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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 3 A

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Preparing the Money System 1
Interest Taking 2
Financial Wizards 3
Education 4
The Media and Communication 5


1.   Preparing  the  Money  System.  Examines  their economic plans, the World Money waiting in Canada for distribution orders,
          & the planned cashless society.

2.   Interest Taking. How the Conspiracy "bites" the world  with  interest  and  God's secret Formula concerning money.

3.   Financial Wizards, and Wealthy Cults. Find out about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others, how  they use the Federal  Reserve,
          Interlocking Directories, a hereditary Aristocracy, and the World's resources to maintain control.

4.   Education. Reveals how controlled our history has been. The values and doctored history that the Conspiracy approves have been taught for many years.

5.   The Media  and Communication.  "improvements". Exposes the evil role that the media and communication play.

6.   Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralization of all power.

7.   Scandals.   Examining  scandals created  to discredit Christianity.

8.   Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all.

9.   America's Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp. They are ready for you, that is if you don't want to enjoy the good life of a New Order slave.

10.  Where the Rubber Hits the Road. Coping in a Christ-like way with an overwhelming Satanic conspiracy.
           Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.


Chapter 3.1

The New Money System

H.G. Wells became a prophet. He felt his apocalyptic vision for mankind could be turned around if society would adopt his plans for a Utopia run by a benevolent dictatorship. This benevolent dictatorship would largely rule through a public-spirited quasi­religious order of technicians who would "pander to all your worst instincts.”1 He refers to them as "an elite of intelligent religious-minded people."2 However, religious in what way? A New Religion based on Eastern mysticism. This "new religion" ... would sweep away old institutions and usher in a new world order that would save the human race. "The conspiracy of modern religion against the established institutions of the world must be an open conspiracy..."

H.G. Wells saw the religion of the New Order as a less-secret form of Freemasonry. The video "Things to Come" made from the film based on his book The Shape of Things to Come is available for viewing from larger video stores. In the movie, a reference is made to "the science of Freemasonry." Intelligent, often wealthy men who constituted a scientifically trained functional class with a global view would rule as a service-elite. (Where have you heard we are moving toward a service economy before?)

Wells describes this, "In its more developed phases I seem to see the new republic as...a sort of outspoken secret society, with which even the prominent men of the ostensible state may be openly affiliated....The new republicans will constitute an informal and open freemasonry."

No wonder the Freemasons hail him as their prophet.

Wells called this Masonic rulership "a cult of the world state" in The Salvaging of Civilization (1921) who would direct education and mass media propaganda. (See pp. 37-41) This group is similar to Plato’s Guardian elite corps in Plato’s Utopia.

In a Fortnightly Review article in 1897, H.G. Wells challenged the intellectuals and teachers who control the apparatus of moral suggestion to UNITE and PROPAGATE a NEW WORLD FAITH, in the same year, he published "A story of the Days to Come" in which his Open Conspiracy was even more plainly foreshadowed.

"...if religion is to develop unifying and directive must adapt itself...Man’s soul is...part of a greater being which lived before he was born and will survive him. The idea of a survival of the definite individual...dissolves to nothing in this new view of immortality."

Well’s mentor was T.H. Huxley, who was Darwin’s good friend.

Not only was Wells an amusing talker with ideas, he had a real gift for thinking up and writing his plans for a New World Order in a way that people could enjoy reading them. His economic plans are highly regarded by the One-World-Conspiracy.


In Well’s The Shape of Things to Come, p. 248 he envisioned a world run by Technologists (experts) . Money would be done away with, and the medium of exchange would become "the unit of energy.”

In A Modern Utopia, in his chapter on Utopian Economics, he envisions a world language and the world-wide freedom of sale and purchase.
     He writes, "book-keeping will naturally be done most conveniently in units of physical energy....Accounts between central and local governments could be kept in these terms. Moreover, one may imagine Utopian local authorities making contracts in which payment would be no longer in coinage upon the gold basis, but in notes good for so many thousands or millions of units of energy at one or other of the generating stations."(p.83)
     H.G. Wells doubted that a thoroughly communistic Utopia could survive,(p.91) but a socialistic one that allowed individuality and individual initiative would. The new Utopia needs to provide for initiative. (pp. 92-3)

Further, he writes in A Modern Utopia, "The World State in this ideal, presents itself as the sole landowner of the earth. (p.93) It will lease land to companies and individuals." (p. 100).  --"The State is to take most of a man’s inheritance.

Wells states in The New World Order "For in the world now all roads lead to socialism or social dissolution."

In the Open Conspiracy H.G. Wells (p. 89-91) warns of the problem racial discrimination will bring to a One-World-State.

Further on page 133 he writes "...Big Business must carry Big Business into the Open Conspiracy..."

Back on page 30 he advises, "Religion, modern and disillusioned, has for its outward task to set itself to the control and direction of political, social and economic life, or admit itself a mere drug for easing discomfort....What are the necessary opening stages in the synthesis of that effort...?"   "What we work toward is synthesis, and this communal effort is the adventure of humanity."3


In Well’s non-fictional works he repeatedly declares that everyday reality is the only reality we can know, and that our ideas about it are only approximations to the truth.4

In the very opening address, when the Federal Council of Churches of Christ was formed Bishop Francis J. McConnell was exactly in line with H.G. Well’s definition of truth.

"In the next place, the work of the federated movement of the churches is bringing a very remarkable intellectual gain. There is a certain kind of mocking question asked the church, "What is truth?" The Presbyterian Church say it is one thing, the Congregational another, the Episcopalian another and the Methodist another. We are coming to see very clearly in these days that we cannot define truth in abstract terms. We are coming to see, from the Christian standpoint, that truth is living. That is the absolute end in itself; everything else is instrumental."5

The Open Conspiracy with their foundations, their W.C.C., and their handpicked people running many religious institutions have set into place the controls to move religion where they want.

An example of this is the Ford Foundations bankrolling of the Inter-religious Peace Colloquim (later renamed Muslim Jewish Christian Conference) "founded in 1976 to bring together representatives of the world’s major faiths to discuss world economic and political issues." (The Search For a New Economic Order, p.19) Two books resulted from these conferences World Faiths and the New World Order edited by Joseph Gremillion and William Ryan, and Food Energy and the Major Faiths by Joseph Gremillion. McGeorge Bundy of the Skull and Bones Order happened to the President of the Ford Foundation when all this occurred.

The world’s religious leaders are getting involved in the economic aspects of the New World Order.

It all sounds so benign. The parasite that has invested the world and is living off its productivity is very well camouflaged. This parasite of the super powerful, may use H.G. Well’s principles and plan, but they will reserve for themselves special power and privileges. They will abolish most inheritance like H.G. Wells suggested for the common people; (Well’s had some exceptions he thought were worthwhile), yet somehow will secretly have loop-holes for themselves. The pattern can already be seen. (By the way, the concept of inheritance is a Godly principle established for Biblical Israel, so that people could care and provide for their children.)

Even Wells doesn’t hide the fact that most of his suggested rulership will be same ones ruling today. In Clissold, the character William Clissold, of "Romer, Steinhart, and Crest"-- a giant metallurgical concern modeled after another large corporation in his book After Democracy-- belonged to the Industrialists that H.G. Wells always considered good material for the New Order’s leadership. Romer, Steinhart, and Crest were international, and by­passed governments to establish a new economic order, which would provide the foundation for political and social world order. This firm had countless manufacturing concerns running over national boundaries, and connections to international banking houses, and to many local industries for raw materials, machinery, skilled labor, capital, and markets.

Clissold calls for an Open Conspiracy which " not a project to overthrow existing governments by insurrectionary attacks, but to supersede them by disregard.... to make them negligible by replacing their functions."

An article by Wells two year later published in The Banker gives the international bankers a big part in the Open Conspiracy. This was extraordinary that The Banker would print such a revolutionary article, but the truth is that H.G. Wells had Banker friends within the International Banking system.

When we stop and think about it, what we are getting in the New World Order are the same International Bankers, the same Political leaders, the same Capitalists that have ruled us before. And by their own literature, one can read how poorly they have done for us. They have given us frequent economic distress, something in the neighborhood of 14,531 wars in the last 5,600 years of history, (with only 10 meager years of true world peace).

The difference seems to be like the Jehovah’s Witnesses description of what happened when Christ became King in 1914. The only thing that happened is that he changed chairs, changed one throne for another. If we consider their idea that Christ is a collective rulership the parallels increase.

The difference between now and the future New Order is that they will openly be labeled an International rulership. They have been acting internationally for years. This is why Roosevelt gave Eastern Europe to Stalin at Yalta. So all they plan is a change of thrones, and to gain some more direct power. I can see how the same greedy, selfish, infallible powerful men are going to become the god-men H.G. Wells thought could save the world, I fail to see how they can really bring salvation. We are being fed a rehash of what ancient Babylon had, which was by the way the ancient origin of and center of International Banking.


Again and again, power resurfaces as a primary motivation of those in control. Each of us enjoys the power to control events in our life--such as the ability to sleep, eat, or rest when we want. Each of us enjoys the power to take medicine to take care of what ails us. The beings that control us are power crazy. This is not my opinion alone, but the opinion of a Christian who happened by some holy accident to find himself rubbing shoulders with the elite.

They have planned for a long time how to bring in a cashless society. The country of Singapore is a test case to lead the way for the rest of the world. Singapore has made money illegal and switch to computerized cards.

The Power has had the technology, but they are slowly preparing us so that we will want what they want us to do. They will make it appear like a cashless society is such a great deal. No more trips to the bank. No more theft. Fewer police. No counterfeiting. (They won’t tell you what you will be actually giving up is one more freedom from their control.) Eventually, when people properly conditioned, they will take already existing technology to implant computer chips in our hands.

The cashless society will seem like such a good deal, that unless Christians are fully committed to Christ, and are aware of the bigger picture, they will go along. Those that don’t will appear like sticks in the mud. They will appear to oppose progress.

The Christians in general have been going along with them every step of the way. It is hard to see what will wake the Christians up now. For instance, Social Security cards were initially they were never to be used for anything but Social Security. They were to be secret, and not used for I.D. Then they became I.D. numbers. Then they modified the law to say one has to get a social security number and has to give the number if requested. The Amish wisely backed out of the Social Security program when it became law.


The New World Order has been spending vast sums of money on creating the technology they need to control the world. Our tax dollars have financed many of the projects. The following are items that have already been tested and are simply waiting to be used on the population in general.

A.     Human Transponder Tracking Device. The transponder which is attached to a person transmits signals by code to a network of electronic receivers. The receivers then relay the signal to computers. The transponders can not be removed without the computer knowing it. Satellites can be used to pick up the transponder signals. The system’s technology has been successfully used for about a decade on people out on bail or parole. In some counties a type of house arrest is maintained on individuals by the use of this device.

B.          Computerized Money Cards which contains a single chip microprocessor are already in use in several countries. The computer chip contain tens of thousands of transistors but is of a very small size. It can contain all the information about you, including your life history. These cards can also be made more secure by placing a computer readable voice print, and photograph by a Face Scan camera. A computer will then match your voice with the voice print and the Face Scan picture with your face.

C.    Implantable chips which can be scanned by laser. This chips can be implanted under the skin of people, for instance in a person’s forehead or hand. Lasers can be used to read these, in the same manner that the stores read the bar codes.

With the advent of large fast computers it is now possible to monitor the earth’s resources, the earth’s population, and the earth’s financial transactions. Financial transactions are increasingly being done electronically. Access to the electronic system will be contingent on accepting the dictates of those who control the system.

You are rapidly becoming a number or a series of numbers to the system. The centralizing of control of all aspects of the economy and life continues.

In 1990, Ballot Measure 5 passed in Oregon throwing the whole state government, including Portland's government's services into a frantic effort to continue even basic services. Ballot Measure 5 was a tax revolt that slashed property taxes so deep, that Oregon schools lost $633 Million. Parks, schools and other services were possibly going to be eliminated.

Naturally, some people asked, "Who isn't paying property taxes?"

"The Masons."

Due to the Masonic lodges' overwhelming political power, many states have given special property tax exemptions to Masonic property. Other closely allied fraternities, like the Elks, share the same exemption, but the Lions Club in Oregon doesn't because they don't have a "lodge system" with "a ritualistic form of government" which is a criteria of the special exemption in Oregon.1

The reason the Masons prefer a special exemption rather than an exemption as a non-profit charitable group is that their definition of "charitable" might not match the state's.2

Ex-Masons have criticized the Masonic system for spending more of the funds raised for charitable causes on themselves and parties than on the causes themselves.

In Multnomah County, OR the lodges of various kinds have 72 tax-exempt properties that would contribute 1/4 million dollars in taxes each year.

The Masons have had their special exemption for half a century, and have successfully stifled every attempt to change things. Even compromise bills that would only levy service fees on the Masons for police and fire protection given to their Temples and Lodges and other properties have been defeated.

Ballot Measure 5 shows after it passed that the Masonic Lodge is concerned about itself more than public welfare. Even after Ballot Measure 5 passed, the Masonic Lodge showed no compassion on everybody else. They had no intention of pay their "share" of taxes. They continued to flood the legislatures with letters and pressure not to vote against their special exemptions in any way. These actions add weight to the critics who charge that the Masonic benevolence is simply window dressing, a cover for their other activities and a fail proof way to deflect any criticism.

However, it is not our job to judge their motivation. Their may be some Freemasons who are very sincere in their motivation to give to benevolence. But what about this special tax exemption ? How should the Christian respond to that?

Picture Jesus being asked that question!
"Master, the Masonic Lodge is getting special treatment, that other non-profit organizations don't get. Should a Christian allow them to do this?"
And Jesus would say,
“Hand me a dollar bill. Who seal do you see on the dollar bill? Who emblem is this?
"The Masonic Lodges."
"You have spoken correctly. Render unto the Masons that which is the Masons."


1. Information from Williamette Week, Vol. 17, No. 23 (Apr. 4-10,1991) , p. 1, 8-10.
2. ibid.

Chapter 3.2


What you will learn:
*That the Old Testament and New Testament forbid interest taking
*Some of the role interest taking has played for the New Order
*Some ideas for Christ-like responses vs. the evil financial system set up today.

In 1979, an articulate JW elder, who was an ex-Baptist minister, engaged this Author in conversation about religion, specifically the JWs version of it. This Author's approach was to beat them at their own game, to outlegalize the legalizers.

Having just self-published a book examining how both the NT and the OT Scriptures condemn interest taking, it was only natural that this Author would raise Interest as an issue.

The idea behind showing the full brunt of the OT law, and Christ's expectations for us, is that in showing how demanding the law is, one shows the need for grace. After all, didn't Christ say the law is a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ?

For the next two years, this Author raised the issue of Interest taking and the lack of proper scriptural understanding about it to the Jehovah's Witnesses. This Author had also mailed out free about 500 of my books on Interest taking to various addresses. Judging from the small amount of feedback, it wasn't a hot topic.

Today's attitudes within Christendom toward interest are 180 degrees opposite of attitudes that have been held by essentially all Christians for most of Christendom's history. Who could guess by looking at the Vatican Bank's large assets (over 1 Billion in 1978) and their annual profit in 1978 of over 120 million dollars1 that the Catholic Church forbid interest until 1830?

What does Christ think about all of the Vatican's stock analysts, their computers following the economic markets, their world-wide banking interests and so forth?

Today's attitudes toward interest taking are so different from the past. And not only is that significant in itself, but there has been a wholesale memory loss about the evils of interest taking, undoubtedly facilitated by the One-World-Power's control over the media and religious institutions of learning.

The JW elders with whom this Author raised the issue were totally unaware of the strong scriptural indictments against Interest taking. The subject hadn't surfaced until recently. Since this Author's book, other Christians have begun to speak out against it. Apparently, the Lord has laid the issue on more than one heart.


"There's the answer to your questions," a JW said to me when the WT came out with articles on interest taking in the Mar. 1, 1981 issue. They followed with another one in the Aug. 1, 1982 issue.

It seemed far-fetched to think that this Author precipitated a response from the Towering Watchtower buildings in Brooklyn, but it wasn't a subject that was being raised by anyone else as far as I knew. At any rate if it was a response, then it unwittingly did not help the WTs position with God Almighty. The scriptures condemned interest taking, but did leave one loophole; those, who the Israelites were authorized to kill and cleanse from the land, could be taken advantage of.

It's clear why the Society had to hedge on their own repudiation of interest taking, because the Society has been making money off of JW hardships. Their articles said that it is O.K. to charge interest for business deals, but not to take advantage of a brother's need. Yet, the Society, when a group of JWs is too poor to raise a Kingdom Hall, encourages them to borrow money from the Society, and charges them interest. This is a direct contradiction of their own articles in '81 and '82.


A popular story is that if you want to boil a frog, then put him in cold water and heat the water slowly. If you put the frog directly into hot water, he'll jump out.

Over the years, the Christians have been slowly cooked. How far have we come in the cooking process? We're almost done. As the Scriptures warn, Unless those days are shortened faith will not survive. Is that an overstatement? Those readers who will bear reading this chapter will get a small sampling a how far we have come from the Scriptures. It is not likely that you will hear a sermon on such a topic in today's churches.

Ezekiel was commanded to warn both the righteous and the unrighteous (Ez. 3:17-21). With God's help, I seek to declare the full counsel of God. Paul did this and was therefore free of their blood. Acts 20:27

Many sincere Christians receive interest, due to the lack of good scriptural teaching in these times. Wisdom and tact and patience are certainly needed in regards to correcting these dear Christians. It is up to God to judge their motives. (l Cor. 4:3-5)

Interest-taking is only one financial weapon of the New World Order. Inflation is another weapon. Economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Friedrich von Hayek noted, "Inflation is probably the most important single factor in the vicious cycle wherein one government action [increasing the money supply] makes more and more government control necessary." Lenin felt that the best way to destroy capitalism is to debauch the currency. Germany's horrible inflation was a big reason Hitler appealed to the German people.

Coercive semi-secret business monopolies are another tool of the New World Order. The proposed worker I.D. card will be another way to control the masses. Only those approved by them will be eligible to work.

This chapter is not meant to imply that interest is their only financial weapon, but it certainly has been the primary means for the parasite to survive and control its host. This chapter is intended to pull the mask of acceptability off of interest, so that Christians can recognize that the basic livelihood of the International Bankers is contrary to Christian principles. These people in their pin-striped suits consider themselves screwed and superior to the masses; the Scriptures view them as evil. It is hoped that if any Bible-believing Jews read this, they will recognize how wrong these Internationalist Bankers are. The issue with interest is a moral issue. It's not just that they loan money to Russia and Red China to build Socialism, it's that they make their money in the first place from having a monopoly on the money supply, and acting as a parasite.


The International Bankers have the nations in debt to them. We think of Japan as a rich nation, but the national government of Japan is deeply in debt to the bankers just like the U.S. government. Interest taking has been the life-blood of the One-World-Order parasite. They have convinced even the Christian people that interest is good.

This chapter treats the same subject that chapter 3.10 is set up for, which subject is how to have a Christ-like response to the Conspiracy. This chapter deals with just one small issue, perhaps learning how far off Christianity is on just this issue, will stimulate Christians to investigate other financial issues. The New World Order has run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and the Scriptures repeatedly, and is pressuring Christians into all kinds of compromises with their faith in Christ. Even though the President has suspended the Constitution, he had sworn to uphold it, as did many other Constitutional traitors. Scripturally, the Christian has a duty to obey the Constitution first, before he obeys anyone who has broken their oath to uphold the Constitution in order to enslave you. The choice of what deserves obedience seems obvious, but many Christians are choosing the later course.

One way to deal with the Power is to be aligned with a superior moral power. The true Christian teachings have almost been destroyed by the Power on this subject. Unless these teachings are introduced, the Christian people will have no concept why we must come out from amongst their evil system, which is designed to promote evil. This is to help you know how to deal with them.


The authority of the Bible is not subtracted from when God uses men like Phillip to explain the Bible to men like the Ethiopian. (Acts 8) Sometimes, as with Peter and the people at Pentecost (Acts 2), and the three wise men in Jerusalem (Mt 2:1-8), the Scriptures can be made plainer by human words.

No human can change God's word, "For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven" (Ps 119:89) (cf. Jn 17:17, Ps. 119:160, et al) The reader is encouraged to check God's Word with diligence as the spiritually noble Bereans did (Acts 17:11). This is written to clarify the scriptures, and not to add to them.


Those desiring to understand this chapter are encouraged to equip themselves by being born-again and being in fellowship with the Lord their creator. "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1 Cor 2:14) See also 1 Cor 1:18, 1 Cor 1:25, & Jn 3:3.

We must fear God: "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction." (Prov 1:7) "Fear God and his commandments." (Eccl 12:13)

We must be willing to do the will of God, "For if we sin willfully after that we have we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins." (Heb 10:26) (cf. 2 Pt 2:21 & Jn 13:17)

We must be filled with the Holy Spirit who reveals all things, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God." (1 Cor. 2:9-10) "Which things also we speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual." (1 Cor 2:13)

"Be ye holy in all manner of life," (1 Pt 1:4), apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge," (Prov 23:12), "The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge." (Prov. 18:15) "Study to show thyself approved unto God...rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim 2:15)


"If thou lend money to any of my people...thou shalt not be to him as an userer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury." Ex 22:25

"I pray you, let us cease this exacting of interest." Neh 5:10

"he that by interest and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he (God) shall gather it for him that will pity the poor." Prov 28:8

"And if thy brother hath become poor, and cannot support himself among you, then thou shalt relieve him, yea, though he be a stranger, or a sojourner, that he may live with thee. Take no interest from him, or increase, but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon interest, nor lend him thy food supplies for profit." Lev 25:35-37

"Thou shalt not lend upon interest to thy brother." Deut 23:19 LET US...

"Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord; look unto the rock from which ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which ye are digged." Is 51:1

When the Master's sheep hear his voice they obey it. "He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him." 1 Jn 2:4 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Jn 15:14 "We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29

The Bible has no promises to those who obey Him only partly. When we know something is wrong and do it, it is sin. Look at examples in Biblical history —Nadab and Abihu (Lev 10:1,2), Saul (1 Sam 15), and Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Remember, "His commandments are not grievous." (1 Jn 5:3)

"God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble." Js 4:6 The scriptures repeatedly ask us to submit ourselves under God's authority. By doing so we also come under his protection. That doesn't mean we will not suffer— but we will be protected as He knows we should be. This author knows of amazing miracles of protection, but each person needs to trust God himself, and learn for himself that the Lord is good.


A teacher who is hired by school to teach a class, is a steward over the books she dispenses to her students. It would not be viewed lightly if she decided to make a profit for herself by charging her students money to use the schools books? The teacher can choose to some degree how she uses those school books, but as a steward it is not her job to make a monetary profit from them. Likewise, but even more so, we are to put to good use the wealth that God has entrusted to our stewardships. In the same fashion that the teacher is aware of her stewardship, the Christian realizes that what we use is "God's money" not "ours".

("The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof..." Ps 24:1, it was intended that men be stewards of this planet. As it is today, our present government taxes the land, thereby taking advantage of the fact that everyone must have a place to live. Whether the taxes are paid directly by the owner, or indirectly through rental increases each of us is being taken advantage of. It was never intended that men would take advantage of other men this way.)

Our money and possessions are the Lord's. "Those that believed were of one heart and of one soul; neither said any of them that any of the things which he possessed was his own." Acts 4:32 "My Lord, O King, according to thy saying, I am thine, and all that I have." 1 Kg 20:4 "The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup; thou maintainest my lot." Ps 16:5 The Lord "giveth food" Job 36:31 and "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father" Js 1:17 "God shall supply all your needs." Phil 4:19 Yet, "The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." Job 1:21

What should we do with God's money? "Moreover, it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful." 1 Cor 4:2

Render unto God the things that are God's. "Freely ye have received, freely give". Mt 10:8 Moreover "everyone shall give account of himself to God." Rm 14:12

1.              "But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." 1 Tim 5:8 "And having food and raiment let us there with be content." 1 Tim 6:8

2.              "Do good to them that are of the household of faith." Gal 6:10

3.              "As ye have opportunity, do good unto all men." Gal 6:10 "Give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven." Mt 19;21, Mk 10:21, Lk 12:33, and Lk 18:22.

Jesus "spake many things to them in parables" Mt 13:3,13,34 21:1; Mk 3:23, 4:2,13,33; 12:1 "Why speakest thou unto them in parables?" Mt. 13:10 Those who do not understand the parables fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 6:9,10 Jesus said. Mt 13:14 God's people are to seek to understand the parables' mysteries. Mt. 13:11 "Seek and ye shall find." Mt 7:7, Lk 11:9


Jesus said, "There was a certain rich man, who had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods.

And he called him, and said unto him, How is it that I hear this of thee? Give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest no longer be steward.

Then the steward said within himself, What shall I do? For my lord taketh away from me the stewardship. I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed.

I am resolved what to do, that, when I am put out of the stewardship, they may receive me into their houses.

So he called every one of his lord's debtors unto him, and said unto the first, How much owest thou unto my lord?

And he said, an hundred measures of oil. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, and write fifty.

Then said he to another, And how much owest thou? And he said, An hundred measures of wheat. And he said unto him, Take thy bill, and write fourscore.

And the lord commended the unjust steward because he had done wisely; for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends by means of the money of unrighteousness, that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.

Here was a servant who faced judgment. His master was going to cast him out, fire him, and make him pay for his sins.

This servant then gave his master's money (reduced the wealthy man's debtors' debts, and by that made friends) while he had a chance; and by doing so prepared a home for himself when he got his reward for poor stewardship. "And the Lord (Jesus) commended the unjust steward." The Lord didn't say the man was just and honest (he called him "unjust")—but he said he was wiser than the children of light. Why? What did the unjust steward do that many "Christians" don't do? He gave freely while he had a chance, and he secured himself a future after his judgment. Do we take our Master's money and give freely? Are we prepared for the judgment?

Verse 9 clearly explains the lesson of this story. We are to make ourselves friends by the money of unrighteousness by freely giving, so that when we fail (when we die), they (the heavenly host) may receive us into everlasting habitation (which is heaven).

Verses 10 and 11 continue the idea that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much; and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.

If, therefore, ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous money, who will commit to your trust the true riches?

And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?

Dear reader, God's word plainly tells you that interest is wrong. It may be a small matter, but verses 10 and 11 tell us we must be faithful in the small things before we can be faithful in that which is great. Verse 11 warns us to be good stewards of wealth. The Pharisees and many Jews charged interest. They still do, and are called "covetous" (lovers of money) in Luke 16.

"Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Mt 6:24 and Lk 16:13 If people would obey God's commandments, it wouldn't be too likely they would have much money to be concerned about getting interest. "Work with your hands." 1 Thes 4:11 Can you say with Isaiah 49:4 "my work (is) with my God?" "All that any man giveth of such unto the Lord shall be holy." Lev 27:9 We cannot rob from the rich to give to the poor. Our money should be honestly earned.


This means just that. Get rid of your wealth! You may ask me, "How can you tell people that?" That is just exactly what Jesus told the young man to do to get to heaven—"sell what thou hast, and give to the poor." (Mt 18:21, Mk 10:21, Lk 12:33; 18:22)    LAY NOT UP FOR YOURSELVES TREASURES UPON EARTH. Do you have money saved up and put away? - - LAY NOT up for yourselves treasures upon earth.

God told the Jews "Ye are cursed with a curse; for ye have robbed me." Mal 3:9 See also Mal 3:8, Ps 119:61 and Is 42:22. How can we rob God? Those who charge interest are robbers. "How canst thou say, I am?" Jer. 2:23 "Wherefore will ye plead with me? Ye all have transgressed against me, saith the Lord." Jer 2:29 You have taken God's money that was to be given freely to the poor. (Or in the case of the government, they have taken the land freely given to man, and are charging us for its use.) God gave you the chance with that money to purchase heavenly treasure and you went out and tried to make yourself richer. If you try to save your life and wealth you will lose it. (Mt 10:39,16:25, Mk 8:35, Lk 9:24)

It's ironic that the One-World-State plans to impoverish America— in allowing this, God will simply be allowing for His law to be fulfilled. The judgment upon America is there in God's word, and the instrument to enforce it may well be those who hate Him most. Their turn will come afterwards. Abraham Lincoln said that the sin of slavery was to be paid by American blood; what manner of payment will we make for robbing God? It is quite possible that the future suffering we are to experience is to free us from that which hinders us from "setting our affections on things above." Col 3:2

"Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come." 1 Cor 16:1-2 It says give as the Lord hath given you. If he gave you $5 more than you needed— thank Him for the chance to give it. "Cast your bread upon the waters." Eccl 11:1 —symbolically meaning don't greatly concern yourself with the end result of those material things that sustain you, but in contrast it says don't cast your pearls (heavenly treasure) away.

What is holy do not give to the wicked people. Mt 7:6 For example, the temple of our body is holy, a virgin should not give this holy temple away to wickedness. The Holy Scriptures are holy-meaning set aside for God's service- this message will only be "trampled upon" by the ungodly. It doesn't say loan to the rich — but give to the poor. People with large bank accounts have been giving their money to the rich banks to use. The banks take that money and loan it out to needy people and make themselves richer through interest. Don't help the rich get richer. Especially now that you are learning that the big rich banks are controlled by those rich men who intend to enslave the world under their New Order.

Don't save up for tomorrow like the foolish man in Lk 12:17-21. Don't build bigger barns (if what you have is sufficient) and lay up wealth for your children to inherit. Give to the Lord. Think of all the wealth Christians lost when the stock market crashed in 1929. The depression closed banks and made stocks and bonds worthless. When the One-World-Power monetizes the large debts and expenses of the U.S. government, there will be an exchange of one new dollar for two or ten of the old dollars. They have done this in third world countries, and have planned it for Canada and the United States. Do good while you have a chance. Use God's money as he gives it. Act today, tomorrow never comes. "Go to the ant, you sluggard and observe her ways," (Prov 6:6) and fight evil with good TODAY. Do good while you have a chance. Use God's money as He gives it. Don't try keeping it like the foolish servant who said, "I went and hid thy talent in the earth; lo there thou hast that is thine." Mt 25:24 Are the riches you were given in the earth (earthly things and the world)? "Thou wicked and slothful servant." —Invest your money in heavenly treasure. "He who soweth sparingly will reap sparingly." 2 Cor 9:6 If you do not sow God's wealth to the poor, you will reap little wealth in heaven. This is not that every pay check you get must be spent immediately, but rather do not be afraid of giving to a good cause, just because you want to feel secure. Riches are no security. Jesus never begged, but he did not always have ready cash, as is seen when the disciples got money from the fish's mouth. Mt 17:27 One man who gave almost all he had, was asked about his generosity. He said, "Oh, I shovel into God's bin, and he shovels back into mine, and he's got a bigger shovel."

Some will contend that we emphasize the moral law too much, and that grace and salvation should be preached. "What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had known sin but by the law; for I had not known coveting, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet." Rm 7:7 Yes, the law comes along and shows man what is sin. "Because the law worketh wrath; for where no law is, there is no transgression." Rm 4:15 The law condemns man and points out his sin. But the law can not save him; the law will not cleanse a man. But the law drives a man to the cross. "Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us." Gal 3:13 Sin still remains sin. "How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" Rm 6:2

"They that are after the spirit mind the things of the Spirit." Rm 8:5

If God forbids interest, and you retain it, then you love interest more than God's word. "He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination." Prov 28:9

People try to make interest legal. They call it legal, because before they steal they tell the party how much they will steal, as though they stole according to what is fair. It might be lawful by man's law, but there is a higher law. Making an occupation of it is no better than making an occupation out of bribery and blackmail.

"Love...seeketh not its own." 1 Cor 13:5 But interest seeketh of others, therefore interest is far from love. "God is love." 1 Jn 14:16 Therefore, interest is far from God.


Is this all new to you, the reader? Have you been taught that God wants you to be rich? Perhaps they quoted to you 1 Tim 6:18 "Instruct them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share." This is not speaking about accumulating wealth. Does good works mean money to you?

Perhaps they quoted 2 Cor 9:8, "And God is able to make all grace abound to you, that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed." This is not speaking about accumulating wealth. Does grace mean money to you?

2 Cor. 9:6 is the only scripture that give a legitimate motivation for bringing in excess money —not to accumulate it, but for giving it. "But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give, not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver."

So far this chapter has only scratched the surface of a large subject. Naturally, there will many questions, some by sincere truth seekers, some by those trying to find fault or loop holes in God's financial principles for our finances. Some prefer for some misguided reasons to allow the One- World-State to do their financial planning and to allow themselves to be manipulated and jerked around, and ultimately enslaved. They are not aware that the One-World-Power which controls the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the Bank of England, and much more, are designed not for benevolence but to control the world.

This Author has personally witnessed the System mislead and enslave many farmers with farm loans that never should have been made. The Christian community is being rendered ineffective by the conspiracy by financial enslavement. Just having a covetous attitude can be self-enslaving.


Area One- Questions concerning the relevance of the O.T. teachings about Interest taking.

1. Are the scriptures in the OT on Interest irrelevant?
2. Was the law intended for just Israel?

Area Two- Questions concerning Biblical teachings on interest.

1. Is there a difference between usury and interest?
2. What does the world say in favor of interest?
3. What have Christians done in the past (before the Media was controlled by the wrong people) concerning interest?
4. Don't people need incentive to pay off their loans, aren't they spoiled by no interest?
5. What about inflation?
6. May we pay interest?
7. What is required of the usurer by God and His church?
8. What would be the difference if I accept interest and give it to some needy cause or tell the debtor to do so?
9. If I loaned money to a man would it be wrong to accept interest if he insisted on giving it?
10. Are there times interest taking is O.K.?

Area Three- Questions concerning Biblical teachings on rent.

1. Is rent the same as interest?
2. Was rent forbidden by the Law of Moses?
3. May a Christian rent and not sin?
4. Why would rent have been necessary when they had no taxes nor very little upkeep of fences or buildings?
5. If rent is not paid the property can sold, but if the loan is not repaid then what is the security for the lender?
6. Can't the poor be oppressed through rent?

Area Four- Questions concerning lending and giving.

1. Are the Biblical provisions for the poor still in force?
2. Suppose we lend money to a needy person and he wastes it, are we responsible for that?
3. What are some of the duties of the borrower?
4. What is the secret teaching of giving?

Area Five- Questions concerning my hermeneutics

1. How does the original Hebrew read concerning interest?
2. Is it lord or Lord in Lk 16:18?
3. Are the items in Neh 5:10, 11 rent or interest?


It is clear that Interest is against the moral teachings of Christ. Is that all the Christian can base his actions on, or does the O.T. have relevance today?

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reprove, for correction, for instruction in the paths of righteousness", 2 Tim 3:16 When Paul wrote this the only scriptures were the Old Testament.

According to Mt 5:17-19 we realize that no one has the right to void one small commandment of the O.T., except that Christ teach us a greater way to fulfill the law. This writer believes that the moral law is unchanged which true faith establishes. Rm 3:31 The law was everlasting. Does "everlasting" mean to stop at Malachi?

The relationship of the law, morality and grace is examined in detail in the book Life In The Son. It shows without question that the Christian is called to live the moral laws. The subject is quite complex, because so many are not willing simply to accept the harder scriptures at face value. Let us remember that there is no Christian liberty outside of the truth, which is God's word. "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jn 8:31,32

Interest is forbidden by the moral teachings of the Old Testament, and New Testament scripture encourages us to follow these same moral teachings.


The Apostle Paul's opposition to the law was not actually opposition to the law per se, but rather to show men that salvation did not result from the observance of the law. There are numerous New Testament scriptures that indicate the Law was practiced by our supreme example Jesus Christ (cf Sermon on the Mount), and also by Paul.

But when one speaks of "the Law", there are different meanings assigned to what it means. Moses received the Decalogue (what is called the Ten Commandments). He also received Priestly Laws and the Covenant Code, plus a supplementary Covenant made at Horeb (Deut. 29:1). It is clear that moral laws of God were in operation long before these various Codes, Covenants, and laws were given. The first five books contain civil law, priestly law, and public law. Nor is each law exclusively in one category. It was recognized by all the early Christians that the moral laws of God should be followed by all men. What is not of faith is sin. The Christian is called to obey rules due to his faith and trust in His Creator. The original meaning of Torah, which is "instruction", applies today to the Torah. The laws concerning interest were not figurative nor civil law, clearly the warnings were of a moral nature.


The Old Testament teachings about Interest Taking are relevant for a number of reasons for the Christian today. Let us summarize the values gained by obedience to our heavenly Father before presenting the Scriptural basis for these.

*          First the Scriptures are in agreement with Christ's New Testament teaching. We remain under his protection by our obedience.

*          Second, these scriptures still serve as instruction in righteousness for the Christian enabling the Christian to mature. * Third, a clear conscience is an inner freedom of spirit toward God that comes from knowing that God's holiness is not offended. A correct attitude toward interest may clear up a hidden barrier blocking that inner peace with God.

*          Fourth, the rejection of God's standard quenches the Spirit, results in inner tension, and loss of spiritual direction. To follow God means to promote our health.

The moral law is unchanged and is established by true faith. Rm 3:31. Reading Mt 5:17-19 it can be observed that no one has a right to make void one small command of the O.T. except Christ, who was special in his own right. Because these guidelines are solid, we have a firm foundation that we can depend upon, this is ancient wisdom of the best kind. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in the paths of righteousness" 2 Tm 3:16

But some will ask is the law given against Interest in Ex 22:25, Deut 23:19-20, Lev 25:36-37 part of the moral law?

In view of the liberty the Israelites had to lend on interest to strangers, at first it seems that if it were morally wrong to take interest, why would this liberty be allowed? After all it isn't morally right to commit adultery or to be drunk with strangers.

It is important to clear up exactly what strangers are meant here—for the Israelite's heathen friends and their converts were to be exempt from interest (Deut 23:20); it was to the Israelites enemies, who they could kill—or at times were commanded to kill, that they could charge interest to. Interest appears to have been considered a kind of punishment, and other scriptures bear this out.

"If thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I commend thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee. He (the stranger) shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail."

Again we read, "And all these blessings shall come on thee and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in its season, and to bless all the work of thine hand; and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow."

It seems likely the blessing of lending and the curse of borrowing of these passages refers to loaning with interest. If it was or wasn't doesn't alter the fact, that God commanded them not to charge interest to his chosen people, converts to the faith, friends of the faith, but allowed them to loan with interest to those heathen enemies.

In regards to what kind of law this was, note that the first three books of Moses are considered to give the law, and Deut. is considered by some to repeat those laws.

These three books mention twice about loaning to the poor, and once about to poor strangers. Why does the Holy Spirit twice say, "If thy brother be poor, thou shalt not lend on usury" ? (Usury in the King James Translation meant all interest.) Some will say that means the law was not universal, but limited to loaning to the poor, but that for business ventures it was O.K.

But in Deut. it forbids usury (interest) to poor and rich alike. This is where an objection by some develops who see Deut. as only a repetition of the law. Some would claim that we must ignore any additions the prophets gave to Ex 20 because they were not law givers, but law interpreters; therefore, they assert these laws are intended for kindness to the poor, just as Deut 15: 1,2,3 and Deut 24:19,20,21.

First, this ignores the tradition that Moses wrote Deut. Second, there is much more morally wrong with interest than just that it is unkind. However, kindness is a moral law and should be practiced too. If we have a chance to be kind in the manner of Deut 15 and 25, then let us do this. Bear in mind that interest is contrary to both the moral teachings of Christ and forbidden by the moral teachings of the law.

"At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release. And this is the manner of the release: every creditor who lendeth anything unto his neighbor shall release it, he shall not exact it of his neighbor, or of his brother, because it is called the Lord's release. Of a foreigner thou mayest exact it again; but that which is thine with thy brother, thine hand shall release."

"When thou cuttest down thine harvest in the field, and hast forgotten a sheaf in the field, thou shalt not go again to fetch it, it shall be for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow, that the Lord God may bless thee in all the work of thine hand." (verses 20-22 forbid beating the olive tree over again, and gleaning grapes for a second time.)—No wonder the Jewish International Financiers will go to great lengths to destroy those who would hold the Bible's teachings dear.

Can a Christian go after a forgotten sheaf in the field? May those who take clothes as a pledge for money lent, wait until the sun goes down to return them (Ex 22:26)? Can a Christian hold a debtor 8 years to a debt? Can a Christian obey one law of kindness and not another? Can we deny Christians the liberty of breaking Deut 15:1,2,3 and Deut 24:19,20,21? Are we guilty of forbidding interest, a law of kindness, and ignoring the other laws of kindness? Have "Christians" been playing church, or have they been learning to walk in God's spirit, and not after the lust of the flesh? (cf. Gal 5:16)


1.    Is there a difference between usury and interest?

Today, the words have different meanings, however originally usury meant all interest. Generally, usury is used today to mean an exorbitant or illegal rate of interest. When the shift in public attitude came toward interest, the word usury which was used to mean any interest changed to its new meaning of an exorbitant rate.

However, in scripture, and also in the nation of Israel there was no distinction between acceptable and unacceptable rates of interest, it was all considered to be extortion (Ps 109), and the extortioner was considered to be a robber. 1 Cor 6:10

2.    What does the world say in favor of interest?

First, as Christians let us remember, "If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness, he is proud, knowing nothing, but is obsessed with disputes and arguments over words, from which come envy, strife, reviling, evil suspicions, useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself." (emphasis added) 1 Tim 6:3-5.

When worldly Christians or people in the world begin defending interest they often try to muddle the issues. They like to make the issues seem complicated. They also to try to show that interest taking has benefits.

Let's take a glance at this last item, that interest taking has benefits. They say the lender takes risks, so interest encourages loans. All ventures have risks, who can ascertain the future even on the safety of crossing the street? Does this mean I deserve to be paid for crossing? The risks taken by a usurer loaning to a company are far different than the company's and its partners' risks who must take their lumps on whether the business prospers or fails. And the loss of their property, or goods remains ever present. That the usurer is in a way risking his money is true, but it is a totally different risk than the company and its partners are experiencing. Further, if risk is a criteria for receiving extra money, every person even remotely connected to the business venture can claim some compensation.

The families of the company, the janitors, and the neighbors all have a risk of some kind. That is the crux of the matter. The usurer supposes he deserves to be congratulated and honored for his risk taking. But the honest farmer, or the honest carpenter take risks every day without compensation not supposing that their risks are special above everyone else's. No one pays the farmer for taking a risk when he plants his seeds, so that we can eat. No one pays the carpenter for taking a risk when he begins a house not knowing absolutely if a fire or strong wind might not damage it during construction. The carpenter takes this risk that we might have shelter. Risk entitles us to nothing. If it did we should all have a claim on riches.

But the world will shudder, "Loans are necessary and who wants to loan if they are given interest?" In a sense, our sinful economy does need sinful interest taking to function. The Pornography market needs more lewd photographs to continue selling books. However, many economies including the modern Moslem economy are (or have) functioning fine without interest taking. It is only to be expected that the world will shudder, but then they shudder to think of a world without sin. To live without cigarettes, booze, wild women, etc. seems incomprehensible to them also.

This author is not concerned that by getting very technical and in-depth in the issue of interest taking God's word might contradict itself. God's will for us is not inconsistent. His pronouncements against Interest are not inconsistent with His best wishes for our lives. The problem with getting in-depth is that this Author's approach is based on the scripture's value system, and that what the worldly Christian must realize is that what he might call benefits in God's eyes are a shame. For instance, it will be argued that trade is encouraged by interest. That interest helps trade does not add merit to interest, for most trade today is conducted unchrist-like. Does our trade glorify God or man? Trade can go on without interest. The old Hebrew nation and many others have managed without.

If we get sucked into the complicated theories about interest a person can get really confused. The world has their financial gurus that are arguing, studying and contradicting each other as to how interest functions upon an economy. We are not to let ourselves be spoiled by philosophy (Col. 2:8). They would have us believe the economy regulates interest rates and borrowing, and they see all kinds of "benefits" of interest. In simple terms, interest allows people to spend more than their limits, and brings many to ruin.

Sometimes, as Christians, we give the thief our coat and our hat besides our wallet to show him that God loves him. Interest is robbery and perhaps we may need to experience it for God's glory, but that does not mean robbery is O.K.

What would you replace lending on interest with? Won't people who will be ruined by borrowing, be ruined whether they took interest or not? Couldn't hard feeling arise if a man lending freely is injured for the need of money that was promised to be repaid, but wasn't? Isn't money lent longer when interest is charged and wouldn't the shorter period of freely loaned money be a hardship?

People can injure themselves with about anything. The Christian applies God's principles and the dynamics of those principles work toward success. First, we are commanded to lend where we do not expect to receive again—Lk 6:35. The borrower is instructed to be "Not slothful in business"—Rm 12:11 and 2 Thes 3. The borrower is plainly instructed not to live off of others unnecessarily. We are all commanded to honestly work with our hands. If we suffer for having righteously loaned money for a need, the Scripture's value system esteems such suffering. If that seems cruel to the world—they should recall all the suffering they have encouraged people to go through, it is an honor in the world to suffer through the Iron Man Triathalon (talk about pain), it was the in thing for worldly women to wear painful corsets and whale-bone girdles to force their bodies into painful unnatural shapes, unless one gets wasted with alcohol and suffers a hangover he is not cool at parties,... the list could go on of the many ways the world expects their people to suffer. So understand that for us to suffer for our God is our glory.

If we give money so that a person can be slothful and waste it, we show poor stewardship, because we do not want to encourage that person's sin of slothfulness. (Some misunderstand and think that not charging interest is carelessness. Satan would have us overly careful lest we lose some of our abundance—yet that abundance was given us so that we could share.) The question is not whether we might suffer without charging interest, but what is the morally correct thing to do. That is the question. That money freely lent has its faults is no secret. The underlying principle is to do what is most loving toward God, and one's fellow man. The focus of interest is self.

How would the world today survive without interest?— How would it survive without soldiers to fight wars? What if this? What if that? Let us not worry about something the Scripture says will not happen. We know that evil along with its "bloodsucking usurers" are not going to all stop their bloodsucking just because you and I do, nor will the world self-destruct from lack of interest taking. But so what if it did? Why should the Christians be disturbed if the One-World- Order feel apart? These "if" questions are vain— but perhaps it may console the sincere seeker to know that the modern Moslem world has done very well without interest taking. Medieval Europe was often without interest and did fine. The natives of the Americas and Australia did fine without interest. And it is conceivable that the New Heavens and New Earth will be able to do just fine without interest.

As it stands today, interest takers have a vested interest in people being in need. If interest were not allowed the interest takers would develop more concern to see others sufficiently prosper.

Doesn't Mt 25:14-24 teach interest is right? We can use the Master's money to get worldly or heavenly treasure, it's your decision. You can use it selfishly or give it to Christ, it's your decision. God provides us with a surplus, so that we can use it to glorify Him, and so we might enjoy the blessings from giving.

Isn't a man worth $1,500 who loans $100 to a neighbor worth $1,500 losing more than the one borrowing gains? No. It is true though that the value of money can fluctuate—there is nothing wrong with repaying according to the real value of the paper one has borrowed. To say "you loaned me x amount of purchasing power and I will pay back x amount of purchasing power," is not interest. This is due to the fact that the paper we call money is not real money, but the alchemy of the Satanic financial Power. Yes, the occult does create gold out of paper and lends it out to nations and individuals on interest. (See chap. 3.3 to learn how the international bankers are a satan worshipping clique.)

And then to avoid the effect of the Satanic alchemists and their inflation people try to use the interest-rates (extortion-rates) to profit from inflation. They justify their interest in extortion by claiming they are merely "protecting" themselves from inflation. If they simply want to protect themselves they should buy real money, i.e. gold, silver and real wealth i.e. land, houses, and tools; rather than stealing from someone through interest.

Aren't you trying to turn the world upside down? True Christians, like Paul was (Acts 17:6), will be accused of this, because they are trying to turn it right side up. When the Power makes Christianity illegal, will we have enough Christianity to be convicted? I hope so.

1.    What have Christians done in the past (before the Media was controlled by the wrong people) concerning interest?

We should not rest our faith on the actions of men, but rather "let God be true, but every man a liar." Rm 3:4

Still, many will be interested in the past.


Barnabas, known from many scriptures concerning him in Acts, Corinthians and Galatians, wrote against interest (usury). He also wrote "Thou shalt labor with thy hands to give to the poor that thy sins may be forgiven."1

Clement, who also worked with Paul (see Phil.) wrote in praise of the Old Testament for its humanity in forbidding interest. He said, "indeed the man who is generous to the poor receives sufficient usury in gratitude, praise and honor of his fellowman."2

Barnabas' writings were considered scripture in Alexandria for about a century, and Clements' writings were considered scripture for two centuries by the early Christians.

The Christian Hermes also wrote against interest. An early writing which some say Hermas wrote says, "They that receive without a real need, shall give an account for it: but he that gives shall be innocent; for he has fulfilled his duty as he received it from God."3

Tertullian (c.155-220 A.D.) wrote against Interest. He wrote that Lk 6:35 means the same as Ez. 18:8. Remember that Ez. 18:8 refers to interest as evil and Lk. 6:35 refers to lending without hoping for anything in return. For Tertullian's references to the evil of interest see this footnote.4

St. Cyprian (205-258 A.D.) and St. Apolonius of Hierapolis (who wrote in 175-176 A.D.) also wrote against interest.

Cyprian wrote in 248 or 249 A.D. "Non faenerabis fratri tuo usurum pecuniae et usuram ciborum"—"We must not practice interest."5

In the 5th and 6th centuries we have the writings of many religious leaders who completely condemn the taking of any kind of interest.6

The Catholic church banned interest until 1830. Augustine in his City of God, Bk. III, chapt. 17 related how the worst measure of oppression in the Roman Empire during the Punic wars of all the many oppressive measures was "The people overwhelmed...most of all by usury..."

The Anabaptist churches although they disagreed with the Catholic church over many issues, saw eye to eye with the Catholics concerning interest taking. Only in recent times have many of them lost the teaching that interest is evil.

One of the first important assemblies of Christians after the Apostles was the Council of Nicene. This Council forbid usury (interest) to the clergy with these words, "Whoever of the clergy, for filthy Lucres sake, exerciseth Usury, let him be Disposed."7

The 44th of the Apostolic Canons and the 1st Council of Aries (314 A.D.) prohibited it in the same way.

The reformers Menno Simons, Martin Luther and Zwingli were agreed on one thing. They all condemned interest.

Martin Luther-"When money is lent and a charge made or more taken back than was originally made over, that is usury, and as such is condemned by every law...nor can they (interest takers) be saved unless they do penance" "the devil invented it," and anyone who charges interest is "a thief, robber and murderer."9 "Rents are but the 'fig leaves' behind which usury hides its shame".10 "Money is an unfruitful commodity which I cannot sell in such a way as to entitle me to a profit."11 "Will not interest soon be the ruin of the world?"12 Luther felt Luke 6:34 commands us to follow the Old Testament teachings against usury.13 He also felt that the trading companies, and bankers, and merchants revealed such a "bottomless pit of avarice and wrong-doing that there is nothing that can be discussed with a good conscience."14 "How can there be anything good in trade?" 15

Menno Simons-"But in all things, one toward another, long-suffering, friendly, peaceable, ever ready in true Christian love to serve one's neighbor in all things possible: by exhortation, by reproof, by comforting, by assisting, by counseling, with deed and with possessions."16 "We beg of you from the bottom of our hearts, for Jesus' sake, to reflect a moment whether your spirit is one with the Lord's Spirit, and your conviction agrees with His holy Word; whether it is the Spirit of the Lord and the love for your neighbor or the thirst for gain and the thought of temporal support that send and drive you into your profession. Do you preach God's Word out of a pure heart without falsification; administer His sacraments correctly, and lead a pious and irreproachable life as the Scriptures teach; and do you verily shun and expel from the fellowship of the Lord, public transgressors, primpers, drunkards, LOVERS OF GAIN, USURERS, liars, swindlers, contentious persons, brawlers, adulterers, such as follow after prostitutes, blasphemers, those who take oaths, unrighteous people, etc.?"17 (Emphasis added)

Even the Catholic and Church of England preachers at this time warned of the evils of the merchants and their commercial schemes.18

John Calvin (born as Jean Cauin of Noyons, France) studied Humanism in-depth and was associated with those Humanistic reformers in France that wanted to reform Christianity with humanism.19 Calvin in his Commentary on Isaiah, 24:2 states, "No public government can be lasting without the transactions of commerce." Calvin's upper-class heritage, the importance of Geneva as a commercial center, Calvin's deep association with humanism, and his possible Jewish heritage (His name Cohen also written Couin) are all factors that could have contributed to his understanding that commerce was spiritually good. One encyclopedia states "Calvin blessed the Jews."20

Even though Calvin wasn't so radical to accept all interest, he opened the door. Calvin in his Commentary on Exodus, 22:25 declared that interest could be permitted to the rich. He thought interest takers were shameful (Comm. on Ps. 15:5) and that a well-ordered community would not tolerate interest takers to live in their communities. (Comm. on Ezek., 18:5-9). However, though he condemned interest to the poor, he opened the door to it for those who weren't poor. In his sermon on Deut., 23:8-20 he expressed that the interest should be moderate, and never allowed within the Christian fellowship. Calvin had a very good attitude toward wealth, he states "God mixes up the rich and poor so that they may meet together and hold fellowship with each other so that the poor receive and the rich give."21

There has been debate whether Calvin opened the door to Capitalism or not. It is clear from Calvin's sermons and commentaries he did not intend to support Capitalism. Troeltsch suggests that the ethic of Calvin was "a door into which capitalism was able to steal."22 It seems the proof is in the pudding. Geneva and Switzerland developed into banking centers. The Reformed religion, which spread through those areas of Europe caught between the rival Catholic and Protestant areas, has shown a remarkable interest in commerce and capitalism. Calvin's influence carried over into the Puritan capitalistic work ethic of New England. An abundance of capitalists came out of Calvinistic backgrounds.

The door was let open a squeek, and through that door rushed a horde of characters that sought power. Along with that lust for power came the desire to kill the one authority that stood in their way of world domination—faith in the Creator and his Word. It's interesting to note Pres. John Adams in 1819 stated, "Banks have done more injury to the religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity and even wealth of the nation than they can have done or ever will do good."

Whether Adams knew it or not, it is probable that the War of 1812 was manufactured to prove to the nation that the U.S. needed a central national bank. During the war the bank, now known as Citibank and now controlled by the Rothschilds, raised over a million dollars in loans for the War of 1812.23 Pressure to re-charter a National Bank came as soon as the War of 1812 began, especially from two Americans who were vocal proponents of the War of 1812, the Mason Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun. Harvard President Joseph Willard saw the war as the working of the Illuminati.24

History records that Jewish Banker and jeweller Piccolo Tigre was an early member of the Illuminati.25 Some of the Jewish banking family of the Rothschilds have been, too.


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QUESTION 4. Don't people need incentive to pay off their loans, aren't they spoiled by no interest?

The nation of Israel was directed by God not to be slothful—note for instance the proverb calling them to learn from the industry of the ants. If not having to pay interest makes people slothful, then God gave a command that was harmful.

However, the scriptures against interest are forbidding it out of the principles of love and kindness. Jesus indirectly confirms this by stating that on love hang all the law given to Israel. Mt 22:40 The prophets of Israel (meaning their messages) were also according to Christ sent to Israel out of love. The prophets condemned interest taking.

If people are observing scripture by not taking interest, then they must also deal with Rm 12:11 "Not slothful in business" and 2 Thes 3.

QUESTION 5. What about inflation?

In 1929, $100 would have bought a good dairy cow. Five years later $100 would have bought 2   or 4 cows. This was a case of money gaining in value. Locking someone into any kind of a fixed interest arrangement can not be justified on the basis of inflation, unless someone knows for a fact what the future will bring.

It would be possible to peg the repayment of a loan on the purchasing power borrowed rather than a monetary amount. This would not constitute interest, and would actually be the most ethical type of repayment.

Unfortunately, the U.S. government under the control of the World-Order allowed the International Power to issue Fed. reserve notes contrary to the U.S. Constitution. When the Constitution was written it was plain that a monetary system on an honest medium of exchange--silver, gold, etc. clearly was in the best interest of the nation. Christians are best off, if they can find alternatives to being in the system's perverted financial system. As Christians discover better methods than working through the One-World-Power's banking/financial theft system, some of these issues will take care of themselves.

As much as possible the Christians should keep Christ's money among the Brethren, as the world can not be trusted to use it for God's glory. Receiving interest from the world, encourages lending to the world rather than keeping the money within the Brethren. Should we not take care of our own needy first? Gal 6:10, 1 Tim. 5:4, 8,16. All of us who are keeping money within the Banking system are helping prop up one of the biggest evil powers the New World Order has.

QUESTION 6 May we pay interest?

Jer 15:10 "I have neither lent on interest, nor men have lent to me on interest, yet every one of them curse me."

The receiver of interest makes a giver of interest- he makes a thief. Where there are no buyers there are no sellers. Where there are not bribe givers, no bribe takers.

But what if it is a necessity? the Bible has some strange cases of necessity. Adam's sons married sisters, David ate the shew bread (1 Sam 21:6), and the disciples healed on the Sabbath (Lk. 13:10).

In Gen 21:32, Abraham received an unlawful oath. Abraham made a covenant with Abimelech and swore by God. Abimelech swore by the false Gods. Laban swore in Gen. 31:53 by the God of Abraham, the God of Nahor, the God of their father. Ur, city of the Chaldees worshipped Nanna the moon god and had this idol in their homes. This father was a Chaldean. Was this an oath to the gods? Anyway Jacob swore by the fear of his father, Isaac, which was the Lord Yahweh. Why the difference in oaths? Did Abraham receive unlawful oaths and not sin? Didn't Christ show it is lawful to suffer injury by paying tribute in Mt 17:29?

Doesn't the Scripture of Isa 24:2 "And it shall with the taker of usury, so with the giver to him." mean we may not pay interest?

No, the verse actually says this, "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress, as with the buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him." These verses tell the greatness and universality of the ruin and judgment on these people. If this verse means paying of usury is evil, then we must also ridiculously say anyone who is a priest, servant, maid, master, buyer, seller, lender, or borrower is also evil. God wasn't judging men for wanting to be priests or pay usury, but for not worshipping him as obedient servants.

"This I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment (Phil 1:9) Isa 24:2 does not condemn paying interest. However, neither does it allow paying interest.

"If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself." (Jn 7:17) the man who gives himself 100 percent up to living and finding truth will understand that interest is the same as robbery and extortion, and paying interest should not be intentionally done. Sometimes, we are taken advantage of unawares. A man may allow himself to be robbed, but we are guilty of the crime if we encourage, tempt, or help the robber (or interest taker). We should not lean unto our own understanding. Many of us would not have thought Abraham should have accepted an oath to a strange god. Our understanding would have been different than God's. God's desire in our lives is not impossible to discover. Pray the situation through, keep praying until you know his will. "If you want to know God, love him." 1 Cor 8:13 Otherwise I believe, "he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know."

As Naaman in 2 Kg 5:18, I would also say "neither do or do not. I will not condemn thee--but if thy conscience condemn thee then do not."

QUESTION 7 What is required of the userer by God and his church.

In referring to church our meaning is that of the Bible's where those Christians within a certain city were of one church. In other words a local body, where the person regularly fellowships.

Interest is a work of the flesh and should be treated the same as "adultery, fornication, uncleaness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, reveling and the like." Gal 5:19-21.

Sins should be confessed to God (Lk 15:18) and proper restitution (Lk 19:8 and others) and repentance done. (Acts 19:19, Lk 18:6, Job 42:6, Rev 2:5, Hos 14:4 and others)

Unfortunately, few who charge interest understand how God looks at it. "They know not what they do."(Lk 23:24) And most people living by it will want to defend it; people who don't live by it won't defend it, just as the silversmiths and the Image of Ephesus. (Acts 19:25) Will you plead for Baal? (Judges 6:31)

The Bible warns usurers, "thou hast taken usury (interest) and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbors by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord God. Behold, therefore, I have smitten mine hand at thy dishonest gain which thou hast made, and at thy blood which hast been in the midst of thee." (Ez 22:12-13) "The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just." (Prov 13:22) It appears then that usurers shall receive two payments.     1. the first of money,         2.   the second of judgment.

So repent sinner and make restitution. Don't be like Samuel who ask, "Whose goods did I take?" (See 1 Samuel 12:3); but be like Zacheus.

"And Zacheus stood, and said unto the Lord, Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. And Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house." Lk 19:8-9 Restore it sinner, for the sin is not remitted until the money is restored.

Amaziah in 2 Chr 25:9 did not know what he would do when he gave a hundred talents of silver. "And the man of God answered, The Lord is able to give thee much more than this."

The interest taker (usurer) is out of fellowship with the Lord until this sin is fixed. He has no communion with Christ nor with the saints. Not only has he stolen, but he must not try to pass this money which is not rightly his onto his children, rather "Set thy things in order before you die." Isaiah said to Hezekiah. (Is 38:6)

So sinner, if Christ is in your heart and speaks to you as Zacheus, then restore now as Zacheus did.

QUESTION 9 If I loaned money to a man would it be wrong to accept interest if he insisted on giving it?

There is a difference between accepting interest and demanding it. The best way to avoid the attending evils of interest is not to accept it, but encourage the debtor to give it to a worthy cause. This would be preferable, over accepting it oneself, if one is to avoid encouraging evil. Interest is a practice leading to the oppression of the poor. If the situation seems to be a special case, then the best answer is to put the issue before the Lord. I have myself had best results if I cleared my slate with the Lord first. I believe at times the Lord doesn't answer, simply because the plain answer is in his Word. Be honest with the Lord.

QUESTION 10. Are there times interest taking is O.K.?

Area Three - Questions concerning Biblical teachings on rent.

QUESTION 1. Is rent the same as interest?

Obviously, rent is not the same as interest. The very fact that the two words can be used without any problem of the mind confusing the two ideas shows that they are not the same idea.

"Should rent be viewed the same as interest?" is a deeper question. Unfortunately, our modern Bible translations have confused the issue greatly. The modern Bible translations have attempted to put scripture in terms we can understand. In doing so they have given us words we understand, but that are not faithful to the original meaning. For instance, the parable of Jesus which occurs in Mt 21:33-41, Mk 12: 1-9 and Lk 20:9-16 in modern translations appears to be a rental situation, when it was actually a SHARECROPPING ARRANGEMENT in the original language and the parable shows this.

In fact, all the Biblical examples of "rent" which the modern translations present (with the exception of Paul renting a room in Rome (Acts 28:30) are not really examples of rent at all. Ex 22:15 speaks of loaning an animal, Deut 24:15 indicates work for wages, and Lev 25:15-16 refers to a buyer paying for a share of the crops.

The question remains is rent forbidden or not? Although rent was not part of the life of ancient Israel, and is not the optimum method for a Godly Society to operate under, it is not expressly forbidden. It is this Author's conviction that rent is different from interest and can be paid. Rent inherently suffers from some of the same defects of interest and in an ideal situation would be have to be eliminated. Because we do not live in an ideal situation, and we are not expressly forbidden, rent is permissible.

A major difference between the Israelites and the modern man is that modern governments in effect believe they own all the land, and in effect "rent" the land to its citizens. If you do not believe this try missing your rent payments (taxes) and see if the government doesn't come for what they think is theirs. In contrast to this ungodly system, the Israelites were given the land for their families for an enduring inheritance. It genuinely belonged to the people, rather than their government, although the final title holder was always God who held the people responsible for their treatment of the land. God will again someday bring to ruin those ruining the earth, according to various scriptures. How can we honestly quibble about rent, when in effect that is what all "property owners" are doing today?

This Author does not wish to say that it is always right to charge or accept rent, but that although there may be some similarity between rent and interest, there are also some big differences. For instance, the owner who rents his property, but pays the taxes and maintenance, etc., but receives no rent would be better off financially, if he didn't own the property. This would not be the case where money is loaned and no interest received.

What if money was loaned and not returned? It would be a total loss, while if no rent was received couldn't the property be sold?

In some cases the property could be sold, while in other cases it may be the owner's home where he is unable to farm it himself. Thus to never allow rent could cause hardship. The man that could use property tax free and upkeep free - that is free of charge - has a better chance than if he would own the property. In contrast, the man who borrows $5000 without interest is not better off than someone who owns $5000. Again rent and interest are not alike. This does not give us any overall rule, circumstances vary in case to case, but it does indicate that the rules applying to interest do not have blanket application to rent.

The poor can be oppressed as severely by rent as interest. Some mining companies and other companies around the world have oppressed people to the point of actually keeping them in slavery to the companies by the use of rent. Rent originally served as a system of tribute, a tax in ancient times. It is clear that rent has its own harsh effects, but it must be examined in the context of being rent, and not as a type of interest.

QUESTION 2. Was rent forbidden by the Law of Moses?

After clarifying that rent is not interest, we then can ask, is rent forbidden by the Law of Moses? Yes and No.

The origin of the word rent is helpful. Rent comes from the Latin "rendere". Rendere could mean either a payment or the surrender of a city to an army. In the word "sur-rend-er" the rend comes from "rendere". The connotation has historically been a type of tribute or tax payment. Although to demand this type of payment might not be acceptable under the admonitions to love others, the scriptures do not categorically forbid rent, or taxes, or tributes. Certainly tributes, taxes and rents can and should be paid according to Christ's teachings. Whether Rent should be charged depends upon the exact situation. Again much of what we might offhand refer to as rent can or is actually something else.

QUESTION 3. May a Christian rent and not sin?

This question and question 2 are really extensions of question 1 and are being answered in the context of the answer to question 1. If you haven't read the last two questions please do. QUESTION 4. Why would rent have been necessary when they had no taxes nor very little upkeep of fences or buildings?

QUESTION 5. If rent is not paid the property can sold, but if the loan is not repaid then what is the security for the lender?

QUESTION 6. Can't the poor be oppressed through rent?

Area Four- Questions concerning lending and giving.

QUESTION 1. Are the Biblical provisions for the poor still in force?

QUESTION 2. Suppose we lend money to a needy person and he wastes it, are we responsible for that?

QUESTION 3. What are some of the duties of the borrower?

QUESTION 4. What is the secret teaching of giving?

One of the reasons Christ's and the scripture's teachings on giving are being lost is that "The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." 1 Cor 2:14 "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise." 1 Cor 1:27

God's secret formula of success is to give abundantly, freely, wisely, cheerfully, humbly, and secretly—for which He sees in secret and He richly rewards you in return in secret. As one man has often been quoted, "I shovel into God's bin, and He shovels back into mine, and He has a bigger shovel."

St. Cyprian, bishop of the church at Carthage, was one of the first Christian leaders. His writings condemn interest taking. His writings were very interesting to read, because they emphasized alms giving to an extent that is rarely if ever heard today.
        In chapter 2 and 3 of his writings, he brings out in scriptures in a way that is not taught today how important it is to give alms to cleanse ourselves of the sins we commit as Christians.
        In chapter 4, he brings out how if we do not hear the needs of those around us, then we can not expect our prayer life to be fruitful.
        In chapter 6, he brings out that Tabitha's almsgiving had qualified her to be raised from the dead.
        In chapter 7, he brings out that we must be faithful with unrighteous mammon, if we are to expect God to commit to us true riches, (cf. Lk 16:11)
        Chapters 9 through 13 are to encourage Christians not to fear about giving too much, and their resources failing them.
        In chapter 18, he advises those who have many children in their homes with stretched budgets to give much because in doing so they cover the multitude of sins that come from a multitude of family members.

The reader is encouraged to read St. Cyprian’s writings for a more in-depth study of the power of and the need for giving alms.

Area Five- Questions concerning my hermeneutics.

QUESTION 1. How does the original Hebrew read concerning interest?

The following are Hebrew words meaning to take interest.

1.      "masah". "masah" comes from "nasah" (verb) and signifies in "qual" to take or demand interest.

2.     "nesak". "nesak" comes from "nasak" (verb) which means to bite, to oppress, to take interest. A picture of the pain of interest to the borrower is inherent in the word. The word "nasah" which meant interest taker has been translated extortioner in various scriptures. It was understood in the early church that the N.T. greek references to extortioners were applicable to interest takers.

3.     "lavah". "lavah" signifies in "qual" to borrow and "hifil" to lend.

4.     "marbit and tarbit". from "rabah" (meaning to increase or to multiply) comes two other names for interest "marbit" and "tarbit" (which also means a surplus or increase). The equivalent word in ancient Mesopotamia "Sibtu" which meant increase, carried with it a negative connotation meaning increase by attack such as an attack by pirates, or an attack of epilepsy.


Ex. 22:25 "If thou lend (lavah) money to any of my people who is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer (noseh - meaning extortioner), neither shalt thou lay upon him usury (nesek)."

Lev. 25:35-38 "And if thy brother who dwelleth by thee be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee [meaning he cannot support himself among you], then thou shalt relieve him, yea, though he be a stranger (ger), or a sojourner, that he may live with thee. Take no usury (nesek) from him or increase (tarebit), but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury (nesek), nor lend him thy victuals (food supplies) for increase (marebit - meaning fruits or profits).

In Deut. 23:19-21 the word usury (nesek) meaning interest is used five times. The word for stranger (nokri meaning foreignor) appears once.

David complains of his enemies in Ps 109 and asks God to allow them to reap evil. Ps 109:11, "Let the extortioner (nasah) catch all that he hath; and let the strangers spoil his labour...because he persecuted the poor and needy man" (other resons are also given here in Ps 109:16). Ps 15 says "Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in the holy hill?...He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taking reward of the innocent." Studying this seems to indicate that David believed taking interest came under the moral law.

Sir. 29:1-3 (Apoc.) reads "extortioner and an oppressor to devour (nasak)". This and Ps 109:11 are two verses where "nasak" was translated extortion rather than interest.

It appears from the original Hebrew usage that all interest was considered to be a form of extortion.

Ezek. 22:12 speaks of interest takers and extortioners in the same sentence, and Mt 23:25 says the Pharisees are hypocrites being "full of extortion and excess."

Lk 18:11, I Cor. 5:10, 5:11, 6:10 are scriptures condemning extortioners.

Amos 2 tells how the garments used as legal instruments for securing a debt and the wine of those who had been fined had been taken. The wine seized from fines must refer to a payment in kind taken from debtors. Whether this was according to the law illegal interest or not, it is clear that it produced suffering of the poor which disobeys Ex 23:6; 22:22,26.

QUESTION 2. Is it lord or Lord in Lk 16:18?

Is it "Lord" or "lord" in Lk 16:8?

Some will contend that I have added something to the scriptures, because English Bibles have a small "1" for "lord" in Luke 16:18. Does verse 8 refer to the rich man and not to the Lord Jesus? Actually, they are the ones who are adding to the scriptures. No distinction like this is found in the Greek manuscripts nor in the German translations.

The Greek manuscripts said "kurios" for Lord in Luke 16:8. This word is used in almost every place translated where they mean the Lord our God, or Lord Jesus. Greek words like "lord" or "father" were not set apart with capitalization. The observant reader will be correct that this kurios could mean either Lord or lord. However, three things give evidence that kurios meant Lord Jesus in Luke 16:8.
        1. First, the Lord Jesus told this story, because there was something commendable or some good example to commend there to his disciples.
        2. There is no period after verse 8 in the Greek manuscripts which means verse 9 is spoken with verse 8.

Verse 9 reads, "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Even the King James has no period between verse 8 and 9. Now, does it seem likely the rich man said, "the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."? The truth is simply the Lord who spoke the sentence (which was numbered by emn verse 8 and 9) was the Lord Jesus. 3. The Bible itself gives a distinction between where lord is (meaning the rich man) and where the Lord is meant.

The story does not use the word "kurios" meaning the rich man once. Instead, it uses possessive words such as

which translate where the steward is talking "lord of his" or "his lord", and later lord of the steward. If Jesus had included verse 8 and 9 in his story of the steward he would have used different word(s) for "lord" than just "kurios". It seems evident that Luke wrote what "the Lord (Jesus) commended in verse 8 and 9.

QUESTION 3. Are the items in Neh 5:10, 11 rent or interest?

Nehemiah commanded that the Jews give back a hundredth part of corn, wine and oil to their poor brethren, is this hundredth part rent or interest?

Verse 10 calls it interest (usury) in English and Verse 11 does so in Luther's German trans. It is O.K. to accept that these verses in scripture have labeled it correctly, for to do so contradicts no other scripture. In Joseph's time, 20% seems to have been customary as rent. 1% would hardly indicate rent.

Chapter 3.3

Financial Wizards & Wealthy Cults

Two neighbor horse farmers came together one day to talk business. The first farmer sold his horse to the second for a quarter million dollars, and then bought it back for about $20 more. He could now advertise his horse (actually worth $20), as a horse he that he had paid over a quarter of a million dollars for.

We can laugh over such schemes. And perhaps we should laugh at ourselves for having been fooled, for if there is one area in life that exceeds the religious in deception, and touches all of us it is the financial. What else can we do about it except laugh?

    The famous poet Lord Byron describes the archtype of our two farmers in 1823:

Who keeps the world, both old and new, in pain
Or pleasure? Who makes politics run glibber all?
The shade of Bonaparte's noble daring?
Jew Rothschild and his fellow-Christian, Baring.

You'll learn about some other "neighbor horse traders" in this chapter too.


Lord Rothschild in his book The Shadow of a Great Man quotes a letter sent from Davidson on June 24, 1814 to Nathan Rothschild,

"As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world."1

The closeness of the Rothschild brothers is seen in a letter from Saloman (Salmon) Rothschild to his brother Nathan on Feb. 28, 1815, "We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential."

This closeness is further seen in that of the 18 marriages made by Mayer Amschel Rothschild's grandchildren, 16 were contracted between first cousins.


In 1974, in the summer after the Yom Kippur War this Author toured Israel, and got the chance to personally visit many of the buildings like the Knesset that the Rothschild's money has built. The Knesset is the Israeli equivalent to our Congress's Capitol building.

One of the Rothschilds in his will left money for ongoing building projects in Israel, and the Rothschilds are honored with a street named after them in Jerusalem.

The people of Germany and Turkey have been very close. I can recall meeting Turkish "Gastarbeiter" (guestworkers) in Germany. The reader will remember that Turkey fought on Germany's side in W.W. I. A few powerful Jews, including the Rothschilds were responsible for the wording of the Treaty imposed on Germany that ended W.W. I. The treaty gave the

Rothschilds the German owned railway rights in Palestine (which had been part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire), thus paving the way for the Rothschilds to have a sure leverage to dictate policy concerning Palestine. The Rothschilds had made loans to Turkey which amounted to almost one hundred million pounds. When the Turkish government collapsed after W.W. I, because they were on the losing side, the Rothschilds had a claim on Palestine because of those unpaid Turkish loans.4 The British government followed the dictates of the Rothschilds. The British were given a mandate over Palestine, and the Rothschilds were able to, through their proxies in the British government, to create the steps that led to the nation of Israel.5

pic inserts >>>>>>
Rothschild home in Frankfurt-on-the-Main.
16th century
Representatives from five major banks meet twice
daily at the Rothschilds to determine the world's
gold price.


One item stands out as a person listens to the International Bankers and reads their books. They believe money is what makes the world go round. If you have money, you can do anything. Money is "God", and it is worshipped and served. Even after these families accumulate more than can be spent, these devotees continue selling their souls for this false but powerful god.

The great poet-philosopher Heinrich Heine (a Banker's son) said, "Money is the god of our time, and Rothschild is his prophet."6 Following the cue of the Rothschilds, Heinrich Heine, a Jew, signed his name by drawing a Seal of Solomon.

Amsel Rothschild is reported to have said, "Give me control of the economics of a country; and I care not who makes her laws."

Today his descendents meet twice daily in London to dictate to the world what the world price of gold will be. They also dictate what the "Federal Reserve System" will do with America's finances.


According to eye-witnesses, who were prominent enough to visit one of the British Rothschild homes, the Rothschilds worship yet another god too, Satan. They set a place for him at their table.8a The Rothschilds have been Satanists for many generations.

The Rothschilds are an important part of the history of the Seal of Solomon (also known as hexagram, Magen David, six-pointed star, Star of David.) The Seal of Solomon, the hexagram, was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds began using it.9 Throughout the Middle Ages the Seal of Solomon had been used by Arab Magicians, Cabalist Magicians, Druid witches and Satanists. One of the few ancient uses of the symbol was on the floor of a 1,200 year old Moslem Mosque found where Tel Aviv is today.10 In the twelve century an Ashkenazic Jew Menahem ben Duji, who thought he was the Messiah, used the magical symbol.11 Because the Rothschilds were Satanists they adopted this powerful magic symbol in 1822 for their coat- of-arms. The name they adopted for their family actually comes from the fact that in the 17th century Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out a red hexagram in front of their house to identify it. Mayer Amschel then decided to take the name red-schield (Rothschild in German) after the red Seal of Solomon that they used.

Alice Bailey in A Treatise On White Magic, p. 412, claims that the Hierarchy has a special group which she calls "the financial group" "controlling all that can be converted into energy, and constituting a dictatorship over all modes of intercourse, commerce and exchange." According the Luciferian Alice Bailey, the "financial group" is the latest group directed by the Hierarchy.

In 1836 Zevi Hirsch Kalischer approached Rothschild and proposed Rothschild buy all of Erez Israel. It took many years for the Rothschilds to finally create Israel. The Rothschilds have been a primary force behind the creation of Israel, and so it is appropriate that the nation carries their magical Seal of Solomon as the state logo.

The Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel will not serve in the Israeli army because they know that Almighty God was not behind the creation of modern Israel, but rather the rich ungodly apostate Jews. They refuse to serve the ungodly. They are more wiser than men like Jerry Falwell who run around proclaiming Israel is God's nation. Men like Falwell are the type that this Author finds reference to repeatedly in Jewish documents that speak of their power within the Fundamentalists. God is ultimately in charge, he has allowed Hitler to come to power, Stalin to come to power, and the Rothschilds to come to power. In the same sense that God rules over and blessed Stalin's Russia, he rules over America and Israel. To twist scriptures about God seating the rulers and then to apply them to bless one Satanic secular communist nation and not another is inconsistent and not correctly using the Word of Truth.

Some people object that the conspiracy of Power is labeled Jewish rather than Satanic by certain concerned citizens. This objection is valid— however, will these objectors then take the obvious next step and admit the nation of Israel which the Rothschild's created is Satanic and not Jewish? But then who knows precisely why people do what they do? If you ask someone why he does something, he will give you one answer today, another tomorrow, and another the next day. Does he do what he does for a real reason, or a single motive? Perhaps to label the Power as only Satanic or only Jewish or only Masonic is to neglect the personal human dimension. This personal human dimension is godless. Being godless it fills that void, by pretending its men are gods. This brings us right back to the Gnostic religions and Satan.

Most Jewish people do not concern themselves with learning the occultic significance to their treasured Magen David (Star of David). King David did not have anything to do with the hexagram, although his son Solomon did when he began worshipping Ashtoreth (star, also known as Astarte, Chiun, Kaiwan, Remphan, and Saturn).12 Solomon built altars to Star (Astarte, aka Ashtoreth). The god Saturn is associated with the Star but both Saturn and Astarte also been identified with a number of other names. Saturn is an important key to understanding the long heritage this conspiracy has back to antiquity. The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual. Saturn also relates to Lucifer.13 In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. Saturn was important to the religion of Mithra, and also the Druids.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD —connections to JWs, Mormons, and Judaism

It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschilds.

Charles T. Russell, in a 1891 letter to Baron (Lord) Rothschild, mailed from Palestine, outlined possible courses of action that could be taken to establish the Jews in Palestine. Russell's letters praised the Rothschild's money which established Jewish colonies in Palestine. Russell writes Rothschild, "What is needed here, therefore, next to water and cleanliness, is a good government which will protect the poor from the ravenous and the wealthy. Banking institutions on sound bases, and doing business honorably, are also greatly needed." Russell continues, "May the God of Jacob direct you, my dear Sir, and all interested with you in the deliverance and prosperity of Israel, and blessed will they be who, to any extent, yield themselves as his servants in fulfilling his will as predicted."14

When the Mormon Church needed financing in the late 19th century, they went to Kuhn,Loeb Co.15 To explain the Rothschild's control of Kuhn, Loeb Co. here is some background information. The method that the House of Rothschild used to gain influence, was the same that Royalty had used for centuries, marriage. The Rothschild children, girls and boys, have had their spouses chosen on the basis of alliances that would benefit the House of Rothschild, but since consolidating world power they generally have married cousins these last two centuries.16 Jacob Schiff grew up in the house that the Rothschild's had at 148 Judengasse, Frankfurt. Jacob Schiff came to the United States with Rothschild capital and took over control of a small Jewish banking concern founded by two Cincinnati dry goods merchants Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. He even married Soloman's daughter. In 1885, Loeb retired, and Schiff ran the Kuhn, Loeb Co. for the Rothschilds until 1920 when he died.17

During Russell's and Brigham Young's day, Lord Rothschild was considered the "lay leader of world Jewry."18 Edmund Rothschild was President of the Jewish Colonization Association,19 which was a major Zionist group. Amselm Rothschild indicated that his grandfather Amschel Mayer Rothschild had insisted in Clause 15 of his will to his children, "may they and their descendants remain constantly true to their ancestral Jewish faith."20 However, the will has been secret and there is no way of knowing what it says. The Rothschilds have not remained true to the Orthodox faith. If this was actually what Clause 15 said then something is amiss.

The Jewish world has showered the Rothschilds with praises, "The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people....The lion of the tribe of Judah, Baron Rothschild, possesses more real force than David—more wisdom than Solomon."21 The Prieure de Sion-the Elders of Sion22 also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a Jewish council of Elders of Sion.23

The Rothschilds have "helped" the Jewish people the Rothschild's own way. For those who admire stinginess, the Rothschilds will be greatly looked up to. For instance, the extent of James Rothschild's charity in France to poor Jews was 5 francs (the equivalent of $1).24 Their dynasty has destroyed honest Jews along with Christians. Today, few dare criticize the Rothschilds.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD—connections to secret societies

The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati,25 and it is known that a least one of the sons of Amsel was a member. As the reader remembers, Amsel placed his sons in the major European capitals, where they each set up the principal banking houses. By their own secret intelligence service and their own news network they could outmaneuver any European government.26 The large amounts of voluminous correspondence by Rothschild couriers attracted attention,27 but no one ever stopped their personal intelligence and mail services.

After the Bavarian Illuminati were exposed, the central occult power over the European secret societies shifted to Carbonarism a.k.a. the Alta Vendita,28 led by another powerful Rothschild, Karl Rothschild,29 son of Amschel. In 1818, Karl participated in a secret document that was sent out to the head-quarters of Masonry from the Alta Vendita. The Masons were quite distressed when a copy of this was lost, and offered rewards to anyone who could return the lost copy. It was originally written in Italian. Its title translates "Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry."30

The Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Vol. 4, p.74, indicates two other sons of Amschel were Masons, James Meyer Rothschild, and his brother Nathan Meyer Rothschild. James Rothschild in Paris was a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason, and his brother Nathan in London was a member of the Lodge of Emulation. And Jewish Freemason Katz indicates Solomon Meir Rothschild, a third member of the five brothers, was initiated into Freemasonry on June 14, 1809.31

The Rothschilds became powerful within Freemasonry.

We find the Saint-Simonians, the occult religious millennialist forerunners of communism, praising Baron de Rothschild in their magazine Le Globe,

"There is no one today who better represents the triumph of equality and work in the nineteenth century than M. le Baron de Rothschild....Was this Jew bom a millionaire? No, he was born poor, and if only you knew what genius, patience, and hard work were required to construct that European edifice called the House of Rothschild, you would admire rather than insult it."

Lionel de Rothschild (the de was added by the French Rothschilds) was involved with the first communist Internationale.

The Mason Mazzini who helped start communism praised Rothschild, "Rothschild could be King of France if he so desired."32

Adolphe Cremieux, was a french Jewish Mason (see chap. 1.4 for his credentials). The Rothschilds gave at least £ 1,000 to Cremieux to go to Damascus with Salomon Munk, and Sir Moses Montefiore to win the release of Jews imprisoned there, and to convince the Turkish Sultan to declare the charges of ritual murder false.33

According to the three Jewish authors of Dope, Inc. the B'nai B'rith was a spin-off of the Order of Zion and was organized as a "covert intelligence front" for the House of Rothschild. It is highly probable that the B'nai B'rith was used as a Rothschild intelligence cover.

The Rothschilds are prominent in the Bilderbergers, too.

The Rothschilds were closely related to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). Although many people today would not view the CFR as a secret society it was originally set up as part of a secret society and it was kept secret for many years, in spite of its awesome power. Carroll Quigley, professor of International Relations at the Jesuit Georgetown University, exposed the Round Table Group with his book Tragedy and Hope.34

The Rothschilds supported Rhodes to form De Beers.35 Later, Rhodes made seven wills which established a secret society modeled after the Jesuits and Masons to help bring in a One-World- Government centered upon Britain, and the Rhodes Scholarships.36 The inner group was established in Mar. 1891 and consisted of Rhodes, Stead, Lord Esher (Brett), and 33° Mason Alfred Milner.33bb A secondary circle of "potential members of the Circle of Initiates" consisted of the Jew Lord Balfour, Sir Harry Johnson, Lord Rothschild, Lord Grey and others. Initially, Lord Rothschild was part of the inner group of Rhode's secret society, but was replaced by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury who wasn't as conspicuous.37 The Fabian Socialists dominated the staff at Oxford when the Rhodes Scholars began arriving. These scholars then received indoctrination and preparation to become part of an international socialist New World Order.38

The Round Table Group developed from the inner executive circle of Rhode's secret society. The outer circle was established after the start of the 20th century. The Round Table Group was extended after W.W. I, by organizing a front organization the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council of Foreign Relations was the American part of this front. The inner circle continues to direct the outer circle and its two front organizations RIIA and CFR. The CFR in turn set up a number of fronts including the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR).

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD—management of the Catholic and Czars' wealth and the capture of the Orthodox Church's wealth

Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcasticly say "Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope...Order has at last been re-established."39 The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican's wealth. The Jewish Ency., Vol. 2, p.497 states, "It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure."

Researcher Eustice Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823.40

Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system.

The great wealth of the Russian Czars was entrusted to the Rothschilds, $35 million with the Rothschild's Bank of England, and $80 million in the Rothschild's Paris bank. The Rothschilds financed the Russian Revolution which confiscated vast portions of the Orthodox Church's wealth. They have been able to prevent (due to their power) the legitimate heirs of the Czars fortune to withdraw a penny of the millions deposited in a variety of their banks. The Mountbattans, who are related to the Rothschilds, led the court battles to prevent the claimants from withdrawing any of the fortune. In other words, the money they invested in the Russian Revolution, was not only paid back directly by the Bolshevists in millions of dollar of gold, but by grabbing the huge deposits of the Czars' wealth, the Rothschilds gained what is now worth over $50 Billions.41


Chapter 2.11 gives the names of a Witchcraft Council of 13 which is under Rothschild control and in turn issue orders to various groups. One of the purest form of Satanism can be traced to the Jewish Sabbatain sect and its Frankist spinoff. The leaders of this up to the Rothschilds were:

Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676)

Nathan of Gaza (16??-?)

Jacob Frank (1726-1791)


Three connections between Satanism, evil, and money.

Money naturally attracts itself to evil. For instance, if a woman prostitutes herself she may receive a great sum of money, but who will pay her for keeping her virginity or her dignity? If you are a hit man and a large amount of money is yours if you kill your target, who will pay you if you would miss your target?

Second, evil men believe in where there is a will there is a way, and they are willing to sell their souls for their God money. They will employ evil to gain money.

While most people are quite aware of these last two connections, a third may likely have escaped their attention. Thirdly, the principle group of men who cranked up International Banking were Satanists from the beginning. These Satanists now are the ones who run the Federal Reserve and are responsible for the creation of U.S. Federal Reserve notes. Just having total control over the supply of U.S. paper money almost gives them leverage over the world's finances, without mentioning they control the world bank. It is no accident then, that once they established world financial control, they would do all in their power to divide and conquer and destroy both the Christian and the Moslem faith in God. These powerful Bankers relate to faith in God as Cain related to his brother Abel. That they may be related to the Jewish people, does not mean they have the Jewish people's best interest at heart.

Initially Sabbetai Zevi was rejected by many Jews. His sect gained momentum in second half of the seventeenth century in southeastern Poland.42 In 1759-60, 500 Jewish Sabbateans "converted" to Christianity.43

In 1715, 109 of the 415 Jewish families in Frankfurt were engaged in moneylending. The rest were merchants of various kinds. The concepts that Satanism holds to were a natural shoe in to justify for many of these Jewish bankers the type of behavior they were engaged in.44


Many divisions and battles between religious elements in the world have been encouraged and supported by the Power's wealth. Unfortunately, many have been fooled into thinking that being devout and faithful to God is the source of religious fighting. In some areas of the world, Moslems, Christians, and others have gotten along fine for centuries. Religious tensions do spring to some degree from within the religions themselves, but the fuel to keep those fires burning and to light up conflicts often come from the Power's wealth. An obvious example is the Iran-Iraq war.


When Germany fell, not only did Rothschild agents draft the treaty, prepare the idea of the League of Nations, but Max Rothschild was one of 11 men who took control over Bavaria. Max Rothschild was a Freemason in Lodge No. 11, Munich, Germany.

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD—connections to MI5, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, CFR, et. al.

Victor Rothschild, who worked for J.P. Morgan & Co., and was an important part of MI5 (British Intelligence). Victor Rothschild was also a communist and member of the Apostles Club at Cambridge.45

Lord Rothschild was one of the original members of Rhode's Round Table group which developed into the CFR. It was the Rothschilds who had financed Cecil Rhodes, beginning in Africa.

The Rothschilds' have several agents which their money got started and who still serve them well, the Morgans and the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers were Marrano Jews. The original Rockefeller made his money selling narcotics, (they weren't illegal then). After acquiring a little capital he branched out in oil. But it was the Rothschild capital that made the Rockefeller's so powerful. "They also financed the activities of Edward Harriman (railroads) and Andrew Carnegie Steel."46

CO-MASTERS OF THE WORLD—Power within Christendom

The Rothschilds also wielded much influence and power not only in Secret Societies, but also in Christendom's churches.

The Salvation Army under the suggestion of the Rothschilds adopted the Red Shield (Roth-red Schild-shield) for their logo.

One history of the Rothschilds remarks, "The Rothschilds had rapidly propelled themselves into a position of immense financial power and political influence. They were an independent force in the life of Europe, accountable to no one and, to a large extent, reliant on no one. Popular lampoons depicted them as the real rulers of Christendom..."47

Some of the Rothschilds have been involved in the campaign to loosen public morals. The first executive Secretary of the National Student Forum was John Rothschild. This National Student Forum changed its name like articles of clothing. Speaking about clothing, one of the aims of this Socialist group was to promote public nudity, and free love. This organization had the following constituent groups Radcliffe Liberal Club, Union Theological Seminary Contemporary Club, Yale Liberal Club48 to name just a few. A further development of this was the Youth Peace Federation which consisted of the League of Youth of Community Church, Methodist Epworth League, NY District, Young Judea, and Young People's Fellowship of St. Phillip's Parish49 to name a few.

American religious men have ties to the Rothschilds especially through their various agents. Harry Emerson Fosdick, who was Pastor of Rockefeller's church was also among the Presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation. John Foster Dulles, CFR, was chairman of the board of the Rockefeller Foundation, and married a Rockefeller, Janet Pomeroy Avery. Remember John Foster Dulles was an important Federal Council of Churches of Christ official.(See chap. 2.9)

Every road leads back to the Rothschilds. There are more items than what have been mentioned above linking the Rothschilds to the various tentacles.

Each of the various tentacles that conspiracy theorists have put forth,—the Jews, the Masons, the Intelligence Communities, the International Bankers, the Prieure de Sion, the Catholics, the Trilateral commission, the CFR, the New Age, the Cults— each ties back to the Rothschild's power.


According to one source "it was estimated that they controlled half the wealth of the world."50

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York was controlled by five banks which owned 53% of its stock. These five banks were controlled by Nathan M. Rothschild & Sons of London. Control over the U.S. Fed is basically control over the world's money. That fact alone shows how immense the Rothschild Power is. If one examines who has been appointed to head the Fed, and to run it, the connections of the "Federal" Reserve System to the Rothschilds can further be seen. Another private enterprise using the name Federal that the Rothschilds also direct is Federal Express. Anyone else might be taken to court for making their businesses sound like their are government, not the Rothschilds. It is appropriate for them to appropriate the name of Federal, because by way of M16 via the CIA they instruct the U.S. government. Senators are bought and paid off by their system, as investigators of the BCCI are discovering.

The Rothschilds have been intimately involved in witchcraft and the Illuminati since its early known history. The Kaiser of Germany seems to refer to them when he said, "the magic powers of money as wielded by the Lord of Lucre are powers of Black Magic at its blackest."51

If only half of the wealth is controlled by the Rothschilds, it indicates that if they are to be part of the world's rulership, they must have allies.


The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are only two of thirteen controlling families of the Illuminati.52

Two Jewish families that appear to be prominent are the Oppenheims and the Oppenheimers.

A.    Oppenheim was situated in Cologne. The Oppenheimers were early members of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Bund der Gerechten (League of the Just) was an Illuminati front run mainly by Jews who were Satanists. This Bund financed in part by the Rothschilds paid the Satanist and Mason Karl Marx to write the Communist Manefesto. The Jew Gumpel Oppenheim was in the inner circle of the Bund. His relative Heinrich Oppenheim masterminded the communist revolution of 1848 in Germany. The Communist Party's official histories even accept the Bund as the predecessor of Communism.

The Oppenheimers apparently are close to the Rothschilds. J. Robert Oppenheimer of the CFR was exposed as a communist. Harry Oppenheimer, an international banker, is chairman of the Jewish De Beers world-wide diamond monopoly, and chairman of the Anglo-American Corp. Oppenheimers can be found in important financial positions in the U.S. They help run around 10 large foundations, including the Oppenheimer Haas Trust of NY for the care of needy Jewish children.

The Jewish Ency. Vol. 2, p. 496 indicates other Jewish families "adopted the Rothschild plan." These were the Lazards, Stems, Speyers, and Seligmans. The Rothschild plan was to place family members in the 5 largest European capitals to coordinate their activities. One of Germany's largest magazines is the Stern, and Ernst Stem is second-in-command of the World Bank.53

The Jewish families that established the Frankfurt Judenloge (this was the Masonic lodge the Rothschilds belonged to in Frankfurt) included the Adlers, Speyers, Reisses, Sichels, Ellisons, Hanaus, Geisenheimers, and Goldschmidts. Isaac Hildesheim, a Jew who changed his name to Justus Hiller is credited as being the founder of this Frankfurt lodge. Michael Hess, principal of the Reformed Jewish school Philanthropin was an important figure in the lodge too, as was Dr. Ludwig Baruch (later Borne) who joined in 1808. Most of these Frankfurt Jewish Freemasons engaged in commerce.54 Those Freemasons from 1817-1842 were the leaders of the Frankfurt Jewish community.55

A gentile Mason in Frankfurt Johann Christian Ehrmann began warning the German people that the Frankfurt Jewish Masons wanted a world republic based on humanism. In 1816 he came out with a warning pamphlet Das Judenthum in der M[aurere]y (The Jews in Masonry).

A powerful ally of the world's Jewry can be seen beginning with men like Oliver Cromwell, who was considered a Mason.

Cromwell was financed by Jews, and helped the Jews gain power in England. Cromwell was willing to go along with the Jews, because he became convinced of British Israelism. Since the core of the conspiracy of power is Jewish, the attitude of those allied with it hinges on their attitude toward the Jewish people.

The religious idea that the British people are descended from the tribes of Israel doesn't automatically place people into the camp of the conspiracy. Some of the British-Israelites realize that the so called Jewish people in general have no claim over the promises of God. For that reason, they realize that it is not the Christian duty to bow and scrape at their every move. When Christians can be arrested in Israel and abused, and Christians will not even stand up for their own kind, we can see how much hold the idea of the "Chosen Race" theory has over Christendom.

Some of the British Israelites such as the Mormons, the old New England wealthy families such as make up the Order, some Masons and New Agers, and the non-Jewish members of the Priuere de Sion are collaborating with the One-World-Power. The Anglican church, which is run by the Freemasons, is strongly British Israelistic.


In contrast, a hodge-podge of groups which are opposed to the conspiracy like some Neo-Nazi groups, and various Churches unrelated with them are also believers in British Israelism. These various groups are sometimes all lumped together as the "Identity" movement, which is misleading because of their vast differences. It is important to differentiate between those groups that are trying to approach things from a Christian perspective and place themselves under the authority of God, and those who are setting themselves up under the New Order's authority, or under their own authority.


Eustice Mullins has published his research in his book Who Owns the TV Networks showing that the Rothschilds have control of all three U.S. Networks, plus other aspects of the recording and mass media industry. It can be added that they control Reuters too.

From other sources it appears CNN, which began as an independent challenge to the Jewish Network monopoly, ran into repeated trickery, and ended up part of the system. Money from B.C.C.I., which has tainted so many aspects of public power in the U.S., has also been behind CNN.
( B.C.C.I, has been one of the New World Orders financial systems for doing its dirty business such as controlling Congressmen, and is involved with INSLA, the Iran-Contra Scandal, Centrust, and other recent scandals).

Perhaps nothing dominates the life of some Americans as does the television. Americans sit themselves before the television set and simply absorb what it projects to them. On a day to day basis the biggest way the Rothschilds touch the lives of Americans are the three major networks which are under Rothschild direction.

To illustrate this we will examine who run the networks. This list is not current, and no attempt was to provide that. The length of writing a book insures that some material will be dated anyway.


John Brademas Dir. Rockefllr. Fdtn. chrm Fed. Reserve Bank of N.Y. which controls all other Fed.R.Bks. Humanist of the Yr 1978
Cecily B. Selby nat. dir. Girl Scouts (the occult is now part of the Girl Scout program), dir. Avon Products and Loehmann's (dresses). Husb. James Cole, pres. Bowdoin College
Peter G. Peterson frmr. hd. of Kuhn, Loeb Ex-Sec. of Commerce
Robert Cizek dir. First City Bancorp

d i r. RCA, chairman Cooper Industries

Thomas O. Paine Pres. of Northrup-large defense contractr. Dir. of Inst. of Strategic Studies, dir of various munitions assoc.
Donald Smiley dir. of several Morgan firms dir. of Ralston- Purina, Irving Trust Metro-Life and U.S. Steel and chrmn of Macy Co.
David C. Jones Pres. Consolidated Contr., dir. U.S. Steel, Kemper Insur.
Thornton Bradshaw dir. Rock. Bros. Fund dir. Aspen Inst. of Humanistic Studies, Atlantic-Richfield Oil, Champion Paper Co., chairman of RCA
Brandon Tartikoff (head of NBC entertainment) Jewish
Harold Brown exec. dir. Trilat. Com. Jewish, ex-Sec. of Air Force and ex-Sec. of Def.
Roswell Gilpatric Kuhn Loeb firm C.S.& M dir. Fed. Res. Bk.NY
Henry B. Schnacht CFR, Brookings Inst. dir. Chance Manahattan AT&T, c h r m n Cummins Engine Co., Committee for Economic Develop.
Michel C. Bergerac dir. Manufacturers chrmn. Revlon Hanover
James D. Wolfensohn frmr.hd. J. Henry Schroder Bank
Walter Cronkite
Newton D. Minow dir. Rand Corp
Franklin A. Thomas head of Ford Found.
Marietta Tree assoc. w/ Ditchley Foundation & dir. dir. Winston Churchill Found., dir. Salomon Bro., dir. U.S.Trust, granddgtr of fdr. of Groton, hsbd in Br. Intell.


Jewish writer Anka Muhlstein wrote a book Baron James, The Rise of the French Rothschilds.

I prefer paraphrase and make short quotes from her book, because I am trying to document for the reader the mindset and history of the Rothschilds. Anka Muhlstein has nothing against the Rothschilds, so it will be easier for the reader to accept what she says about them than from me. I can't require the reader to read her book, but I can try to summarize some of the appropriate thoughts. Other books also relate many of the things Anka does, but again if I write a footnoted article, it will not carry the weight as my paraphrase will. The reader is recommended to read the book first hand if he has the time and is interested in the details of James' life.

The Jews in the 18th century were restricted to living in Ghettos. Mayer Amschel Rothschild lived in the Frankfurt ghetto, (p.22) The Jews were repressed by outsiders. (p.23) They lived in geographically isolated and self-contained communities (p. 24). The Jewish communities in Europe used a secret relay system between all the Ghettoes. Hebrew characters were one effective code. (p.24) Because of the persecution and repression, the Jewish communities were very tight- knit and highly organized.(p.23) They were deeply hostile to the Christian people. Christians had restricted their own people from money-lending with interest, so lending money on interest had become a Jewish enterprise. The German princes of Thurn and Taxis in the 16th century initiated a postal service. Mayer Amschel loaned them money. (p.21)

"Certainly they [the Rothschilds] discovered the latitude that the Thurn and Taxis allowed themselves in unsealing letters, possibly divulging their contents, and according to their own interests, delaying or accelerating delivery."(p.22)

When it profited Mayer Amschel, he would hire Christians, but in general his business and banking were conducted by his close knit family. For instance Mayer Amschel hired a young Christian woman to write his letters for him.(p. 25)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his family were wholeheartedly Jewish.(p.27) Mayer Amschel Rothschild picked his sons' wives for the business gains the wives would bring the family. The oldest son was not happy with this (actually he was bitter because he was denied marriage to the woman he loved), but he complied with his father's choice.(p.26) Amschel's daughters all married bankers—in Worms, Sichel, and Beyfus.(p.26) Mayer had ten children and they were all employed in the family business. (p.25) The Jews were taught from childhood up, that the Christians were to blame for all their woes, and that the Christians were to be feared and detested.(p.24) Mayer Amschel had secret, underground passages. (p.22) His carriage was honey-combed with secret drawers. (p.27) The Napoleonic War greatly helped the Rothschild business.(p. 27) Rothschild even outsmarted Napoleon—because the Rothschilds had such good connections.(p.38) The Rothschilds smuggled during the English blockade of Napoleon's Europe, and made millions.(p.33) "The Rothschilds changed course constantly during this period, always maneuvering to avoid any kind of political commitment."(p.34)

One of the things Mayer Amschel set up, was to disperse his 5 sons to the major capitals of Europe.

Anka attributes the respectability of Jewish money lending to the help it gave merchants and entrepreneurs. [See chap. 3.2 -this Author's view is that merchants had been borrowing for centuries prior to interest taking becoming acceptable by society in the 19th century. It was greatly in part due to who owned and controlled the major newspapers in the 19th century—Jews and Masons—that led the public to change.] "The obligation to reimburse a loan and to pay interest became less onerous to men whose affairs had flourished as a result of the borrowed money. The Jewish lender ceased to be a bloodsucker; often, indeed, he became an associate of the borrower. "(p.31) [The Bible says a borrower is a slave to the lender, hardly an association to be desired.]

The business of financing Monarchs was lucrative. The Rothschilds had developed several traits in the ghetto that made their family hard to stop.

"The great gift the Frankfurt ghetto bestowed upon him [James Rothschild] was adaptability, a quality matched by the driving force of his ambition, his prodigious energy, tremendous powers of concentration, and determination to get even [with Christians]. James set out to make his place in the world." (p.40)

The five Rothschild brothers, each in the five major European capitals set up their own private courier system which was faster than the regular mail.(p.47)

The Rothschilds had news whether political or economic faster than anyone else including the monarchs. "Thus the Rothschilds had news before anyone else, including ministers [govt.]; they also understood how to make use of it."(p.47) [Somewhat akin to how money could be made off of knowing the future.] The Rothschilds normal correspondence to each other was in code.(p.46) Their world was one of finance, politics and secrecy. In the anti-Napoleonic time period, the Rothschilds increased their wealth ten-fold. (p.47)

"...James. He enjoyed, moreover, a rock-solid strength and stability, built up by his family, that family simultaneously closed tight like a fist, united by mutual confidence and an invisible wall of secrecy, yet wide open to the outside world. Such was the cohesion of the Rothschilds that the removal of one or more of them left no gap in their common defenses."

The Rothschilds carried out espionage with their own intelligence service, and other questionable subversive activities but none of these could be tracked. "Whenever Mayer Amschel and his sons were on the verge of being caught out, some highly placed person stepped in and stopped the investigation."(p.36)

They made their money doing technically illegal activity. The original large sum of money made was to take the Elector of Hesse's large sum and instead of investing it into government bonds as directed—to put it to use at investments of higher returns, and giving the elector the return from the government bonds.

Anka writes, "The Elector was never the wiser, but even if he had been, he could hardly have complained of disobedience."(p.34)

In summary, the Mafia-like closeness of the Rothschild family, along with their tactic to situate themselves in all the major capitals, along with their own quick secret personal news/intelligence/mail service gave them the contacts and the power to manipulate all kinds of business opportunities.



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Chapter 3.4



How fitting to start this chapter on education with a test. It is a fairly straightforward question. Tell me which country I am describing? —your choices are Nazi Germany and the United States.

This country backs their schools with their police. Their textbooks are updated and rewritten. Teachers are required to join a national league. Teachers are required to report parents and other non-school violations. The emphasis is more on ideology than academics. There are declining test scores. The training of teachers is vested in the state where such universities indoctrinate the state's philosophy to the future teachers. Morals were declining. There were new freedoms. Immorality was heralded in the schools. The textbooks were full of falsehoods. Parents refusing to participate in the compulsory education were jailed or killed. Teachers began giving blind support to the state.

With what I know, I would have to say it describes both Nazi Germany and the United States. How did you answer?

Changes are coming one after another, they come gradual enough that unless people pull themselves out of their own context and get a broader look, people may inaccurately evaluate themselves.


Early one June morning in 1922, Ku Klux Klansmen and Freemasons made their way quietly to public areas throughout Oregon.

At 8 a.m. sharp they began quickly to gather signatures from citizens for a "Compulsory Education Bill" that they told signers would make public school education compulsory for all "children between the ages of eight and sixteen years."1

Many of the signatories would later feel they had been deceived by the men carrying out this surprise campaign. Of the 50,000 signatures that the Masons would boast they had collected by the end of the day, only 29,000 signatures were actually collected, and 13,000 of those were rejected as illegal or duplications. That left 16,000, yet, only 13,000 were needed to place it on the Oregon ballot.

The Bill was a well-thought out campaign by the Scottish Rite Lodge's leadership to bring education under the control of the state. They had obtained petition sheets, and quietly passed these out to lodges around Oregon, and to sympathetic fraternal organizations such as the K.K.K. The co-author of the Bill was the Knights of the K.K.K.'s leader.4 Most of the paid advertising in the state was over the signature of "P.S. Malcom, 33°, inspector-general in Oregon, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite."


Originally, Christian churches had started the schools in early Oregon. Church run schools were still in abundance in 1922, and flourished beside the public schools. The language of the Bill was subtly worded to begin a process to eliminate the role of the church in education.

As there was already a compulsory school law the public advertisements (almost all public ads were paid for by the Masonic Lodges) were misleading. People initially were led to believe the bill was only about making children attend public school. Once the public got an honest chance they saw it for what it was.

The Oregon Voter said, "It is as an amendment to the Compulsory Education Law that this initiative bill comes before the public, although it is aimed at Catholic parochial schools and includes all denominational and private schools in its sweeping abolition." (The Oregon Voter, Portland, Or., July 15, 1922, p.8)

The Masons made this appealing pitch, "Our children must not under any divided into antagonistic groups, there to absorb the narrow views of life as they are taught." Supposedly, parochial schools create a citizenship of "cliques, cults, and factions."5 Strange, Christians are berated at one moment for wanting everyone to believe the same and are portrayed as obviously at odds with our wonderful diverse cultural heritage, yet at other times they are berated for being divisive.

Oh for consistency. Another Masonic ploy was to wave the flag. They pretended that they wanted the bill to pass to promote Americanism. P.S. Malcolm, 33°, who led the campaign said, "The establishment of high standards of education in our public schools, the teaching of American principles and ideals, and the compulsory public school attendance in the primary grades, is a nationwide Masonic movement."6

In one ad, Malcom urges voters to vote for the Bill in the interest of "One Flag--One School--One Language."7

Although the call to American Patriotism worked, it was a deception on the part of the higher Masonic leadership—who had for many years promoted the elimination of all nationalism.

Even while waving the flag to insure passage of this Bill, they were working hard to destroy all forms of Nationalism and to strengthen the League of Nations.

On Oct. 26, 1922 the readers of the News of Springfield, OR (along with other newspaper reader across Oregon) read a masonic paid ad in favor of the Bill which said, "At present, while the private schools are few and small, is the time to make the change proposed by the public school bill."

"The Ladies of the Invisible Empire" (the female branch of the K.K.K.) campaigned to get women voters, many who had not voted before to vote for the bill.9

The origins of the Bill were the Scottish Rite and that was openly admitted.

The reason for selecting Oregon for the campaign, was stated by the Mason Robert F. Smith, It is not that there is any immediate and particular danger here. But in the East the number of foreign born and

In different people is so overwhelming that such a bill as this one could never be put through. In accordance with the wishes of the supreme council of the Scottish Rite, therefore, we are beginning in Oregon, to set an example for the rest of the country.10

This Author would add that it certainly didn't hurt the Masonic campaign that Oregon has been under strong Masonic control since its inception. Almost all of the Oregon governors have been Freemasons11 , and a large portion of the rest of the governing elements too. A large portion of Oregon's political power has always resided in the Masonic Lodge.12 One Oregon Masonic Senator revealed that if he wanted to be elected to governor, the Mafia was capable of getting him elected. When he rejected the Mafia's help, he lost.13 The Mafia and the Masonic Lodge have worked together in numerous instances.

When the Mason Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield wanted his daughter into Med school, a special admission rule happened to be passed to allow his daughter into the Oregon Health Sciences University. Two men on the admissions committee resigned in protest. The Oregonian didn't print their article on the scandal, until after Hatfield's reelection campaign suceeded.14 The Senator reportedly said, "I did not want her to receive any special consideration."15

The power that would be involved for anyone to pass a special Med school admissions policy is not near as alarming as the power it would take for anyone to squelch a scandal for over a year until an election was over.

William F. Woodward, a Mason and a long-time school board member, in a talk entitled "Our public schools as a Masonic objective." given to the Unity and Mt. Hood Lodges (Feb. 24,1936) reported that, "It may interest you, my Brothers, to know that in this District over forty-three per cent of teachers, supervisors and principals are members of our Masonic Body." "Now having thrust the Bible from our public schools as a textbook we must depend upon untaught, though accepted, principles of conduct resting largely upon home influence and training, too often in these chaotic days, lacking..." "This must not be a Protestant, Jewish, Roman Catholic, Seven- Day Adventist, or any other particular type of religious nation."

Woodward was correct that the home training is not what it should be, and since the Masons have kicked the Bible and its values out of the schools, what has happened? Woodward's desire that this not be any particular type of religious nation has been strongly promoted.

The Scottish Rite clearly state their position, "Our constitutions and statutes permit, and indeed guarantee, the broadest range to religious liberty, both to the religious and the irreligious...we take great pride in them." 16 But the Scottish Rite felt that the early constitutions were too religious, and didn't assure total equality of religions.17 The Scottish Rite led the battle to prohibit any public aid to sectarian schools, such as free textbooks, or public paid transportation to parochial school pupils. They worked hard to eliminate the Bible, prayer, singing hymns, and release time programs by public schools for religious education. The obvious intent was to eliminate parochial schools, by making the competition between public and private schools unequal. Those who disagree with the values taught in the public schools are forced to support them. Why were the Masons so intent on the destruction of parochial school? The intent of the Constitution was to protect against any religion becoming the state, not the elimination of religious instruction.


A book written by 32° Mason Emmet McLoughlin Crime and Immorality in the Catholic Church was given a favorable review in the official magazine of the Scottish Rite, The New Age Magazine. The Arch-Mason N.S. Meese states, "Children attending only parochial schools grow to maturity spiritually stunted and morally illiterate and are prone to become neurotic, emotionally unbalanced, and troubled with anxiety and frustration."17a

Using Oregon as an example, just as this chapter has done earlier, it can be pointed out that the Masonic talk boasting of their control over education, is not to be dismissed lightly. The president of the Or. State Teachers Association is Tom Powers, Jr. a 32 degree Mason. A Masonic flier for the public, shows Matthew Prophet, the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools, working with a group of four Masons. A man's advisors can have a great influence.

The 33rd degree Freemason Williard E. Givens was the Executive Secretary of the National Education Association (NEA) for 17 years. When he resigned he took over the prestigious Education Program of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite.18

What has the Masonic control and influence brought our public schools? Under the disguise of the elimination of religion, they have revived the Mystery religions within our schools. The textbooks are being written to promote controllable slaves, who have a global view and a syncretic secular or gnostic New Age outlook.

Is this last paragraph an overstatement? Not in the least. Much that is going on in the classrooms, seems to be hidden or not noticed by the parents. The North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA) recognizes reincarnation. Maria Montessori the founder of the Montessori system had ties to the Theosophical Society. One of the big leaders of the Montessori system is Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Church Universal & Triumphant runs Montessori schools for all ages of children. The Montessori curriculum is New Age.

The ideas of Hegel and John Dewey, ideas that the Illuminati have long promoted have been made the purpose of education. Hegel believed that people exist for the State, "The State is the absolute reality and the individual himself has objective existence, truth and morality only in his capacity as a member of the state." John Dewey, the father of our educational system, echoed this, and it is being echoed repeatedly by educators around the country. (John Dewey was by the way an original signer of the Humanist Manifesto in 1933, this idea man is his own god. He is officially on the record as anti-Christian. The Humanist Manifesto I of 1933 states that a new religion must be created, and the Manifesto describes a picture of their desired New Age religion that is "synthesizing", and for "the complete realization of human personality", etc. )

At this point I will quote two items that Sutton calls to our attention in America's Secret Establishment, that are echoes of Hegel and John Dewey.

"It is now time for a new vision of ourselves, of man, of human nature and of human potential, and a new theory of politics and institutions premised upon that vision. What is that vision of Man? that the natural, whole, organismic human being is loving...that man's basic thrust is towards community." —Assemblyman John Vasconcellos of California, Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Master Plan for Higher Education and the Education Goals Committee for the Calif. State Assembly.19

"We are committed to the idea of Education for Global Community. You are invited to help turn the commitment into action and mobilizing world education for development of a world community."—National Education Association.20

The NEA is the largest professional organization in the US,21 and their leadership has repeatedly gone on record in favor of the goals of the One-World-State. "It is with...sobering awareness that we about to change the course of American education for the twenty-first century by embracing the ideals of global community, the equality and interdependence of all peoples and nations, and education as a tool to bring about world peace."22 The book Educational Futures: Sourcebook I states children are to receive through education "a whole variety of known quantum jumps of an evolutionary/ revolutionary nature."23

An example of a book advocating the New Order view is Educating for a New Millennium by Harold G. Shane.

Interestingly, the present Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander wants to create public schools under the auspices of the occultic International Financiers through their international corporations which plan to dominate the world. In discussing this he was asked, "Would that school—or a school run by Xerox—be accountable to the public?" "Yes, because that school would still be public in nature. It would have to meet the same high standards, and it would be accountable to some public institution. It would be good to experiment with something like that."24

Masonic educators are speaking to church groups calming their fears about religion not being allowed in the schools. They scare the gullible Christians, "If we allow Christianity to be taught, then the Satanists will demand the right to teach Satanism."25 Personally, this Author would take his chance on that.

As it is, Satanism and the New Age are being taught in the schools, and New Age recruiters are using the schools as recruiting centers. This is not conjecture, ex-New Agers have revealed this systematic recruiting program is going on in the schools. And the New Order's plans are to introduce Bush's educational program—Globalism 2000, which books will be overtly New Age, and so blatantly anti-Christian that the students will be asked to denounce Christianity. Bush who borrowed Alice Bailey's "thousand points of light" expression, uses her material as part of the Globalism 2000 curriculum. It is no coincidence, that Bush the self-proclaimed "education" President, and admirer of Bailey, emphasises education. Alice Bailey in Externalization of the Hierarchy, (p.61) declares, "The most spiritual use now to be found in the world is the application of money to the purposes of education." Why does education have such an overriding spiritual context? Because they are teaching the New Order's Spiritual systems of Gnosticism, Humanism, and the New Age in the school systems, and have been for much longer than people realize.

The United States now has witches writing our curriculums. Although the same people who are secretly involved in ritual human sacrifice are being called upon by our government to fashion the new curriculums, the public is unaware of this.

Their approach to sin (evil) is shown in a Bill Moyer's television special in late 1988 on the subject of evil. An array of men weighted down with the big credentials of academia paraded their intellectual thoughts on Moyer's special. The Biblical answer to sin, a tried and tested method that has worked millions of times wasn't discussed. Their talk boiled down to Mankind will overcome this problem with education. As these "experts" aren't aware of what sin is (according to the Lord of the Universe), it's not likely such men are ever going to solve the problem for us. Nor will the planned police state.

In a new guide book that teachers are already being asked to read, Anti-Bias Curriculum Tools for EMPOWERING Young Children, two pages are spent teaching the Educators how to dispel the image that witches are evil. According to the book, the idea that witches are evil is "so offensive, especially to many women." The teacher is instructed to say, "What I know is that the real women we call witches weren't bad. They really helped people." The teacher is encouraged to teach halloween chants, to bring in books on witches and healers, etc.26

If we look at just one public school in Oregon, we can see what has happened under Masonic direction. This school has replaced Christmas events and a Christmas party with a Winter Solstice Festival complete with Wizards, witches, Druids, etc. The teachers in an all-teacher's conference gather in Mandalas (the form of a Witch's coven) and for such a meeting draw Mandalas (a form of Buddhist prayer). The Hindu third eye is taught in the class "Math and the Mind's Eye" —Course I & II, and in other classes as well.

Christian ideas about marriage are obviously outdated, as teachers promote living together unmarried to the students, and other ideas of sexual promiscuity. The following holidays are to be special events- The Russian Revolution's May Day, the Independence Day of Red China, Buddha's birthday, Mohammad's birthday, and several Jewish religious holidays like Yom Kippur. What is blatantly missing in this public school is anything about Christ or Christian holidays, such as Christmas.

When one reads the new instructions to teachers, the Anti-Bias Curriculum, there is a noticeable absent item, that is any concern about bias against Christianity. Devout Christians no matter what label they carry are in short supply, and are one of the most persecuted ravaged groups. Many sincere believers in Jesus Christ, must suffer indignities from the hands of those who only pretend to be Christians. It seems to me to be very biased to remove Christmas celebrations and replace them with Druids and Witches, such as has been done in the school referred to in the preceding paragraph. This author is aware of other reported events in schools across this country which displayed the same hate for Christianity and esteem for the pagan mystery religions, and its all done under the disguise of religious freedom. This is actually according to the NEA's plans.

Samuel Blumenfeld's book NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education does a full blown expose on how the NEA has planned to create illiteracy along with the Socialist One-World-Nation they are helping establish. Another of his books exposes how the private schools were functioning fine in America before public schools began to predominate, and how they were supplanted by the actions of those opposed to God with the purpose of destroying religious values.

Another example, students being expelled for talking on their own time about after school Bible Studies, while their particular school had Satanic posters in the library. Incredible, yes but true. You will not find the Masons running campaigns against Satanism and the Mystery Religions entering our schools, like they did against Christianity. When Christians have called the ACLU to get support for legal action against the introduction of the religion of Satanism into their School system, the ACLU was not in the least interested. The mask has come off, the leaders of the Masons and the ACLU are not interested in religious freedom, they have been interested in the systematic destruction of Christianity, and its prostitution to serve their goals toward a One-World-State.

In the gifted school program, the classes being given for our most gifted children, they are introducing them to the mystery religions on school time by what they call "Phantasy Games Class." In American PE classes they have the children chanting mantras (a form of Hindu prayer.)27

Many of the modern educational ideas within such a school are not even be realized by the general public as occultic. People get very defensive when one explains that psychology, which is considered a science, is but based on the occultic direction that Freud and Jung gave. Jung is openly recognized by occultists like the Rosicrucians as having been an illumined mind.28 Freud was a drug addict. Jung got his information from a "spirit guide."(What Christian's call a demon.) Jung was into mandalas. Jung wrote a foreward to the book The I Ching. Jung was into astrology. He wrote a commentary on The Tibetan Book of the Dead. He says that "to it I owe not only many stimulating ideas and discoveries but also many fundamental insights."29 This great Jewish mystic Jung, an associate of Freud, gave us much of the foundation of modern psychology. Leaders of the religion of psychology such as Maslow, Rogers, and Fromm all took their "trip East" into occultism.30

Those who are associated with the Theosophical Society, for instance, would be aware of Jung occultic connections, because the Society's catalog of Quest books advertises Jung and the Lost Gospels, Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages, and Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons of the Dead.

IT.   <<<<<

Worse yet, Psychology and Psychiatry have repeatedly proved to be of little value, if they were tested like drugs for Food & Drug Administration approval, they would be banned. This is not my opinion alone, but rather many psychologists are aware of failure of psychology.31

Ancient Empires of the New Age gives the following good chart that compares the religion of Psychology to the religion of the New Age.32 It is not by accident that the two are very close.











A prominent figure in the creation of the public school system (and its secular ways) was the Mason DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828) of NY. Some consider him the father of the system. In began to establish the system while he was mayor of New York after 1802. Another pioneer in the idea of public education was Horace Mann, a Unitarian in Mass., and also possibly a Mason, in 1837. Up to that time education had been private, with parents sending their children to the parochial or private school of their choice. Mann had the school books rewritten to exclude all references to God or the Bible.

Consequently, valuable cultural knowledge has been never been taught in the public schools, so that students could understand much of the religious thought that underlies so much of Western History. Further, the first three great spiritual awakenings which pored over this nation with such profound effect are not even mentioned, even though their historical impact should not be ignored. The first spiritual awakening led to the founding of six of the nine colonial colleges. The third prior to the Amer. Civil War was part of a profound new revival that led people to realize the institution of slavery was evil.


The people who gave us "public" education did more than just eliminate Christianity from the curriculum. They set out to give us their sanitized version of history. History was rewritten in order to hide incidents that would expose their long standing conspiracy to rule not just the United States, but the world. The profound Masonic influence on "public" education can't readily be seen, because they are a secretive organization.

This Author would like to have the space and time here to expose how public education and our history have long been under the One-World-Power, but it simply is beyond the scope of this book. Others, like Antony Sutton, have laid some groundwork in understanding their control. In his blockbuster America's Secret Establishment, he has an excellent chapter on how the Order has influenced education.

They established the American Historical Association. Rockefeller has pumped millions of dollars into an ongoing campaign to keep the history books written as they want them to be. The Rockefeller Foundation admits in their Annual Report, 1946, p.188, that they are subsidizing corps of historians to prevent anyone from rewriting history.

Under the supervision of Mason administrators, and others that cooperate with the New World Order, the New Age movement has done considerable indoctrination already in the public schools. The author knows first-hand details on this.

Perhaps one of the most important cover-ups is of their total control of our governmental functions. In order to do this, they have shamelessly rewritten the history books. They have not had to destroy documentation, the American public are so sheep-like that the evidence exposing their historical perversions lay just beneath the surface for anyone to discover.

Hold onto your chair. You are going to read items that may make you very angry. Your anger may be directed at this Author for attacking some of the myths of history that you will not comfortably want to discard. Many Christians will become embittered because they want to believe in such myths as George Washington was a great Christian. They need to understand that these myths are perpetuated by the system to cover what has historically happened. For instance, many almanacs and history books record Nixon as a Quaker. What a distortion of the truth. These smokescreens effectively hide from the Public's view the enormous centralized power of the New Order. Their power is such that the results of major elections are preordained. Every four years an expensive ritualistic fraud is perpetrated on the American public, as the people fool themselves that they select and self-govern themselves. At this point, this Author won't prove that item to you, it is a statement of fact, but you can disbelieve it if you want. What this Author would like to do is to go back to the start of this nation. Let's go back to the beginning so to speak.

It is important to distort U.S. history from the very beginning, because from there most of us take off on the wrong track. This Author is going to ask the reader to check out these items about the Amer. Revolution for himself. Good American historians know the truth of what I am writing you, the information just never filters down to the common person. (Likewise, Masonic historians know of the Masonic involvement in history. They brag about their involvement to themselves, but the information doesn't filter down to the common person.)

This Author wishes he had a dollar for every time he had seen a cartoon, or sitcom, or other media show that represents the Boston Tea Party as an attack against high taxes.

The Boston Tea Party is a favorite of their distortions. The Boston Tea Party is believed by most Americans to have been an act of defiance against a high Tea Tax. Actually, the Tea Tax Act had cut taxes in half. So why would the colonials become angry at a law that reduced taxes in half? The Masons who planned the Boston Tea Party in a Masonic Lodge were smuggling illegal tea. The reduced tax on legitimate tea (making legal tea more competitively priced) would cut into their profits of their illegal smuggling operation. Many, but not all of the men dressed as Indians, in the Boston Tea Party, were Masons. It was greed and lack of respect for the law that motivated their criminal act.

To quote one history book, "Colonial trade would be controlled more strictly than ever before. British soldiers would be stationed in great numbers and live among the colonists. New taxes would draw money from the colonies to the mother country."

What a great distortion of history. It sounds like the poor Americans were being made to pay for their own oppression, and to surrender their homes to the British Army. It is difficult to learn from our history books, that the real reason the British Army came was to protect the frontier after Pontiac's rebellion. The British people were already paying higher taxes than the Americans and were having to bear most of the cost of defending the American colonies. The colonists were given the chance to propose alternatives before the taxes were passed, but they did not have any other solutions.

One textbook states, "Franklin and other agents from other colonies tried to persuade Grenville not to have the Stamp Act passed." Actually, these representatives of the colonies were as surprised as the British government by the negative American reaction. It served an excellent purpose to allow what appeared to be an innocent law to pass. The negative reaction was part of an orchestrated secret effort by the Masons in both England and America to create an atmosphere of tension. They were working hard to get others involved.

The British did ask that Americans (remember Americans then were British citizens) to house British troops. That was a practice that all of the entire British empire had to cooperate with. The conditions in those days, not only encouraged it, but almost demanded it. They did not have nail guns, and prefab military barracks in those days. With the housing and building situation in the colonies it was obviously the best solution, and most colonists did not object. (Actually, most British troops prior to the Revolution went to the British West Indies. During the Amer. Revolution the British kept a large military presence there against Spain and France, including large Naval forces because the West Indies were to many British strategists more valuable to protect.)

But isn't this making it sound like there wasn't any reason for a revolution? Wait, we're not finished yet.

Before we look at why the Revolution happened, imagine what would have happened if it hadn't—the United States would be like the American colonies that didn't revolt—like Canada and the Bahamas. We might even be like Great Britain. If one examines the same textbooks that portray the British as villains in the Revolutionary War, when these textbooks get to W.W. I and II, they portray Great Britain as a great democracy. We entered those wars, we were told, to save democracy. If Canada and Britain can be heralded as such great democracies now, and have the same government system as they did back then, why did we need a revolution for "Freedom"? The truth is we didn't. We needed a revolution for "independence", but not for freedom.

For instance, King George (whose character is grossly misdrawn in Amer. history books) righteously created a Proclamation line to protect the Indians from the encroachment of the frontiersmen. Many white men did not know how to respect treaties with the Indians. The primary reason the frontiersmen were in favor of the revolution was so they could steal the Indian's land. Again, if the history books mention this, they often twist the facts ever so slightly to create a false impression. They make it seem like the Proclamation was irreversible.

The Proclamation of 1763 was an excellent way to quell Indian trouble on the border. However, the textbooks falsely portray it as an irreversible act. It could repeatedly come up for reconsideration in 5 to 7 year periods. Scholars have trashed the propaganda image of King George as a tyrant, although the textbooks haven't. If people want a tyrant King George, they have one in George Bush. The American King George has promoted drug smuggling through the

CIA, etc. so that he can wage a trumped up war against drugs as a cover to take away our liberties, in step with the New World Order's plans.

Some textbooks try to portray the British as evil because they used the Indians as allies. Now why did the Indians want to fight for the King? Could it be he treated them better than the rough land hungry frontiersmen? Historians gloss over American colonial attempts to coax the Indians to fight on their side.

The Revolutionary War's causes were complex. However, the American textbooks purposely distort the facts. Events are rarely described in the context that they occurred in. For instance, the events of the Revolutionary War occurred in colonies that had had rules and regulations like the ones supposedly rebelled against for centuries (ever since their foundings). Britain was trying to govern a world empire, and did not single out the Americans for abuse. Few writers portray what British colonial policy was, and what it was not. Its like hearing one side of the story.

But because the American side of the story is very weak, (weak because it was a manipulated conflict, like the Vietnam War), the American textbooks like to portray the colonists as universally against Britain. The Amer. Revolutionary War wasn't any more popular than the Vietnam War. Two thirds of the people in the 13 colonies were not in favor of it. One third of the colonists fought on the British side, and one third decided wisely just to stay neutral and mind their own business. The northern colonies (now Canada) completely rejected the revolution.

If it hadn't been for Masonic connections in the French government who finally intervened to bring France and Spain into the war, the Americans might never have won. The fact is Yorktown was a defeat but not a decisive military defeat. Two large British armies remained in the field, and the large cities were secure in their control. The book the Temple and the Lodge is the first book this Author is aware of, which goes into the historical details of how the British Generals who were Masons, contributed to the American victory. The victory was not so much won by the colonists, as it was given them by lack of British enthusiasm.

Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia House, Ethan Allen's famous phrase "in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress, are two of the pure myths that are told about these men. What was written by Thomas Paine as political propaganda, his Common Sense, is taken by some as the gospel truth. The Freemason and itinerant whose name was Mason Locke Weems (1760-1825) was according to Masonic and other sources the man who invented the George Washington and the Cherry Tree story.

Let us be historically accurate. The Boston Massacre was not like the American textbook image. What happened was typical of what has happened whenever troops are doing police work, and are being abused by a crowd. By the most accurate accounts, what happened was that after throwing rocks, oyster shells, and abuse at the soldiers someone in the mob yelled a taunting "fire", and the soldiers (as soldiers obediently and automatically do under attack) fired. This is not to justify the soldiers, but perhaps it will dispel the myth that this unfortunate incident was the result of a policy of oppression. It does show that history repeats itself under similar circumstances (Kent State to name just one of many failures of soldiers to be police). If this seems unfairly Pro-British, let me point out that many leading colonial leaders of the future Amer. Revolution were sympathetic to the soldiers side and not the mob's. John Adams, future U.S. President, along with another famous future Revolutionist defended the soldiers in court.

If the myth of the textbooks are right that it was British colonial oppression that caused the "Boston massacre", I would suggest that their authors should, to be consistent, advocate another revolution since Kent State.

Towns and cities where Masonic Lodges existed during the American        Revolutionary War period from 1775 to 1789 are indicated on the map. Because the colonists in Washington's army came from different colonies, Washington used the Masonic lodge to wield his troops into a closer knit body of men. Military lodges were very numerous within the multitude of types of troops engaged. The book Temple and the Lodge tells the story of how the British Mason Generals followed orders, but showed little initiative in actually defeating the colonists.

The Revolution was basically a Masonic show, with most of the Revolutionists ' initiatives and directives coming from Masons. To argue that Masons were on both sides, therefore they could not have been the initiators of the war, is as ludicrous as arguing that the Vietnamese were on both sides of the Vietnam war therefore the Vietnamese didn't initiate and plan it. The Vietnamese began their war even during W.W. II, and the Masons began their revolutionary planning even before Nathaniel Bacon, who the New Age Magazine (Apr. '64, p.43) calls "a great lover of freedom."

Because Christian views have been relegated to the trash heap, we don't hear the rational voices of great Christian leaders of that American Revolutionary time period who suggested peace, proper obedience to authority, and that greed is evil.

It is true that there were disagreements on how things should be done, between the colonists and Britain. There are major disagreements between Alaska and Washington D.C. on how Alaska should be run. One poll showed a majority of Alaskans in favor of succession. How would most American's feel if Alaska left the U.S.?

The goal of Illumined Masonry was to destroy all monarchies. To directly attack the institutions of Monarchies in various nations was difficult, because the only model the people had was to reestablish another monarchy. The United States was designed as their model, upon which the French and other revolutions would draw upon. There are numerous hints that Great Britain and the United States were from the time of the Revolution, intended to become the seat of world power. The Monroe Doctrine actually was not to protect the Americas, but in actual practice, protected the British American Empire. For instance, the establishment of British claims to Islas Malvinas were not contested by the U.S. According to Prof. Quigley, the force that backed up the Monroe Doctrine until W.W. II was the British navy.

The success of the American Revolution was helped by the support of certain churches. Certain ministers, such as Isaac Backus, the leader of New England Separatist Baptists, and their inflammatory sermons did more to help create revolutionary fervor, than some of the other items indicated in the textbooks. Whether one chooses to call this "Christian" support or not, it was an important factor. The narrow meaning of Christian is Christ-like, and supporting war is not Christ-like. This does not remove the divine aspect to the creation of the United States. It just means God did not call for men to kill each other.

Although the idea that the United States was created a Christian nation is often based on shoddy history and myth, that does not mean that God wasn't involved in its birth and history. Because the Christian, religious and spiritual side of history is blacked out of the system's approved history, it is difficult for people to appreciate the great role the United States has really played in the spiritual affairs of the world. The United States through its people have been part of God's plan for victory. According to Scripture, God has permitted all of this to happen, no matter what the surface appearance, it is his conditional will. Nor has American simply been an evil nation. In some parts of the world, where the American government is hated, Americans are still loved, because foreigners appreciate the American people.

The God of the Bible can use the American people. He has indicated in his Word that a purifying fire is used to refine his people. Judgment begins at the House of God. The American Christians, if refined like Uranium to get the isotope 235, can be as powerful in God's hands, as refined Uranium in a nuclear bomb. Because God wants to do great things with America, it is to be expected that a great purifying fire will be allowed. Communism was turned by God into his instrument of purification. Why does he do such a thing? I'm sure if people would repent, he could work with less drastic measures. But the American Christians are largely deaf to calls for repentance, they are insisting on stronger measures. The Christian view of history will be one where the power of God is seen manifesting itself alongside the free will of man.

God is attracting mankind to him, without coercion. He also has set in motion events that will result according to the Bible in victory for Good and for God. Therefore, it is proper for Christians to see God's presence at work during the American Revolution. However, let the historical chips fall where they will, the American Revolution was an act of disobedience to a legitimate Authority, and was planned and directed largely by Masons. When a textbook writes, "THE COLONIES WIN THEIR FREEDOM", it paints an illusion. The people in Canada and Great Britain did not rebel against authority, throw someone else's cargo of tea in the sea, and they are heralded today as great bastions of democracy and freedom. Christ stated that true freedom is the freedom from sin he alone can bring. Christians need to return to Christ's teachings when they attribute freedom to any other source but Him alone.

How many observers of drug addicts realize that living in the United States is not a guarantee of freedom, living in Christ is. (In a few years, the New World Order will unintentionally teach Christians this lesson.—Author's opinion)


Perhaps I can indulge the reader with one more sampling of history that he or she will not read in the textbooks. This following information comes from my manuscript/research notes for a book which, like this one, I did extensive research and work on, but has never been published. The reader can skip over this part if he is not interested in how the history books are inadequate. What I will be demonstrating is just one area of history of many that the facts and events of history are not being taught. These facts may seem trivial; however after this next example from history, we will discuss why these seemingly trivial facts are important.

The part of history I want to draw your attention to concerns the Czar of Russia and his willingness to help save the United States during the Civil War. The Czar of Russia was aware of European interests (the International Banking House of the Rothschilds) to split the United States into two countries. The Czar moved his Pacific fleet to San Francisco to protect the United States.

This is easy to state, but the significance of the Czar's move must be lost to most readers because the history books have to a great extent not only ignored his help, but also the crucial role the Far Western United States played in the Civil War. The far west at that time consisted of the states of California and Oregon with the rest of the continental U.S. having territorial governments. The statehood of Nevada was rushed through by the Lincoln administration for political motives during the war in 1864.

The important part the West had in the outcome of the American Civil War has been by and large ignored. This may be due to the bias that the Eastern establishment has for concentrating on events in the East. Most Civil War historians have concentrated their efforts on the East, even when they speak of the "West" in their books, they refer to the mid-west rather than the far west. Further, the establishment historians do their best to avoid topics that would expose the machinations of the Rothschilds and the real politics behind wars and events.

Let us see the details of how protecting San Francisco and California could have saved the Union, and prevented a Southern victory, and examine this help of the Czar's fleet to the U.S. that was celebrated in California during the war.

Prior to the Civil War, men like the Rothschilds in Europe schemed to bring the U.S. under their economic dominion. The discovery of gold in California, and precious metals throughout the entire western United States helped bolster the United States economically, which in turn helped the U.S. stand on its on two feet against the Europeans. The Rothschilds were not the only ones to see how important the gold and silver fields were. On Jan. 19, 1861 while the South was still in the early stages of seceding from the Union, before a Confederate government had even been formed in Montgomery, AL, Lincoln's government in Washington D.C. found out that a rebel expedition was waiting in Mexico to capture the California gold steamer that sailed from San Francisco to Panama with the gold that the western U.S. produced.

The vast amounts of California gold and silver were shipped on gold steamers that ran from San Francisco to Panama. During the Civil War these precious metals were the real money that kept the United States government going. The Comstock Lode's value to the U.S. during the war was 52 million dollars (dollars values according to the 1860 values). Idaho's mines provided Lincoln with 114 million dollars. Colorado mines furnished another $52 million. In all the United States' federal government spent $5,000 million to fight the Civil War, which was about the amount of the whole country's gross national product in 1860. U.S. Greenbacks were printed which lost most of their value compared to real money (gold and silver coins.)

Further, California raised much money privately for the war, along with providing 16,000 U.S. troops, a good number of which were transported to the east. On Sept. 19, 1862 Californians donated $100,000 in gold for the war, and two months later an equal amount was sent east to relieve the sick and wounded. Of a total of $5 million collected for the troops by the Sanitary Fund in the North, one-fifth was donated by Californians. A sack of flour which Californians enjoyed selling and reselling to raise money for the war, grossed $275,000 in returns for the war effort.

In the Pacific, the grand American whaling monopoly brought home an annual average catch worth 8 million dollars. The 70 Pacific whaling ships sunk by the Confederates in the Pacific hastened the demise of the whaling industry already hurt by the discovery of oil petroleum in 1859. Further, California served as America's outlet for trade to the Far East.


At first glance it might seem that the Confederacy had no assets to threaten the West. Actually, the reverse might be stated, the U.S. had little assets to defend the vast land mass of western United States and the Pacific. Over 1 million square miles of land in the west in 1860 were divided up into 5 military departments, TX, N.M., UT, OR, and CA. The Secretary of War reported that on June 20, 1860, 12,984 federal troops were stationed in the west. Most were withdrawn east and replaced with new recruits, the majority of which came from California. The gold steamers were vulnerable like a child with candy, the U.S. Pacific fleet consisted of only a few ships.


In 1860, the British had moved thousands of troops and naval forces to British Columbia. During the Civil War, there were periods when it was uncertain whether Britain would stay neutral or help the South. South of California, France moved troops into Mexico and took over. The French cooperated with the Confederacy. The French and Confederates even conducted several joint military operations. The Confederates established (military) recruiting stations along the U.S.- Mexican border south of California and Arizona, which federal troops during the war led several expeditions to shut down.

The Mexican population in California were not loyal to the U.S. government, because their lands had been stolen by Americans during the gold rush, and their age old titles to the land ignored by the American legal system. Remember, that California had been captured recently from Mexico during the Mexican War. Utah was settled by Mormons, who at the time were in a state of hostility toward the U.S. government. U.S. troops had to be stationed in Utah throughout the war. Earlier the Mormons had successfully engaged army troops. The Indian tribes in the Western territories and Oregon were itching to fight.

During the war, southern agents would visit most of the Western tribes to encourage them to go to war. On September 10, 1861 orders were found on dead confederates at the Quapaw Agency revealing the South's intentions to enlist the Plains Indians. This was just one of many incidents where Confederate agents taking weapons and encouragement to the Plains Indians were discovered. Another essentially unknown incident along this line was when 22 Confederate officers on their way to incite the Plains Indians to rebel were caught on the Verdigras River in Kansas and wiped out. Because of the vulnerability of the U.S. forces, Confederate military aid, and many other factors coming together, many of the civilized and the wild Indians attacked the US Army during the Civil War.

Some tribes were directly recruited into the Confederate Army. The Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Seminoles, and some Apaches joined the Confederate Army. The Apaches, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Sioux, Snakes, Shoshones, Madocs, Black Kettle and Satanta went to war with the U.S. Army on their own. They were greatly outmatched. The civilian population of the west consisted of many foreigners and southerners so that although the majority of the western population were unsympathetic to the idea of southern secession, they also had little interest in fighting against the South. California was the most loyal U.S. area, and it harbored powerful latent desires to form its own country and had some strong pro-Southern districts, especially in southern California.

Considering the circumstances just presented, it is easy to see how naval and land forces of the Confederacy could have possibly
1. captured the gold steamers,
2. captured and successfully governed parts of the West.

It was also possible that French and British forces, had they entered the war, could have taken the Pacific region. France and Britain were already under the influence of the Rothschilds and had strong Masonic governments in place.

The key point in California was San Francisco harbor, which carried on a large amount of commercial activity. Pro-Union Californians were very thankful when the Russian Pacific fleet made San Francisco their home base. The Russian Fleet had instructions to engage in war to protect San Francisco if the occasion called for it. Besides the Russian Fleet, the U.S. iron clad Camanche made it to San Francisco, which after sinking and being raised by divers was finally launched in late 1864 and put into service in May, 1865. Troops occupied Santa Catalina Island to prevent the South from using its good harbor. Ft. Stevens was built to guard the Columbia River.


Numerous confederate plans were made to outfit ships in the Pacific into warships to capture the gold steamers, but most never got beyond the planning stages. U.S. government officials stopped several, and British officials stopped several attempts in Victoria, B.C. One attempt to seize the U.S. revenue cutter Shubrick was stopped before it reached Port Townsend. Two attempts by groups of confederates wearing civilian clothes to hijack the gold steamers failed.

The Confederates did manage to outfit one small schooner into a warship, the J.M. Chapman, but it was seized by an American warship in San Francisco harbor before it could do any harm.

The fear of the confederate CSS Alabama never developed into a real threat. Another confederate raider the CSS Shenandoah however was a serious threat in the Pacific. The Shenandoah was moving to attack San Francisco when it learned in July, 1865 that the war was over. The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies are full of dozens of reports concerning confederate privateers in the Pacific. The threats of any substance have already been mentioned.


One third of California was estimated to be pro-South. Two secret organizations, the Knights of the Golden Circle and the Knights of the Columbia Star, were loyal to the South. Their California numbers were estimated at over 20,000 for the first group and 30,000 for the second. Their presence in California required US troops to guard important locations throughout the state. The Knights drilled and schemed. Their big plans always failed, such as to take over the mint and the San Francisco arsenal. In Oregon, they schemed to take over the capital Salem and Fort Vancouver in WA. Their biggest plans, for which they collected arms and drew up plans for was the conquest of California in 1865 in conjunction with Confederate troops which were heading for California from Texas. The offensive was in its early stages in western Texas when the war ended.

The 1865 offensive was to follow in part the route of the 1861-62 Confederate offensive which had taken over most of Arizona and New Mexico. Troops from California ran into the Southerners near the Pima Villages (in what's today Ariz.) and drove the Confederates out of Arizona back into Texas. The Confederate offensive failed in large measure due to the antipathy of the Hispanic population in New Mexico to Texans. The 1862 invasion was not seen by the locals in the context of North vs. South but Texans vs. Hispanics and the New Mexican population rather than help the Confederates opposed the Texas Units. If the Confederate Trans- Mississippi War Dept. had been able to shift Confederate troops from another state to carry out the attack it may well have gotten the popular support it needed in New Mexico. Volunteer troops from Colorado played the major role in defeating the confederate forces in the "Gettysburg" of the West at Glorieta and Apache Pass.

The Texas Rangers were incorporated into the Confederate Army. A group of 42 Confederate led by a Texas Ranger that were moving through Colorado 200 miles SE of Denver were captured in Sept. 1861. In 1862, 7 Confederate officers that went to Colorado to recruit a southern regiment were wiped out by Osage Indians working with Federal troops. Although basically under Federal control the Wild West was indeed still a wild place, and it was vulnerable to southern activity.


In summarizing this little report on the Civil War, the purpose of the report was to illustrate further the inadequacy of modern history textbooks. The worst are at the lower levels. As the student progresses the textbooks get a little better, but for the student "as the twig is bent so it grows". His or her frame of reference is warped from the start so that even if the young person encounters facts exposing the Power's conspiracy there is no way to assimilate it. We just discussed a very important aspect of the Civil War which involved the Rothschilds, the Czar, and the Confederate/European threat to California and the financial capability of the U.S. to wage war which is ignored by the textbooks. In itself it simply a small portion of human history, and a collection of what may seem to be trivial facts. However, let me explain how this affects you and I.

First, the Power's establishment removed God and the Lord's spiritual dimension from history. Next, they removed all realistic analysis of events, so that things became random events. For instance, why did the Indians revolt? Random events! Why did the Czar sent his fleet? A random event! They most likely are not going to directly tell us they are random events, they simply don't give us any real analysis, and allow us to assume they are random events. History just happens we are led to believe. Politicians and other leaders are simply trying to guide events like riding a bucking bronco. The U.S. just stumbled into war. It was only an accident that some men made millions off the Civil War, and that they just happened to be ready to profit from it. Event A has no connection to Event B. Lastly, after taking away analysis of why and how events happen, they have begun taking away facts. Without facts we will not be able to make proper analysis, without any analysis, we will not know where we have been or where we are really going, and finally without God we have no hope. They have us where they want us.

This Author has observed today's history classes. Today it is popular to have the students spend their period chattering their opinions on history. However, without facts, all their discussions do is to reinforce ignorance. Students are being told facts are dry, and useless; and facts are, without analysis. When I was invited to a history class to speak on the Civil War, the students were very interested to learn that contrary to the Constitution, we have paper money, and that being issued, not by Congress, but by a private bank. This was proof to me that with analysis showing people how they are participants in a Conspiracy directed against them, history comes alive.


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Like Lambs to the Slaughter by Johanna Michaelsen. Johanna has an exceptionally good grasp of what is happening. She brings together her personal knowledge along with excellent research to expose what horrible items are in store for children, should the occult movement carry out their plans. She exposes Saturday morning cartoons, New Age games like Dungeon and Dragons and what is happening in the classrooms, just to name a few examples.

The Unseen Hand, by Ralph Epperson. This is an historical introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History. Ralph is succinct and covers a lot of territory in his book. Of the various books that attempt to introduce people to history and how the Conspiracy has been involved in history this is the best this Author has seen.

Chapter 3.5

Media & Communication "Improvements"


A few years back, a Freemason came to Christ. He went into Christian work, carrying on various ministries. He ended up helping establish a Christian radio station and a call in program. This was in New Mexico. (Further details are being omitted.) The call-in radio show was a big hit. In order to take all the calls over 20 local ministers manned the phone lines each night. One day this man went on the air to tell his testimony of how he came to Christ from Freemasonry. Before he went on the air, many callers had tried to prevent the radio station from letting him talk. When he went on the air, the ministers who regularly showed up to take calls didn't. Out of over twenty, only two showed that night. The ex-mayor of the city, a Mormon called after the show to the station and yelled at great length at them that their ministry was finished, that he would no longer support the station. That Christian station became moribund after that, and support for it simply died. Such is the power of Freemasonry even over Christian radio stations.1

Even Christian publishers and supposedly Christian radio and T.V. will rarely support Christians who could really expose the opponents of Christ, and who can really defend intelligently the Christian faith. Instead, they give us a steady supply of subjective emotional religious baby food. (This Author won't get into an expose of the Christian publishers. Not that it couldn't be done. He will simply asked them out of love as a brother to take stock of themselves, and if need be, to repent and serve Christ.)

So-called Christian media may be a tool in the hand of the New-World-Order, but that doesn't get the rank-and-file Christians off the hook for their own gross dereliction of duty. Many of us calling ourselves Christians (should that not mean Christ-like?) give lip-service to the idea that there are two kingdoms, Christ's and Satan's, but then sit down in front of the Television and absorb uncritically Satan's Kingdom's propaganda. In fact we have absorbed so much of it, we can't recognize truth if it hit us over the head. Which someday it may!


One Christian reports that the Illuminati paid Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel two $4,000,000 checks to start Maranatha Records and "Jesus Rock", in order to get rock music into the churches. Further, witches were trained as "spirit-filled" Christians and infiltrated into the companies of Sparrow Records, Birdwing Records, WORD Inc. Myrrh, Lexicon, and Light Records, and sent out such "ministries" as LoveSong, Children of the Day, Nancy Honeytree, Larry Norman, Chuck Girard, Phil Keaggy and others. 2


Christian rock has been coming out with albums promoting all the band-wagon themes of the New World Order, globalism, ecology, etc., including even the idea of a One-World-Church.


Christian rock music is identical with secular rock except that Christian words are used in the lyrics. Approving such music ignores that music is more than words but also beat, rhythm, and the combination of particular instruments. Christian rock is damaging the spirit of its listeners. The beat that almost all Christian music sold has is the same beat that is known to put people into trances.

Why is witchcraft (and the New World Order it is in favor of) supporting such music? Because they know it is destroying the Christian faith and helping build their New World Order.


The Scriptures warn the Christians to test the spirits—to see if they are of God. Therefore, we can not blame anyone else if we have been negligent in carrying out this. I am not going to do an expose of "Christian" publishers, "Christian" television, "Christian" magazines—not that it couldn't be done—but that I hope they will quit worrying about being successful and concern themselves with being faithful. An example of one issue of a very respectable Christian magazine should serve the reader notice where our "Christian" media is at. The cover had a picture of Gorbechev and Bush hammering a sword into a plowshare. The article was entitled "CT Institute: An agenda for GLOBAL Reconciliation Senator Mark Hatfield envisions a new day for superpower relations."3

So the Christians pick up something written by a 32° Mason who is into witchcraft and who wants to see a One-World-Government, and they are led to believe this is a great Christian Senator giving us his Christian wisdom.

Believing that the best defense is an offense, and believing that we should be defenders of the faith once delivered, I am doing my little to counteract the deluge of false propaganda put out not only by the secular Media, but many of our "Christian" sources.


Christians need to begin to examine who owns some of these Christian publishers. One report stated a British Insurance Executive claimed he owned 37% of Zondervan's 4.1 million shares.4 Zondervan denied it.


A Masonic document that was written for key members that were involved in the Rite of Mizraim and the Prieure de Sion is of interest at this point. The document was in French and is over 50 pages long. It circulated among key illuminated Masons during the 18th and 19th century. How important the document was in policy planning is open to debate, but it would seem to have either been policy or coincided with policy. On what basis does it seem to have been policy? Its principles have been carried out exactly over the last 200 years. A condensation, paraphrase of the translation is given below. This Author is not concerned with whether the document was or wasn't an actual policy plan, because what has happened historically is so close to the document that that in itself speaks for itself. Either by coincidence or design this document describes what has happened to the world.

The Mass Media creates the thoughts of the people. It tells the people what they need, it allows the people to voice their complaints, and to express discontent. By using the power of the Press secretly we have also made much money.

We are leading the people from one disenchantment to another. They will even tire of our rule and welcome the King/Priest dictatorship of the House of David that we have been preparing for centuries.

Agents tell the people that in order to secure liberty, the international brotherhood of all, and their equality of rights they need to abuse their national governments. This is to be accomplished by a unification. But we do not tell them who will rule the unification.

Who can overthrow an invisible force? Freemasonry remains a mystery to the public and serves as a screen for us.

It is critical to undermine all faith, destroy the principle of the Godhead, and replace it with materialism and mathematical calculations. Keep the public busy, put industry onto a speculative basis, and foster a desire for consumerism and wealth.

We will slowly increase the centralization of government.

We have created a class of specialists from our administrative branch that have developed the manipulation of the public into an art. This skilled manipulation uses theory, verbiage, regulations and other items and quirks which the public can't comprehend.

The principle object is to debilitate the public's mind by criticism, and lead it away from serious reflection of what is really going on. These distractions along with sham fights will prevent resistance.

We must bring them into a state of bewilderment by allowing and promoting so many contradictory opinions, that people will lose their heads in the labyrinth, and come to believe the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in politics.

Sow discord, dislocate the forces against us. Discourage sincere personal initiative. A man with genius and initiative is more dangerous to us than millions of the public.

In order that the real meaning of events are not realized they will masked with economic theories. We will manipulate government through public opinion, which we can create by the power of the Press.

We will create tenor. We will harness the anarchists, the socialists, the Utopian dreamers so that they will bore away at the last foundations of the established form of order. We will not give them peace until the New World Order is in place.

In order to carry out struggles, money is needed, and all the money is in our hands.

We have fooled, corrupted, bemused, amused the youth with principles we know are false. We have created laws that are an incomprehensible tangled web.

Should any city dare oppose us, we can terrorize it so that even the bravest will be intimidated. The subways, sewers, and other subterranean corridors can be mined and the city blown into the air along with its government, records, and service systems.

We will be saviors to the mobs, who will vote us into power. We have everyone regardless of qualifications voting, because otherwise it will be difficult to get our consensus from a properly educated group of people.

We set up republics with constitutions. And then use the press to condemn the rulers and make them impotent and inactive, and in effect they become useless and superfluous. We put into power presidents from the masses, who can be blackmailed. The people in government are often not our own people, but our puppets who we can blackmail and destroy if they don't follow orders.

In order to create conditions so that people will want a world government, every kind of trouble and discord must be promoted, including the inoculation of diseases, starvation and drug use.

Secret Masonry is not known, and the aims are not even suspected by the cattle. They are attracted to us by our show lodges which serve to throw dust in the eyes of their fellowman.

Any attempt to attack us by the press on its own will be stopped. But note that we ourselves will attack ourselves in the press—at predetermined points. Not a single pronouncement will reach the public without our control. The International News agencies are already ours, and use what we dictate to them.

The masses look at events of the world through the glasses we provide them.

We will neutralize the influence of the privately owned press. If ten privately owned presses are permitted, we will have 30, and so on. But the public will never suspect this, because our journals will be the most opposite in appearance, opinions, and procedures. The official publications are guarding our interests. Then come the semi-official publications. Then will come what appear to be the organs of opposition to us. Our real opposition at heart will accept this stimulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

Like the Indian god Vishnu, we will have a hundred arms— publications of all possible complexions.

Our false attacks on ourselves wil convince the public that all organs that oppose us lack substance to their criticism. Our opponents will lack the ability to give full expression to their views because of the lack of their media power. We can ignore them.

The masses must be retrained and given new employment periodically. Keep them further distracted with amusements, passions, games, sports of all kinds, art competition. They will grow less and less reflective, and adopt more and more our way of thinking. We will continue to direct their minds with all kinds of fantastic theories, new and apparently progressive. Progress, like a fallacious idea, serves to obscure truth, so that none may know truth but us.

We have stage managed so many people over the years in many institutions. Our belief will not be examined, but the shortcomings of the various beliefs of the masses will be discussed by our experts.

In countries called progressive we have created senseless, filthy literature, to direct the masses to learn what knowledge we want them to know.

Whenever we come into power, even into the New Order, Masons that know too much will be eliminated.

We are facing only two major powers, the Russian Czar and the Papacy. [As the reader has learned, those have since both been captured by Masonic power.] The curious join the Masonic Lodge. Using their vanity they can be brought into a total state of slavish submission. Their conceit allows us to bring them into a state of naïveté. Masons who know too much are executed when required by a normal kind of illness. This action prevents any opposition from within Masonry itself.

There you have it. Whatever we make of this Machiavellian-like document, it certainly describes what has happened. For instance, A. Ralph Epperson has written a fairly good book The Unseen Hand, which is a good introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History. However, who does he suggest people go to oppose the Conspiracy? To the Mormon Skousen an ex-FBI man, and especially to the John Birch Society (which perhaps Epperson is unaware was started by a 32 degree Mason with Rockefeller money). —See chapter 40 "Assistance" in The Unseen Hand.) By following Epperson's suggestion to call these groups, in effect, people are simply doing what the above documents states, that is: by setting up their own opposition they will learn what their opponents are saying and doing. This is not to say Epperson suspected that these groups are tools of the New World Order and intentionally gave bad advice. No, he believes the JBS is legitimate. That is why Be Wise As Serpents is needed even for those who are aware of the conspiracy.

Isn't this simply creating paranoia? Not for those who will sincerely oppose the New Order. These people have learned that to fear is counterproductive. There are a certain group of these dedicated servants of God that have been beat up by demonic forces enough in their day to day

life that they are no longer fearful of Satan, but are fully committed to depend on the power of Almighty God Yahweh. They are no longer concerned with who is with them, for they know the truth is on their side, and they realize the stakes are too high to dabble in petty fears. They will faithfully do what they must, and will let the chips fall where they fall. If they make mistakes, they learn and go on. They don't give up.

What this chapter is calling those who oppose the New World Slave State to do, is to reevaluate the issues the Media is giving us. Many of the issues people are getting side-tracked on are intentional distractions by the One-World-Order.


Yes, if you want to discuss anything but the details of the Conspiracy, or Christian values, or anything the Power doesn't care is talked about. Examples of "free speech" include:

•A man made anti-Jewish remarks on an East Broadway bus in 1940 and was jailed in a workhouse for 15 days by a Jewish judge.5

•A Christian radio evangelist was forced by Jewish threats to apologize over the air for a comment made.6

•Father Coughlin, who was telling the public facts about the Power, was forced off the air, banned by the Radio Assn., which made the ADL gleeful.

•Christians in Killingly, Conn. who objected to the film The Killing Fields as part of a three- day high school program, and others in Crown King, Az who objected to a school reading club being named "666" are labelled censors. The First Amendment gives everybody the rights of speech and protest. But Christians who try to exercise those rights are portrayed as censors by PAW's Attacks on Freedom to Learn and U.S. News & World Report, Nov. '88.

•A Christian woman in Calif. Mrs. Evelyn Smith refused to rent to an unmarried couple living in sin. She believed God would judge her responsible if she permits people to engage in extramarital sex on her property. Mrs. Smith was fined $454 dollars in out-of-pocket money to pay for the "damages" the unmarried couple supposedly received from her rejection of them as renters. Where was her First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion, and the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The examples could go on ad-nauseum. Christian freedom of speech, and the freedom to verbally oppose the One-World-Power are being muzzled.

Christians continue to try to work through the system. (Their learning curve needs helped.) According to an article in the American Family Association Journal in 1989 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) had received 400,000 complaints about indecency laws being violated in the last 20 years. They have prosecuted only one of those, that was eleven years back. The FCC demands that a tape or a video tape be sent with each complaint. But the FCC doesn't even have a VCR to view the tapes that they say must accompany any complaint. The complaints are simply sitting on a shelf gathering dust.9

In Miami, an announcer regularly solicits young boys for teenage homosexual sex, the FCC does nothing10- this is freedom of speech.

But what if a Christian wants to speak the truth even in love?

The First Amendment has been stood on its head. Pornography, and every evil imagination, along with witchcraft of all kinds, can been openly discussed over the media and in public. This is hailed as Freedom of Speech. But if one wants to speak of morality, watch out you may be fined, threatened or end up in jail, like the above examples. And if you go through the corrupt system for redress, you may have your complaint gathering dust.

In fact, the Media's anti-Christian bias is so blatant this Author feels somewhat ridiculous for calling the reader's attention to the obvious.

With New Age morality, the majority of Media elite have decided that a certain group of people are sub-human, and deserving death at the whim and fancy of another person, even teenagers.11 I'm referring to the death of millions of unborn children, that the media has promoted.

The anti-Abortion protests have been large and extensive across the United States and have gone widely unreported. The brutality inflicted on the abortion protestors has also gone essentially unreported. The slightest anti-Jewish, or anti-Apartheid protest is picked up by the Media and these items are given coverage way out of proportion to reality. Some of the items you didn't learn on the 6 o'clock news, which show the police state we already live in (—true, it's a benevolent dictatorship):

Pro-life (anti-abortion, anti-murder) protestors received the following treatment from the Benevolent One-World-Power:12

A 72-year old bishop was seized, cuffed from behind and then lifted from the ground by Billy clubs between his wrists to dislocate both shoulders.

17 women college students had their clothes ripped off, were forced to walk in the nude, in some cases crawl, and some were sexually assaulted.

In other towns, women were stripped searched and the cavity searched; others were stripped to the waist and dragged through the jail by their bras with breasts exposed.

Two protestors were driven over by a car while police stood by and watched. The driver was only arrested two days later after the story became public.

According to the source of these anecdotes, depositions have been made of hundreds of similar cases.

Then later, when the anti-Abortion protestors are taken before the courts, their sentences are extremely out of proportion and harsh compared to any sentence any of the other activists in the past have ever received.13

Christians can watch the Media, observe the Police Departments, the Judges, and others coordinate a campaign against the Pro-Life movement. But because their media-built frame of reference is so poor, they can not see a conspiracy of power operating. If they were aware of how many Jews, Masons, Humanists, and Satanists are in these groups, and how they cooperate, maybe they would realize that these events are part of a systematic plan and not isolated happenings. Not only that, the One-World-Order puts its people into the leadership positions of the Pro-Lifers. How disheartening it is to see Ronald Reagan and George Bush heralded by the American Life Lobby as leaders of the cause against abortion.

The national press and Mass Media brags about itself as a free-press. From what this Author can tell, it appears they have been instruments in exactly the opposite—the suppression of free speech.

The American Television news is as censored as Russian news broadcasts. Who decides what ultimately is put on the 6 o'clock American news? Various reports indicate that a list of ten or twelve acceptable news stories is prepared by British Intelligence and transmitted to Washington where the CIA routinely approves the list, and then delivers the list to the networks.

 People within the networks may not all be aware of the dual roles many in Media leadership positions play. Not only do many within the Media have Media leadership roles, but they also have positions in the various secret or semi-secret groups of the New World Order, including but not limited to the CIA, the Masons, the CFR, and the Order of the B'nai B'rith. Some of the people who work for the Mass Media may be unwitting accomplices.

What? Accomplice—isn't an accomplice one who aids or abets a lawbreaker in a criminal act? This book can't make legal decisions, but the reader can form his own opinion after taking under consideration that Sect. 19, U.S. Criminal Code (18 USC 51) titled "Conspiracy to Injure Persons in the Exercise of Civil Rights." It states: "If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the constitution or laws of the U.S., or because of his so having exercised the same... they shall be fined not more than...and shall, moreover, thereafter be ineligible to any office, or place of honor, profit or trust created by the constitution or laws of the U.S."



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