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Danger Signs of a Cult

The Premise   Jul 20 015
Not Quite a Cult
Not Quite Mind Control   Jul 20 015
11 Danger Signs of Abuse   updated Jul 20 015
Some Clarification
Why Do We Fall for Abusers?  Nov. 11, 2010

They Take More Than They Give
   Nov. 11, 2010
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World Cults in the Past   Nov. 11, 2010
Be on the Lookout!
What Do We Do?   Nov. 11, 2010

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The Premise            Jul 17 015

The term cult is thrown around a lot. It is often employed to hurt reputations of various religious groups whose tactics and methods seem somewhat harsh and controlling. I thought some distinctions should be made between a full blown cult and a group who merely exercises a lot of control or influence over people's minds and activities, what is popularly known or named by some as mind-control.

Since my first publication of this article in 1999 and updated in 2010, I now find need in 2015 to update some more. Having become aware of Satanic Ritual Abuse, I have noted another sign that could signify a cult. Further, I find a need to redefine and clarify, and distinguish real 100% Mind Control from various other situations that are loosely called mind control. It is a too loosely used term without good definition.

For instance, many sports fans, especially of the younger ages, are very influenced by sports stars and will run out and buy whatever sneaker the star wears. Or they may dress and act like their favorite rock stars. The kids are obviously heavily influenced by these stars. Religions and religious leaders may also have a strong influence over their followers. This in itself does not constitute a cult following in my mind. It could possibly be said to be mind control though I would call it being "influential."

The above was how I knew mind control to be used. But I knew nothing of trauma based hypnotic Mind Control, which is far more severe than anything I know a religion to practice, unless they are actually worshipping Satan and working for secret government mind control operations. So we will make big distinctions between Ultra Mind Control and the little stuff such as a religious leader who tries to force a church group to obey his every thought and idea; or interpretation.

In my mind, there are 2 key ingredients necessary for a cult, Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1980, authoritarian is defined as:

"Of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority."

In other words, you should obey because I am an authority. No reason is given; only the dictatorial command to obey without question. They may have started with reasons in order to convince you of their appointed authority and power but once that is accepted the reasons cease to be given or are rarely given. Accountability of leadership disappears. Leaders of cults, like dictators, are not accountable to anyone. Only the followers, the subjects, are accountable. One Way Accountability is what I call it.

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1980, totalitarian is defined as:

"Of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation."

Here the state controls your employment, your living options, your stores, entertainment, the press and all other information coming in and going out. They try to dictate your beliefs and values, and how you train and conduct your family. They train and teach your children through schools. They even encourage children to turn in parents who do not conform to state teachings and policy. Every possible aspect of your life is in someway controlled through the state.

If you were to be uncooperative, they could put pressure on you at work or terminate your employment. And there is always arrest and torture, or even execution. And missing in this type of system is a fair process of hearing, trial, and appeal. Laws can be twisted and distorted to fit however the authorities want it to. You have no recourse.

These are what define a cult to me. A cult must have control over your income and over your living quarters and all your activities. Maybe you would live in a cult compound and only be permitted to leave by permission and usually with another member to act as supervision while you're away from the watchful eye of the compound.

You may have volunteered to enter the cult but that willful volunteerism disappears once you accept their new terms. Free will ceases to be, by all means and force.

Not Quite a Cult
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In contrast, even if a leader or group demanded your total obedience, if they do not constantly monitor and enforce their demands, if they don't have complete control, then you have an opportunity to resist or look in to things when out of their sight. By example, you might be employed by someone not related to your group; someone not having anything to do with your group, so you are still financially independent. And you might live in your own house that you own with your own family, unsupervised, like most anyone who typically might attend a church today.

Another aspect might be financial entrapment. If you were somehow financially indebted to your religious group or they had some control over your finances, then you are under some degree of totalitarianism. To me, there should be a fair amount of control over your life before one could accuse you of being in a cult. That does not mean that just because you are not in a cult with heavy control, that your group is not abusive or unfair or not mind-controlling. But calling it a cult might go too far.

Consider this hypothetical example. What if I joined a community who had some guidelines about living and I invested money in this community so I could live there with them. Maybe they are even quite strict. But if I could leave at any time and receive any money back that was beyond what rent might cost or have my investment share bought out, then it would not be a cult. The free will is still there. They can not stop me. I may lose their approval but I can still pursue another course without undue hardships such as financial tangles, or forcible restraint by my peers.

Not Quite Mind Control
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My first encounter with the term, mind control, was in the 80s, concerning Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs). We who were dissident JWs referred to their tactics/techniques as mind control or at least, attempted mind control. They were supposedly appointed by God and we the flock were to let them interpret for us what the Bible meant. I never was able to do that.

But unknown to me at that time, was the secret government technique of trauma-based hypnotic Mind Control. It was started in the late 40s in the USA thru Operation Paperclip, where Nazi scientists of various sorts were brought over to the USA for their superior technological abilities. This Mind Control is full of torture and rape, as well as drugs, electro-shock, and other hideous means of harm to fracture a mind and make it susceptible to programming that the person programmed was not aware of as it was hidden in the subconscious. It largely robs a person of their own will and desire. It is extreme cruelty done from pre-infancy onward.

Known as MK-ULTRA and other CIA names, It is the most severe type of human cruelty. Compared to this, the mind control of JWs was weak and laughable, yet quite effective in its own way. JWs employ much the same thing as government propaganda or TV News propaganda or school propaganda. All use peer pressure to accomplish obedience to propaganda. Fear of not fitting in, standing out, being rejected, or ostracized, looked down upon; these are all things people avoid so as to be accepted and fit in. Some important is this herd mentality, that most will sacrifice their own will and thinking in order to please the crowd.

 Displease your boss and you will not get promoted and may even lose your job. Disagree in school or a university and you will not get good grades and approval. Disagree with a doctrinal point in your church and people might avoid you. Talk the wrong way and people move away from you.

Another aspect of this is the teachings or propaganda itself. It twists ideas and words ever so subtly so that people do not recognize what is actually being said. A subtle deceit! But this deceit is often reinforced by threats of rejection, a social force whereby people do not want to be around you.

Now not fitting in is not a fun thing, but it is nothing compared to torture and rape in order to get you to think and do as you are told. So using social pressure, as bad as they can be if you stand to lose family and friends, it just can't compare with the horrendous types of torture that are used in MK mind control.

But when you talk about mind control with other people, they often do not distinguish real MK stuff with the much milder forms. It is important to be aware of the difference so as not to trivialize what MK victims really go thru or to exaggerate what religions do. All lies are wrong, but some wrongs are far worse than others.

What often is not appreciated is how important truth is, and integrity. Often the peer pressure we experience is rather trivial and yet some react as if it was a major trauma. If we can not stand up for truth and decency, what good are we? We should be willing to put up with a little discomfort for the sake of truth and righteousness. So we need to distinguish the really extreme from the not so bad to bear pressure we might get in day to day life.

11 Danger Signs of Abuse
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Now what I want to address is not so much cults but merely unhealthy or abusive groups who could inflict great emotional and psychological damage without totalitarian control. Only limited amounts of control are necessary to carry out this damage. And since it is more subtle, it can go undetected, but still be very dangerous. Here are traits to look for and avoid at all costs.

1) They start with this one. This is a tricky favorite of some of the more deceptive groups. They will pull the old bait and switch routine. First they preach one message to you and then start slowly changing things one by one as time goes on. By the time they are done, everything they initially taught or told you will be completely contradicted and changed. Watch carefully for changes. If you start to see any, run like hell.

2) They are still authoritarian. The leadership is not accountable once the authority is established and enforced upon you. This means you can not question or dispute them. They will generally say they are selected or appointed by God, often the only ones on earth who God uses, and you have to obey them or you reject God.

On the other hand, Good upright leaders never need to fear having their authority questioned, nor fear having to answer for something they did or justify what they have decided or done. Good authority should always be willing to explain and defend itself and its requests or requirements. You have the right (or should) to force them to show you the exact law or rule and show you that they followed it in a proper way. The Bible has lots of laws and rules but most of those get broken by cult leaders and authoritarians. They hate having it pointed out that they are not following the Bible. In fact, they will silence you if you try to point it out.

3) Bad authority usually operates in secrecy. Secrecy from its own people and especially secrecy from outsiders! Again, they hate accountability of any type as they are usually up to no good of one sort or another. They always seek the cover of "darkness" in which to carry out their dirty deeds. No transparency to be found among cults and authoritarian despots.

4) Judicial matters take place in secret with little or no recourse for the accused. Good judicial protocols such as being judged by people uninvolved in the matter and unrelated to anyone involved are often ignored. Reasonableness is not to be found at these proceedings. This, too, is in harmony with not wanting to be accountable for that would lead to exposure.

On the other hand, well-intentioned judicial meetings would be careful to avoid a conflict of interest and would always conduct such things in public for all to witness. No time restraints on such meetings, either. Reasonableness would always be apparent. Respect, civility, and politeness would always be maintained. At a lot of bogus trials, you will see prosecutors yell at those accused and call them names and accuse them of every sort of heinous acts. The accused has already been found guilty and sentenced while he is still being "questioned." What a farce!

5) Criticism of leadership is discouraged, if not forbidden (often with seemingly good excuses). There is little or no candor in admitting mistakes, inadequacies, or shortcomings. They might, however, try using scapegoats, diversions, outright denial or try putting blame on the accusers. Or they may just remain completely silent. They might try to defame the accusers or questioners and attack their character and motives, rather than address an issue. Yet another symptom of not wanting accountability.

6) They will discourage or forbid exposure to outside thoughts, ideas, or messages. They try very hard to control all information and propaganda. They are the thought police, for sure. They hate a free flow of information and try to minimized any info that does not come from them and is not approved by them. This is because they have lots to fear from that uncontrolled, un-policed, uncensored info. They fear open truth for no lies can possibly stand against real truth. There is no defense or antidote anywhere on earth that can resist truth or overcome it. Only brute censorship avoids truth. For to liars, Truth is enemy number 1!

7) High levels of conformity and uniformity will usually be prescribed for everyone. Even the slightest and most trivial of matters or beliefs will be regulated and you must adhere or else. If everyone were not regulated, then thinking for one's self could cause questions to surface. That is what they want to avoid. So regulate and dictate they will! Every last minute detail. The enemy here is free thinking and allowing people any room to think for themselves on anything. The want to make you afraid to think . . . at all!

8) In some of the worst abusers there is deep paranoia and suspicion. Perhaps spying on members and trying to get others to subtly question them about their feelings and ideas in search of betrayal or deviation from what is handed down from the leadership. They are terrified that someone may be thinking or questioning their rules and ideas, which usually have little or no defense, only authority, and they know it. It is not something they are unaware of, ever! This shows how terrified they are that someone might see through them or get on to them.

9) Members are highly discouraged from having much contact with "outsiders" who may have been friends or relatives before you joined the group. You must be completely dependent upon the group for your emotional needs and security. After having lost contact with outsiders for a long time, you are distanced from them and maybe they from you as well. You are at the mercy of the group and could lose almost all social support if cut off from the group. You may even be in danger of losing the affection and support of your family if they are in the group, too. This is as far as a group can go in maintaining some sort of psychological control over you without having financial or other physical or legal controls over you.

But being able to rob you of all human relationships is a great power. Most people would almost rather face death. Few would risk losing their families and friends to think for themselves or question anything or anyone. Its usually enough to prevent most from leaving the group or questioning the group. total control of y our life is usually not needed as long as they can hold your family and friends against you.

10) What is described above in regards to social contact and support is where the amount of control needs to be further extended in order to gain a reasonable degree of absolute totalitarianism. This involves establishing total control over every aspect of your life. You live with them at all times and if you have to leave the compound, you will be accompanied (guarded) by another member and never allowed to be completely free of the group, ever, if possible. They will take you money without the requirement to ever have to give it back. They might say that God requires it. They will schedule all your time and fun every little aspect of your life. Meals, sleep time, everything.

Any group employing any significant pressure or force to maintain control and influence is bad. That is a relationship that should be dissolved. But it is important to never get caught up in a group that even gives a hint of wanting you to give all you have to them. They do this by subtly giving you something in return; namely, their acceptance and "love." Its a trap because love does not ask you to give up individuality and basic rights of dignity, nor ask for all of your possessions and wealth. Love does not threaten or bully you. Love casts fear outside into the darkness.

Brand New  >>>  Jul 20 015

Satanic Cults offer some new perspectives on cults and their traits. Satanic cult members, as well as those who seek to control politicians, and many fraternities and secret societies employ blackmail or threats of death to those who dare stray from "party lines" of the group. They often try to coax members into doing something illegal or publicly damaging so that this can be used against the compromised one if he does not stay in line or tries to leave or reveals things about his group that he was told and threatened not to tell. Many who want to join such groups may be forced to do something that can later be used against them, in hopes of keeping them in line. So now we will add another dimension to control of people.

11) Employing Entrapment and Blackmail, and threats of death and sometimes a history of killing members who squeal or try to leave. Satanic Cults like these tactics. Freemasons have done it and do it, according to some accounts. Mormons under Brigham Young would kill some who tried to leave. Scientology has many accusations against it. Skull and Bones have allegations as well. These tactics are the most extreme. Threatening to kill dissenters and at times carrying it out has to be among the worst and most extreme tactics of enforcement. Same for blackmail or entrapment which can lead to prison. Very effective at buying silence and continued support and willingly remaining under surveillance of the group.

Some Clarification
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Let us make a distinction here, too. There are many types of relationships. Any married couple is always vulnerable and in danger that one party or the other could become an abuser of that relationship. Even friends can take a relationship for granted or abuse that relationship. The loss of a mate or friend can be devastating. We are always vulnerable to being abused in life. That can't be avoided. But if a relationship starts to become abusive then we need to see if we can stop the abuse or otherwise, maybe it will be in our best interest if we end the relationship. In other words, it is not just something that we encounter with religions.

Allow me to point out that no greater cult exists than perhaps that of the various branches of the military where you give up nearly all freedom and rights, and are under constant monitoring and control, except when off base while off duty (sometimes you are secretly watched there, too). And a lot of force and pressure is applied to conform and obey, without question. I consider this very dangerous and would never willingly enter into such an arrangement, no matter what was at stake, even national security.

And before we ever involve ourselves in a relationship, we should try to get rid of the blinders, filters, and rose colored glasses, and see if maybe there are tell-tale signs of abuse that should be headed off and help keep us from getting into a bad situation to begin with, if possible. Religion, like love, can be potent and intoxicating, and we don't always think and behave rationally. But we should.

And we must recognize that a group could justifiably need to expel a member from their group. What is important is what one is being punished for and whether fair and proper procedure and protocol were followed in doing it. It would also be hoped that the standard for which they were accused of violating was a reasonable and fair one that was fully known and understood before hand or at least should have been. That is to say, was it right to expect them to know better. It would be wrong to punish them for some little technicality not widely known. But too often in law, petty ridiculous excuses are made that are not reasonable and shouldn't be given the time of day. That is why the trial should be public and well attended by witnesses so that justice can be attested to or challenged by the observers.

Always present should be good sound reasoning given in a fair manner without any nastiness. What is typically absent in abusive groups is that good sound reasoning with politeness, civility, and respect. Instead you have the authoritarian excuse and an avoiding of the real issues with no accountability and no public recourse. Only nastiness and insults will be found. And most trials are conducted in private with secrecy . . . because they have much to fear from observation of their conduct.

Make no mistake about it; bad authority is not hard to recognize at all. Bad authority is rarely accompanied by just one or two symptoms of abusive authority. They usually have nearly all the symptoms. They are not hard to spot or recognize. By their fruits you will know them and the fruit don't fall far from the tree. And if the fruit is bad so are the roots of the tree. The problems are always in the roots, which means it is always the very top, the highest point of leadership, where you will find the problem's ultimate cause and solution.

Why Do We Fall for Abusers?
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Its why anyone falls for some sort of abuse. And nearly every person on earth is vulnerable to it. Many of us do not believe we are, but that is because we are unaware of our own vulnerabilities. We falsely believe we are strong and beyond temptation of any sort. But being born of sin, this is just not true. We have needs, that are usually not fully met in our lives. When we find what we have truly been looking for, perhaps for much of our lives, our dream come true, so to speak, we will give up almost anything to have it.

For some, they are led into crime with promise of wealth and, of course, it is so easy and failsafe, too. Or we take on an impossible job because of the promise of it taking us somewhere. The poor are often desperate to get out of poverty and are quick to take what looks like a good offer or relief.

Maybe its love from someone. Maybe its love and acceptance from a group, a place and people where you belong and are wanted. Consider that schools subject us to very harsh rejection for the majority of classmates, leaving them starved for acceptance and belonging. We then get into the world where some might promise us what we did not have and were dying to have and were denied. Being alone and lacking in status, we might be willing to give up more than we thought to have acceptance and belonging.

Maybe a gang wants us to join and promises acceptance and brother hood, and even money, status, chicks, respect, the works. Of course, you might die soon but that always happens to others, not you, right?

Some were just looking for answers and a religion seemed to have satisfactory answers at the time. Maybe we were at a low and at a vulnerable point in our lives at that moment as well. Many are, who get caught up in abusive religions. Some people are normally and usually strong but at a particular point in their lives, they are temporarily vulnerable, perhaps due to loss of a mate or love interest, a job loss, a death of someone close, or other temporary crisis. And maybe we were in contract with some who could take advantage of us during that time. This is usually how it works.

Then there are those who are weak, needy, and desperate for human acceptance. These usually give off very large signal and vibes that let everyone know they are desperate. And those who exploit and are on the lookout for victims will spot these needy ones and will quickly approach them. They will be ever so sweet, warm, accepting, but beware. They are being phony and putting on an act. It is not real and it not genuine, and is doing it for all the wrong reasons.

They make you feel good. They might invite you to a church meeting or group meeting. One meeting won't hurt, right? Then everyone there will bombard you with kindness and maybe even excitement. Too much really, for complete strangers. But it feels so good that when they invite you again, you decide to go again. It leaves you feeling so good. I know. I have been there, done that. I did not think I was needy. But I was. Before you know it, you are hooked on the kindness, acceptance, friendship, social gatherings, etc. Once they have you hooked and have gained your trust and got you to let your guard down, and you have thrown away your defenses; then they begin to very slowly start to require a few things. Just a few . . . for now. A little longer and its a few more changes.

Maybe they even change their tune. With me, they preach the old Protestant rhetoric. You do not need a priest, a pastor, a church leader or whatever to tell you what to believe. You can decide for yourself. You can think for yourself. Then when you are fully hooked, then: Well, we have the only true religion and so you don't need to search or question anymore. The problem with that is that even if it were the only true religion, it still should be made to account for itself for even God makes Himself accountable to us at all times, even though He could refuse to. But, since you are having so much fun with all your new friends, you let it slide. Besides, you see nothing wrong at the time.

Then they start changing the beliefs they first taught. Suddenly that free thinking and questioning is no longer allowed, nor is criticism and fault finding. Suddenly leaders are infallible and incapable of error. Contradictions will begin to come up. Most will ignore them, knowing that if they do not, they will get in trouble. I could only take so much and then I began to talk to certain trusted members. They talked, too. And one day I finally had enough and it was time to go, but not without a bang. A public letter letting them know what I really thought. I was excommunicated (shunned), of course. Said to be a son of the devil, naturally. But I was now free to think anyway I wanted and to call an ace an ace, and a spade a spade and call it as I saw it.

Another problem I had in my early days was that I did not have a whole fully correct set of doctrines to compare the "angels" to. So when they offered a few good things, I fell for it intellectually as well as socially. Had there been an alternative doctrine, or one that was better than what I was being given, I could have seen through it, but none was to be found. So once I saw enough to know something was seriously wrong, I left in style. But I would then talk with different religions and hear what they had to say. Most of it was crap. But once in a great while I would come across something good. I would adopt it as mine. In time, I figured out everything that fit into a whole picture with consistency and no contradictions. It only took about 12 years. And we always continue to learn and grow as well.

Our feelings can convince us to make light of certain observations or thoughts. It can lead to worse things. Better to get out while you only have a little to lose. If you get in too deep, you may not be able to tear yourself away so easy and may end up suffering depression and who knows what else as you suffer inside from denial. Its easy to get in and hard to get out. The best cure is prevention. Take time to get to know the Bible real well and understand authoritarianism real well, too. No one can ever trick you if you know your stuff. I did not know enough or as much as I would have liked. But you got this site and so much info that I have learned and obtained the hard way. I had to pay a price to get it. You don't. You can read this in private and decide for yourself. At least you will have a lot of knowledge about the Bible, without cost or pressure.

They Take More Than They Give
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You should understand that when you bet bombarded with all this attention and affection (even though its insincere), it is not for nothing. They eventually want to control you. They eventually want to use you. They might want 10% of your income. They might want you to support them in volunteering for various projects for the church or cause. They will often want work (for free, of course, "donated"). They will expect much out of you and if you do not give it, then they will say you are a weak half-hearted member, who does not have faith or has lost some of it. They will be mean and unfair for they are trying to bully you into doing what they want. They are just using you.

Many will go along with it since they do not want to lose what they have in friends and relatives. They will feel used, though. They will likely feel depressed. And it just keeps getting harder and harder to go along with it all. And no matter how much you give, its never enough. I have seen some even burn out and have to take several years to recover, but they don't leave.

But if you think it can not get worse, you are wrong. Many authoritarian religions, while not full blown cults, still exert tremendous pressure. And it has sides you might never see coming or know about. For instance, in the church I was in, the leaders were family men but they were corrupt and their kids were the worst. But their kids never got in trouble. They had diplomatic immunity and protection, all the way to Head Quarters. But the other kids would get in trouble. I was on good terms with them and would hear about it all. But most adults never heard or knew a thing, because they had nothing to do with the young. I was quite young, myself, having joined when 20.

As well, we had a rapist in our church who was also good friends with the important leaders so he never got in trouble and no one was ever the wiser, except for a handful of people, who knew better than to talk, well, except to me. That public letter I sent? It had that info and much more. Oh, it was juicy. It was completely ignored as well. Other churches in that religion also had pedophiles who were not know to the church, except for the leaders, much like the Catholic Church. So much you might not even be aware of.

Hypocrisy was everywhere. The fruits of the flesh abounded. And if you dared to say anything bad about the leadership, you could be thrown out. Ask me how I know?! But I knew that before I did it. I was not surprised or even upset. I had fallen out even before I left.

My point is that you will be surprised at how much they drain your soul, almost like a spiritual vampire. They will take your dignity, self-respect, they will try to take your conscience and will require your 100% obedience without any question or disagreement. They will likely even expect you to kiss their butts. I kid you not. And if you don't, you will be held in suspicion. That's how it worked for me.

It might be that your kids fall prey to abuse from other kids or from corrupt members who are protected. Or it may be that the group practices secret wife swapping and eventually plan to spring it on you. Cults where strong control exists, often end up preying on women sexually. Take the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS), not to be confused with Mormons, though they are related in some ways but Mormons do not approve of FLDS.

Leaders of the FLDS would control all women, it is alleged (and I believe it to be true), and they chase out the young men on hardly any excuse at all, so that there is no competition for the older men. Daughters are in many ways, the property of the leaders, who distribute them to members who have earned a favor. No one says a thing or objects. They have too much to lose and no where to turn. They loose everything if they go. Do not condemn the women. They are to be pitied for they were often born into this circumstance. Until you have been there, you have no right to judge. Prevention is the best cure.

The Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas were alleged to have turned over some wives and daughters to the leader, David Koresh. I am inclined to believe that much. However, I seriously question the actions of our government in the way they resolved that situation. But I digress. Absolute power corrupts absolutely for there is no other power to put them in check or make them account for themselves. In such cases, abuse reaches some pretty amazing levels. I have heard of similar situations as well. Feel like giving up or sharing your wife? How about your daughter? Maybe even your son?

It is just a very bad idea to let someone have complete control of your life, livelihood, social contacts, lifestyle, support, and worst of all, your mind, your thoughts, your ideas. They want everything and nothing left out. That is an awful lot of ask of anyone in any circumstance.

So while some social contact and belonging could seem attractive, in the end, they will take far more than they give, for they are users and manipulators. There is nothing good or decent about them. They are corrupt to the core. They might seem good or sincere when you first meet them but hypocrisy is never good. Its roots will be rotten and so are the manifest fruits they bear. When you start to see anything, run for your lives.

Beware of Invisible Cults
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What? You never heard of invisible cults? Are you sure? Well, OK, let me explain what I refer to. We often easily recognize religious cults. especially if they require you to give up your money and possessions and go live with the group. But are there any other groups or organizations that control your lives so much that they even want to control what you think, believe, say, and do? Well, to be honest to the point of being damn scary, yes, there are literally thousands of them. Let me demonstrate.

Do you imagine your employer wants you saying bad things about him/her or the company and its policies? Not likely. In fact, some even bug the work place even though it is illegal. I saw it happen. You can be fired, discriminated, harassed (they'll deny it, of course), threatened, bullied, etc. They simply might object to even unrelated topics like religion that you thought was private. Maybe they did not like your political talk. A boss can fire you for almost any reason. You can try to say what really caused it but he'll have a hundred excuses for why he did it that will all be lies. Bottom line is that they seek to control your thoughts, voices and expressions, and they can affect your jobs and pay, and even affect whether anyone else will ever hire you. Ask me how I know that!

As I had mentioned earlier, the Military brings you to boot camp. You have no rights or right to question an order. You can not leave once you join. A military tribunal is not like a civilian court with civil laws and protections. They support you and own your life and time for as long as you belong to them. You might be given permission to go off base but only for a short time. They might even spy on you there or big places where soldiers like to go frequently like bars. Maybe the bar tender even reports back for all you know. In short, they control every aspect of a soldier's life. It is one of the strongest control cults on earth, where mind control, conditioning, and programming are all perfectly legal. I have seen many a brain washed marine. They seldom vary much in personality. You can predict them like the rising of the sun. Little in the way in individuality and independence of thought.

How about those secret societies, charities, and political organizations? Think those come with no strings attached? Think again! Dare to disagree with a policy? You might not be around long or at least won't be moving up the ladder very soon. In many of those types of organizations, you are to follow orders at all cost. Never question what you are told to do. How about belonging to a Legal Bar for lawyers, or the AMA for doctors? You have to obey their rules or probably lose your license. You have to cover for them and ignore much in the way of corruption of the legal or medical practice.

And now that our benevolent government has decided we need far more protection, our rights have mysteriously seemed to have vanished. Levels of surveillance have become so numerous and wide spread, that we are likely surveyed every minute of the day. GPS tracking in everything, bugs, cameras, etc. Businesses are cooperating and feeding back buying purchases and shopping habits. Credit agencies now give the low down on us all. Everyone everywhere is an informer. Even our kids and neighbors are asked to report on everyone around them. Is it really just terrorists they are concerned about? I seriously doubt it.

This is just a pretense as I see it. Now our government wants to know everything we think, believe, do, say, visit; you name it! Big Brother? I guess! Its worse than a cult. Cult leaders can not read your minds and as long as you keep quiet, they will likely leave you alone. But not with the governments. They even have devices that can read many of your thoughts and now even images in your mind. There is virtually nothing they can not learn about you and don't know about you. They can also see through your houses and possessions with new devices. You are as transparent as glass to them. So what are they afraid of?

Remember the traits of a cult or authoritarianism? Isn't fear and paranoia one of those traits? Secrecy and spying? Controlling all aspects of you life? Yep, they are all there to be on the lookout for. And what might they do in time if they do not like what you think or say. Freedom? Privacy? Not anymore! Cults hate freedom and privacy, rights and respect. Now it appears your government is also likely a cult, a very strict one at that. You have no where to go and no where to turn, either. This is one cult you can not ignore or quit.

And they someday will not tolerate your independent thinking and freedom of thought and your independent actions. No more freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, or freedom of political views, either. The Bible says you will lose it all. They will tell you to give up your freedoms and accept the antichrist or lose all your freedoms or even your life. So like it or not, you already belong to a very dangerous cult. So don't join any more of them if you can help it.

Now how about those secret trials or rigged trials. Well, to be honest, cults aren't the only ones who rig trials and carry on parts of the trial in secret back rooms of judges' chambers, with lawyers from both sides present. Our courts are totally corrupt now and I speak from serious experience on this one, folks. So do many others. Police often violate law and procedure, and ignore citizen's rights. Crime and corruption have penetrated every part of our society so that there is no place where we have any rights or refuge any longer. It is one big constant authoritarian totalitarians despot cult all over the world.

And if you belong to organized crime or a gang, you have no rights. You must obey and risk or even give your life when told to. Your life means nothing to those who control you. You might as well be in government ;-)

So in this respect, a religious cult may be the least of your worries. We all belong to a cult now. It is just that most do not recognize or admit it, but its true, says I, and my independent opinion. So now you know about invisible cults. They are far more dangerous for few, if any, recognize such cults or know they exist. How can you look out for that which you do not believe in or know about? Indeed, if you do not know, then you are in far greater danger than if you did know. This is why I warn you know. You need to know about this world wide satanic cult the Bible foretold long ago. I have cleansed my hands of your blood.

The World Cults in the Past
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Though hardly known at all, like much of true history, power has always kept control of thinking and speech. Power has always had much to fear for power is usually not good or benevolent or power that rules with permission. It takes its power by force. People are not given a choice. They are forced into submission. This is how nearly all power has functioned since man began 6,016 years ago as of 2010, give or take a year or two.

As new religions would take hold, political powers would seek to get control of the leaders and therefore, control of the masses the leaders led. Political powers as in the Emperor of Rome, had long ago (in the days of Constantine "the Great" in the early 300s AD) been in control of many of the churches of Christianity, so that these could be used by the political leaders to their own advantage. Church members were forced to accept an "official" set of prescribed doctrines that you had to believe, or otherwise face punishment and even death.

Control of the churches remained as the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) came into being. It then sanctioned Charlemagne as the Holy Roman Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the dark ages and any Christian groups who dared to challenge the doctrine or authority of the RCC, would be executed as heretics by the political authorities who supported the RCC, even as it supported them. This unholy relationship between government and Christianity continue like this till the printing press came along and some decided to in order to weaken and maybe even overthrow the coveted position of the RCC with the kings of Europe, that dissenting voices against the RCC should be allowed.

So Martin Luther was the first leader to openly challenge the RCC and live to tell about it. But as a whole, things did not change much. Government still kept a tight lid on religion. While Europe was not killing too many (save the witch hunts and the occasional heretic executions and inquisitions), by 1600, it was still difficult to get a job or do business if you did not belong to, attend, and obey the church and its doctrine. They were secretly enforcing obedience to the governments of Europe. So if you disagreed with some belief, it could be a struggle to fend off the pressure the government might press upon you, as well as the church leaders. Both continued to work together.

So as the Bible became translated into English and other European languages in the late 1500s on, and Christians began to read the Bible for the first time since the 1st 2 centuries AD, they began to see that churches and beliefs were not matching up with the Bible, even as Martin Luther made a point of. Prior to Luther, all died who pointed these things out. So God took advantage of the struggle between Business and Finance who sought to rid themselves of the RCC. Freedom was temporarily allowed so that Catholicism might be harmed, weakened, and better controlled.

But Christians who were independent thinkers and not going to the approved churches were not killed but they were forbidden to work at most jobs and many rights were denied to them and it made life a struggle and poverty common. So when discovery of America was made and colonies started to be formed, Christians saw a great opportunity there, so they thought. They figured that over in American, there would be few to bother them and they could start their own villages and be fairly free.

The Pilgrims, practicing the Puritan Christian faith, decided this might be a good opportunity for them. But when they wanted to come over and start a colony, the merchants in charge would not allow them to come over alone. Heaven forbid! They were likely concerned about Christianity having that much freedom and not oversight or control. So the merchants who had a charter from the King to be in charge and rule over the colonies they started, decided they would add as many outsiders to the Pilgrims as there were the number of Pilgrims. So Pilgrims were only half the number of those who settled in Plymouth Rock.

So many of the first and early settlers of the USA were Christians who wanted the freedom to study and belief what they thought was right, without undue restrictions or laws against such things.. They wanted the right to determine for themselves what was right and wrong and not have the church leaders or the government dictate what was right or wrong, without the consent of church members. And the Colony Companies who owned and ruled the lands of early America, allowed it for a time, since few who settled in the USA were very good or committed to working and sticking it out. But Christians were willing to give it the commitment and dedication needed so the Companies saw that as a serious benefit not to interfere with too much for a while. So for a brief time, Christians and God had a great opportunity to taste some freedom of mind and thought and get to know the Bible, without harmful laws.

For the next nearly 400 years, Christian denominations would thrive in the USA. Many new Christian ideas and denominations came into being. The USA would become a haven for religious refugees from all over Europe, where freedom had been non-existent. Amish, Hutterites, Quakers, and others would come to the USA where they could live and worship as they saw fit. In the 1800s, a lot of new denominations and movements were born in the USA and often prospered, where they could not have in Europe, where control was tight.

But slowly over time more recently, those in power with influence have been eroding our rights, freedoms, and prosperity so that they could bring us back under the control and limitation of freedom of thought and thinking. Soon there will be no more freedom of worship, even as has been the case for a long time in other parts of the world. Most places in the world have never really had much freedom of thought. And in the USA, it was only for about 400 years, perhaps the longest period of religious freedom ever known in the world. It was a grand and wonderful opportunity for Christians. Lets hope we have used it well.

For now our freedoms are about to be taken away as total control of the entire world is about to come into being and then our freedom to read, think, and do as we please will be gone. Once again, cultic authoritarian totalitarian despotic control will be established over all the earth. So use what little time left you have to now what God requires if you are to be protected by Him and if need be, brought back to life by Him should you temporarily have to give it up in His name.

Be on the Lookout!
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Here are some questions you can ask yourself or of a religion you are looking into:

Does this religion insist on a lot of conformity or do they allow a fair amount of personal opinion in regards to beliefs not clearly spelled out?

Are they always willing to explain themselves about beliefs or requirements of their members? And be watchful of double sets of requirements or beliefs. One for the loyal regulars and another different set for the "new potential" members.

Are the authorities in this group always accountable to the members?

Is everything always done out in the open for all to see and hear and discuss?

And take some time to really get to know them and probe a little. You have every right to probe and they shouldn't be ashamed to answer if they have nothing to hide. They should be understanding. If they start to recoil a little, then one might want to seriously question what they are getting into.

What if you belong to a group? I have found the following problems time and again!

Beware when a leader or group wants to protect you and/or members of the group. Ask what they want to protect you from! Did anyone ask for protection? Aren't adults supposed to protect themselves? Do they need help? Does someone want to force protection on you and other members?

Or the leader might say, I want to provide a safe place for everyone. Safe for who? What is the danger? Is it a danger you need protection from? Does the leader think he/she is more qualified than you to look out for your best interests? Governments often suggest they know better for you that you know better for you. This is the ultimate lie. If you are free, you are free to decide and protect yourself. If someone forces you to accept their protection, then you lost your choice and are a slave.

Protection often means loss of choice. Refusing protection can bring penalties as it does in law. The state might force us to wear seat belts. And if we do not? They punish us with fines. Protection is costly and often costs us our freedom. Protection means the protector will likely start to block bad harmful ideas and info. Those ideas might harm you. But lies are easy to spot. Truth is hard to refute. Those who protect often fear truth as truth exposes their enslavement and control of their group/people.

Beware of anyone who wants to control information and censor thoughts and ideas. This is where the Authoritarian control begins. Where it ends is never certain.

But governments love to protect and to control information. This is the first step to controlling the thoughts of people. And once thoughts are controlled, behavior will be controlled. Then you are slaves.

What Do We Do?
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Well, as regards invisible cults like the world wide one? Nothing really. Its beyond your control anymore. The Bible recommends complete political neutrality, for which I will provide a link in Related Articles just below. But if you want to live longer than 10 years and live forever, you need to join God's cult. Oh yes, God requires complete obedience as well. But He observes principles, decency, and justice, which normal powers and cults do not observe. As well, God has a level of power that men could never come close to matching. God runs the whole universe and can bring people back to life. Lets see governments or scientists do that!

But God offers a fair amount of independence and autonomy. He allows us choice in our lives. Though He can see everything we do, He does not interfere like our wonderful benevolent governments do. God is kindly and His yoke is light. He gives mercy to those deserving. He is remarkably restrained for the level of rebellion that He as has experienced from us. God's laws are just and reasonable. He does not fine us for every little infraction of traffic law or frame us because we won't go along with corruption. He offers real peace and prosperity, with sincerity. The cult leading antichrist will offer peace one day soon, but when he does, he will then kill many after. He is treacherous. God is not.

All God asks is that your trust Him with your life and let people know what is happening and what is coming, like I'm doing here. I don't interfere with politics but I am required to speak about what God warns is coming. I know ahead of time that governments and the antichrist will not like this but aside from my message, I give them no reason to fear me. I have no power and am no threat, other than in what I suggest is coming. I am willing to submit to nearly anything except renouncing God and Christ. If required, I must accept death rather than renouncing God. In return, after its all done, I will be restored to life. God has that power even as He had it to create life to begin with.

So do not be overly concerned at your loss of freedom. Just take what little time left to study God's word and learn His requirements so that you can become acceptable to Him and receive protection and resurrection, if need be. Let the governments do as they will without interfering with them. They are not your concern. God should be your concern. But stay away from any cults in the mean time, right?

I hope my observations might be of some help. Any thoughts or comments? Feel free to e-mail.

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