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Thou shall not practice
Do our thoughts condemn us?
Was it a choice to have homosexual inclinations?

Are Homosexuals worse than other sinners?
No politics!
Gay on the inside but not the outside
Final Thoughts - Homophobia

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Thou shall not practice

Christians (so-called) are notorious for getting sexuality all screwed up and no where is this more apparent than with this subject. But for starters, let's get one thing out of the way. There is no question that the Bible forbids men having sexual relationships with other men. Sexual "relating" is not just intercourse. Kissing, petting, and other sorts of sexual affection are all part of things that men do with women and they are not the sorts of things that men are allowed with each other. Things get much brighter after this, if you are homosexual.

There is, of course, non-sexual hugging, embracing, and even some sorts of kissing between the same sex. But in our homophobic society in the USA, you might incur social wrath or teasing but you do not sin in the eyes of God.

Here are the scriptures from both the New and Old Testaments that do not allow for homosexual relations.

1Corinthians 6: 9 Or do you not know that unjust ones will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be led astray, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor abusers, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor covetous ones, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor plunderers shall inherit the kingdom of God.

The word "homosexual" comes from the Greek:

Thayer's: 3120 malakos mal-ak-os'
of uncertain affinity;; adj
KJV - soft 3, effeminate 1; 4

1) soft, soft to the touch
2) metaph. in a bad sense
--- 2a) effeminate
------- 2a1) of a catamite
------- 2a2) of a boy kept for homosexual relations with a man
------- 2a3) of a male who submits his body to unnatural lewdness
------- 2a4) of a male prostitute

Strong's: 3120. malakos mal-ak-os'; of uncertain affinity; soft, i.e. fine (clothing); figuratively, a catamite:-- effeminate, soft.

The word "abusers" come from the Greek:

Thayer's: 733 arsenokoites ar-sen-ok-oy'-tace
from 730 and 2845;; n m
KJV - abuser of (one's) self with mankind 1, defile (one's) self with mankind 1; 2

1) one who lies with a male as with a female, sodomite, homosexual

Strong's: 733. arsenokoites ar-sen-ok-oy'-tace; from 730 and 2845; a sodomite:-- abuser of (that defile) self with mankind.

Leviticus 20:13 And a man who lies with a male as one lies with a woman, both of them have done a detestable thing; they shall certainly be put to death; their blood shall be on them.

Leviticus 20:16 And if a woman draws near to any animal to lie with it, you shall even put to death the woman and the animal; they are surely to be put to death; their blood shall be on them.

The phrase "a man who lies with a male" was the Bible's way of suggesting sex even as to lie with a woman indicated sex. Strong's Hebrew dictionary makes this clear though a reading of the Old Testament would also make it evident as in Leviticus 20:16 as well as accounts of Lot's daughters having sex with their drunk father or Potiphar, to whom Joseph was a slave in Egypt, and whose wife made a pass at Joseph in such terms. The word "lie" comes from the Hebrew:

Strong's: 07901. shakab shaw-kab'; a primitive root; to lie down (for rest, sexual connection, decease or any other purpose):-- X at all, cast down, ([lover-])lay (self) (down), (make to) lie (down, down to sleep, still with), lodge, ravish, take rest, sleep, stay.

BDB's Lexicon: 07901 shakab shaw-kab'
a primitive root; TWOT - 2381; v
KJV - lie 106, sleep 48, lie down 43, rest 3, lien 2, misc 10; 212

1) to lie down
--- 1a) (Qal)
------- 1a1) to lie, lie down, lie on
------- 1a2) to lodge
------- 1a3) to lie (of sexual relations)
------- 1a4) to lie down (in death)
------- 1a5) to rest, relax (fig)
--- 1b) (Niphal) to be lain with (sexually)
--- 1c) (Pual) to be lain with (sexually)
--- 1d) (Hiphil) to make to lie down
--- 1e) (Hophal) to be laid

There can be no misunderstanding God's intent on this matter. But I am not here to find fault with homosexuals. But they can not be "practicing" homosexuals and be approved by God, no more than one can commit adultery or fornication and be approved by God. I am writing because I am shocked and outraged by the lack of understanding and compassion shown to homosexuals.

Those who call themselves Christians often find homosexuals to be particularly offensive or repulsive, as if homosexuals were greater sinners than all the rest. I am going to turn this one on its head and put it to rest. And I am going to distinguish between homosexual impulses as opposed to homosexual practices.

Do our thoughts condemn us?
Was it a choice to have homosexual inclinations?
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I have written a whole article on the subject of lust, a supposed thought crime. No one has bothered to distinguish what is a normal appetite versus an excessive, unwarranted, or unjust desire or passion. But you are free to read that article if you like.

But many Christians accuse homosexuals of making a choice to be gay. I am baffled as to how Christians have come to believe with very strong convictions that it has always been and will always be a choice that is made. This is absurd. While I do not deny that some do embrace certain actions more by choice than by innate desire as is the case with male prisoners turning to men for sex because women are not available. These do not represent the majority of gay people out in the world. Nor do I deny there may be some homosexuals for whom it is more like the case with those in prisons. They find sex to be as convenient and accommodating with men as with women and do not care from where they get their stimulation. But the majority of gay men have an innate attraction for men, an attraction they did not choose or think about.

One does not just wake up one day and decide to be gay. One does not sit around and think or debate whether such a thing would be fun or not. No one ever questions whether a hetero made a choice or not about women and it would be ridiculous to suggest that a hetero had to stop and think about whether he would be hetero or not. It was there quite naturally. And while men being attracted to men does not seem natural to some, may I point out that hermaphrodites, those born with both sets of genitalia to some degree and various forms of pre-natal confusion as the fetus was forming is not natural or common, either. We do not accuse those born with physical defects as making a choice in the womb, do we?

Indeed, if things can go wrong with the formation of our genitals and other such body members, then why can't we recognize that things can also go wrong with the brain formation so that what are normal desires in most instances, become mixed up in a few? Do we not recognize mental retardation? Now I am not suggesting that homosexuals are insane or retarded, but the natural development of our appetites and desires can get mixed up, even as do physical formations. We even see this in the animal kingdom as well as human beings.

Now I do believe from my own studies and observations that babies and very young children can be affected and disturbed by their environment and parental influence and that possibly a number of children are affected at this time in a way that causes homosexual tendencies later. Some become homosexual due to sex abuse. But whether due to influences in early development or later abuse, were these choices made by the victims? I think it is obvious that they were not choices but circumstances beyond the victims' control.

But regardless of the cause, the people who end up with these tendencies and desires do not make choices as to what they will desire. These are innate instinctive qualities, even as "normal" desires are with the rest.

Consider this. Most everyone has different "tastes" when it comes to sexual desires. Some things get some excited while others prefer something else. There are many different "kinks" when it comes to sex. There are many books about it all. Why do people have such differing preferences? Did we think it all out or was it simply responding to how it felt or make our choice based on how excited we got? In all cases, I am sure we were responding to feelings and excitement and nothing to do with thoughts. We are reacting to emotions and instincts, not thoughts.

Really, sex has never been an intellectual process. In fact, just the opposite! Sex is sort of irrational, emotional, instinctive. One loses control in a certain context and becomes very excited and the instinct takes over. It is a different sort of consciousness that takes over during sex. The rational contemplative intellectual mind is no where to be found during sex.

We do not control what sort of impulses they are that seek escape from within us and become expressed in sexual ways. We might hold ourselves back from acting on those impulses and actively suppress them but that does not stop them from making themselves known from within us. We do not control the inner voices, the inner person, the sub-conscious person, as some might put it.

Even when it comes to tastes in food, music, recreation, and whatever; we did not choose to like chocolate or sweets. We were responding to instinct, to things we have little or no control over. So let's stop blaming homosexuals for what they feel. They did not choose these things.

Surely Christians should be able to recognize that the human being (the flesh) is a very fragile creature who suffers many fractures of the mind and spirit. Psychology is no secret today. Many suffer from all sorts of fears, anxieties, and abnormalities of behavior. We see extremes such as people starving themselves to death while thinking they are fat, or being afraid to go outside, being packrats in the extreme, or other such things that people do not chose and have a difficult time controlling. What goes wrong is often a mystery but not always. But even when we know the cause, creating change is difficult if not impossible in some cases.

While some may overcome the worst symptoms, they continue to struggle with the problem as it seems to be deeply embedded in the human psyche and can not really be eradicated, unless one subscribes to the theories of Dr. Arthur Janov as I do but that would be another story which I do go into on this site. But for those who do not accept Janov, we must accept that getting rid of these problems is basically impossible.

Some psychologists have found that while they may help a patient solve one problem, another comes up in its place. There is clearly something of a mental energy that must have some sort of outlet and when we deny one outlet, it will choose another.

Christians should know that being human, born of sin, is a difficult circumstance, always. And as such, we need to treat the human condition with sympathy and mercy. We are told not to judge that we do not become judged. So to condemn homosexuals as having done something deliberate is really cruel, nasty, and very judgmental, not to mention, unfair and unjust, and God really hates injustice! Haven't you heard? And if the judgment happens to be wrong as I believe it is in the eyes of God, those who judge could end up in trouble with God.

It is sad that I need to point this out but homosexuals are human beings and have feelings. They can not help what they feel. And they deserve some understanding, compassion, and respect, the same as we often give to fornicators, which includes nearly anyone today. And even if those with homosexual tendencies are also practitioners, they are no worse than any other sinner and since every Christian is a sinner in some way or other, they ought to be slow to judge or condemn anyone.

Are Homosexuals worse than other sinners?
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I am amazed at how short sighted and stupid so-called Christians can be. They see hetero behavior, even when errant as it is when one fornicates and enjoys sex without marriage, as not that big a deal. And there are a number of Christians who fall prey to adultery and these are not seen as a big deal. But they have a fit over someone who embraces homosexuality. But let's reexamine this odd stance.

As I see it, the worst of all crimes, going along with the pretence that some crimes are worse than others, is to bring a child into the world indiscriminately and not provide for it, both in material comforts and in love and instead, ignore it or run away it and have nothing to do with it.

The greatest harm done to society is to create a child who is neglected and thrown away. For you see, such ones come back to haunt us as we rightfully deserve. They strike out at the world and society for their hurt and rejection and cause numerous problems, not just for those who brought them into the world without much thought or care, but many others who were relatively innocent. The damage and destruction they reek on society is amazing and tragic. And some of these kids who are hurt are also sometimes homosexual, possibly because of the circumstances they were born into and all because of indiscriminate behavior on the part of heteros.

So heteros are a real big problem. In contrast, homos never bring kids into the world by their sexual behavior. In some aspects, homosexual behavior is a much better solution to sexual desires and their satisfaction than are hetero alternatives.

Now don't get me wrong. Any promiscuous sexual behavior, hetero or homo, is quite damaging to children for kids watch and imitate adults and if adults are carrying on in promiscuous sexual behavior, ultimately the kids will do the same. Teen sex today is much more common and overt than it ever was in the past. But they see it going on everywhere in the adult world on TV every day so they see nothing wrong with it for after all, all the adults are doing it. If they can, then why shouldn't we, say the kids? Right?

Kids, and calling teens kids is not my idea but that is how society sees it at the moment with no change in sight, will never accept the "Don't do as I do, do as I say" crap. Adults must lead by example. And what example shall that be?

God is the one who has the right to say what that shall be. And He has dictated that the family unit with a mom and a dad is to be the only accepted standard within which a sexual union may be allowed. If one is single, one must refrain from sexual activity. God intended us and our race, our species, to be exclusively reproductive. And in order to protect that reproductive aspect and protect the children who are produced by that sexual activity and see that their needs for love, instruction, and nurturing are secured, God only allowed for one sort of sexual union and behavior.

So any promiscuous sexual activity outside of a marital relationship is expressly forbidden by God in order to protect the family unit and reinforce it. Children need to see a world where parents are committed to each other for the emotional and psychological security and welfare of the child. Children need to see rules for human behavior that are obeyed and enforced. That is why God placed rules over our behavior and activities.

Both hetero and homo promiscuous activity are a threat to what God intended and ordered. But one is not worse than the other and at least homo activity does not compound the problem by creating unloved kids.

Further, I do not believe that one crime is worse than another. A sin or rebellion against God has the same ultimate result, whether it is adultery, homosexual activity, or simply eating a piece of fruit from a forbidden tree. So why does the gay community receive such opposition from so-called Christians?

I wish I had an answer for you. All I can say is that it is just not correct. Homosexuals are people with needs and are deserving of the same basic rights that all humans expect and should receive. True, God does not approve of their sexual lifestyle but that is God's problem, not the problem of those who follow God. If God wants to stop them, let Him do it. It is not our assignment or duty.

No politics!
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Christians have no business being political or politically involved. They certainly should be entitled to their opinion and the right to express it according to the principles of free speech but they have an obligation to be no part of the world or interfere with the world and its business. There is no country that belongs to God. God had a nation once but He destroyed it and would not bring it back until His son should return to restore it in its ultimate pinnacle state, destroying all other nations first.

And yes, I wrote a whole article on political neutrality as well. Check it out if you like. It should not be of any concern whether homosexuals can get married, receive benefits from the government, even as heteros do, or of any other matter of political concern. The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one with God's permission, I might add, until such time as God sees fit to revoke that permission.

It is God who will make the world accountable to Him. It is not the job or concern of a Christian to make others accountable or make them live as God commands. In fact, in my opinion, according to the law of love, Christians should be happy to extend to homosexuals and anyone else they share the country of their residence with, to respect others and allow for others to live without interference, even as Christians would like for themselves. The old "do onto others," right?

So stop hindering the gay community and let them live in peace with the same benefits and rights we all enjoy. We do not have to judge homosexuals or anyone else, with the exception of other Christians within our own particular Christian groups/communities. God has graciously spared us such an unpleasant duty outside the churches. We are allowed to love all mankind. In fact, as Jesus pointed out, if we love only our own, we do nothing exceptional and that even people of the nations do that. We only reflect God when we love those not of our own only, but those outside our social circle and view of normal as well.

So the only thing we really owe to the gay community is love and acceptance outside of our own particular church community.

Gay on the inside but not the outside
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Of course, what about within the church or church community? Well, it is not what we feel inside that condemns us in the eyes of God for inside we are all full of all sorts of sin, defects, and vile horrible thoughts. It is only the outside, what we practice, that condemns us to our own and to God.

That is to say, if a man should feel attraction and desire for another man, he is not condemned by God, unless he should act on that desire or impulse. If a man was attracted to a woman and felt desire or a longing for her and is not entitled to her, well, as long as he does not act on the impulse, he is fine. We all have lots of desires inside that are beyond our control to prevent inside us. It is how we handle those desires or thoughts that matters. Acting on them condemns us but merely having them inside us does not condemn us for it is the fact we have sin that we have bad thoughts.

If we had no bad thoughts, we would not be sinners and would not need Christ nor would we ever die. So it is absurd to suggest that a feeling or longing is within our control, yet I do know of many so-called Christians who suggest it is within our control. But they are not really Christians or from God. They have strayed from God's word and really are worse than a homosexual. Quite a bit worse.

So a gay man or woman who restrains themselves from acting on their impulses and avoids seeking sexual activity with others to satisfy those impulses is quite perfectly acceptable to God, harmful thoughts and all. If a man is gay only on the inside, he does not sin and should be accepted even within a Christian community. He would only be rejected by that community if he were to commit a homo-sexual offense and not be repentant or be habitually apologizing for having constantly fallen, indicating an insincerity in his many apologies.

I make this point with the gay community. If you want to be a Christian, you have an option that all Christians have. You may masturbate in private by yourself with yourself only. That is your outlet. For those who think this is unreasonably restrictive, I can only point out that a hetero-ly inclined individual can not participate in his longings and desires with others, either. Fornication is wrong at all times as is adultery and homosexuality. They may all masturbate and nothing more. And you know it, I have written an article on masturbation as well, of course.

I realize that it is very difficult for anyone whose desires fall outside the normal activities that God sanctions. Those who are hetero-ly inclined do have an outlet if they can accept the marital arrangement allowed by God, whereas homosexuals have no outlet for their deviation. But then again, what about the rapist, or murderer, the thief, or glutton? They have no outlet, either. Further, if a man might desire a teenage partner, which God has no problem with, he has no outlet in general, for even though God does not disapprove, many countries do not allow such things or they make it very difficult so that such a course may not be pursued and those men have to deny themselves if they know what is good for them.

The Bible records men who never married for the sake of God's work. Early Christian history also notes both men and women who forsook marriage in favor of living single for their entire lives. This is the only option outside of heterosexual marriage. Single life has been done before and it can be done again. It does not prohibit masturbation. We can not eradicate the desire but we can keep it within proper boundaries. Others have done it and so can we. But ignoring God's law is not an option for those who want to obey God, please Him, and live.

Final Thoughts - Homophobia
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Really, all humans deserve kindness and understanding in the various struggles they have wit the flesh. They do not deserve ridicule or torment or be made to feel like they are somehow worse than others. To the contrary, they are very much like the rest of us.

I know that it is difficult for a man with the normal common hetero inclinations to understand homosexual inclinations. It makes no sense to them. When I was a teen, it was incomprehensible and all my friends and I laughed at such a thing and thought homosexuals extremely weird. I was guilty of my share of putting homo behavior down at that age. But while we may not understand or comprehend a number of psychological deviations, we also need to keep in mind that we all have some sort of deviations or we would be perfect.

But our deviations are always OK and understandable, right? It is just the other types that we don't have that are strange, correct? We all want understanding but do we give as we get? Yes, I was young, stupid, and inconsiderate at one time. Time and wisdom have tried to modify me for the better. I feel a lot more compassion and understanding than I used to. It did not come natural but was worked out because of my love for God and His ways. So I am going to go out on a limb here, but not really.

Those who can not and do not feel compassion and understanding and a little more tolerance and respect for the homosexually inclined are not moved by God's spirit. Mind you, among mainstream Christians who condemn homosexuality in all aspects, those are fighting words. They claim to have God's spirit and be moved by it but if indeed, it is a spirit that moves them, it is not God's.

God is love and those who say they are moved by His spirit should also reflect this love and understanding for all types of sins, sinners, and the various weaknesses of the flesh. Just because some types are not personally experience or understood does not make them beyond our grasp of comprehension and understanding if we try. If we are moved by God's spirit, then we will try . . . And succeed!

We have to resist our own fleshly tendencies to recoil at what is repulsive to us quite naturally. Really, many of our tendencies are natural but wrong, all the same. Christians need to re-examine their attitudes toward this subject as they do so many other subjects which I address on this site.

And may I add, it is not natural to take inventory of ourselves and it is not pleasant, either. We might not like what we find. But if we love God, we will do it, for God requires it from all who want to be in His kingdom. It is a serious responsibility to call one's self a Christian. We ought to make sure we are living up to that responsibility if we know what is good for us, right?

I also know that Christians are concerned that promiscuous behavior will affect their children's views. For a fact, all the world's views will have an affect on our children . . . unless we teach them otherwise. And many Christians have been lazy and find it easy to blame the world for their own failures in child rearing. It is always someone else's fault, isn't it? Sound like the flesh speaking and not God's spirit.

God's spirit does not pass the buck or blame others when our own course is also at fault. True, Satan has done a fine job of corrupting all things and this makes the job of a Christian difficult, but not impossible. As times get tougher, we have to toughen up as well. The contrary messages force us to be better teachers with better explanations and reasons for our kids so that they will not follow the world but will follow God.

Do not blame homosexuals or hold them responsible for your kids revealing homosexual desires. Homos do not make other homos. They might find them and welcome them or try to recruit them but they do not make them. Time to look elsewhere for blame or reasons why our kids are turning out gay if that is the problem.

And remember that even Christians are often recruiters so do not blame the gay community if they want to recruit their own kind even as deaf people, political groups and every other sort of groups do. If your kids are "straight," they will not suddenly succumb to homosexual invitations. Do not make the gay community the scapegoat for things they are not to blame for.

Why homosexuality develops in the 1st place is not well understood by science in general although again, I believe Arthur Janov has most of the answers to that question. Instead of blaming the gay community, why not give Arthur Janov a try? Maybe he can help you prevent the situation if you better understand the cause in the first place. Be constructive instead of condemning and vilifying.

To the gay community I say this. We are all born with desires of one sort or another that violate what God intended. We did not choose much of what we are. God knows that. We are victims of circumstance which is why God sacrificed His son so that God may be justified in one day correcting those things that did not come out right in each of us. So whatever our deviations, they will be corrected by God so that we will not need to struggle in order to obey and remain obedient to God. It will be effortless and very enjoyable to live in harmony with God's rules and intentions. It is not like that right now but it will be and life will finally be what it was meant to be and it will be absolutely wonderful. You got God's word on that!

So whether we are gay or straight, if we want to please God and be Christians, let us refrain from any outward activity that would displease God. And let us encourage each other and accept each other for who we are on the inside without condemnation of one another or looking down on some because their defects are not the same as ours and seem incomprehensible to us.

And as for those of the Gay community who do not want to live as Christians, let we who are Christians allow them all the kindness, consideration, and respect we would give to any and all human beings so that God has no reason to find any undue fault in us as His followers. Sound good?

As for the Gay community, I hope you will not judge all Christians as the anti-gay freaks who try to prohibit your living in peace. Some of us do respect your right to live on this planet and share with us all in peace and equality and we welcome you as neighbors and friends. Remember that all groups, whether political, religious, cultural, or whatever, have hypocrites and bad seeds among their own. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch and even a nearly whole bad barrel of apples can contain one or two good ones. Just as you want no one to condemn all homosexual, do not you condemn all Christians. Give us few rare ones a chance. Sound good?

In the words of JFK, we "do it, not because it is easy, but because it is hard." Real followers of God, real Christians, never back away from a challenge. Christians are not pussies. Real Christians will rise to the challenge and fight all the harder as the fighting intensifies. Christians have courage, a fruit of the spirit if ever there was one. It is not a spirit of cowardice that infects real men of God. Which will you choose? The narrow cramped road that is difficult to walk, but does have a great reward in the long run; or the easy way that is broad and spacious and leads to certain destruction?

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