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Truth1 presents:       Fritz Springmeier's "Be Wise As Serpents" 1991  -  Part 3 B

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Part 1 of 2 - Unit 3

Preparing the Money System 1
Interest Taking 2
Financial Wizards 3
Education 4
The Media and Communication 5
Part 2 of 2 - Unit 3    Chapters 3.6 - 3.10

Concentrating Power 6

Scandals 7
Separating Church and State 8
America's Concentration Camps 9
Where the Rubber Hits the Road 10


6.   Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralization of all power.

7.   Scandals.   Examining  scandals created  to discredit Christianity.

8.   Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all.

9.   America's Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp. They are ready for you, that is if you don't want to enjoy the good life of a New Order slave.

10.  Where the Rubber Hits the Road. Coping in a Christ-like way with an overwhelming Satanic conspiracy.
           Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.


Chapter 3.6

Concentrating Power


"The Universal is to be found in the State....The State is the Divine Idea as it exists on earth....We must therefore worship the State as the manifestation of the Divine on earth, and consider that, if it is difficult to comprehend Nature, it is harder to grasp the Essence of the State....the State is the march of God through the world..."—Hegel1

Proponents of Hegel's view (the Nazis, the Communists, the New World Order) find that their god the State turns out to be a poor God. One of the State worshippers is U.S. Senator and social scientist Daniel Moynihan, who got furious at his man-made god for "inexcusably sloppy work....If administrators and politicians are going to play God with other persons' lives (and still other persons' money), they ought at least to get clear what the divine intention is to be."2


Survival. The New World Order has a host of problems that they are vigorously advertising day and nite in the media, most of which they have skillfully engineered themselves, to get us to believe we need their super-totalitarian socialist New Order to survive. (More about these later.)

The New World Order will merge the State with a super World Church. This Church-State confederacy ruled by a king-priest will attempt total control. It will broadcast that the few people such as devout Christians who stand in opposition to both the law of the state and the institution of the World Church should not be tolerated. It will be said that it is better for them to suffer than for whole nations to be thrown into confusion and lawlessness. The problems that will come as judgements of God will be blamed on those who do not line up with the socialist Kingdom of God. Christ's words that the day will come when those who kill you will think they are doing it in God's service will have special meaning.

The New World Order has been paying, encouraging, and coaching Clergymen of all shapes and sizes to pronounce that our survival depends on Global Interdependence—their nice verbiage for their New World Order. Here are some samples of the constant broken record that whines on about how we need this One-World-State to survive:

University of Chicago Sociologist and Jew Morris Janowitz tells us in his book that state coercion has been painful but necessary for mankind.3

The Humanist Manifesto II suggests that without adopting such "bold and daring measures" we cannot survive.

Religious leaders from around the world declared in 1975 at the U.N., "The crises of our time are challenging the world religions to release a new spiritual force transcending religious, cultural, and national boundaries....We affirm a new spirituality divested of insularity and directed toward planetary consciousness."4

The U.S. Global Report 2000 claims there is an extreme "megacrises" of population, pollution, energy, soil, water, etc. "The only solutions...are complex and long-term...far beyond the capability and responsibility of this or any other single nation. An era of unprecedented cooperation and commitment is essential"

George Bush told us on Jan. 7, 1991 in a speech "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective- a new world order- can emerge....I think what is at stake here is the new world order.... will the United Nations, its peace-keeping function having been elevated to its most promising height since 1948, be sent back to the Dark Ages because we failed to fulfill its mandate?"

Another Hegel quote is "America is therefore the land of the future, where, in ages that lie before us, the burden of the world's history shall reveal itself."5 Although the goal is world dominion, United States is repeatedly viewed as a major player to make the One-World- Government come into full power.

Twenty-four U.S. Senators and eighty U.S. Representatives signed a Declaration of Interdependence which repudiates items in the Declaration of Independence and pledges themselves to support "institutions of world order." (By the way a good number of them were Masons) This Declaration of Interdependence in 1976 begins "When in the course of history the threat of extinction confronts mankind, it is necessary for the people of The United States to declare their interdependence with the people of all nations and to embrace those principles and build those institutions which will enable mankind to survive and civilization to flourish." It goes on to describe those international institutions.

In my "book" so to speak, anyone who takes an oath "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies within and without" and then signs a Declaration that pledges them to the creation of a world government which will nullify that Constitution has committed treason, not to mention proving themselves untrustworthy.

Do you really believe we are faced with extinction? And who has created that threat? Was it not those who governed us? Was it not Government that was involved in Nuclear energy and Nuclear bombs? etc. etc.


Already by the 1870s, the Illumined Masonic leaders had decided it would take three world wars to bring people to the point they would want a strong world government. They have not played the third world war card yet.

H.G. Wells wrote that an invasion from outer space would unify mankind. At least two men who have worked for military intelligence have seen the plans to create a fake invasion from outer space to unify the world. The technology to build UFOs exists— I won't take the time to prove it, but it does. They have not played this card yet either.

Financial disaster created conditions that the dictatorships of Mussolini, Hitler, and (dare we say?) Roosevelt to came into power. It is in the planning, to do a monetary exchange in the United States, and for present money to be inflated. It is in the planning to reduce the American standard of living. They have not played that card yet.


Something big is happening. The whole subject of UFOs leaves the objective person bewildered. There are several key points that are verified beyond doubt on the subject.

1.   There has been intensive interest by the movie industry about extraterrestrials, science fiction
scenarios about their coming to earth. There have been lots of secret interest on the part of governments and intelligence agencies. The level of secrecy on documents pertaining to UFOs is two secret levels above the H-Bomb project. The highest secrecy level —Top Secret Umbra— were placed on the Top Secret affidavit giving the National Security Agency reasons for withholding its documents on UFOs. SIGINT documents that are classified above TOP SECRET receive a an additional stamp such as ROYAL, COSMIC, or in the case of one set of UFO documents in case MJ-12 they were stamped MAJIC.

2.      After the book Above Top Secret, which conclusively documents ad nauseum how there have been government coverups around the world concerning UFO, especially in the U.S., there is no reasonable doubt that some of the biggest intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA, and MI6 are committed to disinformation and coverups.

3.      UFO activity is related to the Occult, the New Age, and demonic activity. It is likely the whole thing about UFOs is going to be related to a One-World-Religion.

A newsletter put out by a UFO research group Nevada Aerial Research Group describes Phillip Klass attending the 1989 MUFON Conference. Phil Klass has blown his cover with UFO buffs, they know he is a CIA agent.6 Signs posted at the conference warned no recording devices were allowed. The Mufon Conference Security had to remove Phil's tape recorder.

Not only does Phillip J. Klass apparently work for the CIA, but he wrote a book to debunk UFOs called "UFOs-The Public Deceived." Perhaps he wrote it at the CIA's behest.

The Watchtower Society opens their Awake! (Nov. 8, 1990, p.3) article on UFO's by quoting Phillip J. Klass. It's interesting how the WT Society uses Phillip Klass and Edward Dolnik to turn the subject of UFOs into the soon-to-come apocalypse. This Awake! article quotes Edward Dolnik,

"The leading explanation today has to do with deep-seated and apocalyptic fears associated with approaching the millennium." The WT Society adds, "that is, as we approach the year 2000."

This author doesn't know what is behind UFOs, except in general it is evil. The book Above Top Secret is so well documented that it is interesting that the WT Society would promote the view (pp. 8-9) that there has been no coverup. We are looking at a religious institution that has repeatedly called the all government, including the U.S. government dishonest, yet it wants to turn our belief away from a cover-up.(?) Did they not read the book Above Top Secret which they themselves mention in the article? At this point, the Watchtower Society is going along with the Party line of the New Order—which is to draw attention to the issue, but not disclose anything.

The bottom line of the article is that the WT Society gets more subjective "proof" for the date 2000, and reinforces that date into the collective mind of their readers. This author does not have the inside scoop on how the topic of UFOs will benefit the New Order, but it looks like its a topic that will hang around, no pun intended.

A sample of the UFO stories surfacing from witnesses all over the globe is the story of Sid Padrick. His story was told with such credibility that many are convinced of it. He says that the E.T. spokesman in the spacecraft that took him told him that, "As you know it, we have no sickness, we have no crimes, we have no police force. We have no schools—are young are taught at an early age to do a job, which they do very well. Because of our long life expectancy we have a very strict birth control. We have no money. We live as one."

Sid Patrick claims that the Alien ask him, "Would you like to pay your respects to the Supreme Deity?" "When he said that I almost fainted. I didn't even know how to accept it. I said to him, "We have one, but we call it God, Are we talking about the same thing?" He replied, "There is only one."...So I knelt and did my usual prayer....Until that night I had never felt the presence of the Supreme Being—but I did feel Him that night.

"It's obvious that they are on a very high scientific level, but their relation with the Supreme Being means a lot more to them than their technical and scientific ability and knowledge. I would say that their religion and their science are all in one."

William Cooper, former U.S. Navy security and intelligence officer, claims to have seen plans while on an intelligence briefing team for the Pacific Fleet Intelligence Center to create an artificial threat from outer space to unite the world. His research indicates that the world is being ruled by men of secret societies intent on ruling the world. The Saving & Loan crisis, the depletion of the FDIC fund, the forgiving of third world debts is all calculated to collapse the banking system and to motivate us to adopt a cashless society.

A man claiming to be an intelligence officer has given dossiers of documents to certain people that there is a big conspiracy on the part of the governments to defraud the people of their freedom. Should we believe such people?

Knowing what this author knows, I would suggest people listen to such men's evidence. The New Order typically has played both ends of the spectrum, and undoubtedly has their nose is both sides of the issue. The CIA is one of the chief elements of their power.

Exposes on the CIA may come from three sources, legitimate, crank, and the CIA itself, so undoubtedly some degree of discretion must be used in deciding what information is legitimate.


Have you ever wondered why the big American automakers seem to have lost out to the Japanese? Why is it that such great corporations like GM and Ford with their capital (finances) and technology could fail so easily? Why is it that by some slight of the hand American technology was transferred to Japan?

Have you ever wondered why the media plays up Japanese buy ups in America, yet Great Britain which has more investment in the U.S. than Japan goes unnoticed?

Have you ever wondered why the Savings and Loans and Credit Unions are being delivered some death blows, while the powerful banks increase in power and size? Did you wonder why a Savings & Loan like Benjamin Franklin was solvent and financially healthy one day and the next in such trouble it was ordered to sell itself?

Have you ever wondered why the South African government and country has been attacked in the media and the UN for apartheid, when the racial policies of China with the Tibetans, Iraq with the Kurds, India with its culturally engrained caste system where the light skin Aryans are tops, and other nations are far worse? Why was so much attention and economic embargos placed on South Africa alone?


The rise of Japan as an economic world power appears to disprove to some that the world is moving toward centralized control.

Around 1987, Financial Times ran a headline calling Kenichi Ohmae "Japan's Only Management Guru." Kenichi Ohmae, is not likely the only Japanese to be knowledgeable in business, but it is interesting to see what a leader like him from Japan believes in. In 1985, he wrote Triad Power. In 1990, he came out with The Borderless World Power and Strategy in The Interlinked Economy.

The Japanese Business Leader believes national borders no longer exist. He says, "An isle is emerging that is bigger than a continent—the Inter-linked Economy (ILE) of the Triad (the United States, Europe, and Japan) joined by aggressive economies such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore."8

"The policy objective for the ILE will be ensuring the free flow of information, money, goods, and services as well as the free migration of people and corporations. Traditional governments will have to establish a new single framework of global government. Toward that end, the first and most important step is to understand the global economy accurately. That's the purpose of this book."9

But how does one get the Japanese to open up? The answer lies in understanding Japanese culture.

The Japanese and gifts. There is a Japanese term which describes the concept of returning a gift with an equal or better gift. A Japanese person may not like to receive your gift, because he feels he loses face if he can't ante up a better one in return.

In return for Americans allowing the Japanese into American markets, the Japanese must reciprocate or lose face. Granted American pride has taken a beating, as the Japanese have been allowed to invest in America, but much of the cause of this wounded pride is superficial.

For instance, Sony bought Columbia, and the Japanese also bought Paramount. But Warner Bros. is far greater than Columbia in size and it has also merged with Time/Life. That merger between Time/Life and Warner Bros. has created such a large entity that Columbia is of small significance—except that it opens the door to the internationalization of Japanese and Chinese products.

Many of the "Japanese companies" are really international. For instance, IBM Japan, is this company Japanese? It has 20,000 Japanese workers, but its equity holders are American.10 Honda has an operation run by Americans in Ohio, and Texas Instruments has memory-chips work done in Japan—so which is the American product? Cellular phones sold in Japan by a Japanese company may have components made by Americans at the U.S. division of the Japanese company. Sony sends audiotapes and videotapes to Europe that it makes at Dotham, Alabama.

The New Republic magazine informs us that "The very idea of 'American' products made by 'American' firms is becoming obsolete. Lee Iacocca warns of the Japanese invasion of America, but American-made parts now constitute a smaller portion of the top models of the Big Three than they do of Honda's top-of-the-line cars."11

The companies supposedly invading us, are often multinational companies that are alligning themselves with the Interdependent economy the One-World-Order wants. Rather than believing in the myth that the Japanese are taking over, we should realize that the internationals are taking us over.

Which part of the world has more economic sales potential. China and Japan with over one third of the world's population, or the U.S.? A shoe company, or most any other product company realizes that China has a much bigger market. To open the Asian market, they are allowing Japan to invest in the U.S. In the long run, the elite Americans and Europeans who have large financial interests in Japan, are using the Japanese to open up the China market. China has typically suffered from the delusion it is the center of the universe, so it is taking a great deal of work by the Internationalists to work the Chinese into the anything global that they run.

It is true Japan has a near "monopoly" on advanced computer chips, although recently an American firm won an anti-trust suit against them. But so what? Half of the semiconductor production machinery and software to design complicated chips are American made. Rare gasses, photo resists, and other items essential to its production are American controlled.

Speaking about something that is greatly overlooked American controlled is the world's money supply. There is no national currency except American dollars that are in sufficient supply for the Sheiks and other wealthy people to keep their money in. Most of the world's wealth is kept in dollars, and the value of dollars is controlled by the Fed (Federal Reserve System), and ultimately is Rothschild controlled through the Banks that control the Fed.

Two of the most powerful men of the elite are Japanese. These top Japanese are definitely being given are piece of the action in the New World Order. However, sources that have inside knowledge indicate that the New World Order plans to pull the rug from under the Japanese economy first, before they destroy America's. This is possible, but during 1991 the New World Order has been moving massive amounts of money out of the United States. (As I write this in 1991, it doesn't appear the United States has too much longer of a grace period.)

Although the Japanese have Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, now the largest bank, with $414.1 billion of assets as of 31 Mar '89, they are not the masters of the banking world.12

In June 1985, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, and Banker's Trust—the banks connected to the One-Worlders— were allowed to participate in the Japanese money markets and the Japanese Trust business. Further a Tokyo-based market like the International Banking Facilities allows international financial institutions to create special accounts exempt from many of Japan's domestic regulations. The major American investment banks are spending tens of millions of dollars to expand their Tokyo offices. "These days, you can't be a global player without an important presence in Japan."—Neil P. Benedict, director of finance at Saloman Brothers, a Jewish banking concern.13

Although the complete list of Foreign-Related Firms in Japan is beyond the scope of this book, it might be of value to point out to the reader a few firms in Japan that are Foreign- Related (that is underpinned with foreign capital.) The source is The President Directory, 1973. Tokyo: Diamond-Time Pub. Co., 1972 based on 1971 Tax filings. Foreign-Related Firms in Japan:

Matsushita Electronics,
Nippon Univac
Mitsubishi Oil
Yokohama Rubber
Sumitomo 3M
Caterpillar Mitsubishi
Nippon Merck-Banyu
Mitsui Polychemicals
Koa Oil
Vendo (Japan)
Kondo Sewing Machine
Tokyo Nickel
Keisokki Kogyo
Mitsubishi Acetate
Toshiba Ampex
Fuji Xerox

...the entire list is very long. In fact, of the top 100 Foreign-Related Firms 25 consist of 100% foreign capital. Next time the reader sees the name Mitsubishi on a caterpillar, maybe he'll look at the machine differently, knowing that 50% of the company in Japan belongs to non-Japanese. The Big Three American Auto manufacturers have invested heavily into Japan's auto manufacturing.

IBM, Schick, Nestle, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Polaroid, Del Monte, Adidas, and many other companies are successful in Japan.

Companies are increasingly joining up in cooperation. General Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi, ASEA, AMU, and KWU (Siemens) joined together to develop an improved nuclear boiling reactor.14

The Japanese Money Barons are doing great, but the Japanese man in the street has paid the price through hard work and little of the benefits. "Japanese laws discourage consumption. Income tax rates go up to 70 percent. There aren't any tax breaks for home mortgage interest or consumer borrowing....Typically, Japanese can't afford a home until age forty, a decade later than Americans."15 Interest rates on savings accounts are low. "Small savers—the backbone of Japan's financial strength—suffer. They get less return than they deserve for their toil and thrift. After calculating the effects of inflation, small savers have actually had a negative real rate of return."16

According to the Federation of Economic Organizations the average land prices in Japan compared to the U.S. are 35 times as high.

Americans are concerned that they run a trade deficit with Japan. But all of us run a trade deficit with our supermarket, it would be a nightmare if each of us had to make sure we sold as much to the supermarket as it did to us. Even if we had a trade surplus it wouldn't mean we were winning economically. Europe had one with us during the 80's while losing 2 million jobs.17

It is true that the Japanese have made substantial investments in the United States. This indicates that the world is becoming a global community economically. What is also interesting is that all this fuss is made concerning Japanese investment, while British investment in the United States exceeds Japanese.

Some of the Japanese investments are going to be losses. The Japanese banks hold about half the perpetual floating-rate notes, which amounts to billions of dollars. Speaking about these notes (which have by the way had difficulties) Merrill Lynch money-markets specialist Paul Dennison says, "The Japanese couldn't sell their bonds if they tried."18

The propaganda about the Japanese taking over is just that, they are vulnerable (as we all are), and can only expect to succeed if they play the game of international interdependence. If they deviate from the Party line, they can easily be crippled economically by the One-World-Power. (Some confidential sources with good connections to the Power say that the One-World-Power plans to pull the rug out from underneath the Japanese economy before they destroy America's.)

Milton Friedman in his massive A Monetary History of the United States documents how the Fed has not maintained a stable money, but has been a major source of instability. The Fed has enormous power over the economy of not just the U.S. but power over Japan as well.

The spirit of the One-World-Economy has been underwritten legally by the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), IMF (International Monetary Fund, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), and bilateral commercial treaties. Since 1970, the Japanese have shifted into line with regards to international trade. There has been plenty of One- World propaganda in the Japanese media, and the globalist attitudes that are appearing among the Japanese are a radical change from the isolationist views that the Japanese so long shielded themselves with. Japanese pride is very strong, and it will be interesting to see how the Internationalists plan to cope with that.

We find the Japanese full players with the One-World-Order. One example of the many transactions carried out daily is when the Chairman of the Rothschild's American Express James Robinson III wanted to make a deal with Nippon Life, Henry Kissinger personally delivered the letter.19

The Japanese culture creates citizens that have values that match what the New Order wants. Remember too, that Japan needs an international global economy to thrive. The United States on the other hand is far less dependent on other nations, and could survive even if isolated. (Reports indicate that American oil is capable of supplying all our domestic needs and to last the United States long into the future.)

Prior to W.W. II, Japan was anti-Masonic. Fujivara, the Japanese delegate to the Weltdienst congress in 1938 declared, "Judeo-Masonry is forcing the Chinese to turn China into a spearhead for an attack on Japan, and thereby forcing Japan to defend herself against this threat. Japan is at war not with China but with Freemasonry, represented by General Chiang-Kai-shek, the successor of his master, the Freemason Sun-Yat-Sen... Japanese soldiers were dying not for any narrow national interest but for the sake of the whole from the Judeo-Masonic-Bolshevik claws...Do not abandon us, the isolated bulwark in the Far East."20

During the late 1930s, the Japanese took in Jewish Refugees from Germany, about 30,000 of them which were settled in Shanghai, China, in the hopes that a. by giving them refuge the Judeo-Masonic world Power would in thanks leave Japan alone, and b. that by settling them in China they could create a buffer state between their empire and the Chinese.20a

Before W.W. II, Japan had been impervious to foreign secret societies. This was due to their monolithic religious-political system that allowed the Japanese to import Western technology and retain their culture and political system intact. China on the other hand had been a seedbed for secret societies, especially since the Manchus took over in 1644 and secret societies had formed to oppose them. European meddling into Chinese affairs had been extensive too. Japanese perceptions that they and the Germans were allied against the Judeo-Masonic Secret Societies of Europe was not exaggeration. Japanese Institutions prior to W.W. II's defeat could only be challenged in secret, because Japanese Institutions had the consensus of the people. And there had been attempts to establish secret revolutionary societies.

The Mason Douglas MacArthur had dictatorial powers over Japan after W.W. II from 1945 to 1951. He single handedly masterminded the restructuring of Japan after W.W.II. For an good introduction to MacArthur read An American Ceasar. The Japanese have joined Masonic Lodges since W.W. II, but the largest group of Masons in Japan has always been Americans. Japan has at least 25 lodges and 5,000 Masons, with about 1/10 of these Japanese nationals. Interestingly, English and Japanese Masons can not visit each other's lodges, or be masonically associated.

After restructuring Japan, MacArthur was also given command of UN forces in Korea. MacArthur apparently was too independent minded to allow the One-World-Order to have their way and to allow the Chinese to score against the Americans. The Korean War was not designed to serve as victory for America by the One-World-Order. The war had other purposes. MacArthur however, when he saw the large concentrations of Chinese troops massing to attack the Americans wanted to bomb them, and prevent their attack. Unfortunately for American lives, he was not allowed to and was removed from command for persisting to request for permission to bomb. Even someone as brilliant and great as MacArthur was expected to toe the One-World- Party agenda, and was canned instantly when he didn't.


One economist has said that the International Financiers are using their economic muscle to build U.S. Corporate strength. This was done by tax incentives for stock, while taking away tax incentives for second properties. Interest rates were manipulated by the Fed, which drove people to turn to stocks rather than leaving money in Bank accounts. Employee Retirement Plans which place their funds into stocks furthered the corporate financial strength.

American and Foreign Corporations believing the New World Order is the wave of the future are getting onto the bandwagon and participating with the World Order's program. It is not important whether they have studied H.G. Wells. Nor is it important that they have or haven't studied Kenichi Ohmae. The probabilities are very strong that those that read in business have read something promoting the One-Worlder's economic ideas, because such literature has been authored by hundreds of men and is practically everywhere, and so many leaders are spouting it.

What is sad, is that the Christian community is being deceived even while this New One World Economic Order is so blatant and extensive. For instance, in the book A Crash Course On The New Age, a popular Christian book supposedly informing the Christians about the New Age, the author ridicules Constance Cumbey for connecting H.G. Well's ideas with the New Age. He asks how many scientists of the world today have read Well's The Open Conspiracy. This is misleading in several ways. First, The Open Conspiracy is not the primary book of H.G. Wells being used as a guide for the economics of the One-World-Order, he wrote a number. Second, these people have think-tanks with some of the greatest minds in the world massaging ideas on how to bring in the One-World-Order, they aren't relying on H.G. Wells. Third, since Wells, there have been hundreds of men who have written books on the subject, for instance, a scientist could have read The Borderless World, Power and Strategy in The Interlinked Economy or dozens of other recent titles. So many economists, speakers etc. are lecturing on it, it is hard not to hear about it. Fourth, it doesn't matter if the technicians and scientists have read anything on this subject or heard anybody talk about it. What Wells was suggesting was that the day to day decisions would reside with specialists. That is being done today, just as Wells pointed out that it was being done in his day, only it is now done on a greater scale as he had envisioned. It doesn't require the specialist to see the big picture for them to do their job. By handing over the control of everything in our lives to specialists, power will be taken out of the hands of the people. Wells liked the idea, because it is almost impossible to argue with a specialist.

This author would like to point out the abuses of such a world. In a divorce, a guardian-at-liadem for the minors is appointed to determine who should gain custody of the children. Supposedly such a person knows best—but many actual cases show that the guardian-at-liadems know very little about the cases they are handling.

Another abuse, is that specialists called psychiatrists make judgements about people for the courts that seriously affect the outcomes of the court cases and the sentencing. These psychiatrists are frequently unbalanced people themselves, and their judgements are too often devoid of even common sense. At least in listening to many conversations at coffee breaks, etc. one gets the distinct impression most people regard it ridiculous for a criminal to get off by claiming insanity.

More and more the specialists, the experts, are the System's people, who are indoctrinated with the One-World-Power's propaganda, and who are increasingly making decisions based on a very narrow outlook that they have received from the Power's sources such as the System's T.V. and public educational system.

Studies by the two top scientists in the field of global warming have shown that there has been no global warming between 1935-1990. But the system has its own specialists, and consequently there have been numerous international conferences and activities about Global Warming. Why? Because the Power wants to stampede us into thinking that unless a One-World-Power is created the environment can not be saved.21

Wells knew that by creating an elite of specialists and technicians with lots of credentials, the common man would not dare to question their decisions and things would run smoothly.

The Christians (and other people as well) have not noticed the subtle method of enslavement this will perform. Increasingly, the Power to determine who is an authority, and who gets an education is in the hands of the One-World-Power. The entire educational system is at the mercy of the Federal government, and the grants that the foundations make. The list of Christians who have been excluded from technical positions because they took a stand in line with their Christian beliefs is numerous. Another abuse of Well's concept of an elite, is that the technicians are forced to follow guidelines that they often disagree with. The public accepts their decisions without realizing they are made under the duress of keeping their jobs.


In Japan, the specialists in the Japanese bureaucracy have been able to dictate the validation (ninka) process for foreign business entry into Japan. The career bureaucrats derive much from "second careers" in politics or in major business firms, and the politicians in Japan derive their campaign funds from big business.22 Consequently, until big business in Japan is solidly in the One-World-Camp the specialists in both the "economic ministries" (MITI & Finance Ministry) and the Foreign Investment Council are going to continue making it difficult for foreign investment into Japan. Each application is handled on a case-by-case basis, and for those who are interested in the process for major, minor, and automatic validations should read Chap. VI of the proceeding reference.


In this section, we will examine the One-World-Power's control over Asia.

The One-World-Order maintains its power through a number of channels. For instance, in Iran prior to the Iranian Revolution the CIA ran the country through its agent the Shah, through the Secret SAVAK which they trained and developed, and through the many Mullahs who they paid regularly to support the Shah and to keep the populace's religious devotion in support of their regime.

When Pres. Jimmy Carter failed to give the Moslem clergy the pay raise they felt they could bargain for, the Moslem clergy overthrew the Shah. The Moslem clergy knew the people better than the CIA, and knew that they would support their revolution.

Iran is just one of several Asian countries where the CIA is heavily involved with the secret police to keep a government in power. The Korean CIA works hand in hand with the U.S. CIA. The Indonesian Secret Police, one of the most brutal police forces in Asia, works intimately with the CIA. The leaders of the CIA are the ones who tie back into the One-World-Power. They are members of the International Bankers, Masons, the elite Power families and the like all committed to the One-World-Order.

For recruits, they like to choose Mormons, because Mormons are the perfect Masonic servants. They have been raised in a theology that is Masonic. They have been taught obedience to authority. They are clean cut, not prone to alcoholism, or drugs and have no religious scruples about the dirty work that must be done, because they are convinced that communism and atheism, et al. are dangerous. (Bear in mind, Mormons in Nazi Germany fought for Hitler right along side the Catholics and Lutherans. Having raised this as an issue with Mormon missionaries repeatedly, I have yet to encounter a Mormon that has seen anything wrong with the German Mormons being given official church approval to fight for Hitler.)

Mormons, generally after their mission, perhaps sometimes during a missionary mission overseas, are recruited by the CIA. Likewise, although the Peace Corps officials have protested, their volunteers are likewise recruited by the CIA. The Masonic Lodge working through their people in the CIA and British Intelligence have a good worldwide intelligence gathering capability.

As the reader is beginning to picture, the One-World-Order uses proxies, and native agents within the Asian countries to complete the vast lower levels of their chain of command.

Masonic Lodges are found in most Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Burma, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.


Hong Kong has been under the Order's direct rule since China lost the Opium Wars. The penalty on the Chinese for trying to protect their nationals from opium addiction by fighting the Europeans was the forced concession of Hong Kong. On paper a governor appointed by the crown and a legislative council rules. But the legislative council can actually only give advice. In one reference we read about Hong Kong, "Who REALLY rules— The Colonial administration shares power with the wealthier members of Hong Kong's integrated (English-Chinese) business community."23 It is of importance to keep in mind what powerful British companies started Hong Kong, and then it is clear that the Rothschilds and co-workers control it.

Hong Kong has been a conduit for Israeli military technology to Red China over the years. The BCCI scandal revealed a portion of the enormous military help that Israel has given the Communist Chinese.


India is the an important outpost of Freemasonry. Calcutta has been a nerve center for Masonry for over 100 years.24 The British East India Company owned and operated by the One-World-Power ruled India for many years. During this time period, Masonry was established in India. The first lodge was in Calcutta in 1740. In the nineteenth century, ethnic Indians began joining. In 1844, in Bombay a Scottish Rite Lodge (Rising Star No. 342) was started for non-Europeans. In the Bombay area, many Pharsees (also spelled Pharsis) joined. Note that the Pharsees follow the ancient Iranian religion taught by Zoroaster, which was the forerunner of Mithraism. See chapter 1.2 where Masonry and Mithraism are equated.

In the New Delhi area, many Hindus joined. The turbaned Sikhs who never cut their hair also found Masonry appealing. Approximately 500 Masonic lodges can be found in India today.

In the 1880s, for some reason the World-Order decided to rule India from behind the scenes rather than through the British government. However, the people in India didn't want self rule. Many Indians realized that in their fragmented nation the British could be counted on to be an impartial benevolent ruler. Evelyn Baring, Finance Minister of the Government of India, declared in 1882 that the Indians needed to become self-governing on a local level. "We shall not subvert the British Empire by allowing the Bengali Baboo to discuss his own schools and drains. Rather shall we afford him a safety valve if we can turn his attention to such innocent subjects."25

However, a number of Indians observed that if the British had not turned over local administration to the Indian locals, the Indians would have not considered independence. The reason being was that when the British did all the administrating, things were done right, but with limited self-rule things deteriorated and people lost sight of the advantages of British rule.

Annie Besant and her Theosophical Society, which originated from Masonic roots and has been led by Co-Masons, led the fight for India's independence. She began agitating for independence even in the 1920s. Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, and the clique of Gandhis that have followed and ruled India have been connected to the Theosophical Society. Mahatma Gandhi was a member of the Theosophical Society.

The Russians and Germans also encouraged Indians to turn against British rule. However, in spite of all the various groups seeking independence, the power of the One-World-Order in India was never threatened.

Economic control in India for the One-World-Order is through the Sassoons (one of the female branches of the Rothschilds).26 They control the Banks in India among other items. The power of Sassoons extends further than India today.

India is also ideal in many ways. The population can be easily controlled by religious gurus. The caste system, although no longer legal, is part of India's culture, and it produces a hierarchy which is also perfect for control. Three quarters of the people are Sudras—that is outcasts who are only fit for the most repulsive of jobs.27 The multitude of factions, make a divide and conquer strategy easy for whoever has money.

Even more openly than in the U.S. and the U.K., India has been ruled by an elite which stays in power through corruption. The people in India today, in general, are disillusioned with "democracy."

S.K. Ghosh, an Indian writer has recently come out with the book The Indian Mafia. He states, "In return for a ring of security, our politicians have surrendered their powers to gangsters." He notes that a mood of cynicism and foreboding pervades India's population of 844 million people.

The System's media is telling us and the Indians that it is a lack of foreign investments, lack of India not using Western lending institutions that have caused India's misery. The truth is that the religious beliefs of Hinduism cause a great deal of the problem.


The World Order controls Great Britain completely. The British monarchs have allowed themselves to be the nominal heads of the Masonry down through the years. As so much of British Royalty has been involved in Masonry, and this has been with all the pageantry that Britain is so famous for, it is public knowledge that British Royalty is part of the Masonic system. There are few exceptions, and it is questionable if the specific details are needed to relate the religious side of the story.

It is my intention to keep this section as brief as possible because it deals with politics. However, something must be offered the reader on this area, because the religious threat of a One-World-Religion seems so remote until we realize that the people of the One-World- Religion are the same group who are have control of our political/judicial systems.

In the United Kingdom (U.K.), two major political parties have been created, the Conservatives and the Labour parties. As in the U.S. both political parties are controlled by the One-World- Power.

Even more so than in the U.S. there is fundamentally little difference between the two parties.

One British authority on the British parties noted that, "Two monolithic structures now face each other and conduct furious arguments about the comparatively minor issues that separate them."28

As in the United States the Labor Unions have sided with one particular party. In the U.S. it is the Democratic party, and in the U.K. it is the Labour party. Anyone familiar with the Labor Unions is aware they don't exist solely for the working man. They have hidden agendas and politics to them. That is not said here to be taken as anti or pro Union, just that Labor Unions should be viewed in relation to the external forces and issues that involve them. Who started these Unions, who controls them, and why? Just a sample of where the reader might begin answering this is Annie Besant, Fabian, Socialist, Co-Masonic and Theosophical leader, and others like her.

The British voting population has been divided up into Constituencies, the boundaries of which are determined by Government Commissions from time to time. From these 635 Constituencies come 635 Members of Parliament (MPs). The MPs in the House of Commons is considered to be the House that carries out the actual legislative work, the House of Lords being more show. Actually, policy is decided by other groups. "The Milner Round Table later became the Royal Institute of International Affairs-Council on Foreign Relations combine which exercises unopposed control for the World Order over foreign and monetary policy in both the United States and Great Britain."29

The British legal system is totally in the control of the Masons. It is practically a given in Britain that you must join the Masons to become a lawyer. The Judges are essentially all Masons. (According to Knight in his book The Brotherhood, upwards to 70% of British judges are Masons, and 90% of the lawyers, called barristers and solicitors in Britain.—These figures may well be too low, although the law is on the books for the lodges to report their membership lists, it has never been enforced.) The lawyers in Britain decide who is allowed legal aid, if your case is a non-Mason against a Mason you can forget trying to get legal aid. Also to your disadvantage is your mercenary, your lawyer, is invariably a Mason and can't be depended upon to help your case against his brother Mason.

In chapter 2.1, in the section on the Anglican Church is was shown how Masonry controls the Church of England. In turn, the Church of England dominates religious life in England. A breakdown of religious affiliation in England is given in The Statesman's Year Book, 1978-9:

England and Wales
Church of England 27,180,000 [Masonic leadership]
Roman Catholic 4,190,000 [see chp. 2.2 on Mas. leadership in Cath. Ch.]
Methodist & Ind. Meth. 562,616 [largely Masonic leadership in G.B.]
Baptist 187,144 [largely Masonic leadership]
Methodist Chr. of Wales 99,288 [ " " " ]
Congregational Union 181,101 [Masons in leadership]

The Church of Scotland 1,041,772 [Masons in leadership]
Roman Catholic 813,200
Episcopal Church 76,298

Northern Ireland
Roman Catholic 477,918
Presbyterian 405,719
Church of Ireland 334,318
Methodist 71,235

Every so often, various church councils investigate Masonry to discover if there is any conflict between Masonry and the church. And who from the churches staff these investigations?— Masons, and who do they interview? usually Masons, and what books do they read? Masonic literature. For instance the Church of Scotland's investigation in 1964-5, which was helped by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Another example of Masonic help in an investigation of the Lodge was to the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Aust. in 1957-8. Of interest is the statement in the Presbyterian report, "The committee had knowledge of the truth of the opening words of the petition that many Ministers and Laymen of unquestioned sincerity are members of the Masonic Lodge."

As might be expected in a country run by Masons, whose religious life is controlled almost entirely by Masonic power, very few British are church goers. Interest in the Bible is scarce, and the Moslems and Sufis are making big gains.

By 1688, religious conflicts in England on a major scale were over, and the Masonic system of toleration had begun to pervade the British. It has been slowly diluting their religious fervor. In spite of this, individual British have been great men of God. Whether for good or bad, the British have been a big religious influence world wide.

The British Prime Minister appoints the Governor of the B.B.C. By the way, the Prime Ministers have been their men, or in Margaret Thatcher's case their woman. (How many people know that she worked for OSS intelligence, and in 1981 went to a reunion of OSS veterans in New York City. 30 She also is a Bilderberger. The Mason Winston Churchill is well-known for kicking off the Cold War with his "Iron curtain speech". He was a One-Worlder and only had close connections with the Fabian socialists, along with liking their view of things.31

Reuters, perhaps the best worldwide news service which supplies the American news networks with much of what they use, is owned and operated by the Jewish Clique that is working on setting up the One-World-Order. There are about 150 daily and Sunday newspapers in the U.K.,32 which is a very small number compared to most other comparable western nations. And yet at the same time, more newspapers are sold in the U.K. than in any other country in the western world. The press, radio, and TV are predominantly London-based and London-controlled.33 In short, while the uninformed person might think that a nation of over 57 million people with ties to every other nation globally would have access to lots of unbiased information, the censorship and control in Great Britain is as tight as anywhere. Those who have really rocked the boat have been arrested in England, and some have even been moved to prevent relatives from locating them. An example is the imprisonment of Lord Alfred Douglas in the 1920s after he published information in Plain English (Sept. 3, 1921).

Financial Power resides in the Bank of England, which is controlled by Jewish concerns, to a large extent the Rothschilds.

Jewish-Masonic concerns can be seen to totally dominate British life and politics. What helps out further in some ways, is that because the British are so homogenous in racial composition (in relation to comparable countries) and like the Japanese develop and work off a national consensus, it is only a matter of leading the herd of cattle to direct public opinion. The British defer to their leadership, and to authority. That is one reason why British police (Bobbies) do not need to tote guns—although they can use them if need be. If this sounds to harsh, it is only saying in a less positive manner what many British authorities are well aware of.34 The reader can study this for himself in the references in this last superscript footnote.

Americans and Canadians have been taught that William the Conqueror was the last conqueror to invade the British Isles successfully. To quote The World Almanac published for the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Canada (1983) p.573, "The last successful invasion was by French-speaking Normans in 1066, who united the country with their dominions in France." However, a more exact history is "Largely because of her insular position, combined with the maintenance of a powerful navy, Britain has been able to resist successfully all attempts at foreign invasion since 1066, apart from the relatively peaceful 'invasion' by William of Orange in 1688."35

Those who helped William of Orange invade have been in leadership positions since. "Those who had aided William's invasion were well-rewarded; they have been the wealthiest families in England since."36 "Despite the fact that mobility between the social classes from one generation to another has increased since the principle of free and compulsory secondary education was established, family background remains fundamentally important in determining social class."37 One's family background determines what schools one can go to, and that in turn determines what occupation one can get into. Britishers that come to the U.S. enjoy the seeming lack of a hereditary elitism, their aristocracy that is so oppressive and pervasive in British life.38

America's hereditary aristocracy is much less visible than Britain's. Indeed, few American realize the enormous hereditary links between America's leadership and the original powerful New England families.39 Also unknown are the connections between the America's aristocracy and William of Orange and those powerful men who helped him 40 The Jewish bankers of Amsterdam financed William of Orange. The most influential act of William was to create the Bank of England in 1694.

Men who have been permitted to be play large roles in the Bank of England have been near the center of power. They and their descendants have played important roles in Canadian and American history. For instance, the Duke of Marlborough, an early large stockholder in the Bank of England became the Governor of the Hudson Bay Company. Remember, that the Hudson Bay Company ruled over more land in North America at the time of the Revolution than all of the 18 British North American colonies combined.

According to Mullins, every ruling house of Europe today, whether in or out of power, are direct descendants of King William of Orange.


Recently, documentation has come out in France exposing the Establishment-supported doctored history. A wealth of documentation is being given the French people that the French revolution was created by an anti-French minority who set about the deliberate destruction of 3.5 million Frenchmen. These same murderers, through their descendants, remain in power today.

"This mystery group, all linked by their membership in the Grand Orient, a major Masonic secret order, has ruled France for the last 200 years. It has created an omnipresent bureaucracy and police network to keep the general populace in line. It was on this system that Lenin and Trotsky patterned their own Bolshevik reign of terror, resulting in the deaths of 50 million people."41

At the end of W.W. II, under the disguise of taking care of collaborators with the Germans, the Grand Orient Masons went after every one on their hate list. One and a quarter million Frenchmen were killed at the end of W.W. II by the Masons. Most had had nothing to do with the Germans, they were simply enemies of the Grand Orient Masons. Women were paraded naked in the streets heads shaven, before being tortured to death. Men were shot like dogs. Children were tied to posts and shot. Sisley Huddleston's rare book France, the Tragic Years tells the story of this recent Masonic butchery.

The Grand Orient, in spite of all the Masonic propaganda to the public, maintains a close working relationship with the American and British lodges. The Alpina Lodge in Switzerland serves as a switchboard for the various groups of Masons.


From the Masonic reference book 10,000 Famous Freemasons we learn of the Masonic memberships of the following Presidents of Mexico: Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz, 1877-80, 1884-1911,

Manuel Gonzalez 1880-84, Miguel Aleman, 1947-52. From the Scottish Rite New Age Magazine, (June '1963) p. 53, we learn President of Mexico Cardenas Obregon was a Mason. It is clear why the Mexican governments in the past have been so anti-Catholic, they have been as Masonic controlled in Mexico as in the United States.


Power in America and Great Britain is concentrated within a small sphere of elites. Not only do these elites control political decisions, but they run the financial institutions, the corporations, the news, the oil companies, and other centers of power. There is a tremendous amount of interlocking directorates of the various types of institutions. For instance, an international banker might also run oil companies, transportation companies, communication companies, foundations, universities, and hold some political office. This is not a new concept for those who have studied who actually makes the decisions in our society. What may come as a surprise to some though, is that this elite is not an aggregation of individuals, but in general is a group. It is a group of men who by virtue of their relationship to the New World Order have access to the institutions that will allow them to progress to prominence. In other words, people do not solely become powerful because they have sparkling personalities, valuable skills, ambition, etc. but also because of their position relative to the power structure of the New World Order.

Power is an attribute of roles within the New World Order, and is not an attribute of individuals. George Bush has power due to his role within the New World Order, not because he personally is such a powerful personality, but because he and his family play an important role.

The Rothschild family, for instance, is an institution that is acutely aware of its role and its power. The Rothschild family has been very interested in genetic engineering and the raising of superior beings through genetics. Hitler, one of their illegitimate offspring did important research for them concerning genetics. The Rothschild family raises illegitimate offspring whose parents have been genetically matched. One of the names that they like to give their illegitimate family members is Bauer (also Bower) which was their original family name before Rothschild was adopted.

Although it was the original intention of this Author to show how the power of the various institutions such as banking, television, politics, oil and gas, utilities, etc. are concentrated in the control of a small group of elites, I have opted instead to simply provide a few suggested sources for the reader to study.


Who's Running America? by Thomas R. Dye and Florida State University. This book was not the creation of some foundation grant, but developed out of a graduate seminar at FSU. This is one of the most exceptionally well-written well-researched books to instruct the public about the elite that controls their lives. Highly recommended for someone who wants more nitty-gritty details than this book provides. The book is a systematic look at the various areas of power. Don't expect any secrets to be revealed, the book's contents are not extremely controversial. Be Wise As Serpents goes beyond Who's Running America and reveals the secret groups such MJ-12 and the policy committee of the Bilderbergers who really make the decisions.

The Energy Cartel, Who Runs The American Oil Industry by Norman Medvin. This book exposes the unchecked concentration of power that allows the elite through joint ventures and interlocking directorates, insurance companies, and huge banks, etc., to have worldwide control of energy resources. It happens that the elite that The Energy Cartel portray are not interested in the general welfare of the world's people, but for the control of the world for their New World Order. The book states that its main purpose "is to show that popularly held assumptions about vigorous competition in the oil industry are false. "(p. 3) It is clearly shown that an elite of less than a dozen members control the America's (and the world's) energy.

The Money Lenders by Anthony Sampson. This book gives a good look at the world of the International Bankers. Although this book is not an expose, its excellent information does bring the power of International Banking into clear view. It describes how the world, including the communist world, is in hock to the elite of the International Bankers.



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Chapter 3.7


"What do you think of Jimmy Swaggart and the Bakers?", the New Ager ask me, with a look that seemed to say, there your Christianity is disproven.

"If they did what is said about them, they're wrong. As to what that has to do with my trust in God, it simply adds fuel to the fire, that it shows all the more reason to put my trust in God and not men." (It is because of the truth that all men have sinned, and have a sin nature that I trust the Almighty.)

As to scandals in the church, I've seen enough of them.
What is not known to the public, is that:
a. many of these scandals are created by those groups actively working to destroy Christianity, and
b. the playing field is not level—scandals concerning Rabbis, people in power, etc., are not publicized unless it serves some purpose for the
New Order.

To give a few examples of how "unbiased" our news is consider the following.

This author made an attempt to place an add in a newspaper to advertise a book which documents the Jehovah's Witnesses' false prophesies. I upfront told the newspaper I would provide them with a letter from a lawyer saying that they would not be sued, and showing them other evidence that the material was legitimate. They would not allow the add to be placed under any circumstances. But when the Jimmy Swaggart story comes they printed it.

A national "rag"—the kind that people read the headlines of at supermarket check stands was approached to run an add advertising Sutton's book on Bush's membership in the Skull and Bones Order. They would not allow the add in their "rag" magazine. But they sure enjoyed the Swaggart and the Baker stories.

Yes, scandals of all kinds are being reported on 60 minutes and the other papers, but people are either unaware or don't take the time to analyze them. The various groups of the New World Order use blackmail and scandal as weapons. Confidential sources say that, some of the leadership even use the book The Godfather as an inspirational how-to book. For some reason, Machiavelli's The Prince was required reading for those of us at West Point, U.S.M.A. They knew that some of us would be recruited into the power structure. The Masons have been in control of West Point too, by the way. The New Age movement has made inroads into West Point's training, curriculum, and options.

One is reminded of what one of the leaders of the Haute Vente, a secret European fraternal group in alliance with the Masons, said to other members, "It is corruption en masse that we have undertaken; the corruption of the people by the clergy and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves, the corruption that ought one day to put the Church in her tomb. The best dagger with which to strike the Church is corruption. To the work, then, even to the very end."1

The Jesuits who are run by Masons provide part of the recruits who infiltrate Protestant churches to destroy them. They have been doing this since 1550, so they are quite skilled at it. One man, who infiltrated hundreds of churches and Christian organizations and destroyed many by creating discord or scandals, left, converted to Christ, and has been warning Christians who will listen to the danger their churches are in. He destroyed at least 20 churches and a seminary.2

This man, whose documentation is legitimate, describes that there are 3 basic ways to destroy the minister of a church that is not making progress toward joining the One-World-Church. These three ways are:

1.     "Destroy his reputation by lying about him...twisting something he said, making him look like an enemy of the get him in trouble with the officials, or frame him with a woman. She could be planted as his secretary to have an affair with him. Once we had a pastor called to a home late at night. On the way, we had a woman in distress on the side of the road...He stopped to help. She screamed "rape," tore her dress, and her partner photographed them, destroying the Pastor.

"Government agencies or police investigate him because he was accused of anything from pushing drugs to income tax evasion. When he proves his innocence, it's too late. The news media has already made him look guilty.

"His credit can be messed up, like through credit cards. Everybody is told but him, putting him in a mess. Later they apologize for the mix-up...When it's too late. All this is to make him look bad. Secret phone calls accusing his wife or children of obscene acts...These are only a few things to make him look bad. By now he is considered unreliable and branded as a liar and a thief!"

2.        Isolation. A letter-writing and whispering campaign get started saying he is too controversial...He is a trouble-maker, those opposing his stand call him an enemy causing division. He's against unity... He's not showing God's love! He has his own strange doctrines or beliefs. He is left alone with pastor friends.

"A new lie is spread saying, "He had a nervous break-down. So everything he says is unreliable." Most of them give in and is much easier than facing the heat. Isolation is used to force them out of the ministry."

3.        When he believes he has a call from God and will not compromise under all this pressure from other pastors, friends(?), and family...then strange things happen.

"He is hit by a car in an accident, goes to the hospital. Some nurse pulls the plug on his oxygen, or there's a mix-up in medicine. He gets complications and dies. He can die of food poisoning or be fed mind changing drugs putting him in a mental institution.

"He can have a mysterious fight with a stranger who knifes him in the dark...or a contract is place on him for assassination by a bullet. As you can see, we are at war!"

For those interested, contact Dr. Rivera for the details of how he destroyed a Christian seminary for the Masonic controlled Jesuits before coming to Christ. The basics of the story is in Alberto.


Small groups of disciples, trained by leading occultic Freemasons have been infiltrated into Christian churches. The main purpose now is to re-align these churches with New Age thinking. However, should they desire, they are also in a position to promote financial schemes that often seem to be great at first, but end up bankrupting the churches.4


One of the best kept secrets by the Media was that Jim Jones' group was a New Age Christian church. The Media loved to portray Jones as a fundamentalist.

The media loves to portray evil as good, and good as evil. One is reminded of the witches' cry in Macbeth "Fair is foul and foul is fair."


This is a popular picture that the media paints. For instance, on Jan. 8, 1991 NBC's show Law and Order the policeman that is pro-life is shown as belligerent, ridiculous and devoid of good judgement while the his partner, the pro-abortionist is shown as reasonable and sane.


An 800-page report published by U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and entitled "Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide" (Jan. 1989) blames religion for contributing to "Gay Male and Youth Suicide." Paul Gibson, a San Francisco therapist wrote the report.

According to the report churches cause "unresolvable internal conflicts for youth who adhere to their faith but believe they will not change their sexual orientation." This government study concludes that churches need to change their beliefs concerning homosexuality. "Religion needs to reassess homosexuality in a positive context...," According to this report homosexuality is a "natural and healthy expression of human sexuality." It goes on to recommend certain youth programs for homosexuals.

This is all a slow but steady slander of the Christians, in order for the public to acquiesce when the IRS pulls churches' tax-exempt status for not advocating homosexuality. The IRS has already pulled the tax-exempt status on several religious groups whose teachings it disliked.5

Words like "right-wing extremist", "bigot", and "moralist" are used of anyone who opposes the liberal New Order agenda. The Christians are caught coming and going. If they stand up for their Bible-based convictions they are named "bigots". If they slip, they are hypocrites. If they don't have any Bible-based convictions they fit in with the New Order plans to continue religion—Masonic religion, which has a totally different morality than Bible-based faiths can accept, and is part of a plan for the total enslavement of world to an elite rulership.


The book To Harass Our People. The IRS and Government Abuse of Power was written by a Congressman George Hansen. The IRS leaked false information to try to ruin his campaign, because he had begun exposing them. After his book came out, they have managed to get him in prison. Hansen's book documents many cases of innocent people being framed. The stories are heartbreakers, and many of the IRS's targets are moral upright Christians that are opposed to the New Order's agenda. Anyone who reads Hansen's book, will learn to discount any media stories about so-and-so cheating on his taxes.

For instance, when Pastor Robert McCurry of Calvary Temple in East Point, GA printed exposes of improper IRS activities, the IRS on Oct. 11, 1983 sent the Pastor's church a letter telling the church it owed $213,416.16 in taxes, with interest and penalties adding up to nearly a million. This was supposedly for money that the church had withheld from employees salaries, but never paid the IRS. The church had 30 days to pay. The interesting part of the story is that the church had NO employees during that time period to withhold taxes from saleries.6 There are few steps that a person can attempt in such a case, and there is no legal protection against such awesome maneuvers. Those who have faced the IRS have learned the IRS becomes the judge and jury, and they seldom defeat themselves. If you don't understand how this works, get Cong. Hansen's book.



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Chapter 3.8

Separating Church & State

Roger Williams was a handsome, intelligent man with good family connections and a decent education. He was also exceptionally his own thinker. He changed his mind so many times during his life, that some historians think he was mad. He certainly left his own followers confused.

Educated in England, and friends with Cooke and many other prominent people of Elizabethan England, Roger Williams could have lived a comfortable life if he had so chosen. Instead, Williams went to the Puritan settlements in New England. Considering all churches to be heresies, he separated himself alone in Rhode Island after making himself a thorough nuisance to the Puritans, where others joined him. King Charles II granted him a special charter which instituted the opinions: liberty of conscience with separation of church and state, and the rights of man.

In London, Roger Williams had been in touch with a small group of Calvinistic "Seekers." Oliver Cromwell, who argued for religious tolerance, was also involved with the Seekers1— although the term should not be taken to denote any specific group. The term meant those people looking for a restoration of the true church, and such people were of all types of theological positions. The Seeker desire for a restoration of the lost church seems to be in part a concept that the Fraternity of Rodmen and the Mormon church inherited.

Roger Williams was apocalyptic in thinking. He believed that it was possible for Christians to live with Jews and Moslems in peace, and that the Moslems and Jews intended no injury to the Christians, if treated peacefully by the Christians.2 (History doesn't square with that. How could Williams read about Christ and come up with that?) Roger Williams did put into practice his tolerance. He was well liked by the Indians, and the apocalyptic Quakers that permeated Massachusetts Colony also in general could like him.

The Quakers in Massachusetts, rejected Scripture as authority and believed in an inner light. Certain of them believed that Christ was born in them, and that they were the saints to rule in the Kingdom of God. In 1700, Massachusetts was made up of about 80 communities, and Quakers were to be found at a variety of these including Duxbury, Marshfield, and Bridgewater. These Quaker groups joined into Quarterly and Monthly Meetings such as the Sandwich and Scituate Quarterly Meeting, the Rhode Island Quarterly, and the Salem Quarterly Meeting.3 The mystical influence of the Quakers on New England should be borne in mind, and their connections with Rhode Island too. It is not well known that they made up about a third of the population in Massachusetts colony.

Roger Williams was President (essentially Governor) of Rhode Island, 1654-1657. When he died he was buried with military honors.

Roger Williams' approach to church and state (and other ideas) were adopted. They influenced the adoption of our separation of church and state.

Whether pro- or anti- Williams, a number of researchers are protesting that the image presented of Roger Williams today is a myth.4 Without going into all the ins and outs of the myths about Williams, this Author would encourage the Reader not to simply swallow Williams views on separation of Church and State without going to the scriptures. After all, it is likely the reader would reject some of the strange things Williams taught—even Williams himself rejected his own teachings as he changed his course numerous times. Williams would have rejected your baptism and your church too, as he did with all the churches of his day. He therefore, is not the example of toleration that he is portrayed as being.

The Baptist churches can be traced to Roger Williams. The Baptist churches are strong believers in separation of church and state. The Masonic Lodges are strong believers in separation of church and state. The Baptist churches have been heavily directed by Baptist Masons. The Baptist churches in the hands of the Masons have been a good instrument to destroy the influence of religion and the authority that God declares is his. That statement will come as a shock to many people, permit me to explain how it could be.

When this Author became a born-again believer, he chose to be baptized by an independent Berean Baptist Church in his area. I naturally, like millions of other Baptists, never questioned the concept of Separation of Church and State. As I matured in my understanding of the scriptures, I began to realize that what the Baptist churches were calling "separation of Church and State" was not that at all. As I realized what Baptist Masons were really pushing, it then became apparent that they were not after "Separation of Church and State" in the context of freedom in Christ, but rather for the State to dictate to the church what to do, which in its final form would be the same freedom of religion offered in Communist Russia, which this Author would call "Freedom from religion." Many Baptists supported the growth of the State unwittingly, not aware of the Scriptural principles that were being violated.

The Scriptural concept of separation of church and state would be Christ's statement to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. The New World Order is against that. The World Order has been slowly enthroning the State in the place of God.

It is God's prerogative to decide whether a man should live or die, or whether a war should be fought, yet the Baptists go to war, thereby giving the State what belongs to God. This directly contradicts Heb 12:14, Mt 5:39, Mt 5:44, Mt 6:14, Mt 26:52, Jn 18:36, 2 Cor 10:3-5, Jn 13:34 and many other clear scriptures. (How vivid this Author remembers pro-War sermons in the Baptist church during the Vietnam War.)

God has directed his people to take care of their own, providing their circuits with almoners and people to help the almoners, Acts 6:3-6, 1 Tim 5:9,10; Rom. 16:1,2 and to rely on Him rather than the State for sustenance, see Ps. 118:8, Ps. 37:25, 2 Ptr 2:3, Mt. 6:25-23. That is God's jurisdiction, but the Baptists have given this power to the State with their support for the Social Security program.

Education is scripturally given to the parents as a responsibility, not to the State, but Baptist Masons have supported the State to have control over education.

The earth and fullness thereof is the Lord's, but Baptist Masons have supported laws which declare the State to be final overlord. (Consequently, the American people, whether native or otherwise, are being deprived of the land as scriptural principles would dictate.)

Oaths were originally administered in the United States on the Bible "so help you God," or by affirmation. The courts upheld this because they believed that atheism was extremely rare. Today, that Bible/God orientation is being replaced with swearing on penalty of perjury, which implies that the State has now taken over the role God was originally given. (The Christian according to Jesus is not to swear at all.)

The Christian's allegiance should be to God and his people first, but the Baptist Masons give their first allegiance to the Masonic Lodge.

Christ is to be the head of the Christian churches, no matter what denomination or country they are in. But the Baptist Masons supported the paperwork that so many churches signed that denies

Christ as head and declares that the attorney-general of the state is the head of their church. They did this for the Power's bribe that they could receive a tax-exemption. See photocopies of the Internal Revenue Code, U.S. Code Title 26 Sec. 501(c)(3).

Any legislation that destroyed the Parochial Schools has been supported by the Masonic Lodges under the banner of separation of church and state. Every Christian Biblical influence or Christian value has been attacked and is being eliminated from the educational system under the banner of separation of church and state.

When separation of Church and State should be enforced to protect the church from state control, Masonry and Baptist Masons have been silent. They have repeatedly failed to stand up for the churches. They have been gung-ho when the Christian religion has been injured in the name of separation of church and state. Therefore, this Author concludes that Masonry, Baptist Masons or whoever, are in general in favor of control of religion and are not concerned with protecting Christ's viewpoint to render only to Caesar what is Caesars.

What God has joined together let no man tear asunder—who joins couples in the covenant relation? God! However, the Masons under the banner of separation of State and Church now have ministers across the land performing marriages " by the power vested in me by the State." Since when did the Constitution declare that marrying people was a duty of the government?

But this is all trivial compared to the power the "Christian" Masons have been promoting for the State in regards to life. Birth control and abortion is the first step toward State control of who is given the privilege of life and who is permitted to live. The constitutional right to live has been destroyed by an "end-around" attack. Abortion and population control don't just spell the death of unborn children, they spell the death of millions of undesirables in the future as the World-Order exercises their concept that life is but a privilege given by the state. In India, millions of forced sterilizations have taken place. In China this has also occurred too, but also there have been tight controls to keep families limited to one baby. In Red China, elderly people are often given injections that kill them after they are placed in old folks homes. A proper understanding of what Authority God has given the State, would prevent Christians from supporting such things.

The Masonic-Socialist run National Council of Churches advocated the recognition of Red China.5 The NCC pronounced itself in favor of birth control in a vote Feb. 23, 1961. Their pronouncement at this time was in favor of governmental aid to family planning. Governmental planning of family size is the first step in the control of who lives and who doesn't. This is not within the authority authorized by God to the government nor to the church. Separation of Church and State by Christ's definition, would take away the moral right of churchmen to support Government control of population.

The NCC supported the Supreme Court's (made by a bunch of Mason Supreme Court justices) decision to remove the Bible and Prayer from the schools. Two NCC leaders issued statements in support of the decision saying, "prayer is cheapened when it is used as a device to quiet unruly children and the Bible loses its true meaning when it is looked upon as a moral handbook for minor."6 Education can not be separated from God and his moral code. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Take away that, and the Christian scriptures are not in support of education. The scriptures condemn following after vain philosophies— and that is what is being taught from Kindergarten on up— the vain philosophies.

The NCC and the Masonic Lodges are not protesting the widespread Hindu form of prayer called TM (transcendental meditation) that is being taught in many public schools, and has been for two decades now. Nor are they protesting other forms of invoking, and occultic prayers that are being introduced into the curriculums of public schools. Therefore, this Author concludes that their stated claims in favor of Separation of Church and State are meant to primarily apply to situations where Christianity is under consideration. And as already stated, when separating Church and State would help the church, the Masons, ACLU, and others have a temporary loss of ardor and a memory lapse about separation of church and state.


This Author has not conducted an exhaustive study of state encroachment upon religion within the United States, but it is possible to give some examples that are representative of the type of actions that have frequently occurred over the years. (As the reader has seen, the New World Order has control over the various religions and denominations through many avenues besides the power of the State. Still the State is a powerful tool to limit and handicap religious elements that oppose the policies of the New World Order.) Some examples:

Jewish Mayor of New York City Edward Koch refused to grant the Salvation Army a religious exemption from his executive order demanding no job discrimination against homosexuals. As a result the Salvation Army was to lose $ 4.4 million in 10 social service contracts.7

On August 22, 1978, in the Federal Register the IRS announced their new policy that unless a parochial school could prove that it didn't racially discriminate it would lose its tax-exempt status. It later came out that the IRS interpreted the requisite minimum percentage of minority enrollment for private schools to be 20% of the minority school-age population in the community, and the employment of minority teachers. Does the IRS have "legal competence" to regulate hiring and enrollment of church schools and churches?8

On 13 February 1979 the IRS altered its procedure by exempting Jewish, Roman Catholic, Muslim, and Amish schools. This action brought on the charge of anti-Protestant discrimination. But the dust hadn't settled on the IRS's plans, and more dust was raised by debate in the House of Representatives over the issue.


On February 11, 1976, the IRS announced that it would decide what organizations it could be called "integrated auxiliaries of a church." On 4 Jan. 1977, they clarified this by saying an integrated auxiliary must be "exclusively religious" and not educational, charitable, or literary. James E. Wood, Jr. of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs (BJCPA) was quoted as saying this represented "serious encroachment of government on religion and an exercise of political authority totally unacceptable to the churches...[the IRS] in effect, arrogated to itself the highly questionable role of determining what is and what is not 'religious activity of church agencies and institutions.'"

Form 990 was designed to give the IRS complete information on those groups the IRS did not want to call proper religions.9

Interestingly, one of the groups the IRS has called spurious is the Identity movement churches, which believe that the Jewish people are not God's chosen people and that the Anglo-Saxons are. It is a matter of belief who is God's chosen people—and the religious freedom to decide that issue should not be in the IRS's hands.

Further, those church who do not have a hierarchy suffered greatly under the IRS rulings. Do you see a pattern? Does the reader see that the One-World-Power has actively promoted hierarchies? Further, does the IRS have the right to define and restrict what the churches' mission should be?

Recently, several magazines have had articles on the Credit voucher system that President Bush, the Brookings Institute and others of the New Order have been advocating. The Credit vouchers give certain parents a voucher for the sum of money that the state presumably spends on the child in the public school and allows the parents to use this at the private school of their choice. However, the list of private schools allowed is determined by the government. When one Wisconsin family put their children in a school found using the Bible, the school was notified by the government they needed to withdraw the use of the Bible or they would be removed from the voucher program. The school refused and was withdrawn from the program. The credit voucher system is another Trojan Horse gimmick of the New Order to destroy the Parochial schools. It has possibilities of doing damage in several ways.


Fichte, Hegel, and Hitler, to name a few, felt the State should take over much of the role that is God's to have. A subtle form of this is extensively practiced already in the United States.

Arthur Schlesinger for instance discarded moral principles and elevated the state to Godhood; he wrote, "...the safest basis for decision in foreign policy lies not in attempts to determine what is right or wrong but in attempts to determine the national interest."10

National interest, or the State, is the highest basis for human decisions. This thinking is the philosophy of the CIA, the FBI, and the military. Numerous CIA agents have been bothered by what they have been ordered to do. But they are convinced that they are doing it for the interests of the nation, (whatever that is). What the interests of the nation really translates into, in practice, is the desires of the One-World-Order. If the rulers of the New Order are the state in essence, and the state is god, they are in effect our gods. This is why in places like Communist China and Romania the rulers of state have been treated like divine gods. For example, Mao Tse Tung was worshipped.

The obvious answer for the Christians is either to reject this god called the state
a. militantly, that is by setting up their own government or opposing the state politically, or
b. to reject it passively by ignoring its pretensions to godhood.

>> This is a Truth1 injection. Christians absolutely "must obey God as ruler, rather than men." But beyond this, where man (the state) requires something, we must obey those higher authorities, where their rules and requirements do not require us to disobey God. While God has told us how to live, governments have also played God. No doubt about this! But as long as our worship of and obedience to God are not interfered with, we must tolerate their playing God. Many laws of nations are different from those of the Mosaic Law of Jehovah, the Heavenly Father. We obey those since they do not interfere with our relationship and obedience to God. I recommend my article on War and Neutrality for more on this.

But lets make it perfectly clear. The Scriptures do not allow Christians to disobey or rebel against governmental authority or take up arms against such authority. The Bible says they are appointed by God and if He wants, He can dispose of them or preserve them at His good pleasure and without our interference. Judging the nations is God's jurisdiction, exclusively. We are only allowed to judge our own in our own churches, if we belong to a Christians group. Beyond that, we have no authority or rights to meddle.

While USA Constitutions and laws, in theory, allow us political input and influence, surely Fritz has done an excellent job of showing why these are outright lies. They do what they want, regardless of the will of the people. Further, the "golden rule" is the highest rule of order for Christians, which rule dictates that we "do unto others as we would have them do unto us." To spell it out point blank, if we do not want others meddling in our affairs and exercise of our conscience before God, neither do we want to interfere in the rights or exercise of freedoms and of consciences of others and their right to choose or reject God, which right was given to them by God Almighty! Let us never be found interfering with God Almighty and His prerogatives.

So what I say is that Fritz S. may be slightly in error in his recommendations, as it is likely that any good Christian will surely have some errors remaining in their understanding of God and His requirements. I do  not for a millisecond, doubt the sincerity of Fritz and do not cast  him off. I do hope he might one day see this and give it some consideration.<<

Policemen that arrest pro-life activists on the grounds that it is in the national interest and that they are preventing the church from interfering in the state are confused. They are elevating the state to godhood, which is idolatry. They, as agents of the state, are actually going where the state doesn't belong. The Scriptures warn the Christian not to have fellowship with demons, because one cannot fellowship at both the Lord's table and have fellowship with demons. The Psalms tell us that evil laws are the result of the devil, and that we fellowship with devils by enforcing evil laws.

>> There are proper ways to make ones' objections known to the "state" without interfering with the choices of others. While Fritz appears to be against abortion, I prefer that each person decide only for themselves and not for others, leaving it as a matter of conscience, rather than clear doctrinal prohibition. But when Christians block abortion clinics (or even worse), or harass those coming to get an abortion, they are interfering with the rights of others, rights granted by the state, to get an abortion without state penalties. We should all be able to make our own choices in matters of conscience and have those respected by others who may differ from our own views.

If we want to avoid persecution, or interference of the state, or mob rule, then we want to give tolerance and respect in exchange for the same. You never know where that might come in handy. Fritz says that we fellowship with the devil when we enforce evil laws. Well, 1st I ask, which evil do you refer to, for surely we can all appreciate that any deviance from God is, technically, evil, and that because we all have sin, we all have evil. So more definition is needed and requires. Is the evil joining the army or fighting a war? If so, simply do not join or fight. But do not try physically stop others from doing so. We have an obligation to warn people of what we might believe is harm in fighting wars, a freedom of speech, supposedly, but we leave it at that and do not protest at recruiting centers or whatever.

Abortion, says I, is not necessarily a wrong, based on the Bible (Try This: On Abortion). So to define this as evil is to call me evil and forbid me my personal conscience before God. This is not a clear evil at all. Now, there are many things we could do that would be evil. Committing harm to others, if commanded, such as boss at work wanting us to beak a law and mistreat another person, we would want to refuse such requests, even if we got fired for it.

All national authorities are opposed to God. That is a given. "The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one." But we only refuse obedience when obedience means clearly violating God's laws. So is we believe abortion is wrong, don't get one. But do not stop another from getting one since that is their right to get one, according to the State's laws. Even if it does absolutely violate God's laws and will, it is His  right and His only, to judge the nations and their laws. We have no such right to do so.<<

Rather than viewing its duty as one of limiting and challenging faith, the state should realize its job is the protection of the faiths of its people in God.


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Chapter 3.9

America's Concentration Camps


What do Allanwood, PA, El Reno, Ok., Florence, AZ, Tule Lake, CA, Mill Point, W.V., Greenville, S.C., Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, David Munson Air Base, AR, Elmendorf (Eielson Air Base) AL, Avon Park, FL have in common?

These are places selected already to concentrate "enemies of the state."

What kind of people may be considered a threat?

"Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship." —1948 World Health Organization pamphlet. The Health, Education and Welfare department of the U.S. government by law, now works with the U.N World Health Organization.

There is now on the books the laws to enforce that progressive acceptance. Are you ready for camp?

A basic premise of the Watchtower Society, the New Age Movement, and the rest of the gang cooperating to bring in a one-world-government, is that man will elevate himself and solve his own problems. Simply put, these Gnostic systems are setting out to be as God. Who is their God? In large part they are substituting man himself for God. This causes them to believe that there will be an ethical unity worldwide. For to admit a permanent ethical disunity is to admit that mankind is not God, for God cannot be ethically divided against himself.

They will try to help unify the world ethically by shipping off religious troublemakers. Many will go to a secret mental hospital located in Alaska. If you want to know who will go to concentration camps, use Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia as a foreshadowing. The same groups of people who financed Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia rule the United States and the United Kingdom. As long as you pose no threat to their one-world-religion you may possible be lucky and survive, although there will undoubtedly be random arrests to pacify (read terrify) the populace into submission. They will have the legal authority and control over world events to justify whatever they do.

If the resources that already are in place today for use by the conspiracy are used, the following could be the scenario you.

The President deciding the timing is right, and this will be a well-staged production, will declare a national emergency using Executive Order #11490.

A total restructuring of the United States will take place. New states (called federal regions) with capitals already picked out will be put into place. Troops already trained to take over state capitals, will put their training to use. A national police force will take over. These forces are already in existence and trained. The unit that will transport civilians to the camps is the 300th Military Police POW command. They will be assisted by Civil Affairs units which will assist in running the Government. Civil Affairs units are specially trained companies from a wide assortment of Army units.

After the Executive Order everyone will have to register at the Post Office. People will be assigned to jobs, and to work camps. The Dept. of Defense will be in control of all factories, national production, and services. The Commerce Dept. will be in charge of the distribution of all commodities, census information, and human resources. The Treasury Dept. will be responsible for the collection of all assets. The Dept. of State will be in charge of the concentration camps, at least the use of their slave labor. The General Services Administration would actually be in charge of confiscation of private property for government use. The Labor Dept. will be in charge of allocating manpower to where it is needed. The Transportation Dept. working with the military would have responsibility to move you to the concentration camp. They will in many areas, do this by rail, which is why they have selected sites close to rail lines.

The two code names of the operations are Operation Cable Splicer (Army Civil Affairs Units take over) and Operation Garden Plot (the Martial Law program). The two operations go together. According to Deputy Attorney General of Calif., who was part of the program, anyone who attacks the state—even verbally—is an enemy of the state.

A clearing house to unify the police of the various nations is already functioning in Rome.

The documentation of all this was originally collected by William R. Pabst, Houston, TX. According to one policeman, the lists of who to arrest have already been made up. He happened to see the lists.

Many observers have concluded the 35 military bases shut down around the United States are so that the New World Order will have a place to put the many people arrested in "drug sweeps." Those people will be put to work as slave labor to build more prisons, so that more people in turn can be arrested. The people that are indicating such things, are people with fairly good sources.

The Writ of Habeus Corpus has been amended to a legal appeal process that could take years. The exclusionary rule has been amended, the police now only need to show "good faith" rather than probable cause. This legalese means that they now have total police power. It is impossible to show that the police didn't have "good faith" whatever that is. It is somewhat akin to trying to disprove divorce on grounds of incompatibility—if one says you are incompatible, then you are, whether the other one disagrees. The Reco Act which allows the police to knock down doors, is just one more terrifying police power. HR-9-49 is a nightmare; it eliminated Cruel and Unusual punishment.

Step by step they have built their police state, and the American people have been watching their sit-coms and football games. It seems no amount of warning has stirred the American convictions that this is the Land of the Free that God has built, and forever will be. No matter how bad critics say the situation is, many Americans feel they should be ignored because the rest of the world is (they believe) worse off.

Marlene Smith, Christie Institute, Washington D.C. "We are going to see a massive amount of domestic repression and that's why moving on these impeachment proceedings (Sen. Henry B. Gonzalez's impeachment Bill against George Bush) become important. If we don't remove George Bush, we're going to see a wave of domestic repression unparalleled in the history of this country."

The program of repression is called FEMA. They have effectively sold it to the American people, because the American people are arguably perhaps the most deceived in the world. The deception has worked on the Americans because the facade of a "free press" has been maintained. This deception is far more sophisticated than the clumsy tactics in use in some countries, for too obvious control backfires.

The most effective method of travel, by air, is now so closely controlled that they have effectively squashed any future travel by those who oppose the New World Order. They sold this to the American people by creating terrorism. And every American interviewed at an airport when asked about the tight security measures said things such as, "Oh, yeah, I buy it. I feel safer because of the crackdown."1 Let the record show: Security measures—as in Maximum Security.

Those radio stations that have allowed talk hosts to speak about what the New World Order is actually doing, have been squashed and taken off the air. This has happened for many years, but has intensified in this area particularly this year—1991.

President Carter created FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency.) Samuel Huntington of the Trilateral Commission had prepared the Presidential Review Memorandum 32 upon which the 1979 Executive Order establishing FEMA was based on. The agency has the Emergency Power to relocate millions of workers as it pleases, reorganize national industry and banking, and distribute all economic resources (rationing, etc.) and transportation. After it became operational it needed to be tested. The Three Mile Accident was, it seems, manufactured in order to let the agency test its wings. How else does one explain the mysterious nature of the accident, that investigators could not even locate whoever closed the valves of the backup cooling pumps which would have kept the reactor from overheating? Further, it is clear that the release of radiation was greatly blown out of proportion. But FEMA got their first chance to go into action.

Next, came the Cuban boat crisis. Again, the whole emergency was a very suspicious affair, and FEMA got the chance to test its abilities to relocate thousands of people throughout the U.S.

Canada was tested in Oct. 1970 when their Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act which suspends the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the people of Canada did not protest.

Unless more North Americans get information like this book, it appears that most people will not question a dictatorship taking over.


The War on Drugs has been planned for a long time. A secret government study had concluded that a substitute for actual war would be worthwhile to develop. In 1961, a study group was initiated and their report became known as the Report from Iron Mountain. Later President Johnson established the Ackley Committee which also went to work studying the same proposal. The idea was that the government considered giving the people peace, but they needed something to substitute for war to continue their control of the people. One of the solutions was to create a drug war. (By the way it is believed that the secret committee that put together the Iron Mountain Report consisted of Erick Fromm, Samuel P. Huntington, Henry Kissinger, Prof. Quigley, Vincent P. Rock, B.F. Skinner, and Edward Teller. It is possible that Leonard C. Lewin in the telecommunications field was also part of the group.)

The highest government authorities have ordered police heads not to crack down hard on drug dealers and crack-houses. This is quietly been done in order to keep the "epidemic" out of control. It is very frustrating for many policemen who see that they could do more, and be more effective, and then to have their hands tied. Some of these police and their families are quietly telling of their frustrations in this regards.

Early 1960's- major psychedelics like LSD are introduced to college campuses by the CIA. Under various code names the CIA initiated a host of "drug experiments" on college campuses to popularize LSD. (The Aquarian Conspiracy, p. 126)

Early 1960's- The CIA convince natives in the Golden Triangle to produce poppies. The CIA brought in drug production and refining capabilities to the Golden Triangle so that the drugs could be refined before CIA planes hauled the drugs to Vietnam to be sold to American soldiers.

Early 1960's- The U.S. government gets engaged in Vietnam. A troop rotation system is started to expose as many young American men as possible to the drugs of S.E. Asia. The U.S. government places severe restrictions on the U.S. army and airforce to ensure a long drawn out war.

July 6,1973- U.S. Military authorized direct involvement in the Drug War against the American people by Exec. Order 11727.

Early 1980s- The CIA and the Moussad help build up the South American drug cartels.

Oct. 27, 1986- First extensive drug law. P.L. (Public Law) 99-570 calls for military bases to be used as prison facilities when prisons become overcrowded by law enforcement using the help of the military. NIS (Naval Investigation personnel) and CID (Criminal Investigation Division people) are secretly placed at military bases being closed. (Whitby Island would eventually get 225 NIS personnel secretly.)

1986- Law passed to get the Media to produce films showing damage caused by drugs. Media ordered by the Power to suppress all stories showing any other views.

1986-1988- The U.S. government bribes the Columbian government to attack the drug cartel. The secret process of transferring 1 billion dollars worth of U.S. military hardware and surplus equipment begins. During this period $200 worth of equipment is shipped backed secretly by credit back by the U.S. taxpayer.

June, 1987- Col. Bo Gritz sent the U.S. President the documentation after his meeting with drug overlord Kun Sa that some of the highest U.S. government officials were involved in running drugs to America. Richard Armitage, in charge of Internal Security Affairs under the Reagan administration, Theodore Shackley, and others were key U.S. officials in bringing drugs to America. Bo Gritz was attacked and threatened for his efforts.

May, 1989- Boot camp for drug offenders announced.

Sept. 1989- Bush signs secret directive to implement the Panama invasion.

Sept. 5, 1989- Bush announces military advisors are going to Columbia in a speech.

Nov. 18, 1989- H.R. 5210 (which became P.L. 100-690) and H.R. 4230 (of Mar. 23, 1988) gives the executive branch authority to create a new international drug force for the Western Hemisphere. Subtitle E, Sec. 250 calls for the U.S. to set up a military strike force. Sec. 252 places this drug force under the Dept. of Defense for programming and logistics. H.R. 4230 guarantees U.S. would pay Columbia's leaders to crack down on drugs.

1989- Secret military strike force given budget at end of fiscal year 1989. Bush lies to public that this money is a spontaneous response to developments in Columbia.

Dec. 1989- Latin American Anti-Drug designed to create a shooting war in Peru, Bolivia, and Columbia are deployed under the cover of the Panama Invasion. An incident is planned to escalate problems in South America into another shooting war.


1.    An interview of John Stockwell, by David Barsamian on KGNU radio, Boulder, Jan. 23, 1991 reprinted in Portland Free Press (Mid Winter 1991)

2.    Scott, Paul. "The Three Mile Island Mystery," art. in The Utah Independent (June 14, 1979), p. 4.

Chapter 3.10

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

This chapter will present:

-    A trumpet blast (message) to the saints calling them into formation for spiritual warfare with Satan's New World Order, as given to this Author to sound. The Author was not led to give the bulk of the message that the Spirit has given him at this time.

-     A shout of hope.

-    A compilation in succinct form of Satan's plans and God's plans for this day and age. Learn what both kingdoms' goals are.

"Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of the Christ's sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy." I Ptr 4:12­13

"Why do the nations rage, And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, And the rulers take counsel together, Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, "Let us break Their bonds in pieces And cast away their cords from us....Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, And you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him." Ps. 2:1-3, 10-12

"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise..." Eph 5:15-17 "...stand fast in the Lord, beloved." Phil 4:1

"But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come...But you have carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering love, perseverance, persecutions, afflictions, which happened to me at Antioch, Iconium, at Lystra-what persecutions I endured. And out of them all the Lord delivered me. Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." 2 Tim 3:1, 10-11.

The judgement of God begins in the House of the Lord. He will discipline those that he loves. "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot... Because you say,' I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing'-and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked-I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich...As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent." Rv 3:15-19


"Consider mine enemies, for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred" Ps 25:19 There is nothing more satisfying to the committed Christian than to follow Christ's example.

There were times when Christ fled to avoid being captured, but when it was time according to the Spirit, he was willing to stand and suffer. In standing up for truth, he suffered. His suffering gave God a warrant to step in and bring judgement and justice upon the situation.

A similar pattern can be seen in ancient Israel. The difference was that they had turned away from God's authority. God sent the Assyrian army as a judgement upon his people.(Hos 11:5, Is 7 & 8) Good King Hezekiah (727-698 B.C.) repented and did what was good in the Lord's sight. When the Assyrians asked Hezekiah to make peace and quit trusting in God, he refused. Hezekiah didn't want to avoid suffering when he prayed. Rather, he prayed that God would bring about a victory so that the world would glorify God. Still Hezekiah's kingdom was mauled fairly badly by the Assyrian army. (We know that from non-Biblical historical records.) However, Hezekiah's faith never wavered.(2 Kgs 18:3-6) He knew that this was God's way of allowing sin to reap its own reward. When the Assyrians overstepped the limits that God's purifying called for, Yahweh God stepped in and brought justice to the Assyrian army, i.e. they were destroyed as they encircled Jerusalem. (details in 2 Kgs 19:35).

(King Hezekiah built an underground water system into Jerusalem that still exists. For those tourists, like this Author, who know who Hezekiah was, it was a special treat to see this tunnel, a monument to a man of great faith.)

Christians remember, "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?...Rm 8:35-39 "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you..." "Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil...against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph 6:11, 12

Not only is it impossible to please God without faith (Heb 11:6), faith- simple pure blind faith- in the Lord God Almighty is our shield of protection. (Eph 6:16)

I would strongly encourage every Christian to challenge everything he believes and his entire behavior until he is solidly convinced that he has the truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures and personal revelation and testimony. At the same time, we need to encourage each other to have total faith in the Lord God Almighty and to disregard our own fears or perceptions that might drag our faith down. If you have not sought the will of God and prayed and studied in His Word, you have not earned the right to express an opinion on what is truth.

John Calvin and Martin Luther both responded to their fears by trying use political power to stop the enemy. Burning Servetus at the stake, (although Calvin was against such a cruel method) did more harm than good to the cause of Christ and Calvin's desire for the Bible to become the daily guide for people's life, than if they had allowed Servetus to preach. There is a way that seemeth right but the end thereof is death. The power that will conquer the New Order Power must derive its power from the fact it is moral. When evil fails, men will turn to good, and it is at that time, that the world will be ready for a revival, a global response to repent, Lord Willing.

Meanwhile, Christians will be faced with a number of difficult decisions. The Christian will get lost unless he commits himself to doing God's will no matter what the cost. If you are willing to commit yourself without reservation to God, He will indeed show you His will. Extremely few people have ever taken that step. "Taste the Lord and know that he is good." But few have ever had the faith to really taste. It means discarding preconceived notions, and tasting the Lord God. (Have you tried to convince a child to taste something they don't like.) The Lord will show you his will through the Word, through Prophets who have the testimony of consecrated servants of God, through mature Christian counsel, through circumstances and an inner witness. If you pray through a situation, eventually you will get through to God. God is holy, set apart from evil, so we can be our own biggest barrier to communication with God. "Let the peace of God rule in your hearts." Having the peace of God improves the communication level.

Scriptures declare that those who really love the truth will not be deceived in the last days. When the enemy approaches the watchman sounds the trumpet to call the troops into formation. Wake up, look, and move. The love of God will motivate you to stand up for what is right, for what is truth. The world is laughing at the church. Jesus said " will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy." Jn 16:20. It is time for the men and women of God to allow God to fill their lives to point that we are falling on our faces, and receiving the Power of God.

The mission of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and judgement. Cf. Jn 16:7-8. There is much more to be said in facing the enemy than this chapter will tell you. Jesus said, "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now." Jn 16:12. This author also has many things that the Spirit of God has revealed and laid on his heart. But as I sit and write this I feel a check. I will give the first step, and pray you step it. And again although this chapter's message is the first step toward facing the enemy, this author and also the Spirit of God both have more to say. The reader has been shown what the enemy has done. The readers eyes are opened, and he or she can make decisions based on the more accurate knowledge provided in Be Wise As Serpents. The reader must not stop here with this chapter.

The reader must learn about his spiritual weapons and armor. This book will not show you how to deal with evil spirits, but at some point you will need to move against them, and you will not be able to do this if you do not even believe in fighting evil spirits. But even now a new elect is being trained who will know how to go forth in Jesus's name and to take cities for the glory of God.


There is abundant evidence that they are preparing several men, only one is needed to rule the world as a King-Priest. To rule men with authority over their political and their religious allegiances. Whether 2 Thes. 2:3,4 is specifically referring to our day and age or not when it warns of an anti-Christ, the warning is still of value. "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God."


Satan even in Christ's day could offer to Christ the Nations of the World. Christ therefore faced the same situation as exists today. Christ's words then, are appropriate to ask the conspiracy, "What does it profit a man that he should gain the whole world but lose his soul?"

The world has rejected Christ's Sermon on the Mount as impractical idealism. It has rejected the Sermon on the Mount supposedly for intellectual reasons, but deep down the real reasons are moral ones that prevent them from seeing the glory of God's ways. It is very rare that a man will try Christ's teachings out. So certainly, the rejection of Christ's Sermon on the Mount is not because they have failed when tried. Christ doesn't call people to an idiotic blind faith. He challenges people to test out what he is saying to see if it is from God. "My doctrine is not Mine, but His who sent me." Jn 7:15 "If anyone wants to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on my own authority." Jn 7:17 Try it you'll like it—try it, you'll learn it's from God. The Sermon on the Mount is Christ's advice in a nutshell on how to deal with the world-wide forces of evil.

We have a choice, go with the flow of Media garbage and their value system, or anchor ourselves in the time-tested advice of the ancient wisdom of that all-time best seller, the Word of God, aka The Holy Bible.

You will never be able to answer everything with your intellect. Even the greatest philosophers and thinkers are unable to do that, so why would you expect that you will instantly know everything as a Christian? In this sense you will need simple faith. Some people miss out on God's power because they feel they can't step out and act on faith unless they understand more, and yet simple faith calls them to respond where they are at. Perhaps this simple faith, this confident trust in God which is called simple faith, might best be called "blind" faith. This is not the cliché "blind faith", but the type of faith Abraham had when he left his homeland. Allow yourself to meet God and obey him just where you are at in understanding. To obey in faith you will need to have this type of faith in spite of your unanswered intellectual questions. Many of the "intellectual" questions do not have clear answers because they really need to be asked as a spiritual question. If you follow the world's approach to any number of issues you won't even be asking the right questions concerning the topic at hand.

Just as we follow the Spirit's direction, we must also follow our consciences. The advice to always follow our consciences is good advice. If we do not listen to our consciences we singe them and they no longer advise us. Unlike the Spirit, our consciences may be quite wrong, so we constantly work at retraining them to be more in line with the Spirit. Gradually our whole being, will be turned over to God. One of our chief parts the tongue may be one of the more external testimonies of the Spirit's control.


Remember, how the nation of Israel wanted a powerful ruler? Many today, including the Jews, want a powerful international ruler. But where did Israel's desire for a powerful ruler lead to? "Let us be like the nations...and worship wood and stone." Ez 20:32 The world today including religion is enthralled with their building projects and idols. It is like in the days of Genesis, when God observed how the nations of the world were unified under one rulership. God said, "Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they purpose to do will be withheld from them."

That was the problem. There was no longer any limits to the power evil could do. We are faced with the same thing. If the New World Order takes control, nothing will be withheld from them. The limits to the evil they can do will be gone. Even Hitler had his limitations. This New World Order will know no limits. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. They will retain for themselves the power to know God. They will want men to come to their Gnostic varieties of religion.

As long as people do not buy this clap-trap, and realize God is accessible to all mankind, they will score a victory against the One-World-Order. In response to the Gnostic religions holding the people in bondage, John the Baptist and Christ preached a message calling the people to A COMPLETE CHANGE OF MIND (Metanoia). That is the message of this book. This book suggests we change our mind completely. We should not look to Satan's New World Order for truth. They have lied to us in almost every aspect of life.

Nor can we continue going along with the way the crowd does things, so we can be popular. Christ told his disciples "Do not be like them." This echoes the Levites call to holiness, "You shall not do as they do." Lev 18:3 Those who want friendship evangelism, should remind themselves that the world can befriend itself, but it doesn't have a faith in their Creator. It is fine to be friends, it is even better to allow them to witness the beauty of faith.


The New World Order places a lot of stock in economics. This is clearly the thinking of the Jewish International Overlords which is filtering down to the rank and file. Marx's Dialectic Materialism was based on man's rationality with a heavy emphasis on economics, and ignored the spiritual side of man.

This goes back to Hegel who stated, "If all of the absolute development of rationality is within the human sphere, and is carried out by man, then man is true God. The human being is the true God." (From Socrates to Sartre, by T.Z. Lavine, p. 266)

In contrast to this Jesus called men not Gods, but slaves -unless men are willing to break the bonds of sin by coming to his word they remain in slavery. "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

They answered him, "We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man, how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

Jesus answered them. "Verily, verily I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin."


If you have read this book and received the Truth—you are the free person, the New World Order are the ones in bondage. Keep that in mind. No matter what the outward appearances, they are the slaves. They are slaves to their own lies, their own greed, and to their own passions. Those masters will be harsh masters. Just ask the slave of alcohol, or the slave of drugs, or the slave of uncontrolled buying, or the slave of uncontrolled lusts.

Contrariwise, it is of little value for us to be concerned about the actions of others to enslave us, if we will not take actions within our own personal power to free ourselves of the enslavement of Satan's drugs, alcohol, academic philosophies, etc. If you are unable to free yourself from such bondage, kneel before Christ, and confess your sins and spiritual poverty. Blessed are the poor in spirit.

MORAL FREEDOM is not the right to do whatever you want, it is the POWER to do what you ought. That is the power you have, that the New World Order doesn't. There is a moral power in being willing to suffer for righteousness sake when the Lord asks you to.


The Hindu world view can not accept reality for it seems to them that reality is a terrible prison; Hinduism's approach to the problem is to convince themselves that reality is an illusion. The Christian should bear in mind this is their way of mentally escaping from the reality that the world is a prison. And it proves that the world is a prison for the ungodly. The ungodly deny they are in jail, for they do not want to face up to the fact they will some day go before a judge and receive a sentence.

However, you love the taste of your freedom in Christ. The ungodly will not understand your freedom in Christ, for to understand it means to admit they are in prison. They are jealous of your joy, and wish to destroy it.

And who is the warden of their prison? Oh, they have such a wonderful Overseer Prince, his name is Satan, aka Sanat or Lucifer. He can really look like a handsome charming angel of light.

But he likes his inmates where they are. Why? Because he wants to use them and destroy them. But why destroy them, you may wonder. Because he hates the Creator and is jealous. He seeks to destroy God's creation, not just mankind.

You might wonder who would join forces with someone who wants to destroy them? You can observe the answer around you, how many people are self-destructive? Unfortunately, people are not allowing themselves to taste freedom, they are born in captivity and don't know what they are missing. They do think, but their thinking abilities are manipulated by deceptive forces. Satan builds temples, and churches. People go to Satan's Christian churches and find that they are still in prison. They must taste the Lord and see that there is something better than their daily fare.

The good news of Christ's salvation is found in scripture, "The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, Because the Lord has anointed Me To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;" (Is 61:1) Jesus told the synagogue that he was fulfillment of those scriptures. (Lk 4:18-21)

Christian, forsake your prison ways (the world's ways). Get rid of your prison clothes (worldly clothes). Seek out the banquet Christ has prepared for you. Mt 22:2, Lk 14:16 It is better to turn back in the middle of travel, than to continue to go the wrong direction.

Why aren't more going to the banquet? It reminds me of inviting people to a free meal at church, they won't come. They might do about anything for a buck, and to get something free, but they are afraid to set foot in a church. They have been caressed with the lies of demons. The demons have pictured freedom in Christ as old-fashioned something outdated and no longer applicable to life. The demons have labeled it "Pollyanish", or as bigoted and mean, or some other distortion.

To prevent further escapes from his prison, the Warden is convincing the inmates into attacking those who are seeking freedom. The inmates are told if they don't police themselves, they will not advance, life will not get better. Today, Satan's inmates are convinced that Christians are holding the world back from progress. They are too blind to see the deception, and how they are helping build their own prison. In their muddled crusade for their prison warden they have developed a feigned holiness. As their minds are befuddled, they are willing to use false pretenses to destroy the Christians.

The Scriptures say "Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you, will think he doeth God service." Jn 16:1-4.

But why does this surprise us? If these people can convince themselves that murdering innocent children (abortion) is good, then it is no surprise they will murder innocent adults and pronounce it good. This is but a sample of how crazy with hate the inmates are toward those who have freedom in Christ.

For instance, when men like Jack Mohr have tried to warn Christians and expose the deceitful warden, he has been denounced and ignored by "Christians." This indicates that either many Christians are actually still inmates, or have been released from prison but have decided to put handcuffs and shackles back on themselves. Drop all these weights and run the race before you dear Christian.

Christians are not doing their job of testing the spirits, if you see "Christians" who hands are bloody that ought to send red flags to your brain. When Christ said, "Do men gather grapes of thorns?" Mt 7:16, he was trying to warn his disciples that good fruit doesn't come out of evil men, no matter how deceptive the fruit appears. Likewise, I can not predict what the Masons will do, nor if they will be tolerant in the future as they claim they are. But their men at the top belong to Satan, and worship Lucifer. Shall we gather good grapes from thorns? How much tolerance did the Masonic-run French Revolution have? How real is Masonic tolerance when during this century they have claimed in their New Age magazine to respect all religions, but until the 1960's repeatedly wrote extreme Anti-Catholic articles.

Be sly with Satan's empire. Be as wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. We will not overwhelm them by over threatening them on one issue alone, but many issues, especially the moral issues. There are many issues that they must guard against. There are countless lies they are trying to cover. Be aware you are part of a vast group of disciples dedicated to the biggest challenge ever which is to bring freedom to mankind. The Christian through the blood of Christ has power over demons.

"The body they may kill: God's truth abideth still" (trans. of Luther's A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.)

A mighty fortress is our God A bulwark never failing;

Our helper He, amid the flood Of mortal ills prevailing.

For still our ancient foe Doth seek to work us woe;

His craft and power are great,

And armed with cruel hate,

On earth is not his equal.

For the Christian we know who is behind all the channeled spirits, their messages of a coming New Age, etc. For the Christian, we know that we are the only group that is warning mankind of his sinful nature, and his inability to solve his own problems. That is a message they do not want to hear. But it is a message, they will either learn in hope, or in despair when they learn the hard way. Let us learn their needs and minister to them.


Christ told us that the wheat and the tares would grow up together. That is the condition of the church today-totally infiltrated, and mixed with evil. The Churches of Christendom are a mission field for the disciple of Jesus Christ.

Christ also told us that Satan's Kingdom is not divided against itself or else it could not continue functioning. This book is the result of research and the knowledge that comes from confidential sources in the New Order that Satan's kingdom is indeed one monolithic coordinated Power structure that is physically in communication with its various parts. If you somehow failed to realize that the Watchtower leaders, the Mormon leaders, the Masons, and other groups are actually in communication with and coordinating their activities, then you have missed an important message of this book.


One of the hardest items to tell the reader is that many of the people pretending to be on our side aren't. The New World Order is not stupid. They are trying to stay one jump ahead of the opposition. They plant their people as leaders of the opposition. That seems to be the only explanation for much of what is happening. The reader should investigate all organizations, before he contributes to their cause.

I remember when I worked in a particular factory the foremen would come around and tell us how we weren't doing our jobs as they wanted them done. I would listen and at times if I were asked tell the foremen honestly that what they were saying wouldn't work. The other workers who were not Christians would smile big and say "Sure, we'll do it no problem." After the supervisor would leave, I would find myself trying hard to meet the standard the supervisor had left, while the others wouldn't even try it. I would be correct that the expectations were out of order, but its doubtful that the foremen ever picked up that I was the only one really trying to achieve their impossible expectations, even though I was the only one honest about its feasibility. Likewise, I detect many Christians are smiling and saying all the right things from the pulpit. Love your Christian brother, hallelujah, I believe in God, praise the Lord, etc. but they have no intention of doing the will of God. Most people like those supervisors are quite content to look on the surface of things. Love is surrender to His will. God makes his own decisions without asking us our opinions. To smile at God and make false promises is not acceptable. Without love (surrender to his will) toward God (cf. Cor.) then our actions are a waste. Apparently, many ministers feel that they need to smile and tell the people what they want to hear, and the people in turn will idolize them.

There are but two kingdoms, Satan's and Christ's.

In None Dare To Call It Conspiracy, p. 136, people are advised to go to the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society was started by a high ranking Mason who used Rockefeller money. Further, Gary Allen's book gets recommendation's from people in the establishment, and it is very flattering of men who were prominent Masons involved with the New World Order. Was Gary Allen misinformed, sidetracked, or what?

Some of these men have so many connections to the New World Order, and so much knowledge that it is almost impossible that they are simply misinformed.

Craig Hulet, who has a number of aliases and driver's licenses, and who did intelligence work for the New Order, is warning people about the coming One-World-Government. However, much of his information even when true is in a sense "disinformation", in spite of how much good in-depth information he has. And he has no program to counter the New Order. He speaks in Episcopalian Churches, and at his public meetings license plates numbers are taken down by men, and the people attending targeted for destruction. Whether Craig is involved with this scheme to destroy those who attend, or not, is difficult to say. However, this Author knows personally of someone who was almost destroyed after coming in contact with Craig Hulet.

In communist countries, it has been a popular method to kill opposition, by allowing leaders to stand up and allow the Authorities to identify who their hidden silent opposition are. This was the concept behind what happened at Tiennamen Square. Those people are identified, and when the boom falls, then all of these people are taken out of circulation from the general population.

By using people like Hulet (whether he in particular is used or not—people like him are used), they have assembled their lists of people to take out of circulation.

There are infiltrators who are helping them assemble lists of patriots, and devout Christian leaders. Ex-intelligence men who have seen the plans say that they intend to arrest the Christians on a holiday like Thanksgiving Day when they can find the most people home.

Note the leaders of the democratic movement in China who stood up —some were most likely legitimate, yet some are probably working for the New World Order. These leaders were smuggled out of China and escaped harm by a Secret Chinese Fraternal organization, which cooperates with other secret organizations like the Mafia, the CIA, and the Masons.

If you are going to oppose the New World Order, start your own group. Then at least you know who the head of it is.


If you start it on the principles of the Scriptures then hopefully you will want it free of all the corrupting principles of the churches that have compromised with the Satanic New World Order. Turn to the Scriptures and base what you do on a fresh leading of the Spirit and the Word, rather than continuing the same inadequate methods of the spiritually dead churches. Keep two goals in mind, shake up the world for Christ and then reconcile them to their Creator.


A number of the prominent John Birchers caught on to how their goals were being subverted by the One-World-Order at the top of their organization and left.

If you feel you have legitimate complaints against some other group, you are best to forgive and forget, and concentrate on dealing with the Satanist's One-World-Order. If you are going to escape the One-World-Order's system, you will have to be part of another system. To be part of Christ's Kingdom's system is going to take effort on your part to learn and do things God's way. All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for reproof, instruction in righteousness, and doctrine. When Paul said this there was no New Testament, he was referring to the Old Testament.


The Ku Klux Klan is considered a protestant organization, but it has clandestinely received Catholic help early on? Why? Because the Klan discredits the Protestants. Agents provocateurs, including FBI men ruin the intentions of the those who are in the Klan. While some men may join the Klan because it is the only way they see to defend what they believe in, they unfortunately are being manipulated. An analogy to this is, Did the Hollywood character of Archie Bunker help or hurt the things Archie Bunker believed in? Blacks aren't a big threat to the white men like the propaganda people are instilling into Southerner's minds. The same people at the top are agitating both sides to get and keep a conflict going between whites and blacks. It is to the point that whites and blacks had better forget their differences, and realize the common man everywhere is being led into slavery. Indeed, like the Pied Piper, the common man is willingly going into slavery. Under a banner of socialism for the common man, the Power elite is creating a World Dictatorship.

Demonic led people battle each other in hopes to entice God's people to get involved in their fights. These are traps.

The Caucasian, the Negroid, the Oriental races should each respect each other. That doesn't mean they need to try to become like the others. God has a purpose and a plan for each tribe and nation. The nations are still existing as nations in heaven according to the book of Revelations.

Let us recognize our real enemies.

For instance, the Protestants had best quit denouncing each other over some trivial doctrinal issue. The real enemy is not that someone's declension of the Greek is inadequate, but that an enormous rival kingdom to Christ's kingdom is strongly in place. In other words, the problem is not how the JWs have mistranslated Jn 1:1 but that they have given their allegiance to a false authority. If we get to the real problem, the root of why they mistranslate Jn 1:1, it goes back to that the false authority called the Watchtower Society taught them that.

The Kingdom of God

In the OT the kingdom (i.e. the rule or sovereignty) of God means his almighty power, ordering the created world and establishing within it righteousness and justice, the vindication of his people, and mercy and deliverance for the sick, and the oppressed.

In the NT no precise definition can be given, because according to the context the term Kingdom of God may cover a wide range of meanings including "sovereignty", "kingship", "exercise of royal authority," "reign," and "territory ruled by a king." In some passages it is equated in a sense with eternal life, in others the church. In some passages it is related to the gospel, salvation, repentance, and the new birth. Jesus' disciples become kingdom rulers and priests.

A summary that catches the concept of the Kingdom is: The Lord God omnipotent reigns. And if you are of the kingdom of God, then that means He is reigning in your life; if He is not, then you are not of His kingdom—it is that simple.


Part of the problem within Christendom is the way the gospel is defined and presented to people. The following pages are designed to pull people away from the rut Christendom is in, but it is only a mere introduction to call God's people to rethink God's gospel and salvation.

Charles Hodges is but one of several brothers-in-Christ who have realized that Rom. 5:18, "Therefore as by the offense of one judgement came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life." The scriptures confirm then that all men are saved except those whom the Bible excludes from union with Christ. Human nature was not the object of the atonement for the nature was not the object of sin, simply because human nature is an abstraction, it is people who sin. The fall of Adam involved distinct persons "many were made sinners" Rm 5:19. Therefore all are of the elect except those plainly excepted by the Word of God. Christ told a certain group of people they were the seed of Satan.

Who is exempt from entering the Kingdom? People who individually refuse to walk in obedience to God. "for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." Gal 6:7

"And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, by what they had done." Rev 20:12,13

The individual misdeeds are:

1.   Not knowing Christ personally (Mt 7:23)

2.    Not treating the least with love (Mt 25:42, 45)

3.    Not obeying Christ (John 3:36)

4.    Doing evil (Jn 5:29b)

5.    Exchanging the truth of God for a lie (Rm 1:24,25)

6.    Dishonorable passions and refusing to acknowledge God (rom 1:26a, 28)

7.    Passing judgement on others, while doing the same (Rom 2:1,2)

8.    Having an impenitent heart

9.    Those who are immoral, idolaters, adulterers, sexual perverts, thieves, greedy, drunkards, revilers, robbers (I Cor 6:9b, 10)

10.   Those who are fornicators or covetous (Eph 5:5,6)

11.   Not believing truth but having pleasure in unrighteousness (2 Thes 2:12)

12.    Those who are sorcerers, witches, fornicators, murderers, idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehoods. (Rev 22:15)

Because children have not rejected God they are in Christ and are not helped by infant baptism. Billy Graham is on record advocating and supporting infant baptism as a help to salvation.

The messages preached by 33° Mason Billy Graham are unscriptural. All men have salvation until they reject it by doing the wicked deeds just listed. The Lord God reigns. Billy Graham wants people to believe that by making a decision for Christ you are saved. Your decision for Christ takes you no further than you originally were in the beginning of your life. Salvation was given all men, "behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world." In other words you haven't gained anything. Acknowledging that God exists is quite irrelevant. The demons even believe that Jesus is who he is, and that God exists. What you need to do is reject sin and follow truth. Graham states you are to make God Lord. But Whoa horse! We don't make God Lord, we acknowledge it only.

Some children who grow up in Godly homes (or even ungodly homes) and never reject Christ can honestly say they have always been Christians.

You can not blame Adam or your mother if you do not reach heaven. It is your own personal choice to reject God and to sin which is the problem.


True believers are said to be the descendants of Abraham (Gal 3:7, 29) and Revelations describes this as "a great multitude which no man could number" Rev 7:9.

If you have rejected God and joined World's order, then scripturally, you are in Satan's domain. The television networks run by the Jews are in Satan's domain. The political governments of this world are part of Satan's domain. But their realms' power can be taken away by God when he desires, so we can still acknowledge that God is Lord of all. Every so often God reaches in and draws out someone from the depths of Satan's realms, and shows that He has ultimate power.


The real concept of the Kingdom's social message is almost lost today. (And I am not referring to setting up half-way houses, or orphanages, etc. which are fine but neither Paul nor Jesus made this their message.) The Kingdom of God is both heavenly and earthly. The social aspect is what has been termed Gemeinde (community), ecclesia (church), and koinonia (fellowship)--that is a closely knit fellowship of disciples. The Kingdom of God is not an aggregation of saved individuals, but rather a family, foreshadowed by the family tribes of Israel. God frequently treated groups of people as a unit-much as the law today looks at a corporation as a person. God would address, condemn, and punish groups of people-tribes, cities, and nations. A group of people have a Zeitgeist that makes them a unit. Likewise within the scriptural church the emphasis is not on personal salvation, but of an ecclesia.

Such a dynamic community can not exist in today's churches because first they do not recognize this teaching-basically the Protestant and Catholic traditions never had it (it is an Anabaptist view). Second, it creates tension with the world compared to individuals doing their own little thing (Pietism) and churches are trying to get along with the world. And third, the

Christians that go to a church building are usually so geographically isolated and spread apart they couldn't try practicing it. I have attended numerous Protestant churches where the people called each other brothers, but made no attempts were made to live close by even though opportunities presented themselves. The concept of being accountable to one another is also not there. The cross in today's churches is experienced emotionally rather than existentially, such as is experienced by a dynamic community of disciples would. Proper Christianity is a movement of people touched by the spirit, but it can be even more than that.

I believe that Christian communities would be barriers to the power of Satan—and if Satan then also the New World Order. Prophets of God have given his people the revelation that there will be a pooling and clustering of devout Christians throughout this nation when the New World Order takes over.

Further, a proper understanding of how the kingdom is here now, is a safeguard against adventism, millennialism, chilism, or whatever you want to call having an overemphasis on the future while spiritual values, discipleship and community are neglected.


Christians have lost this awareness in several ways. First, they don't recognize the power that comes from a unity of evil. Second, they have swallowed the line that there are safe occult practices. To dabble in the spirit realm, which is what makes these new age techniques work- such as visualization, one's inner mentor, etc. is not to deal with an area of human potential but it is the manipulation of human potential by the "principalities and powers." To align oneself with these powers is to openly oppose God.

Christians are swallowing the gnostic idea that with proper enlightment the occult powers can be properly handled to benefit society. The New Age Journal (Mar., 1978 special issue) had an article representing this thinking entitled "Perils of the Path."

The Christian has been told to try the spirits. That means to test the Spirits and evaluate that which is evil and good. Note how the New Agers do not test the spirits, but believe whatever the messages their channeling has dredged up. The demons are inveterate liars.

A fourth century Christian was approached by a demon disguised as Gabriel the Archangel. The Christian was sensitive to the spirit, because his spiritual life was in order. He told this angel that the angel must be wrong because he wasn't good enough to receive a revelation, that the angel should depart and give his message somewhere else. At that the demon departed. Are we willing to admit that our lives must be morally prepared, before we accept messages from the spirit world. If we are holy, how will we have the proper discernment? Joseph Smith accepted messages when the historical records do not show that he was morally prepared.


Man has a sin nature, and the world prefers to surround him with all the items that intensify his weaknesses. Even now some Christian books are telling us that we are stronger Christian if we will be around such a worldly climate without succumbing to it, than if we try to avoid being around it. Such is nonsense.

There is a relentless war being waged to make us fit into the New Order's mold. Considering the powerful forces against the true Christian, it is a shame that our so-called leaders are not preparing us for this war, but are pretending that these things are exaggerations. Indeed, some Christian leaders are suggesting that we should be more like the world, so that non-Christians will like us better.

We can not wish Satan's age-old plan for world domination away.

"What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him?

If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, "Depart in peace, be warmed and filled," but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead."

Certainly, we must pray. But if we are only willing to pray, we are no different that those who pray for their hungry brethren. Our faith must translate into action against the New World-wide Slave State.

Misplaced trust in the wrong people has allowed things to happen that are contrary to our faith and freedom. We must be more vocal in getting the truth disclosed to us, and more vocal about the truth we know.

Men who are evil are leading Christendom and are paraded as great men of faith. Christ was very direct with that type of religious leaders. He called them hypocrites, a brood of vipers, and said "Woe unto you." We cannot blend the true faith with impurities. Scripture teaches that what is holy does not make the unholy holy by touching it. Rather the opposite happens. Holy means set aside. Does not even a little poison contaminate pure water and ruins its fitness, even though the poison may be diluted to some degree?


These times are getting increasingly difficult financially. If possible get debt-free, and stay away from the worldly way of financing things. Christians need to develop their own economic systems. Investments in land, apartments, and houses are fine. But keep in mind that our security is in Christ Jesus. The primary mission is to serve the world as a beacon light of Christ This can be achieved by being holy and undefiled, by visiting the sick, and caring for those in need. We also serve as a priest before God's presence for them. New clothes, nice cars, flamboyance, ostentation, and the pride of life are not high on God's priority.


Scriptures admonishing us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers is written in the context of Christians being called to holiness, rather than the subject of who one should marry.

There are scriptural principles that teach us not to be dependent upon the ungodly, but to be self-sufficient within the limits of faith.

If we decide to preserve our holiness and our self-sufficiency then we must create our own communities or close-knit groups. This advice is contrary to what Christians are being advised to do by their big name popular leaders today- yet it is what the scriptures actually steer us into. This is why the early church held all things in common. They did this not because communism is the only way, but that in their situation it was how they expressed their community. Other NT churches had close-knit groups without having all things in common.

If Christians want to increase their resistance to the Power, then creating Christian communities is one of the strongest ways. Divide and conquer is an old tactic. The Christians have been deceived by their leaders that to be isolated in the world is a virtue. These poor shepherds scatter their sheep by distorting the meaning of the scripture, "We are in the world." They falsely imply that Christians in Christian communities aren't in the world.

It is difficult for Christians to build each other up if they only see each other during a sermon on Sunday morning. When Paul speaks about "renewing of your mind" (Rom 12) he is speaking in a corporate sense, that is a body of believers is being called to develop the mind of Christ in a corporate sense. I Cor 12:14-26 actually teaches that Christians can not function effectively by themselves, but receive their meaning in life through a corporate structure.

"Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters" (Rm 14:1) "Brothers, if a man is trapped in some sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself; you also may be tempted" (Gal 6:1) These two scriptures show that the emphasis was not to be on doctrinal maturity but morality. So often in today's churches people are branded heretics for doctrinal differences, while immorality is ignored. Again the whole concept of the church as a holy body has been lost, and replaced with an organization that is an incorporated business. The people in control of the business feel their power challenged if someone disagrees with them. The organism has been replaced with an organization. For instance, this Author knows JWs who committed somewhat gross sins but their sins didn't challenge the power structure of the JW power pyramid. On the other hand, some JWs were booted out for the most minor doctrinal deviances.


Modern preachers today are telling us to plant money seeds, set goals, get motivation, visualize, to speak in tongues, to be powerful and a whole list of things we are to do. However, God's message is the same as it has always been, "Seek ye first the righteousness of God and all these things shall be added unto you." However, most of today's "Christians" including their well-paid famous ministers have no idea of what it means to seek the righteousness of God. To live the righteousness of God means to be unworldly. The world is generally doing the exact opposite of what is God's will, consequently the Christian who lives the correct life must stick out as different. However, our so-called Christian leaders are trying to get Christians to blend with their unrighteous environment rather than to be holy.

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit." Rm 15:13

"For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?" Rm 8:24

Hope is a virtue. It is something that only God really gives. The breastplate to protect the Christian is righteousness. Part of that righteousness is to have the virtue of hope.

Hope is a vital feature of our victory over the New World Order. Hope is a teaching that the Christian churches are almost forgetting. How many times have you heard someone preach that we are saved by HOPE ?

We have made great efforts, and wasted great sums in trying to evangelize. Much of our efforts were misguided, but the Lord loves us anyway. He sees that like little children we are trying to help in our own little way. However, God will save the world and Lord Willing evangelize it in a way that will display His power and glory, and will leave things totally clear in the minds of everyone that He himself was the one who wrought it.

Rather than getting caught up in our own efforts to evangelize the world, and to fight the New World Order, let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling toward our Creator. Let us have a radiant hope that He will choose a method at some point to display His glory. His method to accomplish it will be miraculous and will humble all our feeble efforts. Too much of what we have done has been our own ministries. For instance, this book's manuscript has basically been ignored and gone unread by many Christians to who this Author has offered the manuscript to. That includes Christians that supposedly are out there trying to fight the New World Order. That is what my ministry amounts to. The Lord has given me this project - if He wants to do something with it, He can. But it will be done in a way that the Lord of the Universe gets the glory.

We should not be concerned about numbers. Numbers mean little to God. He can win with a few dedicated servants, he can win with no dedicated servants, he can win with many dedicated servants. But you yourself are not going to personally win unless you are a dedicated servant.

Do what the Lord gives you to do with all your heart and soul and mind. Love your Lord and keep that attitude of hope that is a sure expectation. Be prepared that the real victory will be brought about by God alone, He simply wants us to experience the spiritual fruits of walking in faith and trust. We will see the death of the visions He gives us, but if we do not lose hope, we will see those same visions accomplished in His time, through a miraculous God-glorifying way.


You are faced with a choice of two kingdoms. You will be increasingly called upon to serve Satan's New World Order. You may not now be aware that Satanists are running it at the top and that every 28 years they have personally received instructions from Satan on how the New World Order is to constructed. However, it will become increasingly clear that mankind is being led to destruction and slavery, and it will become increasingly clear who and what kind of power controls the New World Order. It will be increasingly harder for men to free themselves of the New World Order's power. Now is the time to choose freedom. The sooner the better.

In order for us to understand what the choices are before us, we must have some historical perspective on today's situation. This paper will also reveal in a powerful way, the details of what both choices mean for the world. Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to understand historically what has happened is to show history as a giant game of move and countermove.

There is a cosmic chess game going on between the Master and his experienced adversary with its attending moves and countermoves.

This chart/paper has been constructed to give the Master's disciples an understanding of the Master's moves so that you can maintain your expectation, your hope of His victory. Hope in the Master's final victory is important, least we lose hope, then lose courage, and turn our backs on our adversary.

The Master's disciples will also see what the adversary's game plan is, so they can anticipate what the adversary and the Master will be doing. The adversary's moves will seem utterly destructive and devastating to the Master's plans, actually they are simply a rehash of items that the adversary has tried before. Reviewing history is of value in realizing how the adversary has tried these moves before.

The adversary so hates the Master that he wants everything that the Master has done to be ruined and destroyed, and replaced by the glory of his own reputation and power. He will overextend himself and allow the Master to checkmate him, because he has self-deluded himself into overconfidence, and is too fixed on destroying the Master's reputation, not to mention he does not begin to compare with the Master's brilliance nor power. The adversary's reputation is a sham, a mask. He is really a paper dragon against the Master's brilliance.

A short review of the moves to date.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #1. God creates man to have dominion over the earth, and to have fellowship with him. He creates within man the special capability for genuine free-will love.

        THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #1. Satan promises man godhood through knowledge. This knowledge is promised if man will stop limiting himself by obeying the Master's "narrow-minded" rules.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #2. God allows man to rebel. After all his original purpose was to create a free-will agent who would freely love Him. God must maintain his holiness from sin and imperfection, and so he separates himself from fellowshipping with sinful man. He provides mankind an alternative, an alternative that he has with foresight prepared for the situation from the beginning. This alternative is universal redemption through Christ, and the redemption may be appropriated ahead of time. God allows Satan to set himself up as ruler of the world. Through Satan's evil efforts, a pure group of men and women who are perfect and love their creator will be identified.

        THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #2. The Adversary must prevent mankind from appropriating the promised redemption. The Adversary and his demons have intercourse with the female of mankind and create Nephalim. (Nephalim can still be found today. They are the Guardians of the Satanic covens, which ex- Satanists speak about so dreadfully with fear.) Mankind is completely terrified into submission to demonic world rule, and is unable to defend themselves from Satanic slavery.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #3. God destroys the world. He saves righteous Noah and deals with the Nephalim and the demons. Righteousness is given another chance to take root within mankind, and the bloodline continues to produce the hoped for Savior of mankind.

        THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #3. Satan again entices mankind with himself and what mankind can achieve. Because Satan is not an attractive alternative when men have all the facts between the two choices of either the Master's rule or the Adversary's rule, the choices must be camouflaged. Man is told that nothing is beyond his capability, he must only unite, create a giant U.N. building, and centralize all power world-wide into a single world-wide government. But man must exclude God in his attempts to elevate himself.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #4. God turns their U.N. building, what is known as the Tower of Babel, into a monument to man's folly for trying to elevate mankind in disobedience to his Creator. The languages are confounded to prevent man from unifying. The nations, states, and tribes are created by God to form a barrier to prevent evil from unlimited growth, thereby limiting Satan's ability to rule the earth.

        THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #4. Satan repeatedly lashes out to destroy the bloodline that will bring Salvation. Not only does he try to prevent this Salvation by enslaving and eliminating the bloodline, he also begins creating his own false bloodline through the tribe of Dan. This bloodline will be used in the last days, to raise a false Messiah.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #5. Salvation comes to man. The lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, and who brings redemption for all mankind, carries out his mission.

        THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #6. The Adversary cruelly crucifies the Savior of mankind, and for several hundred years those serving Satan, such as the Roman Senate, report how Christ was crucified. It takes several centuries for the Adversary to realize how successfully he has been outsmarted, and that rather than destroying the Savior, God has won the biggest victory yet. Much later after his defeat is quite visible, Satan will counter-attack by trying to lead mankind to believe that Christ was never crucified.

•Primary goal of Satan today: bring all authority under his direct control.

•Primary goal of God today: God already has all authority and dominion, however creation is in disobedience, and is being brought back into obedience in God's timing according to His words. Every thought in heaven and earth are to come into obedience to Jesus Christ.

A short discussion of Satan's primary goal. In order to bring all authority under his power, Satan must destroy all authority which might conceivably be used by God. This means that respect for all other authorities is being attacked, whether this authority is the authority of churches, teachers, parents, or national governments. Respect for scientific truth is being replaced with an occult-based science dependent on intuition and demonic control. Satanism's control has been greatly helped by the communications advancements in recent years, some of these inventions can historically be shown to have been handed to mankind by demons. What might be called "Operation Black Widow” is under way. It is a final big push by Satanists to gain access to all secrets and to kill and replace people of power worldwide with Satanism's own people. Satanic plans to destroy the world's economies, to create wars and all kinds of crises and calamities are designed to create the desire and love of mankind for another Hitler-like dictator over the world who will resolve these Satanic created crises for mankind.

A short discussion of God's primary goal. There are nominal "Christians" who have mislabeled themselves for they are not part of God's kingdom. These are often agents of the Adversary. God is well aware of these subversives, but He has indicated that he will permit them until the harvest.1 The harvest period is beginning.2 In order to have a complete harvest, the good news of the Kingdom will be preached to all the nations.3 The period before the final harvest is extended to give the body of Christ's true believers time to increase.4 The body of Christ has been an important goal of God since the beginning.5 The Kingdom of God is built only on the foundation of Christ.6 In order to insure that this foundation is built properly, a shaking will take place7 and a burning baptism of fire.8 The arrogant and doers of evil will be burned up.9 As the light of truth shines brighter Christians must also be content to see the shadows of darkness increase in intensity. The twilight of today where the issues seem clouded with a great deal of grey will be separated into severe darkness and severe brightness. The harvest is not simply a harvest of good, but of the thousands of years of evil too. A lot of evil has been planted by the Adversary that will come to fruition. God has promised man that whatever he sows, that shall he also reap.10 God is not going to contradict that, and intervene to save man from the evil that is coming to full bloom. God describes this as "The ungodly and untaught will their own destruction."11 In other words, God knows that- give evil enough rope and it will hang itself. God has given all mankind salvation, but many are rejecting it through unbelief and their sins unto spiritual death. Mankind is rejecting God—not the other way around.


God's plan and Satan's plan are two totally different plans. However, lest the Master's disciples not realize this, the Master's plan not only takes into account Satan's plan but intends to use it for His own good purpose.

Satan will perform the following functions for God:
•Satanic forces will be used as a rod of correction on the Christian people. Judgement must begin at the household of God,12 but because the Master disciplines His own first, they will not be condemned along with the world.13

•The pressures of the Adversary will mature Christians and they will become battle-hardened spiritual warriors. The discipline of spiritual warfare will develop character and obedience within the body of Christ. This refining process will be similar to the refining of the Uranium 235 isotope. A refined spiritual material will be produced which will have the power of a nuclear explosion. These battle- hardened Christians will live for their Master and his victory rather than for their selves.

•The Satanic forces will show people what Satanism is really all about. People today are dabbling with occult powers within the Christian churches, little realizing what the horrible side of that occult power is like that they are unwittingly tapping into.

When Satanism exposes itself publicly, it will be rejected and feared and fail like communism (which has secretly been a form of Satanism). The bankruptcy of the large array of gnostic religions that Satanism hides behind will be seen. The ancient superstitions that the "New Age" movement is based on will fail like they have repeatedly failed in the past.

• Satan is providing the prophetic sign that God said would indicate the end times.14

•Satan will provide for the destruction of pseudo-Christianity. Satanists will totally humiliate the "Christian" churches. Hireling pastors will flee or turn against the Christians. Churches will be disbanded, or subverted into initiation centers for Lucifer. Those ministers who speak from themselves for their own glory15 will join the New World Order and leave the Christian people to better leadership. The Holy Spirit will again have the leadership of the Christian people rather than all the pseudo-leaders who have gained their positions from popularity, from self-promotion, political manipulation, and other evil means.

>> Well, ole Truth1 has to make another injection here. I do not believe the full truth of Satanism will ever be revealed to the masses. The antichrist will claim to be Jesus and all religions will be offered as different paths to the same "God" who is above all other gods and our God, too. But it is a lie. As well, I fully expect most of Christianity to fully embrace the antichrist as Christ and their leaders will lead the way, having been compromised a long time ago by Masons and Religious Zionism.

I do believe there will be those among these compromised Christian denominations who will reject this, finally seeing through it all, and giving themselves over to Christ, in sincerity, for the 1st time. These are those Jesus spoke of in an illustration of the workers coming in to help with the harvest, some at the beginning of the day, some in the middle and even some near the very end of the day.

That last hour will be during the manifestation of the antichrist. But they will not be a majority, I suspect. I hope I am wrong, but if the past is any indication, I must stick with my prediction. Jesus also spoke of a narrow road that few find and even fewer travel on. The antichrist will succeed marvelously in what he (and "they") does, right up to the time he dies. <<


Man has been repeatedly been warned of the consequences of sin. He has laughed and mocked God. Man is only suffering what he has brought onto himself. That God initiated this whole process is true, but the process was initiated with free will to all, and the historical evidence will not bear up that mankind did not have a chance to learn what was the best choice. Man has shamefully rewritten history to hide the many times God has sent messengers and prophets to the world to all peoples to turn them to Christ. Even today prophets of God are warning the people, and they are being ignored.

It is important that Christians understand why they are to suffer and the glory and victory that it gives Christ. It is important for Christians to understand that their suffering and blood will give God a warrant for stepping in and bringing judgment on the Adversary. This is part of the plan, and was foretold to Christians in the first century.


The world's economic system is controlled by men who are Satanists. Many of the world's political systems are also under the direct rule of Satanists. Those few that aren't are being targeted.

Because the New World Order has studied mankind so in-depth, it can operate successfully by playing upon the lusts, fears and desires of men. Repeatedly, they manipulate things so that the world begs them for what the Satanists already want to do. This has repeatedly happened and will continue. The world is already calling for a global government. After a third world war and/or an "alien" invasion, they will be begging to be enslaved by a One-World-Government.

Bach of the various groups, the capitalists, the oil Sheiks, and the third world are being told of the wonderful benefits they will receive from the New World Order. They are being told whatever is needed to get them to jump on the bandwagon of the New World Order.

Computers and satellites have been built to give the New World Order the capability to monitor and control all activities on earth. In order to facilitate this total control a cashless society is in the process of being established. Nuclear plants and nuclear weapons are coming under the control of Satanists. Lists of all Christians and potential troublemakers to the New World Order already exist, just waiting to be used when the orders are to be given to arrest such people.

Truth serums for use on their opponents, secretly programmed masses of people, poisoned candy, regional world moneys and many other items are waiting ready to be used as the Satanic seven years of tribulation unfold from 1992 to 1999.

The tactics and strategy for Satan's big world power play are spelled out in numerous books and papers. As the Adversary's plans call for numerous organizations coordinating their efforts in what is called a SPIN (segmented polycentric integrated network) of SPINs, the exact details of who will do what, and the deceptive and power tactics that will be used are too numerous to provide in this paper. For instance, how many groups have participated in the destruction of traditional family life and marriage? Divorce has been promoted. Serial monogamy, adultery, and polygamy have been promoted. Women's "liberation" (actually their enslavement) has been promoted. Pornography has injured the moral fiber of the traditional marriage, and is now everywhere. The destruction of the family -a specific goal of the Satanists, has been promoted by so many organizations and people through a variety of means.

Part of the Satanists plan is to promote homosexuality, for their world ruler will be a man of unnatural affection.

It might be said that Satan's plan is to deceive, manipulate, and coerce mankind into their enslavement and destruction. Socialism is paraded as the common man's panacea. The fallacious nature of that should have been revealed from Communism. People are slow to learn, especially because they have not realized that Satan controls the mass media. Satanists directly own the major networks, and the Mass media has a strong unwritten censorship that newsmen must abide by if they want to keep their jobs.

God doesn't need the mass media to reveal his plan and his glory. God has purposely planned to use the most humble means to win His victory, so that it will be blatantly His victory. Therefore, the most humble houses will be His temples. The most humble people will be His people. The most humble of publishing houses will be His instruments. God will prove that He can win a victory by His power without any help. This is God's plan. Do not be discouraged if God seems to have little on His side. He has planned it that way. Jesus was born in a cave. The Israelites were chosen to be God's people, while they were an insignificant nationality of slaves of glorious Egypt. God's general Gideon had only 300 men to fight with. God has chosen the weak, to confound mankind's wisdom.



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14.    Mt 24:3, Lk 19:11-13

15.    cf. Jn 7:18




The tie-ins between individual people in these leadership lists with the New World Order have not all been found. Most of the Freemasons within the U.S. President/Cabinet member list have been identified, but there are still many Masons within the religious groups listed that remain to be found. Most of Lucis Trust members and Council of Foreign Relations members have also been identified. There are local chapters of the CFR besides the national group, and this has added much confusion as to who is or isn't in CFR. For instance, JFK was a member of a local group, but is never listed in the national level CFR membership lists. So the bottom line is that if some tie-in is given, you can know it is accurate, but if nothing is indicated after a person's name, it may simply be that more research would disclose how that person is connected to the establishment that is now known as the New World Order.












9.     JESUITS






AHMADIYYAH MOVEMENT (SUFI LEADERS) Caliph means successor. Each man since Ghulam Ahmad is titled Khalifah-ul-Masih, that means Successor of the Messiah who bears his spirit and power.

Self-proclaimed Messiah- Ghulan Ahmad 1890-May 1908

Khalifah-ul-Masih I- Hazrat Moulvi Nur ud Din (Nuruddin)

Khalifah-ul-Masih II- Hazrat Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmood Ahmad (Mamoood)

Khalifah-ul-Masih III- Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Mubarak?)

Khalifah-ul-Masih IV- Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Khalifah-ul-Masih V- Rahmat Ahmad (Lord Maitreya) His identity is being kept secret for now.

Directors, National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
1. Joseph V. Charyk       1960-63
2. Brockway McMillan   1963-65
3. Norman S. Paul          1965-67
4. Townsend Hoopes     1967-69
5. John L. McLucas       1969-73
6. James W. Plummer    1973-76
7. Hans Mark                1977-79
8. Robert J. Hermann    1979-81
9. Edward C. Aldridge Jr. 1981-

Directors, National Security Agency (NSA)
1. Lt.Gen. Ralph Julian Canine.USA       4 Nov.1952-Nov.1956
2. Lt.Gen. John Samford,USAF Nov.    1956-Nov.1960
3. Vice Adm.Laurence Frost,USN         Nov.1960-30 June 1962
4. Lt.Gen. Gordon Blake,USAF 30        June 1962-1 June 1965
5. Lt.Gen. Marshall S. Carter,USA         1 June 1965-1 Aug.1969
6. Vice Adm. Noel Gayler.USN             1 Aug.1969-24 Aug.1972
7. Lt.Gen. Samuel C. Phillips,USAF       24 Aug.1972-15 Aug.1973
8. U.Gen. Lew Allen, Jr.,USAF             15 Aug.1973-15 July 1977
9. Vice Adm. Bobby Ray Inman,USN   5 July 1977-10 March 1981
10. Lt.Gen. Lincoln D. Faurer, USAF    10 March 1981-

Directors, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
1. Rear Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoeter, USN       1947-50
2. General Walter Bedell Smith, USA             1950-53 (Feb.52 ?) (helped co-fd Bilderberger)
3. Allen W. Dulles, CFR                                1953-61 (vice-chrmn ACUE)
4. John A. McCone, CFR KM                      1961-65
5. Vice Adm.William F. Raborn, Jr.,USN      1965-66
6. Richard Helms, CFR                                 1966-73
7. James R. Schlesinger, CFR                       1973
8. William Colby                                           1973-76
9. George Bush,CFR,TC (mason)                 1976-77
10. Adm. Stansfield Turner,USN, CFR         1977-81
11.William J. Casey, KM                              1981-(end 86-87) (began as a Catholic?)

Directors, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
1. U.Gen. Joseph F. Carroll,USAF 1961-70
2. U.Gen. Donald V. Bennett,USA 1970-73
3. Vice Adm. Vincent P. DePoix,USN 1973-75
4. U.Gen. Daniel D. Graham.USA 1975-76
5. U.Gen. Eugene F. Tighe,USAF 1976-77
6. U.Gen. Samuel V. Wilson, USA 1977-78
7. U.Gen. Eugene F. Tighe.USAF 1978-82
8. Major Gen. James B. Williams, USA 1982-

Directors, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
1. J. Edgar Hoover (mason) 1924-72
2. L. Patrick Gray 1972-73
3. Clarence Marion Kelley 1973-77
4. William Webster 1977(1978?)-87

Directors-General, Office of National Assessments(ONA)
1. Robert W. Furlonger 20 Feb.1978-29 April 1981
2. Michael Cook 29 April 1981-

Directors Defence Signals Directorate(DSD)
1. R.N. Thompson ?-1978
2. R.D. Botterill 1978-82
3. T.W.S. James 1982-

Directors, Australian Secret Intelligence Service(ASIS)
1. Alfred D. Brookes 13 May 1952-22 Aug.1957
2. Ralph L. Harry 23 Aug.1957-1 April 1960
3. William T. Robertson(Acting Director) 1 April 1960-1 Sept.1960
4. Sir Walter Cawthorn 1 Sept.1960-3 July 1968
5. William T. Robertson 3 July 1968-7 Nov. 1975
6. Ian J.S. Kennison 7 Nov. 1975-Oct.l981
7. John Ryan(Acting Director) Oct. 1981-18 Dec. 1983
8. F. Stuart Fry(Acting Director) 20 Dec. 1983-29 Feb. 1984
9. James O. Furner 29 Feb. 1984-

Directors-General, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation(ASIO)
1. Mr. Justice Reed 16 March 1949-July 1950
2. Brigadier Sir Charles C.F. Spry July 1950-1970
3. Peter Barbour 1970-Sept. 1975
4. F.J. Mahony(Acting Director-General) Sept.1975-7 March 1976
5. Mr. Justice Woodward 7 March 1976-7 Sept.1981
5. T. Harvey Barnett 7 Sept. 1981-

Directors, Joint Inteligence Organisation(JIO)
1. Robert W. Furlonger May 1969-Feb. 1972
2. Gordon A. Jockel Feb. 1972-30 March 1978
3. A.W. McMichael 30 March 1978-10 July 1982
4. N.L. Webb(Acting) 10 July 1982-5 Dec. 1982
5. Brigadier James O. Furner 6 Dec. 1982-29 Feb. 1984
6. G.R. Marshall(Acting) 29 Feb. 1984-

Heads, Protective Services Coordination Centre(PSCC)
1. Allan P. Fleming 25 Aug.1976-8 May 1978
2. William T. Robertson 8 May 1978-1 Feb. 1982
3. Brigadier P. Michael Jeffrey 2 Feb. 1982-16 May 1983
4. Brigadier John R. Sheldrick 16 May 1983-

Chairman of the Bilderbergers
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (mason) l954-1976
Lord Home of the Hirsel 1976-198?
Peter Rupert Lord Carrington 19??-present Order of St. John

Chiefs, Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6)
l.Admiral Mansfield Smith-Cumming 1 Oct.l909-1919(or 23) (born Mansfield
George Smith)
2.Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair (Autumn 1923?)-4 Nov.1939
3.Major General Sir Stewart Menzies 4 Nov. 1939-1953
4.(?)Lord Victor Rothschild. 1953
5.Major General Sir John Sinclair1953-56
6.Sir Dick Goldsmith White 1956-69
7.Sir John Rennie 1969-73
8.Sir Maurice Oldfield 1973-78
9.Arthur Franks 1978-82
10.Colin Figures 1982

Directors-General, Security Service (MI-5)
1. Major General Sir Vernon Kell 1909-40
2. Sir David Petrie 1940-46 Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem
3. Sir Percy Sillitoe 1946-53
4. Sir Dick Goldsmith White 1953-56
5. Sir Roger Henry Hollis 1956-65 Russian Spy
6. Sir Martin Furnival Jones 1965-72
7. Sir Michael Hanley 1972-79
8. Sir Howard Truyton Smith 1979-81
John Lewis Jones 1981—

Directors, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
1. Commander Alastair Deniston 1939-42
2. Commander Sir Edward Travis 1942-?
3. Brigadier Richard Gambier-Parry ?-1952
4. Sir Eric Jones 1952-60
5. Sir Clive Lochnis 1960-64
6. Sir Leonard Hooper 1965-73
7. Sir Arthur Bensall 1973-78
8. Sir Brian Tovey 1978-83
9. Peter Marychurch 1983-

Directors-General, Defence Intelligence Staff(DIS)
1. Major General Kenneth Strong 1964-66
2. Air Chief Marshal Alfred Earle 1966-73
3. Admiral Sir Louis Le Paily 1973-75
4. Marshal John Aiken 1975-
5. Vice Admiral Sir Roy Holliday

Royal Canadian Mounted Police(RCMP)Security Service
1. William Ketty 1964-67
2. W. Leonard Higgit 1967-69
3. J.E.M. Barrette 1969-(?)
4. Michael Dare 1973-81 (?)
5. J. B. Giroux 1981-

1. Paul Twitchell (called the Mahanta, the living ECK Master)
2. Darwin Gross
3. Darrel Klemp

    Heads of the Watchtower Society, Presidents and acting Presidents
In 1874, Charles T. Russell, II was elected Pastor over a Bible Study in Allegheny, PA. In 1895,
he took on the title of "the Faithful and Wise Servant." He was also called a King by his followers.

1. Charles Taze Russell (1884-Oct. 31,1916)
2. Three men-Joseph F. Rutherford, W.E. Van Amburgh, and Ritchie,
    however A.H. Macmillan played a very dominant role during this time
    period and at times ran the show. (Oct. 31, 1916-Jan. 6, 1917)
3. Joseph F. Rutherford (Jan. 6, 1917-June, 1918)
4. ?? while leadership was in prison, the WT was run from Pittsburgh,
    PA but it is not clear by who. (June, 1918-Mar,1919)
5. Joseph F. Rutherford (Mar. 1919- Jan. 8, 1942)
6. Hayden Covington (Jan. 8- Jan. 10, 1942)
7. Nathan Knorr (Jan. 10,1942- June, 1977)
8. Frederick Franz (June, 1977 - Dec. 22, 1992)    >>I added these last 3 in<<
9. Milton G. Henschel (Dec. 22, 1992 - 2000)
10. Don A. Adams (2000 - )

The Order of the Jesuits  (Society of Jesus)
Generals of the Company or Order

1. Inigo de Loyola (Basque Spaniard) 1541-1556
2. Diego Laynez (Spaniard) 1558-1565
3. Francisco Borgia (Spaniard) 1565-1572
4. Eberhard Mercurian (Belgian Jew) 1573-1580
5. Claudio Acquaviva (Neapolitan) 1581-1615
6. Mutio Vitelleschi (Roman) 1615-1645
7. Vincenzio Caraffa (Neapolitan) 1646-1649
8. Francesco Piccolomini (Florentine) 1649-1651
9. Alessandro Gottofredi (Roman) 1652
10. Goswin Nickel (German) 1652-1664
11. Giovanni Paolo Oliva (Genoese)
Vicar-general and Coadjutor, 1661;
General 1664-1681
12. Charles von Noyelle (Belgian) 1682-1686
13. Tirso Gonzales (Spaniard) 1687-1705
14. Michael Angelo Tamburini(Modanese) 1706-1730
15. Franz Retz (Bohemian) 1730-1750
16. Ignazio Visconti (Milanese) 1751-1755
17. Alessandro Centurioni (Genoese) 1755-1757
18. Lorenzo Ricci (Florentine) 1758-1775

a. Stanislaus Czerniewicz (Pole) 1782-1785
b. Gabriel Lienkiewicz (Pole) 1785-1798
c. Franciscus Xavier Kareu (Pole)
(General in Russia, 7th Mar. 1801) 1799-1802
d. Gabriel Gruber (German) 1802-1805

19. Thaddaeus Brzozowski (Pole) 1805-1820
20. Aloysio Fortis (Veronese) 1820-1829
21. Johannes Roothaan (Dutchman) 1829-1853
22. Peter Johannes Beckx (Belgian) 1853-1887
23. Antoine Marie Anderledy (Swiss) 1887-1892
24. Louis Martin (Spanish) 1892-1906
25. Francis Xavier Wernz (German) 1906-1915
26. Nalke von Vladimir Ledochowski(Pole)1915-1944
27. Jean-Baptiste Janssens (Belgian) 1946-1965
28. Pedro de Arrupe y Gondra (Basque) 1965-1983
28a.(Temporary Superior) Paola Dezza Oct.1981-1983
29. Piet-Hans Kolvenback (Dutch) 1983-

Modern Knights Templar France
1. John Mark Larmenius 1314
2. Thomas Theobald Alexandrinus 1324
3. Arnold de Braque 1340
4. John de Claremont 1349
5. Bertrand du Guesclin 1357
6. John Arminiaeus 1381
7. Bertrand Arminiaeus 1392
8. John Arminiaeus 1419
9. John de Croy 1451
10. Bernard Imbault 1472
11. Robert Senoncourt 1478
12. Galeatino de Salazar 1497
13. Philip Chabot 1516
14. Gaspard de Jaltiaco Tavanensis 1544
15. Henry de Montmorency 1574
16. Charles de Valois 1615 17. James Ruxellius de Granceio 1651
18. Due de Duras 1681
19. Philippe Due d'Orleans 1705
20. Due de Maine 1724
21. Louis Henry Bourbon 1737
22. Louis Francis Bourbon 1741
23. Due de Cosse Brissac 1776
24. Claude M. R. Chevillon 1792
25. Bernard R. Fabre-Palaprat 1804
26. Admiral Sir Sidney Smith 1838 to 1840

>> Fritz shows 19-26 above, to all be Masons. <<

Heads of Mormon Groups
Church of Latter-Day Saints (headquarters Salt Lake City, UT)
Head of church is Prophet, President, and secretly anointed King

1. Joseph Smith, Jr.
2. Brigham Young
3. John Taylor
4. Wilford Woodruff
5. Lorenzo Snow
6. Joseph F. Smith
7. Heber J. Grant
8. George A. Smith
9. David O. McKay
10. Joseph Fielding Smith
11. Harold B. Lee
12. Spencer W. Kimball

>> All 12 above were Masons says Fritz <<

Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints (headquarters Independence, MO)
Head of church is Prophet, and First President
1. Joseph Smith III
2. Frederick M. Smith
3. Elbert Smith
4. Israel A. Smith
5. W. Wallace Smith
6. Wallace B. Smith

12. SOUTHERN BAPTISTS (organized on May 10, 1845, has 20 national agencies and 6 seminaries)
Presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention
a. Brook Hays 1958-59
b. Ramsey Pollard 1960-61
c. Hersel H. Hobbs 1962-63
d. K. Owen White 1964
e. W. Wayne Dehoney 1965-66
f. H. Franklin Paschall 1967-68
g. Wallie Amos Criswell 1969-70
i. James T. Draper 1984
j. Charles F. Stanley 1985-86
k. Adrian P. Rogers 1987
l. C. Jerry Vines 1989-90

(International) Heads of the Theosophical Society
1. Henry Steel Olcott (1831-1907)
2. Helena P. Blavatsky (1831-1891)
3. Annie Besant
4. Alice Ann Bailey (?-1949)
5. N. Sri Ram
6. ?
7. Radha Burnier

Theosophical Society in America
1. William Q. Judge 1895-1896
2. Katherine Tingley 1896-1929
3. G. de Purucker 1929-1942
4. Arthur L. Conger 1945-1951
5. James A. Long 1951-1971
6. Grace F. Knoche 1971-

Chief Executive Officer
1. Iverson L. Harris     1942-1946
Secretary General
Dr. Joseph H. Fussell


            Heads of the principal UK-USA
            security and intelligence
            agencies and organizations

Heads, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS)
1. Brigadier Herbert E. Gilbert     28 Nov. 1956-20 July 1976
2. Paul Loxton Molineaux            16 Aug. 1976-6 May 1983
3. Brigadier John L. Smith           1 July 1983-

Directors, Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB)/
External Intelligence Bureau (EIB)
1. V.E. Jaynes         31 Mar.1952-31 Mar.75 (JIB)
                               1 April 1975-23 Dec.79 (EIB)
                               24 Dec. 1979-
Director, Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB)

1. C. M. Hansen 1977-


This Author has received reports from ex-high ranking Masons that all U.S. Presidents this 20th century have been Masons, but there is no way yet to confirm this. Johnny Todd, who was part of the Illuminati and who was in charge of all the political/drug/occult activity in his 13 state jurisdiction, before coming to Christ in 1972, states that all U.S. Presidents of this 20th century have not only been Masons, but have been 35 degree Freemasons of the super-secret Rite of the Warrior on the Block, which is equivalent to the 6th level of Satanism and both perform blood sacrifices. Todd states that recent U.S. Presidents have been part of the Illuminati. Other sources confirm this about our most recent Presidents.

Ronald Reagan receives his 33 degree.


Great Britain is the mother country of Satanism.1 Scotland has long been an occult center. The national symbol of Scotland is the dragon (the snake), and for years the chief of Scotland was called the dragon. The Gaelic language is an important language for Satanism, although English and French are also use extensively by the Illuminati. The planning sessions for world takeover that some ex-Satanists experienced were held in French. The British Royal Family have long been involved with the occult. For more information on this there is a detailed examination of the Royal family and the occult in the book The Prince and the Paranormal -the Psychic Bloodline of the Royal Family by John Dale (1987). They have also been actively involved with Freemasonry. (See the chart.)

British MI6 has been a major vehicle for the Satanic hierarchy working behind the secret veil of Freemasonry to control world events. British MI6 is the most secret intelligence organization in the world.4 (It is properly known as British Secret Service not to be confused with the U.S. agency by that name but performing a different function entirely.)

The British Royalty have served as important figureheads to British Freemasonry lending credibility and respectability. British Freemasonry has managed to keep itself free of much of the criticism that the other national Masonic groups have brought on themselves. However, much of the credibility of British Freemasonry is undeserved. True, British Freemasonry is what it portrays itself to the public for the lower levels. But, the lower level Masons by their dues and activities are unwittingly supporting an organization that is led by Satanists at the top.

An example of the subterfuge constantly exercised on the public by Freemasonry is a book purportedly written by a non-Mason entitled The Unlocked Secret Freemasonry Examined. The book portrays itself as an unbiased and complete expose of Freemasonry. The book states unequivocally that the Masonic order called Societas Rosicrucian in Anglia [sic] is only open to Christians and is a "Christian Order." However, Edith Star Miller reprints copies of a number of letters from the chief of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia which show that the English Grand Masonic Lodge, the SRIA, the OTO, and the German Illuminati are all working together.5 She briefly explains how she obtained the letters.



1.  Interviews with numerous ex-witches and ex-satanists.

2.   Copies available from Bury House Christian Books, Clows Top, Kidderminster, Wores, DY149HX, England.

3.   Confidential interviews.

4.   Wise, David and Thomas B. Ross. The Espionage Establishment, p. 79.

5.   Miller, Occult Theocracy, Appendix IV, pp. 8-35.


This index has been developed as a substitute for a comprehensive index that is planned for the final book.

The references ARE CHAPTER'S AND NOT PAGE NUMBERS. Because the final page numbers are uncertain anyway, this index will give the chapter that the item is found in.

Ackley family 1.6

ACLU 3.4

Air Dictatorship 1.2

American Revolution 3.4

Amish 2.1

Anglican Church 2.1, 3.6

"At-One-Ment" 1.10

Armageddon 1.14 

Bacon, Francis 1.2

Bailey, Alice 1.2

Ballou, Hosea 2.3


-lists of Jews & Masons 2.13


-in New Age Movement 2.1

Bar Code 1.1

Bilderbergers- 2.13

-Tech. Manual SW905.1 2.1,2.13

Bloodlines 1.6

B'nai B'rith 1.9

British-Israelism 2.1

Brotherhood of the Great White Lodge 1.12

Brown, John 2.3 

Caballistic Jews 2.2

Caduceus 1.17

Catholic Church 2.2

CIA 2.7

Civil War 3.4


-Illuminati agents & roles 2.13

-Illuminist sponsored Revolutionaries 2.10 –

Illuminist sponsored Revolutionary Groups 2.10

-Policy Process Christian Religions 2.1

Church of Christ 2.1

Church of Scientology 2.8

Church Universal & Triumphant 1.4

Columbus, Christopher

Concentration camps 3.9

Corporate strenth (U.S.) 3.6  


-inspire New Age scriptures 2.4

Drug War 1.6,3.9

Dulles, John Foster 2.7  

Eddy, Mary Baker 2.6

Education 3.4

Enochian Magic 1. 11

Episcopalian Church 2.1  

Federal Council of Churches of Christ 2.7

"Flower of Truth" 2.4

Foundations 2.1

France 3.6

Franklin. Benjamin 1.2

Franz, Frederick 1.13


-control of information 2.10, 3.5

-document spelling out plans

-in general 1.2

-is a conspiracy 1.17

-is a religion 1.17–

Organizations 1.2 –

overseas 3.6

-P2 lodge system 2.2

-Rites 1.2

-special exemptions 3.1 –

within Christianity 2.1 –

within Christian Education 2.1

-works with Ku Klux Klan 3.4 

Genealogy work (Mormons) 2.13

Gnostic Religions 1.3

Golden Age 2.5

Graham, Billy 2.1

Great Britian 3.6  

Hatfield, Mark 3.5

Hitler, Adolf 2.2

Homosexuality 1.13

Hope in God 3.10  

Illuminati 1.2,2.3

-goals 2.2

India 3.6

Initiation 1.16

Interest taking 3.2

IRS 3.7  

Japan 3.6

"Jehovah" 1.10

Jesuits 2.2


-Bankers finance Russian Revolution 2.7

 -in Masonry 1.2

-Power 1.1

-Power in Russia 2.7

Joachim of Floris

John Birch Society 1.4

Jones, Jim 3.7  

Khazars 1.1

Kingdom of God 3.10

Knights of Malta 1.2,2.13

Ku Klux Klan 3.4

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