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Stripping Feminism Naked!


The Premise
Some Considerations
The Provoking
Women’s Rights in the Air  The start of voting
The Discovery
The Real Nature of Humans, esp. Women
A Second Enemy . . . Men!
Jealousy & Possessiveness
Reality Check
Men's Prerogatives

Necessary Discipline?
United We Stand! Divided We Fall!
The Latest Trend
Moses & Merit
God's Glory!
To Christian Women Only
To Feminists at Large
Finding Your Way Out
Women Being Set Up
The Coming Backlash

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The Premise
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Its simple! Feminism and "Social Justice Warriors are a cover for Leftist Marxism/Communism. This is not a recent conclusion. I have published this before. But it was watching a "Black Pigeon Speaks" (BPS hereafter) YouTube video, that I felt a need for this article. BPS is also the name of the YT channel, too.


Some Considerations  . . . as you read
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When I write, it is always with the intent of doing so as if it was in a court of sincere just law. For example, I will refer to 6000 years of recorded history or history as revealed thru and excavated by Archaeology or similar in material evidence. Even in that, I grant only 4000 years for recorded accounting of history (about 2000 BC). I assume that the material evidence is evidence of human society in gathered concentrated groups. It is all I can lay claim to. Some will say, humans have been around for 2 or 3 million years. While I believe man was created a mere 6024 years ago, I am willing to entertain  serveral  million years, though not agree with it.

But if say, 2 million is so, the small scant amount of evidence available tells us almost nothing about how we lived then or how smart we were. Therefore, man at that time can not be discerned in any useful detail. I can not say anything about man then. Really, Academia can only find material culture in abundance for about 10,000 BP to about 70,000 BP. And there is little then for that 60,000 year gap. Most evidence is not available till 10,000 BP and later, according to the Academic narrative.

My using 6,000 is to establish a reasonable amount of time for which human civilization is fairly well accounted for, establishing Patriarchy for most civilizations, with continuity.

If in trying to refute Feminism by saying life was such and such a way, 100,000 years ago, you would not have enough evidence to say much in a court of law. I find 6000 enough and if a court were strict, I would have to retreat to 4,000 years to be sure. Believe whatever you like. But I defnitely approach MGTOW and Feminist subjects from a Christian Biblical point of view. But I welcome and accept any belief system within MGTOW. Inside of MGTOW, we men all share the same battle.

The Provoking                Marxism, Communism, Satan Worship    Started   9:52 PM Nov. 24, 2017
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I watched a BPS (Black Pigeon Speaks) Video early this morning and it really irritated me and the feeling just grew as I sat down to eat a little something and I began to ponder many things that were pushing me into a coherent view that I had to give a little more thought and determined that I must write it down. There are some conclusions that there is no good excuse for and BPS has long stuck me as being rather disingenuous on a number of occasions. So write, I must! And he is far from the only one, either. Too many are not really telling the full & pure truth. They are speaking for much higher powers and authorities rather than for themselves.

BPS suggested that the cause of mass, systematic, and very well-funded, world-wide orchestrated immigration, by ships, jets, trains, buses, and whatever else, was due to excessive “Empathy.”  I went into convulsions and cycled in and out with hysterical laughter, that anyone could be that dumb and naive. And BPS is far from being alone. Many others say and do much the same.  But BPS has been guilty of a number of poor verdicts that have no good excuse if one was a bit better informed, and I have always been of the opinion that one should not speak without a fair amount of information and understanding and the old boy comes up a bit short that way. So I guess I'll have to finish this off once and for all and bury it deep, deep, in the ground, never to rise again.

As BPS goes, we are overcome with empathy for other peoples and not much for our own people. What is wrong with that statement? It is that empathy is the reason for the insane immigration policies engineered exclusively by fairly unidentified power/financing that can keep ferries going for years to funnel immigrants into Spain, Italy, Greece and other paths to Europe. Many millions pumped into Europe and the USA and Canada, too.

1st of all, there is no empathy or decency in any of the Elite financiers/world rulers. They despise humanity in case you have not gotten the word yet, and have had your head up your . . . well, you know the rest, right?

Further, this so called empathy costs a lot of money in moving millions of people and housing them anywhere and everywhere. Of course, tax payers are forced by their government slave masters to pay for this as much as possible. We are expected to happily support entire families while they collect welfare in too many ways to list here, to live, without having to work and often remaining this way throughout their lives. Guess whose back is going to break on that one? The enslaved, bullied, tax payer, who is mostly the Middle classes and bottom rungs of the lower upper classes.

Its not empathy that pays, nor jumping for joy tax payers, that pay for this massive debt/burden. It is those brutally enslaved tax payers, forced by law and threats of courts and prosecution if they do not pay their taxes, and we are not even asked permission to bring immigrants over. The decision to bring them over was made by our leaders, without our permission or approval. Fact! That is most certainly not empathy at work. Despotic Slavery is far more accurate.

So what is really going on here? Dishonesty for one! But perhaps something else as well. The policy of immigration is very much one that is pursued by so called compassionate women, almost all of whom are Feminists or SJWs. This is odd for many reasons. First, Feminists are quite ruthless, cold, and one-sided. They have zero compassion for men or taxpayers, or anyone but themselves. They promote violence, lying, false accusations, disrupting lawful meetings, speeches, talks and other events that they do not like or agree with. They have absolute zero tolerance for any view but their own.

They are short on logic and great for supporting big government and raising taxes. They pretend to believe they are abused, oppressed and should be entitled to massive compensation “from the state.” In fact, they support all kinds of “reparations” for supposed (imagined) crimes and atrocities, as if the USA were the only despot in all of history, above and beyond any other previous nations, or empires. Pure lies!

In fact, their rationale and claims are very similar to what leftists and communists often use for rhetoric to convince the population of a nation that they desire to overthrow. Their current leaders/regime, by building disrespect and hatred for that nation by lying about the nations and exaggerating and distorting that fact to make that nation look evil, when it would not appear that way, were the commies to be honest and even handed. The leftist plotters of an overthrow will find any problem, however small and blow it way out of proportion, making a mountain out of an ant hill. They will urge all to banish the oppressors, and of course, make huge reparations, not from the truly guilty parties, if there are any, since they have no money. But they will use the government and use taxpayer money to fund what would otherwise be impossible to collect from sources that might not even qualify for a legitimate conviction in a court of law for supposed crimes.

On the other hand, the lies of the left, of which I include feminists as truly pursuing, too, are surely good evidence of intent to frame, lie, deceive, slander and defame and otherwise abuse, and carry out, violent protests and disrupt lawful public events and gatherings, and destroy/vandalize public and private property such as statues, buildings, properties, etc.

This is typical activity of communist agitators. This is a well-defined crime still very much in force in the USA. It is any attempt at overthrow or disrupt, engage in sedition, rebellion, and/or overthrow of that nation or its laws and lawful, legal, and judicial functions.

If one wants to alter a nation's path, there are legal ways to do it thru your legally elected representatives, who can discuss and debate it with other representatives and vote on it. This is proper procedure, but agitators prefer violence, slander and lies, to get their way. Slander is accountable to the law, if someone had the money or the legal expertise to donate to enforcing the law, which is not very likely.

Now this track record of feminist being among the guilty carrying on the sorts of crimes that agitators and leftists engage in, also brings up a lot of good reason to ask and speculate on what their real agenda is. What it is NOT, is empathy. What it seems to me is, the overthrow, not only of the USA and Canada, but also the entire world.

Here is a clue, as to the real agenda of leftist Feminism. They claim to hate Patriarchy and blame it for much supposed oppression of, not only women, but also include under that umbrella of “Patriarchy,” racism, homophobia, and misogyny. It is claimed that men do not want immigrants because of their race and maybe culture. But again, these are lies. All leftists and Marxists are professional liars and most everything coming from their mouths are lies.

The goal always, is to cause doubt, and say it often enough to persuade the ignorant brain-dead masses of useful idiots that the left are so fond of, while trying to grow and manufacture an over throw. The overthrow Of Nicholas II of Russia is a classic example. Everything he did to try to appease the accusers, was ignored. Never try to appease a commie. They do not want to be appeased. They are not complaining to get a problem fixed by the ruling powers. They complain with just one thing in mind. To get the population to rebel and overthrow the existing government, as they did with Nicolas II. Then after they get in power, they kill the idiots off, along with all the other enemies such as Nicholas and his family.

But as regards immigration, my personal disapproval of such an activity is that its real intent is to bankrupt nations by making them carry the burden of millions of immigrants siphoning off the tax revenue and disrupting the established culture to its eventual overthrow and  destruction.  Two very different cultures, one of whom has a long established record of taking over a nation when their population becomes more numerous than those they live among. They behave until they gain superior numbers. The Western practice of tolerance is not to be found in the Islam of the past. So why do Fems and SJWS support the policy that is bound to cause an internal struggle and a war eventually, as well as collapse and overthrow? In fact, that is likely the plan. Civil war! The Bible predicts it! (Daniel 2: the feet of iron & clay, mixed with the races of mankind not mixing or cooperating with each other).

Since this is an attempt to overthrow and destroy our nation, I see this as an extreme case of attempted overthrow and conquering of the existing USA government, nation, and its foundation documents and precepts.

But to openly conduct one's self as a Marxist or even just left leaning, would be very dangerous. Its not how things are done now. One needs a cover, a sock puppet, if you will, a false ID.

All spy agencies and agents use covers for their activity. Many activities are obvious and need some explaining. “Oh, we are a private corporation carrying out our business activities.” Or, I'm just a tailor or carpenter or a banking rep or some other explanation to excuse what they are doing. Undercover cops pretend to be, say, drug dealers, so they can infiltrate by appearing as wanting to get into the drug trade, when in reality, they trying to bust the drug dealers, more than likely dealers who are not CIA approved.

Hence, in order to carry out subversive illegal sedition, overthrow, and disruption, slander and lies; the brilliant concept of using Feminism and Social Justice Warriors to mask the real intentions and purposes of the seditious leftist nature of this movement, was a stroke of genius, however diabolical its intent.

Why would feminists support heavy immigration of Islamic peoples into the US and Europe, when they claim to hate Patriarchy and blame all misfortune on it? It is a bold blatant contradiction to their other stated beliefs, referring to Patriarchy. This is impossible to justify or reconcile unless you consider that the real goal is the destruction of the USA and all Western society. Because that is the result we are cultivating with current Western national policy.

So I strongly insist that Feminism and SJW rhetoric and conduct is aimed at seditious overthrow, not only of the USA, but all Western nations. They are not Feminists at all. Their real purpose is the Marxist overthrow just mentioned. They truly are Marxists. It could not be more obvious.

But how come BPS can not see this? Is he blind, maybe? Or is he pursuing another agenda? Or how about this! Maybe they (the Marxists and also those who seem to miss-identify the current movements and agenda, like BPS, want to spread an intolerant, often war like rebellion, when immigrant numbers are more than their opponents (natives, us). Islam's potential for their intolerant opposition to other religions is more than a little concerning except for the Left, who hates religion, especially Christianity. But they have no problems with Satan worship. None at all! They love the father of the lie and sacrifice babies to him.

But let me restate some things for emphasis. Feminism pretends that men are the true enemies of the human race. Not only is this absurd, since both sexes are needed for reproduction.  But as well, men have exclusively brought us the technological world we now enjoy, without women directly participating in the advancement of philosophy, technology, science, engineering and political organization and sadly, war campaigns, too.

Women have participated indirectly by giving birth to many a man. But that is as far as it goes. Women credit men for nothing and make us the scape goat for all the worlds miseries. In fact, Feminist claims are actually a threat to the continuation of the human species. That is how stupid they are. Eve strikes again!

That men are said to be tyrants and oppressors, and every other sort of vile accusation, is far beyond absurd. These are smear tactics. It also perfectly fits the definition of hate speech, hate crimes, defamation, slander; for the purpose of harming all males and marginalizing them, the way Fems say that Whites marginalize other races, which is laughable when the USA had been the most predominant promoter of immigration and equal rights for all races and nations and men fought and killed 600,000 of their own sex in the Civil war, allegedly to free black slaves. Let women equal that one! Bitches!

The charges of feminists are right out of this world and not the slightest bit realistic. What is the real goal of Feminism? Are they doing this for themselves exclusively, or are they working for someone else?

It should be no surprise that all major movements and wars are funded by just one source for both sides of a war. But these very rich elite have many layers of bureaucracy that prevent anyone from knowing who gave what and from where. There are subtle and not so subtle signs of who they all are, but most are too dull in their senses to notice those subtleties.

Feminism is such an absurd bunch of irrational crap that has no sound reason or rhyme to it, that it could not possibly prosper if it did not have huge financial backing, with those financiers making sure that the press gives these bitches full attention and coverage. That the media support this platform so enthusiastically, is yet fare more evidence that lots of money motivates strong, well supported movements like Marxism. But why are men the target rather than Whites or religion or some other grouping? Who benefits by marginalizing men and running them out of society? Society certainly does not profit by dividing the most important asset they have, their men, who are rejected by their own nation without a just trial. By our nation tolerating this and not putting women in their place and for allowing the weakening of the nation's production, the entire species is in peril. In fact, this is being done all over the world, so this is not exclusively a USA problem. It is a world problem, though some nations are already bucking the trend, such as Japan and China and maybe Russia and other Slavic nations.

Who is doing this? I would strongly suggest that the rich powerful world's elite are the guilty party. I say that because I do believe that Satan is the one who gave the orders and enforces them. He does not put up with even the slightest disobedience.

Men have more backbone and a will of their own. They are harder to boss around or constrain. They are not as easily fooled as women are. JFK bucked so they killed him. Even Eisenhower gave a warning to his nation upon his leaving office. Johnson wanted to leave a legacy of a great president who brought many social reforms. But his bosses wanted him to pursue the Viet Nam war, which was ruining his presidency. So he refused to pursue a second term as president. The elite wanted an obedient servant, not a head strong man who wanted something for himself in exchange for his cooperation. The bosses will have none of that. You do what you are told.

The way around this is to put women in power. They sell out easy and cheap. They are not head strong when under powerful men, and will readily obey rich powerful men. They are subservient. Men are quite different in temperament and more difficult to “domesticate.”

The elite just want obedience and women fit that bill better. Same in corporations. They are expected to fall in line with the Elite's agenda and not resist for the sake of profit or personal accomplishment.

How ironic it is that women are quite happy to be submissive to the Elite males, but not men in general. So much for equality, huh? These women are actually slaves who only do what they are told. They are kept women.

With men out of power in significant upper positions of leaderships, the ruthless human hating elite move closer to killing off the entire species and the Bible definitely indicates that is the goal. So women are helping to sell out the human race. That is the reality. The gullibility of Eve strikes again.

So that attack, which has the appearance of being the agenda of Feminists, is really funded and motivated by evil men at the top of the power heap. Women are more than happy to go along with it. They say they don't believe in hate or racism or sexism, but they pursue all 3 against men. And there is still that problem of libel, slander, and defamation of an entire sex, which was never attempted on women by men in the 6000 years of history, excluding post war rape, particularly in Germany during its Russian occupation at the end of WWII, complements of Stalin and the rapist leftist communists. Get the picture? Atrocities follow Communism wherever it goes.

I thought I would quote here, Thomas Sowell's questions for leftists. Ironically, Sowell is a black man, the very race said to have it so bad and be so oppressed and marginalized. But that is not his opinion and he does not seem to like the self-pity many African Americans display, going along with the leftists.

Thomas Sowell - 3 Questions for the Left when they complain of oppression or injustice:

3 Questions, at 1:55, to destroy the left's arguments or claims

1. Compared to what?

2. At what cost?

3. What hard evidence do you have?

Commies are great for leaving out true comparisons. Ex: Men are tyrants! Compared to who or what standard? An objective standard, that is! 

Fixing things is a great idea. Suppose the engine or transmission goes on your car. Fixing it will be costly . . .  or will it? What is the cost? Now if the car is fairly new and in great condition, otherwise, it might well be worth fixing. But if its 15 or 20 years old, and rusted to hell, You might want to consider a new car or a used car in good condition and with a favorable price. Cost matters. What is the cost of Immigration? What are the benefits, if any? Poverty is terrible, but is the cost of fixing it possible or maybe far too much cost or maybe beyond solving. What are the specific causes of poverty? And how would you determine that?

What unbiased objective evidence is there for the many accusations leveled against men?  Leftists never offer objective sound evidence. They prefer lies; the more the better. They never deal in facts, evidence, or truth. Its against their religion

What is their religion, you ask? Without the slightest dishonesty, I say, It is Satanism or if you prefer, Luciferianism or devil worship. Its a fact in my book!

Thomas Sowell addressed the housing collapse/crisis of 2007-2008. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac gave out housing loans to the poor. That's nice, right? Or is it? The houses were outrageously priced with long term mortgages that the poor could not afford. So let them become laid off or otherwise unemployed and they have to default. And the USA has had continual layoffs since 1974 and more so in the 90s and into the 21st century, as all our jobs were being sent overseas.

Loans for mortgages began to default as people lost jobs and the lenders ended up going belly up and houses sat vacant and got looted. Poor people do not live within their means. Smart banks don't lend to people who have a good chance of getting laid off and not being able to keep up payments. Their financial history, like anyone's employment history, will give you an idea of likely future performance. Why were the banks so willing to take such absurd risk?  Don't look for logical answers. Look for sinister motives and you will find your answers.

Women’s Rights in the Air          by Tom Rea               Truth1 comments in >>red brown text<< Black text is Tom Rea
Back to Top         >>this article tells the beginning of the movement to allow women to vote. It has a lot to reveal.<<

The Legislature met in October 1869 in Cheyenne. All those Democrats seem to have had it on their mind not to protect black people’s rights, like the Republicans wanted to do, but to protect women’s rights. They passed a resolution allowing women to sit inside the special space where the lawmakers sat. They passed a law guaranteeing that teachers—most of whom were women—would be paid the same whether they were men or women. And they passed a bill guaranteeing married women property rights separate from their husbands.

>>It starts with a crack in the door. Democrats were against blacks. How about that? It was Republicans who supported Blacks. And the 1st dribbling's of equality for women. But history shows us that it has since gone far beyond equality so that men are now very disadvantaged and, truthfully, tyrannically oppressed, unlike the women who make those same claims, rather falsely, of course.

In hind sight, men got real stupid . . . or was it that someone somewhere spread enough money around in the sparsely populated state of Wyoming to get this legislation passed, even as lobbyists do today in Washington DC.<<

The idea that women deserved the same rights as men had been growing steadily in the United States since the 1840s. For a long time, many people who supported the abolition of slavery also supported women’s rights. Both feelings were strong in the Republican Party before the Civil War. But after the war, Republicans felt they had to do all they could to make sure the freed slaves got the right to vote and were able to keep it. So, the Republicans put women’s rights on the back burner. Some women were furious about this and felt betrayed by the party.

>>Interesting to note, if we assume these steps were intended to overthrow society in due time, and that voting rights were being granted, or soon would be, to any Tom, Dick, or Harry; or Mary, Jane, or Sally. Immigration began to intensify as the Industrial Revolution started and right along with it, a political and social revolution. It was not an accident. It was the launch of a very big plan to change our whole way of life and thinking<<

In 1854, meanwhile, the legislature in Washington Territory tried and failed to give women the right to vote. Nebraska Territory did the same in 1856. In Congress, a senator introduced a bill after the Civil War to give women in all the territories the right to vote. This failed, too, as did bills in 1868 that would have amended the U.S. Constitution to give all women in the United States and territories the right to vote. Early in 1869, Dakota Territory came within one vote of passing a so-called woman suffrage bill. The idea was not new in American politics. Many of Wyoming’s legislators came from states or territories where the question had been discussed often.

>>It is clear to me that the 19th century was simmering with political overthrow. It was getting resistance from the all male vote but as time elapses, more men would get bought off or get stupid and destroy their voting block by allowing any and all Immigrants and women to vote. Immigration was being used even in the 1600s in New York City, then called New Amsterdam and controlled by the Dutch.

Had the general male population had any intentions of preserving their Bill of Rights and even the principles set out in the Declaration of Independence, then they should have been very slow and careful giving out rights to vote. Good judgment and decision making are not common things. They had an English and Constitutional foundation that should have been guarded and preserved.

In the days of Rome, the Senate sometimes admitted some conquered enemies a right to sit in the senate, principally because they had been upper class in their own nations and Rome considered this very important, as they wanted to be sure that the upper class was united, and very dedicated to the cause of their class, the upper class. The upper class knew how to act in their own best long term interests. So they were very selective and picky.

But in the USA of the 19th century, the seeds of communism were starting to sprout and spread.<<

Bright’s bill

Maybe it’s not so surprising, then, that William Bright, fairly late in the legislative session, introduced a bill to give Wyoming women the right to vote. Unfortunately, no record was kept then (or now) of what Wyoming lawmakers actually said while they were debating bills. But what was on Bright’s mind and on the other legislators’ minds can be gleaned from newspaper articles and from people’s memories reported years later.

>>Why do you suppose it was, that no records were kept of what law makers were saying? Did they have something to hide? Of course they did. That is why we have no records. Its called secrecy and subversion.<<

First, lawmakers wanted to get Wyoming some good publicity, so that more settlers would come to the territory. With the railroad built, and the gold mines at South Pass producing less and less gold, it seemed as though more people were leaving than coming in. Positive news stories published throughout the nation, legislators thought, might reverse the trend.

The lawmakers especially hoped the news would bring more women. There were six adult men in the Territory for every adult woman, and there were very few children. American Indians were not counted in these numbers, but Chinese workers—most of whom had come to work on the railroad—and black people were counted.

Second, these Democrats in the legislature hoped that once these women came to Wyoming, they would continue to vote for the party that had given them the vote in the first place.

>>There! Do you see that just above? Democrats were bribing women for their votes. How interesting! No good can come from dividing the voting population, which is why you have to limit who votes, to those who have a vested interest in preserving the tradition that founded this nation or any nation. By dividing it, the subversives (Democrats) made sure that the old guard (white Christian men) would eventually be outvoted by immigrants and women. In particular, women.  It was the women that bothered them. How come? It would only be a matter of time before we would find out.<<

Third, the Democrats in the Legislature wanted to make John Campbell, the Republican governor, look bad. If they passed the bill, many assumed, Campbell would veto it. Here he was, their thinking went, a member of the party that supposedly championed the voting rights of the ex-slaves, but given a chance to extend the vote to women he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to do it. The idea was too new, too different. The Democrats enjoyed the possibility of embarrassing him.

>>What I find funny here is that the legislature was far more willing to allow former slaves and Chinese to vote, than they were to admit women to do so. Why do you suppose that was? Was there already some antagonism in this nation, between men and women, husbands and wives? Struggles for power in marriages? I suspect so.<<

A Racial Argument

Fourth, many of the legislators believed strongly that if blacks and Chinese were to have the vote, then women—especially white women—should have it, too. The following spring, a Cheyenne newspaper reported this as “the clincher” argument. “Damn it,” an unnamed legislator supposedly said, “if you are going to let the niggers and the pigtails [the Chinese] vote, we will ring in the women, too.”

>>How about that? There really were some deep abiding concerns about women being given voting power. As well, let us not miss that those who wanted an overthrow, knew that having women vote, was essential. Too many male minorities were too likely to join forces with the other men. After all, immigrant minorities also knew the problem with women. Let the women up and out and all hell breaks loose. We can see that now, in hindsight in 2018, quite well, as we head toward a Marxist oblivion of immigrants and welfare to destroy us from within. All with the sellout support of Feminism and SJWs.<<

William Bright, uneducated saloon-keeper, stalwart Democrat, ex-Virginian, Union Army veteran, president of the Council and the man who had introduced the bill to give women the vote, was one of the main backers of this argument. Some stories attribute it to his young wife, Julia Bright.

>>William Bright was a cuck. Can there be any doubt? A leftist, too!<<

Stories also circulated in later years that the whole thing had been a joke, that the lawmakers were mostly kidding and the entire idea went further than anyone had expected. That may be partly, or slightly true, but it goes against the fact that they spent a great deal of time debating the issue—hardly something the legislators would have done if they hadn’t taken it seriously.

>>Why were they pawning this off as a joke? Were they afraid of their network that got the law changed, being later incriminated for something more diabolical? What can be said for sure is that they were trying to cover something up and it could not have been good. We see the end results in 2018.<<

And finally, some lawmakers wanted to give the vote to women simply because it was the right thing to do. Bright was among this number, as well.

>>The right thing to do? Really? Cause enmity between the sexes and divide the nation in two is good? Its all games and lies. To beat this to death, the seeds of our destruction were sowed in the later 1800s, at the latest.<<

The bill’s bumpy ride

The bill passed the Council, where Bright had first introduced it, six votes to two. In the House, lawmakers tried and failed to attach various amendments. Some of these were attempts to make the bill so unattractive to the other legislators that it would fail. One such amendment, which did fail, would have extended the vote to “all colored women and squaws.”

>>Important to note there was some determined resistance to allowing women to vote. This was not an insignificant issue to anyone on either side. That needs to be recognized in our time now. We should not be surprised that Feminism has reached the point it has. Some knew would this would happen, way back in 1869.<<

The House did pass an amendment to raise the voting age for women from 18 to 21. The House then passed the woman suffrage bill seven votes to four, with one abstention. Governor Campbell took several days deciding what to do. He finally signed the bill into law Dec. 10, 1869.

Esther Morris, first woman officeholder

Later that month, back in South Pass City, Bright welcomed a couple of visitors into his home. These were John Morris and his wife, Esther Hobart Morris. John Morris later wrote a letter about the visit to The Revolution, a national magazine that championed women’s rights. Bright was glad to see the Morrises, John Morris wrote, as they had come to congratulate him and were among a very few people in South Pass City who approved votes for women.

>>A national magazine called "The Revolution?" Are you kidding me? Its pretty obvious, isn't it?  This was an organized and funded concern and not one of grassroots origin. In fact, supposed grassroots are not such at all. They are all organized and promoted by rich powerful Financiers. Grassroots Origins is a myth, a fairytale, a cover, for those in power to hide behind. And feminism is another cover for the Marxist bastards.<<

Early in 1870, Esther Morris was appointed justice of the peace, a kind of judge, becoming the first woman ever to hold a public office. In 1870 and 1871, Amalia Post and other women served on juries in Laramie. In September 1870, women throughout the Territory finally got the chance to vote in Wyoming’s second election.

As many as 1,000 women appear to have gone to the polls. To the disgust of the Democrats who had given them the vote, a great many voted Republican. A Republican was elected territorial representative to Congress. And the following year, 1871, a few Republicans were elected to the legislature.

>>Isn't this telling!  A great many of the 1st women voters went Republican, even though the Demo-rats gave them the right to vote. It was clear that more needed to be done. Those overseeing this new change, knew it was only the beginning and that much more time would be needed before women could be conditioned, programmed and bribed with government handouts. This would be for the 1960s, yet nearly 100 years away at this time. Voting rights had to be secured in all states, first. That had yet to be done. And if women had starting voting demon-cratic right off, the other states might never have allowed women to vote. So it was a waiting game, till all women could vote in every state.<<

A repeal attempt

The new legislature decided votes for women weren’t such a good idea after all, however, and passed a bill to repeal the 1869 law. To his credit, Gov. Campbell vetoed the repeal. The House came up with the two-thirds vote necessary to override his veto, but the Council fell one vote short. That left the new law standing, and it was never challenged again. All women in the United States did not win the right to vote for nearly 50 more years.


Meanwhile, Bright’s saloon business went bankrupt, and he and his family moved to Denver. Many years later, in 1902, he was noticed in the audience at a national convention on women’s rights. Asked to speak about what had happened in Wyoming, he stood up and said the bill was not introduced “in fun.” He added that he supported the idea because he believed “his wife was as good as any man and better than convicts and idiots,” the Women’s Tribune reported. If he mentioned black people at this point, or used a more derogatory term, the paper did not repeat it.

>>I am going to suggest that those in power were not interested in Black men voting, for fear that they might prefer keeping women subjected. Powers that be, probably decided to wait till more women were voting. And now my big concern that I will deal with even more, later in this article. Bright suggested his wife was as good as any man and "better than convicts and idiots."

Well, how much better than convicts or idiots? And who is calling the kettle black? Most people in power are really good candidates for being called convicts, criminals, suberversionists, and nihilists! (but not idiots). Further in 2017, many Feminists are law breakers, disruptors, agitators, liars and slanderers, who despise free speech and are full of hate and hate speech, and full-out Marxist Traitors. So the idea that they are so well meaning and intelligent, need to be reconsidered.

In fact, it should been questioned back then, as many still saw it as a bad thing. So those halos that some were placed on women's heads were, even then, held in dispute.<<

Perhaps the whole story of Wyoming’s choice to give women the vote shows that the right thing sometimes happens for a large, strange mix of reasons, most of them wrong. Or as John Morris wrote to The Revolution after his and Esther’s visit to William Bright, “It is a fact that all great reforms take place, not where they are most needed, but in places where opposition is weakest; and then they spread … .<<< End article quote


Truth1 >> Commies always take the path of least resistance, "where opposition (and resistance) is weakest; and then they spread." Need I say more? Women were the weakest resistance as far as the elite were concerned. Marxism began promoting in Europe, then starting with the Colonial Rebellion against England, and then followed in France and Russia. Then on to China, South America and the world. Often, Marxism hides under the name of "Socialism." There is no difference between the two. The state controls everything and the human mind is the thing they seek to control the most.

The problem, as always, in historical research, is that things carried on in secret are hard to pin down in many details. What we end up with, are the few times when things became manifest. Many things might take many years to come out. But the earliest dates can easily be attached to the rights of women to vote, thereby beginning the war and division between men and women, which has turned into a great divide, as was the intention to do, from the start.

Katie, below, gives us greater detail of the start and intent in the 20th century, which really took off in a big way in the 1960s. But this did start with the Industrial Revolution and the start of giving women voting rights so that they could later be turned against their own best long-term interests in very subtle unobvious ways that eventually would ensnare all the world. We can see it clearly now. I would suggest that 1920 allowing all women to vote, was a big accomplishment for the left.

The Discovery                    Found/transcribed/saved   Nov. 30, 2017.
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I pasted this around on maybe 5 or 6 channels on an article's comment screens over several days after. It was 6 days after beginning this article. It just came up either on a side bar or in the YouTube suggestions for my various subscriptions. It was a big help. I can only wonder how or why it showed up.

This happened 6 days after I had begun writing this article. I consider it divine providence.

Katie Pavlich: How Feminism is Linked to Marxism

PhilosophyInsights  Published on Sep 25, 2017 Katie Pavlich Author, “Assault and Flattery”

I just received the above-right Title/Book  today, 12/12/2017. So eventually, I'll have more to publish here. While Katie shows dates for Marxist moves thru Feminism, furnishing us with irrefutable evidence, straight from the Communist Agitator's mouths/publications, these are far from the earliest times of the start of the plans for introducing Marxism thru women. Certainly, the start of suggesting that women should be allowed to vote was very prominent initiative in this direction.


Transcribed from the Video referenced above:

0:00-3:50    Women’s rights has acted as a veil to distract the true intentions of progressive activists. The socialist revolution in America depended on 2 things. A breakdown of the family and women voting for progressives – both of which they have been very successful at doing.

"In her 1974 manifesto, the Prairie Fire, The Politics of Revolution and Anti-Imperialism, Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorn, and the Weather Underground devoted an entire chapter to how the women’s rights movement should be used to advance revolutionary goals, calling feminists to join the ranks and the political agenda."

"They wrote “Sexism will not be destroyed until Imperialism is overthrown. It is in the collective interests of women to do this and to take full part in building a socialist revolution. We need power!  Socialist revolution lays down the foundation for the liberation of women and begins dismantling tenacious institutions of sexism." {Patriarchy}

Only a few hundred copies of "Prairie Fire" were produced and obviously been long out of print. Only the closest activists have been privileged to see their blue print plans for women moving forward in America and thru the decades, but as the introduction to the manifesto that states “to communist minded people . . .  But more importantly it was promoted to women’s groups and laid the groundwork for long-term takeover of the Feminist movement.

“This analysis represents the beginning of a process, not its final conclusion,” they wrote.

“Our goal is the development of Feminism which genuinely determines safe guards and defends the collective interests of women and which points in the direction of revolution. We need to build a revolutionary Feminism. Women are at the intersection of the Crisis; of a crisis and the will to survive.”

>Truth1 >>They understood that men were in the way, but they did not say that plainly, <<  >>as Katie asserts: "They believe men acted as male supremacists to women and that in order to change society, a breakdown in the traditional family structure was necessary. And in order to destroy that structure, they portrayed women as victims inside of it. The individual capitalist family structure is a wasteful social form and not healthy for children to grow up in. It’s a trap for women. It is a sanctioned form for sexual exploitation and a hypocritical standard."

>>Of course, these were all Commie lies. And women totally fell for it, with the help of feminist leaders paid by elites to promote these lies and for fake news promote the Commie spokeswomen. They are all in on it. And what is that "traditional family structure" that they refer to? Why, its that oppressive male Patriarchy! How about that?<<

"The family breeds competitiveness among us. You think the left hates competition? They do, even in your own family. The family competitive base among us allows for:        >>The 4 points below that Katie lays out, were the accusations Commie's specified, all lies of course<<

1. no future for women to grow with children,   >>If women have children, they can not work and "grow".<<
2. demeans old women, separating them from the life of the community, >>when they say community, they mean workplace<<
3. and the ability of single mothers to work and raise and care for children, >>They can not do both. Goodbye kids!<<
4. and maintain a household . . . . is a monument to women's’ strength and determination."

>>The above 4 points show how the elite lie about the plight of women, as if they were missing so much by not working and having a career. Honestly, if I, Truth1, were married and my wife came to me and said, "honey! How about letting me go work and have a career and you stay home and take care of the kids. Wha da ya say? I'd say, Baby, you gotta deal! I'll start tomorrow if ya want!

I'd love to spend as much time with my kids, as I could. That would be a reward, not a punishment. But clearly, many women have decided that dumping kids off to strangers is no big deal. So it might seem, but in the 80s when mom's all went to work, Daycare facilities all over the USA were using kids to make porn, to rape, and be prostituted. Most child porn is made by Satanists. They promote and sell it, too, with the help and cover-up of governments, who get their share of money and kids.

So the truth is, that mothers' pretty much hate children. The evidence and situation speak for themselves. Now I ask you, where are the halos and wings of these women now?<<

"The modern male-run nuclear family, when we tear away the veil, sentimentality (sic), is the basic unit of capitalist society. Capitalist and the modern family matured together historically, feeding of each other’s development."

>> What she was saying was that the veil (the lies) hide the fact that the basic unit of capitalist society is "the modern male-run nuclear family." True. But what she did not point out was that this was and is referred to by Feminists as tyrannical oppressive male Patriarchy, which has a 6000 year track record of success, and not oppression. But Commies always lie and deny. They have nothing else to offer.<<

Catherine Merri "Katie" Pavlich is an American journalist, primarily known for her work at the online news magazines and The Hill. A National Review Washington Fellow, she has appeared numerous times as a television commentator, notably on the Fox News Channel program The Five. In this clip she talks about how feminism is linked to Marxism. Full talk, quoted under fair use: --- This channel aims at extracting central points of presentations into short clips. The topics cover the problems of leftist ideology and the consequences for society, including feminism, social justice, post-modernism and Marxism.

Katie does a great job of showing the undeniable written published self-admission of the Commies that they were behind the courting of women to dump men, patriarchy, tradition, and certainly telling God to go to hell, too. But God will have something to say about it all. And there is that lake of fire, too! God will laugh last. But women rejected 6000 years of history and rejected motherhood and children. I'm not surprised about many of them not really caring about children. Most parents could care less. Yes, I believe that!

The Real Nature of  Humans, esp. Women
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Most might not like this, but truth be told, we fallen humans all test God and human authorities, too. Most often, what we do, we do out of peer pressure. We do not want to be rejected by our families, communities, or anything else. But inside, we do not hold to law and authority, simply because we believe its right, if we believe its right. We obey to get along. But if we should be beyond the observation of any peers, we might very well ignore rules and conventions and do as we please. Our immediate impulses have a strong power over us.

The most obvious situation is in war. In the heat of war, men can be very uncivil and cruel. Rape and murder of civilians and more. We see this in Satanic cults, who do the most horrific things in secret, but in public, they carry on as all citizens do.

I saw this when I was one of Jehovah's Witnesses from about 79-89. They would behave according to the instructions of the governing body, supposedly appointed by God, Himself, Jehovah. Most said they believed in God and were obedient and loyal to Him. However, when people left that religion due to having a fall out with the leaders, either local or globally (the governing body, then in Brooklyn, NYC).

Once these people were on their own, they gave little attention to the Bible, or its rules, or the service of God which they had pledged their dedication to, only to give it up after leaving their former peers. And if some came to a disagreement in thought, they would still adhere to the bosses and ignore their own thoughts and judgments.

What this all boils down to, is that people will do what they want, if they can get away with it. To adhere to some sort of code or body of regulations without any force or compulsion is very rare for humans. Very Rare! Hence, when God formed His rules into writing, He made rules that gave every consideration to humans tending toward monkey see, monkey do, peer pressure. Rules were made for the entire group/nation, to be followed. God understood the weakness of humans and created a regulated society that would, if thoroughly obeyed, produce a well behaved society, except for one thing.

The entire human species had lost control of their faculties in the Garden of Eden and lost control of their mental faculties and began an aging and dying, not originally a part of God's plan but Satan insisted on challenging all God put into place, disputing the value of human beings and their design.

But what remains is that people are not very obedient out of principle, fairness, and decency. They will pursue their own advantage, no matter how much suffering it might cause others, such as a Satanist sacrificing another human being's life, in order to please Satan or a cult leader. Or rape someone, leaving them with trauma to possibly deal with for the rest of their life, or plunder another's goods, leaving his family in desperate straits.

So we have laws and enforcement to keep humans within bounds that hopefully maintain some order and long term survival of the species and/or its subdivisions of races and nations.

I do not believe I have suggested anything complicated here. We have long proven our tendencies toward selfishness, greed, lust, power, cruelty. We humans are treacherous. It is a fact beyond any dispute.

So now I got to ask, what is our opinion or judgment of men, women, and children? Are they saints? Or must they be put into their place and kept there by rules and enforcement of those rules?

In the Bible, God appointed men, designed to reflect the "image" or likeness of God. A man was designed to breed, thru forming bonds and relations with a complement that would actually grow and produce another human for the man. It goes without saying that even in a family unit, there is struggle and friction. Whether one accepts God as the creator of the familial unit of humans or favors evolution as the designer, Most animal species function and reproduce in pairs and often in families, too.

But for some reason, from this point, we have now ignored that there could be a power struggle and problems between family members. I find it odd that the organization form for families known as Patriarchy had existed for so long and so successfully. Then we decided that what worked so well for so long should now be abandoned in favor of supposed "equality" and fairness. But these are Marxist lies.

A family unit can not survive and thrive if there is a constant power struggle between a couple, and the only result can be divorce and hatred. Someone must assume authority and decision making prerogatives. That had always been the man and for good reason. The males of the species are the ones that have advanced all manner of technology, science, math, philosophy political organization, material comforts, and more.

The only explanation for this disastrous overthrow of patriarchy can be the well financed campaign and organization of an attempted overthrow and destruction of patriarchy by subversive elements that desire to completely eliminate the human race. There can be no other conclusion. I have already supplied the solid evidence for it previous in this article.

A Second Enemy . . . Men!
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I will suggest that men are their own worst enemies. Despite their superior intellect and drive, as well as physical superiority, men have long succumbed to the sentimental, and "completely void of logic" decision to deem women the complete and exact equal of men, despite all historical evidence to the contrary. Further, men have allowed women to enter the work place, displacing men and abandoning their kids to strangers to care for, while doubling the labor force, for which the evil financial overlords use to evict men from the work place and suffer huge wage cuts due to the great excess of available labor.

And now in our day, yet again doubling the labor forces again by importing massive numbers of immigrants, guaranteeing that the vastly expanded labor force will further drive down wages so far that massive starvation and poverty will result, sooner or later. And who are the ones who are the most staunch supporters of our and their, own demise? It is none other than those females you stupid men believe are so wonderful, wise, benevolent, and fair, as you men move out into tent city and the alley ways and bridge underpasses. Perhaps a cardboard box, eh?

This has to be admitted! Men have long had a very sentimental weakness for women. Women are a drug to men. Men act as if they were drunk and out of their minds when deep in love. Some men can not handle alcohol. Some can't handle responsibility. Worse are those who can not handle love and sex. I had a friend back in the 80s and he fell in love and was preparing to marry. You would dare not ever crack a joke about women in front of him. And everything that came out of my mouth was twisted by him. He had no humor during this time. You should have seen him after a few years of marriage. Ah, it was a riot. He was such a phony. Get this! The day after his wedding, he was calling a previous girlfriend to see if she would hook up. A real loser. Men like that are not fun to be around. They are not using their brains. They are drunk and doped up on love and sex and can not think straight.  They are really the biggest problem in allowing women to get away with the worst of abuse toward other men by giving women an absurd level of sainthood and innocence that can not be backed by real world evidence.

So now I want to use a few song lyrics to show why men are so damned stupid. I call Gordon Lightfoot to the stand.

From the song, Sundown, 1974 I think.

She’s been looking like a queen in a sailor’s Dream

And she don’t always say what she really means

Sometimes I think it’s a shame,

When I get feeling better when I’m feeling no pain

I can picture every move that a man can make

Getting lost in her lovin is your first mistake

Sometimes I think it’s a sin,

When I feel like I’m winning when I’m losing again

Gordon, in these lyrics, recognizes that a woman's love can be a dangerous drug, very intoxicating. The Sex feels great but trouble soon follows. He feels like he is winning (having sex) not realizing he is quite possibly in big trouble (losing again). He begins to feel no pain after a good session of sex, but says its really a shame that his guard goes down. "Getting lost in her lovin is your first mistake." The song warns a guy not to go hanging around his back stair/door.

I next call Percy Sledge to the stand, with his song, "When a Man Loves a Woman."

When a man loves a women

Can’t keep his mind on nothing else

He’s trade the world

For a good thing he’s found

The lyrics at left are real reactions men have often had when in love. Its not a healthy, balanced, or stable response to love. It is infatuation, its blind,  it is obsessive. If a man were this intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, he would not be qualified to testify under oath or sign a contract. He should not be allowed to vote when in that state. He is unfit for any rational decision. Fact!

If she is bad, he can’t see it

She can do no wrong

Turn his back on his best friend

If he put her down

Are those lyrics realistic? You bet they are! But how rational is that reaction? Not in the slightest! Its full insanity. A man behaving like this is not a real man. He should be locked up or burned at the stake! A man ought to be ashamed of himself acting like this. I've seen it too many times.


When a man loves a women

Spend his very last dime

Trying to hold on to what he needs.

He’d give up all his comforts

And sleep out in the rain

If she said that’s the way it ought to be

It's true! Every last word! Men can go absolutely out of their minds when in love. And when they do, they are dangerous and unstable. Anything but rational. Now here is the problem. What power does a woman have when a man is in this state. She has full complete control over him. Men have killed at a woman's orders in this state. He is a danger to himself and others in this state. But what should not be missed is that women have always had a very powerful influence over men, in general.

Women, as a whole, have never been at a disadvantaged with men. Some women have had it tough. But in our day, men have it far worse now and they are to blame for their own misfortune in acting and behaving so stupidly about love. So women have enjoyed a fair amount of influence over men, as was God's intention. Yes, that's right, ladies. God gave you the strong influence over your husbands. And you are squandering it. God will surely not approve of that. More to come.

When a man loves a woman

I give you everything I got (yeah)

Trying to hold on to your precious love

Baby, please don’t treat me bad

Poor Percy! He begs his woman not to treat him bad. But he does have a say in this matter, if . . . he wants to be a man for a change and tell the woman: "behave or I will leave and you will be on your own." Of course, in today's world, a man will lose everything to alimony if he dumps a woman. So we have another problem.

When a man loves a woman

Down deep in his soul

She can bring him such misery

If she is playing him for a fool

He’s the last one to know

Loving eyes can never see

So much here. Men who walk around blind are going to get hurt. Its a fact! Samson was done in twice by women. Judges 14 has the 1st wife, who shows loyalty to her people, the Philistines, rather than her husband Samson. Then in chapter 16, Samson married Delilah. 3 times she asked him what would cause him to lose her power. 3 times he lied to her. She was trying to cause him to lose his power so that the Philistines could overcome him and enslave him.

Judges 16: 15 Then she (Delilah) said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when your heart is not with me? You have mocked me these three times, and have not told me where your great strength lies.” 16 And it came to pass, when she pestered him daily with her words and pressed him, so that his soul was vexed to death.
<<< END of scripture

So Samson told her the truth and the Philistines were able to overcome him. They gouged his eyes and blinded him. Constant nagging, or always wanting to spend money, be extravagant, or be uncooperative, contentious, treating her husband more like an enemy than a partner she loves. This is selfish, self-centered behavior. It can be a literal hell to live with such a person. And if a man divorces in the present, he will likely lose most of what he has. He can not win. As Jesus put it, "A Kingdom divided against itself can not stand."

The last to lines from the above song, a man totally lost in love can be easily played for a fool. He will be the last one to catch on. He is drunk with love so that he can not see the small tell-tale signs of deceit. Its a stupid thing to do.

When a man loves a woman

He can do her no wrong

He can never hug some other girl

Yes, When a man loves a woman

I know exactly how he feels.

Cause baby baby baby

You’re my world

A man drunk in love is blind and irrational. He'd never think of cheating or playing around. In this song, you can clearly see the unhealthy addiction and dependence. All he cares about is making his wife happy and keeping her. When this goes too far, some men even become killers, rather than lose his wife. This is true insanity.

I subscribe to the MGTOW philosophy. That is to say, that the harsh laws and the extremely hateful nature of feminism and to some degree of many if not most women in some degree, with court decisions completely against men, and 100% favoring women, that marriage is no longer a realistic and humane choice for a man. It is a sad state of affairs that is forced upon both sexes, thereby making marriage a bad choice for men. It has created an extreme division of the sexes.

I also believe that men's tendencies have worked against them. Not all men and not any man, but men who turn a blind eye to what is going on in divorce law and divorce court, in Child custody battles, in education, in job hiring policies, in hiring quotas, admissions quotas, and so much more.

In the MGTOW universe, its fans, have an extreme disgust for men who imagine all women to be saints and beyond any possible bad. Typically, men who worship women are called cucks, man-ginas, white knights, simps. I have always liked "pussy-whipped."

But honestly, from a Christian perspective, there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to the sins of women, any more than it would be to do that for men. Women are born with the sin of Adam, like everyone else. Women can be just as ruthless and brutal as any man. They can lie and be treacherous.  They can murder their own kids, and it has been done a number of times. Girls are now taught by culture and peers to be brutal and ruthless with other girls in school, staring about 8th grade at the latest. The tormenting can be so oppressive that some girls commit suicide. And I dare say, that some girls who do the bullying probably delight in that. "Good riddance," they might say. "No loss."

These types of girls will be quite capable of doing the same to a man. No compassion or remorse. They also roam offices where they are employed, to assert their control of the office environment. They prey on both women who do not join them, and men in general who do not help them. They are great for false rape accusations, while being quite promiscuous, otherwise. There is no law they will not break if they feel it is justified. Riots, violence, they act more like men than women. But the truth is that many men would never become that bad.

We have raised several generations of "mean girls" typically portrayed in a number of Hollywood productions. Parents spoiled them. Never said no. Gave them false expectations and convinced them they were entitled and deserved special preferential treatment, which is just not true and is a very selfish way of looking at things. In fact, parents often encouraged their daughters to dominate and be popular or have high status, regardless of cost. Parents, mothers in particular, will compete thru their daughters.

So why are there still so many men who actually buy into the feminist lies of supposed oppression of women, when in truth, they are spoiled rotten and the most favored class in the world now? Either they have not looked at the facts or they are pretending to support and favor feminism, in order to curry favor from women and possibly get laid by good looking females, particularly if the hot babe is a professed feminist. And these guys often prove to be real creeps. Word is going out among feminists to hate these fake feminist men, who are just trying to get laid, if necessary, by pressure or even force.

Check this!                   Beware Male Feminists #MeToo
Published on Dec 25, 2017   Sargon of Akkad               364,038 views in just 6 days!  This is huge!

This proves what jerks male feminists are. They are sellouts and traitors to their own kind. May they burn in the lake of fire! Now we know their real motives, beyond any doubt. They are phony hypocrites.

Jealousy & Possessiveness
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I need to relate a few experiences. In my younger days, I was very capable of attracting female attention at a beach or lake. And because of that, I experienced some things that many might not be aware of but men need to be aware of it. Married women were the ones most often on the prowl. Their husbands would be with them, behind them, with a young child or two in tow, as well. and this was a very typical pattern. The single women were not often after me as much. I was not aggressive or pursuing. I just liked to look. My minimalist life style was not going to yield any marriage prospects and I knew it.

But it became quite clear that these married flirts always had the nicest guys with them, often following behind them, walking a small child or two, and being very attentive to them. I'd often end up talking these guys. Trust me, they were decent caring, devoted guys who never wound have dreamed of cheating on their wives. And their wives were hot, too. But the guys trusted them, totally. I came to realize that these types of women always chose guys like this. The guys were decent looking guys, but very trusting, never doubting or being suspicious. This is why these women chose the men they did. This allowed these women a nice guy to take care of them and the kids, and who was easy to live with and even more easy to cheat on, without ever having to worry about suspicion or jealousy. The women would always be walking a bit ahead of the husband, perhaps having noticed me and wanted to make contact without hubby noticing. They were not subtle come-ons. And the guys never noticed.

Now I will be honest, at that time, I might well have taken some of these ladies up, had it not been for just one thing. Their husbands were way too nice and decent. There is no way I could have lived with my self, doing that to them. If just once, the guy behind had been a jerk and an a-hole, I would have grabbed several of those women. But these women would never marry a jealous possessive man. They knew better. Further, a jealous man would never let his wife get too far ahead, especially as she was headed my way and there was no crowd. And he would have had her handling the kids. These patterns are very consistent in my experience.

Oddly, the jealous possessive types always had these nice, gentle, quiet, reserved wives. These women either had no inclination or were terrified of displeasing the over-controlling hubbies. But they were behaved. A number of them were very attractive. But they did not look around or have wandering eyes.

So what I wonder now, so many years later, is whether a certain amount of mild jealousy/guarding might be rather necessary in a marriage or relationship. Humans are vulnerable, especially in bathing suits, to looks and attractiveness. Our society is also very loose now, too. At one time, women were not supposed to be too friendly, with other men in general. Men hung out with men and women hung around with women and their kids. I remember that from my very early years. My mother and her friends would wear kerchiefs on their heads. I was 3 to 6/7, when this was typical. It showed they were married. It was 1962-1966 in southern Maine, very conservative at that time. Things would quickly change.

But what I wonder is, since sex/beauty is such an intoxicating high to both sexes, or whatever else attracts some, and maintaining Fidelity for the sake of, or protecting the family, so that children are not traumatized by divorce, that perhaps we should give far more attention to monogamy and fidelity/faithfulness. Do we act as loose and reckless and flirtatious as we can, and hope nothing happens, when it has every appearance of us working against that?

Or should we take most good precautions such as men keeping company with men and women with women. If either sex lingers too long with the opposite sex, perhaps a gentle urging to "come along now, dear." Dress, rather than being provocative and showing as much as possible, maybe we dress more plain, generally concealing one's gifts of beauty, sure to entice the weaker among us. Showing off beauty once you are married, is begging for trouble. Both sexes have many who have little to no self control.

It used to be at one time that modesty meant being humble about one's beauty. Its a good concept and it seems to be dead in 2018, and unheard of.

1 Timothy 3:

1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:

2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,

4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,

5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

6 For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts,

7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Now these sorts of restrictions, in our decadent loose day and age, appear to be monstrous and oppressive. Indeed, for those who want to flirt or worse, cheat, this would be very oppressive. But it is because they want to break the rules and cheat and put their relationships in danger.

It boils down to if you care about kids or not. What kind of world do kids require? A safe secure reliable trustworthy and nurturing parents who actually teach their kids the lessons of life.

Many people want their cake and eat it, too. At this point in time, our species as reached a point where we can not continue to pull in two different opposing directions. It will tear our society and world in two. We may not survive that. Society has to be in agreement. It must be, if we are to act in any sort of united cohesive way.

So what I ask now, is a certain amount jealousy a needed thing, in recognition of our natural weakness for beauty and even for pleasant personalities? I am not talking about paranoid overly possessive, always suspicious kind of jealousy. But my experience with flirtation, wandering eyes and big smiles should be noticed by husbands. Your wife might need a some gentle calling back to her senses. And maybe she needs to remember that she as a kid or two. You can let her go, but can you afford to let her abandon her kids or take them from you?

There is a lot more than could be said, but to be brief, the family unit has been fairly destroyed and our species will soon follow it. I got another song for ya! I call Dr. Hook to the stand.

Dr. Hook: "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman" 1978-79.

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
it's hard
When you're in love with a beautiful woman
you know its hard
Cause everybody wants her
everybody loves her
Everybody wants to take your baby home
Guys, if you have even a modestly beautiful wife, you will have other guys try to put moves on her. Its a savage world. If you want to keep her, you might have to guard her a little. Worse, if you have your head up your @$$ as I saw was the case with many guys, You need to take your head out of your @$$ and wake up and get clue. Just because you are faithful, sincere and would never consider playing around, does not mean its out of reach for you wife.

And its not that she has to be a slut, though some are and you might be too trusting of her. She might not be inclined that way, but might be taken back a bit by a guy and just enjoying the intention. But sometimes, that is all it takes. She lingers a little because the attention feels good. And if he is some one like a neighbor or member of the church or whatever else, they are apt to meet again and you might not be around. The worst thing any of us can do is allow a situation to go in a certain direction and not stop it before it gets started. Attention feels good. It does! But there were cases where if I'd have been willing or on the prowl, who is to say? I had lots of open doors.

We all need help staying in line. You wife is not a whore, necessarily. If she is caught off guard and a bit clueless, she might get down a path a little ways and get drawn in. You intruding gently might just save your marriage and your kids.

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
you watch your friends

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
it never ends

You know that is crazy
and you wanna trust her

Then somebody hangs up
when you answer the phone

Another thing you might to figure out before you get very far is, if she is beautiful, is she also going to be a handful to watch carefully all the time. The words on the left will apply to you. What was her history? Did she play around? If so, its a danger sign. Women like to play, and an innocent trusting guy that will make it easy to cheat. Do you want to be worrying all the time and wondering why she is not home yet? And if it happens often, are you going to be able to see the handwriting on the wall? Take a lot of time to get to know her. The problem is that most women today are brought up to play around. Its no longer a big deal to many. And what if you have to divorce? You will get screwed! Its Guaranteed! MGTOW is much more safe.

But if you have to marry, which if you're young, I understand it all too well. But at 59 and never bothering to date, I can tell you that I am grateful that I did not have to suffer what my friends or guys I knew of, did. If you can buy the experience that people have gone to hell and the safest route is to avoid relationships, then you will see that I was right. But the call of the wild is strong. I can not look down on a man for having that urgent powerful hunger. I was 20 once. It was hell.

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
you go it alone

Maybe it's just an ego problem,
problem is that I've been fooled before

By fair-weather friends and faint hearted lovers
And every time it happens it just convinces me more

To quote Dirty Harry: "Do you feel lucky today?" How about it? Both men and women have been subjected horrible school systems and teasing and tormenting. By bad parenting. By brainwashing colleges! By rotten employers in the job world. Everyone is a mess and a wreck. What are you likely to end up with? Its not going to be pretty, even at its best. Many a man has found that beauty is not worth it. Beautiful girls are very demanding and spoiled. They are used to guys falling all over them. What are your odds of keeping her? Or even wanting to keep her? You might end up wanting to get rid of her. I've seen it happen.

1 Corinthians 7:

27 Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed. Are you loosed from a wife? Do not seek a wife.
28 But even if you do marry, you have not sinned; and if a virgin marries, she has not sinned. Nevertheless such will have trouble in the flesh, but I would spare you.

32 But I want you to be without care. He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord — how he may please the Lord.
33 But he who is married cares about the things of the world — how he may please his wife.

Marriage does come with a lot of restrictions/negative aspects, in a world gone mad. You have a wife who will likely have expectations for money and good lifestyle. Once upon a time it was "for better or worse." But if you become unemployed, many will just pack up and leave. Game over! Are you prepared for that?

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
you watch her eyes

When you're in love with a beautiful woman
you look for lies

Cause everybody tempts her
everybody tells her

She's the most beautiful
woman they know

Even though I suggested mild guarding or jealousy, there is no way you could pull that off any more. We are so far past that. The genie is out of the bottle. You're gonna have to face it. But if you must marry, Take many financial precautions before you marry. Hide money in secret off shore banks or trusts. Don't see her in an idealistic way that causes you to be blind to her faults or conduct. Be alert and awake so that you do not get caught off guard and get the rug pulled out from under you.       Dr. Hook actually wrote a very intelligent song. It was not meant to be a lark. Give it some serious thought because cheating is a way of life now. Or consider Nazareth's "Love Hurts." Those are not just idle words.

I call Neil Young to the stand: "Love is a Rose"

Love is a rose

But you better not pick it

Its only grows when its on the vine

A handful of thorns and

You’ll know you’ve missed it

You lose your love

when you say the word “mine”

Love is elusive. Love is an illusion. Love may well be a lie. Just when ya think ya have it, poof, its gone, over, done with. Here is the real problem. It really is!

Living with anyone is difficult. We are all deeply wounded as the world is too ignorant as to how to bring a baby into the world the right way and continue to treat the baby the right way. Our world is designed to ruin people, not nurture them. And indeed, We are all full of problems and difficulties that make us all hard to deal with. And worse, allowing women to buck a man's authority within a marriage makes it a struggle between two competing rivals rather than a united couple, under the sole authority of the superior physical and intellectual male.

Because of the natural friction and the engineered friction, "love" has become an impossibility. When I say love, I am really talking about harmony and cooperation with a sense of unity in raising children. Most love that we see in Hollywood is lies and they know its lies but many are seduced into believing and wanting to believe the lie. What makes us easy to fool? Its that we want that beauty and that sex so bad. It seem so important and so urgent. So we buy into the lie. We hope against hope and convince ourselves that we will be the lucky one that has found real love. It happens all the time. But its unrealistic and the odds now are near to Zero.

Humans are great for lying to themselves and deceiving themselves. That is how we get into so much trouble, time and again. All we care about is what we want, even if it is unattainable. We will refuse to see that, and see something else that is not there. We try to wish things into existence. This is part of our nature, if you can accept it. Taking the red pill means daring to see naked reality and accept it, hard as it is to swallow. The only other choice is to have your life destroyed after being wrong and getting "divorce raped," as some have rather appropriately called it, taking a page out Feminist play book, who call everything that does not go their way as being virtually a rape.

The courts and all of your politicians have conspired to give women a completely one-sided advantage in courts. I won't go into detail. There is lots of info out there on that. There is a real and devastating war on men, waged by none other than Satan, himself, who directs all things on earth and knows, just as he did in the Garden of Eden, that man can not be fooled directly. Satan did not try to fool Adam. He knew that would not work. Paul makes it clear that Adam was not deceived and that Satan did not try to deceive Adam, is evidence that he knew that would not work.

Satan knew how to get Adam. Use the newly created young and very desirable woman as leverage against him. She would tug at his heart and he would not want to lose her. And when she brought the fruit to him and said it was fine, he went along with it, even though he knew a serpent could not talk and knew what God said, they would die if they ate from that tree, that God chose to symbolize His right to say what is right and wrong, good and bad. So the human race has been flawed ever since.

And as regards dying, God was referring to the dying-decaying-aging process that would begin, once they rebelled from God and were rejected by Him. Humans were meant to live forever, as long as they remained obedient. To give you an idea of rejection, especially when they were going to need God's instruction with breeding, and how to treat babies and kids, and train them right. All the guidance they were going to need, was denied them. As well, imagine you have a relationship dear to you and then suddenly that person is gone, we'll say, due to unexpectedly dying. The loss is traumatic.

However, God's son provided the justification to accept anyone willing to do things God's way, by allowing Jesus enemies to test him to the point of death, which death upset the scales of justice that Demanded God's correcting of the matter. So Jesus was due offspring to carry on his name. and his choice was to accept as many descendants of Adam as were willing to do things God's way and let Him decide what is right and wrong for us. And one of the things that is right and should never have been tampered with was the institution of Patriarchy.

But if we mean to survive while Satan rules, or you can just call it evil or Marxism, and Marxism is identical to Satanism, anyway, as both camps lie like hell about everything. Men! You need to wake up to the war going on around you, against you and all other men. Never has the world seen such an unthinkable horror. Nothing like this has ever happened before and on a world wide scale. Every nation is doing it! So we have another thing to talk about. Half the population of the world under a huge attack. It is the single largest act of hate and prejudice to ever exist and yet few complain about it, like they do "other" racism or supposed sexism toward anyone except men. Men are treated like dogs. God will not continue to tolerate this.

Reality Check
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Guys! Would you vote for a president that makes poor decisions, recklessly spends tax money and raises taxes all the time? A president that acted before thinking things out? That showed extreme bias and prejudice and likes playing favorites and bending rules for his/her side and abuse his power to persecute the opposing side? That wanted to start wars without provocation or reason? That routinely showed hatred toward a full 50% of the population? That welcomed criminals? That support sedition and overthrow of our nation? That willingly pursued importation of immigrants whose historical record shows total intolerance of any religion or belief opposed to their own? That allowed our job market to be over-run by immigrant labor? That lacked any capacity to act with impartiality? That allowed corporations to take our jobs overseas?

Keep in mind that Industrialization saw its greatest strides made in the Early 1800s in the USA. We and our labor made US corporations filthy rich by our labor. And then they betrayed us by the late 1960s. Left us high and dry with nothing! What would happen if a man were to abandon his wife and kids today, and take off with another woman and sell out the house that former wife and his kids were living in? It would be against the law, would it not? It would! In fact, the man would lose everything. But notice our government leaders let the corporation run away with every thing and leave us nothing. It was nothing short of total treason and treachery.

Are these what you like for leaders? Well guys! Brace yourselves! We were betrayed by men of our own gender. They sold out to women after getting rid of all our jobs. They have sold us out. But I am not done yet. We still have many men among us who sell us out every day to women. These men continue to praise women's rights, that are quickly bringing our nation and all nations to an end by creating a war between the sexes. Any man supporting women over other men, really, deserves to burn at the stake. Why do these idiots do this? They imagine they can finally get laid, by catering to women. But it does not work, but that won't stop these losers from continuing to try. Some can not learn. These men are even worse than women. At least women act in their own selfish short-term interests. But males selling out other males do not act in their own interest or those of other men.

I have to assume that none of you men would ever vote for someone that had all the above as his/her platform. Although, the irony is, most presidents end up just the way I described, 2 paragraphs above. But would you allow others to vote, who would vote for someone I described above? Oh, surely you would not! Yet that is exactly what all us men did by 1920 when we allowed women to vote. That move has now reached its ultimate peak here in 2018. All that I described is upon us now and supported by a majority of women and immigrants.

Those hiding in power have used these two groups (Women and Immigrant labor) to destroy our nation. Yes, it is already destroyed! Gone! Never to return! The Genie will never go back into the bottle unless sellout men, traitors to their kind, theoretically males, grow a pair and join the rest of their male counter parts. The other danger is, guys, that should a majority of men be, by some miracle, empowered by the very same forces that sold us out to begin with, to get us angry enough to take control, you who support feminism and other stupid SJW Marxist policies of overthrow and destruction, then you who stand by feminism might also find yourselves hunted, along with feminist Marxist social saboteurs. To the Concentration camps!

As well, men, why would you give a woman you want to marry, the right to destroy you in divorce court, cheat on you without consequences, take your kids from you and deny you any rights or visitation with your own kids? And you still pay the bills thru alimony. You don't deserve any respect as you are. You put up with it that way. Your a whore and you know it. You do not have an ounce of self respect or dignity. You are the lowest life form on earth. To have all your abilities and let them go to waste? You deserve nothing, you who are sellouts of other men. Your worse than a Feminist.

Women need a firm hand. Their nature, often not much more than that of a child, is to push things and see how far they can go. If they can, they will keep going, keep taking and never stop because they are unopposed. They are expecting a limit but do not get one, so they do not stop. Men are afraid to be men. Given our laws, that is understandable. But we should not be silent in our opposition to these ideas and treatments. If you dare not speak out in some way, we will have to assume you are a woman in disguise.

As well, all people need to have limits and when they go too far, they need to be checked and put back in their proper place. That's just life!

Men! Your women need to be returned to what had been at least 6000 years of either recorded history or material history excavated by archaeologists. It worked right up to the time of the late 1800s, when states began considering allowing women to vote. What is wrong with this you ask? I'm glad you asked that.

United We Stand! Divided We Fall!
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Men, you are ignorant of something very important . . . and  very easy to grasp, and yet you do not grasp it. Two people with very different ideas are going to be divided. And reconciliation is not likely to ever happen unless sellouts change what they believe or stand for. If a man and wife are divided and can not agree, then you have an impossible stalemate. Divorce is the only option. If you do not want divorce, for the sake of the kids, if nothing else, then only 1 person should have the right to make the final decision, and the other obey it. Only the man has full faculties to take exclusive leadership of the family. Only he will be fair. Feminists have clearly that they are not remotely interested in being fair, just and equal, even though they declare they want equality. They lie, like their father the devil. Or Karl Marx if you prefer. I don't see much difference between the two. If you have seen one liar, you have seen them all.

This is routinely done in business and employment, in politics, in the military, in sports, and yet, you stupid men, and I use the word "men" very loosely, do not believe it should be the same for marriage and family, as if that were different. Again, it was done for 6000 years so why is it not good enough for you now? I really want to know!

Let's consider business, a corporation. You have a CEO who runs the whole corporation and answers to stockholders/owners. They only put one man in charge because you can not and will not get anything done, otherwise. It is common sense that a business enterprise can not have division and wars. You understand that, don't you? Even with stockholders, 51% majority carries. They can not afford a tie. The business would go out of business. If you are in the minority and you do not like it, sell your stock and invest in another company. Its called freedom of choice. Don't like your country? Move to a different one. Its that simple. Or try to win over, legally and orderly, by due process of law, not riots and overthrow of what was done previously thru due process of law.

Employees have bosses in the work place. You can't have all Chiefs and no Indians. It goes without saying, right?

In politics, we have a president, solely in administrative executive power. He has a backup, but he has the full authority and the VP is subordinate to him. Individual states have their own governors. And counties and cities have their own administrating bureaucracies that administer in hierarchies so that at every level, there is a boss to eliminate power struggles. Am I not right?

In Sports, you have the coach as boss. There can be no division if the team is to have a chance of winning. The military has, at all levels of function, bosses with priorities of rank. Those of lesser authority have to obey those in higher authority. And in battle, any refusal of orders can be punished by immediate execution, though most might defer that right. It is left to the discretion of the acting officer of those under him.

In all life and throughout all time, humanity has understood that for the sake of order and survival, any functioning unit or 2 or more people, must have a boss to make the final decision, should there remain any disagreement among the 2 or more. How it is that you men who act more like women, by favoring their attempts to overthrow all order and national existence, do not grasp this very simple principle of headship and sole unopposed authority when disagreement comes up?

The family unit can not survive a power struggle. Yet, we fully allow that now, thanks to our subversive politicians and law makers, who want to destroy family units and you men who support feminism also do the same. Were I in power, you'd all hang, who do this. It was not without reason that patriarchy became the defacto standard for most civilizations. There was wisdom and understanding then. Do you get it yet?

Men's Prerogatives
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If a man is to be in control and power, there can be no options that will subvert and destroy his power. And one very good way to destroy his power, as every good Marxist Commie knows, is to allow disobedience on the part of women and children. In particular, a woman can and surely will use her sexuality to blackmail getting her way. If the man does not consent to her wishes, she withholds sex. The Bible does not allow a wife to withhold sex. Any time he wants, barring the obvious like sickness or injury, she is require to comply with a man's desire for her. A man takes on a lot responsibility for assuming a wife and kids, which prior to 1960, was surely going to lead to 4 or more children, in all likelihood. That is a lot of responsibility. He deserves a reward for it in the eyes of God.

But in our day now, a women is not obligated to yield to a man's desires at all. Marriage is for nothing at all. This automatically gives her full power of the family, for the 1st time in history, because now a man will have to give in to whatever she wants or he will never get laid. She becomes, by default, the boss. Problem is, she will abuse that power nearly every time. She will not be fair. It is not her nature. A man has the abilities, both physical and intellectual, to run the "family" business. It is essential that the husband is boss, ruler, and owner of his wife and kids as it has always been under patriarchy. Now it is impossible for a man to do anything. I am sure that was the goal. Cut the Guy's balls off.

He can divorce, but the courts will screw him over and give most considerations to the women, exclusively. He'll pay for the rest of his life, even though it is women who initiates the divorce by a 2 to 1 margin. A man is superior, in every way. Abilities and judiciousness, make him the far better qualified party to be in charge with prerogatives and incentives, to be judicious, productive, and reliable. Take away his "reward" (duh! sex!) and he will have no incentive to marry and raise a family. Hence we now have MGTOW. Who can blame him/us for opting out?

What this amounts to is that without ample breeding, we are facing the extinction of our species, as was and is the plan of the Global Elite, anyway. However, the Elite are expecting a big war and if men had any balls (just wishful thinking) they would say, we will fight no more wars till you bring back full patriarchy and bring back all our jobs and cease most international global business. We'll make our own stuff. But most men are not too bright, and yet still, far ahead of women, who threaten the species with extinction due to their extreme one-way selfishness.

You men who favor feminism, are the problem. You betray your own kind. Death is too nice for you. Enslavement would be much better. Enslavement to a selfish unreasonable women-shrew.

In the Bible, men owned their wives and kids. A daughter belonged to her father forever, unless she got married with dad's permission, of course. If a woman was raped and got pregnant, while (unmarried) and under her father, she and the kid were the property of her father. A woman was never allowed to live on her own. She would not behave. Dad had the right to discipline her and set the rules for her. This is how it was for all women.

How did this come about so long ago? Answer: because feminine nature was understood back then. Its understood now, by those in ultimate power, but not by men in general. What do you think guys? You got a lot to think about. I've given you a hard brutal dose of good sensible logic. What have you to say for yourselves? You've seen what many women have become. Are you going to do something about it?

And what do I suggest you do? Stop letting women run all over you. Wake up! Wise up! Become aware! Stop playing into women's hands, the courts and lawyers' hands, the employers' hands, the Media's hands, the government's hands, the military's hands. Be your own man and stop performing for others and start performing for your self and what YOU want for yourself. To hell with what the world wants!

Necessary Discipline?
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Now if we examine the track record of feminism; the lies, the insinuations without any evidence, the selfishness, the greed, the lack of any morality or compassion, the pure hate without provocation! Feminism has no credibility for anyone caring to take an objective look at the track record. They are not impartial people, balanced and tempered by caution and care, with the end being a rational fair evaluation. They are as selfish and biased as you can get. They are not for ruling and leading, or even having a say in the matters of society, nation, or community. Their have sacrificed their entire movement to oblivion. They had their chance and have failed at it.

So now I ask, what should we do with them? They only hinder society. Normally, when a cancer invades a body, you remove the cancer. I would say that Patriarchy, were it possible, should restored and women's voices silenced, except thru a husband or father. I say we reverse the 140 year course of events and go back to good sense, that restrains selfish biased feminine nature, as we had done for nearly 6000 years previous. But I suspect that this will not be possible. Too many people on earth are just too stupid to see the real problems. The various parties of immigrants, women, welfare recipients, freeloaders and other such vermin, have all joined together to form one big massive octopussy. Any one of them is not that big, but all of them together outnumber good sense and reason, as well as math skills.

But lets imagine that we really want to fix this problem. What do we do with women? This I will ponder, because I dare to, and someone has to do it.

If a man/husband is to be head of his own house and family, he must have an adequate job/pay, to support the family, including his wife, mother of his children. But what about running the house and family? Suppose laws said, we must obey Patriarchy. Women must obey their husband and not fight and contradict and refuse obedience, for the sake of maintaining order and functionality to the family. What happens when a woman refuses to do this, which they all would now, for sure.

What did they do in the past? Glad you asked. How about this one:

“Nagging Wives”          In “Crimes Against Children,” Author David E. McCall writes on page 7, regarding the laws of Edenton, N. Carolina in the 1700s:

“Husbands accusing their wives of nagging could have the poor souls “ducket” in the stagnated, “publick ducking pool,” which also accommodated the town tannery.”
<< End quote

Clearly, it was understood at that time that women could be out of control and become belligerent Naggers who deserved no less than a nasty dunking, which not only very unpleasant but also very humiliating. That was worse than the dunking. We as a society knew what a nuisance a wife could be if she was not disciplined for what was totally unacceptable behavior. That a woman was to be in subjection to a man was considered important and also understood that if a man was not to beat a woman, then society had to act in his behalf and ostracize the women in the eyes of all the community that she was well known to.

As well, it was agreed then that peace and order were vital to a family back then. It was a farming lifestyle and that could b demanding, challenging and a lot of hard work. A nagging or bitching wife, being insubordinate, could be demoralizing as a man worked hard to keep his family fed and warm. so society at that time protected the man's authority and his morale, too. If he lost hope, the whole family was doomed. But many women will fight and resist even to the destruction of their own children and her parents' grandchildren. Some women do not have a lick of sense. Hence the man should be boss and with the backing of the law and the state, as it once was in Edenton.

Puritans did these types of things, too. Stocks, chaining to a pole during the day in the heart of town and other such remedies to humiliate, embarrass, and ostracize. Where are these laws now? And more importantly, where is the understanding behind the need for these laws? I'd like to know! Why have we freed women from decent responsible respectable proper conduct toward men, as well as toward other women, and toward children? Why can women be completely unaccountable under the law? This is not equality by any measure. It is suicide, though, on the part of society. It is outrageous to allow any human to act like this and not punish them.

I know men would be punished for doing it. But do not miss this fact. Women would not have these privileges were it not for evil politicians and governments. Ask your politician why they do it? Make them accountable if you really think what women are doing or allowed to do, is damned wrong. What are they really trying to do to us men?

What is important to realize is that society once accepted and considered important, the preserving of order and harmony in a family. This was when all men knew how horrible a wife could become and that she had to be restrained and deterred (punished) from giving the husband a hard time. We can see now in feminism how crazy these bitches can get. In some cultures, perhaps quite a few, men could punish, in any way they saw fit. A slap. A back hand. A few bumps or bruises? To put this in perspective, we need to consider what could be done to kids who were out of control and would not behave or listen to the parents.

NKJV:  Deuteronomy 21:

18 “If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey the voice of his father or the voice of his mother,
      and who, when they have chastened him, will not heed them,

19 “then his father and his mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his city, to the gate of his city.

20 “And they shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious; he will not obey our voice;
      he is a glutton and a drunkard.’

21 “Then all the men of his city shall stone him to death with stones; so you shall put away the evil from among you,
       and all Israel shall hear and fear.
  <<< End quote

An out of control rebellious delinquent is a great danger to society. If he is not already big trouble at say 13, he soon will be. These typically become criminals. If you use your front yard to take a crap, you'll soon have a festering problem. Hence, outhouses come about and later, toilets.

Let a belligerent young teen get away with his behavior, he quickly go from bad to worse. God not only gives permission, but demands, that such a boy be executed. The Parents screwed up somehow, perhaps, and have recognized it, and God says, have the older men approve the son's execution and be done with him.

We have in our day, psychological "boot camps" as they have been sometimes dubbed. These are allowed to do what parents are forbidden to do. What do the "Camps" do? They lock the teen up and start talking and listening and if need be, make it clear that the boy is there until he straightens out, even if that is till he becomes 18 and ends up in prison or parent are willing to keep paying for his keep in the "Camp" (Institution). They all breakdown and give in, sooner or later.

I do think parents ought to be able to discipline their kids, but the law says no! The law was made by lawyers looking out for the psychiatric profession, and trying to create business for them and their institutions which can also serve as prisons for enemies of the state. so you can not punish your kids but the approved institutions can.

Our society is very stupid and those in ultimate power like it this way. They want to create as much chaos and disturbance as they can, so that we will all beg them to protect us with martial law. And you liberals fall for it and beg to be merciful and stupid and sow the seeds of our own demise, by ignoring problems and letting them grow much worse. I read of an 11 year old boy who shot someone in the "hood." Our law says he is not responsible or accountable at that age and does not know what he is doing. WHAT? He knows exactly what he is doing and so did the gang that urged him on. In the Bible, he would have to die. The Bible would also have the gang killed, too. And most of you would be quite put out with God telling you what to do. But not me!

In the Bible, it does not matter if you knew better, or not. You are held accountable, fully, as soon as you are born. But 2 or 3 year olds have never been a problem. But 10 or 11 with a gun in hand, is a big problem now. A 10 or 11 year old who rapes is also a problem and under Bible law, must be executed. If they rape at 10, what are they going to do when the hormones kick in? Look out! God says, eliminate the problem. Oddly, Feminists don't mind it when kids rape. "They don't understand." Boolsh!t  Feminists and SJWs do not understand.

NKJV:  2 Kings 2:       (In regards to Elisha the Prophet)

23 Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up the road, some youths came from the city
     and mocked him, and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!”

24 So he turned around and looked at them, and pronounced a curse on them in the name of the LORD.
    And two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths.

25 Then he went from there to Mount Carmel, and from there he returned to Samaria. << End quote


Below is the definition of "mauled" in verse 24 above. Bible Translations of the mid 1900s to present, tend to water down word meanings. The Bible's (God's) choice of words threatens the status quo who do not want anyone to be too harsh or judgmental. Evil people have a lot to fear from God's choice of words and prescriptions for problems like the ones we are tackling right here. Mauled means killed, really. See for yourself below in the original Hebrew definition:

01234 בקע baqa‘ baw-kah’

a primitive root; v; [BDB-131b] {See TWOT on 271}    [ Next line shows the various ways this word was translated into English in the King James version: ]

AV-cleave 10,  … up 9, divide 5, rent 4,  …  out 3, break through 3, rend 3, breach 2, asunder 2, hatch 2, brake 1, burst 1, cleft 1, break forth 1, pieces 1, tare 1, tear 1, win 1; 51        {The 51 to the left is how many times this Hebrew word appears in the Bible in English words.}

1) to split, cleave, break open, divide, break through, rip up, break up, tear  << End Reference

So a prophet of God comes along and what do these kids do in Israel? They ridicule him and make fun of him, and hence, of God (Jehovah), too. Then what does God do? He guides 2 bears to kill 42 kids. Oh, gee whiz and golly gosh. Such a tragic loss . . .  NOT! Such a bold sort of disrespect had to reflect on parents, too. How happy were they to lose their kids, I wonder? God is what we would call today, Proactive. He gets rid of problems before they ever get started. But Israel and Judah did not keep God's laws and prescriptions for punishment. These were designed to PREVENT problems, rather than try to fix them after they are totally out of control.

Satan and all his worldly slaves who rule over us want us to drown in misery, steeped in crime and madness all about. We don't know enough to come in out of the rain. Why, we must all be feminists to be that stupid. Women have an excuse. They are half way between a child and an adult. God designed them to be happy with being baby makers. But many women today have told God to go to hell. So God said "fine. You can deal with Satan then!" And the women probably like that way better. They will until Satan's henchmen start killing everyone off. You'll hear a different tune, then.

Part of the anger that MGTOW men experience is that women do not want any rules or restrictions, whatsoever. They want total, unabridged freedom and do not want any consequences for their actions, as it that were possible. They don't want to be judged or shamed, but they don't mind shaming men, though MGTOW men can no longer be shamed. We do not give a damn.

But responsible men like to keep an orderly house and family and they can not afford a house of war as the wife struggles for a supremacy and superiority that God forbids. There are no prescribed laws for punishing a woman in our world today. I suspect that leaves the punishment of women the same as it does children. No limits for children, either. Now that does not mean that God approves of beating kids and wives. But a slap, a punch without raging anger? Its just not said. I gather that a man would go to the length needed to bring things under control. But the Bible does punish for any lasting or lingering injuries. Lets go crazy here and say he cuts off one of her fingers. God says eye for eye, tooth for tooth, life for life. Chop her finger off and you lose yours, too. Knock a tooth out, and you get one pulled, too.

We make a big deal about bruises, as the state is always looking for excuses to steal children thru social services and give them over to child molesting foster parents. It happens a lot.

Now in our day and age, I sort of like the community punishing woman for being out of control, such as the dunking in a pool of a tannery, where urine is used to process leather. And the embarrassment of everyone watching and maybe even laughing or ridiculing. Women hate that. It would often be enough to keep them in line.

Puritans had their own methods and those do not seem out of reason. Out of control women are a real problem for any man trying to operate a family in peace, unity and accord. Societies of the past understood this well. I do not much care what you might favor or not, as long as it is effective.

My concern would be that if you use the government to render judgment and prescribe the sentence, then that government uses everything to make more money. If a woman were to be fined, it would not work. Hubby will have to pay. That is the problem. The wife has to be punished in a way that is effective at discouraging her from misbehaving and yet not punishing the husband and kids by fining the wife, which punishes the man and kids, too. It must be exclusive to the wife.

Part of the problem today is that women have been, perhaps since the first baby boomers started breeding and creating the kids of the 80s, did we get into these messes with really mean bitches dominating the school hallways and social circuits and being especially cruel to fellow females. Where is the love for your "sisters" bitches? These girls go to work in offices and turn them in to nightmares. But bosses love thrive on misery. Its a fact. They love to see suffering and those kinds of bosses will be promoted for it, too. Pain begets more pain and the whole world becomes a hell. And women are the primary reason for so much hell on earth. Did we screw up in 1920? Did we ever!!! Big time! Are we sorry? Do we want to fix it? I doubt it. Most men will still deny what I and others say abut Feminists. No matter how bad it gets, its never enough to want to fix it. You get what you ask for.

Here is how Emerson, Lake, and Palmer put it;

Halleluiah Noel
Whether heaven or hell
The Christmas we get we deserve!

But were I in power today, I would remove most women from the work place and give the jobs back to men. I'd send the immigrants home unless they had something to offer us, and no welfare or schooling or voting. No voting rights for women. They would again become the property of their father or husband. And they would not be allowed to live alone or single. It would be a bit like driving a stake thru vampire's heart, wouldn't it?

But I will make it clear. Women need to be under some sort of authority and control. When left (ist) to their own devices, they go nuts and will not be the least bit reasonable, rational, fair, decent, mild; loving morals and principles rather than just being plain selfish, and acting against their own best interests and against those of all the human species. They got their chance so show what they could do and what they did was fall flat on their faces. So it is time to revoke their privileges and return them to their former subordinate positions as child breeders as God and nature intended, says I!

But alas, my MGTOW brothers, the genie will not go back into the bottle. And if she does, it may not be the proper way back in. I have never seen a pendulum that does not swing wildly, both ways. That does concern me.

The Latest Trend
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The latest trend I have seen in women. Because they have realized there are far less rich guys then there are ruthless women trying to lure them to their own destruction and many of those men are wising up to that, too; So now women want to be paid the same as men, but not for the same work, but for work that has always been worth far less in the labor market place. In other words, women do not want to admit that they don't have the brains or brawn to do what men do, to get paid what men get paid.

So now the trend has begun to try and argue that flipping burgers and slinging fries should be paid as much as a rocket scientist. Listen, I am exaggerating a little. Women have argued that working in a day care center is just as hard and emotionally taxing as many things men do. Its just not true. They need to do what men do and they can not. Further proof that men are a superior creation, created in the Image of God, whereas women were designed to be a complement of a man, specifically, to be the breeding partner of a man. In return, God charged man to care for his wife and family. God forbids divorce and adultery, too.

But women, in demanding or arguing that what they do is equivalent to what men do, its a bold faced lie that exposes the fact that women are inferior in strength and brains. Now that does not mean that all women are dumb or weak. Some end up quite intelligent and productive, but not many. They are exceptions, not the rule. And the strongest woman will never be as strong as the strongest man. It is as God ordained. Man is to be the head of a woman and family, even as Jesus the Christ, is the head of all men, And God, the head of His son.

Every time a woman argues for something, it never seems to be grounded in logic and in reasonableness, fairness, and equity. Though women say they want equality, that is not what they got, which is complete bias in their favor, with special perks and benefits that men do not have at all. If there is one thing they are outstanding for, it is asking for a completely one-sided consideration favoring them exclusively over men so that women, who can not do what men do, can still merit the same compensation as men do. Women have no interest in merit. They know they do not have the same merit as men. So they create ridiculous arguments to justify that which can never be justified.

Moses & Merit
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To show how God/Moses/Bible views labor, I present the following for consideration.

Leviticus 27: 2-8

2 Speak to the sons of Israel, and you shall say to them, When a man makes a difficult vow by your evaluation, the persons shall be Jehovah's.

>>If you made a vow to God and could not keep it, You became the property of the temple and priesthood of God, since He as the one to authorize those institutions. As well, a child might be given to the temple, perhaps due to bad times or whatever. You entered into service at the temple in non-priestly labor such as gathering wood or water, sewing, cleaning, and the like. You could be redeemed (bought and freed) by someone, likely a relative for the price given below. As well, parents might give a child like Samuel to the temple to fulfill a vow made to God and should the parents want the child back, at some age, or relatives want to redeem them, then prices were set to be paid in compensation to what they represented to God in labor. These are God's views.<<

3 your evaluation shall be of the male from a son of twenty years even until a son of sixty years; then your evaluation shall be fifty shekels of silver by the shekel of the sanctuary.  >>God sees a man as most valuable and equally valuable for one reason or another, ant male from 20-60.

Below for a female 20-60 is 30 shekels rather than the male's 50 shekels. Not quite double the value for men, but almost.<<

4 And if it is a female, then your evaluation shall be thirty shekels.

At all times, a female of the same age as a male, was valued in the eyes of God, as of lesser value to God and society. I know in our "enlightened" society this will sound barbaric and I am fine with that. Moses makes sense as we consider feminism in our day.

5 And if from a son of five years to a son of twenty years, then your evaluation shall be twenty shekels for the male and ten shekels for the female.

>>A son or daughter from 5-20 is of less value than 20-60. And a male of 5-20 is double the female.<<

6 And if a son of a month even to a son of five years, then your evaluation shall be five shekels of silver for the male and three shekels of silver for the female.

>>And a baby of a month to 5 years had the least value of all. 5 shekels compared to 50 for a man of 20 to 60.

A female of the same age was just 3 shekels, a slightly better ratio to a male of the same age than at other ages.<<

7 And if from a son of sixty years and above, if a male, then your evaluation shall be fifteen shekels and for a female ten shekels.

>>People over 60 were, as males, were 15 shekels, compared to 50 shekels, prior to 60. Same correspondence with females, too.<<

8 but if he is too poor for your evaluation, then he shall be made to stand before the priest, and the priest shall value him; the priest shall value him according to the reach of him who vowed.

>>Note that older people are greatly diminished in labor value compared to pre-60. Babies have the least value of all, thru age 5. And males valued by God considerably more than females. So says Moses thru whom amazing signs and wonders took place to show God's backing and support of Moses in leading Israel out of Egypt and sustaining them in the wilderness, as the story goes and yes, I swallow it, hook, line and sinker!<<

Truth1 >> back to regular text. Most people who know the bible (maybe), do not consider Leviticus 27 to have much merit. Most have probably never read it. But I would disagree in big measures. Nor is this limited to just the Bible. The Code of Hammurabi is about 200-300 years older than Moses and the two codes have many similarities and some important differences, too. Hammurabi also used variable values for poor, middle class and the rich as well as male/female. I really urge people to check both of these out. I find both law codes to be superior to anything in our day and age. Its worth considering, unless you are a Feminist.

I will be publishing the Code of Hammurabi, after I post this article up on my site. Its kind of half done right now.

I take another thing from this account. Women want equal pay for unequal non-equivalent work.  This because they can not do, and won't do, what we men do. Their value in the eyes of God? Not far from just half of what men represent. Now lets be clear here. God loves all His human creation. They are all equally important to Him. But they do represent different values in His eyes or way of seeing things. He also put in place a pecking order and system that would sustain itself, if people kept it.

His design outfitted men with a certain set of skills to be a whole large set of skills and abilities that reflect the "image" (representation if you prefer) of God in physical animal like physical form. To avoid hindering man, God created a breeding partner so that the man might continue to retain his full set of abilities and not be disabled by the weight and other considerations that carrying a baby in a womb would require. Is breeding important to God? I guess to hell it is. Its very important. And God wanted woman to be happy, and well attended to. He made us men very attentive to women. Sadly, we have over done it and lost respect in the process. But there can be no doubt that God made sure the woman had the attention of her husband. God knew that was essential.

God left it to the man to exercise the same sort of good judgment and no compromising on the important and necessary things. On these, a firm hand is needed. This firm hand can be necessary in administering equity and balance in a family, where conflicts are bound to arise from time to time. Man is the balance of all things. A woman is a helper and important in that respect. She brings things to the table that a man can not bring. But her place in God's design is as an aid and supporting helper of a man, not as his boss who orders him around all the time. She is supposed to have some honor, appreciation, and respect for her husband and his authority given to him by none other than Jehovah, the Father and God of everyone living.

I must repeat myself. How does a woman get power? By using sex or rather, denying it unless she gets her way. God is aware that he created man with, basically, an addiction to a women's beauty and pleasure. But God does not allow a woman to take advantage of that addiction. Hence, a man has every right from God to enjoy his wife whenever it might please him. That is his reward from God, for being a man and being responsible and having a family and caring for it to his utmost.

If a woman does not want to be a reward, then she should not marry. Stay single under dad. Its your choice under God's law.

Satan and his ever willing female worshippers stand ever the ready to disrupt what God put into motion. God is pro-man and Satan is anti-man and pro-female rebellion.

But let no woman say God does not care about her. He cares very much. That is why he requires women to obey His rules designed to make everything run well. But all this said, God's greatest pleasure is his Male creation, the one that most reflects God's character and ability. God made man to please Himself. Then He made woman to please man and help him. There is a quantitative difference in value in that respect. A woman does not represent the same level of skills and abilities that a man does and which is reflected considerably in Leviticus 27. Case Closed!

God's Glory!
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The truth, ladies, Christian ladies in particular, is that man/men, are the glory of God. They, more than women, represent the image and likeness of God and God will not tolerate bitches giving Him the middle finger and telling Him to go to hell. That will not work, ladies. Below is the Scriptural evidence that I am obligated to supply, to prove what I say in regards to God. For God, man is the creation He is most proud of. This is not to negate or ignore women, but to remind her that her role is different, by the deliberate intention of God, and that she has good reason to respect God's appointment of man over woman.

Of course, I do not expect the female followers of Marx AND Satan to accept this. They naturally hate God and Embrace Satan's New Age movement now, along with Wiccans or whatever flavor it is now. However, women should not be unaware of the natural laws of human nature and life. One of those is, and though said in the Bible, the Bible is by no means the sole source of this law. It is a universal law: We Shall Reap What We Sow. Sow hate and misery and lies and see if it does not blow up in you faces. You surely have accounting to make, sooner or later. My guess is it just might be a lot sooner than you would have ever though.

1 Corinthians 11:

1  Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.

2  Now I praise you, brethren, that you remember me in all things and keep the traditions just as I delivered them to you.

3  But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

4  Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head.

5  But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.

6  For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorn. But if it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved, let her be covered.

7  For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man.

8  For man is not from woman, but woman from man.

9  Nor was man created for the woman, but woman for the man.

10  For this reason the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels.

11  Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord.

12  For as woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman; but all things are from God.

13  Judge among yourselves. Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?

14  Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?

15  But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering.

16  But if anyone seems to be contentious, we have no such custom, nor do the churches of God.

Truth1 >> We have seen How God values things and it is not just the Hebrew or Christian religion, either. Nearly all religions and cultures embraced Patriarchy, where the man in the undisputed boss. Any rebellion or disobedience requires discipline, for both women and children and laws have often been put into place to remedy these problems.

To Christian Women Only
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Supposed sisters in the faith. You can not gather burning coals into your lap and think you will not get burned. Satan is the creator of all lies and rebellion. He is the author, motivator and leader of not only Marxism/Communism, but also of its indistinguishable sister, Feminism and the related SJWs. (Social Justice Warriors, in case you have been under a rock for the last 4 years or so).

Christian women should be well acquainted with the Bible and know that God appointed the man as the head and owner of a woman, even as Christ owns us all, by virtue of his sacrifice. You must also know that you are obligated to keep God's law, and those of His son, apostles and prophets, too, all recorded in the Bible. You are obligated to keep these now, even though the world is in the power of Satan, by the will of God, to allow Satan to prove his point or fail to prove it. He did fail in not overcoming Jesus, even to the point of death. But Satan still makes trial of us.

So all Christian women must keep God's law, though there is no force on God's part to obey. Satan requested that God allow His human creation to disregard Him, that Satan might expose any who were not worthy of life eternal but not showing evidence of obedience, without force, to God. This is quite the test, for it is so easy to ignore someone who appears to be silent and hiding. But appearances are deceiving. If you really and truly believe in God, you will obey, knowing that the time draws near when Satan will be locked away for 1000 year and only those Christians really and truly obeying God, without God's enforcement, will be spared and preserved forever, providing they pass the test at the end of the thousand years, to prove they are legitimate, even in the face of being testes once more, briefly.

Ladies, you can not give God the middle finger, by ignoring His commands. You will not inherit God's Kingdom if you disobey. You must obey your husband, even if he is not a Christian. You must keep all the laws of God. The last thing you want to be caught doing, is joining in on the toxic, Satanic, Feminist doctrine of hate and lies about men. Slander is the ultimate sin of the devil. You can not be a liar and serve God. You can not support voting or vote contrary to your husband or father. That would be a rebellion against God's system when a father or husband decides for his family, as the head/boss of the family.

In fact, I don't even think that voting at all is proper for Christians since voting could be considered a vote for Satan and his governments or at the least, political meddling in the affairs of the world. Christians are to be neutral and be "No part of the world" or anything in it. No war, either. No military service to Satan's nations. And all nations belong to Satan.

Ladies, you must understand that before the Great Day of God the Almighty and His son, there will be a judgment on the earth. And I got the feeling, based on knowing Satan's agenda, that women are being tested, tried, and exposed for their sins and naturally ill inclined weak nature as regards good sense and judgment, and the ability to think and decide in their best long-term interests. Any Christian woman caught siding with Feminists and Satan, WILL NOT INHERIT GOD'S KINGDOM! I can't say it any more clear than that. You should read the next section, too, addressing feminists so that you understand what you will be facing if you do not carefully keep all of God's commandments.

To Feminists at Large
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Ladies, you have been brought up wrong, if you have been brought up at all. You have been taught or conditioned to be selfish and expect a lot, because your dad was doing well and you mom wanted you to be a Queen and Princess instead of teaching you modesty, kindness, self-sacrifice, benevolence, concern for others as much as yourself. You are the opposite of all those, now.

You bought into the liberal leftist Marxist propaganda that has failed so many in the past and always turned into blood shed and collapse of their societies.  In fact, truth be told, all nations and empires collapse sooner or later as greed always consumes them. Its just that Communism does it faster. But eventually, selfish business will keep on taking and getting ever more greedy, till finally, there is nothing more to take. It never fails.

You feminists have fallen for con-artists and snake oil salesmen. You bought into the lie of you can have your cake, and eat it, too. "You can have it all!" But you can not. Having children is a life long devotion and not something you can leave and then begin at 35 or 40. You missed the window of opportunity that favors the young mothers of the past, who started, often at 15 or 16, and did so under the nearby yolk of their parents.

Your parents have wronged you in every way. Society, schools, the Media and Entertainment have all lied to you and told you that working for ungrateful bastards was the good life and you should all want it. If I had a choice between having kids or a career, I would have taken the kids in a heartbeat. You took the fool's gold and got the short end of the stick.

Now you are nothing but washed up former princess bitches who would dominate the hallways of the schools, terrifying more gentle and less sophisticated girls for your selfish ego and pleasure. You have totally alienated men as well, becoming so greedy; and with the courts and law willing to assist you, you have driven men out of your lives. These men were and still are, in general, bigger wage earners than most women, and you have ruined it for all women. Now you have to do without men because men will have nothing to do with women now.

What I am saying is, that feminists are used to being pampered and babied by mom and dad and you do not have the ability or temperament to sustain that lifestyle your parents gave you. The leaders of you nations and world have been subtlety shipping out all your jobs and subverting your economies so that no one can make any money anymore and you embraced socialism and welfare lies, because you are supposedly so caring, which we both know is a lie. You only care about yourselves and supporting your local leftist Marxist political parties.

So now you are about to find out that your leaders have been long in double crossing you and lying to you and putting knives in you back. Your nation is about to collapse. And you can not see it.

And this brings us to the really big secret that those in power are not telling you. Allow me . . .  or not! You need to know this!

Finding Your Way Out
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Ladies, and I use that word loosely, we have all been fooled and misled by those in power. Not political power but higher; the ones who put people in office and get them elected an then tell them what to do . . . against you and me and all the little people, and you, ladies, whether you want to admit it or not, are little people and are just like everyone else, in the very same boat.

These secret wealthy rulers are planning the demise of women (and the human race, too, but that is another story). But those in ultimate power are so clever in their secret disguised maneuvers that hardly a soul recognizes what they are doing. One of the preferred and most commonly used tactics of the Elites, is 1st, staying out of sight so that no one believes an "Elite' even exists.

And they are Elite because they are so rich. They are a collective group who all worked together for the same goals. They are not divided against each other, and they all have an "all" powerful master, who can take them out any time he wants. He goes by the name of Satan. He's been around since we were created, near to 4006 BC.

Because Satan is all powerful (except for God), he will not let them fight. They all have their assignments and must carry them out. They love to pretend that they are at war with each other but they are just trying to trick you. But their tactic is to create enemies between two or more nations, and get them to fight some supposed cause. War is very profitable. But as well, keeping nations armed, keeps lots of weapons and soldiers ever at the ready to fight any other nation that might decide to rebel against the Union of Nations world-wide.

Average people buy into the lies and gladly go to war to get killed in massive numbers, in sacrifice to Satan. But the Elite also form sides within nations, pitting one side of an issue or issues, against the other opposing side. This keeps the population distracted and unaware of the games being played by the elite. A political war, say between liberals and conservatives or Republicans and Democrats. Part of the goal here is to keep people thinking that supporting a political party will finally solve all their problems, which is absurd since we have been doing this in the USA for over 200 years and it has only gotten worse for us all.

So now we have the great divide here in the USA and other nations have their own political battles as well. The odd thing is, that issues that one party is big on, and the other is not big on, tend to be exposed if one keep track over time. For instance, Immigration. it is supposedly part of the Democratic platform. And Immigration did well under Clinton 1992 - 2000. But oddly enough, Immigration did far better under George Bush 2000 - 2008, a supposed conservative Christian Republican. But he is or was, none of those. He behaved like a Democrat. But when speaking, He would talk like a Republican conservative. But it was all just talk. And many more jobs were sent overseas in his 8 years. And Obama ended up being quite the war hawk for his 8 years. That is normally associated with Republican war hawk. So no one really takes their platform seriously. They get their orders from the Elite.

Which brings us to the current crisis in the USA. Leftists Marxist Feminism! Its not really Feminism. It is really Marxism/Communism subversion. Many have said it and recognized it. The Elite would like to destroy the nation with disunity and riots. Or would they? Maybe that is the appearance, but is it the real goal? I say no! Watch me!

What if I were to suggest that the real goal is to get everyone angry with most women? "For what reason," you ask? The explanation needs some thorough explanation.

The apparent real war on men is really the disguised war on women. No, I am not crazy, though it is often suggested. The Elite want to ruin the entire human race, sending humans into the worst lowest forms of degradation and decadence. Perhaps the main goal, is to destroy all good sensible boundaries and limits in regards to sex and breeding, thereby ruining children by creating broken homes and making the sexual abuse of children a big priority among those in various levels of power and status in our society, and causing these children to become even more broken than their single parent, usually mom. Dad's have too much good sense to let them raise children as far as the government is concerned. Give them to woman if you really want to screw them up. It works every time!

But it does not end there. They want sex with animals to be normal. Sex with the same sex. Sex, totally unrestrained and done all the time. Trying to regulate our behavior requires discipline and self-restraint, but "free" love takes no effort at all as it is the most powerful instinctive desire we have. Once addicted to unrestrained sex, we will not stop, and it will be all we think about. The danger any addiction is the possibility we will not be able to kick the habit, due to its intoxicating highs. But those highs keep requiring more and more stimulation such as larger doses of drugs or ever more risks and breaking boundaries when it comes to sex.

To destroy the human race is easy, once everyone gives up any restraint and goes wild, as the nature of sex does. Once our instinct is allowed to go out of control, it is not likely to turn the reins back over to the intellect. Part of our survival is keeping powerful impulses controlled and boosting our intellectual prowress so as to be better able to chart a course into our futures. Letting our instinct govern us and enticing us is deadly to our species. Its the perfect trap. Satan wants women to stop being fussy or picky about who they have sex with. We all would prefer someone attractive as a partner. But if orgies are to be the rage, humans can not be "selfish" or picky. Satan wants to break that barrier. Generally, to break a person's will, you have to make them give up hope and give up wanting anything for yourself, maybe even believing you are not worthy of receiving anything good; and give up your bodies, and letting go of ownership of your bodies.

This is how secret government mind control works. Torture and rape children and constantly assault all their natural personal boundaries so that they lose any hope of having any control or way over their body and what they do with it.  They will be "conditioned" and "programed" to go along with what ever the group expects of them.

It works great with kids as can be testified by many child victims of CIA mind control who are now adults. But the same thing can be done with adults. And it will be. I first recognized this in 2013 and published it.   s1-sex-slave.htm    Sexual Slavery  I also link to this at the bottom of this page/article.

I believe the military will be used to sexually subdue a large number of women, who will be drafted into the military. I know. Feminists and patriots never saw this coming, but it will come. Some will say, "This can not happen. Other nations will easily defeat us in war." Did you forget? All the nations will be doing the same thing. Women the world over will all be transformed, by very severe means of forced rape and/or prostitution, which ever you prefer to call it. You do need to read the article I linked.

>> Feb 16 2018 - either earlier this evening or yesterday or on the net, the news video broadcast warned of the very low IQs of new reruits and that many do not qualify for the military as a result. Further, obesity prevents many from being allowed to join. They are claiming that the mililtary is drastically sort of the numbers it needs in orderto maintain enough military strength in case of conflicts or wars.

I am warning you ladies that they will be drafting you in numbers you woule never expect can not imagine. You wanted equality adn you will get it. You will be drafted. And that is only the start. They will orchestrate a really big war like crisis and all nations will get involved and all of them will have plenty of women serving as well. You are going to be forced into serving the male soldiers sexually or face far worse consequences. I am trying to warn you and enable you to avoid this. If they say, join or go to prison or concentration camps, I really think the prisons and camps will be a better alternative, unless being forced into prostitution sounds enticing to you.

Christian Ladies, you will be placed in great jeopardy if you join the military in the draft. If you do not agree to prostitution, you may be traded to the enemy in a female exchange or sent on a mission almost certain to get you killed. God commanded Christians to stay our of war and do not kill. You need to stay out or the military at all cost, or far worse than camps or prisons will await you. You have been warned. Remember my words. You will, whether you want to or not.

But what I am not so sure of, but have concerns about, is what will happen on the civilian side of things. Are women going to be framed for something and declared as traitors, subversives and saboteurs, and maybe put into concentration (FEMA) camps, where they will then be blamed and forced to accommodate men for the unjust things done to them by Feminism and the left. Could it happen? I feel I can only answer this by examining the way women are possibly being portrayed. This portrayal holds the key to understanding what might take place.

Women Being Set Up?
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Do you know about Nero, Emperor of Rome? He burnt Rome and then blamed it on Christians. Why Christians? Because no one liked them and many saw their new religion as a threat to the traditional pagan religions of Rome. People would go along with it. But it was a lie. And it did not stop many from believing that Nero burnt Rome, not Christians. In fact, Nero was assassinated by his own guards not too long afterwards.

I am not saying that women will deserve what they get, either. But there will be enough hatred of what women will be said to be guilty of, even as Christians were, in Rome.

Feminists have done an awful lot of wrong to men and to society, too, by promoting Marxism and trying to destroy and overthrow the USA, as well as many other nations, in Europe for starters. Feminists have said many times that men only think rotten thoughts about women and every thing else. Men are said to be racist, sexist, misogynistic, and homophobic, just for starters. Men are not guilty of those things, but they have been accused often and its been well publicized and promoted, even in videos on YouTube.

Men have been treated brutally in family courts (fake courts, anyone?) and men have been robbed of much of their wealth and assets, and had oppressively high alimony rates assigned to them. They have been rejected by Corporate employers in favor of women. They have been discriminated against in the school systems, drugged for being boys with boy personalities and condemned for it. Men are now occupying the lowest strata of society. They are treated like dogs, despite men being the ones keeping our comfortable societies running with heat, cooling, plumbing, vehicle repair and engineering feats, trucking, merchant marine shipping. Men are not allowed to have gatherings of just their own. Boy's Clubs are now Boys and Girls. Same for the Scouts and yet Girl Scouts can have their own organization. Its a one way street in too many things to list. Do you think that could give men an attitude?

Then we have the outrageous riots and atrocious actions of feminists, SJWs, and even men among them who are just looking to get laid by impressing the ladies. It does not work, though. But the left leaning nature of women and feminism, along their disruptive protests and riots and hate for free speech, have come to poison the perception of them.

Now my name is not Truth1 for nothing. I can not write here and claim these are all valid actions of women. It is the Elite paying certain women and paying certain left liberal groups to "perform" and "act" outrageous for the cameras. Many videos showing outrageous behavior, and it was outrageous, but it was also fake and scripted, as I see it. For one, some dressed up in black clothing that hid their faces and bodies. And never at any time did the police show up. Riots and no police? Since when? Since 2015! That's when!

In fact, I would suggest to you that nearly every shocking video you have seen was a total fake, in that it was paid people and scripted if not even rehearsed. Most people are stupid and gullible. I'm just saying. But I do not believe these were grassroots events or actions. and what were and are the intentions behind these fake events? Remember, I can not tell a lie or God will give me the tanning of my life and He would be justified in doing so, if I lied. So I know women are being set up. All women! But why ???

The Coming Backlash!
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This whole contrived movement of feminism was designed at least by the late 1800s to either destroy society or set it up for a sort of witch hunt against women. How best to do it? Create lots of horrific terrible behavior of women by putting on a Hollywood show, taking videos of it, and spreading it around. This is real genuine fake news.

Now I am not saying Feminism is not evil. Lying and slandering men for no good or accurate reason, is pure evil. The devil was the father of the lie. But what is VERY important is to recognize that a lot of this is acting and put-on, funded by the Elite, perhaps to hurt men and weaken them, but perhaps more so to set women up for being framed for the worst of evil, for which to some degree, they are guilty of, even if they were funded by the elite to do it. To accept money for rotten acts like theirs, is appalling. What I would have to say is that only women could be dumb enough to fall for this trick. And what is more, even though I plainly state the problem, they still will not believe that they are going to be turned on, by their financiers, no less. How is that for irony?

But with women having participated in every sort of hate speech toward men, including that 90% of men ought to be eliminated, as if we had done something or other. They have also disrupted free speech, protected by the Bill of Rights, no less. Rioted, attacked protesters on the right, promoted Marxism and overthrow of the USA government. They act in every way like agitators, disrupters, traitors, saboteurs, slanderers, guilty of libel, slander, and defamation.

What is there that they have not done? Can you see how easy it would be to round them all up and lock them up. Every charge would stick. And really, they asked for it. Never the less, I am going to show a way to minimize the suffering women might have to go thru. But first, I must deliver what is going to be said to women by their captors.

The Captors: Ladies, you had it real good for a while. We gave you all the laws and protections that you were never worthy of. We gave you every advantage over men that was possible. We took their money and assets and gave it all over to you ladies. And no matter how much we gave in special favors and fare greater advantage then men had, and still you wanted more blood. You women were bottomless pits of hate and wrath and anger as if you had been severely wronged when we both know that was not the case. One would have thought you might feel some pity for these men who have long been your servants, catering to you, spending money on you and treating you like princesses. In every way imaginable, you repaid them with the worst treachery.

For centuries and millennia, men fought wars and died in your defense. They would sacrifice themselves for your sakes and those of their/your kids. And then you denied them any contact with their own kids. There is absolutely nothing in which you did not return the ultimate in evil when men had showered you with everything and got no thanks for it, and got misery instead.

In every possible way, you women have acted treacherously. You have no defense. Men died in many countless millions in war, and we who lead, are going to see to it that men are compensated for your complete lack of any gratitude or mercy. Its only fair that if we send men out in battle while allowing you to remain far behind the lines. We face a critical dangerous battle and men are going to die. There is no way to avoid that. Its always been that way. >>I, Truth1, do not agree with this but it is what they will say.<< But this time, you ladies are going to show gratitude. In exchange, you are going to allow these men the sexual privileges of your bodies, so intoxicating and rewarding to them. it is the very least you can do, to compensate your protectors for their risks in your behalf.

If you will not "comfort them", in what could be their last day alive in any given battle, then you yourselves shall be put at the very front of the line. If you are lucky, you will only die. but if you get captured by the enemy, you may well wish that you had died. The enemy is not likely to show you any mercy or compassion. Its your choice ladies. (Truth1: yeah! Some choice!) Give your gratitude to your male soldiers or suffer the worst. We will not let you disrespect the men in our ranks any longer or ever again. You will do the right thing, or we might exchange you with the enemy, who also feels as we do and is willing to trade their female soldiers for ours, so that we may punish our own women for not showing their men extreme gratitude and our men by letting the enemy do their worst to you. And we will do the worst to their women who would not serve their male soldiers.

In order for this scenario to play out, the war will really have to look bleak. But all the nations will know that this is the will of their masters and they will not dare refuse to carry it out.

Now on the home front, you ladies being in concentration camps, men may be offered your services for a fairy inexpensive price. But its not likely to be free since the government never misses a chance to make more money. But if they have to, due to scarcity of resources, they might give out freebies any way, and you ladies will be the ones serving up the goodies, for much the same reasons given to the military.

I think all women should be very concerned. You have built up so much anger and resentment from the 80s onward, that most men will not hesitate to help themselves to you, and not even be nice about it. You should be very concerned. The Elite have not been giving you all, all these advantages, for nothing. They have let you build up a debt, a huge debt. The piper is going to want to be paid. The Elite plan on collecting. You ladies fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. You should have known better. You have no good excuse for your treachery.

But know this. I will not take any action against you. I am even warning you what is coming, trying to spare you. But the devil will be collecting. You can be damn sure about that. This will be the greatest con of all time.

To Christian women, I urge you to stay out of war and the military. God will not help you if you do not stay out. Yes, you might have to go to prison or a camp. But if you do it for God, then you might be spared. But if you consent to military service, you will have no one to blame but yourself. For what I relate here makes perfect sense. Reject it and see what happens. And you will need to reject every last tenant of Feminism and obey God in all things.

For any Feminist smart enough to see some possibility to what I say, you still may have to suffer, but surely you would like some revenge against your former suitors of the Elite that lied to you. You can still appease God, if you are sincere, and He will accept you and then you will never have to die or be brought back to life if you do die. But you will have to accept Patriarchy and all the rest of God's laws.

That said, I do not expect many to see the irony of what I have predicted, come true. You'll pass it off as insignificant or coincidence. Most of you are just not that bright and you have had it too good for too long and will never be able to come to terms with all this.

So I have washed my hands of any blood guilt. I have done my job. I issued the warning. So sad that women have proved to be what they are. But God is merciful if you want Him to be and are willing to accept his terms.

Ladies, you are not going to see this coming. Its sounds to far out and crazy. You trust your government and your sponsors who pay you. After all, you are the greatest. They would never do this to you. But governments are treacherous by nature. You'll join when drafted and you'll go thru boot camp and be headed overseas eventually. but when the big war breaks out and all the nations jump in, just like they did in WWI, they will confiscate your cell phones and laptops. They will suspend mail or edit it or make you leave out anything bad. You will be totally isolated. No one will  have any idea that you are all being forced into prostitution with your male soldier comrades. There will be no one to help you. And it will last till your spirit has been crushed and broken and your body will not feel like it belongs to you any more.

You will be told that it is the way to love and sharing and that this comes with some shock and trauma but that it is necessary to help you ascend to the next great stage or level of humanity, where everyone embraces each other. It will be forced on kids, too. Governments will take them from parents and do to them what they are going to do to you. The absolutely unthinkable and imposible will became a reality. And my words will haunt you. You will realize you could have avoided all this had you not been so trusting and blind. But you will be fully awake once it happens.

I can't do anything about it other than warn you what is coming. I have had several very intelligent people agree with me. I have wash my hands of any blood guilt by this notification. You can not blame me. You need to take the right steps either before or after it all happens. You will learn either way. If you follow or go along with the fake phony messiah who will call himself Jesus (but he is not), you will end up dying, never to be seen again. Reject him and Follow God and you can live forever.

Truth1 out!

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