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Investigating Hampstead Research Ops

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The Premise
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The premise here is the deceit and lies that have been tossed around and promoted by the shadiest bunch of characters and losers to ever infect a cause. But at its heart is, without a doubt, the intelligence agencies of the USA and UK in particular, and in part, by nearly all intelligence agencies around the world. Its that network that unites evil.  In this article, I share what I have found on the ultimate con, Hampstead Research and its Grand Dame. Behind her and her operation is a very sophisticated network of internet giants helping in any and all ways possible. I shall call the Grand Dame Jax throughout. She uses to end her emails and posts with Jx. I don't like to type a lot. 3 letter is enough. She chose the fictitious name Jacqui Farmer, allegedly because her husband's name was Dutch "Boer" which means Farmer. She had been using a facebook page for a time as Bridget Yorke, before becoming Jacqui Farmer. It will all be forthcoming.

HR Youtube Channels      
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As best as I can tell, HR has two official Youtube channels and the one disguised channel called Biddy Baboon. Update: She has at least 6 channels now as of Feb 16, 2017.

HRtube     Dated info was copied, Dec. 1, 2015

"About: 867 subscribers 357,757 views        Joined Oct 14, 2012"
Eddy the Cat is from today, 27-6-2015, dedicated to the Hampstead Cover-up."
(Truth1: and so is Biddy Baboon, unofficially, but it did not get changed over like Eddy the Cat did to HRtube.)
"Please visit our website:"

>>This YT channel info is handy to show that Jax did have other YT accounts sitting around for a period of time. This one since 2012. Biddy Baboon, coming up in the next section, since 2009.<<

Published on Jan 27, 2013
Using web analytics and other research methods, we examine the popularity of Infowars ranks amongst the most popular websites; like or loathe AJ, he's massive internationally.

>>Please note the bold faced larger text above by Jax. She, referring to "we" used web analytics and other research methods not revealed and they might have been a bluff. This was published early in 2013. It would be 2 more years before HR and with HR, she would make use of web analytics and an IT man (we'll call  him John Smith, Jax says) to help track the cult and find its porn server and sites. So she was "in the business" for at least 2 years before HR. What is more, the Biddy Baboon channel was in existence, probably idle and empty, since 2009, another 4 years prior. She had technical help at every step of the way. Where did that help come from? That would be interesting to know.

My suspicion at this point was that her and DD/John Smith, likely work for the very same employer. If so, this is a closer link the Hampstead Cult. They might have been together prior to the Hampstead case, in case Jax needed IT support for something. DD had said he had been following the Hampstead case, even before the videos were released. So he was in on the ground floor.

You should understand that shills like to have accounts that appear to have been around for a while. Most simple people do not look hard at particulars on channels, site, or personal accounts. So no one asks what the account has been doing since its founding date. But it begs an answer. Why was it just sitting around for 6 years? I say, to acquire the appearance of being around a while and established. Keep this in mind for it will be more important when we got to the Biddy Baboon channel further down.

If for no other reason on earth, the fact that Alex Jones is so successful, is an indication that he is not legit and that he is opposition controlled. True threats and dangers to the status quo are never allowed the time of day and will not be that big. I am not saying that Alex does not put out a lot of good stuff. He does put out a lot of good material. But on the very important matters, like the Hampstead case, Paul Joseph Watson, reporter for Infowars/Alex Jones, said the Hampstead case was likely a hoax. He said this while there was no evidence. And DD was the one who fed me the Watson video. Without sarcasm, I was grateful to him for that link. He can be a nice guy. But he does tend to play for two sides.

But that Jax was possibly promoting Alex Jones is interesting, no?<<

Truth1 >>> Note the above video put out by Jax/Videoman (VM), I assume, in early 2013. Was this video on Alex Jones a personal activist attempt, or were they trying to  boost/support Jones since he had been taking a lot of heat during this time and earlier? But what it does show is involvement in Activism if not covering for others. Who supplied the web analytics? Was this the same guy to later help HR? I'll bet it is. This was used with the Hampstead cult as well and speaks of having good tech people support them. An accident? Not as far as I am concerned. Notice the name of their production company. They were promoting some kind of agenda and it was before 2015, 2 years before. Jax seems like a professional to me. Was she/they (The bosses if any) waiting for something bigger? Truth1 says they were.

This was another of the 3 Eddy the Cat7 productions:  How Many People Believe 911 Was an Inside Job Now (Feb 2013)?

Here is the playlist as of Dec. 1, 2015

Here were a couple comments on the related Google plus page: I also note the channel, "PinkyShow" Is that a code name? For what? Is he going to show some pink. The Singer Pink refers to her pussy. Get it? Is he a cult member, maybe?

Above, "delete this message" Huh? Why? Mel V is mentioned. There are connections beginning to show.

Eddy the Cat is much the same theme as Biddy Baboon. Both animals used as channel names so that they can be used for any purpose without getting tied to any specific cause. That can be left for later. And as animals, one can remain anonymous and Jax loves to hide and change names every time she posts ;-)


Next YT site now: Hampstead Research    Dec. 1 2015  
225 subscribers 31,581 views        Joined Apr 24, 2015

Notice that at the right on the YT channel is Related channels and at number 1 is Biddy Baboon. Accident? Not Hardly! The Hampstead Research video channel is forthright. Started in 2015 to support the HR blog on Wordpress. Biddy Baboon was never identified as belonging to HR and I would have never suspect it had I not clicked a go to Youtube link on a video on HR blog and saw Biddy Baboon as the channel holding it. But even then, I would have figured they linked to another channel who also supported the kids. But when I got attacked on Biddy Baboon by a nasty character named Biddy Baboon, I at once recognized Jax and that this was her channel as well. I never would have suspected it had she not given herself away with her nasty attack, trying to make something bad out of what I had said as you will soon find out on the Biddy Baboon channel.

The channels on the right above, are all related. Guidance 2222 is Hampstead related.  GeorgeGreekTrucker has some Hampstread videos. truthtube451 is the Kev Baker Channel. He does radio and has covered Hampstead at times. He also claimed that James Holmes, The Aurora Batman shooter, was visited by Dr. Cameron, who died in the late 60s. Be careful where you get your info from.

It never fails that these various clowns/shills do dumb things that give them away. Maybe God also lent a hand as I suspect He might have. I am not that bright a guy. I stumbled over most of this. It was dropped in my lap. My only saving grace is that I am tenacious like a pitbull. Once I have been alerted, I lock on and never let go. Jax played into my hand again and again. I must thank her sometime ;-)

But you will note that many conspiracies have so many holes and screw-ups that cover up is impossible and all sorts of stuff gets revealed. This is the case with 911, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and many others. The bible says, NKJV)   Mark 4:22  "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.  23  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

I happen to believe this is a promise by God that He is going to be subtlety exposing each and every conspiracy so that if people look hard enough, they will find and see the flaws and holes in the lies of the liars and Satanic worshippers. As Jesus put it: "I am with you to the end!" That's a pretty good promise and I'll take it. It has always worked for me as you can see. 

If I tell you this was all due to my brilliance, don't believe me and I know you wouldn't, anyway. But while I love to joke, kid, and play, and mouth off, too; when I put my head on the pillow at night, I know its not my brains. Those went missing a long time ago. God has a big heart and lots of mercy and just to show off, He takes an idiot and performs miracles with him, Just so God can show off how good He is, that He can even do with with a idiot/retard. He is that damn good, I assure you.

So if you end up liking this article or any on my site, the thanks goes to God, not me. It is part of the reason I never reserve any copyright for anything I do. I am not in this for money and there no provision to donate as there always is on anything related to Hampstead Research. And if the article was by the grace of God, I will be damned if I am going to be caught reserving a copyright on it.

Only 1 playlist on this channel and 22 videos in all. Modest in amounts of material compared to Biddy Baboon to follow.

My friend and I examined 2 videos on this channel for sock puppet accounts. Nov. 19 2015 “Most recent” sorting, 11:02 pm.
1st was The Defenders of the Cult - Part 2

The following posters were examined:

Ivoy Luo made a simplistic statement so we carded him/her. No supporting activity. Started in 2014. Certified sock puppet was our judgment.

James McMenamin same as above, started 2014. Clearly James did not like Drifloud, Bronwyn or Abe. Don’t know who is behind it but he is familiar with the gang and hiding his ID. I think it is a woman. He is real otherwise but his profile is like Ivoy Luo above. Generic icon/photo.

cgi plains:  imposter suspect, started 2012. I think it could be Alan Wrightson in disguise.

nevile bartos:  most activity came in 2 days, started 2013, generic icon. Was recognized by Hampstead Info. So it was an ID hiding.

None of these wanted to be ID'd. This is a strong feature of any HR video with comments. No cult detected on this. It was what we might call infighting, which has been going on lot since Jax blew the place up.

Update! April 18, 2016, went to the above page/video and guess what? Some of the posts were eliminated, including the above, James McMenamin and cgi plains. Another cover-up and proof that they can even tell what I am doing on my computer because I never published this stuff. I was talking about it on the phone and we sometimes get echoes on the phone. Lets see if they don't delete this video entirely, as they did Alisa's on another channel.

We viewed this video as well for comments:    The Hampstead Cover-up - Papa Kills Babies

Update! April 18, 2016david curry below has been deleted. He was an empty sock puppet. Again a cover up indicating guilt and that they are watching me like a hawk. Who is watching me is the question. My guess is that it is someone of much higher rank than Jax.


Dicky Rearman,  started 2015, had good links and info. Maybe Abraham Christie publishing good material and wanting to avoid ID. We'll let him pass ;-)

Welshbo1, not enough activity showing, started 2006, clearly a cult defender and sock puppet.

Piggsy Lamb contradictory videos. started 2013, no interest shown in the case in general or SRA as a subject. I have my doubts but he was supportive.

david curry,  started 2015, empty, sock puppet!

bo ptah, started 2013, 1 video, 1 channel, picture of a lama, certified sock puppet in our minds.

Again, sock puppets not uncommon in only examining a few comments/posters. Just standard business at HR.

Biddy Baboon has the best evidence of all types.

Biddy Baboon Channel      (on Youtube)
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My friend "A" and I got on our phones together, with our computers, both windows 7/same-browsers (firefox), on the internet at the same time on the Youtube Biddy Baboon Channel.

The video on the left was the one we investigated due to the comments I and Biddy had with each other. We both sorted by Top Comments as opposed to Most Recent.


Truth1's browser display My friend's (A's) browser display Comments on Comparisons
We sorted by Top Comments. First off, we did not get the same order, though surfing at the same time. So Youtube has some sort of sorting agenda that they are not sharing with us. Pure evil. We should have a right to know what they are doing.

By the way, the spaces between commenters were squeezed together to make more concise scrolling/viewing and memory use.


In the 1st left column you'll note my post as Truth1. It does not even appear anywhere on A's browser. How is this done and by who and why? I say Youtube has to be in on it and clearly, someone does not want you to see anything Truth1 has to say. How bout that! It might be Jax/Biddy, too. Does this happen to me on other sites, where I see my own posts, but no one else does?

I will show in another set of posts that Biddy's comments do not show on my browser but do show on A's. So clearly Biddy has something to do with this. Who is Biddy Baboon? And what does she fear?

Note along here how different these two browsers are (and we both use Firefox) in their display of  "Top Comments" A's top comments are not my top comments in the same order. What is the sorting algorithm objective? Why different for each of us? We both went to this site at the same time. We should have gotten the same results.

Youtube was great for banning the videos of Alisa and Gabriel, the two stolen from their mom by the evil UK courts and government. Youtube is an accomplice as far as I am concerned and Biddy Baboon, too, at the least, as a beneficiary. Why does "she" not want me to see her comments? You'll find out in another series of posts from this video comment screen.















Just to the left, Alter Ego, will be addressed in whole, in another series of posts further down. It was aimed at me. Its a clue to come.














I want you all to know that after our last visit to this video and comments, about 2 days after, I went back to look some more by myself and the video had been deleted and the comments with it. Someone knew we were looking at that video and comments and decided it was best to get rid of this video/comments.

What did they fear? What are they trying to hide? That they deleted it says that they were covering up and in doing so, they are admitting guilt in a most convincing way. Shame shame! We clearly had been watched. Do they watch me all the time? I have always felt that they did.

Below are the missing 3 comments that were deleted. So I will type in the approximate messages that Biddy deleted because she looked so stupid. She does that a lot. She was just being mean-spirited, that's all.

Truth1:    The kids were arrested and put in solitary.   (there might have been a slight bit more that I do not remember. I do remember that phrase to the left.)

Biddy Baboon: Just where did you get your information? I do not recall any such thing.

Truth1:  I was being sarcastic, Genius!

>>Above, Biddy knew exactly who I was by my name, Truth1. She knew my site and my wordpress ID, truth1now. Below is the proof that Biddy knew who I was and my background as an outspoken Christian.  Now she knew that the kids were taken into "protective custody" unjustly. But she was going to make an issue of it, any way, just because she hated me because I was pointing out her phoniness and contradictions. I'm like that, ya know ;-) 

Below was snapped by me July 12, 2015, day after the blowout from release of the Jean-Clemont tapes by HR against the wishes of Ella/Abe. It picks up where the 3 lines above left off: <<

Now to point out as well, that Biddy and others began saying the same thing I did just after this, that the kids were arrested and placed in solitary confinement or another phrase I had used elsewhere was "held in Communicado," a Latin legal term, meaning much the same as solitary confinement. The above interactions were recorded July 12, just after the July 11 explosion on HR. It might have been a little earlier that the posts were actually made, maybe even late June.

A second post, likely a fake ID sock puppet which Jax is famous for, said the same thing, but in a different ID:

This was posted a month after my last post from back then, so that I would not see it. Its only doing this article that I caught that. So you can see the personality of Jax. Just wanted to find fault even if it was not justified. The problem was, there was nothing you could fault me on. I don't lie and deceive, nor make many errors, nor play games. And I get to the heart of matters. The kids were arrested for squealing and were silenced forever, a life sentence. You can be damn sure of that one, except for just one small detail. God is going to bust them out of prison and restore their freedom and embarrass the cult, the UK and the world, all under the rule of Satan. That has been my prayer, anyway. Its not over yet.

And Mr. Demon is also going to be in serious trouble. But I told him in this in the very same video posting, I believe, to remember the name, Truth1, because if things went bad for him, I would be the only one that could really help him. You know, he did visit my site once. How bout dat, huh? But he'd have to give up all info on the cult and everyone in it, if I were to ask God for mercy on his behalf. Otherwise? No mercy whatsoever. That's always been my stance. Jax and her friends all wanted to forgive but without asking anything in return. Liberals are so stupid. No coming clean and blowing the whistle on everyone? Then fry! That Jax wanted to forgive the cult is also indication of who she works for. Trouble is, some very dumb Christians like Angelada were also advocating forgiveness of the Cult. I argued against it, Using an approx. 20 lines or so, account from Ezekiel. In fact, I posted that account on HR serveral times to dig it in.

Think about it! Jax & Angelada wanted the cult forgiven! Guess who they really work for? The UK intelligence shill division.

It is my opinion that some who claim to be Christian are really working for the devil. For one, we can forgive those who sin against us. We can not forgive those who sin against others. Only those others can do that. Apparently, this escapes Christians and other liberal sorts. Further, they do not require anything to show that cult members merit forgiveness such as squealing. Further yet, the only 2 people who have any right to forgive and only for what was done to them, would be Alisa and Gabriel, the ones harmed in the first place. But since the cult has harmed many others, including a vast number of babies, we, as citizens, have no lawful right or privilege to offer clemency or forgiveness to anyone in this cult. The cult broke many serious law and those laws should be upheld, or we are otherwise, no better than the UK courts and UK government.

Here is one of my taunts to Biddy: Note she refers to the alleged secret sign language. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! What an absolute fool!

My article with recent psychologists discussing nonverbal:    non-verbal.htm

Jax knows nothing about psychology. But I began my research into it way back in 1983. Body language was one of the early things I learned, along with brain hemisphere research big at that time, and hand writing analysis as well.

Biddy B. Video Offerings
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Evidence beyond the above section to show that this is Jax and HR and not someone else. Below was saved July 4, 7 days before the 1st shake up at HR. 

The first time I looked at the video offering, there were not that many and they were either Hampstead or SRA videos for the most part, and a little collection of Christian music videos, traditional and modern. These had all appeared on Hampstead Research. Now the above was snapped July 4 015 and a little more varied, with Intelligent design, Health Favorites and CERN looking new to me. I would say there are a lot more videos featured above than the first time I looked, in maybe early June 015. So an attempt to cover up the nature of this site being connected to Hampstead Research was begun, by adding many more videos and of a broader spectrum of video subjects. Nice try, Jax!

Below are the 26 Videos of the Play list called "Sharing the Truth." These were the bulk of the videos I first saw in maybe early June 015. Sometime between then and July 4, a lot more was added, with someone being aware that I was looking in and watching. I don't know when Biddy and I got into a fight over my comments about the kids being "arrested," but it was at that time that I first got interested in investigating this channel as it was clearly a Jax HR channel. My split with her was the Beginning of June. It was right after that. Also note directly below is Whistlelblower Child A witness statement to prove it had been up when I took these screen saves and its gone now. It was deleted so that there would be no evidence to refer to. 


These 3 screen saves are from Biddy Baboon, on July 4, 2015. These were most of her video offerings at this time. I did not save 15-19, I assume that these were not ones I had had seen before. But of the videos here shown, most are no longer on Biddy Baboon. for example, in videos 1-5, all are gone except no. 5, which was the first in the series.

I think there are maybe 3 or 4 more that are still there. I'll say 8 in all. Why did she get rid of all the rest? There are 21 video in these saves. and only 8 remain. All those gone have to do with Hampstead, Hampstead Research, or SRA in no. 5.

Could it be she wanted to hide the obvious connection to her? What else could it be? And why hide? Was she ashamed. Oh no! far worse than that. I has discovered a lot of deception enabled by Youtube on "Whistleblower Child A witness statement" shown in the directly above screen save at the top. By Dec. 15 when a friend and I were investigating this video and the differences showing between my friends browser and mine were shocking. I have those differences shown below. There was some Christian music, too, both traditional and modern, that she would link to thru Hampstead Research on Sundays.


Jax would pretend she liked Christians, but I say she was just pretending as far as I am concerned and she was a New Age adherent, by her own admission and she had a harrowing Kundalini awakening by her accounting, which means demons were all over her. Yuck! But I know some who had to have read about her "Awakening" and paid no attention to it, even though they were Christians (Angelada). I think that says a lot. Note carefully above the Alisa Police Interviews labeled as "Whistleblower Child A witness statement." Proof that she had that video up and for some time, till I started to document everything along with a friend. Then it was taken down, deleted about 2 or 3 days after our last visit to the video. I had gone back after 3 days and it was gone. It had a lot of comments on it, too.

But now, brace yourselves for a big piece of Evidence. Pour a good stiff drink while you're at it. Again, this was all grabbed on or near Dec. 15, 2015.

I wonder how many of those 632 subscribers are legitimate people and not sock puppets. HR only had maybe 10-12 visitors at best on a regular day. Most blogs rarely get that many visitors unless they are celebrity types. HR had a handful of regular posters. I will be exploring this more in this article later. Lies abound on the net. Nothing is really as it seems. Keep that in mind. Don't trust your eyes. Look up generic face icons and names that seem bogus. You'll be surprised at what you'll often turn up.

I am sure some of the cult subscribed and watched and commented a lot, too. It was obvious. The typical claim as that Abraham beat the kids senseless and torture them into saying what they did. But the kids never brought up anything major. There was some spoon licks, and some water poured on them, heaven forbid. Never mentioned by the cult why the kids when young, long before Abraham, were throwing fits. Mom to Tavistock. What do you know, Tavistock could not find anything, despite their being quite skilled in psychology and programming, not only of individuals, but also of entire populations. Funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, no less.

According to Jax, her and hubby decided to do something for the kids, Alisa and Gabriel, and so started up HR. That was in Feb. 2015. But the Biddy Baboon channel started in 2009, not 2015. What was the existence of the channel doing for 6 years prior to 2015? Was Jax in the "business" for 6 years prior? She said she worked with Belinda McKenzie in 2010/2011. But this was formed in OCt. 2009, just before working with Belinda. And why with Belinda, who works on secret family court cases most often involving custody battles, sex abuse, and SRA? Was someone expecting something or maybe just preparing for something, just in case? After all, the kids say that in Hampstead alone, there are 8 or 9 other schools doing what Christ Church school was doing. And that was just in Hampstead. There are other wealthy areas as well.

Given my belief in divine providence and court battle of sorts between Satan and God, I see this event as being foreseen, if not set up, by these two opposing forces. Then it was up to the human players to fulfill their roles however they may. Could Satan have been hedging his bets and guiding the right people into place, before it was to happen, knowing it would happen? I think it was possible if not likely. But those maneuvered would not necessarily have been in on it, though they could have been.

But if not, certainly, authorities and powers in government were taking precautionary measures, just in case anything did happen. Family courts and child stealing are routine matters in the UK. They have built in industry for organized systematic child stealing on bogus charges of no credible pretense.

To me, this event was likely prepared by and negotiated by two opposing spirit forces, specifically God and Satan. God knew of Satan's plan for world-wide takeover, which God was going to allow, but with the condition that to some degree, God was going to expose, at the proper time, a time of His choosing, the workings Satan throughout the earth, to show what a bastard Satan really was. Satan tells humans he is a wonderful guy, an angel of light and wisdom. God will show enough to show the world that Satan is no such thing. He is a sadistic monster.

I believe the Hampstead case presents that opportunity (with 2 credible legitimate witnesses as the Bible requires), except that the UK took the kids in order to make sure the kids never spoke another word, ever. In fact, they had no doubt planned to have a banquet sacrifice with the 2 kids being the sacrificial meal. But my job is to tell you that is never going to happen. For just as the kids had no tattoos on them that were indicating that they belonged to Satan, God never intended that those kids would be overcome by Satan, and his kingdom. The whole situation was set up with mutual agreements on both sides, with the kids being the main focus.

Even David Shurter, a USA SRA victim who has crusaded long and hard with lots of persecution as a result, has also as of recent, in a radio interview with Ella-Abe and the radio show host I heard it Dec. 7 or 8, 2015, David felt this case was unusual and a "God-send." He was strong about it. I was delighted myself that he felt that way. The two of us together make 2 witnesses. Awesome! Ella-Abe make two more. The band wagon always has room for more!

(Shurter has shown other colors since. He appears to be a shill. And Angelada swears by him and Sinsia still posts things from him.)

God wanted to show the world a few things. But I do not think God has shown everything that He wants to. This case is not done or finished. Could it be that some in high places and power have been anticipating round 2 and are concerned about the outcome and results that ultimately are to happen? Is the sudden mass of events that have taken place in October 2015, all been to cover over a coming exposure, and maybe even the return of a very impressive miracle, the first of its kind since the martyrdom of Polycarp in the early 100s AD, 1900 years ago?

(I started this web page in Dec. 2015. PizzaGate would explode in late October 2016. It certainly does offer new hope.)

I say that is what is happening. I believe the kids will be freed in some remarkable manner and who knows what else. The scriptures only say that a door will be opened that no one will be able to shut it. I believe this case will be part of that.

Is it possible that Jax was set up to get in on the ground floor and become the diversionary source to derail this case? And maybe she was selected to continue to do more after? Was Sinsia also part of that plan? I am here to see that these are revealed as likely intelligence operatvies, then others can decide how much government interfernce it really involved in internet activities. I am not impressed with the results I have seen from Feb. 11 to the present, Dec. 10, 2015 as of writing this line.

I believe the  Biddy Baboon channel was started in 2009 so that when more channels were needed, they would have the appearance of being long establlished and credible. That it was not used till 2015 is suspicious to me on many levels. Added with all other things building up, I find it hard to ignore. The many added videos to hide the obvious Hampstead focus is a clear sign of a cover up. If there is a cover up, then there is a crime to be covered up or a conspiracy to cover up. And if Youtube is helping Jax, then this goes far higher than we ever could have imagined. Or if she has a sophisticated IT man who knows his way around net programming, then that would also indicate an impressive force supplying the expert tech help to aid Jax in coverups. She did have an IT man helping her track the cult and she also mentioned the IT services of a John Smith in HR version 3. John Smith had said he is a hacker on his facebook page and he has some interesting friends, too.

Biddy Pieces & Parts
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Below left is my browser's view while my friend and I locked in on the same video/comments at the same time. A's view is on the right.



By the way, Cynthia Mason is Jax as far as I am concerned. Note the last line: "Crying now gotta go." Oh please, I'm ill! That is sickeningly phony. That is what we are dealing with. As Charlie Brown would say, "Oh good grief!"

You will note that my post does not show up on A's browser on the right.  How about that, eh?
Below left
is A's view with Biddy's 2 posts in that view. To its right is mine and Biddy is nowhere to be found. Now how amazing it that?? !!

Clearly Biddy has much to hide, wouldn't you say? And Youtube is helping her to hide, it would appear. How important and big is this woman? Clearly, she is important to someone somewhere and Youtube is there to help. In ways no one was aware were being employed. Am I not right??? My posts only show on my browser and not on A's. And Biddy only shows on A's and not on mine!

My friends view below left.                                    My view below right.

In a view of this from previously saved further back/up on this
page, you can see the whole of what took place tween Biddy
and me.

Now I ask you all, the big questions: Who has the ability to have Youtube filter out any poster and yet allow them to see their own post, unless it has been totally deleted as it has been on this thread, where Truth1 does not show anywhere? But you can see Biddy in her 2nd post, addressing me, Truth1. And Youtube can stop me from seeing anyone they choose, which in this case is Biddy, herself. Now why does she not want me to see her posts? Any answers? No? Let me try.

She knows I am investigating her. How does she know that and know it so early since I had not talked about this for a time. Its only recently in October 2015 that I have mentioned it publicly. But she knew it before then. And she and Youtube have been covering her tracks, changing video content to hide the focus, get rid of incriminating posts, and give sock puppets more info to try to make them look more legitimate.

Now be aware that Giants like Google, who owns Youtube, are fronts for CIA/NSA info gathering and spying even as facebook does for the government, no doubt.

Youtube either has had these filtering abilities available for sometime, I suspect, or they made them up just for little ole me. But how many know of this ability? I have never seen it mentioned. Surprise! Its out now! Now I'd like to have more witnesses. But this video and its comments were deleted while my friend and I were going over it with a fine tooth comb. I gather that no one has done this before, outside of government circles, that is. But now someone with 32 years of reading all sorts of psychology books and trying to apply it to everyday life, has come along and upset the apple cart. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

But surely you can agree that so much cover up going on is not just for some harmless innocent thing. To go to such lengths to get  rid of all evidence and rig screen displays in browsers, is no small effort to go to. Someone was very afraid of what I was doing. WHY !!! If Jax were reasonably innocent, none of this would be necessary. None of it! That it has all happened, to me, is all the proof in the world. They condemned themselves by their own cover-up.

Of course, in their arrogance, they figured that I would not get far or that few, if any, would pay attention. They could be right, too. Listen, it is my opinion that most in this Hampstead conspiracy community are not that bright or well adjusted, either. Let me give some examples. Some one comes along about the end of February or beginning or March, speaking disparagingly of tin foil hatters being a joke and wanting to get serious about Hampstead. I was suspicious right away. Then he made a link to the "Golden Age" video, which is very much an Illuminati concept written about by Fritz Springmeier and I having been formerly one of Jehovah's Witnesses was also acquainted with this concept started by the first founder of what later became Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Russell. In fact, they once published the Golden Age magazine.

But though I was aware of these things, not one other soul on that FB forum detected anything. But a few days or so on, CAS, Christine Ann Sands showed up and this guy was linking to her stuff. There were two people posting there that thought he was very creepy, and were posting so and saying "OK, here comes the excuse about the CAS links." And he said he was deleting them all. One of them was Adriana Griffith, I think it was. So it was not just I. And then he took a subtle stab at Sabine. I now considered him a person of interest. But with so many clueless dummies, I never had a chance. No one knew enough to be worried about anything. That is how this community is. Clueless!

Had the "Hampsters" been informed enough, they would have benefited from my knowledge, much of it acquired in the USA conspiracy circles. But they knew nothing and so could not appreciate what I warned of. They were too damned dumb for their own good.

Life presents far greater challenges now, than what most people are prepared for. I was "lucky" that I saw what I did as a kid of 7 and on from there. But too many have been too asleep, for too long. So they were not of much use when they could have been, had things been different. Maybe they can learn from all this or maybe not. At least I tried my best.

Now if you think some of this is impressive, you have not seen anything yet. I got lots more to get up. It will take a few weeks or a couple months. Jax left a lot behind to fuel the fire with. And you all never recognized any of it. It will be embarrassing for you all. And big things might happen in February or we might get 6 months more delay to allow more corrective/healing treatment for the kids at no cost to anyone but the UK government and Tavistock, which is Rockefeller funded, by the way. But I am hoping for a February date ;-)

I got so much I want to accomplish but I got the cares of life to look after as well, since the government does not pay my salary as it appears to do for some.

There is a lot going on, on Youtube, that no one seems to know, except me. And in the arena of Feminism, Professional Victims, MGTOW, MRAs, and other political maneuvering, there is some huge stuff. That whole field of two forces opposing each other, are actually cooperating together with the NWO Elite in concealing what the true agenda is. There is a much more sinister goal behind all this jockeying. The plan is to reduce men to 10% of the world's population. That does not mean they will achieve it, but they will try. Women are deemed by Satan as much easier to bully or cajole into selling out. And the men in power would like to have lots of good looking women extracted from the greater population to have as playthings, whether by force or otherwise.

Back on Dec. 3, 015, my friend A and I visited a MGTOW site:   MGTOW Art of War: Trench Warfare

On this video on the comments page, we got 3 different results. Now I want to point out that "A" and I got different results at Biddy Baboon channel, with A signed in to Youtube. That was Dec. 1, 015 or a couple days previous to it. Visiting this MGTOW channel, 2-4 days later, Youtube now recognizes my friend's IP address as well as mine and makes them both somewhat similar whereas they had not been so when at Biddy Baboon. They quickly got on to what we were doing. But My friend A had forgotten to sign in on this night and so got a very different results when unsigned. When he signed in, then it looked much more like mine. We did plenty of screen saves.

So we were being watched intensely by Youtube, I think. If anyone knows a hacker that can do this, he must be quite the hacker. I say its Youtube. If you got other ideas, I'd like to hear them. So why was Youtube so interested in us? Were we that dangerous? Evidently!.

The end result was that when unsigned in, my friend was not able to find my big 5 paragraph post anywhere on this comments page/video. In fact, the main post in which I replied to, was also missing, so that you would not detect that anything had been deleted. My post still showed on my browser and when A was signed in, it showed on his, too. So the posts were still there, but would not be visible to anyone other than me or my friend. So Youtube was anticipating more trouble to follow. But they did not anticipate A forgetting to sign in. So they got caught again. Call it Divine Providence.

Here is the link for the page I created with all the details.   youtube-test.htm

We picked a MGTOW site as MGTOW likes to avoid pointing fingers at NWO elites as the financial and ideological force behind both MGTOW and Feminism, the extreme kind in particular with its professional victims and SJWs who make lots of money, supposedly from ordinary people. Its all lies. The NWO funds the whole damn thing says I and that is what they wanted to silence. More on that to come.

But how does this relate to HR. Easy! HR is funded by Elites who can place Youtube at the disposal and aid of HR. They can send IT people or anyone else needed. Need help with twitter? They will get it and they did. Same for MGTOW and Feminists. Need money? No problem! Need publicity? They will have every media outlet in the nation or the world seek out these paid liars of sick twisted ideology designed to destroy society. Make no mistake about that. And that just happens to be my area of expertise. It takes a real cynical bastard to get onto these guys and their tricks. I happen to qualify for that in a big way. I trust no one and nothing. I suspect everyone and everything. I leave no stone unturned.

But what you need to know is that some really big players have been helping HR. I even tried to send out messages thru a channel's About section, where you have the option to send a message to the channel operator. I sent out at least 20 channels/messages and I don't think a one went thru. Xendrius did not get his. Again, what is Youtube so frightened about? It would have to be the truth. Imagine the likes of Google/Youtube being terrified of me. Its laughable isn't it? Or is it? I will ask you to consider only this. If what I am doing is this scary, then I must really have something here. You might do very well to look into this all, very deep and very carefully. If I were just a basket case, they would have nothing to fear. That they fear and fear big, indicates I am not out of my mind and I am a serious threat.

That is why few in the Hampstead community like me, because I ruffle feathers, expose shills and favor God. God forbid! And I fight well for the kids. Just you wait and see ;-) 

Most people are too busy liking people and having friends, rather than seeking truth and trying to help the kids. I know, they say they care about the kids, but they really don't know what that means. But I have never been concerned about winning any popularity contests. I have been concerned for the kids, 4 of them, actually. You know two of them. There are two more.

I'm crazy? Didn't you all say that about me regarding HR and Jax? What do you say now? Regardless, I will prove what I say and I will prevail. Numbers are no obstacle to God.

A Brief Recap
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A review of what we have so far.

Jax starts the Biddy Baboon channel in Oct 2009, leaving it empty we assume.

She works with Belinda McKenzie for a year or two, 2010-2011, becoming familiar with family courts of secrecy.

She starts the channel, Eddy the Cat, in Oct. 2012 and first video on Alex Jones, Jan. 2013.

Feb 2015, she starts Hampstead Research and Apr 2015 starts Youtube channel, Hampstead Research. June 2015, Eddy the Cat channel changed to HRtube, and Biddy Baboon starts to be used for HR as well. Her channels have now all found a purpose, being adapted to her "assigned" field of "assignment/territory/subject."

From the start in 2009 to Hampstead, 2015, there is a fairly continuous progress, with 2014 being the only year without an accounting of some sort.

Jax and Arendale become good buddies less than one month after HR starts, as Arendale makes her posting debut during or just after the March 14/15 London protests. She reveals a lot of her family matters. A short time later, Arendale reveals some of her families living and moving around the country and she says cults have no particular rules and each is very different. I got a number of books written on Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC and SRA. All find only 2 to 3 main types. The government TBMC, SRA for porn and prostitution and intergenerational isolated groups; and a few renegade teen groups. Organized crime is now said to be another group, but I think all the cults tend to work together and support each other and follow similar rules and techniques. Arendale proved to be 100% wrong, but I believe that was her intention. But Jax worked with her, not against her and was protective of her and erased all her bio info and posts, except for one, on HR.

Books cited for the above paragraph, "Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century," "Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse," Two Fritz Springmeier books on Illuminati Mind Control Slaves, "Healing the Unimaginable," "Thanks for the Memories (Brice Taylor)," "Unshackled (Kathleen Sullivan)." I have seen a number of videos as well. And articles, too. I am not the absolute authority by any means, but I have read more than enough to have a pretty good idea of what I am talking about. Add 32 years of psychology reading and it is on the formidable side.

The following is part of another article still being worked on  >>>

A coverup is proof of guilt and conspiracy. Both are guilty of being up to no good. Then we have the obvious false info and profile of a supposed Asher Arendale, who seems to say nothing about Hampstead or have any involvement with it, yet Arendale knows all about Hampstead, supposedly about TBMC, SRA, Cults, etc. Asher Arendale has conflicting data between what I gather the 1st time to the 2nd time. Asher Arendale is a fraud as I see it and so was wordpress HR poster Arendale.

There is nothing good about any of this data. It wreaks of dishonesty. Arendale stops posting near mid May 2015. Just suddenly disappears. Imagine that. Jax no doubt warned her of my suspicion and plans to track her down. That is what bought on the Asher Arendale FB hoax in the 1st place. I was an enemy of Jax by June.

<<< end of a waiting account.

As I see it, already, Jax was acting to protect disinfo agent Arendale and that they both knew each other well. I had no idea at that time. I just knew that Arendale knew nothing about what she was talking about.

But most impressive of all, to me, is the serious involvement of Youtube in this affair and my investigation of it, and their apparent aiding of Jax.

It would be helpful to know the family background of Jax, given her personality displayed on HR.

New YT Discoveries         Feb. 16, 2017
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SuperEarther channel

1,112 subscribers 611,478 views       Joined Oct 18, 2009

She has a number of channels I subscribe to, altogether in a row and she subscribes to her other channels as well. Related completely. She knows and subscribed to some of the channels I do. More on that, soon. She has good tastes! She likely uses these to create a profile of sufficient variety that a person might show. She may even watch some of the new videos of the subscriptions to get a feel for my tastes and personality or to see what motivates me. Or she may do so to pass on to someone to analyze though I would think anyone doing that would look at all my 100+ subscriptions. But what she does makes sense and is a good idea. But it shows that I am watched, at least a little

This channel proved to be the mother lode. Why? Because this channel was created just 6 days before Biddy Baboon was. This one on Oct 18, 2009 and Biddy on October 24, 2009. Biddy sat empty and inactive till the Hampstead days, whereas SuperEarther has substantial activity from the very first day it started. This likely contains the comprehensive collection of video that Jax makes use of.

I suspect that each agent has a specific assignment, and I believe that Jax is an intelligence agent and that she has an assignment that deals primarily with SRA and Mind Control and sex abuse and trafficking stuff. And a little bit of conspiracy stuff as you would find in her book, Illuminati Party. It is reported that she lives in Surinam, South America now. There are a number British territories in that region. having her there, if that is the case, would be a good move.


To be a British crusader, in appearance, anyway, against British politics and supporting those abused by government officials, you would not be able to do this living in the UK, unless you were a member of UK Intelligence. But to create a better cover, South American would be a good place to be. But to travel around the world and locate yourself so you can crusade back in the UK, takes a little bit of money. Its not the kind of thing easily within reach. But British Intelligence could easily set it up and finance it all. Jax is paid and has lots of assistance from Google/YouTube, Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and the Internet Archive in San Fran. to have all those help you, you have to be in Intelligence. There is no way around that.

And she certainly is not the only one doing this for the UK. And the USA does it, too. Often, big nations now have many of these activities done under military departments like the army or navy. SuperEarther (SE from here on in) is Jax' first channel to be created. And she started on it right away and has been steadily adding to it, the whole 7 years of its existence. With it, she has a wide selection to tailor to any sort of need in her assigned area. She can then start up other channels fast and immediately dump a 100 or more videos into newly created channel such as the 2 channels below this section. She is a grand dame of SRA type psyops for UK intelligence.

Her goal and purpose, among others is to disseminate false info to mislead. Many fake experiences are out there and one of her jobs is to spread those around. I saw it first hand. Called her on it more than once. She also tried to make some look bad when they are good. I know that, too! She works with other agents in the UK and USA, too. But as well, to lend some credibility to her, she offers legitimate videos and other media info as well.

Here is a list of the number of and year of videos added to the SE channel:

Number of videos added & year

 6   7 years ago 2010 Feb

34  6 years ago  2011

58  5 years ago  2012

45  4 years ago  2013

Number of videos added & year

33  3 years ago  2014 Feb

38  2 years ago  2015

45  1 year ago  prior to Feb 13 2016

11  this last year to Feb 13 2017

 The year 2010, started at the founding of this channel in late October 2009. So with only 3.5 months to Feb 2010, she added  6 videos. After that, the numbers jumped right up. The last year, Feb. 2016 to Feb 2017 only has 11. That has been her lowest total by far for a whole year. What is great about this? A lot. Now we know what exactly she has been doing from 2009 on. She has been employed from then to now, by British Intelligence in all likelihood. And her training began even before that. This channel was a major break through.

Now we consider 2 other discoveries by Feb 16, 2017.

Hampstead Research                                           
Social Media
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Social Media         436 subscribers • 74,673 views       Joined Apr 24, 2015

This is the same site as one near the beginning, which has the same graphic heading but with Jax's book, Illuminati Party up in the left in the left hand corner. Now its just flowers. And the channel name was HR Tube. Now its Social Media. Still the same old crap, though!

Interesting to note this was started before Jax self-destructed but after the March 14/15 implosion of Sinsia's FB site. It just sat idle for a year maybe, if that.

Related channels   David Seaman   She has 22 videos, all 1 year old as of Feb. 2017

So this site was made fast and all videos uploaded at once, in all likelihood. Was started soon after the videos were released of Alisa and Gabriel.
Note that the channel name was/is Social Media, even though the banner says Hampstead Research. My guess is that she did not want it to show up in a youtube search for Hampstead Research. And videos showing the channel would not stand out. But I am always curious when I see a video of the kids and who is showing it. Maybe she was trying to hide it from the cult, which is a good idea.

Mo Money Mommies   --  channel
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 160 subscribers • 48,774 views        Joined Aug 8, 2013       Eddie the Cat joined in Oct. 14, 2012. About 10 months apart.

She calls herself Trishaly on this channel. I do believe the above is actually Jax. Her hand is middle aged. She has the red hair and upturned nose and what look to be freckles on the nose, too. She appears to be wearing makeup to improve the complexion or it might be just the sun bleaching out color and detail.   

Known pictures of Jax on the right.

103 videos all uploaded 1 year ago. It was idle for 3 years prior. She had the videos already collected and uploaded all at once. Nothing to slowly grow. She was ready and waiting.

The effect of making channels long before you need them is to confuse people as to the identity of the owner. That is why many did not recognize Biddy Baboon as being Jax.


Let's try this. If Jax was just doing this of her own accord, for the kids, then why the lying, and hiding and misrepresentation, and disinfo? She has been at this for 7 years. There is a fair amount of work that has gone in to it, if she has watched all the videos in SuperEarther. I suspect she has not. As well, she has connections and supporters, many of whom are significant in their status. She loves to use sock puppets galore, as do the cult members and Intelligence shills/trolls. She seems to crave attention and glory and yet avoid pictures and her real name. And she follows me around and keeps an eye on me, too. Rivalry? Fear? What's the motivation? I'd like to tell ya its my gorgeous looks but I don't relish getting struck by a bolt of lightning.

We have 6 Youtube channels in her name, spanning 7 years. Just a volunteer? I really doubt it. As well, her running to Suriname, if that is really the case, supposedly because the UK wants to arrest her or she is danger or some BS excuse like that. I'm not buying any of it. Jax told way too many lies back in the days of Hampstead Research. It is a game. That is an Intelligence activity, too.

Cyfers Trinity
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Cyfers Trinity channel

3 videos uploaded 2 years ago. 9 videos 1 year ago.  Only 4 subscriptions showing. And Youtube is not showing the start up date. How come? They are always trying to cover up for nefarious characters. Assuming the channel is new, which is a lot to assume, given her other channels, we got 2 years at most. Most revealing is the comment screen of the dear sweet Alisa video.     Could This Child Be Lying Published Originally by: Anonymous

On the comment screen shaz shaz is Jax. Can't miss her. got one of one of her sock puppets taking on RD. The gang is all there.

It would not be a Jax channel without lots of sock puppets. She uses pagan imagery for that nice satanic touch ;-)  and look at that name! "Truth has no Agenda." True, but Jax has lots of corrupt agenda. Besides, truth be told, the cult is supposed to help Jax look persecuted as a defender of "light."

So Jax has 6 channels in all, one just revised with a different channel name, like Biddy Baboon was.

Bridget Yorke On Facebook
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I only discovered this on Feb10, 2017. But is solves many mysteries. Earlier, I discovered the Biddy Baboon YouTube channel had changed to Bridget Yorke. I knew it has always been a Jax channel. I tried an FB search for Bridget and there it was. Everything had evidence of it being Jax, especially the blurred picture. But that was a far as it went till Feb. 10, 2017. At that time, 2 days ago (its Feb 12 now), I discovered that the Bridget FB page was started in late 2014, 3 months after the 2 kids were taken prisoners by the UK and Satan. I will start with the basics and then arrange the posts from earliest one first and on to the last. There was only ever a few posts. The site was seldom ever used.

I got a bunch of stuff on Feb. 10, 2017 and now everything has changed on Feb. 16, 2017. Did it change just for me? Or for everyone? I ask because I had someone send me a big picture of this Bridget FB photo small size above. And only like 5 friends or so where showing. Now at left, 2,003 are showing. I had reversed the order 6 days ago to reflect the oldest, first.

Below showed up today Feb 16. Previous, Feb 10>>      2014 was as far back as it went with Araya's post about Annett. but now it shows 2012 and later 2011.

Below was the last post on the FB page on Feb 10 for me. Note Araya did this on Dec. 15, 2014 about Kevin Annett. 



Above was taken from the post on the left, toward the bottom left. No really concerning names here. Eilish crusades for children and against SRA and Mind control. I have seen Rachael before but not sure where. But on many lists of likes, it is often interesting who likes and who does not.

The above is the first actual post to Bridget's FB page. Dec.15, 2014. I think Araya was trying to get something going, but Jax/Bridget was always shy of FB and considered it very insecure and Jax always had plenty to hide or soon would. Araya went looking for FB help and found advertised activist willing to help Araya set up a Facebook Group page. I call her Sinsia. You'll meet her soon enough. Obviously, Araya was already encountering total frauds. Kevin Annett threatening or perhaps just helping out "friends," to make them look persecuted and legitimate. Araya might be legitimate but not Bridget. And Bridget is really Jax, anyway and Jax is not the real of the person behind Jax. Hoaxtead will tell you who it is.

A rather well known tactic of the elite powers of the world is to create 2 opposing sides, and then select one to be the bad guy, and the other the good guy. The bad one acts bad, talks bad, and behaves bad, even outrageous. Most decide they don't like the bad and decide to side with the good. As well, the elite make sure the good guy talks real impressive, smart, good, caring, practically an angel from heaven. So Kevin makes a mock threat against Araya and Bridget and they look persecuted for carrying out a righteous cause. They become heros. Kevin mentions a "common law death warrant. In case you don't know, that is not a real thing. He was trying to be funny or scary. He ends it with a "God Bless." I doubt God will bless him or Kanata/Canada.

Araya says Annett has had 10 people die around him and being a CIA operative. This is all quite possible in hindsight as the Hampstead case has drawn more kook, crazies, weirdos, spies, saboteurs, trolls, shills, phonies and creeps, and all kinds of liars and deceivers. So with so many bad guys, it would not be even remotely surprising for Kevin to be as Araya charges. I have no evidence myself. He is not an issue for me. Were someone able to point to a good source of facts, that would be great. But another odd thing about the Hampstead cause is that most in it, do not want to talk or substantiate anything. You are supposed to take their word for it. Not me! I require good solid evidence. My evidence requirements are not stringent, but are solid and useful for investigation.

This article is about giving you enough to know who to trust or not. What you do with it from there is your problem I stand by a solid piece of wisdom uttered by Jesus, son of God Almighty: "By their fruits you will know them!" Most people would not know how to recognize good fruit from bad. Accusations without supporting evidence? Very bad. Take their word for it? Not hardly. Examine the facts? Too much work! Be informed?  Ah ha ha ha ha!  Forget about it! I have tried here to give enough to be fairly reliable. My main concern is warning people of deception and cleansing my hands of guilt as required by God/Jehovah.

Now while Araya was shopping for facebook help, Jax was likely getting ready for starting a wordpress blog just 2 months later. Its more secure but if someone complains about  a posting, the site can be deleted. This can be bad or good. If you want to way to get rid of all the evidence, this is great. If you really want to remain permanent. Wordpress is a very bad choice for subjects of controversy. Wordpress may or may not be fair in their judgment but you will have no say. and if someone posts something Word press objects to, they will be denied to post at that blog forever more, no 2nd chance. That is extreme censorship.

So the reality here is that Jax first debuted as Bridget Yorke. I had no idea till she changed Biddy Baboon to Bridget Yorke. Why? To hide who the real owner was. No one knew about Bridget, save Araya. But Jax did not want anyone to believe she was behind Biddy Baboon. Biddy Baboon was started way back in 2009. And then sat idle till 2015. Why was it started and not used for 6 years. Ask Jax. I say they do this because I have seen other questionable channels also started in 2009. I am guessing that the government internet divisions of the military wanted a number of empty accounts started so that they would appear old and no one really know when they started or maybe thought having a site long since around would look credible. But if you search the dates of posts, you can determine a rough time of when people first posted to the video watched. Jax had 2 other YouTube accounts as well.

>>Today, Feb 16, the entire year of 2015 is missing. And with it, the post below, showing Brian Gerrish and John Blake. Did they want to hide this? Where is it? Just below is what I captured today. It goes from Feb 8, 2016 to 2014 with Bridget posting Dec. 31, 2014. What happened to 2015 and Brian Gerrish?<<

Araya posted above about Annett Dec. 15, 2014.
Below are the consecutive posts of today, Feb 16. Araya's post should be in between those 2 below. Its not there or anywhere today. But I got the screen save of the post. What happened? Tell me! Was this a cover for Annett and Gerrish, or just a way to confuse and set up an accusation of me making things up?


I will propose that Jax had someone open doors for her and make connections for her. She had lots of them. She was well connected. She was not a nobody. She was a stranger to no one. That says a lot all by itself. Brian Gerrish was onboard from the beginning it would appear. He may have just been following the Hampstead case but since the kids being kidnapped by the UK,  and HR not having started yet and the videos of the kids not having been released yet, and this being only the 2nd or 3rd post ever made to this point. I wonder!

To Gerrish's credit, he covered the case of the 2 kids of Hampstead on his Youtube video Channel, The UK Column. That "Bridget was tagged shows that Brain was already acquainted with that FB ID. It was not a total secret. 

As well, this was 10 months since HR/Jax had begun publishing. As well, since the whole of the HR following had exploded and fractured into pieces in July of 1015, 6 months earlier. And with Araya as a friend, and Gerrish, too, it clearly seems to have a Hampstead connection.  At left, 4 days before New Year, Jax/Bridget are still together after the big split and makes me think that Araya was the "sickened" ID name on Wordpress. I had long suspected it. At this point, I have no confidence in Araya as trustworthy.

Continued from above right . . .
I had notice her name on this FB page maybe 6 months back and asked Araya if she knew who Bridget was. She never answered. I think that says a lot. Araya was extreme new age and thought the answers to awakening were certain hallucinogenic drugs. She had a lot of wild behaviors. In short, maybe not the best association to have with cause. Credibility is important. The Hampstead community lost that quickly in March 2015 with the first big fallout on the facebook page that She got Sinsia's help on. Jan.1, 2916, Jax blows kisses to Araya by catering to the flat earth non-theory hoax. Araya subscribes to it. What can I say?

This is about the only post left. It should be clear here that Bridget Yorke was not started in later 2016.

These 2 posts above are missing along with 2015 as well. How about that! There was hardly a post on this FB page 6 days ago. about 5-7 in all. Now Feb 16, there are tons of them. Some might say, maybe FB did not finish downloading. That would not explain posts missing in between. No, Its like a whole different page from Feb 10 to Feb 16. Now it would appear that posts go back to 2012, if this set if right of Feb 26.  But with so much missing of the Feb 10 version, how would anyone know which was right or if either was right? What is super clear is that Facebook has been working with Jax (a.k.a Bridget). But it is clear with either version that Bridget Yorke was a pseudo-name for Charlotte Ward, if Hoaxtead is right and I believe they are but evidence will come later. And then Charlotte decided on Jacqui Farmer for a pseudo-name for Hampstead Research in Feb. 2015.

So Facebook is absolutely a partner with Intelligence agencies of both the USA and UK, to help out co-in-tel agents carrying on psychological disinformation campaigns. And we should have no doubt that most Youtube Alt Media are likely also conintel agents, missing truth with lies. but for anyone wondering why I am doing this stuff, This is why. Jax does nothing but lie and same for all the various social media and search engines and the like. None one that I am aware of, knows the tricks the net companies pull. I seem to be the only one experiencing this. So then I ask, could it be I am the only one telling the truth and therefore, the only one discovering the coverups to make my investigation more difficult.

My impression with the public is that they do not care or do not believe its going on. They will find out soon enough.

Some have come to believe that the Bridget below is the same as the facebook Bridget. And the FB Bridget does use the photo below, perhaps to put us all off the trail or otherwise mislead us into thinking it is not Jax. But I believe that the two with the same name have nothing in common. Another explanation can be found.


The FaceBook Bridget on the Feb 16 date, shows many friends and one of them is a Tessa Yorke. There is the Yorke connection. Tessa lives in South Africa. It so happens that Jax's husband, and/or his family are from South Africa. His name is Ed de Boer. Boer is Dutch for Farmer, hence Jacqui Farmer and Jacob Farmer. Dutch Farmers settled in South Africa.

Tessa Yorke is a friend and maybe an inlaw, too. That explains the Yorke very well, instead of the common English York like the actor Michael York. So why Bridget? Why not. Or it might be that Jax knew of Briget Yorke and thought it would be a good diversion, should anyone wonder about who Facebook Bridget Yorke is. And she used the Bridget fashion blog to mislead people into thinking the FB and wordpress blog are the same person. Remember that Jax is a notorius liar and anyone can borrow or use another Identity. The blog Bridget may not even know she is being used. Neither Bridget looks like the other. But as well, the FB Bridget has 6 or more Hampstead followers, making Jax  the clear owner of the FB Bridget Yorke page.

Below is the evidence of Tessa Yorke being South African, like Ed de Boer married to Jax. And below right a women pleading the cause of white Dutch Farmers, hence perhaps a cause dear to Ed and Jax. For sure, the blacks of S. Africa are hateful raping murdering racists bigots who rape kill their own as well, but more so the whites. It is brutal down there now. A white genocide! Where are the human rights people now?

How clever that Jax should rename Biddy Baboon Bridget Yorke, in order to fool people into thinking that Bridget is the fashion blog Bridget. But The FB Bridget changed her name to Jacqui Farmer as the pseudo-name for Hampstead Research. Later using it for Biddy Baboon was only as a result of my tracking her down and proving what she is and exposing Youtube as well.

Jax has always liked Alex Jones and he gets referred to on Eddy the Cat channel changed to HRTube. Gerrish also shows up with Alex.





Now I got the big clincher for ya. I was surprised but not really. Let me show you.

This is supposedly Jax's birth date. But in conversations with her, we determined that she was 7 years younger than me. I graduated in 77 and she in 84. She therefore was born in 66. not 59. I was born in 59. Now January 17 would not normally mean anything for me. But I would pick a month or day that was not my birthday and use a different day or month for each nosy service wanting too much info. Jan. 17 happens to be the date I used to start my yahoo email account back about 2004 or 2005. I lost it last year, forgetting my passwords.  Do you see the significance now? It was her way of letting me know that she had been snooping in my affairs. But unlike her, I have nothing to hide except my real birth date. Maybe she should try google next. Youtube?  Ah ha ha ha ha!

She also posted on Sabine's blog, my Grandfather's name and his love of horses and horse racing. His nick name no less, was Phat. She had the Wordpress ID horse lover phat without the spaces. I might have mentioned his name in an article I wrote on non-verbal communication. However she got it, I guess I was supposed to be intimidated. Oh please! Give me a break! But my exposing the intelligence operations methods? Now that gets their attention.

So if there was any doubt about who FaceBook Bridget is, the above date should vanish the doubt. Jax and all intelligence operations are nothing but lies and deceit. Jax will not be the last. But I got other things to do first. but I'll get to it eventually. And make no mistake about this! Hoaxtead is covering for Jax. They pretend to hate her so that she looks like a hero. But she really looks like a zero! And one more thing. my last visit maybe 10 minutes ago or so, when I got past 2016, 2015 came up and then disappeared and went to 2014. Either it was hiding or the evidence was wiped out, . But I got it. Now we have to wonder about Gerrish, Annett, and maybe even Araya. I had asked her maybe 3 months back, if she could tell me anything about Bridget or who she was. She never answered. And knowing that she was a good friend of Jax brings up yet more possibilities. And it does not stop there, either.

I got more to work on, but this ought to set a few things straight.

Update Feb. 20, 017, 2 PM, just got done looking over the FB Bridget Yorke page and its changed a bunch again. Today there was noting further back than 2013 and my supposed birth date was gone and Araya's threat from Annett was back. It would appear to me they are trying to make it look like I am lying. But far too many changes suggest this dormant FB page is full of activity now. I'll keep updating!

I did find this on comments to Araya's threat. Charlie Ward is interesting. Any relation to Charlotte, I wonder?

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