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How We Got the Bible ----- God's Chosen Nation and Priesthood

God Creates a Nation 
God Makes a Binding Contract    03-14-014
A Prophet's Qualifications
God's Chosen Place of Worship
The Priesthood's Product - The Bible
The Times, They are a Chang'in   03-14-014
Bitter Casualties   03-14-014
What We Need to Remember
Josephus Antiquities Book 12 chap 2
A Protected Market   03-14-014
But Only To Israel!
The Kingdom of the Heavens
The Nations Are Welcomed
Putting the Bible Together
Bible Qualifications
The Aftermath   03-14-014

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John 4:20 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain; and you say that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship." 21 Jesus said to her, "Woman, believe me, the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you worship the Father.22 You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.

(RSV) Romans 3:1 Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? 2 Much in every way. To begin with, the Jews are entrusted with the oracles of God.

Paul says there was an advantage or honor that belonged to the Jews. They had been entrusted with the oracles of God. They had been the keeper of those oracles. And what are oracles? It was a Greek word. Greeks used it to apply to the prophets of their gods or the words of the gods. They called them oracles. Paul used this word to convey the meaning "words of God," of which the Jews were the keepers of, by means of the temple and priesthood.

From Strong's Dictionary of Greek Terms
3051. logion log'-ee-on; neuter of 3052; an utterance (of God):-- oracle.

From Thayer's Greek Lexicon of Bible Terms
3051 logion log'-ee-on
from 3052; TDNT - 4:137,505; n n
appearances in KJV as - oracle 4; 4

1) a brief utterance, a divine oracle (doubtless because oracles were generally brief)
1a) in the NT, the words or utterances of God
1b) of the contents of the Mosaic law

This is an account, primarily, of how we came to have the Bible and what it takes to get something into the Bible. To have something accepted as part of the Bible requires the author to be authorized by God. How is that done? And why in writing?

But this is also an account of why the 1st covenant or contract was made with Israel by God and why that deal would have to be amended and updated, eventually in time with the changes circumstances of the world.

Well, as we all know, memories can fade with time. And things can get changed or told wrong when passed from one person to the next; Or even forgotten for that matter! Maybe you played the game of gossip when you were a kid. You know how the story can change. Many ancient rulers had their laws and decisions recorded in clay tablets or carved in stone. Courts in the USA record everything in writing. When preserved, there is nothing else quite as reliable in preserving testimony and facts, as long as everyone agrees to what is being recorded.

So God's reason for choosing writing as His preferred method of passing down His statutes and laws and accounts of the history of His people is rather obvious. How He did it is perhaps more remarkable. As we know, paper only lasts so long. Even in Egypt, engravings in some sorts of stone can wear away. Baked clay can get broken or wear away, too. Earthquakes can topple and bury monuments. So how do we preserve what is written down?

God Creates a Nation
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God's way was to create a nation with a bureaucracy that would record all sorts of things. The affairs of government and kings, of wars, and most especially, the words of God's laws and His prophets, His written agreements with Israel and individuals, and His acts in behalf of Israel and of those He blesses and of those whom He curses as well.

Deuteronomy 28: 58 "If you will not take heed to do all the words of this law written in this book, to fear this glorious and fearful Name, Jehovah your God, 59 then Jehovah will make your plagues remarkable, and the plagues of your children shall be great and persistent plagues with evil and long lasting sicknesses . . ."

Deuteronomy 30:10 "For you shall listen to the voice of Jehovah your God, to keep His commandments and His statutes which are written in the book of this law. For you shall turn back toward Jehovah your God, with all your heart and with all your soul."

Joshua 8:34 "And afterward he read all the words of the law, the blessing and the curse, according to all that was written in the book of the law."

Numbers 21:14 "therefore, it is said in the Book of the Wars of Jehovah: Waheb in Suphah, the torrents of Arnon"

2 Samuel 1:18 "and he said to teach the sons of Judah The Song of the Bow. Behold, it is written in the Book of Jashar"

1 Kings11:41 "And the rest of the matters of Solomon, and all that he did, and his wisdom, are they not written in the Book of the Acts of Solomon?"

1 Kings 14:19 "And the rest of the acts of Jeroboam, how he fought, and how he reigned, behold, they are written in the Book of the Matters of the Days of the Kings of Israel."

1 Kings 14:29 "And the rest of the acts of Rehoboam, and all that he did, are they not written in the Book of the Matters of the Days of the Kings of Judah?"

There are over 20 references to the books of the kings of Judah and Israel in the books of 1 & 2 Kings as well as mentions in the books of 1 & 2 Chronicles.

1 Chronicles 29:29 "And the acts of David the king, the first and the last, behold, they are written in the book of Samuel the seer, and in the book of Nathan the prophet, and in the book of Gad the seer"

The prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah are also referred to in other books.

The priesthood, set up by Moses, was given the duty of preserving God's laws given through Moses and it would be they who would care for the various scrolls given to them by prophets and scribes to keep and preserve. The book of Leviticus, which contains the name Levi in it, since Moses and Aaron were descendants of the tribe of Levi, is the primary book setting up the priesthood. Levi was one of the 12 sons of Jacob. This book of Leviticus contained the instructions for setting up the temple priesthood and the bureaucracy that would grow and develop as the population and the temple grew. Numbers and Deuteronomy also add some details to the creation of the priesthood and how the nation was to conduct itself.

God Makes a Binding Contract
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God had known and loved Abraham, a very faithful and trusting servant of God. So God, who had long ago determined to enable the human race to be ransomed, redeemed, from the sin of Adam, chose to use Abraham's lineage to start a religious nation to carry on God's will and purpose, to bring about this salvation of the human race. Saving this human race currently under the condemnation of the sin of Adam, had advantages. They would have in hindsight, the knowledge that Adam and Eve, Eve in particular, did not have and did not wait to get. Really, this was the devil's sin, too. He did not want to wait and watch the human race. He wanted to be a star and be worshipped.

So God waited for the appropriate time and then made overtures to Abraham's descendants by way of Jacob, to become Israel. God raised up Moses to lead Israel from Egypt, a nation which had become a harsh selfish master who enslaved Israel in the delta area of Northern Egypt, where the Nile empties into the Mediterranean Sea. God thru Moses, so that Israel understood who God had chosen to administer God's instructions, this God, Jehovah, did amazing powerful works such as the 10 plagues of Egypt, the Pillar of cloud and one of fire, parted the Red Sea, made water come from the desert to quench the thirst of possibly 3 million people. He made manna fall from heaven. He wiped out Egypt's leader and armies. and other miracles besides these. God gave Israel lots of reasons to trust Him and obey Him.

This trust was needed as God was going to require Israel to enter into and agree to keep forever, the contract, the covenant, that God was going to make with them. God was demanding permanent loyalty and obedience from Israel, because God was going to give Israel gifts and abilities that would actually become quite useful to any nation on earth. God did not want those abilities and their extreme advantages, going to just any nation. God knew this would be an obvious advantage, too. So He gave Israel their gifts and advantageous with strings attached. They could only use these to serve God and administer to their nation.

In fact, God even married Israel to a specific land given and appointed exclusively by God. God did not want Israel wandering away, and neglecting His temple and Priesthood. God wanted these protected and preserved, to carry on a written record, the Bible, and serve sacrifices that would help impart understanding as to how Israel and all the world would be redeemed in the eyes of God and the scales of justice, so that God could overlook their sinful condition and bring them back to a clean, holy state, free of sin, when the time came.

God chose a productive land and made Israel an agrarian society, that shared a tenth of their harvest in order to support the Priesthood and Temple. God did not want them wandering off to settle in other nations, perhaps and merchants and political meddlers. They were to serve as God's belongings, His possessions, to care for His work of redeeming, 1st Israel, and then all mankind. Israel was to have the honor and glory of being God's right hand, so to speak, His agents to redeem all the world to Himself, God. So God designed a whole system to protect His bureaucratic national system with its priesthood and temple. This was His plan for salvation.

 But God also knew how sin affected humans, and that there was no realistic way to expect this to work without adjustments along the way, as sin entered into Israel, as it does all humanity, and as the world changed, and as God plan for salvation began to grow and develop. So God made far reaching plans and spoke, often symbolically, in prophetic language which He would send to appointed prophets to deliver.

God knew the day would come when the devil would get control of Israel, and in time, the whole world. God knew He would have to employ back-up methods to complete His work and desires.

So God put in writing thru Moses, recorded in Leviticus chapter 26 at Mt. Sinai, the contract for Israel to keep. It was repeated in depth, at the entrance to Canaan, by Moses and Joshua, in chapters 28-32 of Deuteronomy. In this epic moment, God presented both options and their results, and allowed Israel to make a choice of one or the other. They had to accept the whole contract or none at all. God made this contract quite clear, plain, and precise, so that no misunderstanding could take place.

God made it clear that great blessings would follow obedience to the contract with God. But also, God made it quite clear what would happen if Israel, after agreeing to the contract, which was binding upon all future generations of Israel, left the agreement and rebelled, doing as they please, and ignoring obedience to God. Such disobedience would be progressively increased in punishment, which if it lasted until the time of Judgment, that god would destroy His disobedient chosen nation with the greatest of severity.

This was done because God knew that His gifts to Israel of extreme literacy, so valuable to nations and merchants needing good accounting abilities and literacy skills, would prove useful to the nations, who all served the devil, ultimately. And God knew full well that Israel would be tempted, sooner or later, to use these skills for purposed outside of, and far beyond and above what god had intended. Israel, with its inherited sinful nature that all mankind possesses, would use these to their own benefit and to the neglect of God who gave them their gifts and abilities.

God warned Moses that despite having accepted this contract, that Israel was going to disobey and leave God in time and become servants of the devil instead. So God had Moses record a song that was to be taught to Israel, before they entered Canaan, so that future generations would be reminded of their duties to God and the horrors that would follow if they did not. So the punishment was prescribed long before it was executed. the appointed execution would take place in the latter days, the last days, the days of Judgment determined by God in finish all things.

Israel would never be able to say, we did not know, you did not tell us. This contract has been published in every Bible, which is found throughout the world in nearly every language, so that all the world knows about this contract and Israel's obligation to God and their due punishment as well, which also had been guaranteed by God to happen. But while Israel as a whole would leave God and turn on Him, God left the door open for any individual Israelite, now generally recognized as Jews, to come back to God and escape the horrible judgment and also reap the wonderful rewards due to obedient sons of Abraham.

So it would not be all Israel that perished. There were bound to be exceptions and bound to be those who in the final days, would come to their senses and see the prophetic fulfillments and come back to God. So God has in place a solid contract that would get Israel as far as introducing God's next promised prophet like Moses, which Moses said God would be sending to them someday. But God waited till Rome to introduce the next "Moses," if you will. Rome would conquer most of the world connected to the Mediterranean Sea or near it. Rome would let God's message spread to the world. God likely saw it as an ideal time. And knowing its day to fall was coming, and a new world replacing it, God saw this time as the right time.

So the introduction of the messiah was also going to be met with resistance from the ever decaying state of Israel, now identified primarily as Judah and Judea. The majority of Judah/Jews would reject the messiah and allow a great injustice to happen, as foreseen. The shed blood of a righteous perfect innocent man unjustly accused and crucified would buy back the fallen offspring of Adam. The son of God willingly came to earth as a vulnerable man so that this injustice might happen that mankind have a way out of inherited sin and death. And God held Himself back and let it happen for the same reason.

But once the son of God was unjustly killed, then Judah and the Jews became liable to God for the ultimate rejection of God, by killing His son, appointed by God (and Moses in his covenant) to represent God and to announce the Kingdom of Heaven, only to Israel/Judah, now all called by the name, Jews. In a short time, God would have Jesus' appointed Apostles then announce salvation to the rest of the world of mankind.

Judah would be destroyed by 70 AD and the Apostles, all Jews, to the Roman World and beyond, preaching salvation to all. Israel evidently did not foresee all this and so did and does not se a need for a new amended covenant/contract in order to continue God's Original Master Plan for the salvation of all mankind, that Israel was supposed to play the primary role in. Instead, only a handful of Israel would accept this mission.

But the updated contract would require a situation where God's people would no longer have a nation of their own, and that they would live in all nations, but refrain from political meddling and preach the good news to all who would listen. As well, with the fall of Rome to come, a new world would replace it and bring the final Kingdom that would finally bring Judgment Day. The start of Christianity, a Greek name/word, or what we might call Messianity, would also bring the wrath of and testing by, the devil, so that he could quickly corrupt and destroy the Christian movement, as he did the Jewish one earlier, and set up a corrupt compromised fake Christianity that would serve hand in hand with the also corrupt Jewish, somewhat Rabbinic movement.

All these elements required the need of the amendment to the Law of "Sinai" (Moses), to enable expansion of the plan of god to allow all mankind to join in redemption and salvation. I am not sure the Jews liked all mankind joining them. They liked it better when (it only seemed) they were the only ones and that the nations around them were nothing.  But that was not the grand plan at all.

So for the the Christian "back to the law" movements and back to the "Last Day Saturday Sabbath" movements, these do not understand the real and substantial changes made to "the law" that made the old law obsolete, according to God's plan. god decided long ago it would someday be obsolete and left behind. New orders and directions would be needed and Jesus and the Apostles administered these new policies, backed by the great powerful works like healing and raising people from the dead and uttering more prophecies.

A Prophet's Qualifications
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If someone claimed to be a prophet and had written something down, the priests would take that scroll and keep it in their collection. In the event that prophet's words came true, he would be recognized as a prophet. We know that most prophets were killed for their words. But still the priests saved their words and it would be later recognized that a prophet had spoken and written those scrolls. Prophets were never recognized or appreciated in their own time.

Deuteronomy 13:
1 "If a prophet or a dreamer of dreams rises among you, and gives you a sign or a wonder, 
2 and the sign or the wonder which he foretold to you occurs, saying, Let us go after other gods which you have not known, and let us serve them, 
3 you shall not listen to the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams. For Jehovah your God is testing you, to know if you love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul."

Deuteronomy 18:22 "When a prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah, if the thing does not happen or come about, that is the thing which Jehovah has not spoken; that prophet has spoken it proudly; you shall not be afraid of him." (GLT)

Usually, God would not send a prophet unless people or the king were not living up to the agreement God had made with their ancestors with Moses and that was binding upon their descendants as well. When they left that God ordained agreement and ignored His laws, then He warned them to stop ignoring His laws or there would be consequences. Often, He would bring consequences upon them when they would not listen to Him and His prophets, which they usually did not.

Matthew 13:57 And they were offended in Him. But Jesus said to them, A prophet is not without honor, except in his own homeland, and in his own house.

Matthew 23:
29 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you build the tombs of the prophets, and adorn the tombs of the righteous. 
30 And you say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. 
31 So you witness to yourselves that you are the sons of those who murdered the prophets. 
32 And you fill up the measure of your fathers.

Matthew 23:
33 Serpents! Offspring of vipers! How shall you escape the judgment of Hell? 
34 Because of this, behold, I send to you prophets and wise ones and scribes. And some of them you will kill and crucify, and some of them you will flog in your synagogues and will persecute from city to city; 
35 so that should come on you all the righteous blood poured out on the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood
of Zechariah the son of Berechiah whom you murdered between the Holy Place and the altar. 
36 Truly I say to you, All these things will come on this generation.

Matthew 23:
37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one killing the prophets and stoning those sent to her.
How often I desired to gather your children in the way a bird gathers her chicks under her wings!
And you did not desire it. 
38 Behold, "your house is left to you desolate."

Because they hated God's message and rules, they would kill the prophets who delivered that message. We often see the same thing in politics. Those who deliver warning messages, that are not popular and that conflict with the current rulers, will often be imprisoned, assassinated, or executed. Corrupt leaders do not like being exposed or made to look bad in the eyes of the people and will react swiftly and decisively. Nor do people like to be told they are wrong. They will also tell you to buzz off or employ a little bit of mob violence or some nasty activism at the least.

But after many years have passed, it is much easier to recognize the sins of the past and see that a prophet was right. So priests needed to have a deep respect for anyone who claimed to speak in the name of their God, Jehovah. Whether that man and his message was liked or not, his words and scrolls were preserved so that as time passed, the prophet would be shown to be either true or false.

What follows is an account of where the prophets Jeremiah and Baruch were given prophecies to be read before the king. Knowing what sort of man the king was, evidently, the men of the king's court replied as follows when the scrolls of the prophets are presented to them:

Jeremiah 36:
19 "And the rulers said to Baruch, Go, hide yourselves, you and Jeremiah; and do not let any man know where you are.

20 And they went in to the king, into the court. But they laid up the roll in the room of Elishama the scribe. 
And they told all the words in the ear of the king. 
21 And the king sent Jehudi to take the roll. And he took it out of the room of Elishama the scribe. 
And Jehudi read it in the king's ears, and in the ears of all the rulers who stood beside the king.

22 And the king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month, and with the burning fire pan before him. 
23 And it happened, when Jehudi had read three or four leaves, he cut it with the scribe's knife and threw it into the fire in the fire-pan, 
until all the roll was burned up in the fire that was in the fire-pan 
24 Yet the king and all his servants who heard these words were not afraid, nor did they tear their garments.

25 But Elnathan, and Delaiah, and Gemariah had pleaded with the king that he should not burn the roll, but he would not listen to them."

You will notice that three of the men of the king's (Jehoiakim's) court in verse 25 were very distressed over the burning of the scrolls of men who claimed to be prophets. No matter how bad the words of the prophets were, it was never recorded in the Bible that a king burned the scrolls as this king did. But God had Jeremiah and Baruch write them again. But the disrespect was not well received, even among some of those who were favorable to the king. That was the attitude of people of Judah and Israel towards anyone who spoke in the name of Jehovah, the God of Israel. They might not like or agree with the message but they would never dream of destroying the prophet's words/scrolls unless their name was Jehoiakim.

We might liken this today, to the USA president violating rules in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights. Because he is holding much power, few would dare to speak or make much of it, especially if PAC representatives told tem to ignore it. But Congressmen and the like might not be that happy or comfortable with the President's actions, were such a thing to occur. Or they might voice some disapproval but not let it go any further than that, due to many various political pressures.

But with Judah's king, the disrespect was toward Jehovah, who Judeans knew full well, they claimed to worship and that this action made a mockery out of the whole mess. Not everyone was comfortable with this development. But it must also be noted that most of the men were not bothered at all with the king's actions. They had sunk to a new all-time low.

God's Chosen Place of Worship
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What this also means is that one could not be recognized as a prophet if he did not preach in Israel so as to be heard and received by the temple priests. God only dealt with Israel, His chosen people to administer His law and His worship at the temple. And His temple worship was administered by His priests who were ordained by Him in the laws of Moses. Jehovah could only be worshipped in Jerusalem. That is where He directed that His festivals be held. That is where He directed sacrifices to be made. That is where the scrolls were to be deposited and cared for.

Deuteronomy 12:
5 "But you shall seek to the place which Jehovah your God shall choose out of all your tribes; for you shall seek His dwelling, to put His name there. And you shall go there."

11 "And it shall be the place which Jehovah your God shall choose to cause His name to dwell there, there you shall bring all that I am commanding you, your burnt offerings, and your sacrifices, your tithes, and the heave offering of your hand, and all your choice freewill offerings which you vow to Jehovah."

14 "but in the place which Jehovah shall choose in one of your tribes, there you shall offer your burnt offerings, and there you shall do all that I command."

18 "But you shall eat it before Jehovah your God in the place which Jehovah your God shall choose, you and your son, and your daughter, and your male slave, and your female slave, and the Levite who is within your gates. And you shall rejoice before Jehovah your God in all that you put your hand to."

In 2 Samuel 7, God speaks to Nathan the prophet in the night to instruct David that his son (Solomon) would be the one to build a house/temple of God in Jerusalem. David begins by obtaining land and materials that Solomon can later use. In 1 Kings 6, in the 4th year of Solomon, he begins the construction of the temple in Jerusalem which would become the place to worship God under the care of the Levite priesthood.

When Jesus encountered the woman at the well in John 4, even she understood at that time, roughly 900 years later, that Jerusalem was the necessary place to worship God.

John 4:20 "Our fathers worshiped in this mountain, and you say that in Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary to worship." (GLT)

This ordained priesthood was an appointed and cultivated bureaucracy that would continue to copy and preserve the writings and testimony of God's appointed servants. This would benefit all God's people, the future descendants of Israel and of all the nations of mankind who would benefit from the labor of this bureaucratic priesthood that would preserve God's word for all to hear and benefit from.

These priests and scribes would later in time, due to their literate skills in writing and accounting, become very useful to kings and businessmen all around the world. Science and other knowledge would be easily accessible to these men and their descendants. But God had given over these skills to them, to used in behalf of God's worship and nation, not to be spread around to foreign pagan (dare I say, devil worshiping) kings and ruthless businessmen. But to the world and the devil, these skills would go, eventually.

I should point out, too, that Israel and Judah were entirely unique in their early days, since the "Temple" was mobile and moved around as a sort of Tent complex. As well, the record keeping was a part of this from the beginning. We are talking about roughly 1500 BC, which age has little remaining for us to refer to, in history at large. There is more info of this age in the Bible, than nearly anywhere else.

God chose a very unique system for recording keeping, in developing a scribal bureaucracy that recorded things on parchment, which was superior to say, papyrus. But because copies could easily be made and kept, they would lend themselves to preserving and spreading by Papyrus, as did take place in the making of the Septuagint and in spreading early Christianity, first in Greek, and later in Latin and other languages.

Most nations of 1500 BC, have little to no records surviving. A few monuments have carved words and letters, but these take a long time to write or copy. But God preserved Israel as a nation and bureaucracy so that they would survive the dark age that swallowed up most history during that time, with God's material in tact and preserved. That of itself is a small miracle. But in the end, it has proved the most successful means of preservation and became a favorite method of all the great libraries of the ancient classical world.

So whether one wants to credit God for great insight or simply insist that Israel got lucky in her choice, the fact remains, it was a very "Providential" choice for record keeping and administration. As well, Israel's letter system, with letters indicating sounds in pronunciation, was far more useful, utilitarian, and ended up spreading like wildfire among many nations. Hieroglyphics, were far less useable and more complicated. Only the Chinese seem to continue its use and they have also developed a letter system for China to use as well, recognizing its superiority.

The opinion of Academics is that Phoenicia is the origins of this phonetic system. It has that appearance and it might be the case. But I suspect that Israel thru Moses started this and Philistines, very much related to Canaanites, from whom Sidonians (Phoenicians) came from, picked it up from Israel. But evidence could have easily been lost and since the Phoenicians spread this throughout the Mediterranean, they give the appearance of being the author of this style of writing. It hardly matters at this point.

But it must be noted that Greeks and all Europeans have adopted this system, recognizing its many advantages. In fact, most letters can be recognized in nearly all the various culture, of Europe and Greek Cultures which spread in to the Middle East and North Western Asia with the Slavs. East Asian cultures have been far more resistant to it until recently. The Phonetic style has seemed to conquer the world of business, finance, and commerce, which by default, also becomes the style of many political nations as well.

God appears to have known what He was doing, I would say. Phonetic writing ended up being a gift to the whole world.

The Priesthood's Product - The Bible            updated Jan. 5, 2014
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The word of God gives examples of warning to us as a way to show us how to avoid making the same mistakes.

1 Corinthians 10: "11 Now these things happened to them as a warning, but they were written down for our instruction, upon whom the end of the ages has come."

It gives us rules and instructions to live by.

2 Timothy 3:
16 All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 
17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work."

It lets us know what is going to happen in the future so we can prepare and be ready.

Amos 3: 7 For the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

It tells us about God and tells us some history, too. With it we can be fully informed and fully equipped for any and every good work and deed.

Local Branches of the Priesthood and Temple

What is not made as clear is that the priesthood of the temple was also a teaching body and I suspect that the much smaller little "temples," which to this day are called temples by Jews, rather than say, churches, were also run by Levites, if available, since Levites lived throughout all tribes of Israel. But as well, Levi was blamed in Jacob's Genesis prophecies in regards to each son, in chapter 49, for one day being responsible for killing the Messiah. Since Pharisees were among the leaders in getting the Messiah executed, along with the High Priest and scribes (usually Levites), it is likely many or most or all of them were Levites.

But the temple taught the people during the festivals, part of why attendance at them was required. As well, "Moses" was preached every Sabbath locally, in temples, also called synagogues. If a local teacher were to say something some might think in error, they could take it up with the highest priests at one of the festivals at Jerusalem.

Churches, often called congregations, were instituted by the Apostles, much in imitation of the synagogue pattern of Moses, both according to the Spirit of God. So churches each had a leader appointed by the Apostles and then directed the members of each church to elect replacements when these dies or had to retire due to infirmities. These kept records, made copies and attended to the needs of the flock in regards to teaching, counsel, and the like. Making copies of  the Bible was also part of that duty as well. In all respects, churches became the functioning cells of a priesthood of sorts, but without the name, although a number of names and ranks developed, but not according to the will of God.

Further Value

While Israel's relationship with God is recorded, and God's words and laws recorded, keep in mind that it was not only religious laws recorded. And any law attempting to govern or regulate the behavior of people can easily be called religious law, or political law, the law of psychology, even legal law. Civic law and a few building codes can be found in the Bible. There is really, a substantial body of legal law in the Bible, though many have not recognized it and few discuss it, due to its inhibiting influence of business and greed.

Not a small amount of the Bible is philosophical or psychological in its aspects. It obviously has a fair amount of history weaved into it as well. It was all designed to teach men how to serve God properly in all aspects of life. But its value to the world was not small, either. Much of European law made direct use of its precepts and the ancient world had much in common with Bible law, in their own laws.

This shows that early civilization was far more strict in trying to keep greed and business in line and behaved. Now, most laws give business free reign to exploit and do as they please, to the detriment of all nations and stability.

The Times, They are a Changing
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God foresaw the changes and progression of the human species, and knew far ahead of time, that His institution of the nation of Israel was not going to last in purity and functionality as He had wanted. As well, the world at large was changing , evolving, progressing in their decay, helped along by the devil. Eventually, God  knew how industrialization would change everything and that the devil was going to seize control of the entire world, for the most part.

So God made in clear, way back in Deuteronomy, that Israel would eventually be sent another prophet like Moses. 

ASV) Deut. 18:

15  Jehovah thy God will raise up unto thee a prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;

16  according to all that you desire of Jehovah thy God in Horeb in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear again the voice of Jehovah my God, neither let me see this great fire any more, that I die not.

17  And Jehovah said unto me, They have well said that which they have spoken.

18  I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee; and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.

19  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.

"Like unto me" meant "just like me," with "me" being Moses as the prophet and leader/judge of God over Israel. God would one day raise another like Moses, so powerful in works and portents. And "I will require it of him" was a corruption by the Jews, and Paul corrected in in his quote of that in Acts 3: 22-23.

HCSB) Acts 3:

22  Moses said: The Lord your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from among your brothers. You must listen to Him in everything He will say to you.

23  And it will be that everyone who will not listen to that Prophet will be completely cut off from the people.

NKJV) Acts 3:
22  "For Moses truly said to the fathers, ‘The LORD your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your brethren. Him you shall hear in all things, whatever He says to you.

23  ‘And it shall be that every soul who will not hear that Prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.’

And lets also be clear that Moses was no ordinary prophet. No other Old Testament prophet ever performed the numerous and mind-boggling signs and wonders that took place through Moses. And Moses was the one who installed the covenant with Israel at Sinai.

So this "other" coming prophet was also going to be outstanding, to a similar degree as Moses had been. But raising numerous people from the dead, among other things, ought to quality for equality with Moses. Jesus arrived during the height of stability in the Roman Empire. In less than 400 years, it would fall and be replaced by a total re-organization of society throughout the pieces of that broken empire. Trading and commercialism through shipping had become somewhat routine and extensive. Carthage had made an empire from it and Rome conquered Carthage and added its Empire and markets to Rome's own. After Its fall, that was up for grabs.

The dark ages of say, 400 to 800 or 1000 AD, developed trade guilds and merchant networks. By 1000 AD, universities had started springing up and teaching a new generation how to advance knowledge and to be conditioned and trained to function as a bureaucratic class or order to help various powers administrate their will and ways. By 1434, amazing knowledge was delivered to the West from China, a remarkable Empire, perhaps the most impressive up to that time, but in another part of the world. She had also developed very impressive technology and became a great naval and commercial empire, complete with navigation knowledge and exploration of the entire world.

Then one day in 1434, a small fleet of her ships arrives in Florence Italy, and drops this technology into her lap. It spreads like wild fire. My conviction is that the devil pulled some moves to be sure that China did not become the dominant world power at a time and of a sophistication that could have easily gone in that direction. It was almost as if China were surrendering on orders, to the West. The time and circumstance, which many have assumed  to be chance, worked in favor or the West. I think it might have had a helping hand. There is a lot more to that story, but not here.

So the West inherits mass production tech and know-how. They inherit more sophisticated navigation skills and knowledge of the whole world to some degree. The great cities of Florence, Venice, and Genoa become great merchant fleets. In fact, an even greater merchant fleet had come and gone by this time, perhaps surviving while keeping a low profile, waiting for a future time to resurge and take over again. I am talking about the Knights Templar and its many territorial holdings and fortresses/castles and above all, the largest shipping fleet of its time. By 1307, most of it was gone, but only for a limited time.

Almost as soon as China had arrived in 1434, the Western nations all began to head for the New World (1492), so called. A relatively unexploited 2 continental mass, comprising North and South America. Spain and Portugal started first, largely with help from Jews, no less. Holland-Netherlands, Great Britain, and France all quickly joined in on the attempts to colonize and exploit the New World. The seeds of industrial development had been planted and lots of new natural resources were there to exploit as disease wiped out most of the existing inhabitants and their brutal subjugation by the Western nations finished off any meaningful resistance.

Masonic forces then grabbed control of most of the British holdings, forming the USA out of them. Both the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the Illuminati took place the very same year, 1776. The Industrial "Awakening" would soon begin and nations were already coming under the control of a United Force, which you or any may dispute as to who, how, or if.

It was not going to be business as usual. The devil was on a world conquest. God foresaw all of this. Jesus arrived at the Peak of Rome to do his business and install a new covenant, a new set of instructions to be used in the days ahead, when the world would be a different place from what it had been. I have left a few blanks, but I do know how to fill them in. This is a broad generalization of the trends God planned for and arranged to cope with.

Many argue that the law of Moses was perfect and unchangeable. The Law of Moses was designed by God to serve His interest during the time of their use. But He also knew that a new, unique, and different situation would arrive that would call for a new approach and strategy, which His son would deliver and institute. There are many good legal precepts in the law, but as well, some portions are now obsolete and useless. This is why God had changes in mind to make at the right time. He would have His son come at the right time. Rome was the right time and place; Judea in particular, where Jerusalem and the temple were!

I went through this elaborate review to try to convey why it was obvious that a new covenant would be necessary, and why the old covenant and law would need to be changed. For one, Jesus was the real sacrifice offered to God and the scales of justice. But as well, God was having a going out of business sale and dumping the nation of Judah and investing in a new direction. For the plan had always been, from the beginning of time, to redeem all of mankind, the sons of Adam, and not just Jews.

Jews were the phase 1 part of the development. They had 1st, and potentially, the exclusive privilege of serving as the administration in Heaven in the presence of God. Not just any Jews, but Jews who would face the wrath of the world and Satan for being loyal to God and His Messiah. This means that former Patriarchs would not get that privilege, though they certainly were great God-fearing men and founders of God's "lineage." But the great testing and great persecution began with Jesus and Christianity. Any who faced this sort of misery were deemed by God to be worthy to serve in the far greater capacity of kings and priests over all the earth, along side God's son, Jesus. The patriarchs will be resurrected on earth, which is not half bad at all.

Those who did not live in a serious time of testing will receive the full and wonderful earthly life that will last forever and be a pure joy to live in. But to reign in heaven as a spirit with great power and authority is reserved for those who really and truly merit it by facing the most critical time on earth in its history since man came along. The more you have to do, the more you are given. So the big prize with the big honor goes to those who have to endure being tested thoroughly by trials and tribulation on account of the Christ/Messiah.

Phase 2 was the introduction of the Kingdom of the Heavens reward, as well as its accompanying persecution. The Devil was stepping up his game and becoming more ferocious, as he sees things develop. Jesus was getting things in place to make it through this final phase that would begin in earnest while Rome was in power and would soon change as Rome fell and the new total world-conquest of the devil began. This phase 2 was and is intended to offer salvation and redemption for all mankind and not just Israel or Jews. this was foretold in the prophets and I have written articles on it. Phase 2 required a new covenant for the next big change in God's plans, which is why He promised thru Moses that another prophet like Moses would be needed and would be sent to install the changes.

So the new covenant, long in the planning, finally had to be implemented, so as to be able to bring this trial of mankind to a completion. So the nation of Israel was only ever intended to last a short time, as God views time. It lasted for just over 1500 years (~1500 BC - 33 AD). Now the devil seeks to bring "Israel" back, claming it is God's will, but it is not. God's will was with Christianity now, but even that was soon to come to an end. It survived, in a much more intensely competitive and aggressive playing field, for about 200 years, before it was substantially corrupted and compromised.

Bitter Casualties
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Jesus long ago foretold how the devil would sow weeds/tares in among the good wheat crop of God. Jesus would just get it planted for a short time and then the Devil would be allowed to attempt to corrupt it. And human nature being what it is, corruption was an easy matter. By 325 AD, under Emperor Constantine (the Great, so called) Christianity was made to be subject to the Empire. In truth, only half of it was compromised, but the other half then become bitterly persecuted, with the political force of law and punishment used to force changes of doctrine and servitude in the military.

And as quickly as a small group would pop up, trying to get back to the original Bible doctrine, the Catholic (RCC) and Greek Orthodox (GOX) religions would squash these movements out of existence. This could have gone on forever except that some forces wanted all power and saw the RCC and GOX as too much competition and interference. King Philip of France forced the Pope to go along with him in wiping out the Knights Templar. The RCC was also forbidding the charging of interest on loans through the many European nations. GOX was also against interest. Charging interest was at the heart of the ambitions of those who aspired to take over the world through banking and commerce.

So in time, those who wanted to rule all the world, decided that either eliminating or reducing the power of the "2 sisters," the RCC and GOX, would be much to the advantage of the goal of world conquest. This eventually led to the Protestant Reformation, whereby the likes of Martin Luther could challenge the RCC and live to tell about it. Just prior to Luther's 95 theses, the printing press came along and changed the world and helped M. Luther as well.

But Protestantism had to be carefully watched as well, so political forces did all they could to get control of as much of Protestantism as possible. Some were resistant and not liked. The King of England largely outlawed many aspects of employment and freedoms among Puritan sects. So these found it advantageous to seek out a new life in the "New World" colonies.

Once in the New World and with their own nation (the USA, so they thought), Masonic forces quietly and casually worked their way into becoming members of these various resistance/independence religious groups and slowly moved up in ranks and eventually they take them all over. In fact, Masonic members even became the biggest creators of new denominations in the 1800s, known as the Great Awakening in the USA. All to confuse and mislead religious folk. Christianity has long been vanished and gone. Now it remains for individuals to seek out God in Independence and Freedom of thought.

This is not easy and certainly not without consequence.  Those who do not fit in with the established religions and political parties do not get good jobs. Ironically, they are in the same position that Puritans once were. The difference is that it was open knowledge that Puritans were not liked or accepted. Now Independent Christians as just as unwelcomed but it is kept as a dirty little secret. Secret, unless you are one of those Independents. To you it should be no surprise.

Most people love the "World" and all it has to offer and they fear rejection from the world. Service to God still comes with a very high price. No wealth or status for they who serve God well!

So now we are near the very end, when the big lie will be launched, where a "messiah" announces he is Jesus and the Father, too. How bout dat, huh?

What We Need to Remember
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Even at this long junction in time, Jews are still favored, but not in the way that Zionists would have you believe. God does not unconditionally favor anyone, ever! It is always conditional and dependant upon obedience to all of God's laws, relatively speaking, as those born of Adam. God welcomes any fleshly descendants of Abraham: Jacob-Israel. As many as want to come to God have a seat reserved in heaven, if they so choose, or to remain on earth if they would prefer that. God may have cast out the nation, but always leaves His door open for individuals to walk back in.

But like all the rest of humanity, most Jews are occupied with making others happy instead of making God and themselves happy. It is interesting how that has played out.

God purposed to establish a nation from the seed of Abraham who would keep God's prescribed and required religious observances by a select group of priests, who would be supported financially, so to speak, so as to care for the religious observances and rites of Jehovah. But foremost, the priesthood would be the depository for all scrolls of text carrying God's words and instructions, as well as prophecies, unique to Israel and not found in the world, otherwise.

God prescribed borders for Israel and required all Israelites and their respective tribes to remain in Israel's allotted territories so as to support the temple and priesthood so important to God. Eleven Tribes were to be taxed by the temple to keep up the formal worship of Jehovah. Israelites were not to move away from Israel. They were married to Israel and God established a contract, a covenant, with all Israel with this understanding.

They were not to get mixed up in politics with other nations. National treaties always require mutual exchanges and cooperation that would compromise Israel's relationship, an exclusive one, with God Almighty. Israel was not to get caught up (primarily or excessively) in trade, business, and commerce. She was to remain in her own borders in a good productive land, flowing with milk and honey.

This would keep her, in theory, humble, modest, dedicated to God; not wealth, riches, and political power, which easily and always lead to greed and corruption. And wealth, riches, and political power always are found together. God wanted to keep Israel from temptation and corruption so as to be pure/holy in the eyes of God. God was to be Israel's only salvation, protection, and security; not wealth, armor, weapons, armies, allies, and the like. Anyone with even a casual knowledge of Israelite and Judean history, which is foremost identified today as Jewish and Judaism, knows that Judaism and Jews did not remain faithful to God and His scrolls, but instead, made a new collection known as the oral tradition called the Talmud, whose origins is also from Babylon.

Uriel DaCosta vs Rabbis

In the Talmud are reasoning and so called logic that twist and nullify the original Mosaic law. I was not really aware of how much this was the case till I read a rare book written by a noble and courageous Jew who served Portugal and later came to live in Amsterdam. His name was Uriel DaCosta. He used to be a Christian by the forced conversion of his family before his birth. He did not like, believe, or trust the teaching of the Catholic church, of which he had been a member. So he studied the law of Moses for himself and developed his own personal, independent belief system, revering the Mosaic law above all other documents, considering it a rich treasure and legacy of his people and race and he was right on! So I ask Jews now, do you also consider the Mosaic Law a rich treasure and legacy of the Jewish People? I believe you should. Really, is Jew a Jew without Moses? Honestly?

When Uriel moved to Amsterdam, Holland, where freedom of religion was in effect, sort of, he declared himself a Jew. But he soon found out as he got to know Rabbinic Judaism, that it was nothing like the law of Moses. He was shocked and more than a little put out. But what was most beautiful about Uriel was that he really deeply cared about the law of Moses, believing it to come from God. He wrote and published a book about the many Rabbinic teachings that were a complete contradiction to the Mosaic law. This was at his own expense and I am not sure if he was able to sell any copies or if he had just given them away. But he spent his time and money to publish what he thought was very important for Jews to consider. Really, lessons in logic and law are valuable to all peoples, regardless of race or culture.

Uriel was rejected by his family, for the most part, by the Rabbis, and all other Jews in Amsterdam. They destroyed most of his copies of his book that he financed and published. Book burnings sound familiar to you? Can you say Adolph Hitler? "Uncle" Joseph Stalin? So Rabbinic Jews and their blind following would not listen to reason, but to fear. In fact, they also sound and act like those Spanish Inquisitors. Ouch! That is not a good place to find yourself.

Uriel examined many teachings of the Rabbis and tore them to shreds in comparison with the Mosaic law. The Rabbis looked more like the Roman Catholic Church than they did followers of Moses. The Devil was their real father. They did not mind Uriel rejecting the RCC, but not Rabbinic tradition. No Way! And who the hell is this Moses guy, anyway?

The bitter irony of this is that the RCC acted in behalf of political powers and their business interests, burning Jews at the stake for secretly practicing the ritual of the law of Moses and Rabbinic tradition, too. An outrageous violation of Christian scripture and decency, too! But in the end, Uriel wanted to reconcile with the Rabbis and agreed to some punishment, though the Rabbis would not say exactly what it was. Uriel was expecting them to be reasonable and compassionate, even respectful. They beat the living hell out of him and were completely disrespectful to him, down to the last member of the synagogue, including kids. Then they pat Uriel on the back. He rejects them in anger and published his book, and then, no doubt out of a broken heart and spirit, shoots and kills himself.

Uriel felt that he ought to be allowed to read, interpret, and think as he saw right and be able to speak and write about it and publish, too. Imagine that! Why next thing you know, he will want freedom of religion. The nerve! But oddly, this is what Rabbis thought they should have in Amsterdam and they bent and bribed Dutch officials to grant them freedom of religion that they could not get when they served Spain and Portugal. They wanted it for themselves but not for anyone else. The hypocrisy is sad, even tragic.

But what I marveled about most was how many and how extreme were the twistings and distortions of the Mosaic law, fully nullifying it in many instances. Jesus pointed out a few contradictions in his ministry, most reported on by Matthew, like in chapter 23. But Uriel's was much more compelling and comprehensive. I came to realize that it was not just Christians who have gone mad. The Jews really had rejected the Bible with their Talmud.

So Christianity and Judaism stand hand in hand against God and Moses. Unthinkable, but it is true. Now this does not close the door to any Christian or Jew who now wants to come back to Moses, and God, and now Jesus, too, who really was the Messiah at the correctly appointed time and place. I urge both to consider that their respective religions were taken over by the devil a very long time ago. Now I need to explain more.

What's Left for US to Do?

Jews are renowned around the world for business acumen and skill, and even banking and finance. They/most did not repatriate Judah and Jerusalem when Babylon fell, as they were supposed to. Most remained "in" Babylon. They now reside all around the world and not in Israel/Judah. Scattered all over the world just like Moses foretold in Deuteronomy's  5 chapters, 28-32. Of course, since the Messiah came and give himself as a sacrifice for the human race, there is no need for a temple or to reside/live there now. God changed the deal/covenant, knowing that times were to change and the world get much worse. The wonderful law of God would not work so well in a world gone totally mad.

But Jews rejected God by not going back to their assigned homes and nation when Babylon fell. God had made a perpetual binding covenant with Israel and all its descending generations all the way to the end. So there is an obligation on the part of every Jew alive today, as well as every Christian, to serve God. If the decision were made to return to God, one would have to renounce greed and reject any evil doing. And becoming independent will lead to trouble with those who seem to be Zionists who work to restore a temple, which is no longer the will of God, but is the will of the devil, God's adversary. Just ask Uriel DaCosta how it went for him!

And since God intended to take His message to all the nations and races of the world, He desired to have His people go out into all the world to preach and teach about God and His promises. So now they would reside in every nation in order to bring in a harvest of people from every nation. The temple and priesthood are no longer of any concern of God.

So when the appointed time of the messiah arrived, most Jews were not able to recognize or accept him, even though so many figures/symbols of the law and prophets pointed to him and at the proper time, too. The Devil has other plans for many Jews.

The devil had planned to offer a fake messiah in the last days to fool the world into following this false messiah of "peace." This fake messiah would use and twist old prophecies of the messiah to make it look like he was the true messiah. To do that, he would again need Jerusalem, Judah, and even Israel, as well as the temple and priesthood. In fact, he would also need the Jews.

So at some point the devil must have approached Jews of great prominence and wealth and offered them great things in return for obedience and cooperation in his grand master plan. Or he could have approached them while they were not big or great and offered them a change to be both and more. He had the power to do that and make it work. Which ever way it was, they must have accepted, for it is quite evident today that Zionism is very strong, even among many so-called Christian denominations, and certainly among many Jews.

Make no mistake about this one. The temple will be rebuilt and the Mosaic law and priesthood re-established, despite the fact that Jesus fulfilled the law as the sacrifice to God, to free mankind from the judgment of the written law and its institutions of religious practice.

Understand that since Satan failed to get Jesus to compromise, while threatened, tortured and killed, that Satan lost his claim that he could overcome anyone existing in the flesh, even the son of God. And whether Jesus was won over or not, the Jews were going to be needed, either way, to support the coming fake messiah, or the corrupted one, had Jesus accepted the devil's offer, which Jesus did not! Job remained relatively faithful and Jesus remained absolutely faithful so that now, as many as wanted to be forgiven and not come under the judgment of the law, due to the sin of Adam, could now be forgiven.

Since Satan was sentenced to death, pending a final judgment of the world and everyone in it. Satan wants a chance to take as many with him in death as possible. He is very jealous that humans have a chance to live forever when he, himself, must eventually die at the hand of God for causing so many to die and suffer, without good reason. As well, the devil despises humans for ruining his arguments. They sort of helped sentence him to death.

So now we must prove whether we are worthy of life or not. Satan will test us all. He will try to fool us all with a fake messiah. We should not fall for that. But know this, that many who call themselves Jews and sons of Abraham, will be cooperating with the devil to help bring this deception to life. They are important in the devil's plan so he treats them well and favors their every move. As well, so many who call themselves Christians will also support this lying messiah, and ultimately, the devil himself.

So we have witnessed over the last, roughly 3,500 years, the giving of the Covenant of God to Israel; and the rejection of Israel as a whole, as a national group. But God's love for Abraham was as such, that even now, the door remains open to all Israelite descendants, whether called Jews or otherwise, to reject the Talmud and magic and big business and politics, and go back to the law of Moses, the product of the priesthood we call the Bible, and finally accept the true Messiah and sacrifice provided by God to justify our forgiveness for our inherited sin from Adam.

It is not right that any Jew should perish when so much has been reserved for them in rewards, if they turn to God and the law and prophets. Jews have an everlasting agreement with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What an honor it is to receive the kingdom from God. No Jew should pass that up. But they will experience the wrath of their brethren in the flesh for rejecting the fake messiah and accepting the real one, yes, the one called by many, Jesus, though he is not worshipped correctly by those who claim to follow him most of the time.

Now is the time for Jews to separate and distinguish themselves from their brethren who serve the devil, knowingly, or unknowingly.

Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews - Book XII (12), Chapter 2   
[This is of major impact!]
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14. So the king rejoiced when he saw that his design of this nature was brought to perfection, to so great advantage; and he was chiefly delighted with hearing the Laws read to him; and was astonished at the deep meaning and wisdom of the legislator. And he began to discourse with Demetrius:

"How it came to pass, that when this legislation was so wonderful, no one, either of the poets or of the historians, had made mention of it."

Demetrius made answer, "that no one dare be so bold as to touch upon the description of these laws, because they were Divine and venerable, and because some that had attempted it were afflicted by God."

He also told him, that "Theopompus was desirous of writing somewhat about them, but was thereupon disturbed in his mind for above thirty days' time; and upon some intermission of his distemper, he appeased God [by prayer], as suspecting that his madness proceeded from that cause." Nay, indeed, he further saw in a dream, that his distemper befell him while he indulged too great a curiosity about Divine matters, and was desirous of publishing them among common men; but when he left off that attempt, he recovered his understanding again.

Moreover, he informed him of Theodectes, the tragic poet, concerning whom it was reported, that when in a certain dramatic representation he was desirous to make mention of things that were contained in the sacred books, he was afflicted with a darkness in his eyes; and that upon his being conscious of the occasion of his distemper, and appeasing God [by prayer], he was freed from that affliction.

[{ Why would God keep men from proclaiming Him, Jehovah? In a word, these men might have started new centers of worship in Egypt, which would have brought competition for Jerusalem and perhaps caused many Jews to leave off coming to Jerusalem for worship and sacrifice. It was vital that Jerusalem and Jehovah's temple remain the only source and center of worship and salvation. It was God's will that all the lost sheep of Israel be given a chance to be a part of the Kingdom of God in heaven and that they have the first chance for that, before Gentiles be offered such a thing. Don't mess around with God and His purpose, no matter how good your intentions are. }]

15. And when the king had received these books from Demetrius, as we have said already, he adored them, and gave order that great care should be taken of them, that they might remain uncorrupted. He also desired that the interpreters would come often to him out of Judea, and that both on account of the respects that he would pay them, and on account of the presents he would make them; for he said it was now but just to send them away, although if, of their own accord, they would come to him hereafter, they should obtain all that their own wisdom might justly require, and what his generosity was able to give them.

So he then sent them away, and gave to every one of them three garments of the best sort, and two talents of gold, and a cup of the value of one talent, and the furniture of the room wherein they were feasted. And these were the things he presented to them.

But by them he sent to Eleazar the high priest ten beds, with feet of silver, and the furniture to them belonging, and a cup of the value of thirty talents; and besides these, ten garments, and purple, and a very beautiful crown, and a hundred pieces of the finest woven linen; as also vials and dishes, and vessels for pouring, and two golden cisterns to be dedicated to God. He also desired him, by an epistle, that he would give these interpreters leave, if any of them were desirous of coming to him, because he highly valued a conversation with men of such learning, and should be very willing to lay out his wealth upon such men. And this was what came to the Jews, and was much to their glory and honor, from Ptolemy Philadelphus.

End of Josephus, Book 12, chap. 2        ------------------------------------------------------------

There is so much I want to comment on in this account. First, what moved Ptolemy and his court to consider these books of law of the Jews to be so desirable and be willing to pay so much for them? Well, they had done this another time with the Athenians in obtaining a copy of the Illiad, and keeping the original instead.

Then there was the repentance and release of the Jew formerly captured and carried off with a ransom given as well. Was this from God? It bears a similarity to the Exodus when Egyptians were asked to give/donate to Israelites and did. It would seem to me that God was still with Judah at this time since the law had not been fulfilled yet and it was God's pleasure and desire that it be fulfilled before He take His spirit away.

Further, Judah at this time exhibited enough of the fruits of the spirit such as being of sufficient trustworthiness in their oaths and words that kings would see them as desirable subjects. The Jews recognized God's fulfillment as taking place through Alexander and submitted to the Macedonian. So God was pleased to continue with Judah at this time and bless them.

Jehovah also saw fit to see that Jews of foreign settlement and dwelling continue to have access to God's word and laws so that they might be ready when God's son would come along. So He no doubt was pleased with the translation of His word into Greek for the benefit of His people, if He was not the force behind its getting translated in the 1st place.

Very notable officials of both Egypt and Judah were involved and great care was taken, almost as if God was the force behind the translation. It was well attested to, and Josephus had access to the copies of the documents involved in this affair, which in itself is most interesting and gives good credence to what took place, when, how, etc. Credibility in a big way. Both sides would be able to verify what had taken place.

The terms of the translation were agreed upon by all and it was agreed that once the translations were said to be good, that no changes would be made or take place afterward, ever, as was the custom with the Hebrew version given by God through Moses.

Establishing with such verifiable sources and testimony what took place, the Septuagint could be or at least should be, solidly located in the days of Ptolemy Philadelphus, whose name even speaks of his character and lends credibility to this work. Not only the time, but the form as well.

And since this was a work fully overseen by the priesthood and the high priest of God's temple, we need not question if it was appropriate. And it was the high priest who picked men in every tribe to serve on this translation committee. All were evidently versed in both Greek and Hebrew and seen as qualified to do the job.

It does not seem reasonable that such a work would turn out deficient given that such appropriate and sound methods were employed to bring about this translation. Again, even if God were not behind it, surely He would be pleased with the efforts made in behalf of such a task.

All parties were delighted with the idea proposed by Ptolemy. The Priesthood was delighted. It seemed like the right thing to do and something that would have God's blessing and guidance. So many would benefit away from Judah. It certainly would appear to be God's will in preparing for Jesus' arrival in gong to the lost sheep of Israel. It was a great way of establishing the prophecies by a neutral 3rd party so that no dispute would be reasonable as to the fact that these scriptures were well attested to at least 200 to 300 years before the Messiah.

Really, I find it unlikely that it was not God's will and even if it were not, they certainly took the right approach to doing it, which must have pleased God, even if He was not concerned about the Greek translation.

But for me, the many circumstances around this project make it a good and likely possibility that God was the force behind this whole thing. Josephus certainly would not have gone to the detail he did if he, too, was not impressed by what took place and was available to him to copy of these accounts.

It has to be said that the opinion of Philo of Alexandria was also in praise of this work. It had the blessing and approval of Jews everywhere. Only 2 or 3 centuries later did it begin to fall out of favor as "Israel's" and "Judah's" hearts soured toward God that it also soured toward the Septuagint.

A Protected Market            03-14-014
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It should be understood that when Satan challenged God, though not written or otherwise said or revealed, an agreement had to be arrived at between Satan and God as to what would take place, where boundaries would be observed; terms, and other conditions. God would have His exclusive domain where His word, the Bible, could be nurtured and protected sufficiently. In general, the devil was given most things in the world to do as he pleased with only a few things reserved to God and His prerogatives.

God, though not unopposed by the devil, in keeping His word and bureaucracy in tact, still had enough to get the job done. But God evidently did not allow other nations to offer His worship nor tend to his doctrine and keeping of the books God wanted preserved and passed on. Why did God guard His "realm" so jealously? If I say Mormons or Islam, does it ring a bell? They both claim to have added books and instructions from God.

But God had only ever allowed one single source for such writings to be collected and authorized-recognized. This would be so that there would be no doubt about the authenticity of any particular prophet or scroll-book. Mohammed's writings were outside of the recognized realms of God. God authorized Israel through its priesthood and temple and then transferred that to the followers of His son, Jesus, and the Apostles of Jesus, who had the gifts of miraculous powers of the spirit to authenticate and verify their coming from God; and not men, as the books of Islam and Mormonism have come from.

The Talmud is also problematic since it seems to promote an alternative to the Torah/Bible and changes things in the Bible. It promotes racial superiority rather than love for all. And the changes do not come through appropriate channels with supporting miracles and put in writing by the priesthood. God wanted all things holy in writing for His legal reasons. Oral law is not God's legal law and is not recognized or authenticated by God and His sanctioned authorized agents.

This is why when the Greeks, according to Josephus, were interfered with by the spirit of God from writing about or promoting the worship of Jehovah and likely meant quite well in doing so, were still not allowed to compete or promote this worship, even if it was well motivated. God wanted it all in just one place and one source and that is His right if He wants to do it that way and He did want to do it that way! From just one source would the word go forth to all Israel and then to all the nations, as had been the purpose of God from the beginning of time and prophesied as such before doing it. The Greeks were allowed a translation of the Bible, but only in cooperation with the Priesthood of Jerusalem and produced by those appointed by the Priesthood of Jerusalem.

God likely saw the benefit of using the Greek language, one, for the benefit of the lost or scattered sheep of Israel, and two, the benefit of spreading the word to the nations, who would largely be speaking Greek as either a primary or common secondary language throughout the Roman Empire to come.

But that the Apostles would alone bring the word to the nations as well as Israel, duly authorized by the incredible manifestations of the spirit of God, so that all should know that what comes from these is truly from God and not men. Counterfeits and fakes would come along but only one source would be sanctioned and approved. Were it not recognized by these, then such works and claims would be rejected as out of time or out of place and without recognition.

This is also why God sealed the Bible with the Book of Revelation so that none could come after and claim to add to the word of God almighty! Whatever came to be, had to come from the Apostles. John, who wrote Revelation, was the last qualified Apostle to present things from God to men. He sealed the book and closed the door to further additions. Anything to come after, would not have the miraculous works of God to support them, nor the recognition of the Apostles of the past. So timing is everything here as well as the authorized sources.

So we need not concern ourselves with "new" revelations from supposed prophets of God, or lost gospels or other such crap.. They are outside of the boundaries laid down by Jehovah, God and Father of all. God protected His market. It was as if He had registered trademarks, patents, and copyrights for His material.

Now it is important to recognized that when God made a change, as He did, going from Moses and the Priesthood of Jerusalem to Jesus and His Apostles, that God did so by prophecy and by those extraordinary sensational divine miracles, signs, and wonders taking place through His chosen ones. If Mohammed or Joseph Smith are to qualify as prophets and revelators, they must be able to raise people from the dead and prophesy amazing and detailed things adding to the previous prophets. Simply repeating what had already been said in the Bible would not qualify.

But it is important to recognized that Israel, Judah, and Jerusalem were fired, so to speak, by God, and relived of their duties as being unfit for service to God. As well, Christianity has been corrupted so bad that no organized denomination could ever qualify now for service or duty to God. Now the wheat and weeds must grow together and near the very end, Jesus, the Christ of God, will gather and separate the wheat from the weeds and burn the weeds. We are all on our own, now.

The Bible has been fully established and for a good long time so that we know the prophecies were not a recent invention that foretold what is now happening. God's various bureaucracies accomplished their goals to verify the Bible so that it could be used as a fit guide for us in these last days. So bureaucracies had a purpose and reason for existing and also no longer have any purpose or reason for existing. The Apostles all died. The Temple was destroyed and the Priesthood rejected and the rebels cast out away from God. However, God still leaves the door open for as many of fleshly genetic Israel as want to, to return to Him and again be a apart of His kingdom. They only need recognize His son, Jesus, the Messiah/Christ.

And to all the nations also exist the opportunity to be reconciled with God through Christ. So anyone from Islam may turn to Christ. Anyone from any race or nation may do so. "In every nation, the man that fears God is acceptable to God" and this with great rejoicing and pleasure for God would prefer that none be destroyed but all come to repentance. There is no superior race in the eyes of God. All men are truly created with equal potential. Those who develop enough of their potential in the direction of God and His will, can be a part of God's Kingdom and live forever in it.

But Only To Israel!
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When Jesus arrived, he went only to the house of Israel. That was all God had ever done up to that point. Jesus continued to do the same.

Matthew 15: "24 But answering, He said, I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

Luke 1: "16 And he will turn many of the sons of Israel to the Lord their God."

Luke 1: "54 He helped His servant Israel in order to remember mercy,"

Luke 1: "68 Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, because He visited and worked redemption for His people."

It had been the decision of the Father (Jehovah) that it would be left to Jesus' Apostles to take the message and open up salvation to the other nations. It was the Apostle Peter who received the vision to offer the kingdom of the heavens to the nations.

Matthew 28: "19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."

Acts 11:
17 Then if God gave the same gift to them as also to us, believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, and I, who was I to be able to prevent God? 
18 And hearing these things, they kept silent and glorified God, saying, Then God also has granted to the nations repentance unto life.
19 Then, indeed, they who were scattered by the oppression taking place over Stephen, passed through to Phoenicia and Cyprus and Antioch, 
speaking the Word to no one except only to Jews.
20 But some men from them, Cypriots and Cyrenians, who had come to Antioch, spoke to the Hellenists, 
announcing the gospel of the Lord Jesus. 
21 And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number believing, they turned to the Lord. 
22 And the Word was heard in the ears of the church in Jerusalem concerning them. And they sent out Barnabas to go through as far as Antioch;"

Acts 15:
12 And all the multitude kept silent and were hearing Barnabas and Paul recounting what things God did through them among the nations, even the signs and wonders.

17 so as the rest of men may seek the Lord, "even all the nations on whom My name has been called, says the Lord, who is doing all these things." [he quoted Amos 9:11, 12]
19 For this reason I judge not to trouble those from the nations turning to God

John 14:
12 Indeed, I tell you truly, He that believes in Me, the works which I do, that one shall do also, and greater than these he will do, because I go to My Father."

Acts 1:8 but you will receive power, the Holy Spirit coming upon you, and you will be witnesses of Me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."

The Kingdom of the Heavens
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Jesus did begin to preach and offer the opportunity of being in heaven as angels who would serve as kings and priests over the earth with Jesus and the father to those who would accept the message of Jesus and become obedient to him as God had required and declared long ago in the law of Moses. But only to the house of Israel.

Mathew 11:
11 Truly I say to you, Among the sons of women there has not been a greater than John the Baptist: 
but he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. 
12 And from the days of John the Baptist till now, the kingdom of heaven is forcing its way in, and men of force take it. 
13 For all the prophets and the law were in force till John. " [Bible in Basic English]

Luke 16:16 The Law and the Prophets were until John; from then the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is pressing into it. [GLT]

The Nations Are Welcomed
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Then the Apostles took over after Jesus' execution and resurrection, and opened up the way for the foreign nations to also become priests and kings with Jesus in heaven. The Apostles would be given the task of spreading the word to much of the known world. It is possible that the degree of that message being spread might have a wider scope than we might have first imagined. But it would be spread by the Apostles and those whom they taught and authorized.

It would not have been spread before the coming of Jesus for God had not appointed it to be done at that time. It was not even for Jesus to do. God's will was that it would be done by the Apostles. Jesus himself said that the Apostles would do works even greater than his. Of course, he was referring to the territory that would be preached to and the numbers of people preached to and won over, and perhaps, the number of works performed as a collective whole. Only Jesus could give himself as a sacrifice for mankind. No one else could qualify for that and that would have to be considered the greatest work done for all mankind, that I can tell.

Consider this! Jesus had a tremendous effect on Israel and Judah because of the many amazing miracles he performed. But to have won over the Roman empire, including all around the Mediterranean and up into Europe, it is likely that the Apostles and those who were appointed by them, performed even more works to win over the empire so that only a little over 200 years later, Christianity would become the dominant religion of the empire and would eradicate the pagan Roman religion to near extinction. It was obviously impressive even though the focus of the scriptures was on the teachings of the Apostles rather than their miraculous works.

On the other hand, the Christianity of the Empire was a corrupted one that adopted many pagan doctrines, symbols, and practices. This was the work of the devil. But despite the corruption, it is still remarkable that Christianity went from nothing to top of the heap. It had to have some serious help from God. As well, the devil wanted corrupted counterfeit Christianity to rise to the top, so as to keep future generations of Christians misled and compromised. Though devious, he was still quite clever.

Some claim that God spoke to prophets in the Americas before Jesus. That could not be for God had not elected to bring the word to anyone outside of Israel. That does not mean that Jews or other Israelites could not come to America to live but they would not be given prophecies to pass on to future generations as this was only done through God's chosen nation and place of worship in Jerusalem. If you were not recognized there, you would never be recognized. Nor would it be possible that God would do something contrary to what He already ordained.

Because Mormons do not understand this concept of an authorized established channel to safeguard the books claming to be authorized by God, they fall for the book of Mormon that did not come from the Apostles and did come after Revelation, which was the seal in the Bible, disallowing any further books. Both the Islamic Koran/Quran and the book of Mormon can after Revelation so that they are disqualified automatically.

Putting the Bible Together
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Now when it came the Apostles' turn to spread the word and do marvelous works of miracles so as to give their message credibility and believability, they also added letters of instruction and prophecy to the Bible. As those directly appointed by Christ and the holy spirit and blessed with special powers of healing, resurrection, and the laying on of the hands, the Apostles were very qualified to add to the Bible which had first been started by the priests of Israel in the days of Moses.

In addition, 2 of Jesus' fleshly brothers, sons of Joseph and Mary, also added brief letters to the Bible. They were James and Jude. These Apostles and older men of Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, all of whom were personal witnesses of Jesus when he was alive on earth and all of whom were Jews, would be the only ones to add to the Bible. The Apostle John would be the last one to add any books or letters to the Bible. And it was he who warns us in Revelation that any who add to what he and the other Apostles and brothers of Jesus had written or took away from what they had written would be cursed and their names removed from the book of life.

Revelation 22:
     18 For I testify together with everyone hearing the words of the prophecy of this Book:
If anyone adds to these things, God will add upon him the plagues having been written in this Book.
     19 And if anyone takes away from the words of the Book of this prophecy, God will take away his part
from the Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and of the things having been written in this Book."

This would be the figurative seal that would be placed on the Bible so that nothing more could be added or written. The Bible would now be complete. And due to its completion and due to the wonderful way the word spread and took hold because of all the miracles performed by the Apostles, the need for more miracles would diminish to nothing. Now that the Bible was complete, one could be persuaded and convinced of the word of God due to prophecy rather than miracles. Since only the Apostles were capable of resurrections, resurrections would cease as would the laying on of the hands which was only a gift of the Apostles.

When the Last Days would arrive, people would have the prophecies to consider and God would raise some (or at least one) to understand the prophecies and reveal them to the world for consideration. Those smart enough to see that making predictions some 1900 to 350 years previous, and seeing them come true now, had to be a supernatural force that could make such predictions.

For a discussion of the powers of the Apostles, check out my article on Acts and the Christian Congregation. which I also link to at the end of this article.

Josephus tells us that there were 32 books/scrolls in the Hebrew Canon/Collection in his time. There came to be 28 books recognized by early Christians as being authored by qualified people, the Apostles and brothers of the Lord. This is how we came to have in our possession the Bible of today. Now some people also kept other books and scrolls as well. But these were not universally recognized or accepted. Some disputed books known as the Apocrypha.

Bible Qualifications
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I will give more detail into how we finally got the version we have today in an update to this article in the future. The books of the Bible are those that seem to be universally recognized and accepted by nearly everyone everywhere. It is these that inspire the most faith and trust and seem to maintain harmony between each other. The ultimate test of any book has been if it matches the following criteria.

First, it must promote the true worship of God.

Second, if there is any prophecy uttered, it must be in God's name and it must come true.

Third, it must help fulfill God's purpose or be related to His purpose and will.

Fourth, it must be in agreement and harmony with the rest of what has been accepted to that point.

Fifth, it must have been authored within the time frame and location of God's outworking and on-going will and purpose.

The Bible collection of today is seen to meet those criteria. I would say that the book of Ester is quite questionable and perhaps the Song of Solomon just slightly questionable. But beyond that, it does seem to be harmonious and meets the other requirements. The book of Mormon, on the other hand, does not fulfill these requirements. Nor does the Quran/Koran/Kuran of Mohammed.  The Talmud fails as well. None of those remain fully harmonious with the rest of the scriptures. And it was actually revealed to people far after John sealed the book of Revelation in about 96 AD, at least beyond 500 AD for the Koran, and 1830 AD for the book of Mormon. The Talmud likely existed after Jews came back from Babylon, or not long after, since it was "born" in Babylon. But it was not associated with the priesthood nor accepted into the Bible or verified by miracles. and it, too, contradicts many things in the Bible.

Now as for those who claim that their beliefs also derive from the authority of their church or religion, or leader/s, there is no succession allowed after the Apostles. This is covered in another article entitled "Church Beginnings," linked below. This deals with the creation of the Christian religion/church/congregation and from where the authority of it derives. It sort of picks up where this leaves off. I hope you check it out.

The devil quickly corrupted Christianity so that no succession would be possible. Only in the Last Days, the End Times, would Christianity re-emerge in its adequately purified roots, recognizing modern mainstream denominational Christianity as being of the devil. Knowledge would become known. We see that best on the internet. I do not get may visitors, but when I do, foreign visitors are not uncommon at all. There are translation pages on the net that convert text to many languages. The word of God is getting out there on the net. You will not hear of much if any progress among the churches.

The Binding Agreement with the 1st Bureaucracy:       The Aftermath
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God, through Moses, made a permanent binding agreement with the children if Israel, the sons of Abraham through Isaac and Israel. Yes, to last forever to all their descendants. This could be seen as the true and amazing blessing it is or .  .  . some might see it as a curse if they do not want to keep that agreement. For Moses obligated them forever to keep the laws of God throughout all succeeding generations to come. Why would God do this? It is an important thing to understand and know.

God granted many extraordinary gifts and privileges to Israel. They alone were intended to serve in heaven as Kings and Priests of God over the rest of mankind on earth. This, of itself, is quite the honor. But as well, they were granted many advantages and blessing while still here on earth as humans/man. Those advantages were not without strings attached. Such advantages could be misused and God was not going to allow that. They were made to know and understand through Moses that God would continually make them accountable for how they used and employed these great advantages given to them. If they misused God's gifts, they would be severely punished. So lets look at what those many advantages were and how they can and could be severely misused as well.

Why? Primarily, so that those of fleshly Israel might come to appreciate their responsibility, duty, and accountability to God and seek to reconcile themselves to God and receive the great wonderful promises that had always been intended for them. But as well, that if they refuse to listen, that they might know what waits for them as punishment from God on High! Never may this happen! The illustration of Jesus speaking of workers coming into the harvest at the last hour will hopefully include many repentant, of fleshly Israel, as would only be proper and appropriate. But to be realistic and fair, there are those who will not listen and will be punished according to what Moses prescribed in Deuteronomy.

Now Jews who had great literacy, which we call "education" today, have a great possession, which comes with great responsibility. God's law was more than just a form of religious services. Much of the Law of God was actually civil, civic, and criminal law, as well as economic regulations. So Jews naturally made very good lawyers and judges in the lands and kings they served.

God also gave Israel a very strong national-racial-religious identity, which also gave them tremendous advantages over most nations and peoples. This very strong sense of relation to other Israelites-Jews gives them a loyalty to each other that is largely lacking among other nations. This enable what are largely called Jews today, throughout history, to build strong networks of their brethren throughout the world, for business, for politics, for many things.

To quote Stan Lee (Levinson), as he speaks through his comic book superhero Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." There is no greater power than God, Jehovah. And since He gave His "gifts" to Israel, with conditions, those conditions must be honored. Israel was to be God's representatives and they were to be outstanding examples of God's character and His worship. They were to obey God in all things and use their gifts in behalf of God, to benefit all mankind.

I want to emphasize here that anyone who claims or just imagines that they or their race are superior and/or deserving of much and much better than others who are not of their race or religion, or philosophy or social/ economic or political status; or who imagine that justice can be violated against the poor or inferior race because of their inferiority and without regard to law, that these superior minded peoples, found in nearly every race, religion, and political persuasion are out of line and will be judge severely by God, and will be wiped of the earth. God demands the sincere practice of justice, fairness, and decency to all.

I call on all good-intentioned Christians and Jews to leave their unfaithful comrades behind and come back to the true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You have talents and skills and how better to make use of them than to offer them to God in service to Him and all mankind, who God wants to bring back to Himself, if possible.

But know that making a choice to obey God will come with great anger from phony Christians and Jews who love wealth and Satanic bribes more than God and goodness. But I want to point out another concern, given by Moses first. This would have to do with the fact that Jehovah told Moses that Israel was going to reject Him in time and that He would punish them repeatedly and finally have to destroy them for their breaking the covenant and becoming quite lawless. In fact, they would be joining the devil, though not said by Moses directly, later prophets would get around to it. So any Jew today who wants to come back to God, will almost certainly anger his brothers for his abandoning them and doing so in the name of Jesus, a name most hated by many still down to this very day.

But being rejected and persecuted has to be put in the proper perspective. Given that one's life will be preserved, though temporarily lost to accident, old age, or persecution/execution, it is worth a temporary loss, knowing we will come back in the resurrection and will remain alive forever after, and with youth, beauty, peace, and prosperity; things we are unfamiliar with in our world, really.

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