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The Exodus Proved

The Premise

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The Premise
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This article will reveal the Exodus as a real scientifically and historically accurate and verifiable event of immense proportions. It really happened and the consequences were huge. I first discovered this mystery revealed in 1987, after buying a used History book in 1986. I began deeper inquiry in 1989 or 90. Its been waiting for publication here on my site but I had so many other articles of more concern, doctrinally. But this has been long overdue.

This is also the historical presentation of Joseph's sojourn in Egypt, serving under Pharaoh, which preceded Moses and the Exodus. I hope to at least get a skeletal framework up of these things before fleshing them out.

But as well, the Exodus has prophetic implications for our day as well. Its fits well into the prophetic record. Most people do not know this aspect. So strap yourselves in for a ride!

Books I Read
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And also DVDs, taped Broadcasts, videos, and the like.

This is the best book ever published on Bible Chronology. Why? Because Jones covers all the many previous opinions and works on chronology such as Bishop James Ussher. Ussher's work is in published form, but at $40 or more, it is hardly affordable and it only covers Ussher's work. Jones covers a diverse field of ideas and for only $16 to $20 new. Jones is thorough, detailed and comes to within no more than 2 years variance with either Ussher or myself. The very best accounting is, of course, mine ;-) But I don't give you the broad overview that Jones will. There is something to be learned in knowing how our understanding had been refined and improved over the years. And ideas are nothing if they can not be challenged and be able to withstand the challenge. It is just a great resource to have for those who read and study the Bible.
Ron Wyatt passed away in 1999 or 2000. He had discovered some very interesting archaeological sites and I do believe he has found the site of Noah's ark and its remains in Turkey. His wife has since published a book on it as well. In this book is information on the Exodus, Sodom and Gomorrah and Mt. Sinai. I subscribe to all these sites being the real deal. There are videos (which I have) on these and they now come in DVD as well. This book is still available as well.
There have also been other writers who have written of the site of the Ark Ron proposes. As well, the Exodus and Mt. Sinai have had other books, too. I got them all and show them below. Don't underestimate how good these all are. This is Real archaeological evidence that I find very compelling as do many others. Everything else? Get it if you can!

Try this link as well: Welcome to Wyatt Archaeological Research Inc

This DVD video is a more professional production of the Ron Wyatt discoveries and long recordings of Wyatt talking about his experiences. 4 hours long. Left a few things out that Wyatt had on his videos but retains some Wyatt footage as well, and adds much new and better video along with solid writing and narration. Even Ron's widow calls this the best work. Wyatt's discoveries are just amazing. You have to see it to believe it. You can buy these cheaper by buying more than 1. 1 will cost you about $22 I think. I just can't say enough about it. If you believe the Bible, I'd be shocked out of my mind if you did not go bananas over this. You'll be showing it to all your friends. The website for this also has many excellent links to other sites that promote information about Wyatt discoveries over the years.

Found at      and some other places offer it, too.

Dr. Lennart Moller, a Seventh Day Adventist as Ron Wyatt was, covers the same site and circumstances that Ron did. This book is more thorough and well presented. You should get it, for sure. The Exodus was real and left evidence behind. Can be bought new and used! New pictures to add. More info considered. You can't lose. If you love this subject then its a no-brainer! To make myself clear, this book is better on the Exodus that Ron Wyatt's offering. I recommend both, but if you must chose just one, this is THE one!
This is a DVD 2 hour video that was shown on the History Channel a number of times and maybe History International Channel as well. If you don't want to buy or rent it, you can watch the 2 cable channels to wait for another broadcast of it, which will happen ever year or two, I suspect.

But lets get to Simcha Jacobovici (pronounced Yacobovich). James Cameron produced this but Jacobovici was the one who had the ideas. He also stars as the Naked Archaeologist on History International. Its a very good show. It has gotten a little more humorous with time, since I 1st started watching it. I like humor ;-)

But "The Exodus Decoded" is a great serious work. Many good findings and facts. Not quite as good as my research but I have not published mine, yet ;-) Simcha has some remarkable discoveries and insights. To me, if you study the Exodus evidence and love the subject, you just can't be without this or a DVR or VCR recording of it. I had to get the DVD since it was cheap on eBay.

Larry Williams got his info from Ron and ran over to try and steal some thunder from Ron, maybe. But the presentation of the real Mt. Sinai is still good and recommended by me to supplement Ron's own finding on this mountain. Both claim the mountain is actually in Saudi Arabia, not the traditional place in Egypt. St. Catherine's is it? I agree with the Saudi Arabia location.

Not sure if this can be bought new but I am sure it can be found used. It has no new revelations but a few good pictures. Not essential by any means, but if you are like me and can't get enough of this subject, you'll probably want it as I did.

I include the next 2 below, even though they are really science books because they really affect the Flood theory, adding good evidence to it.

Prepare to be shocked, amazed, flabbergasted, have the wind knocked out of you and feather knock you over. I f I suggested that this was bigger coverup than the Moonlanding Hoax or 911, would you believe me? Read this book and walk around numb for weeks on end. The dirtiest scandal in archeology and it involved the Rothschilds. No, You say! Yes, I say.

Lord Carnarvon was the sponsor for the expedition to Egypt that discovered King "Tut." I would suggest that Carnarvon was poisoned for what he found and discovered. He was married to a Rothschild daughter and it was her dad that even helped finance the expedition, if memory is serving me right.

He and his excavator, Howard Carter, had discovered scrolls that told the true story of the exodus of Israel from Egypt, from the Egyptian point of view, I presume. Many problems with this, from a political standpoint of both the Arabs, Egyptians, Israel, and the Rothschild Zionists.

My own feeling on it is that Satan, too, had concerns about it and he talks directly the Rothschilds, I suspect. But anyway, the talk of these scrolls did make the rounds thru a few channels. Carnarvon was killed to cover this up.

The shame of all this is that the historical evidence, such as chariot wheels on the bottom of the Red Sea, and the collapse of the Egyptian empire north into the Canaanite territories and the totally bizarre conduct of Akhenaten all indicate An Egyptian coverup at the time of their defeat by God (Jehovah) thru Moses. Meanwhile, We would know that Akhenaten and Tutankhamun were involved with Moses. Now if by change, the scrolls admitted Israel, Moses, and the defeat of Israel, this would have upset a lot of people and maybe even Satan. But the loss these papyri documents is a deep tragic loss, no matter what it revealed. Are they still around, hidden somewhere? I think it possible. I seriously doubt that the Rothschilds would throw such artifacts away. The fun starts in chapter 14, and page 133 in particular. But most of all,  you can get this book used on Amazon for less than $1. That is a total steal.

I'm not done yet. Robert Feather is the author. You can read the rest I assume. The copper in the cooper scroll, discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls, reveals a metal composition placing its origin in the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Hidden in Greek letter code, is the name Akhenaten. Akhenaten was the last of the kings starting out with the conventional name of Amenhotep IV, changed to Akhenaten in his 4th year, in the 18th dynasty. This info is far more than you will find about the copper scroll published by BAR, Biblical Archaeology Review. They only get like the first 4 letters and no further. The info in this book harmonizes with the info from the book directly above, and harmonizing with everything I had found, previous to these 2 books and that continue to support my many findings.

I link a number of videos in the next section.




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Exodus of Israel from Egypt - REVEALED - Hard Evidence in Red Sea

Discovery Media Productions     June 20, 2013

Patterns of Evidence Exodus DVD

Huge! What Archaeologists Unearthed Will Prove the Bibles Legitimacy!
Pictures -

The Exodus revealed : search for the Red Sea crossing


Lad AllenW Peter AllenCharles OttoRagozzinoDiscovery Media Productions.All authors


Chicago, IL : Questar, 2002.


Questar DVD collection.

Ron Wyatt --> Lennart Moller (Exodus Case) --> Lad Allen (Exodus Revealed)

"The Exodus Revealed... This video is based on the research and field work of Ron Wyatt. Dr. Lennart Moller, the researcher responsible for this video, has continued Ron's work on this subject in a remarkable way. I recently spent 2 days talking with Dr. Moller while we were in Portland and the research material he has brought together is impressive. In my opinion this is the best documentation on the Exodus and Red Sea crossing available today." --newsletter by Bill Fry on 10 July 2002 * (more statements that Moller is based on Wyatt)

"We dove for seven days, and to our surprise our friend and colleague Dr. Lennart Moller was also in the area with a Los Angeles based producer [Lad Allen?] and underwater cameraman. They were from 'Discovery Media Productions' and had a remote-controlled camera that they were sending down to survey the coral covered artifacts in this area... They are planning on releasing their documentary video around January 2001." --May 2000 Dive Trip report by Aaron Sen and Ross Patterson

According to the credits at the end of the video: "Executive producer JAMES W. ADAMS", "Produced and Directed By LAD ALLEN", "Edited By JERRY HARNED", "Written By W. PETER ALLEN [and] STEPHEN C. MEYER", "Program Consultant DR. LENNART MOLLER", "The producers gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of... MARY NELL WYATT Spring Hill, TN" (This is the only reference to Ron Wyatt anywhere in the video.)

The corporate relationships appear * * to be: Moody Bible Institute --> Moody Institute of Science * (Moody Video; producer) --> Discovery Media Productions (or maybe Discovery Institute Media Productions, since Stephen C. Meyer is a vice president of Discovery Institute) * * --> Illustra Media * * (producer) --> Randolf Productions * * (distributor) and Questar * * (mainly a distributor)


Ron Wyatt's Discovering the Exodus Part 1

at 2:35 begins the explanation of Abraham's Ur, which is Ur-fa. It seems like a reasonable explanation. The most famous Ur is in the land of Sumer/Shinar, not far from the Arabian Gulf. Abraham settles in the Harran area with Terah.

Ron Wyatt's Discovering the Exodus - Part 2

Ron identifies Djoser (3rd Dynasty of Egypt in the Old Kingdom, pre-flood period) as the pharaoh of Joseph. Israel in habits Goshen. Pharaoh tells Moses to get out.

Ron Wyatt's Discovering The Exodus Part 3

at 2:30, they embark on a 3 day journey from Succoth. 140 miles to the sea, traveling day and night. The crossing was about 8 miles and at most, 900 feet deep.

Ron Wyatt's Discovering The Exodus Part 4

1:40 Most chariot wheels were 6 spoked but several were found that were 8 spokes. The head of antiquities (Mr. Hassan) in Cairo, Egypt, seeing the 8 spokes quickly replied it was from the 18th dynasty. Ron thought the answer too quick and easy so he asked how this determination was made. 8 spokes were only used at one time in Egyptian history, Hassan replied. It was during the 18th dynasty, which I will point out, was the most powerful and largest dynasty up to that point and never again to be matched after its "mysterious" demise in the reign of Akhenaten.

2:20  A 4 spoke wheel made of gold was found. Amazing. What was a gold chariot wheel doing on the bottom of the gulf of Aqaba? What is nice about this is that because it was gold, it could not rust or dissolve, nor could coral grow on it. This leaves its shape and identity beyond dispute, as chariot wheel. All the other chariot parts were covered in coral, often so much so that you would not know what they had been. But coral does not normally grow in scattered odd shapes. There is other area like this in the world. Coral grows in large reefs, one batch growing from another and expanding.

3:12 James K. Hoffmeier, in 1976, wrote that the chariot did not become a war weapon for Egypt till the beginning of the 18th dynasty. And he said that it was on the 18th that used 4, 6, and 8 spoked wheels. Later dynasties settled on a more standard chariot, I gather. Monuments can be dated by the number of spokes in a chariot wheel.

Ron Wyatt's Discovering The Exodus Part 5

Mt. Sinai.

Ron Wyatt's Discovering The Exodus Part 6



The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing - Part 1


The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing - Part  2


The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing - Part  3


The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing - Part  4





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