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Fiona Barnett: On MK Therapy

The Premise
Selecting Children for Programming
On Dissociating
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The Premise
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Fiona Barnett was an MK victim who successfully overcame her programming, largely on her own, due to the vast infiltration and corruption of therapeutic practices supposedly for MK victims. Her's is the best work I have ever come across for actual treatment and healing techniques. She really shows that it is not that complicated, as I feel many have seemed to suggest. Her work harmonizes with everything I have learned along the way. I am impressed. If there is to be any help for MK victims, it must come from non-professional caring and capable Christians in the spiritual warfare being waged by Satan. This article is a summary of her video on Youtube.

Fiona Barnett       Ritual Abuse, Mind Control & DID: How to Integrate

But having granted my blessings on her work, I will caution all that Fiona is no ordinary victim. She has an amazing determination that elevates her results above most. So I would always approach healing and recovery, considering some of the many things others have tried in their efforts to be healed and recover. Brice Taylor and Kathleen Sullivan come to mind. Daniel Ryder's Breaking the Circle of SRA has a lot of good tuff, too, but that was a 90s book. But for sure, this field of healing and recovery are saturated with lying deceivers who try to prevent any healing, since they are often the ones who also caused the harm in the first place as programmers.

I have provided Fiona's lists and heading for quick easy reviewing fast. But its not substitute for her excellent discourse on the subjects. Be sure to watch the video and use this page for review after.

Selecting Children for Programming
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26:47 Programming Process        Programming techniques are Shaped by the child’s imagination and the level of sophistication, Fiona explains.  Spinning in one way or another, hi tech can be used now. Programmers are VERY selective and fussy. You can't use just any child. They carefully test for two types of IQ and brain function. To state more clearly, you have to have the necessary ingredients for the sophisticated and torturous things done to the mind and body. Intelligence is inherited, she explains. Higher IQ brains are more dense with circuits/pathways and more interconnected.

She addressed the idea of "everyone has potential," but there are still limits of significant and out of reach abilities. The right kind of brain/mind will remain superior in its potential. In both cases, nurture can accomplish a lot, but still a difference with the higher IQ, which is an indication of potential, being capable of more. Look at it this way. There are a variety of sizes in human beings, and various different looks and traits. Some have a more natural ability to run faster or longer. And yes, some have a natural advantage in brain power and intellectual prowess.

Fiona did say something tot he effect that programmers do not give a damn about politics. They only care about what is and what really works. Some will balk at the suggestion that IQ is inherited, which to them sounds like a "superior race idea." But she gave no indication that high IQ was only inherited in one race. As well, she says they look for perfectly formed bodies with no defects, not even in skin like blemishes, moles, etc.

My guess on this is that blemishes are the result of very small minor errors in the genetic code. A blemish in the brain circuitry is not big thing for the brain to overcome, but it may be enough of a problem if one is a serious hard core programmer that is going too push a mind to its very limits. They may see blemishes as danger signs not to be risked. But since they are not going to tell us, I have no way to tell you, one way or the other. But they are very fussy. Fiona makes that clear.

So I want to point out a few things here that apply to our ordinary lives. One, some have and some do not. We are not all equal in abilities. Some can do more than others. We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. Most of us have enough to get us thru life quite adequately. But in modern political marxist leftist thought, which really is jut motivated by lying and desire to overthrown and not to resort to truth, morals, and principles as justification; they "promote" that we are flexible and nothing is inherited and gender is merely a construct, as is intelligence, etc. Government programmers know better! Marxists know better too, but they lie to manipulate people into doing what the marxists want.

In sports, everyone wins a trophy now among kids. no one is allowed to be better or superior. But civilization has progressed due to those more gifted minds. Its a fact. As well, whether any of us like it or not, beautiful people will always have more advantage because of that beauty. Even animals have a sense of beauty and even react more favorably to human beauty. Its in the genes of all creation. Now for how they test.

27:53 Selection Process – Test Battery

Most important is the IQ.  More dense and interconnected for IQ. Both sides of brain light up for IQ.

33:00 Stanford-Binet  original SBLM still best. Visual spatial processing is the most important. Esp. for organized dissociation.

34:20 Creativity

33:50 Intuition   they preferred females for it.  

I gather that programmers choose the first Stanford-Binet test as being better, possibly because the test revisions were done for some motive to prevent us from knowing exactly what they test for or how. Maybe Fiona has some ideas on that. Creativity is important and a function of a good working brain. There are ways to test for it. Coming right up!

36:05 Visual Spatial IQ    important    think in pictures   Helps photographic memories. Turn speech into movie and remember it better. They have better reflexes.  They think quickly under pressure.  Great eye-hand coordination.  Put together seemingly unrelated pieces of information.  They are able to see patterns. They have strong abstract thinking ability. Able to read micro-facial expressions. Great at foreign language acquisition.


Visual Spatial (VS) IQ is very important, says Fiona. Its an added dimension to the function of the intellect. Later on in Fiona's presentation, she shows how a bilateral function of the brain is important. Let me put it this way: Two heads are better than one. To use two different methods of interpreting the world is far more effective than one alone. Memory is greatly aided by involving visual spatial memory as well as facts/word memory. Fiona's list is just above, listing the benefits of VS IQ. So when programmers test, they do so for VS IQ as well as regular IQ. It is essential to achieve the level of programming that intelligence agency aim for. They demand extraordinary performance and ability, in order to outdo any other nation or foe. They, more than anyone else, know what works.

Linda Silverman, Gifted Development Centre, has lots of info on this, free.

Micro-facial expressions help Anticipate other people’s thoughts and reactions. Good at lie detection.       This fascinated me. What she is referring to is seeing and reacting to non-verbal expression and language. To give a contrast, people who have been severely abuses can have their ability to read other shut off and shut down. Some people have little to no ability in this area. But if you are a programmed assassin or saboteur, you desperately need to be able to read anyone and everyone you might run into. Knowing if you are being lies to is real handy, too. VS people are very good at learning foreign languages, too.

38:48  Visual Spatial skills. the list saved at 3848       All the below are very important for government operations (skullduggery!)

Most aspects of selection finish at this point and begin the next section.

On Dissociation
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40:00  Dissociation

45:15 Brain like a computer, a save at 4542. 

48:17 Fiona’s programming at 4817.  Anthony Kidman exposed, death explained.

52:47 the picture. Another at 53:55, 5422, 5616,  Carol Rultz  Veronica Grande Dame.



The Order or the Family, 5808


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1:04:25 the heart has “brain” cells and a mind of its own and she mentions it takes this with it to an organ transplant recipient.

1:05:09 The Integration Process

What stops integration  1:08:16  Fiona says, No biofeedback!

1:15:44 Psycho-pharmacology  

1:34:00 in good programming, switching alters will be undetectable. Fiona was co-conscious as alters revealed stuff.  She could watch it all.

1:41:10 the victims brain works overtime not to feel the details and memories. They run from the past.

2:00:00 Therapeutic Bond






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