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Most Expensive Book Ever

The Premise

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The Premise
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This is the most expensive used book I have ever come across. What is it? Daniel Ryder's "Cover-up of the Century" Now I ask, why so expensive? Could the Title hold the clue? Allow me to show and answer.

The Book
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I copied the screens off so you could see the book and prices for yourself at the time observed.

Now the front and back covers. The text of the back cover says a lot!

The cover-up of the century is
Satanic Ritual Crime & World Conspiracy

And It is my firm conviction that this is the absolute truth. Its going on all over the world and it is the most hideous of crimes to ever come into existence.

But not just into existence but in every part of the world, saturated throughout. And few want to stand up to it and do something about it.

So this is an indictment of the world as well and it is being covered up worse than ever.

The skull on the left is explained on the back cover of the book.

I have and have read his 1st excellent book, "Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse," which book was of the finest of its kind.

The skull represents that of partial skulls (missing the jaws) that had been discovered in Lexington, South Carolina and Fitchbug, Massachusetts, both determined to be products of a satanic cult sacrifice by law enforcement. In Fitchburg, it resulted in the cult's high priest being convicted. The author/book asks,
"How many more partial skulls are out there if we looked? Really looked. Its my bet there are a lot."

I agree completely. I discovered this book in a reference note in the book,
"Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century." I went looking for it and found it used for an insane amount of money. I am not a stranger to high priced books that represent a threat of some sort to someone or some cause or defense. But nothing that ever had a minimum $626 price tag and a maximum price of $17,400.

So I ended up getting an inter-library loan, which ended up coming from Maryland, the William and Mary Law Library. I live in Maine, USA. So it was a long trip up.

But I had to know what it was for info that was so threatening and scary to drive the price up that high. I was excited.

This was a second edition, copyrights 1994 & 1996, actually published in February, 1997. Its a small book, 8.25 inches by 5.37 inches, 249 pages with only about 5-6 paragraphs per page on average. Take away the Resources pages in back and you are down to 220 pages. A small short book, really. $600? Really? So if the price reflects the value of the contents, well, I can't think of anything more exciting and I have a good imagination and can up up with some pretty good things to imagine. Of course, I may not be all there in the head, either ;-)

So at this very point, early AM Feb. 4, 2016, I end this section and will give a full report when I finish this book.

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