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Fritz on the Paranormal

The Premise
The Origins of the Paranormal-Supernatural
Our Gifts and Our Realm
What Fritz Wrote
Occult Diversity
Using Your Subconscious Mind

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The Premise
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Fritz Springmeier, A Christians and Conspiracy research par-excellence, and very well known and respected, published a brief article on June 19 at 1:23pm  On his facebook site   Fritz Artz Springmeier

In reading it over, there were some directions that concern me a little. To me, they seemed to wander a bit into the paranormal. So I will link to my article dealing with the paranormal supernatural being the province given to the demons to use. Beyond that, I will comment on Fritz's text for specifics. This does relate to recent research and conclusions I have come to as well. In particular, the lack of division and the unity of the various black arts of Satan and his demon buddies.

The Origins of the Paranormal-Supernatural
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In my article, Satan's Lies 101, I deal with the origins of Satan and his demons and how they were allotted rights to use the paranormal to tempt, seduce, and mislead mankind with. Let me define paranormal, also called the Supernatural. God put into place normal natural laws of nature, often called the laws of physics. They have normal operating rules that are consistent and do not vary  .  .  .  Unless a spirit, authorized by God or Satan, decided to intervene and disrupt the normal laws for an intervention of some sort, perhaps a sign, or wonder, or portent or miracle or something of that nature.

God forbid His people from pursuing the paranormal and the magic arts, and in God's eyes, all magic is evil, even the so called "good" magic. All magic is from Satan. God has limited Himself in most respects and instances, reserving only important ones of specific purpose necessary to His cause. So His miracles have a specific reason and purpose or otherwise, He refrains from violating the laws of physics.

Satan uses the paranormal to promote his wicked causes. His black arts are very attractive to ill-inclined humans, who lust for power, wealth, sex or the like. So God had Moses forbid all paranormal-supernatural activity. are found in Deuteronomy 18:  9-14.

So to restate clearly, anything that violates the natural laws of physics would be considered by me to be in the realm of the paranormal. An example you likely see in the future are the appearance of UFOs. UFOs appear to be magic or violate the laws of physics, but in fact, they carefully obey the laws of physics. Nikola Tesla designed one way back around 1900 AD. The Nazis and the USA later perfected actual UFO craft.

Our Gifts & Our Realm
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God gave Man the earth and all in it. He gave man his senses for perceiving his world and manipulating it for good purposes. Man was said to be flesh. Today, we might say that he is of the physical realm and constrained by the laws of physics. Our feelings and emotions are expressed in physical ways. We often read non-verbal stuff with our eyes. That is how we "read" emotions and the like. Some are good at recognizing these and some are not. Some people have more skills that others.

If we want knowledge, we either get taught, read, or learn thru experience in the physical world. Anything beyond our natural physical world and its realm, is really the paranormal, particularly when it comes to knowledge or manipulating our environment. If we receive communication from spirits, we are in trouble. If we seem to perform great works thru unseen power, invisible power, with no physical tools and our hands, then we are in the realm of the paranormal.

We love thru our voices and words, thru touch and holding, and that sort of thing. We physical fleshly creatures do everything in physically animated ways. Do I make my self clear?

These are my ground rules, which rules, I believe, are supported by Deuteronomy 18 as well as other accounts of miracle and demonic works such as the magicians of Pharaoh performed or the witch of Endor performed as a spirit medium. These set up the basis for which I judge works as to being either natural or supernatural and paranormal, where Satan is master for now.

What Fritz Wrote
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Now I will cover what Fritz has written about. I am not implying any ill intentions. These are likely mistakes or oversights, perhaps missing an important distinction or two. A mutual discussion may also help, too. I will quote relevant material and ignore what I can. Anyway, lets begin.

In reference to the government, Fritz writes:

And then there are those who they identify as psychic. Many of these psychic people are t.b.m.c. victims whose minds have been programmed to have special abilities, & have been tracked through life. This article will focus on just one aspect of the title...the mind, and more specifically, psychic intuition. It builds upon a number of previous subjects written about, for instance, t.b.m.c. and at least 8 articles on JADE HELM 2015, which had as its goal “Mastering The Human Domain” (also known as the “Human Terrain”). While most attention is focused on the incredible advancement of computerized technology, research into the human mind has provided the controllers abilities that were considered sci-fi in the past.

>>Nothing inappropriate here, but the mention of psychic intuition concerns me.<<

ARMY RESEARCH. In an 2013 article "Pentagon's telepathic soldiers" we get a glimpse of what is going on now: "As voice-activated technologies have become reality, including the recent use by Google Glass’ software, what about telling machines to do what we want simply by telepathically thinking about it? ...Also known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought. April last year, a Dailymail report said a team of UC Irvine scientists has been awarded a $4 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Office to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundations of synthetic telepathy. “I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating,” said Mike D’Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project."(A)

(A) Armananto, Eric. "Pentagon's telepathic soldiers" in Technology (May 10, 2013)

>>Again, Fritz is OK but the use of the word "telepathy" is a possible danger and snare. It always needs to be clarified or the lines will blur and people could start assuming that all forms of "telepathy" are just fine and that is not the case.

I will be splitting up the next paragraph into sections to be dealt with individually.<<

A WORLD MIND. In physics a variety of phenomena have been identified as fields. Is consciousness a field? 

>>I am going to answer this right away. Consciousness may be manifest by a field, but it is an awareness present in the mind and runs on electricity, the physical realm with real circuits and gates. FACT! It concerns me that he seems to call it a field. It gives off a field, perhaps, but it is not a field itself. We are made of 
"dust," so to speak.<<

Theosophists believe in an Akashic Record on the astral plane originally called astral light by HPB. Edgar Cayce referred to it as the "Book of Life". Carl Jung (1875-1961) felt that there was a "collective unconscious" shared by mankind.

>>The above in bold face are all pagan paranormal terms. Of most concern to me is the "collective unconscious" shared by mankind. This collective unconsicous shared is the province of the demons. It is the paranormal. Our brains do not reach that far. In fact, the pagan idea of we being spirits inside of physical fleshly bodies is an ancient lie and deception of the devil. We are not spirits. We are flesh and when we die, we are gone adn do not exist. Only God can bring us back, either in the flesh again, or as a spirit in the heavenly realm as promised by Jesus to his brothers, of which there are still many today.

Fritz does not say anything yet, but nothing is clarified, either, as I have done.<<

James Lovelock, a British scientist/futurist looked at the many mysterious self-regulating relationships in nature & hypothesized the Gaia principle which claims life & non-life coordinate things, for instance, the mysterious constant 3.4% salinity needed in the oceans for life. Of course, Christians can simply point out that the Word says God sustains the world. There are many intricacies and parameters that have to be a certain value for life, so intelligent design and intelligent sustaining should be obvious. I think the Illum. controllers of things know that there is not a complete "collective unconscious" because they are working hard to create a World mind, the first step is the world wide web, and the BEAST computer system. On the other hand they are skilled at creating group think. I'm convinced they understand the process of thoughts far more than the public.

>>On the piece I highlighted in bold face, there is a collective consciousness in the spirit realm. Its not unconscious but it is demonic. And we want to stay far away from it. Many who meditate, seek to be part of that "world consciousness." They are playing into the hand of demons.<<

OUR (PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED) KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED.   While scientists at times have the attitude that we are now only filling in our gaps of knowledge, it appears to me that our publicly recognized understanding of many things is quite limited to the point of probably appearing ignorant to an omniscient God. A Buddhist monk in Nepal (Ram Bahadur Bomjon), the nation I grew up in, went without food or drink during the entire 96 hours the cameras were on him. The film footage was made into the Discovery Channel documentary "The Boy With Divine Powers".

>>The problem with this monk is that we do not know if it was him accessing internal states of awareness or whether it was demonic powers preserving him. But the Bible does forbid torturing or mutilating one's self. Either way, It violates God's law.<<

I have witnessed animals have ESP. Dogs sense when their masters are coming home.

>>I believe there is a youtube I have watched fairly recently on this. They did solve the mystery of how dogs do this. It is not ESP, which is of the paranormal realm and subject to demons. Psychic abilities all belong to the devil.<<

Chickens sense when I have decided to give them food scraps. Animals sense when major earthquakes are coming. (Now this last one may not necessarily be ESP, but extra sensitivity with their normal senses.)

Watch a flock of several thousand birds turn instantly together in midflight--everyone gets the mental memo--none fail to turn, so there are no midflight collisions. (Perhaps you've seen 10,000 Starlings flying together. Try to get 10,000 people synchronized!) Birds have quick reactions, but the front and back birds in the flock turn at the same time--I can't believe it is a case of follow the leader, but a case of collective consciousness.

>>The mention of ESP bothers me. Fritz states its a case of collective consciousness. It is at this point that I am concerned. We do not know all the ways that animals know things or use things. Some birds can sense magnetic fields. We may not have all the answers yet, but it does not mean animals are psychic, or have ESP or a collective consciousness. I would like to see Fritz clarify this position.

But as for how birds react in mass together, they maybe be aware of certain patterns they all share, and timing.  How random are these patterns of these birds? We do not know how they do it. But it could have very rational explanations, even as some birds have been noted to sense magnetic fields. Maybe the flight patterns are like songs they know and "sing"-fly together. As long as we don 't know, we can't say. But to resort to paranormal explanations would be a serious mistake in my book, unless one can absolutely rule out the laws of physics as is the case with some magicians who have demons assist them.<<

COMMUNICATION ON THE QUANTUM LEVEL. Certain people can communicate at far distances, like identical twins can sense what the other twin thinks or feels. Our military can identify people with this ability. Sometimes it helps people comprehend something to see it in science.

>>Are we sure this is science? How do we know this is not a track of the demons. Some say they were reincarnated and can tell you details. Should I believe those, too? we must test "inspired expressions<<

1 Timothy 4:

1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith,
   giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received
   with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

>>A thought I had here was that people in general will often condemn things that God approves of or does not forbid, and as well, they readily do things without thought or concern, that God forbids. Flirting with the paranormal is one of those forbidden things. We could easily and innocently mix in paranormal ideas, thinking they are science. But upon more careful analysis, we might find there is no scientific explanation for something and that the only remaining possibility is that we are dealing with the paranormal and need to reject it and avoid it.<<

1 John 4:

1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:
   because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

>>That is, be skeptical and critical of loose ideas or questionable ideas. Give them extra attention and thought.<<

5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us.
   Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

>>I am only suggesting from the 2 scriptures cited, that we have to be very cautious in the last days, since the demons are far more involved with us now in their deceptions and we have to carefully scrutinize everything. The world has its ideas and opinions, but we have the word of God and we can use that to discern and separate doctrines of demons from doctrines of science.<<

Particles that are entangled communicate at any distance at the speed of light what happens to them to the other entangle particle. It is spooky how it works. Einstein called it the EPR paradox as he couldn't believe it.

>>I am well acquainted with the theories of physics but also of the dubious objectives of scientists to lie about things. Most consider themselves atheists, anyway. And by the way, atheism is often a cover for Satan worshipers, who publicly say they are atheists so that they can hide the fact they really worship Satan.

I know about entanglement and what goes with that theory. But the truth of the matter is that no one knows for sure about this stuff. Until we can be far more certain, these ideas would have to be held in suspicious regard. Einstein did not believe! So why should we, who know that men lie and that demons could also be at work as well. For now, I reject what is uncertain. I deal with what I know for sure and I know what the Bible says about the paranormal.

True, the word "paranormal" is not in the Bible, but the concepts and realm of it are forbidden in the Bible. Anything outside the laws of normal physics.<<

There are various ways to entangle particles incl: spontaneous parametric down-conversion, fiber coupler, quantum dots, atomic cascades and the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect. It is also possible to create entanglement between quantum systems that never directly interacted, through the use of entanglement swapping. There are certain people that can telepathically talk to others.

>>Is Fritz suggesting that some people can telepathically talk by a "scientific" means? I don't buy that. The only way that I know for certain in this case, is the demons transmitting communication so as to make people believe in psychic abilities such as telepathy, astral projection, and premonition/ESP. So with these clearly established as demonic province, then unless it can be clearly and certainly shown to also be a natural function of the laws of physics, then we must reject it as being of the trickery of demons. And entanglement is by no means solid and established or Einstein would not have doubted it.

But what I wonder is whether Fritz is justifying telepathy or not. He has been very loose with the language that seems to deal with "spooky" stuff. That is not a good place to be, when dealing with the territory of demons. There just does not seem to be enough cautious language of concern or uncertainty. It seems like it is just one step short of approval and that has me considerably concerned. As a man with such high regard in the independent Christian community, Fritz should be very careful adn cautious. I am the one who often takes bold brave steps in Christian doctrine, but I do believe I have properly reasoned out my articles.

If any of those are in dispute, I welcome the precise dissection of my ideas. Most typically, these would deal with sex or drugs, I assume. Most get the word "Lust" all screwed up.<<

Reportedly, the aborigines of Australia use telepathy as their main means of communication when travelling in the desert. Most everyone has gotten hunches before that panned out. Sometimes we have a sense that a loved one needs us, or is going to call and then they do. These are crude psi abilities that most of us experience at one time or the other, which need to be separated from wishful thinking.

>>Again, I don't see him admit that such things are aspects of the paranormal and demons. He seems to be suggesting or at least leaving open the possibility that because aborigines do it, its OK. I believe aborigines have pagan religious beliefs which would or could open them up to demonic influence. These crude psi abilities he refers to, which I do not deny as existing and happening to many, does not mean that demons are not behind it. Christians are not immune to the tricks and deceptions of demons. Christians have seen ghost apparitions, which we know, have demonic origins. Some Christians actually believe these are dead people, which is what the demons want them to believe, which is why the demons do it.

They also spread lies in the form of pagan practices, and lies such as dead people are still alive as spirits or that we have psychic powers or can channel (spirit medium) dead people. The bible says dead people are dead and that only a resurrection can bring them back. Would anyone like to dispute this? I got all kinds of articles on these very subjects.<<

People can "see" things because mentally they wish they would happen. German psychics were saying that WW 2 would end after France surrendered. It was what people wanted to hear. Hitler even disbanded some of his troops. True intuition is not wishful thoughts. Psi abilities have both a genetic component and an exercised art form component. And as the World goes deeper under demonic control, there is often a spirit (demonic) component to psi abilities.

>>As best as I can tell at this point, Fritz is suggesting that there is a "true intuition," but that he does not define it in anyway, but leaves it open for you to embrace as much as you might want to, in that direction. He also suggests there are two components of "Psi abilities." One of them is said by him to be genetic component. Based on what? Mind Control Victims who have been programmed to lie and deceive and even in some cases to be joined to a demon or a number of demons? Where are the references for this genetic component. Fritz has been a long time advocate of saying he does not always have references nor the time for them.

I agree that to a point, one might be excused for not supplying fll references. But to continually be asked to just take his word for it is not acceptable and should never be acceptable to some one or of someone. And to openly state that in certain definite terms that there is a genetic component, that I better see some references, damn it! It is only right and righteous to ask for and get, references!

It has come to the point in this article, without yet hearing what Fritz might have to say, that I raise my concern over this article of his from code green to code yellow, if not orange. If he recants or provides evidence, then well and fine. The matter is resolved. But if he continues in this direction of this article of his, then its code red. You would not like code red. I would not like code red. <<

I KNOW, BUT DON'T KNOW HOW. There were seers (w/ visions & warnings) in the Bible. Often they saw images. There have been seers since. The Illum. teach their members to use a (spirit) guide which is to be considered their friend. They also use familiars. They are taught to keep their guides close. They may even create an inner sanctuary (mental imagery) for their guide. On the flip side, empaths who have a lot of love can pick up on the thoughts & feelings of others. Love is a positive power, and can empower a person.

>>Now we have another problem. When Fritz says empaths can pick up on the thoughts & feelings of others, What does he mean by that? Anyone can pick up on love, thoughts and feelings if they are not seriously wounded people and have most of their empathy in tact. This will enable them to be able to read and respond to non-verbal communication. This stuff has lots of evidence in the world of psychology. I got article I wrote on it. Non-Verbal Communication.

Is he using this to justify further adventures into the paranormal? Honestly, I fear this may be the case. His tactics are not the upright solid tight type that should come from an intellectual who knows proper procedures for solid intellectual reporting and writing. Fritz has long asked for a free pass on references but with this step, I can no longer offer a free pass unless he can assure me that he did overstate and was not as careful as he should have been and is appreciative of how cautious and careful we must be with paranormal associations.<<

Prayer & guidance by the Holy Spirit is the Christian answer to the need for inner guidance.

>>Yes and No! Prayer is good. If you are talking out loud to God (Jehovah) or in your mind, doing so, that is a sure sign you believe He exists and answers prayers. But the reality is that God's foremost gift to us was, by far, the Bible. God organized an entire nation and religious form of worship with a temple and priesthood, primarily, says I, to keep and record, and copy the Bible over and over to insure it passing on to successive generations of mankind.

And while the Bible was for Israel only, for a time, God had a future time in view when all nations were going to be brought into God's fold. From the beginning, It was God's will to save all mankind that was willing to accept God's terms. So the Bible comes down to us as God wisdom in recorded for reference and study so that we never need to wonder and that so we can learn  about God and His wisdom and will and know what He is doing at all times and will be doing.

Our primary pursuit should be God's word, the bible. God will supply the spirit to any who are worthy. I have noticed that of all the publications Fritz has published, I have never seen any major work done on bible doctrine, as if it were not important. But with him pointing out the infiltrations of the Great Awakenings in America in the 1820s and 1840s, and with the fall of Christianity in the early years, say commencing after the Apostle John's death in Asia Minor as Christianity was rapidly being corrupted, that Fritz should have been writing a good deal more about true Christians doctrine rather than conspiracies. I would say, at least 50% bible and 50% conspiracy. Where are the Bible articles of Fritz? I have seen a few. That is the problem. Just a few. There is so much wrong with Christian doctrine and Christian behavior that Fritz has not been giving attention to. That would be my opinion. I can not prove that, but it is how I judge things. Now if he can show me such a work, I will recant and be delighted to do so, if the doctrines are solid.<<

Pray for the best for others. This is also God's way for us to release the negative energy that tends to build up from a negative environment that we have to operate in. Negative energy may also block our flow of intuition & ability to listen to the Holy Spirit. Appreciate what you do have, thankfulness is also a godly way to move into a positive mental arena. Forgive others so your prayers are not hindered.

>>I do not like the expression, "negative energy." Perhaps negative mood or feelings or thoughts would be better. The "energy" is a term very common to new age religions and beliefs. You will not find the expression, "negative energy," in the bible. But its all over the new age and paganism. How odd this should appeal to such a solid Christian. It just seems to me, throughout this article, that Fritz is doing all in his power to sort of blur the lines of distinction between the paranormal and good solid Christian doctrine.

I notice how new terms and words crept into early Christianity, most particularly with Origen of Alexandria. This corruption started in doctrines dealing with the immortal soul, hell, spirit, and also found its way into justifying the trinity, which is nothing more than anti-logic. Once words were introduced or changed,  and no one challenged them, then more advances were made against God and good doctrine. I might add that Sir Isaac Newton records an excellent history of early Christianity, up to about 400 AD. And its on my site.  Newton history.

Fritz appears to be playing with words, even as I note that SJWS and feminists, among others, are well noted for. They t wist and abuse language and definitions so bad that original language and meaning are totally lost. This is what took place from 100 AD onward, and continues to this day. Fritz seems to be going this now. My hope is that he realizes that he was and is in error and it will never happen again.<<

A good t.b.m.c. programmer (perhaps a female one) assisting a major programmer, can guide an alter with hypnosis to calm & still the conscious mind's blocks to intuition, so that the person can travel dissociatedly onto the astral plane. They work with visualization & dreamwork for Illum. members.

>>Am I going crazy? It looks like Fritz is talking as if astral planes were real things and not just talk and creations of demons. We do not exist as spirits in bodies. We are our bodies and when our bodies break down in old age, so do our minds. I watched in happen in my parents and others, too. I've even seen it in animals. think of this! Hypnosis is the "art" or "craft" of a charmer in the Deuteronomy 18. Being a charmer/hypnotist is forbidden by God and here we have programmers practicing these demonic arts and craft and Fritz does not see any problem with this. This is a nightmare. The cause? Fritz does not seem that well grounded in the deep detail of the scriptures. You could knock me over with a feather.<<

All kinds of people receive revelations in dreams. Many, as recorded in the Bible, need further interpretation. When we get dreams that come true, it is eerie...making us realize that somehow the future is connected to the present. This does not rule out coincidence, but there are times that the dream's events & fulfillment are too unique to brush off as coincidence. (I had a friend who kept a dream diary and I was curious how that turned out.) "Precognition" is the word to describe knowing about an event beforehand.

>>Call it whatever you want. Demons can lie thru other people. They can lie to you thru dreams and visions and apparitions. We Christians are not immune to all aspects of demons. The demons have a right to test us and even torment or frustrate us. Why should we be exempt? We are not! You need to see the following!<<

Deuteronomy 13:

1 "If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams,
   and he gives you a sign or a wonder,

2 "and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying,
   ‘Let us go after other gods’ —which you have not known—‘and let us serve them,’

>>Note that that sign/wonder comes true, but the message to reject God in favor of other gods. Its apostasy/heresy. Its following the devil and his demons. You get it, right?<<

3 "you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams,
   for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God
   with all your heart and with all your soul.

>>Now elsewhere in the Bible, it is said by either Paul or James, that God does not try anyone. The demons are the ones who try us, test us, and try to deceive and fool us so that we become enemies of God and lose out on life and a resurrection. But what God implies is that when you are tested on this aspect of other gods, that you should see it as being a test from God to see if you are loyal to Him or not! The demons test to see if you are loyal or not. God allows them the chance to test one and all.

So not surprisingly, we might have dreams that come true, or receive telepathic messages or other paranormal experiences that we did not seek out. They are tests to see if we will keep God's command to stay away from the demonic arts and crafts. God command this for our own protection, for demons have the right to do whatever they want with you if you join them or their practices. And if they are bothering you and you have been loyal to God, then you can pray to God to remove the demons and their harassment.<<

4 "You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments
   and obey His voice
, and you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him.

5 "But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken
   in order to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt
   and redeemed you from the house of bondage, to entice you from the way in which the LORD
   your God commanded you to walk. So you shall put away the evil from your midst.

>>But as for anyone who tries to lead you into the paranormal, that one should rejected and shunned, if they do not repent. Got it?<<

In the Spielberg movie Minority Report (2002) precogs play a major role in the script. When one has simply a feeling of a future event it is called "presentiment". Shifting gears, one can tap into one's inner genius by asking the mind to work on a problem while you sleep. I have found this works for me. I ask for the answer just before sleeping & wake with the answer in the morning.

>>The statement in bold is absolutely true and accurate. This is solidly based in science and experience. Our sub-conscious is ever ready and at our disposal to work in our behalf. I will put the Title and author of 2 books on this at the end of this article. This is not the paranomal but is how our brain works. its related to savants and how they do the extraordinary things they do, because of having a differnt access to the sub-conscious, than is normally the case. And Mind Control programmers also make use of these abilities to create human Mind Files agents and recorders of speech, as well as other functions.

Now we are in/on solid scientific ground. That is what Fritz needs for the rest of what he has suggested previous above and had not done. I also make use of memory recovery and problem solutions either by sleep or allowing 2 or 3 days to pass for short problems. Longer periods for greater problems of detail and learning.<<

DISCERNMENT. Edgar Cayce felt that telepathy also had a spiritual awareness component to it, & an openness to a partner. I think he mis-described it,... that love, empathy & caring (along with honesty) is the component needed for people to telepathically communicate. At any rate, the army is using certain highly telepathic people to communicate with their elite troops (who are under t.b.m.c.). They must have some method for entraining the minds of the senders & receivers. While technology continues to become more powerful, research also continues into the human mind. London, Cambridge, Paris, Freiburg (Ger.), Edinburgh (Scotland), & Sydney (Australia) all have major psi research centers. In the U.S. psi research is centered in California & Virginia at various locations.

>>Lets get something real straight here. Mind control programming is a craft of the devil. Its makes use of hypnosis and torture and rape, just for starters. Christians can not do those things. You are aware of that, right? So if the military also uses telepathy, another art of the demons, should that surprise you? Does that make it OK to do? It does not! Yes, all governments worship the devil. You have not heard? Where have you all been? "The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one!" Surely you have read that before. Either John or Paul.

And Satan loves it when nations and militaries have to rely on him. Then Satan can fool and deceive whatever nations and peoples he chooses to. Just because militaries do psi research, does not mean that the demons are not behind it. That nations and militaries are doing it, is evidence that Satan and his demon buddies are right in on it all! Satan rules the world. Jesus never disputed that while in the wilderness being tested. Satan said all the nations were his to give if he wanted. Jesus never denied it. But Jesus refused Satan's offer.

Now as regards Edgar Cayce, he went into trances and what he did was clearly paranormal and certainly opened the door to the paranormal and demons. I can't believe Fritz could overlook that. Cayce was also Catholic. Need I say more?<<

MORE INFO. One can further pursue these subjects online. For instance I have written on the Holy Spirit's guidance, & currently all my articles have links to them by going to to the "March, 2016" articles. Rupert Sheldrake & Edgar Cayce & others have sites devoted to their ideas.

Occult Diversity
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Many of those who practice Occult arts, often practice a variety of those arts. For instance, I wrote a piece on:
Rod Scarth Speaks   Jul 15 016

Rod is a hypnotist, but does not often perform stage shows anymore. He is also a medium. Now since both things are forbidden by God, is it possible that when someone hypnotizes another, that more than just hypnosis is taking place.  Does hypnosis open the door to demons. There is nothing to prevent it. Hypnosis is an occult art. It is demonic by nature. That Rod is also a medium means he could mix the two arts together. In fact, anyone practicing any single art, could pursue any other occultic art as well.

Derren Brown has performed as a medium and gets impressive results, too. He also practices other stuff in his recent video channel on youtube. Hypnosis is often not simply the practice of addressing the subconscious and commanding it, while the consciousness is put to sleep. And there is nothing to stop demons from getting involved, either.

Mind Control programming always seems to be accompanied by Satanic Ritual Abuse which involves cultic practices and Satan worship. Did not John say the whole lies in the power of the wicked one? Satan owns all governments and all intelligence agencies by proxy. Satan controls everything. No one gets wealthy without dealing with Satan. He controls all the upper elites of society, in one way or another. He uses these as bargaining chips to obtain obedience and loyalty, which allow total world domination and control.

So I feel concern when Fritz appears to be opening up to certain practices that are part of the occult (paranormal) or open one up to the occult and demons. Mere beliefs can do that, such as a belief that the dead live on as spirits. try to contract one, and you might get something on the line, but not what you think.

Any psychic crap can get you in trouble. Telepathy, astral projection, certain types of meditation and yoga, and other such nonsense. Many people have no idea of the traps that are out there. But as a Christian, you can not afford to get caught off guard. Know God's rules and keep them. And know Satan's tricks and avoid them.

Using Your Subconscious Mind
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I said I would list the 2 books verifying what Fritz mentions with using the subconscious.
J. K. Williams
is the author of both. His first book, "The Knack of Using Your Subconscious Mind," 1952,
is an excellent book showing a history of men knowingly and often unknowingly making use of their subconscious. It might still be his best. But in 1964, the same author put out a new expanded version of his previous book and renamed it:
"The Wisdom of Your Subconscious Mind."   It is the more common of the two books you will find used on Amazon. I got it for comparison but I have yet to read a whole lot of it. You can not go wrong with either one.

Also Fritz himself recommended Marvin Minski's "Society of Mind," and I would have to say this is a fascinating exploration of the mind and how it works. Really, the mind is like a bunch of different departments that all compete with each other for deciding what course of actions to take in any given situation. Can not recommend it enough! Bur as well, Marvin had another book out, "The Emotion Machine." Its a great understanding of how the relationship between a baby and parent works, among many other things. It really is a psychology book in many respects. I strongly recommend it.

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