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Gabriel's Police Interviews

The Premise
POW Military Captives
1st Interview
2nd Interview

3rd Interview

Closing Observations
The Madness of Hampstead

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The Premise
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These are the police interviews conducted with Gabriel Gareev (Dearman) after videos were submitted with the testimony of Gabriel and his sister Alisa in September 2014. The police investigation was a farce and the kids were stolen from their parents and put in foster care to keep them silent for the rest of their lives. I will claim that this is the biggest case of the 21st century and yet the best kept secret in the 21st century. You need to learn about it!

I added still-frame grabs to the questions and answers as I believe the non-verbal stuff often says far more than the words and often contradict the words, too. As well, its often easier to quote with a picture and words than to just describe or to post a video clip. Its all about quality, right? The message has to get out in the best form as possible and as many forms as possible.

POW Military Captives
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I want to make an important point here. When American Korean prisoners of war came home to the USA in a prisoner or war exchange, they had renounced many thing regarding the USA. When they got back, they were kept for a while, willingly in theory, and studied very thoroughly as to what happened to them. The Military shrinks wanted to know all about the enemy's techniques as they were impressed by how the Americans so convincingly turned on their own country. I have only recently read about this in Margaret Thaler Singer's book, "Cults in Our Midst." I might have read about it some in "Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-First Century." Can't be sure right now.

And getting the soldiers to cooperate was likely not hard since what they had done as POWs in China and Korea would normally have earned them a court-martial. We are not going to talk about the programming techniques. The upper brass of the US military was sympathetic. Other studies I have heard of in reading about Mind Control indicate that nearly any man can be broken in less than 3 days. They assume all can and will be broken. Most military personnel are not told anymore than is needed.

Hence, creating Mind Controlled (MK) (MK is German for Mind Control and those those letters were used for many CIA references to it) slaves was the ultimate way to keep US agents and personnel from talking. MK hides info in the mind and puts a password on it so that a mind does not know its there and no one can get at it without the access codes. Brice Taylor, an amazing MK victim who was used, among so many other things, as a human mind file and computer. She was tortured more than once by the Mafia trying to get info on what the government knew or not. They were brutal with torture but Brice never gave out anything because she did not have access to it herself. The Mob, including Sinatra, not knowing any thing about MK, became impressed with the degree of torture she was able to endure.

But our lesson is that without such severe programming, no one will be able to resist enemy captors when being held prisoner by them. So countries are not very impressed (persuaded) with enemy obtained confessions of their soldiers in captivity.

Now with Alisa and Gabriel, we have these two kids taken captive by the UK authorities, supposedly for their protection. But it was not for their protection, but to imprison the kids and keep them silent and normally, procedure is that they must be severely punished, usually by being sacrificed by the cult, which means their blood drained and drank and their flesh eaten. Many a cult has made the papers in the latter 80s and 90s in the USA, murdering cult members who had left. Many other murders were carried out but without suspects or convictions.

But what should be most clearly realized is that once the two kids were in captivity, their testimony would be meaningless and worthless as regards authenticity and sincerity. On the other hand, what has happened throughout these interviews, even after the kidnapping of the two kids, is very useful, for the UK authorities have made so many stupid blunders in this affair, with the most laughable pathetic techniques in framing innocents while not investigating the original accused, of which there were well over 400 people involved in the school the kids went to and in 9 other schools that such tings were said to be done in, too.

Worse for the UK and all MK practicing nations and cults is that these two kids in numerous videos, including police interviews and they are small in appearance, with child voices, faces, and figures, so that they really tug on people's hearts and they are attractive children as well, only making it all worse for the UK. The evidence in documents and video and transcribed video as well, is substantial to say the least and it can all be spread around the net to any who have moderate intelligence to grasp it.

In previous times like the 80s and thru at least the mid 90s, if not more, we did not have the huge numbers of regular internet users, along with so much in the way of social networking sites and video sites like Youtube and Vimeo. So getting word out was tough back then. Not quite was much now, although now most militaries of most nations have created divisions/departments whose sole purpose is to surf the net created the appearance of being the average public who seem to favor the governments' views on things. But of course, its all lies and illusions.

But all the same, the ability is out there to expose this huge injustice that has been going on all over the world for over 30 years as regards publicity and court cases and therapy, but has been going on in operations by secret spy agencies of governments at least since the close of WWII. The shear volume of evidence is going to haunt the UK and possibly rip this thing open for the whole world to see.

But to restate the obvious, the fact the kids supposedly retracted their previous 2 police interviews in the 3rd interview is the biggest lie of all. And a non-investigation by UK police will be the crowning glory of convicting the UK in a real publicly-conducted by-the- masses-trial against secret government operations and Satanic worship around the world. The two children were kidnapped by the UK authorities, I propose, and that the mother and their step-dad were innocent of any wrong doing at all and were victims of being framed by UK law enforcement authorities. Lets dig in !!!

1st Interview         Sep. 5, 2014 

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Gabriel Police interviews

Tell you who we are. My names Steve. I’m a policeman and I work at this police station.
Cleo is the controller.

>>Note that there are only two officers present and no social services people. This will change at the 2nd interview. Don’t forget it!<<

Gabe knows what a police controller is, he says.

In comparing all 3 interviews, my opinion is that both Gabriel and Alisa were unsure and rather reserved about the whole thing. I do not think they had confidence in the system and process. They knew there were police in on cult activities and social services (CAFCASS) as well. But they were going along with their parents.

These 1st 4 are from the 1st minute of the interview. I think these show that apprehension and doubt. Gabriel will be much more relaxed and at ease in the 2nd interview.




1st need to know everything that happened. Ask for clarification.
If you don’t know, don’t guess
Everything you say must be the truth, can’t be a lie.
Tests for truth/lie understanding.
Whatever you tell, you are not in trouble.
Swear words are OK
Paper for drawing.
Gabriel  Gareev Dearman
Middle name Ewan,


8 yrs old. Christ Church primary school, in 3rd and going into 5th.
Missed 4 got problem in the school.
Dad friends with the whole school.
Gabriel is not smooth in his speech. A lot of pauses and redoing. Does not seem comfortable up to 06:01


Gabe talks about papa meeting Hollings and Miss Wilma and dad and Hollings became friends.
All the teachers are all friends.
When papa was doing sex to me, he told me that he and Hollings were best friends, BFFs.
Sex is touching me and he sticks plastic willies in my bottom and makes me bleed. A big fat one.
Gabe has felt a plastic willie.
An order of the willies, high up and low down.
Brown is the lowest and then the golden color, then white is the highest.
Millions of willies. Melts plastic and makes them. Daniel helps.


Whose Daniel? He’s really mean to me, says Gabe.
Black willie is Bronze, Yellow is Silver, and white is gold.
The size Gabe shows with fingers for a willie is huge. Diameter of more than 2 inches. They have different sizes.

at 10:38 at 10:42

My dad is the boss of every single thing. He has the biggest willie.
How long is it? Shows at least 12 inches below.

at 11:14

He sticks it in my bottom and when he takes it out, it bleeds.
Happened when he was a baby and last time was the last day of school, 2014.


   at 11:55   paused in thought

Big party last day of school. My dad doesn’t let me learn anything.
Miss Sargeant, blond hair white skin 2nd grade teach. From Brighton. Has an accent glass.
Head teacher Mrs. Foresdyke sticks a willie in his bottom. Kate Foresdyke, and has sister, 2nd head, Mrs. Ungwen, both are named Kate. They don’t look the same.
All the children do sex to me. There are 200 kids in my school.
S: And all 200 do sex to you? G: Yes!


And also other schools are involved.
He’s been going to that school since he was 5 years old. Now he’s 8. 3 years in all.
My dad kills babies and he eats the meat.
OK, lets just talk about the Party, OK?
What was the party like?

>>Well, Steve does not want to talk about baby killing and eating. And you can bet Steve has done it himself, being a Mason and being a policeman, who the kids say, the police are in on it. So the kids have no chance to tell the truth and have anything honest and sincere done about it. Authorities are evil treacherous liars like their father, the devil. Now as a proper policeman, which he is not, Steve should have come back to killing babies and eating them, or let Gabriel finish his account before moving on. Steve did neither.<<

G: I did not like the party! (16:04).

Note the expression on his face. Now continue to read below. When he says he did not like the party, he was not kidding!

Some party, huh? Beaten up by the entire school. Talk about bullying!

S: Why not?  G: They touch me and kick me 
n my front privates and they hurt me

When they stick a big plastic willie in my bottom, when it bleeds, if I cry, Spaghetti spoons, If I cry, he hits me on the head with it. But if I cry more he hits me again and if I cry more the nurse teacher, Miss Marden, she injects me and I, in my neck, she injects me and I fall asleep.

S: Just want to talk about the party day and don’t wanna hear anything else.

>>Steve does not want to hear anything. Some investigator, huh? Gabriel is talking about the party activities, which activities also take place at other times and Steve does not want to hear the bad stuff. What a total fraud this whole damn thing is! And I am supposed to take this investigation seriously? Seriously??? Really???<<

G: I hated it. I’m a vegan. they hit me, my dad, all the teachers, my best friends and most of the parents, do it too. And they are really mean to me, the parents.

>>I would hope I don't have to point out that this is some serious torture and abuse. Now I don't think Gabe meant that all 200 parents got to hit him that very day, but that they all get their chance sooner or later in the various gatherings. Or they lined up and each took a swing. But what I wonder is if Gabe and Alisa were singled out for extra abuse to compensate for the fact the kids were not abused at home by their mom.<<


S: Why were they being mean to you?
G: They like being mean to me. I did nothing!

>>Steve seemed perplexed, but Satanists do this with purpose. Gabriel was absolutely correct in stating that he had done nothing and yet everyone was mean to him. Lets get something straight here. I believe that since the kids were not receiving bad treatment all around the clock, 24 hours a day, the cult had to make up for lost time that they were with their mom. Harsh meanness and indifference, and home sex abuse take a toll on a kid. The constant abuse has a purpose and a mission. The children have their egos assaulted time and again so that they give up trying to justify deserving some decent treatment.

They come to believe that they are bad and unworthy of good treatment. They give up wanting anything for themselves and they will do whatever they are told in order to fit in and perhaps reduce the torture some. They suffer from large amounts of shame. But despite it all, they cling to their parents for survival, more out of instinct and need, than of love. That is programming and conditioning.

Since Gabriel and Alisa had peace at home, they were instructed by "dear" dad to beat each other up while at home and sexually stimulate each other with their hands throughout the time they are home after school, so that they continue the conditioning on each other to compensate for not being in the presence of cult members or dad. But even still, the abuse was not deemed enough and when the children were in the school, totally controlled by Cultists, they were treated, perhaps, to more abuse than the other kids.

So while in the presence of cult members, the adults and other kids would be mean to Gabriel and Alisa so as to destroy and kindness or compassion in them, as well as destroy any sense of self worth and self love, or sense of dignity. But that Gabriel was strong in asserting that "I did nothing!" indicates that they had not yet got to him.<<

And my dad made up a really strange religion.
My dad brought social services and he brought friends, too.
Steve is making a fuss about why mom was not at the party. Gabe had said it was because she did not do sex to them and she was a vegan and Steve asked why he was allowed to go if he was vegan. 
At 18:27

>> Steve was playing dumb. He asked why they were being mean to Gabe. Steve knew quite well why they were being mean. But he wanted to cause Gabe to doubt. Steve knew the whole situation. I am sure they carefully studied the videos before hand. They knew mom was not involved, but they pretended to know nothing. But honestly, their job was to carefully watch and listen to those videos and they should have had notes about things to ask or solve.

They had notes, alright. But not the ones they should have had. Steven also knew why mom was not at the party. But he was hoping to trip the kids up somewhere, anywhere. But the kids did remarkably well, especially considering that Steve was trying to trip them up.<<

Steve appears to not able to grasp that mom did not know about the cult and sex, etc. But it was insincere. He knew full well why. What a liar!
Gabriel was not understanding Steve’s dilemma. He needed to say that mom did not know what was going on and mom was not invited as both children made clear at other times and places.


The party went for 6 hours, starting in the morning. Instead of lessons, literacy, numeracy, science,
we had a sex party and we ate babies, and my dad, he lied to my mum about being vegan.
The party was in the church and the school. They dance in the church. Everybody does and everybody does the sex.
What is the sex?
They touch me in the privates, they tell me to lick their privates. Who says that? My dad, the teachers, every body.


And we didn’t want to do that , but my dad made us do that. And he forced us. But my mum doesn’t do it. My dad doesn’t have a brown willie) he’s the boss of the whole religion, the whole culture. He is like the boss. The religion has no name. We eat babies we kill them. My dad kills babies and we help him kill babies, we don’t want to but our dad forces us to. But we never kill babies, never.


After the party they go home. Did you tell your mom what they did at the party? No, too scared. If they find out, they will hurt me. Why are you telling now? Because of Abraham.
I was doing really strange behavior and I was hitting my sister and really hitting her hard, pulled her hair, and I smashed her onto the ground, and my sister took a big frame and hit it on my head and it was bleeding.

>>This incident was also described by Alisa in her 2nd interview with more detail. So two independent accounts verify that dad instructed his kids to carry out violence against each other. This was never recanted or explained by police. It remains unfollowed up nor was dad ever asked about it. Why not???<<


And then my mom got really stressed. When did you tell them? When Abraham started living with us.
Abe lived there since May, 4 months to that date. Confusion about time of telling.
So Gabe says Abe discovered them by catching them (him and his sister) touching each other. MY dad tells us to touch each other in the privates.
Abe asked me, Who taught you to do this? We told him it was our dad. But we were still really scared, really scared.


25:40 takes a break to discuss things with Cleo as he said he probably would at the beginning.

Ends at 27:56   Part 2 of the police video of Sep. 5, 2014 contains the parts where Gabriel gets scared and starts to cry after being alone for 20 minutes.  This footage is left off of the joined interviews that otherwise appear in this article. But I wanted you to appreciate the mental state and visual impact of real child abuse in the works.

As well, note that the collective video above ended at 27:56 and this frame sequence begins at 34:30. So 6.5 minutes have been gone by so far. At 42:19 the whimpering begins. Nearly 15 minutes goes by when the anguish begins.

Its not as clear in the pictures, but Gabriel was cleaning his teeth and biting his nails. From the 1srt frame to the last, was 7 minutes. Clearly, he was not at ease.


The picture at the right, he begins to cry slightly.

This was not all out tears that I could tell, but a lot of fear and anxiety. He was terrified at what might be going on or not. Was he feeling comfortable with this process? Not at all. Neither he nor his sister had a lot of faith in this whole affair. They better appreciated the power of the cult and its connections. So now I ask, how comfortable do you readers all feel about your society, because this kind of crap goes on in every major nation. These 2 kids knew it far better than most of you reading this. But they went along with their parents because they could do little else. Had they not been urged, I suspect they would not have bothered. They were directly acquainted with how far the tentacles of this cult monster went. So Gabriel was justifiably scared. The woman finally shows up in the frame to the right. Bout time! Gabe gets to go home and enjoy his last 6 days of freedom before he is  kidnapped by the UK and kept from his parents to this very day, Jan 18, 2016 as I write.

2nd Interview    Sep 11 2014         
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2nd Interview begins at 28:00  and 00:04

Above are 2 start times, as the police videos were put together in one big package so that we not only have the start time of the single video on the right, but the combined time added to the previous video. So times will continue to reflect both formats. The videos were first released separately, and then later joined as a package and both types are in circulation.

Goes over the rules again. Carl is the controller today. Describes cameras and microphones.
Beth taking notes. Works for Camden Social Services. 3 instead of 2 of last time.
Go thru the rules. Ask if you don’t understand. Don’t answer if you don’t know.
Everything must be the truth. Difference between the truth and a lie.
Any words you wish. If someone said a swear word, you say the swear word. Had him say “fucking.”
They will be going to a new school. Are looking them over, Devon a possibility. But they would be taken prisoner at the end of this interview, (Sep. 11, aka 9-11 if that rings a bell, 2014.

Gabriel seems more relaxed this time, and in good spirits. You will frequently see him smile and its even more clear in the video than these still frames.

7:44 – 35:40    

I liked Glastonbury much better than Devon. Its much more fun there. Papa Hemp living with them now and he is their father.
They have a nanny, Galia. She’s Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

9:52 – 37:49

Galia speaks the above languages and French, too.
James has not come to the house since they got back from the Holidays. He used to come over once a week.
What about Mama?
She does the juicing, home working, Beds, Galia does vacuuming, laundry, dishes, juices, too.
Mom is really kind. She buys whatever I like. She also gives me lots of money.
Abe gave Gabriel 200 pounds for an iPad mini.

11:50 – 39:47

At 12:40 - 40:37  

Anything you don’t like about mom? No, she never hurts me. (unlike dear dad and the cult!)
What about Papa Hemp? No, he never hurts me. Tell me the nice things about Papa Hemp.
He does nice juices for me, he buys me lots of stuff, he buys me clothes. What do you not like about Papa Hemp. Nothing. He never hurts me.
The only thing I don’t like about my sister is that she manipulates my mom for buying stuff. Alisa: Can we buy 3 large bags of popcorn?

>>Note carefully here that for Gabriel, that fact he does not get hurt is a great relief for him. It is so constant at the school. It never lets up. So to be home is paradise. Relief and peace. This is what helped the kids keep their sanity. It also concerned the cult that the kids had this relief. The cult knew this made their job a lot tougher.<<

13:06 - 41:03 Alisa & Mom

What about Galleena? (Galia) She’s really kind to me, really nice. He seems particularly lit up and happy talking about her. ( I grabbed a couple pictures of it below). She does everything for me. The ironing, the bed, etc.

at 13:39 - 41:36 at 13:42 - 41:39

Your sister, what’s she like. My sister, she shares with me her sweets, her treats, she lets me play with her stuff.

My sister: at 13:59 - 41:56

14:15 – 42:12

Anything you don’t like about your sister?
No as he shakes his head and smiles big below! 

14:27 - 42:24 photo.

Abe had an encounter with Steve when Abe had a problem with Freddy a little boy (Abe’s son and his mom. Things were worked out apparently. Gabe was grinning while speaking of it all.
Dad Dearman was living with them till Gabe was 3. He recalled the door knob of the bathroom door hitting Alisa. He recalled the fight and that mom did not fight back and dad moved out.
The fight had started cause dad wanted to bring the kids to a sex party though that was not told to Ella.
Mom was concerned that dad was acting strangely lately so she did not let him take the kids and the fight broke out.

16:55 – 44:52

They lived on Hollycraft Avenue. Dearman got an office near there so he could take the kids without mom knowing/approving.
We started to have contacts when I was 4 years old. Every Saturday we saw him.
Where did he take you? To Topsy Turvy Land and did sex to us.
Dad bought them stuff mom did not want the kids having, like chicken and slush drinks that were really sweet he says with a grimace.

20:26 – 48:22

And fish and chips. And they went to East Finchley Swimming Pool, too. How was it there? It was really fun. And he does sex to us there. Steve says OK. Gabe: and he buys us sweets we are not supposed to have. Every Saturday and they would go to other places. We went to his Friend’s house, we had fun there but he sis sex to us.
(I note that Steve never asked specifically what was done/meant when Gabe says sex. Its very vague and non-specific, and proper police procedure would mandate exactly what that was.

22:15 – 50:12

So tell me about the East Finchley Swimming Pool.
They would go in their dad’s car. “Be veg, be healthy” on his car but he lied.
So what was the fun stuff about the swimming pool?
There were waves at the pool. I can swim in deep water myself.
How old were you when you went there. 4 years old!
So just you, your sister and dad?
No no, there were other people and they did sex to us. They were his dad’s friends and he also later knew them from school as well.
What did you first do when you got there. We take a little swim and they he would take us to eat.
They would change clothes there in the changing room and dad would touch us. The really big willies.
All 3 were in the changing room together. Gabe wraps his arms and sits back like he was withdrawing from Steve. Photo snapped at 25:03

at 25:03 – 53:00

I think Gabriel was being strongly influenced by the bad memory of Dad in the changing room. The body language is very strong here. He had been fine previous to this as the screen pics show.

What did the changing rooms look like? They have a door and they have a lock. The room was like a tiny bit smaller than this room (interview room).
How many people can go in this room?
Like 5 people.
Where does the sex happen then?
In the changing room and in the toilets. And who does that? My dad, and my dad’s friends.
Tell me about one of the times at the swimming pool when this happened?
Lots of times. Is there on in particular you can tell me about?
Gabe describes a race between the 3 and Gabe would switch from dog paddle to underwater breast stroke to get ahead of his sister so she copied him to catch up. Who were the friends that came?
My teachers.

28:04 – 56:00

My head teacher (he names her: Kate Forsedyke) is at the swimming pool. His class teacher and assistant teacher as well.
Gabe explains an assistant teacher.
Kate’s sister Miss Unguen. Miss Clover was there. Miss Reece.
Starting going to school at five.
Steve points out he was four when at the pool. How did you know them then? Miss Wilma mentioned.
Gabe says they were friends with his dad before he started school.
Hollings was introduced to dad by Miss Wilma.
Steve stops Gabe because he is speaking too fast and Steve is lost.

31:41 – 59:39

Steve tried to mix it up. “So Miss Clover is your year 1 teacher? No, its Miss Wilma!
of what school?                       Christ Church Primary!
>>Was Steve really that lost that he was even uncertain of what school Gabe had always been talking about? No Way! Steve was trying to rattle Gabe and make him nervous. It was intimidation as far as I am concerned.<<

And she knew your papa? How was it she knew your papa? Steve was trying to dispute that Wilma was a friend, as I see it. Gabe explains how his dad described her as a good friend, etc. Steve’s questioning or dispute was uncalled for. He was up to no good. A true scum bag.
Miss Wilma gives out lots of sweets and is really good with pancakes.

Gabriel is starting to move his hands and fingers into each other back and forth. He is getting nervous.

Miss Parsons was the last one. And the parents were at the pool, too.
You say the sex happens. What does that mean?
They stick the plastic willies in my bottom.

>>Finally Steve asks for clarification of “sex.” Bout time! What an asshole!<<

34:01 – 1:01:58

Where does that happen at the swimming pool?
At the disabled toilets and there is a McDonalds there and a man named Frank, and he’s the boss of McDonalds.
So how do you get from the pool to the disabled toilets?
They are in the same place as the boys toilets and women’s toilets.
And also my dad kills babies. >>recall that last interview, Steve ignored the "dad kills babies" info. So Gabe brings it up again. He wants it known and acknowledge. Make no mistake about that!<<
you got to the disabled toilets and whose in the disabled toilets?
The teachers, the parents, my dad.
So how many are in the disabled toilets?
Lots. How many is lots?
About 10 teachers. His papa. And 13 parents.
There over 20 people in this toilet? Yes.

>>Steve makes the mistake, likely deliberate, that when Gabe says 20 were in there, he did not mean all at the same time, necessarily, although 20 would have been easy to accomplish.<<

And my dad kills babies and he forces me to help him.
OK, we’ll talk about that but first I want to talk about.
>>Oh, sure, we've heard that one before, huh?<<
What parents were they?
My best friends’ parents and my worst friends’ parents.
Should I tell you their names?
Yes. Galeena, her son James, worst friend, he hurts me, he fights a lot.
Tell me who your friends were that were there!
Marco, he’s Serbian, his parents were there. Luka, but he’s Russian. His dad is from Moscow. But the mom is from Turkey.
Galeena, she’s Ukrainian.

38:07 – 1:06:04

Vanessa, a boy names Clarke, best friend. She’s a white South African.
Who else is there? Max! Both parents were there.
Anyone else? Cartney! He’s Portuguese. Both parents there.
Any others? Yep. Natasha, she’s my worst friend. She’s a really mean girl. Both parents there.
And she’s Polish! Anyone else? Hanna and Poppy. They are not sisters. Both parents are there.
Poppy looks like she is from Holland. She’s got white hair. Hanna is Jewish.

Now Steve is really acting like an asshole. He asks, how did you know all these people when you did not start school till a year later. Any child could figure out that if you knew them early, and continued knowing them later, the memories of them would be strongly formed. Steve wants to insinuate that Gabe is full of hot air. Steve should be neutered and tortured.

Steve is trying to confuse Gabe and should have been fired for this.
20 parents 10 teachers, you, sister, dad, 14 children.
So what did you do in the toilets?
They touch us, they put willies in our bottoms. They kick our privates.
Dad had a photo on his computer of Gabe with a willie in him at age 1. Alisa said she remembered him getting a willie by dad at age 1, which could be like 1.5 or even near to two without being two. That would make Alisa near to 3. It’s possible because I remember things from before I could talk but I was able to walk.

>>Now how sick do you have to be to stick a willie in a year old boy or girl? Answer: Pretty damn sick. Mind you all cult members do this. Need I say more?<<

47:08 – 1:15:06

My dad, the teachers, the parents all did sex to me. They stick plastic willies in my bottom, they lick my privates. Steve asks more info about touching. Gabe describes them jacking him off and causing him to ejaculate, which he calls white stuff. How did he discover this? His dad taught him. He said he could make it come out himself. He understood it all thoroughly.

Mom told Gabe to never put it in girls privates. He says if he put it in his sister’s privates, she would get a baby. And the baby might be defective. How did you know that? My mom told me.

Gabe said it was a tiny bit thicker than wee (pee). After ejaculation, it takes your energy way, says Gabe.
I feel like no energy. Dad makes him weak and puts his foot on Gabe’s foot and it really hurts.

53:18 – 1:21:15

Gabe says you have to be careful to wash your hands after you get white stuff on it because the seeds (that you can’t see) need to get washed off so that he does not get his sister pregnant by getting some seeds on her. His mom told him that ;-)
How did you know the white stuff was not wee? Because its never yellow.
If white stuff gets in the bath water, it multiplies and all the water will have white stuff in it and his sister would have a baby right away.
Steve was very interested in why mom told Gabe all about this. The kids bathed together. So she warned Gabe about this.

>>She might have caught Gabe stimulating himself and so felt a need to caution him in a way that might discourage later trying something with his sister.<<

The adults wee in his bum, and they force him to poo even when he can’t.
They put pieces of paper in his bum, glue, talcum powder. If he can’t poo, they will hit him and give him lots of food, even if he is full.
His dad puts the glue in and smudges his bottom and stretches it out real bad/hard. So that it is stretchy.

How to they put it in?
They stretch it real hard and then they put in the willie.

His dad and all the men make Gabe suck their willies. The Ladies tell him to lick the middle.
Gabe knew there was a wee part for the women and a hole where babies come out. Mom told him where the babies come out in a general way, the privates.
He showed with a demonstration of female genitals.
Gabe finally gets to tell about dad killing babies and that Gabe was forced to help but he is not strong enough so that dad supplies the strength.
The food they are not supposed to have, chicken, beef, McDonalds’ burgers.
I like the taste of fried eggs and butter. Likes London butter but not African butter.
Likes Nutella and sweets.
Grandma makes Pancakes lemon and sugar.
Dad left them on a fence one time and was drunk and he gives them alcohol. And he gives white powder to sniff. And dad smokes and makes Gabe smoke, too.
They were on the wall.
Green bottle of alcohol and he makes them drunk, too.  Also beer.
I feel really drunk.  Makes Gabe swear and walk bad and he gets head aches from it. Dizzy, too. Headaches right after drinking and dad gives a tablet. “I hate alcohol.” Gives coffee, too.
He was 4 during all this. When he sniffs powder, he feels tingling in nose and he sneezes.
Feels like I have stuff in my nose and he feels relaxed and dizzy.

They took a break at 1:22:57 – 1:50:55
Lights go dim at 1:38:06 – 2:06:04
Ends at 1:39:32 – 2:07:30

My opinion is that They stop after 1 hour and 23 minutes because they already had the game plan at this point. No need for more questions. Gabriel was taken prisoner at this point. It must have been horrific to experience. A child's and mom's worst nightmare. The UK is pure evil to the core.

3rd Interview           Sep 17, 014
Back to Top

00:00 – 2:07:30 begins Sep 17, 014, 3rd interview, 6 days after “arrest” on  911,  2014

This interview along with Alisa's of the same time, have been dubbed the so called "retractions." But the truth is that the testimony of any prisoner of war can not be relied on for authenticity because the solider is easily subjected to torture and there is no way to verify humane moral treatment without undue pressure. The same should be kept in mind for two small children as they would for grown men, if not far more so.

Clearly, the UK was not concerned about appearances anywhere near as much as they were concerned about the kids coming up with any lame explanation to supposedly invalidate their previous extensive and impressive testimony. In my judgment, the manner and character of the 3rd interview should have been exactly the same as that of the previous 2 interview dates. That means that they should have been in the care of their mother for this interview. But had they done that, they never would have obtained a supposed recanting.

Instead, we got two kids who could not speak fluently or in detail and did not even seem to have the same personalities as they did in the previous 2 interviews. Gone were the fast clear answers and alert bright voices in many parts. Alisa especially was not herself. Gabriel varied between two modes of expression. Gabriel seemed more functional that Alisa in the 3rd interview. I shudder to think what might have gone on in secret. There was nothing moral about anything the police and social services did, including not investigating any of the previous charges by the children. enforcement was just eager to find a lame excuse and say it invalidates all previous testimony, but much of the previous testimony was never retracted, investigated, or answered/explained.

The arrogance is unmistakable in these various officers of the law. Full proper procedure was never once observed at any time. Their conduct and manner were inexcusable. This was nothing but a poorly executed coverup that should not be convincing to anyone with an IQ over 50.

Proper procedure would have thoroughly investigated the original charges without any delay. They gave the accused parties like 3 or 4 days or so to "clean up." Further, any contradictions should have been explored with more questions. And we do have conflicting accounts between Alisa and Gabriel in their 3rd interviews.

As will become more clear, the video quality was not good at this particular facility. Was it done here for that reason? I think its possible. The less both visual and vocal quality are, the less you can discern and the police certainly had lots to hide in this crooked affair.

Steve and Carl, 3 cameras.  at 00:25

G: How long is it going to take?
Instructions followed:

Not to lie, speak loud
Tell me everything you can
Don’t know then ask or say I don’t know
Don’t lie, must tell the truth
Your allowed to swear
Paper there to use
When you were in the car, you desperately wanted to tell me something but I wanted you to wait till we were here before we talked.

>>Now I hate bullshit when I hear it. I am supposed to believe that Gabriel is all excited to tell, after supposedly lying his ass off for 2 interviews, if we are to believe Steve and the rest. How is a kid going to really feel when he has to admit his previous stories were lies? I would not expect him to be "desperate" or eager to tell. Hope you got your hip boots on!<<


Abraham is said to ask, does your dad hurt you, does he hurt you very much?
I say no, he doesn’t. Abe says Yes he does. Yes, your dad really hit you hard.
Gabe’s words are few and they are not bursting out like the 1st two interviews.
No, he doesn’t hit me hard.
05:27 pic
He hits me sort of softly like. Just to remind me.

Now honestly, if you want a kid to go along with a frame-up, do you start out by asking a question like "does your dad hurt you? Wouldn't you say something more like I want you to make your dad look bad. Here is what I want you to say. Of course, you would first give a reason why it was important or right to make dad look bad. How was it that Abe got Gabriel to go along with the supposed charade? Truth is, that Gabe went along because it was the truth and the whole scenario presented here is absurd and makes no sense. Why didn't Steve ask Gabe why Abe wanted to blame dad in the first place? There are logical things to ask. They are important to ask. And they never get asked. Total complete lies.

The best way to show up a fraud is to think about how you would do it and why you would do it. Police seem to know nothing about detective work and investigation. How is that even possible? Its not! This was a deceitful cover-up.

Steve:  Was all that stuff you told me about the church and the babies and stuff, true? (what prompted that question?)
G: Well, there is some of the babies killed, yeah! 05:56 pic
Gabe looks very sincere here.

S: OK. Are you sure?  >>Is this how an interview is conducted? Why is Steve in doubt? Was Gabriel wandering off the script? I think he was!<<
Yeah, but not much. Not every single day, not every single day (as his hands circled around and he sort of jumped, too)

S: I heard you watched a film called “Zorro.” (Steve was feeding him the cue as I see it. Steve wanted Gabe to save it till they got here, but sounds like they were talking before hand so Steve appears to be lying and leading the witness. Naughty! Naughty!)
And there was someone killed there. Cause the way it sounded, it was similar to the way you told me about the babies. (WTF? Gabriel has a slight frown) 06:22 pic

Where did Steve HEAR Gabe watched Zoro?

And that’s why I was wondering, are babies killed? 06:26 pic ^^^  >>Oh, yeah, that makes perfect sense, Steve. Someone was killed in Zoro and how was it that this reminded you of babies being killed? Look carefully at the picture above and below! does Gabe look happy to you? Looks more like funeral if you ask me.

Or is it something you’ve been made to say?
G hesitates and replies, yeah, its something I’ve been made to say.
S: So are babies being killed?
No, not much but there is, yeah. No, but not much.
06:40 pic

Look at the reluctance in his face. He does not like having to lie. Try to find a face like that in the 2nd interview! I dare ya! You won't find one. In fact, poor Gabriel keeps going back and forth. Its killing him.


S: By who? (Steve did not sound happy when he asked this.
By my dad. Not much, shaking his head no.
S: are you sure? Its OK if it hasn’t happened, its OK, as long as we talk about it
I lied about it and he made me say it. (his hands were rolling again).
Let me just be clear! Are babies being killed or not?  G says no, shaking his head no. No, he made me say it.
>>Notice above the tough line. Let me just be clear, buster. Tell me what I want to hear or else!<<
S: Whose he?
G: Abraham.
S: How did he make you say it? When he said is there any baby killed? I said no, there isn’t. He said yes, there is and of my dad and me helping me kill babies. Note the
07:35 pic with his head down. And it had been down before that, too.  Steve was pressuring Gabe to lie. It looks to me like they had talked about this before. But Gabe found it hard to go along with. His voice was not loud or assertive. It was sullen, low key.

Now lets be absurd for just a minute here. Suppose you were the "villainous" Abraham attempting to coach Gabe to frame poor innocent dad (NOT!). Abe asks! - is there any babies killed?  I thought Abe was a good programmer that knew what he was doing. So why does he ask, rather than tell. Either he is an idiot or this never happened. I'm going with the latter one myself. So Gabe says no, no babies killed. So Abe supposedly says, yes there is and your dad helped you kill them as well. What? Listen, I'm not programmer per say, but I would not lead with a question and then change it. I would try and act tough and maybe threaten and get Gabe on board, or bribe him or something like that. But what Gabe relates? No way in Hell ! It has more the mentality of Steve if you ask me. You'll note that Steve does not speak good English and does not sound too bright! Well, after all, he is a product of government schooling, right?

   07:35 pic

This is not the same Gabe of the previous 2 interviews.

S: What about all these secret room in the houses and places? Are there any secret rooms?
G: No, not much, well there is, but not much, not much, no.
S: Have you ever been in a secret room in any of these places?

07:50 – 2:15:20

G: Well, its not kind of a secret room.
S: Shall we start with the church? You told me there was a secret room.
Well there is (said emphatically), no there isn’t , there isn’t. Abraham tried to make me say it.
>>My, the poor boy seems conflicted. He states impulsively and emphatically that there is, then quickly retracts and says there is not. Wrong!<<
S: Cause I went to that church and I just wanted to understand where it was.
Cause you said it was in the nursery. Then the toy room, then you go to another door in the toy room (And Gabe was quietly saying yeah after each of these 3 locations)
Is there a door really in that toy room. G shakes his head, no.
He tried to make me say it, no no no its not like that. There isn’t, There isn’t, There isn’t, but he tried to make me say that.
He accuses me, he’s not nice though.
How does he make you feel when he accuses you?
He makes me feel like when he goes there, he checks its not there and then he will blame me.
S: Does that worry you or not?    G: No, it worries me.
08:51 pic Still a very low voice. Not the same boy as previous. I want to know what changed to bring about this change. Steve has some explaining to do.
08:51 pic

08:53 – 2:16:23

S: OK, then you told me that lots of other things happened like baby skulls and people dancing. Does that happen?
G: nope as he shakes his head no. Note his dead face at this point,
09:03 pic

  09:03 pic

G: Do you know what happened? When he accused me of killing babies, what do you do with the skulls, what do you do with the bones? He was like really shouting it out. I couldn’t think of nothing, what they did with the bones what they did with the skulls....and I got nothing to think of and...and I had to like say...l had to like...straightaway I had to like say They were dancing with it, they were tying it on.

S: Oh, ok. And what told me about obviously the swimming pool, you told me lots of people in this disabled toilets and they done stuff with your willy
G: Yeah yeah yeah , that’s true. This is true, yeah!

S: Its true, even though
you said you was only 4 and you hadn't been to that school?
G: No, they had they had like..they were friends like teachers like I know I only was 4 years old but my sister was in the school when I was 4 years old.

S: OK. So... what we'll do, we'll try and sort out what's true and what's not true. So the babies, it's not true

G: no..
Approx. 10:19 pic

S: no babies being killed, there’s no baby skulls...secret rooms, are there any secret rooms?
G: No.
10:27 pic

10:27 pic  How does this look for excitement? I think he is bored stiff. The pictures speak better than the words do!

S: What about with the wardrobes....
G: No, no, look, no that's not true, and Abraham made me say that.
S: Where are the secret rooms?
G: My Dad is the main person doing the sex so he is the main person...Abraham accused me of saying he got the most secret rooms.
S: So..has your..have you been to the house of your Dad's with secret rooms?
G: No..

11:00 -- 2:18:30

S: So there's no secret rooms...
G: No..
S: and have you ever been to Mr Molling's house..?

(did Steve really get Hollings’ name wrong or did he call it wrong intentionally to see if Gabe would call it or catch it? I wonder.)

G: Mollins? No, it's not Mollings, it's Hollings!
S: Have you ever been to Mr Hollings' house?
G: Yes. Um it's um it's um it's on . .it's number five and no it's number ten it's from um how's it called?  Highgate Road!

S: Well, we went to ten Highgate Road you remember? and it was a block of flats wasn't it, remember?
G: yeah.
S: Er, remember, you won't get into trouble, I promise you, as long as you just tell me the truth about - if we can just talk about the truth.-.then have you been to Mr Hollings' house?

>>You won’t get into “trouble” as long as you tell me the “truth!” Was this a veiled threat? What would have happened had G not told the “truth” as perhaps agreed upon earlier, right? I am willing to bet there were threats, both by CPS, Police and dear dad, too.

And while I despair to speculate, I  suspect the children were threatened, as the least, after being taken captive and I dare say, also anally raped after the medical exam, since this was done routinely anyway and would be effective at convincing the kids that no one was going to be able to help them now. The medical exam found them both with PTSD. While being taken from mom would probably do this, I suspect more was done in threats the night before.

But I trust that it would not be much longer that God would have allowed too much abuse. He has His ways!<<

G: No, because he's my teacher...No He's not my teacher, he's my sister's teacher.
S: He's your sister's teacher. So you haven't been to his house.
G: No

S: OK. So why did you say you'd been to Mr Hollings' house before?

G: Well my Dad actually stays there. Um because he...he doesn't like staying alone.

>>Dad does not like staying alone. I find that interesting! A vulnerability, perhaps? Gabe was likely telling a fact here since it affected nothing, otherwise<<

S: OK.
G: So he stays at Mr Hollings' house.

S: OK....And, now after all this stuff with Abraham and you say he's telling you and he keeps accusing you, can you remember what things are true and what things aren't true?
G: Um hm yeah (yes)
S: You can?
G: Yeah...whatever like worries me I will just remember.

S: OK, so we know there's no baby skulls { shakes head no} no babies being killed {no response} your Dad hasn't got any secret rooms {shakes head no}, you haven't been to Mr. Hollings' house {shakes head no}. OK.

G: Well actually, um, my Dad actually is supposed to be living in um how's it called, Sheffield, but he doesn't have a...he doesn't have a house in London he actually lives in Sheffield.

S: Oh he lives in Sheffield

S: Yeah with his Mum, but I yeah did you know when I was on Skype, I seen, I seen, um on Skype, I see he told me he was in Sheffield

G: Oh ok. So does your Dad live in Sheffield?

G: Yeah but he stays in his other friend's house, I don't know, and he stays at Mr. Hollings' house and some times he goes off back to Sheffield.

S: Ok and do you know he stays at Mr Hollings' house or do you guess that?

G: Who? No, no no I don't know.

S: You don't know, you guess or
G: No I don't guess because um because my Dad and Mr Hollings are really close friends, really close.

S: OK. And the, the stuff with the plastic willies, how did you find out about the plastic willies, who told you about plastic willies?

G: No no that's true.
S: That's true?
G: Yeah!
S: OK. Coz I've been told something different.
G: by Alisa?

>>Steve is supposed to be asking questions, not telling answers. If Alisa told differently, Steve should have remained silent and let Gabriel say whatever and after comparing accounts carefully, decide who to ask about what. As well, it turns out that Alisa's account of willies and Gabriel's do not match at all, indicating that at least one of them is lying.<<

S: honestly, you can just be truthful, please, if things aren't . . I promise you won't get in trouble if you've lied before, I promise. But we just, all it is I need to know the truth, what to look for and who to speak to. So if some of it is a lie, and you've lied about something I promise you won't get into trouble. OK?

G: So I lied about the plastic willies.
>>It was not very convincing. He spoke in a soft low volume voice.<<

S: How did you find about plastic willies?

G: None of it was real. None of it.
>>Alisa said Sophie showed her willies and pictures of willies for sale in a catalog.<<

(G could not think of an answer to it so he responded as he did. Its
14:46 pic. Is he sneering at the camera? I'll bet he is.

But consider that if he ever spoke of willies, and he did, then how was it he made it all up with knowledge of willies? Steve should not have let this one pass. Gabe refused to answer what was asked yet he did know about them. Alisa said Sophie showed them all about the toys like willies. Gabe must have had amnesia and Steve was just grateful for a denial, even if it differed from Alisa. Yeah, I get it!)

S: Why was you nervous about telling me that none of this was real?

G: Because er Abraham already got you...he already got you of it, and he, do you know the first time he ever found out me and my sister touching? it wasn't actually true we, I kissed her, we actually never touched, I know it's against the law and we never touched.
>>If he knew it was against the law, then why did he first say it? Does Steve and the UK really expect us to take any of this seriously?<<

S: never touched?
G: No! We never touched each other.
S: OK. You've been to the doctor's though, haven't you!
G: Yeah

S: And they said, there are, did they tell you what they found, the doctors, what did they say?
G: Bruises

S: Bruises ok. And where were the bruises?
G: On my bottom.
S: And how did you get them?
G: I got no idea.

>>Now we are being asked to believe that Gabe had bruises or lesions in his rectum and he does not know how he got them. So then should I believe Santa and the Easter bunny really are real, too?<<

15:34 – 2:23:04

S: So has anyone ever put anything in your bottom?
G: No
S: Nothing...and have you ever seen a plastic willy?
G: No. I never ever seen one even in my life.

S: So how did you think of that idea, was it you that thought of it or..
2 23 17

G: No, um Yeah, I'm the one who thought of it.
When he found out I was touching he says he said they put real willies in my bottom.
Abraham said, they put real willies in your bottom.
And then I said no they don't
and then he said yes they do and I said no they don't
and then he said don't argue, yes they do.

Notice that Gabe is now saying they did touch. Then Abe added to it with willies. No Way!

And then he says er then um then he says also a plastic willy don't they?
and I said no they don't,
then yes they do. No they don't!
yes they do. no they don't.
yes they do. no they don't.
yes they do. no they don't.

16:31 – 2:24:00

S: OK, so no one's put any plastic or real willies in your bum.

G: And I heard from one of the doctor's one of your ears is hurt as well.
S: Yeah
S: How did that happen?
G: It's because he slapped me really hard.
S: Who slapped you?
G: Abraham.
S: When did he do that?
(Gabriel is talking ever so quietly at this time) This is important! It was bothering him that he had to lie about Abraham. He could barely get the words out.

G: In Morocco, when er he slapped me, he slapped me as hard as he could.
S: Why did he do that?
G: Because he said yes you're lying, I'm lying I'm lying I'm lying.

S: So what were you doing when he slapped you? Where were you? In Morocco?
Q: In the kitchen. My sister and my Mum seen me been slapped.
S: So you're in the kitchen, and then what's happened?

G: Then see Mum and Abraham, my Mum and Alisa seen me being slapped on the ear but that time my Mum wasn't watching she was watching somewhere else
S: OK, so you're sister saw it but not your Mum.
G: No.
S: Hold on, you said no have I got that wrong? Who saw it?
G: Alisa only.
S: So Alisa only, why didn't your Mum see it?
G: Because she was she was doing the cleaning up.

S: So your Mum's doing the cleaning up....When you said that you was lying, what did you say you was lying about?
G: about the secret rooms.

>>Now if you watch any of the videos Abraham took of the kids revealing, you will note how clear they were and fluent. Now Gabe can hardly talk straight or get anything straight. What a total fraud this whole farce was!<<

17:50 – 2:25:20

S: OK. And So has your Dad ever done anything to you that you don't like?
G: No, he doesn’t even hit me.
S: So he doesn't hit you and he's never put anything in your bum.
G: No. He's really nice.
S: Is he?
G: for the so the free last week. This is actually the truth what happened.
S: Go on.

>>Both Alisa and Gabriel told how their dad made them beat each other up really bad. But that was never brought up, refuted, or recanted. So dad was not so nice. And we have the kids throwing tantrums when young, without explanation.<<

G: The free last week, the first time I remember the first time we went on...the first, I don't remember the first one, I'm sure I remember it we um...The first time we went shopping, and buy some food for us and then we went to Topsy Turvy Land, it was closed I mean we ate and then he gave us ten pounds for our pocket money that's how that was the first time he ever gave us pocket money.

>>His hands are spinning around a lot as he is talking. Very nervous, uncomfortable. Threats and torture are very effective, says I!<<

S: Who your Dad?
G: Yeah, He gave us ten pounds
S: That's a lot isn't it!

G: Yeah, it's really much and then we went to Topsy Turvy Land and because we parked near Topsy Turvy Land and we ate in the car. Then we cleaned the car and then we went to Topsy Turvy Land and it was closed. Then it was it was nearly for us to go back to the centre...and then the next time, yeah the next time we went swimming to East Finchley.

>>I get the impression that this had been rehearsed some or at least talked about as to what to say.<<

S: OK. So you're saying the only reason you said this about your Dad was coz Abraham kept accusing you?

>>Actually, its not Gabe saying that at all. Steve is saying it for Gabe. That is bullshit!<<<<

G: [inaudible (possibly yeah) - looks up]

S: And you call Abraham something else as well don't you, as well as Abraham you call him something else.

G: We never call him...well yeah he says, when I call him Abraham he says don't be rude call me Papa. Even he's not my Dad! First, this is how it was. I first started calling him Abraham and he said don't be rude call me Uncle Hemp
S: Yeah
G; And then I kept calling him Uncle Hemp and then he like made me trouble he said don't call me Uncle Hemp now call me Papa Hemp.

S: OK.
G: And he's not even our Dad.
S: No...OK. Do you like Abraham?
G: I hate him. I got no idea why my Mum and, I know why my, Mum and my Dad broke up.
S: Why?

G: My Mum told me this is what, because my Dad wanted to take us to a party but my Mum didn't want us to because it was really late at night. But we were still like really energetic and I was like bouncing around and then our Dad wanted to take us to a like, it wasn't asleep we wanted to have fun.

S: OK, alright. I’m gonna have a quick chat with Carl. And then a quick chance for you if you got any questions for me. Is that OK? And then have a quick think if there's anything you wanna ask me.
Steve exits and door shuts behind him at 20:56

What an obvious setup above. The results are below.

Just 4 seconds after leaving, Gabriel goes into a very bizarre act. He gets all happy and is bouncing up and down in the chair. The 2 photos just below show this anomalous behavior as well. He looks deliriously happy. Compared to earlier in the interview, it makes no sense. But I believe he is going thru an act for the camera, talked about and discussed with him by Steve previously. Steve got what he wanted, for the most part, already. The quick chat with Carl was a cue for Gabriel to put on his act for the camera. And so he does. Recall that the medical examination of 4 days earlier diagnosed PTSD in both kids. Suddenly, Gabriel is totally high. I'm not believing it at all. Its an act.

at 21:00 exactly

Look at that below. He is ecstatic. Could not be more happy. That is what they wanted us to think, anyway. But 4 days earlier, it was a far different scene. PTSD bit time! Once in foster care, the kids continued to claim the abuse and in a January meeting with mom, the kids pleaded to go home with her and the social worker got upset and stopped the gathering. See, when the kids are around the mother or believe they are safe, they tell a different story that what Gabe is showing us here. I will explore what might have happened leading up to this after this scenario plays out as Steve returns. They likely watched his act being performed so that they know when to return. pic 2102

pic 21:09

pic 21:11   My opinion is that this whole thing was planned rehearsed. Gabriel has been severed from his mom, diagnosed with PTSD and he is deliriously happy. I don't think so. But Gabriel was in better shape that Alisa was and probably had been so for the last 4 days. Besides, he tried to hard to admit some babies were killed and other situations like that.  And the coverup was so much more obvious in all these interviews. They must think we were all born yesterday. Take careful note of the conversation to follow.

Steve Back at 21:30

G: Can I ask a question?
S: Go on!
G: Am I ever going to see Abraham again because I don’t want to ever see him again.

>>He says this while smiling and grinning ear to ear! Do you get it? If he truly hated Abe and did not want to see him again, what sort of emotions would  you expect him to be feeling, and therefore, showing? Maybe anger, or hatred, and a frown at the least. But no, its pure ecstatic delight! Bullshit! But having said this, opens it up for Steve to explain to us why the kids won't be going back to mom. If Abe is the abuser and mom just watched and Abe will continue to visit or live with them, then the UK will have to "save" the kids from all that supposed beating. Anyone got a shovel I can borrow? Its getting deep in here!<<

S: We’ll do our best to say that and put your views across. I don’t promise what I can’t 100% say. But what I’ll do, I’ll be telling your mom, I’ll be telling social services, is that you do not want to see Abraham again.

>>I wonder if he knows that not seeing Abe again will also mean not seeing mom again? I doubt it. The kids would ever so briefly see mom in January in the presence of a Satanic demon, I mean, social worker. Sorry but I keep getting the two confused. The kids at seeing mom burst out saying they want to go home with her. Ya know, it has the sense to me that the kids never would have said any of this had they not been severely threatened. This is pure rotten evil at work. Don't think God is not taking notice.

Well, why not let Gabriel tell mom face to face? Know why? Steve and the rest knew that if mom were face to face, the kids would beg to go with her and would respond far differently, as was later evidenced in the January 2015 visit from mom supervised by a witch, I mean, social worker; and abruptly ended when the kids could not hold back their love for their mom, the only stability and kindness they have had in their short lives. It meant everything to them, which psychologists would have understood, which is why the kids were taken from mom and coerced and threatened prior to this 3rd interview, the so call retraction.<<

G: But my mom, she’ll be real angry with me. She’ll be angry, she’ll be like hating me.

You're not buying that, are you? I don't believe Gabe believes that, either. That is what he was told to say. It allows them to say we need to protect Gabe from his mom. Bullshit! For one, mom would not have hated him or been really angry. And especially now since the kids were stolen by the UK. But Gabe is in no position to say or do what he wants. He is a prisoner of war in a POW camp. Make no mistake about that. He will say whatever his captors tell him to say. This poor kid has no options.<<

S: If you were to go to back to your mom, who would you be able to tell, if she was angry? If you’re just having problems at home?

>>See the setup? Since mom would be with Abraham, supposedly the kids would not be safe with her. Had she dumped Abe, prior, it might have ruined their phony attempt. But I doubt it. They were too afraid the kids would talk. And I think they were quite confident that mom would stay with Abe. This is all games and bullshit.<<

Gabe brings up that his nanny knows what Abraham has been accusing me about. And my nanny , she knows what never happened.
S: I’ll need to speak to Galia.
G: She does not speak English well, but does Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian.
S: All right, We’ll call it to an end there.
G: She knows what’s not true.

>>This, too was rehearsed says I. For one, when Gabe says his nanny knows, Steve knows he has no intention of asking nanny Galia about what went on, because she knew the truth. In fact, I'd love to talk to Galia, but that will never happen. Were Galia to honestly talk, we would know the truth, which was what the kids told in the videos and 1st 2 interviews with police.

So we are left with an open possibility of Galia helping but I am sure Galia would like to stay out of it all, as any sensible person would. But by Gabe saying this, we are supposed to believe that Abraham was a monster, despite 2 very contrary interviews previous, and numerous videos. Those videos were a Godsend and it was Abraham that was doing those. So he looks real good in my eyes!

Steve never would have asked Galia, anyway. He know she would not say what he wanted to here. So there is no chance she will ever be approached.

So Let me see if I have this right. Abe takes Ella and kids to Morocco for a vacation, like a couple months. And he has nothing better to do with his time than concoct coached bullshit? I seriously doubt it. For one, its pretty obvious that he likes Ella. So if he is a real man and I suspect he is, that might take up some of his time. Of course with kids, he might not get as much action as he would like, but you could hire baby sitters or whatever.

But no, he wants to spend all his time getting R. A. Demon in trouble. I seriously doubt it. The truth was the kids were a strain due to what they had been suffering all their lives with. And Abe had the task of solving it. That was no easy task. Alisa had 9 years of conditioning from the cult, and Gabe had 8. That Abe managed to do this is quite the accomplishment.<<

S: Its 11:35  (23:14)
Gabe talks about Abraham losing his phone and then finding it, in detail, but no big deal.
They leave the room at 24:09 – End.

Closing Observations
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In general, Gabriel seems more subdued than the 2nd interview. He tries to defend what he previously said to some degree but Steve made it clear with his vague threats that Gabriel was not going to be allowed to say anything bad about dad. Abraham was the UK target that would excuse stealing the kids and giving them to someone else. In time the kids could be made to disappear as so often happens in the UK system. How convenient for Satan's followers who need children to rape and sacrifice as well as rent out as prostitutes and porn actors.

But Gabriel was in much better shape than Alisa in her 3rd interview. Gabe was able to offer a better "performance" for the liars bullying him. He was the one they chose to relieve most of the guilt of dad. The fight between the two kids was not addressed in either 3rd interview. And all the accusations made against teachers and students was ignored and not asked about.

But the most outrageous was the fake act at the end, where Gabriel was jumping for joy in his chair. They must have offered a lot of sweets. One wonders if there were not lies and threats. Gabe might have been in a sort of denial or the police might have convinced him that it was all Abe's fault that they had to be taken from mom. Who knows what head games were played.

But the January 2015 visit by mom to see the kids did not go as planned. I am sure the kids were warned not to say anything much and not to ask to go home or anything like that. The social worker remained there with them all to make sure they were policed and behaved. But seeing their mom was more than the kids could endure. They both said they wanted to go home with mom and the social worker ended it all then and there.

There was no free will or open honest expression allowed to these kids. They told foster care moms about their abuse. No one could silence them any longer. They knew they got screwed royal.

This is not an isolated case in the UK, or even in the USA. Social services in both countries now serve only to steal kids from parents and traffick them in foster care to perverts and rapists. Some likely become human sacrifices as well. They have to come from somewhere.

Secret Mind Control operations carried out by secret government Agencies like the CIA or UK's MI6, require kids for sacrifice, kids to kill in front of kids being programmed as mind control slaves so that those slaves will believe they could be killed at any time. But in reality, the handlers would never kill a "nurtured" slave, as these were very valuable investments as the government saw it.

And trafficking kids for sex and porn is big money and just another part of corrupt criminal activities the government carries on all the time for more money and control. The cult networks serve to infiltrate and compromise any legitimate form of law and allowed any activities of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) to be covered up and over.

It is impossible to prosecute SRA, a major component of Trauma Based Mind Control Programming of slaves. It always gets covered up and swept aside. Too many people are terrified that such things could be going on and so people are happy to believe the media and courts when they report there is not truth to SRA claims of Children.

This police interview is solid evidence of that fact. You get to see all sorts of detail in this investigation that normally would never exist. I hope you will give this case more consideration and grow some courage and face this issue head on. Its real and if we can not stand up for defenseless kids in the worst of abuse and troubles, then we as individuals cease to deserve to live. and We as a group and species are unworthy of preservation.

Luckily for the few who choose courage and diligence, we can always turn to God, who has a vested interest in anyone who wants to do things His way and part of that way is defending those who can not defend themselves. Its your choice now. Do you want to stay in darkness and willful sinful ignorance, or come out into the light and choose good in the sight of God?

But its not the end as far as God is concerned. But what has become obvious at this point, Jan. 21, 2016, is that Satan has gained total control of everything through his cultic worship, kept totally out of sight under the noses of nearly everyone. There is no way that anyone is going to be able to stop this. Only one option is possible. But I say, not only possible but certain. God will see that this all gets exposed before everyone gets to make the big choice that Satan's false Christ is going to put before the whole world, to separate the sheep from the goats.

I believe the Hampstead case is going to be the point God will launch His attack with. Its time. October 2015 was incredible for all the things that happened in that month. They set up a lot so that when God makes his moves, that many might be too distracted to notice.

The Madness of Hampstead
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One other aspect that begs attention at this time. Shills! Government paid military personnel whose jobs are to infect the internet with government lies and deception. As well, there are agents operating as new outlets and sentinels or watch dogs for the people, when really, they are secretly working to subvert truth.

These agents of lies and disruption have infested this case and its supporters like no other I know of. Every kook, freak, weirdo, and witch is in on this thing. Christine Ann Sands (CAS) was among the 1st to try to make the Hampstead case look bad with her outrageous behavior. She had the most elaborate RV I had ever seen, shipped over from the USA, compliments of the FBI, I imagine, although the CIA might have urged them to do so.

But during down time at Hampstead Christ Church and school, CAS would be seen hanging out with the police. So it was clear who her allies were. The UK made fugitives of the mom and her boyfriend of the kids as well as what appeared to be the lead defender for them, Sabine McNeil. Sabine escaped to Germany and mom Ella to who knows where. She and Abraham stay out of sight which is a very good idea.

Some fault them for not staying, but others who did so only ended up in prison themselves. Best to stay free and fight for the cause. A lot of people have been criticizing them for any number of things. Nothing like hitting two people when they are down. They may not be perfect, but they are trying and what has happened to them has had to have made an adverse impact. I think they should be getting some understanding, but that they are not, seems to me to indicate the ferocity that Satan and his forces here on earth are unleashing on this affair. There is apparently a lot at stake.

Many fights are based around either being for or against the parents. Some say they only care about the kids. But the kids want to be back with mom. There can be no doubt about this. It seems like everyone is a wacko or fruit cake or shill finding fault where it should not. To blame anyone but he UK is a serious mistake.

AS well, we have people from the USA and Australia weighing in on this, making trouble or finding fault with the parents. The USA has been very involved throughout so this is not limited to the UK. It involves the whole world empire control. Satan is the force uniting this attack on the two children and their interests.

This is a real and serious battle. That other nations feel a need to get involved is amazing and alarming, too. What is missing right now are the USA conspiracy theorists, who speak out on nearly anything. Where are they? And  how about all those churches and anti-abortionists? They are so concerned about babies being aborted but how about those already born and being stolen or worse, babies being sacrificed, with their blood drank and their flesh eaten? Were are these bit mouths now? Where is the care and concern? I don't see any!

There is still too little knowledge of Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) programming going on in nearly every nation on earth now, who is allied with the USA and NWO. TBMC is the secret force that runs our world now. Its programmed agents carry out lots of secret activities like manipulating the Federal Reserve, spying, assassinating, blackmailing, serving clients sexually, and so much more. Trafficking, child porn, drugs, weapons, child prostitution and the like are all part of this game. Governments are criminal organizations. They feed on and devour their citizens and their labor and children, too.

TBMC needs to become far better known for what it does and represents. While the injured parents of Alisa and Gabriel might have a few misunderstandings in their pursuit of justice, they have realized that TBMC is the poison that enables the evil network of Satanic cults and power to do what it does. Everything is done in secret and kept in secret and now that secrecy is in danger of being exposed. That was their fear in this case all along.

So get to know this case as best as you can and learn about TBMC. Its vitally important.

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