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Alisa & The Walking Dead follow-up

The previous HX Watch #10 of July 16 covered some interesting results of a picture I got from Hoaxtead in Sep/Oct of 2017. That photo lead straight to AMC's "The Walking Dead" Cable TV series. That is no small turn of events. Some picture reviews:

This was the HX version put up by EC
The version to the right, above, has better lighting.
EC darkened it to make identification much less likely.
But I don't get fooled easy.
To the right just above, the same picture with different a slightly different phrase associate with "The Walking Dead" show. Its much lighter. I say it is Alisa. Oh, I got back-up!
Note the hat cause that is the style of hat in the show.


Its a boy, not a girl. Chandler Riggs by name on  His character is Carl Grimes. But the hat is the same style. We have things that seem to solidly associate Alisa with this show, for reasons we can not be sure of yet. His eyes/lids slant downward as they move away from the center of his nose. Alisa's do not. But let's not stop here. Below, no. 1 is Alisa, as I see it. Riggs is the other 3 pics. No.2 shows Riggs double chin and very long phitrum beneath the nose. Lisa's is shorter and does not show as much here. Her double chin is more subtle, too. You can argue that it is not Alisa, but you can not say #1 is Riggs. Not possible. Lisa's hair was styled some like Riggs, but his curves toward the front and her's just hangs fairly straight. Wait till ya see what is coming. You will not be able to see it yet. But lets be clear here. I find it remarkable that the two seem to share similar features.
More amazing is that RD and Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes on the show, both look a lot a like, as best as we can tell. How is this possible? Its uncanny! Exactly! In Ancient times, the old nations and culture were very much pagan worshippers of the gods and none more so that the Spartans. And if they sought the blessing of the god or goddess they desired, with sacrifice, they had to keep sacrificing until the god or goddess was appeased and in return would produce a good "omen" as a sign of approval.

That Alisa and RD have such similar looking acting counter parts and Rick D. and the character of Andrew is also called Rick. I call this a clear omen from the father Jehovah, indicating the His Favor in granting help with this case. Just like the Audi commerical. Let have a look at the 2 Ricks.

I conclude that all the pics in the collage below are the same actor, Andrew. The Bloody face could pass for RD.

A lot of similarity here. The nose especially. But Andrew matches with his other pics. So RD and Andy are distinct, barely.

1 could pass for 2.  3 could pass for 2. But 1 & 3 do not match in the mid face at cheek level. Rick D. and the character Andrew plays is called Rick. And they look very similar. How is that possible? And Alisa and Riggs looks distinguishable and yet their features are somewhat similar. There had to be some planning in the supernatural realm on this one. Too many coincidences.

And how fitting that an alleged Satan worshiper should be involved with the "walking dead." How was it that RD came to put up a picture that looks almost identical to other Alisa photos . . . unless it is Alisa. Its hard not to conclude that RD has many contacts in Hollywood who could open any door for him and his kids.

For all we know, both kids could have played Zombies for kicks.


Ever have a bad hair day? She could use some dental work. It may be that Rick and the kids were just visiting on the set and had photos taken. But that a photo should appear on Hoaxtead that looks like Alisa should surprise no one. But since we have seen the 3 together in the Ebay promo, we need not doubt anything anymore. Everything makes perfect sense. The UK lied like hell. They gave the kids to Rick and told him to get out of the UK so no one would see him and the kids and keep a low profile in the USA.

Andrew is the lead character  in this series. but notice that though the series in done in the west USA, this actor was from the UK. He had gone to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He is not far from being Rick D's age. It is possible they knew each other in London and about? Are they both in the same "club." I think it is very possible. Then Andrew gets a part with the name of Rick. Are you kidding me? Both from the UK!

A lot of coincidences! I got one thing bothering me. where is Gabriel? We missed him for while in the Audi commerical, but found him eventually. Even We do not even have any proof that RD was in his. We have one possibility and that won't work. But Alisa, That is a dead ringer. She is not Riggs and He is not her. And she made it to Hoaxtead in picture form. but we do have many similarities and coincidences. What I take form this is that Southern California was their home and playground. Rick had long said he might take the kids to Hollywood. Was he pimping his kids? They said he typically did that on Wednesdays and many other days and places, too. So it is not unreasonable to ask that.

Now I got another story for you. On April 3, 2018, I uploaded my first issue of Hoaxtead Watch#1 after having warned HX that if they did not post my reply to them on their blog, that I would start my own Blog watching and critiquing them. They did not post it and I honored my word on April 3. On April 9, 2018, I posted my 2nd issue of HX Watch#2. On April 12, I get this notice in the Evening from my credit card company asking if I had approved of a charge to my card for $314 from Cult Denim. I said I had not. They said no problem, we will take it off and nothing will be charged to you. and they sent the confirmation as follows:

So I looked up Cult Denim to see that it was all about. They are stores that specialize in selling tight slender jeans and pants. They have a bunch of stores in California and several, I Believe, in Oregon and Washington. As I look them up now, I don't see what I did the first time. It looks now like other stores carry the name brand. "Cult of Individuality" and "Cult Jeans" show now. I called my credit card company, saying I was concerned about where the charge had come from. It always shows the company and location and phone number. The operator was flustered and said, "the location?" I said yeah, it had to come form somewhere. She did not seem to want to tell me. I said, what state was it from? She said California. That is all she would tell me but did assure me I would not be charged for it. This is known in legal terms as Temporal Proximity. 2 related events happening near the same time are not a coincidence.

My opinion is that Mr. RD et al wanted to send me a warning message. My credit card company cooperated, I suspect. The intent was not to actually commit fraud, since the card company would make sure it did not go thru or hurt me. The hope was that I would put 2 and 2 together ( I did) and get sacred and stop. I did not! In order to make it clear of who did this, they used the name of the store, "Cult Denim." Its seemed pretty clear to me, given that I started up my blog in Hoaxted and that it came from California.

I would say it is good evidence that Hoaxtead is genuinely concerned with my work, as the UK was when they likely bought off Ella for fear of the Audi commercial info going viral. But now I'm cooking them up as a sacrifice to my God. Ah, I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. I intend no violence or threats. I just like cool metaphors. Its OK for HX to do it, but not for others, right?

I get the sense that EC & company are getting a bit on edge. Almost all posts on Lift the Veil, give every indication that they read and repeated what I had written about the Ebay interview. Most photos on Google Images have linked to them. I got to admit that I was as surprised as anyone.

I think RD has certain hopes for this publicity campaign, but it did not go as they planned. Even all the shills coming back, which is the equivalent of admitting they were wrong. It must be embarrassing for them, too. What comes around, goes around. It will be my party this time!

Mr. EC, perhaps you might want to consider terms of surrender at this point. If you let it go, it might not go as you are hoping it will. While your network is powerful, indeed, Mine is, too. Mine comes from above. I can be reasonable. But if this forest fire gets out of control, you may not make it out of the woods. Those in power always seem to want somebody to blame when things go bad. Just food for thought. You know where to find me.


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