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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 1 A

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-After initially introducing the reader to The Plan and the way it works, this series of chapters deals with the Watchtower Society and its connections to the New World Order.



Part 1. The Magical Watchtowers 1.1 - 1.17

Who Built Your Frame of Reference 1
Document Packet

     Part 1 A
Pillars of Mystery 2
Progressive Light 3
A Rainbow of Dragons 4
On CT Russell, the Bible Students,
& Jehovah's Witnesses 1.5 - 1.17
     Part 1 B
The Emerald Island 6
God's "Anointed Seed" 7
"To Have My Throat Cut" 8
A Blank Check 9
    Part 1 C
"Jehovah" 10
The Magical Watchtowers 11
The Channel of Angelic Redemption 12
Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah 13
The New World Society 14
The WT's Mein Kampf 15
The Mark of the Beast 16
Smokescreens 17

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1.  Who Built Your Frame of Reference - An introduction to the book. Because the book covers such new material, it is important to assist people to initially grasp the subject. The chapter teaches how to use the book, and begins attempting to break the delusion that the public is under with photocopies from the conspirators own publications.

2.  Pillars  of  Mystery.  The  Masonic  Lodge  is everywhere; how the Masonic Lodge is to be one of the vehicles to create a One-World-Religion, and how the Masonic Mysteries are to become the New Age Religion. Learn about the many Masonic organizations.

3.  Progressive Light.  Revealing what the basic elements of a Gnostic religion are and how the various Gnostic cults are related."

4.  A Rainbow of Dragons. Examines the various New Age groups, including the Theosophical Society, and Church Universal & Triumphant. Learn who Lord Maitreya is. Learn some of the stock tools of the conspiracy.

5.  Mysteries of the WT Society. Three items of C.T. Russell, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Pyramids, and the Golden Age are exposed.

6.  The  Emerald  Island.  Are  bloodlines  still significant today? A look at Ulster, Ireland and the Russell  family before  C.T.  Russell.  The  Scottish cultural seedbed of today's global power is examined.

7.  God's "Annointed Seed. A close look at who C.T. Russell was.

8.  "To have my throat cut". C.T. Russell as a Freemason, his membership and how his membership is reflected in his beliefs and speeches.

9.  A Blank Check.  An expose of how the B'nai B'rith helped Russell's organization get started, and why. 

10.   "Jehovah". Uncovering the meanings behind the Watchtower's symbology.

11.   The Magical Watchtowers. Discovers the Masonic and Magical meaning to Watchtowers, puts forth a new hypothesis about what Watchtower means.

12.   The Channel of Angelic Redemption. Explores J.F. Rutherford as a channeler who said he was helping redeeming demons.

13.   Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah. For centuries  men  have  worshipped  a  double-sex  God, explores the possible connection of this god with the rampant homosexuality of WT leadership.

14.   The New World Society. A look at the Orwellian world of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their battles and fixation with demons.

15.   The WT's Mein Kampf. What do they really say is in store for the world in "paradise."

16.   The Mark of the Beast.  The WT Society is preparing  their  people  to  accept  the  New  Age Initiation, the Mark of the Beast.

17.   Smokescreens.  Identifying  some  smokescreens and blowing them away.

Chapter 1.2


Three items you will learn in this chapter:

     In the last chapter's documents Freemasonry, the Church and Education were said to be the three vehicles
       to bring in the One-World-Religion which is the "Universal religion" of Masonry.
       You will learn more about Freemasonry's role.

     You will learn about the secret Masonic bodies that rule our lives. Plus you will receive an overview of some of the other Masonic organizations.

     You will find out how Jews played an important initial part in the early Masonic Lodges.


Alice Bailey in her writings, especially the book The Externalisation of The Hierarchy quite openly spells out The Plan to bring in a New Age One World Religion.

Alice Bailey needs no introduction to followers of the New Age Movement. Her 24 New Age books, her organization Lucis Trust (originally named Lucifer Trust), her Arcane School, and the Findhorn community in Scotland (started by her disciples Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy McLean) are present-day reminders of the immense impact she and her 32° Mason husband had on the New Age Movement.1 She is credited with starting over one hundred New Age groups. She worked for the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare in 1958 setting up educational goals, and her writings were used in the new Globalism 2000 curiculum (already tried in some areas) and soon-to-be used across the board in the US public schools.

Alice Bailey started the Arcane School to teach New Age disciples the principles of the Plan to bring in the New Order. The Arcane School is located in Europe and America, and headquartered in New York City. A major part of this Plan is for mankind to recognize the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. This Spiritual Hierarchy is headed by the Spirit Being Sanat Kumera (the first name is a scrambling of the name Satan), and helped by the Great White Brotherhood. Her writings were given to her by the same Great White Brotherhood that Masons, like Manly P. Hall (33°) , say direct Masonry. Other New Age leaders, for instance Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her book The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture History and Religion of America, also believe the Great White Brotherhood has been controlling religion. Various Rosicrucians claim to be guided by the Great White Brotherhood too.2


According to Alice Bailey, the Masonic movement will be the religion of the New System. Benjamin Creme, another big New Age leader, also believes Freemasonry with a revitalized Christian Church will be the religion of the New Age.3 Lola Davis, another New Age leader, also sees Freemasonry as the New Age Religion (Dark Secrets of the New Age, p. 273).

Bailey wrote in 1957, "The Masonic movement... is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. ... It is a far more occult organization than can be realised, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists. In its ceremonials lie hid the wielding of the forces connected with the growth and life of the kingdoms of nature and the unfoldment of the divine aspects in man."

"... when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood-will be the utilisation of the banded esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of esoteric societies."

There the reader has it, the Universal Churches of the One- World-Religion such as the universal churches of the Baha’i, the mysteries of the Masons, and the occult (esoteric societies) are not disunited. And this comes from one of the most powerful New Age leaders in the recent past.  

[Description of FIG. 1. Composite picture of covers of books -Many books written by New Agers and Masons and others working with the Power reveal detailed plans to create a One-World-Government One-World-Religion . ]


But would the Masonic Lodge want to the centerpiece of the One-World-Religion and an initiation center?

•In the Masonic Ritual during the opening ceremonies for the 31st degree of the Scottish Rite the Masons pray,

"Hear us with indulgence, O infinite Deity ... Let the great flood of Masonic light flow in a perpetual current over the whole world and make Masonry the creed of all mankind."

•The Italian Masonic Constitution, almost identical to the original Masonic Constitution of Anderson of 1723, states in Article 6 "It [Italian Masonry] proposes to itself as its first object to unite all free men in one vast family, which may and ought to take the place of all Churches. . .thereby to constitute the true and only Church of Humanity."4

Albert Pike, 33°, was one of the greatest Masonic leaders.5 Articles praising Pike abound in official Masonic publications.6 His book Morals and Dogma, written in second half of the 19th century, reveals the expectation of esoteric groups to become the world’s leaders, "...the World will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World." (Morals and Dogma, p. 817, referring to the goal of esoteric groups.)

For many this may be shocking. Why would Masonry be the religion of the New Order, and appoint its religious leaders (pontiffs) when it doesn’t claim to be a religion?

Freemasonry, the Church of Scientology, the Watchtower Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses), the Theosophical Society, the Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Heavenly Communities are all similar in that they strongly deny that they are religions. It is standard practice for many groups of the New World Order to protest to the public that they are not a religion. Yet each of these groups repeatedly contradict that, by declaring at other times that they are in fact a religion. Masonry not only functions as a religious institution, its leaders have quietly declared it is a religion. (See chapter 1.17 for proof on this.) And not only is it held to be a religion, but the true religion encompassing all truth. Further, Masonry is not passive in waiting for its leadership role to happen, it is militant.7


At least one Masonic author writing to Masons felt that Masonic religious power had been underestimated. He writes,

"In the past Masonry has been condemned as a shallow substitute for religion. This the Masonic body has always denied but in fact the new age revitalised Masonry will be a paralleling evolutionary way of man’s approach to God, and Masonry and religion will gladly cooperate." --The Spirit of Masonry, p. 129

O.K. We’ve seen that some of the most prominent leaders of the New Age movement plan for Freemasonry to be the future One-World- Religion. We’ve also seen a few (of the many quotes available) where Masons declare their desire for Masonry to be the creed of mankind. But can they do it? or is this just bravado and talk?

How the Masons have done it is the subject of this book. Chapter 2.12 will examine specific sets of plans to bring in a New World Order with its One-World-Religion. Unit two will examine denomination by denomination, sect after sect and expose how Masonry controls a vast diversity of groups. The diversity is but only an appearance. Unfortunately, we have tended to look at the superficial outside, rather than the inside substance. This book may change your life in regards to that.

Freemasonry is a front for the Power, but it also is a major part of their power. To illustrate this point let us look at the manned- mission to the moon Apollo. We’ll develop the story enough that the significance of the final point will be appreciated.


In 1960, Pres. John F. Kennedy tugged on the emotional heart strings of Americans, "We are in a strategic space race with the Russians, and we have been losing. . .But we cannot run second in this vital race." Kennedy challenged the nation to land a man on. the moon by the end of the decade.

And so America was rushed into a race to the moon. It seemed forgotten that the moon had been around for a long time, and would continue being there for a long time, even if man didn’t get there by the end of the decade.


This Author is not going to try to document this next paragraph. To do so really is another book. But if the reader is aware of the US-USSR cooperation it clears up a long list of anomalies. The reader can do with it what he pleases, but what if this paragraph is true? First, . the interested person can learn about the U.S. technology that our leaders have quietly given the Communists over the years, such as nuclear weapons by reading Anthony Sutton’s well-documented books. F.D. Roosevelt’s own son, James Roosevelt, wrote a book alleging FDR sent Russia the plans and materials to build an atomic bomb. The officer in charge of Lend-Lease to Russia during W.W. II states this in a book too. In recent years, the various cultural and scientific exchanges are even being publicly reported.

One area of cooperation that is extensive and has been for many years is between the CIA and the KGB. Both of these agencies feud like siblings, and both are honeycombed with double-agents, triple-agents, Airier. Communist CIA agents, etc., it is rather impossible to develop a clear picture of where loyalties are of particular individuals. In fact, it may be harder to see the overall picture for those closest to the scene, because these agencies are so segmented that people work in offices unaware that other secret offices adjoin their own rooms, and unaware of people working in secret only a few feet away. It is the epitome of Orwell’s 1984. And the process is that Big Brother of the New World Order controls the world and works through the MI 6, MI5, the CIA, the KGB, and Moussad. However, that is a hefty concept to swallow, so the reader is welcome to disbelieve it, and to put that on the back burner. It is only mentioned to serve as an introductory background thought to the next item. (The topic will be picked up again in chapter 2.7).


The Soviets gave the American leaders the reason to go to the moon. The Soviets played their role well. They continually gave mixed signals as to their intentions.

For instance, on Oct. 15, 1968, Russia’s top scientists denied Russia was interested in going to the moon. On Nov. 23, 1968 Tass declared that Zond 5 and 6 were test flights to precede a manned flight to the moon and back.

Such statements greatly enhanced NASA’s sales pitch, that if we did not go to the moon, the Russians would. Thanks to the Russians, few people in the U.S. opposed the Apollo program.

One day the Russians would deny interest and then the next day would come some statement like, "The Soviet Union is preparing to launch its most spectacular manned space flight by dispatching shortly at least two, and probably three, men on a circumlunar flight,..."

Rocketry is a sophisticated science. The U.S. leaders knew that the Russians were strapping several small rockets together in a hazardous fashion, and that they were not far out in front of us technologically, but inferior. (How could they be ahead of us? We were supplying them with much of the technology, just as we had for years. The examples are endless. One example is the chassis of the feared W.W.II T-34 Tank was American technology.) Going to the moon is such an involved process that it is not believable that our intelligence agencies did not have a fix on where the Russian space program was. Either, they did have a fix on it and our leaders lied, or, they didn’t know much if anything about the Russian space program.

Recently, the Russians have displayed a craft they say they built to go to the moon. Only one model of it was built. However, building such a model, and actually having the technology to send men to the moon are two different items.

(The Space Program actually serves purposes that are entirely different from its cover. That is material for another book.)  

Next, it is eye-opening, because supposedly according to our President, whoever got their flag and men to the moon first was to be considered the leader of mankind on earth.

The point this Author is making is simply that the Russian threat, which was blown out of proportion, helped NASA sell its space program to the public.

Informed critics of the Apollo program tried to point out how on a scientific basis, unmanned spacecraft are far less expensive and will yield far more scientific information. A case in point, is the relatively inexpensive Surveyor spacecraft series which took thousands of close up lunar pictures and made soil analyses of the lunar soil.


The media and NASA cooperated to keep a lid on the public’s awareness of the level of risk for the Apollo astronauts. Safety features and calls from NASA technicians were ignored in order to meet self-imposed deadlines. Critics claimed that the fatal accident of Apollo 204, could easily have been avoided if safety concerns had been listened to.

However, a Senate Committee on January 30, 1968 reported after the fatal Apollo 204 accident which killed three astronauts, that the end-of-the-decade "Moon landing was necessary because the schedule is an essential and significant management tool."

The critics of the Apollo program who railed about the terrible odds and lack of safety features were suppressed, and are now silent because the Apollo program gambled against the odds and actually won. Critics had claimed that the manned moon program was "an arbitrary goal" and that there was "no logical next step" beyond landing men on the moon. They were correct in terms of the public-known space programs, yet the glory of the Apollo program and its success silences their reasoning. So why bring up their moot criticism?

Because it is being established for the reader how much the manned space program, which took money away from possible unmanned programs, was actually motivated on the basis of national pride and not scientific research.

The lives of many brave American astronauts were recklessly played with so that the world could marvel at Americans planting the American flag on the moon. But America wanted that glory. Some of the NASA scientists got antsy, because so much precious lunar time was spent on the first lunar mission, Apollo 11, just "raising" the flag. They were more concerned with learning scientific data than pomp and ceremony. Americans wouldn’t trade that glory for more moon dust, or for more knowledge of the lunar surface. They were proud to get their flag to the moon first.

It seems then that with so much hoopla and pride, with so many billions spent to achieve that great feat, with so much danger given to our brave astronauts that America would not want to share the glory of the moon landing. It would seem that it might be disconcerting to some Americans to learn that the Masonic flag got to the lunar surface at the same time the American flag did. The Masons tied for first flag to the moon. Yes, taxpaying Americans spent billions of dollars to get the Scottish Rite’s flag to the moon first.

Most people I have mentioned this to have seen the significance of this. Then others say, "So what if the Masons got their flag to the moon first?" Our President Kennedy answered that one. He said that whoever got their flag to the moon first was to be considered the leader of mankind on earth.

There are other interesting aspects to this. How ironic it is that the organization that sponsored and got the first Communist Internationale going was given such a big privilege by a supposedly anti-communist U.S. space program. Communism’s sponsoring organization during the 1860s was the Masonic Lodge.

H.G. Wells, who has ties to Freemasonry, and was a Fabian Socialist, prophesed that men would land on the moon. Masons have held H.G. Wells up as a "prophet" in their official Scottish Rite publication. The One-Worlders seemed to have a interest in insuring his forecast and plans would happen.

H.G. Wells felt that the New World Order would rule because it controlled the air and sea ways. Indeed today they do dominate it completely.

For instance, his book The Shape of Things To Come, on p. 11 , advises us that "...during the struggles and changes in world government that went on between 1980 and 2 059, at which date the Air Dictatorship, properly so called, gave place to that world-wide Modern State."

He also calls the Air Dictatorship a different name "the new World Council". "The new World Council, which is known also as the Air Dictatorship..."(p. 348)

In A Modern Utopia, p. 67, H.G. Wells tells us that this Air Dictatorship’s Utopia will be "Bacon’s visionary House of Saloman." And in the following pages he foresees that some of this Utopia’s methods will use Plato’s thinking.

The Air Dictatorship’s air power was demonstrated in the book The Shape of Things to Come and the film based on it, in the same manner that George Bush demonstrated the New World Order’s air power in Iraq. The parallels are interesting.

Is it proper to call 33° Mason George Bush’s New World Order an Air Dictatorship?

•In 1991, when Iraqi Scud missiles were launched Air Force Space Command Defense Support Program missile-warning satellites provided stereo data on the Iraqi Scuds within seconds of their launches.8 Within 12 0 seconds the underground facility in the Rocky Mountain, which is full of computers, had received the data and determined what to do. The commands would be relayed in seconds back to the Patriot missile crews in Saudi Arabia or Israel which then would figure the last minute trajectories and launch their Patriot missiles.9 The reaction time would be in a matter of something like 6 minutes from the time the scuds were fired until the Patriots were launched. Is that air power?

•The government admits that its spy-satellites can read license plates and newspapers from outer space. When describing intelligence capabilities it usually understates its capabilities. Imaging satellites beam their intelligence down to the Air Force/CIA at Fort Belvoir, VA. In the future if the Air Dictatorship wants to turn its attention to control you, it could conceivably watch your house from space, and follow you going out to your car, and track your car electronically. A description of one of the spy satellites:

"The 20m-long 13t KH-lls fly in pairs. Sun-synchronous orbits so that a first pass over a particular site is followed three hours later by the second craft. Each sports solid state CCD arrays for multi-spectral imaging via a 2m-diameter mirror and, although its 250km perigees that contribute to its 1,000-day lifetimes limit resolution to around 30 cm, the digital imagery is really manipulated and available to analysis within 90 min. This rapid response was the essential ingredient in attempting the rescue of the hostages in Tehran’s U.S. embassy in 1980..."10

Yes, the satellites are like a pair of eyes in the sky which can be used for directing military operations. Satellites have also been used in law enforcement in the United States. Is that not air power? Can’t our New World Order today properly be called an Air Dictatorship?

The significance that Bacon’s House of Saloman (Solomon) is also describing this same World Order (this Air Dictatorship) will be seen as we examine some more about what the Masonic Lodge is and its history.

[FIGURE 2 & 3 Both paste-up #2- 4 x 6.75 #3- 2.5 x 6.75]




[FIGURE 4 Pasteup 3.8 x 7]

The Winged-Globe (the emblem of the Illuminati) is to become the emblem of the New Order according to H.G. Wells. The above picture is from the film "Things to Come" based on the book The Shape of Things to Come. It shows at meeting in Basra, Iraq of the New World Order making plans at the Wings Over the World headquarters. John Cabal (actor Raymond Massey) is leading the discussion.

Few people inquire about the Masonic temples that dot the map. Some of those that were curious have told this Author what they were told by the Masons. They were given such bland answers as the following that this author has collected: the Masonic lodge functioned as a. a place where men play cards, b. a Christian organization c. a fun and games fraternity that does benevolence work. (A club that plays cards got their flag to the moon first?)

Masons and their wives have gotten upset with this Author, when merely the implication is made that Masonry has secrets . When one friend, who is still a Mason, gave slight criticism of the lodge to his mother (who was the wife of a Mason) , he was essentially disowned. His mother is in Eastern Star also. In other words, generally Masons will not suffer the slightest criticism or exposure of their organization without hostility, even if it comes from another Mason.         {Interlude for pictures .  .  . }



The Winged-Globe (the emblem of the Illuminati) is to become the
emblem of the New Order according to H.G. Wells. The above picture
is from the film "Things to Come" based on the book The Shape of
Things to Come.

The picture above shows the New Order government making plans at
Wings Over the World headquarters in Basra. John Cabal (Raymond
Massey) is leading the discussion.

{ .  .  .  Recontinued from Interlude }

Masons have instantly hated this Author when he has made some very simple statements, such as the Masonic Lodge has secrets. They declare adamantly that they have no secrets. Christians who listen to them repeat this line.

This Author has pursued the Truth from the beginning to the end of this research. To weave fiction into the momentous message of this book would only detract rather than enhance the message.


Two items tell much about the Freemasons by themselves. These two items occur before anyone becomes a Freemason. They tell a story in a nutshell.

First a petition by each candidate is made in the standard form supplied by the Lodge requesting " ... that I may be initiated into the mysteries of Freemasonry ... " It can be shown from many Masonic sources that the Mysteries of Freemasonry are the Mystery religions, and the initiation is an initiation into those mystery religions.

Second, an oath on penalty of a gruesome death is made that the candidate will not reveal any of the secrets of Masonry and will deceive those on the outside as to what goes on in the lodge. That this is carried out, can be easily shown by Masonic articles which discuss such deception. And if that were not enough proof, it is attested to by the testimony of men who quit practicing such Masonic deception.


What is the Holy Trinity that early Masons talked about?

Mackey in his History of Freemasonry & Concordant Orders,

p.771 states, "Masonry does ...not teach the ’Trinity in Unity’ as Christians understand it; furthermore, it does not teach that T: G: A: O: T: U: is Immanuel, the God with us, the Christ. Templary is called the Masonic Christian Order, but modern Masonry is not Christian."


The great pontiff of Masonry, Albert Pike, has had his words on page 819 of Morals and Dogma often quoted. 

He states there that lower degree Masons are intentionally deceived and whoever tries to undeceive them will labor in vain because the first degrees are convinced they have the true explanations.

As most people, including most Masons themselves do not know what the deep secrets of Masonry are, they are not in a position to know whether Masonry has any secrets.

Deception itself has many forms. Perceptions management is adroitly used by the Masons not only to deceive outsiders as to

their true goals and intentions, but also to deceive many of the Masons, who are supporting a structure that unbeknownst to them is destroying what they believe in. The impact of Masonic disinformation and smokescreens in extensive.

In the C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, the novice demon is taught how to convince others he doesn’t exist. Likewise, the Masons who worship Lucifer and/or knowingly know the Masonic machinations to control the world find that they are likely to find more unwitting accomplices than actual hard core occultists in favor enthroning Lucifer.

On the one hand, they must expose what they really are about to get those recruits who will give themselves over to their evil designs. Yet on the other hand, they must conceal their true face to the majority. By filtering the candidates through a series of degrees, the ones who will serve Luciferian (Satanic) goals can be identified.

Those who control power over the world benefit from the general population’s reluctance to admit the possibility of ugly realities. The general method of thinking is to attribute to these men motivations common to the common man, such as fair play, national interests, human decency, and honesty. Perhaps the best book on the mind-set of those who secretly rule the world is Lindsey Williams’ Syndrome of Control. Lindsey Williams, who rubbed shoulders with some of these men, studies how the mind-set of power is in a different realm than the common person. Think power, control, and money. Think of men who believe they are special, and that destiny has called them to Lord it over the world.

The Christians are manipulated to fight each other. The various nations pretend to feud with each other, concealing the fact they are puppets on strings with the same Master. The democrats and republicans feud with each other, when the real power has nothing to do with their pretended power struggles. Many straw-monsters are created, and pretended power struggles, and senseless conflicts, simply to mask the steady growth of the one-world-power. This strategy is taught in military colleges as Divide and Conquer.

Our self-deception is one of the One-World-Powers best allies.


When the profane non-Masonic world uncovers some Masonic ritual, or Masonic act, then the uncovering is taken as proof that there was no deception. "Why [supposedly] was there no deception? Because the world was able to uncover things." Obviously such thinking believes we are only deceived when we are unaware that we have been deceived. This thinking can be summed up, We have never found anything that the Masons have successfully covered up. And because we have been able to discover things, then there must not have been a serious attempt to hide things.


Our self-deception is one of the Power’s best allies.

The truth simply needs to be suppressed, and fictions embellished somewhat to fool most people. For instance, suppress the actual figures of how many Masons are in government positions, and embellish fictions of how many anti or non-Masons are in government. Masonic statements to such effect don’t mention how those non-Masons allowed in government still fit into their plans and power structure. Grand Orient Masons are not on the rolls of American Lodges, although they are Masons. Masons pretend to the public that those Americans with only European lodge memberships are not Masons. Further, a man bought off by the Masons is just as much theirs as one who is a member but they can say he is not a Mason. Or again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish involvement in the Masons, and stress the fiction of anti-Jewish lodges. Or again, suppress the actual figures of Jewish Masonic involvement with Communism, and stress the fiction of anti-Semitism in Russia. The show case propaganda in communist countries of anti-semitism works well to hide the overwhelming figures of Jews within the communist power structure.

Still, this Author’s experience is that many Christians would rather listen to men who have repeatedly sworn to deceive than to read what the Masons actually teach. Why? It is discomforting to them to disturb their secure feeling in this present system. They don’t want to learn that their present system is an elaborate myth, concealing and insulating the world power from anything that might oppose it.

The Mason Rev. Dr. William Dodd in a speech to brother Masons to open a new Masonic temple in 17 94 traced Freemasonry from "the first astronomers on the plains of Chaldea, the wise and mystic kings and priests of Egypt, the sages of Greece and philosophers of Rome." Whether or not this would be historically correct if one looks from 17 94 backward in Masonic history, it clearly shows that even in 17 94 the Freemasons did desire to identify themselves with the Mystery Religions of the ancient pagans.

Let us examine one Masonic deception- that their organization was or is Christian. (See chapter 1.17 for more on Masonic deception.) Recently, Episcopalian theologian Dr. Morey wrote a book declaring Freemasonry’s origin and early history to be Christian. Today, Masons are still leading people to believe it is a Christian institute. Morey’s book has been in Christian book stores. According to Morey, his book is popular with Masons, and is to be advertised in a Masonic magazine. This Episcopalian Theologian with Masonic friends, says that his permission to visit the best Masonic library was because the Masons were blinded just like when Brother Andrew went into Communist countries. He says they never once asked in weeks of his research who he was. Indeed, they opened up locked documents and made suggestions as to what he could see.11

This Author and others have repeatedly been told by official representatives of the Scottish Rite that no-one except Masons with special permission are allowed to use such libraries. This Author and others know that they do ask who people are. They don’t just allow anyone in. Also in this Author’s research experience almost everywhere he has researched at, i.e. at Public Libraries, the Patent Office, etc., he has experienced numerous requests for I.D. or his signature. The reader can draw his own conclusions, but it is the opinion of this Author that it is highly possible the grossly misleading research of Morey’s book, was a setup, aided by his Masonic friends who asked their library to play dumb, break the rules, and assist (guide) this research. There are other suspicious items about the book, but it will take time to follow them up.


Yes, I agree, Be Wise As Serpents conclusions sound outrageous AT FIRST. But after the reader is aware of this book’s contents though, then the testimony of those who have confided to this Author of their participation in the conspiracy of the major religions to bring the One-World-Religion will be seen to be credible.


It is true that there are several centers of power upon the earth. However, these groups have made alliances and together create the New World Order. A One-World-Government already exists. Even though the world is ruled by a secret world government, the world has not willingly consented to this. H.G. Wells, who spent his life planning how this One-World-State would come into power and function, fully expected today’s situation in his timetable, "The World Council was in effective possession of world power, but not in unchallenged possession. Even in 2000 C.E., nineteen-twentieths of mankind were still unassimilated to the organization. If the world was not rebellious, it was mutinous, and there were plenty of alert and intelligent people in opposition, ... to the reconditioning of human affairs on Modern State lines."12

The reader is familiar with how two royal blood lines can be joined by marriage, to produce a new royal blood line containing both lineages. This principle has been used a great deal in creating the unified One-World-Government of today.

The Black Nobility is a group of nobility that traces back to the Roman Emperors. Many of the royalty of Europe belong to the Black Nobility. The Knights of Malta are one of the Black Nobility’s secret orders. The Order of the Knights of Malta helps continue the cohesion of the Nobility as a group. This Black Nobility have formed an alliance with two major groups, the Jewish blood line of the House of David, and the group of International Bankers who are practicing Satanism. The merging of these three groups has created a unity called the New World Order. A host of other organizations are built upon this nucleus. Freemasonry is one of the fundamental ones.

The Jewish blood line (considered to be not only the House of David but to contain the Royal blood line of Jesus) has been preserved by the secret order the Prieure de Sion.

The Satanists have been actively working through groups that are illuminized. There are groups are called the Illuminati. There are also individuals (usually at the head of Gnostic religious groups--see chapter 1.3) who are Illuminati. One main Rosicrucian group is called the Church of Illumination.

The three groups- the Black Nobility, the Satanists, and the claimed Blood Line of Jesus- have an outer group of about 500 men who assemble once a year. This group is nicknamed the Bilderbergers. Although the heads of some of the largest newspapers attend, and their meetings are newsworthy, the media do not cover their super secret meetings. (More about the Bilderbergers in chapter 2.12).

The center of power geographically resides in Great Britian.13 That does not mean New York, Zurich, Rome, Paris and Moscow, etc. aren’t important. These cities also are centers of their power.

Through a vast number of organizations the world has been brought under their control. Some of their organizations like the Boy Scouts or the Order of the Antelope14 play little part in the control of humankind and their construction of a one-world- religion. While others like the Order of the B’nai B’rith and the Order of the Skull and Bones play major roles. The One-World-Power has used and is using foreign cults and secret societies that Americans rarely hear about like the Hung and Triad secret societies in China, and the Tenri Kenjukai in Japan.

As a reference to help the reader get started, a list of some major groups is now provided.
(This author has files on hundreds of organizations and sects. The number of religious groups and secret fraternal organizations, and New Age organizations started by the One-world-power is simply fantastic. See chapter 2.. for a chart showing some).


The Order of B’nai B’rith -
Although its strictly Jewish membership is not secret anymore, the inner workings at the top are. It’s purpose is to organize, unify, and direct the Jewish people. It also directs Christian clergymen and Freemasons at times. Its militant arm is the JDL and ADL. It also has Hillel and some other all-Jewish organizations included in its membership. Although it claims to represent all Jews, it has promoted the liberal "Reformed" Jewish movement. The Order has around 500,000 members and 3,500 local lodges.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn -
An illuminated Satanic group that worked with the German Thule Society, related to the O.T.O. Reportedly directed by the Rothschild family. (See chapter 3.3) This was a branch of the Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Many groups developed from the Golden Dawn including Stella Matutina (Morning Star). The Morning Star is Lucifer.

Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees (AMDGC) -
The council controls the various allied degrees. It works fourteen degrees: Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Grand Tyler of Solomon, Red Branch of Eri, Ye Ancient Order of Corks, and other degrees. It’s subordinate groups are called councils.

Grand Orient -
This is a type of Masonry which is almost global, but based in Europe. It is blatantly occultic, and sponsors revolutions. It maintains strong ties with all the other branches of Masonry incl. British Masonry. The French Grand Orient is the mother lodge directing other G.O. in other countries. Funds for the assassination of the Archduke in 1914 traveled from Paris to Rome between the Grand Orients on behalf of the Alliance Israelite Universelle.15

The Group -
Based at Oxford University, this group’s initiates form part of the Illuminati’s British elite.

Jason Society -
A branch of the Order of the Quest, this secret group is extremely powerful in the United States. Some of its men sit on MJ-12, the body that rules the United States for the New World Order.

Jesuits, the Society of Jesus -
This is the Catholic branch of the Illuminati. Black masses are performed at the higher levels. Only the higher echelons are aware of the Illuminati contacts. There are about 28,000 Jesuits worldwide. They have been primary agents to change Christianity into Marxism through Liberation Theology.

Knights of Malta -
This order preserves the cohesion of the "Black" nobility, the European aristocracy that dominated Europe for many centuries, the head family traces itself back to the Roman emperors. Not all Knights of Malta members have connections to the Black nobility though, only about half of the 10,000 members are Black nobility. (Another Black nobility group in Europe is the Club of Rome with a small select group of about 75.) Typically, U.S. Govt.envoys to the Vatican are Knights of Malta.

Mizraim Rite (of Freemasonry) and the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion) -
These two closely related groups are guarding the lineage of a future messiah to rule the world. The Mizraim Rite is almost exclusively jwish. The Prieure de Sion is primarily in Scotland, Britian, U.S., Canada, and France. France has about 43 members, of the 9,731 members. The Prieure de Sion is divided into the Legion (charged with the Apostolate) and the Phalange (charged with the guardian of the tradition.) The Prieure de Sion has nine levels of initiation.

Palladium Rite - 
A secret rite that extends globally. This super­rite is sold out to Lucifer and controls Freemasonry behind the scenes. Both men and women are members. Its triangles (lodges) are in the major cities.

Independent Order of Oddfellows -
This group is designed for the lower classes and minorities. Because its members are not often in powerful positions, it functions less as a powerhouse fraternity than does Freemasonry, but places more emphasis on the occult for the lower levels.

Order of the Quest -
This is the group in charge of preserving their plan for world domination. (The name used here for this order is the one Manly P. Hall used for it, it-- like other groups-- most likely it has an esoteric name also.) Several groups mentioned in this list play important roles for the Order of the Quest.

Scroll & Key Fraternity -
Based at Yale, this is a secondary group which also provides some leadership for the Illuminati along with Wolf’s Head.

Skull & Bones Order (Russell Trust) -
Based at Yale, this group is one source of American leadership. It is part of the larger "Brotherhood of Death." Exactly 15 members are added each year. (Previous to 1860 the number initiated varied.) There are about 600 active members currently. In the last 150 years about 2500 Yale graduates have been initiated into this super-secret society. Some members, perhaps exceptions, have been initiated away from Yale. Most are descended from the early Puritan families, and are tied to the Unitarian/Universalist movement. These older S&B families have formed blood alliances with wealthy families such as the Rockefellers. (See Chapter 2.3)

Thule Society -
Based in Germany, this group was the primary German Illuminati group prior to W.W. II. This Society recruited German leaders including Adolf Hitler who they placed in charge of their Nazi party. Their symbol was the swastika, which was then also used by their daughter organization the Nazi party. Saturn was an important god, so their lodges met on Saturday. It was associated with the Prussian Freemasonic Lodges which were opposed to the western or Jewish Masonic lodges.

York Rite Sovereign College (the YRSC) -
A partial supreme council for the York Rite, organized into at least 57 colleges. Membership is by invitation only, and the insignia of the order is the pentagon. It’s has an annual "General Assembly", and headquarters in Detroit, MI.  


[FIG. 5- needs to be computer drawn somehow -5x7.5]
[Description FIGURE 5 -simplified diagram of orders & rites of Masonry- see diagram]

>> Short and long names are each in alphabetical order <<

Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots
Daughters of the Eastern Star
Daughters of Mokanna
Federation of Masons of the World
Grand College of Rites of the USA
Grottoes of North America
Heroes of '76
Heroines of Jerico
High Twelve International
Independent Order of Owls
Jason Society
Knights of the Globe
Masonic Life Association
Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries
National Sojourners, Inc.
The Order of Amaranth
Order of the Bath
Order of the Builders
The Order of DeMolay
Order of Desoms
Order of Eastern Star
Order of the Golden Key
Order of the Knight Masons
The Philalethes Society
Royal Order of Jesters

Ancient Order of Knights of the Mystic Chain
Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in N.A.
The Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour
Daughters of the Nile, Supreme Temple
George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association
International General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters
International Order of Job's Daughters
International Order of Rainbow Girls
International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.
Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America
The National League of Masonic Clubs
The Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars
The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
Social Order of the Beauceant Tall Cedars of Lebanon




The following pages will discuss selected aspects of the history and development of Freemasonry and related groups.
These selections will help you to understand the story of the New World Order.


The St. Clair Charters of 1601 and 1628 are interesting. William St. Clair, who was part of the Prieure de Sion, and a descendent of the St. Clairs of Roslin was given the right to govern the Masons.

[FIG. 6 Charles Radcliffe Pasteup 3.25 x 2.5]


Charles Radclyffe was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion from 1727-1746.16 "It is probable that Scottish Rite Freemasonry was originally promulgated, if not indeed devised, by Charles Radclyffe."17 It seems also most likely that Charles Radclyffe was one of the "unknown superiors" (likely the head one) of a German nobleman Baron Karl Gottheif von Hund18 (1722-1776) who is well known to have created the Rite of Strict Observance.19 According to von Hund, a Grand Master of a super secret order authorized him to start the Rite of Strict Observance. The Rite of Strict Observance entered France in 1758 under the name of Council of the Emperiors of the East and West, and three years later authorized Stephen Morin to take the rite to the four corners of the earth.20 With his Charter of Authority, Morin went to Jamaica, where he initiated the Jew, Moses M. Hayes. Hays went to Charleston, SC. The Rite that Hays established had only the 25 degrees that Von Hund had offered.21 The Rite of Perfection is now known as the Scottish Rite, and in around 1802, the authorization was given to allow Masons to progress in eight more degrees.22 Another early branch of the Rite of Perfection had 32 degrees, and this contradiction was eventually worked out. The result is that Scottish Freemasonry has 32 degrees for most worthy Masons to achieve, with 33 special men chosen to an advanced 33 degree. In addition to this, numerous men are made honorary 33° Masons. The Scottish Rite Lodges are still referred to as the Rite of Strict Observance.

The Prieure de Sion recruits it own special ones from the upper reaches of the Scottish Rite. After the Scottish Rite men can procede to the Rite of Mizriam, which also has ties to the Prieure de Sion. The upper grades of the Scottish Rite are the lower degrees of the Prieure de Sion, according to M. Jean-Luc Chaumeil, a man who had contact with the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion and was familiar with that Society.23 Also according to Jean-Luc Chaumeil, whose knowledge of the Prieure de Sion is obviously of merit and worthy of attention, the Prieure de Sion is generally Jewish but a few non-Jewish members are admitted.24

Why would a man like Chaumeil leak information about this powerful Jewish society which is claimed to guard the holy blood lineage of King David and Jesus Christ? Because the time is close when the most powerful "Jews" in the world plan to reestablish a King-Priest to rule the world. People must be given a chance to believe in this purported blood descendent of Jesus Christ. In order to legitimatize their story, they have orchestrated a complex series of "leaks", which has revealed the existence of their Order and its antiquity. Whether their story line that they have guarded the royal blood line is true or not, it has enough truth in it to fool most people. It is and will be one of the best orchestrated hoaxes of history. By uniting both the Christians and Jews behind this Messiah, they can rule the world with the religious blessings of the masses. Now the reader begins to see the significance, that the present day Pope is Jewish, a Freemason, and working with the Prieure de Sion.25

[FIG. 7 picture of square and compass becoming the seal of Solomon
PASTEUP 1.6 x 5]
[FIG. 8 charter]
THE SQUARE & COMPASS. This is only one of many examples like this.

FIG . 9


The Prieure de Sion is specifically tied to the blood line purported to be of Jesus of the House of David. The various orders of Freemasonry also relate to the lineage of the House of David.

For instance we learn from 33° Mackey, "So that now almost all the symbolism of Freemasonry rests upon or is derived from the "House of the Lord" at Jerusalem. So closely are the two connected, that to attempt to separate the one from the other would be fatal to the further existence of Masonry. Each lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master in the chair a representative of the Jewish king; and every Mason a personation of the Jewish workman."26

In the big book Masonic History of the Northwest written by some past Grand Masters we are told:     "In the English organization of the Chapter the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King, though nominally a tributary Prince, first under the Persian King Cyrus and afterward reason of the war of the Revolution for American Independence, caused the word Royal to be looked upon with disfavor by patriotic American Masons; and, as Oliver, the English Masonic historian, truly says in his ’Historical Landmarks:’

"Our transatlantic Brethren,[Americans] impelled probably by a dislike to royalty, have deposed Zerrubbabel from the first chair and place the High Priest in his place, giving the King only the second throne, which is evidently erroneous; and they have also greatly injured the force of the illustration of the triple office of the MESSIAH, by substituting a scribe for a prophet in the third chair."27

Masons have looked forward to the Jewish goal of rebuilding the Jewish temple. It is a theme repeatedly pushed in the Masonic temples. An example of this is the Scottish Rite article by 33° Mason Charles L. Bachtel entitled "Where Is King Solomon’s Temple". "Until the arrival of the day when the Temple is located and reconstructed for the use of all mankind, we should carry the symbol of the Temple in our hearts."28

[FIGURE 9 Picture of the interior of a Royal Arch Lodge showing the banners of the 12 tribes of Israel, SCAN 7 x 6.5.]


Because there has been such a powerful cover-up of the role Jews have played in Freemasonry, this subject must be dealt with. The Reformed Rabbi Gotthold Saloman wrote that Freemasonry was more a Jewish movement in origin than Christian. However, as is so often the case today, Jews can say things about themselves which if Gentiles, the Goy, say the same thing, then the non-Jews are in serious trouble.

The initial formation by four Masonic lodges in 1717 of the first public Grand Lodge, included several Jewish Masons as participants. These were Marranos Jews (Jews converted to Christianity) and included Mendez, de Medina, Alvarez, and Baruch.29 In other words, Jews were there from the start. A look at the seals of the various Masonic groups in England in the 18th century reveals a Jewish or magical influence. (See illustrations of early Masonic seals with the Star of David, etc.)

[FIGURE 10 Seals of the early Grand Lodges to be here -PASTE UP 3 disks of 2" diameter side by side.]

Many books, including Morey’s recent one, portray the American lodges as anti-Jewish. This is a smokescreen. The only Grand Lodge that was really anti-Jewish was the Prussian Grand Lodge which eventually transformed itself into the Thule Society and then into the Nazi Party. The reason that the Prussian Lodges became concerned in the early 19th century about Jewish control of Freemasonry could be a book in itself, but was based on several items, 1. being close to the several radical Jewish movements in Poland and the German States the Germans were more aware of what was taking place, 2. in Germany warnings were given by ex-Masons and Masons, 3. German authors like Johann Christian Ehrmann in 1816, Eduard Emil Eckert (Der Freimaurer-Orden in seiner wahren Bedeutung, c. 1850), and Georg Michael Pachtler to name a few wrote books warning the Germans about Freemasonry and the power of Jews within the lodges.

A close examination by reliable Masonic, Jewish, and other sources reveals that the Jews have indeed played an important part in the Masonic lodges since their beginning. A person today will witness for instance such things as the Feast of Tishri observed by for instance the Arkansas Lodge of Perfection.30


The first early lodges in the various European nations of Scotland, England, German states, and France built upon a number of existing organizations. Various secret societies were built upon. Although it is beyond the scope of this chapter to explain Masonry’s early history, it will be found in the Knight’s Templar groups, in the secret societies of Europe and the Middle East (including the Order called Roshaniya, the Assassins, & Sufism), the Rosicrucians, the Prieure de Sion, the Mystery Religions (including the evolution of the Mazdains to Mithraism to Manicheanism to Freemasonry), witchcraft, and Platonic humanists and philosophers.

Not only were the Masonic Rites formed from the early secret societies, but the secrecy of the Lodges encouraged and provided a forum for men of all types of anti-Christian persuasions, including - but not limited - to the Jews. John Robison, a Mason and a leading intellect of his day, exposed the conspiracy of Illuminized Masonry to take over the world and destroy Christianity in 1789.

After decades of working closely with these men and listening to them in the Lodges he writes about the activities of these men, "...although in direct opposition to a standing rule, and a declaration made to every newly received Brother, ’that nothing touching the religion or government shall ever be spoken of in the Lodge.’ But the Lodges in other countries quickly followed the example of France, and have frequently become the rendezvous of innovators in religion and politics, and other disturbers of the public peace. In short, I have found that the covert of a Mason Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and propagating sentiments in religion and politics, that could not have been circulated in public without exposing the author to great danger. I found, that this impunity [freedom due to Masonry’s secrecy] had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality..."31 "...under the protection of Masonic secrecy, they planned schemes... they formed associations in opposition to the... superstitions of the church....The church dreaded the consequences, and endeavored to suppress the Lodges. But in vain.... the rigours of the church only served to knit the Brethren [Masonic Brethren] more firmly together... The Lodges became schools of skepticism and infidelity, and the spirit of conversion or proselytism [to spread Masonic Dogma] grew every day stronger. "32

Robison found in his attendance of Masonic meetings that even some of the Church officials like the Prince Bishop of Liege at the Loge de la Parfaite Intelligence mocked and attacked the church in his talks given at the Masonic Lodge and this while many of the other Lodge members were dignitaries in the church.33 This type of thing is still continuing. Today some of the most important "Christian" ministers who are Masons have only contempt for Christianity once they have the Lodge’s secrecy to talk.

The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia states, "Early European Jewish settlers in the U.S. were amongst the most enthusiastic masons and the...first lodge in Newport, R.I....[was established by them]".34 Indeed, the St. John’s Lodge of Newport was one of the first lodges in the colonies.35

Charlestown, S.C. became a "capital" or a nerve center of Freemasonry for a number of reasons. The city of Charlestown, S.C. had the largest Jewish population of any U.S. city in 1800.36 It was also an early strong point for the Unitarian church whose congregation originated in Charlestown in 1772 .37 Further, Charlestown was a cosmopolitan commercial center with strong French ties. (The Rite of Perfection came from France to Charlestown via the West Indies.) The Scottish Rite’s Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection was created in Charlestown in 1783. Also the Order of Palladium (the Palladium Rite) had been started soon after 173 0 in Charlestown.39 (The significance of this last point will been seen later.)

One of the original founders of the Mother Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, at Charleston, S.C. was Abraham Alexander. Abraham Alexander was the chazan (reader) for the Bayh Elohim Jewish Congregation,40 and later a Rabbi.41

Another Jew involved in founding the Scottish Rite at Charleston was Moses C. Levy. He was a man of great learning who became the president of the Bayh Elohim congregation.42

The Inspector General appointed by the Grand Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret to oversee Masonry in the British colonies in the New World was Stephen Morin, a Jew. Morin was joined by the Jewish Mason Moses M. Hays in Jamaica. Moses M. Hayes established the Sublime Lodge of Perfection in Boston, Mass.43 The Jewish Mason Abraham Da Costa worked with Morin to establish Masonry in Charleston, S.C.44 They set up the King Solomon Lodge. Morin forged Frederick the Great’s signature on his Masonic documents to gain credibility. Another Jewish Mason, Isaac Dacosta, in 1758 working with Moses M. Hayes established the St. Andrew Lodge in Boston, and helped out in S. Car. Dacosta helped establish the Charleston Lodge of Perfection, and served as one of its Grand Masters. Joseph M. Meyers, another Jewish Mason was his successor.45 The Jew Moses Cohen, who was originally initiated into Masonry in Philadelphia, was one of the first members of the Mother Lodge in Charleston.

From the two mother lodges in Boston and Charleston, S.C. came many of the Scottish Rite lodges.46 Charleston, S.C. would also be known as the cradle of Reformed Judaism. Interestingly, the Jew Isaac Harby who fathered Reformed Judaism in Charleston is called "Pallas Athena" in the Jewish author Max Dimont’s book The Jews in America, (Simon & Schuster, 1978), p. 93. The significance of this will be discussed soon.

And Charleston, S.C. would be the place the Civil War conflict began. Mason Brig. Gen.Beauregard ordered the first shots on Fort Sumpter.

One other prominant Jewish founder of the Mother Supreme Council, of the Scottish Rite was Israel de Lieben, a prosperous Jewish merchant.47 And yet another Masonic merchant who participated in establishing the Mother Supreme Lodge, believed to be Jewish and having a monopoly on the world’s Indigo (purple dye) trade, was Moses Lindo.48




So far we have mentioned a few of those Jewish Masons who were involved with the founding of the Mother Supreme Lodge in Charleston, S.C. (there were other Jewish Masons): Abraham Alexander, Abraham Dacosta, Isaac Dacosta, Moses Cohen, Moses C. Levy, Israel de Lieben, Moses Lindo, Joseph M. Meyers, and last but not least Stephen Morin. (This explains why this Author slightly winces when he hears the oft said remark that the Jews had nothing to do with early Freemasonry.)

A quick overview of the eleven founders of the Supreme Council 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite:

Rabbi Abraham Alexander (33°)-Jewish

Emanuel De La Motta (33°)-Jewish

Israel De Lieben (33°)-Jewish

Moses Levy (33°)-Jewish

Dr. Isaac Auld (33°)-Presbyterian

Dr. Frederick Dalcho (33°)-Episcopalian

Dr. James Moultrie (33°)-Scot who studied at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

de Grasse (33°)-French aristocrat active with Grand Orient Masonry Jean B. Delahogue (33°)-Frenchman

Mitchell & Bowen (both 33°)-two men born in Ireland.49

Hezekiah Levy, a Jewish Mason, was one of the earliest members of the Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 to which President George Washington would join.50

Jews played prominant roles in the lodges in America and Europe. For instance, the English Grand Lodge’s Coat of Arms was designed by Jewish Mason J.J. Leon Templo.51 In 1717, when Anderson’s Constitution began to be drawn up, the Constitution not only included parts of Egyptian and Pythagorian thought, but also included the two pillars Jachin and Boaz which derive from Jewish Rabbinical tradition concerning Solomon’s temple.

The German Jewish Mason Moses Mendelsohn (1729-1796) was a friend of the Mason philosopher Kant and was himself a very famous philosopher. He has been called the "German Socrates." He wrote a metaphysical book Abhandlung uber die Evidenz in den Metaphysichen Wissenschaften.52 Another Jewish Mason, Karl L. Reinhold, was also a philosopher and friend of Kant. He published Letters on the Philosophy of Kant, and the book The Hebrew Mysteries or the Oldest Religious Freemasonry. This later book explains that Moses got his religious system from the Egyptians, and that Freemasonry derives from that lineage. Remember, that Moses practiced magic.53

 Below is the List of Officers Elected by the Royal Lodge of the commanders of the Temple, for the Orient of Cabcassone, to direct the labors from the 24th day of the fourth month of the year of G: L: 5785 to the same day of the year 5786.

Many of the Lectures of the Sublime degrees contain an epitome of the arts and sciences, and in their history many valuable and important facts are recorded, obtained from authentic archives in the possession of our society, and which, from the manner of their communication can never be mutilated or corrupted. This is an object of the first magnitude in a society whose principles and practices should be invariable? Much variety and irregularity has unfortunately crept into the Blue degrees, in consequence of the want of Masonic knowledge in many of those who, preside over their meetings, and it is particularly so with those, who are unacquainted with the Hebrew language, in which all the Words and Pass-Words are given. So essentially necessary is it for a man of science to preside over Lodges that much injury may arise from the smallest de­viation in the ceremony of initiation, or in the Lectures of instruction. We read in the book of Judges, that the transposition of a single point over the Sbeez; in consequence of a national, defect among the Ephraimites designated the Cowans, and led to the slaughter of forty-two thousand. The Sublime figure of the Divinity formed in the Fellow-Crafts degree, can be elegantly illustrat­ed, only by those who possess some knowledge of the Talmud. Most of the Words in the Sublime degrees are derived from the Chaldean Hebrew and Latin languages.

The various translations which the Symbolic degrees have undergone since their first establish­ment, from one language to another, and that; oftentimes by men illiterate even in their mother tongue, is another cause of the variety which we lament. Not so the superior degrees, they appear in that Sublime dress which their founders gave them; skilled in science and embellished by genius. Many of the Sublime degrees are founded on the polite arts, and unfold a mass of information of the first importance to Masons.

Although many of the Sublime degrees are in fact, a continuation of the Blue degrees, yet there is no interference between the two bodies. Throughout the continent of Europe, and the West-Indies, where they are very generally known, they are acknowledged and encouraged. The Sublime Masons never initiate any into the blue degrees, without a legal warrant obtained for that purpose from a Symbolic Grand Lodge; but they communicate the secrets of the Chair to such applicants, who have not already received it, previous to their initiation into the Sublime Lodge, but they are, at the same time informed, that it does not give them rank as Past Masters in the Grand Lodge.

The Sublime Grand Lodge, sometimes called the Inessable Lodge or the Lodge of Perfection extends from the 4th to the 14th degree inclusive which last is the degree of Perfection. 16th degree is the Grand Council of Princes of Jerusalem, who hold jurisdiction over the 15th degree, called Knights of the East, and also over the Sublime Grand Lodge, and is to them, what a Symbolic Grand Lodge is to the subordinate Lodges. Without a warrant and Constitution re­gularly issued by them, or by an higher Council of Inspector, they are deemed irregular and are punished accordingly. All the degrees above the 16th are under the jurisdiction of the supreme Council of Grand Inspectors General, who are Sovereigns of Masonry. When it is necessary to establish the Sublime degrees in a Country where they are unknown, a Brother of the 29th degree, which is called K. H. is appointed Deputy Inspector General, over the district. He selects from among the Craft such Brethren as he believes will do honor to the society, and communicates the Sublime degrees to as many as is necessary for the first organization of the Lodge, when they elect their own officers, and govern themselves by the Constitution, and warrant which is furnished them. The jurisdiction of a Lodge of Perfection, is twenty-five Leagues.

It is well known that about 27,000 Masons accompanied the Christian Princes in the Crusades, to recover the Holy land from the Infidels. While in Palestine, they discovered several important Masonic manuscripts, among; the descendants of the ancient Jews, which enriched our Archives with authentic written records, and on which, some of our degrees are founded.

In the years 5304 and 5311, some very extraordinary discoveries were made, and occurrences took place, which renders the Masonic History of that period, of the highest importance. A period dear to the Masons heart, who is zealous in the cause of his Order, his Country and his "God."

A New York Jewish Mason Haym Saloman (1740-1785) helped finance the American Revolution for the Americans, and was noted to have given financial aid to many of the revolutionary leaders including Jefferson, Madison, and Randolph. Arrested by the British, he somehow got free and escaped to American lines.5

While the Jewish Mason Saloman financed the Americans, the Jewish family of the Rothschilds (who participated in secret societies) were making large sums of money from the American Revolution due to their banking arrangements with the Elector of Hesse, who rented German troops to the German British Monarch to fight the Americans.

[figure 10a PHOTOCOPY 2 X 6.5]


[FIGURE 11 picture of French Lodge Document with Franklin's name PHOTOCOPY 7.2 5 x 4.3]



A very famous Jewish Mason, born in Boston to descendants of the Puritan tradition is Benjamin Franklin. His father and mother were Josiah and Abiah Franklin. Benjamin Franklin contributed to the Mikveh Israel Jewish congregation in Philadelphia.55 But Franklin did not practice Judiasm. He did practice the occult, and things that would be weird to Christians. He became the head of the very occultic Grand Orient Freemasons when he was in France. Franklin's life was surrounded by Freemasons. Franklin's role in the establishment and promotion of Freemasonry is overwhelming. His role in the destruction of Christianity is quite unknown.

Franklin's career as a Freemason is shrouded in mystery. This Author has in his library the somewhat rare book, Benjamin Franklin as a Freemason by Julius Sachse (J.F. Sachse is the last of a line of Sachses in the World Order.) This leading Masonic scholar writes, "To write the history of Franklin as a Freemason is virtually to chronicle the early Masonic history of America....A great difficulty, however, here confronts us, notwithstanding the prominence of FRANKLIN in Pennsylvania Freemasonry; strange as it appears, he does not mention a word of his Masonic connections or career in his Autobiography, or in any of his correspondence, with but two exceptions, so far as known. This omission is the more remarkable when we look at his Masonic career while in France during the later years of his life. There, his activity and intimacy with the Brethren was intimate and close, both personal and official, FRANKLIN taking an active part in their proceedings, even advancing to the so-called higher degrees."56

In spite of all his many duties, Benjamin Franklin was "never absent from a [Masonic] meeting."57 The Masonic Lodge played such a big role in Franklin's life, and yet Franklin never even hints about Freemasonry in his autobiography. The editor of his autobiography points out that Franklin tried to portray an unreal persona in his autobiography, but one that Franklin felt people would want to emulate.5 If Masonry is so virtuous, one wonders why it plays no role in his autobiography which was written on purpose to create an image worthy of emulation.

Benjamin Franklin was the founder of the American Philosophical Society.59 He was also a Rosicrucian.60 In Feb. 1730, it appears he was initiated into St. John's Lodge of Philadelphia.61 And in 1727, he started the secret revolutionary political society called the Leather Apron Club which changed its name in 1731 to Junto, and took on the appearance of being a literary society.62 The same year that this "literary" society changed its name, the St. John's Masonic Lodge that Franklin belonged to got in touch with the Grand Lodge of London whose Grand Master the Duke of Norfolk appointed Daniel Coxe. Daniel Coxe advised the Masons when he arrived of a plan for the federation of the colonies.63 In 1754, while deputy Grand Master, Franklin unveiled at Albany, NY to his brother Masons his plan to unite all the colonies under one government.64 Albany was the site of one the earliest Scottish Rite's Lodge of Perfection.

Between Jan 21, 1769 and Jan. 21, 1772 a series of inflammatory letters called The Letters of Junius, which were written in England, were circulated through out the American colonies. The letters advanced those causes that the colonists would declare to be the causes of their revolution, human rights, freedom of the press, and taxation without representation. The letters were read by Franklin and many of the Masons who initiated the American Revolution. The man who wrote these letters according to his niece, was the Reverend James Wilmot (1726-1808) a Mason and rector of Barton-on-the-Heath, in Warwickshire in 1785. He also was the first person to publicly name Bacon as the author of Shakespeare's works.65 He also apparently was in contact with the Lodge of Nine Sisters in France that Franklin would join in 1777.66

"Historians have never ceased to wonder at the enormous psychological influence which Franklin exercised in colonial politics. But up to the present day, few indeed are those who have realized that the source of his power lay in the secret societies to which he belonged and which he was the appointed spokesman."67

Independence Hall which became the famous center of the Revolution was built by the Masons. It is believed by some that the Mason Benjamin Franklin laid its cornerstone, others say it was another Freemason instead.

(For more on the American Revolution, the Masons, and what the history books are lacking see chapter 3.4)


Some of Franklin's Masonic brothers in France were impressed by the rituals, etc., that he thought up for a new religion.

Turning our attention to a different aspect of Franklin's, in a statement of beliefs Franklin states, "I conceive then, that the INFINITE has created many beings or Gods... It may be that these created Gods are immortal; or it may be that after many Ages, they are changed, and others Supply their Places."68

Not only were Franklin's beliefs not Christian, but in the later years of his life all the Christian standards were violated, so that it is really a travesty of honest reporting, that Franklin is held up by so many as a role model for Protestants. The distortions in the popular history books about Franklin are but a microcosm of the distortions that history books in general suffer from.


His mother was very concerned that he had joined the Freemasons, and strongly objected. In diplomatic double-talk he advised her not to worry about what she didn't know about. "As to the Freemasons, unless she will believe me when I assure her that they are in general a very harmless sort of People; and have no principles or Practices that are inconsistent with Religion or good Manners, I know no Way of giving my Mother a better Opinion of them than she seems to have at present (since it is not allow'd that Women should be admitted into that secret Society)... I must entreat her to suspend Judgment till she is better inform'd,..."69 To paraphrase— So Mom I can't tell you anything more, but don't judge until you're well informed about us.


There have been numerous small groups of Rosicrucians of various kinds. (See the diagram) The purpose stated by one of the principal Rosicrucian groups: "The Fraternity is now entirely devoted to philosophical research, spiritual training and Occult Initiation."70 The famous Jewish magician Eliphas Levi (self-named Zahed)71 was the Supreme Grand Master of the Rosicrucians in 1861, when the next Supreme Grand Master, the American Dr. P.B. Randolph was chosen.72 Eliphas Levi was a deep student of the Kaballah, and wrote many books on magic, including the History of Magic. His 1896 edition of Transcendental Magic carries a big illustration of the "Star of David." One hostile biographer claimed he charged up to 25 Francs to give clients prophecies from Lucifer.73 Lytton knew Levi. Lytton tried to establish a magic society in London, which Madame Blavatsky became acquainted with.74 (Magic, the Jewish Cabala, and Freemasonry are connected. A large number of famous magicians have been Jewish Freemasons.)75

This Rosicrucian group had an Order which in England was called The Order of the Rose, in France L'Ordre du Lis, and in America The Order of the Lily. During the Civil War, the Rosicrucian Council of Three of the Order of the Lily consisted of Paschal Beverly Randolph, General Ethan Allen Hitchcock (his mother was the Mason Ethan Allen's daughter), and Abraham Lincoln.76 It is well known that Lincoln and his wife had seances, etc. in the White House. Abraham Lincoln's wife was especially into spiritism. Rev. Cole of the Church of Illumination writes in The Light of Life, "Abraham Lincoln also received his training in the Regeneration, in like manner, under the great Teacher Dr. P.B. Randolph."77

This helps solve one "mystery" about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was never a Mason, but many lodges and individual Masons believed he was.78 Lincoln had been asked to join, but turned down the chance. A French Masonic magazine Monde Maconnique referred to Lincoln as a "member of the Grand Lodge of New York."79 It appears from various reliable Masonic sources that Lincoln was not a Mason. But he was a Rosicrucian. The close affiliation between the two orders, and the overlapping memberships would naturally tend to cloud the issue. During the Civil War, Randolph and Hitchcock, who were close friends, Dr. Alexander Wilder and Abraham Lincoln formed the nucleus of the Rosicrucians in Wash.D.C.80 Hitchcock in a compilation of his notes Fifty Years in Camp and Field alludes to their meetings with the President.

(Lincoln was the man the Rothschilds wanted, for his election provoked secession by the South. Their plans were to control Lincoln. He turned out to be a far greater man than people expected.)


The leadership consists of a Grand Master and a Council of 3 . Underneath this are a Council of 7, Council of 9, and a Council of 21. Their Priests are called Priests of AEth or Priests of Light. They have Round Table discussions, and an Order of Chivalry, the Knights of the Holy Grail. They are associated with the Martinist Order of Freemasonry.


The AMORC group of Rosicrucians headquartered in San Jose, CA and Sussex, England puts a cartouche on the odd-numbered pages of their Rosicrucian Digest. The three symbols represent the following--the bug (the people of the earth) , the crown (the illuminated one), the circle with its dot (the all-seeing eye).

[FIGURE 12 show the Cartouche here PHOTOCOPY 1 x .5]

What then are the major differences between the Masons and this line of Rosicrucians? The Masonic Lodges were known to the public and practice symbolic ritual, the Rosicrucians were secret and were spiritual, " is often given secretly even in our day," and " there are numerous men... receiving instructions from the Great Order unbeknown to their closest friends."81 (This does not apply to AMORC which is less secret.) Masonry was a brotherhood introducing the occult but not demanding any religious growth from the initiate, while the Rosicrucians have always linked "spiritual growth" to the progress of their initiates.

At the time of the Revolution, the Council of Three consisted of Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer and Thomas Paine.82 George Washington received his training in Regeneration from Paul Ardenheim, the Monk of Wissahikon.3 Thomas Jefferson was also a member of the Order, as well as Lafayette, who was initiated in France prior to helping with the American Revolution. Later British King Edward belonged to the Order of the Rose.


There is a great man of history whose life was more mystery than it was known. But certain men, especially Alfred F. Dodd, have broken codes, have uncovered ancient overlooked letters and documents, and have analyzed and put multitudes of tiny pieces together so that the evidence is so great as to be incontrovertible about who this man really was. But it is not likely you know who I am writing about, because Alfred Dodd's books with their evidence have been suppressed by the system.84

I am writing about an extraordinary genius, a great philosopher, a great orator, a great lawyer, and a man of great character. A man who was framed in his old age for a crime he was innocent of, by a ruthless politician.85 A man who gathered the sciences together under the Royal Society.86 The man who wrote the greatest works of English literature,87 and proofread the King James Bible.88 Many of his incredible works of genius are known under his pen-name of William Shakespeare.89 He conjectured ahead of his times that heat was energy in motion, and that light travels very fast.90 He created the modern English language and is responsible for English replacing Latin in the English higher schools.91 He was of royal blood and proper heir to the throne of England.92

He also lived in an age when the shadow of the executioner's block haunted men. It was a day when the heads of those who displeased the Queen were severed and put on public display. He would have lost his head for some of his works written under Shakespeare's name had the Queen been able to identify who wrote the works. Therefore, he wrote much of his works under pseudonyms, and many of his works were published after his death. He concealed his royal identity. He concealed his leadership of secret societies. He concealed the role he played in designing the plans and machinery for the creation of his vision of a New World.

His mother the Queen, ruling when half of her people questioned her legitimacy, feared the repercussions if the truth of her secret marriage and two sons were revealed. Indeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth 1, had almost been beheaded by her own sister, and had watched the first man who she had romanced be beheaded by her father for him being too forward. She had watched baby heirs to the throne be killed. Such barbarism is forgotten, and the Elizabethian age seems now to be only full of the glamour of romance. It was difficult and dangerous times, even for the Queen of England.

Who was this great man? Sir Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Alban, for over two decades the leader of the British Parliament's House of Commons, and later in life, on January 30,1621, a member of the House of Lords, the secret first son of the secret marriage between Lord Robert Dudley and Elizabeth Tudor.

On Left




On 22 January, 1621 in honor of Sir Francis Bacon's sixteenth birthday, a select group of men assembled without fanfare for a great Masonic banquet. This Masonic banquet was to pay tribute to their leader, Sir Francis Bacon. Only those of the Rosicrosse, the Rosicrucians, and the Masons who were already aware of Bacon's leadership role were invited.

Bacon's favorite perfumes had been used. The meeting was at the Great Hall at York House, England (now known as Whitehall) . The tables were T-tables with gleaming white drapery and silver. Flowers decorated the Great Hall.

A dear longtime friend of Bacon's, the famous English Poet Ben Jonson gave a Masonic ode to Bacon that day.-Jonson once remarked something like, "I love the man (Bacon) and do honor his memory above all others."95 First, Ben Jonson toasted his friend. Next, one can picture this man with his strong face and long nose, and full, thick, and wavy hair, and short mustache and beard as he read out his ode in English.

On Francis Bacon's Sixteeth Birthday
Hail! Happy Genius of this Ancient Pile!
How comes it all things so about thee Smile?
The Fire? the Wine? The Men? and in the MIDST
Thou STAND'ST as if some MYSTERY thou didst.96

This ode goes by most of us today, without being told the double meaning it had for those Masons that day. "Hail" was a Masonic sign, a Masonic call. The word Pile also meant spear in those days- -an illusion to Francis Bacon's role as the Happy genius who was Pallas-Athena the Spear-Shaker. Smiles referred to their fellowship in their brotherhood. The Masons would Fire with their glasses, and the Wine refers to their toasts that vent along with their Firing Glasses. As their gathering was all male it refers to the Men. Because Bacon was like a Christ figure Ben uses the wording "in the MIDST." Finally, the word Mystery is full of Masonic connotation. Sir Francis Bacon had revived the Mysteries which only his genius and deep scholarship could have done so well.97


In 1625, Sir Francis Bacon was busy getting his affairs in order. He arranged his private diary of sonnets carefully, and then disarranged them to destroy personal meanings. The private Rosicrosse Press published it for the exclusive use of the heads of the Rosicrosse-Masons. Finally in 17 66, the Mason George Steevens reprinted this Masonic secret book.


The Grand Masters of the Prieure de Sion during those times were:

Robert Fludd (1595-1637),       J. Valentin Andrea (1637-1654),
and Robert Boyle (1654-1691).98

The driving force behind what became the Royal Society, the British scientific society, were:

Robert Fludd,    Robert Boyle,    Wren,     Ashmole,     Locke,    and Sir Thomas Moray.99

Interestingly, all of these men were both Freemasons and Rosicrucians. When King Charles II raised the Academie (which had gone through various names, the Gresham College, The Invisible College of Scientists) to its present status of the Royal Society, Francis Bacon was honored as the "Moses" who had led the Invisible College through its "wilderness."

Sir Francis Bacon knew the Prieure de Sion. He stayed, according to a number of reliable historians, with the Prieure de Sion's Grand-Master-to-be Andrea in Berlin the last years of his life, after faking his death in England.

Sir Francis Bacon is widely known for his Utopian book the New Atlantis. What is not widely known is that it was originally titled The Land of the Rosicrucians. The concept of Atlantis has been preserved by the Mysteries. Sir Francis Bacon and the other leaders of Secret Societies in that day felt the New World held out the best chances to create the New Atlantis.104 Sir Francis Bacon played a leading role in creating the British colonies, especially in Virginia, the Carolina's and Newfoundland.105 The British Masons with the British Empire behind them were entrusted with the Plan to create the New Atlantis.

Bacon's descendants moved to Virginia in 1635, where his descendant Henry Blount took the name Nathaniel Bacon. Nathaniel Bacon, a Master Mason, led a premature revolution called Bacon's Rebellion that prefigured the American Revolution.108 It is true that Freemasons served on both sides of the American Revolution. Naive people think that indicates that the Masons could not have had anything to do with the Revolution.109 On the contrary, the Masons were the primary instigators and leaders of the Revolution, although they allowed others to get involved. The British Masons fighting the rebels actually contributed to eventual independence of the Colonies,110 as did the secret societies in France and Germany.

The Masons claim to know something about Sir Francis Bacon uncovered by excavations done in Williamsburg, Virginia. A vault left by his descendants supposedly gives information about the founding of the United States.111

Some of Sir Francis Bacon's last words known to us, "I have held up a light in the obscurity of Philosophy, which will be seen centuries after I am dead. It will be seen amidst the erection of Tombs, Theaters, Foundations, Temples, of Orders and Fraternities for nobility and obedience,—the establishment of good laws as an example to the World. For I am not raising a Capital or Pyramid to the Pride of men, but laying a foundation in the human Understanding for a holy Temple after the model of the World. For my memory I leave it to Men's charitable speeches, to foreign Nations and the next Ages, and to my own Country after some Time has elapsed."112

At another occasion he said, "I go the same way as the Ancients, but I have something better to offer than the Morality Dramas of the Greeks and the Mystery Ceremonials of the Egyptians." True, he gave part of the Masonic ritual113 and much of it decidedly non-Christian.


The Earl of Leichester, who was Bacon's actual father, had as his physician the magician and Jew Dr. Frederigo Lopez. Christopher Marlowe described Lopez in a dramatization of his career in the book, The Jew of Malta. Marlowe was stabbed to death after the book came out.114 Sir John Dee, who was another magician/doctor, traveled throughout Europe and was the court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth. (See chapter 1.11 about John Dee.)


Bacon describes the Masons in New Atlantis "...amongst the excellent acts of that king, one above all hath the pre-eminence. It was the erection and institution of an order, or society, which we call Solomon's House; the noblest foundation, as we think, that ever was upon the earth..." 115


The idealism, charity, and integrity that characterized Bacon is notably absent today in the inner circle of the One-World-State power. Bacon was a Philosopher. A man who for much of his life was not wealthy or exceptionally powerful. His life was in jeopardy a great deal of the time, although contrary wise, he and those who knew about his secret royal blood were more respectful, never knowing if he might be proclaimed King by his mother the Queen. When James 1 took over the throne from Bacon's mother, to protect his head Bacon wrote a letter to King James 1, delivered through the Secretary of State, renouncing any ambition to the throne, and announcing his decision to marry a commoner.116 By comparison, those who are as prominent today in the One-World-State as Bacon was then are part of a far greater power, and have been corrupted by that power. Technology has made a One-World-State much more ominous. It is possible that Bacon would be aghast at what the One-World-State is going to be.


In 1717, four lodges in London went public. To give the reader the frame of mind that the "new" lodges had, a quote from a Masonic book Defense of Masonry, (1730) is informative as to their view of antiquity. "The System, as taught in the regular Lodges, may have some Redundancies or Defects, occasion'd by the Ignorance or Indolance of the old members. And indeed, considering through what Obscurity and Darkness the MYSTERY has been deliver'd down; ...notwithstanding the great Rust it may have contracted, there is much of the OLD FABRICK remaining..."117

According to Christian researcher Edith Star Miller,118 once Masonry was open to the public, it was to serve as the screen behind which a host of secret societies, whether theurgic or political, would operate clandestinely. In other words, organizations like the secret Palladium Rite of Masonry find it easier to function secretly behind the screen of regular Masonry. Masonry acts as a clearing house for many of the occult organizations. The center switchboard for the various types of Masonic lodges is the Alpina Lodge in Switzerland.

The Sufi mysticism, which is masonic theosophy, operates in cooperation with Freemasonry. Sufism has "a species of Masonic or Eleusian initiation from lower to higher degrees."119 The Sufi leader to be, who is considered the Messiah by the Sufis, is being helped by a select group which includes several Masons to be revealed as Lord Matreya.(See chapter 1.4)

One researcher of Masonry offered his evaluation, "The masonic Order usually draws its members from the leading merchants, and from the professions, bankers, doctors, and lawyers. They come to their meetings, they dabble in some charity work, and in general, they mark time until the day when they are asked to perform some unusual task for a fellow Mason, or for the national or world order. At that time, they finally realize that the blood oath does have significance, but by that time it is usually too late. They may be asked to support a Masonic candidate for political office, to swing a business deal to a fellow Mason, or. even to commit perjury or some other illegal act for a brother Mason. Even then, they are never offered any confidences; they are merely told what they must do, and they obey."120

Ex-Masons confirm this. They also indicate that some of the more insignificant members may not be in a position to help, and may not be called upon for favors.


In order to explain the connection let us cover the structure of Masonry.

One of the Modern known groups of the Illuminati is also known as the Ancient Order of Oriental Templars (Ordo Templi Orientis).
However, its own esoteric name is Order of To Ov. It's publication was The Equinox.
According to The Equinox, Vol. III No. 1, 1919,
the O.T.O. is "a body of initiates in whose hands are concentrated the the wisdom and knowledge of the following bodies:

1.      The Gnostic Catholic Church

2.      The Order of the Knights of the Holy Ghost

3.      The Order of the Illuminati

4.      The Order of the Temple (Knights Templar)

5.      The Order of the Knights of St. John

6.     The Order of the Knights of Malta

7.      The Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

8.      The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail

9.     The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light

10.      The Holy Order of Rose Croix of Heredom

11.      The Order of the Holy Royal Arch of Enoch

12.      The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)

13.      The Rite of Memphis (97 degrees)

14.      The Rite of Mizraim (90 degrees)

15.      The Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Masonry (33 degrees)

16.      The Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry [9 degrees]

17.      The Order of Martinists [3 degrees]

18.      The Order of the Sat Bhai, [14 degrees]

           and many other orders of equal merit, if of less fame." (End of quote).

It is clear from reading their own publication The Equinox (published from 1909-13) that the O.T.O. has suceeded in placing their people in the leadership positions of those listed Orders and Rites. Aleister Crowley was the leader of the O.T.O. when he was alive. Can the O.T.O.'s literature be taken seriously that it concentrated the esoteric Gnosis of the above groups?

[FIGURE 14 reduced picture of Aleister Crowley in his garb SCAN 7 X 3.5]

33° Scottish Rite Mason Aleister Crowley appears in his masonic OTO garb.
Crowley who called himself  "the Beast" is infamous as one of the world's leading Satanists.

Yes, an examination of the leadership of the above groups shows interlocking directories of power; those interlocking directories also interlock with the O.T.O. To belong to the O.T.O. initiates pledge loyalty to "unseen superiors". The O.T.O. was openly Satanic, worshipping Satan, and the Anti-Christ. The Black Mass is performed by them, and their rituals include blood, sacrifices, excrement, horrible sexual acts, etc.

The Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple" describes how the the Scottish Rite Supreme Grand Council in America, the Rite of Mizraim, and the Rite of Memphis allied themselves together. The Rite of Mizraim and Memphis had already been allied prior to this union.

To illustrate the interlocking directories of various rites and orders—some more openly occultic and Satanic than others, let us consider the following men:

(The following were compiled from Masonic/Esotoric sources too numerous to footnote.)

For Crowley's personal description of his initiation to the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite, read his book Confessions.)
He was the following:

Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-
-Patriarch Grand Administrator General, 96th degree;
Scottish Rite, 33rd degree;
Rite of Mizraim 90th degree;
Order of the Golden Dawn, Ruling Chief or Supreme Magus;
Order of Ov Tov, Chief Magus-
-or Frater, aka Master Therion;
Stella Matutina, chief;
and other things.
Of Jewish ancestry.

He was the following:

Scottish Rite, 33rd degree and Grand Master;
Alliance Israelite Universelle, part founder and twice later Pres.;
Order of Mizraim, Supreme Council, 90th degree;
friend of Karl Marx, the Rothschilds, and Maurice Joly;
Grand Orient, 33 degree and Grand Master;
Carbonari, member;
a Jew.

JOHN YARKER (1833-1913)
He was the following:

Scottish Rite, 33rd degree;
Cerneau Rite, 33rd degree;
Rite of Ishmael, head;
Red Branch of Eri, head;
York Rite, Knights Templar;
Rite of Swedenborg, Supreme Grand Master;
Sat Bhau of Prag, President and co-sponsor;
Grand Chancellor of the Confederated Rites-
Hon. Grand Master of Cuba,
of Unit. Sup. Grnd. Coun. It.;
Ancient and Primitive Rite, Imperial Grand Hierophant 97th degree;
Rite of Mizraim, 90th degree, Royal Grand Commander of the Rose Croix-
-and Kadosch, 1868-1874;
and of Society Alchemica, Grand Warden of Greece,
Order of Lamaistique, 5th degree;
Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Germany, 1902-06;
Knights Templar Priest, 7th degree; Martinist Order,
delegate of the Supreme Council;
Fratres Lucis (Grand Lamaistic Order of Light), Crown of Kether;
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, IX; Order of Tov Ov (OTO), member;
friend of Henry J. Seymour and William Wynn Wescott.

He was the following:

Scottish Rite, 30th degree;
Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge, G. Master;
Grand Lodge of England, Junior Grand Deacon;
OTO, Regent of the Illuminati;
Golden Dawn, head;
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, secretary-general-
-and Supreme Magus (head);
Rite of Swedenborg, Secretary; Royal Arch, Grand Standard Bearer;
supporter of H.P. Blavatsky,
friend of Papus, John Yarker, Theodore Reuss.

He was the following:

Order of Martinism, Grand Master;
Rite of Mizraim, Grand Master;
Rite of Memphis, Grand Master;
Swedenborg Rite, delegate for in France-
-occult advisor to Russian Czar Nicholas II;
friend of the Duchese de Pomar; OTO, member.

He was the following:

Scottish Rite, 33rd degree;
Rite of Mizraim, 90th degree;
Rite of Memphis, 96th degree;
Sovereign Grand Master General of those two Rites,
friend of Papus.
Esoteric Rosicrucians, Supreme Magus;
Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, VIII;
OTO, Frater Superior and Outer Head in Mundo;
Sovereign Grand Master General ad Vitam for the German Empire,
Swedenborg Rite, founder of six lodges in Germany-
-and Prov. Grand Master.

ALBERT PIKE (1809-1891)         He was the following:

Scottish Rite, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree;
York Rite, Knights Templar;    Oddsfellows, member;
Sovereign Pontiff of Universal Masonry;
Palladium Rite (reformed) (full name Free and Regenerated Palladium), founder;
Supreme Grand College of Emeritus Masons;
early Theosophical Society, member;     friend of Mazzini.


What was the value of this union? The Rites of Mizraim and Memphis are far more occultic and gnostic than the Scottish Rite. If a neophyte was obviously interested in the occult, and was lacking finances, this Masonic pamphlet "The Grand Mystic Temple" indicates he could be started at the 18th degree of the Scottish Rite (the Rose Croix of Heredom) and at the 46th degree of Mizraim. From there he could progress in the 3 rites.

There are numerous secret "interoffice memo type" papers that indicate that a Satanist, a Luciferian, a practitioner of black magic, or the like has a easy time in Freemasonry, because the upper degrees are controlled by men who will bend any rules to help them. Having a membership card is of limited value in visiting a foreign Lodge. A dues card is important, showing that one's dues are all paid up. Certain questions will be asked, and certain parts of the rituals need to be quoted by memory to satisfy the Lodge one is visiting. Now, let us, for instance, picture an American Mason visiting an Irish lodge. He can go to the Freemasons' Hall in Dublin or to one of the Provincial Masonic Temples and be examined.

This examination though is a courtesy, and it is up to the Grand Lodge's office whether they bother to interview him. By being interviewed this American will then be vouched to attend any meeting in the Grand Lodge of Ireland. When attending he will have to have been given the password of the First Degree (or other degree) . However, if he has been vouched, he will know the passwords. One can now see the leverage the Luciferian occultists have in Masonry, when the correct dues cards, diplomas, and passwords are given freely to them by the heads of these Rites.


These two rites, although separate in some areas are closely allied. The Rite of Mizraim is mainly Jewish.121 The secret order of the Prieure de Sion is also predominantly Jewish. The B'nai B'rith seems to have taken over some of the Rite of Mizraim influence upon Masonry.

The Rite of Memphis is not just European. Americans, such as 6- term Governor of Wisconsin Lucius Fairchild who was 95°, are Memphis Rite Masons too.

The Rite of Memphis has Ormus in their ritual. What or who is Ormus? Ormus (Ormudz) was the supreme God of Mithraism and Zoroastrian thought. It was also the name by which the Prieure de Sion allegedly went by from the years 1188-1306.124 In 1188, when the Ordre de Sion became the Prieure de Sion it took the subtitle Ormus, until just before the arrest of the Templar Knights' leaders.

The controversial Protocols of Sion have been traced to the Rite of Mizraim in Paris, to a Mason named Maurice Joly. People have raised a straw man in claiming that the Conspiracy "Theories" are based on the Protocols of Sion. The Protocols, whether they are of any significance or not, are a tiny atom of the mass of evidence. Even so, a lot of disinformation has spewed forth from the System against the Protocols, and it continues to be printed, perhaps by agent provocateurs for the System.

The book, Warrant for Genocide, put out by Yale University, supposedly destroying the credibility of the Protocols, is such poor thinking and pure nonsense,125 one wonders if that is the best argumentation against the Protocols, then the Protocols must be valid. Warrant for Genocide makes it appear that all "anti-semitism" comes from crazy people who use the Protocols. The Protocols themselves speak of a Masonic conspiracy, not a Jewish conspiracy, so why have the Jewish people never used that as a defense?

Numerous researchers into the Conspiracy have noticed heavy Jewish involvement. The lack of public response has resulted in some researchers believing that radical problems needed radical solutions. Nesta Webster, who began neutral toward the Jews ended up a die-hard Fascist in the 1920s. She wrote The Need for Fascism in Great Britain. (For the Christian, it would be worthwhile to take a fresh look at 1 Cor. 13, which declares that no matter what worthwhile thing we do, if we do not have love, it of no value).

The religion called Mithra (Babylon), Mithras (Roman), Mitra (India) had spread over the known world during the first centuries A.D. It was very popular. It had cabbalistic thought, astrology, numerology, 'words of power', Greek philosophy, Babylonian myth, and a Gnostic dual theology which Masons like Albert Pike believed in.126 When Christianity became a recognized religion, it is a valid question to wonder which absorbed which, Mithraism or Christianity? Certain ideas of Mithraism continue to resurface under the label Christian. For instance, in Mithraism (which became known later as Gnosticism) there was the idea that after 6,000 years of man's existence, a Golden Age would come in.127 Mithraism is so close to Masonry, that those who study Mithraism have often commented that Freemasonry is the continuation of it. Mithraism absorbed occultic thought, and was somewhat eclectic.

It's follower's held rituals (for men only) in caves, or temples. Their rites remind one of the Masonic Rituals. In Israel, Masonic ceremonies are held in the Caves of Hezekiah, which have a chamber about 130 feet underground below the Temple Mount (of where Herod's Temple in Jerusalem was) . The cave will seat about 200. The cave is near the Damascus Gate. The City of Jerusalem gives a special privilege to the Masons to use it. On days of Masonic ceremonies, the caves which are normally open to the public are closed. Manly P. Hall claims the Masonic eye comes from the supreme God Ahura Mazda (or Ormuzd, Ormus). There are many similarities between Mithraism, the Prieure de Sion, and Masonry.

In A Guide To The Gods a reference works on pagan gods the Rite or religion of Mithra is described, "It contained much symbolism. . .all with Masonic overtones."128 "One can see in the appurtenances of Mithraism the germ of many secret society and occult rite, many an exclusive cabal... and clubs."129

In Mithraic Studies, an extensive compilation of studies on Mithraism, it states, "Undoubtedly ancient Mithraism like orthodox Freemasonry today, with which it has so much in common..."


Freemasonry is "directly or indirectly the parent of all modern secret societies, good, bad, or indifferent."--Cyclopedia of Fraternities. One outdated source indicates there are over 600 secret societies in the U.S. utilizing Masonic symbolism, and operating largely under Masonic influence, so that about every third male adult in the U.S. is a member of one or more such societies.130 The 600 figure is outdated, and the actual number of secret societies has increased by several hundred more secret societies.
See Chap. 2.3 for the Spin-off Chart.

Some of the Masonic spin-offs have become such a part of normal life that the negative reactions of past years toward them are forgotten. Rotary, because of its Masonic control, hostility toward the Catholic Church, and its moral code, "which in almost every particular resembles that of Freemasonry, " was forbidden in some Catholic jurisdictions, and discouraged in others.131 That was back in the 19th and early 20th century.


In the hard to obtain book, The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, written by 33rd degree C.W. Leadbeater for Masons one learns in Masonic language what the upper degrees of Freemasonry can get into. On page 175 Leadbeater refers to "when a clandestine meeting is held, even though a duly I.M. be present, the inner recognition is not given..."

What? Why are these Masons being so secretive amongst themselves? Because the Theurgical fun (Magical & occult) and politics begin, and the Lodge quits being just a private club for ritual. How this operates will be discussed.

First, we'll discuss the 30-33 Scottish Rite degrees. This is where it is becoming evident that Lucifer is the God of Masonry. Leadbeater says, "It must of course be understood... the conferring of the Higher Degrees puts certain definite powers in the hands of the recipient." Where does such power come from? "The 33 degree links the Sovereign Grand Inspector General with the Spiritual King of the World Himself—that Mightiest of Adepts who stands at the head of the Great White Lodge, in whose strong hands lie the destinies of earth—and awakens the powers of the Triple Spirit as far as they can yet be awakened." (The Hidden Life In Freemasonry, p.302) Other Masons like Manly P. Hall (33°) and Foster Bailey (32°) have said similar things.

Foster Bailey calls the spirits that Masons communicate with, the "Illuminati."132 These spirits initiate these higher Masons into becoming light-bearers themselves. The Illuminati..."assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time comes when he can 'enter into light' and, in his turn become a light-bearer, one of the Illuminati who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to light."133

These spirits have various Masons. Masons Harold Waldwin Pecival and Lynn F. Perkins claim their books were inspired by spirits.134

Is 33° Mason Leadbeater talking about linking up with the Christian Christ? "The H.O.A.T.F. makes the actual links both with Himself...and also through himself with that Mighty King...This stage combines the wonderful love of Horus the Son with the ineffable life and strength of Osiris the divine Father and Isis the eternal Mother of the world." This initiation connects the Mason with the pagan Egyptian trinity? That's what he says. Leadbeater goes on to say how much glory, spiritual power, and worldly power the Mason has after this initiation, (p. 3 04) The next page Leadbeater begins the section telling the Mason "How to Use the Powers". He talks about the Liberal Catholic Church. Yes, men who have left the Liberal Catholic Church have verbally and in writing talked about how Satanic it is.

Leadbeater continues, "Yet when one of these bright Spirits is attached to us by a Masonic ceremony we must not think of him either as a director or as an attendant, but simply as a co-worker and a brother." (p. 309)

The next chapter "Two Wonderful Rituals" describes Egyptian rituals to Amen-Ra, and the Blazing Star. They sing a hymn to "Ra, the Logos, the Sun-God, thanking Him for His response..." They take a sacrement to Osirus.

The next ritual described may possibly refer to part of the secret Palladium Rite, as it refers to THE TRIANGLE OF ADEPTS. The Palladium Rite calls its groups Triangles. He talks about chanting invocations, and then angels appearing. Then the Illuminati salute is given to the Angel, where the left arm is placed above as if shielding one from light. (p. 341) Leadbeater indicates that eventually the Temple of the Angels draws 9 orders of angels, "which are not limited to one solar system." (p. 342).

If the reader is still with me--this Author would like to describe some about the Palladium Rite. This Author has never been in the Palladium Rite, and it is secret, so how would a person find out about such a rite? One expose of the Palladium Rite that appeared to be a hoax in the 19th century, has made people leary that the Rite even exists. When a news conference had been held, they were unable to produce evidence. One ex-Palladist Mason has problems getting people to believe it exists!

Goddess Pallas Athena, the Sign of Prudence and Circumspection, was used especially by Francis Bacon because it had the double meaning from Greek mythology of Spear-shaker, or "Shake-speare" his pen name. Palladian means pertaining to the Goddess Pallas or characterized by wisdom. And palladium means an object that is essential to the safeguarding of a community. Palladium is also the statue of Pallas Athena, upon which the city of Troy depended upon for its safety. Pallas Athena is also called Athena by the Greeks and Minerva by the Romans. Sir Francis Bacon wrote the name AthenA in his Rosicrucian books as A.A. Alfred Dodd goes into details of letters, poems of people to Bacon and writings of Sir Francis Bacon which use Pallas Athena.135

A secret Palladium Rite had existed at least from the time of 1730. Perhaps it was itself was from yet another earlier Palladium Rite, or perhaps it drew from some Rosicrucian source. At any rate, it was reactivated in 1884.

At the Public Library was the respectable Encyclopaedia of American Institutional Fraternal Organizations by Schmidt. Under "FREE AND REGENERATED PALLADIUM" it reads "This Masonically linked society... remained dormant until 1884. After this date it was reformed to ' impart new force to the traditions of high grade Masonry.' The society admitted men and women, the former to the grades of Adelphos and Companion of Ulysses and the latter to the grade of Penelope. The society held all its "Councils" in strict secrecy. It never printed any proceedings and very much restricted its membership." (p. 119) On page 161 is an article on HOME PALLIDUM, which is a fraternal benefit society, apparently for members of the Palladium Rite.

The Palladium Rite created by Albert Pike is totally Luciferian. It is "androgynous." In the larger cities, activities are carried out in the Masonic Temples, which allows women to slip into the Temples without arousing attention. All of this will be strongly denied by the Masonic Lodges. Members are selected mainly from higher levels of the Scottish Rite, although the members can come from other Rites too. The Palladium Rite has its own budget. Its power over the Masonic Lodge does not derive from being a part of the power structure, but from the careful selection of Masons that participate in the Palladium Rite and their distribution throughout the various Rites of Masonry and their controlling bodies. The Grand Central Directories (and from there to the Supreme Councils, Grand Encampments, Grand Orients, and Grand Lodges) are the nerve centers of Masonry from which orders emanate. The Palladium Rite is popular among those in positions of power. It is said that the leaders of the Palladium Rite are allowed to visit or join the B'nai B'rith lodges. (See chap. 1.7).136

William Schnoebelen is presently a Christian author. Prior to becoming a Christian, he had been initiated into the Palladium Lodge in Chicago named Resurrection Lodge #13. He describes some about getting the Palladium Degree of Paladin in his recent book Masonry Beyond The Light. That lodge claimed to be derived from the European chapter of the AISB. (p. 186) Higher Masons become Illuminati— which go by several names one of which is "Masters of the Temple." A single illumined person is called an Illuminatus.


This chapter has shown how Freemasonry is the One-World- Religion. Freemasonry has created hundreds of organizations. Freemasonry itself is the pagan mystery religion, which at the highest level becomes Luciferian worship. It has quietly played the dominant political role in the United States even before independence. (For more details on its political role see the Appendix.)


1.     I have tried to leave these introductory paragraphs without footnotes to help the flow of reading. Alice Bailey is so well known that these things really don't need footnotes. However, the question can be asked, "How much would her husband and her have talked about things, considering Masons do not talk or tell the truth to their wives about the Lodge?" This is a legitimate question, some wives have found out that their honest husbands lied for decades about the lodge. There are some rites which are designed for both sexes like the Palladium Rite and the Order of the Magi which admit women. Also for women is Co-masonry, Order of the Eastern Star, and Daughters of the Nile. The high level of importance that Alice Bailey held indicates she was in communication with whoever in Masonry she needed to cooperate with.

2.     The Watchtower June 15, 1963, p. 377 says the Rosicrucians go back to Great White Brotherhood of Egypt.

3.     Benjamin Creme, a student of Freemasonry, the occult, and Bailey believes the Hierarchy has assigned him the job of John the Baptist to announce the new messiah named Lord Maitreya. (See chapter 1.4) Benjamin Creme in describing the One-World-Religion that is coming in the Age of Aquarius states, "The Ancient Mysteries [Freemasonry] will be restored, the Mystery Schools reopened, and a great expansion of man's awareness of himself and his purpose and destiny will become possible."(Creme, Benjamin. The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. London: Tara Press, 1980, p. 182) "The Mystery schools will be reopened and men will go to them as they now go to University, to learn and to take the disciplines that will prepare them for initiation, and so into the Hierarchy."(ibid.,p.190 ) "The new religion will manifest itself through organizations like Masonry." (ibid.,p. 28) (bold added.)

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6.      Because parts of Pike's Morals and Dogma are openly Luciferian, Masons are reluctant to admit to profane people that Pike is still important to Masonry. Church going Masons have said that they don't know who Albert Pike is. For the sake of the non-Masonic world the following are a sampling of how important Pike is to Masonry. The New Age Magazine, Official organ of the Supreme Council 33° Scottish Rite, Apr. 1964, pp.13-19 has a eulogy of Albert Pike where the following items are said about Pike, "Although Albert Pike was a master in many lines of endeavor, his brethren recognize him as the world's most renowned Scottish Rite Mason and will be forever grateful for his work in behalf of Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite."(p.19) "Not only Masonry, but all Protestantism is deeply indepted to Albert Pike..."(p.19) "...Albert Pike, the man whose memory we recall with deep reverence..." As an example that Pike's Morals and Dogma are considered valid today The New Age, Nov. 1958, p. 680 quotes Morals and Dogma as an authoritative writing. The New Age Magazine (Sept. 1959) has an article about "six very great men" (p.518) -Lincoln, Darwin, Albert Pike, Holmes, Tennyson, and Jewish Prime Minister of Britain Gladstone. The New Age Magazine (Oct. 1959) carries Pike's picture, and an article on his philosophy. Pike's Morals and Dogma, p. 321 et. al. reveals Masons worship Lucifer, who Pike says is the Light-bearer.

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136.       Derived from various sources, incl. Masons, ex-Masons, and others.


A diagram of how the United States policy is created is in chapter 3.6. A diagram of how Christian religions are directed is in chapter 2.1.

level 1 - Elders of Sion. An inner core of Jewish world rulers numbering 13, who are dedicated to Lucifer, and his alien demons. It can be theorized that there is an inner core to this. This group includes the Rothschilds, and some other "Jews" who believe they are gods, and who have worshipped Satan for generations. If we were as rich and powerful as the Rothschilds, we might also think we were gods. And in addition to their power of wealth, are the witchcraft powers they have attained. The Bilderbergers is an extension of this. This group will make the final decision on who is selected of the various candidates to be the world’s King-Priest ruler that the public will worship.

level 2 - There is a top circle or Round Table of nine members of the Bilderbergers. Next is a policy committee of 13. The next level are the 3 inner core groups of the Bilderbergers. Each of the 3 inner core groups number 13, and are made up of members of the Prieure de Sion, Illuminated Masons, the "Black" Nobility, leading Satanists, and men of power. Some are in the leadership of the Catholic Church. Their policy committee meets yearly under the polar cap via submarine to give the USSR its yearly directives. (Of course they have thousands of other communication links with their men in the Kremlin.) The names of one powerful group is given in chapter 2.10. Offices for the Bilderberger committees are maintained in Switzerland and at least once a year a general secret meeting is arranged where delegates are invited and prearranged topics are discussed.

level 3 - Majesty 12, this is the Inner group that directs the U.S. Other major western nations have an equivalent group of rulers.
MJ- 12 consists of:

6 members of the executive committee of the JASON Group which is a group of intelligent men that began with the Manhattan project.

6 members of the executive committee of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)- these men are known as "the wise men", they are also all members of the Jason Society, which is a branch of the Masonic Order of the Quest.

6 other key people-heads of the FBI, CIA, etc. usually also Masons and CFR people.

(Majesty 12 has been variously named by those in the U.S. government in the know as 5412 Committee or Special Group (Eisenhower & Kennedy Admin.), 303 Committee (Johnson Admin.), 40 Committee (Nixon, Ford, & Carter Admin.), PI-40 (Reagon Admin.). It has been seen in some intelligence messages as MAJIC.)

level 4 - Covert groups like the Mafia, and a host of tens of thousands of public organizations. These are directed through a host of channels including the CFR. (It is worthy of note that the CFR ties in with Masonry, particularly the Grand Orient.) The Mafia, which was empowered by Illuminated Masonry, works closely with the CIA, the Vatican, and the Freemasons to militantly control local situations. They are able to deliver local elections. Pres. Kennedy turned on the Mafia, and was attempting to attack their leadership, after they delivered the Presidential election to him.

Recommended for further study:

Occult Theocracy, by Edith Star Miller (Lady Queensborough) This book should be in every Christian minister's library. It was the forerunner of this book Be Wise As Serpents. It was Miller's wish that someone would continue where she had left off. Her book covers over 100 secret and occult groups that are coordinating their activities and are offshoots from one another. Her book was printed after she died for private circulation. Had she lived longer she may have been able to guard against a few minor errors that occurred when they printed her manuscript. She concludes her book on pg. 665, "The work is far from being completed. It claims, in fact, to be only an attempt in the direction of inexhaustible research work upon the coordination of the aims of all societies whether political or occult. It is hoped that others, and may they be many, will begin work where this book ends for--"The harvest is great indeed but the labourers are few." This book is difficult to obtain, but can be obtain from the publisher of Be Wise As Serpents.

Fire In The Minds of Men, by James H. Billington. This great historian was a member of the CFR. I say great because he wrote an expose that the Power let slip through their censorship. After it was published they tried to suppress it, and were successful in limiting its availability and visibility. The book covers the details of how secret occult societies have been behind all the revolutionary forces since the American Revolution. The book is written for scholars by a scholar.

Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story by Alfred Dodd. This remarkable book is part of Alfred Dodd's intensive life-long research into the person of Francis Bacon. The book is divided into two volumes--The Age of Elizabeth (Vol. 1) and The Age of James (Vol. 2). Alfred Dodd died before Vol. 2 could be printed. Both parts were finally printed together years later in 1986. The book gives many details concerning Bacon's involvement with the Rosicrucians and the formation of Freemasonry. This excellent book has been suppressed by the Power for some reason.

Chapter 1.3


• You will learn how the World Order gets instant power bases by creating Gnostic religions.
• You will learn how to build a Gnostic religion.
• You will be shown information that contrasts Gnosticism with Christ's teachings.

The young SS officer was only 23, but perhaps the most talented in Germany for the Indiana Jones role he was cast into. His quest was a real life search for the sacred cup, the lost key to the ancient germanic legends, known to the Christian world as the Holy Grail. This tall, muscular, and handsome German had studied the Grail legends in detail. He even knew the local dialect.

It was 1931 and southern France. The new Nazi religion needed the Grail to legitimize their new Gnostic religion, which was based on the ancient German gnostism of the German tribes. His name was Otto Rahm. Like many SS officers, he would commit suicide before the allies could capture him.

[FIGURE 1 Otto Rahm SCAN 2.8 x 3.

otto rahm on his mission in the grottoes of ornolac

Otto Rahm may have suceeded in his quest. Apparently, a German castle was restored with slave labor for the Grail. But like the Nazi religion, the Grail has remained a well-kept secret for many years.

Strange? Yes. But even more so, is the coverup of the Nazi's gnostic religion. One of the first items done at the Nuremburg trials was to forbid mention of the Nazi religion. It was inadmissible.

"One of the best kept secrets of the twentieth century is the occultic roots and nature of the religious philosophy at the heart of the Third Reich."1

Because of the disinformation about the Nazis, the public is unable to grasp the connections of Nazism with the modern day New Age movement and the Masonic Lodges.


W.W. II was staged. The allies were led by three Masons Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. The Germans were led by men who were from an off-shoot of the Masons. II Duce in Italy had also been associated with the occult and the Masons, but like Hitler had broken away and gone in the direction of Fascism. Stalin encouraged Hitler to strike the West. Knowing that Hitler wouldn't attack, Stalin made a pact with Hitler, so that Hitler could rest assured that his rear would be safe. There is a book which goes into detail about the machinations that Stalin went through to get Hitler to attack Poland.

 FIG. 7

Roosevelt knew that the Pearl Harbor attack was coming. Roosevelt was looking for a way to get the U.S. into the war. The war was costly to the world in general, but looking at it from the viewpoint of the one-world-conspiracy it was a brilliant. They were able to profit greatly. Russia was able to conquer half of Europe. They were able to use the threat of Russia to create a de facto united Europe. The U.S. was able to use the W.W. II to allow a massive exchange of material and technology to Russia, including the technology and materials to build the atomic bomb. The United Nations was set up, as a testing ground for the New World Order.

This background information is intended as an introduction for the reader to the multifaceted gnostic religion and the one-world-government conspiracy it is married to. You will now learn that the basic ingredients are the same for the various gnostic hierarchical religions, they just have a different flavor to them. They operate off of the same principles. There is even a book How to Start your own Religion. As you progress through this book Be Wise As Serpents you'll learn how they cooperate and function together. What we have been viewing as separate independent religious groups are actually at the very top working together.

This chapter is meant to be a tool to enable the reader to see that those basic ingredients of gnosticism make up all the gnostic religions, and that the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Nazi's, the Mormons, the Masons, Wicca, etc. are simply different flavors of the same thing. If you want Moslem flavor be a Sufi, if you want a Jewish flavor join a Jewish New Age synagogue, if you want a Buddhist flavor join Nichiren Shoshu or Lamaism, if you want American Indian flavor join the Earth Circle or the Bear Tribe Medicene Circle, if you want a Christian flavor join the Moravians, or Jehovah's Witnesses, or the LDS church, or the I AM. The Gnostic New Age movement has other flavors too, Egyptian, Aryan, Witchcraft, Sun Worship, Satan Worship, and New Thought. This Author has drawn a diagram to show the reader his choice of Gnostic poisons. What flavor do you want?

Let's say your religious tastes are like the Neapolitan Ice Cream (a combination of three) lover. There are groups to accommodate you. For example, Annalee Skarin has an offshoot from Mormonism which is a small metaphysical religion. In 1948 she published Ye are Gods. Another of the many Mormon offshoots called the Aryan Christian Church combines the philosophies of Mormonism and Nazism. They use the Hitler salute and the swastika.

Basic ingredients to create a gnostic religion:

1.  Hidden knowledge.

2.  A hierarchy, generally divided in 3 basic tiers, the general initiates, the elect, the enlightened top 1,2 or 3 leaders

3.  The higher one goes up the hierarchy the more hidden knowledge is dished out.

Let's pause and define esoteric. Esoteric means- intended to be understood by only a select small group. Exoteric means- intended for general consumption.

Ingredient 1. The knowledge given is mystical and esoteric knowledge. A great emphasis is placed on secrecy. It's salvation rests on man controlling himself and working out his own destiny. Only initiates at special occult centers learn the power and symbols. The word Gnosis means the ultimate knowledge transmitted by an elite hierarchy of initiates. Another trademark is that there are recurrent cycles of cataclysms and an earthly paradise, often called the Golden Age.

Ingredient 2. The hierarchy has a ternary classification system. The Theosophical Society informs



Examples of Organisations

Some of these classifications are rough placements, because most of these groups overlap into other placements. Not only are they similar to one another, many of their leadership are in contact with one another.

pic insert pdf 110


This is the New Age Movement's Religious buffet. It's like going to Baskin & Robins where there are 32 flavors of ice cream. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it provides a feel for the different "flavors" of gnosticism a person can get into the reader of The Gnosis And Christianity, "the practice common to all the genuine Gnostic cults was followed in having at least three degrees of membership or initiation. It was only in the highest degree that the deepest 'mysteries' were orally communicated;..." Remember that last tip they gave us, that the deepest mysteries are only orally communicated to the very top leader(s). In terms of their use of the ternary system, consider the following gnostic religions.

Catharism: 1. pure ones, 2. the initiates, 3. the masses.

Jehovah's Witnesses: 3. the Great Crowd, 2. the Annointed, 1. the Faithful and Wise Servant(s) those actually leading/the President or Governing Body.

The Mormons: 3. the Aaronic priesthood, 2. the Melchizedek Priesthood, 1. the Top prophet and his presidency.

The Nazis: 3. The Aryan race 2. the Nazi Party 1. the very top of the Nazi religion the high priest Hitler (who was considered their god by some devoted Nazis).

Lamaism: 1.the Dalai-Lama (considered god, a reincarnated Buddha) 2. the Lama priests (aka tulkous), 3. the mass of Tibetan believers.

The Essenes: 1. The Perfect, 2. the Brethren, 3. the Neophytes.

Church Universal & Triumphant: l.The Messenger 2a. Permanent Staff 2b. Temporary Staff 3a. Community Member 3b. Keeper of the Flame 3c. Pearl's Reader.

[Place FIG. 2 -chart of gnostic religious flavors]

Many have asked this author, do the leaders of the cults know what is going on? Yes, they have been orally, emphasis on that word orally, told exactly what is happening. The leaders of the New Age, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the LDS church, know what they are up to, and what their roles are in creating a one-world government. That is the method that Gnosticism uses. The very top Prophet or Illuminated Master is informed orally.

Illumination for any Gnostic group comes from superhuman knowledge. New Age leaders almost always claim they are channeling. There is an evolving dualistic fight of lightness and darkness found in the Hindu Vedas, the old Germanic legends, the Nordic sagas, and the Jehovah's Witnesses myth that Jehovah is struggling to vindicate himself to Satan. Like C.T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society, the gnostics often see the sun as a primary sacred symbol. The Hakenkreuz (swastika) of the Nazis was a sun wheel. The swastika was a frequently used Masonic symbol, until Hitler. Since Hitler, the Masons haven't been using it. It is also called the gamma cross and has been used for many centuries. The Jewish gnostic groups have tended to exalt the moon, (also the planets and stars) while Aryan groups from India, Iran, and Germany tend to exalt the Sun.

One of the better summaries of Gnosticism, and how Gnostic religion has come down the ages to us today is given by the Theosophical Society,

"From the time of the closing of the Neo-Platonic and Gnostic Schools to the last quarter of the Nineteenth Century, save for the few alchemists, Kabalists, Rosicrucians, occultly instructed Masons and Christian mystics, Theosophy was unknown in the Western world. Before then it was known and studied in various forms by the Platonists, the Pythagoreans, the Egyptians, and the Chaldeans, whilst in India and China it has been preserved down the ages in unbroken continuity. It is the wisdom of the Upanishads and the Vedas, the very heart of Hinduism, Taoism and Islam."4

To realize what is being said here is eye opening. The Rosicrucians and occult Masons have preserved Gnostic Theosophy which is the very heart of Hinduism, Taoism and Islam.

The Gnostic religions are often called pagan. This pagan worship is often the exoteric cover that the first levels are initiated into. The highest level is often the real esoteric worship, and often involves direct Luciferian or Satanic worship. In other words, the Sun worship of the Masons and other groups is a fig leaf for the worship by the highest levels of the Divine Serpent Satan.

Gnostic religions use symbols and rituals. The Jehovah's Witnesses have formed their own new rituals, and their own new symbols. But they have retained the magical use of the word Jehovah which has been in use for centuries. The WT Society has followed the very popular school of Gnosticism which follows the ideas of Valentius. This school teaches that matter is more evil than good, and that all matter will be destroyed by fire. For instance, this pattern of thought is seen in the refusal of the WT Society to accept sex as a natural process and to view it as an evil to be tolerated.

Listen to a professed Gnostic, "Humanity reaches forward to a spiritual consummation when the whole Earth will be peopled with a Race of men fully conscious of their god-like nature and powers; and sin, sickness, and death will have been banished for the remaining period of the Earth's cosmic cycle."5 It almost sounds like something out of the Watchtower magazine. The WT magazine has even used the phraseolgy that a new race was to inhabit the New System.6

The Gnostics believe they have a deeper form of Christianity. Then they generally take this further contending that they have the root teaching for the ancient scriptures of the other religions. They indeed have the root teaching of religion, but not of the Christian faith.

In the first book of the Hebrew scriptures is the story of the perfect Garden of Eden. This perfect garden environment shows that originally God had established order.

(Some readers may not believe the Genesis account, even so by continuing to read this chapter you will understand an alternative to the New World Order's Gnosticism and why many Christians contend their faith in God is the opposite of religion. This is important not only for those seeking answers but also to understand why the Christianity that Christ taught is being singled out for destruction.)

From the time man left that Garden environment of order, he has been trying to create a New World Order. By the use of religion he has tried to patch up the wild world, and to rearrange, to repair, to reform this polluted disordered world. The condition of the world testifies that religion has failed. But religion was never meant to be the tool to reorder the world. In the Garden of Eden, Jesus Christ was promised to Adam and Eve as God's own method of reconciling Himself back to mankind. Christ was the hope of the Hebrew prophets, and the center of their faith in God. The mystery of God, Jesus Christ, was sent to man as God's way of allowing those people searching for Him to get to know Him. Religion is supposedly a search for God, but in reality the priesthoods are not honestly looking for God to reveal Himself (how often do they speak of a need for an atonement?), but they are looking for techniques they can develop to sell to the masses. Religion continues for various reasons, many of them selfish.

In reality, they have misunderstood the Christian message. They reinterpret in the view of their religious message. All religions are seeking God(s) in their own strength, and becoming proud of their findings.



Caste (called jati) is based on race.

The Aryans rule at the top.

The caste system varies from one area to another in India. Although technically illegal, the caste system continues in full force in India.

The New World Order directs peoples' hate as it desires.

The N.W.O. created hate against aparteid in So. Africa, while ignoring the far more serious racism in India. This was because the New Age Religion of the New World Order has been discreetly derived from Hinduism. The relationship between the New Age Religious movement and Hinduism has been clouded by relabeling of components.






KSHATRIYAS Warriors & Rulers


Skilled frac/es, Merchants and minor officials

SUDRAS Unskilled workers

PARIAHS Q.k.a. "HAR/JANS” Outcasts -Untouchables


To seek for God is a claimed goal of religion. This seems to be a fine goal. If one wants to search for and study a rock, there is no objection on the part of the rock. If one wants to search for and study a man without his consent, he may run into big trouble. If one searches for God, he finds out that unless God reveals Himself to the searcher the finite man cannot find an infinite and Holy God.

Christ came with the object of showing man how man doesn't need to seek God by himself, that God is willing to reveal Himself to mankind. Rather than relying on religion, man can allow God to reconcile Himself to mankind. Jesus Christ was not very complimentary to the religious leaders of the day. He called them "ye fools and blind; woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites." (Mt 23:13)

Those Pharisees had picked up the entire Babylonian gnostic religious system. After Jerusalem fell to the Romans the Jewish religious leaders returned to Babylonia, which became the Jewish religious center until they began moving into Europe in the middle ages. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia states on pages 13 through 17,

" the second century C.E.[A.D.] Babylonia had become a bulwark of Judaism.... The former land of exile had become a land of refuge... The 7th century found the importance of Babylonian Jewry considerably increased. During the preceding 300 years, Palestine had been merely a place of veneration, while Babylonia became the center of Jewish life and learning. Babylonian Jews no longer looked to Palestine for instruction; even the heads of the schools at Tiberius were Babylonian Jews....Babylonia was the spiritual center of Judaism, and its influence brought many Babylonian customs into general use..." (bold added)

The early groups called gnostics in Egypt and the Middle East were primarily Jews. From the preceding information one begins to realize how indebted the world is to the Jews who served as a vehicle to spread gnosticism throughout the world.

(The Cause celebre of this book will be to show how the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower Society ties into the New World Order in chapters 1.5 to 1.17. Anyone at all familiar with how the Watchtower Society claims to have nothing to do with any political, religious, or fraternal group, will realize that if the Watchtower Society is part of this New World Order, then our minds can adjust to accepting about anybody else could be involved too. Unit 2 will tell us who else).


Let us examine for a while the Gnostic teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Rutherford in Preservation (1932) p. 153, "God has made known to his people the meaning of much that has heretofore been hidden, and may not those things be taken as proof that Armageddon is near,..."

The Jehovah's Witnesses credentials are based on revealing hidden knowledge. Let us narrow our examination to their book, The Harp of God.

"Jehovah had a great plan before the foundation of the world; but no one knew about it. During the first four thousand years of man's history God's plan was kept a secret. He began to reveal it to man nearly nineteen hundred years ago, and then only to those who are consecrated to do his will. Promise was made that greater light should come at the end of the age, and this promise has been kept. WE ARE AT THAT TIME, as clearly proven by the contents herein...

People generally have not been thoroughly instructed in the Bible. Even those who have attended the Sunday schools have merely learned the text and not the meaning of the text. Like the prophets of old, they have heard but understood not. The real reason for these conditions is that God's plan could not be understood until his due time to reveal it. HIS DUE TIME IS HERE. (Preface to The Harp of God, 1921)

"The mystery of God has been a stumbling block to both Jews and Christians, so-called; but in God's due time he WILL MAKE KNOWN to all the secret of his mystery and then all rightly exercised by this will rejoice with exceeding joy." (Harp of God, p. 182)

"The mystery is THE CHRIST...(ibid. ,p.l82) The Christ is the instrument or channel for the blessing of mankind. THE CHRIST IS COMPOSED OF JESUS, THE GREAT AND MIGHTY HEAD, AND 144,000 MEMBERS. (ibid, p.187)

"Jehovah has so arranged that only those who have their minds illuminated...can understand and appreciate the mystery of God. These are the ones designated by the prophet Joel as the servants and handmaidens of God..." (ibid., p.190)


Concerning the revelation of the "mystery" Col. 1:24-27 says,
"...the mystery which hath been hid for ages and from generations, but NOW is made manifest to his saints..." When Paul wrote "this mystery is NOW made manifest" it was 19 centuries ago.

This is just one of several scriptures that say the same thing. Rom. 16:25-26 and I Cor. 2:7-10 were both written by Paul and both declare that the "mystery" which had been "hid" was revealed to all the nations in Paul's day.

The Gnostic Rutherford would have us believe that he is revealing to the world the mystery knowledge for the first time. However Jude in his epistle in verse three says, "contend for the faith which was once delivered (the ASV "once for all") unto the saints.

Were Christians to receive a better new message at some future point? Paul warns the Christians that "the faith" that was once delivered is the one and only gospel, and that if an angel (spirit being) or man brings another gospel, whether better or worse which Paul had not preached then let him be cursed. See Gal. 1:8,9.

Don't let anyone fool you. The church of the first century knew this Mystery and proclaimed it to the world. Mt. 28:18-20, Mk. 16:15,16. Yes, the Mystery had been on the mind of God since the beginning of the world, and had been only partially revealed in the Old Testament and the prophets. Read Eph. 3:1-2 and we find that:

1.  The mystery was revealed to him-verse 3.

2.  When the Christians read Paul's letter they could perceive his understanding of the mystery. They understood it then.

3.  We see in verse 5 that the "mystery" was revealed to the apostles and the prophets by the Spirit.

4.  Paul's mission was to MAKE ALL MEN see what was the dispensation of the mystery for ages which had been hid in God.

We are told that "in God's good time he will pour out his spirit upon all mankind, so that all can understand his wonderful plan." (The Harp of God, p. 190) Yet, the Bible verse that this is quoting and the reference to this on p. 190 which is Joel 2:28,29 is applied by Peter in the New Testament to what was happening back on the day of Pentecost, "This is THAT spoken through the prophet Joel." They misunderstand the meaning Joel gives to " all flesh"- he doesn't mean every person that has ever lived, but rather all kinds of people Jew and Gentile, Greek and Egyptian, and they were all there at Pentecost.

It is clear from II Tim. 2:15 that the day when the mystery was revealed partially by inspired men and women is over. The revelation of God's will is complete; and now we should study the written Revelation. This only makes sense.

Rutherford says, "Those who are thus anointed have the spirit of the Lord and by virtue of his spirit are ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE MYSTERY OF GOD..."

The Holy Spirit inspired the writers. He does not have to inspire the readers. If so, there was no point in inspiring the writers. It does not require an inspired man to interpret an inspired man. If so, the first inspired man's book is not a REVELATION, but still a MYSTERY. If we can not understand the first inspired man, how can we understand the second inspired man. Especially if they are inspired by the same Holy Spirit.

Gnostic leaders like the power that comes from people having to come to them for enlightment. Even if the Bible is not understood by a man, because he is so carnal that he can't think straight, he doesn't need to go to a man like Rutherford. (Read more about Joseph Rutherford in especially chapters 1.12 & 1.14.) The reason Christ went away, according to Christ was so that the Holy Spirit would be sent to teach us all things.

A further study of Christ and his relationship to the despised common masses of people, would show that he was advocating the opposite of Gnosticism. His wisdom was not hid under a bushel basket, but set on a hill, so to speak, for all to learn and profit from. Also Christ ministered and befriended those of every social class, including government officials and gentiles. God wants to reconcile himself to everyone, not just to some inner clique.

Jesus Christ also taught the limitations of knowledge (gnosis).


Christ's atoning work is totally overlooked by popular "theology" that the New World Order is trying to get people hooked on. One of these is called "Liberation Theology". Naturally, they are going to give it a good label. Liberation Theology has as its goal the creation of a man- made Kingdom of God on earth, a millennium. This Millennial kingdom is to be a One-World socialist (Marxist) government such as Cuba and Russia's communist regime. The use of a promised Millennium by the New World Order will be discussed in Chapter 2.5. For now, we will touch on LT here simply to point it out as another religious scam. People are told if they through violent revolution create a Marxist socialist One-World government, then they will have the classless Utopian society Jesus supposedly tried to set up. People today are killing in the name of Liberation Theology, blindly fighting for their own enslavement. The plans of the New Order over a century ago were to make us demand what they wanted to do to us. Under the religious trappings of "Liberation Theology" many people are helping create what is planned already to be the worst slave state in mankind's history.

Even if Liberation Theology through communism could satify man's material needs, Jesus said "Man does not live by bread alone." "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth."Lk 12:15 Why? Because man is an organic unity of body, spirit, and soul. To neglect the spiritual side is to ignore part of man's nature. Further their program will fail even on the material needs, for those administering communism are full of greed, lust for power, pride and selfishness. Christ said, "out of the heart of man proceed evil thoughts—all evil comes from within and defiles the man."Mk 7:21-23. The Bible's age old wisdom was that unless God builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. That can equally be applied to theology. Men are building religions, God builds men's faith in Him.

In any case, being religious or not being religious, will not solve the basic problem of man. The action of a pig rolling in the mud does not make him a pig. He won't become a lamb if stops rolling in the mud. Likewise, man and creation are disordered and sinful by nature. Whether man "rolls" in religion or doesn't roll, doesn't change man's nature either, and so knowledge doesn't reconcile man to God. God reconciles man to God.

Man has been working hard to create a New World Order without the new heart God has offered him. (Ezekiel 18:31, 36:26, Jeremiah 31:33b, Deut. 30:6).


Gnostic Religions create instant power bases for their administrators—whatever those administrators are called Priests, Rabbis, Swamis, Guru's, etc. The gnostic religions follow a pattern. The various leaders at the very top of these various authority pyramids are collaborating. (You'll learn much more on this further on in this book.) The bottom line is that what appears as perhaps fifty or one hundred religious "scams" are components of one single conspiracy for ultimate world power.

Judaism comes from Babylon. For those who like the ancient mystery religions you will want to thank the Jews. Jews have been one of the best instruments for spreading gnosticism in its various forms.

Christ's teachings and mission was the opposite of gnosticism. Christ was the predicted method that God had for revealing Himself to those who were seeking Him. Faith in God through Christ Jesus is not a power religion. Rather than trying to hide knowledge, Christ tried to spread his good message by calling on his disciples to "go into the whole world teaching", and to do good to all even those who despitefully would abuse them.


1. Cumbey, Constance. The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p.99.

2.  Readers who are familiar with the conspiracy will be aware of much of this. It was appropriate to give some background information at this point for the general readership. 1 didn't want to bog the reader down in footnotes and details of events at this point, because this information about W.W. II is not vital to the discussion at hand. Readers are encouraged to investigate several of the books now available that cover the Conspiracy's role in W.W. II. The whole story from how it looked at the top has never been told, but hopefully this summary will be helpful.

3.  Kingsland, William. The Gnosis And Christianity. Wheaton, II.: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1975,p. 16 (orig. pub. 1937)

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6.  I have read this in several places in WT material, but have been unable to relocate a good reference to insert here. The WT 6/15/01 pp.204-208 states that the new race will be composed of special androgynous units—"The race will be composed of perfect units, such as Adam was originally, before being divided into two persons."

Chapter 1.4


You will learn in this chapter:

•some of the stock tools of the conspiracy

•the history of the Church Universal & Triumphant, John Birch Society, & the Theosophical Society

•the connections between the CUT, the JBS, & the TS with Freemasonry.

No wise person would knowingly choose to fight their opponent blind and deaf, yet that seems to be the choice which many nominal Christians are choosing. They would like to characterize this book as doomsdayer stuff and then dismiss and ignore this material. They want to eat, drink and be happy. This book has nothing to do with a dooms day, if Christians suffer for Truth that can only be a wonderful testimony of love for their Lord Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the real Life. (Christians are not seeking martyrdom, but the chance to stand for the Truth revealed in Christ is a chance to honor their creator for his love.)

This book has to do with recording what people involved with the Power have planned, and why they can carry out their plans. Further it will give you things you can do to counter the Power. While you may perhaps shudder at the thought of World War III, you should be aware that many people have been deceived to look forward to an Armageddon. Not only are these people planning and looking forward to it, but they have been blaming its assumed arrival on Christians for several years.
<#1. Various New Age leaders preach the power of collective consciousness (which belief is a type of belief in magic). Some of these New Agers speak and write that Christianity's belief in Armageddon is the reason it will occur, that Christians are Willing it to happen.> If people think that by putting their heads in the sand they can escape the future, or even the present difficulties, they may be in for a rude surprise.

So how is the adversary of freedom building a One-World-Religion? Several items are stock tools:

a.  What they call Blinds- these are deliberate deceptions placed within their own writings to confuse the uninitiated. H.P.B. gives a good description of the use of these, so do Masonic writers like Albert Pike.
<#2. H.P.B. writing describes the use of Blinds in The Secret Doctrine, (Vol. 5 Adyar edition), p. 435.>

b.  They use Deflection to redirect the power of truth which is opposed to them. Healthy foods, benevolence, ecology, love, acceptance, etc. are all part of the Creator's Christian walk. These truths and other are deflected from their original purpose of glorifying the Creator to glorifying their own programs. Rather than publicly opposing Christianity, they rename their own movements Christian, and then proceed to do very little for Christ, and everything for Lucifer. They are even deflecting worship of Jesus Christ onto worship of a demon named Jesus.
<#3. Kurt Billings, an ex-New Age leader now a sincere Christian has been giving his testimony around the United States, he was a New Ager who infiltrated churches and as a church leader channeled a demon named Jesus.>

c.   They use Hegelian Dialectics. This dialectic process doesn't happen on its own so it often has to be forced into happening. The idea is that each idea ("ism") called a "thesis", like say Capitalism, naturally by definition has an opposite, an "antithesis". In Capitalism the antithesis is Communism. The conflict between the two produces a synthesis. By controlling both ends of the conflict, one controls the end product, the synthesis. More than not, the One-World-Power can be seen working behind both sides of many conflicts. Indeed, the Secret Societies have been historically shown to be behind all the revolutions and wars in Modern Europe since the American Revolution. In religious conflict, both sides are often being manipulated. Some of the various groups openly admit their strategy is designed to create a synthesis. You will find Hegelian Dialectics has been introduced into the U.S. educational system by the Skull & Bones Order (considered an Illuminati group). It was adopted in Russia by the Slavophiles in the 19th century. Communism, Nazism, Fabians, most New Age groups, Liberation Theology, and other parts of the Power use Hegelian Dialectics. Hegel in turn based his system on the ancient Greek atomists especially Democritus.

d.  The New World Order's One-World-Religion is organized on the SPIN principle.


This concept is to be the topic of this section.
S-P-I-N = Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks

If one were to diagram a SPIN organizational chart it would not be a conventional box type configuration such as an army company organization chart. Rather, it would resemble a fish-net with interlocking nodes with groups linked to many other groups and cluster around nodes. There is no center to the network. It is like the brain's electrical connections, with an overlap of functions, so that good cells can take over from damaged sections. A network (one of their buzzwords) is many times more greater than the sum of its parts.

The New Age author Marilyn Ferguson does an excellent job in describing how the Conspiracy's SPIN network functions.

"This is a source of power never before tapped in history: multiple self-sufficient social movements linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment would transform every aspect of contemporary life.

"Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in organization and impact from bureaucracies...most people don't see them—or think they are conspiracies. Often networks take similar action without conferring with each other simply because they share so many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the collusion.

"The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of SPINs, a network of many networks aimed at social transformation. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented, evolutionary, redundant. Its center is everywhere. Although many social movements and mutual-help groups are represented in its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of them."
<#4. Ferguson, Marilyn. The Aquarian Conspiracy. Los Angeles, CA: J.P. Tarcher. lnc, 1980, p. 217.>

Organisationally, the SPIN principle has worked wonders for the Illuminati, who are the Illumined Ones who are directed by an angel of light variously called Venus, Lucifer, Satan, or Sanat (a scrambling of Satan). Different groups have their own preferred name for this Master. Almost without fail their literature and art provide enough in each case to positively identify this Being of Light Lucifer as the Ascended Master of every Illuminated group. Sources that have been near the top of the hierarchies of these various groups reveal that the "alliances" are not as loose as the public pictures them. The top leaders are actually in contact and collusion together. Further, the New Age movement is producing all kinds of organizational charts, Yellow Pages, coordinating councils between groups such as the Unity in Diversity Council, etc. The movement is not as leaderless as the New Age Movement likes to pretend.

Further, while their SPIN network is powerful, it is much more manmade and artificial than people can imagine. Groups that supposedly just materialize out of nothing, are actually funded and promoted from the start by an outside source.

While the New Agers pride themselves on their SPIN strategy, the followers of Christ have been configured the same way for centuries.

It must be admitted that several interlocking Secret Cults, the Freemasons, the CIA (the Company), and MI6 (the Firm) control much of the world. Through allied groups such as the B'ai B'rith (the Order), the Skull and Bones Order (the Order), the KGB, the Triads, the Mafia, the Order of Jesuits (the Company), and the MOUSSAD their control extends even further. Finally, there are a plethora of religious groups interwoven into the whole SPIN network. Some like the Universal Aquarian Church, the Metaphysical Church in America, Light of Christ Community Church, the Institutes for the Enhancement of Life Energy and Creativity (IELEC) in NY, Children of God's ashram, and the Church Universal & Triumphant are openly New Age religious bodies. Unity School of Christianity in Unity Villiage, MO is a training center for the New Age where Luciferian initiations have been conducted for years. Lucis Trust functions as part of the brain of the New Age movement, and the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland is comparable to the Vatican City of the New Age movement. Today the Illuminati are also known by the esoteric (inside) name of Royal Ipsimus (Ipsimus is Latin for "Master of the Household.")

It is not impossible to draw diagrams showing the seed, producing its rotten fruit, producing seed, producing fruit, producing a host of seed, etc. The Spin diagrams in this book are an attempt to begin showing the development of their SPIN of SPINs.


Let us take for instance, Karl Kasimir Wundt (1744-84), a German professor and member of the Bavarian Illuminati. His son was Maximilian (1787-1846), whose son was William Maximilian Wundt (1832-1920). Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt was influenced by Johann Herbart who was a student of Hegelian Dialectics. Herbart's mentors were Illuminati. Wilhelm Mazimilian Wundt then influenced Daniel Coit Gilman and G. Stanley Hall, who were Americans who went to Germany to study. Daniel Coit Gilman and G. Stanley Hall were very influential to introduce Hegelian ideas into American education. John Dewey was influenced by Gilman and in turn influenced many other in the American Educational System.

<#5. Researchers have available the documents confiscated from the Bavarian Illuminati and published by the Bavarian government. These are in German entitled Originalschriften des Illuminaten Ordens, Zweite Abteilung, see p.65. Also see Klass, Lance J. and Paoli Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. Sheridan, OR: The Delphian Press, 1967. This book traces the Wundt link to Amer. Education. Anthony C. Sutton, America's Secret Establishment. Boring, OR: CPA Book Pub., 1986, pp. 81-111 (and other pages) does an excellent job of tracing how Hegelian ideas were propagated throughout the American Educational System and Psyc. departments by the Order.>

This is just a single line of influence. When one considers some of the other important U.S. educators that learned Hegelian ideas from Wundt it is easy to picture how a vast network of interlocking schools of education and departments of psychology were established. Other Americans taught by Wundt and the number of doctorates they awarded up to 1948 are:
<#6. Sutton, America's Secret Establishment, p. 91.>

J. McKeen Cattell, of Columbia University,          344 doctorates

E.W. Scripture, of Yale University,                      138

E.B. Tichener, of Cornell University,                    112

H. Gale, of Minnesota University                         123

G.T.W. Patrick, of Iowa University                     169

C.H. Judd, of the University of Chicago              196


Another line of influence by the Illuminati can be seen in the illumination of the leaders of the Continental Masons in the 18th century. Illuminated puppets like the Portugese Jew Martinez de Pasqualis went from Germany to France and initiated various people and started various Secret illuminated groups. As a result Grand Orient Masonry was illuminated, and so was Co-Masonry on the continent. The illuminatus Giuseppe (Joseph) Mazzini (1805-1872), who belonged to several Secret Societies, the Scottish Rite, the Grand Orient, Carbonari, Young Italy, Young Ireland, the 1st Communist International, initiated Helena Petrovna Blavatsky into Carbonarism (a type of Masonry) in 1856. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (she went by the initials H.P.B.) had already met the magician mentor of Mazzini in 1848 in Asia Minor. After her initiation by Mazzini, H.P.B. claimed she was illumined by the Hierarchy of the Great White Lodge in 1856. George Felt of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor also was a big influence on H.P.B.

After 1866, she was also under the influence of the Mason hypnotist and spiritist Victor Michal.
<#7. Que'non, Rene'. Le Theosophisme, 1921, p. 14.>

H.P.Blavatsky was also initiated into the Order of Druses, the Adoptive branch of the Ancient and Primitive rite of Masonry (1877), and the Rites of Memphis and Mizraim. In the Grand Orient Adoptive Masonry she held the highest rank, a Crowned Princess 12. With the help of the Rosicrucian Masters, H.P.B started the Theosophical Society. The socialist and occultist Herbert Burrows, a member of the Stella Matutina (a Masonic occult spinoff from the Golden Dawn), introduced the Co-Mason Annie Besant to H.P.B. in 1889. In 1887, H.P.B. started a Theosophical magazine called Lucifer the light-bringer.

Annie Besant took over the illuminated Theosophical Society. Annie Besant bungled her job in creating a Christ in the early 1920s, so her job was given to Alice Ann Bailey. Alice Ann Bailey decided (or rubber-stamped) revised secret plans to keep the work low key until 1975. 1975 would be the big year. Meanwhile, she wrote numerous influential books, and in 1922 established Lucifer Publishing, and Lucifer Trust, later changed to Lucis.

Early in the 1930s, a couple named Edna and Guy Ballard received illumination, and started the I AM movement. The St. Germain Press publishes items such as the monthly periodical The Voice of the I AM. Guy borrows much of his ideas from Alice Bailey, the Rosicrucians, and the Masons. Two of his books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence sound masonic. His messages he received from the Great White Brotherhood seem like a regurgitation of what others had also received.

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet began as a spin-off of the I AM movement in the late 1950s. In 1958, they started Summit University to train initiates of their Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT).

The I AM movement feels that CUT stole their picture of St. Germain, and have started using a different picture in order to assert their separateness. Even though they don't cooperate officially, the I AM movement and the Church Universal and Triumphant are nearly identical in beliefs.

What has been covered is how the lineage of Illumination has been passed down from generation to generation in a series of spin-offs. Although there is no publicly known connection between the Church Universal and Triumphant and the Masons, it will be worthwhile to examine this movement. Although the lineal descent is a direct one between CUT and the Masons, few people would on their own see any connection between the two.


It was the spring of 1990 and the Montanans in Paradise Valley were showing concern toward their new neighbors who had bought 33,000 acres near Yellowstone National Park.
<#8. Wilhelm, Maria, "An angry publisher fights to save the valley called Paradise." People Weekly Dec. 24, '90, p.38. See also Reid, T.R., "Montanans feel 'invaded' by survivalist church; tensions rise over "Guru Ma', followers." The Washington Post (April 22, 1990), p. A3 col. 1.>

The National Park people were getting upset too at these new neighbors, who called themselves Church Universal & Triumphant. Problems, like the sect's fuel tanks leaking, had the park people unhappy.
<#9. The National Parks, a Periodical put out by the U.S. National Parks, discusses in short articles in the Jan-Feb., the Jul-Aug, and the Sept-Oct. issues problems the Yellowstone National Park was having with the CUT.>

An ex-member Kenneth Polini, who had served as the sect's security chief, was telling the newspapers that the sect could end up to be another Jonestown.
<#10. Texe Marrs gives as his source for this in his New Age Cults & Religions, p. 171 an article in the Spokane Chronicle however an examination of the last few years of the Spokane Chronicle didn't reveal any such article. He did get the information from some source apparently. This is one quote that I am not able to verify.>

The Prophet's oldest daughter Moira Lewis had to be thrown out of the CUT, when it became apparent that she didn't believe in it. Now Moira Lewis was talking, and talking to the anti-cult ministries.

"I AM El Morya," Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Christmas message read, "Through the Ages I have worn various guises and disguises. You will know me (as I stand beside you with the legions of light who are implementing sound and the sound waves to counteract discord, all destructivity, disease, and death ere it return to mankind who have sent it forth with the suddenness of a woman's travail.
- 7 -

My beloved brothers and sisters of the Light, I address you as co-equals and co-inheritors of the mantle of God's will. I pray that without fear, with longsuffering and perseverance, you shall endure and fulfill your mission of this year and the decade to come.

All of heaven is poised for the victory. We look to commune with you, each one, directly through the ultra-dimensional sound of Excelsior. May you who believe in angels and in the brothers in white be not forgetful to enter­tain strangers. For this is the hour of the coming of the Lord's Spirit in the manifold expressions of our legions who are descending to earth on the glorious mission of the sons of God to raise up souls who are counted as the servants of the Lamb.

I AM El Morya. Through the ages I have worn various guises and disguises. You will know me (as I stand beside you in answer to your call) by my vibration, by a certain knowing, a certain God-determination, a certain will to move and to be movers of men and mountains. You will know me by my impetus which I give to you to act, act, act in the name of God to set the captives free.

Let us be up and doing. I am with the I AM THAT I AM who reveals himself in the outflowing and the inflowing of events.

Children of the sun, be prime movers of fight and love and goodwill in time and space and you will be with me held in the bonds of the eternal Brotherhood.

In the Spirit of Christmas, I AM

For a Christmas wreath of light and sound the world around, play this record on Christmas Day and be one with brothers and sisters on the love ray. in answer to your call) by my vibration, by a certain knowing, a certain God- determination, a certain will to move and to be movers...I am with the I AM THAT I AM...In the Spirit of Christmas, I AM"
<#11. 1969 CUT Booklet with Cover of Christ saying "Arise Shine for Thy Light Is Come!" The Booklet has a Christmas Message and is accompanied with a record. Malibu, CA: CUT, 1969, p.7.>
 El Morya is identified in CUT literature as Chohan of the First Ray, Master of the Lodges of Perfection.
<#12. CUT Broshure with a mountain scene with El Morya's words "The trek upwards is worth the inconvenience" on back and "the Messenger" E. C. Prophet on the front. p.2.>
Those familiar with Masonry know what the Lodges of Perfection are.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is now running CUT. She claims that El Morya, Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood is using her to channel messages so that the earth can be raised once again into a Golden Age.

Elizabeth tells her followers, "If you would like to be counted among the avant-garde who are advancing the cause of this Revolution, read and meditate upon El Morya's words."
<#13. ibid., Quote is from the 6th paragraph on front.>

Elizabeth Clare Prophet not only has the name Prophet, but she claims to be one. Not only does she look divine (at least in the photos released to the public), but she claims to be divine. Not only does she have weekly handouts called "Pearls of Wisdom", but her 3rd ex-husband Randall King reports she is getting wealthy from her followers. And that's not all.

One of the first items that struck me about Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Theology is how Masonic it sounded. Since Elizabeth Prophet states she is continueing the Ballard's work- -not with Mrs. Ballard's approval though—it is not surprising the two groups are alike. But the CUT doesn't talk about any Masonic connections. Sure they sell Masonic books, and they do use the Masonic Temples for their meetings, but they make clear to her followers that even though Masonry is O.K., her church is a big advancement over Masonic believes. The truth is, her teachings and the Ballard's are just a rehash of Masonic beliefs. They even invoke (pray to) the Masonic All-Seeing-Eye as the Elohim Cyclopea. Their Knight Commander is St. Germain.
<#14. The title Knight Commander has been used at various times by CUT in the "Knight Commander St. Germain." Knight Commander St. Germain supposedly addressed CUT on May 3,1981, and this is referred to in a letter by James W. McCaffrey, CUT Board of Directors.>

(Since they do not see St. Germain, but accept that their prophet channels his messages, it means that their Knight Commander is in reality the person supposedly channeling him.) People in the I AM movement also study Masonic and Theosophical books for spiritual knowledge.
<#15. Interviews and visits with ex-l AM members and members of the I AM movements by Author.>


It is not inconceivable that this Illumined Religion is part of the Illuminati network. Interestingly, the winged-globe which is the symbol of the Illuminati and Rosicrucians is on the cover of Elizabeth Prophet's book Teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Rosicrucian belief is that the Winged Sun Disk represents the Elysian Fields. CUT also believes in the Elysian Fields. Another link to the Illuminati is CUT's use of Enochian Magic and its 7 planes. Repeatedly, references to these 7 planes of existence crop up in CUT inner teachings given to the Fraternity of the Keepers of the Flame.
<#16. 1969 Christmas Message, p.4.>


Elizabeth Clare Prophet has emphatically made a big issue that she is following orders from the Great White Brotherhood. The Great White Brotherhood is the same group that Bailey, H.P.B., the Rosicrucians and the Esoteric Masons follow. Note, they are following the same authority. The Masonic Book Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, (1907) written based on information from the highest Masonic authorities, states on pg. 79, "THE UNDERLYING PRINCIPLE. 114" "The Ancient Wisdom Religion is the Thread-soul' on which are strung all the various incarnations and encasements of the religious life,... Begotten by that Spiritual Hierarchy—the Great White Brotherhood—in whose guardianship is the evolution of the human race..." The next page tells how the "Great White Brotherhood" is known in Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry as the 11th degree. (Is this a Blind?) Students of the Supreme Initiation will see "The Beautiful Philosophy of Initiation," by the Count M. de St. Vincent.

An Illumined Chief of one of the occult branches of the English Masonic Lodge of Rosicruciana in Anglia— called Stella Matutina— left it, became a Christian. This ex­Chiefs book Light-bearers of Darkness clearly details how the Illuminati (Illumined ones) are lead by the Great White Lodge and that the Illumined ones in that day (1930) were far more powerful than people imagined, and that they were in all kinds of groups. "These secret societies, formed when needed, are detached into groups distinct and apparently opposed, professing respectively and in turn the most contrary opinions of the day, so as to direct, apart and with confidence, all parties, political, religious, economic, and literary." (Light-Bearers of Darkness, p.2)

Another follower of the occult, Tal Brooke, who was the top Western disciple of India's miracle-working god-man Sai Baba, also like the Stella Matutina chief, became a Christian and also wrote a book When The World Will Be As One warning people about Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Fabians, the New Age agenda and the Masons who are promoting it.

The highest Masonic authorities teach that illumination like Elizabeth Clare Prophet practices was part of the Mystery Religions. Elizabeth Clare Prophet often uses the Illuminati 3-dot symbol when she signs her initial. How ironic that her teachings are being passed off as so fresh and new, yet are the very ancient superstitions that men practiced long ago.

In the Secret Teachings of All Ages, "The Mysteries taught that spiritual illumination was attained only by bringing the lower nature up to a certain standard of efficiency and purity. The Mysteries were therefore established for the purpose of unfolding the nature of man according to certain fixed rules which, when faithfully followed, elevated the human consciousness to a point where it was capable of cognizing its own constitution and the true purpose of existence. This knowledge...of spiritual illumination constituted the secret, or esoteric doctrine of antiquity. Certain apparently physical organs and centers are in reality the veils or sheaths of spiritual center."
<#17. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. LXXVI.>

This is the issue at stake here. Is CUT a manmade or demonic authority, and therefore a false authority or is it the Almighty God's authority?

Although CUT claims to be Christian and use the Bible, it advocates and teaches Magic. For instance, "We seek to raise the veil upon the wonderful world of Cosmic Magic, the Magic of believing in the Power of the original Intent which may then be blazed as the all-consuming Love of God..." (Pearls of Wisdom, 3/26/67, p. 3)
<#18. Another example is Pearls of Wisdom, 6/25/67, front page aka p.53.>

It is not the job of this book to enlist the reader to champion this Author's religious doctrinal understandings. The issue is more important than that. A world-wide authority is being created through the actions of separate nodes of a SPIN of SPINs. This authority plans to someday be absolute. They will cleanse the world like Hitler's Final Solution of the Jews. Hundreds of people who have come out of CUT or had family members in it, are warning that this is a deception that has destroyed people's lives and families. Judging on the basis of where Cut came from, who they are friends with, and what Masonic and Illuminati tactics are, it is a safe bet that there is some kind of collaboration at the top by Elizabeth Clare Prophet with Secret Societies. Indications are that it is part of a vast scheme to establish a One-World-Government.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has no problem getting on the radio, and getting publicity. Obviously, she has connections. Although she heralds her own group as the Church, she has appeared with other New Age leaders on radio talk shows. She does seem to work with them on some level. Her Summit University, started in 1958  is not shabby.
<#19. Pearls of Wisdom, on the back pages of for example July, 31,1977 Vol. 20, No.31, Malibu, CA: CUT, p.148.>

Her "Fraternity of Keepers of the Flame" as she calls her initiates learn such things as astrology, crystals, white magic, Hinduism (reincarnation, karma, meditation, chakra points), how to decree, how to dress, and how to become divine at Summit University. Her religion itself is quite organized with several presses, computer operators, Montessori Preschool Elementary and High School people, cooks, accountants, planning and development people, purchasing, and the whole nine yards.
<#20. Notes, Summit University Student.>

How does she finance all her expensive advertising and constant travelling? How did her husband and her finance things in the beginning when they established Summit University, and their headquarters in Colorado Springs, and their house in Santa Barbara? Details about Elizabeth Clare Prophet and her Organization are hard to come by.

If she can keep recruiting new people, her finances may do all right. If a person gets serious about being part of her organization, they are expected to make a once in a life­time gift of everything they have to the CUT controlled by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
<#21. Notes, Summit University Student and Confidential Interviews After that they are expected to tithe (one-tenth).
<#22. Church Universal and Triumphant Tenets, Colorado Springs, CO: 1975, p.12 under Art. XII Law of the Tithe.>
 In return, they are initiated into what I call "the supreme Grand Flattery", "You shall become an enlightened God."

The Keepers of the Flame were told "We don't have any dollars to increase our staff until we have more dollars coming in from person in the world. Your love and service here should draw in enough supplies to cover all your needs."
<#23. Notes, Summit University Student.>

When students are invited onto staff it is a commitment. They are told, "Your life will never be your own again, but was it ever your own?" They have already been taught "Ascension Keys". Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells her students that to Ascend to Godhead is their birthright, the divine right of every person.
<#24. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 23, (June 4, 1967), The Summit Lighthouse, p. 41 -"...has robbed men of the birthright of their Ascension...">
<#25. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X, No. 19, (May 7,1967), The Summit Lighthouse, p. 24 - "The Divine Right is the Immortal Plan...Inherent pattern of unique Christ manifestation...">

In the Ascension Dossier of Serapis Bey they are told "The capacity of the externalized self must be given in toto." Also- "You must abandone your past to God." In Lanello's Message (a channeled message), 4/20/73 the students are told, "You do not have to wait for the carnal mind to evolve, for the carnal mind will never evolve. It must be put off and cast into the Flame."
<#26. Lanello 4/20/73 in the Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 16, #32, 8/12/1973.>

In Serapis, Ascension Class they are told, "The Ascension Flame is the Flame of Mother."
"Men prove the Law by doing the Law. They see Truth by becoming Truth."
<#27. Serapis, Dossier 6/4/67.> "All things are relative except the Absolute."
<#28. El Morya, Ascension Class, covering the Ascension Keys.>

There are many interesting parallels between CUT and the WT Society. Both make a big show of being against the system, the United Nations and the people uniting the world. However, neither group ever mentions the Masons in connection with plans to bring in a one-world-state. The religious side of the One-World-Power can not be understood with out an awareness of Freemasonry. While supposedly warning their adherents of those men who control the world, both CUT and the WT Society carry out a systematic program to condition their people to believe in a soon-to-come Golden Age, and training people how to act in it. It's this writer's conviction that it is not so criticaly dangerous to the One-World-State for these people to know something of what is happening, because their leadership, who they blindly follow, are part of the One-World- Religion. According to CUT, Jesus was Chohan of the age that ended, now a new cycle is starting with Sanat in charge.
<#29. Pearls of Wisdom, (Mar. 26, 1967), Summit Lighthouse, p. 1. Another reference is Prophet, E.C.. Prophecy for the 1980s, p. 10.>

Elizabeth Prophet writes about the coming Armageddon, "There's a certain sense in America that it can't happen here, that somehow we are a favorite or chosen people, that we will not go the way of a Rome or an Atlantis or a Lemuria—that somehow it will be different. And yet collectively, as far as the entire consciousness of the earth goes, we are Lemuria, Atlantis, Babylon, Assyria, Rome come again. We are the melting pot and the descendants of all of these movements..."

"We speak of the age of Pisces as the two-thousand cycle of Jesus Christ that is coming to its conclusion, and we feel the winds of a new age that is called Aquarius."

"The state of the world is perilous....The coming, then, of the Four Horsemen is actually the prophecy of a planetary initiation. Those horsemen could not ride except by the flow of events, by the karma of the people. They are bringing to our very doorstep the forces that we have set in motion as a planet, as mankind, for centuries."
<#30. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare. Prophecy for the 1980's. Los Angeles, CA: Summit University Press, 1982, paragraphs quoted from p. 24,10, and 12 respectively.>

"And so the Great Initiator of life stands before us and says, These are the causes (cause of Disaster and Armageddon) you have set in motion, humanity."
<#31. ibid., p. 13.>

What Elizabeth Clare Prophet has just said is that the people of the world are creating the forces to bring about Armaggeddon. It is their karma. A great Initiator is waiting for the time of planetary initiation. Jesus Christ's time is passed, the leadership has passed to another Chohan.

In spite of all the time CUT spends teaching its people about the Conspiracy of the Communists, the International Financiers, the CFR, etc. when Elizabeth Prophet makes statements like this above she is shifting the blame for wars and W.W. Ill from those who control the world to the common people. If she only succeeds in this propaganda ploy, she will have accomplished a great favor for the One-World-State.

The common people of the world are not directing world events. For instance, it was not the common people of either Iraq, Kuwait nor the U.S. that had anything to do with Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. In fact, months before Kuwait was invaded the Trilateral Commission had decided at the White House that Iraq was to be the focus of a disarmament program. As nothing was attempted politically, it is clear that they had planned a military disarmament program.

CUT initiates received a letter, "Keeper of the Flame: the need for harmony and love between all the masters servants united in a common effort cannot be overemphasized. Working and serving together, we form a mandala of light through which the masters of the Great White Brotherhood will awaken humanity."
<#32. Letter by CUT Chairman of the Outreach Committee Michael Veys to the Fraternity of the Keepers of the Flame, c. 1980.>


CUT is a New Age Religion designed to catch the conservative elements, that would shun most New Age groups. CUT preaches against Communism, the Feminist Movement, Abortion, Drugs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bankers, and uncontrolled immigration from Mexico. It is in favor of survivalist tactics, political activism, wearing business suits, and looking clean cut. If one looks at where they have concentrated their activities one notices they have worked in some very conservative western areas, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. (California is also an important center of activity but hardly a bastion of conservatism.)

When I contemplated the hoax that Church Universal and Triumphant is apparently carrying out among the conservatives in Western United States, I was reminded of a fishing trip years ago. In 1969, several Germans and I went out to a small German island in the North Sea. We strung a net across a river, went downstream and entered into the river. We walked upstream toward the net. The fish were afraid of being caught by us. They swam into the net. We reached the net, pulled the net to shore and filled two large baskets full of big good tasting flounder. It's one of my favorite fishing trips.

The people in the Western U.S. are like these flounder. They are aware that big powers are trying to control their lives. They are trying to get away from the One-World-State Power. And so what do they do? They swim right into the very conservative CUT, and are easy pickings for the One-World-Religion.

To gain the great advantages of Hegelian Philosophy— the One-World-Power has been behind both extremes. But this can only work if the people being deceived and manipulated, don't realize that the same people are behind different groups.

One thing that Elizabeth Clare Prophet may be commended upon, it is her willingness to give some of the best occult knowledge to her followers. In her catalog she sells Raymond Bernard's The Hollow Earth. An ex-high level New Age disciple Troy Lawrence tells us that the masses are told Shamballa the home of the Spirit Masters is in Tibet but, "The initiated know something different. They know that Shamballah is the region of the hollow earth. The spiritual region where the King of the World and his Master dwell." The Spirit Masters have told the highest level occultists who are sold out to them that the earth is hollow. For instance, Pam Davis was told by a spirit, "Do you not know that the center of your Earth, it is not that which has been spoken by your scientists, the bubbling of the molten rocks, it is beauteous. It is home for thousands upon thousands of Beings that have lived there in totality of harmony and understanding of love." ("The Power of One," Life Times (Winter 86/87), p. 84.)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is infatuated with the Great Pyramid like H.P.B. and C.T. Russell. She has produced an illustrated program with 8 cassettes entitled A Retreat on the Ascension, which includes lectures on the inner mysteries of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid has long been held by esoteric groups as an initiation center. Some confidential sources speak of gaining godlike power from the pyramid. The occult leaders of the One World Power have held that the Great Pyramid's King's chamber is an initiation center for godhood.

CUT teachings are heralded as "Spiritual wisdom uniting east and west."
<#33. Quote from the banner of Pearls of Wisdom.> The idea of being the religion of unity between east and west is heralded by CUT In other places too The teachings (supposedly from the Ascended Masters) are a brew of Hinduism with Buddhist thought and Christian terminology. Add a heavy dose of Mariology from the Catholics with Fatima, and sprinkle in bits and pieces of other things from other sources and stir this brew, and you will come up with CUT 's beliefs. They basically are another Gnostic Mystery Cult Whether one identifies CUT as having the I AM movement's beliefs, or Masonry's, or the Gnostic Mysteries is perhaps moot, they are all about the same. Let's look at some of the similarity of CUT with Masonry before CUT was even thought of.


The first item of similarity between Elizabeth Clare Prophets teachings and Masonry is the belief that the Tribe of Ephraim is Great Britian and the Tribe of Manasseh is America.
<#34. Notes from a local CUT meetings.>

In the Masonic book, Mystic Americanism we are told The theme of the entire Bible centers around a hope of a glorious country afar off, in an age that was to come. The crowning event of the allegory of the Twelve Tribes of Israel—the one and one-half tribe of Jewish and the rest Christian origin—culminates in Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Christ's Kingdom) as sons of Joseph (Great Britian). Most important of all is the story of the Woman (Revelation: 12) who fled into the wilderness (secrecy)' but who is to return and, in a glorious nation, defeat the Dragon by reopening the ancient teachings of the Holy Grail (Illumination of the Soul)."
<#35. Mystic Americanism. Quakertown, PA: The Philosophical Pub. Co.>
Parentheses are part of the quote.

This and other beliefs of various groups are lumped together under the label British— Israelism. A strain of British-lsraelism appears in Masonry from its inception.
<#36. Hodson, John Milton, William H. Upton, et. al. Masonic History of the Northwest. San Francisco, CA: the History Pub. Co., 1902, p. 71.>

In the Royal Arch degree in England "the presiding officer is the Prince and heir to the Jewish throne, ZERUBBABEL (being descended in the direct line from King Solomon), and as such represents the King..." In America, after the Amer. Revol. the heir to the Jewish throne JERUBBABEL was replaced in the American Lodges with the High Priest. And the Prophet in the third chair was replaced with a scribe. In England, in the Royal Arch degree ritual mention is made in regards to the Messiah, but no in America. Apparently, the mission was to keep safeguarded the Royal Blood, and apparently that Royal Blood stayed in England. The mission of the Royal Arch degree changed, "it became the ally of the English Government and Church." The British exert power over the Americans.> Considering that Masonry began in the British Isles, and that Masonry has had universal goals from its earliest times, this is not surprising. However, it is not clear to this author why the various Masonic groups work so closely with the Askinazim Jews, and haven't elevated the Sephardic Jews. For instance, the British Royal Family which has been prominent in Freemasonry and believes in British-Israelism, has been very congenial with Jews. 
<#37. Numerous Masonic sources parade the lists of Kings, Princes, etc. that are Masons. The Kings themselves have made public comments publicly endorsing the belief they are the descendants of the House of David.>

Cecil Rhodes, who believed the One-World-State would be British, included Lord Rothschild on his roundtable. The Mormon leaders, who believe in British-Israelism, have had close relations with the Jews, and although they should know better, have totally ignored the fact that the Askenazim Jews are not genetically related to the Childen of Israel. They apply prophecy to those Jews because they are supposedly the right seed, and then ignore the historical evidence they never were genetically that seed.
<#38. LDS McConkie's writings on prophecy.>

Even the Mormon leaders who have access to the world's genealogical records, are pro-Askinazim Jew. Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings have been a welter of contradictions. While condeming the Bavarian Illuminati in talks, she also has taught about how great Sir Francis Bacon, who she believes started Masonry, is. She points out to her people how the Masonic Temples have the words I AM on them, to support her I AM beliefs.<#39. Notes from a CUT class.>

In 1723, Dr. Abadie, a protestant apologist, put forth the view that the lost ten tribes were the people of the British Isles.
<#40. Gaebelein, Dr. A.C. World Prospects, cf. Gaebelein's art. in Our Hope, Jan. 1932 issue.>

However the idea predated Abadie by half a century. Oliver Cromwell was convinced that the British were Israelites. He was not only active in Masonry, but was the person who brought the Jews back to England in 1655, after their expulsion. Some contend it was money that motivated Cromwell to bring the Jews to England. Interestingly, it was the discovery of Jews in China by the Jesuits that allowed Cromwell to justify allowing Jews into England. Rabbi ben Israel who lived across the street from Rembrandt in Amsterdam corresponded with Cromwell. (The Rabbi was also responsible for the philosopher Spinoza's education. Spinoza made his own contribution to the moral demise of Western Civilization.) The Rabbi brought out the phamplet "Spes Israelis" (latin for "The Hope of Israel" or in Heb. "Mikveh Israel"). Using a Biblical passage that the Jews were to be found at two ends of the earth, and declaring the recently found Chinese Jews as one end, he argued that Biblically the other end of the earth was...Portugal (well, at first it was Portugal—but then the Rabbi realized England had more commercial profit potential so he reworded his tract to say...)England. Yes, the Rabbi declared that Biblically the Jews were at both ends of the earth, and since England had no Jews then the British must be Jewish. If Jewish, then how could they forbid other Jews from coming in. Since then, others have built on the Rabbi's idea.

The dual marriage of Jacob with his wives Leah and Rachel was referred to as "two bands" (Gen. 32:10). These are the "two sticks" that the Mormons, and various Masons believe in. 
<#41. The LDS Mormons appeal to the Book of Mormon. 1 Ne. 5:5 and Alma 46:23-24 are used to explain that the America's are for the Tribe of Joseph.>

If Britain is Ephraim and the United States is Manasseh, how did the United States become Manasseh?
<#42. Edward Hine in 1871 published his theory that Great Britain was Ephraim and America was Manasseh.>

The United States began with such settlers as the Pilgrims who were British, therefore Ephraimites. This particular version seems illogical. Another version is that that the sons of Joseph (Great Britian) culminate in Manasseh (America) and Ephraim (Christ's Kingdom). This last idea carries an eerie aura about it to this Author. The symbology of the Tribe of Manasseh is the Olive Branch and the Arrows (associated with Joseph's bow).
<#43. Scriptures that are used to illustrate the tie-ins between Manassah's heraldry and scripture are Gen. 4:22-24 (bow and arrows) and Rom 11:24 (which were always pictured as Olive Branches.)>

(One common symbol of the Tribe of Dan is the eagle, the other is the serpent or snake.)
<#44. The best British-lsraelism examination of the heraldry of the Tribes of Israel and British Heraldry is W.H. Bennett, Symbols fo Our Celto-Saxon Heritage. Stanhope Press, Kent, Eng., 1976.>

The American eagle- that would be Dan- controls the other two tribes' symbols. The best book in showing archeological evidence concerning the fate of the ten tribes of Israel is Missing Links Discovered by E. Raymond Capt. Critics of British-Israelism owe it to themselves to read this.)

One of the symbols of the Tribe of Ephraim is the Unicorn. But the Unicorn according to Alice Bailey stands for the God-man, the Christ-man, the Illumined New Race coming in the New Order. The horn of the Unicorn on the third-eye chakra point indicating illumination by Lucifer. This Author hasn't seen Ephraim's symbols matched with their New Age meaning in the context of the idea that Ephraim is Christ's Kingdom soon-to-be established, but when it is, the "two-sticks"-belief matches itself to the New Agers Millennial belief.


Another interesting parallel is that in some areas Masons wear a special color of clothes on certain days.
<#45. Confidential interview with a Christian who the Masons had intended to recruit.>

The Church Universal and Triumphant also assigns certain colors to be worn on different days.
<#46. Confidential interviews with ex-l AM & ex-CUT members, and class materials of Summit Univ.>

Due to the large influx of new converts, it has been difficult for CUT to keep up the teachings on wearing different colored clothing during different times of the day, and for different days. Newer converts may be unaware of this teachings The colors of purple and white are especially esteemed.


A perusal of Summit University course material shows that the astrology information that CUT teaches its Fraternity of Keepers of the Flame is the same type of astrological items that others have taught before. The extra meanings assigned the various 12 signs can also be found in the Mason Manly P. Hall's book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Both CUT and Masonry use Astrology as a way to get people interested in their teachings. The first three degrees of Masonry are called the Blue Lodge because the color blue is associated with the skies and astrology.


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "50. "The force of the obligation is therefore in the obligation and not in the reason. As a matter of fact, the real reason is scientific to the last analysis; scientific to a degree beyond the penetration, up to the present time, of the 'radiant matter' of the Roentgen Ray of Modern Science. The Word concerns the science of rhythmic vibrations, and is the key to the equilibrium of all forces and to the harmony of Eternal Nature."
<#47. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.48.>


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "That the Soul is an emanation of Deity, and in its original essence is all purity, truth, and wisdom, is an axiom which the disembodied learn,...These sparks of heavenly fire become Souls, and as the effect must share in the nature of the cause, the fire which warms into life, also illuminates into Light, hence the Soul emanations from the Divine are all Love and Heat, whilst the illumination of Light, which streams ever from the great Central Sun of Being, irradiates all Souls with corresponding beams of Light." Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.20 "Says Bro. Buck again: "Humanity in toto is the only Personal God; the Christos is the realization, or perfection of this Divine Persona, in Individual conscious experience. When this perfection is realized, the state is called Christos, with the Greeks, and Buddha with the Hindoos....Know you not that they who Follow the Buddha follow the same Christ as you under but another name." Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.11 "Fire in turn signifies Love, God, the Fatherhood of God." Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p. 30

"That the Soul is an emanation of Deity...These sparks of heavenly fire (parts of God) become Souls...hence the Soul emanations from the Divine are all Love and Light, whilst the illumination of Light, which streams ever from the great central Sun of Being (God's Light), irradiates all Souls (who harmonize themselves with God, or the Light) with corresponding beams of Light." The Mysticism of Masonry, p. 11


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "The second method of healing was by vibration. The inharmonies of the bodies were neutralized by chanting spells and intoning the sacred names or by playing upon musical instruments and singing. Sometimes articles of various colors were exposed to the sight of the sick, for the ancients recognized, at least in part, the principle of color therapeutics, now in the process of rediscovery." Masonic Hermetic Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, p. CXI


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "By these 'rites and benefits,' the Freemason is, above all men, in our so-called Modern Civilization, the nearest to the Ancient Wisdom. He has possession of the territory in which lie concealed the Crown Jewels of Wisdom. He may content himself, if he will, by merely turning over the sod...he may rise untrammeled by the rubbish of the temple, and, meeting Elohim face to face, learn also to say 'I am that I am!'" Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.7


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "The mysteries have now, as throughout the long ages past, for their foundation, the existence of God, as Jehovah Adonai— the Father of Light— and the Immortality of the Soul, which Soul, in the language of the Initiates, is and always must be, an ever-burning Fire, a Light that must be brought into close relationship with the Father of all Light from which it originally came." The Mysticism of Masonry, p. 19

"Cast not thy seed upon the ground"..."Lest it become a serpent and rend thee") and the search for its recovery (the retention or exchange, the raising and transmutation of the seed into the Fire or Light of the Soul); the tradition of the Ineffable Name in connection with the Lost Word (finding the Soul's Light and through the Fire being able to come face to face with the Soul's Creator, the Father of Light..." The Mysticism of Masonry, p.46


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "As the earth groans for the lordship of superior beings to rule over them, the spirits of distant Edens hear the whispers of the tempting Serpent (desire, longing), the animal principle, the urgent intellect, which appealing to the blest Souls in their distant paradises, fill them with indescibable longings for change, for broader vistas of knowledge, for mightier powers; they would be as the gods and know good and evil." The Mysticism of Masonry, p.12

An example of this from Elizabeth Clare Prophet's teachings is this quote, "The challenge of all the great revolutionaries of all time, East and West, has been to subdue that sacred fire, to channel it, to make contact with it, to interact with it, to integrate with it. The 1980s are a decade of reintegration with the sacred fire that all of the world's great revolutionaries—for good, for God—have contacted.

"A lack of self-knowledge and knowledge of the Self in and as this God-potential has set the limits of our social and technological progress." Prophecy for the 1980s, p.17. (Bold added.)

Her description of this fire corresponds perfectly with the occult Masonic groups who started communism from the 1840s the 1870s. An excellent history of the Masonic belief in this "fire" which started so many revolutions is found in the well researched book, Fire In the Minds of Men by James Billington.


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "Humanity in toto is the only personal God; the Christos is the realization or the perfection of this divine Persona, in (through) individual conscious experience. When this perfection is realized, the state is called Christos..." The Mysticism of Masonry, p. 14


As this is common knowledge concerning Masons, the first quote will be from CUT's Pearls of Wisdom (The Ascended Master's Weekly Newsletter) Apr. 9,1967, p. 10. "...where are the staunch ones applying to Us today for Initiation into the highest steps here at Luxor?" CUT doesn't have the multitude of levels like Masonry though.

Some of the other beliefs that the two share in common are a. the idea of invocations b. the old order must be destroyed so that a Golden Age of Illumined Ones can be established, c. the hierarchy is the mediator, not Christ d. Satan is the animal nature in man preventing him from becoming a God, e. the Ancient of Days in scripture is Sanat (the scrambling of Satan). These concepts are taught until one get high up in Masonry or goes into one of the more occultic Masonic rites. Similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses, she believes in a literal 144,000.


There are some people who will be disatisfied with this chapter. They will want harder proof. Yet, these same people very likely accept many things without any proof. If they didn't they wouldn't be part of mainstream America.

For instance, you are told that this country is a democracy. Democracy means the people vote and decide everything. Everything in a real democracy is decided by what is called a referendum today. Very little is decided by referendum today. Has anyone shown you proof this is a democracy? Have you ever asked?

I have found that those who object to this information are those who have not studied the subjects at all. CUT. fits a pattern that has been repeated over and over. Either it is part of the pattern which can be shown to be Masonic or it's an exception to the rule. If CUT. is really against the New World Order (it depends what part of their literature you read, because they do want a Global Interdependence of Spiritual Ones, they only claim to be against a Global Political Union), it is interesting that the system cooperates with them so much.

On the surface they appear to some to be against the CFR/lnternational Bankers, etc. They teach their members the dangers that these men pose in conjunction with international communism. On the other hand in their tract "What is The Summit Lighthouse?" they end the tract saying "The Summit Lighthouse sheds its beams o'er the earth and releases into manifestation the symbol for the coming Golden Age—"Destiny, not dust!" Unless a person is aware of the connections between the Rockefellers and the Masons and the New Age movement, the common person will not be able to see Hegelian dialectics being used.

While conservatives join CUT., it is not likely very many of them caught a little clause that CUT. put into its Christmas Day, 1981 Declaration of International Interdependence. Line 8 from the bottom states, "Therefore, as divinely blessed individuals...the citizens of planet Earth have the call for a constitutional convention to found their nation under God;..." Elizabeth Prophet has repeatedly stated Sanat Kumara was the leader of the Great White Lodge Hierarchy and God.

<#48 Just one example of many where Sanat (Satan) is identified as a God by Elizabeth Clare Prophet is her 1979 Christmas message, p. 2. "Yes, my chelas have sung for you and for me the message of Sanat Kumara, the Great Bodhisattva, known to Daniel and the prophets of Israel as the Ancient of Days. In his name we say, "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee!...This great bodhisattva who revealed himself to Moses in the person of Jehovah and to Ezekiel as the fire enfolding itself, to the soul of Gautama as the Buddha, to Zarathustra as Ahura Mazda, and to the Hindus as the "Eternal Youth" has appeared to humanity in every epoch of earth's changes, signaling the beginning and the ending of cycles..." Not only does she identify Sanat with Jehovah, but also Buddha and Ahura Mazda of the Mazdians. Another example is Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. X No. 13, (Mar. 26, 1967), p. 1 "The name, Ancient of Days, refers to Sanat Kumara, Hierarch of Venus, Who came to earth millions of years ago...">.

Here in effect is a call for a constitutional convention to establish either the U.S. or world government under Sanat. (It is not exactly clear which nation is being spoken about that is to call this constitutional convention.) Who are the forces calling for a Constitutional Convention? William Still links these forces to the CFR, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Brookings Institute and the World Federalists in his expose.
<#49. Still, William T. New World Order The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies. Lafayette, LA, Huntington House, 1990. Chapter 15 covers the Constitutional assault.>

An example of an organization that has been created by the One-World-Power, that functions in much the same capacity as the C.U.T. is the John Birch Society. Both groups are so conservative that they stick out as extreme. Elizabeth Clare Prophet likes the John Birch Society and speaks good things about it. The John Birch Society was created as the Anti-thesis of communism, much in the same way that C.U.T. siphons off the conservative element that dislikes long hair and dirty clothes, etc., but theologically is attracted to the New Age. A 32 degree Mason named Robert Welch started the John Birch Society in 1958.
<#50. Braddock, James E. The John Birch Society An Enigma. Bumsville, MN: Weisman Publications, p.13 states "Welch, being a well proven 32nd degree Mason, jumped at the chance to aide and abet in the furtherance of the destruction of Christianity." CPA has access to a Masonic document showing Welch's membership. Perhaps the first to claim Robert Welch was a Mason was Dr. Stuart Crane. Eustice Mullins also received information that Welch was a Mason from confidential sources. Braddock's research has been well-received by a number of prominent ex-John Birchers.>

For the Board of Directors for the John Birch Society he chose men from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). As JBS policy, he had an Anti-communist but pro-Jewish stance. After Welch had the JBS started, he received a large sum of money from the Rockefellers. Braddock states, "Robert Welch...heir to, the Welch Candy Company... Nelson [Rockefeller] purchased the company for a price that was three times the asking price but with the condition that Robert would head the new John Birch Society."
<#51. Braddock, op. cit.p. 13.>

So the American people got more Hegelian Dialectics. And many conservative people who sincerely wanted to save and defend the United States gave their money, time and allegiance to this Society. Many rich conservative Americans gave their money to the John Birch Society to fight the Anti-American forces. The John Birch Society was able to siphon off much resistance that could have been really damaging to the One-World- Power, and waste that concern and money of resistance into a make-believe battle against communism.

Many of the highly knowledgeable people who joined the John Birch Society, such as Dr. R.P. Oliver, Dr. Draskovich, Brig. Gen. G. Mohr, along with the three Directors of Public Relations and others realized they were be taken for a ride, and got off. The comments by these ex-John Birchers are a good testimony about the manufacture of an Antithesis by the New World Order. Some of their comments are<#52. Braddock, op. cit. various pages.>:

"The John Birch Society is a complete and deadly mirage in a vast desert of confusion that was purposefully designed and augmented to aid in that confusion..."— James E. Braddock

"Unlike other groups and organizations which International Zionism has gradually taken over, the John Birch Society was their own creation, to fulfill their own purposes—one world order and control."—Charles A. Weisman

"When you see the Jewish influence in the top echelon of the Society in the organizing Council of the JBS' and the Jewish money that is poured into the Society, you understand that, here again, is an organization that is set up by International Judaism as a neutralizing force for patriotic Americans."—Gen. Mohr

"I have resigned from the Council of the John Birch Society (and from the Society itself) because I can no longer in conscience remain a member. I have also resigned as Associate Editor of American Opinion and I will no longer contribute to that magazine." - -Dr. Oliver


Our modern rainbow of dragons was the direct result of the Theosophical Society. Helena P. Blavatsky (or H.P.B. as she called herself)(1831-1891) was sponsored by several occult groups to get the Theosophical Society started. A small group of Rosicrucian adepts were the primary sponsors of hers. The Great White Brotherhood was lurking in her background too. The Theosophical Society is also called Co-Masonry. Many of the leaders of the Theosophical Society have been women involved in the occult Masonic groups that admit women, and men who have been part of Masonry. (See the Appendix.)

In the book On The Watch-Tower by Sri Ram we are told that the Theosophical Society was working to unite Europe into one United States of Europe (p.570) and that eventually the only solution for mankind was a Federation of all the nations.(p. 571) The Primer of Theosophy states that the T. Society was started for two reasons a. to study Occultism and b. to spread Universal Brotherhood.
<#53. American Section of the Theosophical Society. A Primer of Theosophy. Chicago, IL: The Rajput Press, 1911, p.110.>

The theosophical book A Primer of Theosophy tells us that "There are two presentations of the divine wisdom which are rounded and satisfying; that given by Theosophy and that of Masonry. No religion or exoteric philosophy can equal them in fullness or clearness."
<#54. ibid., p. 61.>


Interestingly, the Theosophical Society feels that Freemasonry and itself teach the clear divine wisdom. H.P. Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society tells us that the God of the Bible is "a tribal God and no more"<#55 Blavatsky, H.P. Collected Writings, Vol. 8. Theosophical Publishing House, p. 277> who is "capricious and unjust."
<#56 Blavatsky, H.P. The Key to Theosophy. Chicago: Theosophical Publishing House, 1930, p.111.>

H.P.B. felt that Lucifer was the Savior of mankind and that the God of the Bible was really the adversary of man, hence the name Satan described God better than Lucifer.

"The appellation Sa'tan, in Hebrew Satan, and Adversary...belongs by right to the first and cruelest "Adversary" of all other Gods—Jehovah; not to the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom."—Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3. Los Angeles: Theosophy Co., 1925, p. 386.

H.P. Blavatsky, a Jewess, tells us, "Once the key to Genesis is in our hands, the scientific and symbolical Kabbala unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the "Lord God" are identical."— The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 2, p. 132.

"Satan, the Serpent of Genesis is the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he...who opened the eyes [of Adam]...And he who was the first to whisper, "in the day ye eat thereof, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil." can only be regarded in the light of a savior....he still remains in Esoteric Truth the ever loving messenger...who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality."—The Secret Doctrine, Vol.3, p.246.

H.P.B. and her Society hate the Christians who they see as "fighting against divine truth, when repudiating and slandering the Dragon of Esoteric Divine Wisdom."—The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3, p.376.

When we study further we discover that the global initiation spoken of by the T.S. is a Luciferian initiation, and the Second Coming of Christ means that a "Christ consciousness" of man's divinity returns to the human race.

Although people who follow the Theosophical Society initially may join for personal development or enlightenment and do not realize the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal of the Theosophical Society is a One-World-Government with H.P.B.'s "Lord God" ruling. Christians refer to her God as Satan, the Devil.


Manly P. Hall, 33° Mason, was an important Theosophical leader. He could really pack the audiences in when he spoke to their groups. Many Anglo-American Masons study Theosophy. Theosophic books are placed into the Masonic Libraries. Theosophy is another way to describe Hinduism, or the New Age teachings. A visit to a Theosophic Library will reveal that they carry books on witchcraft, Judaism, as well as all the various topics of the New Age movement.


The E.S. or Esoteric Section, also known as the Eastern School of Theosophy is the inner secret circle. This inner circle has itself several levels.

The Theosophical Society divided into two competing groups. The major group has its international headquarter in Madras, India with its American headquarters in Wheaton, II. The other group had its headquarters in Covina, CA and also in San Diego, CA.

The American Theosophical Society has its Quest Publishing house at Wheaton. Interestingly, the name Manly P. Hall gives the to the Order whose job is to preserve the plans for the take over of the world is called by him the Order of the Quest. The Theosophical library at Wheaton called the Olcott Library and Research Center is one of the best occultic collections anywhere.

The two Theosophical Societies have made their greatest impacts in the British nations U.K/Can./Aust./N.Z./lndia and the United States. They have also been very popular in the Scandinavian countries and Germany.

Episcopalian clergymen have been active in both Theosophical groups. Alice Ann Bailey who took over the leadership in the 1920s, had taught in the Episcopalian church and was married to an Episcopal rector. Alice Bailey did as much for Theosophy as did

H.P.B. Bailey is still influencing our culture today. She felt the number 666 was sacred. One of the Theosophical Society's publications is Lucifer. Bailey started Lucifer Trust now called Lucis Trust. She helped create the vast network of New Age groups. Lucis Trust has continued promoting the number 666.

[fig. T.S. Logo PASTE UP 1.5 x 1.5]


The Watchtower Society has a number of teachings, symbols, etc. that match up with the Theosophical Society's. More about these later.


Two prominent leaders that were involved with the Theosophical Society were Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Mahatma Gandhi was interested in learning about Christianity until H.P.B., who pretended to be a Christian convinced him Hinduism had more to offer. Gandhi joined the Theosophical Society. The impetus for India's independence to a large degree came from the Theosophical Society. Ann Besant the second Theosophical President was instrumental in changing British attitudes. India's political leadership has been closely connected with the Theosophical Society ever since independence, including several Gandhis and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Hitler learned much of his occult knowledge from the Theosophical Society, although credit needs to be given to his occult mentors at the Benedictine monastery school who got him off onto the occult trail. Hitler spent

much of his time in occult bookstores learning metaphysics. He also had several adepts in white and black magic instruct him. In Vienna, Hitler joined a modern German version of the Knights Templars, a German Masonic group called "The Order of the New Templars." The swastika was their emblem. The Theosophical Society even today continues to use the swastika as one of their emblems.

The Theosophical Society has also included such genius inventors as the co-workers Thomas Edison and Nichola Tesla. It has included such writers as George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats.

It is possible that the Dalai Lama is also associated with them.

Elvis Presley was a Theosophist. For a discussion on how the New World Order has promoted the New Age religion through musicians see chapter 2.10.

Theosophist John H. Dewey wrote, "It is not proposed, be it observed, to replace Christianity by Buddhism, nor Buddhism by Mohammedism, nor both by Judaism, nor yet all three by Spiritism, but to bring each of the old religions back to its esoteric origin, meaning and purity, and if they are found to be in essence one, shall we not have found the TRUE RELIGION OF HUMANITY?"<#57. Dewey, John H., The Way The Truth and The Life. Buffalo, NY: 1888, pp.11-12.>

RECAPPING THE CHAPTER One of the ways this chapter can be recapped is to quote part a letter written in 1822 by a Jewish Mason Piccolo Tigre to the Italian Piedmontese lodges of the Carbonari (forest Masons).

" has been judged good and useful to propagate the light everywhere, and to set in motion all that aspires to move. For this reason we do not cease to recommend to you, to affiliate persons of every class to every manner of association, no matter of what kind, only provided that mystery and secrecy should be the dominant characteristics. All Italy is covered with religious confraternities, and with penitents of divers colours. Do not fear to slip in some of your people into the very midst of these flocks, led as they are by stupid devotion. Let our agents study with care the personnel of these..."<#58. Dillon, George E. Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked. London: Britons Pub. Society, 1950, p. 58.>

The letter goes on to show how to create societies and associations, how to separate men from their families, and to use secrets as bait to lead men where you want them. Masons continue even today creating new societies and associations and infiltrating those that they haven't created.


1358 - The Sufis go underground with their religion, are reported to have extended into Scotland as a trade guild in the 14th century and developed into Freemasonry.

1700's - Druidism and the worship of Tara come with the activation of the Illuminati.

May 1, 1776- Birth of the Bavarian Illuminati

1781 - United Ancient Order of Druids formed in London with Masonic rites.

1871 - H.P.B. formed the Spiritist Society.

1875 - H.P.B. formed the Theosophical Society, she writes that preparatory work for Lord Maitreya will begin in 1975.

1890 - Ghulam Ahmad who claims to be the Promised One of all Religions appears, organizes the worldwide Sufi movement.

1891 - Annie Besant takes over T.S. after H.P.B. and begins talking of a coming Avatar, a "great world teacher" to take the world into its next stage of evolution Spring.

1908 - Ghulam Ahmad dies, his Master evil Spirit leaves Ahmad for Krishnamurti.

1909 - Order of the Star formed by Besant to promote Krishnamurti as the Lord Maitreya.

1919 - Alice Bailey says she was approached by Djwal Khul (D.K.-a Master) who showed her the plan which included Lord Maitreya coming. Meditation groups were set up to channel energy from the Masters.

1925 - Besant announces Krishnamurti is the Christ, trip to America ends in failure.

1931 - Krishnamurti renounces that he is the Christ.

1932 - Nicolas Roerich's Maitreya published.

1948 - Bailey publishes The Reappearance of the Christ, she suggests that 1975 is the year for preparatory work to begin for Lord Maitreya.

1959 - Benjamin Creme says he received telepathic messages from the Hierarchy.

Feb. 1962 - Rahmat Ahmad is born in Pakistan. He is in line to become the fifth Khalifah- ul-Masih (Caliph -Successor- of the Messiah).

1975 - Benjamin Creme (Scotsman and part Jewish) announces to his wife and others that he is Lord Maitreya's John the Baptist.

July 8, 1977 - Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into Karachi.

July 19, 1977 - Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) flew into London, England, takes control of the London Mission of the Ahmadiyya community.
<#59. Lawrence, Troy. New Age Messiah Identified. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, 1991. This book was written under an assumed name by someone who became a Christian while working for the Tara Center. After much secret work, and access to much confidential information, the book's author was able to identify who Lord Maitreya is.>

April 25, 1982 - Creme spends $250,000 on ads in 20 major papers worldwide announcing Lord Maitreya.

May 14, 1982 - Benjamin Creme gives the press the clue that Lord Maitreya lives in the Indian-Pakistani community of London and invites them to look for him.

June 21, 1982 - Lord Maitreya has failed to show as predicted.

July 31, 1985 - 22 journalist from 12 countries discuss how to make Maitreya's "Day of Declaration" possible.

1986 - Top executives of British Media agree to stage the Maitreya's "Day of Declaration", but higher authorities in British government veto it.

June 11, 1988 - Maitreya appears in person in Nairobi, Kenya and is worshipped by thousands.

Apr. 21-22, 1990 - 200 dignitaries including royalty from around the world attended a conference with Lord Maitreya in London.

1991 - George Bush, Mikael Gorbechov meet with Lord Maitreya off of Malta.

YET TO COME - "The Day of Declaration" when Rahmat Ahmad is presented to the world as Lord Maitreya.

Rahmat Ahmad is to be the next leader of the Sufi Moslems. The Sufis have secret societies around the world and rule in most of the Arab states. There are now about 14 million Ahmadis who give total allegiance to whoever holds the position that Rahmat Ahmad is to inherit. His title translates "Successor of Messiah." Why might the New World Order pick Rahmat Ahmad to be their King/Priest? The Sufi Moslems are tied to Freemasonry, the Knights Templars, and the Theosophic Society. A visit to a Theosophical Society Library will allow the reader to see that they have a good selection of books on Sufism. Sufism is a mysticism that holds that man can become illuminated and divine. Although it is called Moslem, it has no more to do with the Moslem religion than the Rosicrucians have to do with Christianity. Sufism is New Age mysticism, similar to Hinduism.

It is reported that Col. Quaddafi of Libya is a Sufi or a Sufi supporter. When Quaddafi when came to power, he repressed the Moslem clergy, even shut down a few mosques and made the Moslem clergy subservient to him. This may help explain why CIA agents with ties to Freemasonry would help him. Although he puts out loud speeches threatening the United States, he appears to be working in close cooperation with the New World Order; at the least he is unwittingly helping carry out some of their goals. It further explains why when travel to Libya was supposedly prohibited to all Americans, Knight of Malta and U.S. diplomat to the Vatican William Wilson was visiting Sufi Quaddafi. One of the American oil companies that continued operating quietly in Libya during all the big press releases of tensions and the U.S. air attack, was headed by J. Peter Grace, who is the head of the Knights of Malta in the United States.
<#60 Cooper, William. Behold A Pale Horse. Sedona, AZ: Light Technology Pub., 1991, pp. 87-88.>
Quaddafi proposes in his Green Book a synthesis of Communism and Capitalism.

The Buddhists are looking for a Lord Maitreya (the fifth Buddha) to return. Some of the Jews are looking for a Messiah, and the Shiite Muslims are looking for Imman Madhi. The Hindus are expecting the Bodhisattva (Kalki) or Krishna. The Tara Center, which promotes the Lord Maitreya, hopes to play upon all these various expectations.

Great expense and great plans are to be used to convince the world of his divinity. The Establishment media is ready to be used for promoting Lord Maitreya. A number of indicators seemed to indicated that the new messiah would have a Jewish Lineage of the House of David. If Rhamat Ahmad is not of the House of David, and it appears he isn't, then it may well be that Ahmad is not the prized leader that they plan to set up as a King/Priest.

The Tara Center often uses the pyramid with the all-seeing eye which is a masonic symbol. The Tara Center has ties to Freemasonry. Tara worship is linked to Freemasonry, and has been practiced by the Druids and the Hindus. Tara Hill in Ireland is a worship center for Druid worship.

The Tara center believes in a One-World-Socialist government with revitalized Freemasonry as the world's religion. People are being told man will become divine under this New World Order. (Sadly, the truth is they will become slaves. And slaves of Satanists have been the most pitilessly abused slaves of all.)


The New World Order has a Pakistani man named Rhamat Ahmad ready to be revealed as the Lord Maitreya. His identity has been a secret only known to a handful of men. The New Agers, the Masons, and the Sufi, and some of the Buddhists can be counted on to worship him, if the Power decides to go ahead and use him. He may be the bridge between East and West that the Power is hoping to create for his One-World- government.

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