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The Premise
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I first came across BPS in mid or late 2015 as the Migrant Crisis of Europe began. He seemed sensible and was against unbridled immigration and rape and ultra liberalism as well. But unlike many that I am fond of, BPS tends to make some serious errors in some of his analysis. The problem is what the cause of the errors is. Is he just not that bright on some subjects, or is there an agenda that is not clear. Anyway, I'll be showing the glaring errors and their solutions.

BPS leaves me a bit more uncertain than many that I like.

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Black Pigeon Speaks
Joined Nov 13, 2011

"An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship - it is a crime against our nature as human beings." - Salman Rushdie\
This is not an "Alt-Right" channel

BP is also impressive for his subs and views, too. Almost 11 million. I love some of BP's videos. He makes many good points. But he has also made errors, too. Maybe not intentionally, but errors all the same. I'll cover them. It may be that some of them are not entirely innocent. Who is to say!

He advertises his videos as a original. Vidmax looks to me as a well financed operation/website. It really hogs bandwidth. Money always concerns me. He has some real backing, as I would see it. Interesting.

I tried to find info on but did not have a lot of success. The website had lots of videos but the browser slowed to a crawl. I don't like sites like that. I followed a Facebook link in Bing and got the following below: 

I tried 2 other FB links and got the same. A bit of secrecy, perhaps. Maybe they were expecting me. Maybe they just don't like nosy people. Here are some other results from Bing:

My deep impression is that vidmax does not want anyone to know anything about them. Interesting! Now it is possible that the FB message indicates I was not allowed in. But how did they know me? I had never been to their site before. I did finally get this by going thru FB rather than Bing.

To me, there are a lot of videos. Someone has an interest in pushing or promoting something. The site/organization seems well funded and professional. Professional makes me nervous. I don't like the presence of money, either. I am rather suspicious of it all. There seems to be an Agenda going on. I'd like to know what that is and who is behind it.

Early Goofs of BPS
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Below is my article on the various aspect of MGTOW and 3rd wave Feminism. You can read it or skip it. I'll describe it lightly below the link.

Feminism-MGTOW: The Problem & Solution    If you don't know about MGTOW, you should find out about it. It covers a lot of ground. And nihilistic (third wave) Feminism that comes from Satan and the Elite, too.

BPS suggested that emancipate liberated women destroy society quite naturally. And I agree. But I did not feel that he backed his declaration with sufficient evidence so I did it for him in my article. Why did he do such a poor job of enlightening us about the real problems? Was he afraid of some of the implications I brought to the discussion? If you don't identify the correct causes, you will not be able to arrive at the right solution, which may require a number of different considerations and solutions.

Later in this same article of mine, I have a section with His name on it. I paste the first part of that section, which includes a video he did:

Liberal Values WILL NOT Stand the Test of Time

The above video was only 2:49 in length, very short. Black Pigeon is very good. About as good as it gets, except for that  Truth1 ;-)

BPS suggests that conservative society and values create life so stable and good that we take it for granted and we decay as a society. -- We do forget over time why we do what we do. We take for granted that the generations after us will just understand this naturally and its not true. We have to go over everything we know with them and make sure they get it. We have never done that. So in this respect, BPS is right.

But our decay has far more to it than just taking it for granted as BPS suggests. I propose that were it not for the elite deliberately crafting the ultimate subversive destructive evil, and we were left to our own, we would probably remain stable, constant, consistent, reliable. BPS, like nearly every MGTOW channel, blames us rather than those over us, way over us, way up high in the wealth circles, who take their orders from none other than the original serpent hiding in the spirit realm, Satan the liar.  <<<End of section quote

BPS does not like to go deep. Maybe he is scared or he is over his head. I don't know. The subject deserved more than he gave it. That I do know.

Here is another one from BPS from my referenced article of mine:

This is another one from a Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) video: Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West    
This was a good one. A nation of people need to have a lot in common, just as married couples do.

Next is the same article of mine that I keep going back to.    fem-mgtow.htm#Vampires

In it, BPS Faults Baby Boomer retirements as causing an economic danger and possible collapse. I roared with laughter. I knew in a second what the problem really was. I know these subjects well. It was the housing crisis with skyrocketing prices and mortgages and huge increases in property taxes due to much higher property values and the impatience and greed of boomers and post-boomers, more than anyone else, who caused this mess by being willing to pay any price to get a house and they always made their houses in mansions so that property taxes would soar. I discuss it in detail if you dare, in my link above.

This one was the one that really ticked me off. I'm a boomer, born in 59. The world was rather stable at that time and the 60s were pretty good, too. The ensuing decades brought great ruin. I lived thru all of it. Felt it first hand. Its history is a part of me. Don't know how old BPS is, but his IQ level says he is young and inexperienced and/or maybe someone is writing for him for, all I know. But he was not even close to being right on this one.

Now there is no doubt that if populations do not stay at their current levels and drop significantly, that could create problems for the elderly needing nursing home care. But Most boomers are not there yet. The problem is the huge expectations the young have for what their parents had, while they were teens. They do not stop to think about the conditions the parents lived in when the kids were first born.

In my day, we lived in apartments for my first 11 years. Then we got an old outdated house cheap. No young adult today wants to wait 11 years to get a run down house. No Way! They want it immediately! Brand new!. They will pay any mortgage rate they have to. And that is the problem. But BPS does not know that. How come? After all, he is making videos and acting like an authority who knows what he is talking about. Clearly, he does not know.

Now I just started this article last night, which date is still the same as I now write at 8:26 am. I had come across the latest BPS video in the next section.

BPS: Psychologist & Analyst - NOT!
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His video:   MGTOW and the CANCER of Porn on Society
Published on Nov 30, 2016

In this video, Black Pigeon Speaks attacks porn and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). He makes all sorts of classic mistakes. I do not condemn porn. That is in consideration of the time and circumstances we live in in these last days. Jesus said of the last days, "Woe to those giving such to a child in those days." So he is suggesting that having kids in the last days might not be such a good idea.

Young men to day face a world that hates men. Unemployment is high. Women have been corrupted and are dangerous to marry, and maybe the men, too. Are you going to allow men an outlet for sexual relief such as self-stimulation and porn, or be severe and unreasonable and cause them to leave God. Jesus noted that the sons of darkness are wiser in a practical sense, than as are the sons of light. Put another way, the sons of light can be pretty stupid. I Have written extensively on all aspects of sexuality, porn, lust, etc. You can read those. I have a section dedicated just to those subjects.

Here is the situation at 10 AM, Dec. 1, 016.

Went to this video in the comments section. Tons of replies. This is a big subject with lots response. Neither side is too bright. Huge numbers of posts. In my experience, the most common cause of high response is a reaction to a "dangerous" post, such as mine often are deemed. Lots of shills show up to make stupid comments and drive a good post way down to the bottom. Youtube also can be enlisted to move it from the original place to one much lower. It was moving thru the early morning. Its in a thread that had many replies and it is condensed so that you only see the firsts few lines.

But I was prepared for this. I was not born yesterday and I was well aware of how explosive my post could be. So I took screen save after posting it. I offer the corrected text here:

BPS, your living in another time and place. Old rule s worked when there was a semblance of sanity, morals, and values in society. But our society and world are so far beyond that, that I laugh at the thought that anything can be saved at this point. Subversion and Inversion are nearly complete now. It can't be stopped, and to stop porn now would accomplish nothing. Its over. My solution? Only God can spare anyone now. Seek Him out.

Porn is not the problem. It is our society as men brutally persecuted for being men. The Global Elite, governments, courts, media and schools all promote 3rd wave feminism, which is nothing more than communism or even Satanism. A man used to make enough to support a family. Employers and the Elite decided it would be better to pay far less so that both parents had to work and the kids could go to government approved people. Funny that you should walk into this at this time.

With all the major problems confronting us like lost jobs to foreign countries, thanks to disloyal companies and politicians, you instead, pick on the very least of the problems. This is not your first screw up, either. You've had some in the past. Your response is like so many who have no credibility. You ignore the elephant in the room and go for the housefly instead. You strain the gnat from your drinking water, while gulping down camel. You are so intelligent about some things and yet have these hiccups of the brain. I am truly baffled. Could it all really be an accident? I wonder.

Our biggest problem on the net and youtube is stupid simplistic answers that do not work at all, and have failed us for far too many centuries. Religion has failed us. Governments have failed us. Philosophy has failed us. Everything has failed, because no one seems to have enough brains to be able to see their way clearly through this mess.

I ask one thing. Please tell me what you see as the worst, most serious problem and focus on that. MGTOW is the only option for men, in order for them to survive. FACT! What would you do to make it safe for men to marry again? I'm going to make easy for you! I'll solve it for you right now!

Get women out of the workplace, and back into the home. Bring jobs back to the USA. Pay men enough to keep family without struggle. Bring the kids back to parental care, not stranger care where kids get raped and trafficked by Intelligence agencies, and bring some sort of sense of morality and duty back to people. The focus should be on the kids and what is bests for them without spoiling them. There! make a video of that, genius.

Or how about this! Truth1 vs BPS.  Winner takes all!   Hah! Hell will freeze over first.

Below is the screen save of my post. It is embedded in a post with many replies and it is shortened with a tab to expand if you like on the video page.

As you can see, I am confrontational and direct. I don't pull punches. I play rough. I like it rough! I get passionate about ideas. I hate stupidity. I fear nothing and no one. BPS is way out of his league.

Critical Analysis of BPS porn text     in the video
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>>BPS>>> Though a tiny minority (less than 1%) of people experience life consequences or problems due to their sexual behaviors, between 7-13% worry about controlling their sexual behaviors. People who identify as porn addicts don't actually watch more porn than other people - they just feel worse about it.

>>So porn is not the problem, it is people feeling bad/guilty about watching porn or watching it a lot. 1st, it was never mentioned that one did not have to watch it all the time and that a number people only watch it on or off and not regularly, say weekly at best. I don't watch it all. I did get a really good dose for weekend once on a $3 deal. I still like nude photos and skimpy bathing suits and yoga pants and things. I don't go looking for them. They tend to show up.

So there are various levels of indulgence and it would appear that BPS condemns them all, since he makes no distinctions.

2nd, why do men feel guilt about porn? Because rstupid religions people who have given no thought to anything, and because of dumb @$$holes like BPS, condemning us men for being men and loving the female form, as if we were freaks for it . BPS the freak and is up to no good as I see it.<<

Consistently, these struggles are traced back to the beliefs that people hold about sex, masturbation and porn. These are the beliefs and values these people were taught, in school in abstinent- only education, at home, by parents scared to talk to their kids about sex, and at church, where any sex other than heterosexual monogamy has been condemned.

>>Now he identified the problem, only he says its a virtue. BS! Our churches did cram it all down our throats. That has always been my complaint. Tehy are wrong. I stump every enemy of porn with this one question. No one has ever been able to answer it. What is the difference between a natural God given desire for the physical beauty of a woman and all that that causes; and lust for women. My answer would be there is not difference at all in internal desires. What Jesus referred to was pursuit of a woman we were not entitled to, either by not being married to her or her belonging to someone else. Jesus indicated that mere pursuit and intent made one a sinner, even if they did not succeed in what they attempted.

Men love female beauty. That is our instinct that we have no control over. BPS does not get that. He is supporting the churches, who all sold out to the Freemasons a long time ago. BPS, seems to me, to support the New World Order, run by none other than Satan.<<

Watch More Porn: An interesting effect happens as people watch pornography. They become more egalitarian, and more supportive of women and men sharing roles and work, less accepting of gender-based discrimination.  >>Really? When did this happen? I really thought it was traditional values being destroyed that left a void that porn filled because we got rid of the marriage choice when we started the feminist war on men. BPS it totally clueless.<<

They also become more accepting of sexual diversity and less stigmatizing towards homosexuality. They become less religious, and may even experience more crises of faith. Enjoying porn leads to people changing their beliefs about sex and gender, and, in some cases, rejecting the dogmatically rigid sex/gender values they were taught in church. >>Do any of you see supporting evidence for the claims BPS makes in this paragraph above? Just how does porn change beliefs about sex and gender? He is insane. None of his claims can be supported or substantiated. He figures he is talking to idiots. What do you say?<<

Neuroscientists call it hypofrontality.

Hypofrontality is a state in which there is decreased blood flow to the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Hypofrontality is observed in schizophrenia patients and is also observed in all manner of addictions. >>I will accept this evidence. But I will also point out he has provided no references for this. I think it fits the general finding of research. But I could be wrong. But we are dealing with addictions and that is not casual viewing of porn, which he does not admit can even exist.<<

How Do You Cure Hypofrontality? To bring the prefrontal lobes back into working order, a two-pronged attack is needed:
(1) the old neural pathways must be starved, and 
(2) new neural pathways must be built and fed, increasing dopamine levels in a way that build up the prefrontal cortex.
end of text quotes from the video

>>Truth1>>> I have some problems with the above suggestions. First, dopamine is a key neuro-transmitter for sexual function. Increase dopamine levels? Really?

So lets scrap what BPS just said because I am well read on this matter and he is not. Hypofrontality is a cute little buzzword BPS wants to trick us with. We are talking about addiction and obsessive/compulsive disorders. Additions are easy to fix. Its called Abstinence. If you abstain long enough, your sexual desires and functions will reset back to normal levels. Its that simple. Now I do not say that Abstinence itself is easy, but if you do it, it will work.

Most people are not aware that our appetites for sex vary. The more we do it, the harder it is to get it up and keep it up and the sensation is not as strong and intense. take a few days off and its much stronger and the sensation is more intense, too. 

BPS was taking us on wild goose chase. He and his war-mongering buddies want and need more male soldiers so they want us to breed, while they fund the leftists who declare war on men, from infancy on. My feeling about this is that they can take their war on men and wars in general, and shove them up their asses. I would rather let the world and human race become extinct. Fortunately, God did not make us for nothing. He will get rid of the trash and restore His original plan.

But I would ask, what is BPS really up to? NONE of his philosophies seem to fit together neatly, if at all. You can do better than BPS, says I!

My Concerns
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It looks to me like BPS is well backed by professionals. He does not seem all that bright, either, and is insensitive to men and what we are going thru. He sounds to me like a neocon. He disparaged Islam, but I am not sure that most of the "invaders" in Europe are Islam. I say ISIS and paid mercenaries. Paid to raise hell and say they are muslim. I smell Israel in this. BPs was/is a big Trump fan as best as I can tell.

He speaks poorly of liberated women and yet says men should cater to them and breed. Is he really serious? BPS is my 4th article dealing with so called false prophets. But of the 4, this guy is the one I trust the least. Way too many contradictions in his various analyses. I do not trust him. You have this stuff to consider for yourself, without my conclusions added.

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