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Lisa Haven

The Premise
Her Doctrine

Lisa's History
Lisa's Changes
What is to Come
This Just In!   Dec 1, 016

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The Premise
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Lisa declares she is Christian. But she does not give the bible and doctrine that much attention, as I see it. Its all about conspiracy and politics. Nothing wrong with those but not knowing the Bible well and showing it to people is not allowable. Not for Christians. Those who want to be teachers, says James, will receive a heavier judgment. She has an association that is of concern to me. And very recently, she has undergone changes in appearance, manner, and presentation, for the better but without explanation. She is very well presented in many forms of social media, a most public figure. She is social and celebrity savy. She is very much a presence on the net. So under the microscope she goes. People might not like the microscope, but if ya gut nuthin ta hide, ya gut nuthin ta fear. This is an opportunity the reflect on one's self to see if there might not be some due changes.

She is part of the Alt Media in my judgment, so she has to be considered. Lisa puts out a lot of good info. She is diligent in reporting most things. But still, there are concerns and room for improvement.

Her Doctrine 
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Lisa believes in life after death. This is a Satanic teaching. When we die, we are gone and need God to bring us back to life by means of a resurrection. Jesus only ever taught a resurrection on the last day. Here is a link on my site to those type of doctrines.

The Doctrines of the Soul and Hell

If I am right, then she is not teaching the word or God, but instead, the word of Satan. That is not a very good place for a Christian. Of course, I am sure she will want to correct this in all haste so as not to offend God, right? Lets hope so.

Below is her video promoting Life after death. Demons pretend to be dead people and can make us have visions and experience things. So God gives us the truth in the Bible so that we do not get fooled by Satan and his demons.

100% Proof of What Happens When You Die: The Afterlife Revealed Through Near Death Experiences!!

Promoting Satan, even by accident, is not good. It deserves attention and correction.

I discovered the video below last week. This Carl guy she introduces in it, has supposedly sneaked into Illuminati and Masonic groups working on social and political causes claming to be part of other groups of Illuminati and Masonic groups in other areas and is believed and accepted. No way in Hell. They are not that stupid or gullible. They are hoping we are! Carl is, in my mind, one of them. And He is Lisa's good friend and informant. This makes it easy. WE know who feeds them and how. It makes my life/job easier. if he is, then she is, too. If she is not, she needs to dump him fast because he is lying, as I see it.

New World Order Infiltrator Spills Never Before Heard Secrets—What’s Really Going Down—Carl Teichrib    Published on Nov 7, 2016

Lisa is upset in this video below. She points out the attacks by Facbook and Google on the so called fake new sites and personalities. I understand what she is saying, that what they call fake news is not fake news. She correct. But she has never discerned that this was and is all intended to polarize the left and right. Its all a game put on the Global Elite. She seems unaware of their tricks. Conclusion? She could be smarter.  A good prophet, led by the spirit, should have the spirit of discernment and wisdom, says I. I'm not seeing it.

She notes that the left has attacked Breitbart, Info Wars, Natural News, and others. and she clearly aligns herself with the Alt Media gang, conservatives as she put it. She mocks the Left Media and categories of bad behavior such as leftist lying, etc. She says the Elite back the leftists and their media. But the Elite also control the right and Trump. She would deny this, in all likelihood.

I May Get BANNED For This! Trump Gets Elected Then BOOM This Happens! My Claws Have Come Out!   Published on Nov 17, 2016

Lisa's History
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Here is Lisa's history of her Youtube channel. She is on many media platforms. I note that most shills are very media savy. I, on the other hand, am not, because I spend most of my time on serious research, and am not able to make full use of the media platforms nor do I even feel it is necessary. God is the most important part and not only that, but I write for the serious and intelligent. Not interested in the lower ranks. There are plenty of others that can handle that. Know your intended audience. the following is from her channel info:

Lisa Haven    176,175 subscribers • 32,405,455 views   Joined May 6, 2009

This channel is designed to bring you news and insights from a Christian Biblical perspective. Topics that many people fail to discuss will be discussed here including: spiritual warfare, Nephilim/UFO's, demons, the New World Order, Bible prophecy, end times, transhumanism, miracles, hell, heaven, martial law, FEMA camps, patriotism, the economy, and the like.

My hope is to inform and awaken the masses to what God has planned in the days ahead, all while keeping our eyes on the Lord and resting in his peace during these troubled times.  <<< End of channel info

I am taking note of the starts of all Alt Media people and their outlets such as socical media. Why will become more evident as I add more people and channels to my list and coverage. I will point out that Lisa has an large number of subscribers. For the filed she is in, its impressive. Well, maybe too impressive. If you are doing a good job for God, you will be hated by Satan and men. Guaranteed! 176 k subscribers concerns me a lot. Recall that Jesus was killed by his own, back in the day, April, 33 AD. In fact, real prophets are always persecuted if not killed. Usually both. Surprisingly, not many are aware of this fact.

She has been in operation for about 6.5 years on youtube. She was an early adapter of Youtube promotion. Youtube started in 2006 and took a while to get some momentum. Next is what I found under Discussions on her channel info.

Fisher Of-Men    7 hours ago
PIZZAGATE IS THE STORY. Every one is needed to fight these child molesting Satanist. Comment on channels reporting this story and offer your support & prayers.   >>This was a super comment from a mature sensible Christian, no doubt. Lisa has not touched it. Now note the response to it!<<

Strings410   3 hours ago
Lisa Haven = FAKE NEWS

The opinion of "Strings410" is that Lisa is fake news. How about that? Interesting. Some are wide awake and not missing the signals, I gather.
<<<End of Channel "Discussions."

As you can see from above, Lisa had been ignoring PizzaGate. I admit, I was a week behind. I thought it was more of the Spirit cooking thing. It was more than that. Why was she avoiding what everyone else was getting all excited over in the Alt Media? Below are the 2 videos she put out to explain that. I don't believe what she says.

What You Need to Know About the 2016 SELECTION (MUST SEE)

I CAN’T Title This Video Because It WILL Be BANNED—Crucial Report!!!!

Lisa Haven goes crazy on PizzaGate    PG a false flag to excuse censorship. Wow! I  have heard it all now.

Lisa says that she was afraid of getting her videos or channle deleted if she covered PizzaGate becasuse, she says, some were getting deleted. I do not know of deletions. What I know when I search on Google's Youtube, is that PizzaGate is everywhere. Its huge and gone viral. What I am finding is not confirming Lisa's declaration. She says that the Main Media was attacking (criticizing) people who were promoting PizzaGate, as hurting innocent people running the business or who were customers, which are mostly politicians ;-)   But Media lies are nothing new. In fact, that is about all they print or broadcast.

Over in the UK, for the last 2 years, the lying main Media over there have done nothing but lie and coverup about police coverups, court coverups, and secret child stealing (from parents for no reason) and trafficking of children to the rich and famous and Satan worshipers. They import babies from all over the world into the UK, thru the two London Airports and from there, to all the UK's Elites.

And the only recourse that the common people have is to use social media to try to get the word out. But the UK censors them for doing that and arrests and prosecutes them. The papers cry about how innocent people are having their reputations ruined by these "crusaders." Problem is, that those social crusaders are right and making use of the only resort left, that they have, in what has become a brutal totalitarian police state over there.

The USA would like to have a similar police state but there would additional problems doing that over here. Lisa is essentially suggesting, as best as I can tell, that The Media have launched PizzaGate in order to criticize the Alt Media and censor all their websites and social media. But this has not happened. In fact, it appears that as well, new web services are starting to pop up to replace the corrupt ones who censor, but that would take time to put in place and we don't know how long that would last.

But as I see it, Lisa running in fear from her outlets getting shut down, sounds like cowardice and fear. And she has assessed the whole situation wrong. Is she dimwitted or playing dumb? It has always been that the Left Media are going to slander us, but censorship has been a reality all along. She weathered it all, before. I think she is pulling our legs.

Here is what I think she might be doing. While the Elite allow PizzaGate to prosper, to make those in power look bad and make Trump look better than them, they may also be suing Lisa to plant a bug among some of the Alt Media to "worry" (not really), about how they affect "innocent" people (who are not really innocent). At present, it only seems to be Lisa doing it. It may be that more will. Or maybe she is just a strange anomaly. But I suspect as time passes, we will see what was intended or not. But Lisa's selectivity and ignoring the biggest story to ever hit in the modern era does not bode well for her.

This from earlier need repeating for emphasis:     Fisher Of-Men    7 hours ago
PIZZAGATE IS THE STORY. Every one is needed to fight these child molesting Satanist. Comment on channels reporting this story and offer your support & prayers.   >>This was a super comment from a mature sensible Christian, no doubt. Lisa has not touched it. Now note the response to it!<<

But I suspect the Elite are behind her being silent and we will eventually find out what they are up to. Maybe she will be a special crusader who will urge "compassion" in reporting, as if we were all monsters whose only real goal was to hurt people like main media British Tabloids do. Is Lisa hiding something?

Lisa's Changes
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Lisa had been, when I first come across her, a good speaker with a good pace to keep your attention. In fact, that stood out to me. She was a casual dresser, which I also found commendable. I was never happy about the lack of Bible discussion. But on the whole, she was a good reporter.

But as of recent, having ignored her for couple or 3 months, I note her background is a bit different and she is dressing a little more liberal, show off shoulders or some of her upper arms, too. Nothing shocking by today's standards at all, but still a bit more racy than previous. But nothing to really object about. but it is a change. It is noticeable.

Her presentation demeanor has improved and it was already good. She speaks with more emphasis at times, with force and conviction, energy. She often stands now and is not always in her room. Her skin complexion was perhaps less than what many women might prefer, but not all that bad. She is not ugly by any means. but she might be wearing makeup now, more, and uses lighting to washout any details so that her appearance is enhanced. With to much attention to looks, demeanor and presentation, including movement and being more animated, suggests to me that someone has been grooming her for a larger role and greater exposure and they want her at her very best. Either she is aware of her image and wants to boost it, or someone else is.

I have also noticed that Lisa has come out of the classroom setting and is on the road and traveling. Wow! How about that! Conspiracy conventions and that sort of thing. We meet her informant friend in an outdoor setting at a convention. Traveling takes money. Has she come into some recently? Her whole operation as been stepped up. The boos in financing seems to be sudden. She has been getting lots of viewers for some time now and nothing changed. So what did change to increase the money? I'm just curious.

Lisa has undergone many improvements in nearly all aspects after 6 years without all that attention. I would like to know the cause of the awakening. Many people are of the opinion that big changes reveal much. I  offer another view. I believe it is the small details that often reveal more. Small details can give warnings. Big changes can take you by surprise. But small changes can warn of of more to come and what it might be.

If Lisa's changes are due to grooming, then we might see a lot more come out of her soon. We are warned ahead of time.

What is to Come
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Lets play the devil's advocate. Lets say that Lisa is extremely intelligent and creative. We should have seen continual gradual changes. But what we saw were a bunch of changes all at once. The timing is the problem. Its punctuated (all at once) rather than continually progressive. Changes in appearance, lifestyle, even attitude, maybe. She faults the main media for lying and then is all concerned main media that she has never feared or bothered about before. Ignores the biggest story ever, but was right on top of Jade Helm. How do we reconcile all these discrepancies? We'll just have to wait and see. My biggest concern is her tunnel vision, so pervasive among most Alt Media, whereby they see the 2 opposing political sides and yet not see the Global Elite as being behind both sides, playing both sides against each other.

This is a very well known tactic. Rome did it. Venice did it. We have seen in play out in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. It has been too obvious for too long that both political side in the USA receive huge funding. And ultimately, both side seem to have lobbyists courting them and taking care of them. To imagine that this is some left vs right thing is a joke. In one instant, the Elite could have both sides making love to each other. They often do, behind closed doors. Trump and the Clintons were good friends for years. How do we account for such blindness? There is only one way. Everyone is in on the game, the show, the illusion, the deceit.

The say will come when all the Alt Media will with one united voice, proclaim with glee the arrival of the "messiah" (antichrist) and the "Golden Age." The antichrist will blame the corrupt nations for the abuses we have suffered, when in truth, it was the Global Elite, all Satan worshipers, who ran those corrupt nations as they did,  and then have an actor tell us he is Jesus and that world government if the perfect way out of this mess and into a gold age. And the world will follow the antichrist and form an agreement with him, a contract, a covenant as the Bible calls it, and all will declare "Peace and Safety," and then the great killing Satan had really been planning, will be put into operation and will be the worst time in history and the Alt Media will have been supporting it, all the way till that day!

You won't hear that from Lisa or any other Alt Media.

This Just In!            Dec 1, 016
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I check out Youtube a little past midnight and Lisa has a video up, dealing with the accusations of avoiding PizzaGate. Let me show you.

Thursday, December 01, 2016    12/1/2016 1:48:52 AM

Important Message From Lisa Haven!!!! Mainstream Media Going Down!!

I date stamped the time after saving this link, having viewed it. It is above the picture. 1:48 AM She had uploaded her video 42 minutes prior. I might have had the youtube site in a window that that it might reflect a earlier time, maybe an hour back or so. So late night, Nov. 30, she uploads her video, not far from Midnight change to Dec. 1. Everyone seems to be attacking her avoiding PizzaGate. "A Call for an Uprising" had a live steaming even on PizzaGate and reactions to it. He faults Lisa just today. But last night, before the turn of the hour to the next day, I uploaded my article of her. I show the web host directory. 11:39 PM, Nov. 29, not 30. I put 30 for a date in the article since it was late night. Nearly 24 hours later, she is responding. I note this because I have experience the same with Jon Rappoport for immediate reaction. My conclusion. I am on the right track and being watched around the clock how bout that!

Lisa mentions in her video that it is late night and she has kids and is tired. But evidently, she and her bosses, if any, were concerned enough to want to respond very fast and squash this quick. Such a high state of alert for a guy and site that seldom gets a visitor. Could I be that big a threat? Oh, you flatter me. What this means is that I am right about the Alt Media being funded from its first member onward and that the Alt Media is bought and paid for; totally controlled.

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