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"Lift the Veil" - Exposed

If you have followed the Hampstead case for  a year and a half and have not been living under a rock, then you might be familiar with the events of the last year when youtube channel "Lift the Veil"  (LTV from here on in)  took on the Hampstead case and ended up (no surprise) saying it was a Hoax and that he regretted getting involved. That's what his dad said, too! I had seen and will supply the links, videos saying Nathan was a shill. They were not wrong. I'll start with his phoniest attempt at exposing a psyop-false event in the UK, the Manchester Bombing, after the Ariana Grande concert in early 2017 maybe near to March. I'll try to set it up for you.

But you will note that he is now back on the Hampstead case, likely hoping to get another change to sabotage the 2 kids stolen form their mother. The irony here is that at the time that shill face (LTV) was saying the Hampstead case was a hoax and the RD was stalking him or something like that; That RD was living in S. California, probably not more than 30 or 40 miles from him is a riot. Now Shill Face admits RD is living in So. Cal. But wait! Shill Face says that RD was harrassing him from the UK. Opps! LTV caught lying. No surprise there.

I had seen these videos that insisted LTV was a shill. I warned LTV that if he screwed up this case, he was going to answer for it. He trashed the whole thing. He is a shill 100%. He said to the effect that he wished he had never gotten into it. As it ends up now, He is right back in, and admitting that RD & kids were in Southern Cali all along. Then how is it he did not see it. I saw it and I never turned my back on the kids, unlike Kris & Sonya and all kids of other freaks and weirdoes. May they all rot in hell. Now for the Manchester bombing.

Supposedly, some people died there. Excuse me while I laugh. No one died there as far as I am concerned. But allegedly, one of the girls killed had previously got to meet Ariana Grande. Here is the punch line. She is still posting on the net alive and well. A bit like that Sandy Hoax thing. No one died there, either. In fact, all the dead kids later appeared at a sporting event singing. Oh, I know, they were brought back to life, right? No? Zombies from the dead? Oh, I guts me tough crowd today.

"A teenager who died at Manchester Arena last night has been named as Georgina Bethany Callander. The 18-year-old Ariana Grande superfan, who was pictured with the pop star two year ago, was killed in a blast police have confirmed was detonated by a …"

2 years before 2017, so this is a 2015 photo. Note that she is NOT wearing makeup. Nathan the shill is going to use that. Nathan was likely assigned this task by his superiors. Also, she is wearing glasses.

Now how it was discovered, I do not know the trail. But it is very clear that Georgina, with a name change, to Rachel, among others, perhaps, is alive and well. And that's not such a bad thing, is it?

There are many who declare all kinds of appearances by this girl, after this, on the net. You can be the judge.

By the way, do you think it is an accident that this girl should end up being a "victim" of the bombing? Not at all. All planned before hand!

Now along comes an interview that goes up on youtube Interviewing witnesses from the concert. The girl on the right has the very subtle hair root point like Georgina does above. The exact same nose, same wide face. Only 1 difference! She puts on lots of makeup on the eyebrows so as to give a much different look . . .  Yet it is not enough. You can still see past it. But it was this difference that LTV used to say that he had made a mistake and that they were not the same person. "Oops! I made a mistake." said the shil! Yep! and that is what his parents said, too! Ah ha ha ha!

I think this pic below might have been the picture that dumb a$$ used to say he screwed up and that he is man enough to admit it. That he is a man has yet to be confirmed. Its at least a possibility, I guess. Pay attention to the middle picture. Professional Photographers are very skilled in their craft, the photo one, not that black magic one. Just to clarify.

They are aware of every detail, including the subtle ways that one can change a look, slightly or a lot. In fact, the CIA got "Hollywood" to teach them all the techniques of make-up, with a focus in concealing the true looks of an agent. using hair to make a face look wider or more narrow, tall or short. The girl in the middle uses a wig with hair hanging over the forehead to give an altered look. And its dark black, rather than brown. her brows have been lengthened with makeup.

As well, they use shading on the left (our left) to make the face look slightly more narrow as our eyes focus on the portion that light exposes. Her face is turned slightly to her right to also make it look more narrow. The other 2 pics are looking dead ahead. The light also shines from above and from the right, so that the chin looks less prominent and more narrow. Despite all that, it still looks like her. The irony of this is that she uses the same shape/style glasses in all 3 photos. Had they used a much different looking pair of glasses, it might have done a lot more. Of course, they could have cone some air-brushing as well. Blur filters, too. There is even software that change stretch/elongate, or shrink, squeeze and compress. The sky is the limit with computers. But for sure, these are all the same person and Shill-face knew it, too!

There were claims made of another ID really being Georgina. Don't remember it is was shill-face or another channel. While it can be demonstrated to be Georgina, it has to be said they went all out on the make-up job. It was skillfully. They wanted to make this a challenge. With the Extreme makeup, its makes it quite a challenge for the stupid, which is about 90% of the population, truth be told.



Amber J, a.k.a. Tigerlilly Topaz, sports the same "choker" That RD forces Alisa to wear to show his dominance over her and her status among his "friends," maybe. Below is someone who calls herself Rachel. She is filled out like Georgina. The point of the hair line in the middle of the forehead checks. The camera is look down slightly on this one. There is not a lot of contrast in the lighting so we can not get a good look at the chin. The darkned eye brows are not over done as other pictures are. If this is still Georgina, she should go with this look at all times. The heavily made up brow above were likely done to throw us off. But while it may easily be her, I would not call it definite, but given the timing and other factors, I would call it very likely, At least 90% likely.


I forgot to save the connections/sources of things. I got going on other stuff and never got back to it. So you can hold that against me. Add in the connections/IDs offered on videos and blogs and it might become more certain. I should have written this up when it happened. Maybe the links will help. But for sure, LTV Denying the top 3 photos at the start because one had lighter or darker eyebrows is beyond absurdity. By their fruits you shall know them.

I found this at the time of gathering info on this. I suspect it could also be Georgina. She goes to extra lengths to look different. You know, even if some of these were thrown in to trick or fool us; there are too many that are dead ringers and if you follow the allegations of the many false flags claimed; myself, I can not recall one yet, that was not a false flag. We are being experimented on and tested to see the typical reactions of each type of people. If the results are not quite what "they were hoping for, then they can step up the weak points on their false flags. Overall, I think they were taken back by how well most of these psyops were recognized and exposed. And its not the dumb they are conerned about, as much as it is the intelligent waking a few more on the fence that could go either way.

Below, the Hair is used masterfully to hide the real shape of the head. This was a pro job. They use similar looking overly emphasized brows. They use makeup to make the lips look smaller. The expression on the face is flat/straight/no emotion so that none of the features distort the make-up. the 2 noses on the left are the same. The head of the middle photo is looking up some. This does not allow us to see it at the same angle as that on the left. If you use some of the other pictures of Georgina or even Rachel or Tiger Lilly, you can see the similarity.


She uses a wig that encloses and partially makes the upper forehead look a lot smaller. Its just an illusion. The lower face looks the same. The nose is exactly the same if you look at other pictures above. The eye brows are done a little different and that is easy to do.  Hey, they finally changed the Glasses! Bout time! What is dumbest about this is them keeping the brows so similar. Again, I think they are just testing our intelligence and powers of observation. Are we smart enough to see thru the disguises? The teeth, as I would see it, are different looking because in the middle photo has a big smile with cheeks and lips pulled up to give the teeth plenty of exposure. I say the other 2 pics show a flat neutral expression that conceals the upper part of the teeth that would make the upper set of teeth look the same. We have no way to determine this aspect as it stands right now. but I suspect it is the same person.

And by the way, Do you know why LTV set this supposed mistake up? He was trying to setup the Hampstead kids being in the Superbowl by trying to imply that one tiny little thing will disqualify a photo comparison when any reasonable person can understand that it is a balance of probabilities in a photo comparison, not only of the looks, but also of the circumstances and context that surround photo, it origins and the case attached to it. LTV is a scumbag, 1at class. The birds of heaven will feast on his flesh someday! Hope I am there to see it. I pity the poor birds, though.

What Others Say about LTV
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Found these not long after discovering LTV in March 2017. LTV always seemed questionable to me. So I went surfing.

Lift the Veil - Failed Hollywood Actor Cointelpro Shill   The Paulstal Service

Youtube account terminated for telling the truth. Shill-face has protection in high places, as all shills do. There is little difference between shills that lie And Satanists that lie. They all work for the same cause.


Lift the Veil on Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes - Cointelpro Shill?

The Paulstal Service

3:04  “I have a particular gift for patterns and I’m pretty handy with statistical analysis.”

I, Truth1, dispute that emphatically!  He is too busy lying says I, to actually point out and prove his assertions in regards to patterns and statistical analysis.

I really liked Paulstal Service. You can find this video here

as well as on another video service I will post later on here.

Nathan Stolpman aka "Lift The Veil " Exposed As COINTEL Disinfo Shill

The Alien Fossil Project

Lift The Veil Nathan Stolpman Jew Mossod Shill Actor Exposed

El Gringo Newman Shabazz Al Shia Moor  this one is still on Youtube. I'm shocked.
Shill-Face below.

 Response To "Lift The Veil" Comparsion Of Georgina vs. Jessica - 100% Predictive Programming Exposed     

Russianvids     You might have to see this one on the Alternate video server to follow further down. Oddly enough, Russianvids is also a shill. But he points out the phoniness of shill-face.

Is Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil flipping on Pizzagate?         Modiferito


Nathan Stolpman aka "Lift The Veil " Exposed As COINTEL Disinfo Shill

The Alien Fossil Project             Published on Mar 29, 2017        This is a good video on shill-face. But the author is still a shill, himself. Many shills use each other to confuse the viewers and keeping them guessing. Clever, no? The following was on his More Info on this video:

Nathan Stolpman aka lift the veil. What a fraud. My alien fossils(alien by definition means foreign, anomalous, unusual and is NOT the same word as extraterrestrial) are extremely real, important very well detailed and COVERED UP by both controlled "alt media" and obviously mainstream media also. Please share, sub and tell people to at least look into this IT WILL NOT GET OUT OTHERWISE.

I show here any many live videos (not fake pictures!) the largest collection of alien/anomalous fossils in history The light beings I show are beyond amazing and documented, I do not even have time for them but you can see them here too.

My original "Humans Win Credo" read by over 5 million people~ Humans Win By Standing Up To Injustice- Humans Win By Losing Their Fear- Humans Win By Researching The Truth Themselves- Humans Win By Opening Their Minds AND Then Their Mouths- Humans Win By Knowing We Are Great But Not The Greatest Power - Humans win By Protecting Those That Are Unable To Do So, Be They Man Or Be They Animal-Humans Win By Respecting This Earth We All Live On But Knowing It Is Not Our Possession-Humans Win By Reaching Their Potential -Humans win.

Nathan Stolpman aka Lift The Veil Exposed As COINTEL Disinfo Shill


Published on Dec 12, 2017     I watched 13:00 of 1:14:00 and it was very good. Exposed Nathan for what he is.

·  Nathan Stolpman aka "Lift The Veil " Exposed As COINTEL ...

Nathan Stolpman aka "Lift The Veil " Exposed As COINTEL Disinfo Shill · 3.840 görüntüleme. About Nathan Stolpman aka lift the veil. What a fraud. My alien fossils ...

·  Lift the Veil - Failed Hollywood Actor Cointelpro Shill ...

May 25, 2016 · "Lift the Veil, aka Nathan Stolpman eventually went out to be a drugged out car salesman, before ultimately bursting onto the scene claiming to be a schizophrenic conspiracy theorist."

I discovered the link below last night July 21, 2018. It looks like it might be a Russian version of Youtube. Now conspiracy theorists have place to put videos. To hell with youtube. Enjoy. If you find any links here that are not on youtube anymore, try this link below. Its a collection of videos that primarily those that expose shills. Its a gift from God. I'll be spending some time there.

Folks, I confess that I detest shills. They are the ones who try to harm the kids and discredit their case, subtle mean ways like saying Alisa was not in the Audi video like Sonya and Kris claimed, or shill-face, either. What you will find in some of these exposing shills videos are some who really despise shills and they evil they try to do by lying. I admire this attitude.

Quite frankly, if you care about the 2 Hampstead kids and the many millions more of trafficked children and those tortured and sacrificed, then you should hate shills, too. For me, its important to expose as many shills as possible. They deserve resistance and being called out where ever you find them. Most shills working the Hampstead case cooperate intimately with Hoaxtead, Satanists, and Intelligence Agencies.

My next blog issue will address a few more shills that are now being confronted by more than just me. How about that !!! The movement is growing. My blog seems to be reaching people. There is one more reason why I  think this new development has gone viral.

I have recently reinstalled Extreme Tracking on my site to tell me where visitors come from. about a year ago, I could not get into my tracking account. i sought our help till I was blue in the face. They said it should work. I knew they were lying and had disabled my account. So I got it back but lost 9 years of stats of where visits came from. That was part of their intent, no doubt. But now that I got it back, It says that hardly anyone comes to my site, though they had for 9 years. Its bullshit!~   By far and above, the USA was my biggest market, with visits from just about everywhere in the USA, though not in huge numbers, by any means. But nearly every day, some place in the USA would show up. Some parts of California came up quite a bit.

But now? Zero, supposedly. Why did the whole USA stop abruptly after 9 year? It didn't. Extreme Tracking is tampering with results. Further, I do have one place in the UK that makes multiple visits per day, always the same place. And one in California, too. How about that? And one solitary viewer from Ireland. Gee, I wonder who that is? Why its Hoaxtead's favorite shill. and according to Hoaxtead, more blogs or articles from others are expected or promised and one cult member, as I see him being, suspects they will all sound like me, meaning they will just reprint what I do. And that is not a bad thing. The message needs to get out. Who does it or gets the credit is not important. We all do our part.

But what I have seen is many seeming to repeat every thing I have written recently. But no visits indicated. but there is one person who has seen my blog and was evidently very influenced by it. He is now calling out shills. He finally woke up. Better late than never. But I am going to cover some of his ground and Hoaxtead will be taking some hits and publicity damage. Its only right. But our "hero" is not without his own problems. But that he is indignant about being lied to, is still commendable. I also have some interesting documentation in regards to accused shills. Don't miss a word of it!

 Now to end this, why is Extreme Tracking hiding my visits from me? why did they block my account in the 1st place? I suspect they did not want me to know the success I was experiencing, especially since my new blog started. They were afraid I might get excited and do more. I got excited anyway and will do much more in revenge. And RD is having a fit and I will prove that in my next blog. The hope was that i would discouraged with getting no viewers, but I knew better than that. I had 9 years of steady evidence to suggest far different.

See you in my next blog. This one might take 4 or 5 days as I got some stuff to do. I also got a backload of projects on hold, too. But make no mistake about this. Hoaxtead is on the ropes and struggling stay on his feet as he staggers in the ring. He is sure to kiss the mat and stay there for a full 8 count. Then he leaves on a stretcher. The winner by a knockout! Truth1!   Oh, I wish! and to all who have supported the kids, its delightful to watch. These kids are not happy. RD is not right for them and it tormenting them as it looks to me. They should not be with him, though at least, they being with him has shown the UK to be liars and many shills to be liars, too. That is worth a lot.

So I am not discouraged at being blocked out of tracking visits. Its a sign that I am doing something right and getting good results. In fact, my success must be fairly impressive for so many parties to screw me over in unison. All that if I were doing nothing and getting nothing, would they still be doing this? Not a chance! I shall continue. Till next time, Truth1 out! He always wins out! But only by the Grace of God, you can be damned sure!

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