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Body Language & Its Use

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The Essence of Body Language
Brain Halves Struggling
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The Premise
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This is both a psychology article, and a crtique of those who promote themselves as very capable if not experts in Body Language and a critique of one YouTube promoter of Body language in particular, Bombard's Body Language. I have written on Non-Verbal Communication before and will put that link in. But this article is going to consider a broader view of the issues surrounding body language/non-verbal communication.

I will make the same disclaimer that Bombard did. I have no degree in body language or non-verbal communication nor have I had any classes in the subject. But that does not mean I am not well read. Psychology in all its aspects, has been a passion of mine since 1983. I have bested a famous psychologist and been on to things for a year two that are only coming out now. I can hold my own with anyone! Try me!

But also be realistic! I am going to introduce subjects and concepts in brief, not fully explained in absolute detail but enough to put forth the idea enough to convey the principles involved. My hope is that you will all follow up on these and pursue their understanding more. In particular, you may not be familiar with Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT) Dr. Janov branded it "Primal Therapy in 1970. It is practiced by many who treat trauma based mind control programmed victims, as well, but not by any particular name. If you want me to write on more on something, just tell me. My email is at the bottom of my  home page on this site..

I do not accept any donations. I do this for free, in behalf of God and humans. Money corrupts. I'll have none of it!

References for this Article
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My article of August 30, 2015  Non-Verbal Communication

Bombard's Body Language video references

1 > Body Language: Margret Sanger

2 > Body Language: Satanic Survivors
        33:22-35:00   Satanism is a religion, pecking order

3 > Body Language: Jimmy Savile

4 > Body Language: Ricky Dearman

5 > Body Language: How I became a NON Body Language Expert


12:57 Its TV!

13:07 anytime you see these moments with politicians, its Staged!

13:17 His whole movement! Its choreographed!

14:50 Can you trust the reader?

21:20 there is a reason why we have juries, and judges, and a criminal court system, so that we get fair trials.
          Does not like stacked juries.                   Good for her!  <<<End of 5

The number 5 above is the key reference I will refer to the most. I list some times with short quotes from Bombard speaking. These are essential  to this discussion.

The Essence of Body Language
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I will draw heavily from 2 doctors of psychology from which I provide reasonable amounts of their descriptions of non-verbal communication. For the record, I consider non-verbal communication and body language to be the same thing, really, except that tone of voice and vocal inflexions are taken in by the ears, rather than the eyes. But it is distinguishable from spoken words.

Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk worked at the Boston VA, helping veterans recover or at least improve on coping with military PTSD. His book of 2014 that I have info for in my non-verbal article, explained the two concurrent  and networked hemispheres and how the left hemisphere of the intellect, which produces thoughts, ideas, analysis, calculation and language and verbal description and communication.

The right hemisphere controls spatial orientation, body navigation and movement, picture memory and processing. It handles the 3D world we live in. It also connects to the instinct and emotions. There levels of emotions as well. The stem handles basic functions like breathing, heart rate and many unconscious operations that keep us alive but do not require our conscious attention. They are handled silently.

The stem is where the most primitive emotions reside. There is no happy or sad. It is basically, the struggle to survive and stay alive. It often comes into play when we are born. If the birth is complicated, and delays, the baby can begin to starve for oxygen. It will panic, struggle in vain and often go thru cycles. This journey can affect baby throughout the rest of its life, in positive and negative ways. Complications of birth can cause trauma, right in the birth canal. A well, the fetus can sense the mother's ease or discomfort during pregnancy. And if she is really stressed, this will negatively affect the development in the womb and throughout life after.

But once out, the baby will instinctively cling to its mom. If taken away to a nursery in a hospital, the baby will experience major trauma from the long (in its terms) separation from the mother. I suspect hospitals have done this deliberately to traumatize kids right from the start.

The baby will have various kinds of crying, to communicate its needs. A good sensitive mother will recognize these by instinct in normal conditions, which is not often enough. But these are the earliest functions of non-verbal (non word/language/spoken) communication. In an ideal world, a mother without any traumas or injuries to what I will call the "empathy interpreter," will easily discern what the baby needs and she can distinguish various different cries.

Throughout our lives, if we are born and raised in a gentle warm kind considerate sensitive family and world, our empathy interpreter, the heart of all non-verbal expression, will guide us along, protecting and aiding us. It will discern very subtle expressions and enable the most tender of responses and compassion. None of us have ever known anything like this. We were born into very hostile worlds, compared to what is possible and meant to be.

Instead, everyone goes around with emotional calluses that can diminish or even destroy our empathy interpreter. Psychopaths are often incapable or reading people or they only read some emotions. Dr. Janov, most notable for this book of 1970, "The Primal Scream," and who has some dealings with John Lennon as well, treated many who would now be diagnosed as PTSD but that definition was not around then. Janov found a way to allow stored and sealed off traumas to be integrated into the consciousness of the intellect.

Dr. Van Der Kolk and Dr. Peter Levine have also treated these very conditions. But before I get too deep, I will state that our ability to detect and read non-verbal expressions, will in some degree, be hindered; some only a little, others more, some a lot and some totally cut off. My theory is that we can re-sensitize ourselves if we so choose. But some are totally broken and I am of the opinion that they can not be fixed.  But it takes a long time to get the walled-off empathy interpreter, fully in the control of the instinct, to open up and yet maintain some protection from cruel and hurtful people.

Every slight and insult we endure can accumulate and makes us less sensitive and more apt to hide or withdraw, emotionally. Serious insult such as constant incest can cause really serious with-drawl and make functioning next to impossible for some.

Our ability to read others, and to respond back and forth, all depends on the depth of our wounds or lack of them. Not everyone can do it right off. It might even take years and therapy to recover a fair amount of ability to interpret non-verbal.

Here is the "magic," though! If your empathy interpreter is unimpeded or minimally impeded, then you don't have to learn anything. No classes. No college. No training. You instinctively feel what you see. If someone is open, safe, and approachable, you will feel it before you can even think. Of if someone is bad and up to no good, your alarms will all go off and urge a fight or flight response. It is the protective instinct at work.

The empathy interpreter needs no help. And if your interpreter is not up to speed, then you need to try to open yourself up and you maybe very well need help from someone offering treatment such as is offered by Dr. Van Der Kolk or Dr. Levine.

So if someone is making an analysis by means of visually analyzing a subject, then they are doing it all wrong. I am not saying they should not try, but they have not gotten to the real ultimate solution.

Non-verbal is a feeling thing, not a word thing. You can put a feeling into words but words are not feelings. They might describe feelings. This also makes non-verbal tough to use in court, really. Ideas are laid down in words to express why we believe as we do in a court. You cant just say to a judge and jury, I can feel it. You can ask them if they feel it, but there is apt to be disagreement in the jury. So body language, could in theory, be codified, but it would always be up for dispute. It can only serve you as truth for you. Others might not be up to the task.

Non-verbal is, in essence, the ability to see an expression and immediately feel what the other person is feeling. This is mirroring. A person's expressions are immediately interpreted by our instinct/subconscious so that we can know and empathize with that person or be on guard against the person. It is an important component of what we are and can do. But it can be easily disturbed as well, by emotionally dead parents who do not give love and affection, which are essential human needs.

Brain Halves Struggling
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Instinct vs Intellect. Each of those functions, the intellect and instinct, are both vital to our function. Our instinct is much like what the animals have. In humans, instinct is an automatic reaction without thought or analysis. It is designed for speed; fast reaction to protect you from danger, just as it does in animals. If it is fairly sensitive, It can make you act immediately and think about it all later.

The interesting thing is, that a wounded person withdrawn, can be coaxed out of that shell and dare to come out if another person can make them feel comfortable and safe enough. This would be done by non-verbal means, the direct transfer of feelings, rather then words. The inflection of the voice can be more persuasive then the words of the voice.

Another interesting aspect of instinct is that while instinct is useful in young years, where life is simple for a child, the adult world can be far different. The automatic reactions of the instinct maybe not be very precise or useful in many situations encountered among adults with intellects. The instinct is capable of being programmed. Sinister CIA programmers know this only too well. But we can program ourselves as well. Often, quick actions without thought, or reacting or even over-reacting might not be the best response in society.

We might have an experience which we reflect on after, and determine that perhaps a better strategy could have been employed in that situation. So we make a note to ourselves and instinct remembers, all by itself. The next time our emotional triggers are set off, we might pause, and delay the reaction or we might choose not to allow the reaction at all till we have analyzed it more. At first, holding emotions might be hard. But over time and practice, we get much better at controlling our emotions and acting more appropriately to the situation at hand. Its like building muscles. Work them out and they get stronger. Try to hold emotions and you get stronger/better at it. Our brain circuits can be strengthened or be allowed to whither.

A trauma can cause us to over-react to something that is related, in the present, to the original trauma. But holding the reaction and pondering and exploring it, might help us realize that events of the past might be setting us off. The eventual goal is to explore those feelings that wanted to go off and explore the feelings that caused the reaction as a trigger.

That is to say, our means to heal is within us, by gaining some mastery over our volatile emotions and their causes. We might conclude that we have some buried traumas that really need to come to the surface and get integrated. It is our shared heritage with animals that can help us to heal. Dr. Peter Levine started out studying animal instinct and trauma. He learned a lot from it and realized that we are not so different from the animals in many respects. One way to heal is to search out feelings and let one come up of its own accord and be felt and integrated.

These types of therapy require the help and guidance of a well trained therapist or one who spent years developing the most effective ways to bring past traumatic emotional experiences up.

In therapies like Levine's, it is very important for the therapist to be able to spot any sort of small subtle change in non-verbal expression. That is to say, doctors of this type are the true experts of non-verbal body language. They undergo their own therapy and thru helping others, they gain the sensitivity to spot subtle changes that alert the therapist to help the patient into a feeling and then letting instinct of the patient take over. The mind knows how to heal itself. It is self regulating and self healing. The programming for it is built in.

Now prior to me learning this, with the knowledge I had about kids and body language and people who were exceptional at dealing animals, I decided that I was going to try things with animals when opportunity presented. I had a few experiences as a kid, myself, with animals. How much could humans connect with them? From my experiences and from my learning, I realized that the human instinct is nearly identical to animals, in many respects. Domesticated animals in particular!

Animals can read us to some degree. Some more than others. And we could/can read animals, too. If you have ever seen Caesar the Dog Whisperer on Nat Geo maybe 7-10 years ago, by observation, he could discern a dog's rules and automatic behaviors. A bit different than humans and yet very similar. Animals speak the instinctual language of feelings and automatic reactions built in.

We have two separate distinct centers of communication. Almost like 2 people in one brain. Words and language in the left hemisphere and the intellect, and the non-verbal feeling/emotional stuff in the right hemisphere. These can be in harmony or they can be in disagreement or non-verbal "department" might have concerns over and above what words are being spoken. A lot of this is because of buried suppressed emotional wounds, that are subtly squealing on the verbal words of the conscious intellect.

Our non-verbal expressions, if the the subconscious is not happy with what we are saying or doing by saying, its apt to show distress and a good observer can pick that up. This capacity of human for suppression, denial, fantasy, retreat from reality and the like, can lead to self deception and even psychosis if it goes far enough. We can manufacture our own false reality and live in it, being oblivious to the real world.

This is where most of our conflicts come from, that cause a war between the silent non-verbal subconscious and the openly expressive conscious intellect.

Body Language, Science, and Law
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I will quote Bombard here, from reference 5 in the premise at the beginning:

21:20 "There is a reason why we have juries, and judges, and a criminal court system, so that we get fair trials."
          Bombard does not like stacked juries and I agree completely.

She highlighted why the due process of law with all the above is so important. And she is absolutely right. The problem today is that law is no longer followed or referred to. It is totally corrupt, since it has acted as if it could NOT make any errors or be corrupt. Anything can become corrupt. There is no remedy for a corrupt court. There is no recourse in law if it should turn out that your lawyer is working for the other side and lying to you! I know this well from experience and so do many in the UK who have lost children to a government and court that steals them. And what if you laws are corrupt? Never admitted! Not possible it says!

Hence, it is imperative that every person be able to conduct their own court case, their own investigation, and render their own verdict.

Science has become another lie. Its not about the scientific method or group of methods. Its about going along with the political machinery and adhering to the party line and ethos of the day. And when it comes to psychology, psychiatry, and medicine, these are all badly corrupted. Mental health is another political game as it has been from the 20th century onward. After WWII, operation Paperclip brought over Mind Control from the Nazis and all the mental health professions became totally corrupt, infiltrated by the CIA and other governmental agencies. They are "Spook Central."

Medicine has become a form of genocide! Nothing less! It does not cure, it kills intentionally. It is so corrupt and totally opposite of what it is supposed to be. This is as George Orwell said it would become. There must be at least 10 different ways  to cure cancer. Apply any 3 or 4 methods and no one would die of cancer, ever! But if you are not read up on this, then I would not be able to convince you. Few people are impressed by evidence. They just follow the leader in a group. Fit in and die, is the prevailing wind.

When it comes to body language, there really is no special practice or school for analyzing body language. As I pointed out earlier, body language is very important and used at all times in what I will call Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT). This is what Dr. Janov does, since the mid 60s. Dr. Van Der Kolk and Dr. Levine sort of practice this to some degree. Most mind control treatments, still fairly underground, though published about in some books, and perhaps got its best treatment of the subject by Daniel Ryder in "Breaking The Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse," is fully RMT with a number of other good supplementary aids and recommendations such as a modified 12 step program.

The kind of torture and abuse of Trauma Based Mind Control Programming is almost beyond comprehension for evil. Done to very small children by the millions to date. All done in secret except for the few who manage to recover enough healing and sanity to write about what happened to them and how they recovered.

My point here is that there is no real safe place you can go, if you are a mind control victim. Therapists do their thing largely in secret to avoid government harassment. There is no official training or school for healing, something they will not even admit exists. Now since body language is really just a function of instinct, there is no need for a school or training. Yet there are those out there who claim they are experts. Bombard in the reference 5 video, exposes 4 who are not really what they say they are. I agree with her. But I go one further. I say she is not very good at what she does, either. Having a broad and deep knowledge of many related disciplines, most particularly in the area of Satanic Ritual Abuse, cults, Intelligence Agencies and their Mind Control programming activities, I am no one's fool.

Bombard in reference 2-4, covers Satanic Ritual Abuse. She does a good job with 2, covering a 15 year old girl and Cathy O'Brien. but she does make a mistake with Cathy O'Brien. As Cathy describes her abuse, she uses odd terms that I have only heard from her. She said at one point, I compartmentalized and . . ." Mind control victims can not avoid the standard common language used by programmers. They all know the language and speak it.

Typically, a victim might say, I dissociated. the official name for what used to be called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which I thought was a good label, was replaced DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Most people do not even know what Dissociate is. After someone has been tortured to the point where they  can handle no more, the instinct will record it in a reserved part of the brain, basically sealing off certain circuits, and diverting the continuing pain to the walled off area. These quarantined memories continue to send signals to us that we can feel, that express a small portion of the dread buried deep inside us. Afterward, programmers go in and create new separate personality in the walled off space in the brain. They can add brain resources or deny them to that personality.

The powerful force of these traumas cause continual disruption in brain and body functions. Our bodies will break down quicker and we develop more medical problems than some one loved and not hurt bad. Wounded people will live shorter lives as well. The continual subconscious buried pain and trauma will cause lots of mental discomfort in the conscious awareness. Bring these stored memories up to be experienced by the consciousness and released, will restore the previous unhurt state and we will have far less breakdown and disease and will feel far better, permanently. This is the process of RMT. Back to Cathy.

It is compartmentalization. But no one uses that. And if you were speaking to a crowd who might know little about the subject, you would either have to explain a lot or use standard terms everyone might recognize. AS well, since there are good mind control survivor accounts out there, we have something to compare Cathy to, and she comes up short. So does her handler/disinfo/husband. Many survivors provide huge amounts of detail. They need to do this since no one knows about what goes on in Mind Control. And what is more, all that stuff they have buried inside them is dying to get out. It is healing for them to get it all out and not keep anything in!

As well, Cathy is popular and speaks in many places. Real authentic victims are seldom received. Cathy is in mind, part of a CIA psyop. She tells you something, but not much. Like public schools, whose real job is to keep you from learning.

Does this come out in Bombard's analysis of Cathy in the reference 2 video? It does not. Bombard does not seem to have a whole lot of knowledge about this subject. I welcome a discussion with her, anytime. Her analysis of Cathy, not so good. I will point out that most survivors of Mind Control are persecuted and seldom heard. Two of  the best and thorough accounts are by Kathleen Sullivan and Brice Taylor. When you compare Cathy O. with these two, there is no comparison. Some good accounts in Daniel Ryder's works and in the book, "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty First Century," Randy Noblitt.

Now this does not mean that Cathy is not a mind control victim. It does mean she has some explaining to do. She gives a lot presentations and yet, very little in for compared others who seem to have been thru far worse. All Mind control is brutal with lots to remember to get out of one's system. So what happened to all of Cathy's experience? Where is it?

Are You Kidding Me? 
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Reference 3 of Jimmy Savile and reference 4 of Ricky Dearman, were done by Bombard.

So now I have to deal with time and said references of Bombards's

no. 5 video on "Body Language: How I became a NON Body Language Expert."

Really, any analysis or investigation should use every possible source and outlet available to make a determination. Analyzing body language, without any verification of how repressed or how open the "empathy interpreter" is, is questionable. Worse, to not make use of other means of determination such as eye witness testimony, context, situational circumstances, online info, news reports; it would be unthinkable. Body language can communicate feelings. But while verbal speech might only be 7-10 % of said communication, those words can tell you an awful lot. It would be insane to ignore them.

So I now address Bombard's comments at the times referenced in the number 5 video. She was examining politicians. It starts at 12:40 and she declares at 12:57, Its TV! insinuating that you can not trust it. Boy, do I agree with that. The Mainstream Media now has absolutely and beyond any doubt, ZERO credibility. TV especially. At 13:07 She says, "anytime you see these moments with politicians, its Staged!"  Truth1>>Amen! Is it ever!

10 seconds later at 13:17: "His whole movement! Its choreographed!"

What she is admitting here is that context means everything. You can't ignore the source, the intention, the purpose. Any time you deal with media, you need to be very skeptical. Because they as a matter of routine. They represent the entirety of the status quo and spirit of the air. I gave you her own words. So why is it that she did not admit or acknowledge the purpose of these TV presentations of the BBC, the absolute liar of liars, home of mysterious murders and total coverups. Child abuse scandals left and right?

Lets take reference 4, Mr. Dearman (RD). Why the interview? Notice that the camera goes back and forth between RD and the host. So when the camera is on the host, RD could be be doing almost anything. Like irritating an eye or biting a lip or just trying to get in a mood. Actors do it all the time.

Contrast this with the police interviews of the kids. There are 3 cameras on all 3 participants, the child witness, the police interviewer ( I have other names for him), and a social services rep. This is far superior to what the BBC did. Did Bombard speak of this context? Not at all! How come?? Shouldn't it matter? It should! She is too smart to have done this by accident, given what she said in reference 5 that I quoted.

TV is fake by nature. If you watch old TV shows, you see a camera focus on one character talking, into the camera. The camera wants to capture his facial expressions up close and personal. There is no one around him. Just him and camera operator. Then the scene switches to the other character being talked to, who then says his lines as if the other person were hearing it. But again, it is only him and camera. Seldom are the two ever in the same place. They are all alone being guided by a director and script provider and camera man.

TV gives you the impression that both people are present, but that is not the case. But it has the effect of making you think they are having a conversation with each other. I was imagining a "My Three Sons" episode with Chip and Uncle Charlie talking.

This is what the BBC did with RD. In fact, RD might have been the only one with camera on and taking coaching and direction. Same for the host. They might not have even talked or seen each other at the same time. We'll never know. Did Bombard mentions this? No Way, Jose! She's dead silent and she knows better. In my view, she is guilty of leaving out info. I consider that a form a lying. Her analysis of RD becomes null and void. Not to mention, shameful!

Any part of RD's testimony could have been redone over and over.  Breaks could have been taken to get into the proper mode. How dare this get left out! There was no legitimate way to confirm or deny anything. On the other hand, there are volumes of evidence out on the net, and even my own site to show RD is likely, if not certainly, guilty of the charges made by the kids before they were taken prisoner just after the 2nd interview.

By the way, she admitted the RD video analysis was a paid one. The source of that payment should have been revealed, but as far as I am concerned, that it was paid and she found RD truthful, indicates who might have paid for this analysis.

I can not consider anything Bombard did with this video analysis that I can respect or take serious. Its shameful.

Reference 3 on Jimmy Savile. there is tons of written reposts by major papers in the UK, exposing Savile. There are lots of eye witness victims. We don't have any good reason to doubt all this.

Bombard has chosen a particular video. No explaining why she chose that one or where she got it. Was it on youtube? I suspect many clips of Jimmy are on youtube. Why did she choose the one she did? No info given. Basically, she finds him ordinary and harmless. Maybe he was in that video or maybe not. But publicly available knowledge is abundantly present to hang this guy. Couldn't she find a better video? Maybe she ought to do net search on these characters before an analysis.

In a court of law, a piece of evidence must be accompanied by who retrieved it and how, where it came from and any significance. Bombard has admitted that Hollywood and TV are faked, choreographed, staged. Why did she not point out those possibilities with the Mr. Dearman interview or Savile one? Why does she suddenly ignore the cautions due to all broadcasts and movie productions. Why was the paid analysis not mentioned for source. Where is the transparency? The attempt to eliminate any possibility of conflict of interest, as in making money for a good non-critical review?

It is very difficult for me to believe this women is authentic in her examinations. I suspect a psyop. But I could be wrong. I can not claim to be infallible. I'll leave that for the Pope ;-) I note that her decisions of honesty in many videos are based on one small little detail. Unacceptable!

Dearman could have irritated his eye to fake tears. He could have done it while she was being shown on camera. This review was a joke and disgrace. I do not trust this channel or its inconsistent application of examination rules.

Its interesting that she picks apart at least 3 other body language "experts" while showing nothing better herself. What I marvel at is her entire decision is often based on one small observation of some minor distinction. Guilt or innocence, honesty or not, has been studied more than one and I have never seen solid conclusions that can determine honesty much better than 50%.

Here is the best scenario for determining honesty according to wikipedia:

Nonverbal behavior

Non-invasive lie detection using non-verbal behavior is performed by the Silent Talker Lie Detector. Silent Talker monitors large numbers of microexpressions over time slots and encodes them into large vectors which are classified as showing truthful or deceptive behavior by artificial intelligence or statistical classifiers. Silent Talker research has been peer-reviewed in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology[38] and in the Journal of Neural Computing and Applications.[39] The architecture was invented between 2000 and 2002 by a team at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Another computer-based system for detecting spontaneous microexpression is being developed at Oxford and the University of Oulu by teams directed by Tomas Pfister. Traditionally, micro-expressions are very difficult to recognize through automated facial expression analysis because of their short duration and involuntariness. Their short duration means only a very limited number of frames are available for analysis using a standard 25fps camera and their involuntariness means eliciting a particular expression to add to a comprehensive training database requires considerable time and psychological insights. To counteract the short-video length, the team used temporal interpolation to achieve a higher number of frames and Multiple Kernel Learning to improve classification. The end result was the Spontaneous Micro-expression Corpus (SMIC), which consists of 77 micro-expressions taken from 6 subjects. This is the first system that is able to recognize spontaneous facial micro-expressions with reliable accuracy, approximately 70% compared to the 50% by trained human analysts. As such, it will be a valuable tool for future computer vision studies geared towards automating the process of lie detection.[40]

All other forms tend to be near 50% accurate or mildly better. The idea that Bombard can quickly pick up on some trivial blink or facial expression is laughable. In this case of Dearman, no standard police investigation procedures were ever followed by any law enforcement and this is standard in the UK. The kids of Dearman described tatoos and body features of teachers and had all sort of knowledge kids should not have. The mother had brought the kids to Tavistock Psych treatment center for examination due to fits they were throwing. Tavistock should have recognized immediately what was going on. But they ignored it and feigned ignorance.

In short, a brief examination of the kids' testimony and their body language, too, would have shown Dearman to be guilty, along with the entire school, concealing a cult. The children revealed babies being imported for sacrifice and consumed as food, too. They told which cab company helped in moving babies around. They revealed the people and networks that were involved. Money made by prostituting the children of their school and that 7 or 8 other schools do the same thing in Hampstead. All ignored and covered up. And now Bombard is also part of the coverup. Ain't that sweet.

I will say this,. In my analysis of Alisa's 3 police interviews, my analysis is based on all the combined evidence and not one small detail. The more evidence, the better. It goes without saying. Her typical tiny bits and pieces lacks diligence and integrity. Body language is not even the best evidence in many instances. A short interview with RD?  A wet sore eye? Oh please. Or 2 hours and 28 minutes with Dearman's daughter? Which would you choose?

My verdict is too much left unaccounted for, indicates dishonesty. She does not live up to her own words. At 14:50 in her reference 5 video, with concerns and doubts about the 3 or 4 experts in reading body language she reviews, she asks:   14:50 Can you trust the reader?  

I'd have to say I don't trust any of them, including Bombard. I think the entire range are all cointel pros whose job is to muddy the waters, and if you will forgive my ego, this was all aimed discredit what I have revealed in my article on Alisa's interviews. It won't work. The evidence is too clear.

Bombard's Work in Sum
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Bombard has a lot of videos of body language analysis? It must require some time. Does she work for someone or is video analysis her only "paid" income? I'll let you read between the lines, if  you know how. Let the buyer beware.

But with all the videos made, where is the focus? Its on published video material from news, TV, Hollywood, interviews, etc. In essence, the material is of an entertainment-fantasy-propaganda form. That said, we could probably say at least 90% is lies or fantasy. Hollywood wants to sell you nice stories you want to hear. They want to see you move tickets. They want to make  you want to come see their movies. They are going to tell you whatever you want to hear AND whatever they want you to hear. Propaganda and Programming are an essential goal of all entertainment, even sports entertainment as all sports is entertainment far more than it is real athletic competition.

If there is just one thing you can be certain of, its that entertainment is not honesty or wisdom. It is deceit and trickery. Now I said that 90% of it is lies. But truth be told, it maybe far more near to 97-99% trickery and deceit. All Fairy tales are BS!

These are what Bombard "studies" and comments on. Do they even need commenting or elaborating on? Its questionable but with so many idiots out there, most of whom will believe anything they are told, Bombard should have an easy time telling and selling anything she wants. But if you are going to contrast truth with honesty, I question using the typical videos available. In fact, the videos are not the best means to probe deeply into knowledge and understanding. Reading is often better for that because "Entertainment Inc." is not about to allow you any enlightenment.

But there are documentaries that have some value. But real serious psychology, which is what we should be talking about if we are discussing truth vs. lying, then books are you only real option. What Bombard offers is laughable. How big a step is it to claim that the media and entertainment and politicians lie? Its like saying that NASCAR exceeds normal speed limits in their races. Isn't that the idea?

Bombard makes small statements about an industry that begs for a far greater bolder denunciation. First, by not pretending it has any credibility. That it is a major player in all the lies we are immersed in. Want to show people how to detect if people are lying. Its so easy. Watch what people do, vs. what they say? Machiavelli says that people tend to "check by the eye and not by the hand." Translated: They judge by appearance rather than by deed. Appearance often being something of words and tokens rather than truly meaningful actions. Like going to church on Sunday vs, always trying to live by good conduct, whether in church or not. I avoid churches. They are part of the status quo, too.

Bombard, in my opinion, is taking you all on a wild goose chase ride. She shows you hardly anything. To show you the deep horrible truths, She'd need to go far deeper in analysis of actions, not words or images on a video. Conspiracy research is serious business and Bombard is not serious business, as I see it. You have to have the guts and courage to dare to look deeply into matters. Its a scary business. Not for the timid. Bombard knows better than to take her audience in that direction. You heard it here first! And may never hear it anywhere else.

To Quote Bombard: 14:50 Can you trust the reader?    My turn: Let the Buyer Beware! Question Everything!

Another Opinion
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Ricky Dearman Body Language analysis-Deception

The Dialogue


Disclaimer ***  In the interest of public safety and security, not only of those in my own nation, but of those in nations that my nation is deeply allied with, with a view to securing truth for the great public, I have used the real photos and transcribed words of the two children's police interviews, which children are now in the custody of RD, though that is not publicly admitted.

I use those photos and words to secure for the children, their right to an honest investigation that they never got and are not allowed to admit, now that they are, in essence, taken prisoner against their will and kept from all public scrutiny so that they might be denied the help that publicity and public knowledge might otherwise, prevent or overturn, in the true name of justice.

To in any way censor this or attack it, will be observed by God and may justify His intervention if I am, indeed, His servant for His interests. Interfere at your own risk!


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