it affects Alisa.<<

venous congestion
Type: Term
1. overfilling and distention of the veins with blood as a result of mechanical obstruction or right ventricular failure.}

Noun 1. distension - the act of expanding by pressure from within
enlargement, expansion - the act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope
2. distension - the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions

They use one difficult word to describe another difficult word.

>>"Venous" was applied typically to the heart area and other areas, on the net, but Hodes applies it to this situation as well. Alisa'a inner rectum area had clearly been stretch out is what Hodes was indicating. But medical people had using simple easy language. As in Law, they like complicated so as to hide and obscure meaning and require an "interpreter" to explain the jargon and lingo.

Quite clearly, Alias had been very stretched out in anal cavity, which considering her accusations of daily sexual assault in the anal area as well as being prostituted would easily explain the findings of the doctor(s).

So let me see if I got this right. In her anal cavity, we have scars/scrapes along the cavity and unexplained substantial stretching of that cavity. How much more do you need? Alisa's account added, and there can be no doubt. Of course, she and Gabe, after incarceration, said they had no idea how their insides got like that. Clearly, they had been forced to lie because the evidience AND tesimony were harmonious and made sense before captivity and now a denial of medical reality and a girl who looks very upset and disturbed. She should have been removed from police custody due to ample evidence of police harm and tempering with/of the witnesses/accusers.<<

Reflex anal dilation    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reflex anal dilation (RAD) is the reflexive dilation of the human anus to a diameter greater than two centimeters in response to the parting of the buttocks or anal stimulation, such as brushing with a medical instrument. RAD was theorized to be a clinical marker associated with anal sexual assault in children,[1] and has been associated with other signs of sexual assault[2] but also appears in children with severe chronic constipation and those subject to invasive medical treatments of the anus.[3] The finding of RAD alone is not considered indicative of sexual abuse,[4] and a normative sample of children not suspected of having been sexually abused found that 49 per cent of children showed anal dilation either continuously or intermittently, though the dilation exceeded 20 mm in only 1.2 per cent of cases.[5]

Used extensively in the Cleveland child abuse scandal, it was discredited during the trial as the sole indication of sexual abuse, determined to be considered a sign of sexual assault by a tiny minority of British physicians.[6] RAD as a clinical marker for sexual abuse is now considered discredited.[7]

<<< end of Wikipedia quote.   >>I'll have more to say on this, just after the end of this report coming right up. Its a lie, of course<<


In the general physical and genital examination of Alisa today, there was evidence of findings consistent with the allegations given by Alisa. These were of inflicted physical injury - physical abuse and insertion of a blunt penetrating instruments into her anus. The scars in the anus are from healed fissures, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that she has alleged.

>>Despite discrepancies and all, Hodes' conclusion is firm and clear. There was sexual abuse consistent with what Alisa had been saying at this point. Alisa then changes her story to one that makes a mockery of this entire investigative undertaking, which should merit a far more serious and intensive investigation of the police and social services, but its not likely that hell is ever going to freeze over  and remember that this is the UK we are talking about, where cover-up and lies are the norm for this very sick nation. And the USA is not different. If you want different, first you'll have to find a means of inter-planetary travel which I have not been able to find yet.<<


1.  Urine for gonococcal and chlamydia NAAT.

2.  Bloods for blood borne viruses (taken today and sent with Chain of Evidence form). She will need a repeat blood test in three months' time which we will arrange here.

>>1 & 2 were for testing for sexual diseases. No results have ever been revealed. Yet just below, the ENT exams were done with results given in the next 9-16 report coming right up. So we know the tests were carried out. But the sex ones are being kept secret. Conclusion? The kids has sexual diseases. I know, I know, as long as the kids are on custody "prison," they will continue to declare that they had no ideas how they got those. Must have been the toilet seats, right? The police are disgusting liars. They should all be in prison, were there any justice at all.<<

3.  Urgent ENT referral for examination of both tympanic membranes and assessment of hearing.

4.  Dental assessment and vision

5.  Collateral medical history from mother

6.  Collateral medical history from GP

7.  Police photography of injuries

8.  Assessment and emotional/psychological support for Gabriel and Alisa
>>On 8! Is the assessment to be made in captivity or outside of captivity. It makes a big difference. Sort of like saying, with torture or without?

But most perplexing to most of us, no doubt, is why they are so upset with the parents and not upset with the cult, who are the only ones ever said to be anal rapists that could explain the anal injuries. Oh, I forgot, the kids said they do not know how those got there. This should easily qualify as prima facie evidence of forced recantation of the kids by police. The kids had testified many times about how they got those and now it all changes while in police custody. Imagine that!

Another thing that bothers me about this exam and Hodes conclusive offerings is why she did not consider the kids being removed from their mom would not in some way affect their manifestation of PTSD symptoms and why the kids expressed great fear of dad killing them? Part of Hodes job is the psychological considerations and not just physical ones, hence the mention of PTSD symptoms. While Hodes' performance was certainly far better than any of her peers, relatively speaking, it still tragically lacks completeness and thoroughness, so important to a case like this. She was clearly under pressure to not say much, in my opinion.<<

Yours sincerely,

Dr's Harriet Gunn and Sarah Al-Jilaihawi

Paediatric SHOs to Dr Deborah Hodes, Consultant Paediatrician      <<<End of 9-12 exam

On RAD tests & Cover-up
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RAD tests are disputed in the USA, but the UK still accepts them as long as other stuff can be ruled out. We'll consider the source of controversy.

Cleveland child abuse scandal            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Cleveland child abuse scandal refers to a 1987 wave of suspected child sexual abuse cases in Cleveland, England.

At this time, the county of Cleveland, established in 1974, included three main towns: Stockton-on-Tees, Hartlepool and Middlesbrough.[1] In 1996 the former county was broken into four local authorities with only one retaining, in part, the name of Cleveland.[1]
1.    Charles, Pragnell. "The Cleveland Sexual Abuse Scandal". Children Webmag. Retrieved July 21, 2014.

In the years prior to the scandal, levels of reported child abuse in the Cleveland area were consistent with those of other parts of the United Kingdom.[1] However, in 1987, during the period of February to July, many children living in Cleveland were removed from their homes by social service agencies and diagnosed as sexually abused.[2] The 121 diagnoses were made by two paediatricians at a Middlesbrough hospital, Dr Marietta Higgs and Dr Geoffrey Wyatt, using a "controversial diagnostic practice" called reflex anal dilation.[2] When there were not enough foster homes in which to place the allegedly abused children, social services began to house the children in a ward at the local hospital.[1]

>>I want to make it clear that Wikipedia is full of lies when it comes to anything even remotely related to: recovered memory syndrome, body memories, SRA, sex abuse, medical exams for sex abuse, and so much more. This article is already showing signs of lies and cover-up. 1st, why were the kids removed from their homes. Why were they even tested. We are not told. But someone had to make accusations. Keep in mind this was 1987, fairly early in this SRA stuff. Accusations and reasons should have been included. But Satanists rule Wikipedia like a tyrant, in my opinion. All things PC, heavily influence Wikipedia. But we can still make good use of it, if just by seeing the obvious cover-up, which is far from subtle, just like our police reports in this larger article.<<

Later, the test being used to establish child abuse was contested by the area police surgeon and cooperation between the social workers, police and hospital doctors involved in diagnosis began to disintegrate.[1] In addition, there was public concern regarding the practices being used by the local social service agency, such as the removal of children from their homes in the middle of the night.[1] In May 1987, parents marched from the hospital where their children were being held to the local newspaper. The resulting media coverage caused the social service agency's practices to receive public scrutiny and criticism.[1] In response, the Butler-Sloss report was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Social Services in July 1987 and published in 1988.[2] The report was led by Elizabeth Butler-Sloss and it concluded that most of the diagnoses were incorrect.[2] As a result, 94 of the 121 children were returned to their homes.[2][3]

>>Notice that we still don't even know why exams were done or the children taken. Right off, I know a cover-up is involved, thanks to two kids from Hampstead. As well, I think if you looked into the background of Elizabth Butler-Sloss, You would find some interesting connections. So let me fill in all those blanks! OK? It was one of those towns/areas saturated with Satanists, hardly a surprise in the UK, except that it was 1987. The kids of the Satanists must have complained, or some maybe not directly involved with the cult were raped and squealed to mom and dad and an investigation began. Since anal rape is so popular among Satanists, naturally, plenty were found to have been anally raped. Again, with hindsight, this is not surprise at all. Cover-up was a new thing at this time. Now they are much better at it, stopping it before it ever gets started. That is why two kids are in foster-prison now.

So social services, not infiltrated at this time in this area, did the reasonable thing and took the kids away from the raping parents. It was the first and last time that this would happen. Actually, there was another case covered in "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty First Century," chapter 12, deals with a nearly identical case in the Orkney Islands. Very similar in detail.  Satanists were everywhere and undid everything. In this case in Cleveland, the parents protested loudly and the media jumped in, social services HQ said the local workers were wrong and 94 of the 121 children were returned. 27 retained, which is still interesting.

Now we who know Hampstead, know that if you were to examine all those kids at ChristChurch Primary as well as 9 other schools, You would need to build several large hotels to house all the kids and foster parents in. But that could not be done now, because evil has lots of agents in all social service branches and all police stations. They did not have all this in 87. But they got it now and squash it fast. Just ask Alisa and Gabriel.

So there, we got the real story now to apply to all this, since some very dishonest authors have corrupted Wikipedia articles on this subject.<<

On 14 October 1991, the Children Act was implemented in full as a result of the Cleveland child abuse scandal[4] and other child related events that preceded it.[1] A TV documentary called The Death of Childhood was broadcast in 1997 and alleged that "independent experts under the guidance of the Department of Health later found that at least 70 per cent of the diagnoses" were correct.[5] According to the documentary, two years after the scandal a number of children were again referred to social services and determined to be at risk for child abuse.[5] In February 2007, the Chief Medical Officer, who was the regional medical officer at the time of the scandal, admitted that "mistakes were made". [6] A few days later, two of the children who had been the focus of the scandal asked the Middlesbrough police for an investigation of their 1987 experience.[6]
<<<< End of Wiki article

>>Now did you notice that despite protests and cover up, this case would not go away. 10 years later, a TV documentary found that at least 70% of the original diagnoses were correct. 78% of the kids were given back to parents way back. 78% vs 70%. 27 kids were never returned of the 121 first taken. I am going back to black test now since its just me.<<

Most of the kids truly were abused. I dare say it was all that that some might have had other problems with constipation and other anal problems that could have possibly nullified sex abuse, but not ruled it out entirely, either. RAD tests look for being stretch out, to say it plainly. If other problems such as constipation were in the child's medical history, that might explain the RAD finding. But that does not mean that sexual penetration was not involved. It simply allows that it may not have been involved. Without any other cause, than only sex could answer it and if the child had said they were raped anally, that would convince nearly anyone of a fair objective mind.

This was how RAD got maligned, unjustly, of course. Then you have child behavior to look at and searches of parents' homes and belongings, relationships with other parents or not, that were involved and investigating child testimony/accusations.

The UK still uses RAD, to their credit. The USA does not recognize it. The USA does not recognize recovered memory therapy, nor body memories, which often display bruises and marks on the body briefly or for a few days as appearing. Dr. Arthur Janov, famous for treating John Lennon briefly, and publishing the landmark book, "The Primal Scream" whose books and therapy I am very well educated on, having many of his books and old newsletters. I have even written article criticizing him as well on this very site in my psychology section, but whose general premise I totally support. AS well, he premise is the prevalent method for treating horrific abuse and PTSD, as well as mind control programming.

There are a number of therapists using this or similar techniques. Some a apply it better than others, but its in wide use and its effects are far more effective than any other form of therapy on earth. That is why a large part of the attack and cover-ups are aimed at this therapy because it is very effective and its vital signs during a recovering memory can not be acted out or controlled when they are authentic. The autonomic functions are far different from what you get from acting. Far more extreme.

As well, it was the USA CIA launched, thru key assets, the False Memory Syndrome (FMS). Yet another lie concocted by a super secret spy/espionage agency who brutally programs babies in the wombs and on into their born lives, mind control programming that allows total control of an individual to use as spies and couriers, assassins, sex slaves, traffickers, Federal Reserve tempering, human computers to back up the entire Federal Reserve, participating in porn movies, and every other abuse you could imagine. So for the CIA, covering over what comes undone when these salve being to leak and break down in the middle ages, like 35 or 40 often, then if they escape and squeal some, one can say it was all lies.

The USA is king of cover-up. The UK hardly tries to cover up. They are too arrogant for their own good. It will all catch up to both in time

9-16 Med Exams
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Keep in mind that the long intro of qualifications for Dr. Hodes were in the 9-16 Exams, which were reported by Dr. Hodes on a 9-22 write up. But it was not faxed till Sep 26 as that is the date of the fax showing. So we have inconsistencies and things happening in the 9-12 reports that were not discovered till the 9-16 exams or the 9-17 3rd and final police interview. So these documents do not hold that much credibility with me. I can vouch for almost nothing, knowing that no one was guarding anyone else and no one questioning anything. It was a free-for-all. So with the preliminaries covered at the start of the 9-12 Exams, there is nothing left but the examination of the two kids. Alisa was listed first in the documents, then Gabriel.

Alisa Gareeva-Dearman                                                          D.O.B: xx/04/2005

Summary of the relevant history

She alleged that lubrication was used prior to the insertion of the penis or the plastic penis and identified and discussed the lubricant with her foster carer. She told me that Vaseline was used as the lubricant. She also told me about having had an injection. She alleged that bleeding after the event had occurred and that then had pain on opening her bowels.

She told me that she has difficulty in getting to sleep and she has bad dreams including dreaming about her father killing her.

>>In this final report, Hodes still mentions great detail as regard anal rape details and Alisa's fear of dad. What possible justification, given this exam-evaluation, including psychological evaluation, do the police and social workers have for not thoroughly and intensely questioning Alisa's dad and searching his house for evidence such as plastic willies, pictures, videos or whatever? There is no justification for it. This report alone condemns the police and adequately implicates them as having some sort of very close relationship with the cult and Satanic activities and cover-ups.

What is not mentioned in this report is that some of Alisa's symptoms of PTSD could be caused by her being taken from her mom. And its the most obvious cause as well. When is taking a child from parents who are not real abusers, even NOT traumatic?<<

Physical findings

Below is a list of injuries found on physical examination of Alisa shown In the body maps and police photographs;

1.          3 x 4 mm abrasion on the pinna of her left ear and 3mm abrasion posterior to her left ear overlying the mastoid. Alisa alleged that she was pinched and picked up by her ear when she was in Morocco

>>I believe this was revealed in the 9-17 interview, the day after this exam was carried out. But this "injury" was accidental and of a minimal harm anyone might incur in day to day activity with cuts and bruises. to say this was why the kids were taken or even being investigated would be a joke. I question whether marks like this are even worth mentioning. Serious injuries would have a lot more to show for them selves. Permanent scars, large scars, broken or deformed by injury limbs, evidence of serious emotional harm and questionable behavior, none of which was evident in the 1st two interviews.<<

2.          7 mm longitudinal abrasion (excoriated) on the right lateral aspect of her ankle. Alisa's alleged that she was pushed against an outside wall and that she "had picked it" when she was in Morocco.

>>Pushed against a wall, oh dear God in heaven, Nooooooooo! The horror is more than I can take. OK, so I am a sarcastic bastard. 7 mm! That's less than 1 cm. Its about the size of one of these chocolate bits that I throw into my mouth, 6 or 7 at a time. Is this the best they can do? When they want you, anything works. That is evil.<<

3.          2 cm x 0.5cm healing abrasion on left side of chin. Alisa's alleged that she was hit across the face with a metal spoon when she was in Morocco.

>>Now this is an outright lie. Hit across the face is not what happened. Go back and what the 2nd interview. Alisa said the back edge of the spoon handle was excessively sharp and Abe had grabbed her face, I think, while holding the spoon in his hand and as he pressed her head, it cut in. Do keep in mind that the kids were refusing to answer who was abusing them and I have no doubt that emotions on all sides were intense.

Now I have seen the scar often on the videos. I agree it was about 2 cm long. Half a cm wide? NO! It was more like a deep scratch but not wide, from top to bottom. I'd like to know that they measured with.

What I am not hearing about are the horrendous bumps and bruises that were on their heads from dear dad at school. Alisa said they were quite prominent and were there often. OH, but those were OK cause dad the cult leader did it and he does not have to obey the law. I keep forgetting that. Silly me! So aside from this BS, it was clear the kids were not abused nor neglected, like they were in the 3rd interview, and they were in very good shape in regards to relating their experiences and not odd behaviors, tics or anything like that. That would be my department. I'd fail those every time.<<

Below is a list of injuries found on ano-genital examination of Alisa recorded on the DVDs:

1.          in the left lateral position with gentle buttock separation there was anal laxity and a brief view into the rectum. in the knee chest position with gentle buttock separation, there was reflex anal dilatation (RAD) after 5-10 seconds. The reflex anal dilatation persisted and there was a clear view into the rectal ampulla and there was no stool present.

>>Now in this report, both problems show. In the previous exam the RAD was not showing. Here it is showing loud and clear. Why now and not then? Why the variance? I want an explanation. given the playing around with facts and dates, I can't trust anything about these reports. You can't go from one extreme to the other. Was Alisa anally raped between the 12th and 16th? did they type it wrong the first time? Are these doctors useless and incompetent? I have no clear answer to lean toward. this report seems the most believable but then leaves many other unanswered questions regarding every aspect of these reports.<<

2.          There was a healed scar in ruggae at the 10-11 o'clock position extending form the anal orifice to the anal verge. It was seen in both the left lateral position and in the knee chest position. The abnormalities in the ruggae at the 4 o'clock and 7 o'clock positions maybe represent scar tissue or a variation in the ruggal configuration.

>>Well, "maybe represent scar tissue" in view of the accusations of Alisa do not leave me with maybe's. The 10-11 o'clock scar is a scar but not the other two. But the other 2 were scars in the first exam. So its back and forth and no one can make up their minds. This whole report ought to be thrown out as evidence, due to every inconsistency and out of place testimony and dates. Surely such supposedly well qualified people can do a half decent job, but evidence here says no. Nothing is as it should be.

Hodes has 24 years doing this? What happened? My opinion is that someone had their hands in the cookie jar messing with Hodes work more than a few times, but were I a judge in court, my first course of duty would be to cross-examine Hodes and ask her for an explanation. Had her work been tempered with or was it just as she had it?<<

Conclusion regarding the allegations

The physical Injuries bound on her skin are consistent with her allegations of physical abuse as described above (1)

>>Now hold on a damn minute. Skin injuries very common to both kids and adults are, according to this report, consistent with physical abuse. Let me correct this. The skin aberrations on Alisa are consistent with normal accidents and incidents and do not indicate physical abuse, Physical abuse should stand out and apart from normal minor accidents. Nothing in any of these injuries indicates that.

Again, If Hodes is legitimate and the definitions are legitimate, then there should be some distinction between minor injuries and Abuse. Abuse is something that should stand out over the ordinary. That there is an "ordinary," is not even said. Perhaps the entirety of the law is an absolute farce. I wouldn't rule it out. Abe and Ella are innocent. Daddy Dearman, on the other hand, has a lot of explaining to do and so do the police for not making Dearman answer.<<

In the absence of a history of constipation. medical illness and accidental trauma according to the GP notes, the anogenital findings of the scar and the RAD are consistent with her allegation of the application of a blunt penetrating force to her anus (2); sexual abuse.

She has described symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

<<< End of Alisa's examination and cover-up of her abuse by an entire cult.

>>The report admits anal sexual abuse. What was that not followed up and investigated. Clear undeniable proof that the police violated all of their procedures and duties as police officers of the law. They abdicated their duties in their entirety. They should be in prison for this alone,  Alisa is said to describe symptoms of PTSD. So Dr. Hodes, could you please tell the court here what you think the causes for PTSD might be? What? You refuse to answer? Bullshit!

She should have offered an opinion on what might be the cause. Now mind you, I have no degree or "formal" education on these matters, but that would not be a fair evaluation of my own research and investigation into these areas. In fact, psychology, along with religion and other things too, has long been my passion.

I say, the PTSD came from being taken from mom by a police force the kids knew only too well, were in on this whole damn thing. The kids were in fear of their lives. Their worst nightmare had come true. Now is Dr. Hodes really that dumb and incapable or is she hiding and refraining from doing her job fully, even as the police has avoided? You can answer that for yourselves. I got my conclusion. I am going back to black now that we are done with the report. We have more urgent things to tend to here with Alisa<<

Truth1 >>> As you recall, I have alleged that Alisa's body language is most disturbing as well as her un-kept sloppy worn appearance. This along with the claim in response to Steve's question about anyone ever sticking any thing into her front bum, and her responding that Abe kicked her hard in that area that led me to believe a cover-up was being orchestrated as in fact, that whole interview and all the interview were. Strategy meetings, plots and plans, dirt  and lies everywhere. Since the medical exams have answered nothing of Alisa's 9-17 condition, "doctor" (not really) Truth1 has gladly volunteered his services, Pro Bono! I do it all the time.

Alisa is suffering tremendous distress in the 3rd interview. I have seen people lose loved ones to death and not suffer anywhere near this bad. Her whole life is up in the air and she does not know what might happen to her in time. But worse, she tends to sit with her front of her hips against the chair arm so as to block the viewing of it or approach to it. Her legs are often crossed in defense of her private area and often even a hand and arm down between the legs as well. She never showed any concern with that area in any of her videos or in any of her interviews. Why has this girl changed so much?

Why does she seem drugged and giddy one minute and in a flash, change to utter despair and hoplessness and then right back to smiles. I want to know what was done to her to make her so unstable. Why the drugs? Why the emotionally unstable wreck? She is in no condition to testify to anything. She is not in sound state of mind, that is anywhere near what she had been in any other context, so much of which was captured on video to prove my points beyond ANY shadow of a doubt. In fact, the most amazing part of this whole case is the fact there is so much video evidence to reveal, not just words but body language and non-verbal communication.

This will yet be the undoing of the UK and the Satanic network, exposing the lying hiding creep in the spirit realm who wants to bad to hide and keep secret. Well, to hell with him!

So I will now try to determine when the rape took place, if one took place. But before I do, I offer a piece of evidence to add to my case.

I first saw this in a Hampstead Research (so called) video. Kris Costa was smart enough to save this or got it from another source and I asked her if I could use it. Beats having to look for that video in the demon infested vaults of HR ;-) "John Smith" had guided Jacqui F. into Dearman's IP addresses and found this list. A list of porn videos. if you get close to the screen and look at the titles, they are not good. Obvious child porn. This is solid hard core evidence, but you can be the police did nothing. I do believe HR reported it or said they did. The one of most concern is the one highlighted in red. A.l.i.s.a. .9..y.a.. .f.u.c.k

That it is Alisa's name and age for the time, is very disturbing when added to Abe's supposed kick to her vaginal area and her very distraught frame of mind and body language. The sum total of all things leaves one cold. Ella was inconsolable when she first saw this, according to Abraham. I think it was a radio interview they were both on. I don't imagine this article is going to be easy, either. But it needs to be told and exposed.

Now I will reluctantly accept the exam of 9-12 as reflecting a somewhere normal Alisa blaming dad. Between that time and the morning of 9-17, the 3rd interview, Alisa experiences something very horrific to be as messed up as she was. I wonder what took place even after the exam of the 16th. Now here is part of my dilemma. I know no one involved in Alisa and Gabriel's care was being the least bit honest about anything. False reports due to discrepancies in dates vs events, possible tampering with the reports, exaggerations in regards to the actions of Abraham so that a minor cut becomes a major injury and sign of abuse and completely expecting the public or defense lawyers to accept that Alisa's horrible appearance and behavior in the 3rd interview was a sign of anything but extreme mistreatment and duress; abuse to the 10th degree!

As such, I cannot take anything for granted. Everything is a potential lie. What happened after the 1st exam of 9-12? Did they go back to Carol? Well, lets consider what had been done to them. From the 2nd interview to the 3rd, we see a huge change in both kids. Gabriel was bullied into saying whatever Steve and maybe others, had made Gabe and Alisa agree to. And that was a lot. Alisa was too smart a girl to not see the implications. I am sure she saw the betrayal and probably saw her chances of getting back to mom as pretty slim. They could have lied to her and Gabe and almost certainly did. Lying is what Satanists do best.

What I can not be sure of, is whether Alisa got stubborn and did not want to cooperate. This is the scary part. As evidence of her possible character, when Steve asked about what kind of cab it was in the 3rd interview, Alisa answer in an annoyed harsh tone and give him a dirty look for which I took a picture. Did she try stuff like this earlier? It concerns me because I know their arrogant attitude and such resistance from Alisa would have made them crazy insane as they were already angrier than hell.

Her giving them an attitude would have guaranteed a vicious rape. Yet, I gotta believe that Alisa was smart enough not to do that. But also recall in the 1st interview, that when she started talking about being prostituted, she got pretty worked up. I snapped pictures and you can see that fierceness in her face. But she does know the cult.

I could also get into how many might have gone at her since cults love that sort of thing anyway. Many an SRA account recalls such gang rapes. But what I know for sure is that she was raped in my mind, and I suspect the porn video listed further back, was made during this rape, so they could show it to the world that they knew and that their own kind knew. These are pure animals of a level of cruelty you can't even fathom.

One SRA account I read, told of a boy having his hands and feet, and then his lower outer arms and legs cut off while he was still alive and screaming, and then taking off the rest of his arms and legs, while still alive and him dying. These bastards deserve no mercy or decency. Whatever they did to Alisa, she was a broken girl. Just an absolute mess. Her face was so full of pain at times. One could say that well, you took pictures at their worst points.

That would be possible but if you go thru that interview and stop the video at any point, what you will find, and I know cause I did it, there is often no good point to take. It was all bad to worse. There were fast extreme mood swings but lots of consistency as well. Alisa kept falling in and out of despair. her face was often one of being crushed. If your up to it, save all the photos in this article's 3rd interview and put them all together, one right after the other. You'll see what I am talking about. A story told in pictures. A lot of sad broken faces. The real anomalous happy ones were brief and over quickly.

What I know is that there had to be coaching and rehearsing and agreement. Planning for it took place in the "strategy meetings," further proof of evil conspiracy. You could call it the war room. Hodes was there, too, or at least she says she was. We don't really know anything for sure. There were no doubt, some very important types in those meetings. And likely more meetings than we were told about.

Alisa might have required some "convincing." But my suspicion is that she was smart enough to know she was outmaneuvered and would have to cooperate. But it was going to hurt. She knew she was saying goodbye to her mom. At the very end of the 3rd interview, she still tried to negotiate her way back to mom. But there was no chance of that.

But I know the cult was mad enough that they were going to rape, no matter how docile Alisa was. In their mind, she was too uppity during the 1st 2 interviews and they were going to let her know who the boss was.

The best I can do is say that after the exams of 9-12 to the exams of 9-16, there had to be a lot going on. That's 3.5 days and you can bet little of that was at Carol's house. There was lots to negotiate and rehearse. It was a tight schedule. But if it had been an honest interview, they would have been allowed to stay with Carole the whole time. They already had their plans long before. What I wonder about is whether Alisa was devoured by the wolves prior to the 9-16 exam or not. They did not have to do the exams twice. They lied about so much else, lying about a 2nd exam would be nothing.

But I am inclined to think, that Alisa looked so bad at the very start of the 3rd interview, it looked like she has been up all night and had hardly slept. She was an absolute mess and I doubt that Carol would have done that. In fact, I think Alisa might have been crying prior to that interview at some point. She was dreading what she had to do. And it was so bad, they had to drug her to even get her able to do the interview without completely breaking down in huge deep gut wrenching sobs. Drugs were their only hope.

That is the best I can do for analysis. Way too much I do not know. My wish is to know what took place for 3.5 days, and what was the night before the interviews like. That girl was just totally heart broken. Gabe by comparison, could have dissociated or he just did not suffer like she did. But his at times sullen looks at having to lie were "disgruntled" is the best way I can put it. Down, gloomy, defeated. But still much better off than Alisa.

There is some serious evil to be accounted for I am am determined to make it account.

Gabriel Gareeva-Dearman                   D.O.B: xx/06/2006

Summary of the history

He alleged that lubrication was used prior to the insertion of the penis or the plastic penis and identified and discussed the lubricant his foster carer and his sister when they were at the chemist. He told me that Vaseline was used as the lubricant. He also said that he had had an injection in his neck. He alleged that bleeding after the event had occurred and that then had pain on opening his bowels. His foster carer said that he did not want to leave her side and kept asking to be with her, frequently talking about being safe with her. He said that he has difficulty in getting to sleep and bad dreams including dreaming about his father killing him. He says that he suddenly remembers what has happened and his eyes go blurry. He said that if he closes his eyes he sees a "picture of his dad killing him."

>>Notice that none of his suffering recalls anything that Abraham did. The only stuff recounted were his rapes and his dad living up to his threats of killing them. And he clung to Carol and feared for his life. No acting. It was real.<<

Physical findings

Below is a list of injuries found on physical examination of Gabriel shown in the body maps and police photographs:

1.            Two healing abrasions which were 3 x 2mm in size post-auricular (left ear). One was on the posterior aspect of the pinna and the other was overlying the mastoid, Gabriel alleged that these were sustained after he was hit around the ear and was bleeding following this injury whilst he was in Morocco.

>>The kids had said in one video that dad hit them in their ears, the outside ears of each as they stood beside each other. And he would yell into their ears as well. He was a real asshole. But they decided to blame it all on Abe or otherwise, they might have to question their cult leader. Can't have that now can we? Clearly this was part of the retraction revision story we hear from 9-17 3rd interview. But this was suppose to take place in the 16th, a day prior. They might have been coached prior or someone might have just inserted this account in here and Hodes rubber stamped it or didn't even know.<<

2.            On examination of the left ear, (examined by ENT specialist), there were two 0.5 x 0.5mm specks of dried blood on the tympanic membrane. Gabriel alleged that he was hit around the ear whilst he was in Morocco

>>Gabe would be on dad's right and to Alisa's left. Rick would shout into Gabe's left ear and into Alisa's right ear and he would hit the sides of their head on and near the ears. But Abe gets to have the blame, now. Really dirty evil stuff.<<

3.            There was a 10mm x 2mm well healed scar on the right scalp. Gabriel alleged that he was hit on his head with a metal spoon whilst he was in Morocco

>>Well healed after they got back form Morocco in Sep. 4 and examined Sep. 12! Really? No way! I suspect dad again.<<

Below is a list of injuries found on ano-genital examination of Gabriel recorded on the DVDs:

1. There was an anal fissure extending from the anal orifice to the anal verge in the 9 o'clock position.

>>Again, the plastic willies would explain this, but nothing Abe did would explain this. So why is he the suspect?<<

Conclusion regarding the allegations

The physical injuries found on his skin are consistent with his allegations of physical abuse as described above (1)

>>As I said with Alisa, small skin injuries constitute physical abuse? Insane! Now if Gabe had multiple burn marks on him, I would call those abuse. Or needle tracks would be abuse. Scratches? Oh please, give me a break.  Pure nonsense. Is there even such a thing as incidental injuries? Not if they are trying to hang you. That's the truth!<<

In the absence of a history of constipation, medical illness and accidental trauma according to the GP notes, the anogenital finding of the scar is consistent with his allegation of the application of a blunt penetrating force to his anus (2): sexual abuse.

He has described symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

>>As with Alisa, sex abuse is noted and Abe was never accused of sex abuse. So who did it, then? Casper the "friendly ghost," always a nuisance here in America, was visiting the UK back along and he is now reported to be a serial rapist. And since he is invisible most of the time, you can never catch the little bastard doing it. But UK police are ever on the alert for him. So you folks in the UK are in good hands. Casper better watch himself now! In the USA, poor Casper take a lot of heat for the work of others. I confess I blamed him a few times to my father. I regret it now.

But my opinion is that they might want to ask Mr. Dearman about some of this stuff. But that's just me.<<

This ends Gabriels exam and this article's new heavily revised article first published exactly 1 year ago from the posting of this new version. I did leave some scraps from the old one below for comparison or relevant material.

Closing Thoughts
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For additional consideration, I should point out that Abraham has never been charged with crimes regarding the kids. Even while Ella was sought for arrest, Abe was not. No charges, no prosecution! How come? Because they know full well that no charges could be proven or made to stick. And any discussion in court would reveal far more against the UK than against Abraham. Abraham was a diversion, a trick, a smoke screen. He was the supposed monster, but the monster had no fangs or claws. He spit no fire. It was all a grand illusion and lie. The world has not woke up to it yet.

The real targets were only ever the children. Neither Abe nor Ella were important. They were only used as an excuse to steal the children. It was the children that Satan and the UK's elite wanted to punish. This is the mystery that has escaped public notice. It is one very evil nation among many evil nations.

But I think it is also quite evident how flimsy and false the cover-up was. It was pathetic, really. Line up all the facts and it becomes quite clear. The victims are always the children. As I see it, the job for us who care, is to publicize this flimsy transparent cover-up for what it is, all over the world. What went on in Hampstead, goes on around the world. It is all connected in one great big united crime syndicate and Satan is the Godfather. The entire human race is his to harvest. Satan fears exposure and that is how to best hurt him. Thru exposure! Expose his lies and cover-ups. Don't let him get away with this.

He is the real enemy of all children. He reasons that if you destroy them when they are young and most vulnerable, then they will not be a worry when grown up for they will  be cripples. Pierce the dragon in the heart. Drive a stake in the heart of the vampire and you kill the vampire. Satan is a vampire that feeds on children. Show him no mercy.

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The National Health Service is the publicly funded healthcare system for England. It is the largest and the oldest single-payer healthcare system in the world.

18.10.13         Referral was made to NSPCC by a neighbour as the children were heard crying
long periods of time and left on the balcony and were reported to be cold and
S/W involvement.

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Ö
At the NSPCC we believe every childhood is worth fighting for. Help us end child abuse

Now here is what the Coleman Experience had to say about these UK government organizations:

Britainís dirty organ scandal

by thecolemanexperience  

Princess Diana was also close to another leading heart surgeon, Magdi Yacoub.

Magdi Yacoub runs a charity called the Chain of Hope.

According to the Charities Commission:

ďChain of Hope provides medical treatment for children and young persons overseas, as well as providing on-site and overseas training, mentoring and provision of equipment as well as the development of infrastructure to establish and develop cardiac services in developing countries. As an interim measure, Chain of Hope brings children to the UK and Europe for open and closed heart operations.Ē


The charity operates in
the following countries:


The charity employs Tom Narducci from the NSPCC,  to act as a ďchildrenís issuesĒ advisor
( the NSPCC is a front organisation run by paedophiles.)

A Bristol Heart Children Action Group was set up, and the group embarked on discussions with the hospital to find out how much human material had been kept from children who had died after cardiac surgery. In February 1999, the Action Group members called a press conference so that the public should know about the retained hearts. In the meantime serious doubts about the quality of paediatric cardiac surgery at Bristol led to the formation of a Public Inquiry, chaired by Ian Kennedy. In September 1999 a medical witness to the Inquiry drew attention to the large number of hearts held at the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool.

As the details of Alder Hey's organ retention began to come to light the public learned that the program went back decades. An investigation was opened in December 1999. This investigation brought to light the fact that Alder Hey was not the only Liverpool hospital affected; Walton Hospital had stored the organs of 700 patients.

In January 2001 the official Alder Hey report (also known as the Redfern Report) was published. A large scale public outcry against the National Health Service resulted when it was revealed that Dutch pathologist Dick van Velzen had systematically ordered the "unethical and illegal stripping of every organ from every child who had had a postmortem" during his time at the hospital. This was ordered even for the children of parents who specifically stated that they did not want a full post-mortem. The report also revealed that over 104,000 organs, body parts and entire bodies of fetuses and still-born babies were stored in 210 NHS facilities. Additionally 480,600 samples of tissue taken from dead patients were also being held. Later that year the General Medical Council (GMC) ruled that van Velzen should be temporarily banned from practising medicine in the UK.

Furthermore, it emerged that Birmingham Children's Hospital and Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool had also given thymus glands, removed from live children during heart surgery, to a pharmaceutical company for research in return for financial donations. Alder Hey also stored without consent 1,500 fetuses that were miscarried, stillborn or aborted."

In the London 2012 Olympics, the NHS was represented by bizarre imagery of babies being stalked by ghouls.

Kate and Gerry McCann were inexplicably given immediate high-level British government support as soon as Madeleine went 'missing'. Many high-ranking members of the establishment are paedophiles and satanists.

<<< end of Coleman Experience Article quote.

Truth1 >>> So we got organ trafficking at NHS, and child stealing by the very ones who are supposed to be protecting children, the NSPCC! Could it get anymore hideous and scary? How dare the NSPCC tell Ella what to do! Look who is calling the kettle black! We live in a very sick world. Alisa and Gabriel went to a child's entertainment center called Topsy Turvy Land. Me thinks that would be a reasonable name for the UK. What's right is wrong and what's wrong it right.

Scraps from previous 1st version

These are scraps from the previous version of this article, posted exactly 1 year from this new version, March 21st of 2015 and 2016. One can see from these that I had no clue of a rape but that I did see something very wrong. Transcribing line by line made a big difference in recognizing subtleties.


Age regression needs to be understood and appreciated. I had once seen a PBS documentary of the Hillside Stranger of LA, CA, USA. I think he had taped one of his torturing and killings. The young woman, terrified beyond comprehension cried that she wanted her mommy. In great panic or stress, especially fear of death, people tend to go back to childhood, often a safer time in their lives. Alisa was under huge stress. She had been 5 days in captivity and I would imagine she was a wreck. She might even had resentment toward mom for this happening. Its is a distinct possibility. But her speech was not nearly as slick as it was the first interview. This can not be denied.

Hilgard called this sub-conscious the "hidden observer." Erickson was also well noted for this dual consciousness theory. Dr. Janov also deals with these understandings. These are all highly respected psychologist, the 1st 2 of whom are now dead and Janov, still in practice near to age 90.

The subconscious will often try to communicate through dreams at night, or it can choose a non-verbal outlet, most often involving non-verbal body language and posture. Alisa's body responses in the retraction were screaming out to us for help. She did not believe a word she was telling. Somebody had threatened her but good and she was scared. Ever been uptight? Do you feel relaxed when you are? I don't. Feel on edge? I do. And you will be stiff in manner and appearance or you will be very fidgety and squirming around just as Alisa was. You can't imagine how she was suffering but she feels like there is no way out and probably no hope. There are many people who ought to be executed for this type of treason against law, land, nation, and citizens.

This whole matter is sound evidence that all has gone wrong in our world. Can you read the handwriting on the wall? I believe we are standing on the threshold of a major confrontation and showdown. I would not be surprised to see WWIII started to distract us from this. Time will tell.

In legal terms, when the lawyer for one side is allowed communication with the judge and the other side is not, this is a serious breach of conduct. They call it unilateral communication. To simplify that term, it is one way communication when it should be all parties involved in any communication. In addition, since police and CPS were accused by Alisa in the 1st interview, those 2 parties should have been relieved of any involvement in investigation, as I see it.

Because both of those parties have more than the usual responsibility as a public office that affects every aspect of justice, they should have been prevented from any involvement and a special prosecutor should have been appointed by someone of a very serious and responsible office far above the levels being bypassed. Some very high raking officials of the municipality of London should have been appointed. In fact, any time law enforcement is accused of indecent conduct in an investigation, there should be special prosecutors intervene at that point.

Of course, those I mention above, all would have lied and covered it over. There is no refuge or escape. That is the absolute truth.

Alisa's personality transformation is not noted or accounted for and same for Steve, who had no questions this time, on details. The changes and no possibility of the mother having recourse to observation and care of her kids makes this entire exercise a serious violation of all manner of proper investigation. If I were a judge in power, I would have immediately returned the kids and ordered an independent investigation of the accused agencies and many would have been put on administrative leave until I had a satisfactory explanation for the huge discrepancies. Further, this should have been a criminal investigation, not a family court.

Had I found inexcusable conduct or serious oversight, there would be some officers facing execution. Investigation and judicial procedure are not small matters. They are of the highest order, and merit the highest responsibility and accountability. Inexcusable conduct must be severely punished in such instances in order to deter others from doing the same. That nothing is done is every indication that the worst of judicial atrocities is perfectly acceptable at all levels.

This means there has been a total corruption and destruction of the judicial system and certain evidence that then entirety of that system is now nothing more than a crime syndicate of the worst of proportions. At this point, I could only conclude that the UK is now in total chaos and ruin. I would then recommend an investigation by the world courts of justice, such as the UN. I would question the UK's continuing to be on the security council of the UN, when she appears to have no semblance of law and order within her boundaries and is not fit to judge any other nation or judicial matters of a world scale. I can see no other conclusion, as a citizen of the USA, who is also concerned with the conduct of her allies and matters affecting the entire world.

There needs to be an immediate response to this outrageous atrocity by the UN or she, too, will lose her credibility. But to be honest, I have no confidence or faith in any political authority to sincerely tend to honoring justice and dignity to peoples of little power or wealth. I believe all power and authority as abandoned the common people and declared war on the people. Satan is in charge and he is not a nice guy. I believe the people have enough evidence to come to this conclusion and decide how to best resolve their matters among themselves.

People need to become wiser so they can avoid as much trouble with authority and power as is possible and know that danger is clear and present everywhere.

I have lots to review yet. I'll be putting it up as I review it.

These were photo snaps I took of Alisa, when the police videos were on Zeekly TV, a personal web server, to avoid Youtube deleting the videos. Hence the unavoidable blue tabs. They were to show Alisa's state of mind. But the job I did then in/on March 21 2015, not very long after the videos were released, were not anywhere near the quality and detail called for. It had to wait a year for more to sink in.

At no. 6, 00:57, she is awake, eyes slightly open, but drifting inside. And this is while Steve is talking to her. All these are.

Now the so called judge also mentioned those with their poisoned history. Oh, crap, they caught me. Damned. But its not poisoned. Its just that we peel back the layers of lies and expose the Satanic bas-tards for what they really are. They do not appreciate that. Am I done yet? No, I guts some more for ya.

Age Regression
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MIT big wig professor Marvin Minsky explains how layers of the brain are laid down, layer upon layer, as we grow in the mind. So the layers present in childhood remain and can be accessed. In times of great fear, we end up dropping down/back, in time, to previous layers of youth. These regions can also be accessed by hypnosis and mind-control programmers.

Warning: do not ever seek out hypnosis or practice it. It is very dangerous and professionals lie like hell about it. They say you can not be made to do anything against your will and that is an absolute and utter lie. They can even plant a word or visual symbol in your mind that will activate any programming they might install in you. I believe the Bible condemn this when it forbids charmers. I have written an article on it in my psychology section I think as well as another place on my site.

Age regression can also be triggered by external events where the event triggers previous similar experience and one is brought back to that time and can even bring back the feeling.

These are known in psychology but they don't get talked about that much since they are a big part of mind control programming. Anything that leads to secret Mind Control is usually avoided in order to keep it secret. Psychology is not an honest profession. I probably won't have to convince anyone here, but the elites will deny all things related to this stuff.

Fritz Springmeier in early 2016, reports from his facebook page, that informants have told him that most in the psychiatric and psychological professions are now controlled (on leashes, so to speak) by government spook organizations like the CIA and NSA. So one must seek out the network of therapists who have been treating MK victims since the 80s and who continue to train and help MK victims and new therapists.

Mind Control & Torture
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There is conditioning and then there is this special type of programming, known by certain names such as Trauma based Mind Control, MK-Ultra mind control. The MK is the German spelling of Mind Kontrol since Germany had made this into a science (and a nightmare, too) and it was brought to the USA under Operation Paperclip where near to 400 train cars full of documentation were brought to the USA, propelling out technology far beyond what we had prior to that.

MK programming involves hypnosis, along with drugs, & torture for conditioning, and of more recent times, electronic signals (frequencies, etc), colors and lights, and even spinning chairs and all sort of stuff. Fritz Springmeier has the most material on this. You can find most of it on That is a web address. That is a great site, too. Tell him Scotty at Truth1 sent you ;-)

But for us here, most will never directly experience the extreme MK versions. Hypnosis and torture are the most common means of controlling the human mind and will. Torture is almost a universal form of mind control, conditioning and programming. That brings us to Gabriel and Alisa. One must understand that most torture is not done randomly. The types of torture are carefully selected for very specific results. In MK type stuff back in the 50s and 60s made frequent use of rape. Rape is very harmful but very effective at destroying ones will, and sense of control, privacy, self-esteem, and the like.

Satanic goals are to break the will and create helpless people who will obey and do anything told. There are also back up systems installed in the mind to reinforce thought patterns and command. All empathy is destroyed. This is why demon daddy had Alisa and Gabriel beat the hell out of each other. The more violence and harm, the more destruction to empathy and kindness. The 2 kids explained it quite well to us, when talking about killing babies. "At first it was scary but then after a while it did not bother us anymore." Exactly.

Some examples of this was a woman programmed to be a CIA assassin, Kathleen Sullivan. I got her book and it is amazing. The programmers, which included her dad, wanted to create some huge rage in her, so that as an assassin in dangerous situations, that rage and its extra strength and fast reaction times, could be called up into the mind and activated to get out of the situation. So dear dad took her baby and made her kill it with a knife. She did not want to do it and refused and he kept on persisting and eventually she could not hold up any more and begrudgingly relented and cut the baby's throat. All this sound familiar?

But the effect, the intended effect, was realized. She has this huge hatred and rage for her father after this. That was just want they wanted. That was just what he wanted. The ends always justifies the means, as they see it.

Most conditioning can be accomplished with specific tortures. You have all heard of the horrors and abuse that our 2 kids have gone thru. They were tortured in very specific ways to create just the right effect and outcome. The ultimate goal is the next generation of Satan worshiper who will carry on the tradition and grow the religion of Satan.

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