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The Premise
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I was a big fan of Jon. He really impressed me by his questioning about the narrative of Edward Snowden. Jon assumed many things as not possible, that were in the narrative. To me, cynicism is an essential component of any investigation. One can not take anything for granted. Nobody gets a free pass. All loose open ends must be solved if at all possible. Jon's suspicions of the whole narrative of Snowden propelled my admiration and trust of him into the stratosphere. Many of his writings suggested to me that he understood analysis and reasoning real well.  But recent experiences have sadly caused me to take a 2nd look at Jon. It is from this point that I start this analysis. I reserve and lay claim to the rights to have opinions of people and their ideas who promote themselves to the public and seem to profess knowledge and understanding.

None of my opinions and thoughts should be construed to indicate any wrong doing by anyone. My sense of right and wrong are exclusively mine. I do my best to explain why I think and feel as I do. Everyone should evaluate all things for themselves and not rely on others to do their thinking.

The Blog Nov. 7
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Incredible response to my Podesta piece and naked teen “art photos”

by Jon Rappoport      November 7, 2016     (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

I’ll get to the incredible response in a minute, but first the necessary bit of background.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about John Podesta’s brother, Tony, also a major Democrat political mover and shaker in Washington. A high-powered art collector as well, Tony had photos of naked teenagers on the walls of a bedroom in his house. As the Washington Post reported in 2004:

“’At political events [at Tony’s home], there’s an inevitable awkwardness’, former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen said at a Women’s Campaign Fund dinner at the Podestas’ home this summer. ‘The art is an ice-breaker. It puts people at ease’.”

“Not always. Folks attending a house tour in the Lake Barcroft neighborhood in Falls Church earlier this year got an eyeful when they walked into a bedroom at the Podesta residence hung with multiple color pictures by Katy Grannan, a photographer known for documentary-style pictures of naked teenagers in their parents’ suburban homes.” 

“’They were horrified’, Heather [Tony’s wife] recalls, a grin spreading across her face.”

>>Now next, Jon asks some good questions.<<

Then, yesterday, I wrote:

“Does anyone stop to ask how permission was obtained to shoot those photos in the first place?

And then to print them, sell them, show them publicly?

The parents of the children gave their consent? The kids gave their consent?

>>Here is my 1st point of contention. Clearly, permission and approval had to be given. And that could be disturbing. But another concern for me, as people grab their pitch forks, is, who is better or best qualified to make these decisions? Is it not the parent? Should they not be the ones to decide? I will tell you quickly who should not decide. That is the government.

They have no business denying parents the decision and worse, the government, thru its schools, has no right to undress girls to be examined by doctors or nurses without parental permission and that has been done. But government has claimed that right in one or two instances, likely as a test to see how far they can go. They always go too far. Jon had evidently never thought of this. Its coming up.<<

On what basis does anyone allow teenagers to make that kind of decision for themselves—or think that teenagers have the capacity to make such a decision? Technically, the whole operation may fall within the law (although I don’t see how), but on every other level it’s insane. And it’s child endangerment.”

>>Now the war begins. Truth1 just got a chip knocked off his shoulder. I am a firm believer that a teenager should have all the rights adults have, when accompanied BY PARENTAL APPROVAL. Teens should work, marry, breed, etc. Jon seems to say there is no circumstance by which a teen could make such decisions as being photographed naked or lets add, dressed very provocatively. Now I am not suggesting that posing naked is a good thing. But I draw the line between my religions beliefs and overall liberty of a nation with varying views on everything. Most people sleep around now. I do not ask or require people think and do as I do.

My main concern is making sure nothing really dangerous or harmful is allowed. And one of the greatest dangers, in my view, is the government having any powers over parents and children. Perhaps Jon does not agree. Maybe I had Jon wrong and that really, he favors big out-of-control government. Maybe he got up on the wrong side of be this day of writing.<<

“And a major political operative in Washington, Tony Podesta, sees no problem with it. He has the photos on his walls at home. He displays them for his Washington insider pals and donors. They may blush, but they look. And none of them raises a public objection. They keep their mouths shut, because this is Tony Podesta, and he’s a power player.”

>>Jon has a right to be concerned about Podesta. I have a concern with Podesta. But no law has been shown to be broken, at least in my persona book of rules. Not sure about Jon's "book." Our politicians give us lots of reasons for concern. But then I ask, is this the biggest concern we have with our politicians and their friends? I am afraid not! There are far greater concerns. Is this what Jon might be covering for? Does he want to hide the very obvious signs of Satanic worship revealed by revelations of "Spirit Cooking" of Hillary and her friends? I have reasons for asking. Bear with me. Oh, let me post the picture that is being referred or discussed by some: <<

Now we come to the incredible response.

After posting the article yesterday, I emailed a person I believed could provide solid advice on the issues I raised. Could anyone be prosecuted for the naked teenager photos? Wasn’t this a crime? How could it not be a crime?

>>How could it not be a crime? Jon has never before in his life encountered the concept of parental rights  and further as you see above, no girl is show in a provocative pose nor showing their genitalia. Not even their bare asses. Is there any good intension in this photograph? Not as far as I am concerned. But that is a personal opinion and not an opinion of law and what is good law or not. Jon has not made the same separation. To be honesty, I think Jon is way too smart a guy to make this mistake. Its not a mistake. He has a motive and a goal. I believe that.<<

And this person, who does very good work on many fronts, gave me a terse answer: “Why bother? What’s the point?”

>>Oh, Jon thought his advisor was being terse and maybe indifferent.<<

The answer was meant to indicate this was a minor blip on the radar, hardly worth dealing with. And I was overreaching to make it into a story.


>>Yes, Jon, and your friend was right. Too bad you had not listened to him . . .  or me.<<

I want to emphasize: this person I emailed yesterday is extremely bright and extremely active in working for actual justice in places many other people wouldn’t dare go.

And the response was: “Why bother? What’s the point?”

Oh, I don’t know, maybe the point is photos of naked teenagers on walls for anyone to see, when those kids don’t have the capacity or the right to make those decisions, and when their demented immoral parents are making those decisions for them, blithely, with happy grins on their faces, is hideous and grotesque and it’s unbelievable that no one spoke out at the time and no one thought to prosecute the parents or the photographer or the dealer that represents the photographer…
Maybe that’s the point.

>>There! Straight from the horse's mouth. So let me ask now. Do adults have the right to pose naked? Of course. Its done all the time. And in fact now, many adult females pose and do not get paid for doing so. They do it for free. So then we have decided, as represented by our laws, that it can be OK to be seen naked and photographed naked, even provocatively with genitals in full view. You can not make this stuff up.

Now in my book, if the parents give permission, the daughter should be able to do the same. Now if you want to ban women doing that, I am fine with that, though I would not advocate it for reasons I have written extensively on, regarding too much austerity and the like on sexual matters. And if illegal for women, then illegal for teens. Its that simple.

Hence, while I deplore the way mothers show off their daughters in provocative dress and performance, if the mother can or did once do it, then how do we have any credibility when the daughters want to do it? Or the moms want to do it thru the daughters, vicariously? We need to live by example. Its that simple! But not for Jon.<<

Maybe the absolute sewer that is Washington DC needs to be dug up and gotten rid of so we can start all over again.

>>I am all in favor of that one, Jon! I'm with ya 100%.<<

Maybe that’s the point.

Maybe the rich little scum who walked by those photos and never said a word and were afraid of the power player who displayed them on a bedroom wall in his house were culpable, and maybe they reflect a prevalent perverse attitude that keeps anything good from happening in the political landscape of our time.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s the point.

Maybe the fear is the point. Fear of believing in something that challenges the people in power who are out for destruction, who revel in destruction, who delight in turning life into death.

Maybe that’s the point.

Take any of these points. Take them all. They’re all falling below the radar, and they all need to be raised back up to a level where people can look at them again and decide whether to SAY SOMETHING BECAUSE THEY SEE SOMETHING.

>> I like a lot of what he says above with just one exception. Take all the points? How realistic is that? How about if we just focus on the very worst ones like Satanic worship where babies are raped, killed in sacrifice and eaten. Or the rape and continual torture of children for secret government mind control programming. Or the trafficking of children all around the world in sex and labor slavery. These would be a great place to start.

But Jon did not mention any of those. Oh, no! That is way too scary and dangerous and he knows it. So what does he do? He throws a fit about some naked girls in very reserved appearance. This is known in the Christian world as straining out the gnat while gulping down camel meat. Jon avoids the tough stuff and picks on something that maybe should not even be picked on.

I would expect this sort of behavior from the press. But Jon? Tell me its not so!<<

“Hi, nice to see you again. It’s a wonderful party, isn’t it? Say, I’m launching a new project. I’ll be doing a series of photos, art photos, of naked teenagers from the suburbs. So, ha-ha, I can’t just go door to door and call on people cold and ask them for permission. I was wondering if you knew anyone…”

“Why sure. Sounds like an exciting project. Who do we know, darling? How about Bob and Marjorie? They live right up the hill near the club. They’d be interested. They have daughter, Jennifer. She’s fourteen. She’s actually quite beautiful. Stop panting, darling! My husband, he’s such a kidder…”

>>You know what? As crazy as that scenario above sounds, what actually takes place, probably many times, is not far from that very thing. I wish it was not so. I'll have more on that, soon.<<

Jon Rappoport     << End of Blog

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These are from Jon's blog above as screen saves, with 2 exceptions only noticed today. The posts identified as "InalienableWrights" & "Truth1" & "Ozzie Thinker," all of us posting similar thoughts but they got posted and I was still not been posted/approved. Why don't all  you tell me why I was singled out! I will tell you why, after. This was the second time for me. I has made comments one other time and it was 2 to 3 days before he allowed my comments to be posted, even though many other were put up immediately later in the day submitted.

All posts are in the order of appearance with other comments ignored for being too stupid. Lots of brainless people commented that day.

iw3) >>A good sound statement. Go after this gut for real crimes, not made up ones. Why did Jon not listen to him?<<

Jacqueline says:
November 7, 2016 at 10:42 pm

Good luck with disinfecting the cesspool. Remember the pedophile ring scandal in Great Britain not that long ago? Not only was it learned that large numbers of Parliament, its wealthiest, the royal family, AND our DC critters and elite were ‘supplied,’ but police departments, courts, and, yes, even Scotland Yard was privy to the operations but did nothing – having been given clear direction to ‘stand down.’ And the nation waited for the trials to begin…and waited…and waited…and turned blue in the face in the wait. And then – it dropped off the radar never to be heard of again. Hard to stop the corruption when the enforcers are owned.

>>I think I know who this poster might be. She might even have something to do with my being denied  being posted. Ya never know. I got lots of enemies . . . because I tell the truth. Its a long story. The pedo scandal in Britain might be the Hampstead affair which I know all too well.<<




Jacqueline says:
November 7, 2016 at 10:27 pm

No, parents’ pictures of their own kids were never a problem. When did it become a problem? Who made the correlation? None other than those who desired to justify and ‘normalize’ their penchant for OTHER people’s children – clearly the motivational root differs drastically. And the four year old logic used? ‘If it’s bad for me to possess it, then it’s bad for you to possess it as well.’ And the simple-minded Americans accepted it as the full nonsensical rubbish it is – just as they accepted ‘we must have consensus’ and the entire ‘politically correct’ BS…the slow-moving bus to thought and language alteration and control.

>>I am pretty sure I know who this is. Notice the clever trickery here. She says its all about wanting other people's children. Never mind it was the parents who allowed this. Note her tone as she says simple-minded Americans accepting rubbish. She is an outsider and is English says I. I know these things. This girl has it out for me, if it is who I think it is. A very powerful shill with help at the highest levels, including special abilities to hide comment from some and not others on youtube. These are not normal abilities available to anyone but they are to those with rank and permission. Jon might have fallen for her. But mreo likely her boss is related to his boss, too.

She is writing this all off as thought and language alteration & control. Yes there is an element of normalizing nudity. But she and the rest are missing (or are they?) that bigger issued being ignored. The Elephant in the room! Imagine that! An accident? Not at all!

Now you should know that in Maine, on an unusually warm late summer day or early September,  Parents and their daughter had the beach to themselves. The daughter skinny dipping and was flaunting the freedom and so mom took some pictures of the daughter, who as I recall was like tween 9 and 11. I think this was Popham beach maybe. I think it was in the 90s. Stranger danger had gotten real big by that time it was near to hysterical proportion by this time, too.

The pictures were brought in to be developed and the next thing ya know, the police are investigating. They found no concerning evidence and dropped it. But the mom was pissed that her photos were not private and that her taking pictures of her daughter was no one's business, including the police.

So if dear Jacqueline say that "parents’ pictures of their own kids were never a problem," she is dead wrong! Governments use anything they can against us. If this mom has been a vocal critic of a say, Monsanto, she might very well have gotten into trouble. She was not problem so they let it go. Not all would be so lucky. Laws can be construed any way the government likes.

Jon is way too smart a guy to not be very well aware of this. And if dear miss Jackie, is who I think she is, she knows full well, how evil government can be. I dare say she works for the government.<<




Note that Ozzie posted early Nov 10, 3 days after me, early Nov. 8. Its now at this writing, the 2nd half of Nov. 11. Nearly 4 full days and I am still not accepted for publication. I brought up parental rights, the danger of our educational systems, and the importance of clear distinctions in law. Why does Jon not want to address these? Worse, what I debate is what others have debated and been approved for posting. Like I said, I ran into a 3 day problem, before. It does not seem to be the arguments that are the problem. Since others offered similar, if not inferior, except for Ozzie who was top notch as is often the case.

Ozzie shows how vulnerable Jon's argument is. But I would say that Jon is kow-tow-ing to great powers who are most concerned about my recent posts. In my article, "Reality & Illusions." published first on Nov. 1, updated only slightly on Nov. 6, along with adding a new section recognizing "looneys" all around us. This was after Jon posted a blog on Oct. 31, 016, speaking of the Alt-media as like the heros against the mainstream media, I exposed the real agenda and that there are no real heros or white knights in shining armor and that everybody was going to have to do as they were told. The reactions were immediate. Jon then publishes this blog above for this article of mine on Nov. 8. I am sure I was among those who were his target. I am sure he knew I would be paying a visit.

4 days later, I have still not had my comments published. Were he to allow them after this, its too late to explain why it took so long and that this was the 2nd time I was considerable delayed when others were not. My opinion? Jon is taking orders from someone somewhere. Jon is not the only alt-media guy to respond to me. I had  more direct and powerful response from another who was implicated in my section on "How to spot the Looney's." I took that from a Monty Python skit from back in the 70s I think it was. My target recognized my intentions. I never named him. But he responded on his facebook page. Was he watching me all along? I don't think so. I think others have been watching me, who then alert the ones they care for, who I address. They must know my viewing habits and certainly what I post to my site. So I look forward to seeing what is written by Jon after this.

Jon's Nov. 11, 016 Blog
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Now this is a new blog from Jon, posted after my attempts to post to his blog, in the above.

Will Donald Trump keep his promises?     by Jon Rappoport

What David Rockefeller would now tell The Donald, if David were being honest.

In eye of CFR, TC, Davos, Bilderberg storm.

November 11, 2016

>>I need to declare a few things first. In my Reality & Illusion article, Jon's blog cheers the alt-media as overcoming the regular lying media. To suggest that the alt media would make things better or save the day is delusional and unrealistic. It was what motivated me to write at that time. and then Natural News came along and I added that in, too.

I ripped all the illusions of there being anything good coming, at all! And that no one has any power and must do what ever the elite tell them. and of course, this article is going up tonight and Jon has known my posts for 4 days prior to this. So he knows I am coming. I am sure his superiors would have guessed I would showing up. They know me well.

So in my opinion, the following is an attempt by Jon and his bosses, to recover some of their exposure and reputation. But I say its too late. They don't even want to address me. I don't blame them. I'd run from me, too. So Jon returns to his old form, but with too much blood lost since Oct. 31, 016.<<

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

All right. Hillary and Bill are gone. They’re back in their coffins and their supplies of blood are running low. That’s a good thing. That is a major outcome of the election.

But will Donald Trump now keep his promises?

>>I warned of the white knight in shining armor leading the people into oblivion. I had no illusions about heros or salvation. I made it clear that the elite control everything, with absolute power. Jon knows that makes perfect sense. So now Jon attempts to admit (indirectly) that he might have been a bit optimistic about the alt-media and general outlook.<<

I’ve framed this piece as a letter David Rockefeller, arch-Globalist-in-charge, might write to President-elect Trump. The updated “payoff” is in the last paragraph.

If Rockefeller were being honest, this is what he would write:


I won’t waste time congratulating you. We both know you and America are in for a rough ride. That plucky little demon, George Soros, is already funding and orchestrating thuggish riots in American cities. They do induce a bit of chaos, and I take a certain delight in chaos.

The machinery of Washington DC is ready to chew you up, Donald. There are spies everywhere, and at least a few of them will infiltrate your Presidency at influential levels—if you yourself don’t bring them in because you believe you need them.

>>The above is kind of funny. Donald has been groomed for this event for at least 16 years. Recall that Bill Cosby got into huge trouble a few years back or some time back, for picking on Trump. None of us realized it, but the elite and the press really went after Cosby viciously, and I I was taken back by it, but now I understand it perfectly. They had planned on Trump as president and you can be damned sure that there were agreements and plans made.

Trump will not be surprised by anything. It was all carefully laid out many years ago. Hence, the Simpsons even alluded to it. So when Jon pretends that Trump could run into trouble because he is sincere, I laugh. I enjoy the show but I am not buying any of it. Trump knows the game plan. There will be no surprises.<<

I represent and lead an international order, as you know. Our basic plan is to eliminate sovereign nations and erase borders. We must do this, so we can usher in our own global system. We are winning. Surely, you see this.

>>Of course he sees this. He is part of it. They wrote the scripts for both him and Hillary and had them rehearse them. They even wrote the scripts for the moderators. HELLO echo echo echo echo echo! Anyone home? echo echo echo!<<

On the issue of borders and immigration, we want none in the first case and no limit on immigrants in the second case. We want to overwhelm infra-structure and communities with the greatest possible number of people who refuse to assimilate and yet demand special treatment and consideration. We want people who utterly reject America and yet insist on taking whatever they can get from America. Do you really think you or anyone else can stop this wave?

>>Stop the wave? What? Such faith! Yes, I am a cynical jaded SOB. I know it! Trump will "Behave."<<

I bring this up, because it represents just one, out of a whole host of strategies, by which we aim to undermine and reduce the country and bring it into our system, absent the precious freedom so many people talk about endlessly.

In other words, Donald, if you are more than a self-serving narcissist who has found a way to stir up the masses in your favor—if you really intend to “restore American values”—you are going to have to give something in order to take something. You’re going to have to make deals. You, of all people, should understand this.

So the question is: what are you willing to give? Where are you willing to back down? Think about it.

>>Well, at least Jon have given us the game plan for the next 4 years. That's nice of him.<<

Consider a few items on your long laundry list:

Close the southern border.   Cancel NAFTA.   Get rid of Obamacare.   Induce corporations to close their factories in Third World hell holes and come back home. Lay on tariffs. Outlaw special-interest lobbyists. Reform the tax system. Set term limits on Congress. Take people in inner cities off Welfare by giving them good jobs. Root out terrorists at home and abroad. Refrain from making foreign wars. Somehow fire all federal employees who are useless and just taking up space. End Common Core. Build a wall.

>>Notice what Jon is describing! He is describing my white knight in shining armor. Am I a genius or what? But Rockefeller and his pals will give us some things and deny others, as Jon makes clear.<<

Naturally, all these changes you want to make…I want to stop. Why? Because continued corruption is good for my business, and my business is Control. I want to foster the worst in people, so I can enact the time-honored strategy of imposing A Better Order. I want to prove that humans are badly programmed and need correction.

I want one Planet, without liberty and justice for all.

On the outside chance you are more than just another self-seeking politician who has an instinct for the jugular, you will most certainly see you need to start making deals and compromises.

We knew, from the beginning, there was a chance you would win the election. Hillary Clinton, despite all the favorable press she received from our dupes and pawns, was basically a weak candidate. Aside from mouthing the same empty sentiments over and over, she offered little. We prepared for the possibility of your victory. For us and our agenda, your strongest asset was your innate ability to divide the country—or to be more precise, we could characterize you as a great divider. Doing this, for us, is child’s play. Using the idiot youth and the badly misinformed inner city populations, we could paint you as the worst possible threat to America. We like that tactic because, again, we intend to bring down America into a sewer. We want conflict. Racial conflict, for example, is very good for us. We can play that tattered card again and again. We can roll out some very obnoxious characters, when we need them to stir up trouble.

>>The above paragraph is so phony. Again, Trump was picked at least 16 years ago. For sure, we will be asked to give up much while being tossed a few bones to chew on. Things will only go from bad to worse. You can count on it. God foretold it all!<<

So here you are, about to move into the White House. We can push a plan to make life miserable for you, or we can do business. It’s up to you.

Would you like to see what a sudden economic collapse looks like? Would you like to see…well, I’ll let you imagine the possibilities.

I’ll quote myself here. This is from my 2003 Memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

—I’m just reminding you where I stand, Donald. And why don’t I also quote my intellectual lackey, Mr. Brzezinski, while I’m at it. He wrote this in 1969, and yet people still don’t seem to realize where we’re going: “The nation state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.”

You see, we speak and write out in the open, and the fools don’t get the message.   >>Absolutely true!<<

Donald, hundreds of thousands of influential press people and academics have sold out to us and our Globalist agenda. They did so long ago. I confess, I despise them. They’re weak cowards of the first order. But we use them, and they constitute, all together, a formidable army. They love the pittance they earn, and they love the small degree of status they’re given. Pathetic fools. But if you try to go up against them, it’s rather like swinging at clouds. What can you achieve? And then they descend on your head and make it rain. It’s amusing.

>>Trump will behave, but lets be clear here. They are going to have Trump continue to play the rebel/renegade anti-establishment guy even as he was during campaigning. They will make themselves look bad and Trump good. Its all an act. They have to make the people trust Trump. They want war. And Trump will lead it, but it will be made to look like his idea, not theirs. You should know better.<<

Have you been reading the editorial pages of the New York Times lately? A contingent of the paper’s little grotesque turtles has been characterizing your election as a disaster for the nation. They pick away at you, they imply the gates of hell await. They’re busy, in their own way, stirring up revolt. NBC News is also predicting doom and encouraging the perception that you are standing on a shore at which minorities can never arrive, and a revolt is necessary. And this is just the beginning, Donald.

In the coming days, I’ll be sending one of my representatives to talk to you. Pay attention to what he says. He’ll have specific “gives and takes” for you to ponder. All your life, you’ve done business. At times, you’ve dealt from what you thought was the bottom of the deck. You have no idea how far down that bottom actually goes. You’re in the major leagues now.

>>Trump would have not have been chosen if he was not in the major leagues already.<<

In case you’re wondering, we’ve contacted and worked with every President for decades. Many decades. Things operate best that way.

Meanwhile, watch your back, as they say. I’d hate to have to work with that dim bulb vice-president of yours. You’re a lively fellow. I think we would enjoy each other’s company.


David Rockefeller

PS—A note on mind control, a subject with which you may not be familiar. Or should I call it mind chaos? Our people exercise a great of control over the medical system, including the psychiatric arena. They specialize in diagnosing and treating non-existent mental disorders with highly toxic drugs. In the process, they consign millions of people to an existence of confusion, despair, and debilitation. We are rotting out the country from the inside. Our other medical drugs are just as harmful. And then there are the vaccines and the gross neurological damage they cause. We cover the waterfront, Donald. Will somebody go up against us? Are you that person? If so, my advice is: go all in. Risk your life. Or: let’s make a deal. It’s the smarter business move.

PPS—Update: It appears you’re opting for “the gracious Trump” rather than “the attack-dog Trump.” I take this as a good sign. You’re getting the message. If I’m reading you correctly,

You’re going to leave the Clintons alone and let them fade into the twilight.

You’re going to appoint Washington insiders to important posts.

You’re going to revise Obamacare and still give Big Pharma (that’s me) pretty much everything they want.

You’re going to go soft on deporting illegals. You’re not going to build a wall.

You’ll induce a few corporations to come back home from foreign lands, but on the whole the Globalist framework (that’s me) will remain intact.

As President, you’re going to back off your vicious attacks against major media (that’s also me). Am I correct in these predictions? If so, you’re going to need some very competent propagandists to run interference for you, because the millions of people who voted for you will rise up in outrage. I can help you out there. I have some of the best minds of this generation on my payroll. As Barack Obama famously said, “We’re all in this together.” Well, not all of us. Just the ones who count. Do you want to count, Donald? Or…do you want to be a hero? It’s an interesting quandary. Wouldn’t you agree?

Jon Rappoport  <<< End of Blog

>> Truth1 >>> Jon has, thru his "David" outlined the agenda that I warned about before anyone was elected.

What I can not figure out is the alt-media high Jon was on, on Halloween, 016. And why the coverup of Spirit Cooking in a lame attempt to whip up readers with a nudity protest in order to draw attention away from Satan Worship. To me, Jon is going back and forth and I gather this will probably continue which is why I urge you to be skeptical of all alt-media. 99% of them will probably end up siding with the approaching agenda of the Antichrist.

Update Info                                Nov 14, 016
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I do not know if I will have to follow up on Jon or not. But you have all been warned reasonably if I never bring Jon up again. Jon was important to address as he as among the best, prior to this point. Many more like him will follow. I got a few waiting to be addressed.

>>> Regarding the Nov 7 blog:    At about 3 AM, Nov 14, 016, I see my one small comment on schools was a approved and posted. The other 4 have been deleted as they do not show any more as "waiting to be approved. I assume this was done on Nov. 13, 5 days after I had posted these. Jon would seem to me, to be working for the establishment, that is, the NWO. I am being singled out and proud of it. Jon fears some people and some ideas. He has something to hide from you all. You should be very concerned.

In fact, I read 2 blogs he posted today, Nov. 13, and to be quite honest, they sounded like gibberish and non-sense leading to nowhere. They might even be designed to numb your brain as a result of not really making any points or having any purpose. He as gone to hell in less than 5 days. I doubt it will get any better. 

After visiting another site last night (early Nov. 13), I note some posts showing what I had suggested, but coming from another source. I added it to my collection on my "Reality & Illusions" article, it being authored from Henry Makow's site. It said everything that my "critic" on that site had faulted. So I have support for my ideas and the person outed will appear in an article soon.

I think what happened was that no one was expecting such a quick refuting of Trump as opposition to the NWO-global elite. They did not expect this for months and it happens inside of 5 days. I admit that even I was caught off guard by who fast some where waking up and saying something and seeing what was really going on.

I suspect Jon did not anticipate his words becoming so obsolete so fast. He probably had a good 3 months or so to support the Don. But Trump is already looking like an insider, not a rebel. Hence, Jon had to quickly admit Trump was already starting to waver. I think you will see many more start to look silly. Things will be moving fast now. None will have time to think, and that is how the Global Elite want it. You are seeing history in the making. It will end up in additions to the Bible sometime after Judgment Day, as part of the historical record of God.

Meanwhile for me, Jon is no longer worth the bother. Just a lot of hot air. He is part of the Matrix.

Does Jon Feel Betrayed?
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Below is Jon's recent Nov. 20, 016 post I received by email.  I read his blog of the same day as well. I will address that, too. My opinion is that he is a bit mad and ticked off at how he was used by those in power. He stuck his head out fore them, put his reputation on the line, and was rudely betrayed by Trump not even trying to look credible in his cabinet selections, etc. But attacking Trump directly would get him in trouble. So Jon has to settle for Steve Bannon. I'll be in red-brown text.

I want to state clearly that I feel sympathy and mercy for Jon. He is a man of ability. I do not doubt that for a second. He has long defended nutritional supplements and done excellent research. I am of the opinion that he got leaned on heavy, to not allow my posts and try to get me to move on. I think Jon knows at this point, that I am not going anywhere and that I will see thru it all. He knows I was right and he was wrong. So I am going to show things here to help all better understand what is going on now, and for the next 4-8 years.

An open letter to Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man

by Jon Rappoport

An open letter to Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man

Out of the box

Bannon: originator of policy, projects, challenging ideas, come hell or high water

By Jon Rappoport

Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man, his chief strategist and senior counselor, is different. No question about that. What he creates for Trump and the American people remains to be seen. But when was the last time you saw an anti-mainstream-media man, a virulent ridiculer of major media, a high-profile figure in independent media (Breitbart) sit this close to the president of the United States?

Bannon: "The media bubble is the ultimate symbol of what's wrong with this country. It's just a circle of people talking to themselves who have no f—ing idea what's going on. If The New York Times didn't exist, CNN and MSNBC would be a test pattern. The Huffington Post and everything else is predicated on The New York Times. It's a closed circle of information from which Hillary Clinton got all her information — and her confidence. That was our opening."

>>Just to remind all, Jon had praised Trump and supported him and hailed it as a new day downing. Immediately, I found fault with it. I do believe my every types letter is watched. Why no actions against me? Might be protection from God. Seriously! But they watch me and try to refute what I say thru other channels such as Jon. I predicted that Trump would be ruled by the elite and do whatever they told him and that he had been picked to be president at least 16 years ago, based on predictive programming common the Simpsons cartoon. I said that war was the goal  of the elite that would secure Jerusalem and allow the temple to be rebuilt. Jon was left the task of promoting Trump.

By the way, Steve is likely one of Trump's handlers/controllers, who relays the wished of the elite. Trump's men are likely all assigned to keep an eye on Trump.<<


Since you say you’re going to push programs and projects to dig the country out of the economic hole it’s been in for years now, I have a few ideas, based on 30-plus years of working as a freelance independent reporter. Thirty years starts to put a few new ideas into your head. Solutions. Because you can’t keep reporting on what’s screwed up for that long without seeing there are ways out of the horror show. Exits. My ideas aren’t filmy fantasies. They’re gained from looking straight at continuing disasters that have been unfolding across America.

>>Jon is letting Steve, Trump, and the Elite, all know they are all being watched by Jon now. Jon is setting up the perfect storm.<<

ONE: On a search engine, type in “urban farms Chicago.” You’ll see there is actually a directory of such operations. They’re happening. Local people are growing and eating their own food. Some of this food can also be sold for profit.

---There should be many, many urban farms in every city in America. Plots of land where local residents grow and trade and eat their own fresh, clean, nutritious food. It is a revolutionary act.

>>To make it even more clear, Jon knows, as I do, that independent food production is brilliant but also radical. It threatens corporate and governmental control of food production and food contamination, both keys to the upcoming mass killing of several billion people scheduled for the future. Jon might not believe that since is it based on Bible prophecy, which I do not believe he subscribes to. but to allow cheap, plentiful healthy food is unbearable to anything the Global elite want to do.

My opinion is that for the elite not to do this, is  signal in Jon's eyes, that they at the top are not sincere about their pie in sky promises for returning the USA to greatness. Why would anyone not want this? In WWII, everyone was encouraged to grow their own food gardens. These were dubbed Victory gardens. As a boy, I grew up in a 250 unit, 500 apartment village created for workers to live in while they built Liberty ships in the then South Portland shipyard. It was called Redbank then and now. My family and I lived there from  late 63-70. I cared for my father there from 2007 to early 2011.

In both my childhood and adult years, I could easily see the patches of ground that looked different from the contour of the sizable land between two streets in the back yards. Its been done before. Why not know?  Because the Elite want us all dead. Likely in about 4 years, perhaps.<<

Initiate 5,000 of these farms in inner cities. The government provides initial funding in the form of loans. The residents themselves will expand their operations into profit-making ventures; they’ll sell the excess food.

I’m estimating that for less than $50 million, the whole national program can be launched---as opposed to the trillions of dollars that have been poured down rat holes for the past 50 years in the “war on poverty.”

>>Just in case you guys do not realize this, these are fighting words Jon is launching. He knows full well this will never happen, but absolutely should. If they saved trillions in doing so, wouldn't that be the thing to do? Of course it would! IN a heart beat. And yet they will  not do it. But they will not have any good excuse now that Jon has fired a salvo over their heads and into their camps. Jon is mad as I se it. He knows he was used and they did not care that his reputation, years in the making, was going up in smoke in just days.

Below, residents gain a stake in their own well being and economic status. That's great, right? Not if you are the diabolical Elite who want everyone dead. Otherwise, yes, it would be a great thing.<<

The residents of inner cities will now have a real economic stake in their own survival and success, and they’ll escalate the power of their demands for safe neighborhoods---safe from gangs and thugs and drugs.

TWO: With federal encouragement, let’s have one state (pick one) in which the following unimpeachable rule applies: any health practitioner of any stripe can practice freely, as long as he doesn’t offer remedies which are more toxic than the standard medical remedies for the condition he’s treating. Do you see the outcome? That state, overnight, becomes a destination of choice for huge numbers of people who highly value the freedom to manage their own health. The economy of the state blossoms like a million roses. The state becomes an example for every other state in the union. They quickly follow suit.

>>If you did not think Jon was pissed, the above should change that fast. I wrote on Personal Liberty, just a few days before this, that there should be no requirement of license to practice medicine and that all practitioners should be able to practice, without any government interference and that all drugs should be legal and not require a prescription. As I said earlier, Jon writes about health issues all the time. He knows that the medical industry is a fraud. He says above that everyone will flock to that state that offers freedom of practice of health and healing.

Every state would be forced to change to the same or everyone would cross state lines to adjoining state for treatment. Medical costs would become almost nothing. Jon is now declaring war on Trump's Bannon and company. And war on the medical industry fraud as well. Finally cancers could be legally cured, which is not the case right now. Most everything could be cured. Can't have that!<<

Background: In case you think I’m talking about an inconsequential segment of the population, during the Health Freedom movement of the early 1990s, when the FDA was raiding the offices of alternative health practitioners and threatening to cut off the public’s access to a wide range of nutritional supplements, the Congress received millions of letters protesting these moves---more letters than had ever been received on any issue in the nation’s history. These people are still out there. Some of them came to Trump’s side during the campaign. Some didn’t. They are a potent force. And they spend billions on natural health solutions every year.

>>This was pretty strong rhetoric from Jon. Glad to see it after the BS I saw a week or so ago. If the Elite do not go along with this, then Jon has a good case of false promises. I predicted those from the beginning so I still have a substantial leg up on Jon. I was never fooled. I never trusted. I knew better. I did not compromise or bow. I stood my ground against trolls and shills who are very nasty mean people with words.

But I can write all that off . . . If Jon sticks to this level rhetoric and narrative. But there will be danger for Jon that I do not face anymore, it would seem. I have God's protection and he, likely, does not. Otherwise, why did he give in for a brief time? Be careful Jon. Your words are weapons to these people. And they don't play nice.<<

THREE: Deploy the cutting edge of new media---live streaming video on the Web---to make a large populist movement into a huge populist movement. Trump (and perhaps you) do several broadcasts a week directly to the people, bypassing the tired old media networks and putting them further in the dumper where they belong. The substance of these broadcasts (to the whole world)? A blow-by-blow description of life-lifting programs your administration is putting in place---the ground-and-pound specifics, not the usual high-flying generalities---featuring, of course, comments on the people who are opposing you (by name) and exactly what they’re doing to stop the people’s will. This would be a new kind of reporting and speech-making from the president.

>>What Jon recommends here is open honest transparency.  Trump's administration is to Tell and show people what they are doing, as they are doing it, so that the people can see that its not just empty talk as it has been since 1776 onward. Let us see the progress for real. No more "just talking" or blowing us off with lies and deceit. We are fed up with that!<<

FOUR: More live-streaming on the Web---on-site coverage and interviews from the places where the actual work of rebuilding the nation’s infra-structure is taking place. Day after day. And to boot, the same on-site coverage where factories are being re-opened and Americans are reclaiming their jobs. Show all this to the country and the world (if it’s really happening). And while you’re at it, why not stream exactly, and in great detail, what’s actually going on at the US southern border? I’m sure Americans would be interested, to say the least.

>>What  Jon is really saying? Don't tell us, show us! And often and in detail. Amen Jon! Prove that you, the government, are not longer lying to us.<<

If all this suggests the creation of a president’s broadcast network, straight out of his Office of Communications, why not? As long as false PR doesn’t take it over…

>>Frequent detailed info direct from the president without rehearsal, live, with no chance of re-shooting or or faking with false backgrounds and the like.<<

Well, Steve, that’s it for starters. There’s more. Hope this stimulates your imagination.

There are untold numbers of independent and citizen reporters online. We’re watching. If real, not fake change is in the offing, let’s see it come out of the box.

Jon Rappoport | November 20, 2016 at 9:47 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

<<< End of Open Letter blog

>>Jon made it quite clear. But let me be clear, too. The Elite know all about us independent citizens reporting. They will attempt to stop us. I guarantee it. It will be evidence that they are not sincere or honest to us about the promises of their man, Trump. Trump is a captive. He must follow orders if he does not want to end up like JFK. But he accepted the deal, whatever it was. He will play the part they say for him to play. I have said that from the beginning and I have not wavered. How many more can say that? Not many!

Jon has told us all what to look for, if those in power are sincere. They are not! they will ask us after 100 days of token improvements, to go to war, I suspect. They will create a crisis that demands a war. Isn't that what they always do? And they will tell us that if we want to keep the nation on course for greatness, that we must take care of whoever the enemy is said to be, before we can complete the return to greatness.

Don't fall for it. Its all lies as it has been for centuries. Fall for it and you may very well die. And if Anti-Christ shows up, then you have just 3.5 years before the massive global killing begins. You have been warned.<<

Major Media Dilemma        This blog appeared 2 days before the tone above. Its Nov. 21, 016 now
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Major media crash: they need a scapegoat     by Jon Rappoport     November 18, 2016

They kept telling the American people Hillary Clinton was going to win the election; and in every way they could think of, they told the American people this was a good idea.

Then, on election night, they, the media, crashed.

The results came in.

The media went into deep shock.

As protests and riots then spread across America, the media neglected to mention a) they’d been bashing Trump because he said he might not accept the outcome of the vote, and b) here were large numbers of people on the Democrat side who weren’t accepting the outcome of the vote.

A new campaign had to be launched.

>>I drew your attention to the fact that this article preceded the one above it. The one above strikes me as angry and serious. This one is still full of  hot air and BS. 1st, the Media all knew the truth. They knew Hillary was set up to lose. They were instructed by the poweful elite to look like they were on Hillary's side and lie and say she was leading the polls and was certain to win. They knew otherwise, but did as they were told. Do you see any hint of that here? I don't. But to be perfectly honest, I believe Jon is too smart not to have figured this out. The article before this one shows that, too.

But here, Jon is pulling our legs and telling us the media were total liars trying to cheat Hillary into office, even though the elite had made sure Trump was going to be the winner. The outcome was never in doubt by any of the major players like the Media, political machinery, or major heads of corporations. The media was never shocked or surprised. The knew before they started, what the script was. This is why I am angry because too many people are too stupid about how the world really works.

The only ones with any power are the global elite cartel. They run everything.<<

Suddenly, on cue, it was: Hillary Clinton lost because “fake news” about her had been spread around during the campaign.

Fake news sites. That was the reason.

These “fake sites” had to be punished. Somehow. They had to be defamed. Blocked. Censored.

>>Yes, they blamed the so called fake news sites for making Hillary look bad. But in truth, Hillary and the media and the Elite were all working to gether to make her look bad and lose, because the elite wanted Trump at least since 2016. She will be paid well and protected from prosecution.  She put on a great performance. I saw a video of her likely 4 to 8 years or more ago. She talked quite sensible, collected, rational, normal, sound in mind. It was quite a contrast with the recent Hillary. In fact, they had little in common personality wise. But I am sure it was her in both instances. She is not the crazy woman you were all led to believe was nuts. Not at all. It was just an act or aided by hypnosis and/or drugs or even body doubles. Just a game and show. Scripted to perfection. Jon appears to be buying it, too.<<

Here is an excerpt from a list of “fake news” sites suggested by one professor. The list is circulating widely on the Web: 

Project Veritas;
Coast To Coast AM; 
Natural News;
Zero Hedge;
The Daily Sheeple;
Activist Post;
21st Century Wire

>>I am willing to bet that all of the above are actually controlled "apparent" opposition that the Elite actually control. Why do I say this? Because I know the true agenda. The elite want you to trust the above sources. So they say these are their worst enemies. This make you say, "then I'm going to listen to these guys if you Elite don't approve of them. Your enemy is my friend!" Suckers! They tricked you again. In General, the Elite are just too smart and tricky for only moderate intelligence. Seeing thru deceit of this kind and level takes a hard core cynical SOB who has seen so much treachery in his time, that he does not believe anything without mountain of proof and a coherence of the elements and how they fit together.<<

Free speech? Bill of Rights? Never heard of it.  >>Jon is being quite cynical of the media and their attitude. Good! But he is not cynical enough!<<

Obama put in his two cents: “Because in an age where there’s so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television…If everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect.”

>>Obamma says you're all too stupid to tell right from wrong. I disagree and yet I say, he might not be that far off, but off enough, just the same. I know that most yahoo likes and dislikes on their news site, show a clear, sound, sensible consensus usually being more than 85% agreement.So Obama is lying. He knows he is lying. He is doing what he is told. He does not want to get his head blown off. Its that simple.<<

Excuse me. “We won’t know what to protect?” Meaning what to favor, what to promote, what to lie about? Meaning only some speech is free?

Obama is way, way behind the curve. Thousands of websites and blogs have been exposing major media as fake for years. I started in 2001.

If Google, Facebook, and Twitter keep expanding their censorship of “disfavored messages,” they’re going to pay a price. More and more users will go elsewhere.

The facade of the major media is getting thinner. You can see a glow of rage and resentment behind it. They’re desperately looking for revenge on the millions and millions of people who are deserting them and laughing at them.

>>Jon is either hiding the truth, or he is just clueless. I say hiding the truth. The Elite know the media has gone as far as it could go in lying and fooling. The elite are not dumb like the rest. They said to each other, we need to create a new media that we control, that will look like opposition to the old media. While you have all been asleep, the Elite have been funding all kinds of rebel sources of conspiracies and truth telling. We are surrounded by them. Almost every truth hound is a phony in waiting; waiting for the right time and the right order to be given, and then they will lead you, they hope, in the wrong direction. The Bible gives you the right one! I swear it! Jon does not accept the bible, I suspect.<<

They presumed too much. They presumed they had us in the palm of their hand. We were their property. We were transfixed by their authority.

All that is going away. Bye, bye.

The big shift is accelerating. Independent media are in the ascendance. Understand that. Recognize it.

The impossible is happening.

>>"They" did not presume too much. They knew lies would only work so long and go so far and then a source would have to be waiting. Jon discussed it, which I cover here: Reality & Illusion - subheading   In that link, Jon cheers for the alt-media heros who have been exposing and ruining the press. These are our new heros, he says. Our new guides to put the run to the racals. Jon got a hold of some really good stuff before he wrote that. I'd sure like to have some of it ;-)

But Jon was and is wrong. The Alt-Media is the replacement for the old obsolete media, although there will still be a role for the old media. The Elite want you to trust the Alt Media. That is why Jon would not accept 4 of my posts. I am not part of the bought off Alt Media. I am the true outsider that universally hated by all. Feared far and wide. Satan's number 1 object of hatred. That is exactly why most have never even heard of me. Fact!

Satan is testing all humanity for not only intelligence, but also diligence, vigilance, effort, vigor, caring, caution and passion. A strong sense of right and wrong and an unwillingness to yield to evil. So Satan has laid all sorts of traps to trick you, fool you, deceived you and keep you away from God who can help you and give you life without end.

So test any Alt media very carefully and thoroughly. They will be the biggest danger. Jon was right with them when he wrote this. He may or may not have changed when writing the piece before this one. But he as far off the track here.<<

Fake news sites? Please. The major media are the biggest fakes the world has ever seen. Their anchors and star reporters are bloviating cranks. They’re dinner-theater actors.

>>Funny how over the month of November, Jon has been largely fake news, himself. See what I mean? But maybe he came to his senses in the previous article above. I hope that is the case. Time will tell.<<

Over the years, I’ve talked to some of them. I’ve warned them of their coming troubles. They were miles away from believing me. Now, they’re starting to sweat blood.

Major media news for America is still basically manufactured in New York and Washington—plus occasional outbursts from Hollywood creatures who bemoan the decline of inclusive liberalism, as they expand their gun-toting security staffs and dig deeper bunkers. The New York-Washington axis exists in a self-serving bubble, which has now taken serious punctures. The delusional attacks against “fake sites” underlines how out of touch these elites are with the rest of the country.

>>Made in NYC and Washington? No! Made by the Elite in undisclosed locations and hidden identities for safety and security, and then fed to the media outlets around the world.<<

Independent media outlets are winning. They won’t be stopped.   >>This is partially true. They are succeeding. they are convincing and gaining trust. The Elite will make sure they won't be stopped. But real authentic sources like me? You know what happened to the dinosaurs, right? Actually, they more clever than that. They don't kill me. They keep me hidden from view so that few will ever find me and of the few that do find me, far fewer of them will actually listen and believe.<<

When the people who now head the tech giants were growing up, they were heralding the Internet as a new era of free information-exchange. But now that they find themselves working with the government in the Surveillance State, they’re fronting for censorship. In fact, they’re showing they were never for freedom. That was a pose all along. They were, from the beginning, agents of repression. They can try to stop independent media now, but they will fail.

>>They will not fail. They will take over the independent media and use that media to fool once again. I wish it were not so, but I know too much of 6000 years of human history and a constant consistent pattern from them.<<

Fake web sites? What about fake companies? What about Google, Facebook, Twitter? Behind their happy-happy messages, they were built to propagandize, profile, and control.

>>Jon is not being totally honest here, either. These search engines and social sites were started by the CIA and NSA. The companies have supposed owners who may or may not be legitimate owners or may not be as wealthy as is commonly believed. The most important goal of the social media are to gather as much knowledge of everyone on earth as is possible. Then 2nd, to hinder knowledge and spread fake knowledge thru Alt Media sources. The new Media replacement. How bout dat, huh?<<

Understand this: major media have a rock-bottom article of faith. It is: “We own the news.”

They can’t give it up. They’ll never give it up. It fuels everything they do. It’s the substance and core of their attitude.

As their ship goes down below the waves, they’ll be chanting it. “We own the news.”

But they don’t. In truth, they never did. For a time, they managed to sell that delusion to the people.

That time is drawing to a close.

<<< End of Blog

>> Truth1 >>>  Let me be clear. The giant Media conglomerates were willingly sacrificed. And besides, they are not dead yet. They might entertain a more broad open range of news, but more likely, to change up sources and still present lots of lies. No one is going to give up TV and news coverage. For sure, the TV and newspaper media will experience some reduction in audience, but they will adopt to bring in enough.

Here is what you desperately need to understand. The game is over. Humanity has reach a point that Satan must play his hand now, or his control and ability to hide what he is doing, will become impossible. He is about to play his biggest hand, his whole hand, all his cards. He is going to bring back "Jesus," a phony fake "Jesus" just like the fake news. He will likely show up in a UFO fleet, built over the decades with lots of secret funds, and get everyone to buy into a philosophy, law, and rhetoric that will turn everything upside-down and inside-out.

The goal is to see who much of humanity Satan can turn into doing the most depraved insane things imaginable. And of course, force will be employed at some point. Les can only go so far. We have now entered that final countdown to Armageddon, Judgment Day. It begins with Trump.

Jon R. Blog Headlines
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Seeing Trump kind of let quite a few fans down, I thought of Jon's blogs to follow that might be enlightening. Let me emphasize that Jon is not bad guy and he does have some smarts. But he also has vulnerabilities and weaknesses in his armor. My point in writing about so called false prophets, journalists, bloggers, crusaders. editorial opinions, analysts and the like; it is to show that while these men might mean well and have some good points, they also are missing quite a bit as I see it. I do not want you to ignore them or stop reading reading them. I simply do not want you to trust them blindly. I want you to always make them very accountable for whatever it is they say.

And why? Because I have a deep suspicion of the Alt-Media. I believe the Global Elite have been selecting,  funding, and feeding info to the selected people to be the Alt Media voices and opinions. The Elite know that the regular media are washed up. In fact, the Elite setup the tarnished regular Media in order to make the Alt Media look like heros and saviours; brilliant and insightful! To what end? To get them all to support the anointed leader of the free world (the President elect) and then support and cheer for the Phony Jesus called variously in the Bible, False or pseudo prophet and Messiah/Christ, Antichrist, Man of sin, son of perdition, the little horn of Daniel and maybe more. People never learn. History proves that, beyond any doubt. But I'll leave out the reasons why, to put in another article.

But I will show here and on other similar Alt Right Media personalities I will cover, that we still have not gotten on to much here in  the closing days of 2016 and there is a grave danger if we do not show much more discernment soon. 2107 will bring huge tests, that if we fail them, we will have doomed ourselves. The Bible says most will be fooled. So I write to warn and relive my hands of any blood-guilt in the eyes of Jehovah, God of the bible.

My second open letter to Steve Bannon, Trump’s inside man    Nov21 by Jon Rappoport


Again, I remind you, there are millions and millions of people out there who aren’t polled or counted or factored into the algorithms of political calculations. Some of them voted for your man, some didn’t vote at all. All of them want a role in the political process, and if sufficiently motivated and encouraged, they will suddenly show up and support you with an energy that will knock you off your chair.

They are against the multitude of lies big government has been feeding them for decades—lies that come back to the basic issue of HEALTH.

Here is an introductory list of what these millions of Americans are burning about:

GMOs in the food supply (never proven to be safe, never proven to increase crop yields). Toxic pesticides drenching the food supply. The lacing of our water with toxic fluorides (forced medical treatment with no informed consent). Harmful vaccine after vaccine injected into our children, and the cooked studies that claim these substances are universally safe and effective (watch the film Vaxxed (trailer) for a window into the fraud). The pharmaceutical assault on the population with toxic and unnecessary drugs (killing, at minimum, 106,000 Americans every year, a million Americans per decade—see Starfield, JAMA, July 26, 2000).

Let’s start with those. There are more.

>>Jon has chosen well, here. These are all things that can be stopped immediately, without effort! There is no excuse for them in the 1st place. And since they are easy to fix, Bannon best not be found not stopping them.

Then he gets more bold below in prosecuting the FDA and CDC. Oh, it sounds so good. Now I guts ta throw water on it all. What are the chances that these agencies who have been taking orders from the Global Elite for many decades,  are going to stop or that anyone is going to make them stop? I say ZERO.

So this is a good test for both Jon and I. If nothing changes, then I was right all along. And only 2 or 3 things changing is still not good. And Jon can really only win if they are all overturned and corrected, because there is not excuse for any of them not to be done. They are all harmful and easy to stop, unless you admit the presence of a global elite in ultimate power. Jon will not do that, that I can see.<<

Part of the solution? Serious DOJ prosecutions against FDA and CDC personnel for fraud, reckless endangerment, and waste of enormous federal funds.

You want to see a massive silent majority explode in support of your administration? Carry out those prosecutions. Extend them to pharmaceutical executives who have knowingly foisted their highly destructive drugs on the population.

At this point you’ll be thinking you can’t go that far. It’s too much to take on. Well, you took on climate change because you saw the agenda involved torpedoing the economy. What I’m giving you here (massive and unending toxicity in various forms) torpedoes the right to life itself.

This isn’t some wild-eyed appeal from the fringe, Steve. As an independent reporter (one of many) who has been covering these issues for more than 30 years, I assure you there is a whole library of evidence to support the points I’ve sketched out here.

You want a real revolution? It’s there.

>>Jon in essence, says to Bannon, show us your stuff. We are not going to be easily bought off or satisfied. The Trump rhetoric was strong, and people are not going to take broken promises so easy this time. They really put their faith in Trump. I never expected anything myself. I say the Elite in charge and Trump will do what he is told if he knows what is good for him. And I am sure he will. But the danger here is that if Trump and Bannons do not come thru, where does that leave our hero Alt Media? Looking silly, right? So everyone has something to lose except me. I told the truth and did not give any false expectations.<<

PS: I attach a letter about the fluoridation of our water supplies. It’s self-explanatory. It’s a bombshell.

Here is what the EPA Union of Scientists (!) had to say about fluoridation:

Quoting from a May 1, 1999, statement— “Why EPA’s Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation” —written by William Hirzy, PhD, [Union of Scientists] Senior Vice-President, Chapter 280:

“…our opposition to drinking water fluoridation has grown, based on the scientific literature documenting the increasingly out-of-control exposures to fluoride, the lack of benefit to dental health from ingestion of fluoride and the hazards to human health from such ingestion. These hazards include acute toxic hazard, such as to people with impaired kidney function, as well as chronic toxic hazards of gene mutations, cancer, reproductive effects, neurotoxicity, bone pathology and dental fluorosis.”

“In support of this concern are results from two epidemiology studies from China that show decreases in I.Q. in children who get more fluoride than the control groups of children in each study. These decreases are about 5 to 10 I.Q. points in children aged 8 to 13 years.”

“Another troubling brain effect has recently surfaced: fluoride’s interference with the function of the brain’s pineal gland. The pineal gland produces melatonin which, among other roles, mediates the body’s internal clock, doing such things as governing the onset of puberty. Jennifer Luke has shown that fluoride accumulates in the pineal gland and inhibits its production of melatonin. She showed in test animals that this inhibition causes an earlier onset of sexual maturity, an effect reported in humans as well in 1956…”

“EPA fired the Office of Drinking Water’s chief toxicologist, Dr. William Marcus, who also was our local union’s treasurer at the time, for refusing to remain silent on the cancer risk issue. The judge who heard the lawsuit he [Marcus] brought against EPA over the firing made that finding—that EPA fired him over his fluoride work and not for the phony reason put forward by EPA management at his dismissal. Dr. Marcus won his lawsuit and is again at work at EPA.”

>>So I will ask, what if Trump substantially disappoints? Where does that leave Jon and others who were sure Trump would be "the man?" How did everyone get so fooled and tricked for the milliionth time, no less. There is no good answer if it happens.

I next cover comments from this blog post:  <<

Comments from the Blog:

Brigitta Waller says:
November 21, 2016 at 12:16 pm

Thank you Jon for pointing out everything that needs to be done to the people that may be able to actually bring about change. I for one hope that Mr. Bannon pays attention to what you suggest.  >>Only hope? No threats? I guess Bannon has nothing to worry about, right? He is in no danger, it would seem.<<

California Native says:
November 21, 2016 at 1:33 pm

May God continue to protect you as you fight to reveal the threats to the health and well-being of all of us “deplorables” — you are truly a voice in the elite wilderness, and we will stand firmly behind President Trump if he will only heed your cry and not fall for the lies of the corporate leaders (like Monsanto and big Pharma) that he is probably so used to listening to. My prayer is that his love for God and for us common folks will overcome his millionaire mindset friends’ advice.                    >>That is a big IF ! Has anyone ever told the big wigs to go to hell? Yes! JFK did, and RFK, too. Oh, wait! Those did not turn out so well. You don't suppose . . .  Now this commenter believes that Trump loves God and common folks. Really? Where did he get that? That sounds like blind faith to me and an assumption. When have the rich ever cared for us? Or God for that matter?

In fact, I find that most rich actually worship Satan, which is why they are rich. Time to rethink things. I would not be surprised if "California Native" was a paid supporter of Trump by someone, to plant the idea in our heads that Trump loves God, country, and the common people. I'm not buying it.<<

Trump won’t prosecute Hillary: politics in the Matrix    

Politics in the Matrix: Trump won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump achieved two great things in his presidential campaign: he stopped Hillary Clinton from occupying the White House, and he ran against the media by attacking them mercilessly.

Everything else is up for grabs. We will see.

Already, he has made some “errors.” The appointment of Mike Pompeo as CIA director is a bad move. Pompeo, as a congressman, introduced the Dark Act, which now prevents the states from requiring GMO labels on food. And he favors the death sentence for Edward Snowden.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump will not attempt to prosecute Hillary Clinton. This is on the level of lowering the window shades for a vampire as dawn breaks. Hillary was certainly guilty in the email case, and the Clinton Foundation is a pay-for-play money laundering operation of global proportions—a private and parallel State Department, in which cash is the only standard for “diplomacy.” And these charges are mere low-hanging fruit on the Clinton crime family tree.

Pursuing justice is supposed to be a Trump hallmark.

>>Trouble in paradise. Pompeo loves GMOs and hates informative labeling. How come? Wants Snowden dead? But Snowden told us the truth. Why does he want someone who told us the truth, dead? Is that who Trump likes and hires and he is not even president yet? Oh oh!<<

Politics in the Matrix is a tap dance and a shuffle. Deals and compromises are made all the way along the line.

>>Yes, so why were expectations so high, knowing that history had been so low and disappointing, Jon? Why are you surprised?<<

Washington and its media allies suck their very life juices from those deals. Like some fungus, they thrive in the dark every-day corruption of This traded for That. In many ways, Trump exclaimed he was above the game. The deals he was going to make would all be on the side of benefiting America—so he has a price to pay for asserting he was most definitely a different character on the political scene.

Is Trump the same man now that he was when he was campaigning?

>>Jon is right in the text I put in bold face above. Trump made really big brags. It will be tough if not impossible to live up to. There will be a price. But Trump is holding all the power. I don't see any hope for the fools who thought it would be any different than it has always been. How many times does it have to happen before people wake up?<<

Even asking that question seems naïve, because of course we know all politicians rearrange themselves after they win a victory. But Trump portrayed himself as very, very different. He stood on that difference. He celebrated it. He reveled in it. He took great pleasure in it.

Now, he has to pay the price.   >>Trump does not have to pay the price. We never gave him any reason to respect us. We acted like idiots. We are the ones that have to pay the price for being stupid, gullible and trusting. There is a price for being stupid after 240 years of the same pattern. We ought to be ashamed. Jon should be doubly ashamed because I see him as smarter than most. It did him no good or he was pulling our legs. You will  have to decide which it is.<<

Comments from that blog:

Brian K says:
November 22, 2016 at 1:12 pm

Considering the Clinton Global Initiative’s ties to human trafficking in Haiti through Laura Silsby, the pizzagate scandal which seems to link much of the Clinton inner circle to human trafficking, the trips both Clintons took to Jeffrey Epstein’s island of abominations, her alleged role in starting the astroturf civil war in Syria among a myriad of other war crimes, and the tendency of people inconvenient to the Clintons to die in strange circumstances, letting her off the hook would be a massive betrayal.      I still want to believe that he really is a “rogue billionaire” playing 4d chess, but it’s not looking good so far.

>>Can you believe the bold text above? Letting Hillary off is a massive betrayal. Trump himself said she would be in jail on TV for us all to hear. But she was playing the wicked witch of the west according to the script her bosses gave to her. In return, they should make sure she did not get in trouble. Trump knew that. They gave him his lines and scripts, too.

But now pay very close attention to the last statement. "I still want to believe".  His reason, if I can call it that, is no reason at all. He simply wants to believe and so he does. Ya can't make this up! A rogue billionaire? Do you believe in the Easter Bunny, too? No such thing! So Brain K. says: "it’s not looking good so far" Boy, he got that right! and he is part of that problem. Not a shred of logic or analysis. Just wishes, dreams and fairy tales.<<

Donna Wright says:
November 22, 2016 at 2:30 pm

It is a MASSIVE betrayal, you are right. A lie is a lie is a lie. Now Jan Brewer reportedly says she never thought The Wall was literal, only metaphoric! What?!!!! Did Sheriff Joe also think it was metaphoric?   >>I do not agree with this but the sentiment is interesting. To me, Trump was being facetious when saying he would build a wall. It was an exaggeration to express his anger and determination about the situation.

I have done the same. I was with my father in a Ruby Tuesday's one time and we were discussing out-of-staters moving into Maine. I said I would build a wall along the Maine border and station Maine National guard on top of it to keep Massachusetts out. If they wanted to move in, they had to pay the same prices they paid in Massachusetts so that we Mainers did not have to pay more taxes, etc. I do not hold this against Trump. But then again, I never believed anything he said because in my book, all politicians lie.<<

n3angus says:
November 22, 2016 at 1:21 pm

This gives Trump massive Leverage over the whole democratic party because if Trump went after Hillary the whole party is involved in her and Bills activities and getting away with it . Remember the Government is the Biggest Mob of all and you will never beat it , but like Reagan you can try and Manage it for the majority while using things like this to keep it from taking you out !!!!

>>This is total non-sense. Playing politics with the other side, in essence, is wearing handcuffs and sabotaging any good you are trying to do. Compromise is the devil's favorite tool!<<

Donna Wright says:
November 22, 2016 at 1:15 pm

I’d been waiting to see Jon’s “take” on this pivot of Trump’s. Lots of cognitive dissonance going on in my mind. We’ve been plain out lied to, but, as usual, how does the little person fight back? At least Jon calls it as it is and hasn’t waffled! His truthfulness does help, even if only a little.

>>Donna's a smart girl! She is not thrilled with Jon's stance. But Jon is just trying to recover some of his dignity, having given it away for Trump and getting nothing for it. Jon is pointing out good things, but how did he ever get taken in, in the 1st place?<<

Trump destroys media stars face to face in his golden tower    Nov22 by Jon Rappoport

Charlie Rose was there. Wolf Blitzer. Jeff Zucker, head of CNN. Martha “I weep for Hillary” Raddatz. Gayle King. Lester “the weasel-king of interrupters” Holt. Chuck Todd. George “property of the Clintons” Stephanopoulos.         Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.     The whole gang.

>>Jon says Trump is carrying on a war on the media. Oh, that's nice and safe. He chewed out all the media personal listed above. It was all an act. A show! Will it fix anything? No! Make people feel good? Maybe, but not me. This is what I call tokenism. It means nothing. The only thing that matters in my book, is, real solid actions, not words or gestures.

But I have no doubt that this sort of thing is what we will see lots of. Posing, gesturing, lip service. Very sad. American voters are so pathetic. Jon picks on the media like Trump does. Wow! What a stretch, huh? I got no use for any of it. As I see it, its all fake on all sides. The whole gang! I await for God's son to fix this mess.<<

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Truth1's 100 day plan  (because the Donald needs the help with his ;-)

I will make some forecasts. I know! I am such a reckless fool. The 100 day plan will possibly be somewhat impressive. But there is no way in hell that they are going to let everything get turned back to the good ole days.  A few factories might promise to come back. Maybe one or two will get back. Some fencing might be put up on the border and the borders closed up fairly secure. Riots will be put down and order restored if not martial law. False Flag events are sure to make appearances. One to justify the start of a war, a major war and maybe with Iran &China as an enemy along with others. But I see Russia joining the USA. I can't be too detailed as to why I suggest as I do. I would like to continue living and what I give will be enough.

Before we have really gotten anything in the 100 days, the war will come up and go into motion. They will promise to make the country great again as soon as the war is over. That delay will get them their war, but you will never see the return to greatness. Once the war subdues, the temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt and likely the anti-Christ will show up, eventually with UFOs, if not right off the bat. He will promote his great inverted philosophy of hate and disruption, speaking as he does, like a dragon.

So we will see the antichrist, in Trump's 1st term, I would think. If we complete the 100 days before the war or false flag, then look for maybe a half year past the inauguration for the appearance of war and then the anti-Christ. Antichrist will preach for 3.5 years as Jesus did. If he comes at 6 months past the inauguration, then Antichrist will conclude a contract (covenant) with the world, which would be right near re-election time. If Trump remains and the contract is accepted, declaring peace and safety (1 Thess. 5:3)


3 For when they say, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.

5 You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.

6  Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.

Because everything is commencing with this election and inauguration, it is possible that whole 7 year period may be complete within an 8 year term or two different leaders, one after the other. So when I say that the end has begun. I mean just that. You got maybe 8 years left at best. Its is possible that it could extend to 9 or 10 due to the antichrist not showing up till deep into Trump's 1st term, say 2 years into it. But my hunch is faster rather than slower. I expect God is going to speed up the revealing of hidden things. The Elite are planning on moving fast as I see it. So I look for the full 7 years to be done in that 8 year time period. I say 8 or less. That is why this election was so unusual and strange. Its panic time and the skids have been kick out from under the ship. She is heading for the harbor and preparing to launch her maiden and only voyage. Battle stations! Red Alert! Shields up! Load photon torpedoes. Phasers on standby! Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Sulu!

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