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The Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping

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The Premise
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This is my 2nd article dealing with photographic analysis. The 1st was with Paul McCartney, to resolve whether he was dead or not, in 1966, and replaced. I did not think it likely, due to more than one version what happened and that rather than hide it, the media seemed intent on promoting it, which they never do with real conspiracies. This one with Elizabeth Smart came abut as a result of a video I saw, suggesting conspiracy and differences between the two Elizabeths. I decided it deserved far more evidence than what was in the video. I consulted Google and Bing for images and went from there. I will suggest that there is compelling reason to suspect a lot of foul play, especially with the Salt Lake police.

**** Special Message    Jun 27 2017

In 2016 a video (Documentary) was put out in June that has tons of info and then I went blog hunting and got a lot more. The irony is that each one has its own bits and pieces but none have assembled them altogether enough. They are missing some key patterns and profiles. Particularly Intelligence Operations patterns that I discovered in Mind Control Programming activities and operations. Evil has a strong pattern that you can't miss once you know it.

I got tons of video screen grabs now (more pictures of lots of stuff) and prepare to be surprised some more. And I am going to attempt some contacts and verification from Hotkministry as well. For me this is  an exciting turn of events as this happened in 2002-3 and the latest video just put up this past June 2016. Sometimes a field needs to grow and spread for a while. 911 was like that. Youtube was not around in 2001. Info passed slow then. I did not hear much of anything till 2007 and it was still mild. Then Loose change came out and another documentary, then Xendrius came out with astounding zoomed in footage of 911 videos that ripped the lid off things. Everyone of his videos got over a million views in a short time. And it was just drawing attention to what had always been there but not zoomed in (amplified).

When I first started this article as part of another,  about Sep 24, 016, I collected a lot of pictures and put some stuff together. Then I cam across 2 video documentaries who had video footage of the pre-kidnap E1.

Let me clarify here that I am distinguishing the pre-kidnap Elizabeth with the post-kidnap Elizabeth. The first I will call E1 and the 2nd, E2. I do this because I do not think they are the same person. But as I grabbed screen saves and pondered all the photos, I was struck by  a few things. I had little side angles of E1 but a few from E2. And while the two of them appeared different for several features, overall, the individual features of each one were fairly similar, so that it would be a challenge to prove they were different people. In fact, I sat back and wondered about some of the info supplied that I had no original source or verification for.

I was kind of exasperated, but I saw too much solid evidence of circumstances and Intelligence agency patterns that would not let me back away. But I had no solution in sight, either. My brain was clogged. Well, I knew how to get out of that. First, get my mind off it and let my subconscious go to work and give it time. It worked great trying to renovate my father's house. Solutions to problems would work out if I gave it time and worked on something else or slept on it a day or two.

As well, I decided to edit the video grabs and try to organize my photos and presentation. And after an hour, all of a sudden things began to happen. In fact, they happened quite a bit faster than they normally do. Some of my old work on non-verbal communication popped into my head. Then changes in people's looks due to possession in theory, to changes in personality, to growth and change, and trauma and change or a reliving and release of a trauma and healing. So I supply the link to Dr. Van Der Kolk's quoted works of 2014 in my article below:

He mentions the extreme changes in posture, sound of the voice, to the point where a person could sound totally different. This stood out to me again, because in dealing with multiple personalities within a mind-control programmed person, could cause their facial looks to change dramatically. Have you ever seen people with built in frowns? Or a built in angry or mean look? People's faces and their postures are determined and vary, according to the moment, or time in their life; attitudes, long term emotions such as depression, anxiety, contentment, type A or type B, and outlook and so much more. We all are a sum of many different influences and feelings.

And not all of us have the same collections of emotions or manifest what is inside us in the same way. Differences in personality will shape and affect how we look. This is no mere speculation or musing. That is why I linked to Van Der Kolk. In fact, as he points out, our feelings flow while we are relating something so that many emotions take their turns getting displayed, often for only a mere portion of 1 second. I recall one mother reacting to her 8 or 9 year old girl who said that a certain boy of about 15 was cute. There was this real quick flash of an angry look, but it instantly changed as she got a hold of herself.

It probably both scared and angered the mother that her small 8/9 year old girl would have feelings like this and that maybe she did not like the "boy" either. I could actually understand that as he was a hell raiser and a friend of her sons so she knew him well. We give ourselves away many times a day and don't realize it. We telegraph ourselves, as if broadcasting a TV show continually.

In my early analysis of the two Elizabeths, I had failed to take this into account. How could I have been so stupid? All of a sudden, pictures were jumping out at me. I was seeing that, yet one hour previous, I had no idea. The light bulb went on. Houston announces, "We have lift-off!"

Now the circumstances and facts also add to the analysis, but I feel like I can approach this task from any one direction and prove my case. That will be essential. Put them all together and no one will be able to reasonably deny what has taken course since 2002. The ironic bitterness of this is that the accounting of E1 is impossible. She is still missing and unaccounted for. That is a bitter pill to swallow. While some malign E1 a little, I do not believe they have made an accurate analysis. E1 was innocent and a victim, for no other reason than that someone wanted her and her beauty, if not also for her personality and innocence,  really bad. There is a lot in that to consider. There are numerous details that have eluded everyone up to now but that is about to end.

My other regret is another innocent little girl, Jon Benet' Ramsey, who in many ways, was simply a victim of who she was born to, as is the case with most children who are born in mind control cults and Satanic cults. For really, we are all victims of our parents, who were victims of their parents, for no parents really know and appreciate what they are doing. And some clearly know what they are doing and don't care.

It turns out that many past events were psyops but we were not smart enough then, to recognize them. Many things probably need revisited. Patterns would be revealed. I am hoping that I can talk James at Crimes of Empire to do a presentation on his blog of this affair, if the quality of info here is up to snuff. When you get to the end, I think you'll see why this case is so important on so many levels. Its not just a missing pretty girl. Its so much more.

The Links to Videos
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Elizabeth Smart      Satanic Ritual Abuse Breeders      hotkministry     Published on Jul 27, 2013    16 minutes long

The above was the video that got me going on this subject. Its fairly short in length.

More than anything else, it offers 2 pieces of evidence which I seek more info on. AS well they into Illuminati clones and the like, but I do not trust the clone info. I allow it as a possibility but not a certainty. on the other hand, body doubles have been in heavy use. Hitler and Eva Braun had body doubles who served as the pretend burned bodies of those two. Body doubles tend to have very short lives. More on all this later. I would have liked to have seen more in the way of evidence in this video.

My story | Elizabeth Smart | TEDxUniversityofNevada

TEDx Talks    Published on Jan 31, 2014     11 minutes

I watched half of this. But of note is the publish date. 6 months after the top link. I place this here because it was the first video to come out on Youtube in my collection for this article. And as is the case in all E2's testimonies, she has no emotion at all. It is all head knowledge and with too much thinking for someone who was, or should have been so traumatized. I am going to address trauma a lot more and share an excellent blogger's writings on this and the Elizabeth Smart Case.

Then MSNBC puts out this below in another 6 months. I call it Doc1 in my pictures that come from this documentary. MSNBC produced and aired this video. I do not know when it originally aired, but it was put on Youtube on June 29, 2014, almost 3 years ago at this writing.


Published on Jun 29, 2014

Then a far better documentary is put on the net 2 years & 6 months after the previous above it. This is the best of all  the documentaries. 1:15:00 long

Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Smart (Documentary) - Real Stories 
Real Stories       Published on Jun 6, 2016

And now I start 4 months after this was put up. I'll call it Providential, since this video has the most essential footage and testimony and history. Its home videos of Elizabeth are of far better quality, length, and more of them. Don't know when it first debuted but it got put up on the net recently.

In my photo searches, I only found a few of Elizabeth before the kidnapping. I remember scenes that I was not seeing. I had guessed they were videos and so that is why I watched them all, to see if there was any video footage. There sure was. I am hoping that after my article goes up, the many screen saves I took will end up on the search engines as well.

I also consulted Wikipedia. It was the worst of all the sources for Coverup and mis-info. But I put some of it up in this article so you can see the discrepancies between various sources. I will list any blogs later as they appear as part of my presentation.

Jun 27, 2017  Last year, I had acquired E1's uncle Tom's book, coauthored with Lee Benson, "In Plain Sight - The Startling Truth Behind the Elizabeth Smart Investigation." Published 2005 Chicago Review Press. I got it used thru Amazon and I note it had been a library book from Elmhurst Illinois, same state as Chicago is in.  The book was in superb condition and did not look like it had ever been checked out or read.

Published in 2005 and I bought in in 2016. It was at the library for most of that time. No one cared. Even if it was taken out once or twice, one might understand why a library might sell it off due to lack of interest. But then again, libraries are supposed to be collections of books for the record, just in case someone should inquire. But our libraries in the USA have long been in the habit of getting ride of many old books as fast as they can, to erase any record of previous history and events. Its is disturbing.

Today I began reading and writing from that book into this article, after almost a year of inactivity.

Intelligence Agencies' Patterns
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At this writing of Sep 27, 016, we have seen some incredible governmental crimes and cover ups. And these things are not just recent. They are as old as time and a part of Man's tendency and nature. Getting me to fight wars has never been easy. So manipulation had to be used to goad men into being willing to take up arms. Its always some great wonderful cause, so noble in spirit, they say. You would be a monster beyond redemption if you did not answer the call to "greatness and glory."

WWI, the war to end all wars. But in reality, the nations all lined up on either of 2 sides of a line, and pledged to go to war with anyone who attacked on of their allies on their side of the line. We can that happening again now. And don't worry, this (WWI) war will be the war to end all wars. It will never happen again. That is what they always say and spectacularly, it always works. Men fall for it every time. In WWI, posters were made showing Germans throwing babies in the air and spearing them on their bayonets. Not a word or brush stroke was true, but the population never questioned it.

You see, populations are also subject to patterns of gullibility. They keep falling for the same old crap. They never learn. Those who lead, know this well. They depend on it. Populations are just mindless sheep that are periodically sacrificed to Satan in big spurts and continual smaller numbers at all times.

So before one starts a war, one must plan a campaign to promote the war, much like politicians are promoted to the public President and other offices. In our day and time, we often call false flag events like these, psyops. It works for me. It at least shows a small awareness on the part of a few that wars are generally fake. So all campaigns are lies, nonsense, and vague, non-descript jingoism to tickle ears and give people a warm fuzzy feeling about one or the other political side/candidate.

I like how Paul Simon put it in Mrs. Robinson:

Going to the candidates debate
Laugh about it, shout about it, when you got to choose
Anyway you look at it, you lose

Exactly! OK, so we got wars and elections that are just a show to fool the masses.

Body Doubles
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Body doubles are nothing new. Hitler and Eva Braun had body doubles. Hitler had several, in fact. And as I said before, body doubles often do not live long. A couple of body doubles were killed and partially burned, but not too much. You see, they want the Russians to find the body doubles and assume they were Hitler and Braun. The doubles had to be recognizable and convincing. But the real ones were escorted in newly designed submarines to Argentina and moved around throughout South America.

Now I call my 2nd great witness to the stand. Lets examine some of the details of the great granddaddy of all conspiracies, in my opinion, the JFK Assassination of 11-22-63. I was getting close to my 5th birthday when it took place. Just over 2 months later, the Beatles would debut in the USA in the same month I was born.

There were 3 Oswalds. You did not know? Really? Well, let me tall you about it. There was the one who was supposedly on the 6th floor of the school book depository building. He worked there as a Janitor, set up by the CIA, no doubt, and to serve as a patsy. He was the one who was shot by Ruby. He had also been the one who was in Russia for a stay and Russia was happy to put him up in their country since in truth, most nations are not really at war and help each other because their masters insist on it. His real name was Alek Hidell. The CIA dubbed him Harvey Oswald.

The next was really the legitimate name holder, Lee Oswald. He would go around acting out and being noticeable and visible and making sure others knew who he was. His job was to make the patsy (Alek/Harvey Oswald look bad. But the patsy Oswald had no idea this was being done. I think it was Lee Oswald who was handing out fliers in New Orleans supporting Castro. The two names were put together, Lee and Harvey to create Lee Harvey Oswald.

Left is a book recommendation or at least a reference for the scans I am putting in here. I want clarify "body doubles." They are usually look-a-likes. But not always. Sometimes some will claim to be another person, so that the person named can be placed or have their name associated with an event or action. Oswald had both types.

There is a lot of talk about clones. But how would you verify clones? By DNA? Are they even possible. Supposedly, they can be made and information transferred into them in just months. A lot of it sounds very improbable to me. I do not accept clones as a fact. I accept that they are a possibility but far from a certainty and might only be a lie.

If you recall the lamb called "Dolly," the generated clone from a zygote, tended to be at the physical age level of the donating sheep, so that a new clone would appear aged to the same degree as the donor had been at the time of donation. So there were serious limits on its use or value. If one were to donate at 50, hoping for that youthful beauty once had at 20, you are out of luck. The baby will look 50 fast.

So clones will not be considered here in my court. Not enough evidence. And since look alikes are well known as happening routinely and having been deliberately sought out by Intelligence agencies, then these are all we need to be concerned with.

I once met a teen male at a circuit assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses back near 86 or so. He was a dead ringer for a kid his age that I knew back in 76. But with 10 years between them, they both looked the same when both were at 16 but one was 10 years older then the other and now an adult of 26. I would not have been able to tell the difference had there not been the 10 years of age difference as well as family circumstances. On the net, on youtube are videos showing pictures of modern people who look nearly identical to those photographed in earlier times.

So human looks tend to repeat themselves in various times and places. I believe there are common cycles in genetics that tend to repeat over successive generations, so that a look appearing at one time and place will repeat somewhere further down the line and lineage and if the line has moved to new places, then the place of appearance will have changed as well and maybe get modified due to missing with new genetic influences. But similar looks existing in a number of different place is a fact. And Intelligence agencies, whose ultimate profession and purpose is to deceive, have made ample use of this replication of various looks.

So no elaborate conspiracy explanations are required or needed. Simple ones will do. The simplest solution is usually the best or correct one, says Occam's Razor.

To me, the face on the far right above, seems like a composite of the 2 to the left. Far left is Alek Hidell. He was born into the Russian language and spoke it well. He was sent to Russia for a time, to acquire the appearance of a Russian/Communist sympathizer and then he came back to the USA. He was the one killed by Jack Ruby and who worked in the Texas school book repository, set up for him, to bag him as a patsy. I will call him Oswald 1, or O1 for short.

The one labeled LEE was Lee Oswald.  Alek became Harvey Oswald. Near the time of the assassination, the CIA joined the two names together to be Lee Harvey Oswald. The "Harvey one even attended a family gathering of Lee Oswald, perhaps to see if the family was fooled or not. It worked but there were odd feelings they had about him, like he had changed or was different somehow.

For the record, the far right pic is supposed to be Lee. But the (our) left ear has no crook in it like Lee. Looks more like Harvey's left ear. Same for the right ear. Other than that, it does appear to be Lee in the nose, chin and lips. They both has similar brows. I will call Lee, Oswald 2, or O2 for short.

But to note from this, Deception Agencies (a better name, don't you agree?) like to see how well their handiwork works. This is part of the purpose of psyops. It is a mean to administer an IQ test of sorts, to measure how critical or how gullible a crowd or nation is. And how many do they have to worry about, who are not fooled. Intelligence Agencies are about gaining or gathering "intelligence," as they call it. They do not take wild guesses. They want to be a sure as they can about what a situation is and how to respond to it.

O1 on the left. But who is that on the right, right? He kinda looks some like O1 and O2, but not quite as much. Malcolm "Mac" Wallace is his name and his body was used in a photograph to hold a rifle (a Manlicher) while O1's head was pasted on top. Mac was also the one seen in the 6th floor window that O1 was supposed to be at. A 3rd Oswald, if you will. He served as a dummy seen from far (6th floor window) so that an accurate identification would not be possible by anyone and then we would just take someone's word for it, that it was O1.

O1 was actually down stairs and in the lobby watching JFK go by and witnesses verified that, too.

Mac was also used to appear at the American Embassy (maybe) in Mexico City, Mexico, calling himself Oswald. He was photographed by the Embassy. So we are supposed to believe it was O1. So he was all over the place and often in 2 places at the same time. But who cares about details, right? Another is offered shortly.

>>Truth1>> I want to make a judgment and point something out. In the 1st row of pictures, you have Mac far left and then two candidates that might match him.    I pick the middle picture as a match for far left. Why? The nose, the ear, the high part on his left hairline and most of all, the same frown. In fact, the is the strongest indicator of the choices offered. Duplicating frowns? Priceless!

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
3:27:55 long

Somewhere in this video it was revealed that Officer Tippit was very similar looking to JFK and they needed someone near to his looks and height and body type to become the staged cadaver of JFK. But the "doctoring" of the body got messed up and could not be used. So they had two bodies to get rid of and it is suggested that it may will be Tippit's body that is buried at Arlington Cemetery as JFK. I will try and find the exact time. There may have been other reasons, as well, for Tippit being done in. Needless to say, Deception Agents are ruthless.

But from these few images and accounts, we can see how persons can be placed in many places, even at the same time and that approximate body doubles are important to lying deceiving government agents. This is a documented fact in my book.

With this in mind, we can better understand how the Elizabeth Smart narrative was handled and promoted by the many parties who had an interest in deceiving us all on what really took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Body doubles would be employed again, I suspect.

Also noteworthy are the number participants who have a common interest in covering up the Smart Case. Many participants indicate that some very powerful people were involved somehow, as was the case with JFK. And the Smart case had a patsy, Ricci, just like JFK's Oswald. Deception Agencies all use the same playbook.

Publicity & Agenda
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All psyops have an objective. To affect or change your perspective. They depend on the publicity of their "presentation." But that publicity is a 2 edge sword. While it is is designed to fool you in appearance, that appearance is shallow and deceiving and easily exposed because of the bold exposure thru visual media. There are always way too many things that can not be controlled, details that can be controlled or covered up. And there is always the unexpected as well.

So pictures can be tampered with or faked. Can you say Loch Ness? But if there are too many pictures out there, then fixing them all will be impossible. So they do not worry about details or sophisticated psyops. Most people are far too dumb to pay attention to detail, logic, or patterns. And they trust anything they hear. They are not skeptical or suspicious as someone having been burned or betrayed might be.

But in the end, The liars and manipulators have something they want you to see, real bad, and other things they do not want you to see. They know most will buy it and that a small few will never buy it. They don't care about the few who do not believe. They care about the masses that they have control of, who believe and trust or at least, fear and obey. They are going to use numbers to isolate the smart ones and surround them and isolate them, ostracize them, and ridicule them.

The JFK murder was intended to be seen. Intended to send a message to those smart enough to discern it. Some might only discern it on a sub-conscious level. But you are supposed to see and believe the illusion and reject any talk of more sinister possibilities. So we are talking magic tricks, illusions, and deceptions, all done out in the open. It would not work if it was all done in secret where no one could see.

I propose that the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping was put on, to present an illusionary narrative. It had to be public and visual. Why? Because they had a far greater evil to coverup. So they needed a substitute. And who ya gonna call? Why, Intelligence/Deception Agencies and their various buddies in power. Everyone will have to join in and help. The bigger the sin to hide, the more people and powers you will have involved. But in addition to what is hidden, there will be that showy display to trick and fool us all. The substitute explanation for what happened.

For example in the JFK murder. What was bad? Someone murdered in broad daylight and really nasty. Can't  hide that! Ah, but how shall they convince you it was not a very connected network of criminals, who are also our leaders, movers, and shakers. Because you would need all those and more to pull this off. But dumb people won't know that, unless someone tells them and even that might not work.

But how about if they say, "it was a lone crazed gunman that did all this. And now he is dead. So you can all go home and cry and we will pick up the pieces and go on."

 I might point out that a lone assassin is if often used. WWI was started by a lone assassin shooting Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria, which was the pathetic excuse for both sides to begin the most horrific war up to that time by reason of the new technologies developed and with far more to follow in WWII, 20 years later.

It was a lone assassin that shot and killed Governor Hughie Long in Louisiana, who was a threat to Franklin D. Roosevelt in the next election. I could write a book in the small excuses that justify the worst of violence and cruelty. Now back to O1 & JFK.

So long before it was actually done, it was carefully planned and set up, thanks to trusting CIA employees like the 3 Oswalds and many other criminals who were actually far more faithful and loyal to the government and CIA and were thanked for it by being killed themselves, "just to be safe." There is no loyalty or appreciation from psychopaths and psychopaths are the only types in government and Deception Agencies. It never pays to be their underlings. Underlings are disposable.

"In Plain Sight" Details
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I am going to list the families of E1 as they come up often and its important to keep track of who is who at times. This started on page 5 of the book. So here is a limited genealogy from pages 5-7.

E1's father and mother   Ed & Lois (maiden name Francom) This is all at 2002 AD
Elizabeth 14, Andrew 12, Mary Katherine 9, Edward jr. 7, William 3.

Elizabeth's aunts, uncles on dad Ed Smart's side, 6 in all: Grand parents Charles and Dorotha Smart:
Tom 49 (1953), Ed (dad) 1.5 year later, near to 47, Chris, then 2 girls, Angela and Cynthia, then David 1964. A close knit family says Tom.

Page 7 Ed called all his siblings within the first hour of E1 missing

Page 8 Tom sleeping policy, kids sleep in their own beds

E1 family lives next to mountains in a million dollar home.

The Salt Lake Winter Olympics took place earlier in the year of kidnapping.

Page 13/14  









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