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The Final Countdown

The Premise
How to Spot the Looney
Traits of False Prophets

Nothing But Politics
Other Writers    Nov 25, 016
A Place to Belong

Gullible Prophets
Censorship & Criticism   Nov 20, 016
The Left in Trouble
Election Staged
Challenges in Our Trials
On Prophets       Nov 18, 016
New Stunning Developments  Nov 25, 016

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The Premise
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We have reached the final end of days preparation for the events to lead to the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem so that the pseudo-Jesus can return and lead everyone away from God so that they reject God and miss out on living forever. Satan knows he must die and he wants to take as many with him as possible. So I will show you what to look for and you will see it happen before your eyes in the coming days. The 2016 election and its results are the key to all things now. The USA is going to lead the way to the devil and his antichrist.

How to Spot the Looney                Nov 7, 016    (first in another article at this date)
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Here are some things that will separate questionable types if not frauds and deceivers. What follows are ground rules for what is in existence. You'll see!

# Christians know that the whole world is controlled completely.

# Anyone who knows conspiracy well, knows that the whole is controlled, every last bit of it.

The Proof:  The global banking cartel long ago pooled its money and financed the development of the entire world. All religions were infiltrated, compromised, and thereby controlled tightly. All business was grown and developed by the global financiers. It was this large collection of capital that grew industry at very accelerated pace. All media required financing. Money and financing is how they control everything. The financed and grew all education institutions and facilities, so they could control them all. Its all about control. Even if humans were not aware or capable of this, most certainly Satan was capable.

# Satan requires 100% obedience, to the letter. He will not tolerate any defiance or disobedience.

# There can be no divisions or conflicts in a top down hierarchy such as a empire. Satan operates as a dictatorial hierarchy empire.

# Any apparent divisions or factions are only an illusion to create a false paradigm of opposing forces so that one side can be pitted against another and each be diminished in power or one grown or diminished in comparison to the other.

 Rome Opposed Carthage at one time. In 200 years, Rome overcame Carthage. Satan builds empires and destroys what he pleases, with the goal of making sure the people he wants in power centuries into the future will prevail throughout the centuries till they are where he desires. Its all about what Satan wants and what Satan wants, Satan gets. He is ruthless and very powerful; not to mention, deceitful.

# The only possible way a conflict can take place or divisions exist, is with the permission of the Global Elite AND Satan, himself.

# The Global Elite can not disobey Satan. He is all powerful and can kill at will, anyone who has made a deal with him and almost anyone who has not, unless a person is protected God, Jehovah, Himself.

# Only God can override Satan. Most conflicts are avoided by God and Satan by mutual agreements made before the challenge of long ago (just over 6,000 years ago).

* * * * * With the entire world of humans controlled by Satan, except for those who belong to God, no division and conflict can take place without the devil's knowledge and permission. Got it? Its a fact!

>>Now for a test! If two political parties are opposed to each other, is this genuine opposition or staged opposition? Take your time. Is that your final answer?

Here is the real answer to compare. Political parties can not possibly be in opposition to each other unless Satan approves. If he does approve, then he is up to some sort of deception. It remains for us to figure out what that deception is. It is not honesty or sincerity on the part of either party involved in opposing each other. Same for 2 nations at war. Satan has something to gain from their conflict or it would not be happening. Satan does not squander his resources and efforts.<<

>>This, in part, is why God requires strict neutrality. He does not want us helping Satan's cause. As well, God does not want us killing other Christians, even if they are in another nation. God can authorize war, but only did so with Israel. In doing so, God limited Israel's boundaries with the understanding that if Israel was faithful and obedient and ran out of land/room, then God could grant more land from other nations. But God did not, since He knew that Israel would not remain faithful and need more land. God eventually took Israel's and Judah's lands from them as punishment. Satan gave them back as revenge and to bring about a phony fulfillment of prophecy to fool the world and lead them away from God. Got it?<<

# Nations always lie because they belong to Satan and Satan always lies. None of them are up to any good. There is no good nation and no nation that pleases God. It is not possible because all nations belong to Satan. Got it?

# God could intervene in a nation's affairs if He desired. But He avoids that most times, allowing Satan to prove his points. God is all powerful. Satan is only relatively powerful.

# So will it matter who gets elected in various national elections? NO! Christians are to be no part of the world.

# A Christian's only concern should be matters of God and God's rules and expectations.

# Politics should only be of concern to Christians in avoiding becoming part of, or a participant in, those political affairs.

Christian leaders and/or prominent writers and advisers of other Christians, should not be concerned with elections. Satan will do as he pleases. We should only concern ourselves with becoming wise to the weapons and machinations of Satan so as not to fall prey to them; and to better distinguish exactly what the will of God is for us. That is to say, in these troublesome trying times of great crisis, we should not be expecting too much more than what Acts 15 required, which was just 4 things. To forbid things that are not important is to strain gnats while gulping down camel and binding great loads on our brothers and sisters that we could not and would not budge with one finger.

Traits of False Prophets
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Almost all sources of Christianity are false prophets. Satan desired it that way from the death of Jesus and the Apostles onward. He sowed lots of weeds in the USA during the 2 so called period known and the Great Awakenings, which were really Great deceptions to mislead. The only way to truth is to read the Bible directly and make your own judgments.

But what I address now are the traits of those who lie or mislead the people about God and the Bible.

Number 1!  Most of them do not want to really and actually discuss the Bible for fear that you might get something out of that, anyway. So they like to keep 
Bible discussion to a minimum. I don't want to brag (I'm a liar) but if you look over my site in detail, what do you find? Extensive examination of the Bible. You better believe it! I included a fair detail examination of the Christian leaders/writer that came after the apostles, say 100 AD to maybe 250 or 275 AD. I explore all the tough subjects of controversy. I tried to leave no stone unturned in my examination. I have sought out psychology where it was merited. I sought out archaeology and the sciences for common ground, it any and there is some.

So I make the challenge and not lightly either.  Show me one other site that can match mind for volume of detail, precision and depth detail, of coherence and unity in the various ideas! In short, show me one other person who has gone into all the detail in the bible and its prophecies. There is not one other.

But now review the wind bags that often haunt the net proclaiming Christ. You will or should not that many of them simply accept what has been passed down and passed on by tradition and that is the problem entirely. Christianity was being corrupted even before all the Apostles were dead. It continued after after they were all gone. Roman emperors corrupted it. Heretics promoting free love corrupted it. Demons and Paganism infiltrated as well. Anyone who follows tradition is a damned fool.

Finding the truth will not be fast or easy. It wasn't for me. But what I have done is to supply the original sources so that you can get up to speed fast and easy, require less effort than would have been possible otherwise.

But most fools and false prophets cling to the Satanically corrupted traditions such as The Trinty, Hell, Immortal Soul, outdated obsolete thinking about sex and sin. Do any of the other preachers come anywhere near me? No they do not! Not even close! In fact, they hardly explore the bible at all  or just address a few brief subjects in it. For that alone, they ought to be burned at the stake. Why do you all put up with so little being delivered? Tell them you want to see them deliver as much as I do.

I'll tell you an interesting story. I knew that guy named Gordon Ritchie. A former member of Jehovah's Witnesses as I once was so many years ago. He is crazy to be honest. Here is his site:    He considers himself a prophet in a convoluted string of reasonings. He would often shy from actually delivering bible proof of his qualifications. But all he ever wrote about was being the prophet, appointed by God. I asked him in an email back around 2008 0r 2009 while working on bible Chronology, why he did not write about anything else when there was so much to write about.

Guess what? It made sense to him. So he embarked on a series of brief articles on various subjects so as to look more effective and authentic as a prophet. Now why is it that a nutcase can see my wisdom and reasoning while people with more going for them, do not see the importance of knowing the bible enough to explain and defend it to the world. I find that a bit odd and contradictory for those who claim to know something. Related to this is the next section.

Oh, and by the way. The bible code? He got that inspiration from me after I did my article on Babylon the Great. I wrote about how everything in prophecy was written in code. He really took to that idea and made a site and a sect out of it. I don't like how it turned out, but he does have good tastes  ;-) But what his efforts lack is good sound solid bible support for his ideas and he was too brief on way too many things.

Nothing But Politics
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False prophets tend to focus only on politics. Remember that I am talking about Religious "prophets." Some sites are mainly for the purpose of politics and that is just fine for any who want that. I don't ignore politics. I watch it carefully. In fact, I know a political site, that says a lot more about God or spirit realms that most false prophets do, And a small core have great insights in religion. I speak of  -- But my focus always has God and the spiritual realm in mind.

This is the most outstanding trait and problem among false prophets. Its all about politics. I find politics a bit boring. I find political history more exciting till now, anyway. I also love psychology, since that deals with human nature, which all Christians should be seeking to understand, as I see it.

But there huge problem when politics casts God and the Bible aside, if not history, too, to focus only on the present. The problem is that The world's Global Elite, with the help of Satan, who certainly is a worthy adversary, is far ahead of us on tricks, deceptions, moves, strategy. They have so many tools, too. The many various media and entertainment, which entertainment, because it is entertainment, we do not realize that it is trying to shape our thinking and opinions, and outlook.

Satan, aside from God and His son, is the most brilliant psychologist there is, who always seeks to manipulate us to our damage and destruction. He is the leader of the Global Eilte and he chooses all the strategies employed by his worshipers such as the Elite. It would be silly and insane to think we can go up against Satan and win, without the solid knowledge of the Bible and God. And to that end, one would have to be a fool to neglect the powerful lessons of history.

False prophets, which include Christian teachers, leaders and that sort of thing, Are not that sharp on the Bible. Many avoid it as stated previously. But they also lack a good grasp of history, and by that I mean all history, going back to our first empires, the Sumerian, Akkadian, Early Babylonian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Neo Babylonian, Medo-Persia, Greece, Carthage/Phoenicia, and Rome.

There are different views of history, all of which are important. There is the broad overview, sort of listed above. There is technological history, then close looks into the details and affairs of individual empires. Right off, such views will show and ever growing Collective, that increases as does its control of  trade and technology. A pattern will emerge. But not from false prophets. You will get a lot of this history from political sites or what I will call Conspiracy sites, which often are history sites, truth be said.

These sites are controversial as the Elite try to scare you from reading or viewing such info. You might learn something. But this big broad view will seldom, if ever, come from Christian sites. Christians sites are controlled by Christian false prophets, who secretly belong to the political alliances that network the earth. So there is little to no history and only distorted current politician events that have a short narrow focus.

The best predictor of the future is the record of the past. Humans are all very similar. There is very little difference in them. they are the same now as 4000 years ago. They have the same patterns. But as well, we are seeing disruptions in patterns, now, which indicate Satan making his moves and disturbing natural human inclinations and patterns. This is also useful.

You need focus and depth. That is what is avoided by the phonies. You are supposed to only glance at the surface and believe the media, whatever they tell you. I do have a sister site that deals mainly with history, but more important info has prevented me from writing as much as I want to for it.

Other Writers        Nov 25, 016
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I also cover political, historical, and philosophical writers but these are not generally false religious prophets and church leaders. They may or may not support some religion or be for or against religion, Christianity in particular. Their main concerns seem to be politics, which if one does not believe in God, its is a reasonable course. I write about them, not to say they are bad, or up to no good. I do not rule out those possibilities, but do not suggest them as irrefutable fact, either. I urge caution toward all such Alt-Right-Media also called Alt-Media. Caution, because I believe the giant Media conglomerates were willingly sacrificed by the Elite, so that the Elite could urge people over to the Alt Media for guidance, reassurance, and false info that has an air of credibility and trustworthiness from people who seem smart and informed and truly sincere and caring about what is going on.

And at the right time, the Alt Media personnel will all with one united voice support the white knight in shining armor, who leads the charge against evil and seeks to bring peace and order, unlike any we have had before for its greatness. They will then also all support the Antichrist when he arrives and wants to make a deal and contract with all the earth, a contract that concedes obedience and loyalty to the phony Messiah. Doing so will be an outright rejection of the real God, the Father, Jehovah and his son, Jesus, the real Jesus, who stays in heaven and does not come back to earth, due to him sacrificing his body for all time on Pentecost 33 AD.

I note that already, the many Alt Media types on youtube have been very prominent in their enthusiastic display of support for Trump as the only real hope for the the USA and the world. But I say Trump is a dog on a leash who just takes orders, like every other president before him. So the Alt Media have made it clear that they buy into the whole complete narrative surrounding Trump. My belief is that they are too smart to be doing something like that. But this may not be the case. They might really have fallen for the situation. They might be that dumb. My only concern is that Christians not get fooled by liars or dim-witted fools who can not see thru this phony 2016 election game.

As well, some Alt Media folks could possibly come around to my way of seeing things. Maybe it will start to dawn on them what is really going on. Or they might rise up against me or simply ignore me and keep silent about me as the world has done since I started writing and publishing on my website about these things. At least I have done as God ordered.

Here is what you desperately need to understand. The game is over. Humanity has reach a point that Satan must play his hand now, or his control and ability to hide what he is doing, will become impossible. He is about to play his biggest hand, his whole hand, all his cards. He is going to bring back "Jesus," a phony fake "Jesus" just like the fake news. He will likely show up in a UFO fleet, built over the decades with lots of secret funds, and get everyone to buy into a philosophy, law, and rhetoric that will turn everything upside-down and inside-out.

The goal is to see how much of humanity Satan can turn into doing the most depraved insane things imaginable. And of course, force will be employed at some point. Lies can only go so far. We have now entered that final countdown to Armageddon, Judgment Day. It begins with Trump in 2017.

A Place to Belong
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Deceivers of all sorts, in and out of Christianity, know that peer pressure is the number 1 form of control. It can not be beat! Schools are most effective for conditioning and programming, because of the intense narrow concentration of students of the same age, placed together to allow an un-natural severe intense peer pressure that one would never normally experience. The bullies naturally take over and cause a lot of psychological harm that lasts a lifetime. The rest become conditioned into going along with the crowd and letting the crowed dictate to them.

All groups use this technique. The Workplace, Churches, Athletic leagues, clubs, fraternities, Civic organizations, political parties, and more. Everyone wants you to join and "Be one of us. We'll have a great time!" But those are loaded words that mean: "Be one of us and do what we say or you will be out in the cold and you will go nowhere."

The whole of society is based on belonging and obey those around you. If you want to go anywhere or do anything, you will need to be aware of the many networks and be willing to obey them. If you do not, you will remain on the bottom or you might end up out in the cold. There is no warm welcoming place for those who will not go along with the gang, the Status Quo. Jesus said, He who has more love for father or mother than me, is not worthy of me. I could easily add, based on other scriptures dealing with being no part of the world: Jesus: He who has more love for the acceptance of others, than for me, is not worthy of me.

God and His son must be exclusively number 1 in our lives. Jesus said you can not serve two masters. So will it be God or something else? You have to choose God above all else. 

Belong a church? If it is a denomination, you are in trouble, even though you may not know it. Their goal is go use social pressure to make you conform. False prophets do not rock the boat. They do not find large fault with the media or status quo or politicians. In fact, they are probably supporters of the political machinery. You need to be content without them. You need to learn to stand alone against the currents of the world/Satan.

Beware of Belonging !!!        Beware of Peer Pressure !!!

Gullible Prophets
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In my 1st section of this article, I tell how to spot the looney. I did that because false prophets are "true believers" in the system, the Status Quo. The accept things at face value. They do that because they want you to also accept things at face value. They depend on you accepting their celebrity and authority and going along with their views, that the system is trustworthy. I remind you that the system is run by Satan and his Global elite.

I have heard of many who had, for along time, revealed conspiracies and also showed great understanding of the system and its flaws and lies. Some have monumental works of high value and quality. Yet, when the 2016 campaigns began, these all started to lose their minds and started believing in the system and status quo and supporting political candidates. Will they also support the antichrist when he comes? I suspect so.

My theory is that these spent some time cultivating authentic-sounding, conspiratorial-fault-finding, and speaking against the system. Their bosses among the elite wanted them to do this and then change and support the candidate the Elite wanted to win. Many trusted these conspiracy thinkers. The "thinkers" gained celebrity and an air of authority, and people began to trust them and not at all doubt them. The trust cause them to let their guard down.

Both Satan and the Elite know that humans do not like constant suspicion and evaluation. It wears on them and they get tired of it. They are lazy and just want to give their attention to other things. But the definition of VIGILANCE, DILIGENCE, & PERSEVERANCE means never stopping, never taking a break, and never stop questioning. God wants people with critical minds and critical thinking, who always think, analyze and evaluate. They come to learn about patterns and when somebody breaks a pattern, the alarms go off in intelligent minds.

Gullible prophets are not really gullible. They pretend to be gullible and act gullible. But they know better. I am going to make a big deal about the next point.

We must become suspicious and non-trusting, even critical, cynical, and paranoid. Let me show you!

Satan rules the world. Is that good or bad? Let me rephrase it. Evil rules the world. Isn't that a bad thing?

The Global Elite obey Satan and run the world. Are they up to good or bad?

If you were at war, and were camped out on the outskirts of the battle field, would you order lots of lookouts or just tell everyone to go to sleep and don't worry about it?

If you were stranded in a broken down car in a very bad section of town, would you be cautious and alert? or be relaxed and feel secure?

We live in an unprecedented time of lies, deception, cruelty, evil; the worst ever seen or will ever been seen again. If there was ever a time for vigilance and alertness, surely these times would qualify, if any ever did.

Our duty to God and to our selves demands that we be on a high state of alert till Jesus finally brings this all to a complete end. This is a crisis situation that calls for martial law vigilance. Its not business as usual. What if someone said this to you:

Is he saying to have faith in nations or leaders? I don't know. I am not all that sure. But I do know that god is not interested in saving the world as a whole. He will only save those who are willing to obey Him in all thigs.

Now don't go beating up on Fritz. Sometimes people speak without thinking. But this does show an error in thought. Cynicism, says I, is the only logical state of mind for a world that has shown itself to be thoroughly corrupt and evil, fully in the control of the devil. It should be nothing but cynicism. We live in very dark times. Fritz perhaps trusts those in power or maybe believes that Trump is not like the others. I say Trump can do nothing except what the "others" tell him to do. An accident? Or is Fritz playing us? For a guy to write the high caliber master pieces that he has, I don't know how such a one could be trusting of power after writing all about mind control, 2 books worth, and a book on how the Freemasons took over all the religions of the USA and around the world, in the 1820s and 1840s and onward. These 3 books might be the very best ever written on those those sorts of subjects. Essential reading for anyone, regardless of what he is or it not.

Just the same, I'd like to see Fritz back his statement from the Bible. A world run by Satan is not a world to trust. It violates everything in the scriptures. That is never a good place to be!

But this is why I urge the greatest of caution toward all prophets, preachers, conspiracy writers and the like. And yes, you should carefully scrutinize me, Truth1, more than any. I do not fear any inspection. I got nothing to hide and am willing to explain myself and defend what I do. I gladly submit to any interrogation that is reasonable. Hint: Leftists are never reasonable and honest. They lie and deceive. If you sound like a lying leftist, you're out of luck. Address real issues and you'll be fine. Falsely accuse me or my motives and you'll get nowhere.

Faith in the system is heresy and apostasy. Trust in the system is the same thing. The system belongs to the devil. Need I say more?

Good, useful, productive, intelligent, purposeful, benevolent people will never be lazy or uncaring. They like to accomplish things. They are motivated, energetic, and Vigilant, Diligent, Persevering and always on the lookout, ever alert. They never take anything for granted.

In General, anyone placing faith or trust in any sort of politics should be held in suspicion automatically. The harder they promote politics, the more likely they should "burned at the stake," metaphorically speaking. Never physical or literal.

Censorship & Criticism
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The true hallmark of shills and false prophets is their love of censorship and deleting posts, or banning certain visitors for merely disagree or supposedly being quite rude or "attacking" others. Shills will say about those exposing them that they are disrupters, trying to divide people. This is a phony excuse and cover for banning or censoring. The shill or false prophet is being exposed and needs an excuse, even if it is a lie, to get rid of whoever is exposing them. I have seen this often. I am a veteran of being chased off and slandered because I showed someone to be a phony, usually the one in charge of a forum or whatever.

In this respect, they are like any leftist or Marxist. They distort, exaggerate, deceive, lie about, deny, use any excuse at all, no matter how lame the reason, and delete or block you. Their real reason for doing so is that they can not refute you. They know you are right and that they have no answer for you. Hence the only thing left is to silence you, like any good Marxist dictator or left wing despot. Brutal power instead of good legitimate reason and answers to challenges.

Never do leftists, extremists, radicals, fanatics, saboteurs and the like ever have legitimate reasons for anything. Their goal is not to overcome lesser logic with better logic.  They do not possess any logic, morals, or principles. Instead, they simply want to destroy so they can take over. Logic and reason are what good well-intentioned people have and use. Evil has no antidote for those. It simply resorts to lies and deceit. This is what you will see from shills, false prophets, phonies, and despots. They want what you have and will do whatever they have to, to get it, even if it is quite immoral. And it always is.

Lies and deceit and their only real weapons. Never logic or reason. You can take that to the Bank.

The Left in Trouble
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I Posted the following article the same night (Nov 15,016) in a thread on the   site:

I quoted from the previous post: "we need to arm ourselves with FACTS, pointing out the left's disgusting anti-Semitism & hatred & contempt of Christianity"

>>Truth1>>> Good point! You make some others, too. But I see the real quintessential hallmark trait of the left as being hate and lies. They hate everyone and everything. They want to destroy any order or solid stable aspect to society? They tell nothing but lies and distortion. But let me say this, before I go further.

It was the intention of the Elite (in 2016) to create these Annihilists and Anarchist progressive leftists. Why? Because they like them? Well, yes and no. The Elite made these to polarize and unify the conservative right traditionalists and to motivate the conservatives to oppose the left wingers. OH, you doubt me? Well, I have not finished. First you need to understand that WAR is what the elite really want.

To that end, they need to motivate those who are tired of phony war. But how do you dress up a dog turd as a porterhouse or ribeye steak? That's not easy! So how about promising to make America great again and make it like it used to be? A huge bribe! Now that does mean they have to give you all that. They will give you the appearance of doing that for a time (100 days?), but without any intention of really doing it. And of course, you have to agree to fight the war first. The war to end all wars, finally, "We mean it this time."  That is what Lucy said to Charlie Brown many times when promising to hold the football and not pull it away. <> (They said "the war to end all wars" in WWI first, but no.2 came along in just 20 years time. So clearly, they were just lying their asses off. No one has ever called history to account for that lie).

Of what use are these young stupid leftists going to be to a war effort? And as well, the elite have known all along that the conservative are far more numerous that the leftists. They know it is the right that must be sought to fight the war. They have the number and the quality needed to fight and win a war. The liberal lefties? The elite will be happy to sacrifice this wasted generation to Satan. Do you really imagine the Elite care about these brats? Not at all. The elite just use them and then dump them. And how will the conservatives feel? They too, will rejoice at the possible elimination of the brats.

Also noteworthy is that the Global Elite have always depended upon Christians (only in name, not in deed) to fill the ranks of their armies on both sides of a conflict. They love killing Christians any way they can. Even if the Christians are only such in name!

Why do you think the brats are so frightened of this turn of events? It is because they know full well that everything they have been saying is lies and that the conservatives are far more in number. The brats know the polls are lies. And deep down, the brats know now, that they have been double crossed. The reward for their treachery! They do not want to fight any wars, either. Their whole world has shattered.

Now here is the irony. Some of these stupid kids might actually wake up and realize that they have been very stupid and some might even decide that its time to switch sides. No, not from liberal to conservative, but from Marxists to Christians. There will be no other way out for them.

Now I have scrolled down so far that I don't even know what I have written. But I have given you an idea of just how much we have all been fooled. Time to get smart fast. Truth1 out!

Election Staged
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A post/comment to a Personal Liberty website in the comment section. I corrected some spelling and added a few very brief words in a few places to further improve the message. They were not substantial additions.  This was mid November, before the 18th. Possibly the 15th.

            Well, this calls for a serious response. Trump had been selected long before this year came along. And the media or their bosses or both, had to know who was really selected. More than any other election in history, this one was full of actors putting on a scripted performance. Even many so called alt-right folks had been enlisted. But the voting population is not up to the sophistication of the elite tricks and manipulations. They could not tell that the media was just putting on an act. What do you all think will happen if/when Trump launches a war? That very same media will be behind him, 1000%. You can carve that in stone.

But what were the signs to indicate that it was all fake? Its quite simple, really. Well, simple,
if you know the outcome of the future before it happens. Some say that is not possible, but I believe Bible prophecy is just that, an accurate forecast. But even aside from that, anyone should know at this point that all the race horses in the race are owned by the elite and the horses do what they are told. What gave this year away were the absurd levels of childish play in debate. Where were the voices of reason? Where was the reserve so typical of politicians? Why, there weren't any! Exactly my point! It was so fake I thought I was watching a wrestling match or an NFL Superbowl ;-)

The characters were so overblown and exaggerated. I felt embarrassed about being an American. It was a cartoon satire. And how about all the things being revealed? The campaign managers for Hillary were so open and willing to share their diabolical deeds. When in all of history has that ever happened before? I'm serious! Answer me! It was unheard of. Oh and both Snowden and Assange weigh in. Oh, I have heard it all now.

OK! Spoiler alert. Remember how silly this all was because you are going to see it at least one or two more times. For a war and when a guy comes along and says he is Jesus and he might even show up in a UFO or with a fleet of UFOs. You say, no way! You should have said that during this campaign season. You will see and hear unbelievable things, literally. Let us call this election a tutorial on how to spot a fraud. And by fraud, I mean that it was all planned, rehearsed and decided beforehand. It was not spontaneous or impromptu or unscripted words and emotions So it will be for the upcoming war and "Jesus" coming back in physical form, too.

What I refer to in all this are patterns. Patterns had been fairly consistent for over a century and in many respects, will over 1000 years. But this year broke every pattern in the book. Its not business as usual any more. We are approaching the Grand Finale. Don't you doubt it! Look at it this way! God in all His wonderful mercy, is going to make it easy for you to see who is lying and who is telling the truth. He is making a huge contrast between the right choice and the wrong choice that the world will have to make when "Jesus" and the aliens, so called, show up.

So it would be nearly impossible for an intelligent person to get fooled by all this. But because our society, with all its broadcasting, and printing and school disseminating, has never been more void of good sense, reason, and analytical ability. Who could ever have foreseen it?! So in some ways, for those diligent enough, it’s an easy choice, but for most, it will still be a challenge.

Even now on this site, we see those who can not fathom that this whole election was in the planning for more than 16 years. The Simpsons showed Trump as president in a March 2000 episode. Satan might have started even earlier than that. So we know people can be somewhat blind. But the line of distinction will get ever more clear. Be sure you make the right choice. Truth1 out!

Challenges in Our Trials
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Additional thoughts since posting           Friday, Nov. 18, 016  7:30 PM

I believe that the level of sophistication and timing is far beyond our Elite under their own power. This sophistication can only be that of Satan, who can read minds and evaluate them way beyond our best psychologists. Satan has studied us for 6020 years to date. He knew a lot to begin with and has learned evermore ever since. He is the most skillful manipulator in existence. Only God’s mercy and grace supply us with foreknowledge of what is to come and to make sure that there is at least one voice on earth to make things known further, if God so desires.

Revelation 3 promises at least one prophet if not more. Jesus mentioned a prophet’s reward to any who recognize and in anyway help that prophet, believing he is a prophet of God. I have assumed that these allowed for a group of such in various places, but often, Israel was only sent one prophet at a time, or one major prophet in addition to the ”little” ones at the temple.

So between Satan and God, we have a fair reasonable set of choices put before us. That most will fail to pass this test if not because it is unfair, but because too many people have allowed themselves to be lazy and not develop their minds to the mind’s great potential.

Satan no doubt suggested that he could turn all from God. God likely responded, Not all! Many! Perhaps even most!  But NOT ALL. Through even the most harsh adverse cultivation of mankind's hearts and intellects. Satan has not be able to stop people from seeking God and promoting God’s message to others. The Truth is still coming out. How sad that so many, were so easily kept from serving God. How sad that more could not recognize their own long-term self-interests. Having the benefit of 6000 years of experience, should be a great advantage. But some prefer to doubt that experience.

The very odd thing about humans is that their intellect is often controlled by what they want. If the “want” is strong enough, it will ignore truth and reality and invent a “logic” and “reasoning” that will justify their “want.” Of late, we have come to call something like that a “narrative,” an elaborate explanation/story for why something is or is not.

Satan has a narrative, a made up history and explanation that makes him look good. But it’s all lies. God is made out to be an intolerant tyrant and monster with something to hide. But Satan is the one who liked to hide, and lie, and carry on in secret. Freemasons, Secret Societies, Intelligence Services and operations, black markets run by secretive violent criminals; these all operate in secrecy and deceit. It is Satan that it the intolerant tyrant and monster.

Humans also do the same. Hence, the Bible, God’s word, urges us to examine our own hearts and motives and dare to find fault with our selves, if we stumble upon bad inside us. The opportunity before us is great. But we are the biggest threat to ourselves. Our desire to find and judge ourselves as good, even if it is not merited, is strong and natural in our fallen state.

The coming test is the most important one mankind will ever be faced with. If you want to get out of this mess and continue to live forever, an easy task for God, then we need to make the right choice, even if it means, temporarily having to die, and wait to be brought back. And that wait will not be long. I hope you will all give it everything you got.

On Prophets        Oh, and one more thing 
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Major prophets of old and Jesus and the Apostles, too, performed many miracles. Moses was the first. We have Samuel and Samson. We had Elijah and Elishah. They raised people from the dead.

There were various signs, wonders, and miracles as we call them today. I suspect we could see these and perhaps should expect them if someone is going to try to claim he is a prophet. The only other possibility is that someone interpreting scripture, might prove to correct in his interpretations in all by the very smallest little details.

Prophecy is a miracle, all by itself. Those are all in the Bible, which Bible was sealed by John with the book of Revelation, forbidding anyone to add to it or take things out of it.

Interpretation of prophecy if a tougher ball of wax. The “predictions” (interpretations really) have to be on the mark at least more than anyone else, if none prove 100% right. The ability of Joseph to interpret dreams and the same for Daniel, make them prophets. That is your task if you want to make big claims.

But I suspect in a strong way, that anyone who is really a prophet today, will end up having God’s spirit operate to make signs come thru a genuine prophet. So if someone comes along, and they will, ask them to prove their claim with a sign.

Let me put it this way. I have not parted the Red Sea. I can not even part a mud puddle by the spirit. Raise someone from the dead? I’m lucky if I can raise 100 lbs over my head. Turn water in to wine? I don’t even like wine. I do well to make grape juice from frozen concentrate, providing a store sells it. Walk on Water! Not in the least. Does swimming count? If not, then I fail that, too. So I assume you can tell that I have not qualified yet and may never.

I can only say this much. My message does seem to be very distinct on the net or anywhere. Hence the name, Truth1 cause there is only one, right or wrong. If a 2nd one shows up, all the better. At the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, right? Its up to God. He can work thru one if He wants to and He has before. But the spirit would have to be manifest.

I suspect, though not with certainty, that a prophet might only be recognized after his interpretations come true. This, unless someone has enough insight to recognize a certain accuracy, insight and truth coming  from the mouth of someone truly inspired by the spirit of God. It is God that reveals all things thru His spirit acting on people.

In short, beware of false prophets who do not point you in the right direction. You have the Bible for directions. Use it while you got it!

I thought I would add this brief piece I posted on Personal Liberty (.com) for a bit more reinforcement.

That is only a last resort solution, Vicki. The net will alert the inquisitive and curious and seekers who sense something is wrong. But do we allow or can we even change the fact our society is nothing but lies all around? Lies are as destructive as bombs and bullets.

Humanity's greatest test is coming up. Most will fail it. Why? Because of lies, not bombs.

The elite are not in serious trouble. The little common people are. They are not smart enough to come out of their coma.

When the leftist media attacks a relatively benign government, it is the same as if an army attacks our shores, and bombers bombed our land. People only recognize war if it involves soldiers, weapons, bombs, ships. But most war is either economic, philosophical, or propaganda. So I feel like you are not really seeing the full spectrum of war and its many dangers. Lies kill!    << End of post


 Added thought: Paul says that our war and our weapons are not of the flesh. Ours is a battle of thoughts & ideas, propaganda! Vicki was thinking that the net was going to be our salvation because of the appearance of the net helping Trump to win. But I say the net was used but was not the deciding factor in the Trump victory. All the people, including ones who think they are pretty smart, think they decided in their vote for Trump. But I say the Elite made everything look like it did, knowing how we would react to it. Vicki imagines she is pretty smart, but really, she does not understand that she was led into the decision she made.

The Elite are very skilled in creating the situations that will guarantee how we will react, like herded cattle on the farm. But on Personal Liberty, there are those who understand as I do and know what a farce the whole world game is. The perhaps 5-10 who regularly show up there, understand as I do. Trust me, that is very rare. Many alt-right folks are nowhere near as smart or savy. So if you are looking for a place sharpen your ideas, I find that place the best. Often they will say things that give me new ideas.

Becoming smarter means thinking about things and then thinking about saying them better or giving better reasons for certain ideas. Practice makes perfect. Rehearsing ideas in your head will build "brain muscles." So you might want to make a visit over there sometime. You know, Ron Paul is a pretty smart guy, but even he is fully challenged at Personal Liberty. As well, sometimes Paul Craig Roberts will have an article there, as well as Ron Paul and other notable pundits.

They are not misled by the smoke and mirrors like the so called Alt-Media often are. The Bible says that Iron sharpens Iron. No doubt about it. If you have not thought thru everything entirely, you are bound to learn something there or think of something while there.

New Stunning Developments        Nov. 25, 016
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These all came out near to the end of the 24th and into the 25th, or at least that is when I discovered them.

Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' dissenting sites

Censorship is absolutely on the way. But why is more interesting. Many Trump fans are very upset about this early moves. Already they disillusioned. In their opinions, his moves are not excusable for the sort of rhetoric he used in his campaign. The "talk" was do big, perhaps far too big. so he is now being like every other candidate elected before him. I predicted and guaranteed that would happen. Don't remember who for sure, but he said don t tell them little lies, tell them big ones. You have to make people dream. Being honest never pays in politics.

But the possible problem here is that the Elite were hoping for mindless 'non-questioning" faith, though allowing for the possibility of skepticism. But even I am caught off guard by the quick disillusion of many. Its good, but unexpected for me. And I think the Elite were a bit surprised, too. And so now they are considering cutting the balls off the internet and banning free critical speech of authority and government. I have long predicted this outcome. I know Satan well. I have often ended my articles with warnings of eventual censorship if not the shutdown of the net.

So the Elite are readying for skeptical resistance to their war plans. Let me show you the video link and screen saves I have.

A Third Temple in Jerusalem

The Temple Institute is dedicated to rebuilding the temple. They have recreated all the things the Bible had instructed to have made in the time of Moses and Solomon. Most are made already and on display. They anticipate the Temple being rebuilt. How come? The Bible never required it. In fact, god thru the Jews out and destroyed the temple as punishment and took power and authority away from the priesthood and temple and gave it to the Disciples of His son, Jesus. But Satan wants the temple back to fool earth and all in it. He will present a fake returning Jesus to deceive the world.

It was not prophesied in the Bible. But this is not all. Below is a map of the planned expanded Israel. Expanded?  By who and when? Take a guess! It includes parts of 4 other nations and borders with Iran. War is the only way I know that this could be done. The war on Islam has been getting steady press and promotion.

I believe that the Elite filled Europe with mercenaries who were labeled as Islam but were really ISIS, who the US and allies created/funded to make the world hate the incorrectly labeled "Islam." With hatred for Islam fully accomplished, getting us to go to war against Islam would be easy if we buy it was Islam and not ISIS, which is a fraud. To add to it, the government psyop known as the Orlando shooting massacre, largely fake in not only my opinion, but in that of many. Intolerant Islam inside our own nation against homosexuals.

It was designed to get the gay community to support the war as well. The gay community has always been very liberal but guns and war have always been very conservative. The psyop was designed to win the gay crowd over to some conservative ideas, namely war. A war that ultimately will subdue all the Mid-East and allow the temple to be rebuilt without major opposition. There you have it! As well, they can expand their borders are shown above with a really big decisive war victory. That is a lot of killing. All for some fake show to be put on to fool the world into accepting a One World Government intended to make slaves of us all and kill many of us off, after. So the NWO is not good thing. It portends the biggest blood shed in world history. Be afraid! Be very afraid!


Now censorship is no limited t the USA. the UK wants it even more and is already suppressing free speech and crusades for justice.

UK kills all online privacy, and now also moves to censor the internet...

I'll write more on this and what is behind it in another article.

Another noteworthy incident is this video:      An Emergency Warning To Donald Trump      Published on Nov 24, 2016   7:37 long       The Alex Jones Channel

In it, Alex makes excuses for Trump, that Trump if being sabotaged and maybe outwitted. Its all lies. But since a number of Trump supporters are already losing faith in him. Alex and the Elite are trying to bail Trump out. They have to because their war effort and ambition is at stake. The skepticism of  some of the Trump fans is a welcomed surprise but also one has to wonder how they ever got fooled to begin with. But its better late than never. The Elite might not have really expected the late, though I am sure they allowed it as a possibility, but not likely.

So now come the lies and promises and they will tell us to wait and give Trump a chance. But I can tell you who that will. Good will and benevolence will quickly change to brute force. I am sure now that we will see a huge psyop carried out, like maybe a terrorist nuclear device set off or the Malaysian airliner suddenly reappears and crashed with an A-bomb in it. Whatever it is or will be, it will galvanize a gullible population into war to wipe out Islam. So it will be a big psyop, says I. I note these following 2 links as well, regard the synagogue of Satan.

What Jews Did To The Germans They're doing to America

Satanic Jews Are Behind Internet Censorship PROOF!

At this point, it is quite clear what will develop. We are now into the fulfillment of the very last events of this age and judgment. Te final moves to secure the temple on the temple mount are not about to begin. Make no mistake about that! It here. Jan. 20, 2017 will begin the death spiral. We do not have to wait any long to see who things will go. Its obvious now. Time to wake up!

To Christians, I say, do not fight in this war. God forbids it. Be no part of the world and its ambitions. But do not interfere with that war, for those willing to fight. Its not our concern what the world, led by Satan does. We do have a duty to tell them know where this is all headed. But no protests. Just stay the hell out of it. War time hysteria is very dangerous. We warn the workd and nothing more. It is not our world. It belongs to the devil by the will of God, until God allows His son to finish it off. That is their business and not ours. Peace out!

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