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The Premise

Part 1 - The Way It Was Before . . .

When Patriarchy Was the Norm
The Family Unit
On Breeding and Subversives
Work: Then vs. Now
Desires of the Elite
Feminists, SJWs, and Subversives
The Woman
How the Elite Fund People
Men vs. Women! Really?
Madness In Europe
What Men Lost

Part 2 - In response to:

Grassroots? Really?
Black Pigeon Speaks
Latest Ideas
Unrealistic Expectations
Intense Multi-Pronged Peer Pressure 
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I'm Not Ambitious?     May 8
Sandman & Andrew Dice Clay  May 9
Boomers Are Vampires?  May 8
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Part 3 - Recent Ideas Circulating  Oct 017

The Main Lie Perpetrated
The Source of All Error: False Equality
The Woman's Advantage
Claims of Oppression & Inequality

Treason & Treachery
The Snake Oil Salesman
The Opposite Effect
Ridiculous Expectations
No Limits Required!

Liberated Women on Record
To Christian Women
Hard Patriarchy & War?

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The Premise
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I just came across this subject problem in the summer of 2015. The whole arena spectrum of Feminism as it seems to exist in the present, 2016, and MGTOW, which stands for Men Going Their Own Way, as well as Social Justice Warriors, so called, a.k.a. SJWs. There have been other big struggles involved with this as well such as GamerGate and the disgraceful conduct on/in Universities in recent months. I have heard much from all sides and now it is time for me to bring down the hammer on it all. No one gets out alive. All the exits have been sealed. Escape is not possible. We are going to learn about many things you have never heard before or will have wished you never heard. But since you're here, you might as well have a look.

The most that can happen is that your outlook might be seriously violated and disturbed, making you want to run and cry. So sorry if that happens, but truth often has that effect. Not much I can do about that. Strap yourself in, as off we go!

Part 1 - The Way It Was Before . . .

When Patriarchy Was the Norm
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For the longest time, say 2200 BC to at least 1800 AD, Patriarchy was King in most cultures and religions, pagan included. It was a natural, really. Men fought wars. Men made things. Men had more strength, on average, than women, on average. Far more, on average. Men were the ones who pushed knowledge to ever greater heights. The God of the Hebrews, who was also the God of the successors of Israel for the covenant with God, originally a very small group of Jews, representing the remnant of Israel; this God, was the originator of Patriarchy, and even if some want to dispute that. This God was certainly a big promoter and author of Patriarchy. And whereas the religion coming from this God did prosper well around the world, so did patriarchy with it.

But beginning with the Industrial Revolution and the vast accumulation of capital by various bankers and merchants who did greatly profit from the development of the New World in trade and commerce, these powerful elites, more than ever before, began to weigh in heavily on the trends of industry more significantly, the social trends and political trends. Industry caused many to leave farming and living off the land for jobs in industry, concentrated on rivers, canals, and then railroads. So we became more concentrated into big cities and farms began to dwindle in time as well.

We all became dependent upon employers rather than the land and each other who lived in farming communities and shared most common interests, including specific religious denominations. Patriarchy was the glue that bound society as it transformed.

But as society transformed, as it was guided by Elite Financiers, Patriarchy was seen as a nuisance. Men were too resistant to change and resistant to being fooled, in comparison to women, anyway. And this view only became stronger in the 20th and 21st centuries. The first thing the elite began to change was a woman's right to vote. Women had no rights to voting to near to 1900. But they were granted such in:

Woman suffrage amendment ratified - Aug 18, 1920

As well, as people migrated to cities and industrial jobs, and a woman's way of life changed quite a bit. Now single women would earn paychecks and spend Sunday afternoons or whenever their free time was, strolling along in visible parts of the city where most would pay a visit. Fraternization of sexes with far less oversight from parents, still on the farm, or as nannies, whose employers were not overly concerned with how a nanny spent her free day and time. In rural farming areas, courtship was still common. Chaperones could be found, too. Farming communities were small and everyone knew everyone and everyone's business. It was impossible to avoid.

So urbanization really changed the moral climate as well as the means of support and the dependence upon employers for sustenance and survival. Lose your job and you could be in big trouble. Back on the farm, the food kept growing and the animals kept grazing. No worries about employers.

But what I am trying to point out is that there was not just one factor for the changes that were coming about. The elite had several goals in mind.

1) They wanted to destroy any autonomy and independence. So get people off farms and into factories where employers can use leverage to control employees and hold their jobs and employment against them.

2) Eliminate sexual restraint, encourage unrestrained sexual indulgence, which focus, causes far less attention to thought and far more in base instinct and impulse, which can make the out of control person easier to manipulate and control.

3) Destroy solid family units and structures so that offspring will be much less capable and more easily misled.

4) Liberate women and allow them far more equality with men rather than subjection to men. It started with voting, and sexual liberation. WWII had Rosie the riveter gain employment, freedom from men, all at war, and sexual liberation, too. But it did start in the 1800s. Eventually, women would become preferable as CEOs and politicians. We will deal with all this in parts and sections.

5) Create less interdependence, so it would seem, and far more independence, so it seemed. But in truth, losing support from each other, that is, losing our interdependence, which was a protection and advantage, not a hindrance or restraint. And gaining independence, which in truth,  isolated people and left them weak and vulnerable. People would come to depend on money and insurance, rather than each other. Insurance, a form of finance, was the hangman's noose, in reality.

In the larger broader view of things, men needed to be weakened and made impotent, socially, financially, and psychologically. And women needed to be strengthened, liberated and above all, favored, in order to overcome their natural weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Patriarchy had to die and the sooner the better as far as the elite and Satan were concerned. Oh, you didn't think I was going to leave out Satan did you? You can leave him out if you prefer, but I won't.

So Religion, already long corrupted since at least 300 AD, had to be further infiltrated and compromised so the morals could be relaxed and Patriarchy destroyed. Nobody understood a woman's vulnerable nature like Satan did. He is the one who orders the elite and instructs them. You can laugh, but not for much longer.

So we can see the broad game plan above. Many in MGTOW failed to see the whole complete integrated picture in its complete interlocked form. What MGTOW does see are women's faults and weaknesses. What MGTOW completely misses, are men's faults and weaknesses. This leaves them open to being blind-sided and sucker-punched.

What I am trying to say as a result, is that hidden in the religion of Christianity and Moses, too, were principles that held off Satan and societies' destruction. Now I know MGTOW will hate this. But the bottom line is that destruction of Bible principles laid out by God were all the very obstacles the elite sought to destroy. And in that destruction, they brought about the ruin of men.

And I also propose that once the genie was released from the bottle, men suffered a blow from which there is no recovery except returning to the God of the Bible and waiting for Him to take the actions. He long ago foretold in writing, at least 2000 years before this would all happen, so that He could say, Hah! I told you so. Most so called Christians today do not see the MGTOW-feminist war. They have been blinded. But MGTOW and feminists have also been blinded.

And we have yet to address Social Justice Warriors and so many other things related to MGTOW vs Feminism. And behind it all, the elite, which I can't help but notice, that MGTOW is scared to death to talk about or admit. So I am going to rub it in their faces. To be blunt, MGTOW serves the elite, just as feminists do. I will leave you with no doubt about that. You wanted to take on the best? You got it! Here I come! Ready or not!

One last thing for this chapter/section. Just to reemphasize, Evolution came into vogue in the latter 1800s. So we told God to get out of our lives and that we were going to do what we wanted. So God did just as we asked and got out of our lives and left us to our own demise. God has only been around since our creation by Him and what could He know. He only made us.

So as men are reduced to nothing and women also end up amounting to nothing (I'll get to it), you can remember that this IS what you had asked for when you told God to beat it. Once God was out of the way, the elite knew they could go crazy and do whatever they want. No more morals or religious constraints. We can destroy the whole human race.

That is the Goal of Satan, you must understand. He hates humanity and wants us all dead. But for the sake of few that still want God in their lives and still adhere to what God requires, God will step in before we totally self-destruct. But only so as to protect His own. My recommendation is that anyone reading this consider pleasing God so as to be spared a fate the world has never seen before, for horror, and will never seen again. That is your only way out, whether a man, a woman, or a child. Other than that, you are all screwed.

The Family Unit
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It has to be said that in our day and age, we have all, both men and women, become far more hardened, hurt, jaded, cynical, selfish, self-centered and self focused, and just a whole lot more unpleasant to be around. How much fun is it to be around a guy with full blown PTSD? Not very! In many ways, we are all closer to resembling full blown PTSD than we might want to admit.

But in this section, we are focusing on the gold standard of the family as intended by God. In God's mind, a woman was intended, by Him, to serve as an aid to man in the reproduction of his species. God saw fit to have a child develop to some degree in the womb and then develop a whole lot more after birth. At first, the most important nurturing is the physical sustenance of air, water, and food of some sort, while in the womb. But as well, the mother's moods and emotions will make a huge impact on the developing baby in the womb. The more distressed the mother is, the more the baby will be adversely affected. The baby can sort of come out of the womb with a chip on its shoulders and it is just getting started, already behind the 8 ball.

On the other hand, if all is well with mom, then the baby can come out quite pleasant and will be much easier to satisfy and care for and will be better natured. Its off to a good start. That's a big help. In fact, the biggest determinant in a newborn's life will be its development in the womb and the first 3 years of life outside the womb. What takes place after that is not nearly as important in many ways.

But we are going to focus on the period after the 3 years. It also makes a difference. In a patriarchy system, a woman has a clearly defined role and expectations. In a good sustaining patriarchy, daughters will be taught to be mothers and raise families and behave with loyalty and fidelity to their husbands. Families are the basic unit of society and a good solid family provides an environment that will nurture and sustain this system. It is a system that recognizes the assets a man brings to his family. He is the head and the boss. He listens to his wife and kids, but he will weigh their desires against (in theory) a good objective standard of fairness and decency. He will decide how much to give in to them or "readjust" them to maintain a healthy family atmosphere. If the family unjustly bucks or tries to subvert, the man has the physical strength to enforce whatever it is he decides.

Look at it this way! There can only be one undisputed authority, whether in war, or in rulership or any other endeavor. In a patriarchy, that one undivided authority is the man, the husband, the father, the provider and defender/protector.

The woman's role in a family is to care for her children's needs, not only in food, clothing, cleaning and grooming, but teaching, training and discipline as an aid and supplement to what a husband might provide. And she, of course, acts in ways cooperative and in unison with the man, the husband.

In order to insure the smooth success of this system of family, God granted the male and female, natures and personalities that would be conducive to carrying out their particular roles. A woman might be nurturing and caring, a good teacher but also one who can be submissive to the husband since in Bible patriarchy, like most patriarchies, the husband is the owner of his wife. He has certain privileges and prerogatives over his family and his wife as well.

Sex is a right/rite of a man. He does not have to ask and get permission to have it. He has the right to insist, even as his kids need to obey him. In the Bible, a man can not be convicted of raping his wife. Its not that he should force himself on her all the time, but most of the time, she should be cooperating, whether she is in the mood or not. Bur regardless, a man is entitled to his wife's "services," if you like. Its his reward and incentive for taking on a family.

This might seem hostile in our female liberated society, which I say is a broken-down disabled society. As MGTOW fans can appreciate, when a man takes on a wife and family, he needs and deserves some sort of incentive in order to take all that on. For a man, sex is that big incentive. Without it, he has no motivation to honor his role and responsibilities. So God insured that men are able to retain that incentive, without having to fight or struggle to get it. It was granted as an absolute right. That's patriarchy. It worked for nearly 6000 years.

At one time, all members of society knew and understood this. All supported this system together. It requires the support of the parents of both the wife and husband, as well as the entire community. Part of our problem today is that there is no community to enforce anything. We don't live in reinforcing communities. WE are all isolated and virtually anonymous members of a group of distinct individuals with almost nothing in common. There is our problem! People used to live with other people like themselves. Same religion, same culture, same heritage.

But in our day, the elite have told us that that unity and common purpose are bad and that diversity and variety are the best of all things. Variety is fine up to a point, but there must also be a lot in common so that disputes do not constantly arise from disagreement and lack of anything in common. Unity is essential to any healthy society. There have to be agreements and shared values. This is where the elite choose to lie, in order to get us to act against our own best long term interests. Divide and conquer is the real goal of the elite. They do not want us united. They want us at war with each and divided at any and all times. They want us weak and easily controlled, without backbone or purpose.

The family unit and community unit, in addition to an agrarian land based existence that enabled a fair amount of independence and create a place and opportunity for new families to start out, without debt; God saw to it that land was a right of inheritance. You did not need to buy land. Land was provide for free to tribes and family groups. God provided the land and its being apportioned to each tribe.

In our society, you start out in debt with mortgages and you stay that way throughout your life, never getting gout of it and always being in jeopardy of losing it all if you are laid off or fired. If you live off your own land, you can't get fired from that. You can get lazy and starve due to your own stupidity, but otherwise, you have a certain amount of security in owning land and growing on it.

Its important to recognize the many factors against us now. The biggest thing against us is the elite, who hate God and His debt free system and patriarchy.

On Breeding & Subversives
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I do want to point out as well, that the introduction of birth control pills near to 1960, also changed family dynamics, 1st by allowing sex without conception, where kids could be avoided, although they still happen at times, even with contraception.

2nd, with kids being fewer, if any, the reason for marriage was primarily sexual relief. If one did not like the relationship, it was easier to walk away if there were no kids. Today, really, it hardly matters. People walk away, anyway, and to hell with the kids. But we pay a price when we stop caring about our kids. We are very selfish in our day and age.

I might also point out that races of humans are sort of like competing plants and weeds in a garden. Good varieties, if they prosper, produce what the gardener hopes for. If weeds prosper, then the gardener is not so happy. Races compete and really, child production is, or can be, a form of military build-up. As long as your nation or race is child productive, then your race is somewhat protected in competing for resources with other races.

Now it is regrettable that we compete rather than peacefully cooperate, but that is the reality of things. Now industrialization and dependence upon employers and declining economies have caused many sensible responsible people to cut back on children or avoid them, due to the uncertainty and unreliability of jobs and paychecks. They don't believe in welfare and living off of others.

But odd government policies, dictated by the elite, no doubt, such as generous welfare offers to foreigners (but never their own native citizens, of course), upset the balance in many ways. Foreigners don't have too many principles and will gladly keep breeding, even though they can not afford it and ask us who are getting laid off or having our wages reduced and our budgets cut back, to carry them and their unrestrained breeding.

What these ignorant foreigners do not grasp, is that they are cutting their own throats. After we have been done in and eliminated by foreigners, the foreigners in turn, will be eliminated by the elite as well. Foreigners are not too bright, which is why the elite favor them temporarily, even as they do women, because they are not bright and do not see what the elite are really up to.

But it must be realized that breeding is a sort of buffer and protector which is why the elite destroyed the economies of fairly good, sensible, responsible people, knowing those people would stop breeding because they know enough to live within their means and not be extravagant. Dumb moronic foreigners have never learned or accepted good sound principles like that. That is why they must leave their own ruined nations and impose upon intelligent peoples to fix their problems, but their problems go right with them. They can not or do not want to learn and improve.

So I am going to make a point here that is missed by most. The elite are famous for using the dumb, the stupid, the irresponsible, to bring a nation down and destroy it. Vladimir Lenin called these types, useful idiots. They are the dumb masses and dumb asses. When someone seeks to overthrow a regime or government, they seek out the useful idiots. Why? Because the idiots fail to see what the leaders are doing and that as soon as the usurpers get into power, the first people they get rid of are the subversive idiots. Why? Because the idiots can be used by other manipulators and undo what the usurpers accomplished. So after they make use of idiots, they kill them off before anyone else can use them.

I listened to a former Soviet subversive talk about this in a YouTube video. He escaped in time but he told of who many were executed. I will try and find it and put a link in here. But you can see the logic, I hope. To attack people with good sensible values and strategies and get rid of them, rather than learning from them and imitating them, is about as dumb as you can get.

So in an odd way, the good sense of good people is used against those good people. But since others control our economies, we have little choice but to accept our defeat unless the foreigners are bright enough to see the situation and realize that getting rid of us will also get rid of them in turn.

But in many times in previous history, breeding was seen as essential for survival. A nation would not dream of destroying itself. So they encouraged families and breeding and punished single men with taxes that could support those willing to breed.

What I will say is that if one is going to be a nation of breeders, which before 1960, was a given, then family life needs to be protected and nurtured. A life of single adults living for pleasure only, is actually quite dangerous and destructive. One, because it conflicts with wholesome family culture where kids are raised in sanity, and decency, modesty, values, caring,  supporting one another, rather than living a reckless independent, debauched, degraded, immoral, decadent lifestyle that thinks only of sex and little to nothing else. They are a threat and danger to themselves and they don't even know it.

Now I don't mean to say that every person who stays single but hooks up is bad or dumb, but in general, the singles are harmful to family life and children. You can't have both. And the singles life can not be sustained by its own kind because they do not breed enough and they don't have the stable environment that a family based culture would have. There you have it. Family life in a nutshell.

Work: Then vs. Now
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Industrialization and the change to employers for sustaining one's life instead of land and farming, changed the options and added many choices and eliminated the one choice most took for granted at one time, farming the land. When we were tied to land, our lives had most of our decisions made for us. There are few options when land is your survival. I am not saying this is a bad thing. In fact, it was a good thing.

Once you got married and started a farm, you decisions were all made for you. You would have kids. You couldn't avoid it. You would remain tied to the land. You would live there, work there, die there. You would probably go to church or a synagogue. Your wife had all her decisions made as well. Her role was known and understood. She learned it from her mom.

In today's world, your options are limitless and that is the problem. How do two people join their lives together and live and work together and what do you work for or who do you work for? If two people have 2 different employers with 2 different needs and agendas; how do you make them work together? Can you make them work together? Your both working in two different directions in all likelihood.

So right of the bat, you have no unity in today's structured employment. You are trying to serve 2 different masters. One of them, at the least, is going to get screwed. You already have an impossible situation with no real solution. Either employers need to work around a couple's relationship and kids if any, or the marriage and kids will suffer. I don't need to go into detail. You have a verified conflict. You have a serious problem.

These problems did not exist when people farmed to survive. And while only one person worked, as was the case for most up to at least the mid 60s, it was still manageable. The wife stayed at home with the kids and the husband worked for the money for his family. But the elite were not happy with parents raising their own young. The parents tended to teach what they wanted, which was their right. But the elite wanted to take those rights away and teach all kids their way instead of the kids' parents' way.

So the elite enticed women to leave the house and come to work for extra spending money for the family. For a brief time, it worked. Couples had spare cash and prosperity. Where I lived, many could maybe afford a little cottage at the lake or beach for weekends and vacations. But then the elite created inflation and ate away at the spare income until a couple was forced to both work just to make ends meet. So who is going to care for the kids? Daycare and Schools! Daycare would become very expensive and risky, really.  A lot of daycare horror stories. Most kids would much prefer mom to strangers.

So this is where we are now, where unless you are a professional who makes big money, both the man and woman will have to work. And it does not work well. The demands of a job can take up spare time after hours. A couple struggles to find time for each other, not to mention enough sleep and getting enough sex. And if you are tired, sex may not happen.

I am not going to tell you how impossible this situation has become. It was the will of the elite that relationships fail and that new, more loose open relationships be explored. Casual sex and not much as regards relationships. You have sex and then its back to work. You call that a life? Marriage is pretty much impossible as it stands. Is it the fault of the man? The woman? The dog? Kids? No, its your employment set up. Its absurd. It can seldom ever work.

Feminists are not happy. I don't blame them. You call this a life? MGTOWs are not happy. I'm not surprised. Now I have not addressed these groups as individuals yet, but my point was that this situation, even without feminism or MGTOW concerns, will not work. The evidence is irrefutable. And the elite are behind it all. How many even want to admit that? So lets explore the next problem.

Desires of the Elite
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The elite see humans as mere cattle. Or if you prefer, as just labor resources, commodities to be used. The problem is those commodities have minds and can think and may not like how they are handled. So enters manipulation and propaganda.  To convince us that we are getting a good deal when we are really getting screwed. To steal our time and labor and tell us how lucky we all are.

Basically, the elite want to treat us like crap and make us slave for them. They want to convince us that black is white, and up is down, and in is out. They want us to believe them when they try to tell us what reality really is, even though our own eyes and ears can see and hear otherwise.

Specifically, they wanted our kids to program and brain wash. They wanted to destroy our relationships, destroy our institutions, religions, morals, ethics, way of life, culture, and whatever else you can think of. Freed from all morality, they were hoping they could get us to behave ruthlessly. and many cases it worked.  For a little more money and rank, people will often sell their souls. I have seen people be monsters for a mere 50 to 75 cents extra per hour compared to the rest of us. It does not take much.

So we went from one bread winner for a family, to two, and gave our kids to strangers to watch. Hmmm, what could go wrong with that? And now our government has more rights over what our kids are taught than we do. And we can not decide if our kids get vaccines or not. The government decides.

Now the elite, thru government, want to remove the biggest obstacles and replace them with smaller lesser obstacles. Men are smarter than women as a whole and I will stand by that. Some women are very intelligent, but not many. Most are more worried about fashion or other material things. They like to spend money and show off. Men have more backbone and are harder to twist around one's finger and manipulate, than women. So if you want the path of least resistance if you are one of the elite, what do you do? Its obvious, isn't it?

Get rid of men and use women for most things. Get rid of men as CEOs and bosses and replace them with women. Stop promoting men in politics and promote women instead. Don't make men rich and powerful. Make them weak and useless. Take what they have and give it to women, even if they don't deserve it.

Now I ask, are women as dumb as foreigners? You bet they are! Women are quite happy to serve as subversives and social/political saboteurs. What they don't see is that they will soon be in the place where men are now, when the men are all gone. The attractive women will be used as sex slaves and the rest for slave labor or they will be done away with. Its that simple. The elite could care less about them. And remember that the elite fear subversives because the elite know that subversives are fickle and can easily be used by nearly anyone who wants to make use of them and bribe them to help. After all, that is what they did for the elite, right? So subversives will be the first to go. There is no loyalty on the part of the elite. They lie, they use people, and manipulate people, and then laugh at them.

But the "useful idiots" never learn. They are too stupid. That is why they are on the bottom right now, due to not having any real merit. But for a very brief time, they get to be favored and they take full advantage of it. Humans are naturally short-sighted and fall for nearly anything. The elite know most are simpletons. So they use one group to destroy another and they take out the biggest problems first and then work their way down the chain, till all their "obstacles" are gone.

Most MGTOW have completely missed this and failed to recognize it. In fact, I would suggest that many MGTOW channels actually work for the elite, just like I would suggest that SJW feminists do. The Elite have long funded both sides in any conflict. Most of you have not a clue about that. You fall for one side or the other, when both race horses are owned by the very same manipulators that have been in charge for possibly more than 2000 years. Maybe 2500 years. Maybe even more. Since they have always kept out of sight, we don't know for sure how long.

But both SJWs and MGTOWs are a little slow and stupid. They both think that the elite are going to look after them and care about them, and treat them right. They each think the other is going to get done in. The irony? They are both right! But then I ask:  When have the elite ever looked after those who sell out or betray their own in favor of the elite? Or put another way, when have the elite ever missed a chance not to betray all those who helped them get to the top? Take, for instance, the JFK murder and cover-up. Many loyal participants in that murder were themselves murdered along the way, "just to be safe," you understand. There is no loyalty to sell outs. The Elite hate sell outs. They don't trust sell outs. They despise sell outs.

Now the greatest of ironies. The elite follow Satan, yeah, the one most of you don't believe in, and they obey his every word because he has promised them great things. Only problem is, he will not be able to deliver to them. He knows that. He knows he has already lost the challenge of near to 2000 years ago and that all his followers of today will die following him.

But he lies to them to get them to go along with him, knowing that it will get them all killed. You see, since Satan is to lose and die, he wants to take as many with him as he can. Nice guy, huh? So the irony is that the elite are going to get done in, the same way they do others in. They lie to others and betray others. Satan lies to them and has already set up the big betrayal. The elite will not get what they were promised. Its almost too good to be true. The justice is so ironic.

So you can continue to listen to the elite. Most will! But in the end, you will have passed up a chance to escape oblivion and have a life so far superior to anything we have previously known. But its not too late, if you want to jump ship and join the winning side. But your former masters will not be happy with you. But its only a temporary annoyance.

But now back to elite plans. Most of you who serve the elite, if their plan were to succeed, would not have a good life under them. You will have no rights. You'll take whatever they feel like dishing out. Satan's orders! No appreciation. No respect. No dignity. You are all losers if they eliminate all the former powers and intelligence and resistance, and noble principles. Really, you should be hoping for God to win, since God says (implies) that your feelings and thoughts should matter as much as His and be given every consideration against His desires, feelings and thoughts and if only one side's argument can win, it will be with God carefully weighing and balancing His understanding against yours and giving you good informed reasons for why His way would have to prevail in some particular situation.

Neither the elite or Satan will ever give you anything like that. Quite literally, they will give you human excrement to eat and urine to drink as Satan loves to humiliate his followers, who he has not the least amount of respect for or appreciation for. I'm just here to tell you how it is all going to end so that you can make an informed intelligent decision and not some gut instinct motivated by selfishness. And that is going to bring us to our next subject. I know you're all totally excited.

So then, lets discuss the tensions between the sexes and between liberals and conservatives, too. And then examine where each of those groups may be flawed in their understanding.

Feminists, SJWs, and Subversives
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To be honest, as it is the right thing to do, Feminism was brought about by the elite. It was brought about to destroy the influence, power, and strong will of men. Strong will can be good or bad, like anything else, but a strong will is essential if being attacked. Now Feminism is not logical, well-argued, or reasonable. It is hate based, biased, prejudiced, and subversive. It exists only to destroy men, and to destroy nations, cultures, and political philosophies as well, FACT! It is actually Marxism in disguise and that has never worked out well. Rather that bringing about prosperity, it brings about corruption, mass death and decay and destruction. These are the fruits of subversives and saboteurs. They do not seek law or reason and principle. They only seek unbridled power and that implodes very rapidly. Any power not checked, becomes far too abusive to prosper.

SJWs are a label to draw various minority groups together to oppose men and white people, particularly white men. So if you are a supposed minority, such as women (who are not really a minority in anything, but are about 50% as regards gender), Blacks, Mexican's, Latinos, Africans, Muslims, LGBTQ's, or whatever else I might have forgotten, then you are really part of a single larger group, known as subversives, Cultural Marxists or Cultural Communists, or social saboteurs. You seek to destroy what is good or even superior as far as the elite are concerned,  and you help to overthrow enemies of the elite, and placing yourselves in ever greater danger of being minimalized and marginalized, but you are all too stupid to see it.

The elite love you because you are so stupid and short-sighted. You are the useful idiots Vladimir Lenin spoke of. You stump for or promote any stupid thing that the elite are willing to pay you to promote. If you belong to a leftist ultra-liberal subversive political movement, then you will support any subversive doctrine or agenda that this political movement recommends, in hope that you get further promoted and advanced and raised in pay.

So it matters not, what brand of SJW you are. For MGTOW, the most common and hated SJW is a feminist one. MGTOW center everything around women. They see women and/or women's rights and privileges, of which there are admittedly many, and those many are superior to what men have and are intended to destroy men in political and economic ways.

But the absolute honest truth is that Feminism is a product of the elite, not women. Feminism is not logical or defensible. It is the philosophy of the absurd, ridiculous, and insane. It would never survive or thrive without the support of elite financing. The elite are able to insure that the media will give proper ample attention to whatever the elite want, to get attention. In this case, subversive nihilistic Feminism.

Without the elite, Feminism, now in existence, would die. Without the elite, it never would have gotten started. Because again, Feminism is intended to be a destructive force, to ruin a culture, a race, and the male sex. Besides that, let me make this clear. With nothing to gain, such as money or attention, few are ever going to take up the mantle of a Social Justice Warrior of any type. The human spirit is not that noble. Most humans have better things to do with their time then try to sell something to the people that they don't want or that would be hurtful to them.

Asking people to slit their own throats has never been that easy, without the help of the artificial superficial media, schools and other institutions of propaganda and lies. What sort of society would be dumb enough to destroy itself and its prosperity? That is what we will deal with next, in a round about way.

The Woman
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MGTOW has had lots to say about women. Quite negative, overall, and not so out of line, in many respects. But some of the results are due to the way that our way of life was changed, as we underwent industrialization and urbanization. But yes, women are selfish, self-centered, spoiled, self indulgent and self absorbed. And they are easily distracted.

Now I know that last assertion is going to upset MGTOW. So let me clarify. If a woman can dress up real nice and be able to continue to update her wardrobe and maintain a high status or desirability, then nothing else in life matters to her. What she likes and wants, is enough to keep her very happy if she can get it. Now some men of ambition might require more in the way of power or influence, status and standing. They might want to accomplish some serious things and leave their mark in life. They have more in terms of long-term goals. A woman is often just all about her beauty and desirability. This won't shock MGTOW, but it certainly will anger many a woman, but some women will know what I mean. There are a few of them, but not many. My mother hated women bosses and feared places where women dominated. She always preferred men as bosses. Interesting, no?

The real truth is that most humans are pretty shallow and easily satisfied. And Yes, I find fault with that. I believe that to have great potential, and not reach a fair amount of that, is a waste of who we are. I'll put it this way. Why buy a car that can go 180 miles an hour and zero to 60 in 3 seconds if there is no ability to reach those speeds and acceleration? Conversely, if you have a means and ability to be able to go that fast anytime you want, and you have the car to do it, and you don't do it, then that car and its ability are wasted. Save your money and get a car that's cheaper, more economical, and still gets you around nice.

Why build up your body with huge muscles unless you do something that requires huge muscles or you want to do something that requires huge muscles?

Men have greater ambition than women, as a whole. FACT!. Or at the least, the two sexes have different ambitions. There is a reason for this, whether you believe in God or evolution. If a woman, as her primary function, is to breed and raise children, then she needs the appropriate personality and level of ambition that will propel her to complete her role, but at the same time, keep her happy and content at that level, and not want reach out for something more. This is what I propose is the case. Her role according to the Bible, was to be a helper to man and compliment of him. He was the one with ambitions and drive in copious amounts while she took care of his kids while they were young and then he teaches them the next level, so to speak.

Now here is the problem. If you "cultivate" a woman to have grand ambitions and desires, then she will never be happy as a "mere" mother of children and a wife to a man. It would be cruel to encourage her to reach for the stars as a child and then put lid on her and tell her she must breed instead. So she has to be given the proper expectations for her role and function in society. She needs to be brought up right.

Now what would you do, if you were one of the elite and wanted to destroy men? Would you have women fulfill their role as wives and mothers, or would you encourage her to break way and shoot for the stars? Would you encourage family values or try to destroy the family arrangement? If you wanted to destroy society as the elite do and as Satan does, you would attack the family and get women to reject their given natural role and take on another one.

Women have been encouraged by the elite to be sexually loose and provocative and live it up, sexually speaking. To hell with families! Just fuck your brains out. I have seen many men, who think of nothing but sex most of the time. They are simple tools and very shallow. Get women to do it and you will get the same result, simple and shallow. They will not use their brains. They will follow their primitive instincts.

The sexual libido is never to be underestimated. It is one of the most powerful forces in human nature. It easily can progress to an obsessive compulsive level and control our every action. It is an important drive to get control of and keep in check, because of the fact that it can make us become unproductive and reckless, usually resulting in every sexual boundary being broken and smashed. Sex by itself has no restraints. The restraints come from other control regions of the brain such as morality, empathy, ambitions of having other things one wants to accomplish, etc. These, among others, help to restrain sexual urges some, if one is passionate about more than just sex. Goals, meaning and purpose can be powerful motivation forces if they are important to a person.

I might add that both government propaganda and religion tend to condemn masturbation, which can be a fast, easy, and if not out of control, harmless release of very powerful desires so that we can go about our business in a more healthy relieved sort of mind. Feminists hate masturbation for men. We are said to be committing horrible thought crimes when we do so. If we imagine a rape, feminists say it constitutes the same as real rape. Totally absurd! Or even more terrifying are the sex dolls and sex robots, which I say are also harmless and violate not moral laws. And what goes on inside our heads also affects no one. And everyone has lots of strange stuff in their heads because the natural function of the brain is to try out all combinations and options, which then go thru a sort of voting process in the mind. The region with most votes or signal strength, becomes the decision and action.

But in many ways, it was the destruction of Patriarchy that changed the way women were raised by daddies. At one time, a community and its family members, were committed to their religion to some degree. And I want to point out that most pagan religions in say, 2000 BC to just before Industrialization, were patriarchies. In fact, the Code of Hammurabi dates to about 1700 or 1800 BC, whereas the laws of Moses, called by some the Old Testament, did not come into being until about 1500 BC.

Religions supported Patriarchy. Communities supported it. But in America, round about the 1820s to 1840s, we had a movement known as the Great Awakening. But what it really was, was a Masonic inspired profusion of religious ideas and movements to mislead us. Its goal was to gain control of all religions and it worked and religions were changed in their ideas and guess which idea was firmly in the crosshairs of their scopes? Yep! Patriarchy.

It took some time, but we are in the firm grips of Feminism, which is really just Anti-Patriarchy and Anti-men, as the elite wanted it.

Under patriarchy, everyone knew their role and everyone taught those roles to the new generations of children. But when religious leaders went silent on Patriarchy and later became feminists, then even dads started to change their tune. Dad's and Mom's formerly, would bring up their daughters to fulfill their role and duties. It was understood, and enforced by the parents even after marriage, and the church leaders were very much part of that reinforcement. The elite penetration-infiltration-corruption of religion helped changed it all.

Now daddies have taken a new turn. They want all their sons AND daughters to be alpha males and be the dominant partners in their prospective marriages. In particular, I am talking about upper middle class daddies and higher, who have money and influence, collectively, and can rock the boat when they want to. So this teaching females to be bosses and fight for supremacy in their marriages all but guarantees the marriage will fail. We have no automatic standard that everyone supports and agrees to.  No more "this is the right way" for us. We are going to start from scratch and try to negotiate the impossible.

As well, daddies tended to spoil their daughters and the daughters come to believe that all men are or should be, loaded with money and should freely give it to the wives, like daddy did, when they were girls. But Most men today have been hunted down like dogs and don't have money any more. Women have all the important jobs and are becoming all the CEOs and politicians.

Now when men were in power, they were the providers and shared their money. So then, women stepped up to the plate and said, its my turn to take care of the man since I am making all the money, right? No? Are you sure? Well, NO is correct. Women are very selfish and while they got the money and power now, they will accept no burdens of a man, even though the man did accept the burden of a woman. Funny how that one-sided thing works, isn't it?

For the woman, everything is one-sided. But understand that this is as the elite intended. No mercy for the man. They want to reduce us to only 10% men in the world-wide population and 90% women, since women are so much easier to control. But Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy everyone and everything cause he is going to die at an appointed time. So there will be no winners on the side of the elite. Even they will die. The only escape is God!

But this is why everything is so one-sided in our societies now. The woman gets half of everything the man has and he gets nothing from anyone. He can not win. Men have been given pink slips here on earth and asked to vacate the premises until we are down to 10%. Just telling it to you right up front. Something the elite will not do. They don't want you to know what they are really up to and in that respect, they are a lot like their Lord Satan. He does not want you to even believe he exits, much less that he is running the entire world to show how worthless humans are against impossible odds.

So no one is going to shout this from the roof tops except me. It won't be on TV or the radio or the mainstream press, or any school. Its a great big secret. A skeleton in the closet. And you have all fallen for it, too. MGTOWs blame women and government. Ah ha ha ha ha! Suckers!

Now if you want to explore a modern liberal woman's ideas, MGTOW YouTube videos are very good. I will say, that Sandman, Turd-Flinging-Monkey and Raging Golden Eagle, who I say are all run by the same guy, probably paid as well, all do a good job of exposing the horrific games of women. I will call all these Sandman and I will say that Sandman, the one who puts you all to sleep by putting sand in your eyes, as the story goes, is a very intelligent and a very capable crusader and hits the mark often. But there is just one problem. He avoids accusing the elite like the plague. How interesting.

Teal Deer is sometimes interesting, but also a bit longer than he needs to be. Sargon of Akkad is too long and very protective of the elite but I love his voice and sometimes he is right on the mark with a great biting wit. Red Pill Revolution is often interesting and he is not so afraid of the elite.

So check out the many videos and channels, but be aware that the elite are pulling all the strings that make men's lives miserable. Women, like most subversives, are no good to their own long-term best interests. They are cutting their own throats. All subversives do that. That's the nature of the beast.

How the Elite Fund People
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Lets get one thing straight, first. I have no proof of what I am going to declare. But I have evidence from the past and present that suggest it is so. If you do not have the smarts to see beyond the veil, I can not change that. Come along anyway and see what I have to say.

1st, if a politician is not allowed to advertise too much, what does he do? What do the elite sponsoring him do? Answer? They create a phony group who manages to gather some money but have no connections, so they say, with the candidate that they appear to support with their message. They then stump for the candidate or an issue that he stands for. True, there are no official records or trails leading back to the candidate, but hiding connections is also easy enough to do when both sides have lots of friends in common.

Let me explain just a little more on that. Both parties are in on the game of politics. They pretend to stand for different things. One side has an official set of policies and the other side takes the other set of policies. They take turns in office, so that what one side can not overturn, the other will, when its their turn in office. Elections are rigged. But in recent times in the USA, both parties do the same thing now. Both stand for war, immigration, exporting jobs and encouraging imports, screwing the environment, favoring big business, and so on. I can't see any real differences. Its either Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.

So with no real differences, other than they both say they don't like each other and stand for different things, its just a smoke screen. Both sides are controlled absolutely, by the elite.

Or look at it this way. If you work for the internet division of the military, you might be in charge of a number of sock puppet accounts. With these accounts you can create any sort of appearance you want. You can make them appear like different people and personalities. You can make some look like enemies and others like friends. You can create phony support or phony resistance. You can make a site look like its popular with lots of visitors. With lots of phony accounts, you can create any sort of illusion and lie you want. But in truth, whatever you create all belongs to you, just one solitary soul.

And if you work with a few other sock puppet masters who work in your department, you can create more illusion and lies. The bottom line is that much of the internet is a controlled lie. That's a fact! Its the new battle ground, and the elite and governments know that. They are the cause of that.

Now suppose you are a big financier and you want to funnel a few hundred thousand to a prized SJW spokesperson as a reward for pushing your sick agenda. But you don't want anyone to know that you are doing this or that the money is all coming from one source. Well, you start by using certain names, fictitious or real, in whose name you can make a small contribution to your beloved SJW. And then you do this a few thousand times over, to make it look like a groundswell of support. No one knows that it all comes from a common source who is a big somebody. The appearance is of individuals who care about the cause, when nothing could be further from the truth.

I propose that funding sites like "go fund me" or "patreon" or other similar services are the perfect means to pay subversives well without ever revealing where the money has come from. It appears like an unrelated crowd, but that is a lie. It is not the only way to pay, but it is a good one that also serves as propaganda by making it look like a crowd really cares about the issue or cause.

Let me tell you that most SJWs are very selfish and if they see that someone is getting well funded, they will not bother to contribute. In fact, they might even be jealous of the SJW getting funded. No one cares about subversive causes. They only care about attention and money. FACT! Only money could make this crap happen. It would die on its own. But with powerful people directing the media to the designated spokeswoman, they make it appear like it is a news worthy item, worthy of respect and of being taken seriously. Nothing goes anywhere without money unless it really is something that most people care about. But the elite do not care about things that most people care about.

The elite are well known for funding and controlling all political candidates. Its only done with money. Its either that or blackmail, but usually both. Financiers and some nations will often supply 2 warring nations with arms to fight each other. The financiers make money off both warring nations and the big nations benefit by having the 2 warring nations dwindle each other's power and prosperity in a battle of attrition.

This is known as duplicity and deceit and its done all the time and been done since the days of Rome, if not a good deal earlier.

Again, the elite do not want to be known as being behind anything, same as Satan in that regard. And sock puppet masters do not want anyone getting on to their schemes, either. Everyone wants to sneak around and hide under the cover of darkness.

Many a conspiracy researcher has said, in order to track down a conspiracy, "Follow the money!" It leaves a real good traceable path, if you can find a place in the path to begin. The thing is, you have to look beyond the surface. The elite are masters of creating surface illusions and lies. Nothing is really as it seems. You have to be critical and cynical to see thru the disguise of deceit.

Now I did suggest that MGTOW was funded as well. No way you say? Well, again, if you are the elite, don't you want to control both sides? And wouldn't you do that best by owning both sides, by paying both sides? How would the elite keep their cover and keep both sides from mentioning them? They could only do this if they funded both sides. People getting paid well are not about to rock the boat. People getting paid well and promoted well are hard to compete with. And if the elite hire the best, then alternate voices will be even less heard. And who is less heard than me, who always fingers the elite, all the way up to Satan? That's right! Truth1 is the real bad boy!

As well, both MGTOW and feminists are kept in the dark about the other side and led to think only they are being favored. Maybe they both know but are told to keep quiet if they like living. That might work, too.

Now if MGTOW or its most prominent advocates were funded, would they admit it? Of course not! I wouldn't if I were them! They will always have an excuse. Oh, I do weddings part time and MGTOW videos the rest of the time. Or: "I work in a corporation and make my money that way."

Now there are employers who serve other causes other than just their own business interests. One example would be Kathleen Sullivan, a mind controlled slave who served as a CIA assassin. She worked in a corporation and would be called to do a job. Upon her leaving to carry out a mission, the employer would get other people to do her work load while she was gone. The employer had a discreet relationship with the CIA and the people who carried Kathleen's load knew better than to ask questions. They did as they were told. Never question your boss if you like having a job.

Anyone in any corporation could be assigned to work on "special projects" for a better part of his time, thereby accomplishing his primary purpose, say in this case, to make MGTOW videos. Or he might collect Patreon type funds under another name or business. He might get paid as a contractor for something else, supposedly. There are many creative ways it could be done.

But what I find most unusual and more than a little suspicious is that no MGTOW people at all even mention the elite and the holy trinity of Sandman seems to favor the elite. Oh, and the Dark Knight, now taken down was, in my opinion, also part of that Sandman group. Sandman always said that you need to be "continually reinventing yourself" and he reveals an East Indian man taught him a lot about sound, and I happen to have some background in sound as well. I know the devices, equalizers and filters and more, that can alter voices and disguise them. Put on a phony accent as well and you are in business. Now, Sandman maybe totally legit. But most subjects covered by him also end up on TFM and RGE's channels as well. All seem to be from the Toronto area and have experience working in offices with women. All of them are big video game fans and players.

I note that many MGTOWs come from Canada. There is a reason for this. Canadian policy and Canadian law are ultra liberal and seem to create the worst MGTOW problems which is why so much material seems to come from Canada. But it does not matter if Sandman operates puppets or not. He does a very good job and that is good enough for me. But along with all other MGTOW channels, they all seem to avoid picking on the elite. Can that really be an accident? No way, Jose! But I do strongly recommend Sandman videos. He points out the corrupted attitude of so many women.

I also note that many an SJW also operates in Canada. I note that Stephanie Guthrie took a case to court in Ontario Canada, which has the big city of Toronto and the national capitol in Ottawa. It also borders the Great Lakes, long a major shipping region with ties to the Midwest like Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Upstate New York.

But to be clear, men are also hard to deal with. They are broken and dysfunctional all too often. They got attitudes and egos. Listen, I was once one of Jehovah's Witnesses and I left on rebellious terms, called by them an apostate. That religion was exclusively run with a tight fist, only by men. So you can't blame any women since they have little power in that religion. Men don't like other men who are more capable than they are. Trust me on that one.

To me, the picture is not complete until we understand why the most important part of this formula, the elite, is left out and ignored entirely. It makes no sense at all and that should raise eyebrows.

So you can all continue to ignore all this. But all subversive movements depend on money and always have. Where does that money come from? Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Men vs. Women! Really?
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All silly battles take two dummies to fight it. Liberals vs Conservatives! Democrats vs Republicans, as if they were really different. MGTOW vs Feminism/SJWs. These and many like them are all diversions and dead ends. They all lead to nowhere. They all keep you from pointing your fingers at the elite.

The courts and laws clearly are against men and as such, I think men are well advised to avoid marriage and women. I know that is not a great prospect but neither is falling into overwhelming debt and loss from divorce. MGTOW serves a good valued service. But MGTOW also ignores that men have as many problems as women. We are all children in many respects and all have unrealistic expectations of life, thanks in part to Hollywood and TV, that lie to us all, all the time. We are all a mess and none of us can live with each other. I find men often as obnoxious as women. Perhaps with slightly different sets of problems, but problems just the same. The road to wisdom is a lonely one. You will not find many people who pursue wisdom, of either sex.

The law has pitted the sexes against each other and until that law is corrected, there is no way the two can interact in positive ways, most of the time. Men are under attack, by the elite primarily, but by women, secondarily. Women have many privileges that they do not deserve. They often are allowed jobs they can not adequately do. But women have been marginalized some at times, in some periods of history. Women are marginalized right now by Islamic men, but that, too, is being ignored while the elite pour thousands and even millions of "Muslim" refugees into Europe to destroy it. These men, in my opinion, hate women and brutalize them into submission. More on this further to come.

The trick is to be fair and given that both sexes are selfish, it is not likely that fairness will be reached and bridged. Can we go back to Patriarchy? We should, but I would say that the genie will never go back into the bottle. He's out and he is determined to stay out. Women are selfish and short-sighted, more so than some men. Women have been spoiled by rich daddies and will not be able to adjust their expectations to the realities at hand.

For instance, if a woman was born beautiful and then loses the beauty at 30 or 35, will she be able to readjust to being a plain Jane or a tubby Tammy? I doubt it. I am 57 and I have avoided marriage and relationships my whole life. I have seen many things. Most people can not readjust and reset their expectations they were falsely brought up into. So fixing things, does not seem likely to me. I find humans only learn the hard way. I have seen it for 57 years. I am a realist. I base the future on the past. It works best that way.

We get used to what we had as children. We develop expectations. I have seen some girls experience what I would call trauma at having lost their beauty, once substantial, by like the age of 12 or so, or during puberty. It is devastating to them as you would expect. They thought it was theirs to keep and I wish it had been. But life goes from having hope to losing all hope. Beauty gives its owner a lot of advantages and makes life a lot more fun. Without it, life can suck!

But I just want people to understand how expectations can linger into old age and those who had beauty for much of their lives somehow feel that they are still entitled to the treatment they got when they had beauty, and its not that way at all. As long as you have it, you got it. When you lose it, its over. Some have a hard time excepting that it is over. They will often not be able to readjust and accept the new change. Some will live their latter days in misery, expecting way more than they are entitled to.

I can give you a couple examples. My brother was treated far better than me to "compensate" for his seemingly disturbed nature after being born. He was not at ease as I was. My mother said that she was sick with dread, about having a 2nd child and being stuck with my father. I find that quite reasonable. He was an asshole and not quite all there in the head, either. She is sure it affected my brother while in the womb and all research from the likes of Dr. Janov supports that.

So after birth, without being fully aware of it, he got the impression that he was special and more deserving than myself. He had a warped distorted sense of superiority that followed him for the rest of his life. But in school, he had troubles because he was expecting the preferential treatment like what he got at home and he was not getting it. It would disrupt his school life throughout. And in adulthood, he was very angry and frustrated that no one recognized or accepted his "obvious superiority." I have since seen many like him. He ended up an extreme alcoholic and full of anger. He died at 46 of alcohol and prescription medication. Whether accident or deliberate, I do not know. I suspect deliberate.

But to give a child false expectations is very cruel thing. It sucks to be the older brother of such a brat, too. He was never able to readjust his outlook and see things objectively. He liked his favored status. He wanted to keep it, even if it was not justified or fair. Fair has nothing to do with it, for people like him. I saw a cousin go thru much the same thing, between 2 sisters.

People are not about being fair or realistic. Once they have an advantage or "apparent advantage," they will want to keep it, will not reconsider it or revalue it. It becomes an entitlement and due right. Now when the elite and government teach a "girl become woman" that they are entitled and have rights above others, they, the women or other favored entitled peoples, will come to expect this as a right and entitlement even as the rich do. Fair has nothing to do with it.

So women today are spoiled entitled brats and bitches. Some minorities act that way, too. Hence we now have MGTOW as a reaction to the unjust expectations of the spoiled.

The biggest danger all sexes and peoples face is getting fooled by the elite. Most of my peers went for the illusion of an education, girlfriend or marriage, split or divorced, tried to buy a home in the suburbs or rurals, and get on the debt treadmill. Some had more than one marriage and divorce. The American dream was a lie, as is the Hollywood romance. I saw it all in the future while delivering papers at 15 and 16. I did not see any real hope at that time.

Prices on homes were quickly jumping. We bought an old house in 1970 for $15,000. A split Ranch was going for about $20,000. In 1976, Those prices were up to over $50,000. 6 years and they more than doubled. And I knew the prices would keep rising too. By 1983 or so, a split level ranch house was $110,000 to $120,000. That was just 7 years from 76. Again, more than double the price of 7 years earlier and 5.5 to 6 times what it was in 70. I said to my self, what chance do I have? So I realized I would be stuck at home for the rest of my life. I accepted what I knew I could not change.

What should we have done? Instead of chasing our shadow and unrealistic hopes, which were just big lies, we should have pursued figuring out how our world really worked and what the solution to our problems were. But we chose the impossible and fell flat on our faces more than once. But we were all given some false expectations and we all think we have rights that we really don't have.

Now to be fair, a good deal of my peers had parents who were connected and could pull strings and get help. If you are part of the system, your worries are far less. But if you belong to 2 parents who had nothing for connections and not a lot on the ball, you were doomed. By that I mean that you would have to live at home, which was the ultimate disgrace in America. But I never gave a damn about that. I chose to pursue health and God, and wisdom/self-education.

On top of that, my beliefs, I did not hide, and though I was not aware of it then, I was telegraphing that I was not one of them and did not sympathize with them. So I was not allowed any good jobs. Just shit jobs. I was not allowed in any office. Offices are sanctuaries as far corporations are concerned. Too much gossip they did not want people like me to hear.

But chasing illusions is a really dumb thing. Now we have lost most of our jobs, and flooded our nation with migrant workers who worked for far less than we did. Clearly a move by the elite but no one said anything. We made the work environment hostile and difficult, particularly for men, as was the intention from above. If a woman overheard a conversation she did not like, she could complain and the men were warned or fired. The move was intended to stop all politically frowned upon attitudes. Silence men so that they do not contaminate the work force with their attitudes of defiance.

So we let the elite sneak in and totally ruin our nation and the world. And MGTOW sleeps while the elite disrupt things with paid shills known as SJWs, and Europe is run into the ground. Most of your battles are not with women, although certainly divorce is deadly to a man. If men can not get decent jobs and women are the only ones allowed to have good jobs, then men should have women's old rights, where they were kept or could earn far less and let hubby's income take care of the worst. So let women take care of the worst and we men will be cocktail waiters for the ladies on the hustle. I'm all for it.

But women do want it all their way, and no 50-50 about it! Its not equality!  It is special privileges and superiority, the very things they accused us of, unjustly. I'll get to it later on. Its a bit like the treaty of Versailles in France after WWI. It was a one way agreement favoring one side completely and the other side not at all, setting up a perfect situation to create another world war in just 20 more years.

Just remember that the end game as far as the elite are concerned, is to destroy everyone. Its not about men and woman as much. We are all so screwed up now that relationships are another unrealistic fairy tale. We are all too far gone. And no one wants to admit the elite behind the curtain. Where's that little dog Toto when you need him, right? Open that curtain, Toto! Please!

Madness In Europe
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The evidence of an elite could not be better demonstrated than in Europe. The politicians and leaders of Europe are deliberately ruining their own countries. Surely if you MGTOWs can not see this, you will never see anything and you are dumber than Feminists. Many thousands of supposed Muslims and they may be, but they are from all over the Mid East and Africa, are being rushed into Europe to demoralize and brutalize and rape women and maybe a few other things. But for sure, their being imported into Europe is to ruin Europe. Now there could be lots of different reasons for this. Maybe several that are desired.
Will Europe Collapse and break out in civil war with both sides perishing?
Will Europe and the rest of the world get tired of rapist Muslims and the elite use this resentment to launch all out WW3 against Islam?
Will native Euro males try to resist the governments and fight and get hunted down by Elite armies and squads so as to wipe out any resistance to the NWO?

It is not entirely clear yet which of those above or even all of the above, could be part of the plan. And brutally raping and breaking the spirit of women is something I was predicting since February of 2013 on my site.

But with leaders siding with foreigners rather than their own Europeans demonstrated that the leaders do not serve or care about the people who elected them. They care about the elite who rig elections and the media to elect who they want, not who the people want but who the people have been convinced to vote for, foolishly. Again with both candidates being owned by the elite so that no matter who wins, we all lose and the elite always in. Europe's politicians have betrayed their own nations in one of the worst examples of treachery, treason, and betrayal I have ever seen. The leaders are serving the elite financiers who run the whole world with just one agenda in mind. Search and Destroy!

So you want proof of the elite. You now have it. SJWs are a symptom, not the cause. The elite are the cause. Now the Bible predicts that the temple that once stood in Jerusalem will stand again there. And a false messiah will come and sit down on a throne in the temple. So be assured that what ever takes place, it will be to allow the temple to be rebuilt somewhere in Jerusalem. Just letting you know ahead of time. When it happens, you'll realize I was not as crazy as I sounded.

What Men Lost
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While I am not going to quote the Bible here, and I noticed that I have never written an article exclusively on the laws of marriage and divorce. I think I covered them in my commentaries on the 4 books of Moses. Try this if you like: law.htm and go thru books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. I will have to do an article on Marriage/Divorce and one on Rape as well, one of these days.

But I will summarize here. This is about what men lost when they allowed Patriarchy to first be attacked. And in many ways, when they allowed God to be attacked, they let the genie out of the bottle. They did not realize what they were throwing away when they threw God away.

Patriarchy controlled most of the world for most of history. It is a long standing tradition and foundation of most peoples. It has only disappeared in the 20th century onward. Breeding was unavoidable and marriages formed to care for kids, dividing up the tasks of farming the land or tending the flock if you were of a nomadic tribe, and having kids and caring for them and teaching them. A man was entitled to sex from his wife. I gather that society saw that as proper. I say that God instituted Patriarchy and gave men the right to their wives, the wives being a possession of a man, even as children were. Or for that matter, as a flock of sheep or goats or whatever were. But obviously, the wife and kids were far more important.

In the Bible, a man was not generally allowed to divorce except for adultery and the same for the woman. Mosaic law did allow a divorce in some situations. If a woman wanted to divorce, she could take nothing from her husband. She went back to her father. Her father owned her until she was married. Part of this is that land was an inherited right in a family-tribal line. People of Israel and later just Judah, did not have to buy land. It was inherited. If they were loyal to God, He had the option to allow and direct expansion beyond His first granting the lands of Canaan to Israel. Conversely, if Israel did not obey God, He could reduce their territory and ever throw them out of the land, which is what happened to the northern 10 tribes. Israel was not allowed to expand (wars of conquest) without God's initiating it.

So what Israel had was always conditional to their obedience to God or not. But land stayed in the tribe and family lines to which it was granted. A wife leaving her husband, could not take her kids, even, at least not with out the husband's permission, although most kids did remain with their mothers, especially if he had more than one wife.

Today, men can lose half of everything, even though they might have outright owned their house and fortune before marrying. Law today, gives a woman the right to steal and take what was not hers to begin with. Now if the couple earned their house together, then splitting it in half makes sense. Otherwise, it does not. But the elite give half to the woman to demoralize the man and reduce his status and independence as well as his wealth. Death to men, says Satan.

Men were the heads of house and wives were their possession and men were entitled to obedience. In general, wives were respected partners. But men were called owners by God to make it clear that should there develop a disagreement between the man and woman, that the woman would be obligated to submit to the man's decision. She was to be obedient without a big fight. A man could void any agreement a 3rd party might make with his wife. He might seldom have ever done this, and might stand behind his wife's negotiations most of the time because of her skills and he might be busy elsewhere. But that the right was the man's if he wanted, was to prevent his authority to mange his own family, from being interfered with or compromised or usurped by anyone in or out of the marriage. A man was king of his own castle as it should be.

God knew that a man would have no chance if his wife turned against him. It was not allowed. All Israel was supposed to reinforce these laws and for the most part, they did. It was this way in all patriarchal societies in most of the world. Everyone supported the rules and order. It is impossible to run a company smoothly if you have in-fighting or struggles for control amongst departments. A country can not run well when it is divided strongly between 2 sides. You may not have civil war but you will likely have deadlock. In war, all divisions must cease or that nation may lose any war they are in. A good example of that is WWI Germany, where labor unions saw fit to strike and cripple Germany's industrial war machine output. It caused Germany to lose the war. Germans never forgot that betrayal.

So God in His infinite wisdom and desire to protect and secure the family unit, made the male the head in the event of any disputes. Got it? Good! Now it is not that a man should be bossy or obnoxious, but someone has to have control of the reigns and be able to steer the family.

I strongly recommend a lot of stuff from Black Pigeon Speaks channel on YouTube, in particular, On Civilization, Society, and Women - Why Women Destroy Civilizations - and other Uncomfortable Truths.  "Gizmo the cat" channel has had a few good things, too.

Black Pigeon takes many references from a well done book back in the 1930s, I believe it was. What it boils down to, is that liberated and emancipated women will destroy a society every time. And that once they are liberated, it is irreversible. When the genie gets out, he won't go back in! I will add to this. Any time you let the libido of anyone, loose, free, and unbridled, the resulting addiction will not be reversible. Sex is so powerful as a narcotic, that it sows the seeds of its own destruction. Too many will be too intoxicated to stop. The trick is to never let it get started. Some can recover but most will not. As well, if you let kids get out of control, referring to obedience, respect and that sort of thing, you get much the same result.

Women turned lose, will become unmanageable. So how did our women become "broken?"

Glad you asked. Once we welcomed Rosie the Riveter into the workplace in WWII and she got a taste of freedom and liberation, not just in money and independence, but in sexual freedom as well. In fact, because so few men were around, relatively speaking, the women had to become more bold and relaxed in standards and they did not want to go back to being mothers and wives. They liked this new style of living.

And this was one of the big objectives of the elite in creating WWII. Change Society! Let the Genie out! When GIs came back, everyone tried to go back to normal, but normal died in WWII. Daddies came back with psychological wounds, PTSD, etc. They were not a lot of fun to be around for wives or kids. Everyone tried to go back to normal but it was not possible. We had become "experienced." We all suffered together and the ways and answers did not work with the new situation.  But the old guard clung hopelessly to the old way of life, which was already dead and buried. The young sort of felt this but had no idea which way to really go and they did the worst thing possible. They indulged their libidos. We have been on a crash course with disaster, ever since.

I am going to state it plainly for you. Out of control, unrestrained, uninhibited sexual promiscuity will destroy family life fast and send a society soon into oblivion. It really is that simple and straight-forward. We can not longer reverse the trend. Its like trying to stop a flooding dam after it has broken loose. Or block off a tsunami. It can't be done. Few will want to do it.

Black Pigeon's article mentioned it and the book it references, make it clear. But I am going to go one further. This change will not only destroy Western Civilization, it will destroy the world. I think Muslims (They may be ISIS or other non-Islam men) are being dumb as hell in letting loose with this frenzy of rape and think there is not going to be a price tag to pay for it. How dumb can you possibly get? Sow destruction and you will reap a harvest of destruction.

The elite and their boss, Satan, know that they are doing, sort of. Satan knows what will happen. The elite are in the dark about Satan's real plan. They think he intends to have beloved survivors. Wrong! But God will have some survivors who He will keep protected for 3.5 years in prisons and Fema camps.

Now the definition of real mental incompetence or insanity is a person who can not make decisions and act in their own best interests and welfare, particularly their long term welfare. Most of the world now fits that definition. They no longer have the sense of how to act in their own best long-term interests. They act against themselves and their society that they depend on to continue to live. That can only lead to destruction. There is no possible way to avoid that. The elite have won the battle already.

All of our fates are sealed, unless we decide to cooperate with God, willingly and without being forced by Him to do so. He requires that we do it without His enforcement to prove our determination to live as He requires for our best long-term interests.

Now this section was about seeing what we lost. Now, a man has no control over anything. The wife is totally independent, which makes running a family impossible if there is no agreement tween a man and wife, and with the man having to fear the woman taking half his house or leaving him in extreme debt thru alimony and child care, he is now the slave rather than master, which is as the elite intended. God forbid a man being overthrown. No disputes allowed. The man had the final say. He was king of his own familial kingdom. Now he is nothing. The elite won.

But it is the women that must share this guilt for they are the ones who were willing to rebel from patriarchy, which was simply a system to maintain order for the leader of a cellular unit known as the family. We were meant to be breeders and be tied to the land. Now we are bleeders waiting to die in the land. Women are not smart enough to willingly return to the familial patriarchal society. So its over.

What happened in the 60 and 70s on, was the spoiling of daughters, making them responsible for carrying on the family name and reputation as much as their brothers, sons of dad. Dads spoiled the daughters and gave them the wrong instructions, gave them lots of money, make them think they were all that mattered and others did not matter. They were taught to be very selfish and self-centered. And mommies also taught their daughters how to make mommy proud and show men (like her husband) who the boss was by making sure her daughter would insist on being the boss and man in a relationship. Needless to say, that does not make for long-lasting marriage of peace and harmony. It creates a hostile environment and war zone.

Now the boys are not much better than the girls, but the girls do not have the intellectual acumen to be the masters of the world. They do not have the personality and temperament for it. The elite know that and they like that, since they want to be the only ones ruling. The girls are in over their heads, but their heads are hard and the elite have all the leaders of nations and their armies to enforce whatever the elite want. So its lights out, the parties over.

So the subversives have won, but the subversives will then die for it. Oh, its coming. It can't be avoided. You can carve this in stone. I will be right, I will prevail! Its too late to turn back anyway.

But stupid men let it all go up in smoke. We told God to beat it and let Patriarchy be gutted and ruined. You said, we don't need God and His restrictive rules. But remember that Patriarchy was also part of the pagan's life, too. But too many forgot that and blamed it all on God. God excepts the blame/credit but not your rebellion. Still glad you ditched God and/or Patriarchy?

The elite were the ones who developed the notion of evolution and not God. Something from nothing? Really? Are you kidding me? See how dumb you all were, falling for the "it all got here by itself or by accident." Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

The irony is that the time will come, when the big dying off begins, that many will curse and blame the very God who told them to obey Him, if they were smart. They did not listen to Him, but they will blame Him anyway. And as usual, they will not blame the elite or Satan, who will be the guilty culprits. How very ironic.

I see some possibilities in the future. As the subversive nihilism of feminism becomes more obvious to normal women, they are apt to get really angry toward Feminists, even violently so. If Muslims become a problem in the USA or they get even more bold and worse in Europe, it will become more obvious that Feminism was the cause.

Further, the videos I have seen of Muslims attacking women in very violent mean ways are shocking. My impression is that those men really hate women, far more than the whites ever did. Perhaps it was that white men were not stern and forceful enough. Do you let a child do whatever it wants? No! The child is not wise enough to know what it is doing in rejecting discipline and self control. But what do we say about women who break forth against all practical wisdom? Were we wise to let them do so and not put them in their place? Maybe! I think we were stupid to let women out of our control.

But with the elite and their armies near by, I doubt there is anything we could have done. All the exits were blocked off and we were cornered. We screwed up when we left the land, went to the city, and let women vote. Too late now.

Now to quote a few lines, from Paul McCartney's song, Too Many People, from his Ram LP:

     That was your first mistake
     You took your lucky break
     And you broke it in two
     Now what can be done for you?
     You broke it in two.

Hello Mary Lou, good bye heart. And good bye Western Society. We won't miss you!

Part 2 - In response to:

Grassroots? Really?
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This is in response to Turd Flinging Monkey's  (TFM)  

The Enemies of Man: Part 5: Male Sex Drive

In particular, his claim that Wyoming's 1869 passage of Women's right to vote, in order to attract more women to Wyoming, supposedly, led and spread across the nation. OK, but it did not become an amendment till 1920. 51 years is a long time to take. TFM would have us believe this was a grassroots drive that carried itself across the nation in a mere 51 years. Does not sound like anyone was too excited over it.

But I am going to dismantle and destroy this idea of grassroots have any real effect on anything in USA history. My proposition is that sheep do not lead a shepherd and that the USA population has long been dominated, corralled, bullied into all sorts of stupid things. In the Revolutionary War, papers were in print and campaigns with papers were common in the colonies and pubs, too. Influential people in society, often businessmen, would stump for the revolution. The Freemasons were largely the motivating behind this as they wanted a nation of their own, crafted in their own image.

Society has to be organized to get something to happen. There has to be a motivating source. That source will need influence. Influence flows from money and power. Governments are networks of common interests. Those interests are always found with money.

On the other hand, you recall how I mentioned that people who left farms and came to work in industry and commerce, lost their unity and lost anyone who cared about like other farmers. In the city, it was impersonal, cold, distant, and rather anonymous really. You were alone even though you were surrounded by people. There were too many people to deal with so one just shuts off. I deal with this extensively in an article of mine, On Community.

In our day, we do not depend on our neighbors. In fact, most do not know their neighbors. We have employers, insurance, and welfare to care for us. Who needs people, they say. People do not talk. In fact, most communication now takes place on cell phones and social sites on the net. We area vast population of individuals. We would not know how to connect, even if we wanted to. And we are far too distracted and busy to be able to take enough time to support a cause. And with entertainment of every type, including all media, we hardly care about anything or know enough about anything to determine what is good for us and our nation or not.

We are all led by the media. It is a fact. We do not think! We follow! FACT! We are easily led. Media leads us. Schools lead us. Maybe church leaders lead some of us. Very few lead themselves or think for themselves. So how in the hell could we ever get swept up  into a grassroots movement. I might as well ask, how or where do I find myself some Unicorns?

We live in a day and age of saturated media and messages. Everybody is telling us what to do and most of what they tell is lies. Free Speech is bad. Guns and defense are bad. Being unarmed and defenseless is good. Free trade is great! We should let all the nations pour cheap goods into our nation so that we can not have a job to pay ourselves to make those goods. I could go on and on.

We are discouraged from thinking. Governments get more and more concerned about what we are teaching our children. Soon, we will not be able to teach our children what we want. We are not allowed to do hardly anything. We are slaves to our employers. Slaves who pay enormous amounts of taxes without any say how much we pay or what we spend. So how in the hell as we in nay position to do anything about anything around us? Come on, TFM. Your blowing smoke up our asses.

If you make a movie, how do you promote it? Media! Advertisement! Reviews! Music? Radio, music videos, YouTube and the net. Selling books or ideas? Bookstores, advertising, reviews! All these things require publicity machines, networks, advertising and the like. It all costs money. We have the net now, but its heavily censored now, too. You are not free to promote possible grassroot movements anymore. Social sites censor and delete. we are prisoners in our own society and world. Grassroots? TFM, you have got to be kidding me. No such thing as grass roots. You might as well believe in the Easter Bunny or Mother Goose.

We are herded sheep and cattle. the media tell us who to vote for, out of 2 people, both of whom are in the control of very big powers. If we don't like something, they will say, Tough! We have no power or say. Most don't even have any brains to make in intelligent decision that is in our best long term interests. Grassroots requires intelligence in fairly good numbers. When was the last time we had that? You know, I don't think we ever did have that. Not in 6000 years! TFM, what the hell are you smoking? Send some my way, fast.

TFM is promoting a power elite myth. Now don't get me wrong. I do respect the intelligence of TFM, RGE, and Sandman, and probably "Groundwork for the Metaphysics of MGTOW," too, who sounds a lot like Sandman and he always uses icons for all his channels, if I am right. I usually am. TFM is too smart to believe his own nonsense. He knows better. You better believe it. He simply had to come up with something to avoid offending his "employer" says I, the elite, says I. No one else would make such an absurd suggestion, except for a feminist.

This is what I wanted to demonstrate to the MGTOW crowd and others, too, if they dare read this and aren't triggered or suffering a micro-aggression. Both feminists and MGTOW, at least its most popular channels, get paid by the elite, says I. The proof is the fact they ignore the necessity of the elite motivating and promoting ideas by funding promoters in the net. We could really, call them shills in a way. They are paid to promote nonsense and BS on the net. That is a shill. I see lots of sock puppets on MGTOW comments, in my opinion. Now MGTOW and feminists love to go at it with each other, but the elite laugh, knowing that both sides are in their control and power.

How could one hope to control both sides unless one was funding both sides? Look, we see thing in religion all the time. One denomination might pick on another but both are controlled by powers and money above them. Anyone gets out of line and they lose their salaries. If you were the elite, wouldn't you make sure you had control of all voices? Of course you would. How do you do that? Pay someone to promote their message all the time so that amateurs can not compete for time or quality. You drown out competition with money. The sites I mention are quality. Sandman and company put out quality, keep the pace fairly brisk to hold interest and use good pictures, and have topics of interest. But never mention the elite!

If you listen to channels that do not get a lot of views, there are reasons for that. They speak so damn slow that you will go into a coma listening to them. They suck as regards presentation. They are not threat or competition to anyone. So those that maybe work for the elite are the best. They spend some money on models/photos, and do good writing, too and good sound.

The Elite know who to hire. That is why they are the elite. But MGTOW does cover over the elite involvement. How many MGTOW have ever accused the industrial revolution of contributing to Feminism? Only me! Who blames the whole human species for degrading and annoying each other? Only me! Show does not get paid even 2 cents for what he does? Only me! I can't give this stuff away because most men are pussies who are terrified of the truth. Oh, and then there is that GOD thing. Surely a hated subject if ever there was one.

Now one of the surest ways to detect paid reps is their avoidance of angering powerful important people like the elite. But money is the best and safest way to control what gets promoted. Another way is to observe who is promoting good sound logic and who is promoting nonsense. Nonsense can not survive without money and media promotion. Look for stupid subversive ideas and you will have a paid shill behind it.

Do you see who easy it is to spot BS? That's the beauty of it. Its nor hard to spot if you know how to think and you have done lots of thinking. You know people are dumb sheep ready to be slaughtered. And the elite are preparing for just that. Ignore me at your own peril. Truth 1 because there is only 1 like it.

Black Pigeon Speaks    (BPS)
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Liberal Values WILL NOT Stand the Test of Time

The above video was only 2:49 in length, very short. Black Pigeon is very good. About as good as it gets, except for that totally Truth1 ;-)

BPS suggests that conservative society and values create life so stable and good that we take it for granted and we decay as a society. I am going to say Bullshit! I propose that were it not for the elite deliberately crafting the ultimate subversive destructive evil, and we were left to our own, we would probably remain stable, constant, consistent, reliable. BPS, like nearly every other MGTOW channel, blames us rather than those over us, way over us, way up high in the wealth circles, who take their orders from none other than the original serpent hiding in the spirit realm, Satan the liar.

Why do all MGTOWs lie? Or maybe just get it wrong by accident at times? Why is it so consistent? It was and is like they were all controlled by the very same controller. Imagine that! Could it be that the elite fund and control all MGTOW? How else would you get such consistency and denial? You have truly reached the pinnacle of wisdom when you realize that any significant voice of any particular cause has big power behind it.

Truth is always hunted, persecuted, hated, chased down, run off, despised, and even killed. Don't look for lots of hits, views, likes or anything like that, from real solid hard core truth. It won't happen. You'll always feel alone and feared. Stop falling for those who will not tell it to you like it is. They blame us on the bottom 25-40 %. But the truth is, and truth is all you'll get here, that its the top 1% that are all the problem. FACT! Wake up! Grow up! Smarten up! The world is one great big lie. The 1% run everything and cause everything. There is no other answer. MGTOW video voices are the problem, not the solution.

Latest Ideas May 1 016
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There has been a lot of MGTOW activity on YouTube since my article here went up. And along with it, lots of comments on YouTube. So I thought I should add them at this time. I am sure more will follow as well.

1st thing to address with Feminism is that it clearly aims to destroy men and bring them to nothing. In fact, it might even be the goal of Cultural and Ideological Marxism to symbolically banish men by causing many of them to live in marginalizes ways and marginalized places such as tent cities, ghettoes, the woods, stay at  home with parents, take up residence in prisons and shelters. Perhaps cause many to give up and die or kill themselves. Or it might be that once marginalized in locale, they might even be attacked, driven off, or outright killed as criminals for being poor and destitute.

The world has turned its back on men. Feminist rhetoric calls for men to be reduced to 15 of the world population. I have no doubt that the elite gave them that announcement to deliver. The Georgia Guide Stones declare a reduction to 700 million from 7 billion. That's 10% remaining. Same numbers and same source, too, no doubt.

Feminists impute the worst of motives to men. This is not deserved by any means. Do women believe it? I doubt it, but they are paid, says I, to say what they say. Marxists lie by nature, anyway. All subversives do. The truth does not enable what they want to do so they attack truth and spread lies. It is a Satanic agenda, for sure. One of those lies is that men just want to rape and that it is a rape culture. Statistics well quoted by MGTOW people and other types, show this is not true. Why do feminists say this? To get people to doubt men and men to doubt themselves.

I will point this out! our brains function with many competing feelings, urges, both active/aggressive and cautious inhibitions, empathy in some cases, and other such thoughts and concerns. These all start out as strong urges and surges. But then the ideas are run thru various filters or departments, for analysis, evaluation and either reducing or increasing the signal/impulse. This is real brains science as put forth by MIT Brain AI wiz, Marvin Minsky, of which I own 2 of his books and read them.

Most thoughts get very edited and whittled down, muted, or sometimes amplified, too, and the result is far more different than any single initial impulse. There maybe be mixed feelings or a mutes response reflecting many different concerns of the mind.

One of the most powerful and aggressive impulses in a man is that of the desire for sex and for the visual stimulation of a beautiful female form and face. I suppose these could frighten those once victimized by an unrestrained male, a criminal male. But most men are not criminals and do not rape. But since some men transgress laws and rights, even as some women do, and perhaps due to male nature, men do it statistically more than women but still in small numbers compared to men who do not.

But subversives and liars like to take any aspect of male nature and behavior and distort it and lie about it. Women do not understand a man's nature. They do not understand in in regards to protection of families, communities and societies, men need to be aggressive to be protective. Take that aggression away and women and children will be defenseless. Women have been spared countless wars and criminal prosecutions/incarcerations/executions, leaving these and their dirty work, to men. Feminists ignore that fact. They see only what they want to see . . . or what the elite want them to see and speak of.

Men, boys, young men, all seem to love video games, including the type that allow sexual fantasies to be indulged harmlessly in the game. Its not me. I stopped playing video games after the Atari 2600 went out of style. Nintendo 8 bit was way beyond me ;-) I did flirt with video games in game stores with Pac man and a rare visit in the 90s once in a while. Not since then.

But I have seen many demos on YouTube videos of the many games played and their feature. I have seen the sex stuff of the characters in the games. I say this. Cartoons are not real sex. No harm is being done. I have done an article on video games in my psychology section. Men play with many thoughts and fantasies in their heads. Again, they do not act on them. They are naturally aware of all possibilities that exist in life in anything. All people know that sex is possible with any other human being and both men and women fantasize. That is normal, and harmless.

Now sure, damaged people can be unexpected trouble, but that has always been the case. But most people will live and die without a lot of fuss or major problems. But again, feminists insinuate the worst in men for a harmless playful amusing indulgence. SJWs complain of man-spreading, where the legs are spread part. Its not enough that we wear clothing. We still are expected to cross our legs or something. When did this become law or expectation?

Really, these bitches just want to pick and fault any possible thing they can with men, perhaps trying to shame men unjustly. Doesn't work with me. But what I suggest with all this unjust and extremely picky fuzzy fault finding is that it is motivated by the elite who want to squash all the male attitudes of defiance in choosing what they like. That is why men are not allowed to joke about sexual things in front of any woman, even if it is done discreetly and not directed at the woman. All she has to do is say it makes her uncomfortable and the man are forced by law to shut up or get fired and even sued.

The elite are dead serious about squashing out every little last bit of resistance, defiance, irreverence, and disrespect for the rules dictated by the elite, to promote women and chase men out of the workplace and out into the streets, homeless and powerless, forbidden to be men in any way. Can't you lame assed poor excuses for men see what is going on? The laws, one and all, are all rigged against men to destroy them and their morale.

We are legitimately talking about Genocide here. No, I am not fooling around or playing word games. That is for feminists to do, in behalf of the elite. Not only genocide, but also hate crimes and gender prejudice. These are said to be wrong and violate all kinds of laws and morals but the world looks the other way while men, especially white men, are chased out of society and marginalized and encouraged to just lay down and die. And if you men are too stupid or weak to see this and admit this, then do us all a favor and kill yourselves, because I for one, believe stupid people should and will die, anyway.

I have no use for stupid traitors who will not stand up for their dignity and recognize and say that something is seriously wrong. I'm not asking you to throw rocks or even carry protest signs. Just stand up and admit publicly and verbally what is really going on against men. Grow some balls for the first time in your sorry lives and open your big mouths. I'm talking to all you big MGTOW pussies, who are scared half to death of the elite. Oh, you're not gonna cry, are ya? First get your diapers changed, OK? Because you stink to high heavens. Your sellouts to all men everywhere, you bunch of liars. You deserve to be slaves to women.

I, for one, am a real man and proud of it. I have not held back the truth at all. I actually have a male appendage between my legs, unlike some of you so called men.

The elite and feminists have disowned nearly every tenant they have once stood for. Respect for all! Tolerance! Equality! Integrity! Now you engage in hate speech, hate crimes, even genocide. What's left? But beware, you dumb bitches, that there is a God in heaven who is going to disrupt all your plans and games. Enjoy your brief time at the top. You won't be there long. God will see to that, not I. I am powerless but I still have a mouth!

Unrealistic Expectations
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Particularly here in the USA and Canada, I find most people have absurd expectations for life. Big expectations. Since we first came over to colonize and rob the natives and marginalize them, North America was ripe with natural resources and with Indians dying off in huge numbers due to smallpox to leave most of the land vacant to some degree and a far more advanced technology, the elite had great opportunity to exploit labor and make huge profits. It did trickle down and around. Many Europeans came to the USA for land and opportunity missing in Europe, where everything was spoken for.

WWII left the USA in great financial condition to due war loans to Europe. The Great post world war II economy and push for development to make the USA number one in the world, along with vast hordes of Nazi engineers and scientists lending a hand in operation paperclip. The Great Depression generation was dying off and their traumatic memories of lack and poverty were beginning to die off. The new generations beginning families after the war saw a great ease and prosperity. Even before that, we had Hollywood telling us how great we had it. Fall in love and live happily ever after.

So the young born to the post war parents grew up with great expectations. Even a lot of fairly simple men could get jobs in factories and live to retirement. Their kids stepped right into jobs as well. But unseen and un-noticed was that the 60 was being changed without notice and would soon catch up to us all. The oil crisis of 1973, along with general inflation, ate into the cost of living and lifestyle. Then the big layoffs that began in 1974 hurt a lot of people. Factories were already closing while jobs went over seas. But the kids growing up in the 70 largely had it good and did not notice.

In the 80s, we had false information tell us that all was fine. But all the while, Japan was flooding us with cars and electronics, and TVs. The homeless began to grow. We had a crash in 87, while Reagan was still president but we ignored it. It was going to go on forever. The 90s really began the great decline. I saw it happen.

Prices were going nuts. Housing began to climb higher and higher. Vast amounts of foreign goods were coming into the USA, replacing what we used to make. Morale was already going way down for boys. They were all being raised by moms as dads skipped out or where shoved out and screwed with impossible divorce alimony payments. That is a topic onto itself. I'll get to it. I saw boys everywhere lost. Hip hop was big among them, as they wallowed in self pity. Every time I saw a male and female teen in a car, it was always the girl driving and the boy with the baseball cap on backward, in the passenger seat.

What no one saw is that we had, in many ways, already hit rock bottom. But we did not recognize it. We were blind as bats. Boys had no hope. Political correctness was really coming on strong in the 90s. It hit right about 1990, perhaps the tail end of 89. It was starting! The American dream was already dead but no one saw it. In the late 90s, factories all over the USA were closing up as retail brought in everything from overseas.

Who let it all in? Why did we send our jobs overseas? What was wrong with us? We were in a coma. We were ripe for 911. The elite were setting it all up for us, to screw us over. We had not a clue. Nothing has changed, has it!

What we have failed to see then, and still don't fully see it, is that the American dream was dead and gone. Men were getting screwed over in the work place rules and restrictions, limiting our speech, questioning our motives and intent, and portraying us all as rapists and criminals, and unfit to raise kids or have anything to do with them. "Stranger danger" told us that men where horrible, evil, just waiting to attack kids and women. We bought it! So women were the only ones allowed to raise kids! Get it? Do you see it? We men are no good for anything. But too many men just abandoned their kids. They did not see any other way out. Maybe they were right for all I know.

But I stayed away from the marriage, mortgages, & the child bearing thing. I saw thru much of it. I stayed away from it. 911 was a mere formality. Our world had already ended. 911 simply took our freedom from us, telling us, as usual, that we were in great danger. More "stranger danger" bullshit!

But all the young women were coming into the work force thinking the American Dream was still obtainable. The boys now men had begun to realize there were screwed. Many joined the military as there was nothing else. But it did not help them and it left their heads worse off than before. But this was the beginning of the great confrontation and war of false expectations and false blame. Males and females pointed the fingers at each other. Neither of them could have what they wanted, but it had to be the fault of the other. It couldn't be anything else! There was the problem!

Create "impossible to attain" expectations and see what happens. They attack each other instead of looking at who was really responsible for the lost way of life that had been the USA at tone time. That would be the elite social manipulators who ran all banking and commerce.

Hollywood told us endless lies about love and romance. Schools reinforced it. TV supported it. We never questioned our politicians or big business. In the 21st century, women were being promoted everywhere. All laws were tailored to their benefit. To hell with men! Life continue to get more frustrating for all the little people, which is about 70% of the population. Women were not happy and men surely were not happy. But they all kept trying to get on that treadmill and run but got nowhere.

Women want the American dream. But its dead and gone. They still have not even figured that out. They want the man that was their dad and grand dad, but those were different times. They want to spend their money and have the man take care of the mortgage and utilities and groceries and care payments. Anything else, dear? But ya know, women of the day back when, did not have it like this. They helped pay the bills. So where did these new expectations come from? You're not going to believe me when I tell you. But I have to tell you anyway. You won't like it! Pussies!

Intense Multi-Pronged Peer Pressure      Updated  Oct 20 017
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I saw this take place in a big way, in the 1990s. The parents of this time, were unhappy about their childhoods and thought mom and dad slighted them. They felt like they did not have all the nice things that many did and felt they should have. They had this odd sense of entitlement but almost without explanation. The more prosperous of their peers when they were in school, began to really rub it in that they had more and were better than the "losers" of the school, which actually, if you had done a head count, were far more numerous than the gifted entitled ones. But the "losers" listened to those above them and around them and felt unjustified shame. Peer pressure got more intense just after I graduated in 77. Ostracism was on the rise.

The Rise of Female Bitches

Another very odd thing that has happened is that women of the 80s began to put far more emphasis on shallow beauty and ever more provocative dress. Women got the idea that because they were in demand by men, that they should  be able to have whatever they want and that any man wanting them had better accept that term of  surrender. It worked for  a while, but the new century really turned it into a nightmare.

Women began to imagine that they were better than others if they were more beautiful than others. beauty became merit, so they thought. They deserved more as they saw it. They did not have to be nice to others or respectful because they were so much better than plain people or ugly people. This superiority complex really got out of hand.  Some thought they were queens and entitled to royal treatment by one and all. Dad and mom gave them that expectation by giving them everything and telling them they were special and superior and they should take what they wanted, no matter who they had to crawl over. Just win, dear! Show them who you are.

Back around 2008, I saw this series on TLC or Discovery channel on child beauty pageants. It is  one of the most disturbing aspects of female nature I have ever seen. Moms tried to rule when they were in school and  flaunted their with a lot of  success, I might add. I blame the guys. And when they had girls and it the wall as well, they decided they were still great if they produce a beautiful daughter who could win pageants. Moms saw it as redemption for becoming whales. For in their minds, ugly girls/women, were totally disgusting when they had their beauty and could not bear to be on the other side now. So they used their  daughters to compete and to redeem their ugliness and whale size. Beauty became their merit thru their daughters.

The problem was that the girls were turning out even worse as moms would beg their daughters to "do the pageants." Often the mothers would bribe the girls and the girls soon found themselves wielding great power over their mothers. The girls actually dominated their mothers. Imagine who these girls would react, having been raised as female tyrants.

And it was not just in pageants. Many mothers made sure their daughters were popular in school and getting lots of attention, which mothers saw as personal redemption since their beauty was fading or totally gone. The daughters had whatever they wanted and moms and their collared husbands would lock horns with any teacher or principal who tried to reign their abusive daughter in. They would even have lawyers in tow. Just imagine what these girls turned into! Actually, many movies have been made about these kinds of girls, such as "Mean Girls," "Jawbreaker," ""Heather's" and many more.

We raised successive generations of female tyrants who would make  Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush and feel small by comparison. What a horrible mess we allowed to develop. The work place often is dominate by an alpha female and her pack of sycophant female attendants in tow. Anyone crossing the head bitch was in big trouble, whether male or female. The workplace often becomes a hostile dangerous environment.

Imagined Depravation

Some who were victims of the school bitches also fell prey to the desire to protect their "deprived" ones and did not want their kids to experience the same deprivation, cruelty, and denial that they had felt. When I was in school, everyone walked to school and back or took the bus. There was a handful of cars, maybe 7-10 at most, whose kids had a car to drive to school in. But by the mid 90s, nearly all of kids were driving cars. Huge parking lots had to be made available for these new "special privileged" kids. But mind you, there were a fair amount who still did not have a car to go to school with. But now parents and single moms were going make sure their kids were not ostracized and looked down upon like they were.

They got them cars in the later 90s and not just any car. It had to be an SUV, you understand. In fact, it became a duty and obligation of parents to make sure their kids had cars to go to school in and whatever else was needed to be cool, of course. But I still saw lots of marginalized boys the ball caps on in the passenger seat. Girls needed the advantage you understand, since they were the underdogs and suffering from male privilege, although it was not called that, at that time.

We built 6 million dollar football stadiums with lights, Astroturf, etc. in the Portland area of Maine. We had plain grass and humble fields when I was in school. We required far less and paid far less taxes, too. But this new generation had to have it all as far as their parents were concerned. WTF !!!!I  could go on and on. But the parents had big expectations for their kids. And the little darlings expected the world and everything in it. They could not suffer even the slightest denial or lack of anything. It was an attitude that spread and permeated everything.

So Hollywood, TV, peers at school, parents, city councilors! They all bought into it and spoiled these little brats rotten. But even so, this situation favored the girls far more than the boys. So it was a different life for the girls than the boys. The girls quite literally had the privilege, not the boys. Our politicians made sure of that, as the elite told them they had better do or else!

So parents, peers, and so much more, told girls that they could have it all. The boys, on the other hand, had a totally different experience, being without dads and less income from mom, and far less advantage than girls did.

So with divorces being many more than there used to be, and dads made poor by alimony they could not afford, and former wives that were often bitches with big expectations, and jobs drying up, and economy going to hell, and the expectation of spoiling kids so that they don't experience neglect or teasing, we totally ruined the generations to follow. The girls of then now expect way too much and the boys just gave up and said forget it.

No one on either side has what they want. None are happy. All are pissed. But of the two, the women are the most spoiled and least able to be satisfied. They are unhappier than ever because they do not live within their means. They never had to. Mom and Dad took care of it all. They are not even aware former "boys now men" had a much different life.

To some degree, both were affected by false expectations, but women all the more so. Peer pressure is a bad thing. Intense peer pressure exists only because of schooling. Schools are where we crowd huge numbers of kids at precisely the same age, concentrated into 1 room or a hallway and expected to behave and learn, and not affect each other. But mass concentration can only cause negative effects, as was the intention from the very beginning of mandatory schooling attendance.

Schooling amplifies all the negative effects that hinder learning and created a very negative destructive psychological environment. Bullies, usually from the more affluent families, boss and dominate the school prison grounds of the hallways and classrooms. These created the perfect environment and atmosphere to destroy kids and create false expectations in kids, as the elite kids of the school rub it in that they are the bosses and so much better than the rest and will always be that way.

So in order to avoid getting picked on all the time, the kids go home to mom or mom and dad and tell them how the child is suffering in school. The parents have nightmare of their own past and sell their souls to enable the kids to have a car or the latest clothing craze or whatever to get some relief from the bullying.

Eliminate schools and you will solve 90% of your problems. Teach your own kids and you can tell them the truth, about how rotten the world really is and that we lost all our jobs and are going to be just another 3rd world nation. And they will have to live 3 generations under the same roof, like we did for most of the history of the USA, until the 50s.

So why are women So F'd up? Government propaganda and being spoiled by parents and laws that side with women. When people stop being equal and start getting different treatments according to laws and policies, then we crumble and collapse as a society.

Our society is structured wrong, from the foundation up. Why are we building expensive football fields and pools when we are losing our jobs every day? Because we are dumber than shit. Can I say it any plainer? We don't notice the jobs going away and we don't reduce expectations and lifestyles to something we can better afford, more simple, more humble, less frills. The 70s where I lived, houses were nothing fancy and often small or humble or old.

Now every place is a museum piece cause we all have to be like the Smiths' and Jones's. And our property taxes are much higher as a result. We can live within our means or go bankrupt. Lower our expectations or always be miserable.

Now do you see why feminists and MGTOW are unhappy. Because none of you live in reality. You don't see your government as having sold you out. You don't see that the elite have done all this to you. They engineered the whole thing from the very start. You all need to become conspiracy theorists or you will soon end up dead. Its that simple. But MGTOW are also pussies and sacred of truth. It is really that simple! Your still boys who can't grow up and face the facts. You want to blame women instead. But as far as SJWs go, they are all paid by the elite and so is most of MGTOW.

Our society will not go back to anything good. The Genie is out of the bottle. I don't think your are ready for the truth of the future. Yes, women are little girls and men are little boys. It's the God's honest truth! You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

I strongly recommend the following but make sure you get mommy to held your hand when you do.

Why I Was Wrong About Atheism     Stephan Molyneux

Why I Was Right About Atheism     Stephan Molyneux

Christina Hoff Sommers
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My impression of most in the MGTOW arena are that they are very mad at women. Indeed, the spokeswomen are detestable creatures who deliberately sell not just men out, but the entire human race. They deserve as much disgust and hatred (without unlawful retribution) as you want to feel. But many women, who freely enjoy many of the benefits of feminism in courts and employer policies, are not aware to the full degree of how men are getting screwed royally. Because much is sanctioned by government laws, they feel they are obeying the law and being granted just compensation. They do not understand that men's lives are being ruined - permanently or at least set back for a good 10-20 years.

But I suggest it is not women, but elite men, who are behind the suffering of all other men.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Christina Marie Hoff Sommers (née Hoff; born 1950) is an American author, former philosophy professor, and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank. Sommers is known for her critique of contemporary feminism.[1][2][3] Her work includes the books Who Stole Feminism? (1994) and The War Against Boys (2000), and her writing has been featured in a variety of different media outlets, including the Huffington Post, Time, The Atlantic and Slate. She also hosts a video blog called The Factual Feminist.

Sommers' positions and writing have been characterized by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as equity feminism, a classical-liberal or libertarian feminist perspective which suggests that the main political role of feminism is to ensure the right against coercive interference is not infringed.[4] Sommers has herself contrasted equity feminism with victim feminism[5] and gender feminism,[5][6] arguing that modern feminist thought often contains an "irrational hostility to men" and possesses an "inability to take seriously the possibility that the sexes are equal but different".[5]

Sommers has long recognized the injustices being done to men. She has 2 boys, now men I suspect, of her own. She was and is upset by what is being done to boys and men. I am going to paste here the 4 paragraphs from the inner sleeve of the cover jacket of the book I show at the top of this section/chapter. The copyright was 2000.

It's a bad time to be a boy in America. As the century drew to a close, the defining event for American girls was the triumph of the U.S. women's soccer team. For boys, the symbolic event was the mass killing at Columbine High School.

It would seem that boys in our society are greatly at risk.

Yet the best-known studies and the academic experts say that it's girls who are suffering from a decline in self-esteem. It's girls, they say, who need extra help in school and elsewhere in a society that favors boys.

>>OK, we are going to find out who the 2 experts are next. But the testimony of these "experts" is what was behind girls getting preferred treatment. Preferred, maybe, but justified? That's another question!<<

The problem with boys is that they are boys, say the experts. We need to change their nature. We have to make them more like . . . girls.

>>They want to change boys, thereby also changing men, right? Turn them into girls? Can you believe this insanity? We are going to find out what is behind this.<<

These arguments don't hold up to scrutiny, says Christina Hoff Sommers in this provocative, fascinating book. She analyzes the work of the leading academic experts, Carol Gilligan and William Pollack, and finds it lacking in scientific rigor. There is no girl crisis, says Sommers. Girls are outperforming boys academically, and girls' self-esteem is no different from boys'. Boys lag behind girls in reading and writing ability, and they are less likely to go to college.

>>What? What? What?  You mean we have been lied to by experts? Oh, say it ain't so! No Girls crisis? Really? Then how did we get that idea going in the first place. Who was dumb enough to fall for this and spread it around? Who are these two so called experts? Did they come up with this on their own? OR did someone pay them to come up with this? After all, universities and professors are granted funding by both non-profits and government. We know this for a fact.

No girl crisis! Then  why were the laws and policies not reversed back to what they were? Why are we not admitting our mistakes and correcting these now hate crimes against boys and men? Why are we ignoring this and continuing to give women absurd amounts of advantage and leverage in our society?

There is only one good answer for all this. Someone wanted this adverse change against men to harm men and destroy men. "Oh, they wouldn't do that!" you say? Like we didn't drop the A bomb on Japan twice? That we didn't screw the American Indians over a few thousand times here in North America? That we don't screw the economy over and plan and create world wars? That we do not brutalize 3rd world countries and let their people get raped, tortured and killed? And steal their kids and traffic them around the world. That our governments don't secretly help distribute child porn thru secret net portals all around the world?

My, aren't we the naive ones today, huh? Have you all been living under a rock or something? Just moved here from Mars, maybe?

How did these mythological lies get picked up and spread like wild fire? How come the press did not catch all this? You mean they did not bother to check the research? Yep! that's right. Someone told them not to, and to shut up and just print it or else. When big bankers talk, media do not argue.<<

The "girl crisis" has been seized upon by some feminists and has been suffused with sexual politics. Under the guise of helping girls, many schools have adopted policies that penalize boys, often for simply being masculine. Sommers says that boys do need help, but not the sort they've been getting. They need help catching up with girls academically. They need love, discipline, respect, and moral guidance. They desperately need understanding. They do not need to be rescued from masculinity.
<<<< end of book quotes

Truth1 >> Oh, I'm gonna love this. In the name of fairness and equality, we have deliberately persecuted boys and men, based on nothing but shear hatred of the male sex. Media spread unfounded lies. Politicians, guided by their puppet handlers, pass laws against men and harmful to men and that unjustly give great advantage and superior rights to women and against men.

Women have now become exceptionally superior and supreme, while men are outright hated and persecuted, without provocation. None of this could have happened without the expressed authorized consent of the most powerful men in the earth. The likes of Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and so many other banker names and types. These men fund and direct our politics and our economy. There is no way they could not be behind it. the tell the media what to do. They either own or control, directly or indirectly, all corporate activities.

They control the world. And what do MGTOWs have to say about all this? Absolutely nothing! Dead silence! And why should MGOTWs say anything? For one, given all the anger and hate that men aim towards women, that ought to be aimed at the elite, MGTOW video producers stand to get a lot of visits and make a lot of money. I notice one has commercial spread throughout his videos. Another, in my opinion, operates multiple Channels/IDs and likely gets his dough from hidden sources. I am not sure that any MGTOW channel is honest. I am still waiting to see just one other person, one operating or promoting MGTOW subjects, who can and will admit the elite are behind this war on men. It has not happened yet.

Now some might say to me, that the research has not been discussed. No! Not here! But it is in the book and you know it. You MGTOW people know it!

Look at it this way! If you really dealt with the real problem/cause, then you might be able to get some laws reversed and talk some sense to women. You could be more effective tackling the real cause and not a phony one. But Most MGTOW are phony, anyway. I have the feeling that half the posts/comments on YouTube MGTOW videos are just sock puppets, fakes!

SJWs have nothing to worry about and they know it. They know you guys can not really do anything. Your missing your balls and dicks. Your not real men at all. Your pussies! You deserve to be screwed over and run out of town, like hunted dogs. If you are willing to lie and cover up, then you are no better than any other bitch or bastard on earth. So get off your high horses and recognize you have no superior moral high ground. You're just more dirt and scum.

I'm Not Ambitious?
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This is another one from a Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) video: Diversity DESTROYS Social Cohesion in the West

I like most of BPS's videos but he has erred one or twice recently and with this one, he is not the problem. Its shills or MGTOWs although its hard to tell the two apart. I got some screen saves. Here is the irony. While I got notices on YouTube that people responded to my post, Its not showing on the comments. Or its way down at the very bottom. I went thru about 10 "show more" clicks and got to 4 days old. I got most of mine on April, 1 day after it was uploaded. It must have gotten a lot of comments or a bunch of shills showed up to post hordes of comments and push it down out of sight.

I'll past the screen saves after. The basic problem was that I suggested that we needed to go back to when life was simple and everyone knew their goals and place in the community. With varied jobs and commitments to them, and both people working, relationships were impossible. BPS was attacking the idea of diversity and doing a good job, too. Diversity is insane. But I pointed out that as diversity interrupts and destroys society, it also cohesion and unity in a nation and in relationships and that unity and cohesion were not possible with a return to a life less complicated and roles sort of dictated to us as they had for about 6000 years, prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The general insinuation was that I was not ambitious. It Depends! I am very ambitious in trying to solve the problems of the human race. But I questions what sort of ambition they referred to. Lets look at those posts.

I asked if ambition referred to conquering and enslaving but they did not dare answer. A plain life? Yes, that would be great. Then I could spend my time with the wife and kids and not have to serve a clock, and work for psychopaths and have most of my money taken in taxes. One dork suggests that I am against industrialization. To a large degree, yes. We have way too much of it. I suspect we should settle for far less annoyance and far more relaxation and less work and less stress. You can see my last reply to which no one dared answer.

Ultimately, God needs to guide us in our lives here on earth. But I did not bring that up with this Godless crowd. I was addressing MGTOWs some, as it was related to diversity in choices. Too much diversity is just not helpful. But while they can see this with violent intolerant immigrants, they can not see who it affects relationships. And BPS has done his share of MGTOW topics so I saw it as an opportunity to connect dots. But no such luck.

MGTOW types are not looking for deep answers and broad answers and connected answers. They are just mad that they can't have pussy their way. And feminists are mad that they can not have their way 100% of the time and all be married to rich guys or use middle class guys until they can find something better. Each side wants it all and will not compromise in the least. See the problem? It can not be settled either way.

Conclusion? Diversity is not good or healthy in many areas of life. Life has become far too complicated. Its not God's way and it does not work. But no one wants to hear the truth.

Sandman & Andrew Dice Clay
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I had suggested to Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) that he do a video on Andrew Dice Clay being run out of show business by the big entertainment moguls who seemed to be very partial to feminist and gay agenda, feminists in particular. He said he did not care about Andrew but he was ticked about women being given jobs in news and entertainment that they did not deserve and that they were being favored in this field. But TFM did not make it, Sandman did, however. I had gone to TFM as he was more cynical. But I did have suspicions from the beginning that he, RGE and Sandman were all the same, and Dark Knight, too, now gone.

My serious question is why did neither of these two care that an entertainer had been banned from showbiz, pretty much, simply because he really seemed to irritate women and gay people. In fact, I remember Dennis Miller being perplexed at why people, particularly women, were so upset about the son of Satan, Andrew Dice Clay. Miller did not mean that Diceman was a son of Satan but only that some had an opinion near to that. Miller pointed out that it was just an act.

But feminists have no sense of humor and they take offense to everything. They are the ultimate uncompromising leftists and subversives. They have no sense of priorities and proportion. But make no mistake about this: The elite are determined to squash out ever last little bit of defiance or irreverence expressed in thought, word, deed, or action. The Dice Man expressed all sorts of politically incorrect jokes and expressions. And he had that arrogant attitude in his act. Remember, he was supposed to be a reckless, insensitive brute without brains and being quite cynical. This was his shtick and it was funny. I thought him and Sam Kinason were the funniest comedians, perhaps along with Robin Williams, that were in the business. Guys were crazy about him, too.

But feminists do not believe in free speech or tolerance. Zero tolerance and no excuses are among their mantras as they are with police and government. Get the picture?

So why do Sandman and TFM want to stay away from the Dice Man? Why will they not talk about him or stand up for him while he is viciously attacked and ruined? Are Sandman, TFM, and RGE really and truly friends of men, friends of free speech and defenders of those that feminists hate? My answer after perhaps watching them since maybe summer of 2015 to now, May, 2016, is NO! Now they are not. They cover and protect the elite by refusing to admit the elite even exist or do anything harmful and certainly not admit the elite are behind the laws and rhetoric that crucify men all over the world.

It was only a week ago that I saw a bold brave person say he believed that non-profits were paying feminists. That is a first. Non-profits are one of the avenues of the elite for things like that. I say sites like Go-Fund-Me or Patreon are also such means to pay out.

But across the board, no MGTOW channels want to go on record accusing the elite as being behind the crucifixion of men. That this is so consistent and prevailing, only makes it more certain that it is going on. Feminist ideas are not sensible, reasonable, or logical. They are not fair, respectful, and objective. In Fact, Feminism is a movement of hate, persecution, and whose intent has been expressed as wanting men down to just 10% of the world's population. That, my friends, is a plea for genocide and a declaration of superiority and supremacy, that Nazi's can not even touch, nor the KKK or any other hate group, so called. Feminists have outdone done the pack and stand at the forefront of a new level of insanity and evil as I see it.

Could they be this insane? Maybe, but I doubt it. What could make them say and assert such madness and hate? Only one thing I know can do that! MONEY. $$$$$$$$$$. Money can make people crazy. Money and sex.

MGTOWs are not afraid to fault women and many MGTOWs are very angry with women, but women did not make the laws and pass them. Elite men push all laws thru congress. FACT! Lobbyists spend most of their time courting politicians, instructing them, really. Politician know who got them elected and they know who the "instructors" are that belong to the elite as well. And they listen and they obey, and they pass bills and make laws.

MGTOW never talks about the big picture. This fact alone is all the proof you will ever need to write MGTOW promoters off, until they start telling the whole truth and not just that women suck. On the whole, I don't see either sex as having the moral high ground. One enjoys the benefits provided by law and the elite and the other would probably do the same were they in reverse positions currently occupied.

That said, I do want to remind you all that MGTOW videos have many important things for men to consider. I don't say, avoid them! I say just be cautious that they avoid some very obvious conclusions and are very protective of the elite. Stephan Molyneux has a good point he has been spreading. He says the State is violent and uses violence as matter of routine and it is the worst of all evils. I heartily agree. So if you are into MGTOW, I think his stuff is often the best out there. Other than that, Let the Buyer Beware!

I thought it important to give a 2nd example of stamping out good quality programming to dampen political sentiment and intelligence. I am going to give you a string of them! Why stop with Diceman! No way!

Lets look at Jay Leno. Why did NBC wipe out a very successful and popular show that drew huge audiences and market share? Why would executives do something that stupid, for the 2nd time, no less? Remember Conan? The Tonight Show lost a huge amount of viewers after Leno left. Now it is not the leader at all and others have gained viewers who used to watch Jay and many of those don't even bother with late night shows now.

For an absolute fact, this was not done for money, nor was it done the 2nd time, and not expecting the same result as before with Conan. Its Jimmy Fallon now. And Conan and Jimmy are about the same in ability. Jim might do a bit better in imitations and character acting. So why did NBC essentially commit suicide, financially speaking?

It has to do with intelligent programming and irreverent attitudes and comedy. In General, TV has never liked intelligent programming. The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling had been warned to dumb down his programming. But Rod wanted to produce something he could be proud of and maybe get people to think. That is what the TV Lords wanted to avoid. Finally, they just pulled the program. Ratings were not low. The show was popular. But TV execs wanted dumb.

Star Trek came out in 66, as did Batman, The Monkees, Marvel Comics cartoons in the evening and then Saturdays, too. Shows came and went. The Monkees would do fairly well in syndication in time. Batman and Marvel Comics did not do well in syndication for a while. In fact, Marvel Comics did terrible. Spider man was their best product done with a different cartoon house, Hanna and Barbera, I think. But Star Trek. It was very popular in its own time and many complained of it being taken off the air after 69. In 71, it was doing great in syndication. Just 2 years or less.

Star Trek was a huge success from the start. Why kill it? The excuse was ratings but that is clearly a lie. What was it really? The intelligence and moral dilemmas that might spark thought, reason, and discussion. Star trek spawned movies and more series reflecting the spirit of the original series. In fact, Star Trek original series is still hugely popular in syndication. It is still enjoyable to watch, even though I have seen every episode at least 4 or 5 times, in all likelihood.

But TV hated intelligent thought-provoking programming. TV and Hollywood have always had a keen interest in using their mediums to mold the minds and thinking of people. Not for better but for far worse. Its always been that way. Movies used to have some serious themes. One only need look at Star Wars 1977. Morals. Religion (the force). the next 2 were also good. But look at the later 3 so called pre-quels! Pure absolute junk and any intelligences eliminated from them as well as religion of the force.

In the general level of comedy such as stand up, all jokes have been pushed toward left wing liberal agenda and conservative cynical outlooks have been weeded out, at least on TV and Movies. The balls have been cut off comedy and left it a eunuch.

Wrestling is another arena where the attitudes of irreverence and political incorrectness of say 1999-2000 era, are gone and wrestling has been tamed and neutered.

Time and again you will see that money has never really been the ultimate goal. Its nice if you can get it but affecting how people feel and think is far more important. Well, at least to one. Satan has ultimate power and he does not care about money. He cares about control and destruction. And if his earthly subordinates do not obey, they die. So money is secondary and influence is everything.

So Diceman had to go. His attitude might influence men the wrong way. Same for all the above mentioned.

Which brings us to MGTOW again. MGTOW does not want to admit to there even being an elite. It does not want to admit that the elite fund SJWs and feminism. And most of all, MGTOW does not want to admit that they themselves are also funded by the elite so that the message stays focused on women, who are not the cause of men's problems, but the tool the elite use to wage their war of hate and genocide against men.

Can you imagine what men might do if they thought there was an elite and that governments were behind the persecution of men? It could be a real problem. So by controlling and flooding the market with those who avoid the elite and conspiracy theories, the elite keep men relatively tame and distracted from the truth and effective strategies.

So when Sandman and TFM say they do not care about Andrew Dice Clay, I say they also do not really care about men or truth. They are getting well paid and are told they will survive when most will die. But that is a suckers bet.

Boomers are Vampires?
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Poor BPS. He makes one statement I disagree with, and I have to answer it. He has had like 3 or 4 statements. Others have fare more against them but they did not touch the nerves. So let me make this clear. BPS is far better than most MGTOWs and he does not always do MGTOW subjects. I strongly recommend his channel for making one think. But now I have to deal with the statement.

He was referring to the housing crisis and skyrocketing house prices. He said that Baby Boomers were sucking the blood, so to speak, from the younger generations among them. I am going to disagree and again, this does affect MGTOW issues as well. All the generations, commencing with the Boomers, knew a far more greater life of ease and prosperity, though it was really, only very brief and no one noticed as it changed and deflated.

We became the generations that had not known serious deprivation like the 30s Depression crowd or the conservation and recycling of the WWII years. The post war America was in a huge building and investing mode. It created vast amounts of prosperity. The late 40s thru the 60s might be one of the most prosperous periods in the history of the world. The problem with that, was that we came to see this as normal regular life. But the truth is that, it was an anomaly in the history of the world. No one ever mentioned that.

So from the Boomers onward,  We came to expect great things and in fact, greater things than had been, before. McMansions as they called them, sprung up in the 80s and they often had to sell them in the 90s as the economy dipped and property taxes soared, due to municipalities getting greedy as hell.

Many parents of the Boomers did not get their first house for years. But today its a right to have a house as soon as you get out of college, so they think. They want it all and want it fast. And they are eager, impatient, and even in a panic to get the good life. They were willing to take on any exorbitant mortgage, even if it lasted for 30 or 40 years. Stability of jobs? We don't have stability in jobs or employment, but we plunge ourselves into debt anyway. Dumb high school grads will take out huge loans for college without practical thought as to how they will be able to pay it back or if it can even be paid back or not. I skipped it when I graduated in 1977. I lived within my means. No thought went into anything.

BPS says it was Boomers selling their "increased in value" homes that sucked up all the money. Really? Are you kidding me? So who was dumb enough to buy those absurdly priced homes? Someone did! Did they think about all our jobs going over seas? Nope! Did they consider those huge loans as making a house purchase unrealistic? Nope! Did they even think at all? Nope, not a chance. Sorry BPS, but you just were not thinking at the time when you made the video about this. The post Boomers can not do without anything. For example, I remember when cell phones were catching on.

Cell phones were a huge expense in the mid 90s. A land line was quite cheap by comparison. But everyone had to have a cell phone and its minor conveniences. Gotta have those $3-$5 coffees, too. And super size carbonated drinks, too. Never a thought to health or affordability. " I want it and I'll have it. "I want it now, daddy!" Willy Wonka 1971? Remember?

We are all spoiled little brats who got to have everything and can't be denied anything. We can not wait. We have no self control, no discipline or self-regulation. We act on any impulse without any thought going with it. We spend, spend, spend. In the USA its all we know how to do. When the big screen HDTVs came out, every poor person had to have one. My father and I sprung $200 for a modest 23" HDTV in late 2010, not 2000. We still got it and it works just fine and we can see it just fine and its a lot better than the old 19" or 21" NTSC TVs of old.

Delayed gratification is what they call this. Long-suffering is another related concept. Living within one's means, is yet another. We are headed for a nightmare crash and no one is ready for it. And its not the fault of Boomers selling their inflated homes, likely McMansions and settling for something more modest and sensible. Boomers could still do that. But those after? I doubt it.

I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us, BPS! Call or write me before you do these videos. I'll be more than glad to offer my opinions and keep you from making silly mistakes and poorly thought out comments. Its no big shame but when you go up against the best, the most likely result is failure. Ask those who are smarter and you will look far smarter, too. You might be sincere.

Folks, we are in deep dog doo! The elite, that everyone ignores, have set a trap for us all. That is why you can not afford to ignore what the elite are doing. Ignore them and you might end up dead by any number of ways. Sticking our heads in the sand will not save us. The only real source of cold hard truth is right here at Truth1. No other place like it. That is the reason why there is a 1 at the end of Truth, because there is only 1 like it and it is number 1, too!

Go to any other site, and you might end up in some number 2, if  you get my drift.

Now for MGTO, the women you'd love to grind on, have the money issues I have bought up in this section. They want it all and can not delay gratification of anything at all. Their daddies spoiled them as did their mommies, too. And the government, employers and the elite also did the same. So the women have been ruined as a whole/hole. You chose the one you like better. So you men, have you fixed your expectations? Or are you going to get on that treadmill and try to have it all. Having it all is the big lie.

You will not be able to change the women. Most humans are not very good at discerning changes and adjusting. Most do not want to accept loss or change. But this is not something we can take or leave. It will force itself on us all like that supposed rape culture some talk about. But unlike that one, this one is real. You can either adapt or die. And as I would see it, smart people might want to take the time to get t know God real well and real fast. He might be your only escape from what is coming.

Part 3 - Recent Ideas Circulating  Oct 017
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I have been enjoying the recent Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) videos on YouTube. I like the current direction. Recently discussed have been issues like  employment jobs vs farm living, and capitalism, bad behavior rather than system blame and whether wealth is a factor or not. And of course, the expectations of women. Then I came across this last night:

TFM Show: Feminism Eating Itself (with Human)
At about 16:00, they admit and discuss funding on the part of elite sources. That's all I could or would ask. Who exactly it is, is not important. But what is very important is to understand that anti-logic, so void or any possible merit, can not begin to cause trouble unless some force somewhere puts an incredible amount of money and support behind this madness of the left leaning commies in power around the world. Our ultimate enemies are this "invisible-in-detail-identification" aristocracy/oligarchy/crime-syndicate that supports feminism so completely.

I know I sounded a bit ticked with Sandman and company. But TFM and his buddies have been on a role and I have not only enjoyed their discussions, but felt they were hitting dead center often. And good reasoning often leads to others having good ideas as well. So what I bring up in part 3 comes from their talks and my own ideas around those. As men, we are all in this together. And away we go! I am writing to novices primarily, but I also address a few differences with TFM, but not out of  contention, but with respect, knowing we have far more in common, than not. I prefer to be allies rather than enemies. Disagreeing is not a bad thing at all. I has to be allowed for. I will.

The Main Lie Perpetrated
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It began with voting rights for women, as if they had no representation or choice. This was the 1st big lie. In the Bible, the father decided for his wife and kids. the father alone was the representative for the family unit. Daughters had fathers to see to their interests. We do no different today. We elect representatives to represent our interests in state or provincial governments and in national governments. What could possibly be the excuse for now saying, "We do not accept our husbands as reps and want to represent ourselves." The problem with that stupid attitude is that it denotes division in the family. A divided family becomes a war zone.

A family unit can not afford a war over who is going to be the boss. There can only be one boss or all loss. What next? Let the kids rule and have a vote, too? So I am going to show why the man is far better qualified then the woman, to be the boss of the family. So by default, the man assumed that position as he had reason and he had the muscle and all the men supported it for most the last 4k to 6k years, anyway. And in the Bible, God made man the default head of the family and wife.

I think it self-evident (obvious) that men are stronger as a collective group, typically far more than the woman as a group is. The men are far more ambitious, aggressive, curious and  more inclined toward defense in behalf of the family. Yes, there are always exceptions. I am only concerned the typical and ordinary. Don't give a damn about exceptions. Men have, until the latter 20th century, been the only ones to engage war and policing and fighting fires and for damned good reason. They are far better equipped for it, genetically. It is obvious, except to liars seeking to overthrow societies and culture to the destruction of all.

Men have always been the ones to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding and advance technology in leaps and bounds. That we have often abused these tendencies and abilities does not mean that knowledge and advancement were bad.  I am sure TFM will agree on that. There was simply no good reason for women to vote or for teens to not work anymore or breed anymore. If nature had not wanted them to breed, it would not have brought on puberty. That their sexual reproductive abilities manifest in their teens is all the evidence I need to forcefully assert their rights to work, breed and raise kids, under the watchful eye of the parents of the man/wife.

Women demanded Temperance as their first campaign. and what a disaster that was. Criminals were small time outfits who used gambling and prostitution as their means of illegal profit. But Prohibition made organized crime far more organized for the sake of peace and profit (usually and better than it would be otherwise). Money was so big that most cops were on the take. Excessive wealth is always the most dangerous corrupter society continually faces. You'll see more later.

The Source of All Error: False Equality
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I am going to state this point blank! Men are obviously better equipped in nearly every way  for nearly anything. We are far stronger than women and nearly any female athlete can tell you that. Men have always been the work horses and solders, as well as police. Men have far more ambition, drive, curiosity, and similar traits. This is nature talking, not God. I address the non-religious here. Those who are Christian should be accepting God's rules without dispute but feminism, taught and enforced everywhere, has had a huge impact on women, partly because, as noted Paul, Eve was more gullible than Adam, who did not believe what the serpent had said, but because of his attachment to his very valued wife, went along with her.

NKJV - 1 Timothy 2:

8 I desire therefore that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting;

9 in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing,

10 but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works.

11 Let a woman learn in silence with all submission.

12 And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was formed first, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.

15 Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

I know this sounds caveman stuff to Fems. But that is only because they are so far off the beaten that worked anywhere from 6,000 to 3 million years, depending on what you believe. Now we will not survive another 50 years on our current course. Nice going ladies! And you still want to claim your are smart as you bring our species to an end? You're totally delusional. That's the problem.

As well, "brothers" in MGTOW, you will note the declaration of Paul, inspired by the spirit of God, was that woman was on the weak side of the intellect. There is a reason for this. As well, it was not hers to teach or have authority over a man. God's intention was that man was the sum of all things. God designed man to reflect in an animal for, the glory and image of God. Woman was obviously designed to the the breeder of more human creatures. This is largely the pattern for most species on earth.

But addressing non-believers, it evident from nature that most species have the divided labor of child bearing granted to a female type, Leaving the male to do other things. In other words, all nature has this pattern. Humans were intended to breed and thrive. Give women favored excessive rights and entitlements and society quickly starts to go to hell. You'll see! I guess nature is not obvious enough, huh ladies?

Women have received the appointment, but virtue of her obvious reproductive abilities, to bear children. And prior the birth control pill of 1960, breeding was pretty much unavoidable. That is as it was intended to be, whether by God or evolution. This was still somewhat in tact as late as 1959 and really, even into the 60s. But it was in that decade that all the long-standing things we depended on in our culture, like the man earning the pay, and enough of that even to support a considerable family. I knew one family near us, whose father was slightly on the slow side, as I will put it. but he could fix cars, which were far more simple and easy to repair back then and there was supervision, should he run into trouble. He had a family of 4. The pill was then in circulation. Big families were not uncommon, although that quickly did start to change in the 60s, too.

But the 60s was intended to begin the big radical changes the elite have long in store for us. But who did they choose to implement this extreme turnover? The women. Minorities. Immigrants had long been a part of this thing, too. NYC had long been hub of most immigration in the east and our southern border as well. Now the west coast bring in quite a bit, too.

But women were allowed to vote and decide and that was the beginning of the end. They started tactics of destroying a bar somewhere. Oddly, the owner did nothing and the police did nothing. Riots and destruction are typical leftist communist tactics. That police did nothing? I'm not surprised. This happens all the time now. Of course, you can be assured that this attack was well planned, scripted and executed. The owner was no doubt paid to let the bar fall and police were instructed, too, and the media would then report, likely praising the female terrorists for wanting to rid us of the horrors of alcohol. Just another one of those male hangouts where they hide from their wives and grumble about them stay away from them as long as they could.

Women were already getting out of control. But 1920 surely kicked out the skids from underneath the juggernaut abomination of feminism 1.0.

Women were not content to be represented by husbands or fathers, despite that that system worked for thousands to millions of years say some. What no one saw well at that time was how forced schooling, banning teens from working, marrying, breeding, and calling them children so that the government could insist on mandatory schooling, whose design was to eventually lead to the dumbing down of the generations of government school graduate idiots. Then convince them that they can not possibly make it in the world unless they get a college education.

Once in college, jack the price and indoctrinate them away home and its influence, and encourage loose free sex, drugs, and alcohol, thereby eliminating every last possibility of critical thinking and intelligent thought. As well, schools became places where dominant affluent families' children could bully and police the rest of the kids in fear and submission to these self-appointed bosses of hallways and playgrounds, turning out lots of traumatized bullied kids who can barely function. And the queen bitches are the biggest part of it. Yes, teenaged drama queens who are ruthless and petty. Many movies have been made about these types. You've come along way, baby! and now we are all going away, baby! Thanks a heap! We will soon be extinct.

One must understand that governments plan long ahead so that we can not see at the time, the real long-term intentions. All we can see upfront, does not seem that bad. Its only 50-100 years later that we see what was really intended, and by then it is too late. If you read just the 1st 5 chapters of Roman Historian Livy, or just the 3rd chapter, you can see the plebs trying to figure out what the patricians and senate were up to. They were always to slow to get on to it. They were too trusting without justification for the deep trust, based on previous events in their history.   I put this link at the end of the article, too.

It is the obvious division of labor/roles that requires the woman to remain at home since between carrying babies and caring for children too young to work with either mom or dad in some way, the mother could hardly do other wise, right?

The Woman's Advantage
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From the very beginning, Jehovah, the Creator & God of all human creation, saw fit to give woman a very strong powerful influence over a man. His strong desire for her, nearly obsessive and compulsive and very narcotic and intoxicating, placed him in a vulnerable position, and one that often makes him want to go out of his way to please a woman and try to get her to consider being his wife. Once obtained, he often seeks her approval and is eager to please her. Its like he is all doped up and irrational. God likely did this to insure that the woman's opinions and desires would not be neglected by the man and that he would eve be eager to please her.

 This leaves him in a very vulnerable and precarious position. God was well aware of this, too. God chose to balance the 2 forces that could easily be opposed to each other in these circumstances. From the beginning, God intended for man to reflect the full image of God in man's personality, superior abilities and faculties, unhindered by compromised limitations such as having to give birth. So God made the woman to be the child bearer and "complement" to man, to aid him in reproduction, by being the one tasked to conceiving, growing, and finally giving birth to offspring, while the man remained free to work, guide and care for his family.

God added the most important thing to that. He appointed Man to be the undisputed head of the family, the boss, given the natural abilities superior to those of the woman. The position had to be uncontestable and fully supported by all humans. That means that both sets of parents would enforce the marital contract and roles of each partner, the man and the woman. Patriarchy was a mandatory requirement of all God's people.

Within that family unit, the man was designed to be very cognizant and considerate of his wife's desires and concerns. This so that the woman would seldom have any need for complaint, with man being so eager to please her. So everything worked out great, right? No! I'm afraid not. Satan easily talked the newly created woman, into ignoring God's command not to eat from a particular tree in the middle of the garden. A tree He dubbed "the tree of knowledge of good and bad, meaning that man and woman had not right to that tree, that symbolized the right to determine what was good and bad, right and wrong. He made the whole thing clear to both, but Adam in particular. "In the day that you eat from it, you will die!" this meaning that the aging process would begin and get worse till death finally resulted.

Satan insisted, I suspect, in the abbreviated lines recorded, that they would not die, but would live on as spirits/gods, who can not be seen, even as God can not be seen by humans ordinarily. This will be the big thing the antichrist will preach, too. Satan said that they would be "like God," being able to decide what is good and bad, right and wrong, and not specified, but I suspect it was said, that their decisions about right and wrong would be just as valid and God's and that He would not be able to override their values and decisions. This will be the big lie in the coming days and spirits will perform seeming miracles thru people, but making it appear that the miracles were human powers, and not those of spirits and demons.

They do not want you to believe they exist and they do want you to think you have the powers on your own. Satan forbids his own followers to admit they believe in Satan or obey him, but they do. They lie. He lies. the miracles will be lies in that they are not our powers but are powers of lying spirits. This, I propose, what possibly what he conveyed to Eve.

However, Adam knew that snakes could not talk and he was not buying it. But he was very fond of his newly created female companion did not desire to lose her and so he stupidly went along with it and men have been doing it ever since.

This is a big part of the problem. Men often do not want to assert any authority and piss the wife off. Why? Cause she can be a real bitch when she wants, if she does not get her way. Now God gave man full authority over his wife and kids. But he does not always do what he should. He is supposed to teach his kids and tell them what God expects of them. He is supposed to set boundaries and rules for his wife, too, so that there is no disagreement on how to handle the kids or anything else and God expects the women to cooperate with her husband and not give him a hard time. Those are the rules that every human is responsible for enforcing and teaching to their kids.

 But we miserably failed to defend our rights as given by God, with His permission to enforce those rules, in any reasonable fashion required. So what if the wife says, No, I do not want to do that, and I refuse. You don't own me! Actually, God's law says man does own his wife. He buys her from her dad and she did consent to that. She now belongs to her husband and is obligated to obey. If she did not obey, he might try to get her parents to talk some sense to her. But I believe that the husband does have the authority to discipline her, even as he has authority to discipline his children and the Bible requires him to teach and discipline his kids if needed. God demands he discipline them so that they obey God. A child who refuses to obey his parents is to be taken to the older men, considered much like authorities for their older age and experience, to stone the child (execute it). God took obedience seriously in the law He gave to Moses.

A man who truly loves his wife, may not be able to bring himself to require respect and obedience. Part of the problem is fear of divorce. God does not allow divorce but humans don't give a damn about God and His rules. That is part of the problem. But as long as God is not obeyed, we essentially have chaos.

Humans have become very irrational and mentally disturbed, out of control, much like a drug addict or one with a serious mental disorder. But I am of the opinion that our laws are our biggest enemy as they prevent us from taking control and establishing order, just as armies do when engaging in battle.

But any woman who calls herself Christian, should not be kidding herself. If she is not obeying God's law, which includes obeying a husband as God ordered. God demands that anyone seeking salvation in a restart of the world after the judgment of the world, must obey God now, while not being forced to, as evidence of their genuinely wanting to obey by doing so without compulsion and with some degree of strain, given our disrupted personalities and the fact that world disobeys God as matter routine so that there is no incentive to obey.

Claims of Oppression & Inequality
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But now to the present, women say they are equal in ability but not recognized or treated as equal. But they are not equal. They say they are oppressed and held down and held back. Not true. They used to be breeders and men were able to be providers when employers paid laborers enough to sustain a family. But now the labor "commodity" or market has been flooded with immigrants to drive wages into the cellar and women have been tricked into thinking that they are equal in abilities and that their place is not in the home as a breeder and caretaker of their children. Satan told them that their children would be better off being cared by others and that women were missing out on achieving their potential. And they fell for it, 100%. Equal IQ with men. Not hardly! Dumb as shit, maybe!

So they dumped their kids off, who they could stand, anyway, and went to work. To hell with the kids. But with all the dumb decisions they have made from the uprisings of the late 1800s to the 1920s legal victories and then the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972. What a joke! The sum of their choices makes it clear. They arguments and claims so void of morality or intelligence, suggest that they are anything but equal and perhaps grossly inferior.

What is really behind their seeming insanity and hate for men? Its this, folks. These bitches are nothing but paid whores of the elite who get paid, not for their bodies or sex as most of the hardcore SJW and fat and ugly at their best. They get paid to speak utterly absurd and ridiculous, without even the slightest bit of sound logic, reason, morals, or principles. Is it possible to be this stupid? It depends on how you define it.

They do not believe their own rhetoric or reason. I guarantee that! They do it for the money, like any good whore. If you got the money, they got the time an lack of morals. These are profession Marxist Communist Anarchist devil worshipers. Oh, some of you will say, Truth1, you are being facetious. But Truth1 replies like mad man, I am nothing of sort and I am dead serious.

Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Moses Hess who carefully guided Karl Marx, and Vladimir Lenin were all Satan worshipers. Its in their writings. Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian and Christian Eastern Orthodox Clergy who was well aware of the Communist movement and its habits. He and many other Christians were brutally persecuted by intolerant devilish Communism. Some say, Communists hated all religion. I am afraid  you are dead wrong. They were not bothered by pagan religion and they encouraged Satanic worship. This is the dirty little secret kept from the world. Communism is ruthless and loves to kill and is full of hate and destruction. But its seldom lasts very long and implodes. Lenin even lamented a little about adopting Satanism as he noted late in his life that nothing that he has hoped to gain was ever done and that he was forced to do the bidding of a merciless master. Put in other words, the said goals of Communism were never put into practice. They were just lies to trick people in going along with their program. Their goals always end up the opposite of what they promise. This is the understanding that everyone needs to grasp and get thru their heads. When a commie says they want equality, it is a lie. When they say the care about ":the people" and want to help them, its a lie. They hate all people and once in power, they kill as many people as they can. Nothing a commie says, is the truth. They are like the buy that wants to get a somewhat reasonable looking woman in bed because he is dying to get laid. He will tell her anything what will convince her to jump in bed, take off her clothes and spread her legs. In the morning he will be long gone. His need is satisfied until his next urge.

This is the true nature of the Left in the USA and around the world. They will tell you diversity is great, when they know full well it will destroy wages and create divisions that 50 or 100 years down the line, will bring about war, if not much earlier.  Can you say South Africa? Europe? Canada? College students are offered loans to go to college, not telling the students that the loans are so oppressive, they will never be able to pay them off. They support socialism and welfare, when those will bankrupt a nation and cause a huge economic collapse that will end in mass starvation on a level never seen before in the history of the world.

Leftists are the most stupid and gullible people on earth. Brainless! They think money comes from thin air they breath. They are naive and have no idea that they being set up. They do not understand that government ultimately seeks their demise. Same for immigrants. They think that there will never be any consequences of accepting a free ride from the American tax payer. They think the money come from . . . you guess it! The thin air we breath. They do not realize that they are going to be used in a civil that destroy both sides. They have not learned that nobody will show you the generosity that the USA government does, without expecting an awful lot for. There strings attached. But immigrants, all dumber than shit. are as dumb and gullible as  humans can get.

God hates stupidity and He hates Stupid people. He will let the devil take them all down. God has not use for Stupid people. He does not believe they have any excuse for being stupid. Everyone's brain is capable. But if you don't develop it, you'll die from a lack of intelligence.

When women argue the absurd, they are just doing as they are paid. They don't mean anything they say. They just like getting money. No morals! No Principles! No honor! No Integrity! Leftists do not mean a thing they say. Don't listen to anything they say. Nothing but garbage ever comes out of their mouths.

 So when a feminist says they want equality, they are lying. They special privileges, favors, benefits, entitlements more than others They want everything 100% their way. To hell with men and the rest of the world.

Do they care about immigrants? Not at all! Immigrants are just useful idiots to use to accomplish an overthrow, and then those power will wipe out both the fems and the immigrants. Neither will see it coming or know what hit them when it does.

Communists can not be appeased. Just ask Czar Nicholas. Commies will select anything at all to criticize and find fault with. If they can't find anything, they will make something up. They will ever create false flag psyops. If you try appease them, you are wasting your time and efforts. Fix something and they will find or invent some other problem. They will not stop till they get the overthrow and power they seek. And then all hell breaks loose.

This is the problem with the left in the USA now. They will not stop their activity until they overthrow the ruling power.

Treason & Treachery
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What the left it up to, is perfectly illegal. they are trying to over throw the Western world and destroy it. The USA is to me, the Height of Western accomplishment, despite its insincerity and deceit. Its the hub of most of Christianity. Its overthrow through infiltration and fomenting lies and violence and rebellion has always been considered by any previous empire as sedition, sabotage, treason, conspiracy, spying, espionage, promoting revolution and overthrow. In general, anyone found doing this, would be executed. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for espionage. Benedict Arnold was executed for that. Japanese, Germans, and Italians were locked up in concentration camps for just the possibility that they might or could become spies and informants. Imagine if we enforced these policies?

Feminists and Immigrants would easily qualify, except that the biggest source of treason and subversion is our own politicians and media outlets, not to mention employers and corporations.

Feminists and SJWs are the extreme left and if we had in place, what was in place 200 years ago, they would be in concentration camps. Instead, someday, Christians will be in camps, instead. Satan hates Christians and Patriarchy and men.

Do we continue to allow women to bring us down? Well, I guess its out of our control. They are in the majority now. The overthrow is almost completed. It won't take much more, now.

The Snake Oil Salesman
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How dumb are women? Let me show ya!  A salesman, a con-artist, comes along and says, ladies:

1. you have been horribly oppressed and held down and back by that evil Patriarchy that has worked so well for so long and brought about the comfy world you know live in and enjoy.

2. You can do anything a man can do. (I know that sounds stupid, but they fell for it. Its called wishful thinking or delusional thinking.)

3. You would be better, more compassionate and reasonable than those brutal oppressors of humanity, men! You need to show them what you can do! (Is that a threat? Sorry! I could not resist.)

4. You should get into the work place and explore and realize your full potential. You'll love it! You can save the world!  (The ladies cheer and say: Where do we sign up?).

5. Oh, and don't worry about your kids. We'll take good care of them! WE PROMISE !!!  And women believed every word he said. Did I mention they were gullible and stupid? I don't remember. I'm senile, ya understand.

Now of course, the real reason they want your kids is so that they can teach/condition/program/torture/molest/rape/make porn with your kids, if not a hell of a lot more, with your kids, for pretty much for 8-12 hours a day. And doing so, we will dumb them down to the level of a retard. It worked! Can you say Millennials?

Now the Elite helped in this. They inflated prices of everything . . . except wages. Some decided the wife could work part time. If the kids were old enough, they could take care of themselves from maybe 3PM till 5:30 PM or so. Neighbors would help. Soon, it was impossible not to have both working to make ends meet in the 80s. Daycares began and not by accident. And right along with them in parts of the country, daycare scandals of horrific proportions and deeds started popping up here and there. a number of cases. The worst of abuse. Kids used as prostitutes and for porn. And then the government perfected cover-ups, sort of like the Romans did and cases were reversed or thrown out.

I have studied these in detail, read books, watched videos, and much more. I know what I talk about, always! Those abuses were real. I have written a lot on it and got far more to write on. That's another subject. But Pizzagate was real as are the Hollywood scandals with children, and crazy mothers feeding their kids to Hollywood. Ask Brad Pit! I published his statement on my site. Corey Feldman, Almost Elijah Wood and too many who are afraid to talk. Things can happen, ya know.

Oh, yes, Ladies,  you did a great job. How can we men ever thank you for cutting our throats as well as your own and those of your kids? Why, that's male rape! Gang style at that!  (you guys didn't think I was going to pass that up, did ya?)

The Opposite Effect
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The women all ran as  fast as they could to show everyone they could do anything. Yes, anything but getting good results. First, in order to function in the real world work place, they had to become more like men. You can't avoid that. Men are competitive and have natural advantages in competitive aggression and IQ as well. Their personalities are more of a match for the world they created long before women entered into it.

The problem is that when women adapted the male personality, they became something men did not like. They became like men. Men do not want a male personality to jump in bed with or raise a family with. In a family situation where responsibilities were divided up along lines of physical/emotional/intellectual natures/personalities; things were harmonious when the more feminine deferring personality worked better for getting along. But put another brutish man personality in that mix competing for power and supremacy, then you have a perfect situation for conflict and divorce. Its a sure way to fail. Snake oil does not work. Imagine that! Who would have ever thought it?

The thing is that women are not as good at being men, as men are, at being men. And then there are the kids who also seem to prefer the more gentle woman in their young years. And kids want to be with their parents, not strangers. Children are naturally, by instinct, very attached to their parents, neither of which, now, is home to be with the kids. That's OK. Satan is delighted to take care of your kids for you. Child porn is big money for Satan's henchmen. And with others caring for your kids, the kids will adopt the programming of whoever gives care to them. You just have to pick up the cost of the kids and the government will take care of the rest. You get to pay and they get to "play" . . . with your kids.

I want it all, daddy! and I want it right now!
The ladies thought they could have it all and they have not learned a thing. They still want it all their way. They have been told they can have it all their way, too. But the salesman lied. Damn snake oil!
What rational women have found out is that they have been tricked and fooled and lied to. They use to be able to stay home and be pleasant, being spared the harsh, insensitive world of dirt and lies and competition. They could care for their own kids and rely on their husband's income, even if he was a retard! Kids could have security and come to mom whenever they had troubles.

In daycare, kids are miserable without mom around. But mom don't give a damn anymore. She would rather give her time to ungrateful employers. What a wonderful situation. Ladies, I go to hand it to you. "You sure know how to arrange things. You set it up so well, so carefully. Aint it funny that you knew life wouldn't change things. Your still the same old girl you used to be."

Not all women chose kids. Some like to party and pass their bodies around to any guy that tickles their fancy. But they soon get a reputation for not wanting to settle and many men don't consider them loyal, trustworthy marriage material. Easy come and easy go. Guys are not stupid. The best indicator of future performance, as any employer or an intelligent voter (all ten of them), will tell them, is past behavior and performance. Can you trust someone who has never shown any previous restraint?

The liars have told women all kinds of crap. But all those rich guys at the top just wanted to disrupt the relationship between men and women to reduce breeding to nothing and leave many kids to be easily exploitable. The big boys want the human race dead! Could it be any more obvious?

Ridiculous Expectations
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The young, for many decades now, have had the expectations that all they saw their parents have or gain, was also going to be the same for them . . . as soon as they graduated, though to be honest, they probably did not looked that far ahead. I'm giving them too much credit. But they had no idea what the real world was like. How come? Didn't the parents tell them? Well, NO! They did not. The kids were supposed magically figure it out for themselves.

Parents were less than useless. They never wanted to their daughters to go without anything. After all, the success or lack of it, was going to reflect on the parents, as far as the parents were concerned. So they backed their daughters, even if it was being queen bitch in high school. No morals training. Never saying no to them. Never telling them how real world was and hoe to get along in it, right and successfully. The parents really F'd up bad.

As well, so did all the church leaders. How come they were not warning their flocks to remain loyal to God's prescribed system of Patriarchy. Why did they not warn parents and their daughters what God expected of them? That was their job. They should all be fired, if possible, in a hell of their own creation. Religion failed not only Christians, but even you non-religious men who would have benefitted tremendously from them supporting patriarchy. But they were working with the governments. Total sellout liars from hell. Servants of the devil!

All children should have been taught respect for other people. Respect for morals and decency. They should have been taught to not buy on credit and wait, delay short term gratification and live for the long term and not always the immediate moment. Delay Gratification for long term benefits. Interest is costly. Do not go into debt for the rest of you life. Adjust your circumstances to your finances. If you can't afford it, can't buy it on credit. Wait. Go without for a while. That is what they did in the 50s and early 60s and earlier. Although it must be said, the 50s and 60s was a better time then the 30s, when my parents were born. My parents became parents in 59. It was a perfect time for anyone just staring out.

Kids of today and for the last 30 years, have never really been told any of the things I mention. They were spoiled and had whatever they wanted.

No Limits Required!
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Rather than teach they young and teach limits and self discipline, the parents used their kids to gratify themselves and pat themselves on the back. Whenever their kids were recognized for succeeding in being popular, as if that was all that mattered, and dominating, and being at the lead of their class in social ways, the parents got a big thrill over this. And if a daughter noticed for dressing like a sexy slut, the mother was tickled. Really, the parents were bigger kids than the kids were. to be honest, these sorts of parents are the ones who should have had their kids taken from them, but the government was very pleased with the stupid short-sighted parents and said nothing.

So the kids grew up without real guidance and discipline. And they became monsters with no brains, no boundaries, no discipline, and absurdly high expectations that could never come to be. Nor were they taught by parental example. The parents were lousy as married people and as examples. They grew like weeds themselves. Parents have been neglecting everything for a long time. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

Moral guidance is essential in any good society. Without it, we become ruthless and without compassion. Girls learned at school that the most ruthless was the most feared and respected. It was almost always beautiful girls who misused their beauty to control the guys and make the other girls wish they could do that.

It is my opinion that a woman's nature is one that likes to compete with other women and be ruthless about it. Much more than a man. Women love to manipulate and use men. I saw one crime show where a woman got 2 men to kill another man that she had it in for. It worked, but she the 2 guys that killed the other guy all got caught, but one police officer said that women typically tended to use and manipulate others, men in particular, to do their dirty work for them. That is their nature.

Liberated Women on Record
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So what effect have liberated women had, since their "emancipation" and "liberation? Lets look at those effects more carefully.

Primitive urges have been cultivated on an instinctive level, a low level, animal level. Competitive rivalries, showing off, bragging, conceited, self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish. Its all about them. Parents taught them that by giving their approval of bad behavior, when the girl should have been disciplined, instead.

Liberated women only care about being able to attract men and control them and get them to buy the girl things. Being selfish, she could care less about the man, He is just something to use to gain status and money and make her feel powerful and in control. She has no idea that her beauty will soon fade and power will be gone and her short life as she knew it for maybe 28-30 years, is over. A few might make it to 35 with a fair amount of beauty intact, but not many. And it will not be nearly as good at 35 as it was at 20 or even better at 15.

These kinds of attitudes rub off on the rest of the women without their really even realizing it. Most women feel like the laws that favoring them so completely and destroy men by the one-sided laws of injustice, have come to be seen as right, legal and therefore, moral. The reality is that those laws are anything but moral. They make stealing quite legal.

Women have gone into huge debt for college loans without any practical concern for how they might pay it off in their lifetimes and how they are going to be able to pay the monthly loan and still support themselves. I never bothered with college because no guarantee of any benefit and they were dictating what students were to take, like a foreign language and other such crap stuff. Starting off life debt free and living at home, seemed the most prudent thing to do and that has proved to be the case years later.

Women have been so stupid about everything, but I use this as my argument to suggest that the only possible way to recover, which I do not see as likely, is to bring back patriarchy in its strongest form. They had their chance and they totally failed. The world has gone pretty much to hell since the liberation of women.

I do not think that is possible, unless they are trying to build up huge hatred and resentment for women in order to get men to do something very sinister in order to transform society in a very forceful way. I believe the elite want to brake women of their natural picky choosy tastes in regards to men. Satan wants women to sleep with whoever when ever, as the cults of Satan already do, by breaking in women when they are girls.

To me, now that the Genie is out of the Bottle, he will not get back in. I think we are doomed, except for the intervention of God. But aside from that, I think TFM is right. Revoke all women's rights and put them back into the ownership of either their father or their husband, should they have one. If they divorce, they go back to dad with nothing from their husband. TFM understands the situation better than anyone else I have come across. MGTOW is useless if it does not have the full invested power and control over spoiled out-of-control women that patriarchy rules enable. The current generations will have to pass before it really begins to work well. The world won't last that long.

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The world can not go on as it is. This is so, regardless of religion or not. If children are the real and concern of society, then  the family must be secured and protected. This means eliminating most potential for fights and quarreling between a couple. It means eradicating all potential temptations and ability to profit from an insincere marriage contract. Eliminate the ability to use law to unfairly destroy a man with false accusations. Make either party accountable to false accusations by severe penalties for trying to manipulate the law and courts for dishonest advantage and gain.

For too long now, women have been abusing law, men, and giving no consideration for what they might be doing to children in such conduct. They are the same ruthless bitches that ruled the hallways of high schools and beauty pageants and influenced many other girls, and guys, too.

They had their chance to show us their benevolence, skill, and merit but all they gave us was scheming, conniving ruthlessness, with a willingness to break any law or moral code of decency to get what they want. They have been shameless in their outrageous behavior. Women can not restrain their own nature. They need to be placed in a subordinate position of either their fathers or their husbands. Their nature has to be restrained. Their natural nature was either created (says I) or evolved to enable her to be able to accept her role without being dissatisfied with it and enjoying it, instead.

It is also essential that all parents and all society support this move. It had the support in its first incarnation. This is also why I do not believe this is possible. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and we pushed Humpty off the wall. Now all the kings horses and all the kings men, can not put Humpty back together again.

One of my points in writing this article is to show how stupid we have been as a species. We had a good thing going and liars easily swayed us from our course. To fit all those parts back together to salvage something we threw away? I wish it were possible. But too many things were sacrificed and parents hold the key and parents have been a miserable failure throughout history, which is why every empire crumbles sooner or later, because parents do not sustain future generation with what they need for guidance and training.

 It is my personal belief that we need God to get us out of our own way and show us the right way in its entirety and how to keep it and make it last forever.

To Christian Women
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Women, sisters in the faith! Too many of you have been far too influenced by the devil's doctrine that denies God's assignment of man to be the head of his own family and a shared caretaker of the entire species, without interference from his wife, and with her support. To Reject this is to reject God and doing that is in essence, joining Satan. You will not inherit God's kingdom by disobeying God or disregarding him and supporting Satan's doctrine. You need to completely reject all feminism, and turn to God in everything. It is that serious and that plain.

How ironic that woman should once again become the temptress in the Garden of Eden, joining the serpent in his lies and rebellion. Can't you ever learn? Will  you keep on doing the same thing? I just issue the warning, for I know what is coming more than anyone else. If you do not avoid war and the military, and accept, if you have to, prison rather than military service, you may well end up as a forced prostitutes in military barracks. This happened before in history. Roman soldiers had both their brothels and made use of local brothels where they were garrisoned.  The past is the best indicator of the future. Don't you doubt it! It will come as a surprise. As the war starts up, they will ask you to sign up for a draft, but not activated. But at the very last moment, they will activate the draft and tell you that you enjoyed special favored treatment over men for 100 years and now its your turn to "repay and compensate them" by serving them sexually.

They won't tell you this till you are near the battle fields after basic training. That is why it is essential that you avoid war, even as Christians should always have done; and yet too few actually bothered to resist. Amish did it. Quakers did it. Hutterites did it. Jehovah's Witnesses did it. But not many more. For too long, too many who called themselves Christians have not lived up to that identification. You can not afford to get it wrong this time.

On the other hand, I know there are at least a few who remain fairly faithful to God's requirements. This article was not intended for you.

Hard Patriarchy & War?
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TFM believes there are 2 types of Patriarchy, that he calls hard and soft Patriarchy. I say Patriarchy is the man being fully in power. King of his own Castle.

TFM says that hard patriarchy causes war. I say no way. Its no big deal really except it is wrong, I so want to correct it. Its nothing personal and I have really been digging his videos and pals in the last month, at least.

What does cause war? Glad you asked. One guy starts out gathering allies in his area. He acquires power and forces his will on the local population. His son make more alliances with other small bosses with their own little kingdoms. They consolidate and rule some cities. Then more cities. Soon succeeding rulers acquire ever larger territory till they reach empire level. Then multiple empires. Then, ultimately, the world, now run by an invisible Oligarchy hidden behind multiple levels of bureaucracy. War is caused by greed, which seeks ultimate control and power. This is our reality today. Patriarchy had nothing to do with it. Greed and Ambition are the culprits.

Truth1 out!

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