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California Exodus - Bronze Age End


The Premise
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The California Collapse
Debt Slavery
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The Premise
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Straight up! A sign of things to come, soon!

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, it is said. And it is true. Likewise, history is the great predictor of the future,  and as well, the present can be a great revealer of the past. We are currently witnessing an event that is enlightening and yet frightening. This is a far more dangerous development than it might appear. These 2 events, the California Exodus of 2018 AD and the Bronze Age Collapse of near to 1177 BC. I will point out that the Bronze Age collapse lasted for 400 years. Further, the Bronze age never returned to what it has been. It was a whole new circumstance and world.

I intend to show you why these 2 events have so much in common, each shedding light on the other, even though they are nearly 3200 years apart. The past is the best predictor of the future and that concerns me and should concern you if you read this.

Additionally, I believe we can far better understand the Bronze Age collapse, which has been rather unclear to this point. So I have an additional reason that I will supply here and use in my study and presentation of History and Chronology on this site and maybe my sister site, too.

Signs & Portents
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A sign of things to come, soon! Another Truth1 exclusive! 

The demise of the Bronze Age had, in my opinion, the primary cause; that being a change of war/battle tactics brought on by the change from Bronze weapons to Iron weapons, since Iron was far more abundant and a harder metal than bronze for harder stronger weapons. And on chariots being replaced by foot soldiers.

And I thought that climate had always been a problem, and with the fall of any great power, you then have a power gap, which can excite surrounding powers who see a chance to rob and plunder, and perhaps become the next great power. But if they are near to the same in power as the others around them, they you have stability and gridlock and powers are not so apt to attack a well armed foe. You end up with an uneasy peace. Its better than nothing

I thought that any nation that suffered either famine or extreme defeat and destruction, usually with intense fire, then the surviving population would be in great danger and might have to risk more fighting and war to get some food and other resources. Starvation is common then.

It seemed to me that when bronze was the biggest trade item (made of copper and tin),  entire trading habits grew around this enterprise of bronze making and forging. Some trade some things for other things so that a sort of equilibrium forms. A dependency, really, if not an addiction. But a good one . . . or is it? The switch to Iron was likely to disrupt all the exchanges of reciprocal circular trade. That is to say, there was, very likely, a mutual dependence about this circular trade in grain, metal mining, metal smelting, metal casting and forging, luxuries, furs, cloth, jewelry, lumber, ship building, and who knows what else. Change from bronze to iron, could have devastated say, tin mining to mix with copper to get bronze. Or a sudden boom for those who had iron in abundance or not. In general, iron was more plentiful and less profitable as a result. Bronze suppliers would be hurting.

But the change in war tactics, from chariots and horses to foot soldier, lances, spears, javelins and swords of short varieties, and shields, changed all manner of fighting and quite possibly, the new fighting tactics might have favored a new people, compared to the old guard and king of the hill.

In short, it was a mutually dependent trade patterns disrupted by all the changes as well as climate and drought, too, since drought was a very common problem around the Mediterranean, that brought about disaster. The Mediterranean was the shipping highway of the whole region. A wide spread drought could have been catastrophic to all trade and commerce as people fought for scare food resources. In fact, this was how Egypt became a major empire, with its grain saving/storing tradition that made it far more resilient and safe from normal famines and dry spells. The Nile river not only brought water for crops, but also rich new soil deposits as the Nile flooded the valleys and low lands each year. These substantially increased fertility.

Egypt’s trade in grain made it rich and prosperous, but it also attracted many foreigners to settle in the Egyptian Delta, and causing the loss of the delta region to 4 small independent kingdoms which eventually all came in under the control of the Hyksos Dynasty, who eventually were overcome by a resurgent Egyptian population of the 17th and 18th Dynasties.

What we know for sure is that war took place all over the Mediterranean at various times, resulting in the complete collapse of the Bronze Age, the terminating end of it, called the Late Bronze age, preceded by a Middle and Early Bronze Age. In fact, both the Middle and Late Bronze age were divided into several stages based on layers excavated.

But in the end, all the nations were taking turns attacking each other until no one could carry on war anymore. They all “ran out of gas on the side of the road.” This began what was referred to as a dark age, which lasted till about 800 BC, near to the founding or Rome. So for 400 years, society fall back to a far more primitive living. Luxuries are gone. Luxuries typically depend on stability of trade.

The California Collapse
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Now this brings us to 2018 and the mass exodus of the middle class leaving California and heading to Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Oregon. California “allowed” ( I say “engineered and invited”) brought in massive unbridled immigration and very generous welfare. Well, of course, someone had to pay the bills for all that welfare. And guess who that was and is and has always been? Of course, the Middle class. As Leona Helmsley truthfully put it, only the little people pay taxes. Little being the middle or piddle-on class.

So California, so very popular for so many, jacked all the taxes thru the roof, to pay for all the welfare. All the while, a lot of computer tech companies were funneling manufacturing to Korea and China, instead Silicon Valley in N. Cali. As well, Cali imposed huge fines for being poor, unemployed , broke, and/or destitute. It became illegal to sleep in a car, as if people wanted to do that anyway. They did not want to, but they had no choice. Tents and tarps are everywhere in southern Cali now. So before matters got any worse, people sold their houses for good prices and got as far away from Cali as they could. And who could blame them?!

Now I would suggest to you that this was all planned and engineered. It was not unforeseen. Not at all! It was desired by those in power. So the middle class escaped Cali . . . or did they ? Now that this is in motion, who is going to pay the welfare bill for all the immigrant leeches? The middle class is gone. They moved. Well, you can expect to see what happened at the close of the Bronze Age, next.

The Immigrants will be next to leave and head for where the middle class went. The middle class will already be struggling as they overwhelm the places they go to. Immigrants will be cheaper to hire, just like they were in Cali. Then they go to wherever they have to, to maybe get a job. They will travel the country, roaming and eventually, robbing and plundering as there will be no state that can handle a sudden huge influx of population and have them all employed. There are not enough jobs in most states already. There will be none for the refugees.

Crime will soar, as will rape, killing, stealing, from each other, prostitution to stay alive. Robberies of stores! The national guard will be out in force. Maybe even the military. Its not a matter of if, but only when, and how bad. The mass moving and roving/roaming of the poor will cause FEMA camps to open to house all the “inmates.” Will there be any food for them in there? Will “they” starve them out? Spread a disease in the camps to get rid of some or many? Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t believe the government is up to any good.

What we are seeing is very much like the Late Bronze Age collapse. Now we can better appreciate how and why the Bronze age died. And worse, we can predict our own fate as well. The Bronze age lost all its luxury and fell back to a dark age in living conditions and far smaller populations. But our population decrease is apt to be much more severe and drastic. The Bronze Age world was far less populated than our current world.

Now there is one mitigating circumstance. The collapse of order will likely bring about the confiscation of all guns, or at least the attempt to do so. There is also the possibility of an economic collapse and/or, a war to promise prosperity, but at a cost of freedom and eventually, injuries, maiming, and death that war always brings. Oh, and there is that fake alien invasion or possible “rescue” (supposedly).

But regardless, this migration thing is not going to end well at all. Just ask those living in 1177 BC. They will tell you, by their archaeological remains. Lights out! The party is over! Nighty night! You might want to consider becoming obedient to God so as to escape the certain death that many will come to; either by being spared death or being brought back to life, if you are asked to reject God or die.

On Mutually Dependent Economies

For one, we saw how a very dependent, inter-linked, closely tied trade network faired, in/on/around  the Mediterranean; “highway trade system” (the open seas). When one nation falls and collapses and has to resort to war because of a combo of drought and food failure and no place to get food fast; Or if the trade system network suddenly has a radical change; or someone's economy goes bust; we’ll say a new technology in our day, it can make old markets totally obsolete. With many producers involved and dependent upon being able to sell what they had always been able to sell before, any change can spell long term poverty and decay. Can you say Detroit Michigan? Cleveland Ohio? Chicago? Harrisburg, Penn? And this without immigration. Add immigration in, and you have the makings of a world wide plague known as collapse, poverty, and all out crime and chaos in inner cities.

Iron may well have been the demise of the Bronze age, because of its disruption of the established equilibrium. Or it could have been drought. It could have been both. But the inter-dependence makes sure everyone goes down together.

Let me put it this way. The bigger you make something, and the more complexity you add to it, the more likely you increase the odds of something going very wrong. Like the Olympic/Titanic fiasco. The Olympic was so big, that it ended up colliding with a smaller naval ship and pretty much ruined the Olympic with just one small oversight and neglect. Repair was too costly. The ship was essentially ruined. And the loss in money investment was huge. It was likely going to be the demise of the White Star line. So they tried an insurance scheme that switched the name with the Titanic and renamed it the Olympic. The Californian was sent out to wait for the “Titanic” at a chosen destination to rescue passengers. The Californian was free of any cargo so they could handle the passengers. But the Californian was not in the right place, but was 20 miles off and did not see the flares sent up as a signal. 1500 people lost their lives.

Need I point out the 2 space shuttles we have lost to “engineering” ignoring serious problems in design? And what if the next fiasco is done deliberately?

Or how about these big cruise ships? One of them lost power and it was a disaster. Stranded at sea! The bigger they are and more complex, the greater the chance of failure and disaster. In general, putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. In order to prevent total loss in investing, many brokers recommend “diversifying” you investments. A little tech, a little production, maybe some entertainment industry investments, some retail investment, some research and development tech.

But putting all you money in one big company? Maybe you should not be an investor. Depend on your employer for your long term financial security and employment? Not such a good idea any more. So what is a good idea? You know, that answer is real easy. Independence. Those who first dared to try and colonized the now US east coast, back in 1600 AD, risked much for the chance to escape . . . dependence and oppression of people for their religious beliefs. Since jobs were often the only security, you were at the mercy of employers and they were never fair or decent.

The pilgrims came to the US and 50% of them died the 1st year. But they took hold and for 300 years plus, farming was the way of life for most. In 1900, many were still farmers. Farming only depended on weather/climate and hard work. The land produce fairly reliably. If a farmer fell on bad times, he had other farmers who would help him. They all looked out for each other. That was their insurance policy and welfare system. It was very inexpensive, effective, reliable and everyone was accountable. No riding on someone else’s coattails.

Independence and self-sufficiency need no defense. They are quite obviously the best and most secure choice to insure against disaster and failure. You primarily depend on yourself and secondarily, on your neighbors who also depend on you. You still have some dependence, but its much less likely to fail and more likely to succeed. Far less can go wrong.

Debt Slavery
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But what have we done today? Our leaders let our employers take our jobs from us and give them to other nations so we can starve and lose our homes. We allowed obscene interest rates. My grand father has a modest home in Nova Scotia and it burned. He bought another home just a little bigger, but affordable, and had to mortgage it, but it was paid off in 6 years. He bought in 1927, 2 years before the great 1929 crash. For 4 years he paid the mortgage in desperate times. He farmed his small plot, worked wherever he could and paid it off in 1932/3. And he was not well connected socially. No one was looking out for him. Most mortgages today will never be paid off. First time you are laid off, you’ll lose it all to extended unemployment. With the out of control prices, you’ll die with a mortgage. In fact, you’ll probably have to give it up with hardly any principle and that will be lost to interest.

Most of the stupid young are forever burdened with student loans. The parents were too stupid to warn the kids not to bother and just stay out of debt and live within your means. The loans have become a permanent prison. You are all enslaved.

Now, no matter what happens, anywhere in the world, you just have to knock down one domino, and all the rest goes down fast. Now we know why the Bronze Age collapsed, and society regressed to an earlier, more primitive level of living. It would not recover for 400 years.

What do you think? Was that a good thing? It was not! Why did it happen?  Mutual dependence on too many interconnected factors. And certainly, the climate and the volcanic/tectonic instability of the Mediterranean, which had significant climate effects as well, spelled a 400 year collapse. All that luxury gone for 4 centuries.

Ah, but they were the lucky ones. We are far more densely populated at 7 billion. All land and resources are being driven to their limits. Just one little misstep, and it all comes crashing down in flames. Many homes burned in intense fire in the Bronze age, so that dirt and stone often melted and hardened for archaeologists to excavate and reveal 3200 years later. That is to say, it was nasty and it never recovered. Now they are tourist sites. That is, they never recovered to this very day!

Your near future, boys and girls. Your parents and all previous generations have failed you miserably. God will not fail you if you do not fail yourselves. But if history is to be prophecy, too, you will continue to fail yourselves. Learn if you can, and get to know God who can preserve you or bring you back to life now that we have approached the obviously engineered extinction of humanity by sick psychopaths in power.

Here’s to learning and salvation. Get to know them both!

I thought the following Video from Stephan Molyneux was very relevant to this subject.

END OF THE EMPIRE   Its only 7:43 long. Don't pass it by.

Bronze Age Collapse Solved
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My Bronze age reading has been very interesting. No one is all that certain about any of it. I believe Robert Drews has the single greatest cause identified; that being the radical change from horses, chariots and archers, along with bronze, to foot soldiers and iron. But I have no doubt that there was a mutual inter-dependence, and the possible collapse of the largest empire, to cause the rest to act up and blindly and foolishly attack for greed and profit, setting in motion complete military chaos as the plundering was soon done without any rational thought and armies over staying and over extending themselves till they got wiped out and soon, everyone everywhere had ravaged by war and loss of people sustaining habitats. Populations rapidly decreased and much technology was no longer pursued and soon forgotten and many died off so that who was left had little from the older generations to learn from and they had to start from scratch. Everything came to a screeching halt that lasted 400 years.

Humans are not very rational and are less so when blind greed takes hold or the lust for power drives them mad with ambition. It all seems so easy. But with every thing sin such turmoil and instability, any venture was full of pitfalls and dangers. I am sure drought was part of it. Most suggest a variety of factors that contributed agree. But it is the roving populations looking for food that was the biggest factor. And it is the factor that motivates today in our time. Food is had thru stable stores who operate in stable places and with stable employment. Turn that in a riot zone, and all those things disappear. Do that in enough places and the whole nation will soon be on its knees.

This is what happened in the Bronze Age collapse and it is already in motion in the western USA. There is nothing to stop it, either. The jobs are gone. Everywhere! The roving populations will be way too much for any state in the country.

The Brilliance of Independent Nations
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What could have prevented all of this is independent self sufficient nations caring for their own, exclusively. Whether nations or families, independence and self sufficiency are the only viable long term solutions for families or nations. There is no other solution. Satan knows this and so do those at the top, over all the earth. That is why they got rid of it. They want us all dead. They knew they had to destroy our unity and mutual dependence based on a community of homogenous shared values and culture. No mixture of races and cultures and values, but a group who all see the same way and have a history together.

And they should have exclusive say about what goes on in their area, not some big outside force that wants to destroy them thru infiltration and division of everything. Values, morals, culture, religion, and their past! Long term continual stable communities that you grow up in and stay in. Everyone knows everyone, as it should. You don't marry strangers who you hardly know. You marry someone who you know only too well, for a long time growing up, so that you don't get unpleasantly surprised after you get over the honeymoon. Small, close stable communities make for powerful nations and regions. And small communities don't get crazy ideas for creating empires.

Small communities are the opposite of collectives, which is what nations are. Collectivism is the disease. Small communities are humble modest places where wealth is limited to farming and what you can make with your own hands or with a blacksmith to help. A simple, somewhat humble life style that keeps the desire for luxury to a minimum and keeps everyone in near to the same circumstance so that no one has much cause for getting jealous or envious or overly ambitious.

The environment that a people surround themselves with, will determine their long term future. The environment is the controlling factor for what a group of people will largely turn out to be, along with their values and resourcefulness.

The Opposite of this is what we have now, one big interconnected mess waiting to implode and take us all out in rapid fashion. We need not blame anyone other than ourselves for not learning from history and not repeating the mistakes. Only God can save us from our own stupidity now.

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