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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 1 B

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PART I. THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS:   Section B, chapters  1.5 - 1.9

On CT Russell, the Bible Students, & Jehovah's Witnesses

Chapter Number
1.5  Mysteries of the WT Society
1.6  The Emerald Island
1.7  God's "Anointed Seed"
1.8  "To Have My Throat Cut"
1.9  A Blank Check

Chapter 1.5

Mysteries of the Watchtower Society

You will learn in this chapter:

• You will be informed that the winged-sun-disk used by H.P.B and C.T. Russell was
an Illuminati symbol and a symbol for the Church of Illumination.

• You will learn about three mysteries of the Watchtower Society, pyramids, the Golden
Age, and the winged-sun-disk.

• You will examine Charles T. Russell and his sun worship.

I remember the first time I came in contact with Jehovah's Witness literature. I was in high school, and as the caretaker of our family library I puzzled over the symbolic meaning to the cover. Two tiny snakes with protruding gold tongues encircled a Winged globe on the book's reddish-brown cover. The book was part of a series "Studies in the Scriptures". What the symbolic meaning of this strange Winged-Sun-Disk with snakes was not explained. Obviously, the meaning was for those "in the know" and not the casual reader.

The author of "Studies in the Scripture" spoke of a Golden Age to come. He capitalized in bold underlined letters on each volume's title page THE GOLDEN AGE OF

Russell had a fold out chart in the front of Vol. 1 about the Great Pyramid. | was unaware of who Russell was, and unable to realize the implications of all this. I do, however, remember those first impressions as a Christian in high school "this is weird."

Where did all these strange beliefs come from? It doesn't take much to pique the curiosity of my research oriented mind. My teenage mind was always from early on searching in an effort to learn, checking out Plato, John Dewey, Will Durant, Mahatma Gandhi, and many other philosophers and religious leaders. As a youngster, I was always asking why?

The curious can have a field day with the Jehovah's Witnesses. For instance, why call one's meeting place a hall? why not Kingdom meeting, or Kingdom assembly, or Kingdom study, or church, or chapel, or tabernacle, or temple, or something else? why hall?

Why all the secrecy? Why are the writers and leaders of the Watchtower Society clouded in secrecy? Why have no membership records been kept? The answer given, that it was a security measure in case of persecution didn't satisfy me. Why? Because other groups equally persecuted made other choices, choices that are not secretive. Others said, we trust God and are willing to suffer for Him, so why be secretive? What have we to hide?

The choice to be secretive is just that, a choice, a decision. And it was made at the top of the Watchtower pyramid, by the Watchtower President, and now by the Governing body. And this secretive attitude permeates down the pyramid to the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I was interested in possibly joining the Jehovah's Witnesses," a stranger related to this author in a chance conversation, "but when I arrived at the Kingdom Hall, the meeting had begun. They had locked the door, there were no windows, and I didn't want anything to do with a secretive religion like that."

The answer to where Jehovah's Witnesses receive their strange beliefs, strange doctrines, and attitudes comes primarily from two men. Because primarily only two men, Charles Taze Russell and Joseph F. Rutherford made all the decisions of the Watchtower Society for the beginning sixty years.

Ray Franz who was an important Governing Body member stated that the first two Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Presidents "acted according to his own prerogatives in exercising his presidential authority, with no hint of a governing body."2

Since these two WT leaders, two other Presidents have served, Knorr and Franz. But while Knorr administrated, Frederick Franz was the real religious leader. Governing Body member Klein referred to Fred Franz as their "oracle." But today their oracle is 97 years old, blind, and only a figurehead.

How does the researcher attempt to understand these problems and men?

Some of this Author's conclusions after years of research, is that there are certainly many pitfalls to investigating secretive organizations.

Material written by secretive organizations for the public's consumption are often loaded with fictitious information. Modern Masonic writers are quite frank that the early Masonic writers when writing about the lodge are not to be trusted.3 Not every Mason author identifies himself as a Mason. The Masons have lied to show their legitimacy and antiquity. The Jehovah's Witnesses have done similar things, but have also deceived to gloss over doctrinal controversies, embarrassing scandals, anything that doesn't square with the image of being God's selfless, pristine perfect organization. Periodically, they rewrite their history to match "present truth." The WT Society has been taken to task numerous times for scholastic dishonesty.

Anyone familiar with the Mormon murders has a chance to know the elaborate deception the LDS (Mormon) church leaders have gone to, to preserve their power.4 As the reader will discover, Masons and Mormons are given latitude to explore religious thought, within the limits given them, but the power and integrity of the leadership is an off-limits subject. Two insiders close to the top of LDS pyramid of power, Frank J. Cannon and John C. Bennett, revealed in their books some of the high-level working of the LDS church.5 LDS members were forbidden to quote their sensitive material.

Both Masonic and non-Masonic writers often have an incorrect view that all Freemasons have a common purpose, common beliefs, and common methods. The higher Masonic leadership has goals which will be exposed in this book. The lower levels of Masonry are a cover, and for that purpose are permitted to have many ideas. Most Freemasons are limited in their knowledge of Freemasonry. The Freemason next door may regard his own personal experience, as universal of all Freemasonry. He may have only experienced the lodge in terms of a philanthropic fraternity, and has not bothered to study what Freemasonry has done historically, or what the higher levels reveal. Like army-grunts in the field, they have no knowledge of the high-level planning.

The Masons have clouded their activities. The higher degrees are called "side degrees" and they claim the higher degree aren't higher, but simply on the side. The truth seeker has to work his way through these ruses.

How does one investigate the strange Masonic connections of the Watchtower Society, the Mormons, and other religious groups?

It's like being a policeman who comes upon a suspicious car accident. If he rules it "an accident", rather than a homicide, he will limit his approach in gathering clues. On the other hand, if he assumes the worst and views it as a homicide, he will collect all the evidence he can. This book is an attempt to gather evidence. Yes, the fact that the policeman gathers facts means he's suspicious. It doesn't mean anyone is guilty. For instance, just because C.T. Russell was a Mason, doesn't mean Jehovah's Witnesses today join Masonic Orders.

Now this Author can not actually take the reader through all the hoops of research he has jumped through to get to his conclusions. But he can pass some of it along in this book, along with his conclusions. This Author has concluded that the following statement of Manly P. Hall, a powerful Mason who was on the secret world council of thirteen,6 is an accurate reflection of the power that the Masonic mystery religions feel they have.

"Under new names and, to a measure, with new interpretation, the old wisdom which guided the destinies of ancient peoples is being reconsidered and restored. It becomes increasingly more evident that wisdom and understanding alone can can bestow the security and happiness which all men still seek as the foundation of a useful life. The shadowy forms of the venerated sages and prophets of the Golden Age rise again, inviting our appreciation. Though long exiled from the sphere of mortal purposes, these noblest of men are being re-established as the great teachers of the human race. The mystery religions of antiquity, which flourished long before the rise of the modern way of life, have been brought into clear focus by progressive leaders in the fields of psychology and comparative religion."7

Manly P. Hall is correct in that Hinduism is presented today under a new name "New Age Movement." And true, the Hindu forms of prayer, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation have a new interpretation, they are exercises to practice. And the venerated sages of Hinduism and Witchcraft have risen (and fallen, like the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh and Krishnamurti, and like New Age leaders Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler). However, progressive leaders have not brought the New Age movement into focus. That is why this book is needed.

The author's experiences in New Delhi, India were a real picture of the end result of the New Age beliefs. There are many clues around. For instance, this Author's stamp collection contained Indian Nationalist postage stamps printed by Nazi Germany, just a glimpse of the connection between the Hitler's promised thousand year Millenium, and

the New Age New Order. The more clues a researcher finds the worse the story gets worse, much worse. No, progressive leaders have not brought the issues into clear focus. For those readers who are interested in stories of power, for those who do not want to be compliant servants of a New World Order, this book is written for you. Dedicated to those whose love of truth and freedom led them to pay the ultimate sacrifice, death.

Let's start by an examination of those three mysterious items of the founder of the Watchtower Society, Charles Taze Russell. Those were the winged-sun-disk, pyramids and the Golden Age to come. It is disconcerting to find that these items are three notable things discussed in Manly P. Half's classic reference book on esoteric Masonic knowledge, The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

As we flip through Manly P. Hall's book page after page refer to a coming future Golden Age. We also stumble upon the winged- sun-disk (on page XLIX) which is explained as a solar trinity, and represents the various sun Gods of the ages. At least eight pages discuss pyramids in detail, especially the Great Pyramid that Pastor C.T. Russell wrote so much about. On page XLIII appears a Great Pyramid drawing from Piazzi Smyth, C.T. Russell's mentor. It is well established that Smyth was the mentor of the Watchtower Society's experts on the meaning of the Great Pyramid. Smyth was the source of both Manly P. Hall's esoteric Great Pyramid knowledge and C.T. Russell and the Edgar brothers' (well known WT lecturers on the Great Pyramid) knowledge.


When something new appears it is good for us to remember there is nothing new under the sun.

I illustrated that point with a personal anecdote in my previous book The Watchtower & The Masons. (This book Be Wise As Serpents is going to go over some of the same material on the Watchtower Society as my previous book, but this time more details and better explanations will be brought to bear on the subject.)

Perhaps the reader can think of his or her own experience that taught him how we derive our ideas from sources, and not from out of a vacuum.

I marvel at how much continuity a modern people have with their ancestors. This point was highlighted one day. I was studying some ancient Egyptian cursive handwriting from the 19th Dynasty while waiting for my meal in a restaurant. My sample of cursive called hieratic was about 3,300 years old.

An arab approached me and started a conversation, because he thought I was reading Arabic. That caused me to reflect. The Egyptians had been conquered by the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, and had gone through using various scripts, yet they choose in relatively modern times to use the Arabic script which resembles hieratic. The word choose here is used on the premise people are responsible for their own actions. People tend to build, to adapt old ideas. People tend to borrow rather than create new. (As I did with this paragraph from from my earlier book.) When we see something "new" arrive in history, such as the alphabet, then it is valid to question where "new" ideas have come from. In the case of an alphabet, one looks for clues as to when it was introduced. "New" ideas rarely come from a vacuum.

If the researcher tracks down where Charles T. Russell's ideas come from he is led to a source that was a common source of other religions too. The researcher begins to see patterns, and to realize that religions stemming from the source of Russell all have a common goal. The rank and file of these groups are of course unaware of much of this, and are unwittingly contributing to a master plan.


In 1910, Russell made his second trip to the Egyptian pyramids. He went inside the Great Pyramid. When he returned, he informed the readers of the Watchtower magazine about the Pyramid's hidden message. He also instituted some big changes to the binding of his books. His Studies in the Scriptures received the Egyptian trinity Winged-Sun-Disk on their covers, and the other Watchtower books also received it. He also at the same time made an effort to look international stamping the binding of the covers either "London and Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn and London".

Another religious leader, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, leader of the Theosophical Society, also used the Winged-Sun-Disk. She by coincidence also started putting it on her magazines Theosophy in 1912. She had also made a pilgrimage to the Great Pyramid, and like Russell had to go in and explore the passageways and chambers herself. She spent an entire night alone in the heart of the Great Pyramid in the King's chamber.



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The Theosophical Society had a branch in Pittsburgh when Russell lived there, and also in Brooklyn where Russell reestablished. It would be hard to conceive that Russell never came into contact with this group. Especially since he writes about them, and mentions contact with Theosophists. Interestingly the man who was famous in the Irish Lodge of Theosophy was George W. Russell, who wrote for The Irish Theosophist. The Golden Dawn was a Society and the name of that Society's magazine that was started by a Mason in 1887. The Irish, especially George Russell, were attracted to this order and its Temple of Isis. The Temple of Isis used the Winged-Sun-Disk over its portals.

The tie-in with Masonry, the New Age, and the Theosophical Society is a close one. The Scottish Rite started the modern Rosicrucians who started HP. Blavatsky off with the Theosophical Society.8 They financed her and her constant travels. The Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Luxor recommended H.P.B to Olcott with a letter written in gold ink on green paper.9 Olcott, himself an active Mason, suggested to H.P.B. that they start the Theosophical Society using their group of Masons, Rosicrucians, Cabalists, and Spiritualists that were meeting in a NY apartment.10 The Scottish Rite also has published for over 100 years the New Age magazine, and has promoted the New Age Movement from the Masonic Lodges. The publications of the Theosophical Society are stocked in the Masonic libraries and read by them. Most of the leaders of the modern Rosicrucians

have been Masons. The leaders of the Theosophical Society have generally been women who were in co-Masonry. And the T.S. has also been called co-Masonry.11 The Theosophical Society has openly promoted the New Age movement, in contrast with the Scottish Rite's quieter methods. The leaders of the Theosophical Society have been channelers,12 which is interesting because so have the leaders of the Watchtower Society.13 One of the books put out by a later president of the Theosophical Society is titled On the Watchtower.14 It is a regular part of the Masonic Knights Templar's libraries, and is a selection of Theosophist articles. More on the meaning of Watchtowers and the parallels between the W.S. and the T.S. later.


The investigator will find similar winged-globes in the pagan mystery religions of the Middle East, but this representation of the Winged-Sun-Disk originates in ancient Egypt. The meaning is derived from Ancient Egypt, and stands for Osirus (the Sun God), Horus, and Isis.

Those who study Egyptian Magic and practice it today use the symbol for its purported magical properties. "Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the altar in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs." So says an expert on such magic in his book Practical Egyptian Magic.15

According to a book used by the Church of Illumination (Rosicrucian) to instruct on their teachings, "The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay some claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in Elysian fields beyond."16

It is also said to be the "house of many mansions", that is the God-like reasoning that man supposedly has.17

If one investigates further back into Rosicrucian thought one finds that the German Illuminati used the Winged-Sun-Disk. The use of the magic symbol goes back to the Kabbalah. The Kabbalists use it to portray Jehovah. However, their full explanation of who Jehovah is, is that Jehovah is the sun-god. He is to the Kabbalists the same as the Gnostic sun-god Demiurgus or the Greek almighty God Zeus, which name at times is used interchangably with Jehovah. The Jewish mystical thought that pervades Rosicrucian thinking then is seen in an illustration of a secret 16th Century Rosicrucian book Die Goldene Zeit (The Golden Age) which portrays the Winged disk with the magical Tetragrammaton in the sun globe's center.

From the sources quoted, the reader has learned that the Illuminati and Rosicrucians use the Winged-Sun-Disk. What about the Masons?

Illustration from the secret 16th century Rosicrucian book The Golden Age.


Upon achieving the 32 degree, the Mason is given Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. It is now from the Pope of Masonry, Albert Pike, that the Mason learns that Phallic worship is the true worship of Masonry. However, an examination of Phallic worship, which is the worship of the regenerative parts is the same as sun worship, the sun being the symbol of regeneration.1 The worship of the sun has often been sexual in its ritual. The Elysian fields that the Sun Trinity-the Winged Solar Disk represents are sexual rituals. Masonry itself claims to perpetuate the ancient mysteries of Isis and Osiris, Tammuz and Baal19 which are Sun religions that ultimately are derived from a single common origin.

In Albert Churchward's (30° Mason) book Signs and Symbols of Primordal Man, The Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the Ancient Egyptians, he states that the Winged-Sun-Disk is used by 33 degree Masons.

The 33rd degree is the highest public level of the Scottish Rite Masons. There are both honorary and actual operative 33 degree Masons. Notable persons, such as Presidents and leading clergymen are initiated into the 33rd degree. According to Churchward they alone know its meaning. However, exposure to the symbol is almost unavoidable to those Masons reading Theosophic literature.

"That's the sun disk Ra," exclaimed an active 32 degree Mason when this Author flashed Russell's cover of the Studies in the Scriptures.

"It's a Masonic symbol," this Author chimed in.

"No, it's not a Masonic symbol," came the reply.

"How did you know what it was?"

Complete silence. He had immediately recognized the symbol but refused to talk about it, or his knowledge about it. According to the Masonic oath they aren't to talk about Masonic knowledge.


Some will object that if Russell went to Egypt he may have got the symbol from Egypt, and not from esoteric Masonic-connected groups.

It is true that it is found displayed over Egyptian temples. For instance, one of the most spetacular exhibits ever, was the King Tut artifacts, discovered seven years after

C.T. Russell died. Four oak house-like structures, called shrines, contained the body of this minor boy Pharoah. The inside of these large oak shrines were laid of gold, giving us an idea of the splendor the other Pharoahs likewise received. Visitors to the exhibit can view the Winged-Sun-Disk at the top above each door and on the far side or rear panals.

However, in drawing representations of this over their temples the Egyptians employed a variety of styles. The snakes may look like vipers or cobras, and may even be dropping down rather than looking out from the sun disk. In researching what books were available to Russell, and what live Egyptian drawings Russell could have studied of the Osirus, Isis, and Horus trinity, it is this Author's conclusion that he would have seen a variety of representations. None of which he used. However, he did follow basically the way the esoteric Masonic groups drew it, so consequently his source was most likely an esoteric source.

Illustrations from references of C.T. Russell's day showing the Winged-Sun-Disk are provided to document the variety of choice.

Some have speculated that the Winged-Sun-Disk is an angel's wing like a Cherub. This is an uninformed guess. A close look at copies of Russell's books in excellent condition will reveal that there are snakes on each side of the disk. Further, Russell passes up ways to use it as an angel. It is undoubtedly the Winged-Sun-Disk on his books.


Surprisingly, there are a number of clues that show C.T. Russell did believe in a Sun deity. Russell spoke about Zorastor as a true prophet (WT '06, p. 14). Zoroaster, was considered to be the Sun God by his followers. Cyrus the Great, who name meant the Sun, was considered by his gnostic followers to be the Sun-God. Russell thought Cyrus the Great was a prefiguring of Jesus Christ. Russell in fact believed the Resurrected Jesus was at the center of the Sun.

Russell never left himself without a scripture to explain whatever he decided to believe.

Mal. 4;2 refers to "But to you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings; and you shall go out And grow fat like stall-fed calves."

Russell at various times gave various interpretations to Mal. 4:2. A comprehensive examination shows he said the Sun of Righteousness is
1) Jesus and his church


After reading thousands of pages on the Mystery religions, dozens of Masonic books on their religious symbology, various books on the mythic images of mankind globally, and the Christian scriptures it was clear that 5 concepts repeatedly have been interlinked with each other on a worldwide basis and that each of these 5 interlinked ideas has also been represented by the concept of a serpent, a snake.

[place diagram here]

It is understandable how man in various areas could see the stars, the closest star the Sun, and fire and worship these items. It is also easy to see how two internal fires within man, sexual passion and curiosity could be integrated into the worship of the Sun, stars, and fire. If one were worthy of worship, then all the rest were too. It is easy to understand how a priesthood could persuade people to give them authority in order that these items

might be properly worshipped. An examination of the related Sun worships from the classical world shows that the priests reserved an esoteric worship for themselves that was hidden behind the worship of fire, sex, snakes and the sun. The Egyptian priests that taught the people sun worship in Moses' day were monotheistic. This monotheistic god was the Light-bearer.

To understand the significance of pyramids to Masons (and New Agers in general) we can show how pyramids, especially in particular the Great Pyramid of Giza, relates to these 5 interlocked concepts.

The Great Pyramid is important to Masons according to Masonic sources because:

a.   An initiate (then and now) after entering the Great Pyramid leaves as a god. (light— bearer/godhood on chart)

b.  The Great Pyramid is said to be prophetic when its passageways are measured. (wisdom)

c.  Sun worshippers built the Great Pyramid. (sun worship)

d.  All pyramids are said to emit special energy.

e.  Pyramids are an architectural picture of an ascended flame to heaven. (fire)

f.  The pyramid's upward triangle shape stands for the male generative principle.

When the Masons Charles T. Russell and H.P. Blavatsky made their pilgrimages to the Great Pyramid and went into the King's chamber it is possible the significance of their visits included the above a through f items.

The philosophy behind the mystery religions, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnosticism and the New Age movement continue the idea that man should seek out the fruit of the tree of good and evil for it shall make him a god. These religious philosophies also declare that "true" Christianity (cosmic or New Age Christianity) is also this gnostic quest for enlightenment.20

Many Gnostic religions hate traditional Christianity. They have also over the years criticized biblical Christianity for holding mankind back from finding his quest for godhood.

For several upcoming paragraphs we will contrast Christianity with the gnostic quest for enlightment. We will refer to the head adversary of the Creator, what the scriptures call "...the dragon, that serpent of old, the devil, or Satan." Rv 20:1 Some readers will hold the view that Satan and demons don't exist. They are free to speculate that, but there is no way to prove their speculation. On the other hand, it is easy to substantiate an objective belief in demons by examining the countless testimonies, etc. about them. J.W. Montgomery in Principalities and Powers, written after years of research into the existence of demons, concluded, "The problem involved in determining whether demon possession occurs and whether witchcraft works is absurdly simple. The documentation is overwhelming."21

Whatever our view of demons and their reality, there is the visible behavior of humans who are so brutal that we label their behavior as "inhuman" because they exhibit a cruelty that surpasses all the animal kingdom and surpasses any purposeful depraved needs. So why are these men so "demonically" destructive? How do we explain a man like Pol Pot who cruely killed half the people (many killed were of the better half) in his beautiful country of Cambodia. These were his own people. Rational answers fall short of explaining such irrational behavior for destruction. This destructive force may be labeled demonic, whether we view demons as real or as a psychological phenomena.

"Be wise as serpents...," What were the issues at stake in the Garden of Eden? If we are to be as wise as serpents, what was it that the serpent knew that Eve didn't know?

The story of the Garden of Eden sets forth the Biblical view of this issue right from the first part of scriptures.

The serpent knew that man was man, and that it was a delusion for man to try to become god. The only way since then for man to think he has reached godhead is if he deludes himself. And the serpent is there to help him try. But why does the Serpent want man to seek godhead through taking in the fruit of good and evil?

The biblical view of God was that man should not try to determine good from evil by taking in knowledge—that is eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil. For man to determine for himself right from wrong is called situational ethics. Rather than man pretending to be a god by declaring what is wrong by his own wisdom of situational ethics, man was to allow God to decide. The creator had laid down physical, spiritual, and moral laws. But the gift of choice was given to man. That was God's will. God's will allows for bad choices on man's part, including the option by man to reject his loving Creator and make up his own rules in contradiction to truth.

Today, we are seeing that many young people do not want the responsibility of making their own choices about what is right and wrong. They are running to Guru's, and laying their freedom of choice at the feet of these New Age "Godmen". "Tell me what to do," they ask. And then men like Jim Jones, who thought he was God,22 make their choices for these youth, often with disastrous consequences.

Why does Satan encourage man to seek divinity? Even today people are as naive as Eve concerning the issue. Satan and the demons really hate the Creator and would like to destroy his Creation. But how does seeking one's divinity aid in mankind's destruction?

The Theosophical Society tells us that "...all philosophy is an effort to apprehend Reality; but it is an effort of the intellect merely, and as such it is, and must always be a fruitless effort."23

The inability for man to find godhead by reason and logic has been repeatedly discovered by all the great minds. Man has always failed. For instance, William James the philosopher tell us in A Pluralistic Universe, p. 212, "For my own part I have finally found myself compelled to give up the logic, fairly, squarely, and irrevocably. It has an imperishable use in human life, but that use is not to make us theoretically acquainted with the essential nature of reality."

To apprehend reality as a truth seeker by using only logic and reason is a dead end street. God reveals truth to man according to the Scriptures, and man obeys.

If man chooses not to obey, and insists on seeking truth on his own, he invariably must discard logic and reason and turns to mysticism, the occult and the mystery religions including Hinduism. In order to achieve his delusion of godhead, the initiate is encouraged to leave reality by using drugs, self-hypnosis, ecstatic activity such as rigorous physical and sexual activity, psychotic states of the mind and trances.

The Theosophical Society states, "Some of our modern philosophers are beginning to apprehend this fact: notably Henri Bergson, who speaks of a higher faculty which he calls intuition, and which he says must replace intellect if we would contact Reality."24 The Theosophical Society believes the world is but an illusion, Maya, an idea they have learned from Hinduism.

The reasoning that these people use is a form of reasoning not under God's authority and is consequently according to scripture not under his protection from demonic control. To step out from underneath God's authority is like stepping out from underneath an umbrella during the rain, the protection offered is lost. Although these people use reason, it is a distorted version. The dying words of atheists who exalted reason, shows that they often discovered their philosophy turned out to be a cruel hoax.

Does Satan benefit by watching men pursuing altered states of consciousness and tripping out and leaving reality? Yes. A life centered on deluding oneself is a destructive life.

Satan's Kingdom, often called the Kingdom of the World is taking advantage of man's ignorant groping for godhood. Satan is out to destroy God's creation made in his own image.

Get in touch with reality and stay there. Quit trying to "cop out" of reality. Christians are to test the spirits to see if they are of God. That means elements of logic, science, and reason must be tested to see if they are under God's authority. If they are, then embrace them. Christianity and the Scriptures are not against science, logic, and reason. No those items are powerful tools for Christianity. But when those items are used in a distorted way that must be avoided. Science and intellect are not to be used to create gods nor is their purpose to invent systems of morality.

Evolution is an example of a powerful warped way of thinking. Because it was developed intentionally as a tool to destroy belief in God, it has not been protected from demonic powers. All kinds of demonic influences have directed the evolutionists, and the list of frauds perpetrated by evolutionists is long. It is also used to teach us morality, such as, only the fit (the best) survive. This means one is superior if he survives by any means.

To use reason, science and reality to become gods is in itself a distortion of reality—a contradiction, for man is but man. In order to delude himself into thinking he is a god, mankind is turning to drugs and other escapes from reality.

The Christian NT book of Ephesians chap. 4 deals with sins of the flesh in the context of the old man (verse 22) and the new man (verse 24). In this context, suddenly Paul warns us, "Neither give place to the devil." (verse 27). By committing fleshly sins, the demons are given a place (lit. ground) for their activity in the believer's life.

But the Christian idea of God establishing right and wrong for us, is ridiculed as simplistic by all the various Gnostic groups.

" 'Christianity,' so-called, lulls its devotees into a false sense of security, or "salvation"; whereas the whole history of humanity, and of religion itself, shows us that:

" The path by which to Deity we climb

Is arduous, rough, ineffable, sublime."'25

The poem is right. The path to divinity is an arduous path, because it is a path man is not to accomplish on his own. It is a cruel hoax which Lucifer as an angel of light assists.

The Masonic lodges which continue the ancient mystery religion (one religion with various names) teaches the initiate that he needs light. Masonic authority Mackey in his Encyclopedia states, "Light. Light is an important word in the Masonic system. It conveys a far more recondite meaning than it is believed to possess by the generality of readers. It is in fact the first of all the symbols presented to the neophyte, and continues to be presented to him in various modifications throughout all his future progress in his Masonic career."

As a candidate for various degrees the Mason Will declare his need for light. For instance, the Entered Apprentice, or first degree is asked by the Worshipful Master, "In your present condition, what do you most desire?"

And C.T. Russell, Joseph Smith, Jr., Billy Graham, and Robert Schuler all answered, "Light."26

"Light is the first demand of a candidate at his initiation; and the material light is succeeded by an intellectual illumination."—Historical Landmarks, Vol. 1, p.135.

This search for light continues up through the degrees. When the candidate receives his lecture for the 32nd degree he is told, "You are here to learn, if you can learn, and to remember what you have been taught. In the Scottish Rite you will be taught that our ancient ancestors who knew all the Mysteries left enough traces so that we today with diligant labor and teaching may renew them and bring them to light for your enlightenment. We now come to the great symbol of Pythagoras. Our symbols have descended to us from the Aryans, and many were invented by Pythagoras, who studied in Egypt and Babylon. In order to preserve the great truths learned from the profane, there were invented some of our symbols that represent the profoundest of truths descended to us from our white ancestors...The ancient Masters invented some of these symbols to express the result of deity. They did not attempt to name him, but rather tried to express their reverence by describing him as Ahura-Mazda, spirit of light."27

Ahura-Mazda was the god of the Mazdean religion which worshipped five types of fire. The five fires were the internal fire of the earth, the Kundalini aka as Sex-force or serpent power, the fire of lightning, the fire of vegetation, and the fire of Ahura-Mazda.

The ritual quoted above of the 32 degree lecture introduces us to two concepts worthy of note at this point. First, that symbols are used to conceal truth from the profane, and second that Masonry involves the worship of the various 5 elements of the serpent.

In Ez. 8:16, Sun worshippers are described facing the east. Generally, sun worshippers have faced east, as the Masonic rituals connected to sun worship do. Because of a number of items, it appears that Lucifer may be playing a larger role within the Masonic lodges than one is led to believe. The symbology of the lodge includes frequent use of the Sun, the serpent, and the eagle representing the sun.

In order to bait mankind into continuing to self-destruct, Lucifer and his demons have been appearing and providing enlightenment for those who are on the New Age road. It should be obvious that a real angel of light (by Bible standards) is not going to appear to help men become gods. The Bible is clear from the beginning Yahweh the God of the Bible doesn't want situational ethics and man-made gods.


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historians—also Melvin Johnson criticing Gould, Hughan and others, —also Delmar Darrah criticizing Masonic historians. It seems that the phrase "First liar doesn't stand a chance," may apply in some ways to masonic historians. Morey himself isn't honest with the facts. The smokescreens of false information have helped cloud the Masonic Lodge, but it is possible to get to the bottom of it all. Honest men who have left Masonry like Charles Finney have been reliable witnesses about the Masonic Lodge.

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Russell says angels helped bring messages to him. WT 10/1/14. Rutherford declared spirit beings brought him light. Vindication III, (1932), p.250. Franz also at various times said that angels were bringing light to the Watchtower leaders, see pg. 40 of the Douglas Walsh Trial. "Well, we believe that the angels of God are used in directing the Jehovah's Witnesses."

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Chapter 1.6

The Emerald Island

You will learn:

• the importance of bloodlines in relation to the Power.

• about the bloodline of Charles T. Russell, founder of the Watchtower Society.


Bloodlines, they can mean authority (such as royal lineages), they can mean mean power (occult wisdom and power is generationally passed down in Satanists), they can mean like-mindedness (world views are learned to a great extent from our parents, similar physical brains are genetically inherited; for instance, identical twins separated at birth, and rejoined at adulthood are found to have surprising similarities in modes of behavior.) Today the principles of racial heredity are not popular at the public educational institutions controlled by the Power. Also supposedly, royalty is a thing of the past and aristocracy is fading with it.

After thousands of hours of research on the Power, one thing is blatantly clear— the Power resides in bloodlines that pass authority, occult power and knowledge, and likeminded worldviews from generation to generation. Bloodlines have not ceased to be important.


In researching the Power behind hundreds of individuals and groups, it has been like peeling the layers of a onion. Which men and women are front men, lackeys, and hirelings, and which ones are really running the show and making decisions?

For instance, men like Anton LaVey, George Bush, William Buckley, the major networks' news anchormen, although powerful in their own right are, in the overall picture, front men.

There is an elite, not only in the United States, or Great Britain, or Russia but an elite over the entire globe. Surprising? When the astute observer begins to realize that an oligarchy is running the world, then there are lackeys in academia to tell us we should not have been surprised. Robert Michels concluded that elitism is a natural thing of society, because society required organization and all organizations are oligarchies even socialist societies.1 That elites are inevitable is debatable (the elites are actually unproductive parasites on society), but this is not likely to be debated in today's population, which have been conditioned by the elite's media to be sheep. It was debated by the U.S.'s founding fathers, who set up an alternative to an oligarchy or a democracy, by establishing a Republic. Although there are societies, even somewhat modern ones without oligarchies, which prove that a community can function without some self-perpetuating power elite, these societies are not in control of the world.

The Power that is in control of the world is not the benevolent wise and spiritual group some of the masses have been conditioned by behavior modification to believe. This book intends to expose that world Power, and that means attempting to expose the bloodlines that have savagely maintained their parasitic power.


Important bloodlines for the Power include:

• The Jewish bloodline of the Prieure de Sion which starts with the tribe of Dan, extends through the Merovingian Dynasty and into the Hapsburg royalty. This bloodline has kept a close association with all branches of the occult, often providing the leadership for the occult.

• The bloodlines of the leaders of the LDS and RLDS churches which go back to the bloodline of the Prieure de Sion, the Merovingians. A secret society of Danites was created by the LDS church.

• The bloodlines of the 13 Illuminati families, which include several Jewish and Maranos Jewish families.

• The bloodlines of the petty Hasidic Jewish messiahs that began their religious reigns in Poland among the Askinazim.

• The bloodlines of the Babylonish Talmudic Jews. Historical evidence shows these bloodlines were of mixed blood even in Christ's time, in disregard for the Scriptures commandments not to mix blood.2

• The bloodlines of the "Successors of the Messiah", that is the bloodline of the Sufi leadership.

• The bloodlines of the Knights of Malta. The aristocratic/royal bloodlines carry titles, wealth and power.

• The bloodlines of the descendents of William of Orange and those who helped him conquer England. They have been in powerful positions since, especially in England. Part of William of Orange's help was derived from those of Jewish descent.

The bloodlines of the thirteen Illuminati families (which have tie ins to the blood lines above). These thirteen are not a fixed set, but because of their power change in who are the thirteen doesn't often occur. A tentative list of these thirteen families includes Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Lee, Onnasis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Van Dyne.

Besides those families there are a host of other families that are important within the Illuminati. The list includes:

(those of
German Jewish



(and those of
British or Scottish

Sinclair (St. Clair),

(and others such as):

What makes this study of vital and timely importance is that members of these bloodlines intend within the 7-year period of 1992-1999 to launch a sequence of events to lead the world into a one world slave-state ruled by a man controlled by the god which the elites worship. Should the reader allow, I will quote from the Power's own statements plus other proof to show that this god, the god of the world, is Lucifer (aka Satan, Sanat, Venus, etc.) For thousands of years, The Plan for world domination has been passed down from occult generation to occult generation. Spaced every 20 years plus is a Feast of the Beast, a year-long holiday during which Satanists receive new instructions from Satan on how to carry out The Plan.3

We read of the great holiday and its Great Councils in Externalization of the Hierarchy, when Satan's instrument Alice Bailey writes, "The past year...has, however, been the year in which the greatest spiritual Approach of all time has shown itself to be possible - an Approach for which the initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing, and for which all the Wesak Festivals since the meeting of the Great Council in 1925 have been preparatory. I have, in past instructions, referred to the great meetings held at intervals by Those to Whom is entrusted the spiritual guidance of the planet and particularly of man." (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 389.)


As example of how ingenious these plans are to create a One-World-Government consider the following part of it.

The Drug War is not what it seems. It is a very ingenious scheme to enslave the American people, and destroy all their civil rights.4

The first rumblings of the Drug War part of The Plan seem to stir from the occult, so it is highly possible the Drug War originally was first developed by Satanists, perhaps even given during one of the Feasts of the Beast.

The Drug War seems like the perfect plan, with no way for the Power to lose. First, the Power creates a drug culture in America. The Drug Culture would and did give many their first step into the Aquarian (New Age) conspiracy.5 The Power would make billions of dollars by running drugs, to further finance other nefarious schemes, and could use their world-wide power to crush all their competitors. When the Power crushed and arrested their competitors in drug running, they would be hailed as heros by the majority of people. (And they have.)

The introduction of drugs into society does several things. It taxes the Christian church's ability to oppose immorality. It gets the public indignant about drugs, and the public's moral outcry allows the Power to pass "drug" laws that remove the last vestiges of legal civil rights. In fact, the beguiled public demands the laws which abolish their rights, and applauds these laws in ignorance unknowing what the laws actually say and mean. If the public somehow gets a complete picture that their government has been smuggling drugs to create a drug war in spite of the controlled media, or perhaps through the media at the right time, then they can create a scandal involving several U.S. Presidents to eliminate the U.S. government and switch the public's allegiance to a world government.
(See chapter 3.9 for more details and a chronology of the secretly planned escalation of today's designed Drug War.)

As an ex-Mason, who is very aware of their plans, said to this Author, "These people are in it for the long-term."


The purpose of this next subsection may be misunderstood, unless I make myself clear at this point. This Author has not established any link between the various famous Russells. (Although I have been doing genealogy work, I have not had the chance to do the long term Geneology work required to clarify the issue, if the reader is dissatisfied with the extent of this information, he is encouraged that rather than criticize to research it himself.) The reader will observe by the time he finishes this book, that this Author has

done extensive research into many groups. One item that has popped up consistently is that people with the surname Russell repeatedly appear as important figures in the various elements of the World Order as it has developed.

Before becoming aware of the One World Order, this Author had no inkling how important blood lines have been for the elite that controls the world. Friendships have also played a role, for instance, Eleanor Roosevelt (who was involved in numerous communist organizations6) was a close friend and confidant to Ronald Reagan's mother. This seems trivial, but the reoccurrence of blood lines and the recurrent discovery of connections of friendships between what have been thought of as unrelated personages, compels one to believe the elite is more compact than appears. (More on that later).

The mysterious Watchtower Society and its founder Charles Taze Russell will serve as perhaps the most used example in this book of an organization that is secretly serving the New World Order. (The reader will be presented with the history of all this throughout the book, especially in chapters 5-17 of the first section.)

Let's comment about the type of Russells that keep appearing throughout the course of the history of the New World Order as this Author went about his research. To summarize, these various Russells (who until the genealogy work is done to show the connections should be viewed as individuals—not a group) have been prominent members of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Fabians, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Jesuits, the Royal Society, and the Media controlled by those of the New World Order, and a deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve. Typically they have been merchants and lawyers, with a fair share of them also as Christian heretics. It will be easier perhaps to illustrate how the Russells keep popping up in the New World Order story line by listing a good sampling of them.



William Huntington Russell- founder of what is believed to be an American chapter of the Illuminati (Skull & Bones Order)7. More on this in chapter 2.3. It’s legal name is Russell Trust.

John Russell - founder of the fraternity of Daughters of Isabella (DOI) in May, 1897 in New Haven, Conn.8


Charles Taze Russell - Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in Allegheny Pa. and founder of the WT Society.9

Harvey D. Russell - KT Mason leader of Pittsburgh, PA, Beaver Valley Lodge No. 8410

John Russell- Pastor C.T. Russell’s step-mother was executor of his will. His mother was the one chosen to dance with famous Mason and Illuminatus Lafayette when he was in Philadelphia.11

William H. Russell- Mason and part owner of the Pony Express, which was a firm made up mainly of Masons.12

George William Russell (1869-1935) - leading member of the Dublin Theosophist lodge, wrote art. for the Ttheosophic periodical The Irish Theosophist. Initiated into the Lodge of Isis (with it sexual rites). The keynote of his work is from the Bhagavadgita. He was a good friend of Golden Dawn leader William Butler Yeats who wrote some of the Satanic Masonic Rituals for the Golden Dawn.13

James Russell - President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh which was associated with esoteric groups like the Masons.14

Archibald D. Russell (1811-1871) - A Presbyterian Mason who graduated from the Univ. of Edinburgh, Scot. He studied at the Univ. of Bonn, Ger. and was active in setting up various organizations in the United States.15

Benjamin Russell (1761-1845) - Mason and early American Journalist.16

Charles H. Russell- Governor of Nevada, 1950-58, and 32 degree Mason, also in the York Rite, and a Shriner.17

J. Stuart Russell- Mason and newspaper editor and deputy chairman of the Fed. Reserve Bank in Chicago.18

Lee M. Russell (1875-1943) - Mason and Lt. Gov. of Miss. 1916-20.19

Louis A. Russell (1854-1925) - Mason, organist for South Park Presbyterian Church, Newark, N.J.20

Richard B. Russell (1861-1938) - Mason, judge, editor & business exec.21

Richard B. Russell, Jr.- Mason and Gov. of Georgia, 1931-33 and Sen. from Georgia since 1933.22

Before going to our next section would be worthwhile to cover the family that Bertrand Russell came from. They hold the title of Dukes of Bedford. Ordo W. Russell served in Lord Palmerston's office from 1850-52. He served as unofficial ambassador for Great Britian to the Vatican from 1857-70. His son Baron Ampthill was Grand Master of the English Masons 1908-1935. He joined the English equivalent of the Knights of Malta--that is the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, and served as the Grand Master of the lodge formed at the Bank of England! He was appointed head of the Indian Masons of Madras, India (home of the Theosophical Society). Ordo Russell's son also served in some high political positions.


(see future chapters such as 2.5)

Charles Edward Russell, Jewish Socialist who worked for N.Y. Life, controlled by J.P. Morgan, and also for N.Y. Tribune and Herald.23

James E. Russell, Columbia University professor who introduced

Wundt’s Hegelian philosophy to his students at Columbia.24

Thomas Russell (1767-1803) - a revolutionist of the Illuminati-stream of Revolution.25

Samuel Russell - represented Baring Bros. Helped open up the Port of Shanghai for the International Financiers.26

Bertrand Russell - famous Fabian socialist, and One-Worlder.27

Alys Russell - ex-eccentric Quaker, wife of Bertrand and also a Fabian Socialist.28

Rev. Matthew Russell (1834-1912) - Jesuit writer.29


Charles Taze Russell, Sr.- Pastor Russell’s uncle, broker and real estate agent.30

Moses F. Russell, Postmaster of Saltillo, Hopkins Co, TX, near where Hayden Cooper Covington’s parents moved.31

Brother Russell- an early elder of the Belfast Ireland IBSA congregation. 32


Elder Isaac Russell- a prominant early Mormon missionary to Great Britian in 1837.33

Captain Joseph H. Russell - original investor in stock in the Mormon Deseret Manufacturing Co. which was intended to be an umbrella company for many early Mormon enterprises.34

The Russell who opened a store with Mormon blessings in the newly created Salt Lake city. The store was called Miller, Russell & Co., a branch of Russell, Majors, & Waddell, and was a primary source of goods in the area of Utah.35


Baron Charles Russell (1832-1900) - Solicitor (Lawyer) in Ulster and advocate for Ireland.36

Jerome Russell, a Greyfriar, burned in 1539 for heresy with John Kennedy in Glasgow, Scot.37

Philemon R. Russell - editor of the Christian Herald & Journal, in the Mar. 19, 1840 issue he stressed 2, 520 years in prophecy, which was an idea C.T. Russell would later pick up and promote.

William Howard Russell - first war correspondent for London's The Times newspaper in 1854. The London Times has long been part of the World Order, that William was the first of his kind is quite significant.


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3.     Confidential source personally involved with the it.

4.     The documentation to show that the drug war is a contrived scheme is extensive. I have chosen to place some of the documentation much further back, but will state that several researchers give seminars exposing it in detail. The Vietnam War was an important part of the scheme and since then some of the recent important laws passed to implement this contrived war are P.L. 99-570, P.L. 100-690, and the Omnibus crime bill in 1991.

5.     Marilyn Ferguson, New Age writer, states in her famous book The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 90, 'LSD gave a whole generation a religious experience.' But chemical satori is perishable, its effects too overwhelming to integrate into everyday life. Non-drug psycho-technologies offer a controlled, sustained movement toward that spacious reality. The annals of the Aquarian Conspiracy are full of accounts of passages: LSD to Zen, LSD to India, psilocybin to Psycho-synthesis."

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There was enough circumstantial evidence to lead one to question several assumptions. I began to question the assumption that the W.T. presidents were unconnected to each other. Another supposition that was questionable was that the WT Society did not have a hidden agenda.


Once there was a Jewish family whose name was Roessel. They lived in early 17th century Germany. They moved to a country called Scotland. There they re-spelled the name Russell. They took on the ways of their new homeland. The English tried to settle Protestants from Scotland in Ireland in order to control the Irish. When the opportunity opened up to go to the Emerald Island (Ireland) with the Scottish settlers who went to the plantation Ulster they went. It is possible, but not known for sure that they learned to know the Rutherfords either in Scotland or Ireland.

Scotland repeatedly appears as the source of much of the religious heresy connected with the Power. That C.T. Russell's family were in Scotland for a period, and also from the German states which seem to be a hot bed for Jewish Satanism may be only a coincidence and then again it might be a clue to understanding the origins of the Watchtower Society.

This Author's previous book The Watchtower and the Masons tells the story how the Arian heresy began at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and spread to the the Presbyterians of the Synod of Ulster. The book gives this Author's reasons for believing that the C.T. Russell's family in northern Ireland were Arian in belief before coming to the U.S. and chances are they were involved with Freemasonry also.


In The Watchtower and the Masons the early history of C.T. Russell is given. Charles and his father married two Ackley sisters a number of years after Charles' mother died.

What is an intriguing item is that C.T. Russell's mother's will indicates she owned land in Iowa. A description of that land shows it was north of the town of Ackley, Iowa. It turns out that a man named William Ackley had purchased the land in that area, and had sold it in large part to Scot-Irish settlers of the Presbyterian faith as they were coming to America. At the time C.T. Russell's mother died a town named Ackley had been staked out in 1857, but the Civil War had interfered with construction plans. A Presbyterian congregation had been formed in the area during the early 1860s in the Ackley area, which indicates some settlers had arrived. What connection did the Russells have with the Ackleys years before Charles T. and his father married Ackley sisters?

Who are the Ackleys? Maria Ackley, who was Charles T. Russell's wife, was well-educated and an excellent writer. Interestingly, in the 19th century she believed a socialist revolution was coming. She wrote, "This great revolution has not yet come, but where is the statesman or the intelligent citizen that does not see it coming?" (Russell, Maria. This Gospel of The Kingdom, p. 26.) She was the ghost writer and ghost editor for much of her husband Charles Taze's work. Her family was well-off. William Ackley, the land speculator/seller in Iowa, traces his ancestry back to Prence Doane and Elizabeth Godfrey. Elizabeth Godfrey in turn was the great-granddaughter of William Brewster of the Mayflower fame. The Ackleys were Puritans to begin with and seem to have been

concentrated in the Connecticut area, and from there their family members moved out into NY and PA. Another Ackley (1832-1881) at that time was Richard Thomas Ackley, a Freemason who worked for the Miller, Russell and Company store in Salt Lake City in 1858 soon after the Mormons built Salt Lake City.


Of course, these are all simply tantalizing leads for the investigator but nothing solid. There seems to be much more to Charles Taze Russell than the little that the public has been told. In the next few chapters we will attempt to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the man.

Chapter 1.7

God's "Annointed Seed"

In 1852, the Joseph Lyttle Russell family had a baby who they gave the same name to as his uncle had. This baby, named Charles Taze Russell had a brother Frank who was two years older, but Charles ended up the favorite of his father. Later Charles would get a sister Margaret M.

Both Charles T. and his sister Margaret spoke on various occasions that his had been chosen before his birth for the work that he was to carry out.1 Margaret referred to her brother as the greatest man alive "a giant unmatched." She stated that he had been chosen for his religious work before his birth. Perhaps, Charles' Russell family, and his father Joseph L., (like Joseph Kennedy who had goals for his son to be president) had goals for Charles. If Charles had been encouraged to meet such expectations and had gone forward, then that could account for his sister's great admiration for him. He had fulfilled her father's wishes.

At the Put-In-Bay Convention his sister Margaret had outlined how God planned and chose her brother. First God had planted a seed with the early church. But the seed had laid dormant for centuries. "In due time", she says, the seed of truth grew and was watered according to God's plan. During the Dark Ages the seed of truth was barely kept alive waiting for God's Chosen One to bring it to fruition. When it was time, God "anointed the eyes" of her brother at age 17, and "God's smile of favor rested upon him." Margaret said her brother was the one, the faithful one who God could depend upon, the "one despite the burden and heat of the day" would remain faithful to God.2


1.  C.T. Russell is noted to have privately admitted his belief that he was chosen for his great work before his birth.
The Finished Mystery. The Watchtower Bible & Tract Soc. 1917, p. 53.
A testimony speech given by his sister at the Put-In-Bay Convention where she said similar things is commented on the The Laodicean Messenger, pp. 179-180.

2.  The Laodicean Messenger, pp. 179-180.

Chapter 1.8

"To have my throat cut"

The following stories, statistics and facts are revolting and are not something we particularly want to dwell on. However, for the minute it takes to read through the next few paragraphs, this Author wants to point out how prevalent yet secret Satanism is. Whether you the reader are or aren't aware of evil spirits, the facts remain there are countless people down through the ages who have worshipped evil spirits.

On Friday and Saturday nights across the United States members of Satanic Covens are secretly meeting.1 They also meet on the many Satanic special days. (See the list of their sacred days and the blood sacrifices that they carry out on those days.) An ex-Illuminati member estimates that over 300,000 covens exist in the United States each having 13 or more members. A Black Prince (Black Satanic Magician) estimated 40,000 to 60,000 satanic human sacrifices occur in the U.S. yearly.

This Author had the privilege to talk to someone who had an accidental rare encounter with Satanists in Kansas City and managed to successfully flee to live and tell about it.

Having been a West Point cadet, it especially caught my attention when the West Point Day Care Center was accused of being involved in the ritual abuse of 30 children. The officer requesting an investigation into his 2 1/2 year old daughter's abuse was told to resign his commission. (This is no surprise in several ways.)

Many dozens of day care centers in California are investigated each year for subjecting the children left in their care to Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Los Angeles County 800 allegations of ritual abuse involving 64 schools and preschools and 27 neighborhoods were reported.

The newsmen and newspapers are repeatedly coming upon news stories involving Satanism. Most of these stories never get printed, and many stories which do, do not draw conclusions from the obvious clues indicating Satanic activity. An example of this is a news story describing the desecration of a grave by some young people. Certain bones are listed as having been taken, and the story writes the incident off as youngsters playing games. If more were known about Satanism the fact that the left hand was taken would have clued people that Satanism was involved. The left hand, the femur, the Skull, and a particular rib bone are especially important parts of the body. Left hands are associated with Satan-right hands with God. Human sacrifices are always done with knifes in the left hand, except when the Priestesses battle to the death for power.4

Many criminal cases showing clues of Masonic involvement have the Masonic clues ignored by the police and the press. Examples abound such as Jack the Ripper's case.

This Author knows personally from when he did farm work that occassionally cattle would be found obviously killed from some type of Satanic ritual. The newspapers often did not report such stories by farmers.

The Chicago Tribune, Sunday, Apr. 27,1986 carried a story "Satan Worship Called Dangerous, Growing" by Eric Zorn. The story told how youth in the area had been involved in attempts to sacrifice humans to Satan, and about a series of mutilation killings in Cook and Du Page Counties in 1981-82 in which 4 men abducted and murdered up to 18 women. The parts of the dead women's bodies were used in Satanic rituals involving cannibalism and sexuality.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar

Jan. 1 ...................

.... New Years Day........................

...Druid feast day

Jan. 7 ...................

.... St. Winebald Day.....................

...blood ritual,

Jan. 17 .................

.... Satanic Revels.......................... ritual

Jan. 20..................

.... St. Agnes Eve

 ..kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Jan. 26..................

.... Grand Climax...........................

sex ritual, human sacrifice (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)

Feb. 2....................

.... Candlemas................................ ritual, one of the witches' Sabbats

Feb.25 ..................

.... Blood Host or St. Walpurgis Day

.. blood ritual, animal sacrifice

March 1 ...............

.... St. Eichatadt Day.....................

...blood ritual, demon hommage

March 20..............

.... Equinox Feast .......................... and blood rituals, Sabbat

March 24 .............

...16 year old bride of Satan ritual

April 19-25...........


...kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

April 24 ...............

.... St. Mark Eve


April 25 ...............

.... Grand Climax...........................

female sacrifice (can be a child), sex & fertlity ritual (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)

April 26-30..........

.... high holy days for Beltaine


April 30 ...............

.... Walpurgis Night or May Eve....

blood ritual, one of the greatest witches' Sabbats

May 1 ..................

.... Beltaine, Walpurgis or May Day................................................

...blood ritual and/or fire festival

June 21 ................

.... Solstice Feast............................

.. sex ritual, animal or human sacrifice

June 23 ................

.... Midsummer's Eve ....................

fire festival, most important times for the practice of magick [sic]

July 1 ...................

.... Demon Revels..........................

.. blood ritual, sex with demons

July 20-27 ............


... kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

July 25 .................

.... St. James Day


July 27 .................

.... Grand Climax...........................

... sex ritual, human female sacrifice


(5 wks. & 1 day since solistice)

July 31 or Aug. 1 ...

.... Lammas / Harvest.....................

... animal or human sacrifice, great Sabbat

Aug. 3 ..................

.... Satanic Revels..........................

... sex ritual

Aug. 24 ................

.... St. Bartholomew Day...............

.. fire festival, great Sabbat

Sept. 7..................

.... Marriage to the Beast...............

... sex &. blood rituals, female under 21

Sept. 20 ...............

.... Midnight Host..........................

.. hands of glory / blood ritual

Sept. 22 ...............

.... Equinox Feast Day...................

... sex ritual

Oct 23-30 ............


... kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Oct 29-31 or 31

.... All Hallows' Eve.......................

blood ritual, fire festival, great Sabbat,
believe the dead return to earth this night

Nov. 1 ..................

.... Halloween ................................

... sex ritual

Nov. 4 ..................

.... Satanic Revels.......................... ritual

Nov. 11 ................

.... All Hallows' Eve.......................

...the ancient date, celebrated by some groups

Dec. 16-23............


...kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Dec. 21 ................

.... St. Thomas Day ....................... festival, great Sabbat

Dec. 22 ................

.... Solistic Feast Day..................... ritual (also burial ritual for some groups)

Dec. 24 ................

.... High Grand Climax..................

...blood ritual

In addition to the above dates, the following dates should also be added:

year 2009 ................... Feast of the Beast......................... year long celebration, occurs every 28 years

Good Friday...................................................................... passion, mock crucifixion, male sacrifice only

Holy Saturday.................................................................. male or female sacrifice Easter  male, female, adult or child, sacrificed,

year 2009 .....................Feast of the Beast ..............................year long celebration, occurs every 28 years
Good Friday......................................passion, mock crucifixion, male sacrifice only
Holy Saturday ................................male or female sacrifice
Easter .............................................male, female, adult or child, sacrificed, 

by three days of chanting the survivor's birthday .......highest of all days for that individual

The sabbath, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday is also observed. Astrological events like full moons and
eclipses are also causes for "celebration."

This is a compilation of 6 different versions of SRA calendars. It is highly unlikely that any one SRA survivor would have been abused on all the above dates. However, most SRA survivors, irregardless of the group they belonged to, were abused on the following dates: April 26-May 1, June 21, October 31, and December 22 & 24. Many survivors are also affected one to two weeks prior to the celebration of any major ritual as this is the time for preparation rituals leading up to a major event.

In Mexico across the Texas border a Satanic group which sacrificed people recently managed to splash across the headlines and television screens. Even though the news media is careful not to give the full ramifications in such stories, and is reluctant to carry these stories, the stories still can't be totally suppressed.

Two points have been introduced, that Satanism is widespread, and that our awareness of its activity is very slim due to its extreme secrecy and poor news coverage.


The Satanic Skull and Bones Order has initiation rites which include the candidate lying in a coffin and relating their sexual exploits. Another part of the ceremony involves wrestling in a manure pile.5 This is the type of degenerate activity Satanism is well known to draw people into. One of the top Christian researchers in demons, and author of two excellent books on Satanism and demons Merrill F. Unger writes, "People who deal in the occult are often found to be immoral. Men and women who abandon themselves to immorality reach a point where God gives them up, in the sense of restraining Satan and demonic power from them, so that they are abandoned to the degrading depths of immorality and are shamelessly reduced to actions that even animals avoid (Romans 1:26-32; cf. Revelation 9:20, 21)."6


Hinduism is replete with many gods and many superstitions. It has a deep-rooted tendency toward mysticism, and derives much of its power from demonic activity. Some of the Holiest men of Hinduism are deranged men who run around on all fours like animals. This Author has personally seen the total demonic degradation of the human by Hinduism all in the disguise of making the person spiritual.

Primitive religions are as a rule full of magic and the worship of evil spirits. These evil spirits are feared, ceaselessly placated, and slavishly worshipped.

The polytheism of the Mesopotamians, the Sumerians, Assyrians, the Persians, the Babylonians are full of demons from the earliest of historical records. Demonism is the dynamic behind the magic and spiritual powers of these groups' religion.8 The Canaanite, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman gods relate to the Babylonian gods in character and nature, and are also demonic. All kinds of magic, immorality, human sacrifice, astrology, etc. came to be practiced .

2 Page CHART

This chart has been developed from charts by Ex-Satanists, it also is colloborated by information received from many historical sources. Historical information describing the hierarchies and power structure of demonology are worldwide. Although differing in details, it is clear that multiple levels of demonic authority have been experienced by people.

The ruling spirit princes are widely known among Satanists. Many of the ruling princes go by several names, as do many of the Satanists. Some of the ruling princes are still referred to by names they used in ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt.

The highest ranking Satanists teach their children that the demons are aliens from other planets. Within the Satanic covens one variety of demons looks like E.T. (but also can have more hair) are common and they serve as guardians. Also a grey type of demon with almond eyes associated with UFOs is also working closely with the high ranking Satanic Illuminati. The first rumblings of Satanic plans to use a mock alien invasion from outer space to unite the world under Satan's rule were given to the Satanists in the 19th century, perhaps at a Feast of the Beast in possibly 1868. After the next Feast of the Beast 28 years later, UFOs began appearing in large numbers in the USA esp. Calif. H.G. Wells novel War of the Worlds was published in serial form the following year too. By 1917, the secret occult fraternities show signs of working toward creating this artificial alien invasion.

The UFO phenomena is accompanied with a. repeated accounts by abductees and contactees that man has failed to advance morally as rapidly as he has technologically, and that these aliens will give mankind or the elite of mankind both advanced technology and advanced morality. The secrets of the galaxies- not just ancient mysteries but the mysteries of the ages- will be given to our elite free by these aliens (actually demons), b. mankind is on the verge of a great evolutionary leap forward, but also faces an Armageddon. Demons which appear manage to come in all sizes and shapes. There is a munchkin variety called elves, lepricans, or menihunis. There is a large giant variety too. The spirits are assigned various tasks, and are often grouped in 4's, 7's, or 13's.

These forces are akin to "school spirit" or the power that a rampaging crowd has within itself. These powers of synergy are carefully manipulated by the Satanic forces. These energies produce a Zeitgeist -a spirit or fad of the times. Peer pressure is a form of such power. These power structures are known and manipulated by the Satanic forces.

These Nephalim (half men - half demon) are to be found distributed throughout all the levels. They are the goon squads, the enforcers, the Sergeant-at-arms, and have rank according to the level they operate on.

Illuminati members depending upon their groups have various levels themselves. Their knowledge of Satan's organization depends upon which group they are in and which level they are at, most usually they may have only that knowledge needed to function at their level. Illuminati members have their name written in blood by a quill pen into a book. The various factions of Illuminati rule the world as the Kingpins in politics, finance, porn, drugs, communications, and religion in preparation for the Anti-Christ (Kashema) to take his throne, and rule with rest of the Satanic trinity of the Beast, and the False Prophet. This level includes the Grande Druid Council, and the 13 highest Satanic families. Various branches have their own terminology and rules for their lower levels which are the following pattern.

These are the Mothers of light, the overseers of power. Training for these Illuminati begins at age 11. Coronations for a Queen in the Mother of Light is at 14 years old.

This level is led by a Grande Master/Matriarch. Regiments are divided up into various levels of groupings of covens into companies and sub-regiments led by captain and major-types. Rings are worn by various levels.

Basic low level group (similar to an Army platoon) containing 13+ witches with a Priest or Priestess as an officer. Most covens are extremely well kept secrets. A few show temples like Anton LeVey's Temple of Satan are put on for the public's consumption.



Alan K. Russell put together The Collector's Book of Science Fiction by H.G. Wells which gives the information about the Pearson's Magazine serial publication of H.G. Well's War of the Worlds.

Interestingly not only do Masonic publications indicate a Satanic trinity, and Occult and Magic publications describe this, but the Christian Scripture's book of Revelation 20:10 (et. al.) also refers to the Satanic trinity of the Beast, False Prophet, and Satan.

According to the Masonic book An Interpretation of Freemasonry by Mason Martin Wagner, p. 97, the name Solomon which is used by Masons so frequently is actually a Sun-God trinity, "This name Solomon is not the Israelitish king. It is name in form, but different in its meaning. It is a substitute which is externally like the royal name. This name is a composite. Sol-om-on, the names of the sun in Latin, Indian, and Egyptian, and is designed to show the unity of several god-ideas in the ancient religions, as well as with those of Freemasonry." If Wagner, and ex­Mason McQuaig who also claims this is the case are accurate, and this view was known in Elizabethan England, then Solomon's temple that the Masons are building ends up to be nothing other than Lucifer, the light-bearer's temple. [end of Satanic Hierarchy Chart]

under these systems. Another example from another angle, the cloven hoofed Greek god Pan from who was derived the English word "panic" is a carbon copy of what ex-Satanists claim Satan looks like.

In Shintoism all kinds of deities and spirits are conjured up, and all kinds of occult practices including divination, fortune-telling, spiritism, magic, and conjuring are practiced.

In Taoism, which is polytheistic, all kinds of magic, divination, charms, dealings with demons, geomancy, and fortune-telling are practiced.

Buddhism exists in many forms. This Author lived in Nepal and can personally testify that Buddhists in Nepal and Tibet as well as other Asian lands have many superstitions, do practice all the occult practices, and they live in fear of demons which are placated.

Confucianism was started strictly as a philosophy, not as a religion and does not concern itself with the spirit realm. By default then most Confucists must learn of the supernatural from Taoism which most of them practice. Taoism is very demonic.

Rabbinic Judaism is based on the religions of Babylon, not the Old Testament as most people especially Christians incorrectly assume. The Kabballa and the Zohar of the Jews are the fundamental books that most occult, magic, and Satanic groups base their activities on. One of the leading well-known Satanists and a magician E. Levi wrote in his book Transcendental Magic, "All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return therein. Whatsoever is grand or scientific in the religious dreams of the illuminated, of Jacob Bohme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin and the rest, is borrowed from the Kabalah; all Masonic Associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols."9 (Bold added)

One of the strangest things for this Author was to continue running into evidence that seems to indicate Charles Taze Russell, the man who started the Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower Society, was secretly an important Satanist. Lest the reader devalue the evidence, permit this Author to state that the evidence came in first before I came up with my theory that Russell was an important Satanist, and not vice-versa.

Some of the outstanding clues are:

a.)    C.T. Russell was definitely a Mason, yet he puts up some great smokescreens in his writing concerning his membership.

b.)   C.T. Russell's Bethel staff became concerned about his occultic activities and required him to take an oath forswearing any further occultic activities.

c.)   In my previous book The Watchtower and the Masons, I study 35 parallel beliefs that Russell had with Masonry. I spent a page per parallel. These 35 are not in any way inclusive, Russell had many other identical ideas to what the Masonic lodges propagate.

d.)   Various items from magic were part of Russell's religious beliefs including healing handkerchiefs, phrenology, the Winged-Sun-Disk, Enochian Magical planes, etc.

e.)   Russell's family's possible Illuminati links, and his wife's possible connections with a family line of Satanists.

f.)    Russell's apparent secret Rosicrucian membership with the Quakertown, PA group of Rosicrucians, as revealed by the pyramid he ordered erected, his use of the Winged-Sun-Disk, and his cremation three days after his death.

g.)   Russell owned a cemetary in Pittsburgh. Leading Satanists try to own cemeteries for several reasons. First, it facilitates the disposal of human sacrifices which are buried in pieces below the fresh holes dug for someone else's burial. When the casket is placed in the hole, it would be rare for anyone to dig below the casket level ever again. Second, magic power is associated with cemetaries. The spiritual power of the dead is pulled up by making a circle of light over them then within the circle a naked Satanist lays. Third, specific bones are sought such as the skulls and left hands. Left hands are preserved in order to hold candles for certain ceremonies.

h.)   Contacts from various places today indicate that the modern Watchtower Society is working with the New World Order. This implies that at some point the Society began cooperating with the New World Order. Russell seems to be the likeliest starting point.

As with all occult organizations a veil of secrecy is maintained by requiring initiates to take secrecy oaths on penalty of death. As in Witchcraft, Masonry repeatedly demands secrecy oaths at every new level. Charles T. Russell began participating in this secrecy when he took the Entered Apprentice (first Masonic degree) oath on penalty of mayhem and violent death, " hereby and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal and never reveal any of the arts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient Freemasonry which I received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in..."


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Chapter 1.9



Jehovah's Witnesses point to their success as proof of God's approval, in the same way that communists have pointed to various revolutions to show proof that the broad masses support them.


During the half century before his death C.T. Russell spent vast sums of money. Russell travelled nearly continuously. His trips took him to Europe frequently and around the world. He often had large entourages accompanying him. The Jehovah's Witnesses, then called International Bible Students or simply Bible Students, gave out enormous quantities of FREE books, tracts, and other things. For instance consider some of the following expenses,

In 1881 the WT issued a 164-pg book Food for Thinking Christians. The cost of printing was born by the WT Society, and for some unknown reason several newspapers picked up the cost of distribution. These small books (now extremely rare) were distributed free. Zion's W.T. in 1881 says that their tract Supplement No. 2 is "for free distribution. Order as many as you can use."1

In 1882 the WT magazine (then called Zion's Watch Tower) advertises, "We have plenty of tracts and September numbers, which you can have for free distribution by asking for them."2

In 1886, Russell had 300 workers distributing Food for Thinking Christians. 300,000 free tracts were distributed in Great Britain alone. WT literature was given free to the colporteurs.

In 1893, the WT Magazine says "A good colporteur can put into the hands of the people 5 to 6 thousand volumes of Dawn in a year. One with little talent ought to dispose of 3,000 a year."3 The Dawn books were good looking hard back books with about 370 pages apiece. To distribute such vast quantities of books generally free had to have cost the Watchtower Society plenty. The WT Magazine (Z.W.T) published by the Tower Publishing Co., stated under its title "FREE TO THE LORD'S POOR." For instance, the May 1, 1893 issue states under a first page article "ADDRESSES FOR FREE READING MATTER" that "we are glad to send out matter freely to such." Such refers simply to those interested.4

In 1897, there was a mass distribution of 300,000 of the free WT booklet the Bible versus Evolution.5

In 1899,948, 459 tracts were handed out by people a half block away from churches in each direction as people came out.6

In 1910, Russell had 76 workers at headquarters and paid 2,000 different newspapers to carry his articles. How much money would it take for an unknown person without connections to pay 2,000 newspapers to run their articles? Russell wasn't without connections. In 1910, the German branch ran a $7,340.49 deficit, even though they received much of their literature free, and the British branch came up $9,331.41 short that year, all made up by the Brooklyn,NY headquarters.7

Had the gigantic literature giveaways ended yet? In 1913, in a Convention Russell states, "Do you know how many copies of free literature have been distributed by the people of Great Britian this year so far? Eight millions of copies....And I am so pleased to see that many of God's people are rejoicing in the privilege of showing forth His praises. Never mind if it is not customary to go about giving out literature. Never mind if it is not popular to give out religious literature. We have a message and work, and this is our way of preaching."8

During all this time period of 35 years, the Watchtower Society had managed to rent such hugh building such as Prince Albert Hall—which by the way is famous for many big Masonic events. Renting the Hall would have ranged in the hundreds of dollars. In 1910 they rented it six times.9


Up to now, no one has contested the explanation that has been provided by the WT Society and their official history. Supposedly, Russell sold his clothing store and financed his activities from the proceeds.

Anyone familiar with printing and shipping knows that the large quantities of material Russell distributed free had to cost in just one year alone more than the proceeds from selling his store. On top of that, Russell had legal fees from repeated court battles, exorbant travelling costs, and a full-time staff to house and feed.

His followers were not required to give up their money to become Bible Students. So where did the money come from? The foreign branches received free literature some of which they sold, and came up short even after some sales and donations. Bear in mind, the WT Society was not efficient as it is today. Today they make their own ink and have the latest equipment to typeset and print with. But back then, at least part of the books Russell printed he paid outside printers to print.

Up to now, it has been stated that Russell was a genius with money. That kind of statement simply clouds what really happened. Russell was not Rumplestiltchen. If he was such a man of finance (and he certainly had the reputation then), it seems hard to picture him sending out his people to stand in front of churches to hand out expensive books free to Christians as they left. A man that loose with his own money would hardly makes a fortune in ten years of running a clothing store. Russell wasn't being careless with his money, because he was not having to finance his operation himself. His backers were obviously quite rich and powerful.

The Greek Orthodox church which jealously guards it turf, has repeatedly accused the Jehovah's Witnesses of being financed by the agents of "International Zionism."10 This topic is discussed more in chapter 6.


It will surprise many people to learn that Charles T. and his father Joseph L. were quite poor in 1870. They boarded and their store was rented to them. In 1870, they were not involved in religion yet, and between the two of them they had not a single piece of property. Joseph's personal belongings were $2,000.11

Actually, they were doing fine, considering Joseph had left Ireland during the Potato famine, and had left owing his brother-in-law money.12

The first good financial break was when Charles T. Russell's uncle by the same name died Dec. 1875. His father inherited $1,000.13 Because his father and him were in business together, this was a real boost. According to court testimony, Russell had a chain of 5 stores by 1880. Soon Russell invested in oil in Butler Co. and his father and him opened a scrap metal business in 1882.14 They closed the men's furnishing business in 1883.

Charles bought out his father, and when his father died in 1897, his will reveals that he had 3 houses and lots in Allegheny, PA. a house and 3 lots at Farfron Springs, FL. along with another 25 acres, 160 acres in Polk Co.,FL and stock in the Carlin Co. Besides that he had shares of stock in the Railway and Dock Construction Co. of NYC which C.T. Russell inherited.15

Because C.T. Russell's wife divorced him in 1897 Russell hid his money so that his ex­wife would not be able to get any support, in court, C.T. Russell would not honestly state his holdings even under oath. A Reverend J.J. Ross investigated on his own and discovered that Russell had lied under oath. Russell was a stockholder in the Pittsburgh Asphatum Co. which later became the Calif. Asphatum Co. which was the organizer of the Selica Brick Co. Russell also had controlling interest in the Brazilian Turpentine Co. located in Pittsburgh, a cemetary in Pittsburgh. & the U.S. Coal & Coke Co. with capital of $100,000.16 After having lied in court, Pastor Russell had to make a clean breast of his lies when the Reverend Ross confronted him in court with the facts and the charters of some of Russell's companies.17

Russell also had money invested in timber limits. Russell had just secretly purchased silver mines in Nevada, and had gone out to check them out on his western trip when he died.

In 1874, when C.T. Russell began his religious meetings, he also began buying property in Allegheny. He bought again in 1874, 1884, 1885 (two properties), 1889 (four properties), in 1890 (five properties), 1892, 1894, 1896, 1897 (two properties), and four more properties after the turn of the century in that area alone in his own name.18

Further, the WT Society which he had control of had ownership of numerous properties.

Russell had control (99% of the snares) of the U.S. Investment Co.,Ltd. which in turn held 38 houses and lots in Binghamton, NY, several lots in Tacoma, WA, a farm near Rochester, NY, a house and lot in Buffalo, NY, a farm in OK, 100 lots in TX, a house and lot near Pittsburgh, and 5,500 acres in KT.19

By the way, the original owners of U.S. Investment Co. were John A. Bohnet (5

shares), Ernest C. Henninges (5 shares), and C.T. Russell (990 shares).20

The popular story is that Pastor Russell gave all his money to his great crusade and died a poor man, leaving his poor wife (the WT Society claims they were only seperated- -the divorce papers say otherwise) with only $200.21 The court records show a very rich man indeed. And most of Russell's money came in after he started up his Watch Tower Society.


Here is a man that starts a religion from scratch. He is busy traveling, writing and talking almost full time. He is well off but not a millionaire. After starting his religion, he spends millions on giving away free literature, and invests perhaps millions in gold, silver mines, government bonds, oil fields, property, and stocks in companies. There has never been a real analysis of C.T. Russell's finances, and his WT Society.
Russell was involved in several financial scams also. He lost in court.


Russell's WT Society was financed by some heavyweights. The history of the WT Society gives evidence that the power to bring in a one-world-government financed Russell. The WT Society has been a proxy for the One-World New Order to accomplish certain goals. Unfortunately, the JWs "in the trenches", have not known how they have been used. JWs brought upon themselves all kinds of persecution when Rutherford announced to them that the angels had revealed that all national flags were the " devil's banner." On page 44 of Uncovered Rutherford states "Flag saluting is in direct violation of God's law." Individual JWs had to suffer first in order to bring the issue of flag saluting before the Supreme Court. It would have looked bad for the Masonic Lodge to openly support the issue, but the WT Society was accomplishing a goal that they, the Masons had determined in advance. So the populace hated the JWs, and the Masons could continue putting out Patriotic material for public consumption, although in their own literature, they had clearly marked Nationalism for destruction.

J.P.Morgan, the Rothschild's representative in the United States, set up a trust fund to unite the various Christian denominations. Russell praises this in his Jan. 1, 1911 WT, pp. 1-4 (WTR p.4735), "Mr. Morgan's well-known business capacity, exhibited in connection with financial trusts, encourages many to believe that he will accomplish the desired end in connection with the movement. More and more all denominations are craving a religious trust or federation and are becoming more and more willing to sacrifice doctrines and principles formerly held dear, in order to accomplish the federation....Evidently this federation is near at hand; the Scriptures have long foretold the Federation, as we have been pointing out there from for thirty years. It is to us one of the special signs of our day, one of the special indications marking the end of the Gospel age and the inauguration of Messiah's kingdom."

Here is a trust fund set up to pay denominations to federate, and here is Russell saying this is fulfillment of Scripture.

"Our message was to the Jews as Jews..."

In 1910 and 1911, Jews flocked to hear a Christian preacher. His message at St. Louis (June 11-12, 1911) was "Zionism, the hope of the world."

This fatherly figure of a preacher, the likes of which the Jews had never seen before, was C.T. Russell. And he captured many of the Jews' attention if not their hearts.

They flocked to his meetings. Four thousand Jews listened to this Christian preacher at New York City's Hippodrome on Oct. 9, 1910. Later in London 4,600 went to the Royal Albert Hall (site of many large Masonic gatherings) to hear him, and 800 at the Shoreditch Town Hall. 1,200 Jews came at Manchester, 1,400 Jews turned out at Glasgow, Scotland, and another 5,000 at Cincinnati, OH.

What captured their hearts? Russell sums up his hippodrome message, "We were not preaching Jesus to them. Our message was to the Jews as Jews, from Is. 40:1,2, Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." 22

Russell's repeated assurances that he wasn't proselytizing the Jews achieved their goal to calm the fears of wary Jews. Further, Russell had a radical message for his time, Zionism. Russell was a Zionist before the word existed.

Russell's Zionism

In 1880, Russell began to predict that the Jews would return to Palestine.

He wrote an article "God's Message of Comfort to the Jews" telling the world that God had promised the Jewish nation would be restored. This article was made into a 32 page Bible Student tract around Sept., 1881, and reprinted again in tract and newspaper- article forms in Dec. 1887. One source also says the booklet was put out in 1912. This Comfort for the Jews is not to be confused with Rutherford's later book in 1925 by the same title.

Russell's third book, Thy Kingdom Come, spends its entire 8th chapter on "The Restoration of Israel."

His prophecy about the Jews returning to Israel are, in this Author's estimation, his most accurate. The others failed. This prophecy goes unmentioned by today's WT because it clashes with their present light that the nation of Israel is not in God's plan.

Russell applauded as he saw his predictions on Zionism starting to happen. Russell advertised Dr. T. Herzl's launching of Zionism. Russell published a Yiddish paper Di Stimme, which circulated in Europe and Russia. With Jewish help it was circulated worldwide. It was especially popular in Poland.

The WT Society Collaborates with Jewish Groups

After Russell's death, and while Rutherford, the second WT president was confined in a Federal Penitentiary, the WT headquarter shifted back from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh. The Watchtower magazine on Sept. 1, 1918 prints a revealing letter from the men in Pittsburgh who were running the Watchtower Society. The letter equates the Watchtower Society with the Jewish Zionist movement. Whether the two are actually the same or not, it is evident from this article, that the Watchtower leaders were not concerned that the Society and the Zionist movement be identified together.

"On Saturday and Sunday we had the pleasure of hearing our dear Brother Thorn expound the further unfolding of God's plan. He spoke of the restoration of the Jews to their land, called the attention to the significance of their Passover Supper coming the day following ours, and also to the significance of the opening date of the of the recent

Zionist Congress in Pittsburgh, June 22nd, the day following a most memorable day in the history of our Society. Note how in this wonderful sequence of events the ceremonial and governmental features of the movements effected have been kept seperate and distinct. This Congress accomplished more than did the former twenty Zionist conventions put together..."(WT 1 Sept '18, p.275)

It has not been a total secret that Jewish groups were associated with C.T. Russell.

"...Russell interviewed a large number of Jewish notables and leaders who came to visit him at the central offices of the Witnesses in Brooklyn."23

Some like the Jewish editor of the Boston Jewish Advocate, Jacob de Haas, a Hassidic Jew and prominent member of the Munich Zionist meeting on Aug. 25, 1897, felt Russell had identical religious beliefs to his.

Another Jew, Raymond G. Jolly, states about his meeting with Russell, "I was very much impressed with this godly man..."24 So much so that Jolly joined Russell's movement, along with many other Jews. Numerous Jews would become prominent figures in the Watchtower Society including Paul S.L Johnson, John J. Hoefle, and Olin R. Moyle. Many with Jewish heritage would also find Russell's movement attractive such as Frederick Franz and Nathan Knorr. Early lists of Bible Students show that people of Jewish heritage may have made up to 20 percent of Russell's movement. This Author gives that figure, not as a statistic, but as one of the many factors that lead him to conclude that Jews joined Russell faster than the general population.

Jews referred to Russell as a "great friend of the Jewish people."25 And Russell did love them, even those who were secular humanists, "I feel great sympathy for the Jews in their unbelief..."26

When the Berlin Conference in 1878 proposed a Zionist solution to the Jewish question, Russell threw together a hodge-podge of scripture to show that this event in 1878 had to be the beginning of the "Millenial day." This Millenial day would then progress to the restoration of the Jewish Kingdom in 1914.27 Indeed, one of the plans to restore the Jewish bloodline of David with a united Europe with the aid of the European Freemasons was scheduled for 1914, but was delayed due to World War I.28

One of the undeniable leaders of the Jewish people were the Rothschilds. Pastor Russell wrote the Rothschilds several letters, one of which will be quoted, and the importance of the Rothschilds will be discussed later in chap. 3.3.

The B'nai B'rith finances Russell

The B'nai B'rith was behind Russell's start. Before explaining who the B'nai B'rith was and why they supported Russell let's look at some of evidence of the cooperation.

Edith Starr Miller, a researcher into international politics and the causes of social unrest, who managed to position herself in amongst various important people, came upon "irrefutable evidence" of the bewildering drama of a conspiracy between various organizations. She writes that the B'nai B'rith was responsible for getting Russell started.

Frank Goldman, both a member of the Order (as the B'nai B'rith is known) and a Mason, escorted Pastor Russell by car to the Hippodrome for his two hour talk. Jewish financiers had by the way rented the Hippodrome for Russell. After Russell finished his talk, the Zionist anthem "Rosh Hoshkana" was played. Frank Goldman went on to become the President of the B'nai B'rith.

Interestingly, the B'nai B'rith points out in their Los Angeles B'nai B'rith Messenger29 their close affinity,

"The Jews themselves are Jehovah's Witnesses. In due time, according to prophecy, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and other Ancient Worthies' will be resurrected and form the nucleus of God's Kingdom on earth. This was the understanding of Pastor Russell from his studies of the prophecies, and he so taught during his long ministry."

Zionism actually encompasses Russell's vision for the establishment of a universal Israel, with Jerusalem as world capital. For instance, Yigal Aldon at the United Nations on Sept. 30, 1975 speaking for the nation of Israel (and therefore in a sense Zionism & Jews worldwide) defines Zionism, "Zionism is, in sum, the constant and unrelenting effort to realize the national and universal vision of the Prophets of Israel." A national homeland is not enough, the universal kingdom the Talmud says is to be Israel's millenial kingdom is their goal.

The Watchtower Society distributed a Yiddish periodical Di Stimme (The Voice) all over the world.30 It was especially attempted to place it Russia, to motivate Russian Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Because the paper was ostensibly Christian it's distribution came under less restrictions than Jewish literature.

The Watchtower Society offered to supply the Di Stimme periodical to anyone "in any quantity—free."31 There seems to have been no bottom line to the financial backing of the WT Society.

The same year that the offer was made to supply the Yiddish paper to anyone "in any quantity—free", the WT Society's account books claimed a $22,415.93 deficit. "We doubt not this indebtedness will soon be cancelled; nevertheless the fact that it is nearly double the shortage of last year cautions us that we must to some extent put on the 'brakes.' " (WTR 1911, p.4936)

So how does the Society show caution and put on the brakes? Does it stop printing and distributing millions of pieces of free Zionist literature? No. They have subtly bilked their readers for more donations, but the pace of the free giveaway of Zionist literature worldwide doesn't abate. The reason for this is given away in the WT of Jan. 1, 1911, p. 4 which quietly reveals that funding came from Jewish sources. The distribution of Di Stimme was aided " Jewish Journals interested in the message..."

Secret backers have always been the secret to Russell's success. In 1882, Russell tells readers, "...a brother who has already contributed largely guarantees any debts incurred, to the amount of one thousand dollars in excess of receipts."

Although there are reports of anonymous donations every now and then of amounts like $9,000 and $1,000, the real underwriting must have been almost a blank check when one examines the WT Society's activities.

Further, the ease with which Russell visits, works with, and writes Jewish leaders indicates a close relationship.


Isn't the evidence that the B'nai B'rith helped Russell's Watchtower Society circumstantial? It wouldn't hold up in court would it? Indeed, it has held up in court.

A swiss physician, Dr. Fehrmann, at a public meeting on Jan. 21, 1924 upset some people by asserting the B'nai B'rith and the International Jews had contributed large financial sums to the "Ernst Bibel Forscher" (that is in Swiss German the Earnest Bible Students which was the name the Russellites— that is the International Bible Students, the followers of the Watchtower Society were known as.) R.G. Binkele of Zurich charged Dr. Fehrmann with slander on this particular point, and the Dr. in a libel court of law sucessfully defended his statement.

Dr. Fehrmann brought forth a number of proofs. One letter entered as evidence was a Masonic letter from high Masonic sources dated 27 December, 1922. The letter was of unquestionable genuineness and stated, "We give them (the Earnest Bible Students), in the usual indirect ways, much money through a number of brothers, who during the war made a pile. It won't hurt their fat pocket books. They are Jews."

Why would Jews support the Christian Pastor Russell?

Obviously today the WT Society would be a good investment. And for someone who was trying to destroy the power of Christianity, the WT Society is very divisive. The Society targets minorities and the lower classes so it isn't quite the threat to someone in the power structure. But what about then, in Charles T. Russell's day?

Not much attention has been given this question.

The prominent Jew, Jeane Kirkpatrick, who was the U.S.'s ambassador to the U.N. described Russell's Zionism as "a neglected chapter" and concerning his contributions to Zionism, she describes Russell a "neglected man."32 Such praise is significant. Kirkpatrick is a CFR member, in favor of a One-World-State, and is often praised in the CIA's National Review.33 Her husband was involved in intelligence in key operations.34

Pastor Charles T. Russell preached Judaism with a veneer of Christianity. Perhaps no one else has more successfully passed off Jewish thought as Christian, than C.T. Russell. Consider what Russell taught. (Actual quotes documenting these points follow later.)
Russell said:

1.   The Jews would be the principle rulers during the Millenium.

2.   That the nations of the world would have to become Jews during the Millenium.

3.   That God would bless the world through the Jewish people

4.   Russell advised the Jews to go to their Rabbi's to learn how to protect themselves from Christian teachings.

5.   Russell told the Christians they should stop trying to convert the Jews, for it was against God's will to convert them

6.   and that it was God's will for Jews to remain Jews.

7.   Russell promoted Zionism, and frequently reprinted articles from leading Jews in the WT. What does Russell do for Christianity? Everything sacred to Christianity is attacked.

8.   Russell says the Messiah is a collection of Jews, with maybe a few gentiles included.

9.   Russell says the Protestant and Catholic Bibles are inaccurate, and that only he could understand the Bible. The WT Society would carry this to its logical conclusion, they produced their own Bible called the New World Translation, which true to its makers preconceived ideas, tries to erase the deity of Jesus Christ.

10.   Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people.

11.   God has not tried to save the world of mankind.

If Russell had labeled himself a Jew, he never would have been listened to by the Christians. But by labeling himself the most orthodox of Christians, many Christians bought into his message which was the same message some of the most rabidly anti- Christian Jews have advocated for centuries.

Let's read some of the documentation on the previous points:

1.   Jews will rule the world. After the "times of the Gentiles" ends in 1914 Israel will be restored. The Kingdom of David will be restored. 35 "God has certainly promised a restitution and a glorious future to Isreal in the flesh..."36 "The channel through which this spiritual and invisible kingdom will operate amongst men will be the ancient worthies of Israel. 'Ye shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the Kingdom.' In close association with these, first to be recognized will be the Jews, natural Israel."37 "We are interested in the earthly Jerusalem and the prosperity about to come to it, when, under Messiah's Kingdom, it shall become the capital of the world."

2.   Nations must become Jews. God will answer the prayers of the Jews and fight against the nations. Then the Jewish remnant will be restored. The gentiles will go up to Jerusalem from year to year, to keep the feast of tabernacles.38 "To my understanding, dear friends, the Scriptures are very clear in their statement that this New Covenant will be for Israel only and that all the nations of the world, if they desire to receive the blessings of that covenant, must come into Israel, so that during the reign of Messiah, which will be for 1,000 years, all nations will be pressing into it that they may become members of Israel, and so the nations will eventually come to be a part of Israel, as the Scriptures say—the seed of Abraham, like the sands of the seashore, filling the whole earth—and every one who will not become an Israelite, who will not come into harmony with God, with that divine law, with the New Covenant, will be cut off in the Second Death."39

2 & 3. In the New Order the world is blessed through the Jews. "All who would enjoy Divine favor and restitution blessings will gladly gather to their standard...will become Israelites, proselytes, children of Abraham...all who will obey...will be lifted up, up, up to perfection..."40

4.    Jews should go to their rabbi to learn how to protect themselves from Christian doctrine. "Jews should be taught by their rabbis, and should be able to answer such arguments by showing that 'the wages of sin is death'... God's Word applies to Jews as well as to Christians- "My people perish for lack of knowledge;" This page goes on to say the blessing of the Messianic Kingdom will come first to the Jew. Also Russell states, "So far from endeavoring to bring Jews into any of the Christian denominations, Catholic or Protestant, I would advise the Jews to stand clear of all of them. I seek to point out to the Jew that he has his own Divine promises, which are separate and distinct from those of Christians. God's promises to the Jew are all earthly. The Israelites are all to come back from the state of death under Messiah's glorious Kingdom, which will gradually efface sin and death from the world..."41

5.   Christians should not convert Jews. (See quote pt. 8)

6.   It is God's will for Jews to remain Jews. "The Jew who ceases to be a Jew ceases to look in the proper direction for the blessings God has promised him."42

7.   His promotion of Zionism has already been discussed.

8.The      Messiah is basically a group of Jews. "The hidden Mystery is that this great Prophet, Priest and King is not a man, but a Son of God on the spirit plane; and further, the great Messiah is composed of many 'members,' of which he is the 'Head.'" Christ is a son not the son and is made up of many people.43 The church is the Messiah—"twelve thousand for each of the twelve tribes of Isreal..." "This class as a whole is the Messiah..." "Does this make clear my reasons for not wishing to turn Jews into Presbyterians, Baptists, Roman Catholics, etc.? Does it make clear my reason for urging Jews to a preparation mentally, morally and physically for the great work that God has for them to do? I hope is my conviction that the Messianic company, all saintly, will be composed more largely of Jews than of any other nationality."44

9.  This is discussed in other sections.

10.    Christians are the most guilty and horrible of people. "Millions of people are being turned away from faith in a God of Love and from faith in the Bible as His Message by the most monstrous blasphemies of the 'dark ages.' I charge the responsibility of all this against the sects and creeds of Christendom."45 Christians are the biggest hypocrites in the world.46

11.   God has not tried to save the nations. (Evil people would be resurrected to learn Judaism in the New Order.) From the beginning, Russell accepted a very Judiastic outlook. In reviewing the 1877 Three Worlds which Russell agreed with although only helped write one finds...

(p. 11)- God has never tried to save mankind. Rather, God gave the gospel to only a select group. God's promises to the Jewish nation are unfulfilled.

(p. 7-8)- Christ, which is a group of the elect, subjugates all the nations in the Millenium with "real subjection" "with a rod of iron."

(p. 12)- "While under the past Jewish dispensation not a Gentile could be saved..."

(p. 13)- God did not make any effort to save mankind, and they have died without the truth. Why? Scriptures tell us that God made it "unlawful to give the children's meat to dogs". Also, says Russell and Barbour, why did Christ command his disciples "Go not in the way of the Gentiles..." "He (God's son) did not come, at his first advent, to save the world;...He did not even pray for the world, 'I pray not for the world.' (John 17 9)."

(p. 14)- "If God has been trying to save the world during the gospel dispensation, He has made as great a failure as during the Jewish Age."

This Author would direct the reader to a 12 part series of articles Russell wrote for the Overland Monthly. Each was entitled "God's Chosen People". The individual articles had titles which dealt with the following issues: how faith was the foundation of Jewish character, how the Jews could revive their faith in Judaism, how Israel had a "double", about the Jubilee of restoration, the Passover, the Sabbath, Yom Kippur, Zionism, Must Jews Become Christians in Order to Receive Divine Favor?, plus three other topics related to Jews.


The concept that the Jews are the Chosen people who will eventually rule the world forms the basis of Rabbinical Judaism. In the Cabala, even more than the Talmud (and the original Talmud is pretty strong stuff), the concept of world-dominion is even more noticable. The Zohar accepts it as an accepted fact. The Toldoth Noah, folio 63b (de Pauly's trans., I p. 373) states, "the Feast of Tabernacles is the period when Israel triumphs over the other people of the world; that is why during this feast we seize the Loulab and carry it as a trophy to show that we have conquered all the other peoples known as 'populace' and that we dominate them." The Zohar relates that the kings of the world will end by declaring war on the Messiah. But "the Holy One, blessed by He, will display His force and exterminate them from the world." (Zohar, section Schemoth, folio 7 and 9b; section Beschalah, folio 58b -de Pauly's trans., III. 32,36,41,260)


A popular misconception among the Goyim (gentiles) is that Zionism is simply a desire of the Jews for a small place to call home. The WT Society itself is aware that Zionism entails more. On page 296 of their tenth Souvenir Report, "Many Hebrews of the United States believe that the whole course of world events is now favorable to the Zionist movement, and that the day is near when their aims will be realized and the Jews, as a united people, will become one of the most powerful factors in the modern world."

But when they needed to still opposition to taking over Palistine from the arabs, the B'nai B'rith told the public, The Jews of neither America nor any other of the democratic lands will return to Palestine.*" At that time (before the state of Israel) the B'nai B'rith sounded like the Jewish people were loyal to the countries they lived in, and harbored no desire to go to Israel.


The Hatikvah ("The Hope") to return to Eretz Yisrael ("Israel") didn't start with Theodor Herzl, but goes back to the Tenakh (the Hebrew O.T.) But by and large the modern movement has been led by secular Jews along with cultic and occultic Jewish leaders. A secular messianism has also pervaded Judiasm where the modern state of Israel is believed to be the world's Messiah. The one-world-conspiracy has distorted so many people into a deterministic eschatological frame of mind. This mindset is that God's will has preordained in heaven that this state of Israel would be great. Therefore, to oppose it is wicked. Many Christian leaders and Jewish leaders take this one step further and give Israel a blank check to do whatever they want without any moral responsibility. Persecution has fallen on Goyim who have had the audacity to reprint what the Talmud says on conquering the world and Jewish rulership. One dare not criticize the large gay community in Tel Aviv, nor talk about the Jewish prostitutes there, nor talk about the

Mossad running drugs for profit, nor about the terrorism done by Jews to the Palestinians-many of them Christians. One dare not talk about Christian church services being shot up by Uzis, and innocent Christian ministers being beat up by Israeli soldiers.


Russell preached that the Jews are superior to Christians morally and intellectually. "Judged in this broad, general way, who will dispute that the twelve millions of Jews are not in advance of the average of Christendom intellectually and morally?"48

That's quite appropriate for a man who has turned the Messiah basically into a collection of Jews. Russell's hatred for Christianity, could serve the interests of any group bent on Christendom's destruction. The reader will learn more of how these various anti-Christian group relate.

Whether justified or not, many Jews see the source of their problems as Christians. Most of the various groups working toward a one-world government are united in their hatred for Christianity. That fact doesn't automatically mean they are all in collusion, but it is a tell-tale sign of their similar origins. After their collusion is established, the investigator becomes aware it is an important element of their collusion. This Author is reminded of when he visited a synagogue Shabbat (what gentiles call "Sabbath") service, and how his Jewish host clearly lumped all Christians into the category of evil and anti- Jewish. He was not alone, sections of Chicago and New York, would oblige any Christian desiring actual Martyrdom.

The WT Society vilifies Christianity in the fashion the Talmud does, "...with great pomp and glory that unholy system rides upon the backs of peoples. Without the support of the common peoples that wicked system called 'Christendom' could not survive...instead of heeding the message...those constituting the unholy alliance...continue to oppress...The doom of 'organized Christianity' or Babylon is sealed." (WT 10/15/27 p. 312, cf. Babylon the Great, p. 559 and a host of other WT references.)

In contrast, the WT Society doesn't attack the modern Jewish religion, or its adherents, except with mild jabs.

"But what grieves me today is the large scale voluntary assimilation (into Christian society) especially among Jewish Youths." (A modern day follower of Russell, Bible Student Kenneth W. Rawson) 49


Today, men like CBS's Norman Lear (who is into humanism and the New Age) like to blame Christianity for the Holocaust. Lear's "Sunday Dinner" hero Ben is used in one scene to blame Christians for the Holocaust. The WT Society has been accusing Christians of the same for years.50 The truth is that many Christians opposed the Nazi regime and lost their life for it.51 The truth is that many Christians risked their lives to save Jews.52 The truth is that many Christians died in the Holocaust.53 Even Jewish sources will admit that many of the people rounded up as Jews, were not even Jews.54 The Nazis preferred to error on side of killing more than needed, rather than not enough.55 The truth is the Nazis did try a final solution, the Holocaust,56 and their new religion what is now known as the New Age religion, with its belief in reincarnation helped alleviate any guilt.57 The Truth is that much of what is shown the public about the Holocaust is lies. But how can we honestly evaluate what happened when the Power ruthlessly censors any real investigation into the facts? The truth is that Hitler was financed by international financiers,58 and that the list of people who have financed the Communists and those that helped Hitler are often the same, for instance Chase Bank, now Chase Manhattan.59

The truth is that the religion that the one-world-government conspiracy is going to bring in, the Power behind the New Age religion is responsible for the Holocaust, not Christianity. Be rational and think about such things. Was the Swastika a hindu or a Christian symbol? Did the Masonic Lodges or the Christians use the Swastika as a symbol before W.W. II? The Masonic Lodges and the Theosophic Lodges used it.

When reading Jewish books written for Jewish readership this Author has repeatedly bumped into remarks mentioning the KEHILLA. KEHILLA is consistently put into the context of being the organisation that controls life in the Jewish communities. It turns out that the KEHILLA is a secret (at least to the non-Jews) organization that does indeed run Jewish life, and at the top it is run by Satanists.


This may be getting quite confusing. Initially, this book describes Russell's belief in a Sun-god, later this book shows Russell, a Jew financed by Jews, was preaching Judaism with a veil of Christianity, and finally this chapter speaks of a New Age religion. Isn't this contradictory? No, and this book will cover all this in due time. Joseph Campbell shows an old synagogue with a picture showing Sun-god worship was part of the synagogue, in his book on Myths.60 As one gets into where modern day Judaism is derived and what the Talmud and Cabbala are about, an investigator finds that they are a continuation of Babylonian magic and paganism. They are occultic. But then how widespread is the Caballa among the Jews? For the religious elements it is extensive. Judaism has become a cultural and traditional ritual for many Jews.61 The small group of Karaites, Samaritans, and the larger groups of Messianic Jews (Christian Jews) have rejected the Caballa. The Caballa, which came from Babylon, forms the basis for many if not all the Satanic, Magic, and occultic Fraternal Societies.63

Further on, this book will show how the syncretism of the New Age movement has no problem including each of these religious strains, and who, why, and how it was brought it to the West. The New Age movement itself tosses various things together like a tossed salad. I know this is difficult to envision for many readers, perhaps one example will suffice until later. When this Author lived in Nepal, many people were both Buddhists and Hindus. The Hindi world-view can and does accomodate most anything but the Moslem religion and real Christianity. Hinduism is many things to many people. Caryl Matrisciana who also lived in that area of the world, and was active in the New Age movement concurs with this Author in her book God's of the New Age that the New Age is basically Hinduism.

Does that mean the New Age isn't related to the occult and Babylon? Hinduism and Babylon's religion are closely related. For instance, the God Moloch goes by the names Pluto, Saturn, Kali(Hinduism), and Durga. (See Spin diagrams) A whole book could be written on the interweaving of religious ideas between Greece, Egypt, Babylon and India. Such as Hinduism's Shiva relates to Jupiter. From Babylon came Rabbinic Judaism. The speculative Kaballah is pantheistic. The Ancient Mystery schools' wisdom is taught by the Jews today according to "Academies", Jew. Encyc., p.67. Just one more of the many examples of how far reaching the interweaving is, Horus of Egypt (sometimes depicted as an evil adversary in the form of a snake) finds its counterpart in Calyia the Snake God that Krishna, the 8th incarnation of Vishnu, killed.

Zionist James P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. told the U.S. Senate that we were going to get a one-world-government, whether we liked it or not. The only question is, whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent.63 Another member of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. the Jewish legal officer Louis Marshall said, "Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan."6 Russell was fully aware that the Declaration of Independence of the Zionist State (published in The Jewish World, Feb. 9, 1883) said "The great ideal of Judaism is...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations-a greater Judaism in fact-all the separate races and religions shall disappear." When one realizes that that Judaism today (aka Rabbinic Judaism, earlier aka Pharisism, aka Babylonian occultism) would like to be world-wide, and one observes the New Age movement is spreading world-wide, what this mean? It is apparent powerful forces are trying to move us away from Christ's teachings.

The question can be raised, is it unfair to put down Judaism's goal of world-wide conquest when Christians envision the world will be entirely Christianized at some point in the future? It depends. If Christians want to conquer the world like during the Crusades, then yes the Christians are subject to censor too. The Talmud doesn't portray a peaceful conquest of the world—but slaughter of the "cattle" gentiles. (The author has in his possession photocopies of several different modern Jewish documents spelling out present day plans to carry out such a ruthless bloody conquest.)

In informing people about the New Age "Aquarian Conspiracy", as New Age writer Marilyn Ferguson calls it, she states on pg. 63 of her book who the people are who are supporting the New Age Conspiracy. "Maverick theologians and members of the clergy pondered "the new spirituality" that rose as churches declined. There were networks of innovative, "transpersonal" educators, caucuses of legislators, and a melding of economists-futurists-managers-engineers-systems theorists, all seeking creative, humanistic alternatives. A few captains of industry and finance. Foundation officials and university programmers, artists and musicians, publishers and television producers. A surprising clutch of celebrities. Scions of Old American Wealth. Ex-political radicals, minus their rhetoric, now in positions of influence." As you read further in this book, you'll learn more about who these people are. The Scions of Old American Wealth can be found in groups like the Skull and Bones Order. The publishers and televisions producers are Jews and Masons. (See other chapters.) Thafs right, the Jews own and operate all three major networks, and the major newspapers and publishing houses. On pg. 367 she states, that the religious backgrounds of a poll she took indicated 20 % of the Aquarian Conspirators were Jewish. What is perhaps not known, is the prominant positions that so many Jews are playing. See the footnote for a list of some of these.65

The B'nai B'rith

According to Jewish leader Rabbi Meir Kahne of the Jewish Defense League the Jewish leaders such as Adler, Schiff, Marshall, Seligman, Loeb, and Warburg formed the B'nai B'rith and the ADL. 66

Actually, although these men were prominent in the B'nai B'rith, the origins of the B'nai B'rith also ties in with the Masonic Lodge. Twelve men on Oct. 13, 1843, in NYC began the Order of the B'nai B'rith.67 Most of them were Freemasons and Odd Fellows.68

Philip Klulznick, B'nai B'rith president (1953-1959), heads a delegation of presidents of sixteen major Jewish organizations meeting with Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in October 1954 on American policy regarding Israel and the Middle East. These cooperative efforts led to the establishment of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to coordinate American Jewish policy on Israel.

For the first sixty years the B'nai B'rith was patterned after the Masonic Lodge. The Masonic Lodge had in turn also been patterned to a large degree from the synagogue, with a smattering of witchcraft added. Because they were patterned after the Masons and the Oddfellows, the B'nai B'rith was secret, benevolent, exclusive, and fraternal.70 In contrast to the Masonic Lodges which were open to all religions and types, the B'nai B'rith admits only Jews.

But in contrast with the Masonic Lodges which are very select in selecting upper crust candidates, the B'nai B'rith accepted men of low social status. In this regard, it was in the fashion of the Oddfellows. This Author believes it was the need to establish a secret Jewish fraternity open to the rank and file Jew, that motivated the establishment of the Order (as the B'nai B'rith is called.)

The founder taking his cue from the Masons billed his fraternal Order as non­religious and non-sectarian. And then in typical masonic fashion at the same time called the Order as "the restoration of the Ideal synagogue, which had ceased to exist."71

This gives us a further clue as to Russell's connection to the B'nai B'rith, in that the B'nai B'rith set out to Reform the Jewish religion into the Masonic religion. The B'nai B'rith was associated with Reform Judaism after it was drafted in 1885. Reform Judaism's centers of power were Pittsburgh and Brooklyn, the two cities Russell operated his headquarters from.


Crown Heights Section of Brooklyn is just for JWs but is also the world headquarters of the world's "best organized and most dedicated Jewish organization in the world," the Habad of the Lubavich, at 770 Eastern Parkway. The National Council of Churches reported in 1957 that there were 1,077,000 Jewish synagogue members in Kings Co.,NY and 556,000 in the Bronx.72


The connections of the Order to Masonry are certain. One Mason exposed quite a bit when he wrote about the B'nai B'rith having a made a secret treaty with Masonry.73 Albert Pike and Armand Levi concluded this secret treaty.

There are numerous cases of the leaders of the B'nai B'rith also being Freemasons. There are also numerous cases of leading members of the Order promoting socialism and communism. An example of this is that the Grand Master of the Order (of the B'nai B'rith) in Russia in 1917 was also a 32 degree Freemason and one of the leaders of the Socialist Revolution.74


Various Jewish leaders have fought to prevent the B'nai B'rith from capturing control of the Jewish people, but they were not successful. As this book will show the Christians also have not been successful either, for many of the Christian leaders are marching to a Masonic agenda too.

Many of the Rabbis today are members of the Order, which has in the neighborhood of a half million members and has membership all over the world.75

One of the Order says, The question of who speaks for the Jews has no single answer. B'nai B'rith has urged its own primacy, first on the grounds of its secular and national character, then, after the ADL's establishment, on the premise that whoever defends American Jews leads them. Since B'nai B'rith has represented a cross-section of Jews, it perceives itself as deserving to sit at the head of Jewry's communal table."76 The U.S. president recognizes their primacy. And since 1954, has sponsored a Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations headed by the B'nai B'rith to coordinate the American government's Jewish policy with respect to Israel.77


Those Jews that are tied to the moral values of the Old Testament, are being subverted, and humanism is being promoted. For instance, the B'nai B'rith has promoted all kinds of Jewish education, that has eliminated much of the Jewish religious teaching.78 The B'nai B'rith in the 1970s began to feel that the seperation of the sexes was an artificial relic to be done away with.79 The Order in 1913 started the Anti Defamation League (ADL). This group organized long before the Nazi brown shirts, has used tactics on the level of the Mafia. Their radical leaders have repeatedly gone on record as having contempt for all laws, believing in the end is justified by any means.80 Rabbi Meir Kahane removes all doubt about how dangerous he is in his book The Anti Defamation League. A comprehensive dossier on JDLs bombings, killings and maimings is in the book The Zionist Terror Network. They apparently have power within the Christian ranks, because they are able to mobilize Christians for their causes when they need to.81 It is believed by many students of Masonry that the B'nai B'rith has issued orders to various Masonic orders. If the B'nai B'rith has some influence on the Freemasons, it would explain why the ADL has influence within the ranks of fundamentalists and liberal Christians.(For more info on this refer to chapter 2.1)

The ADL has been exposed conspiring with the FBI.82 And its leader Meir Kahane worked for the CIA prior to starting up with the ADL.83


People of Jewish heritage have all kinds of opinions. Some have bravely spoken as one Jewish man, "I am anti-Zionist. Jewish chauvinism is no less despicable than other kinds of chauvinism and more despicable than many since it is based on racist ideology. In the dispute between Israel and the 900,000 Arab refugees it had driven from their lands, I support the Arabs."84

Jewish writer Kenneth M. Mitzner, in The Wanderer (June 29, 1989) encourages Christians to oppose those Jewish forces that are corrupting the morals of this country. He writes, "It was not anti-German to oppose Nazism, nor anti-Russian to oppose Bolshevism. It is not anti-Semitic to oppose the forces within the Jewish community which are waging war against you and your family."

Jack Bernstein, a Jew, tells in his book how corruption, graft, persecutions and dangers are forced upon those Jews who want to be Jewish but not Zionists. Another Jew, Henry H. Klein exposes that the certain Jews are out to control this country and the world no matter what they have to do in his book A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy.


J. Frank Norris, a Fundamental minister in a letter to another fundamental minister

named Swain, reveals that if Rev. Sam Swain will say the proper things he can get financing from the B'nai B'rith.85 Some of the nominal Christians willing to work with the B'nai B'rith are those of Jewish heritage. The B'nai B'rith magazine itself has written articles about the widespread practice of Jews who have pretended to become Christians.86

The B'nai B'rith has sponsored the National Conference of Jews and Christians, and under the auspices of the Order Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish speakers appeared together in the year of 1939 at 10,000 meetings in 2,000 communities in all the U.S. states.87 While carrying on such conferences, the Order has actively pursued the removal of all Christian books from school libraries, have forced numerous Passion plays to shut down, and threatened Christian ministers for discussing the crucifixion on the radio.88

New Testament Scriptures specifically describe the anti-Christ as those denying that Jesus is the Christ.

At one point even the Almighty declared of the Hebrews, "How long will this people provoke me?" But Jesus called his disciples to love, and if the Christian can not love the Jew, and the Jew the Palestinian, and the Palestinian the Jew, how can each of these love God. And if there are men among the Christians who want power, the Christian should follow the example of his Master Jesus Christ, and return good for evil. Those who live by the sword will die by it. Those who live by power will die by it.

Zionism's goal of real estate is not as important as the relationship of each Jewish person to his creator. This author would like to see each Jewish person have spiritual power. The religion that C.T. Russell was helped to create, has taken away from its adherents the most precious legacy of the Jew Jesus Christ. That is that God loves each of his children, and has given them the chance to be his sons and daughters, and to receive the Holy Spirit to guide them.


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