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Arthur/Joseph Sees Thru the Shills! Finally Someone Gets It!

Angela's posts

The Australian Connection & more

Arthur realizes the Truth

In the HX offering in the comments section from the article

The time has come, the coyote said…

/ 4 days ago

Arthur K., a bit of a reactionary, fowl-talking, intimidating guy who was part of the shill group that HX often refers to as Team Costa, composes of, among others, Kris/Jacqui, Sonya/Melissa, and at one time the McMenamins, Allan Alanson, and just outside of that pack, Angela the notorius; This Arthur had evidently seen my blog with Ella's message about the shill group (as I see them)  and has decided that I am right and that they have all been lying. Finally someone gets it. If a guy that some consider nuts by some, can see it, what is wrong with the rest of you?

He has been confronting them all at Team Costa, wanting explanations and getting none and he got blocked by both Sonya V. and her alias, Melissa W. He is confronting Angela. Anyone ignoring him will be considered guilty by him. This is a good legal precedent. Anyone ducking accounting for themselves in regards to their actions has no good excuse if others make up their mind on what the situation really is, that someone is ducking. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

I am having this debate RD sock puppets, which of course, he denies are his puppets/IDs. He is always hiding behind something. Jesus said, "by their fruits you will know them!" He is like a rat scurrying around underneath the trash collected on the ground, so as to avoid exposure or confrontation directly.

Not surprisingly, the shills aforementioned, are ducking Arthur, except for maybe Angela. He keeps demanding answers. What he should do is calmly write them off as the shills they are, delete them as friends or if he likes, Block them. I only block real pains in the @$$, or cult members.

Arthur, I wish you would consider just giving them an ultimatum and then honor it if they won't answer. They are shills. Shills run and hide when discovered. Accept that and move on. That is what I did with a bunch of them and I have been torching anyone who makes one bad move. I don't even give them a notice. Shunned!

Some Noteworthy Posts/Screen saves of  Angela

From HX! Notice how the eBay commercial had its comments section deleted. Why? Because everyone was accusing RD and noting that the girl looked terrible and the boy looked like his smile was forced or faked. Both kids are to be pitied and prayed for. But what is really important to note is that HX and RD can dish it out, but they can not take it in return.  They are a one way street. Its great when they do it and evil when we do it. Typical Satanism even if they are Atheists.

This is why I urge all people showing videos that attract cult creeps, to disable comments and not give the lying bastards a chance to spread their lies. Let them make their own videos for comments.
RD (he denies its him) says his kids are happy, despite the fact they look very depressed or presenting forced smiles out of fear.

RD says we are trolling innocent people and picking on the kids. We are not picking on the kids. We are sympathizing with them and wish we could help them.  But their dad is not innocent or nice. He is proving what they said about him when with their mother, being video taped, which was a stroke of genius on Abe's part.

Making the videos is why this case was not able to be covered up. The video age made it all possible.

Nor does RD want to admit that his kids do not look genuinely happy. RD is a one way street!

But this same thing could be applied to shills. They should have freedom and we should not. They should have "privacy" (hiding) but not us. I say to hell with privacy. I want public justice. I want the same rules and treatment for everyone. Consistency!


Part of what makes Angela objectionable are her ripping into some people and promoting unbelieveable things and not a shred of evidence, ever. She passes it off as "I am terrible at saving evidence and documentation." No evidence? No Documentation? Then she is right. She is terrible. But make no mistake about this. HX give more attention to her than all the other characters put together. Its not an accident. she acts outrageous, deliberately, says I, and then HX uses it and says its typical of everyone in the "Hoax" movement, meaning the supporters of the 2 Hampstead kids, Alisa and Gabriel. Love mentioning those names! So based on conduct alone, with no evidence for support, I deem her a shill and avoid her. She has always been that way since I showed up around maybe Feb 12, 2015 when the videos came out.

Now Saskia has been around, I believe, since Feb or March 2015 or not too much later. Why did she find it a surprise that RD had the kids? Why was she so trusting of the UK social services and government? The kids were taken from their mother and the case never investigated. Nobody has any good reason to trust or believe the UK about anything. Nobody! So I unfriended her. Sadly, nearly everyone who pretends to care about the kids, believed every last word the UK said. Unexcusable! I have eliminated most from the Hampstead arena. That arena is primarily composed of shills.

I am also of the opinion that stupid people and gullible people are the real enemies too often. There is no good excuse for being stupid or gullible. Stupid gullible people will not be able to help the kids or even themselves. They are their own worst enemies. And there is one more reason I do not tolerate gullibility. Because they use gullibility to cover up their screwing over the kids. "Oh, the UK says they are in foster care so that we do not have to worry." What? Are you kidding me? In my book, gullibility is evidence of guilt, lies and coverup. I crucify them on the spot, now. Zero Tolerance, baby! Death to shills! (only metaphorically speaking).

Oh, poor RD is a victim of trolling shills. Are you kidding me? Seriously? RD is the single biggest offender of trolling and shillery, as I call it.

But I would say that governments using any propaganda to lie to the people they govern, is a criminal action against the governed and a declaration of war against their citizens. And most shill operations are carried under government agencies like the military and intelligence operations.

Some non-profits do it as well, like the SPLC or ADL in the US, among the many doing such things. Hollywood TV productions do it in more subtle ways. It is a real problem in our day and age.

I have a lot I could publish on shill tactics. I'll get to it some day.
This just in! Lying is abusive. Extremely so! They know what they are doing. Shills lie and hurt people with those lies. Kris and Sonya deliberately lied in not being willing to try to show that Jessi was in just one frame of the Audi commerical. They insisted that the production company of that commerical would never lie. Now does that sound credible from grown adults? If Jessi were in that commercial, one quick pause and frame grab or screen save would easily prove it. Just like Angie, they never supply the evidence rightly required and obligated in order to say such things. But everyone seemed to go along with it. So most of you are shills, because you did not defend the interests of the 2 kids.

The Australian Connection
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I want to show you what I found in looking carefully into Sonya's FB page and Melissa's as well. I thought I had saved more than I did on them back a while. but I grabbed stuff today, July 22, 2018, about 9 hours ago. A sock puppet of Jacqui might have alerted them or they had another means of knowing I had been to both places.

9 hours ago showed this above. Below is what I just got and the layout had changed to almost nothing:

Both Melissa and Sonya live in Australia. What are the odds? And they fear me snooping. Got something to fear? Then you got something to hide. Sonya does not show her face, but . . .

It looks just like Melissa! What at the odds? Both these girls were big on the New Age,  2 steps removed from Satanism in my opinion. Melissa no longer shows any pictures up front but Sonya has some.


The pictures that were then closer to maybe 2017, were more overt, but if you go to some of the radio shows, you will see lots of that imagery.

This version shows something

Key words are "Collective Consciousness," whereby you join the collective consciousness of the world and universe, where demons just happen to reside in, as members of that collective consciousness. Join it and you join the demons. Get it?

This was up 9 hours previous, now it is not!

Looks just Melissa. How bout dat, huh?

I also noticed some Afrikaner names, indicating either Sonya or her hubby or both have some sort of relationship and connection with South Africa. Jacqui's hubby, Ed De Boer, I hear, is from S. Africa. Jacqui and Ed have Yorke's in their friends list who are in S. Africa or were. Jacqui once pretended to be a Bridget Yorke. Jacqui Is also Kris Costa and Ella made clear in March 2017 and Abe mentioned it, too, when I Alerted him thru his youtube channel that Kris & company were denying Alisa in the Audi commercial on March 17, 2017.

Now you should be able to see the trail here. Jacqui was the ring leader, being the author of Hampstead Research and her and Angie and Arendale were all very close. Jacqui disappeared and everyone went to Angela's FB conspiracy group site. Then Angie went nuts to they all moved along to Team Costa. Sonya entered as well and then developed another ID, Melissa Williams. Many of the other frauds are not worth mentioning.


So now Arthur K. has a dilemma. Confronting shills is impossible. They refuse to tell the truth, ever! Many times they will just hide. If you really care about the kids, you might want to consider shunning these government employees. Arthur, tell them all goodbye, and publish what ya got to tell, and be done with them. There is little they can do now. The Tide has turned on them all, who oppose the kids. But I would recommend you ditch the outrageous conduct and remain calm and document whatever you want to show. Shills won't do that! Will you? and I don't want to be buddies till I see some impressive long-term changes.

Now how is it that Hoaxtead has never recognized or admitted these shills in any detail. Well, because those shills work for the same Cause as HX. Surely you do not expect honesty from HX. In fact, I got a secret for ya. Part of why I say that Ella/Abe got paid off, is that they willingly made themselves look bad in their last days of publicity. But there is another reason, too. Anyone with half a brain would have recognized Abe as Atya Sca on his youtube channel. After they took the money, says me, HX created a phony person to be Atya Sca, some broad in Canada or the USA who they heaped abuse upon.

She was not Atya Sca. Abraham has one of the most distinctive personalities in his writing style, that I have ever seen. So why the false direction and ID? As long as Abr-ella kept quiet, HX were going to leave them alone for taking the payoff. I am sure the UK had some input  for HX in this matter. So Abrella are hopefully doing well, as the case should be for having their children stolen from them. Besides, I'm still on the case. Who could ask for more? :-P

So I hope this clears up some things for the gang out there.

Truth1 has some extra special goodies in the next issue of HX Watch #14. Don't miss it! it might take 3 days. I got stuff to polish off. And other projects have been pushed back in the closet for now.   Truth1 out!

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