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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 2 A

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Assassinating 3 Assassins -1 Capturing the Catholic Church -2 A Revolution in the Minds of Men -3

>>originally accompanied Author's Introduction and Dedication section near the beginning of the book<<

1.  Assassinating 3 assassins. Exposing the Masonic plot to destroy the church, nationalism, and the family.

2.  Capturing the Catholic Church.  Revealing the infiltration and capture of the great Catholic Church by the Conspiracy.

3.  A Revolution in the Minds of Men. Reveals the close connection between Masonry and the Universalist/Unitarian church, and the Order.

4.  A Family Affair. Discloses who the people are, that started Mormonism. The occult, religious, and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.

5.  The Golden Age. Shows how the concept of the Millennium  was introduced by the Masons  through Communism, the Second Adventists JWs,  Mormons, and others.

6.  "The  Healing  Light".   Exposes  the  close connections between Christian Science, the Jews, and Masons.

7.  Councils of Heresy. Find out who represents the Christians at the World Council of Churches. Find out how Masonry rules Christendom.

8.  Mormons,  Moonies,  and Masons.  Uncovers  the connections and cooperation between the Mormons and other groups.

9.  Heresy interlocks with power.  Revealing the source and use of heresy's power and contrasting it with Christianity.

10.  Reviving the Mystery Religions. Find out what the occult is, why the Mystery Religions are being revived, and how these religions are resurfacing. You will learn the names of one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and more information to get you to take the Satanic threat of world domination seriously.

11.  Comparing New Order Statements. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these various plans concerning the "Utopian" New Order.

12.  The Second Tower of Babel. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and 1-World-Religion, and a 1-World-Government.


Chapter 2.1

Assassinating 3 Assassins

"The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion." So says the official ritual of the 33 and last degree ritual of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The 33 degree Jewish Mason Paul Rosen wrote in 1888, "Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property."1 And the Masons are doing this. This book shows the documentation of how Christianity has been systematically assassinated and the world "regenerated" by Masonic "religion."

The official organ of the Scottish Rite The New Age in Sept. 1921 put out an article "Freemasonry as a World Power". In this article they state by the pen of a 32° Mason, "Freemasonry may be a 'World Power,' but all the power in the world is of little use to the man who will not use it. The mightiest of levers may be in the strongest of hands; but if it lie there to no conscious purpose, nothing is ever moved." After calling on its Masonic readership to use the power of Freemasonry, they conclude, "Then 'Freemasonry as a World Power' will stand revealed as unconquered and unconquerable."

This book will show how the most powerful men have used Freemasonry as a lever to move the world to their vision of a one-world-religion one-world-government. How does the Power control Christian religions? The following chart gives the Power's basic system for control.

[insert the Chart- the tree of the policy process in Christian religions.]


Box G on the Chart is Christian leaders and research groups. The following list is from this Author's files of ministers (or as noted a few are prominent laymen) who were Freemasons. None to the Author's knowledge renounced Freemasonry, in other words this list is giving the reader a feel for the influence Masonry has on the churches, and the policy process. When a friend who has a cult ministry spoke in a Baptist church about the Mormons he touched on the similarities between Masonry and the Mormon temple ritual, several Baptist Masons in the audience walked out in the middle of his talk. This points out the difficulty those of us in the cult ministry have. This Author has personally had to deal with people who say they are Christians, but are more hostile to the Christian Apologist than they are to any cultist. Indeed, they often are totally accepting of the cults.

(compiled from author's files from reliable sources, names found in other parts of this book are not intended to be included)

Baptists (ministers, pastors)
—American Baptist
Robert R. Austin,Jr.,
James Franklin Kunce,
Robert Albert Kunz 
(Ark.-Valley Assn.-
Ministers Pres. 74-75)

William Whitley Widenham 
(M. Conf. leader, KT),
Samuel Jerome Williams (32°)
—General Baptist
Elvis Oscar Wilson
—Baptist (Independent etc.)
Ralph David Abernathy,
Myron E. Adams,
Thomas Jered Ayo,
John Dante Barbee,
Robert E. B. Baylor,
David Benedict,
James P. Garrick,
Robert Lee French
(Grand Master for WVA,
Supt. Sunday Schools -19 yrs.),

Paul Charles Klose,
John Fort Newton (KT & 33°),
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.,
Charles Ray Yarborough, Jr.
—Missionary Baptists
Stanley Wade Lewis,Sr.
—National Baptists Conv. Am.
Floyd Daniel Johnson,
—Northern Baptists
Clarence A. Barbour,
Joseph C. Hazen (32°)
—Southern Baptists
Samuel William Avery,
William Joseph Barbour,
Earl R. Little,Jr.
( 32°,Shriner,KT, G.Comm.,
York Rite College,
Royal Order of Scotland,
Soc. Rosicruciana,
deacon, ch.treasurer ),

Robert Franklin Keatley (Shriner),
Herbert Lee Kinmon,Jr.
(chrmn Pastor Conf. 1968),

Julius Mahlon Kirkland,
Harry Earl Kirkley,
Daniel Knight,
Terry Emerson Knight
(member Pres.'s Roundtable),

Reese Eugene Kyzar,
Jessie Ray Leonard (32°),
Coley Livingston Leopard,
Arthur Horace Leslie, Sr. (32°),
Harvey Dellmond Lewis, Jr. (32°),
William Surncy Lewis,
John Reinhardt Link,
Floyd Lisenby,
Richard Adam Long,
David Wayne Lowery,
William R. White (KT),
William Thomas Wood,
William Carl Woody, Jr.
(32°, Shriner, Mmbr. Bapt. Public Rel. Assn.),

Robert William Young,


Emilio Aguinaldo (layman),
Manuel M. Alberti (priest),
Moses Austin,
Abbe Bertolio,
J. Lewis Brown,
Francisco Calvo (priest, 32°),
Joseph Charless (layman),
Minister Combs (seminarian),
Abbe Cordier,
Jean Baptiste Noel M. Delahogue,
Jesse Green (layman),
Miguel Hidalgo (priest),
James Hoban (layman, R.A.M.),
Andre Massena (layman, 33°),
Emmett J. McLoughlin
( priest- called on carpet for neglecting 
spiritual duties and ordered to resign ),

Elias Rodriquez (Bishop)

Christian Church
Kring Allen (32°),
Jesse M. Bader,
Earle Edward Barclay (32°),
Perry E. Gresham (32°),
Wiley Alfred Welsh

Church of God in N.A.
Hubert Charles Lacquement
( pastor of chs. & dir. spiritual services
at Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown,Pa. )

Church of Scotland
Dr. William J. Baxter,
David Steel

Disciples of Christ

Claude E. Hill (KT),
Earl Russell Jarvis (32°, Chrmn. Bd. Dirs.)


Congregational (ministers)
John Harvey Alexander (32°),
Edward Anderson,
Charles Brockwell,
S. Parker Cadman,
Fred W. Hagan,
Walter H. Judd (missionary, 32°),
Dr. M.H. Lichliter
( 33°, Grand Prior of Supr. Cncl ),

Jedidiah Morse,
Episcopal (priests and bishops)
—African Methodist Episcopal

John Hurst Adams,

—Anglican (non-U.S. Episcopals)
Edwin Ralph George Adye,
D.T. Owen (Archbishop Toronto, 33°),
Edward Berry,
Lucius Coghland,
S. Hemming,
Isaac Knapp,
Ralph Robertson Latimer,
A. Groom Parkham,
Herbert Poole,
Michael Frederick Wellwood,
Thomas Arnold Wilkinson (33°),
James Joseph Worfolk,


Jasper Adams,
Alexander B. Andrews-
(32° important Mason),

Frederick B. Bartlett,
Edward Bass,
Troy Beatty,
Fred W. Beekman,
Granville G. Bennett,
Alexander H. Blankingship (KT, 32°),
Howard R. Brinker,
William A. Brown,
Frederick G. Budlong,
William F. Bulkley-
(Ep. Archdeacon, KT and 32°),

William T. Capers (32° ),
Harrry R. Carson,
Carlton Chase,
Charles Clingman (32°),
Leighton Coleman (KT),
Benjamin D. Dagwell (32°),
James H. Darlington,
Thomas C. Darst,
George W. Davenport,
Philip Deloria (32°),

David L. Ferris (KT, 32°),
George K. Finley,
Herbert H.H. Fox (KT),
James E. Freeman,
Alexander C. Garrett (33°),
Mahlon N. Gilbert,
Reginald H. Gooden,
Fred D. Goodwin,
John J. Gravatt,
Duncan M. Gray,
William M. Green,
Robert E. Gribbin,
Alexander V. Griswold (KT),
William A. Guerry,
Charles F. Hall (33°),
William P. Hall (KT),
Oliver Hart (33°, KT),
Alan S. Hawkesworth,
George C. Hunting (KT, 32°),
S. Arthur Huston (32°),
Irvins (Bishop of Milwaukie, 33°),
Frank A. Juhan,
Benjamin T. Kemerer,
John Dominique La Mothe,
Harry S. Longley (33°),

James Madison-
(1st Epis. Bishop, VA),

Charles G. Marmion,
William H. Odenheimer (KT),
James H. Otey (KT),
William S. Perry,
John Peterson,
Henry D. Phillips (32°),
A.W. Noel Porter,
Henry C. Potter,
George M. Randall,
Bartel H. Reinheimer (33°),
Frank A. Rhea (KT & 33°),
William B. Roberts (KT & 33°),
Warren L. Rogers (KT & 33°),
Samuel Seabury,
W. Bertrand Stevens (33°),
Francis M. Taitt (33°),
Theodore P. Thurston,
Tucker (Preciding Bishop, 32°),
George R. Vandewater,
Vedder Van Dyck,
Mason Locke Weems,
John C. White (KT & 32°),
Wayne Bert Williamson, Jr.,
James A. Wise


—Methodist Episcopal
William F. Anderson (32°),
James C. Baker,
Hiram Abiff Boaz,
Charles H. Fowler (KT),
John W. Hamilton,
Leonidas L. Hamline,
William L. Harris,
Joseph C. Hartzell,
Robert H. Kazmayer,
McIlyar H. Lichliter (32°) ,
Enoch M. Marvin,
Glenn R. Phillips (KT & 32°),
Hiram R. Revels,
Christopher Karl Andre,
Friends (Quakers)-ministers
Enroll T. Elliot,
Joseph Hewes (layman),

Jewish (rabbis)
E. Robert Adler,
Joseph L. Baron (32°),
Morton M. Bermen (32°),
Abraham Feinstein,
H. Geffen (32°),
Edgar Fogel Magnin
(33° and B'nai B'rith in L.A.),

William F. Rosenblum (33°),
Sidney S. Tedesche,
Morris Teller (32°),
Stephen S. Wise

Lutheran (ministers)
Johann Joachim Bellermann,
Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg,
John Peter Gabriel
Muhlenberg (also an Episcopal priest),


Methodist (ministers, pastors, bishops)
Walter Miller Allen,
James C. Baker (32°),
Phillip Eugene Baker (32°),
Bruce R. Baxter (32°, KT),
Edgar Blake (KT),
Wallace E. Brown,
Harold G. Cooke,
Fred P. Corson (KT + Grd Cmmdr),
Frank Crane,
John L. Decell,
Harry S. DeVore (32°),
Hoyt McW. Dobbs (33°, KT),
Edward Eggleston,
William W. Foster,Jr.,
George L. Fox,
Eugene M. Frank,
Schuyler E. Garth,
Levi Gilbert,
Wilbur E. Hammaker (32°),
Ivan Lee Holt (33°),
Robert E. Jones (33°),
Benjamin Kavanaugh (missionary),
Lorenzo H. King,
Herman G. Koulter, II, (32°),
Earl Leonard Langguth,
Walter E. Ledden,
Edwin F. Lee (KT & 32°),
Adna W. Leonard,
Oscar W. Lever,
Titus Lowe (33°),
Daniel L. Marsh,
Paul E. Martin (33°),
William C. Martin (32°),
James M. Melear (KT),
Charles B. Mitchell (33°),
H. Clifford Northcott (32°),
John R. Palmer (32°),
Clare Purchell (KT),
Richard C. Raines (33°),
Marshall R. Reed (KT),
Angie Frank Smith (32° + Shriner),
Harry Lester Smith (33°),
Wilbur P. Thirkield,
William N. Thomas,
Donald H. Tippett (KT & 33°),
Ray J. Wade,
Ernest L. Waldorf,
Ralph A. Ward,
Herbert Welch (33°),
Hazen G. Werner (33°),
Winslow Nathon Wilson,
Earle D. Young


—Southern Methodist
John T. Irion (32°, G.M.,KT)

—United Methodists,

Miles Walter Jackson (32°, Shriner),
Harvey Bynum Johnson,
William Glenn Kirk (32° ),
Virgil Spencer Leonard (32°),
John Allan Lippincott (Msn + OES),
Cecil Frank Wilkins,
David Alexander Wilson, Jr.

Thomas E. Weir (KT, Cryptic Mas., Rot.),

Charles Denny White (sec. Gen. Conf. 68-71)

Verne Dale Johnson 
(chairman ofevangelism -Unit. Mth. Church 72-74),

William Ray Keeflee (Church official of Unit. Meth, 
active in Nat. Conf. Christians and Jews),

John Q. Kemper (mmbr bd. mission-Unit. Meth. Ch. KT conf. '48-52),

John Quill Taylor King (33°, Pres. Gen. Council of Ministers- 72-77,
Nat. Conf. Christians and Jews,
Pres. Nat. Assn. Schools and Colleges related to Un. Meth. Ch. 70-71)


James Ainslie,
Stanford Thomas Ballard (32°),
Christopher Blockwell,
William J. Boone,Robert
Jefferson Breckinridge,
Roy H. Brown (missionary, 32°),
Frank L. Eversull (33°),
Harry K.
Eversull (33°),
George A. Fitch,
Herbert A. Gibbons,
W. Franklin Harkey,
Moses D. Hoge,
Ralph C. Hutchison (32°),
Minus Baskin Jackson,
Arnold Hilmar Lowe (KT & 32°),
Peter Marshall,
David Wayne Wiman (KT, Shriner, O.E.S.)

—United Presb.

Haven Coke Kelley, Jr.,
Daniel Burns Leighton,
Samuel Joseph Marshall (32° +Shriner)


Reformed Church
Paul S. Leinbach
Salvation Army
Ballington Booth (KT + Scottish Rite),
Charles B. Booth,
Robert Edwin Kribbs 
(32° + Shriner, also min. U.P. Ch.)
Unitarian (See chap. 2.4)
Leon M. Birkhead (also a Meth. min.),
Howard M. Dow,
United Brethren
Arthur R. Clippinger (KT & 32°),
David T. Gregory (32°),
Clyde A. Lynch,
Universalist (See chap. 2.4)
Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. (KT + Scottish Rite)
United Christian
Gregory George Kendall,
Warner Thomas Keefe 
(chrmn. comm. on Christ-
education Nat. Ass.-
Cong, of Christian Churches),

United Church of Christ

Donald J. Barthelmeh,
Paul Franz Koepke
(32° + Shriner, del. gen synod '69,'71, 
pres. Uniting Rel. Community, 
Elkhart Co. Ind.),

James McLaurin Whyte 
(bd.dir.Vt. conf. U.C.o.C,'62-'66)

Further on, individual denominations will be examined in depth. But for now here are some note worthy items, that can be mentioned in general about the Masonic infiltration of the churches.

1.   Ministers, especially high ranking church officials are special targets of recruitment. Not only is this known to this Author from interviews with ex-high ranking Masons, but can also be seen from the following quote from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Illinois (1909),

The Grand Master Charles R. Smith speaking to a large Masonic meeting which had representatives from 24 foreign grand lodges, and representatives from 54 lodges in attendance stated his following decision,

"1. I was asked, "Is a Jewish Rabbi a minister of the gospel," within the meaning of section 21, chapter XV of the constitution, entitling him, in the discretion of the lodge, to a reduction in. or rebate of the fees for initiation? As Jewish Rabbis are authorized by law to perform marriage ceremonies and other duties appertaining to the sacred office of the ministry, I ruled that they were "ministers of the gospel" within the meaning of the section." (Underlining added to highlight how recruited ministers can get their fees waived by a lodge.)

2.   In some denominations the selection of what congregation a minister is assigned to involves church politics, that can give the Masons an edge. Conservative ministers are assigned small, poor rural churches. More liberal ministers with the right connections are given large, rich, city congregations. Not only is this born out by an interview with an ex-minister, but reports like the following make it suspect. This report is from the Bishop of Southwark, Dr. Mervyn Stockwood,

"A case known to me involved a particularly unfortunate appointment to an important living. The man, a Mason, had little to commend him. But he was approved by the diocesan, the suffragan and by the archdeacon—all of whom were Masons. I am prepared to believe that the hierarchy was innocent and never allowed the Masonic factor to determine their choice. But in the diocese it was widely believed that it was the golden hand-shake rather than the Holy Spirit that filled the vacant living."4

3.   The Masons are a seed of destruction to the church using techniques parallel to what successfully worked for the white man against the Indian. The American Indian was conquered by the white man due to a series of several contributing factors such as false pretensions of peace by the white man, the introduction of infectious diseases and bad habits (alcohol), and the promotion or the problem of inter-rivalry between Indian groups (divide and conquer). Within the Christian churches Masons are introducing various "infectious diseases" such as (to name a few) are subjective religion, witchcraft and the New Age under different labels, the Rapture theory, fatalism toward an Armageddon, expectations that the Jews (practicing Pharisism from Babylon) will rebuild their temple, the notion that the Asian-blooded Askinazim Jews are God's chosen people and have an inherent right to take Palestine, a lack of zeal toward evangelism, especially cult evangelism, and ecumenicalism. One woman into Eastern Star, who calls herself a Christian, informs people that one can be a Christian and believe in evolution. According to her, those Christians who don't believe in evolution are bringing dishonor to Christianity.

Episcopalian Dr. Morey would have us believe that Freemasonry was a Christian organization before Albert Pike turned it into a "Hindu temple." However, this is pure Masonic propaganda. Any unbiased researcher will find the Christian churches were concerned from the very beginning about Freemasonry. According to the Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine the first expose of Freemasonry was in 1730 and entitled Masonry Dissected by Samuel Prichard.5 In 1798 and 1803 the Baptist Reverend Henry Crocker in Vermont preached sermons against Freemasonry saying it" makes a disturbance in the churches..."6 In the rare Autobiography of Rev. Abel C. Thomas, writing about 1829, records his observations of a Mason minister, "the light of Mr. Kneeland was fast going away into the darkness of Atheism in the Masonic Hall." In the Masonic book The Spirit of Masonry published in 1775 we are told, "Masons know the way of gaining an understanding of Abrac." Abrac is a type of magic.

There are many other quotes that could be added from this time period, but the reader can see the point which is being made. Masonry has been a cancer destroying the Protestant churches for over two hundred years. Charles Finney the great Christian evangelist after he'd joined and found out what Freemasonry was about, became a rabid anti-Mason. This was in 1824, the year he went into evangelism. While Finney was warning Christians about Masonry, another Christian, the Rev. George Taft was saying, "Masonry and religion—what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."9

Dr. Morey claims he read "everything" the Christians had written about Freemasonry.10 He claims in the book to have studied Masonry in depth and found it was Christian before Albert Pike. One wonders if he missed the great Evangelist Charles Finney's statements. Finney was a Mason, but left to be a Christian in 1824. He stated in the 1830s, "Surely, if Masons really understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think himself to remain at liberty another day as a member of the fraternity. It is as plain as possible that a man knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say he is is to disbelieve the very nature of Christianity."

4.   According to an ex-Mason now Christian, the Masons have infiltrated all the religious and denominational groups. Whether this is an overstatement or not, it is clear from the Author's research that it can't be much of an overstatement, because Masons can be found even in groups that forbid them. If organizations of Christians are examined Masons can also be found in the leadership. By controlling Bible Societies, the type of Bible translations, the distribution pattern, etc. are controlled. Some examples of Masons within Christian Societies are:

American Bible Society- 
John T. Manson (Pres. ABS), 
Edgar C. Powers (33°, Dist. Sec. of ABS), 
William Phillips Hall
(V.Pres. ABS,
trustee Old St. John St. Meth. Episc. church, NY,
KT & Scottish Rite), 

John Pintard (ABS 1st Sec.)

American Christian Alliance- 
William H. Anderson (founder of ACA)

Anti-Saloon League- 
William H. Anderson (NY branch), 
Earnest H. Cherrington, 
John B. Lennon (V.P. of ASL)

Canadian Bible Society- 
Edwin Ralph George Adye (ass. dir. 55-59)

Christian Endeavors- 
Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall 
(President of U.S. C.E.Society, 
and Global Board Ministries)

Samuel Herbert Allman
(KT, GBM world secretary)

Institute of Practical Theology- 
Rev. Thomas Edward Weir 
(G. Prelate of KT, dir. of I.P.T.)

Jews For Jesus- 
Tuvya Zaretsky
(Dir. of Development of Jews for Jesus San Francisco, 
leader at several branches, 
now leader of L.A. branch)

Travel Institute of Bible Research- 
Samuel H. Cuff

There are some Christians that this Author doesn't know whether they are members but they certainly are for the New Age agenda.
An example:
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship - David Bryant
(not known if he is a Mason, but definitely into the New Age Movement)

5. The influence of Masonry upon church teachings can be seen in what the Educational and Historical Commission of the Grand Lodge of Georgia published in its Leaves from Georgia Masonry, "Let us take a look at the number of great Bible classes for men which have been organized by the Church. Many of these classes are being led by enlightened Masons....These laymen are bringing to the interpretation of the Bible many of Masonry's great revelations."11 (bold added).

Circle G- Seminaries and Christian Schools
Circle G on the chart is Seminaries and Schools. The following is list is made up of Freemasons who are in Prominant positions in charge of Christian Seminaries or schools, or are teachers. This is not a complete list, but is given in the hopes it will provide the reader for a feel for how much influence the Masonic lodge has even on Christian education. Centers that were thought to have been Christian centers for Theology are recruiting and training centers for all kinds of heresy and occultism.

(also included are members of the Skull & Bones Order considered to be part of the Illuminati-in each case they will be identified)

American Baptists- 
Church Education  111.
State Conv., Springfield, IL.- 
Glenn Hall Leach (Director 1964-68)
Andover Theological Seminary-
Auburn Theological Seminary-

Harry L. Reed ( S & B Order, President)
Baptist University (OK)-
Joshua B. Lee (instructor)
Baker University-
Wallace B. Flemming (president)
Baylor University-
William R. White (president),
Robert E.B. Baylor (initial donor),
Bethany College-
Perry E. Gresham (Pres. since '53, 32° + KT)
Berkeley Divinity School-
Henry A. Yardley ( S & B Order, instructor)
Bexley Theological Seminary-
George C.S. Southworth (S & B Order-Prof.)
Brown University-
Jasper Adams (minister & Prof.),
Clarence A. Barbour (President),
Eli Whitney Blake (S & B Order-Prof.)
Chicago Theological Seminary-
F.W. Fisk (S & B Order-President)

Christian College (Columbia, Mo.)-
Eugene S. Briggs (President)
Dakota Wesleyan University-
Ernest H. Hahne (instructor),
Doshiba College-
Dwight Whitney Learned (S & B Order, Prof.)
Drake University-
William Koch (33°, trustee)
Drew Theological Seminary-
Wallace B. Fleming (Prof.)
Episcopal High School-
Archibald R. Hoxton ( S & B Order),
Evangelical Academy-
Christopher Karl Andre (director),
Howard University-
Kentucky Wesleyan College-
John J. Tigert (President)
MacClay College of Theology-
Matt S. Hughes (Prof, of Theology)
Methodist Sunday Schools-
Edgar Blake (Sec. of Board of S.S.)
Nebraska Wesleyan University-
Melvon Leroy Ireland
(trustee, minister U.Meth., Bray Hebrew Award-1945)

Notre Dame-
J. Lewis Browne (faculty member)


Northwest Christian College (Eugene, OR)
Jack Jackson (bd. of trustees)
Otterbein (leading United Brethren College in OH)
Dr. J. Gordon Howard (President)
Pacific Methodist College-
A.L. Fitzgerald (President)
Presbyterian Church-
Arnold Hilmar Lowe (Board of Chr. Ed.),

Princeton Theological Seminary-
Roland Walter Anderson (Trustee),
(unconfirmed Herbert A. Gibbons -hist. Prof.),
John T. Manson (Trustee)

Rochester Theological Seminary
Clarence A. Barbour (Prof.),
St. Mark's-
Edward T. Hall ( S & B Order,instructor)
St. Paul's-
Archer Harman (S & B Order, instructor),
Archer Harman, Jr. (S & B Order, instructor),
George S. Stillman (S & B Order, instructor)
Texas Wesleyan-
Horace Bailey Carroll (prof.)

Texas Christian-
Perry E. Gresham (minister & instructor),
Union College-
Frank C. Laubach (dean),
Union Theological Seminary-
Henry Sloane Coffin
(S & K Order- Prof. of Theol., President)

Wesleyan University-
R. Newton Crane (prof.),
Delmar D. Darrah (prof.),
Westminster College (UT)-
John R. Palmer (President)
West Virginia Wesleyan College-
Carl G. Doney (President),
Wallace B. Fleming (President),
William Penn College-
Erroll T. Elliot (President)
Williamette University-
Bruce R. Baxter (President)
Yale Divinity School,Theological Seminary-
George Dahl (S & K Order-Prof.)
Timothy Dwight (S & K Order- Prof.)

THE FOUNDATIONS (Circle B on Chart)

The life-blood of many religious institutions comes from foundations and trusts. Without Grants many Christian schools would end up in the red financially.

I am looking at an interoffice memo of a Christian Seminary "RE: The Five Year Planning Process." It states, "We must cultivate a financial support base of both current and endowment revenue adequate to securing the desired quality of students, faculty, staff and facilities."12 Seminaries cultivate relationships that bring them financial grants.

What foundations are busy giving money to religious institutions? There are a host of tiny foundations, and some medium size ones that were started by sincere people. Most if not all of the few big foundations tie-in to the One-World-Power. The One-World-Power in 1964 provided about one-third of the grant money going to religious groups.13

In terms of foundation power, the manipulation of Christendom can not hardly be underestimated. In order to stand in line for life-sustaining finances, Christian institutions have to "prostitute" themselves to the wishes of the One-World-Conspiracy.


The Mason Jesse H. Jones created the Houston Endowment. The disbursement of grants in 1984 give us an example of a small Foundation which is working for the One-World-System. In 1984, Houston endowment gave out the following grant amounts14 :

Abilene Christian University- $50,000

Jewish Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith- $5,000

Asbury Theological Seminary- $5,000

Baylor College of Medicene- $30,366

Baylor University- $795,000

Congregation Beth Israel (synagogue)- $5,000

First Presbyterian Church of Houston- $5,000

Georgetown Univ. Center for Strategy and International Studies- $25,000

Houston Baptist University- $152,000

Incarnate Word College- $25,000

Jarvis Christian College- $50,000

Masonic Knight Templar Eye Foundation- $15,000

Masonic Shriner's Hospitals for Crippled Children- $419,240

St. John's School- $5,000

St. Mary's University- $50,000

St. Paul's Unit. Meth. Church- $15,000

Salvation Army- $397,611

South. Meth. Univ.- $50,000

Texas Christian Univ.- $50,000

Texas Lutheran College- $215,000

Texas Wesleyan College $50,000

Trinity Univ.- $55,000

It is clear that these institutions must not be rocking the boat concerning the Freemasons. It is also noteworthy that the radical Jewish ADL which has bombed and assassinated people ruthlessly is a recipient. Until this book, few people would have seen any link between the Church of Christ, Jewish synagogues, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Presbyterians, and Salvation Army concerns. This book is exposing that the Masons have interest in all of these groups.


In the book The Unholy Alliance details are given on how the seminaries, church boards and Christian colleges have been captured. Much of the money for this came from the Rockefellers. One of the principle large Foundations that was instrumental in controlling religious institutions of various kinds was the Sealantic Fund. (They have now shifted to other channels.)

This Foundation which was incorporated in 1938 and was headquartered in New York City (50 West 50th St.) gave enormous sums of money to manipulate Protestant concerns. In 1964, according to the Russell Sage Foundation's book The Foundation Directory the Sealantic Fund gave away $681, 886 in grants.15 In 1969, the Fund gave $1,889,550 in grants.16

By 1984, the Sealantic Fund was not being used. But a look at another Rockefeller non-profit untaxed Foundation the Rockefeller Brother's Fund shows a revealing grant pattern. Until this book, many people would not be able to assimilate the meaning of this pattern. Although these other Rockefeller Foundations are not specifically geared toward religion such as the Sealantic Fund was it is clear these other Foundations still impact religion.


Council on Foundations- $41,000 (This money was according to R.B. Fund info "Toward work of project which will carry out recommendations from study that points out lack of knowledge about global interdependence and about relationship between international and domestic issues. Emphasis will be placed on information and educational programs to help funders become more familiar with and learn how to analyze opportunities for international grant-making."

Harlem Interfaith Counseling Service- $100,000.

Private Agencies Collaborating Together -$25,000 ("encourages collaboration among private development agencies working in Africa, Asia, and Latin America...")

Trilateral Commission - $240,000


ACLU -$15,000,






NAACP- $100,000,



Catholic institutions have been large recepients of grants from foundations connected to the World Order. The next chapter will explore the Catholic church's part in the One-World- Religion.


The largest of any Protestant denomination in the U.S. are the Southern Baptists. How widespread is Freemasonry in this largest denomination? 40% of the Southern Baptist ministers are Masons.19 Not only are large numbers of Baptist ministers Freemasons, but the various Baptist denominational leaderships are heavily Masonic. Some examples are:

Brook Hays, 33°, President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1957.

Joseph C. Hazen, 32°, Corresponding Secretary of the Northern Baptist Convention, 1940-51. Commentator of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Amer., 1930-45.

Matthew W. Hill, Vice-Pres. of the American Baptist Convention, 33° and York Rite (K.T.?).

Kenneth Raymond Kennedy, minister of General Assn. Gen. Bapt. and later Exec. Sec. of the Gen. Assn. General Bapt., 1965-1977

Joseph Fort Newton, 33°, author of several masonic books and a Baptist minister.

Aaron E. Prince, 32° a Baptist minister and president of two Christian colleges.

George W. Truet (1867-1944), 32°, President of the Baptist World Alliance, 1934-39, and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1927-29.

William R. White, 33°, President of the Baptist Baylor University, Waco, TX since 1948. Baylor University was by the way named after the Baptist Mason Robert E.B. Baylor.

The list could go on...Myron E. Adams...David Benedict...Clarence A. Barbour...and on and on.20


The Baptist Masons can be seen to have tie-ins to heresy.

Sidney Rigdon was the Baptist minister who threw his lot in to support Joseph Smith start the Mormon church. Rigdon had been licensed to the ministry in the First Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA. in 1819.21 The 1866 Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny states on p. 10 that this First Baptist Church met in the Masonic Hall. Sidney Rigdon, was influenced by the ideas of the same occultist thinkers who were active in secret societies in Europe as Karl Marx was. Ideologies, such as communism, are in many ways modern forms of religion.22 The original thinkers devising Communism were men like Saint-Simon, who wanted to give birth to a new Messiah. In order for his goal of breaking the back of Christianity, a new religion had to be created. His final work was The New Christianity. He and his disciples planned for a fantastic new secular religion with globalism that foreshadowed much of this century's thinking.23

A recurrent mythic model for many of the early revolutionists was Prometheus, who in Greek religious thought had been the Titan who stole fire from the gods for mankind. Fire, and flames have been used as a symbol of enlightenment for many occultic groups. This gives us further understanding behind Lenin's name for his periodical "The Spark."24 One of the Masonic adepts says that the Illuminati Hammer of Thor represents illuminating power. This in all probability is the origin of the Russian's flag's hammer.25

To understand the origins of revolution and today's New World Order it is of profit to realize that "speculation about 'the year 2000' began not with the futurology of the 1960s, but with a dramatic work written in the 1780s by the same figure who invented the word communist."26

The secret fraternal society of "Society of Flowers" in France (1836-38) was the first full- fledged communist society." Prior to its founding there were a multitude of experiments along a similar line. Owen founded communes in both England and America. Owen was invited to France by one of his disciples Jules Gay to set up a "Maison Harmonienne" to unite Saint- Simonianism, Fourierism, and Owenism. He went in 1837. The Mason Buonarroti produced a basic text for social revolutionaries later entitled History of the Conspriracy of Equals. This book was widely used by french social revolutionaries. The Mason Buonarroti, who headed the Universal Statistical Society, and who looked up to Owen, helped get a small Owenite Association of All Classes of All Nations going.27 Saint-Simonianism was continued after Saint- Simon died by the son of a Jewish banker Olinde Rodriques and his student Enfantin.

The Scotch Baptists (immersed Sandemanians), started in 1775 by the Scot minister John Glas, were also a primary source of Sidney Rigdon's thinking. It is not hardly known that Alexander Campbell was converted to the Scotch Baptists, and that his Disciples of Christ were an offshoot of this group.28 Rigdon's "Baptist" church was of this type, and maintained tenuous if any relations with other Baptist churches. The Scot Baptists practiced a modified communism29 and believed in a Universal church30. Alexander Campbell lost patience with their church in Pittsburgh, PA because they were having so many problems.31 Alexander Campbell had initially received help from the Presbyterians, and later was ordained by the regular Baptists,32 but finally struck out on his own tangent, and Sidney Rigdon joined him. Sidney Rigdon wanted to continue the communism that the Sandemanians had. Alexander Campbell wanted to continue the nomenclature of the Scotch Baptists in regards to the weekly collection which they called "the Fellowship" but wasn't interested in the communism.33

It is at this point that, the influence of the occultic-originated Communes of Owens, Fourier, George Rapp and others also played a part. These communal experiments had all failed, but individuals still loyal to their ideas found Rigdon's communal ideas compatible. Alexander Campbell not only allied his church temporarily with the Unitarians,34 but allowed Universalists and Masons to join his movement. Alexander Campbell later regretted doing this.35 People with these types of background found their way into two commune towns that Rigdon set up, and later handed over to Joseph Smith. John Cook Bennett, who was a Mason as a Cambellite, later became the mayor of the Mormon town of Navoo. (He was expelled from the Mormon church on May 11, 1842 and moved to Pittsburg, PA.)36 Rigdon joined the Freemasons. He also was the major factor in taking Joseph Smith from being a prophet without a church to a prophet with an organized church of two communes. Rigdon's congregations at Kirkland gave Joseph Smith the nucleus of his Mormon community. To this came in such new converts as the followers of the millenialist and communist Bernhart Mueller (aka Count de Leon) whose followers had left George Rapp's failed Economy commune.37 These people were expecting the "Lion of Judah" would reveal himself for the constitution of his divine Kingdom.

One of the practices of the Scot Baptists of going to the theatre and dances and other worldly amusements, which were commonly condemned by most respectable Christian denominations in those times, seems to have carried over into modern Mormonism through Sidney Rigdon and other ex- Disciples of Christ Mormons.38 Horace Greeley, a Fourierist, an Illuminatus,39 and editor of the daily New York Tribune, gave Joseph Smith some of his early publicity.

In 1842, Horace Greeley published in his paper information on all the Fourierist movement's activities, meetings, conventions, and the organization of the first settlement as well as ideological articles.40


The Mason Rigdon had been associated with a fringe Baptist group. The help the Jehovah's Witnesses received was from a very conventional mainstream Baptist church.

In 1893, the Columbian Exposition in Chicago cut railroad rates down to about a penny per mile, a quarter of their normal rates. This prompted the International Bible Students to have their first national assembly.41 Five days of meeting were held, and what denomination helped them out? The Baptists. 360 Jehovah's Witnesses, then known as Bible Students, were in attendance. The JW audience watched in the Calvary Baptist Church while the Bible Students baptized 70 converts in the Baptist baptismal facilities.42 Baptist churches also opened up and allowed C.T. Russell to preach in them.


In answering this, this Author is reminded of how one evening his wife was remarking how the Baptist Senator Mark Hatfield was being shown on television. The news was about a Masonic gathering for the Senator.43 Yes, this prominent Baptist Senator, and there are other Baptist Senators who also are or have been Masons, is a 32 degree Freemason. This Author has it from first hand sources that the Senator attends meetings with witches and other New Age activities. This is just one of many Baptist Masons who are involved with the New Age.

The Masonic influence seems to be the best explanation for the seepage of New Age propaganda into the Baptist churches.

The ancient Hindu occult symbol the Ennegram was introduced and promoted in the U.S. by the representative of The Mother. The Mother is the leader of the New Age community at Auroville, India. Maurice and Hanna Strong, who have connections to the Order, to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are the leaders in the U.S. promoting the Mother. Each year, her disciples make pilgrimages back to Auroville for an international meeting.44 The ennegram has spread into many areas of Christendom— but its use is no accident, it has been promoted. Nor has the heavily Masonic Baptist leadership prevented its use by Baptist leadership. Shirley Ann Miller, an ex-occultist who became a Christian writes, "No one really knows where the enneagram came from but it is believed to have originated around the 14th or 15th Century by mystics called the Sufis and the Jesuits."45 Whatever a person believes is its pagan origin, it is now being promoted by Catholic Charismatics, mystics, New Agers, and uninformed Christians.

The Southern Baptist churches have been inviting the New Age author M. Scott Peak, an open promoter of Zen Buddhism, to speak to their congregations. Zen Buddhism, as the reader remembers, has no personal God, but does have plenty of meditation and works, and expects the individual to find his own salvation.46

"Recently in The Baptist Stand, the most widely distributed Baptist publication in the state of Texas, a top official of the Southern Baptist Convention suggested that Baptist churches did not have to worry about losing members to New Age Churches since, There are no New Age churches.' "47

In a perverse way, there is tiny element of truth in that, some Baptist churches don't need to fear losing their members to New Age churches because THEY ARE NEW AGE CHURCHES. For instance, Rodney R. Romney, the senior minister of the First Baptist Church in Seattle wrote a book, which on the back cover says "MISSION: To find God. METHOD: By finding one's self." Opening the book we find out that "To understand God is to finally realize one's own godhead." Romney advocates using Eastern Mysticism, Sufism, and T.M.48

Masons within the leadership of various Christian denominations have helped lead the fight against believing the Bible is infallible, for allowing homosexuality, and many other liberal unscriptural ideas.

One of the Southern Baptist groups that Masons have participated in is the Association of Baptist Professors of Religion.

Taylor Clarence (T.C.) Smith was that Association's President and a faculty member of the Furman University, a Baptist school. Smith, who was educated in part at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, is well known for believing the Bible has errors, and also that modern scholars should decide what books they want to consider as canon. T.C. Smith, in a talk which criticized various Baptists for believing in Bible Infallibility and which advocated the historical- critical approach to scripture, said it is "the Bible, not God, that we are questioning."34

Three other instructors at Furman University of Greenville, S.C. were also known for their attacks against the Bible. The book People of the Covenant was co-authored by the three faculty members Robert Wilson Crapps, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. and David Anthony Smith. At least one of these co-authors, if not more, Henry Jackson Flanders, Jr. is a Freemason.49 Their book attacks many of the traditional Christian views such as Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch, which they "discern" Jesus was wrong about.

Many of the Seminaries are now teaching Eastern Mysticism.50 Baylor University which has been a Baptist Seminary run by the Masons has continued to get more and more liberal. Some of the students that are going there are rebelling against the anti-Christian administration of this so-called Christian seminary. On Labor Day, on Focus On The Family program, students of Baylor Univ. who are trying to fight the anti-Christian administration of Baylor were interviewed.51

Baylor University has served Masonic goals well, or so says a letter from Sovereign Grand Commander Luther A. Smith, 33°, to Dr. James Wood, professor at Baylor. The Scottish Rite Supreme Council sent a $5,000 check to Baylor, handed to them by 33° Mason R. Lee Lockwood. Smith, 33°, writes Dr. Wood (perhaps also a Mason), "This is another contribution to further the cause of education in the area of church-state separation to which Baylor University is making such a fine contribution."52


Anything goes in the New Age. An ex-Mason, now a Christian, told this Author how he and his wife went to a Masonic lodge for an event that to their surprise turned out to be a wife swapping party. They left disgusted.

An examination of pictures of Albert Pike and Henry Clausen, two of the most important Masons of their time, shows them wearing the symbol of Satan.

It is hard to picture that devout Christians unequally yoked with these things, would not become corrupted. How could they sincerely participate in an organization that promised salvation to men practicing such things. One feels compelled to believe that high ranking Christian Masons are not sincere Christians. Indeed, it seems that some of these insincere men are helped into prominent ecclesiastical positions, and use those positions to subtly ruin Christianity. Once we grasp the possibility of their insincerity, then it is easier to grasp what they are doing to Christianity, behind the scenes. However, the specific motivations of these men recide within their hearts. They may even be experiencing blackmail.


The fruit from the type of seeds of destruction that are planted by these Mason Christians, are difficult to identify before they fully develop. This is why it is so important to examine ahead of time what is being done.

Some Amish have a saying that you can tell how successfully a man was a Christian by his grandchildren. (The Author may have not only heard this, but may have read it in Family Life, an Amish periodical by Pathway.) The Amish are experienced in counting the cost of a project or activity. Many practical or sound practices are being discarded today, because they are no longer fashionable.

The bias to be modern and new is so great it clouds our evaluations. It's this Author's opinion that some of the progressive types of people who were excited by cars, are now the type of progressives that are telling us how bad car pollution is. Like the headlong rush to use cars, the headlong rush to use computers was done without counting the cost. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) discovered in their study of 20 Fortune 500 companies, that productivity had gone down in all of these top 20 companies with the introduction and use of computers. "Sophisticated technology added nothing to overall productivity." USA Today (Nov. 16, 1983) in an article "High-tech can't deliver on jobs" says, "Despite the siren appeal of high-tech industries, most new jobs in the USA economy will be created in old-fashioned service and manufacturing fields."

So great is our bias toward change that our text books and media falsely portray history, for instance, history books and movies report about the German Panzer divisions, but we seldom hear that most of Germany's WW II army units relied on horses for transport. These horses were also valuable as a prime food source for the encircled German 6th army at Stalingrad. The use of horses doesn't fit our American image of what a "modern" army should be using.

This American cultural bias toward anything new makes it easier for those intent on introducing new ideas into the Christian churches, to do so without their proper evaluation. When these ideas wash out, we seldom evaluate what was wrong.

The failure of many Christian Masons— (this book uses the term Christian loosely—as stated before the term is used as it is commonly used for anyone and anything that even masquerades under that label)— to see their children maintain any interest in Christianity should be a warning. (This has been observed by this Author and others in the States—Chick publications even has a tract addressing this.) For instance, one of the parents of a Mason family asked this Author,

"I just can't understand why my kids are into drugs, and aren't interested in going to church at all?"

What are the costs to the Christian churches of the various pseudo-scriptural ideas that Masons are introducing into the churches? What are these? Unquestioned Christian support for Israel. That Israel will rebuild the Temple and reintroduce the Temple sacrifices. That the Jewish rites (blood sacrifices) will be restored. That Christians should not worry about the One-World- Power, that they will be secretly raptured. But aren't these Biblical ideas?

Before examining if they are Biblical, let us note which denomination has been very instrumental in pushing these ideas — the Southern Baptists. The Southern Baptist leadership which was Masonic has promoted Masonry to the rank and file. During the 1920s the Southern Baptists joined the Masons by the millions. This had a Christianizing effect, but it also gave good cover for the died-in-wool members of Satanic cults, who used their Baptist membership as a cover. As an example of Baptist doctrine The Encyclopedia of Southern Baptists, Vol. IV, states "The Millennial Kingdom will be predominately Jewish with headquarters in Palestine and Temple worship in Jerusalem."54 Although this Author doesn't want to take the space at this point to show it, the idea that temple blood sacrifices will be restored is completely contrary to the work of Christ, and is actually part of The Plan, the Satanic plan to carry out blood sacrifices in the open.55


Before examining these ideas, let us look at one good example of a leading Baptist Mason who was very useful in spreading these ideas from the pulpit and radio. His name is Rufus McKinley Dodrill. People in Indianapolis will remember him for several things. Some remember there was a bad spirit in his large Broadway church. After his death his large Broadway Church practically vanished.(This is where the importance of the long range consequences of our actions can be seen.) Others will remember how he spoke over the radio for 37 years, much of it from prophecy. Others will remember how most of the Baptist churches in that area were spin-offs from Dodrill's Broadway Baptist Church. Dodrill wrote about the Secret Rapture in his book Keep Your Eye on the Sky The Key to Prophecy which was published in 1972. He provides a big chart of his Dispensational Premillennial overview of history in the book's back. On page 31 he states, "When Billy Graham will have finished his last evangelistic campaign, he will have preached the Gospel to every nation."56

A little further on p. 42 one reads that he is fully aware many scriptures contradict his Secret Rapture theory. "As I have studied prophecy over the years I was struck by apparent contradictions...How could Jesus come as a thief in the night and yet at the same time on the clouds of great glory and every eye see him?" He finds the key to this contradiction (which to him proves an invisible rapture) is that a certain week in Daniel's prophecy "was postponed till the end of the Church Age." He sees the figure of 144,000 as literal Jewish evangelists and that the Jewish Kingdom of David will be restored. That the man was a Mason, doesn't mean his doctrines are necessarily wrong. But it is important for Christian to go back and unravel who has been teaching us some of these doctrines and where they originated. It is especially critical to our study of the One-World-Religion because the Secret Pre-Trib rapture theory has almost wiped out Christian opposition to the One-World-Power. Upset Christians have confronted this Author, "Why are you bothering about this, we are going to be raptured. God is not going to allow us to suffer."


The Pre-Trib rapture theory has been discredited by Theologians, and has fallen into disrepute in recent years with Bible scholars. Even so, it comes as a shock to many to hear that the teaching is not in the Bible. (This isn't to say that no one claims it comes from the Bible. As this is a historical expose, not a doctrinal dissertation, the reader is encouraged to examine the Secret Rapture and why it is not Biblical from other sources.)

The Encyclopedia of American Religions by J. Gordon Melton states that the Rapture idea started with Margaret McDonald in 1830.

For 18 centuries, Christians had believed in what is called today the Post-Trib Rapture—that is that when Christ returned they would be caught up with him. This is what 1 Thes 4:13-18 clearly indicates. However, several Protestant groups in Ireland, Scotland and England with Jesuit ties began preaching a secret Rapture after Margaret's visions.

A confluence of two sources, a Scottish lady Margaret McDonald with her visions, and the Irvingites, helped influence Darby to adopt the Rapture theory. The first source was a channeler or spirit medium, and the second source, the Irvingites, received their teaching from a "Rabbi Ben Ezra" which was the pen-name of a Jesuit Emanual Lacunza (pronounced Lacuntha)(1731- 1801) of Spanish heritage.

Margaret McDonald lived near Glasgow, Scotland at Port Glasgow. A brilliant Englishman Dr. Robert Norton was an actual witness of what Margaret had spoken during her visions, and had also received her own written accounts of everything. Her first vision was Feb. 1, 1830. Her visions that the Christians would be raptured separately before Christ would return came in the spring of 1830. Norton cleared the air with his rare book The Restoration of Apostles and Prophets; In the Catholic Apostolic Church in 1861. This book tells the story of how Margaret's visions started the Rapture belief.

The Irishman John Darby, Robert Norton, and a number of Irvingites, and many others came to Margaret's house to hear her visions. Edward Irving (an ex-Scottish Presbyterian) wrote in a letter "The substance of Mary Campbell's and Margaret Macdonald's visions or revelations, given in their papers, carry to me a spiritual conviction and a spiritual reproof which I cannot express."57

It did not take Irving long after Margaret's visions to first begin to preach the Rapture. He also then translated the work of Lacunza, knowing full well that it was the work of a Jesuit priest. The earliest mention of the Pre-Trib Rapture by this minister, who had been preaching during the 1820s, was in a letter written soon after July 6,183058. The Plymouth Brethren, even before Darby's influence, had heard in Plymouth, England in 1831, a sermon on the Pre-Trib rapture by Captain Percy Hall.59 Two lawyers Darby and Schofield promoted the Rapture theory in the U.S. Darby made trips across the U.S. during the 1860s and 1870s promoting the Rapture. Darby himself had some tainted connections during this time period.

In Dublin, Ireland, in the Brethren assembly seven leaders were chosen, and Edward Cronin was one of these. Edward Cronin was an ex-Catholic who preached the Masonic slogan "liberty, equality, and fraternity." He was into a type of mystic Christian belief system. These Brethren churches were part of the Tractarian movement supported secretly by the Jesuits, and to which Darby joined himself to in 1827.60

Darby also spent time with Irvingites and Tractarians in meetings at Lady Powerscourt's castle in 1833.

In England, The Oxford Movement, a secret Jesuit program to destroy Protestantism published tracts promoting the Rapture. A Robert Baxter, began prophesying and receiving angelic communications, which included the Rapture. On Presbyterian church caught up in this early Charismatic movement, formally applied to become Roman Catholic. Later, Baxter declared that the messages he had received although supernatural, had come from Satan.61

Since that time a interesting host of religious leaders have promoted the Secret Pre-Trib Rapture, Herbert Armstrong, Oral Roberts, Seiss (one originator of Pyramid prophecy ideas), Hal Lindsey, and the 33° Mason and Southern Baptist Billy Graham.


1. Why is it that died-in-the-wool communist leaders like Billy Graham?

2. Why is it that the Pope and the Catholic church gave Billy Graham his doctorate (yes, his doctorate is honorary)?

3. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record advocating that if the Ten Commandments can't be read in the public schools
    then communist Chairman Mao-Tse-tung's principles should be taught?62

4. Why is it that Billy Graham is on record several times saying in speeches that the Catholic Church preaches the gospel?63

5. Why is it that Billy Graham doesn't believe in hell, but believes in Armageddon, yet both ideas are in the book of Revelation?64

6. Why does Billy Graham support a One-world-government one-world-church?65


The meteoric rise to prominence, that Billy Graham experience resembles other Masons who have had their careers made for them by the New World Order.

Billy Graham made his first confession of faith under the Evangelist Mordecai Ham. It appears Billy Graham has been a Mason since the 1940s.

His rise to fame started in Los Angeles. In 1949, his first Los Angeles Crusade was launched. Notable Holywood entertainers attended such as Stewart Hamlin. William Randolph Hearst, head of the large Hearst newspaper chain, directed all his newspaper editors to give Graham wide coverage with the command, "Puff Graham".

Hearst's newspaper chain is loudly touted as being a non-Jewish affair. Dilling reported in 1940 that the general manager of Hearst papers was the Jew J.D. Gortatowsky. Chairman of the executive committee of Hearst Enterprises Inc. was Jew Solomon Solis Carvalho. Hearst's Boston publisher was Jew Carl Dreyfuss, managing editor of Hearst's NY American was Jew Arthur G. Newmyer. Hearst's Int. News Service (pres. and gnrl. mgr.) was Jew Moses Koenigsberg. Circulation director of all the Hearst papers and magazines, and a member of Hearst exec. council before going to prison was Jew Moe Annenberg. The list of Jews in the top leadership of Hearst newspaper chain could go on. The reader should be getting the picture.

Following Hearst's newspaper chain's lead, the national news media gave Graham wide coverage in magazines and newspapers.

Since that first publicity, the Jewish press, Jewish religious leaders, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ, the World Council of Churches and others have been bragging on Billy Graham. For instance, "Dr. G. Paul Musselman, Executive Director of the Department of Evangelism of the National Council of Churches, spoke in warm terms about the work of evangelist Billy Graham...'I call Billy Graham the...greatest of the ecumenical voices,'..."66

The New Order Power has spent an enormous amount of energy, time and money to build up Graham's image. And Billy Graham has stayed away from controversy.

Because Graham had connections to the New World Order, they got him booked in the communist countries. This seems more evident when we read Graham's Mason friend Robert Schuler's explanation for why Schuler was allowed into Russia to preach.

The Mason Robert Schuler explained his success in becoming the first televangelist to be on Soviet T.V. as both a combination of

1.   having friends like Armand Hammer and

2.   because his approach would not be sectarian nor evangelistic, but would be a message of "possibility thinking."67

For those not aware, the late Armand Hammer was close to the center of the New World Order's center of power, and was a go between the World Order and their men who ruled in the Kremlin. According to reports, Hammer brought instructions each time as to who was to rule the U.S.S.R. each time there was a change. Hammer was a friend of the Mountbattans and the Rothschilds. (See chap. 3.3.)

Graham has been very close to all the Presidents since Eisenhower. All of these Presidents have been handpicked by the New World Order as acceptable. (See Appendix for their connections to the New Order). Although Nixon knew that Graham was in favor of his Presidency, Nixon told him not to publicly endorse him, "Your ministry is more important than my getting elected President." Why would Nixon, who worked for Rockefeller, view Graham's ministry as more important than for Nixon being President? Nixon is not really that religious. I believe Nixon meant it more in the sense that Graham's ministry is more important to the New Order than Nixon's presidency. Certainly, Nixon wasn't concerned about Christ.


The New World Order doesn't feel they can fail when they can create men like Billy Graham. The New World Order has made him the most respected man in America. And he is their man consciously working for them. If he lives long enough he will be one of their most powerful assets to bring in a false Christ.

Adam Weishaupt, organizer of the Bavarian Illuminati, said in German, "The most admirable thing of all is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to our Order really believe they see in it the true and genuine mind of the Christian religion. Oh! man, what can't you be brought to believe!"68

The great evangelist Charles Finney left the Masonic Lodge when he dedicated his life to God. The evangelist Finney spent his life warning Christians about Freemasonry. He declared that Masons in the higher levels have lost their consciences because they have seared their consciences so much.69

It's seems almost rediculous to imagine this great evangelist groped blindfolded in some lodge and declared he was in need of light to the "worshipful" Masonic Lodge Master. But that is what Billy Graham did.

Again, when we ask ourselves how is it that a Christian evangelist could be part of the New World Order's team, we need to stop and remind ourselves that Co-Mason, New Age leader, and Theosophical Society President Alice Bailey in her book Externalisation of the Hierarchy teaches that "The three main channels through which the preparation for the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the educational field." (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p.511, see Chapter 1.1 for the photocopy documenting it.)

The Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower and Awake! magazines in the 1950s began to report on Billy Graham's crusades. Billy Graham's message about Armageddon and the Millennium is so similar to to the Watchtower Society's, that they like to quote him. Billy Graham has been warning that "many experts project that man will not live to see 2000. "70

The ultimate goal of Freemasonry and those bringing us a One-World-religion is power. Their program has been to infiltrate leadership and recruit the clergy whenever possible. Consequently, you will not hear Billy Graham warn you about Freemasons. 33rd degree Mason Billy Graham does tell us that a New Age is coming. His tract is titled—"A New Age Is Coming"- is suggestive of the New Age of Aquarius, having a rainbow on the tract's cover. However, the inside declares the New Age to be a Bible concept. The inside is about a Millennium and an Armageddon that Graham believes will soon be here.

Brad Steiger is a New Age leader since 1957 when he wrote an article on reincarnation. Since then he has written hundreds of books on all types of New Age subjects, including channeling and magic. When interviewed and asked to define the New Age, Steiger apparently is remembering and quoting Graham's New Age tract or a similar type of tract to prove that the New Age is Christian. "All my life I have tried to resist being labeled. I know that when I was in the evangelical-fundamentalist school as a child, we were told there was a New Age coming, that that was something that Jesus had promised. Now that I am a mature author, certain people say I am in the New Age movement, so I am on the side of Satan. I am very confused. Is the New Age a part of Jesus, or a part of Satan? I recently saw a little tract printed by an extremely fundamentalist church: It was called "A New Age Dawning" and had a big rainbow on the cover. But you also have Constance Cumbey, a fundamentalist, writing an attack on the New Age called The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow."71

When Billy Graham was in Moscow's Baptist Church, he held out in his prayer with them the idea that the National Council of Churches were a important positive Christian group. He prayed for the NCC to his audience, "out of this meeting [NCC's] there may come a great message to the Christian world." NCC people were not slack in getting this quote, and it came out in the Official NCC news release.72

Graham is supportive of the WCC, which in turn is supportive of a One-World- Government. (See chapter 2.7)

Almost every issue of the New Age Magazine (the name was recently changed to Scottish Rite Journal and then after two years it has again this year, 1991, been changed back to its original title New Age Magazine) has an article that makes a big production that this country was founded by Masons. Although neither Washington, Jefferson, nor Franklin were Christians, Christians like to believe this. (See chapter 3.4) Paul L Boiler in his book George Washington & Religion put an end to all such myth and nonsense. After his book it is impossible to identify the adult Washington in any positive way as

Christian. One of the nice smokescreens that Masons like to use ad nauseum is that George Washington was a Christian and the Father of this country and a Mason, therefore Masonry can not be evil. Billy Graham, perpetuating this myth, went to Valley Forge to the spot Washington supposedly prayed in the snow, and Graham knelt in Valley Forge to "remind" us of this.

Likewise, Billy Graham's membership in the Lodge is held out to Masons as proof that Masonry is a Christian organization. Robert Morey, who actually examined the Scottish Rite's file on 33° Freemason Billy Graham,73 refers to Billy Graham on page 11 of his recent book The History of Freemasonry. "Since most Masons in the U.S. are members of Christian Churches and many clergymen belong to the Fraternity, the idea that they are all involved in some kind of devil cult is absurd. Can anyone seriously think that such 33rd degree Masons as Senator Jesse Helms, the Christian champion of conservative politics, is a worshipper of Lucifer? Or, that one of the most well known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a 33rd degree Mason?"

Well Dr. Morey if I believe the Scriptures then I can answer yes to that question. The Scriptures say that Satan will not appear as evil, but as an angel of light and will deceive many. The Scripture warn that "in the last days perilous times shall come" as "evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."

But some will argue isn't Billy Graham seducing men to come to Christ? In 1957, in Billy Graham's New York Crusade the largest number of decision cards (that is the cards filled out by Graham's counselors to people who come forward) were sent to 33° Mason Norman Vincent Peale's Marble Collegiate Church.74 That was 373 people. Also 135 decision cards were directed to the liberal Riverside Church where Dr. Robert J. McCracken is minister. McCracken is what Christians call an infidel, he renounces the atonement, the resurrection, and the Virgin Birth. Repeatedly from newspapers, magazines, and counselors at the Crusades come the reports that Catholics who come forward for Christ at Billy Graham's Crusades are directed to join the Catholic Church. This has been a long standing policy. In 1957, Billy Graham said, "Anyone who makes a decision at our meetings is referred to a local clergyman, Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish." How many Christians at the grass roots who voluntarily do much of the work to make a Billy Graham Crusade possible, know that the people who come forward if they are Jewish will be directed to a synagogue? It may not happen in all cases, but it is happening.

The Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American Jews Community in Crisis, p. 110 states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC failed to declare the NCC against converting the Jews, that Billy Graham announced the following day a statement that God had a special place for the Jews and rejected "coercive evangelistic efforts." Privately, Graham has assured Jewish leaders he is against converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober also informs his readers (p. 111) that many Christian organizations that are "Jewish Missions" take their marching orders from Billy Graham. This confirms numerous reports by Christians that many Jewish Missions are designed to simply fleece the Christians, and that they pad their figures of converts to get more financial support while pretending to convert Jews. Christians should investigate what their money is actually going to.

This idea that we as Christians should look at all the great things Billy Graham has done is unscriptural. Christ said the least on earth will be the greatest in heaven. Christ

said if you've been rewarded here on earth you don't need a reward in heaven for you've already been paid. The many books and publicity praising Graham in every possible way, including calling him a prophet, have given Billy Graham his reward. Most of his works are not so wonderful, as already stated, the majority of people who come forward at many of these crusades are not directed to sound churches, but to New Age churches, etc. People are excusing and justifying their Masonic memberships by thinking if the greatest Christian is a Mason then it must be a good organization. New Christians also look at Graham as the supreme role model. They think if the greatest Christian is a millionaire, then that is a good role model. They really have no excuse for such perverted thinking because Jesus is our role model. But how good is Graham as a role model, when people are starving world-wide and he lives the life of the millionaire with rich food, hob-nobbing with the elite, playing golf, etc. When Graham's works are examined they will be burned up, while some old widow who nobody has given any attention to is going to receive many golden crowns in heaven. Jesus' words will then come true, that the least on earth shall be the greatest in heaven.

But it may be argued, Billy Graham doesn't water down the message of salvation. And he has talked to more people about Christ than anyone else, and look how many are making decisions for Christ? But Billy Graham does water down the message of Christ in many ways. All put one of Billy Graham's children have received an infant baptism with a sprinkled baptism.75 Supposedly, Baptists are strong on baptism on confession of faith and reject infant baptism. Not Billy Graham.

Interestingly, a well-researched article on Billy Graham in the Journal of Church and State concludes in examining Billy Grahams interaction with the various Presidents, "...could Graham speak the word of truth - especially when that word may be critical or slashing - to the man in the White House when he is on such friendly terms with him? On the basis of the evidence now available, the answer must be no."76


"Each of us has his reference point and, for me as a Christian, the reference point by which I measure my life and thought is the Bible, the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments."—Billy Graham

I would like to remind Billy Graham that Christ did nothing in secret, especially not the mystery religion of Masonry.

No man is above being rebuked by the Word of God. The Apostle Peter who was so instrumental on the day of Pentecost and in the early church was rebuked by Paul to his face. (Gal. 2:11-14)

Billy Graham claims to measure his life by the Bible.

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits, whether they be of God; because many false prophets are gone into the world." 1 John 4:1 The Bible says try the spirits.

Billy Graham has been active in Freemasonry and helpful to the WCC. It is obvious by the friends and groups he supports that he does not try the spirits to see if they are from God.

"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned: and avoid them." Rom. 16:17 The Bible says to mark those with false doctrines.

But Graham praises and compliments the worst kinds of heretics, such as Dr. E. Stanley Jones (author of a book on Gandhi), Methodist Bishop Gerald Kennedy (the 1963 LA. Crusade chairman and whom Graham praised as, "Bishop Kennedy is one of the ten greatest Christian preachers in America."

The tract "Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham CRUSADE" outlines beautifully what the scriptures say we are to do with heretics.

REBUKE THEM-Titus 1:13

Billy Graham fails on each of these points. Dr. Robert J. McCracken head of the Riverside Church and an infidel was the man Graham wanted on the platform to lead in prayer in the 1957 NY Crusade. Over and over again men like this have played key roles in Graham's Crusades. If Graham did not call on his Masonic buddies to help out in his crusades, perhaps more people would realize that Catholics that make decisions are sent to Catholic churches, Jews are sent to the Rabbis, and many weak Christians are directed to New Age "Christian" churches. Of the 1,300 Catholics that came forward at the San Francisco Crusade "practically all remained Catholic." (Sword of the Lord, 7/2/64) Joe Kennedy, the liberal minister and chairman of a prominent NCC committee was placed in charge of Graham's new converts in 1958.77

His Co-chairman of his Advisory Committee for his St. Louis Crusade in 1973 was Arthur Lee Malory (32° and deacon in a So. Bapt. Church).

Before the 1972 Paris Billy Graham Crusade the Press was informed that people coming forward "requesting reaffirmation to the Catholic faith would be turned over to the Catholic Church."78 Flyers from Billy Graham's Crusades indicate that converts are being sent to Catholic churches.

Billy Graham gave assurances to Jewish leaders that he didn't feel they needed to be converted because God had a special plan for the Jews. In line with this Jews that come forward in Crusades are directed to synagogues. Billy Graham is pro-Jewish. When a resolution in Feb. 1973 at the National Council of Churches at Pittsburgh, failed to declare the NCC against converting the Jews to Christianity, Billy Graham announced the following day that the Jews are a special group and called on Christians to reject "coercive evangelistic efforts."79 Billy Graham has used particular worldly entertainers repeatedly in his Crusades.80 Pat Boone, a "charismatic" continued to play in Playboy type clubs and night clubs, while Graham used him to sing at his Crusades. Pat Boone was given a special position by the State of Israel, and is very pro-Jewish. He was involved the Nugen Hand Bank scandal which was a CIA created bank. His daughter Debbie Boone made a hit song "You Light up My Life"; the words of the song were written by woman who worshipped Lucifer and wrote the song to Lucifer.

Christ warned us to beware when all men spoke good of us, and to realize that it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a.... The simple meaning of his words should not be lost in all the wealth and the mansion that is part of an evangelist's life.

Finally, if we want to get blunt about it, Billy Graham, your worship of Lucifer is unscriptural.

For the reader's edification, let us review how the upper levels of Satanism operate. The Illuminati requires its people to have a cover, preferably a cover identity that is very respected. In order to keep their Satanic power, as Satanists rise through the ranks of Satanism, they must maintain a balance between their good deeds and their evil. If this balance is lost, they lose their power and in the highly competitive Illuminati are destroyed. This is why some of the leading Illuminati are some of the most respected and leading philanthropists.

Let us take an example. Was Jimmy Carter a. a Christian, b. a Satanist, or c. both ? This Author would say both.

Jimmy Carter came from a family involved in Satanism. His sister was the highest witch in North America. His brother Billy is famous for his friendship with Quaddafi. Jimmy Carter was programmed by the Tavistock Institute. Tavistock Institute pyschologist Dr. Peter Bourne picked Carter for President because he had undergone "an intensive brainwashing program administered by Admiral Hyman Rickover at Annapolis."(Mullins, The World Order, p. 192) Tavistock also maintains two schools at the Rothschild's old haunt Frankfurt, Germany.

Through programming the Illuminati are able to create multiple personalities. These people can have some personalities that serve God, and others that are Satanic. The various personalities are called alters. While on the Illuminati's top Council of 13 before turning his life over to Christ, Johnny Todd got a memo from the Rothschilds (the Satanic headquarters) telling him that Jimmy Carter was totally reliable for the Satanists. Todd also has revealed that Carter is a Mason and part of the Illuminati.

Knowing then how Satanism works, we would expect that a high ranking Satanist would have to have the respectability that Billy Graham has. That is the way they operate. It is also quite normal for these people to have respectable covers and multiple personalities.


God does work good through all circumstances, and can exercise His will in spite of Satan. Christians recognize that He created Satan, and certainly knows how Satan thinks. Some readers may wonder whether it isn't just as well to allow Billy Graham to continue his crusades, even though behind the scenes he might be something else.

This Author would like to suggest that Christians reevalute what is really happening at the Crusades. Marshall Frady has written perhaps the best book making an attempt to present the real picture of Billy Graham behind the myth. His book is Billy Graham. A Parable of American Righteousness. Boston: Little Brown and Co., 1979.

One Christian commented that if every Christian read Frady's book Graham would lose his support. Frady covers the NY Crusade on pages 291-315. The details are especially enlightening in terms of Be Wise As Serpent's research. The original patronage to have the crusade came from people like the Vanderbilts, Goulds and Whitneys. To oversee the NY Crusade an executive committee was established with names that could come from a Who Who of the New World Order if such a book existed. The committee chairman was

Ragen Hull president of Mutual Life of NY. The committee included Chase Manhattan bank's president George Champion, 33° Mason Norman Vincent Peale, and millionaire William Randolph Hearst, Jr. (pp 292-93). Millions were spent on the Crusade from money Christians and Churches donated. Enormous volunteer time and energy were put into building everything up for the moment Graham would speak. 650 billboards announced Billy Graham along with 40,000 bumper stickers. Although the Crusade was billed as designed to save "Sodom" New York, 7,500 of the Garden's seats went to Christians bussed in from all over the U.S. 11,200 seats in all were given to distant delegations, guest ministers, the crusade staff of counselors, ushers, and choir. Only 7,800 seats were available for New Yorkers.

Most of the New Yorkers who did go were church members. Most of the decisions were made by Christians for minor backsliding. Of the people who went forward 64% were referred to churches they were already members of, and almost all the other 36% did not join where they were referred. Graham himself admitted that 40 to 70 percent of the decision cards were from people of sponsoring churches and almost all the rest were from people who had been members of non-sponsoring churches. Frady concludes from the various studies and figures that Graham's NY Crusade did little for the unsaved of NY, but did revitalize Christians who attended somewhat. (It also netted the Billy Graham Crusade many extra millions.)

Observers of the crusade described the conversions as popcorn conversions. All over the stadium comes a pop! pop! as people puff and bloom into weightless Christians, (p. 307) One minister who observed the NY Crusade said, "My greatest misgivings about Graham is his apparent conviction that a kind of intramural revival within the church serves just as well as a true sweeping revival out in the world. For that reason, I don't think he's ever going to reach the truly lost, the truly destitute and despised and un-reconciled of the earth. With him, it's more an inside-the-sanctuary production --a matter of housekeeping within the faith." (p. 311)


Graham pals around with other Mason clergymen. In his books, if he refers to people it is typically someone who is a Mason. His Masonic membership sticks out like a sore thumb to those familiar with masonry.

Christ rubbed shoulders with all types. But he didn't legitimatize them like Billy Graham has. Billy Graham commented once concerning his friendships, "I make every effort not to let it appear that I favor one party over another. I count Secretary Dulles a friend, but Senator Humphrey is also a good friend of mine, [who he met]...when we were both swimming in the nude at the YMCA pool in Minneapolis where he was running for mayor." Allan Dulles was especially an important player for the New World Order and Senator Humphrey has been very connected too. Repeatedly, these are the people Billy Graham spends his time with doing various recreational activities. Much more can be said along this line, including his subtle support for his fellow Masons' political campaigns, such as Sen. Jesse Helms.

One particular Christian close to Billy Graham spent time in an eastern city in a hotel room with Billy Graham talking about the conspiracy. After spending 18 hours in this hotel room discussing the New World Order, Billy Graham is reported to have said, "I am a captive of this organization." It is a standard tactic of the Illuminati, their New World Order and its various branches to use fear and blackmail to bring people into line. This is what separates those who love Christ, and those who esteem other things first. Those who try to save their lives will lose their lives, and those who lose their lives for Christ's sake will be the ones who really save their lives—this is taught in Mt 16:25, Mk 8:35, Lk 9:24, 17:33, and Jn 12:25.


The issue here is not doctrine, but authority. The issue involves a false authority that has immense power, and has deluded many people. Billy Graham has been consciously helping the Power to set up its one-world-religion (more about this and his participation later).

The Masons have been creating a hurricane—a concentration of power; like the vortex of water going down your drain—power is being concentrated. This power has a plan. Their plan is frightening. It is like Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and

H.G. Well's The Shape of Things To Come, New World Order, A Modern Utopia, etc. For myself, no matter how nice men seem, if they are contributing secretly or openly to an agenda to enslave me and my posterity, then I will not support them nor their programs.

An old letter written on July 3, 1855 to a Baptist minister in this area from a Baptist Reverend Ezra Fisher (in New England) sticks in my mind. The letter describes the Baptist minister Boyakin, who was the first Baptist minister in Portland, OR and an arch­Mason, "Brother popular with his church and the world."81 The words are somewhat haunting, when one thinks of Jesus' words, "Woe to you when all men speak well of you..." (Lk 6:26)

The Masonic influence has always been strong within the Baptist ministry in this area. A minister who tried to raise the issue of Masonry in a ministers conference in June, 1909 was silenced by the group. The event that had spurred W.M. Wyatt to try to raise the issue was that Portland's First Baptist minister W. Brougher, a Mason, had invited his Masonic Order to his church the previous Sunday and preached a sermon "Baptists and Masons". In the sermon, he had declared that the two groups believed the same. An exact quote is that they were "one in their fundamental doctrines." (This Author wonders if Brougher considered Christ's atonement and salvation as fundamental doctrines.) This was not the first time this type of thing had happened in the area. In July, 1904 the Baptist evangelist Ray Palmer, a Mason, had spoke positively of the Masonic Order which was the topic of his sermon.82 One Pietist Baptist Temple in the area, apparently Masonicly connected, placed the Knights Templar logo on the side of their church in 1919.

Whether a denomination or a man meets Daniel Webster's dictionary definition of a Christian or not is not important. Daniel Webster is not going to be their judge on judgement day. Some of Billy Graham's close Masonic clergy friends mock the idea of God being a judge. The Mason G. Bromley Oxnam, friend of Grahams, leader of the Fed.C.C.C. (see chap. 2.4), in his book Preaching in a Revolutionary Age mocks the concept of a judgement by calling a God who would judge sin a "dirty bully."83 Definitions such as Webster's or Oxnam's will not be the issue at judgement, but what is acceptable and righteous in God's sight. Anyone is free in this country to practice whatever religion he wants, and to call himself a Christian. That the Constitution gives this "right" does not make it right to practice anything. The Constitution is not the standard God Yahweh judges by to determine whether something is pleasing to him or not. He has given his word, and standards to mankind in his inspired Scriptures.


Many in the Conspiracy have hidden their involvement behind nebulous statements against the anti-Christian forces. Some have even spelled out their agenda in reverse. For instance, the Mafia owned major shares in the producer of the Godfather movie. The Mafia made millions over a movie supposedly exposing them.

In Billy Graham's book Approaching Hoofbeats The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, chapter seven, the reader is told of the infiltration by the One-World-Power into the church. Who wrote chapter seven, called "The White Horse and Its Rider" is not clear, the reader should be alerted that major Christian publishers write books and affix with approval the names of big Christian authors.84 Billy Graham also says on page ix that "Without the help of a few of my associates and friends I could not have written this book. We should say it is 'our' book." Interestingly, whoever wrote it gives a good warning about the Power's deception within the church.

First, Mt 24:24, 2 Thes 2:9, 2 Cor 11:14, and Gen 3:13 are quoted. These scriptures are all good warnings to Christians that it will be difficult for Christians to recognize deceivers, because the deceivers will perform so many signs, miracles and wonders. Then it is pointed out that Satan comes as an angel of light, and cunningly conceals his real intents.

2 Tim 3:13 is quoted, "Evil men and imposters will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived."
(It seems like Jesus left the embezzler Judas with the money bag, and the church has left advice against the Power to one of the Power's primary men.)

The chapter continues, "The Bible teaches that there will be more and more false teachers, prophets and even false religious conferences in the church as the age draws toward its end. As the apostle Peter said, There will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up..."

Note, that some of Graham's teachings have denied the dominion of the Sovereign Lord and made Christ a subjective truth only.

Billy Graham's book continues, "Satan does not want to build a church and call it "The First Church of Satan". He is far too clever for that. He invades the Sunday School, the youth department, the Christian education program, the pulpit and the seminary classroom.

"The apostle Paul warned that many will follow false teachers, not knowing that in feeding upon what these people say they are taking the devil's poison into their own lives. Thousands of uninstructed Christians are being deceived today. False teachers use high-sounding words that seem like the height of logic, scholarship and culture. They are intellectually clever and crafty in their sophistry..."85

Lord, we have allowed ourselves to be deceived. We humbly confess "The White Horse and its Rider" chapter is correct, we have allowed great men to deceive us. We pray for forgiveness for Billy Graham. If he would simply stop his cooperation with this evil Power, it would gratify us. Lord, we pray that your church will resist being fatalistic toward the Power that plans to enslave mankind, and wake up to their manipulation by the Power.


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64.    Graham, Billy, art. "Heaven and Hell" in his own magazine Decision (April 1972) Graham wrote, "could it be that the fire Jesus talked about is an eternal search for God that is never quenched? Is that what it means? That indeed would be hell..." Graham writes and talks plenty about hell. How many of us have really determined what he himself means by that term? This is part of a much larger issue. The New Agers and Masons are redefining Christian terms. If Billy Graham is speaking terms that mean different shades of meaning to him than what the conservative Christians mean, then this is significant. In line with his Decision article, is how Graham describes hell in Till Armaggeddon (Waco.TX: Word Books, p. 198) as "There is also a future hell of separation from God toward which all are going who have refused, rejected, or neglected to receive His Son, Jesus Christ. Defining hell as a separation is fine in part, defining hell as only a separation is contrary to the scripture view that it is an actual place of torment.

65.    At a press conference in Los Angeles Graham said, "There is a great need for an ecumenical Christian body much broader in scope than either the World Council of Churches or the National Council of Churches."-F.E.A. Nov. 1972. "Much broader in scope than the WCC"? The WCC is as broad as can be, it already has anti-Christian groups. There are but two ways to broaden WCC, one way would be for the small and faithful groups of sincere Christians that do not want to join to find themselves in the WCC, but that would hardly fit Graham's description of a "much broader" WCC, since some of the churches in WCC include conservative elements dragged into it by their liberal denominational leaders. The only way to take Graham seriously, is that Graham has in mind bringing together the WCC with Hinduism, the New Age movement etc. I would challenge Graham's perception that there is a great need for a much broader WCC. Graham has clearly indicated just by who his friends are, the people he associates with and uses, about his pro-New World Order stance.

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The Church of England (also known as the ANGLICAN Church in Canada and the EPISCOPALIAN or PROTESTANT EPISCOPALIAN Church in the United States) is now part of the One-World-Religion. There are a few conservatives who are still holding out, but they appear to pose little threat to the power structure, and can be ignored by the Masonic hierarchy that controls these churches. It must be difficult at best for the conservatives, for these conservatives are placed repeatedly in positions where they must compromise with the direction the church is going.

Several items that will be examined in further detail are:

1.  How the Anglican & Episcopal Churches are run by the Masons

2.  That these churches are now supporting the New Age Movement

3.  That the Anglican church has been closely associated with a distorted form of British—Israelism.


The Church of England was originally part of the Roman Catholic Church, and it retained its clergy and hierarchy from its Catholic days. The reader will recall that King Henry VII desired the privilege of divorce in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Henry VII went so far as to force the clergy of his realm on Jan.,1531 to declare him "supreme head" of Christ's Church in England. In 1535 he declared himself "in terra supremum caput Anglicanae ecclesiae"—that is in Latin "supreme head on earth of the English Church".

That is the King/Priest concept. Thomas Cromwell, who believed in that concept, was also a close co-worker with Henry VII, and his descendent Oliver is responsible for the Jews coming to England and for Anglo-Israelism becoming so prominent in the English Isles. The Church of England did make changes after their separation from Rome, but they were principally changes based on humanism and the Reformed movement rather than Luther's ideas.1 After the political separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church, many of the problems that had plagued the church during its years under Rome's authority continued and even grew. For instance, the Church of England became notorious for the practice called Pluralism— that is where a clergyman will hold several church offices in order to draw pay from each, and yet the clergyman would not perform the function of but one office.2 When the separation with Rome occurred, and for many years afterward, the clergy in the Anglican Church were often poorly educated and had poor morals.3


The idea of British-Israelism was so popular with the Anglican Church that many associate the two together. The form of British-Israelism that the Anglican Church practices is perverse in that it elevates the Askenazim Jews to central position in the affairs of mankind, which God never promised them.

King Alfred the Great (who reigned from 871 to 899) was positive he was fiftieth in direct descent from Adam. King James I, who was the first to call England "Great Britain", had written on the gates to his throne Jer 17:25, "Then shall enter into the gates of the city, kings and princes sitting upon the throne of David." The Royalty of England, who have been leaders in British Freemasonry, have hinted off and on that they believe that they are descendents of the House of David. (A letter requesting clarification from the British Queen on this point has gone unanswered.) Whether the Royalty believes it or not, various researchers are saying they are descendents.4 On the books, technically the British royalty has immense powers, but the today's traditional way of handling things gives them very limited power. It is not inconceivable that they might someday regain in reality the power that is still on the books.

Prince Charles is a New Ager,5 and when he visited the Pope in 1985 he attempted unsuccessfully to share the mass with the pope.6

The Anglican church is also so close to Masonry, the Anglican and Episcopal churches are really extensions of Freemasonry.

One scholar on Freemasonry describes the Church of England as paralyzed against Freemasonry.7 Church officials (Anglicans and Presbyterians) have lost their jobs because they criticized Freemasonry,8 so it is something that in 1987 the Masons ruling the Church of England allowed a group of Anglican priests called The Working Group established by the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Church of England to publish a report questioning the compatibility of Freemasonry and the Church. The report says it "points to a number of very fundamental reasons to question the compatibility of Freemasonry with Christianity."9 Even though this is a step in the right direction, the report poses no threat to the Masonic power structure.

Earlier in Chap. 2.1 lists of Anglican, and Episcopal priests and bishops is given. This is not a blanket condemnation of the Episcopal church, nor can the motives of these men be questioned. However, to give documentation on how powerful Masonry and its daughter the New Age movement are in the Anglican/Episcopal church this data is given. Are we not to judge a tree by its fruit? Some of the top leaders of the New Age have come out of the Episcopal church, and now in their pulpits some of the most anti- Christian, and some of the most perverted people are preaching.


It has been popular for the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a Mason.
The following are some of the Masons who have been at the top of the Anglican/Episcopal hierarchy:


Dr. Geoffrey F. Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury beginning in 1945. He was initiated into Masonry in 1916 and before he became the Archbishop and Primate, while only an Anglican Bishop. He became the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of England in 1937 and 1939.

William Howley, Archbishop of Canterbury (1828-1848) and important Mason.

Henry Chicheley- another Archbishop of Canterbury and important Mason.


Samuel Pritchard Matheson (1852-1942) Bishop and primate of all Canadian Anglican Churches from 1909 to 1930, initiated into Masonry in 1874.

D.T. Owen (1878-1947), 33°, Primate of the Church of England in Canada, and Archbishop of Toronto.


(Also refer to the earlier listing of Bishops and Priests)

Henry St. George Tucker, Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Epis. Church in the USA 1938-46.

An overview of the extent of Freemasonry within the Anglican church can be seen in an article by London's Daily Express which lists the numbers of Masons in the highest Anglican offices in 1960. In 1960, there were within the Anglican church, 13 Mason Anglican Bishops, including one Canadian and 6 retired. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of the West Indies were both Freemasons. Also there were 6 Deans and Provosts of Cathedrals and 10 Archdeacons (incl. those retired) who were Masons.10

It's amazing that so many men have dedicated their lives to the Masonic Institution. Bear in mind that these men as they were initiated in Lodge were told in the ceremony, "No institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests, the practice of every moral and social virtue." Yet, the Scriptures declare that "For no other foundation can be laid except that which is Christ Jesus." To accept otherwise is a denial of Christianity.

The reader can now understand better the common complaint that one of the requirements in order to rise in the Anglican hierarchy is to be a Mason.

A pro-Jewish book written about a century ago indicates one reason the Masons may be popular within the Anglican hierarchy. "It is known that five of the bishops and over 300 of the clergy of the Church of England are either Jews or of Jewish descent."11


The Church of England was especially strong in colonial Virginia, and somewhat also in colonial Maryland. The Episcopalian who is sometimes called the Father of Freemasonry Henry Price (1697-1780) came to Boston, Mass. in 1723 and convened a regular lodge in 1733 in Boston.12 Irregular lodges had been meeting in the colonies previous to this. James Madison, the first Episcopalian bishop in colonial Virginia was also an active Mason.13

In discussing the colonial time period C.S. Coles, 32°, writes in the New Age Magazine (Oct. 1921) p. 468, "In those days too, Freemasonry was largely confined to the members of the Episcopal Church among English-speaking people, both Scottish and English Masonry having its main support among the members of the Established Churches, and it is a fine thing to know that in those days the Church and Masonry went hand in hand in performing works of charity and good-will. Today the Episcopal Church takes the same position as the Masons in regard to the great public school system of our country, the past century having worked a revolution in our methods..."

The Church of England controlled its churches in the colonies through the office of the Bishop of London who appointed commissaries for the colonies to carry out his orders. By the time of the Amer. Revolution, there were 300 Anglican churches and 250 Anglican clergymen in the 13 colonies.14


The Rev. Jasper Adams (1793-1841) is an example of early Episcopalian leaders. He was a Mason and well known Epicopalian clergyman during the early years of this country. He served as the chaplain and a professor at West Point. He eventually started a private seminary at Pendleton, S.C.15


The Anglican church has embraced men of all forms of persuasion. From the Anglican Church have come men like John Taylor, who became the LDS church's third President. John Taylor was the descendent of Richard Whittington, three times Mayor of London. He had been exposed to both Masonry and the Anglican Church's Anglo-Israelism, both of which Mormonism encompasses. (He also was a Methodist minister for a spell.) He declared that Christianity was "hatched in hell" and was "a perfect pack of nonsense...The Devil could not invent a better engine to spread his work..."16 In other words, when we get the bigger picture we see new religious groups which we had pictured as new formations drawing their blood from many religious heritages, but which were actually in many ways just regroupings of Masonic thinkers accompanied by those who they were able to get to follow and submit to them.


In 1921, William Temple (1881 -1944) was made Bishop of Manchester and in 1942 the Archbishop of Canterbury. William Temple is quite well known, especially for his ecumenical activities. He was instrumental in promoting the World Council of Churches and the unification (union) of the various British Protestant denominations, which unified under the British Council of Churches. He was chairman of the Provisional Committee of the World Council of Churches.


W.R. Inge (1860.......................... ), Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London is another well known Anglican. He has promoted mysticism and Platonism.


James Parks Morton, Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City, is openly a New Age leader. He is on record as in favor of the New Age plan (called Planetary Initiative) to unify the world under a One-World-Religion One-World- Government. And he is doing all he can to promote its happening.

For Pentecost, he invited every type of religious group in to commune with his church. For a Thanksgiving celebration he did the same. He describes this:

"So at Pentecost we invited the head Rabbi of New York, the Abbot of the Zen Community, Satchidananda—a Hindu Oren Lyons—an American Indian, the head Imman at the mosque, and we all stood around the altar and prayed for peace in our own languages.

"Then we all received communion. Some church people said, "How can you do that? They don't know what they're receiving!

"I say, "Well, I don't really know what I'm receiving either...

"We're increasingly being called to realize that the body of Christ is the earth- the biosphere- the skin that includes all of us."17

For Thanksgiving in 1988, James Morton invited in witches, medicine men, nature worshippers, and American Indians and they danced around in a "Circle dance" to promote friendship and unity. Morton stated that the dance was to create a "heightened consciousness of the necessity of different religions working together to save our planet."18


It is no surprise then considering the Episcopalian support for a Masonic World Religion and a One-World-Government that 33° Freemason George Bush,19 who hopes to be the one in office to have the honors of bringing in the New World Order, would as U.S. President turn to such men as the Rt. Rev. Edmund L Browning, presiding bishop of the Episcopalian Church in the United States. Another Reverend that Bush turned to during the Kuwait crisis was the Senate chaplain, Rev. Richard C. Halverson.20


Not only have homosexuals, Satanists and New Agers spoken from the Episcopalian pulpits, but in 1990 at the Michigan Episcopal Diocese a resolution by those Episcopalians who apparently still believe in the Bible was ignored. Their resolution which was refused to be given to a vote, simply quoted the Bible that "Jesus is the Christ, the only name given under heaven by which we may be saved." It was rejected for a vote, because it was said to be "devisive and demeaning to people whose faith in God is as strong as ours though it is differently defined."

According to the Christian scriptures this is really warped thinking. Although pretending to be different and Christian, actually the Episcopal Church, which now adheres to a social gospel is preaching and defining "faith in God" just as the other religions. The Episcopal Church by rejecting the Bible's definition of "faith in God" is not able to see that witches, New Agers, Satanists, etc. do not have a "faith in God". The issue that Episcopalian Masons raised that one shouldn't demean other people's faith is fake, for the Buddhists, Witches et. al. do not have Christian faith. It is not true that Christians are rejecting other believers by believing in Scripture.

An example of where the Episcopal clergy have gone, is Newark's Episcopal Bishop John S. Spong, who talks about how he worships in a Buddhist temple,     "In the fall of 1988, I worshipped God in a Buddhist temple. As the smell of incense filled the air, I knelt before three images of the Buddha, feeling that the smoke could carry my prayers heavenward. It was for me a holy moment...beyond the words and creeds that each [religion] uses, there is a divine power that unites us...

"I will not make any further attempts to convert the Buddhist, the Jew, the Hindu or the Moslem. I am content to learn from them and to walk with them side by side toward the God who lives, I believe, beyond the images that bind and blind us."21


The Episcopalian Church is officially part of the One-World-Religion. A foreshadowing of the Union of the large power religions of Christendom was seen in 1922, when the Greek Orthodox Church—specifically the Eastern Orthodox's Holy Synod of Constantinople accepted the Anglican religious orders.

The Archbishop of Canterbury committed the Church of England to the pact that the "Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival" decreed. That pact resulted in a five-day Global Forum where religious leaders of all persuasions (except Bible-believing Christians) were present. Also participating were the Archbishop of Canterbury, the normal host of Mason religious and spiritual leaders, U.S. Senators, Soviet Government officials, the U.N. Secretary General, the Dalai Lama (considered a god), and a host of other types like monks, Moslem inmans, and rabbis. They declared that their committment to a Unified Religion (which is supposedly necessary "for global survival") is in their words "commitments that are irrevocable." In Jan. 15-19, 1990, they held another Global Forum in Moscow, U.S.S.R. That Global Forum called for a "new planetary perspective" involving a "new spiritual and ethical basis for human activities on earth."22

Yes, they are proposing a NEW ethical basis for us, to replace that "old time religion" so many Christians have sung about. Theirs is the revitalized Christianity also known as the Masonic religion that New Age leaders such as Bailey and Benjamin Creme say will be the One-World-Religion. It is the religion of Masonry which is described by Albert Pike:

"Masonry around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Moslem, the Brahman, the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer to the one God..."23


Masonry and its daughter the New Age do not plan to destroy the church but to subvert it to their purposes. New Age writer William Thompson states,

"The new spirituality does not reject the earlier patterns of the great universal religions. Priest and church will not disappear; they will not be forced out of existence in the New Age, they will be absorbed into the existence of the New Age."24

The Anglican Church is not being destroyed but rather subverted. And just as it was made to bow to the dictates of Henry VII, it is bowing to the dictates of the International Power which plans to rule the world. The Anglican priests still have their churches but they are used for the New Age.

An example of that is the historical St. James Anglican Church just off of Piccadilly Square. The church is a favorite for tourists, especially to the New Age type which it caters to. The church calls itself "A Seven Days a Week Church for London and the World." Within the church are held classes for all types of New Age religious activities such as "Health for the New Age...through meditation, visualization...," "Lifetime Astrology," "Yoga Meditation." If you want to join the Sufi Healing Order which meets there you can.2

Episcopals like Bishop Lewis Stuart Keizer, who authored The 8th Revelation Reveals the 9th: A New Hermetic Initiation Discourse (1974) are turning to the occult.

Episcopal clergyman and professor at the Catholic Notre Dame University Morton T. Kelsey promotes the occult to Christians in his book The Christian and the Supernatural.

This apostasy is causing much glee to hard core New Agers. One said, "I am very glad to discover such strong movement within Christian churches that is sympathetic to the Pagan Spirit and willing to learn from the teachings of the Old Religion."26


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Most of the Puritans were Presbyterians. And the Congregational churches that rose out of the congregations of the Puritans worked in close cooperation with the

Presbyterians. "Theologically the two were akin."1 The state organizations in New England of the Congregationalists and the Presbyterian General Assembly had exchanged delegates beginning in the 1790s. They cooperated in sending missionaries, in the Home Missionary Society, and in the American Bible Society (begun in 1816).2

Forty-nine colleges and universities, many of them now secular were started by the Presbyterians.3

Many of the Presbyterians in the United States were from the Scot-Irish settlers that had moved to northern Ireland, and left Ireland when the economic situation deteriorated. Charles T. Russell's family were part of this group.


Various Presbyterian ministers have played important roles in the Masonic Lodges.

Presbyterian minister James Anderson was responsible for the Masonic Constitution and the development of modern Freemasonry.4 Presbyterian minister James Allan Cabiniss wrote the Grand Lodge of Mississippi's official history, which was published in 1967 by the Grand Lodge.


This section must be prefaced by saying that the United Presbyterian church is very close to Freemasonry. There are more United Presbyterians than all the other 7 major Presbyterian denominations put together. There is in excess of 2 million American United Presbyterians in 9,000 churches. In contrast, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church had only 16,590 members in the 1982 Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches and the Presbyterian Church of North America was listed having but 4,878.5

The small Reformed Church finally took an official stand against Freemasonry in 1942. The one Presbyterian denomination prior to that time that took a clear stand against Freemasonry was the Associate Presbyterian Church which following the 1757 Secession tradition had forbidden Masonic membership.

In writing this part concerning the Presbyterians, I have taken the liberty to lump the various groups together in the same section—however, they can in no way be lumped together in their response to Freemasonry and the One-World-Power.

Examples of Presbyterian Masons working on the functional church level are Robert W. Cretney (33°, deacon Presbyterian church), Morton P. Steyer (KT, 32°, Shriner, York Rite College, Royal Order of Scotland, and elder Presbyterian Church), and Hugh I. Evans (33°, KT, National Head of the Presbyterian Church, USA.)

33rd degree Mason Hugh I. Evans (1887-1958) deserves some note here. He represented the U.S. at the meeting of the World Council of Churches in Holland in 1948. He was the National Head of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. in 1950-51. In 1955, he became the director of the Foundation of the Presbyterian Church at NYC. and he served for a while as the President of the Board of National Missions.

The Newsletter Free The Masons (Aug. 1990) says "On the other end of that, however, is the church on whose Board sit Lodge members, or whose Deacons or Elders share Masonic secrets. These secrets reflect their higher allegiance to the Lodge, and seem to produce an aloofness from the rest of the Church body. These are 'good' men who attend regularly and are often the financial backbone of many small congregations.

"One Pastor wrote of his frustration in a rural church. He put it this way, "As faithful as these men are, I always feel at board meetings that there is a second agenda which is not open to me. It's like they get their marching orders from the Lodge on how to conduct the business of the church. They are good men, but they seem to operate with some 'higher' knowledge than the rest of us. There is no submission to the authority of the church and its members." "

Sometimes Masonic literature shows its true colors almost to the point of being embarrassing. The book Standard Freemasonry states that Presbyterians are bad material [for the lodge] until they go against their church.6 The Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Oregon, 1870, p. 209 states that the world is a good place when the Presbyterian church shares its pulpit with a Jewish rabbi in Salem, OR.

The Alabama Grand Lodge reported in 1889 that out of its 7,950 Freemasons in the state 483 were Christian ministers.7 The New York Grand Lodge report of 1890 gives us the breakdown of the 703 Christian clergymen that were N.Y. Masonic members: Methodist (288), Episcopalian (146), Baptist (112), Presbyterian (59), Universalist (31), Congregationalist (21), Dutch Reformed (13), Christian (13), Lutheran (11), Jewish (7), Unitarian (1), Reform Jew (1).8


The United Presbyterian Church put out a "Report on Occult and Psychic Activities" in 1976 that gave a positive report to various occult activities. It encourages the study of the occult "within the churches" (p.3). The medium Olga Worrall's book The Gift of Healing gets a favorable review. One of the seven on the task force that wrote up the report was Mrs. Margueritte Harmon Bro who was a medium and the cofounder of SFF.

Another example of the New Age in the Presbyterian church is Pastor H. Richard Neff, of the Christian Community Presbyterian Church of Bowie, Maryland. He authored the book Psychic Phenomena and Religion. He states in his book, "Occult practices...may be beneficial and helpful for many people." (p. 166)

Presbyterian Pastor Neff believes that only fraudulent mediums are bad, and he advocates mediums for others. (cf. pp.166-7, 130-1, etc.)


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Some men who have joined the Masonic Lodge are difficult to understand. Lorenzo Dow is one of these. Lorenzo Dow was solidly behind the Masonic belief system.1 He joined the Freemasons in 1824.2 Some of the things he wrote, sound like Universalism,3 but he wasn't really theologically a universalist. Most of the people he preached to didn't understand where he was coming from either.

Lorenzo Dow was the catalyst that caused Hugh Bourne and a friend William Cloves to establish the Primitive Methodists in 1811.

Several denominations experienced primitive movements, for instance the Primitive Baptists.

The idea of Primitivism goes back to Rosseau and Diderot's writings. (Both were Masons.) There are parallels in Freud's Civilization and its Discontent and Spengler's Man & Technics.

Nature is the norm. The world goes in cycles. And we are returning, that is recycling back into another golden age. The Mason Thomas Paine encouraged this type of thinking. "We have it in our power to begin the world over again."4 Indeed, Billington in his scholarly work Fire in the Minds of Men, shows how the word revolution was coined by the occultic secret societies because they believed that an upheaval would precede a revolving back to the conditions of an ancient golden age.

Lorenzo Dow was sincere in bringing people to Christ—albeit his understanding of Christ, which many considered heresy. He traveled almost non-stop for his lifetime, and likely preached to more people in his life than anyone else in that time.5

He was called crazy by many. Some called him a mystic.6 He was very keen on prophecy, and preached it a lot. He preached often on Paradise and Hell.

During his non-stop traveling, Lorenzo Dow was a constant visitor to Masonic Lodges, to their chapters, and their commanderies,7 yet his memoirs mention nothing about such an important part of his life. There is not the slightest hint of involvement with the Masons, and in his memoirs there is but an offhand remark on page 122 about a lodge meeting going on above him in a Tavern he was staying at while he was trying to sleep. Why is he silent about his involvement?

The Primitive Methodist Church that was set up, had 12 permanent members who ruled. Later in 1846, 24 guardian representatives were selected and legally invested with the Primitive Methodist Church's property. It wasn't until the next century that democratic procedures began.

What was the Primitive Methodist Church like when Russell's colpateurs found them? Apparently, the Masonic influence was strong. John Whittaker, a Primitive Methodist minister exposes the Masonic influence when he describes his denomination, "The desire for latitudinarianism has wrought untold mischief in our Church. Theosophy, Swedenborianism, Unitarianism and even Agnosticism are rampant to-day within our borders. It is time the Church was purged."8

In England, Charles T. Russell's preachers found the Primitive Methodists and Free Methodists very friendly. Bro. J.B. Adamson in a letter reprinted in the WT in 1881 states "Found the Free Methodists very fair. The treatment better than I got anywhere else. Gave the pamphlet to sixteen preachers and one hundred of the most intelligent of the church membership."9 It's possible some of the Primitive Methodists heard of the

Watchtower movement in the Masonic Hall or at some Masonic function. The 1991 Yearbook (for the Jehovah's Witnesses)10 records an early Bible Student preaching to the Masons in their Masonic Hall. What did he preach on? He showed them the pyramid diagrams in the front of Russell's volume 1. Interestingly, the Masons used Piazi Smyth's diagrams also in their literature, (such as Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages). They must have felt comfortable with Russell's pyramidology. At any rate, there is the possibility some Primitive Methodists might have learned about the Bible Students through lodge functions.

In England, many Primitive Methodists joined Russell's movement. Six Primitive Methodist ministers joined his organization en masse.11

In the WT Feb. 1884, p. 2, the problem is mentioned that Russell's followers were being mistaken for Universalists, Primitive Methodists, or Adventists.

"New readers in all parts of the country are constantly inquiring: By what names do you call yourselves? Are you 'Primitive Baptists'? Are you 'Missionary Baptists'? Are you 'Universalists'? Are you 'Adventists'? Are you Primitive Methodists'?"12

As this book is documenting, the Universalists, the Primitive Methodists, and the Second Adventists all have strong Masonic connections. As this book has made it clearer what the early Watchtower Society was like (in contrast to today), and how much closer it was to Masonic thinking in its early years, it is not such a surprise, indeed it is understandable how the Watchtower Society could be mistaken for being Universalists, or Primitive Methodists.


Most of the Methodist groups have been "progressive." But what are they headed toward?

"The book, Prominent Personalities in American Methodism, by Howell, gives an authoritative listing of the various lodge affiliations of prominent Methodist leaders. According to our compilation from this book, bearing imprint of 1945, twenty-nine out of the thirty-six active Bishops are members of secret orders of one sort or another. Twenty-one of the thirty-six are members of the Masonic fraternity, many of them holding the higher degrees of the Order....The best qualification for becoming a Bishop today is that one be at least a 32nd degree Mason."13

Perhaps better than showing lists of Methodist Bishops who are Masons, is just to get to the bottom line, the United Methodist Church wants a One-World Government under the New World Order.

The United Methodist Church, Rocky Mountain Conference wrote Pres. Reagan in 1983, "Resolve that to insure world peace and disarmament among nations, we United Methodists of the Rocky Mountain Conference urge the President and the Congress of the United States, in concert with all other willing nations, to call a World Constitutional Convention to reform the United Nations into a federal, representative world government..."14

Masons like 33° Mason James C. Baker who is President of the Methodist Bishops and Verne Dale Johnson, chairman of evangelism for the United Meth. Church have been directing affairs on the national level. Men like 33° Mason William E. Schooley (Board of Trustees Metro Memorial Methodist church—Shriner, and into the "side orders" of Masonry) are on the local level. There are so many Methodist Masons in England that they have there own lodges called Epworth lodges, named after John Wesley's birthplace, Epworth Rectory.15

The Moravians, a gnostic sect who called themselves THE MORAVIAN BROTHERS OF THE ORDER OF RELIGIOUS FREEMASONS,16 played an important part in the founding of Methodism. "Moravians played a decisive role in the origins of Methodism, which helps to explain the enthusiasm of both. True, John Wesley's group at Oxford, already called the "Enthusiasts" and the "Holy Club", was active before the Moravian Peter Boehler came upon the scene. Still, it was Boehler, whom Wesley met in Georgia and then again in London, whose glowing pietism had such an effect upon the father of Methodism. It was Boehler who in 1738 helped Wesley turn his attention inward to discover a new wellspring of religious feeling, and it was Boehler who suggested establishing the Fetter Lane Society in London, which Wesley patterned after several Moravian meetings already in existence."17 John Wesley advocated universal redemption, which emphasized salvation as an option of man's free-will rather than God's free-grace.

Until American Independence, the Methodist ministers under Wesley's authority in America and England were considered a Society whose members were scattered within the various Episcopal Churches. The American colonies' independence caused Wesley in 1784 to send Rev. Thomas Coke to organize the Methodists into their own congregations.18


In 1972, the United Methodist church sponsored me to go with the Kansas East Youth Study Group. The tour was well-planned and well-executed. The group was part of the United Methodist Church's program to raise up church leaders. The group consisted of U.M. teenage leaders (I was an exception—I was Baptist). I still have the papers and items from the tour. The group met Methodist leaders including the head of the United Methodist Church, Pentagon people, Congressmen, UN people, and revolutionaries from Angola. While our group was decidedly anti-Vietnam War, it seemed that our group did not connect the contradiction that the United Methodist church helped finance the communist revolutionaries we talked with.

I am grateful to the United Methodist Church for the opportunity to experience the group. In the context of this book, it could be mentioned that the Jewish and Masonic undercurrents within the U.M. church were visible through out that trip. Some of the concepts that were stressed were Civil Rights, Globalism, and Liberation Theology. Those concepts all tie-in with the Power's agenda to bring in the New World Order.

The Liberation Theology and revolution that the United Methodist Church finances will be discussed in the next chapter.


To the credit of the small, conservative, indepedent churches and denominations many of these are not part of the One-World-Religion, but the Power has still made serious inroads into most of them. What will the New Order do with these denominations?

They have three options, subvert the leadership, if there is no hierarchy to subvert then subvert the people, and if neither of those can be accomplished then they will have to make an exception for these groups or eliminate them. We will examine briefly three small denominations that this Author is familiar with that illustrate these three approaches. It should be noted that in prayerfully studying many religious bodies, this Author hasn't found any that don't bear out the Scriptures, "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." What is presented is neither to build up or tear down the reputation of any group— (reputations are often simply men's images of something— rather than the thing itself) but to plot the course of the One-World-Religion as the New Order wars to destroy the last pockets of resistance to the One-World-Religion. The next few years will decide whether they overextend themselves like Napoleon in Russia or if they take over Jerusalem (figuratively) like the Babylonians and Romans did.


The Seventh-Day Adventists have over a half-million members in the United States. Started by a woman of Jewish heritage Ellen Gold White, they have made the Sabbath a prominent part of their religion. This Author has admired their church members for the standards that they have maintained, especially their stand against Freemasonry.

This denomination has a hierarchy with a President. Every five years the denomination has a convention to discuss a particular issue that is placed on the agenda. For instance, recently they discussed whether women could become ministers. The easiest way for the New World Order to deal with such denominations is to subvert the hierarchy. That the hierarchy can be moved in such directions can be seen by their decision years ago (even before Roe vs. Wade) to allow abortions,19 which even their people help perform in their hospitals. Maybe this Author is off base on this next observation, but to think of an Adventist doctor eating health food for lunch, and then performing an abortion seems like a New Age value system.

That is just one indication of a shift toward New Age morality. We see people like Seventh-Day Adventist writer Rene Noorbergen co-authoring a book with psychic Jeane Dixon.


Not all small denominations have a hierarchy. The Church of Christ are groups of independent churches. Although independent for many years a few editors of Church of Christ periodicals and a clique of a few ministers were looked to for guidance. The trend within the Churches of Christ seems to be one that churches are moving away from looking to a few men for their direction.20 Because there is no powerful hierarchy to subvert, the Masons haven't shown a great deal of interest in recruiting its ministers.

This denomination has historically put no barriers or deterrence up against Freemasonry. Masons have had free access to church positions if they have wanted them. There are Church of Christ ministers who are Masons, and this Author personally knows various Church of Christ churches with lay members involved in Masonry. One Church of Christ in California meets in a Masonic Hall.

33rd degree Freemason and Church of Christ Minister Forrest D. Haggard, who recently wrote Short Talk Bulletin which is an attack on every Christian who criticizes the Lodge. Haggard says that critics of the Masonic Lodge can be divided into three categories:

1.   someone had a personality problem,

2.   political or religious dictatorships which oppose free speech often attack the Lodge because it insists on such freedoms,

3.   for money. Haggard even claims the lodge is "supportive of it [the church]."

These groups of churches are showing movement toward the One-World-Religion. They are adopting the ideas that New Agers are planting within the churches, using New Age language and moving toward ecumenicalism. In visiting with Church of Christ ministers this Author has experienced a lack of knowledge on their part as to what are New Age ideas as compared to Biblical Christianity.

(By the way, there have been attempt to bring these items that this Author is bringing up in this book before the Christians practicing them. Those that have been contacted by myself or others have stubbornly refused to listen, and so it is hoped that by some chance some of the many people contacted will read this book and see the bigger issues at stake. When a Church of Christ asks the United Methodist church to have communion with it, the issues at stake are much larger than simply do we like them or not.)

Churches like the Churches of Christ are easy targets for the many schemes the New Order has thought up to subvert the churches. They in general fell for the one where in exchange for signing on a paper denying Christ as the head of the church, the churches received a tax exempt status.

The top secret Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 that the Bilderbergers Policy Committee uses, which is discussed elsewhere (chapter 3.6) spells out one of their methods to subvert the Christians. Because the Church of Christ doesn't take a stand against military service, this tactic has been, and will be successful as one tool to subvert there members. Quoting one part of this TM SW7905.1 we read,

"Few efforts of human behavior modification are more remarkable or more effective than that of the socio-military institution known as the draft. A primary purpose of a draft or other such institution is to instill, by intimidation, in the young males of a society the uncritical conviction that the government is omnipotent. He is soon taught that a prayer is slow to reverse what a bullet can do in an instant. Thus, a man trained in a religious environment for eighteen years of his life can, by this instrument of government, be broken down, be purged of all his fantasies and delusions in a matter of mere months. Once that conviction is instilled, all else becomes easy to instill. Even more interesting is the process by which a young man's parents, who purportedly love him, can be induced to send him off to war to his death."

The manual goes on to say that part of the reason for drafting men is to corrupt them. Why? "It further serves to make the youth as guilty as the elders, thus making criticism of the elders by the youth less likely (Generational Stabilizer). It is marketed and sold to the public under the label of 'patriotic=national' service." In other words, the New World Order realizes that if the young men of this country have moral superiority over their elders they will stand up to them when asked to do something amoral or immoral. By making them do things that they can be made to feel guilty for under the guise of defending their homeland—like fighting in Vietnam, they have eliminated moral opposition by creating another generation of guilt ridden young men. This highlights what you will learn in chapter 3.10 "Where the rubber meets the road" where we discuss methods to cope in a Christ-like way with the New Order.

If there is a lack of safeguards for the Church of Christ churches, that is not the situation with the next denomination we will discuss.


Some groups like the Old Order Amish can not be subverted by the New World Order because they are not part of the system, don't believe in serving in the military, and don't give much if any chance to outsiders to subvert them.

When Hitler took power the three Amish settlements in Germany were eliminated. The members of these churhes disappeared.

Because the Amish are independent church districts, many of which do work with other districts, it was a small victory for the government during the Vietnam war when the Amish churches decided to work together and be represented by a steering committee. But although this sets a precidence that the government will try to further encourage, it is a minor gain at best. The Amish churches will never give their autonomy away to some committee. This means that even if the government got in people they liked on a steering committee it would have only minimal influence.

Can the membership be subverted? Although it rarely happens, it isn't impossible. One major subversion took place over two hundred years ago, when the Amish allowed folk magic to mix with their culture. When the Rosicrucian settlements fell apart, they joined the Mennonites in Lancaster PA. and brought in many of their occult ideas. Other influences too have introduced occult practices. Although the famous Pennsylvania Hex signs are more representative of the higher Pennsylvania Dutch churches, they and the magic they represent also been practiced among the Amish. Magic, astrology, and new age healing have made solid inroads into the Old Order Amish. The Amish book which lists all their ministers is mixed with pages of Astrology, and has been for decades. After writing an expose of Astrology showing its Babylonian origin and its unscriptualness, this Author sent the book to the publishers of the Amish Calendar, their book listing their ministers, challenging them to leave the Astrology out of The Calendar. The challenge was ignored.

The Amish have worked hard to remain a rural people. The farmers of this country are one of the true producers in the U.S. Most of us merely manipulate, or move, or rearrange what the farmer produces. The farmer depends upon the weather, the soil, the sun, and water. Because he is more dependent upon these things he is often more dependent upon God. America has belittled and ignored the farmer too long. One weakness of today's society and the New World Order is their total lack of appreciation for the farmer of America. Someday that disregard may come back to haunt them. The push today by the Power is for agribusiness and large Russian-type farms. It seems all the lessons learned in the Communist countries will have to be rediscovered the hard way.

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•Scriptures tell us that the love of truth will protect God's people in the end times from deception.

•Let us not run from our sins but pray and hope our sins will be revealed, so that we can repent and draw close to God.

•The Bible is very frank to expose the weaknesses of great men of faith like Peter.

What if you found out that the real character of Billy Graham, who is especially well spoken of by the secular media, was not his television image? What would you do? Someday the truth about Billy Graham will be known, and many people will fall away from Christendom. If you love the truth you can help Christ's body begin a healing process to overcome some of that falling away.

Faithful men of God have lovingly written Graham to help him, but he has established himself as his own authority surrounded by his friends.

Today you have the privilege as you read this to quit trusting in a man, and to place your trust fully in Christ. Before Billy Graham falls, you can begin warning your friends to place their trust in God, rather than men, especially media-built images.


Witnesses to the truth of Billy Graham's 33° Scottish Rite Masonic membership are many.1 Not only is this membership hopelessly at odds with Christ's teachings, but it reveals the Satanic side of Billy Graham's character that the media hasn't told you about.2

Billy Graham groped blindfolded in the Masonic Lodge and declared before the Worshipful Masonic Lodge Master that he was in need of light. How ridiculous for a Christian evangelist who claims to have the light of the world, to beg a pagan hierarchy for light.

Billy Graham has repeatedly taken blood oaths on penalty of gruesome death to keep the Masonic Lodge's secrets and to deceive others about their activities. When such a man as an international evangelist swears to be dishonest, is dishonest, and takes blood oaths, then this is a reproach on the Bible and on Christ.

Are Freemasons like 33° Billy Graham trustworthy? No, according to the great evangelist Charles Finney who left the Masonic Lodge when he dedicated his life to Christ. He said the Freemasons could not be trusted. Finney declared that Freemasons in the higher levels have lost their consciences because they have seared their consciences so much. According to Finney's warnings, Billy Graham would have a seared conscience. Finney spent his life warning Christians about Freemasonry, and if he were alive today, would likely be writing a tract like this.

Does God's work depend on personalities? Which does God desire, for men to build names for themselves or for men to sacrifice all that they have so that God might be glorified? Can God miraculously lead men to Christ or must millions of dollars be spent on Madison Avenue sales techniques and expensive Crusades? Isn't there something wrong in the man-made character of the Billy Graham crusades?

According to repeated studies, almost all decisions at Crusades have been made by people who were already Christians. Was Christ wrong to focus on discipling, rather than spending millions for superficial mass-evangelism decisions, most of which are not conversions, but mild renewals? Christ could have done it Billy Graham's way, he didn't. Christ "MADE HIMSELF OF NO REPUTATION." PHIL 2:7

Why is Billy Graham so popular with everyone not to mention the important Christian clergy? If there are obvious flaws in Graham's character and the character of his crusades why is he so popular?

Consider the following and you will know better why Billy Graham is popular. First, his popularity began when William Randolph Hearst, the multimillionaire, began funding Youth for Christ and Billy Graham's evangelistic efforts. Billy Graham became a nationally known figure when millionaire Hearst publicized him through his newspapers in 1949. Hearst's influence got the national media to pick up on Graham.

...SO POPULAR THAT     Graham was described by Dr. G. Paul Musselman, "I call Billy Graham the...greatest of the ecumenical voices."4 Billy Graham is on record in support of the World Council of Churches expanding to include the other major religious groups in the world.5

...SO POPULAR THAT     Graham was given his doctorate (yes his doctorate is an honorary doctorate) by the Pope. The Pope must be pleased that Graham on receiving his honorary doctorate said that the Catholic Church is preaching the same gospel as he is.6 It must be further reassuring that Catholics who go forward at Billy Graham Crusades are referred to Catholic churches.7

...SO POPULAR THAT     Charotte, N.C. has had a holiday named Billy Graham Day, and Billy Graham is heralded as a great Christian prophet.

...SO POPULAR THAT     Christian publishers like to take things written by others and use Billy Graham's name because books with his name as author sell well.

...SO POPULAR THAT     died-in-the-wool communists like him. They must have been pleased when Billy Graham was recorded on tape in an interview later published saying, "I think communism's appeal to youth is its structure and promise of a future Utopia. Mao Tse-tung's eight precepts are basically the same as Ten Commandments. In fact if we can't have the Ten Commandments read in the schools, I'll settle for Mao's principles."

...SO POPULAR THAT     all the Presidents and many leading politicians worldwide have been close friends with Billy Graham. Billy Graham has given respectibility to the Presidents, including his good friend Richard Nixon. A well-researched article on Billy Graham in the Journal of Church and State concluded after examining Billy Graham's interaction with the various Presidents since Eisenhower, "...could Graham speak the word of truth - especially when that word may be critical or slashing - to the man in the White House when he is on such friendly terms with him? On the basis of the evidence now available, the answer must be no."9

...SO POPULAR THAT     men like the late Armand Hammer who were prominent in the world's power structure and working toward an overt One-World-Government have been able to get Billy Graham into any country.

When Billy Graham went to India he gave assurances, that he was "not going to proselytize any Hindus."10 While in India, he spoke to Christians. If Billy Graham will not take on Hinduism which is almost identical to the New Age Movement, do you think he will seriously take on the New Age Movement? Graham's tract "A New Age is Coming" can be used to legitimize the idea of the New Age.11

When Billy Graham went to Israel he gave assurances to the Israeli government, "I am going to address only Christian audiences. I have no intention of proselyting. In fact, I must be grateful to you for proselyting me."12

When Billy Graham has gone to Catholic countries, his Crusades have been helpful to the Catholic churches.

After the National Council of Churches failed to pass a resolution declaring the NCC against converting the Jews to Christ, Billy Graham gave assurances to Jewish leaders that God had a special place for the Jews and that he rejected "coercive evangelistic efforts" by Christians to convert Jews to Christ.13

All this cooperation with the Catholics and Jews is summed up by Billy Graham's statement in 1957, "Anyone who makes a decision at our meetings is referred to a local clergyman, Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish."14


Christians, put on the mind of Christ, and as his disciples see things the way he sees things.

Christ sat down, called the twelve and said to them, "If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all." Mk 9:35 "Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Mt 18:4 "The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those who exercise authority over them call themselves Benefactors. But you are not to be like that. Instead, the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves." Lk 22:25-26

Could it be possible that some unknown widow may be placed at the greatest position?
In our haste to idolize men, we have forgotten the Apostle James' warning not to be respecters of men.
We have forgotten the Apostle Paul's statement about being "followers of no man but God."

Christians seem to ask, "What would God do without Billy Graham?" and "Could God get by without Billy Graham's ministry?" Not only could He, but in many respects Christians would be better off. How so? Tony Campolo, well-known Christian sociologist, pastor and speaker found that converts from television or radio were rare. He found that most converts from the televised Billy Graham Crusades had had Christians who were fundamental to their conversion around them before and after they watched him on TV. He concludes that it is "uncertain whether the sermons or the Christian friends were what was crucial."13 If Billy Graham were not around, and the Holy Spirit needed people to testify of God, it is clear that almost all the converts had a Christian(s) in their life who could have ministered completely to them. Christ desires that we Christians quit placing all the responsibility of ministering on professionals, and that we each take up our individual responsibility to minister.

Next time you have a large Christian gathering ask them how many came to Christ through the television. When Christian groups are asked this, the response is very small percentage. As stewards of Christ's wealth are we honestly spending our wealth in best manner? Compare the large sums spent for TV evangelism/Crusades with the other needs, that go begging for our Christian money. Is this the best use of God's money?

Is Billy Graham really that good of an example to spend millions on? Bible-believing Christians have been wincing at how Billy Graham has promoted a long parade of Masons, liberals, heretics, Satanists, etc. on stage with him as well as those who he has placed into the leadership positions of his staffs and Crusade organizers. Many letters have been written to him about this. Billy Graham not only gives dubious Christians leadership roles, he publicly praises them such as Graham's comment that "Bishop Kennedy [Methodist Bishop Gerald Kennedy] is one of the ten greatest Christian preachers in America." Kennedy is on record as denying most of the fundamental Christian doctrines. The Bible teaches us how to treat men who deny Christ, who deny the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit co-authored, and who lead gravely immoral lives. Scriptures do not say to give them leadership positions and praise them, Scriptures say:






BE YE SEPARATE- 2 Cor 6:17


1. The following are three dependable witnesses to Billy Graham's 33rd degree membership. WITNESS

1.  Billy Graham took part in Rev. Jim Shaw's 33° Masonic initiation. This was before Shaw left the lodge for Christ. Only 33° degree Masons and candidates participate in that initiation. Jim Shaw refers to Billy Graham's presence at this Masonic initiation on p. 104 of his book co-authored with Tom McKenney, The Deadly Deception. Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, Inc., 1988. Jim Shaw has verbally confirmed that p. 104 refers to Billy Graham. WITNESS 2. A recent book (advertised in a Masonic periodical) The History of Freemasonry written by Episcopalian Dr. Robert Morey refers to Billy Graham being a 33° Mason. A telephone interview with Dr. Morey, who has examined Billy Graham's 33° degree Scottish Rite file in the Scottish Rite's House of the Temple, confirmed that his book's reference that "one of the most well known evangelists in the a 33rd degree Mason..." (p. 11) refers to Billy Graham. WITNESS 3. Kurt Billings, an ex-New Age leader now Christian, warns Christians in a talk entitled "New Age and Occult Influences in Public Schools" that some of their big leaders are selling the Christians down the tubes as fast as they can. In person, Kurt noted that his comments refered to men like 33° Freemason Billy Graham. OTHER WITNESSES. Ralph Epperson who is giving public talks and is the author of The New World Order (1990) and Fritz Springmeier author of Be Wise As Serpents (1991).

2.  Recent books exposing the hidden Satanic side of Freemasonry are The Deadly Deception by Shaw & McKenney, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge by Ankerberg and Weldon, The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry by Mohr, Should A Christian Be A Mason? by Storms, and Be Wise As Serpents by Springmeier. Free The Masons, P.O. Box 1077, Issaquah, WA 98027 has a good proclamation that was the Free The Masons Newsletter Jan 1991 which summarizes the serious problems that make Christianity and Freemasonry incompatible.

3.  Just one example of the type of results that Graham's Crusades get is the results of the New York Crusade. Almost all that came forward were Christian. 64% were referred to churches they were already members of. Graham himself admitted that 40 to 70% of the decision cards were from people of sponsoring churches and almost all the rest were from people who had been members of non-sponsoring churches. See Billy Graham A Parable of American Righteousness (1979) by Marshall Frady, pp. 291-315.

4.  Statement made in 1969. Quoted in Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham Crusade by E.L. Bynum.

5.  At a press conference in Los Angeles Graham said, "There is a great need for an ecumenical Christian body much broader in scope than either the World Council of Churches or the National Council of Churches." -F.E.A. Nov. 1972 Graham wants the WCC and the NCC more broader. The NCC already includes The Church of Satan (Anton LaVey's) and has long included such groups as the Unitarian- Universalist Church. The WCC is as broad as it can be, as it already has anti-Christian groups, and it has some conservative elements that have been dragged into it by their liberal denominational leaders. The only way to take Graham seriously is that Graham has in mind that the World Council of Churches will add to it New Age churches and other world religions. That Graham wants to see a One-World-Religion modeled after Freemasonry would be consistent with the views of those who he has as close friends.

6.   Speech by Billy Graham at Belmont Abbey College when receiving his honorary doctorate from the Catholics. Graham said, "The gospel that built this school and the gospel that brings me here tonight is still the way to salvation."

7.  Numerous instances confirming this can be cited. Here are a sampling. In the San Francisco Crusade 1,300 Catholics came forward, "practically all remained Catholic." Sword of the Lord 7/2/64. The Catholic Voice of Oakland, the official diocesan paper of the Catholic Church said that if a person makes a decision at a Crusade, "If he is Catholic, he is referred to a Catholic Church." The National Catholic Reporter, 12/21/90 tells its readers that the Billy Graham Crusade will help them "to become active again" in their Catholic parishes.

8.  American-born reporter Maureen D'Honau recorded an interview with Billy Graham which was used for an article in the Mainichi Daily News, (May 28, 1973). In the interview, and reported in the article was Graham's statement that Mao Tse-tung's eight precepts are basically the same as the Ten Commandments.

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11.  Interview with Bill Steiger a New Age leader.

12.  Billy Graham A Parable of American Righteousness, p. 343.

13.  Jewish author Gerald S. Strober in his book American Jews Community in Crisis, p. 110, states that after a resolution in Feb. 1973 at Pittsburgh by the NCC failed to declare the NCC against converting the Jews Graham came out with his statement. Strober also notes that Graham has privately assured Jewish leaders he is against converting the Jews to Christianity. Strober then on p. 111 informs his readers that many Christian organizations that are "Jewish Missions" take their marching orders from Billy Graham. Christians should investigate where their money is really going.

14.  Why We Cannot Support The Billy Graham Crusade, by E.L. Bynun.

15.  20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch (1988) by Tony Campolo, p. 74.

The following photocopies are included in order to lend some documentation to Billy Graham's involvement in the New World Order.

Exhibit A. Pages from a Masonic book showing Billy Graham's endorsement of the Masonic Youth Program.

Exhibit B. When the personal secretary to Jeanne Dixon, Alice Braemer became a Christian, Alice photocopied this letter that Billy Graham sent Jeanne Dixon. This letter sent by Billy Graham to Jeanne Dixon calls her a "woman of God". Also enclosed are items concerning Alice Braemer and her knowledge that the New World Order funneled money to Billy Graham through Jeanne Dixon. His staff picked up a check monthly.

Exhibit C. Copy of a page indicating what kind of tactics P2 Masonry uses to recruit members. Other Masonic groups and parts of the New World Order use the same tactics, which to some extent according to what Billy Graham told a friend were used to recruit him.

Exhibit A. Pages from a Masonic book showing Billy Graham's endorsement of the Masonic Youth Program.

pg. 126
This opposition may take the form of subtle sophisticated ridicule of the titles, costuming, archaic ritual or public ceremonies of the Craft, but, engaged in conversation that same clergy will finally out with the truth; he simply does not like the competition for the lives of his good people.

The author and his wife entertained regional officers of the min­isterial group of his religious organization on the same day one of the pastors had conducted a funeral that had Masonic graveside services. This pastor expounded, at length, on the absurdity of these "fat little men running around the grave with their aprons, books and sticks." Another pastor, who had been called upon to address an Easter morn­ing service at a Scottish Rite Temple started in on his reactions to grown men in costumes, etc. But as the conversation went on it be­came very apparent that their real objection was the "competition" at these crucial times—burial and Easter festival.

The author, who was at the time, a Grand Chaplain, slipped out of the room and clothed himself in apron and jewel of his office and returned. His entrance was met with absolute silence and then with many, many questions. The ensuing discussion proved, without ex­ception, that all non-Masonic clergy present really resented and feared the competition they felt existed in the sense of loyalty their people gave to Masonry and its allied organizations.

The Rev. R. H. Kendrick of Springfield, Massachusetts, writes:

In my own personal experience I have not knowingly come across those who oppose Masonry because they believe it to be another re­ligion. Rather the attitude of most of the clergy with whom I have talked is one of mild opposition on the supposition that it keeps men from church. There is some truth in this, I do believe, especially when you think of those who are going through the chairs. On the other hand we know that there are many, men in Masonry who wouldn't be active church members if they were not Masons.

Few non-Masonic clergy have any idea of the large number of their active supporters who are members of the Fraternity. They are aware unfortunately, of those Masons who use their Masonic affiliation (if such really exists) to serve as an excuse against any participation in the ongoing of life in a positive creative manner. If a man's life and work proves that he is indeed living up to the ideals as taught by Masonry, then I know of no clergy who would really resent his presence or the presence of Masonry in the life of that man, whether that person be in or out of a religious institution.

Many a man owes his beginning in depth of spiritual growth to the lodge. If this be an insult to Organized Religion—then let it stand as

pg. 127
such. Rather it is a compliment to the Fraternity and to the Organized Religious body in which Masons may affiliate—Masonry has started them on their journey towards light and in their search they have found light in other places; have recognized it and are using it to shed upon their journey.

W. A. E. Johnson, D.D., Superintendent of the Methodist Church, Barbourville, Kentucky:

There are more than 100,000 Freemasons in Kentucky and I have never known a man among them who has not been a deeply religious man, especially those who have occupied high offices.

This same viewpoint is extended of course, to the youth organiza­tions that affiliate with the Masonic lodge in most communities. This author has served as advisor to the Order of DeMolay and can testify to that excellent group. His wife has served in Job's Daughters and many of the young ladies from his congregation have been in the Order of Rainbow. It is time that these groups are seen, not as com­petition, but as allied organizations, as Dr. Billy Graham said:

I find two kinds of young people today. First (and least important) are those given to rebellion and violence. We have always had those, even as far back as Cain and Abel. These vow to annihilate the "mid­dle class" morality and ethic, and to toss away the time-honored tra­ditions and ideals of yester year. But happily, this group is a tiny mi­nority, with more noise than influence. Then, there are thoughtful, con­cerned young people—who seek to correct the errors in moral naviga­tion that have been made by their elders, intelligently and responsibly. There are the young people upon which the hope of America's future rests and DeMolays are part of this group. . . . May God richly bless all DeMoIays as they continue their good work.

The Reverend William Clyde Donald of Fenton, Michigan, wrote a very astute article on the relationship of Organized Religion to the youth organizations as sponsored by Masonry:

In relationship to youth the Masonic lodge has a great advantage in one respect over the church. The church is interested in youth, but as a rule its dealing with youth is confined rather largely to the youth in the families in relationship with that church. Masonry (through its youth program) can minister unto youth in the community regardless of their family church relationships. Masons meet as Masons, not as Methodist or Presbyterian, etc. Their sons and daughters and their friends of their children can come and receive training that will build them into stalwart citizens. The DeMolay, Order of Rainbow, and Jobs Daughters give Masons and the Eastern Star a great opportunity to train youth to believe in and have great faith in the Creator and Sus-

Forrest DeLoss Haggard

TRANSACTIONS Missouri Lodge of Research
         Volume No. 27 1970
Rev. Forrest D. Haggard, D.D.
A. Basey Vanlandingham                                   Ovid H. Bell
Harold M. Jayne                                             William R. Denslow
Editor Lewis C. Wes Cook

Exhibit B. When the personal secretary to Jeanne Dixon, Alice Braemer became a Christian, Alice photocopied this letter that Billy Graham sent Jeanne Dixon.

This letter sent by Billy Graham to Jeanne Dixon calls her a "woman of God". Also enclosed are  items concerning Alice Braemer and her knowledge that the New World Order funneled money to Billy Graham through Jeanne Dixon. His staff picked up a check monthly.

2 pics


Alice Braemer 
Box 1105
Alameda, CA 94501
September 29, 1979

Harold Myra, Publisher Christianity Today, 
465 Gundersen Drive Carol Stream, 111. 60187

Dear Mr. Myra,

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Billy Graham looked
straight into the television camera and said:
"Yes, I did say nice things about Jeane Dixon on television back in 1966. I did keep in touch with her over the years.                                                                                                  Yes, a man
from my office did pick up a check each month from the Dixon office . . from Mr. Dixon’s private office. Yes, the man chatted with Mr. Dixon each time - for a little while.

"Yes, I am sorry for all this . . and I want to recommend Alice Braemer’s book CULTISM TO CHARISMA because I want people to know about the tragedy of CHRISTIAN SCIENCE and UNITY and POSITIVE THINKING and all the other cults.

"I want people to know about Alice Braemer’s horror story - her Christian testimony - and how JESUS saved her from the pit of hell."
Enclosed is an excerpt from Jimmy Swaggart’s cassette
tape telling about Jezebel In the Church of Thyatira from
his BOOK OF REVELATION series. It is excellent.’

Sincerely in Christ,
Alice Braemer

Billy Graham
March 6, 1967
Dear Mrs. Dixon:

Thank you for your good letter of February 13. I am sorry for the delay in answering but I have been in the West Indies and am leaving in a few days for Puerto Rico where I will be conducting a series of meetings.

Indeed, my wife and I have followed your writings with the greatest possible interest. In several of my sermons I have quoted from A GIFT OF PROPHECY. We have heard from several mutual friends that you are indeed a woman of God, and we do thank God for you.

Recently, in Jamaica, we became acquainted with Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Buchanan, whom I believe you know. They have promised to give us the .joy and thrill of meeting you on some future trip to Washington. The Jean Dixon Special Receipt" is excellent.

With warmest personal greetings, I am
Cordially yours,
Mrs. Jean L. Dixon 1114 - 18th wStreet, N.W. Washington, D.C.

Exhibit C. Copy of a page indicating what kind of tactics P2 Masonry uses to recruit members.
Other Masonic groups and parts of the New World Order use the same tactics, which to some extent according to what Billy Graham told a friend were used to recruit him.

116             IN GOD'S NAME

and aspirations of genuine Freemasonry were rapidly abandoned, though not officially. Gelli's aim was somewhat different: extreme right-wing control of Italy. Such control would function as a se­cret state within a state, unless the unthinkable happened and the Communists were elected to power. If that happened then there would be a coup. The right wing would take over. Gelli was confi­dent that the Western powers would accept the situation. Indeed, from the very early days of P2, he had the active support and encouragement of the CIA operating in Italy. It may sound like the scenario of a madman, doomed to the fate of all such schemes, but it should be noted that within the membership of P2 in Italy alone (there were, and still are, powerful branches in other countries) were the armed forces commander, Giovanni Torrisi; the Secret Service chiefs, Generals Giuseppe Santovito and Giulio Grassini; the head of Italy's financial police, Orazio Giannini; cabinet ministers and politicians of every political shade (except, of course, the Communists); thirty generals; eight admirals; newspaper editors; television executives; top businessmen; and bankers, including Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona. Unlike conventional Freemasonry, the list of members of P2 was secret; only Gelli knew all the names.

Gelli used a variety of techniques to obtain new members and increase the power of P2. One of them was the innocuous method of personal contact and introduction from an already existing member. Others were less tasteful. Blackmail was the most prevalent. When a "target" joined P2, he was obliged to demonstrate loyalty by placing at Gelli's disposal documents that would compromise not only himself but also other possible targets. Confronted with the evidence of their own misdeeds, these new targets also joined P2. This technique was used, for example, on the president of ENI (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, the state oil company), Giorgio Mazzanti. Shown the evidence of his own cor­ruption concerning proposed huge bribes and payoffs on a pend­ing Saudi oil deal, Mazzanti caved in and joined P2, bringing to Gelli even more compromising information.

Another technique Gelli used to obtain a new member was to ascertain from already corrupted sources the short list of candi­dates for important jobs. He would then telephone these candidates, announcing to each that he intended to fix it for him. Naturally, one of the candidates would be hired, and Gelli would then have a very grateful new member of P2.

On the surface P2 was and still is a fanatical insurance

Exhibit D. reference used in Billy Graham tract. Dr. Morey said this referred to Billy Graham, whose membership file he examined.

pg 10             Freemasonry

.  .  .  they cannot all be telling the truth.

Another error typically made by anti-Masons is the assumption that Freemasonry is based on the writings of a single individual. They usually pick Albert Pike as the official "spokesman" of Freemasonry.

Although it clearly violates the Landmarks of Masonry to adopt the religious views of one man as "the" view of the Craft, some Masons have said that Albert Pike speaks for the whole Craft. Thus anti-masons can hardly be faulted for using the strange beliefs of Albert Pike to attack Masonry. We will deal with Pike later on in our study.

Two notable anti-masonic frauds deserve special notice.

The Norton Affair

An orthodox Jew by the name of Jacob Norton petitioned the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts to re­move the obvious Christian elements in Freemasonry such as references to St. John, the cross, the Cru­sades, etc.

The Grand Lodge naturally refused to alter any­thing in the Rite. In great bitterness, Norton resigned from the Craft and attacked it by making false and misleading statements concerning the history of the Lodge and its teachings.

The amazing thing is that Norton's misinforma­tion was accepted as genuine by subsequent masonic writers such as Rollins, Hughan and Gould. They did not know that they were basing their work on the writings of an anti-mason!19 They were basing their - conclusions on Norton's fantasies.

The Luciferian Conspiracy

Of all the attacks against the Craft, none is so vicious as the charge that Masons are a secret cult of Devil worshipers or Satanists and that at some point in the higher degrees they must pass thorough a Lu-

Opening Principles             pg 11

ciferian initiation.

When most Masons hear of a "Luciferian con­spiracy" in Freemasonry, they simply shrug it off in the belief that no one would seriously entertain such a scurrilous charge.

Since most Masons in the U.S. are members of Christian Churches and many clergymen belong to the Fraternity, the idea that they are all involved in some kind of devil cult is absurd. Can anyone seri­ously think that such 33rd degree Masons as Senator Jesse Helms, the Christian champion of conservative politics, is a worshiper of Lucifer? Or, that one of the most well known evangelists in the world is a Lucif­erian because he is a 33rd degree Mason?

It would be helpful to pause and consider the origin of the Luciferian charge.

One of the most interesting episodes in the his­tory of Freemasonry is the anti-masonry movement spawned in 19th Century France by one Leo Taxil.20

What is known about Taxil does not endear him to the bosom of anyone. He was thrown out of a Catholic seminary before he took holy orders. Al­though the exact cause for his expulsion is not known, the result is. As a reaction, he became a rav­ing atheist, an anti-Catholic and anti-cleric. He spent his time printing scandalous stories of the sexual crimes of priests, monks and nuns. He was quite adept at making up stories when needed.

He joined the masonic Lodge as another way to thumb his nose at the clergy. He was welcomed at first because French Masonry has always been in­fected with skeptics, anti-clerics and revolutionaries. But not long after, Taxil's lies and fabrications caused him to be thrown out of the Lodge. He now became as zealous an anti-mason as he was anti-Catholic.

According to his own testimony, it was at this  .  .  .

End of Exhibits of proof    (and chapter, too)

Chapter 2.2



This author first came across evidence that the Masons had infiltrated the Vatican from reading Catholic material, not anti-Catholic literature. Next, came the discovery from Masonic sources that numerous Catholics down through the centuries have been Masons. Finally, it was discovered that ex-Catholics had been disturbed by the contradictions of Masons being in the Catholic church leadership. Although my specialty is not the study of the inner workings of Catholicism, and I may not have every single detail correct, there are too many legitimate sources that clearly indicate the fact that the Catholic Church will be a fundamental part of the Masonic New Age 1-World-Religion not to accept this. Not only are there theological and religious tie-ins since Vat. II, but the Catholic Church also has numerous economic and political connections to the 1-World-Power.


This chapter will give information on

>Jewish and Masonic Illumination within the Catholic Church

>A general overview of history in regards to Catholic Church and the creation of a One-World-State

>The specifics of the takeover of the Vatican by Freemasonry and its allies in modern times.

The Catholic Church has far greater influence and involvement in world affairs than perhaps any other religious body. When covering such a broad survey of events, it becomes impossible to jump the reader through all the hoops of research this Author has experienced, without writing another book. My formulae will be to try compress the story and provide the framework of documentation and sufficient references for the history given so that the reader may be introduced to what has transpired.


The idea of Illuminism is an old one. One of the earliest Catholic scholars to adopt Illuminism was Joachim of Floris. Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century was heavily influenced by Jewish apocalyptic thought and under the veil of being Christian began a group of "Illuminated Ones.” A number of the ideas that this Illumined Master Joachim of Floris held, can be seen to have resurfaced with certain Adventists, such as Charles Taze Russell, among others. Joachim of Floris believed a new race of spiritual or enlightened ones would take control of the world. This view is now echoed in hundreds of religious groups today. One of his ideas that of viewing the days of Rev. 12 as equaling a year was picked up by C.T. Russell. Thomas Aquinas attacked that view in Summa Theologia (part 3, "Supplement," p. 77, art. 1 & 2).1

The Illuminated Ones were very successful in various ways to discredit Christianity and establish their own agenda. They have worked quietly through diverse groups, and it has taken centuries for the fulfillment of the Plan, which various Illumined ones call "the Divine Plan.” The advancement of technology has greatly added to the fulfillment of the goals. Some of the greatest advancements in technology have come through Illumined minds such as Thomas Edison (who was both Jewish and a Rosicrucian) , and Nikola Tesla who were friends and co-workers. Edison’s daily associate was the Freemason George E. Stringfellow.2 Everett W. Frazar was a Freemason who worked at Edison’s lab.


The Illumined Ones receive their illumination through various channels which correspond incidentally to the Hindi forms of salvation. Drugs, dances, channeling, rituals, and intuitive knowledge are methods to be enlightened or illumined. These types of activities have characterized the Mystery Schools since Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient Babylon. Christianity would call illumination under many circumstances "demon possession."

Nikola Tesla was quite open that his achievements (and some have called him the "greatest inventor" ever) came from intuitive knowledge.3 Other scientists have also received their ideas from some outside source of illumination.

The Illumined Ones stand in opposition to Christ and his teachings. Christ believed he was the Truth, and the Light. He taught that no one could come to the Heavenly Father except through him. Illuminism teaches disobedience to our Creator God, because it believes men can become Gods. This mysticism has worked to destroy all the normal aspects of authority and to glorify Lucifer. This it has done, under many masks.

If the Illuminati goals of destruction of family, nation, and Christianity along with the establishment of a 1-world-government were to be achieved, then the largest religious body, the Catholic Church would have to be included. The capture of the Roman Catholic Church is one of their crowning achievements.


Illumined Cabalist Jews infiltrated Catholicism over the Middle Ages. Pope Leo X (Giovanni de’ Medici of Florence- Pope from 1513­21) was interested in the Kaballah. The de Medicis have been a powerful family in Italy. This family provided several Popes including Leo XI, Clement VII, and Leo X. The Merovingian Dynasty provided Pope Stephen IX.

Jewish literature today brags about how the Marranos in Spain were able on a large scale to pretend to accept Catholicism.4 Actually, the Catholic Church set itself up for what happened. To give a specific example, that is representative of what took place in Catholic Europe, the city of Toledo may be presented.

Todelo was one of the main centers of Illuminism.5 On May 24, 1485 the Spanish Inquisition came to Toledo. A Time of Grace was given to the Jews to convert before violence would start. It appears that 3,000 Sephardic Jews became "conversos" during the periods of Grace given them.6 It is likely that the Toledo

population was between 15,000 and 18,000 in 1486.7 Upwards of 20% of Toledo’s population was Sephardic (that is genetically related to Judea and Palestine), and many were prominent citizens. These Sephardic Jews had to march in groups of 500 to 750 person in procession through Toledo’s streets to the cathedral and publicly confess their sins. Then they were "disabled", that is prohibited in some ways to cramp their style, such as prohibited to hold certain offices and to drink alcohol. The strength of these prohibitions can be seen in that many soon regained their old offices, in spite of the prohibitions.8 The real effect was to make many Jews who were into the Cabala become Catholic in name, and to hide their Jewishness. Many changed their last names, and by some coincidence almost all key public records have disappeared, making it difficult to trace and positively identify who were Jews back then.

The Quietism of Spain which included Michael de Molinos was associated with Illuminism.9

Fig.         Jewish Cabbalist holding the Sephirotic Tree

Paulus Ricius, Porta Lucis kac est porta tetragrammaton, justi intrabunt per eam (Augsburg, 1516).


Catholic Royalty during the Middle Ages often turned to the Jews for help. The Jews became the court astrologers and magicians. Because Christians were prohibited from taking any interest on money, in general only the Jews were into money-lending (see chapter 3.2). When Kings and Princes needed money for their wars or extravagances, they went to the Jewish moneylenders.10 Catholic Europe’s trade with Cathay (China) was controlled by the Jews,11 and so were the Italian banks which resulted.12 Marco Polo wrote in his book in 1286 about how the Jews controlled trade with Cathay (China) as well as having political power there, and how they operated the trade routes between the Kingdom of Franks in France and Cathay and India. (In China, the only Jewish community to hold onto its identity up to modern times was in Kaifeng.) Again, history shows how the Catholics set themselves up to be controlled by the Jews.

This author has read Jewish boasts that they are superior to the gentiles, and therefore deserve to rule the world. In the tug-of- war between the Jews and Catholics, the Jews have exhibited shrewdness.


The Pharisees secretly perpetuated the Caballa (also spelled Kaballa, Qabbala, etc.), an ancient occult gnosticism from Babylon, this is what is known as Rabbinical Judaism. The Illumination, magic, and astrology that made up the Babylonian religion were continued under its present name today Rabbinic Judaism. Repackaged again as New Age teachings it is seeping into the Christian churches. The Catholic Church viewed the Jews as a special threat, but their response in some ways was improper, misguided and inadequate.

The best evidence concerning the Catholic Church’s fear concerning the Jews exposes two major threats to Catholicism. The Jews were protecting a secret blood line to enthrone a new Messiah (the lineage is the Merovingian lineage that the Prieure de Sion has preserved--see the index for more information on the Prieure de Sion), and the complete Talmud, which became available at the time of Luther’s challenge, clearly promoted the destruction and subjugation of the Gentiles by the Jewish people.13 (It is difficult now to find complete the complete Talmud. Even the partial translations paraded as complete translations are not numerous. )

The top leaders of Catholic Church reacted to the first threat by trying to destroy blood lines and by keeping the subject quiet.14 Concerning the Talmud, the Catholic Church tried to burn it out of existence. The Talmud was burned in 1244 in Paris and subsequently in other cities.


As is often the case, motivations can be complex. The Crusades were the Catholic Church’s response to the horrible conquests by the Moslems. As has often been the case, the Catholic Church has often been her own worst enemy. According to one ex-Priest the Catholic Church had helped finance Mohammed.15 Mohammed gained much of his religious knowledge from Nestorian Christianity which pervaded that area of the world. If all that isn’t enough to confuse the issue, it appears that the Catholic Pope was prompted to start the Crusades by the secret blood line considering themselves to be the lineage of King David and Jesus Christ. Using Catholic power they hoped to gain Palestine which they considered historically theirs.16


The Knights Templars became a visible military monk order of this bloodline, which anticipated that when the timing was right, a new Kingdom of David would be proclaimed. The Knights Templars increased in power until they were one of the dominant powers in Europe, but the intervention by the King of France, with the Pope’s cooperation upset their time table. The Knights Templars were arrested in France. In order to survive in Spain and Scotland, they took on a low profile. In Germany, they evolved into the Teutonic Knights.

In Spain and Portugal, they became the Order that sent out the Jewish17 captain known as Christoper Columbus. Columbus sailed with the Templar’s Order’s Red Cross logos on his sails. Well- known pictures of his ships display this. The Rosy Cross- the Red Cross will reappear in other scenarios connected with secret societies. Undercurrents of the occult seem to never cease. Lorenzo de’ Medici, who was a distinguished Platonist and a patron of secret societies, and a member of the black nobility, is said by some to have helped Columbus with the connections to sail.18 Columbus is said by several historians to have been from Greece.19 Even if Columbus was of Jewish heritage and from Greece, the records show he was firmly committed to a strong display of Catholicism. Even more plausible than his Jewishness is the strong connection that seems certain between Columbus and secret societies. (Even his signature is a cipher.)


The Order of Jesuits gave the Illuminists a secret channel to subvert the Catholic church. Note for instance that the famous Illuminati of Bavaria were created at the Jesuit College at Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Adam Weishaupt, who founded this branch of Illuminati was a Jewish Jesuit professor. Also note that Ignaz Aurelius Fessler (1756-1839), who received a Jesuit education at Raab, Hungary started a Masonic group in Russia in the early nineteenth century called the "Illuminati" or "hateful revolutionaries."193 Again another Jesuit example is Francisco Calvo (1820-1890) . Calvo was a Jesuit priest. Calvo was a 33° Mason. He obtained a Scottish Rite charter from Spain, and organized the Scottish Rite in Costa Rica.19b (The President of Costa Rica 1847-49, Dr. Jose Maria Castro, was also a co-founder of the Scottish Rite in Costa Rico.)

The mystic St. Ignatius of Loyola founded the Order of Jesuits. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XVI, printed in 1914 with the approval of the Pope’s censor and Imprimatur, Ignatius of Loyola and St. John of Avila were brought before an Inquisition council concerning links to the Illuminati in Spain (the 20 Alumbrados). This Catholic source also states that the Illuminati believed that they could become "the essence of God." And that the highest perfection was in the elimination of all activity, and for the self to be absorbed into God. For them carnal desires and actions are not sinful and can be engaged in. 

What the article describes as Illuminati beliefs are what is known as Hinduism.


For those who have not studied the Illuminati, and their goals, let us review a summary of their tenets.

1.   Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments

2.   Abolition of private property and inheritances

3.   Abolition of patriotism and nationalism

4.   Abolition of family life, and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of communal education of children by the state.

5.   Abolition of religion, except illumination, which is based on the occult belief man can become God.21


Behind Adam Weishaupt was a man named Nicolai who had established in Berlin a literary group to propagate Illuminism. Nicolai in turn was supported by Lessing and Mendelsohn. The Mason Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-1781), the founder of modern German literature, gave his support to this anti-Christian Nicolai and his literary endeavors. Also one learns in the memoirs of Moses Mendelssohn, that he was behind the efforts of Nicolai.

Moses Mendelssohn was part of the International Jewish Kahal (world government) .22 Moses Mendelsohn (aka Moses Dessau) was impressed by the Jewish thinker Maimonides (who taught Millennialism) and the Mason Locke who taught the importance of human reason.23

It was not long before the Rothschilds and other influential Jews added their support to Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati. In that day, the Jewish communities were all linked, Often their secret communications only needed to be written in Hebrew letters, because outside of some scholars that was enough of a code to keep messages fairly secure.

The anonymous author of Witchcraft and the Illuminati, perhaps borrowing from Dr. Tom Berry’s The Illuminati, says that Adam Weishaupt got some of his occult books, the Major Keys of Solomon, the Lesser Keys of Solomon, and the Kabbalah, from the Rothschilds. Whether this is accurate or not the author hasn’t confirmed. However, it is accurate that the Rothschilds did get involved. (For more about them see Chap. 3.3.)

Most of the groups that have become illuminated, are not called Illuminati. One of the principles of the Illuminati as revealed in the paperwork confiscated by the Bavarian Police was that all Illuminati groups had orders to conceal the very existence of their groups, and if known at all to represent themselves as unimportant philanthropic movements.24 The leaders of these various groups would each get to play roles in the coming planned illumination of the world. (And they have.)

While the Catholic Church has appeared to be a bulwark against Masonry and Illuminism, it has not been exempt from their penetration. Historian Nesta Webster in his book World Revolution seems to desire to limit the involvement of the Jesuits, although he does report that two of the first recruits of Weishaupt were ex- Jesuits. Weishaupt attributes his own description of their code of conduct "der Zweck heiligt die Mittel" (the end sanctifies the means) to the Jesuits. Various Catholic and Jesuit works verify this as a Jesuit attitude.25

John Robison whose gives an excellent picture in his Proofs of a Conspiracy of the various people who used the Masonic Lodge for devious purposes, indicates in several places that the early Masonic Lodges were used by the Jesuits. "At this time [after King James had fled to France] also the Jesuits took a more active hand in Free Masonry than ever. They insinuated themselves into the English Lodges... At this time changes were made in some of the Masonic symbols, particularly in the tracing of the Lodge, which bear evident marks of Jesuit interference."26

By adept use of old rivalries, those desiring to create a One- World-Government have played off their rivals against each other, and sneaked in and captured the remains. This movement is what Robison in 1798 called the Cosmopolitan movement. Cosmos is Greek for world and Polls is a city, hence, Cosmopolitan in Robison’s use means Citizenship of the World. The most zealous cosmopolitans or 1-Worlders in Robison’s day were the Loge des Chevaliers Bienfaisants at Lyons. Remember, it was from Lyons that the Scottish Rite traveled to the Americas. That Lodge’s Grand Masters were Duc de Chartres, the next Orleans, and after him Ph. Egalite. The Paris and Strasbourg lodges among others were daughter lodges from Lyons.27


Poland, because it was such a geopolitical asset of the Catholic church, was destroyed as a nation by the Masons.28

The French Revolution, planned by the Illuminati through several secret societies like the Jacobins wiped out the Catholic clergy without mercy. After the French Revolution, Napoleon and his four brothers, who were also Freemasons,29 continued to break the Roman Catholic Church’s power. Napoleon broke the temporal power of the Pope. Napoleon also seized and carted off to Paris almost all the Vatican’s archives, where fraternal scholars from several secret orders began examining them. (More about this later. ) If this wasn’t enough the Masons Mazzini and Garibaldi led a revolution in Italy and installed a Masonic government.

After Masonry conquered France, Grand Master and Illuminatus Lafayette directed the Mason Bernardo O’Higgins and Simon Bolivar to revolt in South America against Catholic Spain. Likewise he encouraged Juarez to revolt against Spain in Mexico. Since then the Masons like Mason and President Diaz of Mexico30 have held sway over Catholic Mexico. The Mexican government has often been anti-Catholic.31 Mexico has been a confusion of competing Lodge systems. These various revolutions were intended and succeeded in curtailing the Catholic Church’s power.


The Jesuit control of the Catholic Church is known to some. In Italy, the Jesuit Master General is called the Black Pope because they realize how much power the Grand Master wields. Every Catholic country has at some time expelled the Order because it wields its own power.32 The Order is also called by the Jesuits themselves "the Company." In understanding the mechanisms of power within the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church’s leverage on world events it is crucial to know what the Jesuits are about. However, in modern times there often hasn’t been any difference between the white and black Popes. A big exception was on Oct. 5, 1978 when Pope John Paul I replaced Master General Arupe with his personal delegate Paolo Dezza.33

According to Dr. Alberto R. Rivera, who claims he was a Jesuit Priest, he was shocked when he learned in the early 1960’s that his Jesuit Master General, head of all Jesuits, was a Freemason and had close ties to the Illuminati in London.34 One reason it was so shocking was that the Jesuit priests were being taught to regard the Freemasons as enemies. (Dr. Rivera is a controversial person, a letter written to him by this Author asking for clarification or confirmation of his story was never answered.)


Before W.W. I, none of those who designed plans for a One-World-Government display any sense of urgency . Nothing in the state of the world demanded a One-World-Government. The reason was that in the era prior to W.W. I nationalism was working beautifully. Europe, with only some minor exceptions like the Franco-Prussia War had enjoyed peace. Travel throughout Europe was unrestricted, and a person without a passport could travel all over Europe with the new ease that railroads were providing. Post-millennialists were in large supply. They felt assured that events would continue improving until the earth would become a paradise. However, illuminated plans had long been in the making to create conflict, in order to bring into being a world-wide popular desire for a world state.


The Grand Orient Masonry became illuminated in 1789.

In 1860, the Grand Orient lodges established communism, which is a step in the implementation of Illuminati goals.35 The Jewish Masons Marx and Engels were prominant in the creation of communism. Mazzini was even more influential.

Marx even in 1848 knew of a coming world war, which would destroy reactionary dynasties and what he called "riffraff" peoples such as the Slavic races. The two most powerful Masons of that time, Albert Pike and Mazzini wrote of the coming World Wars. It was Mazzini perhaps who proposed that it would take three world wars to destroy the world’s love for nationalism, and to insure the people would demand a One-World-Government. A letter written in 1871 and sent to various Masonic Lodges (one found its way into the London Museum) explains how three world wars were to be created to bring in a World-government.


What instruments were used to bring about World War I? The Freemasons and the Order of Jesuits. The Freemasons were involved in the assassination of the Archduke,36 which touched off a chain of reactions. The Jesuit influence on the Austria-Hungarian empire egged them into taking punitive measures against Serbia.37 The Vatican threw their support behind the Central Powers hoping to see their enemies, the Orthodox Chuch in Russia and the Balkins, the English, and the uncooperative French government taken care of. The Vatican’s ancient fear of its old rivalries gave the Illuminated groups an easy button to push.


The forces the Vatican had hoped would win were crushed, and the Vatican reacted predictably with new power moves. The Catholic church was losing power fast in Europe. The Fascism of Mussolini was the answer to the problem in Italy. The Catholic Church threw its support behind Hitler.38 Here, we find an alliance between the Catholic Church bent on protecting her position and the occult. Nazism was different from Mussolini’s Fascism in that it was the embodiment of the New Age Occultic religion that the Secret Societies had been planning to establish.39 Hitler gave the Catholic Church great power, but had he won, his ultimate plans were to control and remake Catholicism for his New Age religion.40

"Hitler spoke of the German mission to protect Christian Europe against Bolshevik Asiatic hordes. But this was only political propaganda, as the Nazis were no more Christian than the persecuting emperors of the Roman Empire or Stalin’s satraps; four thousand Roman Catholic priests and monks and probably as many other dedicated leaders and laymen of the Lutheran and other Protestant Churches were killed...for resisting the pagan Nazi views and brutalities."41

The Vatican was manipulated into thinking that Hitler and Mussolini would bring them what they wanted. Both Hitler and Mussolini gave the Catholic Church extensive benefits that boosted her waning temporal strength.42 Another agreement gave the Catholic Church the exclusive privilege to follow the Nazi Armies into Russia and convert the Russians.43 Actually, the Catholic efforts seem to have been counter productive in some ways, for they set up the Second World War that the Illuminated Ones had been wanting. Britian and Russia secretly manipulated Hitler into war.44 Hitler’s thinking made him quite easy to manipulate. The three Freemasons who led the three most powerful nations Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill, all Freemasons, got the war that had been planned. They secretly used the war to further Illuminated plans in many ways.45

The Catholic Church hoped the Nazis would wipe out a Secret Order that believed they were the blood lineage of Jesus Christ. This lineage was called the Holy Grail. Its secret elimination would destroy a potent rival to the Catholic Church. The Nazis hoped to use the Holy Grail for their own use, and sought not just the blood lineage but the Grail cup that stood for the lineage. Masonry (especially the Mizraim Rite, but also the Scottish Rite) is intimately connected to the preservation of that Holy Lineage.


Two Orthodox Jews have come out with shocking evidence in their books Perfidy and The Holocaust Victims. What their evidence indicates is that the Zionist and Reform Jews sacrificed the Orthodox Jews of Europe. More and more Orthodox Jews are writing books and telling the truth of their betrayal by the Zionist Jews who were in positions of power.

Malkeil Greenwald, a Holocaust researcher, discovered that a certain high ranking Israeli Official named Rudolph Kastner was directly responsible for the slaughter of one million Hungarian Orthodox Jews.

Further, it turns out that the emigration bureaucracy of the Third Reich was run by Zionist Jews. Therefore, the Rothschilds and other Jews of the Reformed variety got out, the Orthodox were abandoned. Powerful Reformed Jews in nations like the US, encouraged the prohibitions on Orthodox Jews immigrating before W.W.II to safety. It could be said that Jewish power was strong enough to get Roosevelt elected, but not strong enough to raise a protest to get Orthodox Jews out Germany, when Hitler tried to expel the Jews and no country would take them.

Jewish author David S. Wyman, in The Abandonment of the Jews writes on pages 198 and 199,

"The (Jewish) Emergency Committee worked almost alone for the passage (through our Congress) of the Rescue Resolution. Zionist leaders, acting through the American Jewish Conference, even hampered its progress...[Stephen] Wise had based his testimony on policy set by Zionist leaders of the American Jewish Conference. This group, which included Wise, Abba Hillel Silver, Naham Goodman, Herman Shulman, and Babbi Irving Miller, had taken sounding in Congress and must have realized that pressing the Palestine issue could not help the Rescue Resolution and might jeopardize it. Whether they intended to undermine the legislation is not entirely clear. "

On page 200 we read ’The Emergency Committee, parts of the Jewish Press, and even one prominent Zionist, Rabbi Meyer Berlin, publicly accused Zionist leaders of internationly obstructing the Rescue Resolution, . . . Senator Gillette, a dedicated friend of Zionism, candidly discussed the obstruction he encountered from Zionist leaders: ’These people used every effort, every means at their disposal, to block the Resolution...[They] tried to defeat it by offering an amendment to it that would raise the guestion, the controversial guestion of Zionism or anti-Zionism... or anything else that would block the action that we were seeking."

In 1985, a Zionist Jew wrote The Abandonment of the Jews. This book, written from a Zionist perspective actually states the truth, that the Zionists made a decision to concentrate on the creation of the nation of Israel rather than try to save the Orthodox Jews in Europe.

"...On the debit side, Zionist insistence on committing the (Jewish Rescue) Conference to a Jewish Commonwealth in Palestine, a post-war objective, ended the chance for a united Jewish action on the immediate issue of rescue...The unavoidable conclusion is that during the Holocaust the leadership of American Zionism concentrated its major force on the drive for a future Jewish state in Palestine. It consigned rescue of the Jews to a distinctly secondary position..."

This information clears up several points. First, it explains why the Jewish International Financiers would finance Hitler. They were trying to destroy their rivals the Orthodox Jews and to create the conditions necessary for World and Jewish enthusiasm for a Jewish takeover of Palestine.

They were also moving the world toward the Power’s objective, the One-World religion of Masonry. The Orthodox Jews can be as fixed on the Bible’s morality as the Christians.

It explains the actions of Churchill and Roosevelt too toward the plight of the Orthodox Jews.

It coincides in spirit with some of the other things that the Reform Jews have done to the Orthodox Jews since W.W. II. Reformed Judiasm and the Illuminati have been actively working on the destruction of the Jewish people’s morals and Bible convictions. They have been doing this for centuries. A Jewish author not long ago described the subversion of a Polish town in a historical novel Satan in Goray. The scene is in Poland in 1665. The book is based upon the subversion that took place within various Jewish communities as Illuminated ones of the Satanic Jewish Sabbatianism Sect began to destroy the Jewish morals. One offspring of Sabbatianism was called the Frankists and they were the core group which started up the Illuminati in Germany.

Some Rabbis tried to stop the Oriental Pantheism of these Kabalistic Jews, their Magic, and the lewd paganism that the Sabbatai were introducing, but it was a losing battle. Today, psychiatrists, our primary recognized authorities on people, are taught principles that are derived from the teachings of the Satanic Sabbatai. Freud took his ideas from the Zohar and some of the ideas of the Sabbatai. It might surprise some people that Freud got his ideas from the Satanic Jewish sect of Frankist-Illuminati. The depraved behavior of the Frankist-Illuminati was the beginning of what has become the everyday perversions of the ungodly American Society. Psychiatrists using Freud’s teachings have been granted unquestioned power over many people lives.


The author of the book The Mind of Adolf Hitler gives evidence that Hitler was the grandson of Baron Rothschild of Vienna. A secret document prepared by the Austrian police after an investigation of the Hitlers done under the orders of Austrian Chancellor Dolfuss revealed that Hitler’s grandmother Maria Anna Shicklgruber was in Vienna working as a servant for Baron Rothschild when she conceived. When the Rothschilds discovered her pregnancy, she was sent to her hometown in Spital where Alois (the father of Adolf) was born.46

Adolf Hitler ordered his own investigation into his roots. He directed his private lawyer Hans Frank to investigate his paternal lineage. Frank reported back that his grandmother had become pregnant while working as a domestic live-in servant for a Jewish household in Graz, Austria. After this point, Hitler came to believe that he was related to the Rothschilds.47

The Swastika was at the Catholic abbey school Adolf Hitler attended at Lambach. It was the heraldic sign of the abbey’s administrator Father Hagen.48 Hitler very early showed an interest in magic, theosophy, and the occult.


The Catholic Church after the war naturally continued her crusade against communism. This was fine because the Illumined Ones wanted a Cold War. The final step was when the Cold War was to be dismantled and a New World Order created, they would have to step in and actually control the Catholic Church rather than manipulate it. By using the fear of Communism, the CIA was able to infiltrate the Catholic Church. An outlawed Masonic Lodge system called P2 working with the CIA gained control of Italy and the Vatican, although the regular Masonic lodges have also gained large power within the Catholic hierarchy.49

It is at this point that this book will now zoom in and focus in on, to cover the details of how the great Roman Catholic Church became another New Age religion.


In searching for a method to organize the details of the Masonic capture of the Catholic Church, the simple expediency of breaking things into subchapters named chronologically after successive Popes has been implemented. When needed these subchapters will be broken down into sections.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Catholic Popes the list of Popes since the first Pope to forbid Freemasonry is given with the date they became Pope.

Subchapter 1.   Clement XII (1730),       Benedict XIV (1740),      Clement XIII (1758), 
                        Clement XIV (1769),      Pius VI (1775),                Pius VII (1800)

Subchapter 2.   Leo XII (1823),     Pius VIII (1829),     Gregory XVI (1831),      Pius IX (1846)

Subchapter 3.   Leo XIII (1878)

Subchapter 4.   St. Pius X (1903),     Benedict XV (1914),     Pius XI (1922),     Pius XII (1939)

Subchapter 5.   John XXIII (1958)

Subchapter 6.   Paul VI (1963)

Subchapter 7.   John Paul I (1978)

Subchapter 8.   John Paul II (1978)

Subchapter 1. The early years.

Whether the reader is Catholic or not, he will be aware that the Catholic church has always had enemies. That some of these enemies would choose subversion and secret organizations is of no surprise. However, those that were opposed to the Catholic church because of its moral deficiencies and corruptions were not the ones that were willing to be totally amoral to fight the Church. It was not the reformers, but those that wanted to destroy all vestiges of Christianity that were the most dangerous.

The Jews had adopted and codified in the Talmud, the worst moral perversions, not even the Catholic Church could tolerate Talmudic Jewish morals. The Talmud instructs the Jews to commit every sin possible against the Goyim (the Gentiles). In numerous obligatory passages it also promotes amongst the Jewish people themselves child rape (Sanhedrin 55a & b, 69b, 7 6a, Kethuboth lib), sex with animals (Footnote to Sanhendrin 55a), and a host of other practices called "wicked" by Christians. This is why the Catholic Church tried to stamp out the Jews—because they practiced disgusting perversions that were codified in the Talmud. The Catholic Church very early on felt that one of their bitterest enemies were the Kabalistic Jews, and the Catholic Church from the public beginnings of Masonry felt that her Jewish enemies were behind the lodges.

Likewise, the Protestants Reformers felt most threatened by such people too, not out of racial prejudice, but because they were so destructive to all morals. Calvin and those who ruled Geneva burned Servetus at the stake because he was against what the Church stood for--they weren’t burning Catholics, because in the eyes of the Protestants the Catholics weren’t challenging the basic tenets of the Scripture.50 Surely there were times that racial prejudice came into affairs, but the mythical image that the Jews were persecuted down through history because of their race, doesn’t hold up historically.

Christians are ignorant that the Talmud advises "Even the best of Goim (gentiles) should be killed." (Abhodah Zarah --26b, Tosephoth). The Jewish controlled Media is not going to expose such terrible Jewish racism, but they have put out shows on TV blaming Christians for the Holocaust.

From the beginning the Rosicrucians and Freemasons employed Jewish symbolism and Jewish Kabalistic magic. The theme of the Masons from the beginning was the Rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. The temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed according to Christ’s prophecy. The rebuilding of the Jewish Temple was a Jewish hope-- that slowly over the years has been adopted by the Christians.

Clement XII in 1738 condemned Freemasonry and asked Catholics to leave it and not join. Ignoring the Pope’s edicts, the Catholic Duke of Norfolk served as Grand Master of the English Masons, and the Catholic Viscount Montagu (who was a key player for the Power), and who was head of the English Catholics also served as the Grand Master of England’s Masonic Lodges from 1772-77.51

The Masonic Lodges became hot houses for every anti-religious sentiment. Within a few years of the public appearance of the Masonic Lodges, the governments of Europe were teeming with Masons. The Marquis de Pombal, royal adviser in Portugal; the Count de Aranda, royal adviser in Spain; Minister de Tillot and the Due de Choiseul in France, Prince von Kaunitz and Gerard von Swieten at the Habsburg court in Vienna, Austria were some of these prominent Masons in high government positions. They addressed each other as "Brothers of the Pyramid and advocated the overthrow of Christian organizations. "52

On July 21, 1773, the Pope abolished the Order of Jesuits. Interestingly, Frederick the Great of Prussia, one of the most important and dedicated Masons that has lived and a homosexual, protected the Jesuits in order to use their services against the Pope, and the Bourbons. Is it strange then, that soon afterwards, the Illuminati arose in Jesuit areas, yet appeared not to be connected with the Jesuits? Heckethorn and other writers have noted the close connection between Masonic rituals and Jesuit initiations and rites.53

Within a few years the French Revolution, a product of Illumined Masonry, broke the Papacy’s control over France. Napoleon, a great Freemason, continued the Revolution in the name of "Liberte, egalite, fraternie" that is "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity." Napoleon proceeded to completely break the Papacy. He arrested Pope Pius VI. Contrary to the advice of other Masons he allowed him to live, but was slow to replace him with another Pope when he died.

Napoleon permitted Pius VII to become Pope. But Pius VII and him didn’t get along, and Pius VII ended up arrested. Napoleon treated him according to Catholic sources "brutally" and forced him to sign away more papal power. When Napoleon saw his position in Europe smashed by the Allied armies, he released the Pope. In 1814 in one Pius VII first acts after release he reinstated the Jesuits.54 During these years of the Pope’s captivity, the Masons controlled the Catholic Church. What all they did behind the scenes to the Catholic church would be interesting to know. They did haul the Vatican’s archieves to Paris. What is interesting is that they have not revealed whatever great secrets they must have learned from those archives. It can be assumed that perhaps they kept these secrets for blackmail, or to release when to their maximum benefit. (These are not the only historical secrets that the Freemasons are guarding.)

Charles T. Russell saw the capture of the Pope by Napoleon as the turning point in history. He may be correct.

Apparently, Freemasonry through the Jesuit leadership and other of their men, have had some control or influence over the Catholic Church since that time period. As we will witness in our next subsection, the Catholic Church may have forbidden Freemasonry but the records show that many Catholics, especially revolutionaries from Catholic countries, continued their affiliation with the church after joining Freemasonry in spite of the bans.

Subsection 2. Pius IX, the first verifiable Mason to become Pope.

After the Masons had completely captured the Catholic Church by the 1960s, they were no longer concerned if people would learn that Pius IX had been a Mason. In the New Age, April 1962, p. 17 in an article "A Pontiff FREEMASON" An Official Bulletin of the National Grand Orient of Egypt published in Italian and dated Mar, 187 6 records a document No. 13,715 bearing the great seal of the Grand Lodge Luce Perpetua of Naples: Masonic Lodge Eterna Catena of Palermo:        "We Master Masons, dignitaries and officials...certify...we have received in this Lodge in the form prescribed by our rituals, and with entire conformity to our constitution, the Brother Giovanni Ferretti Mastai... in the profane and civil year 1839, on the fifteenth day of the month of August."

The article then goes on to discuss how various Masons and various lodges were aware of his membership. After he was ordained to the Priesthood, he was appointed Apostolic Delegate in the Uruguay, where he appeared in the Masonic Lodges. This was even known to "profane people" (non-Masons). In 1873, in an epistle Pius IX denounced Freemasonry as originating from the devil. Garibaldi, a 33 degree Mason and others had overthrown the government of Italy and installed a Masonic government. Victor Emmanuel had been made King of Italy, and while he ruled he was also the Grand Master of Masons in Italy. After the Pope denounced Freemasonry, a letter signed by King & G.M. Victor Emmanuel was sent out to the Masonic bodies informing them of the Pope’s expulsion from the Masons.

Subsection 3. Leo XIII. The best Anti-Masonic Encyclical.

During the administration of this Pope, the Modernist Catholic Movement became active against the traditions of the church. The director Jean-Baptiste Hogan of the Seminary of St. Sulpice in Paris was an important figure in this movement. Various members of this movement were linked to Freemasonry and excommunicated or suspended.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII sent out the strongest and most comprehensive encyclical against the Freemasons that was ever done. The warning comes across as very sincere. As to whether there was a hidden agenda behind heating up the war of words with the Masons, this Author is not aware of any.

Occasionally, this Author is asked why the Catholics were against the Masons. (By the way, this author is not Catholic. ) Pope Leo XIII answered that well with his encyclical.

If any Catholics are reading this, they are requested to read this message from Pope Leo XIII. Masonry hasn’t changed but your Church isn’t warning its people any more. Other readers may want to jump over this next part. This condemnation of Freemasonry is so well said that it deserves repeating at least in a condensed form.


To all venerable Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, and Bishops in the Catholic world who have grace and communion with the Apostolic See:...The Human Race... divided itself into two different and opposing parties, one of which assiduously combats for truth and virtue, the other for those things which are opposed to virtue and to truth. The one is the Kingdom of God on earth...

"The other is the kingdom of Satan, in whose dominion and power are all who have followed his sad example and that of our first parents.

"...Augustine clearly saw and described, ... "Two loves have made two states: the love of self to the contempt of God has made the earthly, but the love of God to the contempt of self has made the heavenly.

". . .those who follow the evil one seem to conspire and strive all together under the guidance and with the help of that society of men spread all over, and solidly established, which they call Free­Masons.

"...Clement XII. first signalized the danger in 1738, and Benedict XIV. renewed and continued his Constitution. Pius VII. followed them both; and Leo XII., by the Apostolic Constitution-guo graviora-recapitulating the acts and decrees of the above Pontiffs about the matter, validated and confirmed them forever. In the same way spoke Pius VIII., Gregory XVI., and very often Pius IX.

"...The purpose and aim of the Masonic sect having been discovered from plain evidence, from the cognition of causes, its laws, Rites and commentaries having come to light and been made known by the additional depositions of the associated members, this Apostolic See denounced and openly declared that the sect of Masons is established against law and honesty, and is equally a danger to Christianity as well as to society; and... many princes and rulers of States agreed with the Popes, and either denounced Masonry to the Apostolic See or by appropriate laws condemned it as a bad thing in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Bavaria, Savoy, and other parts of Italy.

"Although in our days these seem to no longer care to hide in darkness, but hold their meetings in the full light and under the eyes of their fellow-men and publish their journals openly, yet they deliberate and preserve the habits and customs of secret societies. Nay there are in them many secrets which are by law carefully concealed not only from the profane, but also from many associated, viz., the last and intimate intentions, the hidden and unknown chiefs, the hidden and secret meetings, the resolutions and methods and means by which they will be carried into execution. Hence the difference of rights and of duties among the members; hence the distinction of orders and grades and the severe discipline by which they are ruled.

"...So, by false appearance, but with the same kind of simulation, the Masons chiefly strive, as once did the Manicheans, to hide and to admit no witnesses but their own. They seek skillfully hiding places, assuming the appearance of literary men or philosophers, associated for the purpose of erudition; they have always ready on their tongues the speech of cultivated urbanity, and proclaim their charity toward the poor; they look for the improvement of the masses, to extend the benefits of social comfort to as many of mankind as possible. Those purposes, though they may be true, yet are not the only ones. Besides, those who are chosen to join the society must promise and swear to obey the leaders and teachers with great respect and trust; to be ready to do whatever is told them, and accept death and the most horrible punishment if they disobey. In fact, some who have betrayed the secrets or disobeyed an order are punished with death so skillfully and so audaciously that the murder escaped the investigations of the police. Therefore, reason and truth show that the society of which we speak is contrary to honesty and natural justice.

"..."A good tree cannot yield bad fruits, nor a bad tree good ones." (Matt, vii.,18) Masonry generates bad fruits mixed with great bitterness. From the evidence above mentioned we find its aim, which is the desire of overthrowing all the religious and social orders introduced by Christianity, and building a new one according to its taste, based on the foundation and laws of naturalism.

"What we have said or will say must be understood of Masonry in general and of all societies, not of the individual members of the same. In their number there may be not a few who, though they are wrong in giving their names to these societies, yet are neither guilty of their crimes nor aware of the final goal which they strive to reach.

"By opening their gates to persons of every creed they promote, in fact, the great modern error of religious indifference and of the parity of all worships, the best way to annihilate every religion, especially the Catholic, which, being the only true one cannot be joined with others without enormous injustice.

"Those who boldly deny His existence are admitted as well as those who, like the Pantheists, admit God but ruin the idea of Him, retaining an absurd caricature of the divine nature, destroying its reality. Now, as soon as this supreme foundation is pulled down and upset, many natural truths must need go down, too, as the free creations of this world, the universal government of Providence, immortality of soul, fixture, and eternal life.

"The only morality which Free-Masons admit, and by which they would like to bring up youth, is that which they call civic and independent, or the one which ignores every religious idea.

"...where it has been freely dominating, having banished Christian education, probity and integrity of manners go down, horrible and monstrous opinions raise their head, and crimes grow with fearful audacity. This is deplored by everybody, and by those who are compelled by evidence and yet would not like to speak so.

"But naturalists and Masons, rejecting divine revelation, deny original sin, and do not acknowledge that our free will is weakened and bent to evil.

"... there have been in the Masonic sect some who openly said and proposed that the multitudes should be urged by all means and artifice into license [promiscuity]...

"For domestic society the doctrine of almost all naturalists is that marriage is only a civil contract, and may be lawfully broken by the will of the contracting parties; the State has power over the matrimonial bond. In the education of the children no religion must be applied, and when grown up every one will select that which he likes.

"...So the nature of marriage will be soon changed and reduced to a temporary union, which can be done and undone at pleasure.

"The sect of the Masons aims unanimously and steadily also at the possession of the education of children."

"...In many places they have gone so far that children’s education is all in the hands of laymen: and from moral teaching every idea is banished of those holy and great duties which bind together man and God.

"Now it is well known that Free-Masons approve these maxims, and that they wish to see governments shaped on this pattern and model needs no demonstration. It is a long time, indeed, that they have worked with all their strength and power openly for this,..."

"...the communion and equality of all goods after having swept away from the world every distinction of social goods and conditions.

"...From these few hints it is easy to understand what is the Masonic sect and what it wants. Its tenets contradict so evidently human reason that nothing can be more perverted. The desire of destroying the religion and Church established by God, with the promise of immortal life, to try to revive, after eighteen centuries, the manners and institutions of paganism, is great foolishness and bold impiety. No less horrible or unbearable is it to repudiate the gifts granted through His adversaries. In this foolish and ferocious attempt, one recognizes that untamed hatred and rage of revenge kindled against Jesus Christ in the heart of Satan.

"...The other attempt in which the Masons work so much, viz., to pull down the foundations of morality, and become co-operators of those who, like brutes, would see that become lawful which they like, is nothing but to urge mankind into the most abject and ignominious degradation.

"...That the State ought to profess religious indifference and neglect God in ruling society, as if God did not exist, is a foolishness unknown to the very heathen, who had so deeply rooted in their mind and in their heart, not only the idea of God, but the necessity also of public worship, that they supposed it to be easier to find a city without any foundation that without any God. And really human society...was instituted by God...

"...those who want to free society from any religious duty are not only unjust but unwise and absurd.

"...The turbulent errors which we have mentioned must inspire governments with fear; in fact, suppose the fear of God in life and respect for divine laws to be despised, ...rebellion would be left free to popular passions, and universal revolution and subversion must necessarily come. This subversive revolution is the deliberate aim and open purpose of the numerous communistic and socialistic associations. The Masonic sect has no reason to call itself foreign to their purpose, because Masons promote their designs and have with them common capital principles.

"Free-Masons, insinuating themselves under pretence of friendship into the hearts of Princes, aim to have them powerful aids and accomplices to overcome Christianity... they get great influence in the government of States, resolve yet to shake the foundations of the thrones, and persecute, calumniate, or banish those sovereigns who refuse to rule as they desire.

"By these arts flattering the people, they deceive them. Proclaiming all the time public prosperity and liberty; making multitudes believe that the Church is the cause of the iniquitous servitude and misery in which they are suffering, they deceive people and urge on the masses craving for new things against both powers.... But the punishment of the proud, who rebel against the order established by the providence of God, is that they find oppression and misery exactly where they expected prosperity according to their desire.

" 'But,' to use the words of St. Augustine, 'they believe, or want to make believe, that the doctrine of Gospel is not useful to society, because they wish that the State shall rest not on the solid foundation of virtue, but on impunity of vice.'

"We entreat and pray you, venerable brethren, who co-operate with us, to root out this poison, which spreads widely among the Nations. It is your duty to defend the glory of God and the salvation of souls...the first thing to do is to strip from the Masonic sect its mask and show it as is, teaching orally and by pastoral letters the people about the frauds used by these societies to flatter and entice, the perversity of its doctrines, and the dishonesty of its works.

"May it grow more and more, this holy congregation [the Church] , from which, among others, can be expected also this precious fruit of bringing minds back to liberty, fraternity, and equality; not those which are the dream of the Masonic sect, but which Jesus Christ brought into this world and Francis revived. The liberty, we say, of the children of God which frees from the servitude of Satan and from the passions, the worst tyrants; the fraternity which emanates from God, the Father and Creator of all; the equality established on justice and charity, which does not destroy among men every difference, but which, from variety of life, offices, and inclinations, makes that accord and harmony which is exacted by nature for the utility and dignity of civil society.

"Inebriated by its prosperous success, Masonry is insolent, and seems to have no more limits to its pertinacity....

"Through their patronage and the perseverance of common prayers let us hope that God will condescend to piously help human society threatened by so many dangers....Given at Rome...20th of April, 1884...         LEO. PP XIII

A number of Masons took this encyclical Humanum Genus as a joke. They have no sense of a fear of God.

Someone who would not take this encyclical as a joke was Father Charles E. Coughlin.55 Father Coughlin preached over the radio until the Power finally forced him off the air. This independent minded Christian did not follow the lemmings rushing over the abyss, but courageously preached sermon after sermon exposing paganism, satanism, capitalism, communism and all these isms related to Freemasonry. This Catholic Father brought his whole energy and intellect to bear on stemming the tide of Satan his temple Freemasonry. As can be expected the full resources of the Power’s press were turned against him. The Detroit Free Press ran nine days of front page "yellow journalism" to destroy his reputation. The IRS "leaked" that it was investigating Father Coughlin.56 The national press made much of about Father Coughlin cheating on his income taxes. Actually, the only error found was an error in arithmetic had been made, the Father had overpaid, and the IRS owed Father Coughlin $8.61.57 (See chapter 3.7 for more on the IRS.) Sadly, while he was defending Christ, his leaders were selling his church out.

Subchapter 4. Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV, and Pius XI

St. Pius X took over in 1903. Catholism had some dangerous cracks within its solid looking walls. The International Financiers had the Church at their mercy. They could infiltrate the Church, spy on the church, etc. but they hadn’t moved the church into its role as a major part of the One-World-Religion. Nor had they built up world sympathy for a One-World-Government. The Twentieth Century was to be Christendom’s attitude adjustment.

In 1902, Minister Combes, a former Catholic seminarian and Mason, appointed under the concordant, Father Lacroix bishop of Tarantaise. It was St. Pius who summoned Bishop Lacroix to Rome and forced him to resign. Lacroix’s will after his death confirmed that he was a Freemason.

Pius XI then proscribed all the ordinations conferred by the Mason bishop be repeated (with conditions). The dissident Leferbrites that have split with mainstream Catholicism trace back their ordinations to that Mason bishop.58 Their leader Leferbre happens to have recently died in 1990.

Pius XI was Pope during the confused state of all the political intrigues of the 1930s. There seem to be more questions than answers when one investigates the One-World-Power and its dealings with the Vatican during the 1930s.

For instance, the Spanish Civil War seems to have been in part contrived by the International Jews and the New Fascist dictators. General Franco and his financial backer, Jaun March, were both Marranos Jews. General Franco was reportedly also a Grand Orient Mason.59 Peter Wyden reports in Passionate Years that Archivist Victor A. Berch, of Brandeis Univ., had found that 40% of the Lincoln Brigade (volunteers fighting against General Franco) were Jewish. Perhaps the only sense of this, is to look at the process and not the details. One overall result of the war, was that the Communists secretly stole the Spanish gold reserve of over a billion dollars in gold, and shipped it to Russia. One of the means of transport was the Soviet ship Komsomol that carried the gold and it arrived in Odessa Nov. 2, 1936. The gold was trucked to Moscow’s Precious Metals Deposit, Gohkran.60

The other big result was that Hitler revitalized his military machine, and tested out his new weapons. If the Germans had not been given the opportunity to test their military capabilities, they may have been slower in going to war.

A great amount of political maneuvering was taking place. Father Coughlin was trying to warn Catholics of the dangers that were coming, and warning them to vote against Roosevelt. Father Coughlin for years warned people about the Masons. But while he was doing this, Cardinal Pacelli, the Pope’s Secretary of State, timed a visit to the U.S. in 1936 that coincided with the elections and gave the appearance of Papal approval of Roosevelt to the Catholic voters. Pacelli was of Jewish blood (according to Dr. Rivera). As readers may remember, Cardinal Pacelli had negotiated with Lenin on behalf of the Pope; this was according to Avro Manhattan with the view of supplanting the Russian Orthodox Church with the Catholic Church.61 When Pope Pius XII (Pacelli) took over 1939, because he was a "compromising man", the Mason Pres. Roosevelt established diplomatic relations with the Vatican, which had been officially ignored since 1867. The Protestants did not disapprove of this move because it was billed by the media as a step to keep Italy out of World War II which had broken out. The first personal ambassador to the Vatican from the U.S. was the millionaire, Episcopalian, and active Freemason Myron C. Taylor (1874-1959) . The New York Times, Nov. 6, 1936 records Myron C. Taylor’s views of Mussolini. One of the many praises he gave is Taylor’s declaration, "the whole world has been forced to admire the successes of Premier Mussolini in disciplining the nation."

At that point, a bond of cooperation between Masons, and the International Financiers and the Vatican can be seen quietly working in the background of history. Commenting on the parallel policies that the U.S. and the Vatican entered into during these years in W.W. II the former French Ambassador to the Holy See, Francois Charles Roix in the Revue de Paris, Sept. 1946 said, "few people in Europe were aware of the union which was functioning on a spiritual level between the two forces which were represented in the United States and the Holy See and which...were co-ordinated in each instance that justified joint action."(Emphasis added.)

This book does not have the space to delve into all the politics and cooperation during these years between the Catholic Church and the One-World-Order, including such groups as the CIA, the Knights of Malta, and MI 6. Let it simply suffice here to indicate that there was a lot of activity between the various parties, and a lot of mixing and cooperation. It appears the close relationships were mutually beneficial. Perhaps the Catholic Church in some was naive with who they were dealing with, but that is unlikely considering men like Father Coughlin, and others who were giving warnings.

Subchapter 5. Pope John XXIII


On a damp rainy day in Sotto il Monte, Italy Signora Maria Anna Mazzola Roncalli gave birth to a healthy baby. The cross-mountain wind that the people call tramontano was slamming through town rattling wooden shutters and forcing rain into the damp houses. It was Nov. 25, 1881, and due to the high rate of infant mortality the family followed the church’s instructions and went that very same day to the parish church of San Giovanni to have the infant baptized Giuseppe Angelo Roncalli. Later his names were reversed.62 And later this child as a seventy-seven year old man would be known as Pope John XXIII.

That name Pope John XXIII is pregnant with meaning. This name that he selected had been anathematized because an anti-pope (an imposter) up to 1415 had used it. Since then nobody had dared use it. The name John is very important to the Masons, for the Patron saint of the Freemasons is St. John. Further, a document placed in the National Library in Paris, France prior to to 1956, indicates that a man called John XXIII (Jean Cocteau) was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion,63 the secret order entrusted with the blood line of the House of David. There was considerable consternation when Roncalli choose the name John XXIII, considering that the Anti-Pope who had that same name was known only for seducing 200 women including his own sister-in-law. (Spearman, Neville. The Broken Cross. Piers Compton, 1983.)


Due to Masons in the Italian government, Italy entered W.W. I on the side of the Allies fighting the Central Powers.

One of Roncalli’s first assignments in W.W.I was with a medical unit at Bergamo. While there in Mar. 1916, all the priests in the Italian Army were made Chaplains and given the rank of lieutenant. Roncalli was both a nurse and a priest to the shattered bodies that came back from the front. After the defeat at Caporetto, masses of horribly wounded men overflowed the entire city, and Roncalli worked night and day giving last rites and comfort to dying boys. Later in the spring of 1917, he served at the front moving through the mud and rain among the troops in a cassock stained with blood.64

Later in life, Roncalli would look back and say, "I thank God that I was a sergeant and a military chaplain in World War I. How much I learned of the human heart at that time time; how much experience I gained, how great the grace I received..."

It is hard to fault him for wanting peace and peace at any price. A letter to his brother Severio written from Constantinople, 28 April 1938 reflects his desire for peace, "For our own part, let us try to keep the peace with everyone, speaking against no one and staying out of politics."65

Exactly what he meant by staying out of politics is hard to grasp, because he himself was to use the words of his biographer "As the Bishop’s secretary, Roncalli was in the thick of the socio-ecclesiatical politics, which eventually led to the founding of the Italian Christian-Democratic Party. "66 But he did try to keep peace with the Jews, as Pope he removed words in the Good Friday liturgy that the Jews disliked, and when speaking to Jews on various occasions called himself a "brother" to the Jews.67


Another impact on his life was when he went to Turkey in 1935 as Papal nunico. One book indicates that while in Turkey, he became part of the Rose-Croix (the Rosicrucians).68

If true, his move after the war to represent the Vatican at Paris, France takes on added significance. Paris is a nerve center for Occultic Secret Societies including the Masons and especially the Rosicrucians. Interestingly, from 1952 onwards the permanent observer for the Holy See at UNESCO was Roncalli.69 UNEsCo was as in shown later a Masonic invention designed to promote the New Age religion.

During the Second World War, during the occupation of Greece by Italy, Roncalli felt that the Italian occupation was kind and beneficial to Greece. Writing to his sister from Athens 14 June, 1943 he states that Freemasonry was causing a bad division between Greece and Italy. "We see how Greece which is orthodox and, because it is dominated by Freemasonry, hostile to anything which might draw it nearer to Italy (not because of national interests but because Italy holds the centre of Catholicism...Oh, Sister Maria, how I dislike politics! and nationalism it is a real curse for a nation when religion serves as its tool."70

In spite of his letters expressing disdain for politics Roncalli was known for his success in dealing with the Orthodox Church’s prelates and the Moslem Turkish government.71

While he served as a cardinal representing the Vatican in France, across Europe the CIA was making payments to the Masonic Lodges to rebuild them.72 The CIA was also making large payments to the Catholic Church. Former CIA agent Victor Marchetti stated:

In the 1950s and the 1960s the CIA gave economic support to many activities promoted by the Catholic Church, from orphanages to the missions. Millions of dollars each year were given to a great number of bishops and monsignors. One of them was Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini. It is possible that Cardinal Montini did not know where the money was coming from. He may have thought it was coming from friends.73

Cardinal Montini became Pope Paul VI. He was also at some point a Freemason, and an OSS agent.74

Even prior to Roncalli becoming Pope John XXIII, Freemasonry had some powerful men in the Vatican. For instance, Cardinal Sebastino Baggio (his Masonic name Seba, in Lodge #85/2640) was raised into a regular Masonic Lodge on Aug. 14, 1957.75 Various sources also indicate that the Vatican’s foreign minister, at times called the Kissinger of the Vatican, Archbishop Msgr. Agostino Casarolli, was initiated into a regular Masonic Lodge on September 28, 1957.

This Author has studied Pope John XXIII to try to understand who he was, and what made him tick. How sold out was he to secret societies, and their ambitions? There are mixed clues, at this point this Author has the opinion, that Pope John XXIII was guided more by a sincere belief that he was helping promote world peace than any sinister motivation or evil agenda. But if this Pope can be said to have had good intentions, some of his close associates at the Vatican don’t appear at all so.


Constance Cumbey in her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 160, says, "If there has been a single Catholic pope who permitted the New Ager’s plan to take root within the Roman Catholic Church, it was Pope John XXIII who is spoken of reverently by New Agers and Catholic modernists."

Vatican II is a hallmark of toleration. It is an edict right in line with Masonic doctrine. For instance, it pronounces salvation to anyone who is good at whatever he is pursuing. Pope John XXIII, who was on record for Labor groups, not only allowed Catholics to become Masons but ended the church’s anti-communist stance.

Pope John XXIII threw his whole weight into getting Vatican II passed. Some claim the overwork in doing this speeded up his death. In addressing the Vatican II council prior to it sucessfully passing Vatican II, John XXIII told them, "Illuminated by the light of this Council the Church, we confidently trust, will become greater in spiritual riches, gaining the strength of new energies from it....Unfortunately, the entire Christian family has not yet fully attained... unity in truth. The Catholic Church, therefore, considers it her duty to work actively toward the fulfillment of the great mystery of that unity which Jesus invoked with fervent prayer from his heavenly Father on the eve of his sacrifice. . . [The Church] exults greatly at seeing that invocation extended... even among those who are outside her fold....Venerable brothers, such is the aim of the second Vatican council, which, bringing together the Church’s best energies... prepares and consolidates the path toward that unity of mankind which is required as a necessary foundation in order that the earthly city may be brought to resemble that heavenly city where truth reigns, charity is the law and whose extent is eternity."76

There he said it. The goal of Vatican II is the unity of mankind to create a earthly millennium.

The key Commission (group) of Vatican II was the Secretariat of Christian Unity headed by Cardinal Bea. Cardinal Bea was a Grand Master of the Freemasons, and was also a Jesuit and a Jew. His original name was Behar. During the Vatican II meetings he flew back and forth from the Vatican to New York (thought to be those of the One-World-Power) to brief these others on what was happening. The Second Vatican Council was announced in Jan. 1959, opened in Oct. 1962, and concluded in Dec. 1965.

This Author has the entire Vatican II in his library. It is appropriate to clarify that Vatican II does not tamper with the ultimate authority of the Catholic Church but leaves it intact.7 Authority in the Catholic church is not the protestant "sola scriptura" but ultimately rests with the church which then states what scripture and tradition is. Scripture with tradition then is their authority for dogma. Christ the Word of God still speaks, the church believes, in the priestly and papal offices, so that they claim infallibility for Christ’s Church. (See the Catholic church’s Decree on the Church 1.8, 11.12, 1.2, III.20.) The hierarchy and its power were left untouched. And we will learn more about what that hierarchy is today as we continue to read.

In April 1963 Pope John XXIII moved the Roman Catholic church closer toward a synthesis with communism with the document Pacem In Terris,       which promoted compromise with Communism. Further, he neutralised the conservatives by adding 12 new cardinals who favored his views.


The student of the New World Order will want to keep track of the following secret societies that involve the Catholic church.

THE ORDER OF KNIGHTS OF MALTA - Connected to the "Black" Nobility, this group connects with the Vatican, CIA, the Mafia, the Prieure de Sion, and many of the governments of Latin America. According to one Masonic source this group is also connected to Freemasonry.

OPUS DEI - A fraternal organization (in some ways secret) started in 1922 which is amassing increasing power within the Catholic Church. This movement is tied to the French Masonic Grand Orient.78

THE SOCIETY OF JESUS (JESUITS) - This fraternal Society has long had connections with illumination, and has been the cutting edge of the Church’s strength. They nominally owe allegiance to the Pope, but are practically a power unto themselves. The Pope has the power to try to replace the Master General with his own selection like he did with Arupe, but doing that is no assurance of Jesuit compliance. German Novalis said, "this Society will be an example of every society which feels an organic longing for infinite extension and eternal duration." Ignatius said, "The more universal your work the more divine it becomes." Usual training period for a Jesuit is 17 years.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - A Fraternal organization for Catholics modeled after Freemasonry.
Also the reader should be aware of the following church systems, because they play a role in the Illuminati’s power structure.

OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH - This branch is more occultic than the regular Catholic Church. One of its Rites is the English Rite. Became the Liberal Catholic Church.

THE LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH - Their Christ is Maitreya, and they follow the "Great White Brotherhood." They have a pagan trinity, and practice the occult. Started by a Freemason. Not directly under the Catholic system.


The Pope dismissed the colorful ceremonial Swiss Guard from their duty of keeping a nightly vigil outside of his papal apartment. At the same time overall security around the Pope was beefed up tremendously. Some say these extraordinary measures were to protect the investment Secret Societies had in the Pope.

Subchapter 6. Paul VI

Under Paul VI the Catholic church continued down the road toward the New World Order. Some of the noteworthy developments include

*    Liberation Theology was embraced by the church

*    The Catholic Knights of Columbus and the Masons began working together.

*    The Catholic Church set up Masonic Fronts

*    An outlawed Masonic lodge system developed called P2


The Pope has never officially blessed Liberation Theology and has at times not been publicly pleased with it. In a fashion reminiscent of Charles T. Russell, parts of the Catholic Church (Jesuits, Dominicans, Paulist Fathers, etc.) began to promote what is actually Judaism as a type of Christian theology called "Liberation Theology."

Liberation theology follows Jewish thought in several ways. It is revolutionary & socialist (which are definitely Jewish), it speaks only about Christ’s humanity, and it strives for a socialist New Order. Yes, liberation theologians have actually called for a "New Order", which is also called the Kingdom of God, or the Millennium. Catholics are being promised a "Golden Age of Christianity." (Where have we heard this before?)

Quoting from a book on Liberation Theology by one of it’s espousers entitled On Earth as it is in Heaven Jews, Christians, and Liberation Theology it says,

"Christian-Jewish dialogue has thus ceased to be the impossibility it once was.... Combining theory with practice, this movement attempts to use the insights of Marxist social criticism to forge a new vision of the Christian message. Most importantly for Jewish-Christian encounter, liberation theologians have gone back to their Jewish roots in the Old Testament. Suddenly Jewish and Christian writers find themselves using the same vocabulary and motifs..."79

"The writings of these theologians [liberation theo. J express a common conviction that the rights of the poor must be upheld in a quest for the liberation of the oppressed. ... Thus the kingdom of God, contrary to what many Christians believe, does not signify something that is outside of this world. Each individual must make an effort to bring about a new order, a mission based on Jesus’ actions and teachings as recorded in the gospels."

This Author’s reaction to Liberation Theology is to be amazed at how sheep-like even Theologians are; the people of the New Order make it fashionable to believe in Liberation Theology (a Christianized Judaism) and all the sheep just follow along. Even the Catholics are forgetting tradition and going with the fads.

Further, we read under the chapter Common Ground and Shared Concerns, under the section A Marxist Perspective, we are told that Marxism allows the Jews and Christians to have common ground, "This shared vision can serve as a bridge between the two traditions. Liberation theology’s return to traditional Jewish ideals should make it possible for both faiths to work together for the first time in areas of social concern. . . .As we have seen in their analysis of society and in trying to understand conflict, liberation theologians frequently utilize the insights of Marxism. For liberation theologians Marxism is essentially an instrument of social analysis; . . ."81

So the dialectic synthesis of Judaism and Christianity is Marxism, (Oh?), does the reader see how they attempt to control both sides of an issue to control the synthesis?

Back then, Australian Carmelite Patrick J. Gearon said, "Efforts are being made today to replace the Church of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas... with a new Church, the Church of Humanism and Evolution..."82

Jesuit Priest Padre Lupe (short for Guadalupe) aka James Francis Carney writes, "We Christian-Marxists will have to fight side-by- side in Central America with the Marxists who do not believe in God, in order to form a new socialist society...a pure Central American model....a Marxist is not dogmatic, but is dialectical. A Christian does not dogmatically condemn anyone, but respects the beliefs of others. A dogmatic anticommunist Christian is not a real Christian; and a dogmatic anti-Christian Marxist is not a real Marxist....Neither communist nor socialist... the universe of man is in dialectical evolution towards the Kingdom of God."83

The Nicaraguan revolution was a carefully thought out orchestrated affair.84 The Sandinistas would have had little chance of installing a Marxist government in a country 91.6 % Catholic if the Catholic clergy had not supported revolution and preached to the people that the revolution was a religious matter sanctioned by the church. "Heaven became the earthly paradise of the workers from which Captialism is abolished."85 The National Council of Churches gave $305,000 in 1981 alone to the Jesuit staffed CEPAD in Nicaragua to help support the Revolution.

Not only have the Jesuits become communist revolutionaries attempting to bring in a socialist state by violence, they have joined the Masonic Lodges in great numbers. "There were, in addition, revelations that certain circles of the international section of the Masonic Lodge in Europe and Latin America were actively organizing opposition to the Pontiff in Poland; that Vatican prelates--some twenty in all--were formal members of the Italian Lodge. . . "86

The Jesuit influence has meant that the Roman Catholic population of India of 3 million has slipped back into what is Hinduism.

To complete this picture, let us comment on how Vatican II has helped transform the Catholic church into a Masonic-like religion. Three Cathlolic Priests in their co-authored book Finding Grace At The Center (bearing the official Imprimatur approval) advises,

"We should not hesitate to take the fruit of the age-old Wisdom of the East and "capture" it for Christ...

Many Christians who take their prayer life seriously have been greatly helped by Yoga, Zen, TM, and similar practices. . .87

The Mason Pope John Paul II has publicly endorsed such syncretism.88 And much of the Catholic church is following suit. Zen Buddhism and Hinduism are being practiced now by many Catholics at church sponsored events.

A local Christian (protestant) went to a retreat put on by Catholic monks. After coming home, he felt very good about his experience, until his brother who is a Zen Buddhist convinced him that what he had practiced doing on the retreat was Zen Buddhism.89 Both of the two main schools (types) of Zen Buddhism teach that the goal of the Zen Buddhist is enlightenment--which they call "satori." The founder of Zen got his enlightenment by staring at a blank wall for 9 years straight. The Christian concept of sin doesn’t even enter the picture. For instance, listen to two Zen teachers describe satori.

"Satori is utterly impersonal... sufficient unto itself, its own authority...without any sense of separateness there is no need of benevolence or love for one’s fellow men. When I and my Father are one, why seek that one?"90

"If you want to get to the plain truth, be not concerned with right and wrong. The conflict between right and wrong is the sickness of the mind."91

The love of Buddhism within the Catholic Church can be experienced by reading the weekly articles in the National Catholic Report.


People from some areas can remember how the Protestants in their area would join the Masonic Lodge, and the Catholics would join the Knights of Columbus, and that the two sides were separated by tensions, and animosities.

On Washington’s Birthday (how appropriate) in 1967 the two secret fraternal orders held a historical "fraternal summit." The leaders of the Catholic Knights of Columbus and the leaders of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry discussed the coordination and combination of the two fraternal orders.

The Catholics were represented by Supreme Knight McDevitt, Deputy Supreme Knight Charles Ducey, and Supreme Advocate Harold Lamboley. The Scottish Rite was represented by George M. Newbury, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, who was accompanied by the Grand Master of New York, Frank C. Staples, and some other ranking Freemasons.92

This fraternal detente or pact of cooperation is a phenomena of the greater event, the capture of the Catholic Church by Freemasonry.


In Cincinnati, OH in recent years when the Catholic church wanted to see if their candidates were qualified to be priest they sent them to psychiatrist Joseph Wicker who is Masonic leader and a Rosicrucian.92a


In the light of all their successes, they were not content to allow the real Pope Paul VI to continue. He was too slow with change. In the 1970’s, an imposter Pope, a look alike, replaced him. Voice analysis proves the two men were not the same. The nose and the ears were not the same. The imposter was far sighted, the real Pope Paul VI was short sighted. It is claimed that the real Pope Paul VI could speak English and Latin. Others say he couldn’t speak English. When the imposter spoke on radio, a voice could be heard coaching him from the background. Still most people continued as they have always done, just accepting whatever they are told. If they are told that this is Pope Paul VI, then that is who he is, end of discussion.

The look-alike imposter Pope reversed many of Pope Paul’s stands. The real Pope had strongly against divorce. He had been against women at the altar, and communion in the hand which the new Pope allowed. Communion in the hand was important for the Satanists, and their Black Mass because they liked to take the wafer back and use it in their Holy Communion (Holy or Unholy?). This Satanic ritual and the ability to bring back and use "Christ’s body" gives them a sense of power. The imposter allowed all these things and also discontinued the Index of Forbidden Books. The imposter traveled, and went to the U.N. and met with the Chief of State of the Soviet Union Podgorny.

Three men were instumental in carrying out the deception with this imposter Pope Paul VI. They were Cardinal Villot, Archbishop Casaroli, and Archbishop Benelli. All were Freemasons. Casaroli’s membership has already been discussed. Cardinal Villot became a Freemason August 6, 1966. Benelli was not only a Freemason, but his mother (maiden name Wanda Katz) was Jewish. He himself was known to be a communist and described by some as "self-serving." Villot was the Pope’s Secretary of State, and his assistent was Benelli.

Villot was also head of the Sacred Congregation For The Clergy. This allowed him to administer the temporal belongings of the Vatican. Casaroli used other Catholic Masons as Papal envoys, and set up Masonic fronts in other countries. One Masonic front was the National Council of Catholic Bishops in the U.S.

All this Masonic activity and infiltration did not go unnoticed. Cardinal Danielou of France announced that he had a list of the names of Masons who had risen to important positions in the Catholic Church. This 67 year old Cardinal was murdered four days after his announcement, (20 May 1974) and the body put in the apartment of a prostitute to discredit him. On 25 June the New York Times ran the story of his "heart attack" in the stripper’s apartment with undertones of a scandal. As did the Sunday Times, 9 June. (For more on this type of thing see Chap. 3.7) Later in May 1976, another list of Masons holding positions in the Vatican even got circulated in the Vatican,93 but due to the enormous power of the Masons nothing ever came of it.


Under the administration of Mussolini, the activities of the Masons had been sharply curtailed. Yet Mussolini had met with and warmly received the Rosicrucians.94 In other words, Mussolini was primarily concerned with maintaining power, the Masons were a secret power and therefore a threat, while the Rosicrucians seemed to simply be an occultic religious group. One law from Mussolini’s rule managed to remain on the books in Italy that cramped the style of the Masonic Lodges. That rule was that they had to report their memberships. It’s harder to secretly rule, if the public knows who is a Mason and who isn’t.

The history of how the Masons got around that law to report their lodge membership lists is the history of P2. Licio Gelli was raised in a regular Masonic lodge in Nov., 1963. He went on to become a 3° Mason and the Master of a lodge. The Italian Grand Master approached him with the idea of forming a secret Lodge system. With the blessings and help of the Grand Master, Gelli began forming a secret (therefore in Italy illegal) Masonic Lodge system called P2 for short- "Raggruppamento Gelli-Propaganda 2" was the full name.95 The original Propaganda Lodge was a historic Italian lodge in the 19th century.

This group has their own ritual, which include dressing up in black robes and black hoods, like friars. They pledge total loyalty to the Lodge, and called themselves "fratelli",96 In Italian the word for Mason, "Masso" comes from the word for brick. Consequently, the "suicide" of Roberto Calvi done by his P2 fratelli can be understood. Roberto Calvi, an Italian Banker of importance was a P2 member and P2 ’ s paymaster, and was found hanging under the Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982 with bricks in his pockets. Can the symbolism go unnoticed? The warning must have been clear to the other fratelli.

Calvi had eight bodyguards, armor-plated Alfa Romeos with bullet-proof tires, etc., one of the best security systems in Italy. And none of it saved him.


When one examines how the P2 Masonic Lodges operate, the question becomes not "who would join?" but "who wouldn’t join?"

If you have managed to get into a position of power without selling yourself out to the system, then the P2 Masonic system has their ways to recruit you that seem to come straight out of the book The Godfathers. Personal contact by existing members is a nice way to recruit. Potential recruits are especially impressed when they receive a phone call telling them that P2 will fix a certain upcoming job position for them, and then they see P2 has the power to fulfill. If that doesn’t make them want to join, then there is always blackmail and threats. There are other more permanent solutions for people who are totally unwilling to bow to terror. When joining the candidate is required to spill his guts and expose all the dirt he knows, which gives the Lodge further material to blackmail not only himself but many other people.

An example of the talent that P2 has, is P2 Mason Jose’ Lopez Rega, who created the infamous Triple-A death squads and a cocaine smuggling operation between Argentina and the U.S.

Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro, an influential liberal who helped insure that Vatican II was adopted as policy for the Catholic Church was close friends with P2 Mason Ortolani. Ortolani in turn was a businessman, lawyer, ex-head of the Italian SISMI Military Intelligence during W.W.II. Nor was Lercaro the only highly placed Vatican friend of P2 Mason Ortolani.

Due to a few incorruptible brave Italian law enforcement officers, secret P2 membership lists were seized in Tuscany in 1981. These revealed about 1,000 names. The lists revealed that most of the power in Italy (not to mention Latin America) had been brought under the Lodge’s control. In the decade prior to this, various individuals had also been leaking membership lists of high ranking Vatican officials that were Masons. For instance, L’Osservatore Politico (OP) published a list in Sept. 1978 of 121 people in the Vatican—what OP called "The Great Vatican Lodge" who were Freemasons of some sort, more were members of the regular lodges than of P2.

Is it possible that P2 is a runaway lodge system, a power unto themselves? Even if that is so, (and only a few men would know for sure the exact ties P2 has to regular Freemasonry--this Author doesn’t know), it certainly has been working closely with regular Freemasonry and many of the other groups that Freemasonry associates with. The P2 lodges have connections with the English Grand Lodge, the Trilateral Commission in the U.S., the Bohemian Grove, and the Club of Rome, not to mention the Mafia and Intelligence Services (MI 6/CIA/etc.) One of George Bush’s appointees was P2 Mason Philip Guarino, the Vice-chairman of his Ethnic Outreach Committee. When his membership became public he was dropped.

The list of P2 members disclosed that the P2 Masonic Lodge system’s membership included within Italy:

30 generals,      8 admirals,      numerous bankers,      television executives,      newspaper editors,      cabinet ministers,
politicians,        the
Secret Service chiefs,       Giulio Grassini,
and General Giuseppe Santovito, Head of the financial police Orazio Giannini.


Cardinal Baggio,     Monsignor Donato de Bonis (Vatican Bank),     Archbishop Paul Marcinkus,
Monsignor Pasguale Macchi (the Pope John Paul’s secretary),       Pellegrino de Strobel
Luigi Mennini,       Ugo Poletti (cardinal vicar of Rome),       Michele Sindona (Catholic financier)


Cardinal Baggio,     Monsignor de Bonis(type of lodge unknown),     Cardinal Villot,
Monsignor Agostino Casaroli (Vat. foreign minister).

Subchapter 7 JOHN PAUL I

In a home partly converted from a barn at Canale d’Agordo north of Venice, Albino Luciani came into the world on Oct. 17, 1912. The young man grew up in poverty. The book The Five Wounds of the Church by Antonio Rosmini deeply influenced Albino Luciano. These two items, his compassion for the poor (due to his roots) and his desire to return the Catholic Church to its Christian roots (brought on by men like Rosmini) go a long way in explaining how he acted when he was elected Pope. As pro-vicar-general of Belluno, he enjoyed reading, cycling, and climbing mountains.

He was a man of real character. When saw corruption he in the church he brought it to Pope Paul VI’ s attention. When the Pope did nothing about his complaint, Luciani accepted this out of a deep sense of obedience. Pope Paul VI misinterpreted Luciani’s acceptance of his decision as perhaps suggestive of Luciani’s acceptance of the corruption. Luciani’s father had been an outspoken Socialist and Albino Luciani had maintained good working relations with the communists.97 This explains in part how Luciani, a man of genuine sincere character ended up Pope.

In 1958, he was made a Bishop by Pope John XXIII. He was made Patriarch of Venice on Dec. 15, 1969.

It was while he was patriarch in 1972 that he learned from Giovanni Benelli (second in command under the Vatican’s Secretary of State about the Masonic Financial intrigues with the Vatican Bank. Albino Luciani with others were disgusted with the shameful money-making schemes of the P2 Masons Calvi and Bishop Marcinkus. (Luciani at this point didn’t know they were Masons.) Luciani and others in his diocese that were disgusted moved their accounts from Banco Cattolica to the small Banco San Marco.

The book In God's Name is a masterpiece of research into what happened to Luciani after he became Pope John Paul I. This book is highly recommended. This subchapter is drawn to a large extent from the book.

Pope John Paul I set out to reform the Catholic church. He refused to be coronated. He set out to remove the trappings of royalty that surround the pope. He tried to replace those men around him who were Freemasons with honest men. He started to divest the church of its wealth, and to open an investigation in the Church’s scandalous financial dealings carried out by P2. The men in the Vatican censored his statements, issued false statements in his name, limited his phone calls, failed to send his letters, and censored his remarks in his speeches out of the official records of his speeches. Finally, he was murdered on only the 33rd day (a number ripe with Masonic symbology) that he had been Pope. In good Mafia style, the morticians were called to embalm him, before the body had been discovered by Father McGee.(p. 254) His will disappeared. The world was fed lies, and in general the world swallowed the lies. But there were many people in the Vatican who loved the Pope and who knew the Vatican was lying profusely about his death.

Pope John Paul I told a friend in northern Italy his observation, "I have noticed two things that appear to be in very short supply in the Vatican. Honesty and a good cup of coffee." On the 33rd day of his papacy, Pope John Paul I was apparently poisoned. And just knowing some of the dishonest people Pope John Paul I had to deal with when he came to the Vatican explains a lot.

Let’s introduce some of the characters that John Paul I dealt with:

Licio Gelli - the Grand Master of P2, nicknamed Il Burattinaio (the Puppetmaster) because so many people were his puppets. He had been part of Mussolini’s feared Black Shirts, an SS officer during W.W.II,          then a communist spy, besides serving the CIA and and the Italian SID.

Bishop Paul Marcinkus - a P2 Freemason and President of the Vatican Bank, nicknamed the Gorilla, he had grown up in Al Capone’s Cicero,Il. around the Mafia and was street smart. He was 6’3" and 224 lbs. His nickname "Gorilla" was appropriate in several ways.

Michele Sidona - a P2 Freemason, worked for the CIA, the Mafia, and Interpol. He was the Vatican’s financial advisor. He was also a Sicilian banker. He was adept at stealing other people’s money, and had the appropriate nickname "the Shark."

Cardinal Jean Villot - a P2 Freemason and raised in a regular Lodge both, the Vatican’s Secretary of State. Yallup considers Villot one of if not the prime suspects of the murder of the Pope. Yallup describes Villot’s destruction of evidence, coverup and lies concerning the Pope’s murder, "If Luciani died naturally, Villot’s actions and instructions are completely inexplicable. His behavior becomes understandable only when related to one specific conclusion: Either Cardinal Jean Villot was part of a conspiracy to murder the pope, or he saw clear evidence in the papal bedroom indicating the pope had been murdered, and he promptly determined that to protect the Church that evidence must be destroyed."(p. 220)

Cardinal John Cody - in charge of Chicago’s archdiocese, the man was considered by many to be the worst character possible in about every way. Some have called him Captain Queeg of The Caine Mutiny, with apologees to Captain Queeg. He claimed to have worked for the FBI and CIA. While in charge of Chicago he closed Catholic schools down without consulting anyone.(p.189) He had total control of several large parishes during his lifetime. No one knows how many millions or billions of church dollars he siphoned off for himself. John Paul I tried to remove him one week before John Paul’s murder. Cody worked with members of P2.

Branches of P2 Masonry are in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, France, Portugal, and Nicaragua. Members are also active in the United States, the U.K., and Switzerland. Peter Thompkins has been a researcher into P2. P2 Masonry interlocks with the CIA, the Mafia, and the Vatican. It also has close ties with the Neo- Nazis and members of the Fourth Reich in South America. It likes to recruit priests, bishops and cardinals.

Lesson from John Paul I.

Even though John Paul had made statements in favor of Vatican II and a stronger 1-world-government, it is clear he had only bought into their program for his own reasons and without subscribing to its end result. His election shows that men of good character can even slip through the cracks in the One-World-Order’s screening process and wind up as part of that Power’s rulership. Many people, who didn’t pay attention to the P2 Banking scandals that destroyed an Italian government and shook America’s FDIC, did pay attention when a Pope in excellent health mysteriously died after 33 days in office. It may be too late for whoever killed the Pope to repent. Villot died shortly after the Pope died, as did a number of other important people.

P2 Mason Sindona, and drug dealer, involved in the collapse of the Franklin National Bank in New York went to prison. Before dying in an American prison he told an interviewer how America’s leaders were giving America to the Russians. When the USSR supposedly bought wheat from the U.S. "The Soviet Union was allowed to pay for its purchases in the following manner: the central bank of Hungary, acting for the Soviet Union, placed an order to sell the dollar short for $20 billion; Secretary of the Treasury John Connally then devalued the dollar by 10%; the Soviet Union made $4 billion on its short selling operation, and paid for the grain; they had $2 billion profit from the short selling operation and $2 billion from the 10% devaluation of the dollar." Sindona said, "In its fathomless naivete, the United States has provided the Soviets with $4 billion, money that has since doubtless been invested in the destruction of its benefactors; I began to see that America was the consort of her own ruin." (The Curse of Canaan, p.62)

Subchapter 8 John Paul II

The Catholic Pope today is John Paul II, a Polish Jew and a Freemason. Under his papacy all the corruption of the P2 lodges within the Vatican finances and the infiltration of the Masons in all positions of the Catholic hierarchy continues.

As a result of this, we now find the Rockefellers spending vast sums of money on various Catholic schools and projects. Laurence Rockefeller, multimillionaire gave the New Age Catholic Priest Matthew Fox a grant so that he could write the Satanic book The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.98 Mathew Fox is a Dominican Priest who believes in such things as phallic worship, reverence for "Mother Earth", and Jungian psychodynamics." Fox’s monism teachings are 3,000 year old Hindu teachings. Other new age Catholics like Kennith Wapnick are now spreading the good news of the New Age.

The Vatican under John Paul II undertook one of the largest projects in recent history. The Catholic Church with the blessings of the New-World-Order created the Solidarity movement in Poland and by 1986 it was estimated that the Catholic Church had sent over $100, 000, 000 to Solidarity.100 The purpose of this was all revealed before it happened by a defector from Russia who described in detail how communism had planned to allow Eastern Europe to open up. And how this was all part of a plan for the eventual unification of all Europe and Russia.


It is not surprising knowing that John Paul II is a Freemason that he has been placing many Masons into key positions.

All the barriers have come down to Catholics joining the Masons. The barriers have slowly come down. John XXIII officially allowed tolerance of Masons, although the books still forbid Catholics from joining. The Masons had continually joined in increasing numbers from after W.W. I onward.101 In 1974, Pope Paul VI gave permission "in particular cases", which conveniently allowed many American Catholics to join the Masonic lodge.102 Pope John Paul II placed into canon law a rule that took effect Nov. 27, 1983 that eliminates the ban on Catholics being Freemasons.103

Now Catholics are subjected to Masonic propaganda from their own official magazines. The U.S. Catholic Magazine of Mar. 91 56:22-33 is almost a recruiting article for the Masons. The article shows pictures of bricks, plumbline, and trowells to portray the false image that the Masons simply are an extension of the construction workers. To explain what the Masons are all about they interview various Masons and their answers are duly recorded:

"They meet monthly to conduct their ancient ritual...and simply to socialize...This last item is really what the Masons are all about." (p.31) "In many ways they resemble the Knights of Columbus, who can be thought of as Catholic Masons;..."(p.32) "The Freemasons are Boy Scouts for adults....Today the Masons are essentially a genial service organization..."(p.33)

The article quotes Masonic historian Williamson who guesses that there are hundreds of thousands of Catholic Masons today.

Towards the end of the article a low key recruiting suggestion can be seen in the subtitle in bold letters You’re Welcome.

Recommended for further study:

The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation by Rev. Dennis Fahey. This Catholic book published in Ireland is so well written that all Christians would do well to read its expose of Judeo-Masonic naturalistic forces. Fahey provides good material on the Jewish desire to raise up a new messiah, and sets forth for the Catholic reader what the Church views as the scriptural plan for the future in contrast with the Judeo-Masonic plans. This 1953 book and Be Wise As Serpents should be enough to convince Catholics to reject the Masonic Pope John Paul II and his Masonic hierarchy.

In God's Name by David A. Yallup. This book’s cover says, "This extraordinary book, product of more than three years’ intensive investigation, unfolds a story so powerful in its revelations, so persuasively argued, so shocking in its inescapable conclusions that it is certain to make a stunned world take note." The book reveals the details of the murder of Pope John Paul I and the Masonic control of the Vatican. Along with this book Be Wise As Serpents, In God's Name should be read by every Catholic who wants to know who is running his church.


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Chapter 2.3


     You will learn how the Unitarian-Universalist Church ties in with the Illuminati and Freemasonry.

    You will find out the biography of one of the most influential Masons in U.S. history who is relatively unknown, Hosea Ballou.

    You will discover the little known details of how the Unitarians and Masons conspired to create revolution in the U.S. which led to the Civil War.


Harvard was started as a college in 1636, and Yale in 1701. A Harvard alumnus who planned to send his son to Yale said "all the Harvard men are working for Yale men."1 Why is it that Yale men have so much success over Harvard men? Why? What is Yale's power?


There were Lutherans, Catholics, long before there were any Unitarians in this land. Lutherans outnumbered the Unitarian-Universalist church by over 60 times the membership, and the Catholic church is over 300 times the size of the Unitarian Church. But the political power of the Unitarian Church has been enormous compared to these other groups. For example, there have been at least 4 Unitarians elected U.S. President. There has never been a Lutheran, a Pentecostal, nor a Mennonite president. There has only been one Catholic president. Why? What is the Unitarian Church's power?


The Power of the New World Order is the power of the Unitarian-Universalist church and Yale College (now University) which was associated with the Unitarians. The Universalist and Unitarian churches have been essentially Masonic denominations. It was appropriate that when the Illuminati and Illuminated Masonry branched out to the United States, that they chose the Unitarian church as an important center of their activities. They followed their pattern of founding Illuminati cells in Universities, such as they had done at the Univ. of Ingolstadt, and "the Group" at All Souls College, Oxford Univ. Yale was a natural "shoe-in" for them.

And it was from Yale University, a center for the Illuminati, that 3 Yale men in the 1850s went over to the Univ. of Berlin to learn Hegelian philosophy which they imported back to the U.S. and totally revised American Education. Their Revolution in how we teach our children to read is why phonetics are not taught, and the Look-Say method even though students learning phonetically are reading better and national reading scores are going down with Look-Say. They obviously have other educational priorities.



The Unitarians and Universalists have merged their denominations.

A brief overview of the Unitarian-Universalist Church will show how the church fits in the New Order. Today, they openly promote the New Age Movement and a Universal church. It resembles Reformed Judaism so closely that Rabbi Kahane said Unitarianism is indistinguishable from Reformed Judaism. The Rabbi said, "The American Jewish religious theories that came into being included the Reform brand, whose distinguishability from Christian Unitarianism was evident only to the keenest of scholastics or philogists;..." The Unitarian Church has its share of Jewish members, and the original founders often have links to important blood lines.


Good question!           In 1852, the Unitarian Reverend Theodore Parker praised the high ranking Mason Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) for having created "a revolution in the thoughts and minds of men more mighty than any which has been accomplished during the same period by all the politicians of the nation."4

If the Mason and Universalist Hosea Ballou wrought such a powerful revolution in men's minds why doesn't history record his achievement with fanfare? Perhaps, the same reason they haven't advertised how the Order wrought such a Revolution in America's education system. The control and direction they have given our lives is far more pervasive than most Americans have any clue about, and they most likely prefer it to remain that way.


Outside of the Masonic Lodge, or away from Masonic gatherings, the Universalists and Unitarians, during Hosea Ballou's day went separate ways. The Unitarians were Universalists (belief wise) in disguise, and later the groups would merge. However, at the time of Ballou the Unitarians were still Congregational in name, and up until the early 1820s still received state money collected from the universal religious tax levied upon the entire population for the support of the established Congregational church. Although the Unitarians did not believe in the concept of sin, the Atonement of Christ, the Deity of Christ, the Judgement of Christ as the Almighty, the miraculous conception of Christ, and many other fundamental Christian doctrines they carried the label Christian, and in the U.S., a nominally Christian nation, were state supported until 1820.

In contrast, to the wealthy and influential members who made up the Unitarian churches and received state support, the Universalist churches were made up of common people.


To dispel some of the misrepresentations about Ballou, the Universalist Historical Society published a book. One myth that they did away with is that Hosea Ballou was the originator of his own religious beliefs.

The book's author, Ernest Cassara, criticizes past writers on Ballou, "Most serious of all, their work nourished the myth that Ballou was purely an original thinker. They believed that he had arrived at his theory of atonement, his Unitarian conception of God, his Arian conception of Christ and many aspects of his thought simply through an independent study of the Bible."5

Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) was more influential in his time than the New Thought Unitarian Masons such as William Ellery Channing and Ralph Waldo Emerson,6 who both have been given

more attention by historians than Ballou. By the way, William Ellery Channing had a Jewish heritage. Ralph Waldo Emerson was raised by his Mason stepfather Ezra Ripley. Emerson praised his stepfather's religious views.


The story of Hosea Ballou shows the power of the written and spoken word. How much support during his lifetime did the Masons give Ballou? That would be an extensive study. However, it is easier to pinpoint the three biggest influences upon his life (fatherly influences aside). Ballou was greatly influenced by a mystic named Caleb Rich. The second big influence was the Masonic author Ethan Allen. And the final big influence particularly upon his Theology, was the books by the Masonic deists of that age.


Hosea Ballou's early life has affinities to both C.T. Russell's and Joseph Smith, Jr. All three came from families that appear to have had great expectations religiously for these men. Like C.T. Russell's mother, Hosea's died when he was young. He was only 20 months old. And like Russell he was very close to his father.9 However, unlike Russell's father, Ballou's father was opposed to his Universalist ideas. In spite of his opposition his father did accept his son, and there weren't any hard feelings between father and son in spite of Hosea's changes. The mystic Caleb Rich converted Hosea and most of Hosea's siblings to Universalism. In turn Hosea later converted his oldest brother.10

In the genesis of his beliefs, Ballou, like Russell, challenged a local authority to answer his questions. Elder Brown of Westfield failed to answer his questions.11 Ballou in his late teens, increasingly hardened in his Universalist beliefs. While a youth, Ballou had been interested in the lodge, and as a young man he joined.12 More about his Masonic career later.

In 1789, Hosea and most of his siblings, brothers and sisters, joined the Universalist movement. His brother was a type of homespun philosopher.13 Hosea himself had very little formal education. "Though rich in native intelligence, he was always to suffer from the lack of a good thorough educational background. His accomplishments were to be made in spite of this deficiency."14 Later, Hosea converted his eldest brother to Universalism.15 In terms of family support and education the three Masons Russell, Smith, and Ballou also had affinities to each other.


Caleb Rich, the mystic universalist (with possibly a Jewish heritage), who would influence the Ballou family so much, moved into a nearby town the year Hosea was born.16 This mystic received his theology from a series of dreams and visions.17 Caleb Rich on the basis of his visions started a church named "the General Society."18

The General Society had members from the nearby towns of Warwick, Richmond and Jaffrey.19

It is considered likely that Hosea as a boy participated at some of the General Society's events.

 Some of Hosea's relatives joined this General Society.20


The next influence on his life was the Mason (again with a possible Jewish heritage) Ethan Allen. Ethan Allen's book Reason the Only Oracle of Man changed Ballou's thinking. Allen's

Masonic membership has been debated back and forth, the author tends to side toward the evidence that he was a Mason. Records from lodges back then are often nonexistent, and it is not that perilous to believe statements of people that he was a Mason. Masonry was very strong in that area and not only influenced Ethan Allen, but also the family of Joseph Smith. (The connections between the Universalist Church and the origins of Mormonism will be discussed elsewhere, as well as the Masonic tie ins.)

Ballou himself cites Masonic deist writers as the source of his views. "It may be proper for me here to state one circumstance, which, no doubt, had no small tendency to bring me on to the ground where I have, for many years, felt established. It was my reading some deistical writings.

By this means I was led to see that it was utterly impossible to maintain Christianity as it has been generally believed in the church."21

Ethan Allen's book was rather rare, because after lightening struck the print shop and burned up most of the newly printed books, the printer destroyed most of the rest because of the book's

atheistic views. At least one copy circulated among the Universalists (from hand-to-hand most likely), and Ballou read such a copy.22

From Allen, Ballou learned to examine everything especially scripture from the light of reason. The doctrine of the Trinity seemed contrary to reason to Allen, so Ballou following his cue also rejected the Trinity.23 Allen was forced, because of his rejection of the Trinity, to change his view of the Atonement of Christ. So he dismissed it altogether. Discarding the Atonement of Christ, meant discarding the concept of sin.24 Allen's book which he called "Oracles of Reason", and others called "Ethan Allen's Bible" had a profound effect upon Ballou as is evidenced by Ballou's 1805 A Treatise on Atonement.


Ballou was also familiar with another Mason deist Thomas Paine. Although he didn't share Paine's views, he felt they were healthy for true Christianity. Ballou wrote that he felt rigid Christians "have done more harm to the religion of Jesus than his open enemies from Celsus down to T. Paine."25

His close friend Caleb Rich got him together with his wife-to-be, the daughter of one of the few Universalist families in the area.26

Although the Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons is generally very accurate, it does make a mistake about Ballou. Contrary to their statement, Ballou was not ordained a Baptist minister.27 Rather, in the fall of 1789, the Baptist church excommunicated him.

However, the Universalist Church did ordain him in Sept. 1794 at their Oxford general convention.28 Hosea Ballou then went on a non-stop preaching traveling schedule similar to the three Masons C.T. Russell, Lorenzo Dow, and William Miller. He preached nearly every evening.29

In May, 1802 four Universalist groups formed "Sister Societies" in the Woodstock Area. They named their societies the Liberal Catholic Society of Woodstock, the Independent Catholic Society of Woodstock, The Catholic Benevolent Society in Hartland, and the Universalist Society of Bethel.30 Leading citizens of the area joined the Universalist Societies,31 so it is possible that other Masons in the local became involved with the Societies.


After being "raised" in one of the lodges of one of the towns that he lived in during his early years, he moved to Dana, Mass. in 1794, and then to Barnard, VT in 1803. Ballou became active in the Masonic Lodge. He is known to have preached at a Masonic Festival in June 1806 at Chester, VT.32 In 1807, he was made the master in Woodstock, VT lodge.33 In 1809, he moved to Portsmouth, N.H. and soon afterwards was made the Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of N.H. which he served at from 1811 to 1815.34 In 1817, he moved to Boston and became the minister of the second Universalist Society35 and joined the Mt. Lebanon Masonic Lodge in Boston.36 Ballou was a member of that lodge until his death in 1852. One of Hosea Ballou's close friends was Sylvanus Cobb, Sr., who was a pallbearer at his funeral. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. wrote the book The King's Talisman and was the high priest of the Norfolk Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons. Sylvanus Cobb, Jr. also became a Knights Templar and a Scottish Rite member.37

Another friend of Hosea's, fellow Bostonian William Ellery Channing (grandfather? or granduncle? of the Christian Scientist and Mason George Channing) was a Unitarian.

Many theological students came to Ballou, including many clergymen from other denominations.38 The future Mason Thomas Starr King, who became a famous Unitarian minister and the Grand Orator of the Calif. Grand Lodge, studied for the ministry under Hosea Ballou.39

While Ballou lived in Boston, Mass. the future famous Universalist Albert J. Holden was born in 1841. Albert J. Holden would join the Masons and be the organist for the Universalist church in N.Y. named the Church of the Divine Paternity. He also played for the Church of the Puritans.40


The story behind Hosea Ballou goes way back. Perhaps a good place to start is with the passing of the English crown from the Tudors to the Stuarts. The rule of the Stuarts was a significant influence in the development of Protestant thought.41

One example of the change the Stuarts brought is seen in the marriage of Elizabeth Stuart to Frederick of the Palatinate. These two "to realize the ideal of Hermetic reform centered on a real prince...created a culture, a 'Rosicrucian' state with its court centered on Heidelberg.42

The Stuarts were intimately involved with the spread of Freemasonry, and are regarded as the source of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.43 Although certainly the groundwork had been laid by that secret Tudor prince Sir Francis Bacon.(See chap. 1.2)

During the Stuarts reign, advocates of all kinds of extreme millennial views appeared in the Anglican church and the Puritan movement.44

An Edinburgh translation of a German work Dornier, On the Person of Christ had an appendix by Dr. Fairbaim which introduced Socinianism to its British readers in the 17th century. In the year 1691, this appendice's thought appeared in Dr. Bury's Naked Gospel. The Naked Gospel, which was too much for Orthodox thinkers, was publicly burned. Whiston in 1708 kept the stream of thought flowing, as did others until in 1782, with Priestley and Belsham as leaders, the Unitarians met in London for the first time as a church body. Priestley, himself became in succession an Arian, a Socinian, and lastly a Unitarian.45

The relationship between several types of thinking can be summed up by quoting from an article "Unitarians" in the Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecclesiastical Parties, & Schools of Religious Thought. "Modern Unitarians, the school of Priestley, who are principally of England and America, are the successors rather than the lineal descendants of the Socinians....the Unitarian sect was formed out of the Arianism floating in the Church and in dissent. This Arianism sprung from the Dutch Remonstrant theology, which was largely studied in England. (Arminianism.) Historically, Arminianism has led to Arianism, and thence to Socinianism and Unitarianism."46

Socinianism had strong German and Polish Jewish ties and origins. In other words, although some of these "isms" are thought of as Christian heresy, if a person examines back to their roots, one discovers their roots in the past were not Christian.

Initially, the Unitarians used Presbyterian chapels for worship, but later shifted to Puritan churches.47

Prof. F.A. Christie has done a scholarly work entitled "The beginnings of Arminianism in New England" which details how the early Puritan church in New England had advocates for Arminianism within it. The beginnings of the Unitarian movement in the U.S. go back to the first Puritan settlers, some of which were Unitarians, but nominally called Puritans.

The Puritan churches are now called Congregational Churches. The Congregationalist, Rev. Experience Mayhew, gave a message in 1744 in favor of Arminianism. Another minister, William Pynchon, in 1650, wrote out in favor of liberalism in his Meritorious Price of our Redemption. The beginnings of the Unitarian movement go back to the first Puritans, and some of these families involved links to Jewish blood lines.

The Universalist movement also can be studied in the lives and writings of such Puritan pioneers as Rev. John Murray (1816) and Rev. Elhanan Winchester (1836), Jonathon Mayhew (1763-64) and Charles Chauncey. Chauncey's Universalist views can be seen in such works as "The Mystery hid from Ages and Generations..."(1784)46

The historian will also note that these liberals were in correspondence with British Unitarians. Thomas Belsham's "Memoirs of the Late Reverend Theophilus Lindsey M.A. ..." (1812) provides a look at the communication kept up between the British and American liberal Congregationalists. (They weren't yet known as Unitarians.)

There were also ties to Jews. For instance, one prominant early Unitarian minister, Rev. Samuel J. May, records how close his family was to the Jewish family of M.M. Hayes. M.M. Hayes was also an active Freemason, and Samuel called him "uncle."

Perhaps to date, the best historical look at the movement is Richard Eddy's "Universalism in America, Vol. I 1636-1800.

HARVARD COLLEGE (now university)

Harvard was started by the church and became a hotbed for liberals such as Henry Dunster and Charles Chauncey. For instance, Rev. Joseph Avery (1751-1824) graduated from Harvard with honors in 1771 and went forth as a prominent Congregational minister practicing magic. (The Salem Witch Trials were but a small distortion of the symptom of an occult problem under the Puritans. Some hold that the witches were the ones who were involved in condemning the women. If so, that would tie in with other information, that indicates one of Joseph Smith's ancestors was involved in condemning the women to be burned.)


Harvard, a church school, brought in professors like Karl Follen of Giessen, Germany. Karl Follen helped create the Bund der Jungend (League of Youth) in Europe which was a revolutionary movement with links to the Carbonari and the Masons. These movements at times moved under the guise of the Swiss Bible Society. In August 1819, ministers met at Carlsbad, Germany and denounced the movement, which then was broken up by the arrests of its members. In late 1824, Follen left Switzerland to be a Unitarian minister at Harvard.48


Our next topic is a group of Unitarian conspirators, who are relatively well-known in American history as ministers and for things other than revolution.

John Brown is a legend of American History.

John Brown had a group of men who he led intent on starting a revolution, a slave revolt that was meant to have far reaching effects. But John Brown did not do this on his own. What men supported John Brown, supplied him with his money and arms? And who was the real John Brown?

John Brown was a Mason.49 "Thanks to the Masonic scandal (the murder of Morgan), John Brown was now being drawn toward the ideas of conspiracy and secret organization."50 While many men were leaving the lodges because of Morgan's murder, Brown was attracted to it. Bear in mind, that contrary to popular mythology, Brown knew little about the Bible. He knew of one verse "the wages of sin is death" and he literally believed that it meant if someone sinned against you, you could blow him away. It is reported he picked up this revolting idea from hearing a Mormon sermon.

The Rosicrucian leader George Lippard, member of the Brethren of Light, who was seeking to create a Brotherhood which was to be "a poor Man's Masonry", personally influenced John Brown to become rabidly anti-slavery.50a

John Brown's eldest son John Brown, Jr., who also murdered and stole along side his father, was a faithful Mason.51 John Brown, Jr. was also a lecturer on phrenology.52 Phrenology was "immensely popular among those turning away from formal religion."53 Three avid students of phrenology who also supported John Brown and his sons, (besides the actual secret six) were Dr. Samuel Howe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Sen. Charles Sumner.

Masonic historians have tried to characterize John Brown as anti-Masonic, but this Author finds nothing to substantiate that claim. They make a big deal that supposedly John Brown said the rituals were "silly". Whether he did or not, simply calling the rituals "silly", is no indication he was anti-masonic. Indeed, his uncle was the master of the Hudson Lodge No. 68 where he was "raised" as a Mason.54 John Brown worked with him and other Masons during his lifetime without any problems.

For instance, August (Anschel) Bondi was a Jewish Freemason who fought with John Brown in the Kansas "battles" of Blackjack and Osawatomie.55 One might better describe these battles as butcheries. Anyway, this Jewish Freemason Anschel Bondi, before he joined with Brown, was a long time revolutionist having fought in the Masonic created Metternich revolution, and against Spain in the Masonic created revolution in Cuba.56 (The Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine has an article about how the Masons started and led the Cuba revolution.)57

Another tie in that John Brown had with the occult was his membership in the Rosicrucian Fraternity. He was on their World Council and Council of Three.57a One of his Rosicrucian Fraternity brothers, William Lloyd Garrison, would help him in starting armed revolution to free the slaves. Garrison had joined the American Rosicrucians first, established the American Anti­Slavery Society in 1832, and become a member of the Order of the Rose in England in 1834.57b


The secret six which was the inner core of the conspiracy for armed revolution were,

Rev. Thomas Wentworth Higginson Rev. Theodore Parker George Stearns Gerrit Smith

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe.

The inner group might better be described as Unitarian than Masonic, because although some were Masons, it is known the group itself consisted of Unitarians. This core group consisted of six men, who in turn can be traced back to the Bird Club. Before giving the history of their plotting, and mentioning the contributions of others, let us examine these six men.

Unitarian Rev. Theodore Parker, was a big reader. His personal library was 12,000 volumes.

He associated with the social experiment at Brooks Farm,58 and believed in evolution before Darwin. Read his book A Discourse on Religion for that one. He was privately educated but passed Harvard's exams in 1830-31.59 Parker wrote in The Dial in 1840, "God will create a soul yet larger and nobler than Jesus," " lead the way to a more perfect religion..."

George Stems, a Unitarian born in Mass.,60 was a friend of Emersons. He was an upper class Bostonian lead pipe manufacturer.61 That was before lead was known to be poisonous.

Rev. Thomas Wentworth (1823-1911) was a Unitarian Pastor of the 1st Religious Society of Newburyport, Mass. and married Mary Channing.62

Gerrit Smith was a multi-millionaire. He had more land in New York State than any other individual. His father was a partner with the Jewish Mason John Jacob Astor (the Astor family has ties to the Illuminati group in England).63 Garrit Smith generously gave 140,000 acres of land to destitute free blacks.64 Unfortunately, most of the land was lost by the blacks when they were unable to pay their land taxes.65 Although nominally a Presbyterian, he is on public record as saying that Satan is the author of Christianity.66

Franklin Benjamin Sanborn (1831-1917) was named after the famous Mason Benjamin Franklin. (Yes, they named him after him backwards.) He was a pro-transcendentalist and a Unitarian.67


Charles Sumner had been interested in Masonry and revolution for a long time. He had made personal visits to occultic revolutionists in Europe, including Mazzini. He excited his fellow Bird Club members with his revolutionary talk.68

Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, G.L. Stearns, F.B. Sanborn, Charles Sumner, and Rev. Higginson were members of the Bird Club.69 They met in Young's Hotel in Boston,70 and from this group came much of the core of the conspiracy to create an armed revolution.

These men were not alone in supporting an insurrection. The origins go back to such famous men as Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ralph Waldo Emerson learned Swedenborgian from his friend Wordworth who was one.71 Emerson was a Unitarian Reverend of Boston's Second Church, and was found after 1829 to be diligently studying such Masonic writers as Rousseau, Goethe, Swift, and pagan works such as

Aristotle and Plutarch.72 His sermons were spiced with references from Socrates and Confucius.73 He wrote a book on the Mason Swedenborg's religious thinking entitled Observations on the Growth of the Mind.

Another early abolitionist was William Ellery Channing, both a Freemason and a Unitarian minister. Channing also studied and was influenced by Rousseau, Voltaire and other Masonic authors. Channing believed the Bible was a story-book, not a trust worthy authority.74 He felt the Trinity belief was idolatry and polytheism. He felt Calvinism was immoral.75

John Brown had very little religious scruples nor very little defined theology.76 He did have a hate for slavery, which was sparked by reading abolitionist material.

Finally, history finds all the plotting, and planning, the shipping of guns and ammunition, etc. culminating in the raid on Harper's Ferry. The raid and its hoped for insurrection was primarily the work and finances of the inner six, although John Brown supplied most of the wild military plans (dreams).

Newspapers like the N.Y. Tribune, which had Jewish Mason Karl Marx as one of their European correspondants,77 made John Brown into a mythological hero. The N.Y. Tribune, the N.Y. Times, the N.Y. Post, the Boston Travellor, and the Chicago Tribune all built up the mythical image of John Brown78 as a Moses like figure. In reality, the man was nothing of the Biblical saint that they described him as.


The plans of the Secret Societies in accord with the designs of International Bankers, saw some great opportunities if war could be started and the South defeated. One item was to start social experiments that they hoped would then spread to the nation and to the world. After John Brown was executed, another Rosicrucian was selected to carry out the work that Brown had failed to accomplish, his name was Abraham Lincoln. The Masons split the Democratic Party (see the Appendix List of Presidential Candidates) as well as running a third Mason on yet a fourth party- the Constitutional Union. The votes were scattered enough that Lincoln won with a minority of the popular votes. The South had been properly agitated by the manipulated and controlled Press to believe they needed to secede, if Lincoln were elected.

George L. Stearns, leased two plantations in Tennessee. In 1869, a group of Boston abolitionists established a "Southern Industrial School and Labor Enterprise" on a Georgia plantation. What were these? Many of these types were their experiments to create the social institutions that they wanted.

An example of this social "New Order" type experimentation was attempted by Robertson James and Garth Wilkinson James. These two brothers were the son of a Mason and Swendenborgian philosopher Henry James, Sr. Besides training in Europe, they went to the New England academy of Franklin Sanborn, who had financed John Brown. They formed the Gordon Colony after the American Civil War in northern Florida. The colony was an experiment in a Utopian community using the freed black slaves, to prepare them "to take part in the new heaven and new earth" that the Swedenborgians were prophesying was coming. Using Fourier's "scientific principles" they hoped to achieve a miniature "Swedenborg New Jerusalem on earth."79

All across the Americas, Masons led revolutions. Just to name a few of these Masonic revolutionaries who will be recognized by those who are familiar with the various national histories:

Eloy Alfaro - Ecuador, anti-Christian Mason revolutionary

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla - Mexico, Mason revolutionary

Francisco de Miranda - Venezuala, Mason revolutionary

In an interview, Daniel Ortego of the Sandinistas said that the origins of the political development of Sandino and his movement was the Masonic lodge.79a

Later, a man who had joined a secret Masonic lodge in Switzerland under the name of Ulianov Zederbaum,80 would finally succeed in setting up this Utopian goal on a large scale. His name is popularly known as Lenin.


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