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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 2 B

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A Family Affair 4
The Golden Age 5
"The Healing Light" 6
Councils of Heresy 7
Mormons, Moonies, and Masons 8
Heresy interlocks with Power 9
Reviving the Mystery Religions 10
Comparing New Order Statements 11
The Second Tower of Babel 12

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1.  Assassinating 3 assassins. Exposing the Masonic plot to destroy the church, nationalism, and the family.

2.  Capturing the Catholic Church.  Revealing the infiltration and capture of the great Catholic Church by the Conspiracy.

3.  A Revolution in the Minds of Men. Reveals the close connection between Masonry and the Universalist/Unitarian church, and the Order.

4.  A Family Affair. Discloses who the people are, that started Mormonism. The occult, religious, and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.

5.  The Golden Age. Shows how the concept of the Millennium  was introduced by the Masons  through Communism, the Second Adventists JWs,  Mormons, and others.

6.  "The  Healing  Light".   Exposes  the  close connections between Christian Science, the Jews, and Masons.

7.  Councils of Heresy. Find out who represents the Christians at the World Council of Churches. Find out how Masonry rules Christendom.

8.  Mormons,  Moonies,  and Masons.  Uncovers  the connections and cooperation between the Mormons and other groups.

9.  Heresy interlocks with power.  Revealing the source and use of heresy's power and contrasting it with Christianity.

10.  Reviving the Mystery Religions. Find out what the occult is, why the Mystery Religions are being revived, and how these religions are resurfacing. You will learn the names of one of the most powerful bodies in the world, and more information to get you to take the Satanic threat of world domination seriously.

11.  Comparing New Order Statements. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these various plans concerning the "Utopian" New Order.

12.  The Second Tower of Babel. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and 1-World-Religion, and a 1-World-Government.


Chapter 2.4


One of the remarkable features of Jesus Christ was His ability to discern. His perception reached far beyond the established body of knowledge.

This chapter will begin with four astute observations by various people. Then it will take a fresh chronological probing of the origins of the Mormon religion, showing how those four observations relate to Mormonism and the Power.

Let’s begin with an observation by Mormon leader Brigham Young at a meeting at LDS headquarters in 1845, "When we come to the connections we discover that we all sprung back to the settlement of New England about 200 years ago. It is but a little more than that time when Father Smith, the Goddards, Richards, Youngs and Kimballs were all in one family--as it were. We are all relations. It is only three generations back that Brother Joseph Smith’s family were related to this family."1

Along with this observation goes what Joseph Smith told his sixth cousins Orson and Parley Pratt in the 1830’s that their "fathers and his all sprang from the same man a few generations ago."2

Observation #1:     The Mormon leadership and many of the original converts to Mormonism came from the same progenitor.

Bernard DeVoto, a scholar studying Mormonism wrote,

"Some subtlety of climate, racial stock or social organization on the frontier of New England and New York made the air fecund. A circle described on a radius of one hundred and fifty miles around such a center as Pittsfield, Massachusetts, would include the birthplace of ninety percent of the American sects and of an even greater percentage of their prophets. Many prophets before Joseph Smith revealed God’s will within that circle, and many more came after him."3

Observation #2:     90% of America’s new religions and even more of her prophets came from a certain racial group of people located in the geographic area defined by a circle with a radius 100 miles around the center pt. at Pittsfield, Mass.

A very controversial book arrived in 1982. This author has read the criticism of the book, and although some of the book is pure speculation, and 1-track scholarship, this author also agrees with that book’s three authors that the bulk of the research is not refuted by any of the critiques. To quote a small portion which briefly summarizes an intricate story, "We have formulated a hypothesis of a bloodline, descended from Jesus, which has continued up to the present day...But our researches have persuaded us that the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau does involve a serious attempt by influential people to reestablish a Merovingian monarchy in France, if not indeed in the whole of Europe--and that the claim to legitimacy of such a monarchy rests on a Merovingian descent from Jesus. . .And it would be apparent why the Protocols of the Elders of Sion speak of a new king ’of the holy seed of David.'"4

The researchers establish that the Masons are intimately part of the conspiracy to establish a new messiah, who is a descendent of Jesus Christ (claimed descendent, that is.)

Observation #3:     The Masonic Lodges have been part of plan by a powerful bloodline which claims to be the lineal descendents of Jesus, and seeks to establish their rule. The machinations of this bloodline underlie much of the political and religious activities of Europe, especially Scotland and France.

William J. Schnoebelen, who became a Master Mason, and a Wican High Priest, and studied in the esoteric European Masonic rites and had the highest Druid Witch as his mentor, later went on to join the Mormon church. His book Mormonism's Temple of Doom is an astute observation of how Magick, Masonry, and Mormonism's Temple ceremony are the same. On one page alone he indicates fifteen ceremonial similarities (p.43). The grips, oaths, prayers, garments, and the Mormon temple's designs are copied from Magick and Masonry, and are complete with occult significance.5

Observation #4:     The most sacred Mormon religious ceremonies, which are held in their temples come from Masonry and Magick. All three are practicing what is called the occult.


"The revival of chiliasm in the later Middle Ages...had been kept alive in the Middle Ages in Jewish apocalypticism . . . Throughout the Middle Ages Jewish teachers and commentators, studying Old Testament prophecy and even astronomical phenomena, predicted the appearance of the Messiah and the establishment of a Messianic kingdom."6

Jewish rabbi Abba Hillel Silver wrote, "The hope of the Messiah did not at any time disappear in Israel."7

The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides felt that belief in the Messiah was an essential article of faith: "King Messiah will arise in the future and will restore the kingship of David to its ancient condition... he will rebuild the Temple and gather the exiled of Israel...all the laws will return as they were in the past." This belief system also included a belief in a resurrection of the dead, a last judgement, and a New Jerusalem. The last great king would be a human figure with the blood of David, the Messiah.8

The beliefs called chiliasm or pre-millennialism were branded as Jewish by both Luther and Calvin, and the Augsburg Confession of Faith.

The introduction of millennial beliefs and the occult occurred in the British Isles when the Stuarts, part of the bloodline that secretly claimed to descent from Jesus, took the English throne. The Puritans began during this period in England, and their speculation about the Millennium was on a grand scale.9 Certain elements of the Puritans were very much involved with the occult too.10 The millenarian Puritans suffered political defeat in England, but were able to relocate to the New World. The first puritan group is known as the Pilgrims. The famous Pilgrims would retain a certain separateness from the later Puritan groups that would arrive to populate Massachusetts,12 and Connecticut. Johnathan Edwards gave intellectual stature to millennial beliefs.13 The idea of a coming Millennial Kingdom of a Jewish Messiah led Puritans to feel that they had a divine mission to the world,14 much in the manner that the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses view themselves today.


The revivals of the Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening produced great resurgences in religious activity. Researchers found their hottest points of revival, in those areas where descendents of the Puritans resided.15 Michael Barkum in his book Crucible of the Millennium discusses many of the connections between the revivals and the Millennial religions that sprang up in what is called the "burned-over district of New York." The burned-over area produced Mormonism, Adventism, as well as a host of other religious groups including 55 communal groups during the years of 1842-1848.1 Two of the better known groups are the Oneida communal group and the Shakers.

The burned-over area was settled by families, the majority of which had come from western Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and western Vermont.17 The New Englanders tended to move in groups of families en masse. Where that did not occur, relatives would join afterwards which meant that communities were usually culturally homogeneous and blood related.18


It is important to note that the families which formed the nucleus of early Mormonism moved together from Connecticut to Vermont and then on to the Palmyra, New York area.19 Not only were they intermarried, but they claimed to be Jewish.20 The Jewish Bennett family was also influential on Joseph Smith, Jr.’s thinking.

Three prominent families in this group were the Walters- Winchell-Hurlbut families.21 Other families in the group included those of Cowdery, Young, and those related to Royal Barney, Sr., Jabez Carter, Orrin Porter Rochwel, Samuel F. Lawrence, Alva Beman and Erastus Ives.22

From these families came men that were to play important part in the creation of Mormonism. For instance, Luman Walters, a magician who went to Europe and studied the occult, was related to Joseph

Smith, Jr.'s wife through the common ancestor Thomas Tuttle. Luman Walters passed his occult mantle of magick power to Joseph Smith, Jr. Winchell was another occult mentor of Joseph Smith.24 His family had followed the Smiths to the Palmyra, N.Y. area from Vermont.25 Winchell introduced the use of the Rod of Aaron into the group in 17 99 . 26 While in Vermont members of these families had formed a secret religious fraternity called by outsiders the "Fraternity of Rodmen." They were millenial, believed they were Jewish, and believed in restoring the true religion, and that they would someday become masters of the American continent.27 Yet, nobody has given any attention to the fact, these people later were the original Mormons.


Critics who portray Joseph Smith Jr. as illiterate, superstitious, a liar, and con-artist have only served to cloud the truth about the origins of the Mormon church.

Joseph Smith Jr.'s people were very keen on genealogy. His mother shows in her book about her son her amazing awareness of the genealogical history of their entire family.28 She traces the Smiths back to 1666. 29 It is clear from various statements that not only was Joseph Smith chosen for his work as a prophet because of his intellectual abilities,30 but that his family had been passing down their beliefs and spiritual blessings from generation to generation for some time.31

The author's research shows that Joseph Smith, Jr. was a dynamic individual, with many abilities.32 The evidence indicates that the creation of Mormonism may have been a well orchestrated plan by several families to set themselves up as the priest-prophet rulers of the New World that they had claimed was theirs years before Joseph Smith, Jr. ever announced his angelic visits.

In contrast to the role that the Masonic Lodges played in introducing the occult and generic religion, two religious groups that were openly occultic played possibly no role in the future formation of Mormon heresy. These were the Rosicrucians and the Moravian Brethren, whose leader Count Zinzendorf was head of the Rose Croix from 1744 to 1749. One of the names the Moravian Brethren went by is the Moravian Brothers of the Order of Religious Freemasons. Many of the Moravian Brethren were of Jewish blood, although nominally Lutheran. They were gnostic.33

Various books written by Rosicrucians and Freemasons, which promoted magick, astrology, mysticism, rationalism, deism, and various mystery religions and the occult, were quite popular in colonial New England and made quite an impact. A study of men connected with forming new religions, repeatedly indicates the far ranging impact of men like Boehme, Voltaire, Paine, Swendenborg, Charles Fourier and others.

Acting behind the veil of the Masonic Lodge, wave after wave of new thinking rolled into America. Later, this chapter will discuss how the Philadelphians, organized by the Masons34, would influence Saint-Simon through his friendship with the Philadelphian leader Jacgues Rigomer-Bazin. Saint-Simon wrote The New Christianity and his ideas generated religious and communistic experiments35 that eventually would influence the Mormons to adopt communism.


After Nathaniel Woods was excommunicated from his ministry with the Congregational Church he formed a secret religious group 36 that included the parents of Joseph Smith, Jr.37 Through Congregational records the link between the Winchells, Woods, Cowderys, and Smiths can be made.38 The evidence suggests that the occult practices that Lucy Smith openly admitted her family practiced39 were likely participated in by the entire set of families that formed the Fraternity of Rodmen. Mormon scholar D. Michael Quinn writes, "Such coincidence of time, place, and occult activity among these people suggests that there could have been personal acquaintance that linked them and encouraged them to participate in similar and joint occult activities.40


Heber C. Kimball,41 Hyrum Smith (brother of Joseph Smith, Jr.)42 and others of Joseph's family43 were Freemasons at Palmyra before Joseph ever announced any of his visions or gold plates. Men like the Mason itinerant preacher Lorenzo Dow came through their territory.44

Items used by the Smith family prior to Joseph's revelations, also indicate a Masonic influence. A Masonic dove medallion from an English Masonic Lodge was used by Joseph Smith, Jr. Some of the magic items that still survive today of the Smith family are 3 magic laman parchments, a magic Jupiter talisman, the Masonic dove medallion, another Talisman possibly the magic seal of Jupiter, a magic pouch, a healing handkerchief, and a healing amulet (a cape blessed by Joseph used by the John L. Butler family).45

Dr. Reed Durham, director of the LDS Institute of Religion at the University of Utah and president of the Mormon History Association announced his discovery in 1974 of information about Joseph Smith's masonic Jupiter talisman,

"...I should like to initiate all of you into what is perhaps the strangest, the most mysterious, occult-like esoteric, and yet Masonically oriented practice ever adopted by Joseph Smith...All available evidence suggests that Joseph Smith the Prophet possessed a magical Masonic medallion, or talisman, which he worked during his lifetime and which was evidently on his person when he was martyred.... originally purchased from the Emma Smith Bidamon family, fully notarized by that family to be authentic and to have belonged to Joseph Smith, can now be identified as a Jupiter talisman...The characters on the talisman are primarily in Hebrew, but there is one inscription in Latin. Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical equivalent and those numerical equivalents make up a magic square....To the Egyptians, Jupiter was known as Ammon, but to the Greeks he was Zeus: the ancient sky Father...Jupiter is always associated with high positions, getting one's own way, and all forms of status....The purpose of the Table of Jupiter in talismanic magis (magic?) was to be able to call upon the celestial intelligences, assigned to the particular talisman, to assist one in all endeavors. The names of the deities which we gave to you, who could be invoked by the Table were always written on the talisman or represented by various numbers."46

A guest in the Smith’s home around 1830 wrote, "This Joseph Smith, Senior, we soon learned, from his own lips, was a firm believer in witchcraft and other supernatural things; and he had brought up his family in the same belief."47

In the rituals of the 13th, 14th, and 21st degrees of Masonry the legend (derived from cabbalistic sources) is told of Enoch’s gold plate. The resemblances to Joseph Smith Jr.’s story about finding the gold plates is interesting. The stories are basically identical, which suggests Mormonism may have been founded from the beginning on a Masonic legend.48

The use of crystal-gazing which the Smith family, including Joseph Smith Jr. and their friends, used was called scrying and was practiced in the Masonic Lodges.49

These points have been brought out to give the investigator the feel that the Fraternity of Rodmen, which are known to have used the Rod of Aaron to obtain revelation,50 may have also had affiliation with witchcraft and masonry. The leaders of the Fraternity had previously been notable citizens, and one had been a state legislator.51 The Fraternity felt led to build a temple.52 The Fraternity became apocalyptic and upset the non-believers in the area. The night that the Fraternity prophesied would bring an apocalyptic event 14 January, 1802, only brought gunfire from the Middletown, Vt. militia who were frightened by the group.53 One witness claimed Joseph Smith, Sr. was one of the leaders of the Fraternity. Justus Winchell, who was involved in the fraternity, became the Mormon prophet-to-be’s occult mentor.54 After 1802, the group began moving to Palmyra, N.Y.

It has been interesting to note that Palmyra, N.Y. repeatedly shows up in this author’s Masonic research as a real stronghold of Masonry, and Poultney, Vt. as a place where new religious ideas seem to appear.55


Nine years after the Smiths had moved to Palmyra, N.Y. the Jewish Mason Mordecai Manuel Noah reestablished a City of Refuge for the Jewish people of the world in Buffalo, N.Y. which was about 90 miles from the Smiths. The great event was on September 15, 1825. The National Advocate advertised the event calling on Jews world-wide to participate in the founding of this "City of Refuge." What is interesting is that this great ceremony ended up as a Masonic parade and a Masonic ceremony where a cornerstone of Ararat was placed with the inscription "Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God--The Lord is one. ARARAT - The Hebrew’s Refuge, founded by Mordecai Manuel Noah". The sandstone monument was placed with a Masonic ceremony. The Reverend Addison Searle of the Episcopal Church of St. Paul played a big role in the event. The church ceremonies opened in the Episcopal church led by the Reverend, followed by a Jewish Declaration of Independence, and a call for Jews around the world to gather in the state of New York so that they could enlighten themselves and qualify for a restoration to their ancient heritage. Afterwards, Noah returned to New York City and advertised his reestablishment of the Jewish nation. This strange event seems most odd. Why the Masons in Buffalo went to such lengths for such a ceremony isn't clear, nor is Noah's authority to be a Judge of Israel.56


Joseph Smith, with outstanding talent in cabalistic wizardry,57 set out to restore the priesthood of Israel and restore the religion of Jesus.58

Joseph Smith's restoration was in fact in line with the Masonic/ Rosicrucian beliefs of esoteric Christianity, a type of occultic secret mystery religion taught by the higher Masons, supposedly the original Christianity. Smith's Sept. 1832 revelation, describes a lineage for his beliefs that rests on esoteric Christianity.59 Manly P. Hall, 33 degree, calls this "Mystic Christianity", and describes it in detail in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Smith made a revision of Genesis called the Book of Moses which was in line with the occultic Mystic Christian teachings60 and its gnosticism. Emanuel Swedenborg was a hermetic philosopher and mystic Christian Mason of high rank. Smith was familiar with Swedenborg's teachings,61 (indeed Swedenborg's publications were on the shelves at Smith's hometown library and circulating through the Smith's area.)62 Smith adopted Swedenborg's concept of 3 heavens, with the highest being what Swedenborg called the "celestial kingdom."

The caballa which forms a basis for mystic Christianity also provides Smith for some of his answers that are canonized as scripture in the Mormon Doctrines and Covenants. Compare D & C 77:2 with Seder Olam Quest. 24, compare (cf. ) D & C 77:4 with Seder 01am Question 23, cf. D & C 77:8 with Seder 01am question 42, and D & C 77:15 with Seder Olam question 58.

Joseph Smith believed the Jewish Cabala was sacred knowledge which had been passed from God to Adam and from Adam to Enoch, to Noah, on down the line through Melchizedek to Moses. This priesthood has performed magic. Remember, the Caballa is intimately part of magic. Indeed, much magic derives from the Caballa.

The Masons, Rosicrucians, and mystics like the Ephrata Commune were already practicing the Order of Melchizedek when he established the Order of Mechizedek after the Order of Enoch. By the way, the mystics at Ephrata had baptized the dead long before Joseph Smith copied this mystic ritual.63

Joseph Smith, in a fashion like various Masonic and Magick groups, gave his Mormon leaders and himself new names.64 Smith's new name was Enoch.65

Masonry claimed to be derived from the ancient mystery religions,66 and it was those mysteries that Joseph Smith intended to restore. In D & C 76:7 Smith announces, "And to them will I reveal all mysteries of my kingdom from days of old, and for ages to come."

Joseph Smith needed to restore the mystery religions involved in mystic Christianity, because he believed the magic and occult in Freemasonry was only a shadow, a vestige of the real thing. An examination of Masonic literature prior to the 20th century will reveal teachings on the lineage of Jesus Christ, the importance of the Holy Grail (a blood line from Jesus), the mystical meaning of the crucifixation, the discipling of Jesus by Eastern gurus and other ideas. These are mentioned here, because the lack of public awareness of the old age of these teachings. Joseph Smith was not the first to claim Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and sired a royal blood line through her.67 The New Agers today are not the originators of the idea that Jesus was a Hindu adept, initiated into the Temple of Melchizedek like Pythagoras. Even Justin Martyr noted that the Christian Christ was a parallel to the sons of Jupiter of the pagan mystery religions.68

This explains how important it was to Joseph Smith’s family that he was a son of Jupiter. And his type of knowledge was preserved in the Masonic lodges. The Mormon Apostle Herber C. Kimball verifies that Joseph Smith, Jr. set out to restore the mysteries of Masonry (the mystery religions & mystic Christianity) when he explained, "we have received some pressious things through the Prophet on the preasthood...thare is a similarity of preasthood in Masonary. Br Joseph ses Masonry was taken from preasthood but has become degenerated, but menny things are perfect."69

Joseph Smith was speaking about tokens, signs, keys and other Masonic things before he was initiated into the Masonic Lodge in 1842.70

Joseph Smith claimed that an angel brought him the lost key-word to several Masonic degrees, that would allow him to progress further than the highest Masons.71 The concept that Mormonism was a higher form of Masonry can be seen in the Mormon writer M.F. Cowley’s book Wilford Woodruff, p.160,"The fraternity sought for in that organization (Masonry) was superseded by a more perfect fraternity found in the vows and covenants which the endowment in the House of God afforded members of the church." Joseph Smith, Jr. set out to create a high level super rite of Masonry, perhaps meant to be supreme over all the other rites.

Along with this, he took the practice of white magick to its highest level in North America. That is why the highest Druid witch in North America advised his student witch Schnoebelen that if he wanted to practice the highest form of white magick, he should become a Mormon and partake of the Temple ceremonies.72

This will surprise many people, especially many Mormons, until they understand Magick. An expert Enochian Magician quotes the supreme evil magician Crowley (33° Scottish Rite and other Rites) as defining Magick as "the science and act of causing change to occur in conformity with will." This expert magician further explains, "Essentially, Magick is the ability to bring about a willed change. Suppose that you are hungry. When you will yourself to eat, and then fix yourself a sandwich and eat it, you are performing Magick, at least to a degree. If you will to converse with a friend, and then pick up a phone and call him or her, you are a magician. We all go through life performing Magick. Most of it is so ordinary that we don’t think of it in magical terms, but any willed change in ourselves or in our environment is Magick."73

From this the reader will realize that many Mormons have been duped into practicing Magick in the Mormon temples without knowing it. One doesn’t have to know he is practicing Magick to practice it. However, for those men who have joined witchcraft before

joining Freemasonry or Mormonism, they recognize the close parallels of the Masonic initiations from the beginning with witchcraft, and Mormons going to the Temple endowments with prior witchcraft experience recognize the parallels with the endowment ceremonies.

Schnoebelen was one of the few men to have gone through Witchcraft, Masonry, and Mormonism and to have forsaken it for Christ. His book does an excellent job of revealing the magical meanings and powers involved in the Mormon temple ceremony. (See book recommendations at the back of this chapter.) Even his book doesn't cover all the similarities, by the way which are not coincidental. They are too numerous to be coincidental, but even more important the history of their origins show that it is not coincidence.

Why did the Mormon leaders decide to keep this all secret from their own people? Why haven't the Mormon people been told about the Masonic and occult overtones to their religion? First, they have quietly been told if they look close at what has been said. Second, witchcraft and Luciferian worship within Masonry has always preferred to be veiled. Witchcraft has always preferred darkness and secrecy. Even today, New Age recruiters are telling people that they can "expand their potential" and other sales pitches, rather than saying, "Come worship Lucifer." An ex-New Age recruiter who was into Luciferian worship is now exposing their sales pitches and warning people how New Age recruits are not told when recruited that they are being led to worship Lucifer.

Further, there has been a mass deception to keep hidden that the Mormon leaders are high ranking Freemasons. This deception can only be explained in full by understanding that a conspiracy of great magnitude is underway.

It appears that before the Mormons got their recruiting spells worked out, that some of the original missionary elders were telling people about the mysteries. They were very soon instructed by Joseph Smith Jr. not to ever tell converts about the mysteries.

Joseph Smith's instructions to the elders to keep mum about the mysteries are preserved in a book compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith of his teachings entitled Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

"Elders to Preach Repentence and Let Mysteries Alone...Declare the first principles, and let mysteries alone, lest ye be overthrown. "74

"Strive not about the mysteries of the kingdom, cast not your pearls before swine, give not the bread of the children to dogs, lest you and the children should suffer, and you thereby offend your righteous Judge."75 See footnote for further references.

As early as 1843, a Mormon secret order called "The Holy Order" which involved both men and women had been created. This order wore a special garment with the Masonic square and compass. The Rites of the group included reenacting scenes from the Garden of Eden.76

If the reader will allow a minor digression, I would like to emphasize that one of the important parts to magic is will power. If you look into Hitler and Nazi doctrine you will find will power was one of the most important features of Nazi doctrine. Why? Hitler and many of the Nazi leaders were into witchcraft. Did the Nazi's overtly tell the masses that their will power doctrines were witchcraft renamed? No. Neither is the New Age today, especially in the Christian churches. 98% of the Christian churches in the Puget Sound area are preaching New Age doctrines of some kind.7 The idea of willpower is being promoted hard in many Christian churches. The World Power has suppressed all the information they could about the Nazi’s Satanic religion, because it touches too close to home.78

Joseph Smith’s mother wrote, "...let not the reader suppose that. . . we stopt our labor and went at trying to win the faculty of Abrac, drawing magic circles, or sooth saying, to the neglect of all kinds of business. We never during our lives suffered one important interest to swallow up every other obligation."79

To paraphrase Lucy, she is saying that the faculty of Abrac, and these occult practices were important, but not to the point of making the Smiths unbalanced. The Smiths were able to carry out all their other obligations in life.

Masonic sources show that the Faculty of Abrac went back in Masonic history even predating the founding of their constitution.80 For more information concerning the Masonic "way of winning the faculty of Abrac", the reader is encouraged to read the sources indicated in the footnote. William Wines Phelps in the town of Canandaigua close to Joseph Smith’s home, discussed in 1828 in the Ontario Phoenix (Aug. 25, 1830) about the "very Ancient Masonic Charm, or the way of winning the Faculty of Abrac,..."

Both Lucy (see pg. 37 of her book) and Joseph Smith, Sr. believed in a need for a restoration.81 What that restoration was to be, appears to have included then a "restoration" of mystical Christianity which meant the reinstitution of magic and the occult into Christianity, and a rejection of all the principle dogmas of orthodox churches. Both of Joseph, Jr.’s parents repeatedly went on record repudiating all the denominations that then existed. The restoration "movement" was not an organized body but rather variously believing individuals including men like Roger Williams that believed there were no real Christian churches. Williams didn’t even believe the church he led was real, but he looked for a future restoration. Apparently, for the Fraternity of Rodsmen and the Smiths none of the esoteric groups (Rosicrucians, Moravians, the Ephrata commune, et. al.) had properly restored enough magic and a priesthood enough to satisfy them. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT TO GRASP. It indicates why the One-World-Power has helped the Mormon church. Lucy and Joseph weren’t blindly lashing out at Christianity, they knew exactly what they believed in, and it wasn’t being taught in the Christian churches.


Joseph Smith, Sr. was a member of the Universalist church82 and most likely had contact with occultic and mystic Masons that were preaching for the Universalist Church in that area. The first Universalist minister in Western NY used occult powers and a rod.83 The Universalist minister who preached at Palmyra, NY from Jan. to Mar. 1825 likely mentioned to his congregations about his visions of Christ.84

Universalism is directly connected to Freemasonry.(See chapter 2.3). The public image of the Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons is that they teach that they alone will be saved. This is not the case. According to the WT, at Armageddon only baptised JWs will be saved.85 But at the resurrection, almost all of sinful mankind (the WT figures 20 billion sinful people)86 are to be resurrected and given a second chance. Their doctrine is veiled universalism. Likewise, the Mormon church envisions essentially all of mankind will be saved minus a handful of exceptions. Some end up going to a lesser heaven, but this lesser heaven is claimed to have essentially all the blessings of a Christian heaven.



DICTATORSHIP (often called Theocratie)







The Mormon religion was from its inception meant to be the mystic Christian religion that the Masons had claimed existed in ancient times, complete with the blood line of Jesus Christ.

Many of the early Mormons had been Masons before joining up with Joseph Smith, Jr. "Among the prominent Mormons who had been Masons for years were the following, though the list does not include them all: Hyrum Smith, Newel K. Whitney, Heber C. Kimball, John C. Bennett, George Miller, Lucius N. Scovil, Elijah Fordham, John Smith, Austin Cowles, Noah Rogers, and James Adams."87

The Masonic career of Heber C. Kimball, an outstanding early Mormon leader was described by his daughter Helen Mar Kimball in an article she wrote in Woman’s Exponent, (Vol. XII, p.126).

"It was in 1823 when he received the first degrees of Masonry in the lodge at Victor Flats, Ontario Co., New York, and in 1824, previous to receiving all of the rights up to the Royal Arch Masons, the Morgan affair broke out and the Masonic Hall in Canandaigua was burned by anti-Masons, and all their records consumed. It seems that the Masons were persecuted and the same unjust proceedings were heaped upon them by the anti-Masons that have been upon those who hold the Priesthood. ’ Not as many as three of us,’ father says, ’could meet together, unless in secret, without being mobbed. I have been driven from my houses and possessions with many of my brethren belonging to that fraternity five times, by mobs led by some of their leading men. . . I have been as true as an angel from the heavens to the covenants I made in the lodge at Victor....I wish that all men were Masons and would live up to their profession, then the world would be in a much better state than it is now."

Several items are noteworthy. Heber C. Kimball was a staunch Mason his entire life. The theory that Mormons quit being Masons after the Nauvoo Lodge was shut down is a deception.

The Mason Sidney Rigdon was a Cambellite leader who had two communes. When Mormons missionaries happened to come through his area Rigdon, immediately invited them in as guests, and in a rather quick way, pronounced to his group that he had discovered the true religion and its new prophet Joseph Smith. That a leader of a group could change overnight, and hand his churches over to another, is rather suspicious. There have been a number of tie-ins made between Rigdon and Smith, before they officially met. Although it is difficult to know for sure, it does appear that Smith and Rigdon were in some type of collusion.

Alexander Campbell, who disliked Freemasonry, but had tried to work with Sidney Rigdon wrote, "Rigdon had been for some time diligently engaged in endeavoring, by obscure hints and glowing millennial theories, to excite the imagination of his hearers, and in seeking by fanciful interpretations of Scripture to prepare the minds of the churches of Northern Ohio for something extraordinary in the near future. He sought especially in private to convince certain influential persons that, along with the primitive gospel, supernatural gifts and miracles ought to be restored, and that, as at the beginning, all things should be held in common....Cowdery and Pratt soon made their appearance in Mentor [one of Rigdon’s communes] , and were received as old acquaintances by Rigdon, who at once publicly endorsed their claims and with several others was immersed into the new faith..."

The day-book used by Joseph Smith in Nauvoo is now in the possession of the Iowa Masonic Library. It reveals that the Masonic Lodge funds were considered but a part of the Mormon community’s resources.88

Interestingly, Horace Greeley, a Republican candidate for president in 1872, and the publisher of the important New York Tribune would give much publicity for the Millerites89 and some for the Mormons, while at the same time denouncing Masonry. Greeley also supported communism,90 and the occult and spiritism that oddly enough was what the European Masons were promoting. All this at the same time he was maintaining a highly visible anti-Masonic profile. Is the reader beginning to see how this conspiracy operates?

And this book was written in order for Christians to realize that just because someone is publicly against Masonry doesn’t mean he is against the New World Order. They feel they are sure to win, because they have camouflaged their power in a Matrix with seemingly independent nodes.

Let us return to the restoration that Smith was bringing to Christianity.

Mormonism isn’t simply the Temple ceremonies, but it encompasses an authority structure of priests and a priest/king/prophet ruler along with its mass of revelations and doctrines.

Many of these "revelations" are simply the regurgitation of Masonic beliefs from the ages. Even the approach to doctrine is definitively Masonic.

A most remarkable book Line Upon Line put out by the liberal Mormon scholars shows the remarkable parallels between the generic theology of the Masons and the generic theology of the Mormons. As the LDS church promotes such men, even while criticizing some of their findings, one concludes that this book’s scholarship and documentation is not only accurate but approved.

Mormon scholar Stephen L. Richards writes in this book, "Dogmatism and bigotry have been the deadliest enemies of true religion in the long past." "The very elasticity of prayers, ceremonies, and procedure is additional evidence to me of the adoptability of our religion to human needs and therefore of its divinity."91 He should have added their elasticity of what is doctrinally and fundamentally true also, for Line Upon Line clearly documents that every major Mormon belief has gone through changes.

Change and development characterize Mormon doctrine, consistency does not. For instance, on p. 178, Mormon scholar Bryd Kirkland

states, "...Smith himself departed radically from his own teachings, giving precedent for Young’s additional innovations."92

Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt then in turn deviated from Brigham Young,93 the second Prophet’s views, and Brigham Young censured Pratt’s concepts of God. An official censuring by Young occurred in 1860 and 1865.94 Pratt felt God was "The Great First Cause". The idea was rejected by Young. Without going the details, it can be stated that both men were building upon contradictory teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr.95

The issue here is not which view point of Joseph Smith was right, but for Mormons the issue revolved around a power struggle. As far as doctrine Mormons are given the flexibility in deciding for themselves. The issue was that Brigham Young felt his authority was being challenged, and he was determined to remain "the Prophet." Today, Young’s views of eternal progression and the "second death" would be rejected as heretical by many Mormons.

The generic doctrines of the Mormons are not so troubling then as the authority that the rank and file give to their leaders. It is conceivable that a Mormon could even agree with orthodox doctrine, but it is not conceivable that he could remain Mormon and remain out from under the authority of his King/Priest. Some Mormons are attending New Age churches, but are members in good standing at the LDS church, because they pay their tithe.96 They receive their home visits, and are not treated negatively by other Mormons. They are not seen as questioning the LDS church’s authority. (Chapter 2.9 picks up the story of the LDS church after Joseph Smith.)


People are believing false doctrine, because they are believing in a false authority. This holds true in a wide range of religious groups. The supposed "restoration" of authority in a priesthood led by a lineal descendent of the seed of David, is the greater threat, than the restoration of mystic Christian doctrine and its magic. The seriousness of the threat may be seen when one is aware of how widespread the Masonic and witchcraft support is for this claimed "seed of David" which is being prepared to rule the world.

Bear in mind that the symbols of Luciferian worship adorn the Mormon temples, and that demons are considered part of the same eternal family as the gods, angels, and mortals are in but considered simply to be at a different stage in growth or development.97

The Mormon missionaries themselves will tell people that the authority issue--that is, what authority is the right one to submit to, is the crucial issue before people. Yet, the restored priesthood they bring is in submission to the same men who control witchcraft and Freemasonry, and who have at the highest levels pledged allegiance to Lucifer. This is the authority of the mystery religions.

Another choice besides the mystery religions is to place oneself under the authority of Christ and the Christian scriptures. Mystic Christianity is a negation of Christ’s teachings. This author has seen it seems about every distortion possible done to the pure message of Christ by Masons. The Mason who wrote Esoteric Masonry claims in the book that Jesus was actually a sperm and Judas was the male sexual organ holding his bag. People like this may claim to be Christian, that is their prerogative, but what this Author would like is for legitimate followers of Christ to quit honoring these wolves in sheep clothing. It is also vital we recognize who these people are so that their false messiah will be rejected.

In contrast to Christianity, which stresses all men are sinners, the traditional doctrine of Mormonism is that man is essentially good by nature.98 John A. Widtsoe, a leading Mormon writer, argued after Darwin’s theory of evolution came out, that "God was not the creator, nor was he omnipotent. He too was governed by natural law, which was fundamental."99

Again returning to doctrine, the underlying bottom line in Mormonism, is the Masonic idea of flexible truth. Thaddeus E. Shoemaker, Mormon scholar, advocates that the key to a dynamic faith is to have a theology based on speculation—what he calls "speculative Theology".100

The generic Mormon mish-mash of Theology, this homemade brew that each Mormon priest and theology student cooks from his own recipe, is very representative of Masonic philosophy. Add to that a leadership which gives revelations based on esoteric Masonic beliefs, and add to that that all the Mormon prophets have been Masons, then is it any surprise that the ideas of universalism, polytheism, exaltation to godhood, multiple heavens, and many other ideas which have surged through the Masonic Lodges and the books they publish, are part of Mormonism?

The Mormon temple in Salt Lake City is covered with Masonic symbols. These are explained by some Mormon scholars to have been placed there because Mormonism and Masonry come from the same origin. The explanation the Mormon Gavin gives for the Star of David on the Mormon temple is "It must be remembered that the Mormons are Israelites, being descendants of Abraham through the lineage of Joseph who was sold into Egypt.... As members of the great nation of Israel, the Mormons have a legal right to use the special insignia and emblems which that ancient nation developed."101

What's involved in starting a new religion?

Extraordinary new material is being presented below. Its contribution is that it may help us to understand or theorize what happened to Joseph Smith Jr.


One day in modern times an older child was looking at the fire in the fireplace when he saw a shining metallic gold plate. The plate had a type of hieroglyphics or symbol writing that he wrote down. The original drawing made that day is reproduced below. This event led to further revelations, and the angelic beings brought him golden plates. He found he had an ability to translate the plates. He deciphered what they said. He learned that the symbols were from the Azruslan language. He wrote a grammar and a dictionary of the language.

This man became a respected religious leader. The plates formed the basis of a new Scriptures called The Flower of Truth. This American guru had a great deal of dignity and poise. His bearing was what one would expect from a man who had written a Bible. He was a true friend to people, and came across as meek. He was faithful to what he thought was right, indeed he was somewhat of a perfectionist. He was a man of culture and integrity. He had a command of the use of words. He was also a very loving sensitive man who wore long white robes. His search for knowledge led him repeatedly into new realms of knowledge, and he had momentary flights into fantasy. He preferred to investigate things on his own, he was a self-teacher who then taught others. Although he trusted his own research, his biggest shortcoming was perhaps his personal self­deceit. One day he got a revelation that completely changed his life. He went from a modern day Joseph Smith Jr. to a Christian.

It is rare when the founder of a new religion turns his back on his own New Age Bible and his own followers to follow Christ. Yet, that is what this New Age leader did, because in a later revelation he had it revealed to him that he was serving demons. Upon realizing that the plates and the translation of those plates were demonic, he turned his life over to Christ. He walked away from the religious community he had established in Edmonton, Canada and began living a Christian life.

How many writers of demon inspired scriptures never learn the source of scriptures, or if they did, have never revealed the source of their own scriptures? It takes real moral conviction to do something like that.


It is very interesting to examine what the Demons had passed to him because today, a religious buffet is being offered the public. Real Christian faith appears to be just one of many viable options.

The Flower of Truth is a syncretic work, a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity et. al. like the lessons of so many New Age groups today.

Examples from The Flower are: (shades of Buddhism) The Fivefold Path, p.9, "I Who in My Christ am called the lotus-born." (shades of Mormonism) The last chapter is called Doctrines and Covenants. (shades of Hinduism) The Fivefold Path, p. 16, "Whoever chants My names in pure devotion to Me, I will lead to the green fields of My Kingdom."

In the preface to the book102 we are told, "This book was not compiled, nor is it presented, to be a substitute or replacement for the Bible or any of the other great scriptures. The spirit which has spoken to Man in the past through these old books is the same one which speaks to us now through the new. The Torah, the New Testament, the Koran, the Gita, the Flower: are all chapters in the eternal stream..."

Shades of the occult appear in The Flower. Examples are The Opening, p. 5 "The keys to My Kingdom I give to you." The Opening, p. 3 "All men shall desecrate my temple...but wherever the ash will come to rest shall spring up as a legion of Phoenix from the flames endless temples."

Even more significant than how eclectic the book is, is that it puts forth all the lies of Satan. Examples are:

The Opening, p.2-"There is no death. All men are saved." The Law, p. 4-"l say unto you, verily, after death I do not punish." Revelation, p. 3 we are presented Situational Ethics- "There is no man that knows what is truth and what is untruth, except judging for himself only,..."

Below, published for the first time to the public in any book are the original drawings, which were entrusted to Dr. K.V. Thampan, and were in the care of this Author for a while. Now after ten years, the public is permitted to see the original demon inspired drawings, which now form a testimony of a great victory for Christ.

Recommended for further study on chapter 2.4 is:

1.   Schnoebelen. Mormonism's Temple of Doom. This book is an excellent introduction to the parallels between Witchcraft, Masonry and the Mormon temple ceremonies. The book has received much "flak" because it critics are simply not well informed about the practices of witchcraft, and the hidden side of Mormonism.

2.   Tanner, Jerald & Sandra. Mormonism. Magic and Masonry. This is good historical research into the early connections. The Tanners fail to inform people of the connections that exist today, but the book is excellent material on the early Mormons. The Tanners have some of the best material on the Mormons for the interested researcher.


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Chapter 2.5

The Golden Age

The Christian scriptures in Revelations refers to a period of time that the saints will reign with Christ. "And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Rv 20:4b In the preceding sentence it tells us that these saints were those who did not received the mark of the beast on their foreheads or hands.

This Bible verse in Revelations 20 has been the basis for much speculation and thought. The concept of a 1,000 year period has been extended by some to apply to other passages in Revelations, and by others like Charles T. Russell to apply to vast portions of scriptures. C.T. Russell arbitrarily decided through the entire Bible whether a particular verse was for now, or for this 1,000 year period called the Millennium.

The popular concept of a 1,000 year Golden Age millennium, that has been advertised so strongly by groups like the Watchtower Society has been rarely held by Bible scholars until the last two centuries. The appearance of this Millennium concept on the modern scene has actually derived its principle impetus not from Bible study as much as from a wide-spectrum of Masonic-started groups ranging from the secular communists and socialists, the Second Adventists, certain Rosicrucian groups, and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

This chapter is not an investigation into the meaning of Rev. 20 and what the Bible says about the Millennium. It is an investigation into how the conspiracy has used and manipulated people with these Millenarian visions. According to Scripture Satan quoted Scripture to Christ, the catch was his motivation was wrong.


Millenarian visions have been a global phenomenon. Secret societies which have continued the Ancient Mystery religion, have believed in the pagan idea of cycles, and reincarnation, which has as a part of its system of thought the revolution back to a Golden Age. The Pagan religious concepts of a Golden Age (the term is nowhere in the Bible—but often in Classical Greek and Ancient Egyptian literature) have been easy to promote in Christendom, because of their close affinity to the Christian scriptures.

A present day example is Hans Hofer, who in 1985 came out with his book The Final War. Hans Hofer is Socialist with Fabian beliefs, whose mentor was the Fabian Bertrand Russell.1 From Germany, Hans now lives in Australia. His book is being pushed by some esoteric groups even now that the Iron Curtain has fallen in Eastern Europe. Let us read some snippets from his book that summarize his Fabian beliefs.

"...I still believe in a coming Golden Age, a time in which suffering is little, where justice prevails and where good men and women reign on this planet earth. This new Golden Age brings fulfillment and happiness to all who...understand the Law of Politics and

Economics...and accept other nations...and let them live their own way of life according to Nature's laws..."(The Final War, p.6)

"To know the Golden Age is coming is good, joyful news for those who have children that they want the best for."(p.7)

"All wars from the early beginning of mankind were nothing other than a selective process towards the will-be world leader. Until this process is complete, there will be no peace. Warfare goes on until only one is left, and this one will be world leader."

"Unless we have a world leader, a One World Government, there will be no peace, harmony, controlled trade or lasting prosperity."(p.9)

"...Therefore, all those wars have been nothing else than for the natural selection process for the Would-be World Leaders.1"(p. 11) "Now after this great struggle, the selection process towards World government, a new 'World Communism' will take over the world, which will be a far better system of communism." (p.32) "The U.S.S.R. will declare World Government before the year 2000." (p. 45)

For a much earlier instance of Millennialism a person can look at the Muenster affair where another Hofmann from Germany comes into view. Jewish, occultic influences with Jewish chiliastic ideas within the Anabaptist movement produced the disastrous Muenster affair when a group of Anabaptists tried to set up a Millennial kingdom. This affair seriously discredited those Anabaptists which had nothing in common with the Muenster Anabaptists, even though there was not justification to associate the different groups for the Anabaptist in general publicly repudiated Hofmann. It was the result of Melchior Hofmann's followers taking over Muenster in Mar., 1535, which they was renamed the New Jerusalem. There they set up the Kingdom of God and Jan of Leiden became King. A terrible Kingdom of God was created, which in turn was brutally overthrown by Catholic and Protestant forces. Interestingly, Melchior Hofmann designated himself "the second Enoch."2

In this chapter, the reader will be presented information on how the conspiracy has introduced new religious groups with Millennial visions in order to further their ultimate goal of creating a gnostic one-world-religion based on the efforts of man, and subservient to hierarchies, which in turn are centrally controlled.

The Masonic Lodge has preserved and promoted the concept of the New Age, the Golden Age, a Millennium.

The twentieth century has seen the rise of secular millenarian visions such as communism. With the introduction of the New Age movement the vehicle of promotion has shifted back more to a religious millennialism as the end of the 20th century is approached.

The distinction between religious and secular Millennial views is blurred in real life. Secular ideologies, while lacking religious symbology have replaced the various parts of religion with secular equivalents. Men from various groups have coordinated their millennial views, so that it becomes difficult to identify the individual millennial movements as strictly secular or strictly religious.

This is illustrated, by a letter which appeared on the front page of the New York Daily Tribune (Mar. 15,1843). The letter was written by a Boston abolitionist who later that year attempted to establish the Skaneateles Community, a Utopian experiment using Robert Owen's secular Millennial ideas. The letter was addressed to Albert Brisbane. Albert Brisbane was America's principal exponent of the French occultist and Utopian philosopher, Charles Fourier. A close relationship exists between the secular Utopian communities established in the U.S. and the U.K. and the secret occult Fraternal orders in Europe and Fourier. (The reader is encouraged to read Fire In the Minds of Men, for a scholarly history of the connections. Then he encouraged if still wants to pursue such a study to look at the individual experimental communities.) The letter reads:

"The millennium of the sacred writers and the golden age of the poets have buoyed up the drooping heart in every age and every condition of life. The harmony of the material world, its ability to supply our wants, and the constant swelling up of the Soul for a purer and better state, convince every reflecting mind that a benevolent Creator designed Man for Happiness in the present state of existence, in spite of all the teachings of the Church."

In 1820, the Anglican church which was heavily mixed with Masonry, saw some thousand Anglican priests and radicals band together and announce that the "Second Advent" was due not in some hazy future date but at any moment.3


The year was 1825 and the country's attention was focused on the famous French General Lafayette, (a member of the Illuminati) who was touring the United States. At every town the Masonic Lodges went to great lengths to prepare great festivities. (General Lafayette had possibly been given his position in Washington's revolutionary army due to his Masonic connections, although initially the Americans had been somewhat cool to putting him on the staff of the Continental army. The foreign military experts taken in by the American Continental Army were all Masons. Prior to Lafayette's original arrival in the colonies, French agents, with ties to the Grand Orient Masons, had been stirring up trouble in the British colonies.)

After the American Revolution's end, Lafayette went back to France, where he was to play a role in the French Revolution. Lafayette was one of the most powerful men within the secret Masonic societies of France. He did have his secret Illuminati superiors. He was not only a high ranking Freemason, but a leader of the Carbonari (called Forest Masons).

It is interesting to note that the man the Masons selected to wine and dine with Lafayette in the New York area on his 1825 tour was a farmer from the town of Poultney, VT. At this point in history, this Mason farmer had not distinguished himself in anything especially except his fervor in Masonry. This Mason was William Miller.

He was aided by the Masonic deists in his area to broaden his knowledge. The Episcopalian deist Matthew Lyon had a large personal library and had shared it with William Miller. Miller read all the great Masonic thinkers of the time, Voltaire, Hume, Paine, Ethan Allen, and others. Up to now however, most scholars because they are unfamiliar with the strong secular millennialism within those non-Christian Masonic writers, have tended to view Miller's Millennial views as his own creation.

It is hard to accept that William Miller did not draw from others. One of the best Millennial scholars, Michael Barkun aptly writes, "Although to all appearances theologically self-taught, the congruence between his Biblical interpretations and older readings of millenarian symbols strongly implies access to an oral if not a written exegetical tradition." This Author concurs.

Before meeting with Lafayette, Miller had married Lucy Smith. Then he claimed to have become a Christian in 1816, and to have discovered the date of the return of Christ from independent study in 1818.

So the Grand Master met with him. And Miller, like Lafayette, would within a few years be travelling around the country visiting many Masonic Lodges. Miller claimed to have lectured 4,000 times from June 9, 1834 and 1845. His biographer, Sylvester Bliss, mentions more than 230 communities that Miller spoke to. Up until 1839, these were confined to New York and Vermont. Miller's meeting with Joshua Vaughan Himes changed that.

William Miller joined the Masonic Lodge in 1803. At that point he was well known for his rejection of Christ as Savior and his Deism. Later, he joined the Baptist church. According to Miller, he set out to harmonize the contradictions of the Bible himself. It's interesting that when Miller was finished harmonizing his religious views, those views were described as "a type that would pass with the world philosophical, pure, and sublime."

Two important ministers early on for William Miller also had Masonic connections, Elder Fuller of Poultney, VT. and Joshua Himes. Elder Fuller had influenced William Miller during the "silent years" before Miller's ministry and was one of the first to join his movement. William Miller's best friend, Truman Hendryx, was a Baptist minister of possible Jewish heritage.

In 1833, a group of Baptist ministers from White-Hall where Miller had met Lafayette, and from Hampton, NY gave Miller, a layman, a license to preach. For a layman to receive such a license was unusual, especially since it was clear at that time that William Miller was preaching the return of Christ and that the Millennial Age was soon-to-come in 1843. Soon afterwards, another strange and unique document was put together by 17 clergymen from various denominations authoring Miller to preach. As these denominations often back then had heated squabbles over doctrine, it was very unique that such a variety of denominations would give Miller such a document to authorize him to preach. It smells of Masonic influence.

The Masons at the time were powerful within the clergy. According to the scholar Whitney R. Cross, "About a fourth of all Protestant ministers were Masons," in that region of the U.S. The Masonic lodge recruited men of influence: politicians, merchants, and clergymen. Cross adds, "though their congregations were not, and like any group of private individuals interlocked against competition on economic, political, or social levels, they [the Masons] subverted the democratic process."

Also interesting is an analysis of the 1850 census. It reveals the following statistics about the Adventist movement and their leaders. 20 percent were farmers, 6 percent were merchants, 13 percent were craftsmen, and 45 percent were ministers. The Adventist movement drew from all types, but consisted mainly of Methodists, and of small-town New Yorkers with New English heritage.

The rapid rise in Second Adventist thought implies that its leaders went to other sources. It is also interesting to examine what type of men became Adventist leaders, such as men with Jewish backgrounds, with Yale and Andover educations, and men prominent in the Abolitionist movement. The Abolitionist movement, although it drew its moral indignation from what was happening to the slaves, it drew much of its finances and leadership from Secret Societies who apparently were bent on revolution.

William Miller's prophecies failed and made a laughing stock of those who would talk about Christ's return.

While attention was focused in the U.S. and the U.K. on the fulfillment of the Mason William Miller's prophecy about Christ's return a new religion very similar to Freemasonry believed that Miller's prophecy was fulfilled in the Middle East. This Masonic like universal belief held that a man Baha'-u'llah was the manifestation of God, the Christ. They believed he created the foundation of the Kingdom of God on earth, and that the day would soon come when the Golden Age would be ushered in. The foundations for a New World Order were passed to his son, who began to implement Baha'u'llah's Tablets and Instructions. So began the Bahai religion.

Bahai writer Jessyca Russell Gaver wrotes, "Among these prophecies was the belief that sometime between the years 1843 and 1847, His Holiness, Jesus Christ, would reappear on earth."

"Should you search through the scriptures of any divinely revealed religion, you will find that God has never sent His messengers to a place having no need of them-be it a town, a city, or a country that is fairly content, progressive, or spiritually aware....Instead, such messengers seem to arise where they are needed most...This was the condition in the ancient country of Persia (now called Iran) about 200 years ago."4

While Miller's failed prophecies brought scorn on the Bible in the U.S. and Europe, in the Middle East they were being used to bolster a new universal religion called the Bahai faith. The Mason Kheiralla who first began teaching the Bahai faith in the 19th century had some Millerites as his early pupils. He taught them that the Mason William Miller's prophecies about Christ's return had been fulfilled in the Bab.

The Bab's Declaration in 1844 began the Baha'i' Era according to his followers.

Numerology is part of this religion. The numbers 9 and 19 are revered. They have a heirarchy called the Baha'i' Administrative Order which is headed by the Guardian of the Faith. Their goal is to unite mankind into one religion. They hold informal meetings called "firesides."

The Bahai faith has received help from the United Nations and the sympathy of Masons. It established its International Headquarter in Palestine just prior to W.W.I at what is now Haifa, Israel. The British government was very positive toward the Guardian of the Faith Abdu'l-Baha and knighted him in 1920. When he came to California he spoke in Oakland at the YMCA. Jewish, Christian, and Moslem leaders attended his funeral. Troops of Moslem and Christian Boy Scouts also paraded at his funeral.

The new Guardian of Faith Shoghi Effendi Rabbani received land earmarked by the Jews for institutions of the Jewish State on which he built at Mazra'ih a Holy Place. He also built at Mt. Carmel a world center. Bahais would use Prince Albert Hall, London for meetings. That Hall has seen a lot of use by the Masons and the early International Bible Students. A series of 7 years plans which were parts of several stages to bring in a New Order were put into motion. These plans were part of what was called the Divine Plan.

A Universal House of Justice was established and its pronouncements are put forth as divine.

According to Bahai teachings the cradle of the New World Order is to be America. They believe the troubles the world is suffering and will go through are the "birth pangs" of the New World Order. A new race of spiritual beings is to come under their tutelage. They do not believe in the concept of sin.

Although they build temples and other religious buildings they claim not to be a church.

In the book The Dynamic New Religion Bahai Faith it states, "Someone who is attracted to the Baha'i' Faith finds that he is on the threshold of a new spiritual experience. He learns that God loves those who work in groups and that His chief purpose in this age is to create unity. To do his part in building a New World Order, each person has to develop new qualities of character, which the Baha'is feel their teachings demonstrate."5

In contrast to Jesus who was concerned about sin and spoke, "Blessed are the poor in spirit," the Baha'is' believe having poverty of the spirit is the worst situation.6

They like other New Age groups, they believe man is going through evolutionary stages.

The Baha'i Way of Life is clearly in accord with Masonry which believes that by following their path a man will receive salvation. The Masons, Universalist-Unitarian Church, Mormons and Baha'is practice essentially the same universal religion with different labels, and different rituals. Today the Baha'is are forbidden to join the Masonic Lodge or any Christian denomination. They don't need to join the lodge, considering they are committed to much of the same thing. Interestingly, it was Masons and the Chicago Masonic Temple that got the Baha'i religion going in the United States.

The man who began propagating the Baha'i religion in the U.S. Kheiralla was a Freemason. By 1900, he had his "medical" office in the Chicago Masonic Temple. The secret Masonic Oriental Order of the Magi produced the core of the pupils who took Kheiralla's Baha'i lessons. The Order of the Magi had mostly men but also women which were mainly physicians and their relatives. Dr. Rufus Bartlett, Dr. Eugene W. Sawyer, Dr. Chester Ira Thacher, and Louisa ("Lua") Aurora Moore were all early Baha'is that belonged to the Order of the Magi. A comparison of the names of a number of the prominent early Baha'is in Chicago including those of the Order of the Magi with this Author's list of Chicago's Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) membership fails to produce any dual memberships. It is not clear to this Author just what the relationship of the Oriental Order of the Magi to the Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) is. Baha'i Dr. Chester

I. Thacher also had his business office within the Chicago Masonic Temple, and is believed to have probably been a Mason. It is also believed that the Order of the Magi rented a room within the Chicago Masonic Temple.6a

Baha'is are not only committed to a One-World-Religion but also a One-World- Government. Their leader is called the "Herald of the New Age." They work hand-in- hand with many other agencies working to bring in a New World Order, and those that are helpful to the cause such as NOW, NAACP, Kiwanis, and others.


One lodge system that is overtly satanic is The Golden Dawn. In their publication Watch Jerusalem in 1948 they tell readers that Armageddon is to happen during the 1990s.7 In another publication, they tell us "The Aquarian Age is already upon us and it, too, is radiating a most powerful influence. The Aquarian Age will be in full power all through the coming Millennium. In fact, right now it is preparing the way for the Millennium, the THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE."8


In Mystic Americanism billed as "a book for every Mason and for every man and woman who is looking for the fulfillment of prophesies", it teaches that the defeat of the Dragon will reopen the teaching of the Holy Grail which is illumination of the Soul. A New Dispensation is coming. Supposedly, the cycle of Jesus of Nazareth is over, and we must discard that old cycle for the new one we are in. My question is, is it really outdated? and what are they trying to replace it with? Nothing but the oldest superstitions around from ancient India, Egypt, and Babylon. (Personally, the New Age looks like the old cycle.)


As mentioned earlier it is difficult at times to label someone's Millennium hope either way. For instance, do we define the Social Gospel of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ as secular or religious Millennarianism? If religious, then are we not characterizing Communism as religious, because the man who wrote the Social Goals for the FCC was Communist party member Henry F. Ward, who was professor of Christian ethics at Union Theological Seminary in NY. Ward believed that Jesus' Kingdom of God "was a collective concept embracing the whole social life of man on earth."9 Ward saw his position in the FCC as a chance to effect the collectivist Kingdom of God in American Society.

Ward's student the Mason and socialist Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, future FCC president, embraced Ward's socialist views. (See chap. 2.8) Later Oxnam responded to critics by claiming he departed from Ward's position in 1958, but Edgar C. Bundy's book Apostles of Deceit, p. 227 tells a different story.

THE STREAM OF SECULAR MILLENNIAL HOPES The stream of secular Millennial hopes such as Fabian Socialism, Communism, et. al. have been part of the revolutionary forces unleashed by Illuminism. This Author has been requested to diagram how all these groups and people relate, however, to do so would be a meaningless jumble of interconnecting lines. It is most appropriate to understand these groups and people as moving parts of a stream unleashed by and fed by the Illuminati and Illumined groups. Two stream illustrations are provided, one giving some of the groups the other prominent people.

What does this have to do with Christianity and the One-World-Religion? Socialism (aka Communism) with its secular Millennial Hope was the real religion of the leaders of the National Council of Churches of Christ. In the U.S. over 100 NCC leaders had affiliations with communist-front organizations including a number of prominent ones who were Communist party members.10 The NCC secular Millennial hope is illustrated in a policy statement issued by the NCC's General Board in 1965:

"We have pushed our machines with their mechanical minds and vast powers outward into space among the stars and inward into the secrets of matter and men, and into the fields, the factories, the mines and the market place. A world without hunger, nakedness or human beasts of burden is now a real possibility, no longer a visionary dream."11


Perhaps nothing more vividly illustrates how the New World Order can use religion to manipulate people to fight for their own enslavement as liberation theology.

Liberation Theology (or more accurately Liberation Mythology) holds that men will establish a new Jerusalem. Liberation Theology strategies for accomplishing the New Earth vary from teacher to teacher, but can be basically summarized by saying that the principles of the Bavarian Illuminati and Karl Marx are to be put into practice through revolution (liberation struggles) to create the New Earth, the Kingdom of God.


Liberation Theology was started by various ministers who were Marxists, socialists and One-Worlders. The roots of the movement began with the men who preached the social gospel, such as socialist clergyman Dr. Walter Rauschenbusch, a crucial influence on the Federal Council of Churches. It began first with the Protestants and then spread to the Catholics, especially the Jesuits.

In 1959, Ernst Bloch a Marxist posing as a Christian published Principles of Hope (Prinzip Hoffnung) trying to mix Marxism and Christianity. In 1965, the German Protestant Jurgen Moltmann published what is commonly called the foundation of Liberation Theology A Theology of Hope.

During the 1960s and the 1970s the World Council of Churches began to support revolutionary struggles. In July, 1968, at the Uppsala, Sweden Assembly the WCC made a commitment to help create a One-World-Government. They decided to fund third world "liberation movements". From there on, the WCC has increasingly pledged itself to Liberation Theology.

Examples of how Liberation Theology has functioned. The WCC gave $157,820 to North Vietnam during the Vietnam War between 1966 and 1970. They gave the revolutionary group SWAPO $740,000 and the communist ANC received $362,000.12 Christians who belong to denominations within the WCC (such as the Episcopal, Presbyterian, United Methodist, et. al.) must bear responsibility for the bloodshed caused by WCC funding various terrorist groups, because their churches contribute large sums to the WCC. A new phase of Liberation Theology took place when "Basic Christian Communities" BCC were set up in Nicaragua and helped bring in the Marxist revolution. The BCCs began spreading throughout Latin America.

In 1971 a national meeting in Santiago, Chile took place of Christians for Socialism. The next year, an international meeting in Latin America took place with over 400 Protestant and Catholic Latin American liberationist from all over South America gathered.

In 1981, John Paul II replaced the Master General of the Jesuits with his own choice because Arrupe had not controlled Liberation Theology. This move was a superficial political gesture on the part of the Pope. Arrupe was already incapacitated by illness, and the change in leadership did nothing tangible to slow down the Jesuits' promotion of Liberation Theology. It simply blew a smokescreen on the Pope's intentions.

In 1987, Latin American Communist Parties met in Prague to discuss with other communist experts how the Churches could be effectively used to promote Marxism worldwide.


"It is time to...concentrate on the fundamental fact: the Bible teaches communism...Communism is obligatory for Christians....The Ananias episode...means: pain of death for whoever betrays communism, Christianity's indispensable condition."— Jose Miranda, leading Mexican LT spokesperson, Communism in the Bible.

"I am convinced that my attitude represents the highest form of responding to the call from God. For me, Christianity is communist militancy."—Father Santiago Salas, Filipino Guerrilla Priest

"The solution is Marxism. It is the only possible way to achieve liberation. I do not see any other way to realize the promises of history and of the Gospel, there is no salvation outside the Church, and there is no liberation outside of Marxism. A Christian should embrace Marxism if he wants to be with God and with men.

"Liberation theology is an entirely new theology which reinterprets, in the light of the revolution, all the themes of traditional theology: God, Christ, the Church, the priesthood, marriage, labor, everything.

"The mission of the church these days in Latin America is, above everything else, to preach communism... Communism is profoundly Christian. Communism, according to Marx, is a society in which there is no selfishness or injustice. It is the same as what Christians understand as the kingdom of God on earth."—Father Ernesto Cardenal, Communidades Eclesiais de Base.

The biggest barrier to the satanic Illuminati dreams of World conquest are the teachings of Christ. This challenge to the New World Order is being subverted by teaching the people that Christ was a Communist revolutionary. Isn't it amazing that men can be so easily fooled to work and fight for the enslavement of the human race? The New World Orders manipulation of people by their promises of a man-made Golden Age, a Millennium, needs to be challenged.

Ex-Black Panther Anthony Bryant who was a promoter of Liberation Theology is now warning people of the dangers of Liberation Theology.


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Chapter 2.6


Mary Baker Eddy attempted to "re-instate" primitive Christianity. Her brand of religion was very popular among Jews and Freemasons as this chapter will bring out.

The sequence of events that led to her quest for the Metaphysical laws that govern healing started with an accident, a fall on ice one stormy cold Feb. day in 1866.

Prior to falling, Mary Baker Eddy, a childless sad frail 60 year old woman, had been "just sitting around waiting to die."1

Although her fall was an accident, that she turned to the occult wasn't. Some maintain that her mentor was one of the founders of New Thought, Phineas P. Quimby.

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby was a possible Freemason. He was also an early hypnotist who attempted to heal by hypnotism. There has been much debate on how much he influenced her. Mrs. Eddy stayed in Portland, Maine as a patient of Phineas Quimby, and it was at that time she borrowed his writings which she used as hers.2 Quimby had gotten his ideas in turn from the Mason Anton Mesmer. When the Mason Mesmer gave a performance in Belfast, Maine of the power of Mesmerism (also called animal magnetism and now called hypnotism), Phineas Quimby became interested and learned Mesmer's technique of hypotism. Both the Mason Lafayette and the Mason Mozart were impressed and promoted Anton Mesmer to their friends.4 Quimby felt religion was making many of his patients sick.5 Mary Baker Eddy picked up on that idea too. One observer summed up the research into Mrs. Eddy borrowing Quimby's writings, "If it had not been for P. P. Quimbey, there would have been no Mrs. Eddy, and if it had not been for Mrs. Eddy, we should never have known of Quimby."6

Two people that did without doubt have great influence on her were her father and her much beloved husband who died. Her father was very interested into Metaphysical religion, and her husband was a Freemason and an Oddfellow. As an Oddfellow, he got into Witchcraft. The Freemasons took care of her as a widow, and after that kindness she was very close to them her entire life. She had material published in the Freemason's Monthly Magazine.

From the very beginnings, she took the Masonic Knights Templar logo and used it on her publications. She altered it slightly and it has become a copyrighted trademark of the Christian Scientists. An early form of the Knights Templar logo used by her appeared on her book Unity of Good and it appears below.

Mary Baker Eddy explained her fall and her healing in her classic book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Four years later after this testimony was published, she managed to round up 26 others and organize a church in Boston.

This church was later designated as the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist. It was "designed to commemorate the word and works of our Master, which should re­instate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing."

Here again is the Masonic concept of revolving (revolution) back to a primitive purity. Her concepts also were Gnostic. They held that salvation could come only through knowledge and that sickness, sin, and disease would disappear in proportion to one's understanding that God is All. She believed in another Gnostic tenet, that matter was opposed by God. Her positive thinking is called New Thought. New Thought ranges from outright Hinduism to the more subtly occultic beliefs of positive thinking by the Freemason Norman Vincent Peale. However, Peale's New Thought is not new. Emerson was one of the men that made New Thought famous. Emerson was closely associated with Freemasonry, and borrowed and studied Hinduism. Mary Baker Eddy and Emerson believed every man is a center of "God-consciousness", and is to recognize his complete unity with the whole.

Christ is a divine idea, not eternal, but merely a "reflection of God." Further Christian Science tells us that man is divine, because he is part of God.

The official organ of the Scottish Rite, the New Age Magazine in May, 1923 contained an article of the highest praise for Mary Baker Eddy. In line with Masonic duplicity and secrecy, the article doesn't contain her name, but it is obvious from the article's description who is being honored. It said, "But it remained for the latter years of the 19th century to witness what many believe to be one of the greatest 'Declarations of Independence' of all history, and which promises to result in the final breaking down of the bars to truth and the rending of the chains of man's greatest enslavement—his supine submission to material laws.

"One evening at the close of an autumn day in the year 1866, a spiritually-minded New England gentlewoman (she was the wife of a true Mason) sat in a lonely rock-ribbed crypt on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, near a little village in Massachusetts... she had fitted herself for the great part she was destined to play in the drama of world events. She was inspired by the same God that directed the enlightened thoughts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses... In such a moment of at-one-ment with infinite intelligence, this woman wrote what many deep thinkers are coming to regard as the greatest "Declaration of Independence" ever revealed to the inhabitants of this planet.

"Our children's children and all future generations will speak and write of this present twentieth century period as "The Days of the Great Revolution,"—the last Religious Renaissance—the time of the signing (the adoption) of Man's Declaration of Spiritual Independence and his freedom from the (so-called) laws of matter. And those children of our children, in looking over the record, will be proud of the Masonic recognition of, connection with, and active contributions to, this great event."8

With such a close affiliation in doctrine and friendships with Freemasons, it is no surprise that Freemasons have played a big role in Christian Science. Channing was one of the men responsible for the founding of Christian Science, and was a Freemason.9 Since that time, if one examines the Mother Church in Boston we find that Archibald McLellan (1857-1917) who was a leading Freemason was director of the Mother Church and editor -in-chief of the Christian Science Monitor.10 Albert F. Gilmore, president of the Mother Church in 1922-23 was a

Freemason,11 and his successor Charles E. Heitman, president of the mother church from 1923-24 was a Freemason.12 Since 1956, the first reader and a church official at the Mother Church has been the Mason Arnold H. Exo.13 The Mother Church at Boston exerts authority over its 2,500 international daughter congregations.

Many of the editors of the Christian Science Monitor have been Freemasons. For instance, George Channing, Paul S. Deland 32 degree, Alexander Dodds, Roland R. Harrison, and Charles E. Heitman.14

Opponents of Mary Baker Eddy's "primitive Christianity" have called it "Yankee witchcraft." When one is familiar with Christian Science auto-suggestion and compares it with magic, the two are same in principle.

Mary Baker Eddy, born at Bow, New Hampshire in 1821 started her church in Boston in 1883. Again one sees the origin of a Christian New Age cult started within the same geographic area that so many have originated from.

Mary Baker Eddy found she could be a channel, a medium. After she found her talents as a medium, she began the Massachusetts Metaphysical College in Boston in 1881. Two years later she began the Christian Science Journal which has evolved into the Christian Science Monitor, a respected journal.

In ancient times, the Sybils were controlled in a hypnotic way. Is it possible that Phineas Quimby or someone else controlled her by hypnotism?

A Mrs. Stetson, a descendant from the Puritan family15 that would be tied to the Order which is thought to be part of the Illuminati16, was a friend of Mary Baker Eddy. Stetson was another early Christian Science leader. Augusta Stetson was also into co-masonry. And her life is shrouded in mystery.17 Another connection with the Illuminati is that both Mary Baker Eddy and the Order have drawn deeply from Hegel's philosophy. Indeed, the history of the 20th century has been a century when the Illuminati has tried out Hegel's philosophy to create their desired changes by conflict. Mary Baker Eddy early on in her original writing plagiarized Francis Leber, who had written "The Metaphysical Religion of Hegel."

Mary Baker Eddy was part of the Baker family by birth. The same prominent Baker family of today.

Many of the early converts to Christian Science were the wealthy and/or Jewish people. Because Christian Science stresses mind power many Jews were attracted to it.18 So many Jews belong to the Christian Scientists that one person who deals with Jews lists Christian Science as a Jewish group.19

The New Thought by the 1880's was a collection of philosophy from such men as Confucious, Emerson, Buddha, and others.

In charge of the school for sons and daughters of Christian Scientists from grades k through college was the 32 degree Freemason Frederic E. Morgan. The name of the school is

Principia at Elsah, II. and he served as its president from 1938-54, after serving as its director since 1919. He has also been on its board of directors since 1942.20

Not only are the Masons controlling Christian Science thought but Christian Science thought is being used to subvert the mainline Christian churches. Two books which reveal how Christian Science thought has infiltrated into Christian groups are A Different Gospel by Dr. R. Mc Connell and Occult ABC by Kurt Koch.

The healing light of Christian Science has been to a large degree Jewish Masonic light.


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Chapter 2. 7

Councils of Heresy

3 items you will learn:

*the details on how the Masons working with the New World Order, built the World Council of Churches

*how groups like the CIA have closely monitored letters, telephone conversations, the media, etc. in the United States

*that the center of world intelligence and political power is geographically in Great Britain

THE PLAN     (to be detailed and documented elsewhere)

The plan was to create a world government. Three world wars would be created.1 The first would set up an illuminati controlled government in Russia. The second world war would allow them to conquer Europe from their secure base in Russia. The third world war would be an imitation of the Biblical Armaggeddon. These wars were to occur during the 20th century. The 20th century was to be a century of terror and war, so that by the time the third world war was over, the world would beg them for the New Order. They would be asking them to bring in the strong One-World-Government that they wanted to establish. We would ask them for what they wanted to do over 200 years ago.

The plan called for controlled conflicts. As long as they controlled both sides, according to their Hegelian ideas, they would control the synthesis, the outcome of any conflict. In the 19th century, both the Scottish Rite and the world's Jews had their own secret intelligence networks.2

During the 19th century, the machinery was put into place and tested.3 In the 20th century, this machinery succeeded. Only the finishing touches are being put into place, before the unveiling of the One-World New-Order.4

Because the center of power is in Great Britain, a great deception has taken place. Great Britain has "given up" her empire, has seemingly lost her power. The Masons in Great Britain try harder not to be seen associated with revolution, and not to be associated publicly with the occult. The British MI5 and MI6 operate under far greater secrecy than the American CIA. The power in Great Britain that issues directives has been kept very secret. Under the disguise of conquering nature, of protecting us from enemies (which they themselves created—sometimes real sometimes fictious) they have built powerful systems and technology to enable a few hundred men to rule over the billions of mankind. C.S. Lewis foresaw what was happening in his book The Abolition of Man, pp. 68, 69, 70, 71.

This book due to space must limit its material to what relates to the religious side of the New Order. This chapter is about how secret intelligence cults have played a part in the formation of the New Age Religion. The intelligence groups and the Freemasons (which intertwine)5 not only have infiltrated into the Councils of Christendom but actually direct them. This is why the World Council of Churches W.C.C. and other Councils will be covered in this chapter along with the Intelligence cults.

It is important for the reader to realize that both sides of many issues are controlled by the New Order. Indeed, many of the issues are contrived by them to manipulate us. In the past, some astute observers have noted that many of the powerful Christian men in the Councils (F.C.C.o.C., W.C.C., etc), were actually promoting a socialist agenda, and not a Christian agenda. Their interpretation of this was that these men were communists. In reality, these men were not communists, but men promoting the "Divine Plan of Ages" of the Secret Societies. They were promoting the Masonic One World New Order dream.


During the Russian Revolution, while Trotsky was publicly making anti-American speeches, the U.S. and Britain6 were secretly aiding the new Russian government. U.S. troops were ostensively sent to protect the Trans-Siberian railroad from the Bolsheviks, but the actual reason was to insure that the Japanese didn't enter Siberia, until the Communists took over.7 When these American troops left Vladistock, Russia, the Communists gave them a thank you farewell.8 American equipment and military trainers were secretly sent to help the Communist army in 1919.9 President Wilson quietly sent Elihu Root (Kuhn, Loeb lawyer) to Russia with $20 million out of a special war fund. This transaction was revealed in Congressional hearings on Russian Bonds, HJ 8714.U5. Also this amount was recorded into the congressional record on Sept. 2, 1919.

The New Age Magazine (official organ of the Scottish Rite) throws some light on this in an article "Freemasonry in Russia":

"During the 19th century Masonry was regarded in Russia as a nest of atheistic revolutionaries and those working for the overthrow of Christianity and lawful government. At the end of the 19th century a group of Russian Masons went to France and there joined Lodges, some under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of France and some under the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, such as Kosmos and Mount Sinai. On their return to Russia they founded two provincial Lodges, the Polar Star in Petrograd and Regeneration in Moscow, ... By 1909, six Lodges had been established.

"At this point, Mackey (one of Masonry's leading Authorities) states, there was a pause in their activity due to police restrictions. These Lodges were were reopened in 1911 and worked under the Grand Orient of France with virtually no ritual and with avowedly political aims in view; namely, the overthrow of autocracy. In 1913 and 1914 this organization had forty Lodges. A split occurred about 1916, and ten Lodges were said to have gone out of existence. The revolution of March, 1917, and the establishment of the provisional government were inspired by and operated from these Lodges."10

There you have it from the horses mouth—THE MASONS CAUSED THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. However, this information will not be put into its full context for you by the Masons, for if the full context is seen, we realize that Jewish Masons, who were controlled and financed by International Bankers interested in a New-World-Order, caused the Russian Revolution.

They will not tell you that Marx and Lenin whose heads have adorned many a socialist poster around the world were both Jewish Freemasons.11

They will not tell you, that the American Scottish Rite was in full cooperation and communication with the Grand Orient Lodges.12

They will not tell you that almost all of the revolutionaries were Jewish.13

They will not tell you the part that the Rothshilds played, through their American proxies to provide the Russian Revolution financial aid to prop it up. Lord Milner Rothschild is said to have given 21 million rubles.14

John Schiff (another Jewish Banker who was related to and worked with the Rothschilds) is said to have given $20 million.15

In return for that help, $20 million in gold was later shipped by the Communists to Schiff's Kuhn, Loeb & Company.16

J.P. Morgan & Co. sent the new communist government several millions of dollars of Red Cross money.17

After the revolution, the Masons and Jews seem to drop out of the picture.18 Since their obvious involvement in starting and directing the Russian Revolution can only be partially hidden historically, it was imperative for them that they seem to drop out of the picture.19 A few show case trials against Jews and Masons and a few showcase mob attacks with world-wide publicity and the world has been convinced now that Russia is anti-Jewish and anti-Mason.20 It is important to allow the reader to realize this deceptive front. Otherwise, it will not make sense when the reader learns about American Christian Masons who are on important councils working on a socialist agenda. Because after the Russian Revolution, the Masonic Lodge tried to place themselves at the forefront of the crusade to save America from communism. Actually, what they were doing is helping to promote a conflict, that they had been helping construct for years. The Rockefellers, and the Harrimans can be seen donating time and money to both sides of the conflict.21


In 1920, the Bolsheviks began taking over the Russian oil fields. The Caucasus oil fields had slowed down, because the oil fields were not managed and water percolated into the wells. The Baku oil fields had required 50,000 feet of drilling per month to keep up production, but under the Soviets the average drilling per month in 1921 was 370 ft.23 Rotary drills would be needed as part of the solution to get the oil fields producing, but the Soviets didn't have any.24 Pravda announced in its Sept. 21, 1922 issue that an American company International Barnsdall would provide the technology and management to get Russia's oil field back into production. A frame, on the U.S. Dept. Decimal File, records that Americans went into the oil fields to superintend the work.25 Who was the chairman of International Barnsdall? A 32 degree Mason named Matthew C. Brush.

In July 12, 1925, an agreement was reached between W.A. Harriman Co. of New York and the U.S.S.R. for exploitation of the Chiaturi manganese deposits.26 The Harriman operating company was named Georgian Manganese Company. And the man running it was 32 degree Freemason Matthew C. Brush (also a KT & Shriner).

In 1924, Harriman (S & B Order) gave a loan to the Soviets. This was against U.S. law at the time, and the Dept. of State at that time had jurisdiction to investigate. But it didn't even after the loan's existence had quietly slipped through the Power's censorship and appeared in the London newspapers.


It is with this backdrop, that we can proceed with our story about the F.C.C.C.

J.P. Morgan, who along with the Rockefellers were Rothschild agents27 to carrry out the Rothschilds' designs, put up money to bring together Christians in an ecumenical unity. It was this ecumenical movement that C.T. Russell advertised with praises in his WT Magazine, yet never joined.28

J.P. Morgan was trying to give a little nudge to the activities of the Masons, who through the Unitarian and Universalist churches had been trying to create an ecumenical movement.29

The Unitarian church has had strong Masonic (and to a lesser degree Skull and Bones Order) leadership and money. It was a radical departure from orthodox Christianity, deriving its religious philosophy from the German Idealism of the Mason Kant, of Hegel, and English Romanticism. It was transcendental and pantheistic. Transcendentalism helped create the abolition movement, socialism, and eventually the social gospel.

Their idea was to recreate the success of the Masonic Lodge on a much greater scale. Benevolence was the key. The success of Masonry to bring divergent religious elements together and to calm the Christian scruples was through Benevolence. It was seen as a tried and tested method to mold the Christian elements into a One-World-Religion. Masons, Socialists, and Unitarians (who were possibly also Masons) were quietly placed into the leadership of the Christian ecumenical councils where they proceeded to slowly and skillfully redefine the Christian gospel. The Christian gospel came to be defined as a social gospel based on the goodness of man without mention of Christ's act of atonement and mankind's sin. While thinking they were rediscovering a lost Christian teaching—benevolence, the major denominations were slowly being recreated into Masonic institutions. Institutions that engaged in benevolence, believed in Magic, and were tolerant of everything.

The Federal Council of Christ, the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches have given religious sanctum to their programs by carefully couching their programs with veiled language that sounds Christian to the naive. They have used every trick in the book.

Transcendentalism working on the New England mind resulted in the Presbyterian split between the Old and New Schools in 1837. A great retreat from Calvinism toward Armenian theology took place in all denominations, especially in New England's Congregationalism. Instead of talking about God's election of man, the Christians began emphasizing only man's election of God.

In discussing the origins of the F.C.C.C., C. Gregg Singer states, "Involving :he denial of man's total depravity, the departure from Calvinism brought with it an optimistic view of human nature. This optimism promoted not only the belief that man must and can cooperate with God in the achievement of his eternal redemption, but also its corollary that man in the same manner can achieve a millennial existence on earth. This fondness for millennialism brought with it an addiction to reform, which swept the nation in the three decades before 1860. Armenians, Unitarians, and devotees of the cults joined hands in the quest for Utopia under the banners of millennialism."30

The Christians were now adopting two ideas of Masonry—the revolution back to a Golden Age found in Eastern Mythology and the idea of using benevolence to hide their lack of interest in faith in the personal God of the Bible.

Prior to the Confederate State's of America's defeat, the Unitarians and their International Banker friends had several plans for the South. (See chap. 2.4) The defeat of the South opened up several opportunities. The congressional Plan of Reconstruction of the South was to be precursor of what they intended later for the whole U.S.31 Masons in the South with connections to the big Bankers advised Southerners that they needed the big Financiers and their technology.32 The International Bankers bought up land in

the South from destitute Southerners.33 Religious reformers and experimenters went to work.34 In much of this they seem to have failed.35 The contested election of 1876 broke the strength of the radicals, and they abandoned the conservative backward South to try their experiments and crusades in the North.36

The Masonic elements found a new tool to break conservative Christianity, Darwinism. Although Darwin was not a Mason, his grandfather who was influential in his life and his close friends were.37 And it was Masons that initially promoted the idea of Darwinism. At last here was a "scientific" justification to support the Hindu belief in evolution. Some transcendentalists, who had looked to Eastern religious thought, had already adopted evolution, before Darwin. But it had been a mystical notion, now evolution had the blessings of the scientific community. Darwin's ideas weren't issued forth into a vacuum like a microbe suspended in outer space, but rather into a culture medium full of nutrients to promote it. Darwinism multiplied like bacteria.

Devote Christians responded by retreating to dogmatism in the Bible, rather than scientific investigation. They might have realized God gave them a brain for a reason. There is nothing wrong in using science to testify to the validity of the scriptures. Christians seem to rationalize their lazy mental attitudes and willingness to scientifically investigate by saying that this would be showing a lack of faith in the Scriptures. On the contrary, it shows one believes the facts will vindicate scriptures. It took the Christian community years to catch up to the Evolution Theory. And they still haven't taken the initiative away from the Evolutionists (due to the inequalities of the playing field.) Now, science has itself discarded what Darwin postulated, and the modern evolutionary theory is nothing like its predecessor. Further, Creation Scientists can now out-debate the Evolutionists with hard data.38 Men like Stephen Hawkings have shaken the scientific community.39 The evolutionists are saved now by the Power which controls the vast media, and the public's lack of critical thinking.

Union Seminary in New York which was controlled by the Order produced a Dr. Charles A. Briggs who stated very clearly that the Christian adherence to elaborate creeds such as the Westminster Confession and the Lutheran Augsburg Confession were sinful because they separated Christians.40 Advocates of the social gospel and theological liberals followed up Briggs suggestions.

An examination of early Christian ecumenical groups of an evangelical nature shows the hand of Masonry quietly at work. The Young Men's Christian Association (1851)41 has been basically a Masonic run operation. Early attempts at unity for social reform, such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union (1874) and the Anti-Saloon League(1893) had leadership that was connected to various tentacles of the World Power.42 According to Elias B. Sanford, who was the honorary Sec. of the FCCC from its beginning, these types of preliminary groups were used as a base. Sanford describes in his book Origin and History of the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America the five steps they initiated to work these various preliminary unity groups into the FCCC.

These were:

1.   A series of conferences looking to the formation of local and state federations. A great deal of effort was spent to give the impression that this work was the result of local and popular pressure for a new type of ecclesiastical cooperation.

2.   A conference which met in Philadelphia early in 1901 for the purpose of creating a FCCC.

3.  A second annual conference which met in Washington, D.C. which took the fourth step which was to create a committee on correspondence.

4.  This committee with Dr. Sanford as its Secretary traveled extensively all over the nation to seminaries and local federations drumming up support for step 5.

5.  The Inter-Church Conference on Federation in New York in late 1905. This conference proposed the formation of a federal council to meet in 1908. The groundwork to create a constitution called the Plan of Federation was also laid.

Their 5 step plan was a well thought out, systematic formula.

When the Federal Council of Churches was officially launched the criteria for a group to be accepted was merely that it receive a two-thirds vote of acceptance. There were no creedal stipulations. The seeds to destroy the evangelical Christianity of its constituency had been planted from the start.

Methodist Episcopal Bishop E.R. Hendrix (who this author has reason to suspect was a Mason) was made the FCCC's first president. A Committee on the Church and Modern Industry came up slyly with what became known as the Social Creed for the FCCC. It wasn't until much later that the churches discovered that the Social Creed (with 9 articles) was originally written for the Methodist Federation for Social Service.43 Without realizing it, the 33 denominations that had joined were being quietly led down the Social gospel path, a path of salvation based on socialistic optimism in the nature of man. A salvation not from sin, but from sin's effects. Because the surface problems were played with, the root problems continued unabated.

In the early years, the FCCC spoke loud rhetoric in favor of pacifism, but when war broke out, it urged its denominations to fight a holy war to end all wars.44 The Mennonite General Conference (the only Anabaptist group involved with the FCCC) withdrew in 1917 over this hypocracy.

In the early years, the FCCC made statements that the new social order was the hope of humanity. They called this new social order what Christ called the Kingdom of God. "We conceive it to be the duty of the Church to point out wherein human life, as it is presently organized, falls far short of this ideal and fails to apply these principles and what changes need to be made."45

The Southern Presbyterian church protested the FCCC's theology in the early years. It wasn't interested in building a socialist Utopia. But it didn't leave.

How close were the original FCCC leaders to the One-World-Power? Even from the beginning of the FCCC in 1908, some of the FCCC leaders were talking about the creation of a League of Nations. Understand that the League of Nations was one of the reasons why the Power wanted W.W. I. That these men were promoting the idea of a League of Nations long before W.W. I ought to raise eyebrows. They threw their ecclesiastic support behind Wilson's proposal for a League of Nations. The failure of the United States Congress to allow the U.S. to join the League shows that even the Power can miscalculate. It seems that every step of the way, the FCCC was the errand boy for the Power bringing us their socialistic New World Order.

Some denominational leaders in order to quiet opposition from their conservative members claimed that they were having a moderating effect on the FCCC. However, there is no evidence to show that the FCCC leaders paid any serious attention to its critics. Why should it? It had a secret agenda and secret backers that could produce serious support. Bear in mind, there were even FCCCer's writing books like Christian Principles Essential to a New World Order by W.H.P. Faunce in 1919.

Evangelicals were setting aside their beliefs in conversion and regeneration, for the Social program of the FCCC. In return, the FCCC gave them rhetoric, like this Federal Council Bulletin:

"Within the Federal Council there is full freedom for those who are now joined in common tasks to hold varying views as to the ultimate form in which the spirit of Christian unity may express itself. Some there are whose eyes are fixed upon the coming of a complete organic union in which the many groups while preserving their own distinct methods of worship and work and their own special emphasis and point of view shall be organized in a single comprehensive church. Others simply want friendly cooperation. Both groups can meet in hearty accord in the Federal Council."46


My comments on this are as follows. For Christians there is but one freedom, the freedom to do what is right. There is no freedom in being unequally yoked with those who don't want to do what is right. Today, good men are afraid to be good. Many Christians today are afraid to stand up for what is right. Toleration has been drummed into their heads. But what is tolerated is sin. People today do not realize that the people who are preaching liberation and freedom, are the ones who enslave men to drugs, bad habits, hatreds, and other evils. The socialist New Order that the FCCC leaders talked about wasn't "full freedom." When men don't want to confront the issue of sin, and the FCCC didn't, then in the long run they will settle for slavery to sin.


Singer states, "There can be no doubt that the theology of the Council was liberal, with Unitarianism and higher criticism its chief characteristics. Its leadership was hostile to evangelical Christianity..."47

Chapter 2.3 presented how Unitarianism was essentially a Masonic religion with ties to the Order (One possible Illuminati Power group.) FCCC LEADERSHIP

Who was this leadership which was hostile to evangelical Christianity?

Consider some of the following— (these Masonic memberships are from reliable sources such as the Masonic reference 10.000 Famous Freemasons):

S.   Parkes Cadman- Freemason, served as the President of the FCCC, and also, though he was a socialist and unevangelical, was put on the FCCC's radio broadcast as their evangelistic program during the early years.

Dr. Earnest H. Cherrington-Freemason, served as Vice Pres. of the FCCC

Henry St. George Tucker-Freemason, Pres. of the FCCC during the 40s. He emphasied in the Federal Council Bulletins that "Doubt is cast on the sincerity of Christians" because of the racial problems of America. Did he ever preach any thing about the sincerity of the Masonic Lodge being in question due to their racism? Never to my knowledge. The racial issue and the civil rights movement that the FCCC started was another front for the FCCC to distract and manipulate Christians with. Because of the issue the FCCC built a legal staff for the first time.

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam- (33 Freemason, and a One-World-Stater), President of the American FCCC and later President of the WCC.

Ivan Lee Holt-(33 Freemason), another President of the FCCC.

Masons played secondary roles also such as:

Joseph C. Hazen (32 )-commentator of FCCC Levi Gilbert- delegate to the FCCC

When the Mason Pres. Roosevelt needed support to push his New Deal (New Order) legislation through to move this nation away from our traditional freedom toward their socialist New Order, guess who was there to give him full support? The FCCC radically promoted the New Deal legislation of Roosevelt.48 Although technically the FCCC didn't speak for all the denominations that were joined to it, it pretended to, while simultaneously denying to its constituency that it was actually doing what it did.

At this time, people began to be concerned that the FCCC was working for the communists. There were very few people aware then that this whole thing was much greater.

The FCCC advocated "collectivism" and "economic reconstruction," during the 1930s, in items like their 1937 report on The Church and the Social Order.

Subsequently, the FCCC published in their Biennial Report, 1943, p. 18 such verbiage, " The chief contribution of the Church, especially of the clergy and all who have a teaching function within the Church, is to keep alive the vision in men's minds of the true order of life as God intended it to be, an order in which the whole process of production has as it primary purpose the meeting of human needs instead of having the meeting of those needs the by-product of the pursuit of profit ... an order in which the resources of the earth, land and water are controlled for the benefit of the total community with whatever forms of ownership in each case are conducive to such control..." (Bold added)

John Foster Dulles, a active participant of the New World Order,48a briefed the FCCC on the United Nations charter after the 1945 San Francisco Conf.49 and the FCCC adopted a resolution in support of it. "The churches of Christ in America have long held that the nations can better serve God's purpose for the world as they are brought into organic relationship with one another for the commonwealth."50 (THEY HAVE?) They soon gave their total support for UNESCO as an indispensable step. The prime movers in the creation and leadership of UNESCO were Masons. The constitution of UNESCO was written by S&B Order member Achibald MacLeisch.

UNESCO immediately went into action to promote Hinduism and the New Age throughout the World.51 It also became another conduit for instructions to religious leaders throughout the world from a secret Masonic Council of 13.52 The list of non-governmental organizations that were in a consultive and associated relationship to UNESCO (Report of the Director-General, 1991 for the time period 1988-1989) shows the following organizations both associated with and advising UNESCO, the International Council of B'nai B'rith, Ecumenical Institute for the Development of People, International Association for Religious Freedom, Catholic International Education Office, International Young Christian Workers and a host of other Jewish, Catholic, and Hindu organizations.

But the FCCC wasn't big and powerful enough to carry out the function the Power had for it. Even in 1933 comments in the Christian Century had been made, "The Federal Council has exhausted its present commission. New conditions require that it be recommissioned with a new be set free from inertia..."53

In 1942, they began to create the NCC. On Nov. 29, 1950 the National Council of Churches was created. Notice the name of Christ was dropped in the change from the FCCC. Again one notes men like William C. Martin (32 Freemason) was made Pres. of the National Council of Churches, and Hugh I. Evans (33 )- U.S. rep. World Council of Churches.

32 degree Freemason J. Edgar Hoover also watched over the FCCC for the Power. He had his FBI agents within the Federal Council of Churches of Christ leadership.54 When it is mentioned that FBI agents are infiltrated into the FCCC, the reader should remember that the FBI agency has been filled with Masons like Ass. Dir. of FBI Hugh H. Clegg and Ass. Dir. of FBI Clyde A. Tolson.

When examining the CIA, Intelligence Agencies, The World Council of Churches, the Federal Council of Churches of Christ (later transformed into the National Council of Churches) the detective is not going to understand the evidence until he grasps that these agencies were designed ultimately with the objective to bring in a New World Order.

Were this book on the entire New World Order Conspiracy not just the religious side, a separate chapter would be required for the intelligence agencies. I have chosen to include them in with this chapter on the Councils which they have infiltrated.

Ex-CIA agents Marchetti and Marks disillusioned with the corruption and immoral activities of the CIA have stated in their book that the CIA ("the company") "penetrates and manipulates private institutions, and creates its own organizations (called "proprietaries") when neccessary.55

One of the best kept secrets of intelligence agencies is their infiltration of religious organizations. However, there are hints of their penetration, if the researcher looks closely. Two examples will be given

Agee, another disillusioned CIA agent, who was with the company for twelve years, says that the CIA was an evil force and that it serves the interests of rich and powerful men, rather than countries.56


In the mid 1930s, the Soviets and British were working to encourage Hitler to become aggressive. The British were promoting the belief that they would not declare war on Hitler.57

On Jan. 4, 1933, at Cologne in the home of Baron Kurt von Schroder Adolf Hitler and the Dulles brothers met. The Dulles brothers, Alien and John Foster Dulles were sent over as legal representatives of Kuhn, Loeb Co.58

Kuhn, Loeb Co. had given large short term credits to Germany and wanted a guarantee of repayment. They also wanted to assure Hitler that they would guarantee him the funds neccessary to install him as Chancellor of Germany.59 Later Allen would become head of the European branch of American Intelligence (OSS) and his brother John Foster would become Secretary of the Federal Churches of Christ. John Foster

would serve on various FCCC activities, including being the Chairman of the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace. The FCCC Commission on a Just and Durable Peace basically adopted a statement that claimed the Christian churches wanted certain things to be done in the Post-World War II world. By coincidence, their program matched what the New Order and the United Nations was planning to do at the time. By coincidence, Masons in the leadership of the Church of England praised the Commission on a Just and Durable Peace. Also by coincidence, Catholic and Jewish clergy came together and gave their blessing to the Commission's work too.

In 1942, John Foster Dulles apparently adopted plans to use Catholic and Protestant churches and the World Council of Churches for the OSS (which was the forerunner of the CIA) for his own purposes. The OSS analyst who presented him with plans for such an operation, impressed him and was sent to the Berne, Switz. team.60

Controlling and infiltrating the World Council of Churches could not have been very difficult considering the high ratio of high ranking Freemasons on that make up the World Council when it meets. For instance from the U.S. the United States has sent Jesse M. Bador( Mason, General Secretary and President in 1930), Perry E. Gresham (delegate 1949-52, KT & 32 ). Australia sent as the president of the Austrailian Council to the World Council of Churches the Freemason George C. Barber.

It's interesting to note that after the decision was made to use the World Council of Churches by American Intelligence, G. Bromley Oxram, 32 degree & KT, (33 in 1949), was given the position of President of the American Fed. Council of Churches of Christ (served 1944-46) as a stepping stone to becoming the first American president of the World Council of Churches. He remained the president of the World Council of Churches from 1948 to 1954.


Had the reader imagined that the Christian Churches of the World have been represented and headed by a 33 degree Freemason? Also in 1948 at the World Council of Churches in Holland the U.S. was represented by 33 Mason Hugh I. Evans. The American delegate in 1949 was 32 & KT Mason Perry E. Gresham. He was also a delegate to the World Council of Churches conventions in 1950,51, and 52, and participated in the founding assembly in 1949.


As the reader has seen by now throughout this book, the Masons would like one supra-Church, what some Masons refer to as "THE religion." Baptist Mason Rev. Newton could say in one breath that Masonry is not a religion, and in the next Masonry is the religion.

But to openly tell announce to Christians whose denominations participate in WCC, that the WCC is the first step toward a Supra-Church (the One-World-Religion) would just create opposition, and friction to their plans. They are willing to quietly take their time, because there is a master plan, and things are continueing.

Consequently, over the years the public has been repeatedly given a real snow job. WCC leaders have repeatedly told the public they are not wanting WCC to develop into a Super-Church, but their actions and words at other moments belie that.

For instance, the words of Dr. Franklin Clark Fry, Chairman of the influential Central Committee of the WCC said, "The World Council not only disavowed becoming a "super­church" at its beginning at Amsterdam; its total development since then has been the most convincing refutation of the whole notion. We who are closest to the Council are constantly baffled how any such charge can be made or any such misconception can still exist, except in critics who are deliberately self-deceived."61

He says they are BAFFLED by such charges.(?) But in the forward of that report when published we read, "In any case the story of a Council of Churches, however great its achievements, can never be a success story until the moment when it ceases to exist as a Council, because of the emergence in reality of the Una Sancta."62 When one realizes that Una Sancta is Latin for ONE HOLY CHURCH it is the people who listen to him who are baffled.

Even the official WCC publication Jesus Christ, Light of the World reveals their real desire.

"The churches have created the World Council of Churches. They have created it so that one day they might dispense with it. The World Council of Churches lives to die. If churches ever become content with it or concerned solely to perpetuate it, then they will be disobedient to the heavenly vision."63


During W.W. II, the Axis countries had ravaged the Masonic Lodges. In Germany, Masons had been arrested. After the war, the Masonic Lodges were lavishly financed with OSS funds in Italy, and in Germany.64 According to the Freemason Roberts there are many Freemasons within the CIA.65


From 1953 to 1973, the CIA ran a letter opening operation that in 1972 examined 2,300,000 items of mail out of the 4,350,000 items that went through the New York Post Office. Of those 2 million plus letters it decided to open 8,700. Similar letter opening operations were run in San Francisco, Hawaii and New Orleans for shorter periods.66

The CIA's Operation CHAOS compiled 7,200 files on Americans, and the CIA's Directorate of Operations has indexed and filed records on 115,000 Americans. Detailed files were kept on 57,000 Americans.67

The American Taxpayer in 1974 was estimated to be paying 5 Billions of dollars for espionage, and for the year 1967 it was officially admitted that the CIA alone cost 1.5 Billion dollars.68

We asked them for this, and we have allowed them to do what they want. As an ex-CIA agent said, "It does whatever is required to achieve its goals, without any consideration of the ethics involved or the moral consequences of its actions."

The intelligence agencies have no accountability except to God Almighty, and of any group they perhaps feel more at ease with using any means. Anything that works has become their method. They are a cult that is a powerful tool in the hands of the Conspiracy, because the public and courts want their operations kept secret. The public would not stand for a real investigation, because they are so intimidated that national security demands secrecy and practically a hands off policy.


The British, the Americans, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Intelligence agencies are secretly working together. Jeffrey T. Richelson and Desmond Ball in their well researched book The Ties That Bind examine that cooperation in detail. The cooperation began early on, was very close in W.W. II, and was reaffirmed in the UK-USA Agreement in 1947.69 All personnel now cleared by the British sign at statement declaring security to "other co-operating Governments."

The Americans and British have been the dominant powers in the world for the last two hundred years. Even without knowing about the secret agreement to cooperate, most people would expect that the American and British are working together.

"...the most important intelligence relationship Britain had was with the United States which I knew, from extremely reliable sources, collected more than 85 percent of western intelligence material."70

If the U.S. Intelligence services collect so much, why are the British Services shrouded in so much more secrecy?

The obvious answers are confirmed by sensitive confidential leaks, the British are closer to the power which plans to rule the world. There have been murmuring all along among the intelligence agencies about the power of British intelligence. Congressman Leon Gavin (Congressional Record, May 22, 1945, p. A2434) charged that American Secret Intelligence in the Far East was "dominated and directed" by a British agent.

A female American agent said, "We had been warned in Delhi that the British were past masters at intrigue and had planted spies in all American agencies to piece together information."71

Why? The obvious answer is the British are still trying to control world events. It doesn't take a sleuth to realize that. Having been with British U.N. workers overseas and other British working in third world countries, this Author can assure the reader the attitudes that went with having the largest empire in the world haven't abandoned the British. And they are now only more subtle.

The American intelligence cults are awesome in their own right. Experts write, "The United States had created an awesome data-collection organization that could sweep up virtually every single transmission within its reach, from ordinary telephone conversations to super-secret enciphered transmissions. Among those who knew, no one yet fully grasped the implications of that capacity." 72

The implications can't be grasped. Who wants to believe that secret intelligence agencies working for a 1-world-government are controlling various religious organizations? We thought these people were protecting us. We find it hard to digest that they are not on our side. It is so frightening it makes us sick to the stomach to realize that they are being used to bring in a 1-world-government. With such secret power, access to the power of their governments, and so much money these intelligence cults have little opposition.


1.   Kirban, Satan's Angels Exposed, p. 61. cf. Still, New World Order, p. 127. Still quotes Marie Bauer Hall, Collections of Emblemes. p. 11 where this co-mason is picturing war

as the birth pains of a New Age. Apparently, the letter from Mazzini has been known for a while, because the Masons pretend the letter is claimed to be from Pike, and then procede to destroy their straw man. This denial in the July, 1960 New Age Magazine simply does not hold water, a letter by Mazzini was sent to various lodges outlining 3 world wars.



4.   Author's conclusion from his research. Other researchers in this field, when asked about what stage the Power is at, indicated the same conclusion. Have you noticed Bush and other government officials are not afraid to talk about a New World Order, and Bush was not bashful to borrow Alice Bailey's 1,000 points of light terminology.

5.   A number of books have touched on Soviet penetration of British Intelligence through the Masons. What isn't realized is that this is the networking that the Power wants, and the Masons are the network, the glue. That the Masons are numerous within the intelligence world, can be realized by their own admissions, i.e. Allen Roberts, Freemasonry in American History.

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They have carefully concealed their power by making you think Russia and the U.S. carry out seperate policies and hate each other. Actually Russia and United States have served as the hammer and anvil that work together to crush all the little people between them. The KGB and the CIA work together. Proof?

Many accusations that different CIA operatives are KGB agents, which accusations have been backed up with proof, have surfaced. Many other accusations that numerous CIA agents are communists, also documented, have been raised. To shut people up and close the cases, the CIA merely claims that these KGB agents are really double agents— and that national security demands nothing more be said. They have a harder time explaining why Americans who are known to be socialists and pro-communists get hired by the CIA.

But we in the public are supposed to believe that many agents are easily converted to the other side. But if that is true, then obviously the Russians must know almost all there is to know about Ml 6 and the CIA from their triple agents. If the Russians know so much about these agencies and other intelligence agencies, why is the secrecy around these agencies so thick? The British government tries not to admit to its own people that MI6 even exists.

Forget for a moment the details of what you know about these intelligence agencies, and look at the process involving these acronym monsters. The process is that these acronym monsters are in close communication with each other, and are shrouded in almost total secrecy to the people from their own nations.

And what kind of men are in charge of these agencies. What direction they are going can be seen in who leads them—men with all kinds of connections to the One-World- Power.

Can't you imagine that a Jewish head of the the KGB-NKVD who has more power than anyone in the U.S.S.R. would not want to cooperate with his Jewish friends in the West?

Think about it. We say this person is a German Jew, this person is a Russian Jew, or this person here is a Spanish Jew. We say "german" Jew because they are a Jew first, and their country of origin is less significant. (This does not imply all Jews feel this way in the least). Rarely does one say a Jewish German, or a Jewish Spaniard. Every Jew in the world automatically holds a dual nationality. Every Jew can get an Israeli passport and is a citizen of Israel automaticaly, no matter where he lives in the world.

The Jews Alpari and Samuely were in charge of the Red Terror that carried out the torturing and executing of the bourgeoisie, the peasants, and the counter-revolutionists in Russia. The Jew Moses Uritsky was the first head of CHEKA. And the long-feared and imfamous Lavrenti Beria, well known just by his last name Beria, was a Jew and protege of the Jewish Kaganowitsch family. Beria ran the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police). The reader will recall that the Jew Lazar Kaganovich and the Jew Litvinov were next to Stalin the two most influential men in Russia during the 1930s.

The United States immigration people have no problem with all Jews being dual nationals. However, I can remember a dual national a Canadian-American being detained at the US-Canada border. They were detaining him to try to force him to renounce one of his two citizenships. I can remember like yesterday the harsh treatment they gave him, and can contrast that in my mind to the ease I've seen all Jewish people travel. Why is it that Jewish dual nationals, whether important like Henry Kissinger and ABC's Ted Koppel or umimportant, can fly around the world with no problem even stopping in to the most anti-Israeli nations?

Pike in Israel. Our Duty...Our Dilemma does a good job in blowing away the smokescreen that Russia is anti-Jewish. He also documents how the most pronounced favoritism has been given Jews by the Russian government. Who are allowed to immigrate from the Russian police state? Jews. Practically no gentiles have been allowed out in contrast to the millions of Jews allowed to freely immigrate, the bulk of which come to the U.S.

Israel in reality follows orders that come out of Great Britain through MI6. Why would they? Because the Jews in Great Britain control MI6. I have just offered you top secret information, that is of the highest confidentiality. You can do with it what you want.

Chapter 2.8

Mormons, Moonies, and Masons


The Mormon Church which is headquartered in Salt Lake City is named the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Corporation of the President of the Church of J.C. of LDS is set up to hold the property and copyrights, etc. of the hierarchy. However, an extensive set of corporations, dummy corporations, etc. also exist to manage a far-ranging financial empire under the exclusive control of the head of the Mormon church.

The head of the Mormon Church is called President. He and two other top leaders of the Mormon Church are called the First Presidency. "The First Presidency has authority over all matters pertaining to the Church." 1

"The next in order are the Twelve Apostles...They hold the same authority in all parts of the world that the First Presidency does at home...The twelve have a president...This presidency is obtained by senority of age and ordination."

These fifteen men are followed by "the seventies". The "seventies" are groups of men whose groups also have a Presidentcy of seven men over their group, and these intermediate Presidents interface with the twelve apostles.

The structure looks like this in descending order:

1.  The First Presidency (which consists of 1 President + 2 counselors)

2.   The Quorum of the Twelve (which consists of apostles)

3.   The Presidency of the Seventy (called members of the Presidency of the Seventy.

4.   The First Quorum of the Seventy (members come from the different church districts)

5.  The Second Quorum of the Seventy (members also come from the different church districts)


There are two priesthoods the Aaronic and Melchizedek and their relationship to the hierarchy is described by President Joseph F. Smith,

"Ascending the scale of authority, the titles and callings of deacon, teacher, priest and bishop come within the purview of the Aaronic Priesthood; while those of elder, seventy, high priest, patriarch, apostle and president are offices and callings in the Melchizedek Priesthood, to which the Aaronic Priesthood is an appendage. A full equipment is thus shown for the government and conduct of the Church both spiritually and temporally."4

Like the Watchtower Society the LDS church power structure is set up to govern its members totally in both spiritual and temporal affairs.


Various ex-Mormon Masons indicate that all of the Presidents, also called Prophets, of the LDS church have been Freemasons. Because this has come from several reliable sources, none of which can be named, it stands the test of being accurate.

This is why 33 degree Mason Norman Vincent Peale has always been good friends with the Mormon prophets. At the 85th birthday of current Mormon Prophet/President Spencer W. Kimball (who is as mentioned also a Mason) Peale was the keynote speaker. Peale praised Kimball as a true prophet of Christ and a great man of God.5

The reader will be presented information concerning the ties between the LDS leadership and the CIA, the Rothschilds, and the New Age. Confidential sources also reveal that couriers have been used to carry commands directly to the LDS leadership from the center of power in England. Some of these courier routes are through UNESCO and INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. Again because this came from different sources that were not in touch with each other, it must be considered reliable.


Blanchard, 33 degree Mason in his book approved by the highest Masonic authorities, states that Mormonism and Masonry are legally the same institution. "The two institutions are morally and legally the same."5

Mervin B. Hogan, who is one of the best Masonic writers, when he was selected to be a Blue Friar in 1976, presented his paper "Mormonism and Freemasonry: The Illinois Episode."

In discussing the Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he said, "It is evident to anyone who acquaints himself with this creed that there are no conflicts or incompatibilities whatsoever between the teachings, theology, and dogma of Mormonism and the philosophy, principles and tenets of universal Freemasonry...Surely with that simultaneous background, it must be readily acknowledged that Mormonism and Freemasonry are so intimately and inextricably interwoven and interrelated that the two can never be disassociated."6

A Mason within the Lodge can say what Hogan spoke and be commended, yet a non-Mason saying the similar things about the Mormon Church to a Baptist church watched Mason Baptists get up from the pews disgusted and leave in the middle of his talk.

To quote only two Masons of the many who have noted the connections between Masonry and Mormonism:

"The general outline of the endowment ceremony, and the signs used therein, are closely connected with Masonry; and, in spite of Mormon denials, it is easily established that a certain amount of the early Masonry which was used freely in the Temple ceremony still survives."— Mason Stuart Martin, The Mystery of Mormonism. p.308.

"Not infrequently the question is asked, 'Does the Mormon church make use of the Masonic ritual in its Temple ceremonies?'...the reader will be left free to make his own deductions."— Past Grand Master S. H. Goodwin. (Goodwin then proceeds to mention many similarities between Masonry and Mormonism in his book Mormonism and Masonry.)


Because individuals that reveal information about the instructions that the Mormon leadership are taking from the New World Order are in the gravest danger, it is more sensible to discuss the observable phenomena. These phenomena are more or less public record, what must remain secret testimony shall.


The answer is not as hidden as one might assume. The following are all observable phenomena, that did not take any cloak and dagger activity to learn. William Schnoebelen's books describe the connection between witchcraft and the Mormons. Talks with New Agers reveals that they view the Mormons as co-workers in the work to enlighten the world with a "higher consciousness". Clearly there appears to be some kind of an arrangement of cooperation.

Again confidential sources indicate that the Mormon Temples are used by non-Mormons for witchcraft ceremonies. Such cooperation can only come from the authority of the First Presidency.

After writing the above paragraph early in 1991 from confidential sources about Satanism within the Mormon temples, a confirmation has come out in the form of a memo written by Glenn L. Pace, Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric of the LDS church. The memo is authentic, and the Mormon committee it refers to called "Strengthening Church Members Committee" did exist. The memo was only for use for the select inside the Mormon church, but the Utah Lighthouse Ministry got a copy and published it in their newsletter Salt Lake City Messenger (Nov. 1991). Basically, what Mormon General Authority Glenn Pace is warning about is that there is a Satanic conspiracy operating within the Mormon church. Pace interviewed 60 Mormons who had been abused in Satanic rituals. These 60 were all Mormons, the Satanists that had abused them in Satanic rituals were all Mormons, and the abuse had taken place in various places including Mormon churches, the Temples, and even while one was serving as a Mormon missionary. The Satanic abuse had occurred in the following places: Utah (37), Idaho(3), California (4), Mexico (2), other places (14), which indicates Satanism within Mormonism is very widespread. The perpetrators of the Satanic abuse came from such positions in the Mormon church as Young Women leaders, Young Men leaders, bishops, a patriarch, a stake president, temple workers, and members of the Tabernacle Choir. My sources indicate that Glenn Pace's memo is not reaching high enough. That Satanism goes clear to the top. If so, then Pace's memo may have been leaked as damage control.

Pace's memo is well written. Unfortunately the Tanners who reprinted it are quite reluctant to admit that a Satanic conspiracy could exist, and have repeatedly shown they are either ignorant of how Satanism is operating or are trying to do damage control for the Mormon church. Some people who are trying to expose the extent that Satanism controls Mormonism feel the Tanners are trying to help the Mormon church.

Within recent years several outstanding events have given the public knowledge that Satanism is widespread within Mormonism, but somehow the lid continues to prevent it becoming public knowledge. In the Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 13, 1988 was an article about a Mormon who had ritually abused his children and had been convicted. The case was in Provo, and the Tribune had run an article on Dec. 16, 1987 discussing the testimony of a therapist who allege that within one ward as many as 40 people had been ritually abused. The Jan. 13th issue had quoted a spokesperson for the Utah Psychiatric Association who said that mental-health professionals had identified several communities in Utah where groups were abusing children.

Other cases of child abuse by Mormons continue to occur. This author has personally known one perpetrator in Kansas and one in Oregon. From personal knowledge of the Mormon church it can be honestly stated there is little protection within the Mormon church against Satanism, and members who leaned that way that the Author has met, were never to his knowledge rebuked by the church or other members.

Pace's comments in the memo correctly stated that what he reports in his memo "are very minor infractions" compared to what the occult is doing in the Wasatch Utah area. He also correctly notes that the perpetrators are living dual lives, and many of them have temple recommends. Living dual lives is but standard operating procedure for Satanists.


Only through a good grasp of the bigger picture does this cooperation become more visible. Chap. 3.3 discusses the role of the Rothschilds, who helped finance the Mormon church. Chapter 1.7 describes the B'nai B'rith, and its role as a cover for the Power's operations. The B'nai B'rith operates both as an intelligence front and as a conduit transmitting orders to various groups including the Mormon Church and the Masons. A visible result of this close cooperation can be seen in the following information concerning Utah's first "gentile" Governor.


Many observers have noticed the political power that the LDS Mormon Church has and exercises in Utah's politics.

"Of course, in Utah, political ambition and religious ambition were always closely allied. It was difficult to rise to prominent public office without the Church's backing. It was virtually impossible to do so against the Church's opposition. That was a fact of life in Utah that any good politician understood..."

Even in modern times, even very recently, reports by non-Mormons, called "Gentiles" by the Mormons, continue to tell how much oppressive opposition, pressure, and control the Mormon Church and the Mormon people are exerting on their lives and on their churches in Utah. The oppressiveness has caused some to move.

The U.S. Congress went on record repeatedly condeming the Mormon Church control of Utah's politics. They declared they needed evidence of the seperation of church and state in Utah. Congress dragged their feet in giving Utah statehood.

After statehood the complaints by "gentiles" in Utah continued. And so a charade, an act of deception was foistered on the American people, and most people relaxed, confident that Congress had taken care of the problem. How this was done will be discussed.

The Mormon Church after statehood continued to deny allegations of Church interference in the least in State matters. "The Church does not claim any such right...We disclaim the right to control the political action of the members."9

However, assemblies in LDS churches to discuss and advance the cause of a certain political party continued unrebuked by the Church's higher authorities.10

"Gentiles" did get placed in some of the State's positions, and this was "proof" to the outside world that the Mormon church had no influence on State politics.

However, the outside world did not have the perspective on things that this book gives. The outside world if they noticed a man like James William Cherry sitting on the Supreme Court of Utah would not likely see any connection between this 32 degree Freemason and his Unitarian Church which is involved with the New Age movement and the Mormon Church.11 Is it surprising that we find so many of the "gentiles" in Utah, carrying out policies that the Mormon Church wants?

Joseph L. Rawlins, was portrayed by the Mormon Church as a Gentile, and to its church members as an apostate. This "apostate" is rather suspicious. Notice, that back when Polygamy was an issue between the American people and Congress and the Mormon Church that this apostate stood on the floor in Congress and denied that there was "one syllable of evidence" that Utah had practiced polygamy.12

In 1966, the LDS Church was still having to issue statements denying influence in Utah politics, yet even to this day the firm conviction remains with many "Gentiles" who live in Utah that this type of denial is not true. They notice the rumors that circulate through the LDS

Churches about which candidate the Church is in favor of. It is understandable how such rumors could be circulated with or without the Church's responsibility, so the LDS Church can not be blamed unless there are actually people who are able to state that the origins of some of these voting rumors are known by them to start with someone in the hierarchy.

In early Utah, at a time when political tension was high between Gentiles and Mormons in Utah, the election of the first "Gentile" Utah state governor helped to diffuse the tension. His name was Simon Bamburger.

Looking beyond the surface, it is noteworthy that none other than the most prolific Mormon writer who defended the Mormon religion, B.H. Roberts, nominated Simon Bamburger at the state Democratic convention.13

Simon Bamburger was a great man for the Mormon Church. He diffused tension, detracted attention form the Church's power, and dispelled the bad publicity of the image of LDS control in Utah. He also carried out a program in public office that was extremely pro-Mormon. He could get away with a pro-Mormon attitude because he wasn't Mormon. Gov. Bamburger opposed anything that opposed the Mormon Church, whether it was anti-Mormon information or anti-Mormon legislation. Simon Bamburger was a Freemason, and he was also a high ranking member of B'nai B'rith.14 He was Jewish and had recently immigrated from Germany.


According to the geneologies put out by the Mormon leadership, who happen to be all related, they are descendents of the Merovingian Dynasty. The Merovingian Dynasty is supposedly the House of David and the blood line through which the new Christ is to come.

Merovee was the first Merovingian king. His son Clovis I was the second Merovingian king. The tomb of Clovis I contained hundreds of small miniature solid gold bees. The bee was the Merovingian symbol. The Merovingian bloodline went into the Hapsburgs. When Napoleon married the Hapsburg Marie Louise they had sown onto their coronation robes the Merovingian gold bees.

The bee is the state symbol of Utah, and a widely used Mormon symbol, such as with their Deseret Industries.

The Mormon Church leadership ties in very tightly with the New World Order and may very well play a significant leadership role.


The CIA and FBI have many ties to the Mormon Church. This is well known in Utah, because these agencies do so much recruiting in Utah. The CIA and FBI also besides having many Mormon agents, have a high percent of Masons within their ranks.

For instance, the participation of the Robert R. Mullen Co., which is the company which handles the Mormon church's international public relations, is a CIA front.15 According to testimony before Congress, some of the planning for the Watergate burglary took place in Mullen Co.'s offices, and members of its staff knew ahead of time of the breakin.16

The book Mormon Spies, Hughes And the CIA investigates the close connections and collaborations between the LDS Church and the CIA.17

History is full of examples of LDS spying activities. The Tanner's book Unmasking A Mormon Spy The Story of Stan Fields provides an example.

The Mormon Church is very similar to the Masonic Lodge in the way it exercises its authority. The Mormon Church gives its members plenty of latitude for freedom of belief, while exercising strong dictatorial authority over its people. An example of this is that while Mormons have the freedom to visit New Age churches, which this Author has witnessed first hand, and while Mormons work for New Age religious groups, the Mormon Church hierarchy maintains a Big Brother vigilence over their own. One source stated that plans had been made to tap and listen to all the Missionary phones within the Portland area. Whether the plans have actually been
implemented or not, it shows the mentality of control and power within the hierarchy. It is not by accident then, that Mormons have the freedom to attend New Age seminars.18


For a while, this Author shared an apartment with a Mormon friend. He was much older than this Author, in the neighborhood of 42. He was in good standing with the LDS Church. It was only natural then, when he became unemployed for him to go to the Mormon church's employment service. There, employment specialists, seek to match their clients skills with their job contacts. Many of their job contacts are from LDS members. After visiting the Mormon employment service, this man went to the Church of Scientology, and after an interview was hired onto Hubbard's Church of Scientology staff.

This Author was surprised that an LDS member in good standing would work for the headquarters of a New Age cult. Mormon friends of this man found nothing alarming in the least that he worked for the Church of Scientology.

Is the Church of Scientology a religion? According to their own literature (which at some times says no) they are. To quote one of their pieces of literature, "Is Scientology a religion? Yes! Scientology is a religion in the truest sense of the word...The church of Scientology's purpose is to help the individual lead a happier life, and so there is nothing in Scientology principles to conflict with other religious beliefs." "The Church of Scientology is non- denominational. One can be a Scientologist and also a member of any religious group. There are Catholics, Protestants, members of the Jewish faith and most any other religion who are also active Scientologists."19

The Church of Scientology kept asking him to volunteer vast amounts of time, and he was lucky to get peanuts in compensation for his hard work, so after several months he quit. He quit because of the lack of pay, not because of religious scruples.


W. Cleon Skousen, an ex-FBI agent and former Salt Lake City Chief of Police, is in charge of the Freeman Institute of the Mormon Church.20 The name Freeman Institute even echoes the name given past Masonic magazines and newspapers. The Freeman Institute was established ostensibly to rescue the U.S. Constitution. Interestingly, close examination of Mormon doctrine, reveals the Church plans to supplant the U.S. Constitution with their own in the long run.20a Somewhat akin to the fox guarding the chicken house. Anyway, under the guise of fighting communism the Mormons and Moonies have been working together. Things are coming together now and such type of covers will not long be needed.

For those who are familiar with Rev. Moon's claim to be Jesus Christ,21 and the Moonies' belief that they will install their man as the world's future ruler, it seems that the Mormons and Moonies are strange bedfellows. How can the Mormons and Moonies work together when they both claim the same thing for their own respective group? Shouldn't the Moony threat to take over the world be as serious as a Communist takeover to the Mormons?

When the Unification Church was taken to court by the IRS, the Mormon Church along with the ACLU, the Unitarian-Universalist Church, the National Churches of Christ, the American Baptists, the African Methodist Epis. Church, and the Freeman Institute supported the Unification Church's position. The Mormon church only gave amici curiae support, in contrast to the some of these groups which participated even more.22

W. Cleon Skousen has worked in close cooperation with Rev. Moon's CAUSA organization, and he and other members of the Freeman Institute would participate in CAUSA conferences. The Moonies' CAUSA organization has declared, "We affirm that the the God of Judaism, Catholism, Protestantism, the Mormons, the Unification Church and the God of all religions are one and the same."23 (emphasis added)

After all the self-proclaimed Christ Sun Myung Moon's pretensions to fight Communism, Moon went to Moscow and declared that Russia was to "play a major role in the plan of God to construct a world of peace."24 Panda, a business which is headed by Moon's closest associates and chief lieutenant, is investing $1 billion in a major automobile plant in Red China to produce cars (the Chinese version of the Chevrolet Chevette) that will be sold to the United States.25 Moon advocates the Internationalist's line for Global Free Trade.

Rev. Moon, who like Joseph Smith, claims to have been visited by angels and Jesus and given the mission to "restore" Christianity. This restoration is to start in the United States and then eventually spread world-wide. And similar also to the Mormon Church is the emphasis on authority and money.

Rev. Moon's church is a good example of how a synthetic religion can be created from scratch, using state of the art mind control, and other religious manipulations. Members are locked into fund-raising and are programmed to fear outsiders. They are told their children are sinless. Rev. Moon and his wife claim to be the first perfect sinless people.

"After World War II, the Rockefellers had secretly acquired substantial holdings in Japan and wanted to see them develop."26

Chase Manhattan (the Rockefeller's bank) was named the lead banker to the South Korean government and acquired Moon's business. The U.S. military government installed the chiefs of South Korean according to Chase Manhattan's advisors. In Oct. 1962 the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) an extention of the CIA sent their KCIA chief Kim to meet with his U.S. counterparts. He met CIA director Jone McCone and Lt. Gen. Carroll, head of the Defence Intelligence Agency. Along with Kim was Moon. The most important meeting Kim and Moon had on that trip was with Nelson and David Rockefeller. Both Moon and Nelson hit it off well immediately because both wanted to see a One-World-Government. The Japanese sector of the Rockefeller empire began to covertly finance Moon. The purpose of Rev. Moon's religious anti­communist crusade was to neutralize the patriotic conservative forces opposing the Rockefellers' dream of a New World Order.

A lawyer who worked for the Rockefellers and who confidentially talked said, "David and Nelson Rockefeller were fanatical globalists, and so is Moon. His Unification Church aims to bring Christianity under the same internationalist rule the Rockefellers planned to clamp on the world's nations. Moreover, to reach this goal, the Chase Manhattan crowd had to penetrate and neutralize the patriotic forces of the so-called Republican right wing. If you look closely, that's just what Moon has accomplished."

Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, the only newspaper Ronald Reagon said he read daily, makes light of The Spotlight's interest in the Bilderberger. Moon's paper would like people to believe that their meetings are simply weekend picnics for businessmen and diplomats.27

Moon promotes globalism within his church by fixing the marriages for all his adherents, and these marriages often mix different nationalities and cultures together. This is further enhanced by sending different nationalities to other lands to work and the communal living situations that the Moonies live in.

W. Cleon Skousen's anti-communist crusade and his book against communism is a joke. He gives the readers of his book no historical perspective of what has really happened. He gives no hint that Communism and Mormonism were both started by Masons. He gives no hint that the Mormon Church practiced Communism before the Communists. When the Mormon Church's communism failed, the church moved into capitalism. This shift happened toward the end of the

19th century. The Mormon Apostle Canon said in reference to Mormonism, "One of the most promising modern experiments in communism has been frustrated and brought to ruin."28

Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which financed the Mormon church in 1898,29 is also known to have financed the Bolshevik Revolution with $20 million dollars. (In 1918 and 1922, the Reds repaid in gold, 600 million rubles in gold was transferred from Russia to Kuhn, Loeb, and Co.)30

Brigham Young described the Mormon leaderships real attitude toward democracy. He said, "Every government lays the foundation of its own downfall when it permits what are called democratic elections."31 The Mormon Church went into capitalism like Socialist Russia is doing today—not out a change in doctrine, but because communism failed to work. Individual Mormons still believe that in the future communism will work under the Mormons.32 When the New Jerusalem is established it will be under "The Law of Consecration" or as the Mormon scholar on Prophecy Crowther puts it, "...this [New Jerusalem] will be carried out under the communal living system known in the Church as the United Order or the Law of Consecration."33

Russian Communism has been consistently portrayed as an enemy by the Mormons and Masons since the 1920s. This pattern of creating two opposing forces such as the Anti-Communists (the FBI, Mormons, Church of Scientology, and Scottish Rite) and the Communists (leftist Labor Unions, Socialists, Russians, Chinese), has been the masterful outworking of the One-World- Power's belief in Hegelian Philosophy. By controlling both sides, the One-World-Power expects to control the outcome, and to be able to direct people's hate and energy as it wills. See note 30 for further study on how Masons and Communists use Hegelian philosophy.


Aren't the New Age Movement's beliefs different than Mormon beliefs? Yes and No. An examination of the listings in the National New Age Yellow Pages shows what the New Age movement entails. It includes the following:

Healing, Astrology, Health foods, Channeling, crystals and gemstones, dreams and revelations, divining, Hinduism and polytheistic beliefs, magic and the occult, and Godhead for aspirants.

Mormonism contains all these elements. The same type of path to godhead that the New Age packages and sells is promised by the Mormon Church.

This helps explain the repeated little connections one sees between New Agers and Mormons. Some examples are:

1.   A New Agy type Mormon Fireside where Networking Techniques were taught.34 While "networking" itself is a legitimate concept, it is also possible to trace some Networking ideas back to New Age sources.

2.   William J. Schnoebelen in his book Mormonism's Temple of Doom reports how he was a Druidic witch. His witchcraft mentor was head of all the Druidic witches in North America. This head Druidic witch told him that the highest form of witchcraft practiced in North America was practiced in the Mormon temple ceremonies. Schnoebelen joined the LDS church to receive a deeper occult experience.35


A number of people have been seriously bent out of shape by Schnoebelen's mild exposes of witchcraft and Mormonism. It seems people want to ignore the obvious. What? How is it so obvious that witchcraft is within Mormonism? An examination of Mormonism from the start reveals that it has always been heavy into Magic.

Five of Peter Whitmer, Sr.'s sons and his son-in-law Hiram Page (named after Hiram Abiff) became the witnesses to the Book of Mormon. Their family were Perm. Dutch from Lancaster Co., Pa. and lived near the Rosicrucians and the Ephrata Commune with its occultism. Obviously some of it rubbed off, because the Whitmer family was into Magic.

The original three witnesses to the Book of Mormon were all involved in magic prior to Smith's revelation.(This information comes from Mormon sources.)36 Of the next 8 witnesses, five are known to have been into Magic. It appears that "at least two-thirds of Mormonism's first 12 Apostles may have had some affinity to magic."37

Most of Mormonism's early converts were not only connected with magic but religious seekers who were frustrated with the standard denominations. Up to 1837, 34.4 percent of Mormon converts were people who had not been affiliated with organized religion.38

With the death of Orson Pratt in 1881, the Quorum of 12 Apostles no longer had any of the original Mormon apostles who publicly endorsed magic practices, and a dramatic public shift in attitudes toward public magic occurred. Magic continued but only in the shadows. As has been documented by Schnoebelen, the Mormon temple ceremonies are white magic. It wasn't until this Author learned that one can practice magic without knowing it, and when I learned what Magic is, that it became quite clear that the Temple ceremonies are magic.

Where magic, such as seer stone divination, was widespread among early Mormonism, such practices became rare in the twentieth century. Mormon scholar Quinn mentions an LDS mission president in the 1940's who still practiced magic. Astrology, which had been popular among 19th century Mormons, fell into disuse.39 Contrast this with the early LDS Deseret News, edited by the second counselor in the LDS First Presidency, which carried an astrological table in its first issue.

The use of Astrology among the Mormons goes back to the Order or Fraternity (called by outsiders the Fraternity of Rodmen). Mormon William W. Phelps, whose family is linked to the Fraternity, published an almanac in 1863 which refers to the LDS use of astrology and the to prophecies. "The moon's days in the signs of the Zodiac are also given near enough for the general reader." His 1865 Deseret Almanac also had Zodiac information.

Many Mormons have enjoyed the practice of the Mormon religion, but felt very disturbed by the Temple ceremonies. Many are so disturbed they never return after their first experience. They have good reason to be disturbed.


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The Reorganized Church of Later-Day Saints is the second largest Mormon denomination. The members of this Church view the Book of Mormon as scripture, and are led by a prophet, but are in practice different than the LDS church.


The design of the long awaited RLDS Temple, built on the site of the world's future Millennial capital was the responsibility of the First Presidency and the Presiding Bishopric.1 Some people were alarmed when the long awaited RLDS temple in Independence, MO was planned with a spiral design similar to the famed Tower of Babel. Scholars have long viewed the spiral Babylonian Ziggurats to have been the design of the first Tower of Babel, "the identification of the tower of Babel with one such ziggurat seems inescapable."

The RLDS prophet Wallace B. Smith said, "The design gives the impression of seeking to link that which is earthbound with the creator who is beyond our reach." It is "a symbol of our vision of Zion."4

According to RLDS sources, this $60 million temple will not be used for temple ceremonies like the LDS temples. If this information is accurate, it would mean that the Masonic-like temple ceremonies like the LDS church's and the top secret witchcraft meetings in the LDS temples would not be take place in the RLDS temple. The public stance of the RLDS church is that its temple will not be used for secret ceremonies.


The government of the RLDS Mormon Church has been described as Theocratic or Theocratic Democracy. Although the RLDS prophets have all been lineal descendents of Joseph Smith, Jr. and his son Joseph Smith III, there has always been an effort toward democratic processes within this denomination.


The first prophet of the RLDS church was the son of Joseph Smith, Jr. named Joseph Smith III.

Joseph Smith III had a style of leadership much different than his father's. He also was a leader, but his ideas took the RLDS church in a path that seemed more like the mainstream Christian denominations. The RLDS church initially carried out an active missionary program to recruit LDS members over to their organization. It was believed that the credentials of authority of their organization which were superior to the LDS would draw Mormons in Utah into their organization. Because the RLDS church was opposed to polygamy (while the LDS church practiced it), and was opposed to other unscriptural practices that the LDS church practiced, many non-Mormons and Christians have cooperated with them. Likewise, the cordial relationship between Christians and members of the RLDS church continue. For instance, a R.L.D. Saint works with Saints Alive, a Christian ministry to Mormons and Masons.

Joseph Smith III was initially interested in Spiritism, but gave it up, before he became the RLDS prophet.

"Smith took part in the séances in Nauvoo for some time, but by at least 1852 his interest in Spiritism began to wane. Two significant events turned him against the cult and in so doing, may have paved the way for his eventual return to a form of Mormonism."5

Joseph Smith III spoke of his rejection of spiritism, "I feel it is not a part of the divine plan to allow spirits to communicate with mortals, and I can scarcely see how we can have tangible intercourse with departed spirits..."6

Since Joseph Smith, III, the leadership of the RLDS church has been passed down the line of his descendents. (See appendix for list.)


Although Joseph Smith III sincerely rejected spiritism, the RLDS church itself has never taken a stand against the Masons or other occultic powers. That pattern was established by the General Conference Resolution 175 in 1874. Joseph Smith III said, "If they [church members] choose to belong to the Masons, or Odd Fellows, or any other secret organization, they are at liberty to do so as far as the church is concerned."

According to various Mason historians, many of the RLDS members have been Masons. The Mason Haywood states, "After the Mormons split, the mother group remained in Illinois, and later made its capital in Independence, Mo.; many of its members have been Masons ever since."9

Joseph Smith III's successor reaffirmed the church's open attitude toward Freemasonry when he rebuked in 1906 the editor of the Saints Herald for an editorial the editor had written. The editorial is very revealing in itself. It said, "that members of the United States Senate who were members of the Masonic Order might feel sympathetic toward Mr. Smoot [an LDS senator under investigation] in regards to the secret oaths by which he was said to be bound to the Mormon hierarchy, since they themselves took such oaths on becoming Masons."10 (Emphasis added.) This comment helps substantiate the Masonic references which state that legally and morally the Masonic Lodge and the LDS church are the same. Here the editor of the Saints Herald. Leon A. Gould, is equating the oaths of the Mormon hierarchy and the Masonic Lodge's oaths.

While the RLDS church gives some good advice against the occult to its members such as an article in the Saints Herald entitled "Magic and Religion",11 it has always given members the latitude to explore and participate in such activity. This has been an open door to subversion by the Masons and the New Age. It appears that the lack of safeguards has indeed permitted the RLDS church leaders to shift their denomination in the direction of participating with the One-World-Religion that is has been established.


There has been a definite shift in the RLDS church toward the New Age. It has joined the World Council of Churches, and other such activities. 19th century Masonic plans had goals to introduce feminism and abortion. In the 1970s the RLDS church came out in favor of these items and gave its support to the pro-New Age group NOW, the liberal feminist National Organization for Women.12 The RLDS church has begun participating in such things as an international organization "Church Women United" at the United Nations.13


Wallace B. Smith has no male successor, and there is speculation that one of his daughters will take the helm once he passes on. If this would happen, it would seem to insure that the RLDS church will move even closer to a New Age stance.


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Chapter 2.9

Heresy Interlocks With Power

The Power of Propaganda

The power of Freemasonry has not just been political, judicial, and financial power, but also the power of propaganda. (The word is being used here with its original meaning and not in the disparaging sense of a body of distorted information.)

The influence of Masonic propaganda must be understood before the reader can really appreciate the role Masonry has played not only directly but also indirectly in the creation of Millennial religions (millennial religions include all types, including a. secular millennial religions of all types, including

a. secular millennial religions such as Communism,

b. pagan gnostic millennial religions such as the Nazi religion, the New Age movement, and their allies, the New Thought churches, and

c. Christian gnostic millennial religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Second Adventists, and certain Dispensationalists.)

The connections between Masonic propaganda and the creation of each of these groups is there for historians to see, if they choose. Examine the statements and history of the leaders of these movements and one will find that they studied the stream of Masonic propaganda that has issued forth over several centuries. The Order (Skull and Bones—considered to be an American Branch of the Illuminati) have held many key political, and economic posts and have been able to manipulate what propaganda the public has had easy access to.

In other words Masonic thinkers have had help in the promotion of their thinking, not only by other Masons but by the Order, which is a power above them, but working with them. And this stream of Masonic thinking has had a snowball effect, in influencing others to act, and further promoting this stream of thought.

What characterizes the Masonic thought? First, it sees a return to a Golden Age, a Millennial hope. This is often connected with the reestablishment of some Messiah king/priest to rule. Reason and Gnosticism and evolution are promoted. Christianity is attacked or limited, and secularization is promoted. The subterfuge in much of this is amazing. For instance, the JWs under the guise of religion have helped ban religion from public places. The best understanding of what is happening is not to look at labels, but the process, what happened. For instance, whether a Communist calls his belief a religion or not, is not relevant if his belief is in essence a millennial religion, granted it is a religion without many of the normal religious trappings. Although a closer look reveals most of the trappings of religion are there, under a new cover.

The separation of church and state, the promotion of feminist rights including abortion, and the New Age religion have been promoted by the Masonic lodges, not just individual Masons. This gives the reader a quick overview of the Masonic stream of thought. Two charts follow which should help the reader grasp the extent to which Western Civilization has been shaped by this massive, sometimes a quiet undercurrent of Masonic thought. One chart is for Masonic authors in the 18th century, the other for the 19th century. English Freemasonry exerted a profound influence on the great reformers of the eighteenth century. Some examples are the Masons David Hume, Voltaire, Diderot, Montequieu, and Rousseau in France, and their disciples in the American colonies.

How powerful are Presidents?

It is true that a U.S. President has power, but let him overstep the path he is to follow, and those who have put him in power will tighten the screws, with bad press, or if necessary the final solution, assassination. That is what happened to John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Those two men ticked off practically everyone in the System. The Jesuits, the Industrialists, the Masons, in Kennedy's case one can add to the list the CIA, the FBI, and the Mafia.1

To avoid such drastic steps, key men are in government positions to insure that the President receives the slant to the news that will allow the President to see the right path. The Council on Foreign Relations regularly determined at secret meetings high level CIA policy. The CIA in turn is capable of presenting their secret briefings to the President to almost insure that he sees their slant to things.

The foundations are one conduit of control. They create and implement government policies through their staff people, which are salted throughout the U.S. government.

That the New World Order must use the CIA, FBI, and the Foundations shows that it has to work secretly. As a cover for their secret invisible government, they run carefully screened handpicked men in expensive democratic elections. This allows the populace to continue believing what they want to believe. Most people want to believe they are superior to others, and our "democratic" system allows Americans to be proud. That the One-World-Power pays for these expensive charades, shows how important secrecy is. The success of Big Brother in 1984 was exactly the type of control that they have been successfully using—double speak, hate politics, divide and control, rewritten history, etc.

These same tactics are being used powerfully on the religious scene.


Years ago, this Author came upon several areas of religion that are examples of history being lost. This Author is very devoted to the Holy Bible and its age old wisdom. It was clear from the Scriptures in both the Old and the New Testament that taking Interest, any interest, was contrary to scripture. I discovered that interest taking had been forbidden by most Christians until the 19th century. The New Order has erased our memory of that issue, and for a good reason, that is one of their principle methods of robbery and control. (Because this is one of their primary weapons, and it is also a religious issue— chapter 3.02 will deal with just the issue of interest taking.)


The close interweaving of Gnostic thought into the Masonic stream is important in terms of understanding how power is created. The principle "knowledge is power" is skillfully used by Masonic religions. For instance, the WT May 1, 1922, p. 132 states C.T. Russell is the only source of knowledge about the divine plan of God. "Then to repudiate him and his work is equivalent to a repudiation of the Lord..." Joseph Smith, Jr. and the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh, and so many others, by virtue of their claims to special knowledge have created an automatic power base. One has to come to them for knowledge.


Likewise, the Order along with Masons in so many of the key positions have determined who our experts are in the various fields. Look who gets Rhodes Scholarships. Look who get prominent academic positions. Look who gets their books published. Their people are often placed in positions when thousands of better candidates are overlooked. By influencing who we think our experts are, they automatically have created a power base. This is why some of the most prominent Christian leaders have gotten their positions. Some of these men, are poor theologians, are not the loyal-to-Christ deep thinkers Christianity needs; no, but they are the System's selected.

The system's experts have to toe the party line not just in Russia but in the U.S. too. Scientific American got rid of science writer Forrest Mims III when they found out he admitted he doesn't believe Darwin's theory of evolution.4

Name --- Lifetime --- Organization --- Influence

Locke 1632-1704 Rosicruc. - Promoted reason

Voltaire 1694-1778 Mason - Promoted atheism deism, & alien life

Emmanuel Swedenberg 1688-1772 Mason -  - mystic/hermetic thought,  (Founded Ch. of New Jerusalem/Sw. Rite)

Christopher Martin Wieland 1733-1813 Mason - Germany's "Voltaire"

Goethe 1749-1832 Mason

Sir Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Rosi. & Mason - New Atlantis, made Eng. into scholarly lang. replacing Latin

Carl Krause 1781-1832 Mason - promoted 1-wdgovt. w/ Pantheistic religion.

Thomas Paine 1737-1809 Mason - promoted Deism, Atheism, Age of Reason

Moses Mendelssohn 1729-1796 Mason - promoted religious toleration

Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 Mason - coined "God helps those who help themselves", Pantheist

Ethan Allen 1737-1789 Mason Promoted Deism, reason

Claude Adrien Helvetius 1715-1771 Mason

Patrick Henry 1736-1799 Mason promoted liberty/revolution

William Blake 1757-1820 Rosi.mystic - mystical poetry return. to nature, communism

Adam Smith 1723-1790 closely assoc. w/ Masons - economic theories

David Hume 1711-1776 Mason - Deism, atheism, reason

Alexander Pope 1688-1744 Mason

Dean Jonathan Swift 1667-1745 Mason

Name --- Lifetime --- Organization --- Influence

Richard Wagner 1813-1883 close assoc. Mason - foundational ideas for Nazism

Napoleon (& 4 bros.) 1769-1821 Mason - Europe's judical and diplomatic systems

Erasmus Darwin, Mason

Charles Darwin, & assoc.w/ Masons - atheism, evolution

Karl Marx 1818-1883 Mason - socialism, sec. millenial hopes

Friedrich Engels 1820-1895 Mason - funds for Marx

Rudyard Kipling 1865-1936 Mason - enhanced West's view of India

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859-1930 Mason - spiritism, the occult

Saint Simon 1760-1825 Illuminatus - revolutionary thought led to Marxism

Mikhail Bakunin 1814-1876 Mason communist thought

Guiseppe Mazzini 1805-1872 Rosi, Mason,etc. promoted Comm., revolution, and Masonry

Eliphas Levi 1810-1875 Mason - promoted the use of magic

William Miller 1782-1849 Mason - Millenial hopes

Mary Baker Eddy 1821-1910 assoc.w/Masonry - New Age Witchcraft

Joseph Smith, Jr. 1805-1844 Mason - Millenial hopes, discredit Christ.

Charles T. Russell 1852-1916 Mason - Millenial hopes, discredit Christ. Universalism

Hosea Ballou 1771-1852 Mason - Universalism

Walter Besant 1836-1901



Bavarian Illumimsm (May 1, 1776)

Grand Orient Illuminized (1789)

Philadephes (c. 1796)

English Revolutionary Societies (1792)

Polish Secret Societies Carbonari (c. 1814)

Burschenschaft (1818)

Tugendbund (1812)

Haute Vente (1814)


Pheonix Society (1853)

1st Internationale (1862-1873)

Nihilism (1862-1872)

Alliance Sociale Democratique (1864)

Fabian Society (1883)

Fenians (1858)

Socialist League (1884)

Russian Social Democratic Party


Students for Democratic Society

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

Various Communist Parties & their fronts

STREAM OF REVOLUTIONARY FORCES UNLEASED BY ILLUMINISM (nihilism, anarchy, socialism, internationalism)

Murat (1743-1793)

Hebert (1755-1794)

Anacharsis Clootz (1755-1794)

Robespierre (1758-1794)

Saint Just (1767-1794)

Gracchus Babeuf (1762-1797)

Buonarotti (1761-1837)

Saint Simon (1760-1825)

Fourier (1772-1837)

Robert Owen (1771-1858)

Proudhon (1809-1365)

Bakunin (1814-1876)


Vidal, Pequeur

Blanqui (1805-18S1)

Buchez (17 96-1865}

Louis Blanc (1311-1882)

Pierre Leroux (1798-1871)

Enfantin, Bazard

Cabet (1788-1882)

Kropotkin ()

Johann Most (1846-1906)

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Friedrick Engels (1820-1896)

Edward Pease

George Bernard Shaw

Ferdinand Lassalle (1825-1864)

What does this stream of revolutionaries have to do with Christianity?

Socialism (aka Communism) with its secular Millennial hope was really the real religion of the heads of the National Council of Churches. Over 100 NCC leaders have or have had affiliation with communist-fronts or with the Communist party in the USA. The secular millennial hope of the NCC, the social gospel, is more deeply rooted in occult than it is in the scriptures. One example of a prominent NCC leader who is a member of the Communist Party is Harry F. Ward.


From the occult secret societies which looked to Hinduism and Eastern Mysticism the theory of evolution was brought to the West. Erasmus Darwin became a Mason in the famous Canongate Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 of Edinburgh, Scotland. He founded and others into the occult joined the Philosophical Society in 1784. This Author was surprised that the Masonic historian Denslow was quite aware and open that the Philosophical Society "was the fountainhead for the ideas developed by his [Erasmus Darwin] grandson, Charles."5 Co- discover of the evolutionary theory with Charles Darwin was Sir William Crookes of the Theosophical Society. Anyone familiar with the Theosophical Society knows they believe in Hinduism. The man who translated Darwin's works into German soon after they were written was another Freemason. The Hindu concept of Evolution diffused from Darwin into many other areas of the arts and sciences. Actually Darwin doesn't deserve all the credit or blame, because the idea was being diffused by the occult, and they were spreading before and after Charles Darwin, he only was a popular figure to raise up before the public.

Darwin never proved evolution, indeed the "historical" record does not scientifically prove the General Evolution Model but contradicts it. In Darwin’s time he could get away with his theory because the fossil record hadn't been well examined, but that is no longer the case.

Frederick W. Conner reveals how evolution entered into American poetry with men like Freemason Emerson on up to Robinson.6
Georg Roppen does another good study on poetry in general.7
Leo Henkins reveals how Darwinism entered into English novel writing with his book Darwinism in the English Novel.8
Selsam covers how Karl Marx drew on Darwinism.9

On and on, Darwinism went permeating itself through all the arts and sciences. All the time being paraded as scientific, while its true occult origins were kept secret. (See the spin diagram to see its diffusion.)


Education has been elevated by them to be the panacea for every ill. This attitude is deeply embedded now in the various churches. This secular gnosticism has created the followers and the leaders, and their system selects their men as leaders. If the public knew the details of how the Order, Illumined groups, especially the Masons, have conspired to elevate certain academic guru's for us to follow, they would realize how the pretended pyramid of knowledge has helped create a pyramid of power. As discussed in the chapter on Education, John Dewey, the main creator of modern education, was financed, instructed by, and promoted by the Order. Some in the Order even create their own universities, an example is the Univ. of Chicago started in 1890 with Rockefeller Funds. The Rockefellers started others too.


There are quite a number of recent books that try to get the public to believe Christ believed in power religion and hidden knowledge. This is such a distorted view that in spite of all the propaganda out there, it should be easy for the sincere person to be shown in the scriptures that it is false.

Although Christ was intimate with 12 men, and then had his 70, and then the masses, his teachings were in contradiction to this gnostic idea of a hidden knowledge . This will be dealt with indepth later, suffice it to say, that Christ did not advocate using hidden knowledge for power, and he showed no desire to create any power base of goodness. This is why so many Rabbis have a hard time interpreting Christ correctly. They think he failed as a candidate for David's throne. They think in terms of power.

Secular and religious authorities have been set up who claim to have special knowledge. The men who have controlled the advancement and placement of others are a particular group of men, who are related in some fashion to each other.

The particular heads of these groups claiming special knowledge are then controlled by an elite group. For instance, the leaders of the Communist country of Russia have been selected by them. The leaders of the Mormon Latter-Day-Saints, and New Age groups receive instructions from them. The careers of thousands of our leaders like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon have been created and directed by them.

Various channels of control are in use. One council controls religion. Manly P. Hall sat on this council of 13 and was able to use UNESCO to channel communications from Britain/ British military intelligence is also used. When one sees the connections between the Masons and the FBI and CIA, and then the connections all of these have to the Mormons for instance, then one is able to see how a complex set of secret networks can transmit secretly through a host of routes. Another blatant example, are the connections between the directors of the intelligence cults of the CIA and the FBI and the One-World-Power and the Masons. For a particular route to be revealed, means only that another needs to be implemented. The intelligence cults of the FBI and CIA will be examined in detail later.

Examples of how the conspiracy directly provides power to their network of offspring will be the next feature of this chapter. We will examine how the same people who funded the Communists funded the Mormons. We will see how the channel of communication and orders for the power, UNESCO was created by them. We will examine how the prominent families that make up the Order, the power here in the U.S., happened to be the families that were prominent in the creation and control of the Jehovah's Witnesses. We will see how a well spring of Unitarian heresy was directly run by the Order. We will examine specific ways the Masons have promoted the New Age movement, and how the New Age Movement has been systematically planned, and is not an accident of history. All these are examples of what has been happening on a world-wide but secret level for several hundred years.


In dealing with the conspiracy of power it becomes evident that not only is networking and associations important, but also family lines and family ties. Authors, who are not even aware of the conspiracy of power, have written books exposing that America has an Aristocracy, but America's Aristocrats are very low key compared with Great Britain. Even today, the privileges that the British aristocracy still retain are easily seen by those who are not so fortunate in birth. Everyone is aware that Britain has an aristocracy, but one has to try to convince Americans of theirs.

At the very top of power in the U.S. is a tight group of 20 to 30 families that intermarry and interact. Particular members of these families are selected for membership in a few secret groups such as the Skull and Bones Order, which has been a cell for the Power. The Skull and Bones Order, as the reader may now realize, is strongly suspected as one of the American chapter's of the Illuminati.

Those in the Skull and Bones Order, if they are involved in religion, tend toward the Unitarian Church, which presently is merged with the Universalist Church as the Unitarian-Universalist Church and is actively promoting the New Age Movement.

The Order works hand in glove with another group also called the Order—that is the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith. It is no surprise then to learn that the B'nai B'rith also has connections to not only Freemasonry but the Bavarian Illuminati.

Both the Order (S&B) and the B'nai B'rith work through the Masonic Lodges. In studying UNESCO, it is apparent all three groups have power in UNESCO.


1.   Marrs, Jim. Crossfire The Plot that killed Kennedy. NY: Carroll & Graf Pub., 1989. Marrs spends a separate chapter on the means, motives and opportunities for each of these groups. Ralph Epperson in his lectures provides circumstantial evidence that tends to link the Masons to the assasination of Kennedy too.

2.   Prouty, L. Fletcher. The Secret Team: The CIA and its Allies in Control of the World. NY: Ballantine Books, 1970.


4.   Christianity Today. (Nov. 19, 1990) p. 56 and Christianity Today (Aug. 19, 1991) p. 35.

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9.   Selsam, H. art. Charles Darwin and Karl Marx, Mainstream, Vol. 12, No. 6, (June) pp. 28 and 36.

Chapter 2.10

Reviving the Mystery Religions

• You will learn the names of members of one of the most powerful occult ruling bodies in the world.

• You'll receive information to provoke you take serious the occult threat to the world.

• You will develop a better understanding for where witchcraft and satanism are operating with concealed identities.

Those who have read their Bibles have noticed that the One-World-Religion, the Great Harlot, by the time she has ascended to her political world domination will be "drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." Rev 17:6

Dave Hunt and Texe Marrs are two Christians who write books warning about the coming New Order. They have taken two opposite views of the situation. Sometimes they quote the same material and get two different views.

Dave Hunt's books forecast peace and prosperity and a rapture of the saints. He tells us that reports about the dangers from the CFR and the Trilaterial Commission, communism (socialism), and New Age groups are overblown. It might be appropriate to quote the man himself,

"In contrast to the gloom-and-doom and frightening forecasts of the vast majority of Christians and non-Christians alike, we shall propose "A Contrary Scenario": a coming new age of unprecented peace and prosperity just over the horizon!" -Peace, Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust, p. 18

As proof of this Dave Hunt quotes a number of experts, researches at Rand Corp.(p.ll), Herman Kahn, head of the Hudson Institute (p.12), and Robert Muller, a man Hunt describes as "certainly one of the best informed men in the world" (p.12). By the way, all of these people are intimately connected to the New Order, and Muller is not just one of the best informed, but one of the most dangerous men in the world for Christians.

"Much of an alarmist nature has been rumored about a conspiracy among top political leaders in Washington to betray America's national interests...However, the Trilateralists and CFR people are invaribly referred to with exaggerations...Does this hypnotic control extend to every nation on earth? That seems a bit too much to believe! If they indeed have the power to do so, one wonders why these internationalists haven't yet installed their puppet world ruler! Exaggerated reports like the above...could be dangerous."- Peace, Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust, pp. 47-48

"In fact, the rapture is the only conceivable event that could cause the entire world to unite in a new world government and a new world religion and to submit suddenly to the leadership of the Anti-christ as the world dictator." Global Peace, p.204

"Communism's Humpty Dumpty would seem to have fallen so far and shattered so badly that even the fabled KGB will not be able to put it back together again." Global Peace, p. 60

Texe Marrs on the other hand, quotes the writings of New Agers such as Alice Bailey, Benjamen Creme, M.E. Haselhurst, Meishu Sama, David Spangler, Ruth Montgomery, Moira Timms, Barry McWaters, G.I. Gurdjieff, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who apparently all believe that Christians practicing the old-time religion will not survive the shift to the New Age.1 In a condensed summation, these New Age leaders declare that the earth will be purified and cleansed of those people not fit for the New Age. These people will be sent to another dimension, will pass into spirit, and be neutralized, and be washed away for their karmic debts. These euphemisms remind us of the words of New Age adept (and I refer to him thusly—because I have seen New Agers refer to him thusly and because I am familiar with his religion) Adolf Hitler, and how he planned to "cleanse" Europe. Alice Bailey describes that cleansing as a penalty to the Jewish people because of their bad karmic debt. These New Agers make it sound like Christians will be eliminated for their own good.

"...the plagues of Revelation are special packages of karma visited upon the obstinate that they might awaken to their wrong attitudes...animals that don't adapt become extinct. Remember? Survival today means understanding and responding to change within the context of the internal "revolution."2


Both Hunt and Marrs feel the Bible backs their view. This is why I have chosen not to quote scripture to inform you what the New World Order is doing. I believe in Scripture, and that the sincere moral spirit-led seeker will find the true interpretation as God's grace permits. But this book and its research stand on their own, without pulling some Bible text out of Ezekiel or Daniel.


Jesus, (who obviously didn't take Dale Carnegie's Cource on Human Relations), calls the people who came to hear him hypocrites, "When you see a cloud rising out of the west, immediately you say, 'A shower is coming'; and so it is. And when you see the south wind blow, you say, 'There will be hot weather'; and there is. "Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?"    With all our technology, is our discernment any better?

Let me inform you of a "south wind"—a certain policeman has already informed us that he has seen the lists of people the US government—part of Bush's New World Order—plan to arrest. (See chapter 3.9 for more about this.)

Let me inform you of this "south wind"—a friend of mine received all the election statistics on a map months before the actual "election" of Bush and Dukakis. These figures were not projections, they were the planned results. (Hunt would have you believe that its rediculous, alarmist, and dangerous to hear that CFR people in Washington, D.C. might conspire and have power. He says if they were so powerful they would put their own man in office. Mr. Hunt, for your information they have been placing their own men in even before this century—see Appendix, and have had the power to keep it from the general public.) A graduate research project at Florida State University on Who's Running America told the American people after intensive study that power in the United States of the media, various economic fields, politics, etc. is concentrated in an elite, and that the policy of that the Government carries out are decisions made outside of the elected government officials. There is nothing alarmist in their book which records their research finding, but it is just one more report of that "South Wind" that we should discern.

Let me also inform you that there are many leaders in this nation and the U.N. who we know are into witchcraft and the New Age. (This chapter will discuss that some more later.) Men of power are turning to the leaders of Satanic groups for power and money. The army has developed its own Psychic warriors- an actual military unit made up of demon empowered men, paid for by your tax-dollars.

Why would these people want to arrest God-fearing, peaceful, good-intentioned Christians? Is this simply because George Bush likes Alice Bailey's books? What do they have to fear from Christians? The answer to these questions is the topic of this chapter. This answer will in part answer why the New Age movement is promoted by the One-World-Order. Promote? Didn't the New Age movement just happen? No, it's been promoted by some very powerful people. (See chap. 3.3.)

For instance, rock music stars which are idolized by the youth of the world have been instrumental in bringing millions of young people in Eastern mysticism and the New Age Movement, and into Satanism. For instance, Warner Bros. and CBS (owned by Jews) have not ceased to put out some of rock's most objectionable material. Warner's produced Frank Zappa's "The Mothers," Prince's "Dirty Mind," Exile's "I Want To Kiss You All Over," and Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead." CBS Records produced Tosh's "Legalize It," Pink Floyd's "The Wall," Dr. Hook's "Sloppy Seconds," Ted Nugent's "Scream Dream," and others. Atlantic Records located in Rockefeller Plaza, NY, Capital Records, and Electra/Asylum have also produced objectionalbe records. Teenagers are not foistering these evil records on themselves. It is not by accident that a record company cuts a certain record. Who is ultimately responsible for the Satanism and New Age Movement's promotion in rock music?

But it wasn't enough just to interest people in the New Age—they needed gurus from India to lead the young people off on their various paths. So the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) was formed. It is a missionary council of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Lingayats, the Theosophical Society etc. that are organized and financed to import Hinduism et. al. into the Western World. In 1966, the VHP had their first missionary conference. Their VHP in house magazine is the Vishva Hinda Par. The Tibetan Dalai Lama was the president of their semi-secret VHP Conference in 1979.4 Sixty-thousand delegates and others participated.

Yes, the leader of the Hindu Missionary Organization, this Dalai Lama is the same Dalai Lama that is receiving awards and honors all over the world, not just by the secular world, but by Christendom's leadership. The Dalai Lama is a great man, but he thinks he is God, the reincarnation of Buddha. As a Christian, I am reminded of the scriptures where the elders worship the Creator, "You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created." Rv 4:9

If this seems off the track, it isn't—its actually involves the underlying answer to why Bible- believing Christians (and Bible-believing-Jews, and Koran following Moslems) are in conflict with the New Order.

Both Moses and Christ tried to give the common people the permission to have access to God, and their God was not just some imitation god either. The religious leaders were requiring initiations in India, Babylon, Greece and Egypt into their mystery religions. They supposedly were the guardians of exoteric mystery knowledge. As long as the people gave allegiance to their power structure the common people generally were permitted to think they could be gods, and do whatever they wanted. In Hinduism, heresy is to teach that man is separate from God. This is directly opposite of the Christian concept of sin, where sin is defined as those imperfections that separate us from our Creator such as transgressing the law of God. No matter how deceptive it's said, the truth is that Hinduism has no concept of sin, (sin being defined scriptually as anything separating us from the glory of God and transgressing the law.)

For example, the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh, and his staff ruled over their Antelope commune with a strict power structure, but the common people were allowed freedom to act as they pleased. Amand Sheila, Rajneesh's trusted right hand woman, has been a devoted student of the satanist Hitler, and studied his methods.5

Moses and Jesus, both in blatant disregard for the religious hierarchies of their day, set out to free the Israelites from false authorities. The Egyptian Mystery religions kept the common people worshiping a pantheon of Gods, but the higher initiates in the secret societies were taught that there is but one God.6 Also each Christ tried to point out that sin can be a false taskmaster far worse than the Romans. He tried to teach the people to realize they have direct access to their Creator, without a hierarchy. Each man was a priest. But today's New Age "cosmic Christians" have stood Christ's teachings on their head. They promise freedom, but then offer the things Christ said enslave us. They promise each of us that we can be gods ourselves, but then give us "spiritual laws", and the Great White Brotherhood Hierarchy, and our own positive thinking (magic will power) to trust in.

For instance, to give an example, Elizabeth Clare Prophet has five rings of interested people in her movement, Pearl's Reader (5th), Keeper of the Flame (4th), Community Member (3rd), Temporary Staff (2nd), and Permanent Staff (top level), and finally her, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. E.C. Prophet (who for some reason always uses the last name of her first husband, Mark Prophet rather than her last three husbands), is a very strict authoritarian with her church. Although her members are promised godhood—only she is allowed to channel messages from the Great White Brotherhood. When a particular couple went onto permanent staff, they were repeatedly counselled to cease channeling.7

Masonic references to witchcraft abound. In Pike's Morals and Dogma page 733 he refers to the Kabalah (which he calls philosophy but could best be called magic). In the next two paragraphs he talks glowingly of "the powers of the human will." That is what witchcraft is all about. 33° Mason C. W. Leadbeater in his book The Hidden Life in Freemasonry refers to the Senior Deacon in Masonic rituals as taking on the role of Lucifer. "The S.D. is the Lucifer, who bears the light to his fellow-men." (p. 125 plus others) And his pages 311-12 refer to gigantic "Angels" taking over 33° Masons. These are just off hand samples of many similar Masonic references. If one really understands the occult/Luciferian/witchcraft nature of Freemasonry, then it becomes clear why the power of the Lodge promotes the revival of the Mystery Religions. In contrast with Christ, the Masonic Lodge tries to keep its power to an exclusive clique.

According to ex-High Satanic Priestess Brown, "Demons have no loyalties. They will always go to the stronger person. Satan's entire kingdom runs on the principle of competition; just the opposite of God's kingdom where everyone serves each other."—He Came To Set The Captives Free, p.48


Alice A. Bailey in her book A Treatise On White Magic or The Way of The Disciple (NY: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951) p.346 teaches her New Age disciples how to fight "forces that are working against the Plan and hindering the work to be done....To counter them you employ the first method with the following additions and changes. You link yourself up either as an individual or forming one of a group with your own soul and with the Lodge of Masters, not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you are working. Then when stillness has been achieved, you visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up, if possible, with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, with which you may be working, and along which the attack will come. You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light."

The New Order doesn't fear gnostic religions, they simply take them over if they didn't create it in the first place. They fear people who will unreservably serve God and follow his Authority no matter what. This may still not be clear. Let us give an example that hits home in many Christian denominations today, witchcraft.


The following diagram shows a conflict between the historic Christian terminology and that of the occult in defining witchcraft.

Historically, Christianity has called A through D witches, while in the occult some would say only those at level D are witches.


The diagram shows that witchcraft and magic can said to be performed either for "good", or evil. Witchcraft can also be done with physical implements, or secretly with some internal power. From those two divisions, four possibilities arise as is diagramed.

Some examples of what is meant by the four categories.

A (E-BNL)- Person with a ouiji board

B (E-HML)- Person sticking pins in a voodoo doll

C (I-BNL)- This is a whole area that has entered into the Christian churches through people like Jimmy Carter's sister Ruth Carter Stapleton, who is said to be the top witch in North America. She calls it "inner healing." It has various names and variations. Basically, it is casting a good spell on someone, including oneself.

D (I-HML)- Casting a harmful spell on someone.

Historically, Christians have rejected all of these forms of Witchcraft. But today Block C has been introduced into many Christian churches. It is introduced through New Agers who pretend to be Christians, either as speakers or as members. (Yes, pretend is the proper description because some are actually infiltrating, knowing full well what they are doing.) Kurt Billings, whose mother was a high witch, was trained by the New Age to infiltrate churches posing as a born- again Christian. He told his story on Praise The Lord, Beaumont, TX. Men like Kurt who were taught how to infiltrate and subvert the Christian churches are trying to warn the Christians.

The new age also uses books such as How to Write Your Own Ticket With God to promote their witchcraft too. St. Paul, Minnesota is one training center for witches to infiltrate the Christian churches posing as Christians.9 The Pentecostal and Charismatic movement has been infiltrated, including portions of the leadership.9a Isn't everyone free to talk about what they believe? Yes, but there is a right way and a wrong way. Let's give a true but an extreme example.

When the "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh came to the U.S., his members dressed conservatively and joined a good size Christian church in California pretending to be Christians. When Rajneesh had a majority of his people as members, they voted the church to Rajneesh.10 We are talking about a church that others had worked hard to build and to pay for, but through deception was grabbed by Rajneesh. Likewise, if we practice that type of deception to capture a church spiritually, is it any better? Buildings can be replaced. Individual's can't, each one is precious.

There is the possibility that those wanting to destroy Christianity will be converted. One man from England into spiritism who joined an Assembly of God church intending to lead its members into spiritism, ended up being converted to Christ.11 This author is aware of a few others too who were Satanists that were sent to destroy churches and converted to serve their Creator.


Christian prayer
Authority: God who is supernatural & involved

Supplication of trust
Not to be done ritually, or in vain repetitions,
but by  spirit speaking through the heart.
called "faith, trust, hope"
Witchcraft invoking/decreeing
Authority: A god(s) who is not involved, godlike power
given to everyone.
Words invoke spiritual laws of spirit world

Formulae and ritual, repetitions
 called "scientific."

This is in part the reason the World Order is promoting the New Age movement. The New Age movement is subtly creating a different Authority than God Almighty. The Christian Creator can't be controled. He is a rival authority to those in power, and they can't tolerate a rival.

In order to mask their own dictatorship, the New World Order is permitting almost any type of carnal behavior to its duped slaves. H.G. Wells felt the New World Order needed to create a rulership, "a caste" as he calls it, that would be quasi-religious and would "pander to all your worst instincts."12

At the very top of the power structure of the New World Order are the Rothschilds. (See chapter 3.3 for a more indepth look into this dynasty.) Prominent members of this family in recent times have been Philippe (the leader), Edmund, Victor, Guy, and Nathaniel. Philippe is a business partner with Queen Juliana.(See chapter 2.12 for a discussion of their role.) The upper levels of witches believe that the Rothschilds are lesser gods in bodies.13 The Rothschilds have been part of witchcraft and the Illuminati for generations. Their enormous godlike financial powers must indeed help convince them that they are gods.

Within the Satanic groups there is an elite society of witches called the The Sisters of Light. They are also called the Illuminati, but are not organizationally to be confused with the main group of Illuminati that are Druid witches. The Brotherhood that The Sisters of Light belong to is linked to the Druids though. Both the Sisters of Light Illuminati and the Druid Illuminati practice human sacrifice.14 Numerous other occult groups are named Illuminati.

The Brotherhood works with other occult groups such as the Freemasons. It has its own retreat centers, airplanes, etc. It uses churches for some of their ceremonies. Human sacrifices are being performed within Christian churches.15 These satanic groups sacrifice babies born to witches who have no birth certificates, members who want out, and people like hitchhikers that they pick up. Human sacrifices are generally done indoors. The Brotherhood has developed disposal of the bodies to a fine art.

Uniting the world under one world government is a goal of witchcraft.16
Another goal is to destroy Christianity. Many of the members of the satanic group, The Brotherhood, join Christian churches, which they then proceed to destroy over a period of time.17

Alice Bailey speaks about channeling Jesus in her book Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 514, and Kurt Billings speaks now about his years within the Christian churches when he channelled a demon named "Jesus." Other ex-Witches have testified that when they infiltrated Christian churches they used all the Christian language including doing things in "Jesus'" name.

A Council of 13 under their direction gives orders throughout the world to religious groups even "Christian" churches. Because this Council of 13 is so powerful and secretly controls so many of their puppets that run many of the different denominations, it is of vital interest to this book's subject that an examination be done of the people on this Council. Those on the council can either hold the view that true witches are only born to families of witches (indicated by T for Traditionalist) or that anyone can become a witch by training and practice (indicated by an M for Modernist).

THE COUNCIL OF 13 (Druid witches aka Illuminati) (As of Spring, 1978) (This information comes from basically one source, and without further verification should be treated the same as getting an opinion from a doctor—it's always best to have a second opinion.)

Gavin Frost- (M), Chairman of the council, he is working to unite witchcraft and Christianity. He feels that if witchcraft is properly presented people will choose witchcraft. So far his idea seems to be catching on, the churches with large numbers are adopting their programs and ideas. Author of Witches' Bible, co-author of Witchcraft the Way to Serenity and A Witch's Guide to Life. Greenville, N.C.

Dr. Raymond Buckland- (T), former chairman of the council. Was professor of anthropology at Columbia University. President of Witchcraft College in New Hampshire. Known by some as "Lorka". Author of Practical Candle-Burning Rituals, Witchcraft from the Inside, Sax-Wicca Bible The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft. Gerald Gardner, the chairman previous to him, selected him.

Mrs. Louise Brown- (M), She holds enormous power within the council. Her husband is Leland Brown who was in charge of the Warhawk computer in Virginia and with the CIA.

Isaac Bonnawitz- (M) This Jewish man is the brains of the council. His IQ is reported to have tested at 205. He drew up plans for the takeover of the world. He has been in charge of the destruction of the Christian churches physically and spiritually. It is reported that approval for contract killings have to come from him. He ghost wrote House Bill 41, the Genocide Act, the Martial Law Act. He was instrumental in creating Dee's Gun Control Center in Atlanta, GA. Former editor of the paper "Nostika" (The Word). Got a degree in Ceremonial Magic from Berkley, Ca. Was living in Berkley, CA.

Sybil Leek- (T) This woman is a very widely read occult author. She has written a long list of books including—Astrology and Love, Astrological Guide to the Presidential Candidates, Pictorial Encyclopedia of Astrology; Phrenology; Numerology; The Complete Art of Witchcraft, Diary of a Witch; Guide to Telepathy; Star Speak Your Body Language from the Stars, and Tree That Conquered the World, plus others. One can see what kind of books the people that want to enslave us are writing.

Tom Hall- (M) He is the leader of the Brotherhood Church of All Worlds. This denomination in witchcraft believes only in a god, no goddess. He has been influential with the Methodist Church. Editor of "The Green Egg". Was living in St. Louis.

Paul Hudson- (T) Personally handpicked by the Rothschilds and apprenticed by Dr. Buckland. Is a Druid witch leaning toward Satanism.

"Lady Rolwin"- (T) ex-wife of Dr. Buckland, now remarried. Was living in NYC.

"Alexander"- (T) NYC

Jesse Bell- (T) called "Lady Sheba". Owns with other occultists 90% of Merritt Island, FL where she lives. Author of the pseudo-witchcraft Bible Book of Shadows and Gromorie of Lady Sheba.

Louise Hubner- (T /poses as M) She conducted an occult rite in Hollywood Bowl in which she cast a sexual spell over all Los Angeles County. Either the spell worked or happened to be timed right- records show that rape and related activity did climb immediately after this spell. She wrote a national syndicated astrology column in the U.S. also wrote the book Power through Witchcraft. Lives in LA in Eagle Rock area.

Yvonne Collins- (T) named "Legena (which is Lucifer's Bride). She replaced John Todd on this Grand Druid Council. She attended Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church. She got upset with Falwell and was the one who prompted the Security and Exchange Commission investigation of that church. The investigation created a severe economic hardship for the church.

This group of 13 is said to be under direct control by the Rothschilds. (See chapter 3.3.) The Masonic Lodges facilitate the growth of witchcraft, satanism, and gnostic religions by providing a meeting place for them at their Masonic Temples.18

An example of Satanism and Masonry is the well known case of Charles Manson. Manson thought his "family" were the primitive church, the early Christians reincarnated.19 This is in line with the Masonic primitive movements that we studied in chapter 2.1. Manson believed his group would grow to 144,000.20 We have seen how various religious groups started by Masons have emphasized the number 144,000. As the reader may recall in chapter 1.2, the OTO or Ordo Templi Orientis was the distillation and power of many Masonic and occult groups. The OTO's lodge in Los Angeles was The Process Church of the Final Judgement.21 One of it's Masonic members was the witch and religious leader Charles Manson.22 In his trial, he flashed the Masonic sign several times to his judge, apparently hoping to gain leniency.23


Originally in the Garden of Eden Satan began what is called Gnosticism, that is, that knowledge will save man.24 Satan led Eve astray for his own perverse satisfaction in rebellion to his Creator.

From Gnosticism came the Mystery Religions. The Mystery Religions were called mysteries because they concealed their religious knowledge for only a select few. They were an excellent way for men to use religion for their own selfish ends.

From believing that knowledge saves, and then from searching for that light, men came to worship Lucifer who pretended to be that agent of enlightment. Thus the mystery religions developed an exoteric teaching such as the worship of fire, the sun, sex, light, and snakes to conceal the esoteric teaching of Luciferian worship. The center of the mystery religions was Babylon and from the mystery religions come Hinduism, Egyptian Paganism, Greek mythology, Rabbinic Judaism, and Freemasonry. The names of items were changed and the legends were altered slightly but the various mysteries are like Hollywood scripts, they follow only a few basic patterns. For instance, in the book Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry we see how the various mysteries are equated "...yet we readily recognize in Hiram Abif, one of the Grand Masters of Freemasons, the Osirus of the Egyptians, the Mithras of the Persians, the Bacchus of the Greeks, the Dionysius of the Fraternity of the Artificers, and the Atys of the Phrygians..."25

A further developement in the Mystery religions came from the Babylonian branch of religion headed by the Pharisees (now known as Talmudic Judaism). They perverted the faith and hope that men had in a coming redeemer and developed Millennialism. Millennialism split of in various directions. One Satanist/humanist branch is what is known as Communism (that is the system developed from Marxism). Within the churches Communism is called Liberation Theology. There is evidence that many of the historical big figure Communist leaders were not atheists, but satanists. Karl Marx is just one prominent example. If so, then Communism is simply another mystery religion with humanism, atheism, and state worship as the exoteric for the masses, with Satanism as its esoteric teaching for the higher ups.

On the surface, Communism, Freemasonry and Satanism appear like three separate items. Those who have investigated the National Council of Churches are aware that it and its predecessor the FCC were Communist Fronts. Within this book you have learned that the NCC was operated by Masonry, and that Masonic Lodges started communism. The reader has read in chapter 1.2 about satanists controlling Freemasonry. With all this in mind, it should be no surprise then that the National Council of Churches accepted the Church of Satan of Anton LaVey as one of its members.26

Satanists in Israel work with the secret satanic group called The Brotherhood. Another powerful Satanic area is California. Yet, another is Louisiana. These are strongholds that are very powerful that Satan has built up. As Satan and the demons are limited beings they must build up human strongholds.

In Belgium is an ornate Cathedral with an ornate balcony of gold and a 1,000 points of light within it. The is where the Queen Mother stays. It is also where the White Book which contains the history of the world written in blood on parchment is kept. A pregnant woman is sacrificed, and the infant in her womb rescued. Some of the infant's blood is then taken and used to write down the progress that has been made historically in the enslavement of the human race by a One-World government.26a

At Inyokern, southern CA area near the China Lake Naval Weapons Center at a Naval hospital, is a doctor from Germany known Herr Doktor Green. This doctor is one of the better Satanic programmers. Many people around the country (many of them children) are flown in to him and are programmed by him. He has various techniques. One of the popular one is called Twinning. The subject is subjected to family movies in one eye and ceremonial and porn movies in the other. The rapid pictures are stressful to the eyes. Angled mirrors and intense lights are used in the process. The mind consciously begins concentrating on the family pictures and forces the terrible satanic pictures that are being flashed in the other eye into the subconscious. This process is done to two people in such a way as to subconsciously bond them to each other. The end result of the technique is created twins—magically paired sisters or brothers who when brought together later at some call back will function as a team. These teams do not know each other, but as the final countdown to the plan gets into full swing are being called back. Each twin is not given all their plans but only part so that they fit together when they come together. However, if one dies, the team still has one person to carry out their part of the plan for world domination.26a

Henry Gruver, a man of God, relates how a powerful Satanist came to Christ in Omaha.27 In the ensuing spiritual battle, this ex-Satanist showed him and others where human sacrifices were to be done in the storm sewers of Omaha on the solstice. Graver watched the Lord God Almighty bring a storm which the Omaha papers called "a mystery storm" which mysteriously appeared over Omaha and filled up the sewers during the days around the solstice. This is just one of many stories that could be told, showing the power of Jesus Christ over the Satanic realm. Satanists and witches have on numerous occasions sincerely repented and become follows of Jesus Christ. Another example is a man who recently was sent out to kill the minister who dared hold a public Christian rally on Halloween. The power of the joy and peace he saw on the faces of the Christians led him to renounce Satan and turn to Christ.28 The positive energy, the spiritual power of Christ, that is present when Christians meet creates strongholds that are obstacles to the Power of the New World Order.

While there has been a serious increase of the Power of Satan and his mystery religions, this story will not seen in its full context unless we see also the mighty hand of God, working quietly to display His power over the principalities and powers. The establishment media will not tell you of such victories. If you want to get a balanced view of history, and not just learn about the activities of evil, you must begin listening to what God is doing around the world.


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Chapter 2.11

Comparing New Order Statements

Manly P. Hall, 33° Mason, described as Masonry's greatest philosopher, was part of the Order of the Quest. He wrote "...there exists in the world today, and has existed for thousands of years, a body of enlightened humans united in what might be termed, an Order of the Quest. It is composed of those whose intellectual and spiritual perceptions have revealed to them that civilization has a secret Destiny—secret, I say, because this high purpose is not realized by the many; the great masses of peoples still live along without any knowledge whatsoever that they are part of a Universal is men like Plato and Buddha who still exercise the most powerful force in mortal affairs..."1

British author and researcher Ian Taylor discovered that the humanists which included the early masonic thinkers in the 1500s were fed up with the corruption in their governments of the time. They decided that Plato's vision of a Utopian government ruled by well paid wise men was the best answer. To create this New World Order they would have to destroy the Old World Order of the monarchs. Of course, in general the peoples of the various countries and their monarchs were unfavorable to Plato's Republic, so the Masonic New World Order agenda had to done secretly.2

United States was their first child, and served as a model, the "carrot" so to speak, to hold up to the world to motivate all the nations to overthrow their their rulers. After the steady secret growth of their power helped by the upheavals of revolutions, the Order of the Quest's wise men now currently secretly rule the world. The major capitalist countries have these ruling bodies of wise men. In the United States this body is called Majesty 12 (this body has other names too.) The Jason Society, part of the Order of the Quest, makes up part of the members of this secret ruling body of wise men.

Plato in his writing Republic advocated socialism (aka communism) for Utopia. Plato also believed differences in personal property could be kept within strict bounds by a supertax of 100% on incomes beyond the statuatory limits. The most important function of government was to be State controlled education. Plato believed in early PE for children. He is also held to be the originator ot the primary/secondary school idea. Plato believed that in Utopia (the New World Order) the distinctions between the sexes should be abolished. State run schools should not teach children that any distinction exists between the two sexes.

Finally, Plato believed that philosopher-kings (wise men) shall be trained in the supreme science which "see the one in the many and the many in the one." That is the dialectical process. The wise men were to be "dialecticians."4

In this chapter, you will become a dialectician. You will "see the one in the many and the many in the one." This chapter will examine and compare the written plans of the various groups which were participants of (and generally controlled by) the Order of the Quest.

Water to become a river needs a river bed to flow. Ideas likewise can stagnate in pools rather than flow down through history, unless a bed of compatible world views (Weltanschauung) occurs into which to conduct the ideas successively from the minds of one generation the minds of another. Sometimes it seems ideas become underground streams. Our world-views are developed in large part by our parents. This explains in part why the lineal descent of ideas follows geneological lineages. (For instance, Mary Baker Eddy and the Eddy family have been involved in witchcraft for generations.)5

The Branches of the Order of the Quest such as the Jason Society, the Prieure de Sion, and others have been crucial to continuation of their plans. The notable feature of the One-World- Power is that their planning is long-term. Such long term continuity suggests an "alien" or "demonic" factor holding it all together. Indeed, that such super-natural beings have helped is suggested by Manly P. Hall and many others associated with the Order of the Quest. Perhaps as a possible example, a relative of Anton LaVey, who is Christian, stated that Anton LaVey, leader of the Church of Satan, when x-rayed after an accident did not have a human skeleton.

Manly P. Hall states "Wise men, the ancients believed, were a separate race, and to be born into this race, it was necessary to develop the mind to a state of enlightened intelligence...It is this larger and coming race that will some day inherit the earth... Our age of gold will pass and some day the Golden Age will come again."6

"Plato's political vision was for the restoration of the Empire of the Golden Age. The old ways of the gods must be restored...Two thousand years later Lord Bacon re-stated this vision in his New Atlantis." -Manly P. Hall, The Secret Destiny of America, p.63.

Is the reader beginning to see the continuity between Plato's Utopia, Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis, and 33° Mason George Bush's New World Order?

But Plato and Bacon saw something else. They saw an ideal philosopher-king who was a priest to the people of the gods. Halls describes the New World Order's king, "This king was descended of a divine race; that is, he belonged to the Order of the Illumined; for those who come to a state of wisdom then belong to the family of heroes—perfected human beings."

This is the Illuminati—the so-called Christ-men that have been prepared by the various parts of the New World Order. The Prieure de Sion has as its task the preservation of the geneology of the purported lineal descendants of Christ. The Holy Grail=the holy bloodline=sang rael. The Prieure de Sion plans to seat the new Christ-Priest-King on a world-wide throne and restore the lost treasures of the Jerusalem Temple when the time is correct.

An examination of the leaders of the Prieure de Sion will show they have also been prominant Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and the leaders of other esoteric societies.

The descendants of the Merovingian dynasty are the purported descendants of the House of David and Christ. The Merovingian Dynasty's survivors exist in the Hapsburgs, the St. Clairs, Sinclairs, Montesquious, Plantards and a host of other names.9 A member of the Prieure de Sion stated that "Without the Merovingians, the Prieure de Sion Sion would not exist, and without the Prieure de Sion, the Merovingian dynasty would be extinct."10

The Merovingian dynasty ruled in the area of France from the 5th to the 8th century. Later the blood line of the Merovingians joined with the Hapsburg Dynasty when Charles V de Lorraine married Eleonore Marie von Habsburg daughter of Ferdinand III, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the 18th century.


Symbols associated with the royal bloodline are the Holy Grail legends and initiations. The legend of the Round Table also is associated with the Grail, as well as a sacred stone. New Age, Masonic and esoteric literature abounds with references to Round Tables, sacred stones, and the Holy Grail.

The original Knights Templars were originally associated with the Prieure de Sion but split off. The Knights Templars' leader was Jacques DeMolay after whom the Masonic boys' group DeMolay is named after. The Knights Templars created and used the Skull and Crossbones as their emblem. After the King of France and the Pope tried to eliminate the Templars they fled to various countries. Centuries old gravestones in Scotland from the years after the Knights Templars fled to Scotland can be seen with their skull and bones symbol.

Merovee was the first of the Merovingian Kings. His son was King Childeric. Merovee's tomb has not been found, but the tomb of his son King Childeric revealed a deep interest into magic and the occult. 300 beautiful miniture solid gold bees were found his tomb. The bee symbol has continued in various forms to represent the descendents of Merovee. The fleur-de-lies developed from it, and has been a prominent french logo, due to the heavy influence of the Merovingian descendants. Napoleon and his second wife Marie Louise Habsburg (a Merovingian descendent) took the 300 gold bees and had them sown onto their coronation robes.11

Two prominent clues that the Mormon heirarchy has ties to the Prieure de Sion and the Merovingians are 1. their belief Mary Magdalene was Christ's wife and that Christ had children and 2. the prominence the bee symbol is given. Bees are used by Deseret Industries, are the official symbol of Utah, and are used in the Mormon temples. Further, the geneologies that the LDS Mormon presidents have published of themselves all trace their lineage back to the Merovingians, Sythians, Sicambri, and Cimmerians, and to Anna a relative of Jesus Christ. (See Appendix.)

Another symbol of the Merovingians was Merovee's birthmark, which was a red cross. The red cross has been prominent symbol of the Knights Templars, and groups with ties to Freemasonry including the modern Red Cross. The red cross was an important symbol for Charles T. Russell, who was a Knights Templar and was placed on his Watch Tower magazines and at the IBSA conventions. It appears that the Russell family has ties of some kind to the New World Order. (See appendix.)

Hopefully, in the process of studying these first two units the reader has come to appreciate the many connections between groups like the Rosicrucians, Masons, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the various New Age groups.


The period of time designated 2000 on our calender should not hold any intrinsic special significance. It is merely a decision on the part of some of mankind to designate and associate that period of time with the number 2000. In terms of any Biblical chronology that supposedly God must be following it can't intrinsically have any significance either after the various calender changes, the years of error between Christ's death and when the A.D. counting begins etc. Our modern way of accounting days is even different from the Bible, which views the evening (from sunset) and the morning (the following period of daylight) as a day. Yet, many people have been convinced that the year 2000 is something special. It is like Kennedy's end-of-the-decade man-on-the-moon belief that America took up so heartedly.

"Those closest to John Paul [II]... became convinced that, in the wake of the shooting, the pope was motivated, perhaps even obsessed, by the thought that something dramatically decisive would happen to the world by the year 2000. He has said so on more than one occasion as he sat with his trusted and beloved Polish Mafia in the papal apartment. They have noticed his growing commitment to eschatology, which incorporates the view based on biblical teachings that God will inaugurate his kingdom through a series of 'happenings' to close the second Christian millennium, December 31, 1999."12

Robert Mueller, Assistant Secretary of the United Nations, and respected Catholic leader in his book The New Genesis believes that the New World Order and its One-World-Religion will be ushered in by the year 2000. He calls 2000 "A Bi-millennuim Celebration of Life, the advent of an Era of Peace, a Golden Age, and the First Millennium of World Harmony and Human Happiness." He directs us. "Yes, we must join our Hindu brethren and call henceforth our planet 'Brahma' or the Planet of God."13 According to Mueller, his religious mentor or "master" as he calls him, was the Secretary of the UN U Thant. U Thant is a Burmese Buddhist who advocates a One-World-Govemment One-World-Religion.14 To help see his words come true, Mueller along with some others founded Planetary Citizens, a group that encourages people worldwide to try to force their nations into a One-World-Government by the year 2000.15

From every angle of the One-World-Religion come remarkably similar feelings of foreboding concerning the year 2000. 33° Mason President Bush, who is to inaugurate the new millenium in with ceremonies at the Great Pyramid, has been pushing forward his Globalism 2000 curriculum.

The Watchtower Society continues to hint that the year 2000 is the big year.

The Theosophical Society in their book, On the Watchtower, p. 351, also tells us that the year 2000 is to be the year to bring in the New Age.



For those readers who are being given a hard time for studying the Conspiracy and charts showing the connections of the various SPIN nodes, read note 16.16


Who makes the plans for the various New Order Religious groups? How do these plans compare? How much of their plans do we know about? How firm are their plans?

There are basically two levels of plans—the esoteric and the exoteric. The insiders have the real plans, the public is given through various channels the plans in slightly altered form. The various groups adjust the esoteric plans to match what they can pragmatically give their own audience. The key then is to decide what has been added for the "benefit" of some particular audience.

For the Jehovah's Witnesses they will be told that they are the only ones who will be saved when the revolution for the Golden Age comes. The terminology for this has changed to "the battle of Armaggeddon." But in the older WT publications both the words revolution and Golden Age have been associated with these events. For the New Agers they will be promised that every one will become gods.

For the Industrialists they will be promised that a great age of prosperity will arrive from a global economy without any tariff barriers. (As a person who has lived in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America, my opinion is that this is a big lie. It might seem like an interesting theory to someone deluded by their propoganda sitting in an ivory tower at the Rockefeller Center. But it ignores realities. A socialist world government will signal poverty for the masses on the scale Russia and Red China have. The New World Order has been killing the goose that laid the golden egg—they have been draining America of its wealth and resources for their wild global schemes. There are mutually beneficial system of trade but the globalism rhetoric of the One- Worlders is propoganda.

First, the globalism is built on principles that are opposite of about every economic principle that the Bible gives us. I tend to believe the Bible's age old wisdom rather than Rockefeller and Kissinger. Can Americans really think that becoming one-nation economically with Mexico is going to benefit them? If hordes of poor people destroy what others have cared for like the serfs did in Russia to the belongings of the middle class, and American industry moves to where the people will allow themselves to work for slave wages, will this really benefit Americans? Our leaders are reducing the American people to a nation of serfs. And comrade, I don't care to be a serf if I have a choice, how about you?)

In the next pages, plans and strategies of the various groups will be looked at.


The best sources of Masonic plans are the plans that were discovered long ago and have been written about for centuries. These include the Bavarian Illuminati plans, the plans that Robison, the Scottish Mason revealed in his expose, and the Protocols of Sion originating from a Mizraim Masonic Lodge.

Because these are so well known, and the reader may have already formed an opinion on these, this chapter will cover other sources.

SOURCE A- 33° Manly P. Hall's writings

SOURCE B- La Franc-maconnerie dans sa veritable signification along with La Franc - maconnerie en elle-meme et dans sa rapport avec les autres Societes Secretes de L'Europe. Both were printed at Liege, 1854 and 1855), torn. i.,pp. 28,29 ff.

SOURCE C- Adams. Real Wealth, Financial Poverty. London, 1925.

SOURCE D- Descamps. (ed. by Claudio Janet) Les Societes Secretes et la Societe, vol. i, (4th ed.) Paris, France, 1881, pp. lxx-lxxi, and lxxviii and cf. Appendix III.

SOURCE A- Masonry's greatest philosopher, according to the Scottish Rite Journal, was Manly P. Hall. In Hall's book America's Assignment With Destiny he puts forth his belief that Columbus worked with Lorenzo de Medici and an esoteric society related to the Masons to "discover" America. What he is attempting to show is that America has always played a role in esoteric plans, even before its public discovery by Columbus. His other book The Secret Destiny of America comes out and states repeatedly that the Masons have big plans for America and these are to create Plato's Republic, aka Bacon's New Atlantis in this nation. Manly P. Hall in his other books repeatedly shows us that Masonry intends a Universal religion, that this universal religion will be eclectic like the Hindu religion or the New Age movement and will be a continuation of the mysteries.

Although the specific tactics and other details like the names of modern day people carrying out the Masonic plans are not given, Hall does provide a portrait of the basic framework of what they are up to.

SOURCE B- This source gives us the details of a pattern that has repeatedly been used successfully by the Masonic Lodge. One Masonic researcher claims every Masonic inspired revolution (such as Europe's and Latin America's for the last 200 years) has used this. It appears his claim is correct.

What is done is to create two movements—one that promotes Pacifism, the other to promote overzealous nationalism. The Pacifist group attacks, enfeebles, and undermines existing authorities of various kinds. This allows the second group to attack those remaining authorities. In all cases it is hard to show a conspiracy between the two apparently different opposing and covertly cooperating groups. The cooperation is more visible after the nationalistic group succeeds, because then they place the surviving Pacifistic party into administrative positions.

SOURCE C- The Mason Adams writes that credit can be used to control a. the press, b. international news-agencies, c. and the book market.

SOURCE D- Two types of groups are created—Masonic and non-Masonic. The Masonic groups are what are called Masonic External Activity Committees. They function to provide a. instruction (to lay schools, through training and seminars) b. benevolence (hospitals, burn centers, and support of groups not tied to any Christian group —that are ecumenical in nature) c. propoganda to promote the separation of church and state, to promote the secularization of society, to promote civil marriage, and the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity.

The second group are non-Masonic groups who in some way promote some aspect of the Masonic plan. Descamps describes these, "Along with this is the creation of non-Masonic bodies, often secretive, controlled by Masons that are at least partially identical with the Freemasons' goals. These groups work for the realization of some special aspect of the overall Masonic plan."

"The lodges do not form the complete framework of the army of the Revolution...Under them are numberless popular organizations, circles and associations of all kinds, which are nothing else simplified forms of Freemasonry...These reach the classes which Freemasonry cannot admit into the lodges."


Gerald and Patricia Mische who were co-sponsors of the organization Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose have spelled out in detail in their book Toward a Human World Order many of the plans for bringing in a One World Religion/Economy/Government. The Paulist Press, a press connected to the Catholic Church published their book Toward a Human World Order. The Paulist Press is now an instrument of the New World Order and its scams like Liberation Theology.

Another book that spells out the details of the New Age movement's plan is The Externalisation of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey. Indeed, the book is designed to be a textbook on how The Plan is to unfold. Pages and quotes from this book have already been introduced to the reader in chapters 1.1 and 1.2. It has been pointed out that The Externalisation of the Hierarchy teaches that the three channels to bring in the One-World-Religion are the Church, the Masonic Lodge, and education. Other references saying this are in this footnote.


The following outline is based on interviews with ex-members of the Illuminati hierarchy and verified by this Author's extensive research.
Illuminati plans include the following:

a.    callbacks for all the people who they have programmed. This have already been going on.

b.   increased visibility of homosexuality and its promotion.

c.    increased socialism.

d.   what might be called Operation Black Widow- Satanists make a big final push to gain access to all secrets, and to kill and replace people of power with their own people. All governmental leaders not in their program are targeted. All governments are targets of infiltration.

e.   Nuclear reactors will come under their control.

f.    Nuclear weapons will come under their control through some agency such as the UN.

g.     Poisoned Van Dynn candy already warehoused will be released to kill children.

h.   Federal buildings and federal records are targeted for destruction.

i.   increased control of all human activities.

j.  a special tasteless truth serum formula will be released into public water supplies to aid Satanists in interrogating people to determine their allegiances. The antidotes have already been prepared for the occult groups.

k.  a helter skelter period of mass anarchy

l.   an alien invasion

m. a third world war

n.  another Mid-East conflict

o. The drug war will turn into a shooting war in South America, it will increasingly be used to take away what little civil rights are actually remaining on the books.

p. Jupiter will be exploded by a satellite that is travelling to it, and will supposedly light up like a sun. This will be the sign in the heavens for Lucifer to take office.

q. Economies will be destroyed.

r. A cashless controlled society will be created.

s. Europe's power will be revived. Jerusalem will be prepared as the place Satan will reign.

t. 10 regional states will pave the way toward a single world state.

u. epidemics.

v. reduction of the world's population

w. elimination of true Christians.

M. E. Haselhurst, of Lucis Trust, emphasizes to New Agers that there is a Plan. "Humanity needs to realize that there Is a Plan and to recognize its influence in unfolding world events, even when these appear as hindering factors, operating by means of destruction."19


In 1981, law-enforcement officials confiscated a paper that had been written for the 1981 Witches International Coven Council (WICCA). This paper gave the goals for the International Coven Council. Among the objectives on that paper were the following:

•To bring about personal debts, causing discord and disharmony within families.

•To remove or educate the "new-age youth" by:

    a)       infiltrating boys'/girls' clubs and big sister/brother programs.

    b)       infiltrating schools, having prayers removed, having teachers teach about drugs, sex, freedoms.

    c)       instigating and promoting rebellion against parents and all authority.

•To have laws changed to benefit our ways, such as:

    a)       removing children from the home environment and placing them in our foster homes

    b)       mandatory placement of children in our daycare center

    c)       open drug and pornography market to everyone.20



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16.   One Christian writer writes, "The Fallacy of Conspiracy Theories...We do not have time to trace endless charts and seek to find relationships between earthly political powers....It is a fruitless effort in view of Christ's victory over all powers and dominions and thrones." (Eph. 1:21)

This sounds very good, but how much Christian activity is fruitful toward Christ's victory? This Author has been verbally told this same thing as this Christian writer' quote, but I suspect it is only an excuse to justify ignorance and lack of zeal. Those who spout this line have not been out using their time wisely, they sit in front of the T.V. and watch sitcoms and the news, they go to worldly movies, they fritter away their time with 101 little meaningless items of life, they spend inordinate amount of time on hobbies and games. They read the newspapers, they read novels. But they don't have time to study their enemy.

Don't let any accuse you of wasting your time reading this book and making you feel guilty or wrong for doing so. You the reader are to be commended. You are reading a "newspaper" that is telling the real story for once from a biblical standpoint. If your friends read the worldly papers, why can't you read a Christian paper such as Be Wise As Serpents? These people who are against studying their enemy are the ones who are placing Satan worshippers into high church positions, they are these people who welcome Jehovah's Witnesses as Christian brothers even though the JWs don't reciprocate, and these people are not defending the faith that was delivered to the Apostolic Church. From personal experience, I know those out in the trenches doing spiritual warfare out of devotion to the Kingdom, have found apathy in the general Christian population. This apathy stems in part due to a total lack of wisdom and knowledge of what is going on.

17.   The interested person who wants to maintain America's liberty and standard of living should read The Trade Threat and U.S. Trade Policy by John M. Culbertson which challenges the globalism rhetoric.

18.   Khul, Djwhal, "The Restoration of the Mysteries", The Beacon (May, '63) in Corinne Heline. Mystic Masonry and the Bible. La Canada, CA: New Age pub., 1975.

19.  Haselhurst, M.E., art. "The Plan and Its Implementation," The Beacon, Sept./Oct. 1975, p. 147.

20.   Frattarola, John, art. "America's Best Kept Secret," in Passport, special edition, 1986, p.5.

Chapter 2.12

The Second Tower of Babel


This paraphrases the Pied Piper appeals of the elite that plans to continue ruling the New World Order that they are bringing in.

Alice Bailey's book Externalisation of the Hierarchy is so blatant about spelling out their plans it is somewhat unnerving. Her book is for teaching New Agers about their Plans, so even though it does tell what they are going to do, it describes events in terminology that would appeal to its readers.

Just as the Greeks camouflaged their intentions with the Trojan Horse, the New World Order is window dressing their socialist dictatorship to make it appear to be what the public wants. And like the Trojans, Americans are busy pulling the Trojan Horse of the New World Order into their fortifications. (Chap. 1.14 is an example of how people's perception of what the New Order is may be quite out of line from what they are really going to get.)


Alice Bailey tells us that this Hierarchy of Rulers wants to bring us "salvation", "spiritual intercourse" (whatever that is), "a new world" (we all like new things), to be led by a "new group of world servers" ( great! some more public servants).1

(If you are one to have swallowed what some "Christian" authors are telling us that Alice Bailey and Lucis Trust have no significance, check the appendix out and note that members of Lucis Trust have high positions of power. Note also the addresses of Lucis Trust are 866 United Nations Plaza and Whitehall Court in London.)


A clique of about 300 Powerful Jewish men has sway over the affairs of the world. This group includes the the Jewish Rockefeller family and the Rothschild family.

The close connections between the House of David and the "Black" Nobility that has ruled over Europe is a topic for another complete book. We can only touch on the subject. The purported lineage of David is guarded by the Prieure de Sion and the lineage of the Black Nobility by the Knights of Malta. The Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion (inducted in 1981) stated that his organization contained Knights of the Order of Malta within its ranks. Indeed, the previous Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion Abbe' Francois Ducard-Bourget was also the Magistral Chaplain of the Knights of Malta. Commenting on the two orders which are protecting two different powerful bloodlines The Messianic Legacy says, "...both Orders could be expected to function in much the same sphere, the twilight underworld where politics, finance, religion and the work of various intelligence agencies converge. Undoubtedly, too, the Knights of Malta and the Prieure de Sion had certain interests and certain objectives in common. Both Orders...were apparently intent on the creation of some sort of United States of Europe. And the history of both Orders, assuming the Prieure's pedigree to be authentic, would have been closely intertwined. Both claim a heritage back to the Crusades..."

By international law, the Knights of Malta are an independent sovereign nation, a principality, although the U.K., which has the Protestant branch of this order called the Order of St. John does not recognize the Order of Malta's passports. At least 30 nations do recognize the Order of Malta's passports.4

Nearly half of the Knights of Malta's 10,000 members belong to Europe's Black Nobility, that is Europe's oldest and most powerful families. The head of the Black Nobility claims descent from the last Roman emperior.5 The Knights of Malta are closely allied with the Vatican, the Masons, and the CIA. That the Prieure de Sion (allied with Scottish & Mizraim Rites) and the Knights of Malta are cooperating peacefully with each other, considering that the bloodlines they represent were once in competition means that an alliance between the House of David and the Black Nobility is solidly in place. Further, the Askenazim Jewish Banking families such as the Rothschilds have allied themselves to all this through marriage and business.

From the historical evidence, this Author believes that Mason/Rosicrucian Napoleon, who conquered Malta from the Knights of Malta and the Papal States along with the Pope, was able to realign those powers in some way with Illuminati goals. Freemasonry itself had been already been subverted by the Sanhendrin and the Illuminati. A Grand Alliance of the various powerful bloodlines, Freemasonry, and the Jewish Sanhedrin occured back in the early 1800s. However, the manipulation of events to centralize their power was a gradual process. For instance, the first passports issued by any state was done under the Masonic rule of France after the French Revolution. Yet, it wasn't until after W.W.I, that the One-World-Power could justify restricting the free travel of the nations with passport requirements.6


The alliance of the great powers can be seen in the meetings of the Bilderbergers. This group consists of leaders from the Black Nobility, the Jewish Banking families, the Freemasons, and the Internationalists. The real power of the Bilderbergers recides in the Inner Core, which consists of 3 groups of 13 for a total of 39.

This Inner Core then answer to the Policy Committee which consists of 13. The Policy Committee answers to a Round Table of 9.


One of the most powerful men within the Bilderbergers is Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He still retains influence, even after giving up the chairmanship. His family, the Hapsburgs, are descendents of some powerful blood lines, including the House of Orange and the Roman Emperors. Prince Bernhard was the first chairman of the Bilderbergers. He is the husband of the Queen of the Netherlands, who abdicated in favor of her daughter. Prince Bernhard's wife Queen Julianna has been estimated to be worth around $2 billion dollars.7 She holds stock in Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon. She holds the Masonic title of "Protectress of the Craft [Freemasonry]". She and the Prince have played an active role in Freemasonry. In 1957, for instance, she received the Grand Masters attending an international conference at the Hague. Prince Philip of Orange gave the Grand Lodge's building while he was Grand Master, and also donated 7,000 books to its library.7a The Orange family have been important in Freemasonry over the years.

The Bilderberger meetings are secret, but several investigators, especially one has been able to get information each year on the ongoings. From the tidbits that come out of what happens, it is evident that decisions made at the Bilderberger meetings soon translate into official policy of the nations around the world.

Some of the men in 1966, that attended the Bilderberger's meeting were Henry Kissinger, Palme of Sweden, Bieusheuval of The Netherlands, Gerald Ford of the United States; Helmut Schmidt of West Germany; Rumor of Italy, and Giscard d' Estaing of France (d'Estaing was at the 1968 meeting but not at the 1966.) The high ranking Mason Gerald Ford (originally named Leslie King) had attended the 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1970 Bilderberger meetings. The significance of these men being delegates in 1966 might at first glance elude the reader today, because they have since been chief-executives or in top level government positions. However, the significance is that these men in 1966 were relatively unknowns. Within eight years these Bilderbergers had become prominent.


This raises the question, didn't Gerald Ford just happen to become President? William Still, who has recently written the book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, became interested in the subject that his and this book concern when his father Lt. Col. William L. Still, was approached by someone who asked his father how he would feel if there was a military takeover of the U.S. government and implicating that Nixon wanted to take over. The day was about October 15, 1973. Nixon was in trouble with Watergate. Still's father wrote a memorandum warning that a military coup was being planned to put Nixon into office for a third term by any means. William Still researched that mysterious coup that never happened, and as a result became aware that things are in serious trouble for this nation, as we approach the slavery of the New World Order.

William Still writes, "I hope the publication of this book will stimulate the release of new data..." If William Still is reading this book, I would like to give him new data and fill him in on what happened. But this will not be the story he expected.

In dealing with operations done by the CIA and intelligence agencies, one is dealing with a world of lies and counterlies. There are so many layers of lies that the truth is difficult to unbury, but once it is, the lies often fall apart. "The man who must depend upon research and investigation inevitably falls victim to the many pitfalls of the secret world and of the cover world with its lies and counterlies."—Contact officer between the CIA and the DOD (Dept. of Defense) from 1955 to Dec. 1963.

Many of the Army, Navy, and Airforce leadership are CIA assets.9 Many of the people in the U.S. Government are CIA assets. The CIA has spent many years and much money to get their CIA assets into all the various areas of the government.10 The CIA is adept at leaking or creating false stories that have all the earmarks of being true. In his book Prouty debunks the "Pentagon Papers". The Pentagon Papers appeared to be an expose of the U.S. government. Actually, they were manufactured by the CIA and were simply fiction. What Lt. Gen. Still had "leaked" to him was a carefully orchestrated smokescreen, a diversion. By having their CIA assets in the government start the rumors going around that Nixon was going to create a dictatorship by a military coup, they allowed their military coup to go undetected. Their take-over actions almost looked like a response to Nixon's supposed coup. It was brilliant. To further cover their tracks several misleading books have been published subsequently that are written by participants of those days.

The following events took place.(You can believe this or not—it is presented simply as an example of how powerful the Bilderburgers are, that they make and toss away Presidents. To conserve space, this section will not go into why they wanted to elect Nixon and then toss him. If you are interested, others are also capable of telling you why.)

charts go here


My own secret sources of information indicate two items:

a.   that the highest levels of Satanism, commonly known as the Illuminati, control the CFR and other top-level decision making groups in the U.S. government.

b.   that the highest levels of Satanism have on-going direct contact with the aliens (actually demons) and work with them.

c.   that a group of men commonly known as Majesty 12 or MJ-12 does indeed exist, and they direct the United States, and are aware of ongoing work with the "aliens".

From this limited confidential information, I have proceeded to try to gleen more information to pad out my picture and hopefully the reader's too of what is happening. Further information on MJ-12 has come from a number of sources.

The following documents pertaining to MJ-12 are included for the reader.

DOCUMENT 1. Federal Register pages which are called "Presidential Findings" and are available to House and Senate Intelligence Committees. The first set of pages are Executive Order 10700 by President Eisenhower, Further Providing for the Operations Coordinating Board, February 27, 1957.

The story behind these Federal Register pages are as follows: Nelson Rockefeller, member of the Illuminati, and Dwight Eisenhower began planning in 1953 for the creation of a secret governing committee from 13 to 19 men to rule the United States in cooperation with the aliens (demons). Some type of authority had to be given the group from the executive branch and some type of cover had to be given it also. The secret Executive Memorandum NSC 5510 set up a permanent Majority 12 committee. Soon afterwards in Mar. 1955, NSC 5412/1 set up the cover story-a group which had Nelson Rockefeller at its top. The cover group was entitled "the Policy Coordinating Group." As the PCG or Policy Coordinating Group actually was a front for a real group that did and still does rule the United States, people in government correctly realized its enormous power and have referred to this secret ruling body in different ways over the years.

In 1974 Thomas Ross and and David Wise came out with the book The Invisible Government by Random House. Because this book revealed this group which was called "the Special Group" or "54/12" the name of the group was changed. Marchetti pointed out in his book CIA and The Cult of Intelligence that the Special Group changes its name each time its cover name is revealed to the public. The following are some of the names it has gone by:

a.  Special Study Group

b.  Wise Men

c.  Operations Coordinating Board (OCB)

d.  5412 Committee - Eisenhower & Kennedy Administration

e.  303 Committee - Johnson Administration

f.  40 Committee - Nixon, Ford, Carter Administrations

g.  PI-40 - Reagon Administration

h. The Unholy 13 - the name Brig. Gen. Exon claims to have used

i.  Majesty 12, Majority 12, (its level of secrecy is labelled MAJIC)

DOCUMENT 2. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's testimony to the Jackson Subcommittee about policy-making at the Presidential Level for the National Security Council in 1965. McNamara's testimony is that he and Dean Rusk did not automatically adopt any proposed policy put forth by a study group-- but historically it can be seen that the Study Group was calling the shots. We can see the impact of the Special Study Group by close attention to the next Document, JK 516 A5 The Investigation...of the Intelligence Agencies, Book 5.

DOCUMENT 3. JK 516 A5- Cover page of Book V, and page 100 (which was Appendix C) show that the Study Group did formulate policy.

DOCUMENT 4. USAF Office of Special Investigations document describing the analysis of film taken near the AFB of Kirtland in 1980 which refers to in paragraph 2 "...OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT POLICY AND RESULTS OF PROJECT AQUARIUS IS STILL CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET WITH NO DISSEMINATION OUTSIDE OFFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CHANNELS AND WITH RESTRICTED ACCESS TO "MJ TWELVE". SPECAT (special category messages) sent from MAJESTY CONTROL (evidently MJ-12) have been seen by intelligence officers with high clearances. Such SPECAT have been called MAJESTY ADVISORY. At other times a Majesty 12's orders have been called Majority 12 Directives. Intelligence people with Q clearance and Presidential approval were classified "MAJESTIC" on Project REDLIGHT. Extremely sensitive material is classified MAJIC. It appears from the numerous sources that the secret MJ-12 governing group uses MJ in connection with the words MAJIC, MAJORITY, and MAJESTIC.

FALSE DOCUMENT. The pages of what is called the "Briefing Document: Operation Majestic 12 Prepared For President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower" are a CIA/NSC attempt to muddy the waters with a fake document. Because the public began to learn some real facts about MJ-12, a special operation called MAJESTIC to decieve the public was carried out by three intelligence men, Stanton Friedman, William Moore, and Jaime Shandera. Supposedly Jaime Shandera got some 35mm film and realized what he had after he developed it. It was labelled a briefing document for President-elect Eisenhower concerning MJ-12. The document has big errors in it, the dating is not written as per how it was done then, the Rosewell Army Air Field and Walker Air Force Base are misnamed Rosewell Army Air Base and Walker Field. The dating and the name of the base would have had to have been done correctly under real circumstances. Much information has come out exposing these three men who claim to have come upon this document as intelligence men. They and others have been actively trying to muddy the waters.

Although a Study Group had been established even four years before the MJ-12 Study Group it appears it wasn't as all encompassing as the one established by Rockefeller in 1954. This prior Study Group (called ECG- Executive Coordination Group) can be identified in the National Security Council directive identifiable as the top secret annex to NSC-4 called NSC-4A. Later NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 superseded NSC-4 and NSC-4A and expanded the work of the Study Group. It appears the ECG was somewhat ad hoc, and that the people making up the group varied from meeting to meeting, and problem to problem, whereas MJ-12 is a fixed group. After Pres. John Kennedy tried to abolish MJ-12 as the control center, the Study Group retained its power but became acephalous.

When the men of MJ-12 (the 5412 committee) began meeting, it was neccessary that extreme secrecy be established for it is hard to hide so many important men getting together. In 1954, the Quantico Marine Base was used. Later meetings were held at the Marine Base at Quantico, VA and the group became known as Quantico II according to William Cooper. Rockefeller built a retreat somewhere in Maryland that can only be reached by air. Then the Group was able to fly in and maintain the seclusion they desired. The retreat's code name is "the Country Club" and it has complete living, eating, recreation, library and meeting facilities according to William Cooper.

Money for the Study Group was made available through a multimillion dollar secret fund kept by the Military Office of the White House. Some money was periodically transferred from this fund to the Kennedy family up until 1967. The Kennedy family is one of the 13 leading Illuminati families. It is not known why this money was being transferred secretly by courier.

Finally, if we look at who serves on MJ-12 there are basically three groups. Six scientists and experts of the Executive Committee of the Jason Group which is under the Mitre Corp. Six men of the Executive Committee of the CFR which are all members of the Masonic Order of the Quest and members of the Jason Society (not to be confused with the Jason Group). The other men are usually high-ranking Freemasons who control the FBI, the CIA and other key positions in the Government and Intelligence. The Kingpin members of MJ-12 are part of the Illuminati, and regularly participate in the highest levels of Satanism.

DOCUMENT 1. Federal Register pages

Executive Order 10700 by President Eisenhower, Further Providing for the Operations Coordinating Board, February 27, 1957

By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and statutes, and as President of the United States, it is hereby or­dered as follows:

Section i.
(a)            In order to assist in the effective coordination among certain agencies of certain functions relating to the national security and to provide for the integrated implementation of na­tional security policies by the said agencies, there is hereby estab­lished within the structure of the National Security Council the Op­erations Coordinating Board, hereinafter referred to as the Board, which shall report to the National Security Council.

(b)           The Board shall have as members the following: (1) the Under Secretary of State, who shall represent the Secretary of State, (2) the Deputy Secretary of Defense, who shall represent the Secretary of Defense, (3) the Director of Central Intelligence, (4) the Director of the United States Information Agency, (5) the Director of the International Cooperation Administration, and (6) one or more representatives of the President to be designated by the President. The Board shall have a chairman and a vice chairman, each of whom shall be designated by the President from among its members. Each head of agency referred to in items 1 to 5, inclusive, in this subsection may provide for an alternate member who shall serve as a member of the Board in lieu of the regular member representing the agency concerned whenever such regular member is, for reasons beyond his control, unable to at­tend any meeting of the Board.

(c)           The head of any agency (other than any agency represented under section 1(b) hereof) to which the President from time to time assigns responsibilities
(pg. 300 OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS begins here) for the implementation of national se­curity policies shall assign a representative to serve on the Board when the Board is dealing with subjects bearing directly upon the responsibilities of such head. Each such representative shall be an Under Secretary or corresponding official. Each such head may pro­vide for an alternate representative of his agency who shall attend any meeting of the Board, requiring representation of such agency, in lieu of the representative when the latter is, for reasons beyond his control, unable to attend.

(d)            Any alternate members of the Board serving under section 1(b) of this order, and any representative or alternate representa­tive serving under section 1(c) of this order, shall, while so serv­ing, have in all respects the same status on the Board as the mem­bers of the Board provided for in section 1(b) hereof.

Section 2. The President having approved any national security policy after receiving the advice of the National Security Council thereon, the Board shall (1) whenever the President shall here­after so direct, advise with the agencies concerned as to (a) their detailed operational planning responsibilities respecting such pol­icy, (b) the coordination of the interdepartmental aspects of the detailed operational plans developed by the agencies to carry out such policy, (c) the timely and coordinated execution of such pol­icy and plans, and (d) the execution of each security action or project so that it shall make its full contribution to the attainment of national security objectives and to the particular climate of opinion the United States is seeking to achieve in the world, and (2) initiate new proposals for action within the framework of na­tional security policies in response to opportunity and changes in the situation. The Board shall perform such other advisory func­tions as the President may assign to it and shall from time to time make reports to the National Security Council with respect to the carrying out of this order.

Section 3. Subject to the provisions of section 101 (c) of the Na­tional Security Act of 1947, as amended (50 U.S.C. 402 (c)):

(a)             (1) The Board shall have, within the staff of the National Security Council, such staff as may be necessary to assist the Board in the performance of its functions, (2) the said staff of the Board shall be headed by an executive officer of the Board, and (3) employees of agencies may, consonant with law, be detailed to the aforesaid staff of the Board.

(b)             Members of the staff of the Operations Coordinating Board provided for in Executive Order No. 10483, as amended, who are immediately prior to the taking effect of this order receiving com­pensation directly out of funds available to the said Board shall be transferred to the staff of the Board referred to in paragraph (a)

(EXECUTIVE ORDER 10700 • pg 301 begins)

of this section as of the effective date of this order. The said trans­fers shall be accomplished in consonance with applicable law, including the last proviso of section 12 of the Veterans Preference Act of 1944, as amended (5 U.S.C. 861).

(c) Appropriate arrangements may be made for the detail to the staff of the Board referred to in paragraph (a) of this section of employees of agencies who are immediately prior to the taking effect of the provisions of this order detailed to the staff of the Operations Coordinating Board provided for in Executive Order No. 10483, as amended.

Section 4. As used herein, the word "agency" may be con­strued to mean any instrumentality of the executive branch of the Government, including any executive department.

Section 5. Nothing in this order shall be construed either to confer upon the Board any function with respect to internal secur­ity or to abrogate or restrict in any manner any function vested by law in, or assigned pursuant to law to, any agency or head of agency (including the Office of Defense Mobilization and the Director of the Office of Defense Mobilization).

Section 6. The order supersedes Executive Order No. 10483 of September 2, 1953, and provisions amendatory thereof contained in other Executive orders (including, to the extent that it relates to the Operations Coordinating Board provided for in Executive Order No. 10483, the proviso of section 303(b) of Executive Order No. 10610 of May 9, 1955). Subject to the provisions of this order (including the limitations imposed by section 3 hereof), the Board may be deemed to be a continuation of the Operations Coordinating Board provided for in Executive Order No. 10483, as amended.

Section 7. The foregoing provisions of this order shall become effective on July 1, 1957, except that if funds appropriated for the National Security Council shall not have become available on that date for the support of the Board in consonance with this order, the said provisions shall become effective on such later date as funds $0 appropriated become so available.

Dwight D. Eisenhower The White House February 25,1957

DOCUMENT 2. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's testimony

( Cover page begins )

The National Security Council

Jackson Subcommittee Papers on Policy-Making at the Presidential Level

Edited by Senator Henry M. Jackson

New York • Washington • London

( THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE • pg 227 begins )

tual concern to State and Defense, and these sessions are helpful in keeping officials of the two departments in close touch.

When specific national security problems arise, they are often assigned for study and recommendation to interdepartmental task forces. The Defense Department is, without exception, repre­sented. There are frequent meetings in the Pentagon between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and representatives of the Department of State, at which topics on an agenda suggested by both departments are considered. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Interna­tional Security Affairs attends these meetings. The State Department is represented by the Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

However, these are the more formalized channels of communi­cations. There are innumerable, less formalized, but no less important points of contact between State and Defense. Informal con­tacts, which facilitate the exchange and sifting of ideas at working levels, take place on a continuous day-to-day basis between oppo­site numbers in both departments. For example, representatives of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, who are most concerned with those military mat­ters involving foreign policy, work closely and harmoniously with their counterparts in the State Department. Regular meetings, also attended by representatives from other interested governmental agencies, are held to discuss matters of policy planning and operations coordination, such as those which were formerly dealt with by the National Security Council Planning Board and Operations Coordinating Board structure.

I must also bring you up to date on the State-Defense exchange program, in which this Subcommittee has expressed such a strong interest and which was discussed with you by Secretaries Herter and Gates.

The program is now well under way: a second group of exchange officers was welcomed by representatives of the two departments a few weeks ago. Under this program, Foreign Service officers are detailed to politico-military offices in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the service staffs, and the Joint Staff; and military officers and Defense civilians serve tours of duty in various offices of the State Department. The exchange officers are not liaison officers or observers; they are full working staff members, or action officers, within the departments to which they are assigned.

The program currently consists of eleven officers from each department on loan to the other. Although it is still early for a defini-

( pg 226 • SELECTED TESTIMONY begins )

dividual or department the responsibility for preparing a plan in relation to a particular requirement. That individual to whom the task has been assigned is responsible for obtaining the views of others in the government who are affected by the plan. If he assigns to me a responsibility for preparing a plan in relation to a certain situation, I recognize the interest of the State Department in that matter and solicit from Dean Rusk his views on my plan. If he accepts the plan or if I accept his views and we therefore present to the President a unanimous position, it is so stated. If, on the other hand, his views differ from mine and I do not accept his views, I don't try to find a common denominator but rather I present to the President my recommendations and state that Mr. Rusk holds contrary views and they are these.

The specific approach depends on the matter at hand. In certain instances, Mr. Rusk or I will call a group together, present a proposal, obtain their views, modify the initial proposal in relation to those views, come to an agreement in our own minds as to the course of action to be followed, and then put the matter under discussion in writing.

Alternatively, if the matter is more complex and requires more study, we may assign the task to one of our subordinates and ask that the other department participate formally in the discussion by assigning an individual to work with our subordinate—in effect, setting up a small task force which studies the matter, presents in writing to Mr. Rusk and to me their recommendations, which we then either accept, reject, or modify.

Senator Jackson. You mentioned a task force. This administra­tion has made considerable use of task forces, both at the Presiden­tial level and within the departments. I wonder if you would com­ment on the role and operation of task forces from the standpoint of the Department of Defense.

Secretary McNamara. They are a very useful, effective way of approaching a complicated problem and insuring that people with a variety of interests and points of view and experience bring to bear their experience upon that problem and upon its solution. They are effective if they are properly directed, if they operate as a working group with a director and a responsible leader. They are not effective if they turn into a leaderless committee-type organiza­tion. Some of them do, in which case they prove to be worthless.

Senator Jackson. In other words, they can suffer from the fail­ings of any other committee, especially those you alluded to earlier.


DOCUMENT 3. JK 516 A5- Cover page of Book V, and page 100

JK 516 A5

? Congress in Session }  SENATE  {Report No. 94-755





April 23 (under authority of the order April 14), 1976




[ Reproduced by the Library of Congress, Congressional. Research Service. May 22, 1979. ]

Pg 100 (begins)

September 7—Rosselli tells Harvey the pills are still in Cuba. October  22-28—Cuban missile crisis.

November—Operation MONGOOSE ends.


Early 1963—William Harvey tells underworld figures the CIA is no longer interested in assassinating Castro.

March 18—Attack on a Soviet vessel off the northern coast of Cuba by members of Alpha 66, assisted by members of the Second National Front of Escambray reportedly occurs.

March 26—Attack on a Soviet vessel by members of Commandos L-66, another anti-Castro group, reportedly occurs.

April—Special Group discusses the contingency of Castro's death.

May-September—Lee Harvey Oswald moves to New Orleans; be­comes involved with FPCC. He contacts anti-Castro Cubans as well.

Mid 1963—Series of meetings among major leaders of the anti- Castro movement.

June—Special Group decides to step up covert operations against Cuba.

July 24—Ten Cuban exiles arrive in New Orleans from -Miami and join the draining camp" north of New Orleans. This "training camp" is directed by the same individuals who were previously involved in procuring dynamite. "A", a life-long friend of AMLASH, had helped procure the dynamite,

Late July—Carlos Bringuier is requested to assist exiles at the "training camp" in returning to Miami

July 31—The FBI seizes more than a ton of dynamite, 20 bomb cas­ings, napalm material and other devices at a home in the New Orleans area. Articles appear in the New Orleans Time Picayune on August 1, 2, and 4,1968.

August 16—Chicago Sun Timet carries an article that reports CIA had dealings with the underworld figure Sam Giancana.

Helms informs McCone of the CIA operation involving Giancana, and tells him it involved assassination.

August—According to TBI report, a Latin American military offi­cer attends a Cuban exile group meeting and talks of assassination.

Early September—Talks between the Cuban delegate to the United Nations, La Chuga, and a U.S. delegate, William Atwood, are pro­posed by the Cubans.

September 7—CIA ease officers, after their first meeting with AMLASH since prior to the October 1962 missile crisis, cable head­quarters that AMLASH is interested in attempting an "inside job" against Castro and is awaiting a U.S. plan of action.

Castro gives an impromptu, three-hour interview with AP reporter Daniel Harker. He warns that U.S. leaders aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders will themselves not be safe.

September 12—Cuban Coordinating Committee meets to conduct a broad review of the U.S. Government's Cuban contingency plans. They agree there is a strong likelihood that Castro would retaliate in some


DOCUMENT 4. USAF Office of Special Investigations document

need copy here

FALSE DOCUMENT. The pages of what is called the "Briefing Document:

more copies needed here

1.  President Ford was groomed to become a leader years prior to becoming one by the New World Order.

2.  The White House leaked some of the bad information about Vice-President Spiro Agnew.11 To be more precise, assets of the New World Order working close to Nixon leaked allegations of corruption and bribery.

3.  Richard Nixon was put into office by the New World Order because they wanted him in office in 1968, they did not want him in office in 1973-1974.12 (Nixon had been told that rather than 1960 he could be President in 1968 which he preferred knowing their plans for 1975-76.) When they wanted to arrange Nixon's fall, they did not want Spiro Agnew to be in the line of sucession.

4.  Alexander Haig, with strong ties to the New Order, the Rockefellers, and on the CFR, according to Agnew in Agnew's book Go Quietly or Else, made veiled threats on Agnew's life if he didn't resign.

5.   The New Order knew Agnew's life story, and knew the Press could convince the public that the allegations about Agnew were true (which they weren't). He was selected for Nixon's Vice­President, so that the New World Order could force him out of office, and install the Mason/Bilderberger Ford.

6.   The Watergate Affair was intentionally created by the CIA and the Rockefellers. Read Gary Allen's The Rockefeller File. The man who blew the whistle on the Watergate Break-in was a CIA agent James McCord.13 Other CIA agents were involved like Richard Ober, who was an important leaker of news to the press about Watergate.14

7.   The details of how Haig and Kissinger, CFR men, arranged for Nixon to be removed can be read in Epperson's The Unseen Hand, pp.420-421. A recent book that is based on seven years research Silent Coup by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin tells the story of how Richard Nixon was forced to resign through the help of a military spy ring. The book has new information about important people overlooked in the older versions of what happened. (The book is available through Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE Wash., D.C.

8.  After Ford became President, he made Nelson Rockefeller his Vice-President. If the New World Order had wanted Rockefeller as President then Nelson could have been appointed Vice­President rather than Ford, because they knew Nixon was going to fall.

9.  A number of men in military intelligence are aware that a military coup took place that ousted Richard Nixon, because they heard orders that instructed military personnel to no longer take orders from the White House or "Top Hat" which was a code word for the White House. The interested person in this particular point should get Milton William Cooper's book Behold A Pale Horse and read chapter 11.

There you have it, plenty of people with evidence that Nixon was given the hatchet by the New World Order—by a military coup that the public hasn't even known about. The minds of the Power are such, it is likely they never even cared what Nixon, the man they had put into the White House, went through to see his reputation (which they had created) destroyed. Nixon wisely did not allow them to do to him what had happened to Forrestal.


Why does the Sanhedrin of the Bilderbergers mess around with installing and deposing men like Richard Nixon, rather than just ruling themselves? Because they want happy slaves. Just like the Nazis with their pretend bath showers, they don't want to rock the boat. They have to stay on plan. Their plans call for a step-by-step progression into the New World Order. The time is here, everything is in place to begin their New Slave State.

I have expected the reader to keep his courage up as he reads this—for those that want information on how to cope read chapter 3.10. They have never won, until you and I give up.

The building of this One World Slave State will be done systematically. How many Jews resisted the Nazis? How many Poles resisted the Nazis? It was hard because things happened in a controlled step by step progression. Before the Jews were shipped, they were herded into Ghettos. (Yes—I believe Jews were killed, I don't believe the exaggerated figures, but I have seen too much evidence not to believe it happened.) What was there to stop the Nazis from carrying out what they had promised to do? And what is to stop the New World Order? Can they break your spirits?—only if you let them. Can they win? only when we the people give up and declare them victors. Can you survive? Did people survive W.W. II concentration camps? Did some people escape going to concentration camps? Enough pep talk. This chapter is to give the reader a feel for how the different components of the New Order are working together.


Chart 1: Illuminati Objective-destroy all authority

Chart 2: Illuminati Objective-maintain illuminati authority

Chart 3: Illuminati Objective-abolish family life & marriage

Several charts have been provided to give an overview how the goals of the Illuminati, which have been known since the 18th century, have been carried out by the cooperation of a multitude of various Illuminati-controlled branches. This may seem hair-brained that various components work together, but it is confirmed by witnesses(ex-participants) to this Author, and the Power's own plans which have at various times been discovered. Further, the historical record upon close scrutiny backs it up.


During the first known meeting of the Bilderbergers (which was in 1954 at Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeck, Holland) a TOP SECRET Manual was presented to the Policy Committee as instructions on how to carry out their policies. This top secret manual was entitled: "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars An introductory programming manual Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1"

Through various means copies of this manual have reached those of us trying to expose the New World Order.

This manual spells out in detail their strategy to control the masses of people. This manual is usually quite technical. The manual is not intentionally derogatory toward the common person in order to insult him, because it was not intended that the common people would ever lay eyes upon the manual. The following excerpt taken from many pages into the manual represents their twisted view of us, and it also represents the manual's author's subconscious need in circular reasoning to validate their heartless program for us:


Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same."




5 pages of charts


The idea of calling Christians (and all gentiles) cattle is very strong in the Talmud.

The Hebrew acronym Akum in the Talmud (made up from the words Obhde Kokhabkim U Mazzaloth) is applied especially in Schulkhan Arukh to mean Christians. For instance, the word is applied to Christians in Orach Chaiim (113,8), and Iore Dea (148, 5, 12).

In Kerithuth (6b p.78) it says in the Talmud: "The teachings of the Rabbis is: He who pours oil over a Goi [gentile], and over dead bodies is freed from punishment. This is true for an animal because it is not a man. But how can it be said that by pouring oil over a Goi one is freed from punishment, since a Goi is also a man? But this is not true, for it is written: Ye are my flock, the flock of my pasture are men (Ezechiel, 24, 31) You are thus called men, but the Goim are not called men."

In Tract Makkoth (7b) one is not guilty of an accidental murder when trying to kill a Goi. A man is innocent of murder, "...if intending to kill an animal he kills a man by mistake, or intending to kill a Goi, he kills an Israelite."

In the Midrasch Talpioth (fol. 225d) and Orach Chaiim, 57,6a the Akum (the Christians) are said to differ only in form from beasts.

The gentiles are called "cow and ass" in Zohar, II, (64b).

Rabbi Edels in his comments on Kethuboth (110b) states: "The Psalmist compares the Akum to the unclean beast in the woods."

The gentiles propagate like beasts. "The sexual intercourse of a Goi is like to that of a beast."- -Sanhedrin (74b) Tosephoth.

Because the gentiles are beasts the Talmud repeatedly says they are not capable of contracting marriages. See Kidduschim (68a), Eben Haezer (44,8), Zohar (II, 64b). Because Christians are so terrible, the Talmudic Jews are commanded not even to do anything good to Christians. "Those who do good to the Akum...will not rise from the dead." Zohar (1,25b).

The reader gets the picture. The Talmud has very little positive to say about the gentiles. What throws off Gentile readers of the portions of the Talmud that are available for him to read, are that the Talmud has some lofty principles—the catch is that they are meant only for other men— and the Talmud is emphatically clear Gentiles are animals, and according to the Talmud these "animals" can not be sinned against.

It is clear to this Author from studying the Rothschilds that they certainly have this view of the gentiles, and they have been nursing a hatred of gentile beasts for generations. (See chapter 3.3) This Author can't say exactly what the Rockefellers' views are. They are also Jewish, (for instance one newspaper talked about the Rockefellers going to their daughter's Bat Mitzvah.) The Rockefellers have at times said things that indicate they don't think much of the common person. This Author suspects that if the powerful Jewish Bankers have made alliances with any Goyim in order to rule the world—the powerful Goyim are going to be double-crossed.


On the farm I fed animals outdoors in horrendous weather, and on other occasions I cleaned out lots of manure. I have nursed sick animals and helped many calves be born. Yet, on the farm, I also castrated animals, tagged their ears, helped brand them, and butchered them when it was decided upon. This is what they intend to do to you and me.

In socialist Orwell's book Animal Farm we learn what all their socialism will really boil down to—the maxim is found in Animal Farm—"All animals are equal, some are more equal than others."

When the elite's Fabian Socialism is put in place it will be worse than Hitler's socialism and Stalin's socialism. This benevolent dictatorship will answer to no other power except God almighty.

But just like when I held a bucket of grain in front of my sow to load her onto a truck to take her to her to a butcher, they offer you "incentives."

Incentives-Why should you have a cashless society? It will mean no more trips to the bank, no robberies, fewer police, easier transactions, etc.

Incentives-Why should you help exterminate Christians? They have a karmic debt to pay, and this is helping them pay off their debt.

Incentives-Why should you have One-Super-Church? In order to solve the problems of this huge globe, to prove Christ's message (some of the people saying this are Communists!), to end denominational bickering and narrow-mindedness, etc.

Why should the government take over the young children before age 5 ? This is the critical part of life, and parents are failing miserably.

Why should you think like cattle—that is, follow the herd?

Lucis Trust tells us, "Looking at the whole problem from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raise the consciousness of humanity through the pioneering efforts of its foremost sons. The effort of the future will be to bring down into manifestation the consciousness of the soul through the pioneering efforts of certain groups. It has therefore, as you will readily understand, to be a group effort because the soul is group conscious and not individually conscious; the newer truths of the Aquarian Age can only be grasped as a result of group endeavour." (Emphasis in the original.)

The New Age movement doesn't want critical thinkers, people who think for themselves— because critical thinkers will realize all the garbage they are dishing out is not new, the ancient Babylonians, Hindus and Egyptians were saying the same things. Further, analytical minds rather than "intuitive" minds, will begin to put two and two together, they will realize what's happening.

ON AND ON AND ON I have read in their own material all their well thought out incentives. They prefer not to tell us the bottom line, the fine print that means a NEW WORLD SLAVE STATE. They prefer not to tell you how they have carefully thought out how to cause many of the problems that they use to demand to limit our freedom in order to save us. When one reads the detailed studies these people have done on what they are doing and plan to do, it blows one's mind. They have many of the best minds in this country massaging their ideas, and researching and testing them. The public has no comprehension how carefully thought out and detailed their plans are. Further they have set up organizations to perpetuate their power and plans to world domination over as long a period as it takes. They are in this for the long haul. It is designed that way.


Even if we are, cattle can go through fences. I'm counting on you to be a person and not a cow. A horse thinks like a horse, and a cow like a cow. But a person, who can predict? Why don't you surprise the New World Order Masters, or their proxies, and subordinates.

They have also left out one thing in their calculations and formulas. God Almighty. From Russia comes the report of a particular Russian lad who was drafted as they all are into the Russian army. The Company officers decided to torture him to get him to renounce his Christian faith. Finally, being unsuccessful, they decided to make an example of him by stripping him naked and placing him at attention outside during the Russian winter. They figured he'd freeze shortly. A miracle took place, an angel ministered to him, he didn't freeze, and this all took place with the company observing. Then the Russian army had a whole company of die hard believers to deal with. If you are one of those people who are shaking their heads at this story—then it is obvious you too have left out God in your calculations.


At first before this book, to know about the separate parts of the Conspiracy may have meant no more to you than when a child watches a car's battery and radiator hose to understand how a car moves. The scheme of how it works, the principles, and how the components work together need to be understood before staring at a distributor cap will make any sense as to its relationship to the rest of the car. Likewise, this book is putting it all together for you. This chapter was especially meant for that, although other chapters help in this too. THE SECOND TOWER OF BABEL

At times it seems that those bringing in a New World Order releece in the being identified with the first Tower of Babel. The official poster of the Council of Europe, which represent the EC, portrays the EC as the Tower of Babel under construction.16 Twelve pentagrams (this Council of EC likes to use pentagrams often upside down) representing the 12 nations of the new United Europe are above the poster's Tower of Babel.17

This has been picked up by various magazines. Dave Hunt reports that a special insert in the European Edition of the Wall Street Journal for the second quarter of 1990 carried an IBM ad showing the new United Europe as a Tower of Babel under construction.18

In 1723, a poem was written in London entitled "The Freemasons; a Hudibrastic Poem. A couplet of it ran:

"If history be not ancient fable
Free Masons came from the Tower of Babel."18a

If you have been helping build this Tower of Babel, and have read this far, I encourage you in the name of Jesus Christ your Savior, to lay aside your Masonic square and level, your Masonic plumb line, your trowel, your Masonic mallet and chisel, your Masonic rules and lines and pick up the Word of God and free yourself of these great pillars that support a great new Tower of Babel dedicated to the religious enslavement of mankind.

Lockhead Aircraft Corp. advertises that its computers are designed to "combat the Babel effect" and to create global understanding again.19

Just as the freedom that they promise is slavery, the understanding they promise is confusion. Al Seckel, a physicist and molecular biologist who has edited two collections of the writings of Bertrand Russell makes these astute comments, "It appears as if I have entered the 'Twilight Zone' every time I talk with or read the literature of people associated with the New Age movement. Terms that have quite specific meanings are often carelessly bandied about with the result that the message is either gibberish to someone who knows the proper usage of the terms or profound, esoteric, and sublime to those who do not...First, the use of technical jargon in a popular format, whether the words are contained in the dictionary or freshly coined, is meant to impress the reader. Second, the meanings of words are subtly changed as a way to intimidate people. It has become fashionable, for example, for those who advocate an unorthodox point of view to declare themselves 'open-minded'."20

Have you ever noticed that the "open-minded" believers of these "New Age" ideas righteously denounce anyone who disagrees with them as not having an open-mind? To like today's rock music is open-minded, to like "elevator music" or gospel music is closed minded.21

The misappropriation of words has long been a stock tool of the various branches of the Illuminati, because their intent has always been to misled. The supreme elevation of this is when it becomes official policy to use double-speak and double-think. If anyone thinks double-speak is something only out of Orwell's 1984 or the future, they should read U.S. military and U.S. government literature. The double-speak is quite prevalent, especially pervasive within groups like the CIA. Bear in mind, these are the people governing us.


The Masonic goal was to get prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and religious trappings out of the public schools. In 1939, the composition of who sat on the Supreme Court was changing. The next few years would see many new appointees. The Mason F.D. Roosevelt was appointing Masons to the Supreme Court. When the Jehovah's Witnesses began taking cases to the Supreme Court in the late 30's and early 40's, many of the Mason Supreme Court Justices were Masons. In order of their appointments, the following Masons were serving on the Supreme Court when the Jehovah's Witnesses began winning court cases:

Hugo L. Black (Mason) 1937-71
Stanley F. Reed (Mason) 1938-57
Felix Frankfurter (Jew with B'nai B'rith) 1939-1962 (while Jewish supreme court justice Louis D. Brandeis ended his term in '39)
William O. Douglas (Mason) 1939-1975
James F. Byrnes (Mason) 1941-42
Robert H. Jackson (Mason) 1941-54
Wiley B. Rutledge (Mason) 1943-49

This author has been told by one Mason how closely he watched each of these Jehovah's Witness Supreme Court cases. This Author's theory is that the Jehovah's Witnesses were serving as the foot soldiers for the Masonic hierarchy's ambitions. Most of the Supreme Court cases of significance during this period involved the Jehovah's Witnesses. By 1955 they had won 40 Supreme Court victories.21a An example of how the JWs repeatedly won is May 3, 1943 when the Supreme Court decided 12 out of 13 cases in their favor.21b

Roosevelt's Attorney General Fracis Biddee was very liberal toward the Jehovah's Witnesses.21c.

Rolf Svensson, researching at Shiloah, found out that their legal library had 20 large shelves filled with legal literature involving the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witnesses were instrumental in getting the vestiges of Christianity and acts of nationalism taken out of a number of countries' schools.

On June 14, 1943 the Supreme Court decided in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette that Witness children could not be expelled from public schools for refusing to salute the U.S. flag.22a

Although the Jehovah's Witnesses are out in the trenches winning battles against Christendom and Nationalism for the Masons, it appears that they are considered expendable. In contrast to the Mormons who are advised to get the best education, and to have large families, the Jehovah's Witnesses are advised not to get good educations23 and to consider not having children.24 The Mormons have an aggressive door-to-door campaign also, so it is not necessary to throw away the potential of the Jehovah's Witness youth, and to deny the JWs the privilege of enjoying family life, just to have an aggressive door-to-door campaign.

The WT Society has chosen the dates 1914, 1925, 1975, 2000 as the dates for Armaggedon. This is interesting. The Masons had big plans for 1914, the creation of WW I, the Prieure de Sion wanted to put one of the Black Nobility in power over a United Europe in 1914, but someone changed their plans. The Theosophical Society wanted to introduce the New Messiah in 1925-26 but that plan collapsed in embarrassment. The New World Order wanted to bring in their rule by 1976, and it was also announced far in advance that the New Age Subversive organizations announced they would do their work in the open after the key year of 1975. Things happened but not as big as they had planned and they put off many things. Finally now, the New Agers, the Masons and others are pointing to the year 2,000 for the start of the New Age, and so is the WT Society. An example of numerous low key statements coming out of the Society is this quote from Awake! Nov. 8, 1986, pp. 7-8:

"For the year 2000, I visualize a world transformed into a beautiful paradise! But I don't think that either the present world or its rulers will live to see that day....We are living in the last days of the system of things."


Although confidential sources reveal that there is cooperation between the LDS top church leaders and the WT Society, it is very difficult to see any cooperation publicly. It would be nice in a way to be able to say on such and such a day Pres. So-and-so called Pres. So-and- so and here is the transcript of the discussion. Further, there is the difficulty that publicly, the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are enemies, which totally obscures the cooperation.

We could expect a no-holds religious conflict going on between such zealous proselytizing groups. Several items are hints of what is going on at the top behind the scenes.


item 1.    Jehovah's Witnesses have been given so little and such poor quality anti-Mormon material from headquarters that a typewritten manuscript of about 10 pages written by a JW not in the WT hierarchy has been circulating among the JW congregations in the Western States. It is rare that local JWs will dare write anything religious; that role is reserved for the WT Society. This Author has personally examined this JW Anti-Mormon paper. It is superficial and simplistic. That the JWs have to resort to it, underlies how little importance WT headquarters in Brooklyn, NY have placed in converting Mormondom.

item 2.    C.T. Russell had a genial attitude toward Mormons. When the WT Society's founder C.T. Russell stopped at Salt Lake City, UT he went to the Mormon Tabernacle for a service. His reaction to Utah, "It is our opinion that Mormons are as honest as others—more honest than many." The tenor of his brief stay could hardly be labeled antagonistic. (WT Aug. 1, 1911, pp. 229-230 ; WTR p. 4861)

item. 3.    The WT Society speaks of a restoration of all true doctrine in the WT 8/15/1971 p. 503. The concept that there was a modern day restoration of true doctrine parallels Mormonism.

From these three little hints we could gather that the WT leadership is not as antagonistic toward Mormonism as we would expect, and that they both even share some common religious ideas.


The world's largest computer is owned by the Mormons and has been placed in an underground facility ready to withstand even a nuclear war.

And what is this computer used for? It stores all the family history information of the world. Although there certainly are gaps in the historical records, the Mormon church has done about as good a job as possible. They have gone to every country in the world and photographed every conceivable genealogical record they can find.

The Tract Sacred Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints put out by the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints states, "But there are uncounted millions who have walked the earth and who have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel. Shall they be denied blessings that are offered in the temples of the Church?

Through living proxies who stand in behalf of the dead, the same ordinances available to the living are made available to those who have passed from mortality....This vicarious work constitutes an unprecedented labor of love on the part of the living in behalf of the dead. It makes necessary a vast undertaking of genealogical research to find and identify those who have gone before. To assist in this research, the Church coordinates a genealogical program and maintains research facilities unmatched in all the world....This program...has been utilized by various nations as a safeguard of their own records."24a

The Mormon people are told their chief religious duty is to do their own families' genealogical charts. The Mormons also secretly have staffs of Mormon genealogists doing charts of people in general who are not their own relatives. This secret program is called the "Named Extration Records Program".24b The Mormons also get the public schools involved. Because the amount of work processing the world's genealogical records is so immense the Mormon Church is quietly getting High School classes to help with the work. Public High School typing classes are being given records to type out as assignments. Although the Mormon people have been told this genealogical material is needed to baptize the dead, it is actually being compiled for Big Brother to control us when the New Order comes. The Mormon church has spent billions of dollars on this project, and the Mormon people have been conned into spending untold millions upon millions of hours of volunteer work to get all these records in order.

The LDS Mormon Church in Utah is the religion of Masonry under another name. The RLDS church may be infiltrated with Masons, but it is not the religion of Masonry. That is why the Power has favored the LDS church over the RLDS church, and in part why the Reorganized church even though it has always had a more legitimate claim to authority and a more practical theology has never thrived. The Mormon temples are really just Masonic temples, and if their plans develop far enough we may live to see that fact openly declared. Its interesting that the LDS church was in favor of the RLDS's first Temple, the one built in Independence, MO.

The Mormon church is being geared for survival. They are well prepared. It's long been this Author's opinion that in case of nuclear war, the religion that will prevail in the United States after the war will be Mormonism. Why? Mormons are prepared to survive, and there are many Mormons in the government, CIA, FBI who will be earmarked for special government shelters.

This Author has been in an underground government city, built to protect government people in case of a nuclear war. It's scary, the government has built itself multitudes of expensive shelters (some secret), and the people of the U.S. have been left basically to fend for themselves. Is that what it means to have a government "for the people"?


This new-age church is there to recruit those who do get concerned with the kind of information that you are reading in this book. It then siphons off the public's response against the System into this little cult.

The church owns 33,000 acres in Park County just north of Yellowstone Park. On this land they have built an underground shelter capable of handling 756 people, and 45 smaller shelters capable of handling another 100 people. There are 3,000 of the church in that area, so mathematically they appear to be short of space. The main shelter consists of 6 interconnected 14' x 200' living areas. Trucks of weapons and ammunition were being delivered daily, according to county officials interviewed in Mar. 1990.25

C.U.T. member Mike Derkers interviewed during the construction of one of the nuclear bomb shelters stated, "We may seem paranoid, especially with all the changes in Eastern Europe, but its pretty obvious that those changes are part of a huge KGB smokescreen."26


The Roman Catholic Church has provided much of the framework and manpower, etc. for the creation of a One-World-Religion. The Catholic church has been the major power behind the ecumenical movement, which has taken the Christian churches away from their doctrinal foundations.

The Catholic Church has provided all kinds of help for the CIA. It was Catholic money which made Solidarity in Poland, which was their planned instrument to cause the "Iron curtain" to appear to dissolve. (Socialist governments are still intact in all the Eastern European communist countries, and leading communists still are in key positions.)

The key Bilderbergers have veto power over who becomes the Pope. What is important about the Catholic church is its power and size. It is available for a wide range of scenarios, because of that power.

Some literature today pushes the idea that the Catholic church is the mastermind behind all these forces. Could it be the the Rothschilds, the Communists, the CIA are working for the Catholic church? When one becomes aware of details such as how much more powerful the Rothschilds are than the Vatican, of how the Masons had trouble controlling Pope John Paul I and had to murder him, and how Prince Bernhard of the Black Nobility has veto power over who is elected Pope—these type of things show that the Catholic church is being controlled by an outside force more powerful than itself. The Catholic church is in alliance with these forces now, and most certainly is playing a big role in their plans. As with all of these groups there are three levels so-to-speak of participation.

1.       conscious participation

2.       bought into the philosophy, but unaware of the final end. Someone once said, they are fools living by their folly.
          That is not the wording this Author would use, but it does express the idea that they are wrapped up with their
          vain philosophies.

3.       influenced by the Zeitgeist of it, people in the social framework going with the flow.


The Media (long controlled by Jewry) has so conditioned almost everyone, that I seriously wonder if it is of any value to attempt to undeceive people—even though I realize the facts are on my side. I could also quote people who were tops in their fields of expertise who can verify various things—but they typically have lost their jobs and have been ignored and are pariahs by Society for simply telling the truth.

A historical view of things is essential to understand where the non-Christian Jewish groups are coming from. Of any group of people, history is very important to the Jewish people. They still remember that day sometime in the late 14th or early 13th century B.C. when the angel passed over their first-born. 33 centuries and they haven't forgotten.

The concept of a Messiah is bound up in the traditions of the Jews like no other group. The Encyclopedia Judaica, p. 1416, in the art. "Messiah" explains that the Messiah is to be of the House of David, reign in Jerusalem, rebuild the Temple, and re-institute the Temple sacrifices. This is the official position of the state of Israel.

Let us use a parable to discuss what has historically happened. There was a bride, but she found that she couldn't be faithful. Occasionally she came back to her good husband, but being debauched she was unappreciative of him, and had trouble seeing his worth. Besides there were just too many attractive men around. She was so wrapped up in her adultery and debauchery for so long, that when her husband came to help her out of her problems, she didn't even recognize her husband. She called the police and lied to them to destroy this man. She thought she had destroyed him through the police (but actually hadn't). As a divorced woman, who had gotten rid of her man, she sought to replace her sugar-daddy. A new husband would remove her reproach of being a whore. But she wants a husband that will be strong, one who is attractive and worthy of her worship, but lets her have her own way in everything. So far no groom has been able to met such a demand. The new man will have to hate her first husband with a passion like she does.

Now the bride in the story is the Jewish nation. The good husband was the Lord. The new husband that she seeks for is the man of perdition that the Jews will worship, who will replace Christ the divorced husband. Christ, who was Messiah, tells the Jews "I have come in My Father's name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive. "John 5:43 Simon the Magician was one of the false messiahs that arose, and interestingly Simon the Magician has some ties with those in Power today. But although Simon and many others—one author lists 25 false messiahs believed in by the Jews in the time period just after Christ Jesus26a have come—none of those early false messiahs ever received much of a following. For the last few hundred years, the Hassidic leaders have been considered to be Messiahs by their followers. The Reformed Jews are now preaching that the Jews themselves are the Messiah— they can save themselves, and so this philosophy lends itself comfortably with the way they are gaining a monopoly of power over the world.

The Jews that examine the Talmud and Zohar, see in these authorities the declarations that the gentile and Christian nations will be destroyed in order for the Messiah to reign.27 Whether one believes in those passages of New Testament that speak of an Anti-Christ (cf. Rev 11:7; Rev 12 & 13; 2 Thes 2: 3,8) or not, it is possible to accept that certain elements of Judaism are strongly committed to a new messiah, and to boot, a messiah that will be anti-christian. Thus we can recognize historically that the mission of Judaism is the dreadful mission of establishing the House of David as the world's King/Priest Theocratic dictator.

This is the House of Solomon that the Masonic Lodge has hoped to rebuild. The book Holy Blood/Holy Grail called the world's attention to the blood lines that claim to be of the House of David. This bloodline is extremely powerful now, and if given the opportunity, will set up their Anti-christian (read Anti-Christ) ruler. They have many candidates for the office. Public statements by leading Jews this century show their expectation to rule the world.28 Their strongest claim to Palestine is that Abraham's children were promised it. God has allowed these people, with their false claims (the descendents of the Khazars), to take over the Holy Land. This is one indication for those who follow Scriptural prophecy to realize that these false "Children of Abraham" can not give us a real messiah.

Whoever rules the world will have to get Jewish approval. The Jews have always gravitated toward spheres of activity that gave them control. As this Author has researched who is in financial control of things, it is clear that a limited number of Jews are in control. Masons are placed in many important positions. Many researchers have talked about a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy. At first this Author approached the subject thinking that these people were racists and must be biased in their findings. And probably some were biased and racists. Unfortunately they were correct. The Jews do have a monopoly to run this country, and many other countries. And anyone can find that out if they are unbiased and willing to look at the facts. The B'nai B'rith and other Jewish groups have put out a stream of lies concerning this. The author of the book Octopus does an expose on the many lies the B'nai B'rith is guilty of as they unashamedly lie to cover up the extent of Jewish power.

Perhaps there is no other way to than to just provide the reader with some names. You may have been told differently by the press. For instance, Clarence Dillon of Dillon Reed was born Clarence Lapowski, Dillon Reed. The Du Ponts are part Jewish- See Winkler, John H., The DuPont Dynasty, p.120.


Julius Adler

Frank Altshul

Harold L. Bache

Jules Semon Bache

Paul Baerwald

Edgar Sigmund Baruc

Edgar H. Bauman

Edwin M. Berolzheimer

Jacob Blaustein

Samuel Matthew Bomzon

Benj. J. Buttenweiser

Wm. B. Cardozo

Saul Cohn

Clarence Dillon

Victor Emmanuel

Max Epstein

Maurice Falk

Harold E. Foreman

S.H. Golden

Mendel Gottesman

Maurice Gusman

J.J. Hanauer

Rudolf Hecht

Adolph Held

Walter E. Heller

Isaias Warren Hellman

John D. Hertz

David Melville Heyman

Sidney Hillman

Max L. Holtz

Henry R. Ickeheimer

Gilbert Wolff Kahn

Otto Kahn

David Kass

Robert Lee Kempner

Sigmund Klee

Arthur S. Kleeman

Henry H. Kohn

Philip Lehman

Herbert H. Lehman

Jacob Leichtman

Jerome Lewine Sr.

Walter Lichtenstein

Carl M. Loeb

Howard Adler Loeb

M.J. Mandelbaum

Jacob Markel

Otto Marx

Dewitt Millhauser

Arthur J. Morris

Geo. Wash. Naumburg

Jacob Kiefer Newman

C.Y. Palitz

Eugene Hugo Paul

Hardwig Peres

Carl Howard Pforzheimer

George Pick

Jos Pulvermacher

Harold Chas. Richard

Chas. Richter

L.N. Rosenbaum

Louis F. Rothschild

Melville Nelson Rothschild

Alfred H. Sachs

Walter E. Sachs

Jos. W. Salus

Karl Schenck

Henry Leo Schenk

John M. Schiff

Mortimer Schiff

Max J. Schneider

Eustace Seligman

Joseph Singer

Jos. Jacob Slonim

Phineas Sondheim

Herbert Teller Spiesberger

James Speyer

Fred M. Stein

David Becker Stern

William Stern

Robert Eli Strauss

Lewis L. Strauss

S.A. Telsey

Rufus M. Ullman

Clarence E. Unterberg

The Rockefellers

Frederick M. Warburg

James Paul Warburg

Paul Felix Warburg

Paul M. Warburg

Maurice Wertheim

Sidney James Weinberg

These Powerful Jewish Bankers consistently seem to enjoy hiring or working with Freemasons. Although the Freemasons who are into Banking are not as powerful, and if they are gentiles are in positions where they answer to Jewish bosses, it is interesting to see a partial list of Mason Bankers too.


John S. Africa

John C. Ainsworth

Francisco P. Alvarado

William R. Angell

J. Hugo Aronson

James P. Baxter

S. Clark Beise

Char. J. Bell

R. Livington Beeckman

Oliver H.P. Belmont

James G. Blaine

James Bruce

Augustus L. Chetlain

H. Earl Cook

William W. Corcoran

Will. C. Costello

Frank Craig

Daniel H. Crissinger

Arthur S. Crites

Ed. H. Cunningham

Harry Darby

James E. Davidson

David W. Davis

Edwin L. Davis

James E. Day

Edward I. Edwards

Arthur B. Eisenhower

Louis L. Emmerson

Author H. Geissler

Albert G. Godall

William C. Gordon

Charles B. Hall

Louis B. Hanna

Maple T. Harl

Everett B. Harris

Overton Harris

Byrd E. Henderson

James F. Hinkle

Marion S. Kennedy Jr.

R. Lee Lockwood

Phineas C. Lounsbury

Andrew W. Mellon

Richard B. Mellon

Edwin T. Meredith

Frank Phillips

Henry B. Quimby

Charles N. Rix

Andrew W. Robertson

Frank H. Thompson

Frank M. Totton

John Wanamaker

William H. Wheat

Whether it is business, commerce, the Federal Reserve, the Communist Party, the Auto/ Transportation Industry, Steel, Rubber, Diamonds, Communications, the Media, Liquor and Tobacco; you will find Jewish leadership and control. Under them, but near the top of things you will find Masons. (See Appendix for a list of Jews in U.N. leadership positions in 1951. As you will notice, the Jewish Zionists, who are but a small percentage of the earth's population, dominated the leadership of all areas of the United Nations.)

If the Greeks were totally dominating all sectors of American life and publicly stating they believed in a One-World-Government, I would be exposing the Greeks in this section. I have no personal prejudice towards the Jews, I have defended them enough times. However, I would be liar not to tell you that the Jews, with the Masons, control this nation. And I advocate forgiveness toward them when at some point, Lord Willing, the pendulum will swing, and people will want revenge.


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