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Alisa-Steve Mirroring

The Premise
The Rape Kick Again
The Sign Language Video
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The Premise
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Presented in the brief article is a focus on some body language that took place between Steve Martin, police interviewer, and Alisa, imprisoned says I, and forced to retract under duress. This is a 5 minute video with a view of both subjects at the same time and all time/frame numbers kept, too.

This video brief had been condensed in March 2015, by Hampstead Research (HR), showing Steve Martin only and his body language expression. The claim was made primarily by Arendale and promoted by Jacqui Farmer, owner of HR, that there was a secret sign language being used by Martin on Alisa. I disagreed then and now. My studies of psychology since 1983, told me it was non-verbal body language/posture and that Steve was bothered by what he was doing, on a sub-conscious level. But I now have two very good psychologists to back me up with their writings on the same subject. More ammo!

But some prefer sensationalism rather than science. But I suspect their choice of interpretation is much like the Flat Earth psyops or the Paul McCartney psyops, trying to get people to embrace crazy ideas and ruin their credibility. Jacqui and her duplicity says I, ended up splitting the entire Hampstead community into two big pieces. And it was never able to fully recover and neither was Hampstead Research able to make a comeback and it went inactive. She also wrote a book and sells it and I will be writing on that one of these days as I feel it is very revealing in many things.

Arendale never appeared anywhere else (by that name, at least) but HR. But she knew the whole gang real well. So she was not a stranger to this crowd. Jacqui knows who she is, but actually, I do, too. Classified for now. I got lots proof if I had to. Never underestimate me!

But my real purpose here is to show that Steve Martin, who had not moved at all, for most of the interview, suddenly begins to move just after Alisa makes a big protective move with her hands pulling up her leg and bringing it across her to protect her pelvic region. A couple seconds later Steve doe the very same. How about that? He has a number of bothersome things that indicate a good deal of discomfort. So on with the show!

The Rape Kick Again
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In my article dealing with Alisa's interviews, most particularly her 3rd interview, I pick a particular segment that I dubbed as a sub-heading: "The Rape Kick," in which Steve asked if anyone ever put anything in her front bum, a question that had never been asked before in any other interview. Very unusual. Particularly so because of Alisa's body reactions, strong and swift, and very protective postures, as they were often, thru much of the 3rd interview and never had such postures ever shown up before like this.

I had been thinking about the "sign language" video of Steve and I decided I needed to go back and look at that with all views and times showing. I had to listen to the questions and answers to find out where this was in the 3rd interview, as the video clip had no time showing nor any picture or footage of Alisa, either.

When I heard the discussion, I was baffled. It was the rape kick again. I knew there had to be something big in this and I believe there was/is. Steve ends up mirroring Alisa somewhat. You'll see. This video starts at 19:50. It is 5:01 in length. Although this is only 5 minutes, there is a lot of body language screaming out in both of them. What are the odds of that? Well, pretty good, when you consider the circumstances. From Alisa's 3rd police interview in my previous work on this, we saw Alisa's strong intense reaction that does not seem to have any cause or motivation from within the interview, other than a rape possibly being covered up and excused as something else. But that is no small potential cause.

At 20:10, Alisa draws her right leg up, over to her left and toward the arm of the chair. A very protective move and she holds it in a position that does not look very comfortable in 20:20.



Steve had been in the same position for along time with no movement until Alisa pulled her leg up, back, and over at 20:10.
At 20:11, Steve begins to pull his left leg up off his right leg and then will bring it down beside his other leg and then cross his right leg over his left and then rock it 2 or 3 times.        And by the way, Alisa' posture says she is not comfortable and that something is bothering her. Her contorted position makes that very clear.


Above left, the left leg comes down. On the right, the right leg starts to come up. This all started just a second or two after Alisa had picked up her leg and held it as you can see.


Above left, his right leg comes over his left. On the right at 20:13, he is over and rocking his leg 2 or 3 times. Alisa is clinging to her leg and won't let go. At that 20:13, his leg begins to rock. It stops after a good 3 seconds but his head raises up now and then some more slight movement of his leg thru 20: 23.

At 20:39, he drives his hand down into his crotch. He looks stiff and uncomfortable. He is not at ease. And then the leg starts rocking some more and I even heard like a breath of uncomfortable exhalation. This goes on till 21:08. 2108-2039 = 6.9 seconds. Far longer than any other movement noted in this section.

I believe Steve's inner deeper self, the sub-conscious, was agitated and bothered. Nervous energy. His inside was not at all comfortable with what he was doing. His sub-conscious was squealing on him. How about that? So we had Alisa having a reaction, likely to a memory of a recent attack, and then as she draws her leg up, back and over, Steve reacts the same way 2 seconds later.

His inner brain knew exactly why Alisa was reacting that way and it was bothered very much. But Steve's conscious intellectual lying brain was trying to stay focused and do his job and his voice did not alter. He did maintain control of his voice and following Alisa as she talked. But because his conscious mind was preoccupied, even as Alisa's had been when she drew her hand up hard into her crotch for no apparent reason (but apparent to us who suspect a previous rape), he was distracted, and his subconscious was expressing itself and  having a fit.

Below I put Steve's frames of successive movement together so that the transition is easily seen.

His hand is driven down deep between his legs as Alisa sometimes did in this interview.

I think you would find that many who hide and suppress guilt often expend enormous amounts of energy trying to suppress a conscience. Steve is used to ignoring his sub-conscious but it has the last laugh cause it will be heard, one way or another. For us watching this video, Steve's subconscious has just confessed to us. Busted! This is the problem many humans experience when trying to lie. If  they are focused and distracted, their "other half" will give them away. Because they are focused on something else, they are not aware that other stuff is going on inside and outside them, from their very own bodies and minds. Psychology is amazing, isn't it? And its so much better than sensationalism.

At 21:25, Steve is rubbing his eye or side of head. Steve was fishing hard for Abraham to have done something, anything, in England but no luck. It was all in Morocco and Alisa was strong about that and Gabriel, too, in his interview. It broke Steve's heart.
At 20:28, Steve reverses the cross of his legs from right over left to left over right and scratching his right eye some more. I don't know where you would get a sign language out of that.  

<< At 22:52, he pulls his collar to apparently loosen it. It felt tight and uncomfortable like something was bothering him. Interesting!

Alisa at 23:25 does not know how the scars in the bum got there. Maybe fell in tub when little. But the scars were inside her rectum. You can't get that from a fall. these were scratch lines inside and something had to go inside and dig and scratch as it moved along, like a plastic willie. A real willie would not have anything that could scratch. If it did, no woman could bear a man inside her vaginal area. We are talking impossibilities here. No policeman should have let this discrepancy get by them. Medical exams reports should have been clear. Reports of the 3rd interview were made to Dr. Hodes and that fact should have been mentioned and she should have shot it down. Clearly, everyone was in on this cover up.

At 23:42 above, Steve is rubbing his eye again. His is uncomfortable. His eye keeps bothering him. Its not a sign or signal or he would not have to keep doing it. His internal discomfort is manifesting outside as well.

>"They're" going to put water over me.<  *  >Who is "They're?"<   That's plural. I am sure Alisa made a mistake but Steve could have run with it but I am sure they had a deal worked out before hand. It would tend to implicate Ella as well as Abe. But Steve knew better and knew Alisa just messed up on a line and let it go. You can see how contrived this all was. It was all just Abraham. But in the medical exams, Alisa also accused Mr. Hollings of humiliating kids in class, making them take off their clothes below the waist and getting a willie shoved in their bums in front of the rest of the class. How in the hell did that get thrown out?

Steve had asked Alisa about various lies and he asks, what about your dad? Alisa says: He's fine and he's a good. She stops and does not finish the statement. I say she could not bring herself to finish it.

The Sign Language Video
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The following video is referenced:

The 3 pics below come from the very first scene in the above video, appearing in March 2015 on Hampstead Research, so called. This was about 8 minutes before the "rape kick" was brought up.


Above left, Steve 1st touches his left ear. As far as I am concerned, this is the only gesture that is even remotely suspicious. It does have an odd appearance of being deliberate, and not like itching or doing anything. Looking like a sign. It lasts for a second and then he pulls it down. This could have been a signal, perhaps to remind her to talk about something when he did this. It is the only time a sign is possible. Her face in the above right looks like she is receiving and understanding, but he was asking a question at this time, and therefore, there is nothing unusual. My self, I rule it out as anomalous.

<<< Although the left pic says 12:05 as does the above right, there are a number of frames to each second. It is while it still reads 12:05 that you can see on the left that his finger is down to his chin now.

The short video link I reference on Vimeo ran all the various poses and movement of Steve together, which gives a deceptive misleading appearance of it all being together near to each other. The ear touch is at 12:04.

It then jumps to 19:50. That's 7:46 minutes of separation. 19:50 is about when the "rape" kick is brought up.

Because the editor of the Steve video only focused on Steve, the time counts were not visible. But in order to look this up and hear what they were saying and see both of them, one needs times. That is why in my transcripts, I note plenty of times, rather than just number lines so that the actual video might be referenced at a specific point. And putting all Steve's spread out movements right next to each other is very misleading.

More Thoughts of Mine
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When I first looked up this "sign language" video, I  had no idea where in the 3rd interview it was. I did not remember the conversation. What I surprise I got when it ended up being the rape kick portion that stood out to me before in transcribing. I knew then where to go in the interview as regards time.

Here is what has struck me on April 6, dealing with this in my mind, resting for a few minutes on my bed. It was unusual for Steve to bring up whether someone put anything in Alisa's "front bum." That is what drew my suspicion of rape in the first place. But now that I think of it, if you were a police interviewer and a 9 year old girl tells you that the school and dad sold her and brother for sex, wouldn't that have interested you, as an officer of the law? Should Steve have asked far more about that? Of course he should have. Wouldn't you have done it?

And if he is going to ask about her front bum now, for no apparent reason, then shouldn't he has asked the very same thing in the 1st interview? So now I will show you how I would have done this interview. Alisa just springs the news that she and Gabriel are prostituted. After I had awoken from fainting, I would have said/asked, Alisa, could you please describe for me what people did to you, who hired you to do sex to you? She never specified and he never asked. Assuming she said anal sex with their real willies, I would have gone for lots of detail to make sure she had these memories firmly in mind in clear detail. How long did they do this for? If she has mentioned more like oral sex, again, I'd ask for detail, even customer reactions. I'd ask if they were mean to her while doing it.

And I would have eventually said, had she not had any mention of it, if there was anything else they did to her. Anything at all. If she had then mentioned the front bum, than I could have pursued more info. Notice that Steve did not ask any questions about this and he stopped the interview right at that point so that they could not find out more because Alisa was in a telling mood in a big way.

If Alisa had not mentioned her front bum, I might have been inclined to ask if anyone showed any interest in looking at it or touching it. You think its wrong? Then why did Steve ask about it in the 3rd interview when the 1st interview would have been far more appropriate? So he avoids asking anything in the 1st. Alisa never mentioned the front bum either. I would have thought that she would have brought that up, had it been something done to her. That she did not, suggests to me that she had not been "touched" there. However, I am not convinced that Hodes would tell us anyway. She admits in her report of Sep. 22, that she had been informed of the 3rd interview retractions, so called. But she did not discuss anything about it other than retractions were not unheard of in studies.

But that when Steve asked about the front bum, Alisa said no, but was quick to invoke Abe's kick as having been in there, not said quite that way, but it was implied, suggesting to me in a powerful way that someone had found an injury to her hymen and its surroundings, and it had to be explained. So Alisa was made to lie about her own rape, says I. If this is so, then she was raped before the examination and quite possibly after it, too, just a day before the 3rd interview and that might also explain why she was heavily drugged and in terrible shape.

But I can't help but be very angry that Steve never asked any questions about prostitution. I would have also asked how many had sex with her and whether it was everyday or just certain days. Alisa seems to indicate that they could just drop in when they wanted. I would have wanted every detail and I would have asked for names of people or descriptions of those who did sex with her and what sort of sex. After all, it would have been my job to arrest them all as well as those who were providing and selling the kids in the school. I would have asked if she saw the money being passed, and to who. Was it always the same ones?

In the Jean Clement recordings, Jean, a police sergeant or some rank rather high, made it clear that names and descriptions were very important. But Steve Martin who interviewed the kids? A complete fraud! He should be in prison for life now.

Just look at all the things Steve did not ask !!! Its outrageous! Beyond belief! And 10 schools doing it in Hampstead? I would have wanted to know as much as possible. But not these police. Not in Hampstead or Barnett. This alone should hang the whole damn bunch, teachers, priests, police, social services, lawyers, doctors, judges! Hodes got info that she did not relate or explain. And I believe there was an injured vaginal area that should have been mentioned and was not. And there should be an explanation for Alisa's mood swings and unstable emotional condition, not to mention, even her sloppy hair. Mom always had her hair done up nice and even makeup on the 2nd interview.

More than ever, I believe that far worse took place than we have ever been allowed to know. And I don't think anyone is beyond guilt. I don't trust anyone involved in that whole affair. Hodes was at least willing to admit the long scratch lines in the "bums" of the kids and that some sort of abuse had to take place. But I believe she is covering more than she is revealing. I know, she would have lost her job and license had she said more. As such, maybe she wanted to but had too much to lose. But its still a lie.

I am hoping as people read about Alisa and Gabriel's plight, as well as that of Ella and Abraham, that they can better appreciate how the visual impact of the kids and their body language is important and vital and that the law is designed to be evil and prevent kids being seen and heard as if they had something to be guilty of or ashamed of. The courts are not protecting children's privacy and no one is ever protected by secret star-chamber hearings such as are the family courts of the UK, designed to steal kids from parents and hide the kids faces, names, and origins so that when the kids are trafficked to pedophiles and rapists, no one will know who they are or where they came from. Only public notoriety can save kids from the injustice and evil that are the UK courts, one and all but especially the family courts, which are child-kidnapping courts.

If I come up with more insights, I will put them here and make note of them on my updates page listing new articles and updated ones. You are welcomed to leave me you email and tell me what articles you want to be notified about or just a notification whenever any article is updated or a new one is released. Your the boss! You can be as fussy and specific as you like.

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